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11 year connection to the Island of the Sun on 11:11:11

Above and on either side of the columns are 7 glyphs that our dear friend Leyland brought with him to our house before he left for South America to take part in an 11:11:11 event. He had carried these 7 glyphs on 7 stones for 20 years and now felt it was time to use them in the sacred ceremony. Leyland’s entire experience, both during the ceremony on click for the Deeper Purpose and 11 year connection Peace pagethe Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca and the night before in Copacabana that led to the creation of this Peace page. The deeper purpose of the page and the 11-year connection with many implications are explained on the next page, accessed by clicking on the picture.


The Multiple Levels of Peace

Today when we speak of peace we tend to think of it in terms of not being at war, and of course at one level the word peace; such as Peace Treaty and Peace Pipe mean exactly that. However, the world’s languages reflect that peace meant so much more to our ancestors and so we are going to examine the multiple levels of peace, from the grossest, the absence of conflict to the most refined when Jesus spoke of the “peace that passeth all understanding”. These words have come to be associated with the peace of God or however, you refer to the Divine, but if so, does this mean this kind of peace is out of our reach? To discover the answer we first need to consider peace as an energy that is tied to our evolution, but before we get to that let us examine the use of the word peace in our language.

Let’s start with the two greetings Shalom and as-salāmu alaykum. The latter is the Arabic equivalent of “hello” and is interpreted as “peace be upon you” and is usually responded to with wa alaykum as-salām the former is the Hebrew version also meaning peace. The interesting thing is that both of these nations exist in areas of the world one would not connect with peace and yet nearly everyone greets each other in this war-torn area by wishing them peace.

Logically, the equivalent of hello cannot have originally meant that people were referring to wishing everyone they met to not experience war, so what did they mean? Surprisingly, not so long ago people in the West also greeted each other with the word Peace, not just in church. So what kind of peace were they talking of?


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Again, our language sub-consciously carries the answer. We refer to peace in several ways: Go in Peace; Rest in Peace; Be at Peace. Generally these terms referred to being content, but that could be an over-simplification. The Ancient Mysteries and the multiple Christ-like teachers always advocated finding peace within through prayer and contemplation. So it would seem that originally greeting someone with “May peace be with/upon you” was wishing them peace of mind.

So if describing peace of mind as being content is an over-simplification, what else can it mean? To understand this level of peace we first need to examine what opposes peace of mind. Obviously if you are in a constant state of worry over survival, experiencing peace of mind is near impossible. We live in a world where at least 50% of the world does not have enough to eat, let alone the bare essentials of life. With the recent demonstrations against greed by the “Occupy” movement it would seem that people are identifying greed of the few as the cause of this suffering. In this way greed has led to millions of people’s peace of mind being upset. It was for this reason we wrote the petition for the “We the People” website calling on President Obama to recognize the “occupiers” demonstrations as also a call for peace. In the petition we suggested that “peace” should first be reflected in how Congress dealt with one another i.e. civilly, but the main goal was to point out that greed was the enemy of Peace.

Not surprisingly, in these cynical times our argument went over most people’s heads so we only got a handful of signatures. Meanwhile we were and are gathering names for our world peacemaker’s map. This is because we know that if we can gather 144,000 (the number of completion) names of people committed to peace then we will create a critical mass to shift the impetus from greed and self interest to one of co-operation and compassion. This realization brings us to a deeper level of Peace; i.e., the frequency and energy of Peace.

Earlier I mentioned the Peace Pipe as used in the signing of treaties, but in light of the outcome of the Peace Treaties signed with the US it would seem the Peace Pipe was completely ineffective. However, when I researched the Peace Pipe on Wikipedia I learned of another sacred pipe used by the Lakota called a Chanunpa:

The Chanunpa is one means of conveying prayers to the Creator and the other sacred beings. The various parts of the pipe have symbolic meanings, and much of this symbolism is not shared with those outside of the culture.
Lakota tradition has it that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Chanunpa to the people, to serve as a sacred bridge between this world and Wakan Tanka, the "Great Mystery".

Learning of the spiritual use of the Chanunpa “as a sacred bridge” made me begin to wonder about the purpose of the “Peace Pipe;” was the pipe more than just a means to smoke sacred herbs? Could it also be a way to bring in spiritual energies to bless the peace treaty and if so why didn’t it work with the US government? I came to understand that it involved the consciousness of the US negotiators. These men were driven and motivated by greed (the enemy of peace) and therefore were in a lower frequency of consciousness. The tragedy was the indigenous tribes believed the negotiators were sincere in wanting a fair and mutually beneficial treaty and trusted that they would all be affected by the Peace pipe’s intention to bring in spiritual energies to bless the negotiations.

As stated, this leads to considering Peace as more than just a way to describe non-conflict and is an energy frequency that affects not only how we feel, but also how we think, which brings me back to our map of world peacemakers. Like most people could not see the “Occupy” movement as a call for peace, although wanting world peace, many could not see the value of placing their names on a map towards peace. Nonetheless, it is the very reason it does have value that leads to understanding why in biblical times people were taught to wish each other peace.

When we consider Peace as an energy that affects the consciousness we can see the value of identifying ourselves with it. In fact, from the sub-atomic or microcosmic level the consciousness of Peace is at the very heart of our existence. In particle physics, scientists have been trying to discover a theory that unites General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics with the four fundamental forces of Gravity, Electro-Magnetism, the Strong and the Weak force and many believe they have succeeded with the String Theory.

In watching a documentary on String Theory it wasn’t until they talked about the super-strings vibrating in “harmony” that I saw the connection to Peace. A synonym for peace is harmony and as the documentary pointed out, when an atom is blown up to the size of the Solar System, the tiny vibrating super-string is only the size of a single tree on the Earth we can see the connection to Peace. Ultimately, the String Theory proposes that at the microscopic level or at our very core we have quadrillions of super-strings vibrating at different rates affecting the structure and formation of matter. Another way of looking at it is at the very core of existence balance, synchrony, and harmony or Peace is essential to existence.

The relevance of String Theory and my investigation into the multiple levels of Peace became even clearer when we were reading in Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s book The Purposeful Universe; his theory that surrounding each atom are miniature constructs of the Tree of Life. In turn each miniature “tree” is attached to the Universal Tree of Life, which he believes is at the heart of the universe and drives Creation. If Dr. Calleman is right and we think he is, this would scientifically explain the concept of As Above; So Below; As Below; So Above.

Nonetheless, for the purpose of the present investigation on Peace, it also sheds light on the meaning of the Peace that passeth all understanding. I have already shown how our language demonstrates the importance of Peace for us; but understanding that at the most minute level we are seeking harmony with our very source of creation, no matter what you call this Energy, explains how important it is to always seek Peace. If as the Bible tells us we are all co-creators then it is imperative that we seek harmony and a peaceful mind so that we can intuitively align with the Highest Good and intent for our evolution. When we actively step forward and stand up for Peace we begin to change the way we think. This is because we are all essentially nothing more than vibrating strings of energy/consciousness, so when the number of completion or 144,000 people demonstrate the intent to promote Peace, the shift occurs at the mass consciousness level.

Of course, seeking the highest level of Peace has to start with first addressing the most basic level of Peace, the absence of conflict. Then we must address the need to find peace of mind and as we pointed out greed and selfishness are two of the greatest enemies to Peace. The surprising thing is that greed and selfishness does not only affect the peace of mind of the victims of greedy, selfish people; it also affects the perpetrators. To understand this we have carried a vital message throughout the world in the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

When I was investigating the connections between the world religions teachings, I was delighted to find there were ten versions of the Golden Rule. This message was so important that the world had come together in absolute agreement and called it the Golden Rule. Considering how vitriolic the various proponents are in thinking that their respective religions are the only right way to worship the Divine, it is thought-provoking to see how they can all agree on this one teaching. Why? The answer is found in what breaking this rule does to the individual’s inner peace that we are all sub-consciously seeking. The purpose for life is to evolve and we do this by helping to make this world a better place. Jesus warned that he did not judge us, there was another that did. As I have repeatedly said, this other judge is our higher selves and this is “someone” we can never hide from.

Each night, we address in our dreams exactly how we have treated one another so that we can move closer to that all encompassing Peace we are seeking. In spite of the greedy and selfish denying and ignoring their conscience as they swindle and cheat their way through life, the simple fact of life is that no-one can escape their conscience. Although these people may tell themselves they are content and have peace of mind, this is an illusion. Consequently, on one very important level, the “Occupy” movement is working for the greedy and selfish peace of mind as much as their own.

Unfortunately breaking the Golden Rule does not just affect the greedy’s peace of mind, far more damaging to our evolution is the energy it generates. Many victims of greed feel great resentment at their treatment, which of course can lead to anger and even hatred. All three of these emotions affect our spiritual development, because when as now so many people are feeling these emotions, it affects the mass consciousness.

In conclusion then, Peace is the energy essential to our survival on so many levels, because it directly connects with the Divine Plan to assist in our evolution. This is why we are creating a wave of Peace Energy on our map; first with the 144,000 and then the 777,000 to create the critical mass that moves the entire Human Race to the next stage of evolution. So the “peace that passeth all understanding” is not only in reach but is now available to be applied practically, because at the deepest level Peace is the force that all life sub-consciously seeks in order to fulfill the purpose of existence, consciousness and spiritual evolution.


Why we need to support the treaty below

As stated above in the article on the Multiple Levels of Peace, ultimately Peace is the energy essential to our survival and if we are to utilize the frequency and energy of Peace we have to find the deepest level of inner Peace tied to creation. However, to find this deepest level we need to work from the outside in, which means starting with the mentality of war and violence. This may sound redundant because as our associate Dr. Carol Sue Rosin reminds us, “We have been talking the peace process for decades,” so surely we can succeed with this, the most basic level?

When we learned of the expansion of war into space and its prospective physical and conscious affect on all Life, we wanted to support Dr. Rosin and her colleagues in the Peace Treaty. The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty bans all space-based weapons before we reach the point of no return. Logically expansion of war beyond Earth and above all of our heads is not only impractical and threatening to our health, environment, and very survival, but even more it is detrimental to our evolution. Yet as Dr. Carol warns, “this is exactly what the war machine is planning.”

I remember that in the eighties President Ronald Reagan joined his predecessor President Jimmy Carter in revealing he had seen a UFO. He quickly followed this up with his belief in the need to defend the Earth from possible alien attack using the Strategic Defense Initiative— SDI, or what some call the “Star Wars” weapons program. When I heard this press conference I never considered anyone could conceive of “defending” the Earth from ETs. Forget that to even contemplate extending the mentality of war beyond the Earth is beyond ludicrous, these beings are able to do something scientists tell us is impossible; fly faster that the speed of light. If ETs are visiting us from their planets light-years away and if they did have sinister motives, Dr, Rosin asks, “What makes anyone think we could ‘defend’ ourselves from beings light-years ahead of us in technology?”

The simple fact is that if they wanted to invade and conquer us and they do not, then there is very little we could do about it. However, as we have shown in Stage Reason with paintings of UFOs in the Middle-Ages, ETs have been peacefully watching us for a very long time. So if the ETs are watching us why haven’t they openly made themselves known, as in landing on the White House lawn?

I found the answer in a surprising place, a TV show. Most of us have watched or at least heard of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series of a future earth where we have evolved past war and the entire world is united taking part in space travel and interactions with extraterrestrials. We suspect the answer as to why ETs have remained as observers is found in his inspired concept of the Prime Directive to not interfere with planets whose populations are still undeveloped. In other words, until we demonstrate that we see ourselves as citizens of the planet Earth and are ready to work together to solve our problems, we will be left alone. This is why the first thing we must do is show them we are evolved past war and are ready to move into a new era of Peace and prosperity for everyone by supporting the inspired vision the treaty presents. Using Reason and logic Dr. Rosin says, “The treaty simply proposes that instead of weaponizing space, we utilize and apply its commercial, entrepreneurial, non-weapons military services, and Space Age possibilities directly and immediately for solving earth’s most urgent and potential problems of human needs, our environment, and energy. We can do this!”

Anyway, the bottom line is it is time for us to move past the mentality of “shoot first and ask questions later.” As Dr. Rosin concludes, “We can choose to evolve and transform the war mentality and industry into one worthy of our time. And, time is of the essence.” We believe that we are moving into a new era. Reason must prevail and nip the old ways of “might is right” in the bud at all costs. However, even if you still do not believe in ETs and or do not see the harm in expanding war into space, there is another reason for supporting the treaty; economics. The Star Wars program has already cost billions and if expanded will take trillions more dollars from an already distressed economy. We believe it is time to stop feeding the insatiable “war machine”, which only supports the status quo and mainly benefits the wealthy corporations of the industrial military complex. Instead, we are advocating supporting the treaty that proposes investing in what Dr. Rosin so insightfully said, “Commercial, entrepreneurial, and new kinds of jobs and training programs for the military that will be dedicated to solving earth’s most urgent and potential problems…” Then there is the potential to discover Humanity’s True place in our Universe through research stations in space, which again will create an abundance of jobs in a whole new industry. Consequently, if for no other reason than financial, we encourage everyone to read this treaty below to see that the proposals in the articles will create far more beneficial jobs and new training programs than a war mentality would. It will also stimulate new economies and provide R&D for sustainable healthy lives, building a new kind of market security and system based on cooperative non-weapons ventures. We truly feel that if you view it objectively, considering all the angles, we think you will see that the inspired Treaty Dr. Rosin’s delegation wants signed and ratified into World law in 2014, will advance our Human Race into a new level of existence. This new reality will initiate real Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Respect, bringing Prosperity with unlimited benefits and opportunities for everyone. If you agree, you can find how to support this inspired document on the web site:


Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space
(Revised Russia-China 2008 proposed Treaty: Now ready for leaders to sign.)

The Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of space-based weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward beings or objects on Earth or in space from space.

This Treaty invites Nation States to become Signatories to this Treaty and invites all Nation States, with recognition to Indigenous Nations, to commit to plan and assist in the orderly development and implementation of a framework and procedures that will assure and verify that space is and will remain to be a peaceful neutral realm from which all classes of space-based weapons are banned in perpetuity. Peaceful international cooperative space exploration, research and development can continue as now is the time to replace strategies and technologies of violence with strategies of Space Age cooperation that solve problems instead of creating new ones.

The Parties to this Treaty:

Reaffirm the urgency of preventing a destabilizing, threatening, and costly arms race in space;

Recognize that an agreement by Treaty to create a weapons-free space domain to ensure universal cooperation in space will save huge sums that would otherwise be expended for a dangerous and provocative space arms race;

Recognize that eliminating space-based weapons is more easily accomplished by agreement before any further investment is made to place them in permanent positions based in space;

Confirm that it is the obligation of all State leaders to ban all space-based weapons including the intention to weaponize space, the moon or any celestial body or to use any space-based technology as a space-based weapon, using the foundation of all relevant previous, current and proposed treaties now with a focus specifically on space-based weapons;

Reaffirm the urgent need for international agreements on concrete proposals and projects deriving from confidence-building, world cooperative space ventures which will replace and prevent an arms race in outer space;

Recognize that information and data gained from cooperative space exploration and development will provide unlimited benefits and opportunities to all humankind in areas of health, education, the economy, mutual security, energy, and the environment;

Acknowledge that all Nation States will be important allies to each other for real security and development, and that our national and international space ventures and policies must reflect this reality;

Realize that the demonstrated capability of missiles or nuclear and other possible weapons technologies are threats to all including all agreements on Earth if they are permanently based in space with no treaty law to ban the weapons technologies and this reality serves notice of our limited understanding of physics and of the clearly dangerous consequences of continuing to escalate destructive technologies into space that could be intended to be weapons of control and domination or that could be intended to cause harm to any object or being on Earth or in space from space;

Affirm that the possibility of reclaiming and initiating a real peaceful future for humankind in a safe environment on Earth is intimately linked with curbing our violence toward each other and Earth, and with preparing to survive as Earth heals herself after decades of suffering and destruction that it is now time to stop;

Note that every class of space-based weapons, including weapons of mass destruction or precise destruction, is a symbol of fear for which violence provides no remedy;

Recognize that space must forever be free of man-made hazards, and must be a passageway to open the secrets of our past and the new challenges and opportunities of our future;

Inspired by the great prospects of Earth taking its rightful place in the Cosmos as all world citizens share the fruits of their cultures with respect for each other and all humankind;

Reaffirm that preventing placement of space-based weapons will avert otherwise inevitable resulting consequences, risks, and dangers to the commitment to establishing real and possible peace on Earth and peace in space now;

Believe that world cooperation in space will contribute to developing mutual understanding and to strengthening security based on a new form of verification and enforcement that applies the latest tools of technology for observation and information sharing because cooperative relations and projects in space already build more trust and transparency and can be enhanced for all;

Understand that this space Treaty is now verifiable and enforceable via applying cooperative monitoring, observation, and information sharing techniques both existing and forthcoming in the context of a new frequency of consciousness that commits to keeping space free of the intention to turn technology based in space into weapons to be used against beings or objects on Earth or in space;

Are inspired by the great peace time prospects, benefits, and opportunities for stimulating the economies, jobs, profits, products and services applied directly to solve urgent and potential problems of humans and the rest of the biosphere;

Recognize that every country’s space assets can be protected only by mutual cooperation and verification, and that this Treaty will accomplish this objective;

Realize we are one interconnected and interdependent human species on our home planet, and we are determined now to live in peace with all our neighbors;

Affirm that it is the policy of Signatories to this Treaty to permanently ban all space-based weapons and to proceed into space cooperatively, and that all Signatories are convinced that this Treaty will further the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The Nation States Signatories to this Treaty agree to the following Articles:


Each Nation State signing and ratifying this Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space shall:

  1. Implement a ban on the research, development, testing, manufacturing, and deployment of all space-based weapons;

  2. Implement a ban on the use of space-based weapons the purpose of which is to destroy or damage objects or beings located in space or on Earth;

  3. Terminate any current research, development, testing, production, manufacturing, and deployment of all space-based weapons;

  4. Each Nation State Signatory to this Treaty shall support and encourage other Nation States to sign, ratify, and implement the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space. Nothing in this Treaty shall prohibit the following space-based ventures that are not activities related to space-based weapons:

    1. Space exploration;
    2. Space research and development;
    3. c. Testing, manufacturing, production or deployment of non-weapons systems not prohibited are commercial, civil, entrepreneurial or military space-based ventures that are confirmed to not be any part of a space-based weapon system or to have no intention to become or support for a space-based weapon or system;

  5. Cooperative space-based ventures with all peoples are encouraged;

  6. Upon signing of this Treaty, cooperative research and development of verifiable defenses specifically against impacts from space debris, natural celestial asteroid and meteor bodies will be permitted.

After the first nine (9) Nation States sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the Secretary General of the United Nations shall submit to the General Assembly of the United Nations the official recognition of this Treaty henceforth as ratified law.


Each Nation State Signatory to this Treaty shall not base any weapon on any object or celestial body located in space. Permitted is the establishment of space-based related military bases or operations, including for communication, navigation, reconnaissance, early warning, remote sensing, and surveillance that does not interfere with operations of any other satellites, with living and working in space, or with space ventures, provided that it can be verified that there is no intention to use any space-based technology or system as a space-based weapon.

The use of military technology or personnel for peaceful space-based purposes is not prohibited. The use of any equipment or facility in space related to the research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, deployment or application of space-based weapons is prohibited.


  1. Nation State Signatories to this Treaty agree to the establishment, equipping, and organizing of a United Nations Peace in Space Office;

  2. This Peace in Space Office shall be composed of representatives from diverse areas such as commercial, civilian, entrepreneurial and military sectors that will check registration of space ventures and determine methods for monitoring compliance, including verification and enforcement measures that will be based on cooperative ventures and enhanced communication that will maintain the permanent commitment of all Nation State Signatories to this Treaty;

  3. The Peace in Space Office is mandated to monitor outer space to verify and to enforce this Treaty using the latest tools of technology and information sharing;

  4. The Peace in Space Office will identify any entity or program that engages in activities contrary to the provisions of this Treaty and will work with all Signatories to correct this situation via cooperation, not confrontation.


  1. The term “space” and “outer space” is defined as the space extending above the earth at an altitude of 100 kilometers above sea level. Weapons banned by this Treaty are considered to be space-based if they are located at or above 100 kilometers above sea level;

  2. Space-based weapons are defined as being anything that is based in space that can be used with intention to damage or destroy objects or beings in space or on Earth from a location based in space;

  3. This Treaty bans all space-based weapons, including the dual-use of any space-based object or technology when it is located in space with the intention to be used as a weapon that could damage or destroy any object or being on Earth or in space;

  4. Weapons launched from the Earth that travel through space but are not based in space are not banned by this Treaty;

  5. The terms space-based weapon and space-based weapons systems are defined for the purpose of this Treaty in order to identify weapons, devices, or systems that are based in any space location for the purpose of damaging or destroying, from space, any object or being that is located in space or on Earth;

  6. This Treaty prohibits:

    1. Firing one or more weapons based in space that would be intended to collide with any object or being in space;
    2. Detonating any explosive device based in space in close proximity to any object or being in space;
    3. Directing any space-based source of energy offensively against any object or being in space or on Earth;
    4. Basing controls or systems of any space-based weapons that are or could be intended to collide with or inflict damage upon objects or beings in any location in space including on the moon, any celestial body, on a satellite, craft, station, or on any form of space station.


  1. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs shall be responsible to coordinate the first meetings between members of the United Nations and representatives of Signatory Nation States and Indigenous First Nations;

  2. A permanent Liaison for earth and space communication will be available to the United Nations Security Council to answer questions and to provide counsel on issues of security and development of earth and space;

  3. The Liaison will assist in identifying and neutralizing any attempt to deploy or use any space-based weapon.


  1. The provisions of this Treaty that ban all space-based weapons shall apply to all Nation States, whether or not they are Signatories to this Treaty;

  2. This Treaty shall enter into force upon the signing and ratification of the first nine (9) Nation State Signatories.


  1. This Treaty shall be open to all Nation States for signature. Any State that does not sign this Treaty before its entry into force may accede to it at any future time;

  2. This Treaty shall be subject to ratification by Signatory Nation States. Instruments of ratification or accession shall be deposited with the Secretary General of the United Nations;

  3. This Treaty shall enter into force upon the deposit of instruments of ratification by nine (9) Governments. For any Nation State whose instruments of ratification or accession are deposited subsequent to the entry into force of this Treaty, their ratification shall enter into force on the date of the deposit of their instruments of ratification or accession;

  4. The Depositary Governments shall promptly inform all Signatory and acceding Nation States of the date of each signature, the date of deposit of each instrument of ratification of and accession to this Treaty, and the date of its entry into force and other notices;

  5. This Treaty shall be registered by the Depositary Governments pursuant to Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations;

  6. This Treaty shall be of unlimited duration.


  1. Any Nation State Signatory to the Treaty may propose amendments to this Treaty;

  2. Amendments to the Treaty shall enter into force upon acceptance by a majority vote of the Nation State Signatories;

  3. The text of any proposed amendment shall be submitted to the United Nations Depositary who shall promptly notify all Nation State Signatories.


This Treaty, of which the English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited in the archives of the Depositary Governments. Certified copies of this Treaty shall be transmitted by the Depositary Governments to the Governments of the Signatory and the acceding Nation States.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, duly authorized by their respective governments, has

Signed this Treaty ______________________________________

At the location of _______________________________________

On this date of _________________________________________