Temple Intuition


ID10Stage 7 is the final stage and represents the Sun and Transformation. This stage incorporates all the previous stages, but from a scientific perspective. Primarily we will use the information in Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution; again found on  Ancient Wisdom For Now  Scroll page.


To assist in conceptual understanding a visual depiction of stages five and six will be shown. This will be in the form of a flow chart depicting the different stages of Spiritual Evolution. This includes the various theories of Fractals, Tortion Fields, Schumann Resonance, Geomancy, Sacred Geometry and the work of Masuru Emoto. We will also be incorporating additional material from LCD and appropriately Our Story 1995 - 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE. We say appropriately because the secret meaning of the Alchemists philosophers’ stone was the transformation or spiritualization of the individual. At the end of this stage you will have reintegrated every aspect of your consciousness and united all opposites to transmute the ego and bring forth the Spirit to spiritualize matter.


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