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Know Thyself Initiative —KTI—

The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity is a nonprofit foundation that produced the Triple7 Center as a learning center for Humanity. -KTI- Books & Cards are vehicles devised for the Individual committed to the advancement of Humanity and all that is encompassed in helping make ONE's Spiritual hope a reality.

“When Suzzan first wrote The Good News: REVERBERATION, I remember thinking it was nothing less than a ‘modern-day Myth’. I must admit being a bit confused with the style it took, oddly referring to it as a missive. It is a missive or communiqué that activates a remembering and initiates break down of embodied walls of misunderstanding about Divinity and each person in respect to life on this planet. The reader need only let the words wash over them in a manner that points the way to truth in the most personal of instances, the way to the internal depths of NO THING (Great Spirit Mind).”

Divinely inspired writings and teachings are gifts given to humanity that help anyone identify and participate in the chain of evolutionary events constantly taking place. Suzzan and Craig actively took part in many unseen millennial crossover events affecting daily life on this planet and chronicled in their following books on this site. This is not to suggest they we are the only ones. The entire Universe lends itself to actions and ideas birthing in their time, as illustrated by creation of the internet and independent publishing through CreateSpace, just to cite a couple.

Daphna Moore

-Daphna Moore-

Rabbi's Tarot Book

(black & white, & kindle)

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Rosey Cross symbol

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Phil's Alchemical Wedding Book

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The 2 BOOKS you see pictured on either side here are not published yet, but are being written at this time. BEYOND DIVINATION: MINOR ARCANA'S Role in SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION (first) by Suzzan Babcock and BEYOND DIVINATION: MAJOR ARCANA'S Role in SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION (second); these works are Suzzan’s understanding of multiple people’s inspiration on the Tarot throughout history in connection to her "Kabbalistic Tree of Life Vision in 2006". As the titles indicate, the tarot material covered is from a Spiritual Transformational perspective rather than only from a position of divination.

We are in the time now when "Cosmic Mind-Stuff" is coming forth for all humanity to bathe their Spiritual selves' in.


The Rabbi's Tarot by Daphna Moore is used throughout The Know Thyself Initiative and is featured in STAGE 4 of KTI. As such, it is an absolute requirement to complete the remaining stages and is the most thorough study of the esoteric Kabbalistic teaching behind the 22 Major Arcana cards. The story of how The Rabbi’s Tarot came into print starts with a rabbi giving it to ex-Jesuit priest who studied it for 40 years, before anonymously giving it to Daphna. Anyway, she is the best person to explain the process:
"After studying spiritualism, astrology, numerology, tarot, and belonging to many self-help groups, I was given a treatise, by someone who wished to remain anonymous, with the agreement I would study it and add to it my understanding of life and its meaning; or I would publish its completion and make it available for the world. The Rabbi’s Tarot is the tool that freed me from all my past belief systems. I came to understand through studying this material that by discovering the beliefs we hold, we find the beliefs that hold us. It is only after this discovery that we are free to hold beliefs. Few are able to tame the beast of belief within and be his master, but with The Rabbi’s Tarot and its secret teachings, you can become masterful. Each day I arise saying, I am grateful for life and this moment.”

Ancient Teachings on the EGO: in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT

Daphna last revised and published her book in 2007 with a limited printing. Those books are now gone. That is why we moved the teachings forward with her consent and blessing into Ancient Teachings on the EGO: in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT With Additional Commentary From Suzzan Babcock. This book ( 8.5 X 11 binding ) preserves her last edition in its entirety. We reformatted it only slightly by adding emphasis to important points and italics to some cards mentioned. For instance, any reference to another card other than the card of that chapter is italicized. Suzzan’s ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY became a separate section following the SYMBOLISM segment for each Major Arcana Card.
Through specific guidance, Suzzan recolored all the cards in alignment with Daphna’s highlighting of particular colors and/or features of cards in the SYMBOLISM section. Therefore, throughout the book we have used this new deck in the graphics and illustrations. This new deck is the RWS-ARCANAs TAROT.

Daphna Moore's thoughts on the new releases:
In this book resides the following sentence. 'The teaching of Tarot and the esoteric teaching of Scripture narrative is that the self-conscious, by assiduous endeavor, may bring into your body (and your body is your self-conscious) more and more of the superconscious in the form of Cosmic Mind-Stuff.' It is this Cosmic Mind-Stuff, an energetic manifestation of sorts, which finds its way into our world when allowed. I believe it found not only the Rabbi and the Priest before me, but also Suzzan in its effort of coming forth for all humanity.



The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: Exploring the Mysteries in the Third Manifest

The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, written by Valentin Andrea in 1616 is the third Manifest in the group of three, calling for a scientific and social reform.
The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz tells the story of the enlightenment of a modest person, who receives an invitation to go to the Wedding of a King and Queen in the Castle of transformation that finally turns out to be a tower with seven storeys and a loft where the union of Body Soul and Spirit takes place. Though the story was written in 1616 by Valentin Andrea at the age of 17, its symbolism is still very much applicable and understandable for our time. This inspired story can only be understood and lifted out of a somewhat childish fairytale if one undertakes long meditation on each of the seven days the storey is divided in. As also many geometrical concepts are used, the author studied them in depth in a separate Appendix on Sacred Geometry.


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Phil Ouden

-Philoté den Ouden-


FOR THE CHILDREN is presented as the 3 life-journeys of Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, my husband Craig Babcock and myself (Suzzan) to identify how the enemy within can affect our lives. Carol graciously consented to baring her soul, as it were in sharing her deepest and often most painful experiences of her life. Openly and honestly, she allowed me to act as narrator to her incredible experiences with celebrities and a life altering encounter that has the potential to change the world. All the proceeds will be divided between keeping space free of weapons, which is essential for our children's future, and children's programs.
In writing this book, we hope that all questions of Carol and Wernher von Braun are laid to rest once and for all. All three of us share the different messages and insights we received. For Craig's and my part that is only 22 years, for Carol more than 40 years of dedicated service. Ultimately, this book shares our lives and experiences, especially spiritual, and the messages we were given.

As Carol's husband Jon Cypher, the celebrated actor says:
"We're at the Big Crossroads. Peer into the crystal ball and what do we see? Which path do we take? Less civility, more barbarism? Are we whistling in the dark? Crossing our fingers and praying angels or ETs will swoop down to rescue us and somehow save the day? FOR THE CHILDREN blazes a different path that leads to a new world. Through my wife Carol, and Suzzan and Craig's life journeys, the book reveals how our ancestors may have known more than we do!!!: that the modern "discoveries" of Noetics and the deeper functions of the mind are not innovations at all, but are a part of sacred teachings known as the Mysteries. We learn that the Fall of Humanity that is in all the world's sacred writings may identify a different enemy: one hiding in the background behind the archetypes of the various incarnations of the Devil. The authors say the problem is this "enemy" has a partner actually living inside us, our ego. They show how the ego is no friend to our true selves or spirit because it wrecks all our good intentions as often as it can. FOR THE CHILDREN explains how we can identify this villainous saboteur within through its everyday actions in our lives. Once we understand the real lie of separation we can then dispel the Great Illusion and embrace our true roles. This book is one of hope."
—Jon Cypher—

FOR THE CHILDREN also comes in 6 X 9 binding  )


LOVE The Common Denominator is the Back-Bone Study Guide for The Know Thyself Initiative and advancement of 777,000 in Compassionate Spiritual Unity.

Sometimes in order to know where to go, we must look at where we have been and LCD encapsulates humanity's past from a perspective that literally can change what we think about how we got here today. This glimpse of understanding puts us at a door we can choose to open that leads to changing the way we think and World Transformation...the goal of KTI.

Volume I examines the debate between creation and evolution and the mysterious references to gods and demigods in antiquity. Then, following chronologically through the Old Testament, the first volume demonstrates how humanity’s concept of history just may be flawed, before ending with the similarity of the world’s teachers.
Volume II traces the origins of Christianity and it’s struggle through persecution to define who Jesus was. Also, it asks whether orthodoxy or Catholicism was the closest to Jesus’ teachings or were his earliest followers members of another sect?
Volume III is concerned with uncovering the mysteries spoken of by both Jesus and Paul. The last volume shows that the world’s religions all originate through a common thread known as the Wisdom Religion.
Appendices take a look at the scientific fabric of reality through the investigation of spiritual and physical evolution, commonly known as the "Ancient Mysteries".

LOVE The Common Denominator comes 8.5 X 11 binding )


Ten years ago starting in Saudi Arabia, Craig and Suzzan began an incredible journey that changed their lives. Their travels took them to Cyprus, Israel, and Jordan before settling in the United States. The recounting of that journey is candidly told in their first book My Lost Love. Once in America, Suzzan with Craig’s assistance embarked on a guided investigation into religion, philosophy, mythology, history and science. Craig and Suzzan learned that God’s message had become distorted by humanity’s dogma, doctrine and intellectualism. Suzzan’s goal was to gather pieces of a metaphorical jigsaw puzzle from all the disciplines to lead her to a picture of the Truth. The results of her investigation are reported in their second book Love the Common Denominator: My Journey to the Truth.

Our Story 1995 — 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS' STONE, the third book in the trilogy, picks up where My Lost Love left off. It follows Craig and Suzzan’s struggle to come to terms with their mission, which continued in 2000 with visits to Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. The focus of the book is the amazing events between 1999 through 2002. In addition, the book openly relates the couple’s experiences involving a life threatening condition and the taking on of a spiritual center. Their journey to Rennes-Le-Château in the south of France resulted in Craig and Suzzan discovering the deeper implications of their mission. The multiple signs and coincidences revealed to them, the identity of the force for change, the true philosophers’ stone.

Our Story 1995 — 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS' STONE also comes in 6 X 9 binding  )


Six months after Craig and Suzzan obtained a copyright for Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE, Nick Bunick released his book: The Messengers. Although that occurred in 1996, it was only in 2001 that they were moved to release their book, My Lost Love under the pseudonym Paul Magdalene. For those of you that are not familiar with The Messengers book or Nick Bunick, let us give you some background material. Mr. Bunick has world predictions in the book and the belief that he is the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. He ties synchronicities of past events that happened around him in repeating patterns, some linked to the number 444 for instance.

Craig and Suzzan's story begins in the barren desert of Saudi Arabia. Readers are given the rare opportunity to get an inside perspective on the struggle of two honest people coming to terms with their calling. We follow them as they travel together through seven countries, trying to make sense of the incredible events happening to them. Ultimately, Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE is a testimony of two ordinary people that were told to be present at the first part of the “Second Coming”, of The Universal Christ. However, this globe-changing event was not immediately shouted from the rooftops. It seems that was not part of the divine plan; first they needed to understand why The Universal Christ chose to return in this way. The journey had really just begun.

Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE also comes in 6 X 9 binding )

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