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The Peace Page was born from the tireless efforts to promote Peace and Unity on 11:11:11. However, it began with reading our associate Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s brilliant book The Purposeful Universe and his theory that at the center of the Universe is an energetic Tree of Life called the Hunab-Ku that drives evolution. Also following the principle of As Above; So Below, Dr. Calleman relates that each atom is surrounded by an energetic tree of life connecting it to this center. This triggered a remembrance of the Super String Theory that proposes at the very core of creation are tiny strings vibrating in harmony to create matter.  As a synonym for harmony is peace, this led to the realization that Peace has multiple levels from the most mundane, non-conflict to the most subtle at the sub-atomic level and therefore sub-conscious level.

A couple of weeks after 11:11:11 we made contact with our new associate, Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and learned of her work in keeping space free from weapons with a Treaty that proposes utilizing space for programs dedicated to solving Earth and Humanity’s problems. All of this was just too coincidental for us to ignore and we realized that something had happened in how we viewed Peace that was associated with the multiple sacred ceremonies performed during 11:11:11. Putting this into simple terms, because of the selfless work of all those involved in the event the consciousness was operating at a higher level and our understanding of Peace had shifted. The most important result of this was being able to access the deeper levels of Peace. Having been made aware of the urgent need to keep space peaceful we realized this deeper level of Peace needed to be applied in a practical way to increase the support for the treaty. Applying this new understanding, the fact is if the Human Race can commit to creating an umbrella of Peace around the planet, it will enhance and multiply the intent of the 95% who want World Peace that will be represented by the 144,000 people we are gathering for the map. Consequently, to put this into practice, so to speak we have created the Peace Page to apply this process to see if the carefully chosen colors and symbols we were guided to use have an effect on the viewer’s consciousness.

For us just opening the page to gaze at what is in front of us for a few minutes creates a feeling of wellbeing. As we understand it this is because the colors, title design and graphics hold specific frequencies designed to help us access the evolutionary imperative to seek peace. The article below on the 11-year connection to 11:11:11 gives you a background on the process for our learning of the multiple levels of Peace and explains the purpose for the glyphs. Our goal is help you consider Peace as an energy that is our predestined directive to help us evolve. Let me emphatically state no-one involved in this is to be considered special in any way, we have all just played out our respective parts in this preordained play. The simple fact is that we are being guided to do this and it is completely given with no strings attached. It does not matter what you believe, it only matters that you want to live in a peaceful world. As we said, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and just think how you would feel if this works and we commit to Peace in Space.

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11 year connection to the Island of the Sun on 11:11:11


Altar/table on the Island of the Sun (Lake Titicaca)

As you know, in September we were involved in the Lothlorien Peace Festival in Foulain France through our dear friend and director Leyland Carney and Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, who led a global meditation on the 23rd. We had put out a worldwide press release calling for a “3 Day Moratorium on All News” to focus on peace, with the specific request for at least 144,000 people’s participation. We knew we succeeded when our co-partner in peace Tony Burroughs sent out my letter to all of his Intenders, which at the time numbered nearly 500,000. The festival had a profound effect, not only on generating peace worldwide, but also on everyone present in France and caused Leyland to feel compelled to travel to South America to take part in the ceremony planned by the elders for 11:11:11.

Above and either side on the columns on the Peace Page are six glyphs, with a seventh between the columns in the center that Leyland brought with him to our house before he left for South America. He had carried these 7 glyphs on 7 stones for 20 years and now felt it was time to use them in the sacred ceremony on 11:11:11 for peace and unity and to facilitate the entrance of higher energies and consciousness through opening portals to the higher planes. At our house when Leyland showed us the glyphs, both Craig and I felt they needed to be placed in the vortex over night. For those of you that do not know, our house lies on the direct line from Mount Rainier and Mount Olympus in the natural replica of the Federal Triangle. As openhearted as ever, Leyland graciously agreed and left us with the 7 stones. Craig and I had arranged the 7 stones face up into a six-pointed star (see below) with the one between the columns above in the center, but after an hour of being unable to stop looking at the stones, I was moved to turn them all face down and then go to bed.

4 5





The next day, our dear friends and fellow directors, Guy, Dan and Curtis came over to meet with Leyland. During the meeting Guy shared that he was moved to place the stones on 3 fragments of a broken mirror that had played a large part in his alien experience in 2002 (related in The Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters) and then take the 3 fragments to 3 points in the mountains and place them above the tree-line. Of course all of this was being inspired to affect the energy and we were all following Divine guidance. However, it wasn’t until Leyland returned from South America that we realized it was all connected to our mission 11 years earlier. Before I get to that connection let me relate what Leyland experienced in his own words:

“Initially it was felt the 11-11 celebration would be at what has come to be known as the Amaru Muru Portal on the shores of Lake Titicaca. In actuality it was decided by our traveling group to do that celebration at the Isle de Sol, (Island of the Sun) the location of the Buried Crystal City and the Sun Disc.

“…I was carrying seven glyphs that had been drawn and gifted to me some twenty years ago by a dear friend, Julai Moore. They were given to me with the indication they were keys to be used at the time of our planets transition to the new dimension. I had an artist meditate on the glyphs, select colors and stones to paint with the glyphs. I had no idea as to how the keys were to be used, what they meant or when they would come into activation to perform their designated function.

“…The night before I arranged to have a room by myself and had determined (felt guided) that I was going to "sleep" with the Glyphs. After I got in bed and pulled the blankets up over me and the glyphs, it wasn't very long till I started feeling a lot of anger and then the anger started coming in torrents. It was a rage way beyond was like a raging voice in behalf of the men on the planet that had felt betrayed by the feminine abandonment...the female energy that had held out the promise of being there for others (M-others) but wasn't really available. I experienced deep sobs and streaming tears. Then came the anguished questions of “Why? Why? Why were you not there as promised?” It went on in a very demonstrable manner for quite some time. I finally cried myself to sleep with the feeling of a broken heart.

“At 4 a.m. I awoke with a start! Immediately I was wide awake and was receiving information about the glyphs. It was like a zipped program on a computer had been unzipped and was streaming information to me at a rate I couldn't consciously handle. I immediately started taking the Glyphs and arranging them in different orders. I knew whether if felt right or not. In just a few moments I found the combination that felt right and the information came in to me as to the meaning of the positions.


11 3 “The (bottom) two stones that were the most intricate and that I thought were the real power stones were in fact just that. As you look at the picture, the one on the right represented Lilith...the first creation of woman where she was created as an equal to Adam. Adam insisted that she remain ‘under him’ and she refused and abandoned Adam who in turn became very sad and lonely. Adam shared his sorrow with the Lord who then took a rib from Adam’s side and created ‘miss Eve for to be his bride’: (A second creation of a subservient female who would ‘be Under Adam’). Eve is represented by the intricate stone on the left side.

“Both paths lead to that beautiful red and yellow stone that has a very open access into the creative womb from which love is radiated outwards as a result of the divine union and balance that we are now achieving. The Path of Lilith was different from that of Eve. Lilith maintained her connection with spirit through the ‘Prana’ represented by the second stone up on the right leg.The third stone up represents the galactic family, the galactic being that naturally progresses to this higher dimension...symbolized by the powerful red and yellow glyph (top).



“Eve’s path went the route of the four directions of physicality/3D... (This is symbolized in the 2nd glyph up on the left side). This is the path of toil, work and all the manipulation. What came through to me is that there is always a balance of power in the universe. When Adam insisted on being ‘on top’ and Eve was created to be under him, the energetic dynamic moved from the co-equals that Adam and Lilith had to co-dependency that was inherent in the Adam and Eve relationship. Adam might have arranged to be ‘on top’ but Eve balanced his power with the passive aggressive dynamic that has been our historical model ever since. We moved from ‘love’ to ‘need and dependency’ and we’ve been playing out co-dependency on this planet ever since. It was that anguish that was being released/transmuted earlier in the evening before the epiphany. The third stone up on the Eve side is symbolic of our passage through the galactic plane and the re-establishment once again of our rightful heritage as co-equals as originally intended with Lilith. It is a crossing of the threshold that enables us to come back into is the coming together of the Condor and the Eagle.

“Now we come to the events on 11/11. At 11:11 on 11/11 we were still on the boat making our way to the Island of the Sun. We paused on our journey and intentionally connected with the many we know were focusing their attention at that precise moment. We each individually did our energetic thing that seemed appropriate at that moment...

“Initially at the Isle de Sol Sun gate there was some confusion as to who was going to do what first....the traditional elders or those of us in our own group that came with some specific intentions. It finally worked out that Shelle proceeded with leading the group. In that process she invited me to place the stones on the table altar, which I did in the exact pattern I'd received earlier that day. Then, totally by surprise, she asked if I would l lie on the alter/table beside the stones...I agreed.

“...As I laid there my body stated to vibrate....first just a little and then more and finally it came in great waves. While that was happening Shelle was doing some energetic work to move the energy. I knew she was doing something but had no idea what. My mind was totally blank. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I was just feeling these great waves of energy taking over my body, crying great tears and feeling a deep sense of relief, peace, and tranquility. My heart was so totally open I just kind of blended into the rock, but not really. It was a state of bliss, total love, no separation from anything or anyone.

“After quite some time I gradually raised my head and reconnected with those around by sight through very tear filled eyes. They too were in tears and I could feel their open hearts. I gradually moved off the table and with the help of some assistants regained my position around the table with the others while Shelle continued the ceremony designed to open the portal and fire the multi dimensional grid with our intentions for Oneness with the Creator.”

“At the conclusion of this very powerful ceremony every one embraced each other and the tears and sobs were profuse, heart felt and life changing. We all knew we had accomplished what had been our intent. Roger Cogue, an Ayamara elder who has lived on the Isle de Sol all his life said it was the most powerful ceremony he'd ever experienced at that site.

“Later Adolfo, another Ayamara elder indicated he saw a black energy, like a black cloud, leave my body and then saw an infusion of light move into the space it had occupied. This was also seen by another elder but I don't remember which one.

“At the conclusion of the ceremony I gifted the glyphs to Roger. It was a heart opening moment and seemed so right for him to have them for future ceremonies. Two days later while at the Temple of the Priestesses on the Island of the Moon, I gifted the Poncho to the Mayan Elder, Christobal. I returned home with just the staff.”

When Leyland returned from South America, he sent us pictures of the layout of the 7 stones with their glyphs and we realized that the stone (the one between the columns) he had placed at the top of the two paths was the same stone we had placed in the center of the six-pointed star, before he left. However, it was the photo of the site of the alter/table he had arranged and lay with the stones on the Island of the Sun that struck us the most. This was because it explained the reason for the entire bizarre experience Craig and I had 11 years earlier on the Island of the Sun. To recap what was written in our third book The True Philosophers’ Stone:

“…Sitting down on the rock, Suzzan placed her hands either side of her and closed her eyes. Immediately a very bright red light appeared in front of her. As she watched the light, she became aware of being immersed and surrounded by the emotion of anger. It was so strong that it was almost tangible. The anger seemed to be directed at specific individuals, although at the time she couldn’t identify them.
Almost without her volition, Suzzan began speaking in a very low voice. “Be at peace. Rest easy; a new era has begun. Your work is done.” She repeated the words over and over again. She wasn’t really sure who or what she was addressing, but gradually the angry red color before her eyes began to soften into a muted pink. Then it began to change again taking on yellow hues before finally becoming a brilliant green. When she saw that the color was a vibrant green, she somehow knew that her work was done there, so she climbed back down.
A little way from the rock was a kind of altar, consisting of an altar table surrounded by twelve stone slabs. Further out, positioned at the four compass points were four slabs. They had passed the site on the way to the rock and Alan had commented, “That’s been placed there fairly recently; probably in the last ten years or so.” But now, Suzzan felt compelled to go to it.
Climbing on top of the central altar stone, a childhood hymn popped into Suzzan’s head. The lyrics ‘All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small; All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all,’ rang in her ears. Her heart sang too, and she knew that on this spot, ceremonies celebrating the wonder and beauty of nature had been performed.
While Suzzan was sitting there, Craig joined her. Holding out her hand to him, she said “Come and sit with me here.  I think you should say a prayer.” Placing himself so that his back was against hers, he began to pray aloud. Lost in their reverence of God and this beautiful world, neither of them noticed that Alan had joined them…”

The first thing that really struck me was that Leyland had laid on the same altar that Craig and I had sat back to back on, but when he shared with us his experience the night before in transmuting rage and anguish, the parallels were too strong to ignore. Listening carefully to his interpretation of his incredible and powerful experience, I realized that like so many other times there were multiple messages in spiritual experiences. As related in the above mentioned book, we ascertained that my visions and transmuting the feelings of rage on the Sacred Rock were connected to the blood sacrifices carried out on the rock, but until now our experience and Craig’s vision while sitting back to back on the altar/table had been a mystery. Accepting the validity of Leyland’s interpretation of the connection to the archetypes, Lilith, Adam and Eve and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies, we saw a connection to the reason why Craig and I had sat back to back.

As is repeatedly said throughout this site, we believe that more than 40,000 years ago extraterrestrials genetically manipulated one of the native species on earth. This caused a separation from the masculine and feminine consciousness and created the counterfeit spirit and false ego in the individual and the World Soul/Shadow of Deception and the corruption of the Soul Plane. We see Leyland’s layout of the 7 glyphs as confirmation of the change that has occurred in the neutralization of the “Shadow” last year. It was11 years ago Craig and I sat back to back on that altar/table reflecting the separation of the masculine and feminine. Although at the time Leyland had been given the glyphs they could not be used until the Human Race was ready to shift their consciousness. With the Peace Festival in France and the commitment of thousands of people to peace (even the “Occupy” movement is promoting peace) we are demonstrating the intent to change.

1617Consequently, without getting into a discussion on the archetypes involved we see the layout of Leyland’s glyphs and the ceremony on the Island of the Sun as representing the journey and destination we are all experiencing. First the layout of the glyphs archetypally signify the two paths, with the two bottom glyphs reflecting the start; the one on the right being the true path of balance and the one on the left reflecting our actual path. On both glyphs is the number 2, which if you have followed KTI, you will know archetypally represents the individual sub-conscious and the Universal Cosmic Mind through card 2 The High Priestess. Obviously, this consciousness is feminine, but as the two glyphs portray, the one on the right (Lilith) is in perfect balance with the masculine and the other on the left (Eve) reflects the separation through the genetic manipulation over 40,000 years ago.

We agree wholeheartedly with Leyland’s assessment that we have now reached the point just below the central glyph that re-unites the masculine and feminine. However, it wasn’t until we were preparing the Peace Page that we realized the deeper implications and discovered why we had worked with the glyphs before he left.

We came to understand that without realizing it, when Leyland left the glyphs with us to place in the vortex, Craig and I had represented the shift that is now occurring by sitting face to face when we placed them in the vortex. In other words the masculine and feminine had turned around to start the reunification, which Leyland completed when he lay face down on the same altar/table with the stones.

To understand how Leyland, a man lying face down on the same altar/table 11 years later could complete what Craig and I started, involves an understanding of what happened on April 4th 1994 in Jerusalem when we were in the Holy Sepulcher Church. As I have explained, on that day my body was used to bring through the energies of the Universal Christ into this plane. By absolutely no virtue of my own, we learned this was possible because I carry the consciousness of Mary Magdalene, an incarnation of Sophia or Wisdom. However, it was not only the Universal Christ’s and Sophia’s energies that were involved that day, but also Melchizedek’s. Consequently, when the energy exploded out of my back into the ether or mass consciousness, it connected with 777,000 men and women who apart from being connected to The Universal Christ through their individual Christ-consciousness, also all contained the consciousness of Sophia and Melchizedek from carrying the consciousness of incarnations, which this Divine consciousness had either incarnated or infused into. Each member of the body that is the 777,000 carries the Divine consciousnesses in varying degrees. In general, the energy of Sophia is predominantly in the women and the energy of Melchizedek is in the men. However, there are exceptions to the rule as with Leyland who carries both.

So with this in mind let us re-examine the sequence of events that led up to the ceremony on the Island of the Sun at 3:00 pm on 11:11. First, as I said I carry the consciousness of Sophia through my incarnation as Mary Magdalene, but more importantly Craig carries the consciousness of Melchizedek from his incarnation as St. Paul and Leyland carries the consciousness of St. John. As we wrote in The Good News: An Alternative Theory, Mary most definitely knew Paul and obviously John, which means that in previous incarnations the three of us were together.

Fast forward to this life and Craig and I reconnecting with Leyland just before we went on our mission to South America in 2000, which included our ceremony on the Island of the Sun. As stated, Leyland had been instrumental in connecting us with our guide Alan who led us to every site we needed to go; including some we hadn’t realized we needed to visit. Ever since that time, despite not living near one another we have remained close and consider Leyland as family, which brings me to yet another level to the affair, the extraterrestrial level.

Earlier, I mentioned that Guy was inspired to place the 7 stones with glyphs on 3 fragments of a broken mirror from his alien experience and then take them to 3 points in the mountains and place them above the tree-line. This was one of the more bizarre episodes that we all just trusted had a higher purpose, but none of us had a clue why we were doing it. However, several pieces of information have come to light since the ceremony that brings clarity to the purpose. First, I had forgotten that Lake Titicaca lies at 12,500 feet above see level; meaning with Mount Rainier being the highest mountain at 14,411 feet, the ceremony on Island of the Sun was taking place well above most of the world’s population. Moreover, each fragment of the mirror had been taken to at least a mile above sea level by Guy and Dan to the three points on the triangle that mirrors the Federal Triangle.

Another important fact that came to light was the association with the second or Sacral Chakra with the area surrounding Lake Titicaca. It was Dan that brought this information to our attention, which he had learned from Robert Coon’s web site on the Chakra System of the world. Coincidentally, although he assigns Mount Shasta to the Base Chakra, Mr. Coon points out that its influence extends into Oregon and Washington, ending at Mount Rainier.

The first thing that leapt out was that the first two Chakras were energetically connected on 11:11:11 with Leyland, our friend and director being on the Island of the Sun. Then I was reminded that before he left Leyland shared with us a dream he had about being a priest and taking part in a ceremony with a priestess. At the time I had been immediately reminded of the ancient rite of Hieros Gamos or the Sacred Marriage and believed it had something to do with his trip to South America.

The most relevant fact to me is that the rite of Hieros Gamos was and is the raising or transmutation of the sex force or Life-force from the physical to the mental. This is exactly what Leyland was doing, both the night before in transmuting the rage and anguish and more especially what was occurring as he lay down on the altar/table with the glyphs/stones. In this way, Shelle was playing the part of the priestess and Leyland the priest in the sacred rite of Hieros Gamos.

I see the purpose for performing Hieros Gamos on such a sacred site was to unite the energies of both Sophia and Melchizedek not only locally, (in Leyland) but also universally, which brings in the connection with the ETs. As I understand it when the group opened the portal, it not only allowed a higher consciousness in, but also facilitated a shift in the energy and frequency of Peace in the world, which I discussed in the article on the Peace Page, entitled The Multiple Levels of Peace. In a nut-shell, because the mirror fragments were placed in a position between the ceremony on the Island of the Sun (12,500 feet) and the mass consciousness (sea level), the energy from the vortex that connects the Soul Plane and the point in the Sacral Chakra center or Naval of the Earth was linked to every group working throughout the world on 11:11:11 (Event Date).

Still, we did not see the ET connection until a few weeks after 11/11 when Guy made contact with Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and we learned about her work with promoting the treaty banning space-based weapons. You may wonder what a treaty banning space-based weapons could possibly have to do with the sacred ceremony on Lake Titicaca. The simple fact is that energetically the ceremony shifted this important work from gaining support on the earthly level, to gaining support at the Universal and Divine level. In other words, the treaty is no longer about stopping the expansion of war, but activating a new era in our evolution.

The bottom line then is that Leyland’s and the thousands of people connected on 11/11 work, brought in a new level of Peace by opening a portal to the higher planes through their pure intent. Moreover, they facilitated a connection to the ETs because not only spiritual or divine consciousnesses operate on the higher planes; it is where the ETs also operate. Many people are expecting the ETs to make contact in the very near future. But the truth is this depends on two distinct factors. First, 9 world leaders need to sign the treaty so that the UN can ratify it and make the banning of space-based weapons international law. And second, Humanity needs to demonstrate we are ready to evolve by 144,000 people standing up for peace and placing their energy on the world peacemaker’s map on our site. (Covered in the article I wrote on the Multiple Levels of Peace.)

Nonetheless, ultimately it was Leyland’s ceremony connecting all the way back energetically to the Jerusalem event that has made this possible. His ceremony on the Island of the Sun was performed at 3:00 pm, which amazingly was the exact time we started the ceremony to neutralize the “Shadow” on September 22nd 2010, which consisted of three segments of 11 minutes, or 11:11:11. Now we think that Craig’s vision on the boat back to Copacabana in Bolivia may not just have been about what was occurring then, but what would occur 11 years later with Leyland. Let us refresh our memories by reviewing what he wrote in The True Philosophers’ Stone:

“Craig related, ‘On the Island of the Sun I remember fixating on a bubbling fountain of some sort of yellow substance.  The consistency of this substance was like that of melted plastic, but it seemed to have control over itself.  I couldn’t take my eyes of this undulating yellow mass that managed to strike out occasional appendage-like portions in some sort of rhythmic dance.  It maintained its mass within the confines of a designate cylindrical diameter marked by the circumference of the circular stone that it lifted up.  This circular flat stone was the very rock that the altar stone and all the other stones rested on, but they were out of sight now.  The wheel-shaped rock, moved upward by this fifteen foot column of yellow substance, was emitting a fine ring of yellow light from around the perimeter of it’s circumference down onto the rock pedestal that had just emerged from the ground.  The whole creation was beautiful as if donning the featured exhibition of some great museum.  It was ancient and modern all at once, possessing a distinct elegance in movement and form.  I didn’t need to understand it, just accept its existence and experience its presence; that was all.’”

The fact that the treaty can bring us into contact with the ETs is because the “Shadow” no longer exists. By the sacrifice of Leyland, Dr. Carol, and countless individuals including our groups’ humble contribution, we now all stand on the brink of the next step in evolution.

Of course all of this could be a coincidence. The fact that Leyland was instrumental in our mission to South America 11 years earlier; that he brought the 7 stones with the glyphs to our house before he went; the fact that we placed the same central stone he used in the center of a six-pointed star in the vortex; the fact that we sat on the same altar/table on the Island of the Sun 11 years earlier, or last but not least, the fact I experienced the same transmutation of rage, Leyland did 11 years later.

Just one more point, we found it particularly interesting that Leyland had been told by his dear friend Julai Moore, the glyphs “were keys to be used at the time of our planets transition to the new dimension.” This is because of the connection to Melchizedek. Most people who have studied Metaphysics are familiar with the book The Keys of Enoch and that we connected Enoch to Melchizedek in the thesis. (The deeper levels of meanings for the glyphs will be dealt with in KTI)

We had finished this article and were getting ready to post it, when something so profoundly relevant came to light that we had to make the addition. Above I related the amazing synchronicities with our experience on the Island of the Sun 11 years ago and Leyland’s on 11/11. However, I had not seen a connection with Craig’s vision of a “bubbling fountain of some sort of yellow substance…within the confines of a…cylindrical diameter marked by the circumference of the circular stone that it lifted up.”  That is until Leyland’s partner in the ceremony on the Island of the Sun Shelle, contacted us about our work. Explaining how at the moment our focus was on finding 144,000 world peacemakers, we sent her an advanced copy of this PDF. To our amazement Shelle had seen a similarity between a vision she had and description of Craig’s vision and told us that, “during our ceremony there, I was shown liquid gold that was then flowing from the ‘shell’ on the other side of the mesa where I was standing...the opposite side from where I was facing. I wonder if it was the same ‘liquid’ that Craig saw?”

Craig and I were stunned that Shelle’s vision during the ceremony appeared to be a continuation of his vision 11 years earlier. However, there was more, Shelle shared, “We were 'told' that once the work was done there…that liquid gold would flow from its holding place. Sounds like Craig saw it where it was being held.” Even more amazing was that Shelle was not the only one to see this vision. She explains, “Two of us saw the gold flowing from the altar after we finished. I had forgotten about the liquid gold until we saw it flowing. Not sure what it is/was for…but must have an extra ordinary purpose.”

We would have to agree with Shelle, because as I said hers and Leyland’s work together with the thousands of dedicated people throughout the world have facilitated a new level of Peace for the Human Race. Now the intent of the 144,000 world peacemakers will have the affect of shifting the mass consciousness to seeking the Peace that passeth all understanding at the molecular level discussed in the article the Multiple Levels of Peace. (please click here to go there)

Finally, Leyland would be the first to tell you not to make the mistake of thinking that any one of us is somehow special because we were involved in the two separate ceremonies; we were all merely tools or vessels. Our participation involved taking our respective vessels to the points they were needed and being totally open and compliant with the Divine guidance we each received. Now it is important for each of us to further the work Leyland and the multiple groups whose collective intent facilitated the shift we are seeing, the activation of the transformative energy to change this world.