If you have come to this site by way of the video, you may be wondering who we are? My name is Suzzan, and my husband Craig and I began our journey more than 23 years ago in Saudi Arabia. That journey has been amazing incredible and sometimes very confusing. Nonetheless today, more than a decade later, we have been guided to the writing of 6 books. Moreover, we were inspired to found both the Triple7 Center and the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity. But before I get to our journey, first let me give you a little background on us;
Craig & Suzzan A little history...and the rest:

Craig & Suzzan– A little history

Craig was born in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Like most young men of his generation, the Vietnam War cut into his further education. In 1970 when his number came up in the lottery, instead of waiting to be drafted into the army, he enlisted in the advanced electronics program of the Navy. This six-year program afforded him the comfort of two years of enlistment attending extensive electronics training in a classroom environment, after which he spent the remaining four years in the fleet. After finishing his tour of duty: Craig joined the Raytheon Corporation, where he advanced to the position of Senior Field Engineer. This level took him to remote parts of the world, including a spell as civilian advisor to the military during the Gulf War, where he received two medals for his service. After leaving Raytheon in 1992, Craig accepted an opening in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I was born in London, England and grew up in Essex, about 30 miles from London. After leaving school, I began an apprenticeship with a local hairdressers’. I married my first husband in 1974 within six months of meeting him. The birth of our son followed a little under a year later. Due to my being a qualified hairdresser, I could work anywhere I chose. This served me well when I joined my husband ten years later, first in Abu Dhabi, UAE (1984), and then in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1985). In 1991, I opened a large beauty salon, in partnership with a Saudi national. It was after this that I began to feel that I was destined for other things. Two years later I met Craig, and began the journey that would forever change our lives

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Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE

Our first book relates how our story began in the barren desert of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It first follows my spiritual calling, with me being sent as a messenger to Craig. Immediately, he is very suspicious of my motives, especially when I tell him that God told me we must go to Jerusalem together. The interaction between us seesaws between complete understanding and total mistrust. Essentially, the book documents the struggle of two honest people coming to terms with their calling. It follows us as we travel together through Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, U.K., and America, trying to make sense of the incredible events happening to us. Looking back now to when Craig and I first left Saudi Arabia in March of 1994, neither of us had any idea where our lives were leading.

By the summer of ’94, Craig and I knew that we were to write a book on our experiences. When Craig and I discussed the best way of writing the book, we chose the computer. However, when I tried to write on the computer, my mind was blank. Seeking the answer in prayer, I learned I was to write the outline out by hand. At this time, I had serious reservations about my ability to write at all. I had a hard-enough time writing letters, let alone a book. Nonetheless, with a blank note-pad in one hand and a pen in the other, I sat, trusting in God’s Will and waiting for words to come. Fourteen days later, to mine and Craig’s amazement, I had written the outline of Our Story 1994: My Lost Love. Then both Craig and I worked on the outline to flesh it out into a book. In the summer of ’96 the manuscript was edited and ready for publication. However, we didn’t pursue an agent or publisher; instead we placed the manuscript on the web site: 1stBooks.com, where people could download the manuscript for a small sum. Today, we use Createspace, which allows for a paperback version to available on demand.

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Before, we finished Our Story 1994: My Lost Love I came to understand that I was to write another book investigating our history on all levels. I was experiencing an overwhelming sense of guidance to follow Jesus’ instructions to “search the scriptures.” However, very soon it became apparent that the “scriptures” he was referring to, weren’t just what we knew as the Old Testament. They were also the “scriptures” of other religions. I learned that primarily God, or as we have come to call Him or if you prefer Her, Great Spirit-Mind, wanted us to understand the connection between the religions.

During the autumn of ‘94, Great Spirit-Mind showed me that within the Bible there are many contradictions and that He wanted me to uncover the Truth. And that in a nutshell, was my quest for more than seven years; to find the pure unadulterated Truth devoid of any human interpretations or doctrines to blur its clarity.

As I said, when Craig and I were first called out of Saudi Arabia, we had no idea where our journey would lead us. Our story related in the first book, is about our struggle to interpret, in our frame of reference, the phenomenal events we experienced, while coming to terms with our relationship with God and each other. Because of our Western, Christian background, we tended to see things at first in the traditional Judeo-Christian way.

In studying for the second book, my journey took me into fields of study that I had barely heard of and many subjects that intimidated me. In fact, one of the biggest hurdles for me to overcome was what Craig euphemistically called “expertitus,” which was my belief that anyone with doctor or professor before their name, or letters after, must automatically know everything. This particular problem was cured in my investigation of the sciences, anthropology, genetics, paleontology, linguistics, Egyptology and archaeology. I quickly learned that very few of the “experts” agreed with each other. In fact, early on, it was quite a dilemma for me. In turning to God in near despair, he told me “Trust your heart to spiritually discern the relevant information.” And so that became the order of the day. I approached each book with a totally open mind, forgetting all former knowledge about the subject. This was relatively easy, as I’d left school when I was 14. Very quickly I was sifting the precious gold from the pages, metaphorically speaking of course. I must stress that I did not choose the books to be read; instead both Craig and I were guided to the information.

Much of the material covered in the book, Craig studied with me. He was invaluable to me in his loving support and clarity of thought. Many times, he translated complicated scientific terms into my simple vernacular. But most of all, his thorough understanding of electronics enabled me to see spiritual truths in a scientific light.

Many people acquainted with this endeavor asked me if the writing was channeled; i.e., a spiritual being wrote it through me. Trust me, there were many times while writing that I dearly wished that could have been the case. But no, the truth is this work was not channeled; however, let me qualify what I mean by channeled. Channeled work is when a person allows their body to be taken over by an entity and the information comes from that entity. In my journey of discovery, I literally take apart and re-examine everything from a fresh perspective, using spiritual discernment.

Through the several hundred books, with Craig’s help, I gathered pieces of the mystical jigsaw puzzle that was to be constructed at the end of my journey. Each new book was approached with the sincere belief that it held a valuable piece of my puzzle. Some of the authors may not agree with my interpretation of their material. In each case I have tried to read them with non-judgment, allowing my heart to feel the truth. The title of the book, LOVE The Common Denominator portrays the main Truth I discovered; Great Spirit-Mind or LOVE is the Common Denominator that connects us all. Apart from the reading material, many pieces of my puzzle were embedded in several TV shows, documentaries and films. Evidently, many screen writers and scriptwriters have been inspired with the material to jog our subconscious, and help us remember the Truth.

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In May of 2000, Craig and I were sent to Palenque, Mexico with a good friend. When we returned from Mexico in May, all three of us were moved to take on a local bookstore and spiritual center, which we owned and operated for 5 years. That September we were sent to Machu Picchu in Peru, the islands of the Sun and Moon on Lake Titicaca, and the ancient site of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. All the journeys are recounted in our third book.

In the summer of the 2001, I had finished two volumes of LOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR and was starting on the third volume. Then at the beginning of July, I was told that before I wrote the third volume, I needed to write the outline for a third book, which like our first book, Craig and I would write together. I’d completed the outline for this book, by the end of August, and had begun working on the third volume of LOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Then Craig and I began the most testing time since Saudi Arabia. It started the week after that awful day September 11, 2001, and lasted until April 4th 2002. The experience tested both Craig’s and my faith to the very limit. It would take far too long to explain this period, suffice to say many people associated with us at the time seriously doubted that I would pull through. Nonetheless, I did pull through and though still far from fully recovered traveled to France that June, specifically, Rennes-le-Château in Southern France.

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I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity– 2003

January of 2003 was when the concept of the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity was born. Its birth came about in several distinct stages. The first stage occurred early one morning that January. I was just waking up from a deep sleep when I had a vision of a multitude of people wearing a button saying, “I Commit to Humanity.” Then I saw the number 777,000 and was told that this was the number of people needed to change the way they think. This is the real meaning of the word “repent”, and when 777,000 changed the way they thought, they would create a critical mass that would change the world. When I asked about the smallness of the number 777,000, I was told that because this is the Fullness of Time each person’s consciousness is expanding and is now able to affect a very wide area. To illustrate what this means; after the tragedy of 9-11, for a brief moment the consciousness of the planet was linked in the common feeling of compassion. Unfortunately, this did not last because of the constant reminder of the possibility of more attacks, which generated such a wave of fear that it overwhelmed the compassion.

Stage two occurred a few days after the first vision, I was shown the formation of the foundation superimposed onto the Earth. Gradually a small ring of 13 people in a circle appeared in the Pacific North West. Then in ever increasing circles containing more people the circles spread out until the last circle covered the entire world. Then from the center of the first circle, I saw a beam of light emerge and spring up like a fountain. This light then “sprayed” points of light throughout the world.

Stage 3 occurred when we were moved to form The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity on May 1st, 2003. Then the task of locating the first 13 people began. To date (2017), we only have 6 people, plus Craig & I to be the board members for the foundation. Although we have many more associates. Neither Craig nor I had anything to do with the selection. Great Spirit-Mind led them to us. For instance, Guy Juarez was driving by our center one day when he felt compelled to stop and go in. Craig was alone in the center and both he and Guy felt an immediate connection.

Initially, we thought that the I.D.E.A. Foundation would operate like most other foundations, raising funds and setting up programs to help the less fortunate. However, we came to realize that as there were so many worthy organizations doing just that, our time and effort would be better served in discovering the causes for the dis-ease, rather trying to relieve its symptoms. Therefore, we threw ourselves into researching why there was so much suffering in the world, which led to Stage 4 in the development of I.D.E.A.

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Stage 4 began towards the end of 2003 when I was given the outline for The Good News: An alternate Theory. In the summer of 2004, The Good News was placed on the web as a free document for anyone to read or download. I must stress, The Good News: An Alternate Theory is not Craig’s or my creation. It was given to us to give to everyone.

In 2005, we published The Good News: in paperback, with all the proceeds from the purchase price going to the I.D.E.A. Foundation. Also in 2005, Craig began work on the Triple 7 Center web site. We were told that the web site was to be the forum to share the information we have gathered over the thirteen years since 1994, through providing access to the books and various downloads.

If you are wondering why the title for this sub-heading is not The Good News: An Alternate Theory, then let me explain. As knowledge is so dynamic, over the years, Craig and I have revised some of our conclusions. It was because of this that we revised the original version, updating it to, The GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, which corrects these conclusions without affecting the overall information and message of the book.

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In 2006, I was moved to update and expand the original version of LOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR, Love the Common Denominator: My Journey to the Truth. Little did we know that the update would incorporate 2007, 2008 and both our efforts in 6 new appendixes and loads of graphics. The research information included in the 6 additions culminated into a catalyst for Compassion in the form of the KNOW THYSELF INITIATIVE that is a dynamic ongoing Global Effort sill today.

I had completed the updates and was working on the glossary in March of 2007, when I was shown I needed to add four more appendixes to the book. The first two additional appendixes, entitled From the Fool to the Hermit: Spiritual Evolution parts one and two weren’t a surprise, as they were based on the spiritual secrets of the Tarot, which I’d already covered in the main text. Consequently, I completed these quickly. Craig wrote the third appendix called Craig’s Perspective on Energetic Evolution, which is a scientific explanation on spiritual evolution.

The fourth additional appendix, Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked was a very different story. The reason is; it grew into a treatise on the spiritual evolution of the Human Race from a consciousness perspective. Primarily it dealt with the different energies that have affected the Humanity throughout history. (See below for updates to this.) Around this time, Craig was moved to write a poem called “Because of the Fear.”

In May 2007, we were meeting with some of our fellow board members of I.D.E.A., when Craig told them about the poem. After hearing it, Guy said, “I have a piece of music I wrote some time ago that I think would be perfect for the poem.” It was a composition he had written when he was 17 years old. A few weeks later, he brought his guitar and sang “Because of the Fear.” We all loved it. He had taken a poem about fear and by adding a chorus infused it with hope. While I was listening to the hauntingly beautiful song, multiple pictures flash through my mind. After they had all left, I understood that we were to make a video for the song. At the time, the only thing I knew was it was to be about fear and hope.

That June, we learned of Al Gore’s plans to produce a huge production on Global Warming and Climate Change called “Live Earth” with concerts on all 7 continents on July 7th 2007. Later when the promotion for “Live Earth” began reducing the date to 7, 7, 07, all seven of us saw this as a huge sign of Divine help. This was further emphasized, when on the day of the event, some of the stages displayed the words GOOD NEWS.

To be honest, we were a little surprised that the event didn’t have more of an impact. It almost seemed that everybody went back to business as usual the next day. We heard very little about it on the news and there was very little follow up to the event. On praying about it later, I was given to understand that all the pieces weren’t in place yet. 7,7,07 was only the start of the shift in consciousness. This is because in numerology, the numbers for the year are reduced to a single digit. Therefore, 2007 is reduced to the number 9, and the date of July 7, 2007 becomes in numerology 7+7+9, which gives you the total twenty-three. Adding the two digits of two and three together further reduces the number total 2+3=5. Five is the number for Humanity. The most important thing to come out of the day was the completion of the meaning for the acronym, I.D.E.A., which had been:

I = Individual,
D = Dynamic,
E = Entirety
A = Activation

After, Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concerts on 7/7/07 it became:

Individual Inspiration of
Dynamic Divine-Duality applied to
Entire Evolutionary Equilibrium resulting in the
Activation and Advancement of Humanity and ALL Creation..


Squared Circle


After July 7th, we were told that September 9th 2007 (PNEUMA-YOD VIDEO released on Web) was a key date for us. This is because September 9th 2007 in numerology would be written as 999, which reduces further to 9 – 9+9+9=27 – 2+7=9. Nine is the number of completion, which precedes the number one, the number meaning beginnings. 2008 is a year one, 2+0+0+8=10 – 1+0=1. So, apparently, we were being prepared for a new beginning that year; a new beginning it was, with the launching of the KNOW THYSELF INITIATIVE with all its Archetypal ramifications. Coincidentally, its launch in June 21st, 2008, coincided with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle’s “Know Thyself” segment in their New Earth web series, involving over a million participants. It is important to state that none of us knew of this before.

Interestingly, the first Stage, Reason broke down the information in The Good News, paragraph, by paragraph, bringing to light some amazing correspondences. Even I was surprised what came to light, but as Craig says so eloquently, “Divinely inspired writings and teachings are gifts given to humanity that help us identify and participate in the chain of evolutionary events constantly taking place. Since this book's original release in 2004, mass consciousness has surged forward in awareness. Numbers of individuals with such understanding grows exponentially. Concepts that seemed 'out there' are readily accepted and practiced now. The future holds that we must go forward in practice from familiar places and reside in those spaces of inner knowing that move us past our mistakenly accepted reality. This movement to the seemingly unknown, yet strangely recognizable, is the loving guidance of spirit for transition to our next level of existence.”

As stated above, we revised the original version of The Good News: An Alternate Theory to The GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION in order, to correct some erroneous conclusions. Again, these corrections do not detract from the overall information and message of the book.

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That afternoon in Jerusalem, Craig and I were mere babies in understanding the Mysteries. It has only been in the last few years that our studying and investigating has borne fruit and we can make sense of the teachings. A large part of that process has been connecting with different teachers. Most of these people have been unaware of their role, but their faith and wonderful hearts have resulted in bringing the information forward. We are sure it is unnecessary to say that one of the most influential teachers was Daphna Moore and her book, The Rabbi’s Tarot. Nevertheless, she was not the last. Our next teacher, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s writings, provided us with a new understanding on evolution. Reading Dr. Calleman’s books essentially caused a change in the direction of the mission, from passive studying to active participation. Our work entered a new phase in the summer of 2011, moving from the virtual to the physical world. This occurred when we learned through our dear friend and Director of I.D.E.A. Leyland of the Lothlorien Peace Festival in Foulain, France. He was coordinating the participation of the Indigenous Elders and Dr. Calleman at the festival.
From our excursions to Mexico and South America in 2000, we became interested in the Mayan teachings. Guided to Dr. Calleman’s books, his work introduced us to spirituality in science from the Mayan perspective. Essentially, because he is not only an Evolutionary Biologist, he is also an expert on the Mayan Calendar, or the Mayan Mysteries. Reading, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, was just the beginning, as it were. Due to our finding this book so enlightening, we were eager to read Dr. Calleman’s next book in the series, released in 2009. Its provocative title, The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life lived up to its name and we found it mind-blowing. Largely because the book provided a scientific interpretation of the Maya’s description of the Tree of Life, an image that was a key component of all four parts of my thesis.
In reading the inspirational The Purposeful Universe, we knew it was possible to apply Dr. Calleman’s theory to generating Peace. We confirmed our intuition when we learned of his leading the global meditation at the Lothlorien Peace Festival. Seeing this as no coincidence, we asked Leyland, who knew Calleman, to put us in touch with the gifted author. We spoke with Dr. Calleman within a week and found the Mayan expert very knowledgeable and amenable.
While translating the Mayan Ancient teachings, Dr. Calleman, discovered something remarkable in the texts. Reflecting the Jungian theory, the texts reported the existence of the consummate Archetypal symbol at the center of the universe: The Tree of Life. Of course, the Tree of Life as an archetype is deeply rooted in the human psyche. How much, is reflected in the fact the Tree or some variation of it appears in almost every culture of the world. It also permeates our language (not just English). For instance, we use branch to describe sections of organizations. Then there is the trunk being a term for the torso of the body. Another colloquialism is to take a leaf, another term for page, out of someone’s book meaning to copy or emulate them. Finally, we also speak of root or roots to describe both our origins and the origin of something.
Providing a possible reason for the Tree’s influence the ancient Maya assert this Tree is emitting “creation waves” that are driving our Evolution. This became even more relevant when as an Evolutionary Biologist; Dr. Calleman was able to ascertain that the same energetic signature reflecting the Tree of Life surrounds every cell in the human body. Therefore, it would seem that even if we are not consciously aware of this Tree of Life driving evolution, we are at the subconscious level; hence the “tree’s” presence in so much of our lives.
From this amazing discovery, Dr. Calleman was able to formulate his theory proposed in his Purposeful Universe. Specifically, if we can find a way to align with this Universal or Divine Tree of Life, we can become co-creators of our world and bring about its transformation. Inspired by Dr. Calleman’s discovery, and with his blessing, we developed a way to harness the overwhelming intent for Peace through a map of world peacemakers and the archetypal imagery of the Tree of Life in the Bridge to Peace Project — BTPP. The project’s focus is a world map on our web site with lights of hope representing people’s intent to generate Peace throughout the Earth. In addition, we featured our Partners in Peace in three Trees of Life on our website.
We chose the mystical Kabbalistic Tree of Life to represent the Mayan Tree because the former clearly defines the four different Planes that delineate the process of creation. The Kabbalists refer to these Planes as Archetypal, Creative, Formative, and Active. Think of the Archetypal plane as representing the spark of an idea, and the Creative as bringing that idea into consciousness. Then the Formative brings forth the image and finally, the Active brings that idea to fruition.
Using the principle of Jung’s concept of imagery, we created a guided meditation with color images of three Trees of Life with our Partners in Peace representing the past, present and future. In the meditation, we are moving inwards towards the inner kingdom. We also incorporated the use of sound and specific frequencies into the meditation, through the human voice, Tibetan gongs, tones, and music. Guy primarily facilitated this, by not only acting as narrator and recording each sound component to coincide with each section. He also composed the most hauntingly beautiful music for the meditation. The meditation became available on our web site from the 2012 Spring Equinox.
Since 2011, we began meeting with Dr. Calleman and quickly became friends. As we know, the Mayan Long Count ended on October 26 2011, shortly before the World-Wide Peace Event of 11-11-11 that November. Today, we are delighted to have him as a board member for I.D.E.A, as well as have him contributing his work on the Ninth Wave in KTI Stage Cycles.

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A few days after November 11, 2011: the 11:11:11 event, Craig and I met the remarkable Dr. Carol Sue Rosin. Our friend, and Director Guy, facilitated the meeting. At the time, immersed in our Foundation’s Bridge to Peace Project (BTPP) we were looking for diverse groups as potential Partners in Peace. Due to his association with several UFO groups Guy was helping with the alien or, as Carol puts it, the cosmic cultures category.

Early that November Guy shared his incredible experiences in an e-book, The Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters. Needing feedback, he contacted several people on Facebook for their opinion. One of them was Carol. When he learned of Carol’s work in the field, he felt he could kill two birds with one stone by sending the link to his book together with an invitation to be a Partner in Peace. This just happened to be on the day, the world’s focus was on peace for the 11-11-11 event. Within the hour, Carol responded and Guy told her of our work. After he shared the circumstances of how he met my husband Craig and I, Carol expressed a desire to speak with the three of us.

Meeting with Carol a few days later, on Skype, we had no idea of the impact our meeting would have on our lives. Introducing herself as Carol Rosin, for the next hour we sat transfixed as she explained her mission. To that end, we learned she co-wrote the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty with five distinguished and highly respected men. Recognizing the synchronicity of Carol’s work and the Bridge to Peace Project, when she accepted our invitation, we decided to post the Treaty on our website as soon as possible. After that first conversation, Carol left us with the impression we were now partners with a passionate and driven woman.

We spoke of our (at that time) 17-year investigation of the Ancient Mysteries, the results of which were reported on the Ancient Wisdom For Now page on our web site. In addition, we told her we wrote five books and developed an on-line esoteric course called the Know Thyself Initiative, KTI. Nevertheless, Carol was most interested in the fact the inspiration for the Bridge to Peace Project came from Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s brilliant book, The Purposeful Universe. The concept that we create our reality through our thoughts was familiar to all three of us. Hardly surprising, as the founder of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, was one of the authors of the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty.

At first, our designation for the Supreme Being was clearly an obstacle for Carol. Experiences had left her unimpressed with anything remotely religious. Still, after reassuring her that we define ourselves as spiritual, not religious, we agreed it was necessary to find a less volatile term. While meditating on the problem, the genderless term Great Spirit-Mind, connecting through our individual Spirit-Minds emerged. As this incorporated the indigenous faiths as well as reflecting consciousness, the term seemed appropriate.

Late 2012, we reached the goals set for BTPP and it was time to redefine the focus for the energy of peace generated by the Lights of Hope. Deciding that the focus needed to be the children of the world, we created the Facebook group Change for the Children. Throughout our discussions, Carol lamented not only over the plight of the world’s children, but also over her public image. After reviewing multiple articles on the web, we could see why it distressed her. Many articles implied that Carol was a Nazi supporter, due to her affiliation with Wernher von Braun. Raising money to get the Treaty signed presented a perfect opportunity to set the record straight. In writing a kind of biography, we could address all the questions and finally put an end to the besmirching of both of their names. Moreover, we felt a book about what motivates the loving, gentle, and caring woman behind Dr. Carol Sue Rosin would inspire both her supporters and others.

We agreed we did not want a traditional biography. Parts of Carol’s life are not only shocking and enlightening, but clearly reveal how much the human ego plagued her life and mission. Her work constantly necessitated dealing with inflated egos. When she confided off-planet visitors told her that, “There is no guarantee due to the human ego,” We knew this needed to be our approach. Consequently, as our collective goal of focusing on the children superseded everything, we felt the direction for this book must be towards helping them. Carol was determined that the book not be solely about her life. She had investigated our website and read our books and, by getting to know us, she felt that combining our three life journeys would offer a broader spiritual perspective.

As it happens, all three of us unknowingly spent our lives observing the human ego long before we knew such a thing existed. Like us, we are sure many of you were, or maybe even still are under the impression the ego is akin to egotistic. Therefore, it only applies to pompous, conceited, arrogant people. Yet all three of us came to understand that it was something intrinsic in the human being, controlling every aspect of life. Eckhart Tolle’s books, The Power of Now and The New Earth perfectly describe how something alien within us is sabotaging our spiritual progress. The latter book is the most revealing as it exposes what he calls the “pain body.” This is slightly different from the ego, because of its connection to what he terms the “Collective Pain Body.” We can view the individual pain-body as the subconscious aspect of the false self, whereas the ego is the conscious part. Both are equally destructive to our spiritual development. Yet in many ways, the pain-body is worse than the ego because it is subtler.

Mr. Tolle’s description of the “Collective Pain Body” reveals he is allegorically describing a negative force reported by religious scriptures as, among others, the “prince of this world.” Although viewed as a physical presence in the world lying in wait for anyone not saved by his or her respective religions, it was far more insidious due to the fact it directly connected to the “individual pain body.” We can detect the influence of this enemy of Humanity through historical events and human progress. Feeling the need to reveal the “Collective Pain Body’s” true nature, we designated it the Shadow of Deception. As with all forces, there is always an opposing one. In this case, the name we chose for this benevolent force was the Light of Truth.

Fortunately, we no longer have to contend with the Shadow of Deception, because as of September 22, 2010 it is no longer an issue. Alas, its individual partner, the pain-body still exists, but it no longer has any support other than from the human ego. Regrettably, since at the personal level that support is formidable, we need to integrate the human ego and put it under our divine Spirit-mind or Spirit’s control. Thankfully, the Ancient Mysteries provide the means to integrate the human ego, transforming both the individual and the world, but for many they are too obscure. Thus, our decision to make FOR THE CHILDREN about identifying the human ego and pain-body’s influences in our lives. Not only through the accomplished Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, but through our life experiences as well. In this way, uncovering the sometimes-subtle influence of the enemy within has required us all to reveal our innermost selves. This was not easy, but there was something far more important at stake: Humanity’s liberation. Therefore, the overwhelming need for individuals to break free from the illusion of helplessness superseded any discomfort we might feel at our exposure.

After the publication of FOR THE CHILDREN, we continued developing our friendship with Carol and as her Page PEACE IN SPACE relates she is now on the board of I.D.E.A.

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Ancient Teachings on the EGO in DAPHNA MOORE’S RABBI’S TAROT

A crucial point, regarding the neutralization of the Shadow of Deception is that although “he” is no longer an issue, the structure of consciousness it set up has woven itself into the mass consciousness. Unfortunately, because of free will, the Divine forces are unable to unravel this web of deception. Even though, it is destructive to the Earth and our spiritual development. It is up to us to weaken the “web of deceit” by individually pulling the threads apart. Sadly, because of a campaign to hide the Truth from us, most people are unaware that we hold all the cards. The power, for want of a better word, lies with us and we can choose the reality we create. To that end, in the next step in our mission, we turned to the greatest source for understanding how to spiritually evolve the Mysteries hidden within the Tarot.

Elizabeth, our editor for the first book introduced to the work of the inspired author Daphna Moore. One day, handing us a book, she said we needed to read it because it was vital to our work. The book was The Rabbi’s Tarot by Daphna Moore. At that time, we understood the Tarot as a tool for divining the future and wondered why Elizabeth would want us to read a book on fortune telling. Within the first few pages, it was clear Elizabeth was not exaggerating when she said it would be vital to our work, because the book was unmistakably about transformation. Nevertheless, the true value of the book and its author would not become apparent for several years.

Ultimately, it was writing The Good News that revealed Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot, as the core information for the Mysteries. After comparing it to what we already knew, namely the Gnostic teachings, we realized this brilliant book held the secret to nothing less than Humanity’s spiritual evolution. How this remarkable book came to light is a lesson in the dissemination of the Mysteries.

In 1910, Arthur E Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith produced the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Shortly after, a member of the Orders of the Quest, a group of individuals working for the Light, recognized the importance of the images and symbols in the 22 Major Arcana cards. Namely, they were concealing the process to transformation. As a Rabbi, he was well versed in the Kabbalistic teachings; consequently, he worked on interpreting the messages in the 22 cards for several years. After going as far as he could, moved to find someone else to continue the work, the Rabbi handed his work over to another member of the Orders of the Quest. Surprisingly, this member was not another Rabbi. Instead, he was an ex-Jesuit priest. Accepting the responsibility, the former priest worked on the material for a further 40 years.

In the 1970s, Daphna Moore attended one of the ex-Jesuit’s lectures. After the lecture, she spoke with the former priest. Experiencing a strong rapport between them, Daphna immediately formed a bond and began a relationship with him. Part of their relationship consisted of the member of the Orders of the Quest teaching his acolyte what he knew and subsequently in this respect he became her mentor. Over their years together, Daphna learned of his work with the Tarot. Then one day the ex-Jesuit handed her a box full of papers; the collected contribution of the Rabbi and his 40 years work on the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Telling his protégé that she needed to add her contribution, he instructed her to interpret the symbols in the cards. Before she left him to begin her monumental task, Daphna’s mentor asked her to combine all three contributor’s material into a manuscript and get it published.

Daphna later related that it took her several hard years’ work to complete the symbolism of the 22 cards. However, fulfilling the second part of her mentor’s wish was even harder. At first, she could not find a publisher, which forced her to self-publish the manuscript. To achieve this required Daphna selling her cherished metaphysical book collection to finance its publication. She named the book The Rabbi’s Tarot in honor of the man who first inspired its creation. After Daphna’s publication of the book in the early nineties, Llewellyn Publishers picked up the book and published a new edition in 1995. It was this version that Elizabeth gave us in 1999.

Through the early years of the millennium we re-read The Rabbi’s Tarot several times, each time gaining something else from it. Eventually we wrote to Daphna telling her how much we valued her work and we were delighted when she graciously replied. We found her very open and unpretentious, taking her role in producing the book in stride. Exchanging phone numbers, we discussed how best to present this incredible information. At first, Daphna offered to sign over the copyright for the book to us. Although, this showed her magnanimous nature in considering that she did not own the material, we felt she should keep the copyright.

We wondered at the reason for Daphna’s inspiration in offering to sign over The Rabbi’s Tarot to us. It did not make sense until 2006, when I had several visions connecting the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot to the Tree of Life and the esoteric teachings on Globes and Root-Races. This in turn led me to write parts one and two of Spiritual Evolution: From the Fool to the Hermit recorded in the Ancient Wisdom For Now Scroll page on our website.

My visions became even more relevant, when I had the revelation that Daphna carries the consciousness of Helena Blavatsky (The founder of the Theosophical Society and author of The Secret Doctrine. Madame Blavatsky was the first person to bring the esoteric teach on multiple rounds in Evolution to the Western Hemisphere.) By this, we mean that the consciousness in Blavatsky is one of the accumulated life-consciousness in Daphna. As the consciousness divides into masculine and feminine when we die, several people can carry aspects of the consciousness of any given life. In fact, this is where the concept of “soul mate” comes in.

After publishing the visions’ interpretations (Spiritual Evolution: From the Fool to the Hermit) on the web, we thought our role in The Rabbi’s Tarot was over. Then Daphna reworked The Rabbi’s Tarot in 2009 and asked if she could use our letter for one of the endorsements on the back cover. Following its publication, she told us she wanted to create a Glossary and Index for it.. As we felt it would help in studying the book, I offered to do it for her. This created a much deeper collaboration between us, resulting in Daphna becoming an associate of the I.D.E.A. Foundation and assisting me with her expertise in astrology and numerology. When Daphna told us, she was running out of the paperback versions and was unable to run another print, we offered to create an E-book including the Glossary and Index to sell on our site. In this way, we have succeeded in making the precious material from the book available, but it has always been a stopgap. We all knew the need for a physical version of the book.

While completing the final edit of FOR THE CHILDREN, my mother passed away. Although, this was a sad event, her death gave Carol, Craig and I an unexpected gift. In life, my mother was uninterested in anything spiritual. She did not even read any of our books. However, after her death, my mother confirmed our assessment that how someone acts in life, is not evidence of his or her spiritual nature.

When my mother passed, I received a small bequest from her estate. Considering what to use the money for, we reviewed our options. Several things needed fixing in the house, so initially we targeted the money for personal use. Then my mother intervened in a most unusual way. This resulted in a surprising shift in direction for us. A week after we received the money, Carol was taken ill and needed to be hospitalized for a few days. We kept abreast of her condition through her husband Jon. While Carol was in hospital, one night I was praying for our friend when a thought interrupted my focus. I suddenly felt inspired to use my mother’s money to reprint The Rabbi’s Tarot.

Believing it was a perfect way to honor my mother’s passing. In discussing how to proceed, we knew we needed to use a more descriptive title for the book. So, meditating/praying about it, we felt inspired to use Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s Rabbi’s Tarot for the title. In addition, we were to include the information from Spiritual Evolution: From the Fool to the Hermit from the Ancient Wisdom For Now page on our website. In both the original version and updated version of the book, at the end of each card Daphna had a blank page for notes. We felt these pages could easily accommodate an additional commentary to each card. It seemed a perfect way to add to the book, without compromising its integrity. Moved to put the copyright for the book in our Foundation’s name, we wanted to share the royalties with Daphna. To us, it was important to honor Daphna’s contribution.

With our plan laid out, it was time to ask Daphna how she felt about our idea for reprinting The Rabbi’s Tarot with an additional commentary. . Planning to call her later that morning, I went to my computer. Routinely checking Skype, I saw there was a message from Carol, who was home from hospital. To my surprise, Carol wrote of how my mother’s spirit visited her the last night she was in intensive care. She related, “your mother came to me and told me to tell you ‘everything is good, be happy’.”

Amazingly, we later determined that inspiration to use my mother’s money for The Rabbi’s Tarot occurred on the same night my mother “visited” Carol. My mother’s message to Carol was her way of letting me know, she understood what we were doing. In other words, she inspired me to use her money for the book. Later, calling Daphna we were delighted when she enthusiastically agreed. What was more, she was quite happy for us to use the new title. Like us, Daphna thought that it would reveal the importance of the contents to Humanity. Knowing that my mother was not only aware of what I was doing, but was now supporting it, was such a gift.

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As of today, Summer of 2017 there have been many developments. After writing Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s Rabbi’s Tarot, we thought my writing days, other than for KTI were pretty much over. However, as we have learned as the saying goes it is better not to assume, as it makes an ass out of you and me. We soon learned that my work was far from letting up, it was increasing with three additional books and extensive artwork.

First, to update you on the changes. In 2016, we revised our first four books, with Craig creating a collection with matching covers. In respect to my treatise on Spiritual Evolution, I have updated Spiritual Evolution: Or From the Fool to the Hermit parts one and two with a newly colored version of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I began with recoloring the 22 Major Arcana cards to correlate with Daphna’s Symbolism in the Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s Rabbi’s Tarot, but then I was inspired to recolor the whole deck. Initially, we were unsure why, but as these 78 cards have been incorporated into 78 Gateways on our website, we know it concerns our evolution.

Earlier, we spoke of my writing the Fullness of Time: The Mysteries Uncloaked. This turned out to be Part One and Part Two, same title with the addition of Globe D. We posted Part Two in Stage Cycles. Since then, incorporating Dr. Carl Calleman’s work, I have updated and revised the two parts, combining the information into a two-volume treatise called AMERICA’S HIJACKED DESTINY? To be released later this year.

Inspiration for the second of the three books came several years ago, but was put on the back burner, so to speak. At the beginning of 2006; I was moved to adapt our first book into a screenplay. Having never written a screenplay, we set about finding a book on how to write a screenplay. Directed to a second-hand book on screen writing we thought it would be perfect, but when he ordered it; the book was sent to the wrong address. In trying to sort it out, we began corresponding with the father of the bookseller, who just happened to be an ex-screenwriter. To cut a very long story short, we sent him a copy of the original book and told him of the problem we were having getting it published. He “suggested” writing the story from a “devil’s advocate” perspective. That was how I came to create the character of Daniel Bruin. The character is a hard-nosed reporter that is jaded by life, and determined to debunk anything that even hints of spirituality.

The ex-screenwriter also told us about the computer program Final Draft, an absolute must for budding screenwriters. To our surprise, after receiving the program, within a month, I had written not one, but three screenplays. At this time, I am writing the manuscript, (date of release - to be determined) and plan to adapt it into the three screenplays.

Our third planned book is on the Minor Arcana (title pending). Talking of which, as we said all 78 cards are now Gateways on our website. These Gateways, are designed to tap into the original purpose of the images, symbols and colors in the cards, to subliminally help you remember why you are here. To explain what we mean. I was shown “The Hidden Codes of Life.” These Codes are determined by your birth date and name, and as such are personal to each individual. The codes reveal which Gateways/cards your energy resonates with. As we said, the hidden codes reveal your spiritual purpose on Earth and are predicated on the premise of multiple lives and the preexistence of the soul. Nonetheless, they are not exclusive to any one religion, but incorporate the teachings of all the great teachers from the different world religions. If you want answers to that unrelenting nagging feeling that there may be an important, even spiritual reason for you being born at this time, then the codes/Gateways can assist you. You do not have to be religious to benefit from the codes; rather you need to conceive of the universe or matter, including human beings, as vibrating energy or consciousness. It is then that the codes can be a glimpse of your personal original spiritual nature.

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