Ordinarily I do not engage in mass e-mailings, but this message is too important to not try to get it out to as many people as possible. Although I have commented on the I.D.E.A.’s Foundation for the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI) Face-Book page about the spiritual repercussions of the mid-term elections, I did not say where the information came from. I was given the information from God to share with the world in the hope that we will act quickly to receive God’s help and ensure our future progress.

This was difficult for me as it is one thing to share the information you receive from God in private with the world, it is another to actually act as a messenger. Nonetheless, at this pivotal time it is crucial that this message be taken seriously and so it is directed at each person’s spirit and I all I ask is that you earnestly search your heart and ask God to show you the truth.

Even if you cannot consider that this message may be from God, I am instructed to ask you to still send it to everyone you know whether they be Democrat, Republican or Independent; this message is not about politics. On the contrary it is about making the choice to continue moving forward and leave greed and selfishness behind. Everyone in America is involved and their decisions will affect the entire world and the future of the Human Race. I realize that this sounds a little dramatic, but I think if your read the message below you will see why I made this statement. So I implore you that even if you are not moved by the message please forward it as it could reach those individuals destined to utilize the information. I thank you in advance for help as you will see the content is critical to the Human Race’s development at this time.

On the I.D.E.A.’s Foundation for the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI) Face-Book page I posted that the negative spiritual force; I call the “Shadow” (Eckhart Tolle’s collective Pain Body or the New Testament’s “prince of this world”) that has plagued Humanity for more than 2000 years has been neutralized. It could be neutralized because the mass consciousness collectively showed it was ready to spiritually evolve by electing Barack Obama.

This has nothing to do with politics, but simply because Barack Obama was destined to be President of the most powerful country in the world at a pivotal point in Humanity’s spiritual evolution. Even though I suspect President Obama may not be aware, he is inspired by God to follow the Divine Plan and lead Humanity to a new world.

Although the election ostensibly only involved America it affected the energy and consciousness of the entire world. This is because America holds members from all corners of the world, which makes it the microcosm of the macrocosm. Consequently what consciously happens here happens to the mass consciousness.

The message God wants to convey is that at this time we have reached an important crossroads, which is being played out in America’s mid-term elections. Because the “Shadow” has been neutralized the way has been cleared for God to help. We shouldn’t be surprised, because at least 2 thirds of the world have been praying for it and is expecting some form of spiritual agent to appear.

What I and my husband Craig have discovered over the past 16 years is that the Human Race has to collectively invite Divine help with their intent of cooperation and compassion. We have taken the first step with the election of President Obama, but it isn’t enough, we need to show that our desire to change and leave the 20th century mentality behind wasn’t a mere whim, but a real sustainable change in direction.

The next step in the consciousness needed to begin the transformation of the world will be demonstrated at the secular level by the mid-term elections. This brings me to why God wants this message spread. Although the “Shadow” has been neutralized “his” influence for the past 2000 years has resulted in a consciousness that promotes greed and selfishness, which is sustained by maintaining control, or keeping the status quo.

The “status quo” is of course keeping the wealth and power in the same hands. This consciousness is determined to undermine the Divine Plan by derailing President Obama’s programs. While President Obama is in office with a majority the “status quo” consciousness could not stop him implementing changes; they could only hinder him. Now the “status quo” has an opportunity to regain the power through manipulating the desperation and fear of the populace. A perfect example is with Bill Gates senior’s Initiative 1098 to bring a state income tax for the very wealthy members of Washington State. Only individuals who earn $200,000 ($400,000 for families) would be affected and the funds would be used for education and healthcare for the poor.

At this time more than 10% of the population in America is forced to live below the Poverty Line. When income tax was first introduced, only those individuals earning more than $3,000 ($57,000 in 2005) paid taxes. As the ranks of those living on or just above the Poverty Line grows, more and more family’s situations are becoming desperate.

Unfortunately, the “status quo’s” consciousness is dedicated to protecting the wealthy and is running ads implying that if people pass Initiative 1098 then it is only a matter of time before everyone has to pay state income tax. God has told me that this continual bombardment is creating fear and it is time for the people responsible for these ads to think about the message they are putting out. Do they really want to say that they are not prepared to give up anything to help the less fortunate?

Most of you are either Baby Boomers or children of Baby Boomers. You were born at this time to help change the world for the better for everyone, not just the privileged minority. Search your hearts and ask yourself are you being true to your spirit?

Returning to the purpose of this message from God, greed and selfishness is the exact opposite consciousness needed to invite Divine help. So it is imperative that we stay the course and choose a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources.
Most of all it is imperative that we all forget whether we are Republican, Democrat or Independent and remember that we are all on this earth together. God wants to help, but because of free-will we have to first help ourselves by rising above self interest and considering what is best for everyone; especially the poor and disenfranchised.

There is one more thing God wants me to address, the culpability of people that further the “status quo.” In most cases individuals involved are not acting consciously, but instead are affected by the “Shadow’s” influence prior to “his” neutralization.

This message is as much for individuals caught in the “status quo’s consciousness, if not more than for people who are ready for change. Now the “Shadow’s” influence has been removed the future is in Humanity’s hands. Because of the change, they can receive God’s guidance to help with the Divine Plan; it is up to them whether they listen to it or not.

For my part, my only desire was to serve God and Humanity. I discovered over the past 16 years through my thesis that transformation is not only possible but that we now have all the information to literally bring heaven to the Earth. This is too important to let remnants of the “Shadow’s” consciousness to continue thwarting good people’s efforts to take us out of the consciousness of greed and ruthlessness.

I am willing to risk ridicule from some people in the hope that the message will touch all those that were born to help. As I said, all I ask is that even if you dismiss this message for yourself, you will pass it on to as many people as possible on the remote possibility that it comes from God. For those of you that this message resonates with, I ask that you consider you may be a member of the 777,000 the Know Thyself Initiative was created for.

Before I close this message, God wants me to clarify that being rich is not essentially bad. One of the most misunderstood passages in the New Testament is where Jesus says “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Taken literally it would seem that it is impossible for the rich to go to heaven, but this is not what Jesus meant.

The “Eye of the Needle” Jesus was referring to was the name of a small narrow gate into the City of Jerusalem. It was extremely difficult for a camel to go through the gate; however, if the camel was divested of all of its baggage and persuaded to crouch then it could go through the gate.

The point Jesus was making is that there is a tendency for the rich to want to hold onto their wealth and not use it for the good of all. This is exactly what we are seeing today; the wealthy are getting richer while the plight of the poor is worsening each day as there is less and less funds to help them.




Thank you – I welcome all of you to check out the Triple 7 Center website (www.triple7center.com ) and read any section on the thesis in Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked Globe D to see how the “Shadow” has manipulated us for the past 2000 years and what an opportunity we now have with God’s help. - Love Always - Suzzan