Temple Intuition


IndigoSaturnSTAGE 4 represents Saturn and Knowledge. This kind of knowledge is hidden wisdom, which was taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools. These schools in Egypt and Greece taught to "Know Yourself," and for good reason. Knowing the root source of individual feelings and actions is the start of separating one's self from their ego. It is good to know those ancient teachings did not crumble along with their civilizations. Such teachings moved forward through time in many ways, including in tarot cards and books. Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore's RABBI'S TAROT book, is our example of that movement.

Our good friend and I.D.E.A. Associate Daphna Moore's book, The Rabbi’s Tarot is the most thorough study of the esoteric Kabbalistic teaching behind the 22 Major Arcana cards. For that reason we encapsulated her book in our above title with the addition of: SUZZAN'S COMMENTARY section for each card. This new book and COMMENTARY, along with the Suzzan's newly colored RWS-Rabbi's Tarot CARDS, are the main study materials for this stage.


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