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Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today

While writing the chapters Wheels Within Wheels & Time and Times Again of Love the Common Denominator, the esoteric doctrine of Rounds, Globes and Root-races had played a significant part. According to the doctrine, within each globe cycle there are seven Root races and within each Root race there are seven sub-races. Most of the information was gleaned from H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, in which she laid out the Eastern perception of the vast cycles of the evolution of spirit into matter and back to spirit. Blavatsky and others had believed that we were in the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root race. Fascinatingly, G. D., Purucker in his Occult Glossary states, “When half of the cycle of any one of the seven Root-races is run, then the racial cataclysm ensues…” This is the way “Nature operates.” Like others, Purucker also believes that humanity is halfway through the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root-race. He explains that “…at the middle point…a new Root-race” starts its evolution alongside the existing Root-race. Interestingly, according to ancient wisdom, this new Root-race “is born out of the preceding Root-race.”1     READ document bleow  -or-  Download Document (PDF)

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While writing the chapters Wheels Within Wheels & Time and Times Again of Love the Common Denominator, the esoteric doctrine of Rounds, Globes and Root-races had played a significant part. According to the doctrine, within each globe cycle there are seven Root races and within each Root race there are seven sub-races. Most of the information was gleaned from H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, in which she laid out the Eastern perception of the vast cycles of the evolution of spirit into matter and back to spirit. Blavatsky and others had believed that we were in the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root race. Fascinatingly, G. D., Purucker in his Occult Glossary states, “When half of the cycle of any one of the seven Root-races is run, then the racial cataclysm ensues…” This is the way “Nature operates.” Like others, Purucker also believes that humanity is halfway through the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root-race. He explains that “…at the middle point…a new Root-race” starts its evolution alongside the existing Root-race. Interestingly, according to ancient wisdom, this new Root-race “is born out of the preceding Root-race.”1

Diagram A, shows how the ancient teaching was that the Life Principle evolved from spirit through mineral, plant, animal, human, superhuman, angel and back to spirit. The reference to 3rd and 4th worlds represents the 3rd and 4th dimension.


In addition the ancients also saw the correlation between the 7 Sacred Planets of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun with both the 7 main chakras and the 7 principles of the human being. Ultimately, the doctrine is the journey of self-discovery using free will and intellect to individuality, then through enlightenment and spiritual understanding becoming selfless or reunification with the All. The first four stages of mineral, plant, animal and human, equate to the four elements of earth, water, fire and air. There was a clear separation between spirit and matter or above and below the Veil. In the Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky had drawn the individual globes side by side, however, when she wrote her masterpiece, humanity could not conceive of worlds within worlds. One of the most important lessons I learned was that although the Truth is absolute, our ability to understand it is dynamic. That is as we evolve and develop the intellect, we can understand deeper and more complicated concepts of the Truth. It was time to reexamine this ancient doctrine with modern eyes. First with the discovery of the subatomic world and the Mandelbrot set, we now understand that there is as large a universe inside as there is outside. With that in mind let’s take another look at the teaching of planetary rounds.

Diagram B (1) is a representation of the traditional view of the doctrine of planetary rounds. Instead of just one Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Earth, Venus and Mercury, the ancients taught that the visible planets of the Solar System were accompanied with six globes that we cannot see. Therefore there were 7 Saturns, 7 Jupiters, 7 Mars, 7 Moons, 7 Earths, 7 Venuses, and 7 Mercurys. As for the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as they weren’t discovered until 1781, (Uranus) 1846 (Neptune) and 1930 (Pluto) and the ancients didn’t mention them, it was believed the ancients were unaware of them. Even so, there appears to be evidence to the contrary. At Teotihuacan, Mexico the pyramids and temple buildings seem to be accurately laid out to represent the celestial orbs of the Solar System. Mounds unexcavated north of the site are placed at the correct distance to represent the outer planets. Also according to Llewellyn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the higher octaves of the inner planets Mars, Venus and Mercury.

B1                                     B2    
Diagram of 7 planetary rounds of 7 globe rounds

So the ancients begin evolution with the seven planets of Saturn. However, while I was recovering from a life threatening condition in 2002, I was shown a vision.
To assist in explaining this understanding I enlisted the help of the gifted Johanna to create a visual description of my conception. Johanna has depicted my vision in diagram B (3). This vision showed me that instead of placing the rounds side by side; the rounds should be seen as a spiral as in diagram B (2). Also the vision suggested that the rounds get progressively smaller.



Diagram C is a much closer representation of the forty-nine globes within the seven Globe rounds. It helped me to realize that although, according to the doctrine we are now living in the fourth globe or Globe D of the Earth’s Globe round, Globe D developed out of, or rather within Globe C, also that the Earth that is reported to have begun four and a half billion years ago was not Globe D, but Globe A. In other words we are evolving inwards.

So much for the Life Principle’s homes, what about humanity? In order to answer this, it is necessary to return to the beginning. Most scientists agree that the universe began with the Big Bang. In spiritual terms this is described as Brahma exhaling or the Creator of Genesis saying, “Let there be Light.” The snake swallowing its tail is a perfect symbol for preexistence; whereas the snake unfurled perfectly signifies the advent of Time and Space or the universe coming into existence.

The first chapter of Genesis covers a vast period of time, in fact several billion years. Figures 1 & 2, apart from representing the first two Root-races, depict the beginning of duality, i.e., night and day, dark and light and male and female. At this point, I need to state that duality is not limited to humanity, but all carbon-based life forms. Also, although the doctrine speaks of evolution of spirit entering matter, nearly everything that exists or has life beneath the Veil is of the soul realm. Spirit is not outside, but inside. To put this into today’s vernacular, think of a star (spirit) enshrouded by a cloud (soul). It may help to remember that the kabbalists referred to God as Ain Soph or No-thing.

Figures 1 & 2
Figures representing 2nd Root Race -duality- active & passive - male & female

So in the beginning the soul essence having prepared a physical receptacle, descended through the crown chakra down the spine to the base-chakra, situated at the base of the spine. Because of this Root-race No. 1 was of an etheric substance, with only the sense of sound. I should state that Blavatsky said that the first Root-race only contained three elements earth, water and air, as fire did not exist.2 Clearly, Blavatsky could not have meant the literal physical elements of the universe as astrophysicists and other learned experts, inform us that after the Big Bang, the universe was unimaginably hot with multiple suns being born. So what elements were the early Root-races made of? I believe the elements the doctrine speaks of are the elemental forces, such as sylphs, nymphs and salamanders.
To return to the traditional doctrine Root-race No.2, apart from absorbing the faculty and element of the first Root-race, race No. 2 added the sense of sight to sound and the element air. Before I move onto the next Root-race, it may be beneficial to see the traditional view of the correlation between the 7 Sacred Planets and the 7 main Chakras.
To recap, according to the doctrine the soul descends through the Crown chakra, passing through the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and coming to rest in the 1st or base chakra. Then the soul begins its long journey of discovery of self; at least that was the original plan.
There is no information as to exactly when the human cycle began; however, we do know that it was on this world Globe D. Taking into consideration that anthropologists state that the first hominids began to appear five million years ago, I feel that it is a safe bet to say that the human cycle began around then. Although we are not told exactly when the cycle began the ancients did leave us with two interesting snippets of information. The first is that the Earth became its densest eighteen million years ago and the second that there are a set number of human souls in the cycle.
When Root-race No.2 evolved into Root-race No.3, the human race not only absorbed the mystical element of air and the senses of sight and sound but also added the mystical element of fire and the sense of touch. Again I must reiterate that the elements and senses referred to are not the physical elements and senses, but the senses and elements of the soul. At this point the soul is slowly rising through the lower chakras and has only reached the third chakra or Solar Plexus.
All was well until an unforeseen event occurred. That event is described throughout the world in the various mythologies concerning the creation of the first man and woman. It is stated in the teachings that it was during the third Root-race that the separation of the sexes took place.
The statement “unforeseen” needs to be qualified. When I say unforeseen I mean unforeseen by the forces beneath the Veil. Omniscient (all knowing) applies only to the Heavenly Father, which resides above the Veil or rather within it. The Creator or Demiurge isn’t omniscient. All sentient beings beneath the Veil incarnate or otherwise have free will; hence the divine powers that rule the universe allow all beings to choose.
Today we know that our Solar System is a small corner of one of several billion galaxies. So what makes this corner of the universe so special? And more especially why is the human race so important?
The ancient teaching was that humanity’s ancestors were referred to as Lunar Ancestors. If we recall before the Life Principle experienced the earth round. It traveled through the seven globes of the Moon. In asking for further understanding, I was told that the human race was chosen as a means of returning the sparks to Spirit. In order to do that, like the sun burning off clouds, humanity has to spiritualize matter. This is accomplished by learning to give up self through the multiple incarnations of the school of life.

Also the Gnostics taught that the spark of God was trapped within the soul of matter and that creation of the universe was the result of a mistake made by a higher being. If this is the case and like most myths and legends meant to relay an important message in allegorical form, then what were the Gnostics trying to relay?

Note: Here we need to add an important update that we have recently determined through additional evidence. This is that we need to correct the identity of the perpetrators of the unforeseen event. Originally, we thought that as only a supremely advanced people would be able to use genetic manipulation, they could not be human. However, having reconsidered our conclusions, together with additional input, we now know that the genetic manipulators could not have been extraterrestrials. We addressed this fact in our new book FOR THE CHILDREN, which we wrote for Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and so we will use the appropriate extracts to illustrate the reasoning behind this change of heart:

For quite some time we interpreted the Watcher’s Mistake as being responsible for the proverbial Fall, but knowledge is dynamic. Therefore, as we evolve and are able to assimilate deeper understandings our interpretation often changes. In Craig’s and my case, there were two main reasons for reevaluating our conclusions, our discussions with Carol and working with our friend and associate, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Having come to know, respect, and work closely with Carol, we discussed our views on the role extraterrestrials have played in history in particular the theory of their role in the Fall. With her absolute conviction that the cosmic cultures did not cause the Fall, we began to wonder about our conclusions.
Throughout our journey, we have found it is essential to pay attention to everything. Often through a new friend like Carol’s perspective, or new information emerging we have made the greatest breakthroughs. Our recent questioning of our interpretation of the Watcher’s Mistake is a perfect example of the need to remain not only open, but also attentive…

In chapter VII’s section Forbidden Fruit, we mentioned our discovery of new evidence about the so-called gods of Sumer and Babylon. Surprisingly, it was not through a new book, but instead one over 100 years old.
In 1905, Julian Morgenstern published The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion, in Germany. As the title implies it is a study on the ancient Babylonian religion. The author believes that ancient writings that referred to the gods were recounting actual historical events.
Since the word worship originates from the word work, it is a fair assumption that the Babylonians did not just worship the gods they literally worked for them. Yet, in these tablets, there is no mention of the gods requiring people to mine gold. On the contrary, the only worship/work Morgenstern refers to is the individual’s duty to feed the gods, bread, and wine.
A key point in the tablets pointed out by Morgenstern was the need for purity. The gods required not only the food to be pure, but also the provider. Through this Law, the need for purity came to be associated with performing rituals of purification. Morgenstern observes, “It was first of all his duty to keep himself ritually pure. Any neglect of these duties was sufficient for the food to miss the mark and to cause the anger of the gods.”
The Babylonians interpreted impurity as sin, or more accurately “missing the mark.” Nonetheless, this teaching was far more practical because impurity became associated with sickness. It was akin to the Jewish reaction to lepers. Nevertheless, in these writings we find another level of understanding. Anyone who was impure (sick) was forbidden to participate in any religious rite or service. Instead, their “sin” put them in a kind-of quarantine.
Many of the tablets refer to a person suffering from a sickness as being afflicted with evil spirits. We see this practice in some of the prayers and supplications reported in the book concerning how the populace viewed sickness:

  • Mayest thou be freed from transgression, wickedness, curse, sickness, sighing, witchcraft, spell, charm, evil machinations of men.
  • Uncleanliness has come against me to judge my cause, to decide my decision
  • Tear out the evil sickness of my body
  • Destroy all evil of my flesh and my sinews
  • May the evil in my body, my flesh, and my sinews on this day come forth, and may I see the Light.


Neighbors also viewed sickness and disease as a person being possessed of the evil spirits; sound familiar? You have only to read the New Testament to read how the ancients attributed Jesus’ healing to casting out evil spirits. Compare:

  • They put a woeful fever in his body
  • A bane of evil hath settled in his body
  • An evil disease they have put in his body
  • An evil plague hath settled in his body
  • An evil venom they have put in his body
  • An evil curse hath settled in his body
  • Which have been put in the body of the sick man


With Luke 13:11 “There was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.” In this case, the passage goes on to relate how the Jews castigated Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. His response clearly shows that her infirmity is attributed to evil, although it was not from any fault of her own. Verse 16 has, “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?”
Ancient civilizations had no concept of bacteria or viruses and could only interpret unexplained experiences from their point of reference. So keeping this in mind, we can perhaps see what they were relating to from our frame of reference. Obviously, anything out of the ordinary to them was supernatural and attributed to the power of the gods. Sickness came on suddenly. As a result, superstitious, uneducated people saw this mysterious evil that afflicted people as the god’s punishment. In this way, ancient people saw sickness not only caused by evil spirits, but also attributed it to the gods inflicting individuals with sickness for disobeying them. Morgenstern asserts that for the Babylonians the terms, sin, uncleanliness, sickness, possession by evil spirits, are pure synonyms referring to the condition of a the body resulting from “divine anger…”
Further on Morgenstern relates that the tablets refer to the use of prayers in conjunction with the water. Over time, people sanctified natural springs using them to exorcise evil spirits. Although, Morgenstern believes the first and therefore purest form of treatment was sprinkling water, the use of sound (prayer) makes sense. When we remember the work of Masuru Emoto, then using sound to purify, or alter water is logical.
The Watcher’s task was to observe the Life-Principle as it evolved on Earth. Consequently, when the ETs saw the consequence of the populace altering their consciousness, they came to try to help. First, they came as kind-of doctors helping the population deal with the epidemic. Could this be why, the tablets report the gods giving the doomed man evil spirits? Obviously, if they were inoculating people and or injecting medicine, to the common person, it might appear that the ETs were causing the illness, especially if the patient died. One of the side effects of magic, so to speak was the destroyer of rational thinking—superstition.
Apart from helping the Human Race survive the epidemics, The ETs goal was also to help the people understand their purpose. Therefore, rather than exploiting Humanity, after the spiritual beings caused the Fall by introducing magic to the world, the ETs began visiting Earth in an attempt to try to mitigate the damage…
In the Forbidden Fruit section of Chapter 7, we concluded that the angels gave human beings access to the Astral Plane before they were ready. We also observed how the angels’ actions permitted the lower thoughts and emotions of humans to permeate the higher planes, corrupting the Angelic Realm. I had always found it difficult to understand how angelic beings could be jealous of us and betray their Creator. Even allowing for angels possessing emotions, considering the belief their creation was “a little above” human beings. It is inconceivable that a being of the vibration to exist in the Divine Realm could spontaneously develop emotions of a much lower vibration and frequency. The only explanation was that something must have caused their exposure to these lower vibrations…
In our writings, we speculated that the ETs traveled through the Astral Plane, which is why they can appear and disappear at will. This was the main reason we made the error of deducing that as they moved through the Astral Plane it corrupted some of them, causing them to align with the Shadow. However, having determined their nature is unchanged, we realized that they must have a unique makeup that allowed them to move through the domain of the Shadow and remain untainted. They did. Moving through the Astral Plane did not taint the ETs because of their attunement to the Love Frequency.
By operating, or if you prefer vibrating, at a higher frequency outside, or rather inside the Schumann Resonance cavity they were able to remain wholly unaffected by our thoughts and emotions permeating the Astral Plane. They are advising us to adopt the higher Love Frequency, because the ego and pain-body use the lower frequency of 7.8 Hz. Consequently, by rising to the Love Frequency the ego and pain-body lose control over us.
One of the main reasons the ETs have not landed on the White House lawn is because of their frequency; the Love Frequency makes them powerless to defend themselves. This is not because of an inability to. There is ample evidence of the ETs ability to disarm weapons. It is because their frequency makes them incapable of physical violence. Therefore should they be physically confronted by military personnel attempting to detain them, they would be helpless. We realize that this is in direct contradiction to the consensus of opinion. Most people tend to think that such an extremely advanced species would be able to swat us like a fly. However, because they have evolved past the animalistic nature that the Human Race still struggles with, violence of any kind, even in defense, is an anathema to them.
Evolved beings are pacifists, which is why the ETs offer advice to a select few. Even then, when the Shadow was in play, some of the contactees became a problem. Muddying the waters of the ET agenda, some contactees’ pain-bodies created memories of a truly terrifying experience. Nonetheless, enough people like Carol were able to receive their message of Peace and it has entered the mass consciousness. Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us.
For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers. Nevertheless, because the Fall was not the fault of the Human Race, from time to time they have tried to help us. The truth is they care deeply for us and hope when enough people hear the wisdom of their message; the Human Race will adopt the Frequency of Love. Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.
In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealously, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected.
In short, when we correct the Fall by integrating the ego and dissolving the pain-body, we align with the Divine Will. Then as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?

With this update and some might say reversal of our theory, does the information below, still have validity? We believe it does, because it describes how humanity became corrupted. The only thing we need to do is identify who the genetic manipulators were.
Naturally, as we are referring to events occurring long before historians wrote anything down, we have little choice, but to speculate over this. However, when we consider how far the human race has advanced in a little over 100 years, and then bring in the evidence of advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis, we believe it is possible to allow for the possibility that they were human.
We know from ancient tradition that the world experiences periodic resetting at the end of a precessional Age. Moreover, these resettings would sometimes occur during the presence of advanced civilization. If we consider that causing the spiritual separation of the masculine and feminine principle was very serious. So much so that it created such a rift, it indelibly seared it into the subconscious that it has survived up to today, in the myth of the Garden of Eden and the Fall. Therefore, let us review the information below from the perspective that our protagonists were not ETs, but rather advanced human scientists driven by their false self, with the support of the Shadow.

Despite Saint Augustine’s assertion that the whole human race was cursed because Eve gave Adam the apple was wrong, he was right about that time being an auspicious time for humanity. The fall or curse resulted in the need for an innocent soul to give his life for us. Obviously the simple act of eating a forbidden apple cannot be that serious, so what was the allegory alluding to? If it wasn’t for the Sumerian tablets of Nineveh and Zecharia Sitchin, the author of The 12th Planet, we may never have known. The tablets speak of gods visiting Earth thousands of years earlier. Sitchin described Earth’s native inhabitants as living in harmony with nature when the gods arrived to mine gold and silver. The gods unhappy at having to do the work themselves determine to create “workers” to mine for them. This is when the gods infuse their DNA onto a native hominid species.3
One of the most puzzling questions arising from Genesis is the creation of humanity. Chapter 1 verses 26 to 28 seem to be reporting the creation of man and woman, only they appear to be androgynous. This agrees with the esoteric teaching, so what was the difference between this creation and the creation of Adam and Eve? There were animals of both sexes and the hominid species chosen by the “gods” had to have been both sexes. The clue is in the scripture that reported the couple as knowing they were naked, evidently, clothes were not customary wear for the native species. No, the scripture is talking about Adam and Eve becoming self aware, which meant the couple had developed individuality. If this was the goal of evolution then why was this a problem? Figures 3 & 4 show a double line passing through all seven chakras.

Figures 3 & 4
Depicting the duality that started with the double helix or insertion of the counterfeit spirit in the 3rd Root Race

Root-races 1 & 2 had facilitated the descent of the soul into the human body. I should state that according to Blavatsky, Root-race 2 was destroyed when the axis of the earth shifted causing the oceans to swamp the land. Evidently some of the humans survived to evolve into the third Root-race, which Blavatsky associated with the element of fire and the sense of touch. As discussed earlier, the element fire mentioned in connection with the Root-races are referring to the elemental forces of the universe. The fire of the third Root-race was alluding to the passions of the third chakra or Solar Plexus. Looking at the above figures, I was struck by the similarity between the double helix of DNA and the medical symbol caduceus. If we observe the figures from a scientific perspective, it would seem to imply that with Root-race No.3 Homo sapien sapiens came into existence, and in a way that would be correct. Nevertheless, all the legends speak of this time as the fall of humankind. The fall happened as a result of the third Root-race taking on alien DNA, but the spiritual ramifications were a lot more serious.
Instead of the gradual ascent through the chakra centers, the human race was forced to become aware of all seven at once and develop psychic powers before they were intellectually ready. They were now exposed to the full duality of the universe. That meant dealing with the shadow side of the 7 Sacred Planets. Now Saturn’s positive traits of patience and self-discipline were countered with Sloth, apathy and laziness. Jupiter’s generosity and dignity became obscured with pride. While Mars’ vigor and courage was tainted with Wrath, cruelty and vengeance. The beneficent rays of the Sun were dimmed by Greed and Gluttony and fertile Venus became synonymous with Lust. Sensitive Moon began to exhibit the vile trait of Envy and quick-witted Mercury became associated with fraud, lying and Falsehood.

Traditional & Updated planetary positions for the 7 Chakras


Earlier I said that the traditional teaching assigned the Crown chakra to Mercury, but that didn’t ring true for me. Jesus called the devil the father of lies, referring to him speaking a lie. To me this made Mercury more appropriate to the 5th chakra of communication, not Venus. I believe Venus fits with the 2nd or Sacral, sexual center chakra, which unseats Mars. However, what better place for the god of war than the fiery seat of emotions or should I say passion, the 3rd or Solar Plexus chakra. This would move Jupiter in my opinion to its rightful place at the Crown chakra in place of Mercury.
Conventional belief has the fall occurring at the beginning of creation; nonetheless, the advances in science may have adjusted that assessment. Previously, I mentioned the seemingly inexplicable “leap” humanity appears to have made around 40,000
B.C.E. No less than five scientific disciplines place this as the time humanity made great advances; archeology, anthropology, paleontology, genetics and linguistics. If we accept Sitchin’s interpretation of the events described on the Sumerian tablets of Nineveh, then could 40,000 B.C.E. be when humanity as we know it today have been created?
With the corruption of humanity the Creator and judges of the universe had to act. First they reduced the life span and then they created the Wheel of Necessity or Karma. In the Old Testament, this was the Law of an eye for an eye or a life for a life. Although the Israelites and others took this literally and promptly meted out “justice”, that was not what the Law was created for. Karma meant that if you murdered someone in one life, then you would in turn be murdered seven incarnations later. Hence the term vicious cycle. Another thing designed to assist the human souls was the creation of Devachan and Kama Loka. This meant that in between incarnations, the soul could be shown its life on Earth and helped to make the needed corrections for its next incarnation. Unfortunately, one of the rules was that the souls have absolutely no memory of its previous incarnation or the lessons learned on the other side. As a result very few souls progressed this way.
By the time the 3rd Root-race was barely halfway through things were so bad that the Creator felt he had no other recourse than to start again. This is recorded as the many legends of the destruction of giants, floods and arks throughout the world. Then the human race evolved into the fourth Root-race and absorbed the mystical element water and the occult sense of taste. Root-race No.4 was also known as the Atlanteans and they were engaged in black magic. This was because they had discovered the psychic powers. Only these were what we call the lower psychic powers. This means that the Atlanteans or fourth Root-race engaged in magic without the benefit of real spiritual power. These lower psychic powers are generated by the solar plexus and therefore instinctive rather than intuitive. At this time the 4th Root-race was in danger of destroying themselves. They had discovered the occult power of sound, as seen in the construction of pyramids, where they raised huge blocks of stone into the air by chanting. Also they were experimenting with gene manipulation. In order to save humanity from itself, the Powers and Rulers decided to cull the population, by destroying the seat of corruption, Atlantis. The sinking of Atlantis occurred around 10,500 B.C.E. Despite the destruction, enough souls survived to produce the 5th Root-race. It was then that the Creator took pity on his creation and showed mercy. During the early stages of the 5th Root-race, he tried to educate his creation with fear of reprisals. This was the advent of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments. The commandments were designed to curb the affects of the counterfeit spirit by nullifying the negative aspects of the 7 Sacred Planets. Seeing that fear was not helping, the Creator felt compassion for humanity and as Jeremiah reports wrote the Law in his creation’s hearts. Amazingly this was what the Heavenly Father was waiting for. While the Creator had judgment without mercy, the spiritual powers could only watch and wait, but when room was made for compassion in the soul realm, this allowed the Christ to enter through the Veil, without either the Creator’s or the Rulers knowledge.
Figure 5 shows the result of this. Christ teachers such as Krishna, Buddha, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Confucius, and Socrates throughout the world taught the human race of the soul’s connection to the unseen forces of the universe. And the axiom of “As above so below and as below so above. They showed humanity that with meditation and prayer, they could connect to guides from the astral plane that would assist them in their spiritual development.
To free humanity from the vicious cycle of Karma, it was decided to send a Messiah in the form of a chosen soul, who would become the sacrificial lamb, taking on all the karma accumulated by humankind onto himself. What the Creator or Demiurge didn’t know was that the Christ entered the Messiah at his baptism by John the Baptist. He did this in order to teach both the human race and all the powers beneath the Veil of the Heavenly Father and how to combat the counterfeit spirit.
You may ask why the Creator did not simply destroy the counterfeit spirits? The answer is rules. For the Demiurge to use his power to correct the problem would be usurping free will. The judges and rulers had decreed that only an innocent soul willingly sacrificing himself could break the iron bands of Karma. After Jesus was crucified the bonds of karma were severed. No longer are retaliation and vengeance the rule, but forgiveness and compassion. I had also been shown that the renting of the Veil during the crucifixion facilitated the activation of the spirit of spark of God within the hearts of humanity. True, humanity is still subject to the rules; even so the human race had began to access their spiritual selves.

Figure 5
Figure depicting 4th Root Race connecting to the Astral Plane

As stated according to the ancient teaching, we are still only halfway through the fifth Root-race, with the seven sub races of both the sixth and seventh Root-races to go to the end of the globe round. However, according to Purucker the author of Occult Glossary, the devastation that ended Atlantis, will in turn destroy at least half of Root-race No.5, and the sixth Root-race will be born from the molecules and atoms of the fifth Root-race, but there is a discrepancy within the teaching. Purucker stated that there is a minimum of 16,000 years before what he referred to as “the racial cataclysm” that will result in the creation of the 6th Root-race. The discrepancy occurs with the teaching that at the halfway stage of a Root-race, the next Root-race starts to appear. This is akin to a new species existing alongside the species it has evolved to replace. As my studies had clearly shown that 2012 is the end of the Globe D or the fourth round; I wondered how we could possibly be only halfway through Root-race five? I felt that we must be in at least the sixth and more than halfway through it.
In any given Root-race the planetary consciousness did not pass into the next Root-race until a certain number of individuals of the more advanced Root-race had incarnated. What the teachings did not reveal was that Root-races 5, 6, and 7 are within each other. Leonardo DaVinci showed this with his drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

FIgures 6a & 6b
Showing the petragram with the hexagram, representing the 5th & 6th Root Races within each other, which is epitomized in Lenordo DaVincci's painting the Vitruvian Man

Symbols have played a large part in passing down information through the centuries. Ancient wisdom has been passed down through symbols and numbers such as the four-sided pyramids in Egypt, MesoAmerica and South America and the swastika in India. Interestingly Webster’s also describes the pagoda of the Far East as a pyramidal temple. Could all of these buildings be representative of the Fourth Root-race, which disappeared around 10,500 B.C.E?
Could this mean the number five as in the pentagon and pentacle symbolizes the fifth Root-race? I also found it curious that five is connected with the Kabbalistic symbol of the micro and macrocosm.
Seeking answers, to these questions, I turned to God. He told me that the era of the Fifth Root-race ended 2000 years ago with the Christ whose symbol is the six-pointed star. God also informed me that the six-pointed star with a point in the center represented the Seventh Root-race and that the six and seven Root races are running concurrently; that is side-by-side and both will be completed in 2012. Before that, between 2004 and 2005 the start of a five-year window will begin. After 2010 the point of no return will be reached. That is, whether we are alive or dead, our vibratory level or speed will be locked in. Our vibration will determine if we progress to Globe E or have to repeat the seven sub races in each of the seven root races on Globe D.
Although the sixth Root-race began around two millennia ago, it didn’t gain prominence within the consciousness until what history refers to as the Renaissance (rebirth). If the fifth Root-race absorbed the elements and senses of the previous four races and added the element of earth and the sense of taste, what element and sense did the sixth Root-race bring to bear? The answer I received was astral or psychic and the higher faculties of sight and sound i.e., clairvoyance and clairaudience. Is it a coincidence that after 1400 C.E., alchemy and metaphysical societies gained prominence?
As stated the doctrine teaches that we are halfway through the fifth Root-race with at least sixteen thousand years to complete the rest of the fifth Root-race. However, this teaching presupposes that everything remains static and operates as it always has. This was not what God had shown me. First, Jesus had stressed that the Fullness of Time would be when he returned, and God had told us that it was now the Fullness of Time.
If we believe that science and the ancient teachings go hand-in-hand then it could be a mistake in thinking that our globe or globe D came into existence at the same time as the scientists state the earth did, i.e. approximately four and a half billion years ago. No, I understand that it was Globe A that did. Globe D began with the existence of the first hominid species between eight and five million years ago.

Figure 7
Depicting the 6th and 7th foot race transfer of receiving from the Astral Plane to goin with to the heart.


One of the most puzzling statements Jesus made concerned his warning of outer darkness. Knowing with absolute certainty that God or any divine being never banishes anyone to a place of punishment, what could Jesus be warning of? The answer I discovered has to do with the dissolution of the past globes. If we examine Diagram C, we observe that the globes are within each other. What I hadn’t realized was that as we progress the outer globes, like a hard candy dissolves in the mouth, disintegrates into non-existence, so why the urgency? Scientists tell us that the Earth will be destroyed by the sun’s expansion. Nostradamus predicted the same would occur in the third millennium. But for me the most telling confirmation comes from the understanding of my vision. Examining diagram B, we see that in B2 the rounds start with a wide spiral, which narrows and tightens as it progresses. Another sign to consider is our solar system. Saturn takes over twenty-nine years to orbit the sun; whereas Mercury circuits the sun in only eighty-eight days. Revelation speaks of the Christ ruling the earth for a thousand years, before the final battle. What all these signs have in common is there is a limited amount of time left to complete the earth globe rounds. The seventh Root-race will emerge from the sixth Root-race; only the seven sub-races run concurrently not consecutively. We are moving inwards and as we do the outer levels are being dissolved. At a point in the not too distant future, the Earth globe round will end and anything that has not evolved will not be able to pass through the door to the next round, Venus. Everything left, including the souls of this round that is not of the next rounds vibration, will be trapped in the dissolving space. They will then have to stay in outer darkness until such time as the universe resets and the souls have another opportunity to progress.
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