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In Visual Expression of 29-year Mission

Although acknowledging that the primary source for The Mysteries is concealed within the twenty-two cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, before the printing press, Ancient Wisdom was preserved in many forms. We first became aware of this in 2000, when we were directed to go to Mexico, and South America, and again in 2002, when we were moved to go to France. For this reason, in this second iteration of Knowledge, we want to share some discoveries we made in and around key aspects of these locations, recorded in our third book, Our Story 1995-2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE , as well as provide the source for uncovering the forgotten knowledge examined in the Know Thyself Initiative.

In Part Two we will review how it all began for us, which we recorded in Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE. Only this time we will be adding excerpts written with the perspective of observation, and deeper understanding through hindsight. This section also focuses on how our ceremonies, visions, and experiences relate to our overall mission, especially our final ceremony in 2021. However, to maintain continuity of understanding, we will be following the actual time-line of events as they happened, in regard to the “Shadow of Deception.”

 True Philosophers Stone My Lost Love Book

Throughout the years crystals have played a large part in our spiritual mission. Our interest was first awakened when like so many other times, someone came into our life to introduce us to these precious tools. During the summer of 1998, we were just embarking on what we thought was a purely recreational cruise to Mexico, when we met John and his companion Katherine the first night at dinner. From the start we liked this couple, and mutually agreed to meet up each night as we sailed our way to Puerto Vallarta. Like us John experienced his spiritual calling in 1994, and one night after sharing our stories, he took us to his cabin to show us his crystals. Explaining that crystals have healing properties, he advised us to get one, emphasizing that it be natural and not polished. Long story short that was when we acquired our first crystal. Once we got home Craig found a crystal dealer with a showroom in his home filled with natural stones. Expectedly, we amassed quite a collection that year, and a myriad of stones since then, many of which have been used in ceremonies and healing rituals.

The year after meeting John, (1999) we were moved to seek out a gifted psychic medium, (who wishes to remain anonymous, so we call her Hermione). After an insightful session she invited us to attend her class on shamanism, and we eagerly accepted. Neither of us had a clue about this subject but the class set us on the path of discovering The Mysteries, most notably as we have written, the Major Arcana of the Tarot. However, it was our introduction to Hermione that led to our return to Mexico, this time it was the ancient city of Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula. We found the shamanic classes enlightening and learned a lot about meditation. During the last class, Hermione surprised us by gifting Craig an intricate and beautifully carved staff.


Hematite necklace with 20 Sun-day godsOne of the most impactful books we were led to was Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods. After reading it we were drawn to South America, specifically the sacred sites of the Hitching Post to the Sun, in Machu Picchu Peru, and “The Gateway to the Sun” at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. Back then we felt we needed to visit these sites in 2000, and sensing we needed to go during the Spring Equinox, we learned that South America’s Spring is in September, not March. Nonetheless, another photograph in the book of the ancient site of Teotihuacán also captured our attention, the problem was that it wasn’t in South America, it was in Mexico.

Not sure how we would fit the ancient city of Teotihuacán in on our mission to South America, as the new millennium approached we learned of five planets aligning on May 5th, 2000, and began to feel strongly drawn back to Mexico. However, it was not Teotihuacánwe were being moved to go to for the alignment, it was Palenque on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Just before Christmas Great Spirit-Mind informed us that we needed to take Hermione with us to Palenque, and while there I was to act as a seal, while Hermione and Craig performed a ceremony. Then in January I had a vision of Palenque, with Craig and Hermione together in a circle in front of me. I sensed another person but could not see who it was, as he or she was standing behind me outside of the circle. The only other clear symbol was the figure of a large yellow Y, but again I was not sure how it fitted in. Even so, I knew it was relevant.

Early March, Craig was inspired to make a necklace inscribed with the Mayan Sun-Day gods onto 20 pieces of hematite. Along with various shapes of hematite beads, the necklaces’ main feature was a globe with a cross intersecting through the center, made of Jasper from Mount St Helens, in Washington State.

Hematite necklace with 20 Sun-day gods

Initially, we wondered why Craig chose hematite and Jasper but in reading Crystalline Communion 2000 by Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl, we learned the reason. According to the authors, because “Hematite looks like a silvery black mirror when polished, cut or faceted” it can act like an “early camera.” The crystal has a “photographic memory”, which facilitates “enormous templates” to record scenes around it just like a movie. In addition, Hematite is able to “absorb” and “deflect negativity” safely releasing it when appropriate. As for the Mount St. Helens Jasper, evidently the piece can sometimes be called a “Herald Stone”, and is also used in sacred shamanic ceremonies. Like Hematite, Jasper is believed to record history, only the authors describe it as recording “universal records.”


Our first morning in Palenque brought up the memory of our previous cruise to Mexico for Craig. One evening, spending time with our travelling companions, John revealed that one of his past lives was the boy-king Tutankhamun, triggering a long forgotten memory for Craig. Apparently, years earlier he was unable to enter the Great Pyramid while visiting the Giza Plateau with his family. In that instance, approaching the site Craig was suddenly gripped with terror, which not only amazed him it also shocked his family because he was known to be quite daring at the time, often engaging in risky behavior. Bewildered, Craig had put it out of his mind but when John brought up his own past life as Tutankhamun, Craig was reminded of the strange incident. Relaying his inexplicable terror to us, when Craig fell silent John matter-of-factly stated, “You failed a test but will have the opportunity to take it again.” Since neither of us had any idea what John meant we did not comment, and forgot all about it. That is until the early morning of our first day in Palenque, as Craig described in our book:

Lying still with eyes gently closed, I soon found myself in panicked darkness. I was running on the ledge of some underground cavern, and sensing imminent danger from other life forms positioned at strategic locations on the ever-changing path that pointed to a distant dirty glow of some kind. Only sense of presence detected the menacing life forms as I swiftly moved past them in the direction of the glow. I could feel myself weakening and wondered if I could endure the test this time. Hoping that it was almost over, I rounded the next bend only to find my ordeal was just beginning. There in front of me the cavern ended itself in a single high-ceilinged chamber, lit with torches held by two of four shrouded figures positioned on either side of a water trench floor that disappeared into the stonewall. Gripped in the feverish clutches of fear, I listened while one of the club-toting figures explained, ‘Enter the water and never show your head in this chamber again.’

I thought, ‘That was it. That’s all I get?’ Careful not to utter a sound I slipped into the water, heart pounding, and then drew in all the air my lungs could hold before diving under that sacred surface.

I was confused, yet certain that death awaited me if I did not find passage to whatever lay ahead. Moving away from the glimmer of light I moved down the water sealed trench, hands searching the ceiling for a life-giving pocket of air. It was useless. The trench seemed to be six cubits wide by eight cubits high and straight with no areas left for a second breath.

I was a strong underwater swimmer and in a frog-like motion moved down the top portion of the trench gaining speed as my mind envisioned a terminating chamber much like the one I entered. Confident now, heart still pounding in my chest, I relinquished all restraint as powerful strokes moved me down the watery corridor of this hellish test.

In a sudden jolt, all forward motion stopped, and everything got calm. “My God, what a glorious feeling, what a wonderful release, it was as if some floodlight had been turned on and I could see everything, even through walls. Watching from a distance as a motionless body sunk to the bottom, and at the same time, I saw white-robed men waiting at the water’s edge in a well-lit chamber. I was spirit and no longer fettered to that husk of a body. There truly was the spirit that lived after, and in fact, cognizant of my thoughts—to be more precise, it was me. It was a vision of the reality that had just taken place. John was correct I did get the chance to pass that test at the Great Pyramid. In a moment, realizing I was back in the apartment, yet I refused to open my eyes.

Thinking about the seeming second failure, I soon concluded that it was not a failure; I passed the test by the sheer act of participating in it. Any adept knows the duality of spirit and matter that constitutes life on this earthly plane. My understanding was now a knowing, all doubt was removed, and the regressed fear was understood, what a wonderful gift from Great Spirit-Mind!

Craig’s dream/vision reminded us of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. This channeled work has a spirit, calling himself “Enoch”, giving esoteric messages through the author J. J. Hurtak. Within its very strange pages we found “When Humanity can find the spiritual Israel within and the knowledge and alignment of the great pyramid without, they can place the capstone of spiritual freedom upon the foundations of this world.” Further on “Enoch” explains to the author, when Humanity unlocks the “pyramid-Sphinx”, enabling them to utilize “the consciousness meridians connecting the twelve energy vortices of the world to the pyramid-Sphinx,” they will arrive at the brink in which “energy vehicles” are able to transport Humanity to the next stage of evolution. Interestingly, “Enoch” also states that the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau is built on a site “where the magnetic fields under the earth, those on the surface of the earth, and those on the celestial fields all cross so that fields of alignment are direct.” Apparently, “All spiritual and mathematical knowledge is modeled in the Great Pyramid. It is also the point of convergence for all the major time warp areas throughout the world. Therefore, it is at this point on the earth that all of the geomagnetic grids on the earth converge to receive the capstone. ” When reading this back in 1995, we had no idea what it meant.


Returning to Palenque in 2000, as it was May 4th we explored the ancient site to prepare for the next day’s ceremony. Arriving at the Western entrance, the first thing we encountered was a series of stone steps. Standing at the top overlooking the site presents the impression of a park, with its lush green grass carpeting the area amidst various trees sprinkled here and there for shade. Yet this was no ordinary park, as large stone pyramidal structures were everywhere. Obviously, this was a fair sized city in its heyday.

At ground level Palenque is very impressive but from above the city, it is truly spectacular. Looking out over the groomed lawns after climbing one of the temples, we could see that the Palace (below) literally took center stage. East of the palace rose the massive Temple of the Cross of Palenque, and to its left sat the Temple of the Foliated Cross. The Easy Guide to Palenque by Richard Bloomgarden states of the former, “This is the highest temple”, and adds that there “are two panels flanking the doors.” One of the panels displays a young man wearing “a sacred Quetzal Bird headdress” over a snakeskin shift-like dress. He faces an “old man dressed in a Jaguar skin and smoking a pipe.” Curiously, Mr. Bloomgarden comments that one of the central panels, now in the Mexico City Museum, is adorned with the symbol of a cross rather than a sun, which he says would have been more in keeping with the adjacent Temple of the Sun. There were numerous other temples situated on the site, with some still hidden in the thick forests that surrounded the area, which only added to the impression of a park. We described our explorations in our third book Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE:

Palace at Palenque, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico May 2000 Palace at Palenque, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico May 2000
Palace at Palenque, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico May 2000


Temple of the Sun, Palenque, May 2000…While walking, I tried to see anything that resembled my vision but so far, nothing struck a chord with me. Feeling drawn back into the forest, we followed a path behind the Temple of the Foliated Cross. In no time, we came across a large temple almost intact. According to Mr. Bloomgarden, archeologists identify this temple with the Roman numerals XVIII. He informs us, “three graves were uncovered directly under the front entrance” to the temple. It was so hot and humid in the forest that it was oppressive.

Surprisingly, although the sun beat down on the open parkland below us, it was cooler there because in the open there was a cool breeze. Hermione, strongly drawn to this temple said, “This is where I need to be. There is a dungeon or vault of some kind inside. I think I have to go in there either literally or astrally.” Acknowledging her need, Craig and I told her that we were going to continue to explore the area. Leaving Hermione sitting on a large stone slab in front of the temple, we headed deeper into the forest.

Not more than 100 yards from where we left Hermione, Craig and I found what looked like the ruins of two stone pillars that were on either side of some kind of entrance. Between the pillars was a small walkway with a curious hole in the middle. Richard Bloomgarden designates the ruins by the Roman numerals XXI, and says of it “This ruined structure lies to the south of the Temple of the Sun…This is the only temple at Palenque without the central sanctuary…The building is divided by pillars instead of walls as in all other cases. There is one single door at the front and rear, not three as in the others. There is an opening in the floor in the center with four steps leading down into a simple gravesite. Except for a remnant of a stucco slab covered with hieroglyphics, it was empty. There is no way of determining why it is so different, or its date at this time.”

Temple of the Sun, Palenque, May 2000

Walking between the pillars and around the hole in the floor, I felt a very strong impression of passing through some invisible energetic barrier. Asking Craig if he felt the same thing he concurred, adding, “I think we just passed through some sort of vortex.” On the other side of the ruins were steep steps down to a pathway. Stopping at the top I gasped at my vision laid out beneath me, in the form of a paved pathway of yellow stones forming a perfect Y. One branch of the Y led to the Temple of the Sun, while the other led back into the forest:

Turning to Craig I said, “This is the spot in my vision.” Silently nodding his assent, he took my hand and helped me down the steps to the path. We headed back in the direction we left Hermione.

Carefully picking our way over huge tree roots, Craig and I realized it was the strangest tree we had ever seen. Its base had four equal divisions, with each “arm” pointing to the four compass points. It did not become a single trunk until about eight feet up. Then it soared into the sky forming a part of the thick canopy preventing the sunlight from reaching the forest floor.

Finding Hermione still in a semi-trance, Craig and I told her of our discovery. Eagerly she accompanied us to see for herself. At the site, Hermione walked over it examining it meticulously. She did not comment audibly, instead, she affirmed with a simple smile that this was where we were to perform a ceremony. With our water supply depleted, we decided to go and get something to eat; so making our way across the parkland we left the site...

The next day, making our way to the XXI temple we found a park official standing between the two pillars. Speaking to him in Spanish, Hermione explained that we wished to perform a sacred ceremony. After nodding his consent, we thought the official would leave because the ruined temple was not one of the main attractions. Nevertheless, amazingly he seemed determined to stay. So, ignoring the guides’ presence, Craig, who was already wearing the hematite necklace with the twenty sun-day gods, took the staff and made a ring in the dust. I stood just outside in front of the guide. Then Craig and Hermione stepped into the marked circle and both grasping the staff, raised it reciting their prayer. Watching my companions, the earlier vision popped into my head, as we explained:

…Suddenly, I realized the guide was the fourth person that I could not see. After a while, Craig rejoined me while Hermione did a shamanic ceremony. While we were preparing to leave, the uninvited guest approached her. Speaking rapidly in animated Spanish he pointed to the hole between the pillars. Hermione translated, “He says that there is the head of a serpent in there, and wants us to look inside.” All three of us were reluctant to get down into the hole, because of the possibility of there being a real snake. However, I felt that the guide was telling us that there was the head of a statue of Quetzalcoatl -- the feathered serpent god…

In our research for LOVE The Common Denominator, we discovered that Quetzalcoatl was a Christ like teacher, who taught the people of the Yucatan how to live together in peace and harmony. Interestingly, Quetzalcoatl’s legends resemble not only the South American deities Thunupa, and Viracocha but also the Egyptian god Osiris.

Early afternoon on May 5th we found ourselves standing in front of the massive edifice of the unnamed Mayan temple designated asXVIII. Unsure what to do, I found a large stone slab in the shade a little distance from the temple. Depositing all their belongings with me, Craig and Hermione approached the stepped façade and began climbing. Halfway up Hermione directed Craig to assume the lotus position, seated with both legs crossed under him on the step, and a few minutes later she took the position on the step below him. Initially, they both sat in silence but then Hermione began to chant:

Watching silently, trying to enjoy the reverence of the scene, it was becoming increasingly difficult to remain in the zone, as it were, because small flying insects were plaguing me. Reasoning that if I moved into the open it would free me of them, I gathered everything and moved closer, stopping to sit on a stone in front of the temple. However, the flying pests followed me, and while swatting the pests away from my face, I heard “You know where you are to be.” It was strange but Great Spirit-Mind did not have to explain further, I knew exactly what was meant. So gathering our belongings, I approached the base of the temple. Not really paying attention to where I was walking, after placing everything down in front of me, looking up I was a little startled to find that I was exactly in line with both Hermione and Craig.

Still holding Craig’s staff in my hand, I reached into my pocket, my fingers closing around an Ametrine crystal, with smooth but rigid sides, about three inches tall and one and a half inches wide. Not sure why I brought it with me, back in the States, reading Melody’s LOVE IS IN THE EARTH, we learned that Ametrine, a combination of Citrine and Amethyst enhances “universal equilibrium, and provides a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection.” It also balances the masculine and feminine “qualities”, creating a “synthesis of spirituality.” We could see how both of these aspects could assist in the ceremony, nonetheless, what interested us was Melody’s belief that Ametrine “stimulates the intellect to reach beyond worldly aspects” of consciousness, as well as “reach higher states more quickly” and “expanded clearing”, leading to peace, tranquility, and cooperation.

Colleen Marquist and Jack Frasl also provided clues to why I took an Ametrine crystal with me in their Crystalline Communion 2000. “This is the mineral of sublime balance and cohesion, bringing together in form what can only be called perfection to the senses. It is the marriage of the lower and upper, creativity and wisdom, sky/heaven and earth/ground, being and doing.”

Another remark by Melody’s reference to Ametrine also seemed appropriate, because she writes that it “disperses” negative energy from the personal energy field, as well as “filling the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy.” This description along with the authors of Crystalline Communion 2000, appeared to make Ametrine tailor made for Palenque’s ceremony, especially in light of the visions Hermione and Craig experienced. Standing there:

Staff Craig and Hermione used in ceremony…with my crystal in my left-hand and Craig’s staff in my right. Almost immediately, Craig opened his eyes. “Are you okay? Where is my staff?” He asked with a little concern in his voice. Nodding, I smiled up at him. He seemed a little uncomfortable, twisting around as if trying to see something on his back. “I think there’s a lizard or something on my back. Can you see anything?”

“No, I can’t” I replied. Closing his eyes again, Craig resumed his meditative state. I continued to stand there, not thinking about anything. All three of us remained perfectly still for a further 20 minutes or so. Then something made me open my eyes and look up at Hermione, she had not moved an inch during Craig’s and my brief interaction. Now her eyes were open, and she was smiling down at me.

Five minutes later, all three of us were sitting on the stone slab under the trees. Craig and Hermione drank thirstily from the water bottle. Sitting under the hot sun for more than 30 minutes, they were naturally thirsty. Waiting patiently I could hardly contain my curiosity as to what they experienced. “It took a little while for me to get in,” Craig stated. “I think I saw you Hermione but I’m not sure. There was this huge door, but instead of opening it I pushed it back. It appeared to be on some kind of track.”

“Yes,” affirmed Hermione. “I could see you pushing the door. There was a lizard on your back too, and then you disappeared.”

Staff Craig and Hermione used in ceremony

“That must have been when you spoke to me Craig,” I offered. “You said that you felt that you had a lizard on your back, perhaps he went along for the ride?” All three of us laughed at the mysterious hitchhiker.

Hermione related, “The room we were in was filled with people. As you pushed the door back along its track, you opened a vault of some kind below; dozens of trapped souls were freed. After you disappeared, I noticed dozens of vats filled with blood, and then all of a sudden everything caught fire. Literally, everything was on fire. Then I saw this incredibly bright light and I opened my eyes and you Suzzan were standing there in front of me.”

The most surprising thing is that we did not get a copy of Crystalline Communion 2000 until 10 months after we returned from Palenque. I decided to throw my Ametrine crystal into my bag at the last moment before departing on the trip. Furthermore, three years later we discovered a possible reason why Craig brought the staff with us to Mexico. David Godwin in his Godwin’s Cabalistic: Encyclopedia Complete Guidance to Both Practical and Esoteric Applications, Third Edition conveys, “There is a certain amount of evidence that the cabala and the Tree of Life are present in the collective unconscious mind of every person, even if he/she has never heard of it.” Considering that the staff, according to Ted Andrews represents the Tree of Life, it was quite a “coincidence.”

Later thinking of our ceremony falling on the same day as the Mexican festival of Cinqo de Mayo, we wondered if the origin of the festival was because the Maya held a special sacred relevance for the date of May 5th. However, we learned that the date simply celebrates Mexico’s independence. Even so, at the time we researched May 5th, one of the results we pulled up concerned the Age of Aquarius and the previous night May 4th. An article entitled “Birth of the Age of Aquarius May 5, 2000, on the web site the wild rose had. May 4th, 2000:

…was the eve of one of the most exciting, powerful, and transformative celestial events of our millennium according to astronomy and Astrology experts. It began with the darkest night in living memory... no moon or planet lit up the sky as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were hidden from human eyes behind the Sun. The next morning, May 5th, at 8:08 a.m. Universal Time, the longitudinal span of these five planets, Sun and Moon collimated within a geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of the Constellation of Taurus in our Milky Way galaxy, forming a “Grand Planetary Alignment.” …Many cultures, including the Mayans and Hopi, have a prophecy predicting the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and this time, “the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment” - The Age of Aquarius.” On the Mayan Calendar, May 5th marked the end of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun.

Even though we thought there was a five-planet alignment, according to Dr. David R. Williams of NASA, there were eight planets or heavenly bodies of the Solar System involved in the alignment. “On May 5, 2000, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be more or less positioned in a line with the Sun. Additionally, the Moon will be almost lined up between the Earth and Sun…” Dr. Williams explains the conventional scientific perspective on the alignment to allay fears of the astronomical event causing global catastrophes. However, what struck us was his mention of all the Seven Sacred planets of both the Tarot and the chakras. From the scientific perspective, it is true that not counting the Earth there are five planets involved in the alignment. Even so, if we consider what Dr. Williams has to say about the Sun and Moon, then all Seven Sacred Planets were involved. Nonetheless, it is the night before on May 4th that for us was the most interesting, as we related in our aforementioned third book:

Hermione… surprised me by saying … she was feeling a little on edge. “It’s nothing I can put my finger on, just a feeling of unease,” she explained. It was strange to see Hermione vulnerable. She always presented herself as a tower of strength to me.

Maybe it was transference or empathy, but walking back in the near pitch darkness, I also felt a little uneasy that night. Very little ever-perturbed Craig, but as he later told me even he could sense something ominous that evening. Moreover, we discovered that the night of May 4th was not only “the darkest night in living memory”, it was also the darkest night in 6,000 years. Again, we must reiterate that at the time none of us had any idea of it being anything more than a moonless night. Bearing in mind that Light and Darkness were associated with the two universal forces of the positive Divine, and negative “Shadow”, learning that May 4th was the darkest night in 6,000 years certainly explains why our ceremony involved my energy being used as a seal. I really had nothing to do with it, as we will see, my role was/is always non autonomous.


Since we were in Mexico, on the way home we stopped in Mexico City to visit the pyramids at Teotihuacán. Planning to accompany us, unfortunately Hermione was ill and was forced to stay in the hotel. Our travel agent arranged the tour with an official tourist guide. We would have preferred to go exploring ourselves, but our agent warned us that this was the safest way. Later seated on an air-conditioned comfortable coach, we sped through the streets of Mexico City as our local guide spoke in fluent English about his city’s history and points of interest. We were surprised to learn that the tour was not going straight to Teotihuacán. Instead our guide was taking us to see a historical landmark, the original Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. This delightful surprise gave us new insight into whether the location of sacred items has relevance. A fascinating legend surrounds the Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Miguel SánchezOne day while traveling through the forest, an indigenous native Mexican is confronted by a mysterious female. Informing him that she was the Virgin Mary, she instructed the tribesman to tell the local bishop that he had spoken to her. As he was not Christian, no one from the local church believed the Virgin Mary would speak to an “Indian.” Thinking that he had fulfilled the woman’s directions the tribesman went about his life. Nonetheless, a few days later he is confronted by the mysterious woman again, asking about the bishop’s response. Explaining that no one believed him, even so, she directed him to go back to the bishop. When he reluctantly agrees the woman told the native to hold out his apron, then proceeded to throw red roses into it. Gathering the roses up in the apron he returned to the church, but when he unfurled his apron to give the bishop the roses, instead of flowers there is a superimposed perfect portrait of the mysterious woman on the apron.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Miguel Sánchez

 Original Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe Hill of Tepeyac, Mexico City

Original Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe Hill of Tepeyac, Mexico City

Naturally, officials erected a church on the site where the woman was said to appear to the tribesman, in order to house the “sacred icon.” Speaking of the “icon”, there seems to be a question as to whether it was actually an apron, because today it is referred to as Saint Juan Diego's cloak, which appears to be supported in the painting above.

Regardless of whether it was an apron or cloak, after centuries of use, the original Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe was forced to close in the early 1970s due to severe structural damage. Within years, it was replaced with a splendid grandiose new church in Mexico City below the site, opening in 1976. Surprising us, our guide proudly informed his passengers, “Just three days ago, they reopened the original church and that is where we will visit first.”

Interior of Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Leon Petrosyan Situated high above the city, the church is only accessible by climbing several hundred steps. At the top, we filed into the magnificent building. Although neither Craig nor I endorse either Catholicism or Mariolatry, we could not help but be affected by the energy of the building. The “icon” was not there but it did not matter. There was a sense of spiritual wonder as we gazed at the beautiful paintings and ornate architecture.

Interior of Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Leon PetrosyanInterior of Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Leon Petrosyan

An article for Tepeyac on Wikipedia states that it is located inside the “northernmost borough” of Mexico City. Saint Juan Diego, who met the Virgin of Guadalupe in December 1531, and received the iconic image of roses on his apron was a member of the Aztecs. However, even though it became a shrine and Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, according to a Franciscan historian, Bernardino de Sahagún, the Aztecs continued to venerate their mother goddess Tonantzin there. Determined to denounce the “cult” in the late 1570s, Sahagún wrote:

At this place [Tepeyac], [the Indians] had a temple dedicated to the mother of the gods, whom they called Tonantzin, which means Our Mother. There they performed many sacrifices in honor of this goddess ... And now that a church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is built there, they also called her Tonantzin, being motivated by those preachers who called Our Lady, the Mother of God, Tonantzin. While it is not known for certain where the beginning of Tonantzin may have originated, but this we know for certain, that, from its first usage, the word refers to the ancient Tonantzin. And it was viewed as something that should be remedied, for their having [native] name of the Mother of God, Holy Mary, instead of Tonantzin… Dios inantzin. It appears to be a Satanic invention to cloak idolatry under the confusion of this name, Tonantzin.

Notwithstanding the rambling warnings of Bernardino de Sahagún, we were still intrigued by the mysterious figure selecting an indigenous tribesman. Fortunately, because the original Aztec shrine of Tepeyac was close to the reopened Basilica, we were able to visit it and marvel at the way it was represented. (See below)

Tepeyac Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Tepeyac Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Just 30 minutes later, we were in the new home for the “apron.” This was a very different building to the serene beauty of its predecessor. As adherents celebrated mass in a huge auditorium, tourists lined up to pass beneath the genuine “sacred icon” on an automated walkway. This church left us cold, as we described:

Craig and I could not help thinking that if the “apron” was what heals people then we did not feel it. If the “icon” were in its original home, with the incredible energy, then we would give it some consideration. Instead, the new church felt as empty as when we stood in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the purported place of Jesus’ birth.

Learning of the history of the original Church built on the site of the visitation, explained our reaction. As stated, the Aztecs worshipping their deity, “Mother of God” Tonantzin, brings the Divine Feminine in Her aboriginal form . The question is “How does identifying Tonantzin with Mary, the mother of Jesus” energetically affect the area. Surprisingly the answer is nothing, because whichever name the Divine Feminine is venerated under is irrelevant as it is all about intent, and the Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe is the perfect example of that. We could look at it in the same way, as the power of positive thought on sickness. Obviously thousands of people visited the old church with the icon to pray. Most probably, the majority of those prayers were ones of affirmation and praise. Consequently, the vibration had risen within the original church, and that is what we felt. It is important to understand that the earth is nothing more than the vibration of consciousness. What do we mean by this? To explain, let us put it this way, if we think about it there are some places that we instantly feel more comfortable. For instance, certain people’s homes are more welcoming than others, because the occupants’ vibration is closer to our own.

 New Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Mexico City

New Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Mexico City

In the end, we concluded that despite the Aztecs ignorantly performing blood sacrifices to their Mother goddess at Tepeyac, the Shrine is not detrimental to spiritual progress. We say this because the visitation led to the Aztecs venerating the Divine Feminine in Her aboriginal form, and irrespective of the name, or legends surrounding Her, Tonantzin eventually guided the Aztecs away from the “Shadow of Deception’s” influence, which centered on violence.

Street of the Dead, Teotihuacán, Mexico, from top of the Moon Pyramid May 2000

Street of the Dead, Teotihuacán, Mexico, from top of the Moon Pyramid May 2000

Afterwards we visited the site in Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods that had drawn us to Teotihuacán . A little over 31 miles northeast of Mexico City, the sheer size of this ancient site is staggering. There are three main massive edifices separated by more than a mile, and like many ancient sites astronomy seems to be the motive for the layout. Citing a report given by Hugh Harleton Jr., an “American engineer resident in Mexico,” Mr. Hancock explains that Teotihuacánmay have meant to depict an exact “scale-model of the solar system.” He makes this statement, because if we place “markers” in a northerly direction along the “Street of the Dead,” the Aztec name for the road between the pyramids, we observe an amazing correlation. Incredibly, the positions of the pyramids, and other buildings appear to accurately portray the “correct orbital distances” of the planets and asteroid belt of our solar system. To observe this phenomena, Mr. Harleton began by hypothesizing that the “center line of the temple of Quetzalcoatl” is representative of the Sun, while the next pyramid, known as the actual Sun Pyramid, represents the planet Saturn. The final one of the three pyramids, designated as the Pyramid of the Moon, symbolizes the planet Uranus (discovered in 1781). The most amazing thing is that Graham Hancock reports the Engineer believes that the outer most planet and planetoid, which were not found until 1846 (Neptune) and 1930 (Pluto) respectively, are represented by the “as yet unexcavated mounds some kilometers farther north.”

Climbing the Pyramid of the Moon, just below the top we stopped and took the photo above from the steps. When Craig left me to ascend to the top of the pyramid, I sat down to take in the view. Gazing down the “Street of the Dead” towards the Pyramid of the Sun, the photo in Fingerprints of the Gods entered my mind. It was then that I realized the photo in the book was taken from the very vantage point that I was sitting. As we wrote:

Suddenly I realized the reason why the photo in the book had such an effect on me. It was because I felt that I had actually seen that view before, even though I never visited it in my life. Many metaphysicians would say that I visited there in a previous life, but we are not so sure. During our studies, we learned that our concept of time is linear and limited to our material existence. In spirit, there is no such thing as past, present, and future. There is also not just one future but an infinite number…

A colloquialism that has always fascinated me is “a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Take for example, Great Spirit-Mind telling me that Craig and I would marry on June 15. As stated earlier, although when I heard this, I was still married to Tony, I accepted the statement without question…

Looking back, Craig and I have a greater understanding now. At the time, the whole situation seriously challenged my faith, but now I know that Great Spirit-Mind just told me of the future He/She saw. Of course, this future could have changed any number of times, which gives Craig and me great comfort, as we hear of the terrible dour prophecies of doom and gloom. Those prophecies are merely one possible snapshot of the future, the Human Race can change it by simply changing their hearts and minds. It is important to remember that a person has absolute free will. At any time, Jesus could have refused his destiny, but Great Spirit-Mind knew that he would not, just as Great Spirit-Mind knew that Craig and I would not either. We believe a prophet relating visions that terrify the populace is warning them to change their path.

For us the most interesting “coincidence” at the ancient site, is the similarity in the Teotihuacán’s layout with the Giza plateau pyramids in Egypt. As Mr. Hancock points out, the three main pyramids of Teotihuacán lineup like their counterparts in Egypt with the three stars of Orion’s Belt.

Clearly our two trips to Mexico in 1998 and 2000 were connected but how? Moreover, what did they have to do with South America? Several months later our friends Tom and Renée West provided a clue through sacred geometry, in the form of an exquisite energy frame molded from brass rods. We were familiar with his work, and on this particular afternoon Tom arrived carrying a very large frame. Enthusiastically holding it out, we examined it to see that it was a sphere with a very complicated geometric structure within it.

Early in 2000 we had shared my vision about South America with Tom and Renée, but neither had offered an opinion. That afternoon, fixing me with his eyes Tom stated matter-of-factly, “This is what I see you doing in South America. Can you see the star seed in the center?” After silently confirming that we did, he continued, “It’s connected to all the other lines which form the grid that encircle the entire globe.” Obviously, Tom was not just talking about the “globe” he was holding. As this was after our trip to Mexico in May, we knew that the universal forces for the Light could use my body energetically. Tom’s description of my role reminded us that The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, states that a “triangle” stretching between Palenque and Cerro Rabon in the West, and Palenque and Chichen Itza in the East, generates a “sacred grid.” Furthermore, we remembered how “Enoch” said Cerro Rabon holds “the treasures of heaven,” which were “placed as the seal of authority upon the crystal models located within the head of the dove.” This statement is accompanied by a picture of a dove, with its head pointing south superimposed over a map of North and South America. Apparently, these “treasures” connect to the planet, “by the order of Melchizedek and the seal of Melchizedek seen as nine pyramids interlocking to form a Star of David, upon the cross of space and time.”


Unlike Palenque, arranging to visit the sacred sites in South America was not so easy. With the former, Hermione knew the owner of the retreat we stayed at, and Teotihuacán was a regular tourist destination. This was not the case for our upcoming trip to the Southern Hemisphere. Moreover, Hermione was not travelling with us.

Contacting a travel agent at the beginning of August, calling to check in a few weeks later, we were a little perturbed to discover that the agent had made no progress. Although there was no reason to worry, as Great Spirit-Mind wanted us to go, the means used to achieve His/Her objectives often had a way of testing our faith to the limit.

Once again at the last minute everything fell into place. With just three weeks to go before our departure, a man named Leyland walked into the center selling native pottery and hand-woven coverings from Peru. He had a winning smile and a very gentle way about him.

Commenting on the coincidence of Leyland selling native products from Peru just before we went there, I shared our concern over the travel agent’s inability to arrange our trip. He replied almost matter-of-factly, “That is as you say an amazing coincidence. I plan to be in Machu Picchu myself on the 21st of December. My partner and friend down there is also a guide, and has taken people all over Peru and Bolivia.” Stating that his friend “has all the contacts for accommodations”, Leyland suggested we contact him, smiling he added, “I’m sure he will be able to help.”

Necklace for South AmericaLater at home we e-mailed Leyland’s partner, Alan, and were delighted to receive a reply with a complete itinerary for a ten-day trip just three days later, including additional sites he thought we might be interested in visiting. Staring at the meticulous timetable on the computer, we remembered how on so many occasions everything just “miraculously” fell into place. The following week we visited our crystal dealer, who by then we were visiting on a regular basis. Several weeks earlier he showed Craig a beautiful smoky quartz pendant (right) but at the time, as he wanted $450 for it, Craig refused. However, for some reason he had lowered the price to $150, and feeling moved to take it with us on our trip, Craig handed over the money.

Necklace for South America

Because of our visit to Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula earlier that year, we were a little more experienced in traveling to areas off the beaten track, so to speak, and purchasing backpacks we made sure that we could travel as light as possible. Consequently, without luggage we quickly passed through immigration in Lima. Since our guide was waiting for us in Cusco, we scanned the crowd in search of a woman wearing a red bandanna, who Alan had arranged to meet us. Spotting an attractive young Peruvian woman waving a red silk scarf over her head, we approached her and introducing ourselves ascertained that she was Alan’s assistant, Angel. As it was already late, she quickly led us to a taxi that took us to a comfortable hotel for the night.

Next morning we took the short flight to Cusco to meet Alan. Collecting our baggage and emerging into brilliant sunshine we scanned the waiting crowd. The first thing we noticed about our guide was his smile; it beamed from ear to ear. To me, he was the quintessential Peter Pan and Indiana Jones rolled into one. On the drive into town Alan informed us, “Cusco is 11,000 feet above sea level, and it can take a while to acclimatize yourself to it. To help you, I have arranged for a friend of mine to take you down to the Sacred Valley after lunch. It is only 3000 feet above sea level and will give your body a chance to get used to the altitude.” Moments later we entered a very impressive square dominated by a huge ornate cathedral, surrounded by smaller buildings housing tourist shops, alongside various eating and drinking establishments. Exiting the car, Alan led us up some stairs between two buildings into a bright and open café/bar on the second floor. While we were eating lunch, a young woman named Dagma arrived to take us down to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley.

Leaving Cusco, as the car wound its way around precipitous bends down to our destination, Dagma explained about the region’s history. She kept repeating what sounded like the name, “Widacocha.” It took a little while for me to realize that she was referring to the revered teacher Viracocha. Remembering that he was one of several “Christ-like” teachers throughout the world, we listened as Dagma pointed to an ancient temple and explained that historians had wrongly attributed it to the Incas. “That’s believed to be Viracocha, he is greatly loved in this place.” Looking to where she was pointing, we saw what appeared to be a huge face (below) carved into the side of the mountain. A little further on entering a valley, she informed us, “The locals refer to the area as the Sacred Valley because the Rio Vilcanota, also known as the Sacred River, runs through the middle of Ollantaytambo.”

 Mountain carving depicting the bearded Viracocha

Mountain carving depicting the bearded Viracocha (center mountain arrow just above the tree-line) Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru, September 2000

However, the most imposing thing for us about the area was the megalithic ruins looming over the town. That evening Alan joined us in Ollantaytambo for dinner.

 Entrance to “Temple of opening of the Heart Chakra”

Entrance to “Temple of opening of the Heart Chakra”

 Alan with locals dressed in traditional Andean attire

Our guide Alan with locals dressed in traditional Andean attire in front of entrance to
Megalithic Temple of the Heart Chakra in the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru

Up early the next morning, we walked with Alan to the entrance at the bottom of the imposing temple ruins. Facing massive stone steps we began climbing up to the ancient temple. The climb was physically taxing, so by the time we reached the summit we were all perspiring and had to remove our jackets. Nevertheless, the view from the top was well worth the climb, as displayed beneath us in panoramic splendor was the whole town, with the River flowing through it amidst the surrounding fields.

Aimlessly wandering over the site, we found ourselves in what appeared to have been a small room. All around us were large blocks of stone in disarray. Yet it was obvious that this had been a very special place. As we explained:

Deeply moved, I suddenly blurted out, “I feel like I’m in the presence of great wisdom.”

Although as equally surprised by my statement as the two men were, Alan’s next statement did not surprise me. Nodding his head, Alan stated, “Yes. This was a very sacred site. The archaeologists are completely wrong when they say that this was an Inca fort. To me, anyone could see that the ruins resembled a temple of worship rather than a military stronghold.” A little way from the “room” there was a wall of six massive blocks of stone freestanding in a sort of open area.

Mark Amaru Pinkham in his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom says of the ruins, “In the construction of this glorious temple of light”, the ancient builders “...left their signature at the site as a stair step motif of five ‘steps.’” Today, this motif is still visible as an engraving on “the only surviving wall of the ancient temple”, consisting of six adjoining “megalithic stone panels.”

 Temple of the Heart Chakra

Six stones of last remaining wall of Megalithic ruins
Temple of the Heart Chakra in the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru 2000

Interestingly, Mr. Pinkham reminds us that six is the number of points in a “six-pointed star”, which is also the “symbol of polarity union.” He continues, “The six panels points to the temple’s function as an initiation temple.” However, the temple has more than one purpose, because the author relates, apart from “polarity union”, it was designed to initiate the “awakening of the androgynous consciousness existing within the human heart chakra.” As amazing as the temple ruins were down in the Sacred Valley, they were primitive compared to the ruins above Cusco, which we discovered the next day.

Back in Cusco, the following morning Alan arrived to take us to another ancient site. Hailing a taxi he explained, “We are going to visit the ruins that are directly above us.” Then he told us that the first site, called Q’enko had some remarkable rock formations, which many people believe were not natural.

Getting out of the taxi a huge black stone pillar caught my eye, reminding me of the blocks of stone at Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain in Somerset England. Feeling compelled to touch the pillar; I climbed on to the narrow raised platform on which the stone pillar stood. Almost as soon as my fingers made contact, I felt a powerful current run through my body to the ground. Craig was also attracted to the pillar but later told me that he did not have the same experience.

Moving deeper into the ancient site, we climbed to a particularly high point. At the top Craig pointed to a very intricate design in a large section of rock directly below us stating, “It looks like a computer panel.” Watching my husband running all the possibilities through his mind he seemed to reach a conclusion when he stated, “It almost looks like something fits into it.” Leaving the strange rock formations, we headed toward the main reason we had driven up there. As we walked, the three of us mused over what the ancient site of Q’enko really was.

 Q’enko – above Cusco, Peru September 2000

Q’enko – above Cusco, Peru September 2000

Reaching a summit of a small incline, we had our first view of the remarkable ruins of Sacsayhuaman. Mr. Pinkham believes it was built by an ancient society, which he refers to as “dragons.” For the author, these ruins were linked by “dragon lines and arranged in the shape of a gigantic Puma”, which he says symbolizes “the fiery explosive energy” emanating “out of the Cusco vortex.” Apparently, at the puma’s “head” they erected a “megalithic temple....” He continues, “ Sacsayhuaman or Sacahuma was a hill temple comprised of three rows of gigantic blocks placed in a zigzag pattern”, designed to represent the puma’s “teeth.” It seems the gigantic rocks, in which a number weighed up to one hundred tons, denotes “the path taken by the dragon current as it traveled across the Sacahuma vortex.”

 Sacsayhuaman – above Cusco, Peru September 2000

Sacsayhuaman – above Cusco, Peru September 2000

Standing at the top of the rise looking down at the wall of stone blocks below, the sheer size of Sacsayhuaman was staggering. Breaking into our thoughts, Alan commented, “The ‘experts’ say that this is an Incan fort.” Pointing out the open hill behind the stone walls, he observed that all anyone wanting to attack the so-called fort had to do “was walk around and climb up the grassy slope.”

While Alan was speaking, we were walking towards the site. The nearer we got, the larger the blocks became. Graham Hancock wrote in his Fingerprints of the Gods that “One of these astonishing pieces of carefully hewn stone had a height of twenty-eight feet and was calculated to weigh 361 tons (roughly the equivalent of five hundred family-sized automobiles).”

Our guide Alan demonstrating the size of the blocks As if to prove the point, Alan walked over to a particularly large boulder to pose for a picture. When we climbed up some steps to walk on top of the boulders, we noticed something that was not visible from ground level. Someone had painted a huge six-pointed star on the grassy plain. Sitting down on the well-worn surfaces, we looked down the zigzag walls, sensing and almost seeing the waves of energy flowing between them.

Our guide Alan demonstrating the size of the blocks

Later that evening we discussed the following day’s itinerary, as we were due to fly to the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz the day after. In preparing for our next destination, we apparently needed a few more provisions, because Bolivia would be even chillier than Cusco Peru. Consequently, Alan advised us to purchase alpaca sweaters to take with us, because the wool is renowned for its lightweight ability to keep the body warm.



Appropriately attired, Thursday morning the three of us flew to La Paz international airport in Bolivia. During the flight we were fortunate enough to witness the magnificence of Lake Titicaca, known as the “Lake at the Roof of the World”, while flying through its entire length of one hundred and thirty-eight miles.

If we thought we had a problem with Cusco’s altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, it was nothing compared to the Lake Titicaca area in Bolivia. Descending the plane steps, as we emerged into the warm early afternoon sunshine we were hit by the thin air. According to Graham Hancock, La Paz airport is five thousand feet higher than its city, which is at the dizzying height of twelve thousand five hundred feet above sea level.

With our guide quickly hustling us into a waiting taxi, we were soon heading down to the capital of Bolivia, La Paz city. Locating our hotel, Alan checked us all in. Turning to us, he stated, “We will have to hurry, as the only time we can go to Tiahuanaco is this afternoon. Leave your bags in your room and meet me down in the lobby as soon as possible.” Obedient to Alan’s instructions we were back downstairs within fifteen minutes, ready to head for our next destination.


Arriving by taxi at a sort of depot, just minutes later we climbed into a packed minivan. Bumping along the rough roads I considered the site we were heading for. As stated, we first saw a picture of “The Gateway to the Sun” at Tiahuanaco in Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods. Alan was skeptical when telling him that we needed to perform a ceremony under the gateway. “It isn’t tall enough for you to stand under it and besides it is roped off.” Neither Craig nor I commented, as we knew that we were not there by our own volition, and was therefore certain that whatever was supposed to happen would do so:

Reaching the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco, Alan told Craig and I we only had thirty minutes to locate the gate and perform the ceremony as the site was due to close at 5 PM. The first thing we noticed was how spread out the ruins was. Where the minibus dropped us off, was a small enclave of buildings for tourists. As time was of the essence, we looked around to locate the gateway. Alas it was nowhere in the immediate vicinity. “Where is the gateway Alan?” asked Craig.

“Oh, I don’t know. Over there somewhere, I think,” he replied noncommittedly, pointing to a structure in the distance. “I’m going to check out the big boys over there,” he added heading in the opposite direction. At that, Craig and I took off at a run for our quarry.

Slowing down to catch our breath, I remembered what a gifted psychic friend told us before we left. “I see you standing beneath the gateway holding hands.” At the time, we felt it was wrong for Machu Picchu but now considered it right for Tiahuanaco.

Nearing the gateway that Alan directed us to, we noticed that it was different from the pictures of the “Gateway to the Sun.” First, it was not as ornate with just a simple design of three faces, whereas in Graham Hancock’s book, plates thirteen and fourteen of the “Gateway” have an intricate design referred to as the “calendar frieze,” on one side, with elaborate cutouts on the other. Second, this gate was oriented north and south, as opposed to East and West. Lastly, contrary to Alan’s assertions, Craig and I could easily stand beneath it with room to spare and it was not roped off.

Forgetting all the seeming contradictions, I prepared myself to perform the ceremony. Deciding to face South first, Craig took my right hand in his right hand. Taking a deep breath, I began hesitantly:

“Father, I come before you as the anointed one of your beloved son Christ Jesus. In his blessed name and Yours, I command the powers both above and below the Veil to activate the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Your children. As it is written, so be it, let it be done.” Craig then turned me anti-clockwise to face East without letting go of my hand, where I repeated the same words. I did this facing North and finally West, then turned back to South, where I began a second round only this time I used the designation of “Jesus Christ.” The third round, I returned to “Christ Jesus,” but ended it with, “As it is written, let it be done, so be it.”

At first, I was extremely uncomfortable at the designation “anointed” until Great Spirit-Mind reminded me of our experience in Kyrenia Cyprus six years earlier. We reported this incident in Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE, which reads:

Arriving in Kyrenia at two forty-five, we went straight to the castle. While heading for the Byzantine chapel, we noticed there was not a soul about. Inside the ancient room, it was even quieter.

Feeling apprehensive about the eerie situation, Craig and I just stood there, not saying a word. Then we heard the sound of voices. At first we thought that there was a group of people approaching; however, we soon realized the sound was coming from inside the chapel. The voices made us feel as if we were in the midst of a crowd.

Bowing my head to pray I closed my eyes. A vision of Jesus standing by our side appeared in my mind. Raising His hands Jesus placed one on each of our heads. Unaware of what Craig saw and felt when Jesus touched me, I felt some form of liquid pouring onto my head: it felt so real; it ran down through my hair and over my entire body. Then I heard Jesus say softly, “Be together in My name and in the name of love.”

Back in Bolivia, although no one witnessed the ceremony in Tiahuanaco, Craig and I were not totally alone. Hobbled together were two pairs of llamas, each pair consisting of one black and one white llama. One pair faced South while the other pair faced East. Apart from these “witnesses” there was no one in sight. Craig had remained silent throughout the ceremony, closing his eyes while holding my hand, he held a danburite crystal in his left hand. Afterwards, Craig shared his experience with me:

“Wow! I had an amazing vision,” he exclaimed to me. “First, I saw a shaft of light coming down, which broke up as it descended into a black and gray room with a window at the top. Suddenly the surroundings changed to like being in a crowd of people with a city skyline. It then concentrated into one person and then the light seemed to emanate from that person in a wedge-shaped light-front coming from the person’s face, shooting up with what appeared to be a 90-degree angle upright steel girder, out of the same opening it came in. The whole scene suddenly changed to a similar site we visited the day before at Sacsayhuaman, yet the shape was much more distinct. There was an appearance of a grassy arena that was sunken way below normal ground level with steep parabolic sloped sides that served as bleachers. On either end, cut all the way down to the level of the arena floor, towered the gigantic rectangular plates that served to darken the arena in their shadow. The plates were taller as opposed to wider. I turned to one and then the other, each was like the other and brilliant light poured through the single openings in the shape of huge keyholes that extended all the way to the bottom of the plates. The keyholes were of the old shape that required a skeleton key for locking and unlocking. I remember thinking it odd that such light was coming through both openings at opposite ends of the arena and then the dynamic planed symmetry of it all struck me. I was standing in the middle of the playing field when suddenly a shaft of sparks like thousands of sparklers all burning at once with no heat and about the size of a telephone pole shot up raising me off the ground with it. I remember feeling as though I would fall off and so, managed to maneuver myself with arms and legs tightly clamped around the space-borne cosmic cylinder. For some reason I imagined one of my old Lincoln logs and I was able to move into a cockpit area that just appeared a ways down and on the opposite side of the cylindrical shaft of sparks. Feeling relieved, it felt like I was on a ride and just where I should be. I opened my eyes to see the lamas had shifted positions and partners; white with white at the West and black with black at the North. ”

Craig’s ability to recount his visions with such detail and clarity has always been amazing, as mine seemed to be so simple. Realizing that the site was closing soon, we looked around to see what else was there. While we were talking, both pairs of llamas had moved apart from each other. Looking past the pair facing East, we noticed another gateway a little ways off enclosed in some kind of enormous courtyard, and went to explore it. Nearing the other gateway, Craig and I realized that this “gate” was indeed the “Gateway to the Sun.” Not only was it extremely ornate and “roped off” but it was also a lot “shorter” than the other gateway. Alan was right, it would have been impossible for us to stand beneath it.

 Gateway of the Sun – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia 2000

Gateway of the Sun – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia 2000

Later we learned that the Gateway to the Sun is less than 10 feet tall in total, making the doorway several feet shorter. Although it is 13 feet wide, its “gate or door” is very narrow. However, we believe that this is not the main reason it was not where we were to conduct the ceremony, because Wikipedia reports that “When rediscovered by European explorers in the mid-19th century, the megalith was lying horizontally and had a large crack through it. It presently stands in the location where it was found, although it is believed that this is not its original site, which remains uncertain.”

Making our way back to find Alan, I considered Craig’s vision. Much later I was amazed to learn that according to the authors of Crystalline Communion 2000, danburite “allows huge amounts of light energy to be passed through the subtle and physical bodies.” They explain that danburite stabilizes the body to endure “intense light pressure as it transits the physical and subtle bodies.” Another comment on the next page intrigued me. It concerned the clear variety of danburite Craig held. Linking the crystal with “yang energy,” the authors say it is “capable of sending immense power and strength.”

Catching up with Alan again, Craig and I told him of the two gateways. “Oh! You must have been at the ‘Gateway to the Moon’ instead!”

 Gateway to the Moon – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia September 2000

Gateway to the Moon – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia September 2000

On the way back to the hotel from the ancient site of Tiahuanaco, I was lost in thought considering what happened. J. J. Hurtak the author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch says the ancient name for Tiahuanaco was “the city of the Lords of Light.” Evidently, it was initially “built at sea level during a previous cycle and heaved up to its present altitude of 13,000 feet.” He explains that the original city “contains the gate threshold” which recounts that Melchizedek would come again “at the end of this cycle of time and open the Treasury of Tiahuanaco.”

I found the above quote interesting, because although the information is from a metaphysical source, the mystery of Tiahuanaco has caused many heated debates between different members of the accredited archaeological community. Craig and I discovered early in our research that Graham Hancock questioned the conventional dating of Tiahuanaco of 500 C.E., as he points out that there is “irrefutable evidence that -- the city of Tiahuanaco was once a port, complete with extensive docks, positioned right on the shore of Lake Titicaca… ”

Logically, Mr. Hancock observes that it would have taken considerably longer than 1500 years for the earth’s natural forces to alter the land so drastically, repositioning Tiahuanaco 12 miles inland. As with other ancient cultures, there was a Christ-like figure associated with Tiahuanaco that taught the people. This one’s name was Thunupa. However, the description of this “great teacher” is so similar to Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl as to make him appear to be either’s twin.


The following afternoon we boarded a spacious modern coach to take us to Copacabana, the jumping off point for Lake Titicaca, as we were to perform our next ceremony on one of the lake’s islands. Although we were instructed to hold a ceremony on the Island of the Sun, we did not have a clue why we were going there. Great Spirit-Mind provided what to do and say at Tiahuanaco and Machu Picchu but apart from directing us to the Island of the Sun, He/She left us in the dark as to our role on the island site. Therefore when our guide suggested we hire a boat for the day, it felt the right thing to do. Next morning, after Alan arrived with the boat we headed for the Island of the Sun. Three hours later, the boat dropped anchor alongside what appeared to me to be a sheer cliff. As we recorded:

At my horrified expression Alan explained, “I’ve decided to approach the “Sacred Rock” from this side as it is quicker. It’s just at the top of this cliff. It’s a little difficult but I think you can make it. Okay?” With this, Alan leapt from the boat onto the base of the cliff.

As stated earlier, Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet above sea level. Therefore, I seriously doubted my ability to be able to climb another fifty feet or so up this cliff but found the strength to reach the site where Great Spirit-Mind wanted us to be. Struggling our way behind our sure-footed guide, I decided that Alan must have been a mountain goat in a previous life. By the time we reached the top, I was gasping for air and even Craig needed to catch his breath. On the other hand Alan was unaffected, and waited patiently for us to regain our strength before leading us over to the “Sacred Rock.”

 Sacred Rock Island of the Sun – Lake Titicaca Bolivia, September 2000

Sacred Rock Island of the Sun – Lake Titicaca Bolivia, September 2000

On the way to the island Alan explained, “The Sacred Rock has a very powerful legend. The locals believe that during a great catastrophe the sun and moon ‘hung out here,’ before being reborn again into the sky.”

Looking at the object of local veneration, I thought that it did not look that imposing. Sure, it was a large rock, which you could climb onto, but I had seen hundreds of similar rocks elsewhere. Still no clearer on why we were there, I climbed up onto it. Standing on top, I asked, “Father, what do you want me to do?”

“Open your heart and let yourself feel it,” I heard Great Spirit-Mind reply. Sitting down on the rock and placing my hands either side of me, I closed my eyes. Instantly a very bright red light appeared in front of me. Watching the light, I became aware of a feeling of immersion in the emotion of anger that was not mine. It was so strong that it was almost tangible. Although I knew the anger was directed at specific individuals, at the time I could not identify who the recipients were.

Almost without my volition, I began speaking in a very low voice. “Be at peace. Rest easy. A new era has begun. Your work is done.” Repeating the words multiple times, in spite of being unsure to who or what I was addressing, I gradually saw the angry red color before my eyes begin to soften into a muted pink. Then it began to change again taking on yellow hues before finally becoming a brilliant green. Seeing the color become a vibrant green, I somehow knew I completed my work there, so I climbed back down.

 Standing next to the Sacred Rock looking at Altar

Standing next to the Sacred Rock (lower right-hand corner) looking at recently
built altar (arrow) in the distance, Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia September 2000

A little way from the rock was a kind of altar, consisting of an altar table surrounded by twelve stone slabs. Further out, positioned at the four compass points were four slabs. When passing the site on the way to the Sacred Rock, Alan had commented, “That’s been placed there fairly recently. Probably in the last ten years or so.” Now, I felt compelled to go to it.

Climbing on top of the central altar stone, a childhood hymn popped into my head. I heard the lyrics, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all,” as they rang in my ears. My heart sang too, and I knew that people held ceremonies celebrating the wonder and beauty of nature on this spot, not necessarily at the recent “altar.”

While sitting there, Craig joined me. Holding out my hand to him, I said, “Come and sit with me here. I think you should say a prayer.” Moving to sit with his back against mine, he began to pray aloud. Lost in our reverence of Great Spirit-Mind and this beautiful world, neither of us noticed Alan approach and sit down on the ground nearby, leaning against a stone to watch us.

Making our way carefully back down to our boat, it seemed to me that the Island of the Sun almost sighed in contentment, which gave me an overwhelming sense of completion. Before returning to our hotel, we wanted to visit the “Island of the Sun’s” counterpart, “The Island of the Moon.” Approaching the latter, we observed how much the shape of the island resembled a pregnant woman lying on her back. Mooring at a small jetty, we all went ashore and leaving Alan, Craig and I climbed up steep steps carved into the cliff.

 Island of the Moon by Robert Cuttscreative commons

Island of the Moon by Robert Cutts, Lake Titicaca Bolivia

At the top of the steps we scanned the area, and saw that at one end was what we understood was “The Temple of the Priestesses.” Although there were several buildings on the site, neither of us felt inclined to explore either the temple or other buildings. Instead we found a small stone ledge and sat down. Deciding that the energy we were feeling was more about the ground itself, rather than the crumbled down buildings, we acknowledged the power and serenity of the island in prayer. Then something happened:

 Temple of the Priestesses, Island of the Moon

Temple of the Priestesses, Island of the Moon, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia September 2000

Opening my eyes to the deafening quiet calm and warm sunlight, I stared stunned at the vision before me. Simulating the action of a rising chest, the grassy hilltop rose and fell several times, as if it was actually breathing. Everything was surrealistically still, nothing else was moving and we could hear no sounds. Turning to Craig to draw his attention to the sight, I realized by the expression on his face that he was seeing the same thing.

On the boat heading back, Great Spirit-Mind showed us what happened at both of the islands, explaining:

“The Island of the Sun is representative of the masculine energy, whereas the island of the Moon represents the feminine.” He/She then showed me a vision. I saw men wearing feathered headdresses, sacrificing people on the Sacred Rock. The victim’s “bright red” blood ran unchecked over the rock, seeping into the ground. Then I saw literally thousands of people bowing down to the priests performing the sacrifices. After the vision faded, Great Spirit-Mind told me, “The anger you felt was directed at the Incan priests who used blood sacrifice to subjugate the people. All natural forces are neutral and can only respond to Humanity’s intent. These priests used hidden knowledge to control the forces and corrupt the earth. Your energy of love being there today, released and dissipated the trapped negative vibrations. The Island of the Moon’s energy represents the nurturing maternal love the Earth holds for life in general. Yours and Craig’s presence was an acknowledgement of Mother Earth’s ability to nourish life. You were saying thank you for all Humanity.”

Later Craig related his experience and visions on the islands to me:

“On the Island of the Sun I remember fixating on a bubbling fountain of some sort of yellow substance. The consistency of this substance was like that of melted plastic, but it seemed to have control over itself. I couldn’t take my eyes of this undulating yellow mass that managed to strike out occasional appendage-like portions in some sort of rhythmic dance. It maintained its mass within the confines of a designate cylindrical diameter marked by the circumference of the circular stone that it lifted up. This circular flat stone was the very rock that the altar stone and all the other stones rested on, but they were out of sight now. The wheel-shaped rock, moved upward by this fifteen-foot column of yellow substance, was emitting a fine ring of yellow light from around the perimeter of its circumference down onto the rock pedestal that had just emerged from the ground. The whole creation was beautiful as if donning the featured exhibition of some great museum. It was ancient and modern all at once, possessing a distinct elegance in movement and form. I didn’t need to understand it, just accept its existence, and experience its presence; that was all.

Conveying to Craig my conversation with Great Spirit-Mind, he listened quietly. Then turning the subject to the Island of the Moon, he reminded me of our comment on how much the Island of the Moon looked like a pregnant woman on her back. Adding:

“Well, I saw a vision of her (the whole island) seated with legs outstretched in front and tightly bent at the waist with her face and chest laying on her legs. Her hands with fingers pointing straight extended past her feet and her resting pose showed no signs of strain. The whole form looked as though it was lovingly sculpted from sand of the beach it rested on and then gracefully the figure raised her torso and head skyward, with arms draped at her sides. Slowly she raised herself to her feet and extended her arms to the heavens as if in praise. No words were spoken, but the vision took on color and for a moment, the bright blue sky provided the backdrop for the towering thousand meter tall woman standing alone on a completely flat desert island. Suddenly my vantage point was shifted to her feet as I looked up at her shiny black flowing hair and loving face silhouetted by the now blinding sun. She had risen up to take her rightful place in the world.”


Returning to Copacabana late afternoon we had dinner and then watched a movie. In bed that night it became clear that I was suffering from a very bad upset stomach. We planned to visit shamans in the morning necessitating a steep climb up the cliff face behind our hotel. Having endured a wretched night, in the morning I was still nauseous, and I knew I would be unable to make the climb. Suggesting that Craig and Alan go alone, reluctantly they left me to rest in the grounds of the hotel. Two hours later Craig and Alan reappeared, and shortly after we left on the next stage of our journey, a bus ride back to Peru, to the city of Puno to be exact.

Driving along Lake Titicaca’s beautiful shoreline, its panoramic beauty went by in a blur, because of the increasing waves of nausea rising within me. At the Peruvian border all passengers were required to go through immigration, which necessitated everyone lining up to present their passports to the border officials. Standing in line with the other passengers, I felt so ill that I could barely stand, and the twenty minutes or so it took seemed like hours.

Back on the coach I was growing more anxious by the minute. Fortunately, the coach had restroom facilities at the back, even so I barely made it there in time. My visit failed to lessen the waves of nausea, and returning to my seat I spent the following two hours in abject misery:

Arriving in Puno Alan asked, “The hotel is just down the road, do you feel up to walking or shall we take a tricycle?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can walk,” I stammered. Just five minutes later, our tricycle pulled up outside of our hotel. Sitting on a sofa in the lobby, I watched Alan and Craig check us in to the hotel. I’ve suffered upset stomachs dozens of times before but nothing like what I was experiencing this time. I could not even climb the stairs without taking a rest halfway up by sitting down on the stone steps. In our room, Craig helped me get undressed. Barely settled in bed, we heard a knock on the door. It was Alan.

“The bus leaves at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. We have an eight hour journey back to Cusco.” Craig went outside with Alan to talk to him as another wave of nausea hit me. Again, I barely made it to the bathroom, I felt exactly like I did before going to hospital with the abscessed tooth. Then I thought, “It can’t be the same.” I finished taking a course of antibiotics four days earlier. Gingerly I looked into my mouth to discover the same infection as before. Obviously, the antibiotics were not strong enough:

When Craig and Alan came back in the room, I told them of my discovery. Concerned Alan asked, “Do you want to cancel, and not go to Machu Picchu? We can make arrangements to get you home from here if you like.”

Weakly I asserted, “No Alan I must be at Machu Picchu on Thursday.” Thinking quickly I added, “Craig, see if you can find anti-nausea pills and some more antibiotics.” Luckily, unlike the US you can buy prescription drugs over-the-counter in South America.

Leaving me to rest, Alan and Craig went in search of the medicine. Within an hour they were back. “There is a bus leaving tomorrow evening at six o’clock. It’s a special chartered bus going to Cusco to pick up a private party. I’ve arranged for us to travel with them, and I’ve also arranged for you to stay in this room until we leave so you can rest,” smiled Alan. I was so grateful I could have kissed him. As neither Craig nor Alan had eaten they went for dinner.

…Around five in the morning, the medicine finally took hold, and I began to feel a little better, enabling both Craig and I to fall into an exhausted sleep. We slept until three in the afternoon. Upon waking Craig persuaded me to eat a little dry toast, which fortunately I was able to keep down. Pale and weak, I boarded the bus to Cusco. Swallowing medicine every four hours brought the nausea under control. Six hours later around midnight we arrived back in Cusco.

Sacred Valley and River below Machu PicchuSleeping for just five hours, we were up again heading for the train station, which was full of travelers eager to get to Machu Picchu. Nonetheless, Alan arranged everything in advance, and we were soon sitting comfortably on the train. Once again, while descending into the Sacred Valley we were afforded spectacular views. The train was following the bank of the River Vilcanota, “The Sacred River” almost hugging its banks as it trundled along. Riding backwards as I watched the river tumble and boil its way over rocks and boulders, I had an overwhelming sense of life! It was as if I saw the river as a living entity. Trying to make sense of the situation, I asked Great Spirit-Mind why I became so sick.

“What you are doing is very important. You are commanding the universal forces. They demand that you prove your worthiness, by showing them that you are strong enough for the mission at hand. Before you incarnated you agreed to be tested by the universal powers three times. The first was the test of faith. This one, the second, is the test of strength. The third and final test will be the test of courage. I know that you will pass these tests because I chose well.”

Aguas Calientes is nestled at the base of the mountain-city ruins of Machu Picchu. Alan’s choice of hotel amused us because the hotel’s name was “Gringo Bill’s”, after its owner, an eccentric surfer from California, Although a little rustic it was clean and comfortable. As I needed to perform the ceremony at sunrise the next morning, we wanted to scope out the site that afternoon. Before going up to Machu Picchu we stopped for a bite to eat. Because all I had eaten since we left Bolivia was plain cookies and some dry toast, I decided to try a little asparagus soup and a bottle of sprite.

Sacred Valley and River below Machu Picchu

Winding our way back and forth around hairpin bends with sheer drops to the valley below was an exhilarating experience. Although all three of us went up to the ruins, Alan did not go in with us. Instead, after purchasing the tickets he took the bus back down, telling us that he would meet us in the hotel lobby. As we related in Our Story 1995-2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE, originally we planned to conduct the ceremony at sunrise:

There were only two areas of Machu Picchu that I heard of — namely “The Gateway to the Sun” and the “Hitching Post to the Sun.” Joining the crowds of people milling around the parking lot, we made our way to the turnstile gate entrance. Moved along by the continuous stream of tourists, we followed that stream up several flights of stone steps.

 Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

Making our way along a narrow walkway, Craig and I passed under an archway. Stopping in our tracks, we stared in awe at the scene spread out before us. From this vantage point (above), we saw the entire city laid out beneath us. Off to the left, is the site that archaeologists euphemistically refer to as “The Quarry.” It is an amazing place with huge megalithic stones lying around as if some giant hand just tossed them there. Moving deeper into the Quarry, I felt incredible energy.

Since we were first drawn to the Hitching Post to the Sun in Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, for some time we were led to believe that Great Spirit-Mind wanted us to perform the ceremony there. In the vision, I was standing with one arm raised above my head on an open raised ledge of some kind, with a large stone in the vicinity. However, standing there scanning the area below us, I felt drawn to the Quarry, which also appeared to be set apart on raised ground. Moving on and descending steep steps to the area below us, we entered into the Sacred Plaza, which contains the Main Temple and the Temple of the Three Windows.

 Temple of the Three Windows, Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

Temple of the Three Windows, Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

Lying down in the middle of the Plaza was a stone that looked exactly like the one in my vision. Nonetheless, urged onward I found myself standing on a grassy ledge beside and behind both the Main Temple, and the Temple of the Three Windows. The ledge wasn’t open because there was a wall protecting anyone from falling to their deaths. Perplexed I turned to Craig:

“What do you think?”

“I don’t want to influence you; you must decide where to be. I can’t tell you,” Craig replied. More confused than ever, I allowed Craig to lead me out of the site. Taking a “wrong” turn, we found ourselves walking along a series of trapezoidal walls with a small triangular-shaped window carved into each one. Between the fifth and sixth wall there was a huge stone with a curious channel cut into it. Here too, powerful energy moved me.

Too physically weak to think straight, I asked Great Spirit-Mind which was the correct site. He/She simply said, “You will know. Just open your heart.” With no other choice I told Craig I was ready to go, and we left the ruins, trusting I would know before the following sunrise.

Resting on the bus while it wove its way back down to Aguas Calientes, a young local boy dressed as an Incan native entertained the passengers. The boy engaged in a kind of race with the bus. He would leap down the Inca Trail, (steps cut into the mountain) as the bus slowly meandered its way around the serpentine bends of the road. At obviously prearranged points he would be waiting for the bus to pass, where he would let out a traditional yell before racing off again. At the bottom, he boarded the bus to collect his reward, “donations” from all the passengers.

Having told our guide that we needed to be in Machu Picchu by sunrise, at dinner we asked Alan what time we should be at the bus depot. Sighing deeply, he replied, “I’m afraid that I have some bad news for you. They are not planning to start the bus runs any earlier than usual, which means the first one will be leaving at six o’clock.” Considering the ramifications, I thought, now what? Alan broke into my thoughts offering, “I can take you up the Inca Trail if you like, only that is a 1500 foot climb straight up!” In my weakened condition I didn’t have the strength to climb five feet, let alone fifteen hundred. Just climbing the entrance steps to the site earlier that afternoon was all I could do, as I needed to rest several times. Now, as the waves of nausea returned, I thought to myself, “Oh no! This is all I need, trying to perform a spiritual ceremony sick to my stomach!” However, my being sick wasn’t the only problem, because before leaving the States we told everyone that the ceremony would take place at 5:38 in the morning, PST time. As we reported:

When Craig explained our dilemma about the prearranged time, Alan queried, “Can’t you call your friends to let them know?”

Craig and I replied in unison “No that’s not possible.”.

Craig was staring at me with a concerned look on his face. “Are you all right? You look very pale.”

Sighing I confessed, “I shouldn’t have had that pizza. I think we’re going to have to get some more anti-nausea and antibiotic tablets if I’m going to make it up there tomorrow.” Locating a pharmacy, we learned that the pharmacy did not carry the type of antibiotics I was taking. Instead the pharmacist gave me what I swear were horse pills.

That night I barely slept again. It took an hour or two for the waves of nausea to subside and I was deeply disconcerted about the turn of events. Around five in the morning I heard Craig ask, “Suzzan, are you awake?”

I’d scarcely answered yes before Craig inquired, “Can you see the mass of energy in the middle of the bed?” Without waiting for my answer, he rushed on excitedly saying, “ It’s amazing; I can feel it when I put my hand in it.” However, I couldn’t see anything, and swinging my legs onto the floor left him staring at the bed. In the bathroom, I considered what Craig was feeling that I could neither see nor feel. Then I remembered, before going to bed, we decided to pray and try to communicate with our friends back in the States at the appointed time.

Returning to the bedroom, I could see that Craig was animated and in his excitement, he explained what he was experiencing. “When I first saw the energy, it appeared as a yellow-gold ball-lightning type of object about as big as a medicine ball. Upon closer examination, I realized that the energy was really the end of a smaller cylindrical shaft of softer light, coming through the ceiling of the room and culminating in a brighter bigger ball about a foot off the bed. The visual faded quickly, but I could feel tremendous energy when I passed my arm through the ball, and it lessened in intensity as I moved it through the shaft area. I did this several times to make sure of what I had seen, and even though we can’t see it now, the energy is still there. I think you should do the ceremony here.” As he said the words, I knew that this was what Great Spirit-Mind wanted. For some strange reason, I felt compelled to bring my favorite purple embroidered caftan with me, which I bought while living in Saudi Arabia. At the back of my mind, I visualized my wearing it to perform the ceremonies. Now slipping the silky garment over my head, I moved into the “vortex” of energy centered in the bed. Then at exactly 5:38 am, sitting on the bed, I repeated the words I spoke in Tiahuanaco, while turning to each direction…



Despite planning for Alan to accompany us to the ancient ruins, miscommunication resulted in Craig and I going alone. Riding the bus, slowly ascending the magnificent mountain I began to relax. Gazing out of the window we observed that the weather was very different from the day before, when the site had been bathed in brilliant sunshine. That morning there was a cloak of thick ominous looking clouds over the mountains. Wondering about this, as in my vision the Sun was shining, we climbed the steep open steps leading up to the ruins. By now I knew that instead of performing the ceremony in one place three times in all four directions, I was to perform it in all four directions once at the three different sites:

Finding a large square stone at the top of the Quarry, I faced East. As I did so, the Sun burst through the clouds. Although there were literally dozens of people visiting Machu Picchu that morning, at that precise moment Craig and I were alone. An almost ethereal quality permeated the air as I raised my right hand above my head:

“I come before you as the Anointed One of Christ Jesus. I address all the powers both above and below the Veil. A new era begins today. It is the age of Christ, and it is time for you to relinquish your power and return to the Father. Your work is over, and you can rest easy now.”

I spoke with such authority and presence, yet I knew they were not my words. Then as in Tiahuanaco, and earlier that morning, I repeated the command to “Activate the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the children of the Heavenly Father.”

As before, I said the command to all four directions. Leaving the Quarry we sought out the next sacred site. This site, as previously stated was between the Main Temple and the Temple of the Three Windows. Arriving in the Main Plaza we found it literally packed with tourists. However, again like our experience at the Quarry, when I moved into position there was not a soul in the immediate vicinity.

Deserted at first, at the final site raising my hand I recited the words. I was on the second direction, when three people walked into the passage. Immediately hesitating, I heard Craig tell me to continue. With the final words, “So be it,” both Craig and I felt an incredible lifting. It was as if the whole site had been holding its breath and suddenly exhaled.

Interestingly, we recently discovered that the third site was next to the Temple of the Sun, which seemed appropriate as in Bolivia, we had  performed the ceremony under the Gateway to the Moon rather than the Gateway to the Sun.

After completing all three ceremonies we went in search of the Temple of the Moon. Walking along the narrow paths, we came across a huge megalithic stone. Compelled to place my hands on it I was moved to release energy back to Great Spirit-Mind. Following some mysterious preordained path that seven lizards appeared to point out, I performed the strange releasing ceremony multiple times. On several occasions, I asked Craig to touch the stone too, which occurred from sensing the presence of more than one entity within the stones and subsequently a resistance to my command. Another curious detail of the morning’s ceremonies was at two of the sites there was a single incredibly vivid orange flower protruding from the bare rock. There were no leaves just a single stalk with the vivid flower on the end.

Mark Amaru Pinkham has quite a lot to say about Machu Picchu in his The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom. Yet for us it was his statement that “local shamans” refer to it as the “Crystal City”, due to the “high concentration of resonating quartz crystal within its granite blocks” that most interested us.

 Rock face with what appears to be Energy tuning knobs - Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

Rock face with what appears to be Energy tuning knobs - Machu Picchu, Peru September 2000

On our way out of Machu Picchu, we came across an intricately carved stone. It reminded us of the stones we saw in Q’enko, as well as at the base of the Temple to the Sun in Ollantaytambo. Craig was convinced that the “knobs” on its surface had a specific function.



Back at our hotel we reconnected with Alan, and discussing the morning’s events, he asked if we heard about the Dalai lama visiting Machu Picchu the year before. Apparently, his Holiness had come to the ancient site because he learned the spiritual energy had left the eastern hemisphere and settled in the West. However, instead of staying in the northern latitudes above the Equator, and crossing to North America, it shifted southwest to the Southern hemisphere, centered in Machu Picchu.

It was not until we returned to the States that we began to understand what the real purpose of the mission to South America was. It was not just about activating the Holy Spirit in people’s hearts, the main reason concerned balancing the spiritual and material, as well as the masculine and feminine energies. When Great Spirit-Mind first told us about this, we did not truly understand how going to the different sites could do that. Still, Great Spirit-Mind carefully selected the sites for that very purpose. As stated, the temple in Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, according to Mr. Pinkham, is the temple for “opening of the heart chakra,” which also links it to a “six-pointed star, the symbol of polarity union.”

 mountains encircling Machu Picchu or six peaks

Panoramic view of mountains encircling the megalithic ruins of
Machu Picchu, Peru, September 2000

It seemed to us that Alan “inadvertently” directing us to the Gateway to the Moon in Tiahuanaco Bolivia, when we intended to do the ceremony at the Gateway to the Sun, was no accident either. Despite the colloquial reference to the “man in the Moon,” the Moon is associated with the feminine side of Nature. Hence, the fact that we did energy work on the “Island of the Sun,” while only acknowledging “The Island of the Moon,” meant that the forces directing us were bringing into balance the male dominated “Sun” energy with the predominantly female “Moon” vibration. As for Machu Picchu, Alan told us, “The six peaks that surround Machu Picchu form an electro-magnetic grid of a six-pointed star.”

a six-pointed star directly over my heart The above of course reminded us of Tom West’s assertion that I was to connect with the electromagnetic lines intersecting the earth. We found it curious that not only were the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu forming an electromagnetic field in the shape of a six-pointed star, at the time I also wore a six-pointed star directly over my heart.

Much later while reading Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber M.D., we began to understand how anyone can affect the whole earth. Dr. Gerber wrote, “All life on Earth is dependent upon background magnetic energy. In a sense, it is the energy of Mother Earth that cradles living cells in a nurturing and orienting energy environment.” Linking the Earth’s magnetic field to energy healers, he hypothesized, “…as healers go into a state of love and compassion and tap into the magnetic energy of Mother Earth, they also send out energy. As this healing energy is sent out by healers, both consciously and unconsciously, the energy begins to resonate with the earth field, creating rippling, coherence-producing, subtle-energy effects in the planetary field.”

Like many enlightened individuals, Dr. Gerber believes that if enough people adopt the powerful energy of love and compassion, the whole world will change. However, what really amazed us were his comments on the HeartMath Institute’s experiments. Citing researcher Dan Winter, the doctor related, “Winter found that during the moment of love’s presence, a coherent series of spectral-frequency harmonics appeared in both the loving individual and in the local earth’s magnetic field.” He determined this through measurements taken at the nearest “tree” to the meditator. In addition, the researcher also observed the “local earth’s magnetic-field power spectra”, seemed to be “coupled to the heart-rhythm spectra of the loving meditator.” For Dan Winter, “The implications of a resonant energy connection between the loving emotions of an individual, and the local planetary magnetic field” were “profound.”

Chakras as a spiralNevertheless, it was Dr. Gerber referring to the fact that “sacred structures were built along so-called ley lines”, creating “lines of magnetic force” that filter through the planet, which helped us to understand the reason for sending us to specific ancient sites, involved the chakra system.

As stated, the seven principles of the human being remained a mystery until we read Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to The Chakra System by Anodea Judith, PhD. However, it did not only clarify the seven principles and the chakra system to us. We also gained greater clarity to not only our mission to South America but also the reason for my necklace. A diagram in chapter one of her book, depicting the movement of two energies, one downward and the other upward, caught our attention, because it describes the general purpose of the chakras.

Chakras as a spiral

Ms. Judith states the descending energy, “moves toward form, density, boundaries, contraction and individuality,” whereas the ascending, “moves toward freedom, expansion, abstraction, and universality.” While reading the accompanying text I had a vision. Instead of being in the traditional line the chakras were now circular, with the crown connected to the base chakra; the third eye connected to the sacral chakra; and the communication or fifth connected to the power or third chakra. Standing alone between these six was the heart chakra, as a six-pointed star in the center.

At the time, we were unclear of what the vision meant. That is until flipping ahead in Ms. Judith’s book we saw the diagram entitled “The heart as the end point of the spiral.” As previously stated, the spiral begins above the head passing sequentially through the first, seventh, second, sixth, third, fifth and finally ending at the heart. Until then we believed that the goal was to “ascend” to the crown or seventh chakra but now understand that the true “narrow gate,” spoken of in the New Testament, was through the heart. Ms. Judith relates concerning her diagram that within the heart chakra reside twelve lotus petals and a six-pointed star. She explains, “The triangles represent the descent of spirit into the body and the ascent of matter rising to meet spirit. This symbol (also known as the Star of David) represents the Sacred Marriage: the balanced interpenetration of masculine and feminine. This is the star of radiance that emanates from an open-heart chakra. The six points can also be seen as relating to the six other chakras, as they are each integrated at this center.”

Mark Amaru Pinkham’s book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom gave us the reason to why we performed the Machu Picchu ceremony on September 21st, remembering of course that Spring in South America is Autumn for us. He informs us that “During the spring equinox...the diamond shaped stone marker in the temple plaza points directly at the constellation of the Southern Cross, the symbol of polarity union.” The apparent relevance of the six-pointed star in the mission amazed me, especially as it was our Greek Cypriot friend Yannis who instigated its creation by telling us, “You need a special necklace.” As we reported in Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE, “Pleasingly mystified, Craig and I watched while Yannis drew a picture of the necklace that he thought I should wear.” This was, as the title suggests in 1994, long before we had any concept of Sacred Geometry, chakras, or ley-lines.


Throughout 2001, we researched our missions to Mexico and South America, and as we said above, were amazed at what we discovered. Thinking that as we had taken on a spiritual center with Hermione, our “globetrotting” days were over, we settled in to devoting our time to this joint venture. Nonetheless, we continued to read every Sunday, and it was while reading the book Secrets of Rennes-le-Château by Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe that we realized our travelling days were not quite done yet. Before we were halfway through the book, we felt strongly drawn to the area under discussion, namely, the Languedoc region in Southern France. Usually I was the one who got the first inkling but this time it was mutual, as Craig confided “I don’t know exactly why but I think we need to go there.” Once again, it was a picture in the book, but this time it wasn’t a photo, it was a print of a famous painting connected with the area called Les Bergers D’Arcadie (Shepherds of Arcadia) by Nicolas Poussin.

 Les Bergers D’Arcadie by Nicolas Poussin

Et in Arcadia ego otherwise known as Les Bergers D’Arcadie by Nicolas Poussin.

The haunting painting featured three male shepherds and a shepherdess around a mysterious stone tomb. Unsure why but we felt the number of shepherds was relevant. Then the date June 21st, 2002, suddenly popped into my head. Without having a clue as to what it meant I asserted, “I feel we should go next summer on the Solstice. Strangely, a month later we realized that our mission somehow mirrored the painting, and we needed to ask two other men to accompany us, as along with Craig they would represent the three male shepherds, with me representing the shepherdess. Fortunately, both men agreed to go. Since one of them, David, was also a travel agent he said he would make all the travel arrangements.

Silver 3-D Pentagram with Moldavite MerkavahAs we all know, everything changed that September with the tragedy of the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and Pentagon on September 11th. Shortly after, we learned that I was affected in an unexpected way. However, we will forgo revisiting that experience at this time. Suffice to say, it concerned the “tests” I was told of in Peru and entailed me facing a challenging physical condition throughout the Winter and Spring of 2001/2002. Throughout that extremely trying time, I was sustained by my vision of being in France. Nonetheless, although my condition improved, I was still severely weakened during our trip there.

Silver Pentagram with Moldavite Merkavah
made by Craig and worn in France June 2002


Like our missions to Palenque in Mexico, and Peru and Bolivia in South America, Craig again felt the need to make a necklace to wear in France. This time though it was different because it was a three-dimensional silver five-pointed star, holding a crystal Merkavah in the center.


Two weeks before we were due to leave for France, we met with our friends Tom and Renée West, who arrived with a new geometrical brass sculpture, depicting what Tom thought of as the Holy Grail. We found this very serendipitous, as Great Spirit-Mind told us the mission to France concerned the “Ark of the Covenant,” the “Philosophers’ Stone”, and “the Holy Grail.” Immediately recognizing the sculpture’s connection to our mission, Craig purchased it from Tom.

Brass Geometric sculpture with “Pearl of Great Price”Watching Craig examining the sculpture, Renée suddenly declared,  “I see a crystal of some sort in it.” Captivated by the design Craig did not respond or even appear to consider Renée’s words. Yet shortly afterwards he left the room to return with his prized possession, an opalized crystal sphere. Holding it under a light, as our friends admired the uniqueness of the crystal, Craig pointed out the multiple layers within it, giving it the appearance of a clear/white moonstone or pearl.

After Tom and Renée left, leaving me in the living room, Craig carried his new acquisition into our bedroom. A minute later I heard him call out, “Suzzan, come here.” Joining him I observed he had set his opalized sphere on top of the brass sculpture. Simultaneously the words “The Pearl of great price” ran through both our minds and we repeated them out loud. Although aware the words came from the New Testament, I could not remember where or in what context. Relating this to Craig later, he said it is mentioned in the parable of the man who sold everything to acquire this “Pearl of great price.” Thinking about the parable, I realized that the “pearl” represented the “Truth.”

Great Spirit-Mind’s linking the Ark, Grail, and the Philosopher’s Stone, caused great consternation within me. Graham Hancock made the connection between the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, in his book The Sign and the Seal, but I hadn’t come across either’s connection to the Philosophers’ Stone. At least not then.

Brass Geometric sculpture
with “Pearl of Great Price”

Interestingly, two authors believe the green stone that Craig was using in his Merkavah pentagram necklace was linked to the Holy Grail. Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner in their book MOLDAVITE: Starborn Stone of Transformation,describe Moldavite as of meteoric origin. Connecting it with the Holy Grail, they quote Wolfram von Eschenbach, who “described” the Grail “not as a cup, but as a stone of the purest kind...called LAPSIT EXILLAS’....” However, the authors wonder if Wolfram meant “to write LAPIS LAPSUS EX CAELIS, the ‘stone fallen from heaven’?” Considering my dilemma over the connection between the Ark, Grail, and Philosophers’ Stone with our mission to France, we were amazed to learn that Mr. Simmons and Ms. Warner also discovered that Emma Jung’s The Grail Legend, “equates the stone of the Grail to the Philosophers’ Stone.”

We found support of Mr. Simmons and Ms. Warner’s premise, in Graham Hancock’s book, when he relates that the Ark of the Covenant held “the root of all knowledge.” Moreover, because “two figures of cherubim surmounted the golden lid of the sacred relic”, he asks if it is pure coincidence that in Judaic lore, “knowledge” was “the distinctive gift of the cherubim.” In light of this, Mr. Hancock wonders if the “quest” for the Ark was also connected to “a quest for wisdom?”

Another interesting fact that Graham Hancock pointed out concerning the quest for wisdom, involved the Knights Templars and a “secret code” among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Today, through multiple documentaries and books on this mysterious order of Knights, most of us know that under torture in the early 1300s, many Templars “confessed to worshipping a mysterious bearded head”, known as Baphomet. For Mr. Hancock this “secret code” concerning Baphomet was as “equally significant” to the Ark of the Covenant being associated to wisdom. The author explains that Dr. Hugh Schonfield, “an expert on early Christianity” was able to decipher this “secret code”, and “with some clever manipulation,” demonstrate it revealed the name Baphomet could be interpreted to mean “Sophia” in Greek.

(We are sure that we don’t need to remind anyone of Dan Brown’s book The Davinci Code which has the hero Robert Langdon use the Greek word for wisdom, Sophia to open the “cryptex” concealing a clue to finding the Holy Grail.)

Regardless of the fictional reference to Sophia, the Baphomet “code” for Sophia would have been available to the Templars “during their long residence in the Holy Land.” Graham Hancock finds this fact extremely interesting.

With all of the above revelations, it would appear that the connecting factor between the Ark, the Grail, and the Philosophers’ Stone is wisdom, in that they are all repositories of it. Another instance of serendipity occurred the weekend before leaving for France, when we watched a re-run of an interview with the late Professor Joseph Campbell on the Holy Grail. What we found remarkable in this particular interview, was that Professor Campbell related the legend speaks of “neutral” angels bringing the Grail cup to Earth. Apparently, these angels descended between good and evil, taking the “middle way”, which reminded us of Gautama Buddha’s admonition that the middle way was the way to Nirvana.

Professor Campbell stated that the Grail represented “the fulfillment of the highest, spiritual potentialities of the human consciousness.” He also cited Wolfram von Eschenbach’s account of the Grail King legend, stating that the Grail King was reputedly a “lovely young man” who did not earn his position. Apparently, one day this king rides out of his castle and encountering a Mohammedan knight, both men lower their lances and ride full tilt at each other. After they clash, the Mohammedan lies dead, and the Grail King is castrated. Intriguingly Professor Campbell tells the interviewer, the word “grail” is written on the Mohammedan’s spearhead that castrated the king.


Interpreting the castration of the Grail King as meaning the Church’s emasculation of Nature, Professor Campbell saw the Mohammedan knight as representing a pagan or “nature man.” He felt that this was supported by the word “grail” being on the knight’s lance, as he believed it symbolizes that Nature intended Humanity to have the Grail. In other words, spirituality and higher wisdom is not separate from natural life, it is enmeshed within it.

Thinking about Professor Campbell’s interpretation, we found the reference to the “Mohammedan” being a man of nature fascinating. Remembering that during the time the story was written, anyone not a Christian was considered a pagan, what puzzled us was the spearhead castrating the king containing the word grail. However, remembering that Professor Campbell made a point of saying the king did not earn his position, we wondered if his castration might also be relaying the result of him not maintaining a spiritual perspective towards nature.

Manly P. Hall’s An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy – Being an Interpretation of The Secret Teachings Concealed Within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of All Ages also addresses the Islamic faith. Reading aloud about Mohammed’s sincere search for the truth, once again the holiness of the Prophet came through. However, reaching the part about the Archangel Gabriel appearing to him, caused chills to run up my spine. Asking Great Spirit-Mind, “Why am I so uncomfortable with this?” Reasoning that as Mr. Hall had dealt with the prophet fairly and objectively, I couldn’t fathom why I had such a problem with Mohammed’s interaction with Gabriel. Then a vision of the Prophecy — trilogy of films, whose plot centered on the Archangel going against God or Great Spirit-Mind in working against Humanity, flashed through my mind. Suddenly I understood what I was being shown. At the time of Mohammed’s “spiritual awakening,” Christianity had already made Jesus the Supreme Being and was beginning to use force to suppress anyone who dissented from this doctrine. Consequently, we believe Gabriel was merely trying to correct a wrong. We had already identified the “Watchers” who caused the Fall of Humanity, as angels attempting to speed up our Evolution, therefore, we think that this is likewise a case of Gabriel attempting to help.

Manly P. Hall relates that Mohammed spent time with the Christian sect of the Nestorians, who take their name from their founder Nestorius 428 – 431 C.E., the patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul). Webster’s New World College Dictionary, reports that Nestorius promulgated the belief there were two beings in Jesus, “one human and one divine.” Accordingly, Mohammed’s contact with the sect would expose him to Nestorius’ teaching, making him the perfect person for the task. Amazingly, Great Spirit-Mind confirmed, the Archangel Gabriel’s actions were entirely of the his own volition.

Fascinatingly, in his book, Mr. Hall describes how Mohammed received the Koran. Reading that the prophet would become unconscious, sweating profusely while reciting the words that close associates either wrote down or “committed to memory”, reminded me of Hermione when she was channeling. Seeing the connection I told Craig, who immediately responded, “He was channeling like Edgar Cayce.”

Nodding in agreement, I reminded Craig how in 1994 Great Spirit-Mind told us, “All channeled information is a mixture of truth and lies”, meaning there was a danger of either receiving, or interpreting additional information when channeling. However, this was 16 years before 2010, when the “Shadow of Deception” was neutralized, and was no longer relevant. Even so, Craig and I feel that in Mohammed’s case, the problem was not so much with the words of the Koran, the problem was how people interpreted the message.

Another interesting point in Mr. Hall’s encyclopedia involved the Caaba. Citing another academic’s work, apparently the researcher identified “This famous ‘stone’ at Mecca”, which the “faithful” kiss, as “a talisman.” He made this conclusion because there was a figure of Venus with a crescent engraved onto the stone. This made sense, as Mr. Hall explains the Caaba, “was at first an idolatrous temple, where the Arabians worshiped Al-Ussa (God & Issa) that is Venus.” Interestingly, Mr. Hall’s theory could be borne out by the fact that Mohammed destroyed 360 idols surrounding the famous stone, reflecting the number of degrees in a circle, or the original number of days in a year. Regarding the latter, as we wrote in LOVE: The Common Denominator (LCD), before a major cataclysm altered Earth’s orbit, necessitating adding five and a quarter days to the year, there were originally 360 days in the year.

An accompanying text to a black and white drawing of the Caaba in Manly P. Hall’s Encyclopedia also interested us. Linking the Caaba with Stonehenge, the caption relates, “Opening onto the courtyard there are 19 gates”, the exact number of inner stones at Stonehenge. According to Mr. Hall, this number also ties both sites to the Metonic cycle. Unfamiliar with the term, we looked it up in the dictionary, which informed us the Metonic cycle connects to the Moon. Evidently, the name originates from an astronomer, whose name was, not surprisingly Meton from Athens. His claim to fame is his discovery that every 19 years, the phases of the Moon returns to the exact same date, which is how we determine the day Easter falls on each year.

It seems that contrary to the teachings of fundamental Islam, Mohammed believed in the equality of men and women. This was hard for me to believe having lived under the male dominated culture of Saudi Arabia for more than nine years. Nonetheless, Manly P. Hall, like Professor Joseph Campbell, points out in his book how the feminine is “repeatedly emphasized in Islamic symbolism...” For instance, he reminds us that Friday, “sacred to Venus is the Moslem’s holy day,” and Mohammed adopted the color green, which as the author said, “being symbolic of verdure is inevitably associated with the World Mother.” Then there is the “Islamic Crescent and the scimitar (the Arabian sword)”, which  can be “interpreted to signify the crescent shape of either the Moon or Venus.” Like the early Church making the pagan rituals more Christian, it seems that Mr. Hall saw evidence of the Moslems also adopting ancient pagan rituals into the religion, with pilgrims circling the Caaba during the Hajj. Observing that pilgrims circle the central Caaba seven times, he asked if this was not representative of the movement of the seven ancient planets.

The above information would explain the reference Professor Campbell made to the Mohammedan being “a nature man, or pagan” in the Grail King legend. However, a remark the Prophet made concerning philosophy showed us that apart from being a highly enlightened individual, Mohammed was also extremely wise. According to Mr. Hall, Mohammed is reputed to have felt, “The ink of philosophers even more precious than the blood of martyrs.” We wondered what the Prophet would have thought of the Islamic conquerors burning down the Alexandrian Library, not to mention all the atrocities carried out in his and Allah’s name.

Almost despairing of finding the Truth within the warring factions in the “holy lands,” when we read the above information, it showed us the Compassion and Wisdom of Great Spirit-Mind in revealing the true nature of Mohammed, namely, a deeply spiritual man who sincerely sought the Supreme Being. Unfortunately, like Christianity and other religions, up until 2010 and 2021, individuals who came later, under the influence of their counterfeit-spirit and the “Shadow”, corrupted the original message for purposes of power and control. Following that digression, let us return to 2002 and our mission to France.


Tuesday June 18th, at the Sea-Tac airport check-in we learned that because of a threatened air traffic controllers strike in Europe, there was a possibility our connecting flight to Paris out of Chicago’s O’Hare, would be delayed. However, as the mission to France was directed by Great Spirit-Mind, despite the representative for the airlines’ warning, we still checked our baggage.

David arrived at the gate a little after 9:00 am. When we told him of the threatened strike, he admitted to knowing about it since the weekend, but understood from Great Spirit-Mind we should still fly to Chicago. While waiting for our flight we chatted about our mission, and David confessed that it was a statue of Anthony the Hermit, which was drawing him to Rennes-le-Château. For our part, Great Spirit-Mind’s instructions were to find the White Stone, but neither Craig nor I had identified it yet.

For over twenty-four hours, certain symbols and sites repeatedly flashed through my mind. During a dream two nights earlier, a bee appeared out of place or context with the theme of the dream. Upon awakening, I felt compelled to look up the bee totem in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. One phrase veritably leapt from the page. “Bees are long-time symbols for accomplishing the impossible,” which due to my weakened condition seemed appropriate. In addition, I found it interesting to read later in Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge between the Inner and Outer Planets, “Bees are the sacred carrier of polarity energy from Mars to Venus.” She went on to write that “this sacred marriage of the sky and earth” symbolized the “balance of polarities.”

Just before we left, I was instructed to reread several chapters of Secret of Rennes-le-Château by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe, and afterwards the photograph of a Cathar Castle ruins was constantly in my thoughts. Relating this to Craig and David, the latter pulled his copy of the book out of his bag. As he was having difficulty finding the photograph, offering to find it I began flicking through the pages. Stopping on a page I stared at a photograph declaring, “This is it. This is the White Stone I have to find.” According to the caption, the “stone” was a memorial to the more than 200 Cathars burned alive at Montsegur.

Montsegur that ironically means “Safe Mountain”, was the last main stronghold of the Gnostic sect known as the Cathars. The castle was considered impregnable until a crusade was launched against them in the thirteenth century. Consequently, during the winter of 1243 C.E. an army of 80,000 crusading soldiers were camped at its base. After capturing a lookout post, the crusaders set up a catapult or trebuchet to bombard the castle, weakening the ramparts and the resolve of the besieged Cathars. As a result, on March 15, 1244, the castle fell with the surrender of its leader Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix.

While I was studying the photograph, David pulled out his Green Guide to the area. After reading a passage he said, “To reach the ruined castle necessitates a climb up a pathway of 1500 feet.” Grateful that I knew a little more about our destination and relaxing in my chair, I thought about reaching the white stone. True, I wondered at my ability to climb up normal stairs let alone a mountain path; however, I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

The flight to Chicago was uneventful, as Craig slept while David and I watched a movie. Arriving at O’Hare’s international airport, we set about finding out the status of our connecting flight to Paris. As we expected, our flight was delayed until 3:00 pm the following day, forcing us to find a hotel for the night. Asking the helpful, and cheerful airline’s representative for recommendations, she directed us to the main terminal’s booking desk, where we settled on the Radisson as it was offering a special rate.

By then I was really struggling, luckily it was only a few minutes before a comfortable air-conditioned coach arrived. At the hotel, exhausted we went to have dinner before retiring early for the night. The next morning, Craig confided that while lying next to me in bed he had an interesting experience:

Events of other trips streamed through my mind. This quest was not much different in the mechanics of getting from point-A to point-B than other trips. The usual last minute schedule changes and the appearance those connections may not be made had already manifested themselves. No, the feel was different, the vague clarity of purpose didn’t seem to be present and very little else seemed to be piecing together. On the other trips visions or instructions usually let us know what to expect, yet even with all that going on, I experienced a knowing calm that something was about to break loose. The accommodations were comfortable, the bed was a king-size and I can remember just reaching out to keep a finger on Suzzan for some unknown reason; nevertheless, this pose was continued throughout the vision that was to follow.

Things happened that I cannot quite remember, but it was the feeling of moving away from something that stuck in my mind, even though the details were not that clear, the memory was. There was a void and suddenly I could see a floating object off in the distance, in my rapid approach, this object soon turned into a matrix. I could feel its presence inside this huge geometric arena with a cubical grid as the viewing area. The viewing area kept changing from gridded lines to gridded dots, to both lines and dots and sometimes just a single plane. The viewing area switched to gridded lines and held as though some performance was about to begin.

I felt as if poised at the top row of seats in some gigantic non-physical stadium and something was telepathically reciting the program’s agenda as different events took place. Somehow I was linked to a red field of energy within the matrix that was taking different shapes in the viewing area—the shape it took was directly tied to my thoughts. I was being shown by some unseen presence how to control this energy movement and be in more than one place at a time. Move straight up was the thought, and the red energy spiked up surrounding a single vertical line, spread out throughout all the levels now occupied in a cylindrical shape, and it did so. Occupy one level and spread out; the shape of a large circular disc was produced. The stage was about to change, and I found myself on it, in a manner of speaking.

An object appeared in the middle of the cubical viewing area that was the bust of a man. Moving into my own field of vision I could see the red energy ball, and yet it was my energy that moved inside the pedestal or neck of the bust. I was now seeing as the energy itself, as well as the onlooker. What a strange sensation this was, it was like viewing an object from two different perspectives at the same time and it wasn’t even confusing; clarity of perception was there. The bust was transparent now except for orange lines that sketched the prominent features’ outline. I was seeing it from the inside and the outside all at once. This went on for quite some time and from all different perspectives. Sometimes the grid lines were apparent, sometimes just dots, and sometimes nothing but the feeling of the grid guided me as I moved in the energy ball around the bust, and also watched myself from the top seats of the stadium.

Coming into consciousness I immediately felt my finger on Suzzan’s shoulder, and the thought lodged in my mind; it was as if that contact allowed me to come back to this dimension from visiting another. I was back in the hotel room now and not any closer to knowing what the mission was about, or so I thought at that time.

A year later, we were reading Rudolf Steiner’s The Fourth Dimension: Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics when Craig realized the vision in the Radisson hotel was showing him the future. Eagerly he remarked, “Humanity will be able to move by thought to whatever perspective point they want while viewing an object. It is like seeing the object from a 360-degree perspective all at the same time. That time is not far off.” (Of course, with our ability to use video cameras with 360 degrees perspective, and 3-dimensional vizors, in a way, Craig’s experience is already becoming a reality.)

On the plane to Paris, after watching a movie I opened my copy of Secret of Rennes-le-Château, and David sitting on my right did the same. Because I enjoyed a good night’s sleep, I was more prepared to reread the chapters to help us to discover the purpose of our mission. Having only read three chapters, David was reading the fourth.

Silver 3-D Pentagram with Moldavite Merkavah Believing that I only needed to reread chapters five, six and seven, I began with chapter five. Nevertheless, as David had recently read chapter three, the contents were still fresh in his mind, and getting my attention he related some of the material to me. Rereading it, I was amazed to see that Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe state, “Her (Venus’) sacred symbol was a small meteoric stone, which her ancient worshippers believed had fallen from the heavens.” Clearly this was extremely reminiscent of the Merkavah Moldavite that Craig placed within his five-pointed star.

Undoubtedly, as we had read Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe’s book earlier it had influenced Craig’s decision to use a Moldavite Merkavah in his necklace. Nevertheless, neither of us remembered their statement about Venus. In researching our mission to France on the internet, I found an article that stated, “The early astronomers saw the earth as the center of the universe, around which the Sun, the stars and the planets revolved.” As at the time, we were unaware of the metaphysical aspect of Earth’s placement I dismissed it. However, the author went on to relate that “Each planet forms its own pattern of movement around the Sun as seen from the earth. For the ancient watchers of the heavens, those differing patterns of movement allowed them to draw geometric shapes based on the positions of each planet when it was aligned with the Sun. Only one planet describes a precise and regular geometric pattern in the sky — and that planet is Venus, the heavenly counterpart of the earthly Mary Magdalene — and the pattern that she draws as regular as clockwork every eight years is a pentacle.”

None of us were sure whether we should visit the church in Rennes-le-Château on June 21st or June 22nd. Even so, with St Mary Magdalene’s day being July 22nd and 2002 containing two twos, it appeared the number 22 was the key here. Authors Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe also make the connection with 22, pointing out that there are 22 Major Arcana or “greater mystery” cards in the Tarot. Although there are 22 cards, they are numbered 0 to 21, as both card 21 - The World, and card 0 - The Fool can represent 22, because esoterically the latter (0) represents the beginning of the soul’s journey, whereas the former (21) indicates the end or completion of that journey.

In Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, we reported that the RT group tells us that Tau is the combination of a Resh ר and a Yod י . I could clearly see the Resh but seeing a Yod as the additional part was really a stretch. I guess an argument could be made for the bottom part of Tau ת resembling a Yod but then we would have to say that it has a tail. Regardless of the depiction, the group tells us that the combination of the value of a Resh (200) and a Yod (10) gives Tau a hidden value of 210, which is the total reached by adding all the numbers from 0 to 20. Apparently, this hidden value indicates that Tau represents the complete expression of card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune’s Hebrew letter Kaph’s כ powers, which is why the two cards are connected. Consequently, The World and Tau represents the transformed body’s capability to now manage, or as the group says “administer” the Natural world; a goal evolution, symbolized by the Wheel, has been working towards. This new transformed or spiritual vehicles’ capability is conveyed in the shape of Tau ת , as the combination of the Solar energy of Resh ר being directed by the Spirit of Yod י into us.

 World CardFool Card

We knew the end of this cycle, or the Fullness of Time was at the heart of our calling. So the Fanthorpes seeing 22 as a very important number, connecting with Rennes-le-Château was intriguing. For instance, they relate, “Apart from the twenty-two parts of the major arcana in the tarot, it was in 598 BC that Solomon’s temple was destroyed: 5 + 9 + 8 = 22. Moreover, the unfortunate Jacques de Molay burnt at the stake was the twenty-second grandmaster of the Templars. Finally, the French transliteration of Christ’s cry of “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me”, from the cross contains twenty-two letters and is also the opening verse of Psalm 22.”

In numerology 22 is a master number. Matthew Oliver Goodwin in his Numerology: The Complete Guide, tells us “Master numbers exist on a higher spiritual plane than the single digits.” He explains, “The second master number, the 22, is potentially capable of combining the idealism of the first master number, the 11, with the ability to put these ideals into concrete form. Enormous power is available to him to produce on a significant scale, for the benefit of Humanity. When this potential can be realized, the individual becomes a MASTER BUILDER, capable of feats well beyond all others.”

Arriving at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport we quickly passed through customs. Outside we took a taxi to the train station where we had tickets to Toulouse. The journey took five and a half hours, and as by that time we had been awake for over twenty hours, when we arrived in Toulouse we were exhausted. Picking up a prearranged rental car at the station we drove to our hotel. Parking the car within walking distance of the hotel, as we got out we spotted our other companion Norm, hurrying towards us. We had arranged to meet him in Toulouse because he lived in Europe.

Next morning June 21st we met David and Norm in the lobby, before entering the dining room for breakfast. Although David and I were eager to go to Rennes-le-Château, Craig felt we should go to Montsegur first, so leaving Toulouse we soon found our way on to the AutoRoute. Within an hour we entered what is still considered, Cathar country. According to Lucien Bely’s Discovering The Cathars, they  “were very secretive, keeping the deeper mysteries from the average devotees and only giving the higher truths to the leaders of the sect, known as Perfects. Because of this, the little we know of them originates from utterances obtained under brutal torture or the literature of the Orthodox Inquisition’s representatives whose goal was to either convert or convict.”

The Cathars or Albigensians were Gnostics and historians refer to them as Manicheans. I mentioned this sect of Christianity earlier in Stage Reason. However, although Craig and I learned of the Gnostics shortly after him bringing me to America, we were surprised to discover that despite there being many different sects in the second and third centuries, only one survived into the Middle Ages, the Manicheans, who became known as the Cathars in France.


Meandering through the beautiful Languedoc countryside, castles and ruins began appearing on top of the mountains. After two hours around noon, Craig drove into the tourist parking lot at the bottom of Montsegur. During the journey David told us we needed “to climb up to the ruins.” Since these ruins lay at an altitude of 3,923 feet, I wondered how I would make it. Nevertheless, I needed to find the White Stone memorial to the Cathar martyrs. Starting up the path I required help, and was literally pulled up the steep slope. At the top to my great relief I saw the memorial, which meant I did not have to climb up to the ruins. Breathless and exhausted, Craig and Norm helped me onto a grassy knoll. Then leaving me with Norm, Craig joined David to take photographs of the memorial. All the same, the three men knew they needed to climb up to the ruins, so before leaving they led me over to a partly shaded bench at the base.

 Monument (white stone) to the 205 Cathar martyrs at Montsegur, France

Monument (white stone) to the 205 Cathar martyrs at Montsegur, France

Looking at the “white stone” memorial in the black and white photo in the book, Secret of Rennes-le-Château, I wondered at Great Spirit-Mind’s designation, because as the color photo above shows the memorial could hardly be described as “white.” However, since our visit we think the designation was more about the Cathars than the site. According to excerpts from the website – https://anaiyasophia.com:

“Many say the Cathars held within their community the Book of Love and the Holy Grail. The Book of Love was an original parchment containing the handwritten text of both Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ…

“Central to their pathway was the Consolamentum… This ritual was performed by those choosing to become a parfait (perfect one), or at the approach of death. The life of a parfait was open to men and women, as equality between the genders was a foundational stone of Cathar life…

“Once the final crusade bludgeoned its way toward the last Cathar stronghold in March 1244… it is said that a second crucifixion took place. This one, being the crucifixion of the Feminine Christ - the Light of the World. However, as 224 Cathars descended the mountain of Montsegur, they were singing. Despite being starved and frail from months of siege and cold winter weather, they carried within them the spirit that Mary had rekindled within them.”

Perfection and or purity has always been associated to the color white, therefore it is appropriate to have raised a “white stone” as a memorial to the Cathar martyrs, irrespective of its weathered color today. Even so, Montsegur is still a very powerful place. Sitting there gazing over the vista beneath me it gradually began to change. No longer a modern parking lot, instead I saw a strange encampment covering the grassy hill like a plague of swarming ants. Suddenly, a wave of terror swept over me. Nevertheless, I knew I was not generating it.

 Montsegur, Southwest France, June 2002

Montsegur, Southwest France, June 2002

Although historians designate the castle as a Cathar stronghold, there is reason to believe the original building could be a lot older. First, its construction is in the shape of a pentagon. True, the pentagon was a sacred geometrical symbol to the Cathars, but it was also a sacred symbol to the Celts and Druids. Second, according to Elizabeth van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway into Other Dimensions, Rennes-le-Château, The Key, there is a legend which refers to “the giants who set up the mountain of Montsegur....” Apparently, there was also a connection between the Cathars, the inhabitants of Tibet, and the Knights Templar, although the guide does not divulge what that connection was. In addition, the guide cites the reason the Cathars selected the site, was due to the almost unbelievable terrestrial and cosmically generated “power” that Montsegur emanates, which is confirmed by a “measuring apparatus.” Although appearing to be solid, according to the official guide there are those who maintain that the mountain is “HOLLOW.” Furthermore, as the guidebook informs us the original building was a great deal larger, with it originally being a temple to the sun, which is demonstrated by the fact that on the summer solstice, (June 21), the “angles” of sunlight filtering through the “arrow-slits” of the castle, align with the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Back in the States we read more on the Cathars’ demise. According to historians, in the thirteenth century Pope Innocent III raised a “crusade” against the “heretics” of the Languedoc region. Henry Lincoln in his book, Key To the Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Château, confirms the legend of the Cathars singing while walking down from the castle hand in hand. However, as at the bottom a huge pyre greeted them, I could understand the wave of terror I felt sitting there that day. Initially, I deemed my inability to climb up to the castle as a failure but then we learned the present ruins are not the original Cathar castle of the massacre.

Roughly an hour later, I heard the unmistakable sound of my husband’s voice on the trail above me. Moments later joining me, all three eagerly related their experience. Craig shared that “It was very peaceful up there, and I’ve taken lots of pictures for you.” David appeared to be processing the experience but told me the site deeply moved him. Afterwards we went to investigate the memorial to the martyred Cathars. With no specific instructions, we each said a personal prayer for the souls of the martyrs. Much later, I asked David what the visit to Montsegur meant to him. He replied, “I feel as if a baton has been passed.” It would be almost another two years before either of us understood what that statement meant.

As the main destination was Rennes-le-Château , which we planned visiting the next day, we chose to briefly explore the village before returning to Toulouse.

Church of ST. Mary Magdalene in Rennes-le-Château

Rennes-le- Château lies four and a half kilometers up a winding lane, with spectacular views of the Aude Valley below around every hairpin bend. It is strange but we didn’t even see the village until rounding the last curve, when we found ourselves driving along its narrow streets. Just inside the village there is a gift shop and so parking the car; we entered the small dark interior. It reminded me a little of our Center, as the small shop was mainly a bookstore with souvenirs of the village and the surrounding area.

 Ariel view of Rennes-le- Château in the Aude Valley, June 2002

Ariel view of Rennes-le- Château in the Aude Valley, June 2002

Separating from one another we each explored the bookstore. While Craig and David selected several books from the shelves as worthy of reading, Norm not interested in finding a book joined me in searching for a brochure in English to guide us around the village. Unable to locate my quest, approaching the young man behind the counter, I asked “Voulez vous Francais? (Would you French?) I then asked the bemused young “French” man “Parlez vous Francais?” (Can you speak French?) Obviously, I was tired and muddling my words. It went from bad to worse when I told him “Je Suis Francais” (I am French). This time, realizing what I said, I quickly corrected myself with, “I mean Anglais,” (English). To Norm’s credit, he remained silent, but by now both Craig and David, who also knew a little French and was in earshot of my debacle, could barely contain their laughter. At that moment another customer, a young French man asked hesitantly in perfect English, “Perhaps I can translate?” Grateful to the young man, I told him I was looking for a map or guide of the village. With that, the assistant directed me to where they were.

Opening a book about the Cathar religion and region, I admired the beautiful photographs. Deciding that it would be the perfect gift for our friends back in the States, as a thank you for their help in looking after the center while we were away, I held the open book up to Craig. Absorbed in examining Henry Lincoln’s and Elizabeth van Buren’s books, looking up he scanned the book eagerly agreeing with my suggestion, and we went to the counter. After purchasing the gifts plus the guidebook to Rennes-le-Château, we left. Back in the car returning to Toulouse, all three of my companions teased me over my linguistic faux pas.

Keen to get back to Rennes-le-Château the next day, by 9:30 we were speeding along the AutoRoute on our way to the Aude Valley. As I shared my guide to the village with David, he decided to get one of his own.

Just before eleven o’clock, Craig stopped the car in one of the village’s parking lots, and in the gift shop he purchased the three books he was interested in the day before, plus a video by Henry Lincoln about the Aude Valley. After David bought his copy of the guide, we went in search of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.

 Church of Saint Mary MagdaleneChurch of Saint Mary Magdalene tree with 90-degree angle limbs.Garden of Calvary entrance is a carving of a skull

There were two small gardens either side of the pathway leading to the entrance to the church (above left). However, t he first thing that struck me was a strange tree (above center) in front of the church. On one side, its limbs were growing straight up, whereas on the other side the limbs were growing out at a 90-degree angle. Norm commented that “The branches appear to be directing us to the graveyard.” Sure enough, the branches were pointing in that direction. Our guidebook said of the right-hand garden, it is “The Garden of Calvary.” Over this garden’s entrance is a carving of a skull (above right).

Crucifixion with Christ surrounded by a halo of-rays (below)

Christ on a cross at the center of the gardenNot withstanding the sinister entrance, the garden’s main feature is an effigy of Christ on a cross at the center of the garden, surrounded by a large halo of rays. Apparently, originally this halo emanated golden rays. Nonetheless, it was a vase-like vessel at the base of the cross that intrigued me, as I wondered if it was supposed to represent the Holy Grail. Even so we mutually decided to explore the garden after we visited the church.

Asmodeus holding up a “Holy Water StoupMoving to the doorway of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, we saw the strange figure of a crippled demon (Asmodeus) holding up a “Holy Water Stoup”, over which four angels appeared to preside. Our copy of Rennes-le-Château: A Visitor’s Guide Book points out the value of 22 in the statue:

(Right) – Asmodeus – (Left below) 4 Angels above Asmodeus) at entrance to Church of Saint Mary Magdalene - Rennes-le-Château)

Asmodeus holding up a “Holy Water Stoup“Looking in four different directions, these four angels each enact a part of the Catholic sign of the genuflection. The kneeling angel points with her index finger to the inscription ‘By this sign ye shall conquer him’ (Par ce signe tu le vaincras) ‘him’ (le), was apparently added to the age-old phrase to obtain a sentence which contains 22 letters.”

Pointing out that the Hebrew language is the “language of the Cabbala”, like Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe; the authors of the guide also note that there are 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot.

Tour de Magdala – Rennes-le-Château, FranceIn addition, the guide’s authors report that there are 22 steps leading to the patio beneath the tower known as Tour de Magdala (left). This mysterious tower was built by Bérenger Saunière, a key character in the mystery of Rennes-le-Château, because he was the priest responsible for the renovations in the Church of Mary Magdalene in the late 1800s. Bringing in the master number 22 again, we learned there are also 22 “teeth” in the skull, which appears to scowl over the gateway to the cemetery.

Tour de MagdalaRennes-le-Château, France


Inside Church of Saint Mary Magdalene - Rennes-le-Château

Inside Church of Saint Mary Magdalene - Rennes-le-Château

Christ kneelsAsmodeus KneelsBefore we could examine the other marvelous statues and bas-reliefs, a woman came in and told us that the church was closing until 12 o’clock. While waiting we explored the Garden of Calvary, then reading our guide, we learned that although the priest Bérenger Saunière renovated the chapel in the late 19th-century, the site was originally a pagan temple. This was revealed when “an ancient parchment” was discovered in a “Jerusalem Bible”, stating that a “temple dedicated to Isis” was built during the “reign of Nero” at “Rhedae”, the ancient name for Rennes-le-Château.

Returning to the church, in the dim interior as our eyes adjusted we saw ornate statues and bas-reliefs throughout. Opposite the statue of the devil, is one of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. Curiously, the author of Rennes-le-Château: A Visitor’s Guide, notes that Jesus appears to be “crouched in the same position as the devil... but inverted…” As we can see in comparing the two figures, Jesus kneels on his right knee, whereas Asmodeus kneels on his left.

Joseph holding a baby Mary is holding another infantFollowing most Catholic churches, the altar is extremely ornate. To the left of the altar stands a statue of Joseph holding a baby and to the right his wife Mary is holding another infant. Many say that this is from the legend that Jesus had a twin. However, Elizabeth Van Buren thinks that the statues are representative of the sign of Gemini.

Mirroring the statues of Joseph and Mary, Saint Antoine de Padoue (below left) also supports the “Christ child.” Only in this instance, the “child” is standing on an open book in the saint’s left hand. Like Asmodeus, St. Antoine is also accompanied by four angels, but rather than supporting the angels, as the former does, four angels support the latter.

On the left side of the church is Saint Roch ( below right), who apparently “was born with a Red Cross on his chest.” However, his statue does not hi-light a red cross, rather it draws our attention to his exposed right thigh. This detail comes from his legend that following him surviving a deadly plague outbreak, he was afflicted with an “incurable oozing wound on his thigh.”

Saint Antoine de Padoue Saint Roch

Opposite St Roch is Sainte Germaine de Pibrac (below), who some people theorize is the feminine representative of the famous alchemist Count St. Germaine. According to Elisabeth van Buren, this saint was a “Mason and a Templar.” Concerning the statue, she asks, “is he not androgenous? And can he not take any form?” Ms. Van Buren believes the “withered right hand” of the statue signifies that Sainte Germaine represents “the left hand of God… the hand that administers (justice).”

 feminine representative of the famous alchemist Count St. Germaine

 Anthony the Hermit Mary Magdalene

To the left and middle of the church was David’s quarry, Saint Anthony the Hermit. Tradition says that this Saint was Egyptian and lived as an ascetic, renouncing all comforts.

Standing in the center of the church, with the statue of Anthony the Hermit to my left and the statue of Mary Magdalene on my right, I notice how the two statues seem to indicate they were a pair. Both statues held staffs, and both contained books.

The staff of Saint Anthony has a bell attached to the end, whereas the staff Mary Magdalene leans on looks more like a cross made from the branch of a tree. St. Anthony’s book is in his left hand, while Mary Magdalene’s is opened at her feet with a skull placed on top of it. In her left hand, she holds a kind of chalice, reminiscent of the urn below the cross in the Garden of Calvary.

 Sermon on the Mount fresco in the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
Sermon on the Mount fresco in the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Rennes-le-Château   —   Kirchenfresko RennesKirchenfresko Rennes Creative Commons

Turning to look towards the back of the church, I observe how a spectacular fresco of the Sermon on the Mount covers the entire back wall. Eager to share my awe and delight with Craig and the others, as I turn to the front I observe Craig and Norm studying the altar, while David is examining the statue of Jesus’ baptism.

Joining Craig and Norm at the altar, I sat in the front pew captivated by the bas-relief (below) beneath the altar. It was a scene of Mary Magdalene kneeling with hands clasped together at the entrance of a cave, with the same symbols on her statue. Yet in the bas-relief, although she is kneeling in front of a cross that looks as though it was made from a tree, this cross is formed by small branches. As with her statue there is a skull and an open book too, but like her statue she is holding neither. However, in this case, the skull is not on top of the book because although the skull lies in front of Mary Magdalene at the base of the cross, the open book is off to her left, almost floating on some kind of ledge.

 Altar of Saint Mary Magdalene - Rennes-le-Château

Altar of Saint Mary Magdalene - Rennes-le-Château
Zartosht est le pseudo utilisé sur Wikicommons par Sarkis sur Wikipedia.Creative Commons
Zartosht est le pseudo utilisé sur Wikicommons par Sarkis sur Wikipedia


Amazingly, in recounting our story for Stage Knowledge, we learned that a Latin inscription below the bas-relief with Mary Magdalene translates as “Jesus, remedy against all our pains, The only hope for the penitent, Through the tears of Magdalen Thou washest away our sins”

Station fourteen of The Stages of The CrossReturning to 2002, shifting my attention from the altar, I scanned the rest of the interior. On both sides of the church walls are various scenes from the stages of the cross. As fascinating as they were, they did not compare to the bas-relief on the altar, the statues of Mary Magdalene, Anthony the Hermit, or the fresco of the Sermon on the Mount, so I didn’t spend any time to study them further.

Even so, perhaps with hindsight maybe we should have studied the paintings of the stages of the cross with more scrutiny. As we later, read in Elizabeth van Buren’s book, the cave the disciples are carrying Jesus into in station fourteen, (right) is “one and the same” with the cave that Mary Magdalene kneels at in the bas-relief on the altar!



After spending several hours exploring the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, we were all getting hungry. So leaving for the “Blue Apples” restaurant outside in the restaurant’s garden we enjoyed a delicious dish of ravioli with wild mushrooms. The temperature had been rising steadily all morning and we were grateful for the shade of a large parasol.

Hunger sated, we headed for Rennes-les-Bains and the ruins of an ancient Roman bath. Parking the car, we made our way down a steep winding path to the river. Walking along the paved riverbank, we notice unmistakable signs of Roman architecture. Instead of returning the way we came, we climbed steep steps that ran up the side of one of the many bridges we passed under while walking down to the river.

 Rennes Les Bains, France 2002

Rennes Les Bains, France 2002

Back on the road, we headed for Cassaignes. This small village like Rennes-le-Château perches on top of one of the many mountains in the region. We read of this remote village in the book Secrets of Rennes-le-Château, where the authors relate that some believe “There may be some huge ‘structure’ -- possibly a ‘temple’ -- laid out over some forty square miles of territory incorporating Rennes-le-Château, Rennes-les-Bains, Cassaignes, and Coustaussa.”

 Church in Cassaignes, France 2002

Church in Cassaignes, France 2002

In Cassaignes we were looking for an ancient Visigothic stone cross that was reputedly housed in the cemetery, which experts date to 500 C.E. Unfortunately, as the cemetery was closed we did not get to see it, so after we explored the town for half an hour, we drove to our next destination.

Heading for Coustaussa, as we drove up the winding road, we observed that the ruins of the Chateau stood out in stark relief against the skyline. Walking through the village’s silent streets, finding a resident we learned the ruins were not open to the public.

 Ruins of a Cathar castle in Coustaussa, France

Ruins of a Cathar castle in Coustaussa, France

Leaving the village of Coustaussa, Craig drove towards Toulouse again. On the way back we passed a road sign for Alet-Le-Bains. As both David and I felt drawn there, Craig turned onto the road leading to the center of town. The river Aude dominates this small town, running through it in magnificent splendor, but it was the ruins of a cathedral that we found most interesting. Walking around these ruins, two doves flew into the remains of a tower, which drew my attention to the symbol of a six-pointed star outlined in a still intact window of the cathedral. It was strange to see the Star of David, the national symbol of Israel, in a Christian building, but France is full of such anomalies. After stopping for a drink just outside Alet-Le-Bains, it was time to return to Toulouse for dinner.

Cathedral in Alet Les Bains, France 2002bridge in Alet Les Bains, France 2002

Cathedral and bridge in Alet Les Bains, France 2002





 Frontal façade of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, Toulouse, France

Frontal façade of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, Toulouse, France

The next day began slowly for us because it was Sunday. Since the only place we planned to visit was a church less than a mile away, we decided to have a leisurely breakfast before heading for our quarry. Notre-Dame de la Daurade basilica had piqued our interest when we learned that it lies on the site of a Benedictine monastery, which in turn replaced an ancient temple. Standing on the bank of the river, the present church dates from the 18th century, gaining its name through the interior’s mosaic attached to a backdrop of gold leaf – delaurata, which means covered in gold

After a brief five-minute drive we arrived around ten, and Craig found a parking place a short walk from the church. Strolling along what we took to be the front façade of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, we looked for the entrance. Unable to find an open door into the church, while Craig, Norm, and I stopped by a wall bordering the river in front of the church, David wandered down a side road alongside the building. Disappearing into what we assumed was an alley, he reappeared waving a beckoning arm to us. Reaching his side David excitedly exclaimed, “You are not going to believe the inside of this church!”

Walking into what we now realize is a side entrance, we found ourselves in a huge, vaulted ceiling nave, which like most of the churches in France is decorated extremely ornately. However, this was not the most striking feature. What struck us was that on every wall there were very large oil paintings depicting biblical scenes. Staring up at these paintings that we estimated to be at least 15 feet in height and five feet wide, was awe inspiring.

 Interior of Notre-Dame de la Daurade – Toulouse, France 2002

Interior of Notre-Dame de la Daurade – Toulouse, France 2002

On each of the columns supporting the nave were small pictures also of a biblical nature, only there was a repeating theme, which puzzled me. Within each picture was a serpent that did not seem to represent the proverbial “devil.” Rather, the serpents seemed to represent a force present on each occasion. It reminded me ofthe book, The Serpents of Wisdom by Mark Amaru Pinkham, in which he believes the ancient sages were known as serpents. I was also reminded of Jesus admonishing his disciples to be as “wise as serpents and as innocent as doves” before sending them to preach the good news.

Nevertheless, Notre-Dame de la Daurades main tourist draw is the mysterious black Madonna. Housed in the church, congregations and visitors venerate this icon as the Holy Virgin.

 Black Madonna - Notre-Dame de la Daurade

Black Madonna - Notre-Dame de la Daurade

Almost on overload from the incredible vistas within the church, everyone unanimously decided to go and have a drink before Norm’s train left for Amsterdam at 2:55. Our train was not leaving until nearly midnight as we were on the overnight sleeper-train to Paris, so after seeing Norm off, we took our time and went for dinner.


SACRED GEOMETRY - Astrological Signposts and Codes


Arriving in Paris, we quickly located a taxi and although it was Monday morning rush hour, we sped through the crowded streets. Rather than returning to the States, we chose to spend a night in Paris in order to visit the Louvre Art Gallery and Museum, as well as Notre Dame Cathedral.

Even from the back of a cab the Louvre is still a very imposing sight, which we admired as we sped past it. Crossing the River Seine onto the West Bank, the taxi driver stopped in front of a cobblestone road next to a closed-in area, and pointed to a small boutique hotel a few yards away.

After freshening up in the room, we thought it would be a good idea to have breakfast in the hotel before heading for the Louvre. Prior to joining us for breakfast, David arranged for the receptionist to order us a taxi for 9:30. We had just finished our continental breakfast, when the receptionist told us our taxi was outside.



 The Louvre Art Gallery and Museum, Paris France June 2002

The Louvre Art Gallery and Museum, Paris France June 2002

Only five minutes later, we arrived at the massive courtyard surrounded by multiple palatial buildings housing one of the most famous art galleries/museums in the world. The sun shone brilliantly, glinting off the modern addition of a glass pyramid that was now the main entrance of the Louvre. It amused me to learn that apparently this pyramid consisted of 666 panes of glass. I wondered if the architect decided to play a joke or was not superstitious enough to be concerned about tempting fate. In any case, it is an impressive structure and so paying the entrance fee we went inside.

Once in the main entrance hall, we headed for the information desk, as our main goal was to see two paintings -- The Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicolas Poussin, and The Temptation of Anthony by David Teniers. The layout of the Louvre covers a vast area; consequently, since we had been on a train overnight and I was not at full strength, we did not want to wander the halls searching for the elusive works of art. That said, as we made our way to these paintings we were in awe of the beauty around us, as the walls and ceilings were covered with works of art.

 HallL Poussin

 Poussin's paintings

Arriving at the location of Poussin’s paintings, we searched for his famous Les Bergers D’Arcadie or The Shepherds of Arcadia. However, in the outer hall another Poussin’s painting caught our attention, Autumn, or the Grapes of the Promised Land.

Autumn, or the Grapes of the Promised Land by Nicholas Poussin

Autumn, or the Grapes of the Promised Land by Nicholas Poussin


According to the author of the church and village’s guide, the painting may be connected to a strange phenomenon that occurs every winter in the Church of Rennes-le-Château, since Bérenger Saunière’s renovation. Evidently, exactly at “midday” when the sun is “low on the horizon”, the sun’s rays pass through one of the blue stained-glassed windows, casting an image of a tree covered with round fruit resembling apples onto the opposite wall. Initially blurred, the image gradually comes into focus, as moving from left to right, we see the majority of the fruits ripening into red globes, “except for three of them, which remain blue.”

Gazing at the masterpiece hanging in the Louvre I pondered over the painting’s connection to the “blue apples” phenomenon in the church, and for a moment wondered whether the artist knew of it when he painted his masterpiece. Yet, I reasoned that as Poussin completed the work at least two centuries before Bérenger Saunière became parish priest of Rennes-le-Château, unless the artist could see into the future, he couldn’t have known.

Although the amazing effect created by the blue stained-glassed windows during winter was fascinating, the guide reported a phenomenon with another stained glass window that really intrigued us. Apparently, “around the 3rd or 4th of April, the Sun, passing through the window showing Christ resuscitating Lazarus (in the chancel to the right of the altar) projects Christ in a very specific position on to the bottom of the opposite wall, raises him from the ground, and makes him rise along the wall until he appears before Mary Magdalene exactly as in the Gospels....” We found this intriguing because up until reading this, we had found no reference to the New Testament characters and the date April 4th, the day Craig and I were in the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem.

Time & Truth by Nicholas PoussinWandering around the outer hall of Nicolas Poussin’s paintings, the sheer size of his works were amazing. One such painting was entitled Time & Truth . The title captivated me, as those were subjects continually on my mind of late. The canvas portrays a winged creature that Craig and I later observed as being neither an angel nor demon, lifting a naked woman up into the clouds. Below the elevated pair, are sinister characters sitting on rocks. In the sky alongside them is a cherub holding the scythe of Father Time and a serpent swallowing its tail. Elizabeth van Buren said of the symbol in her book Refuge of the Apocalypse: that the serpent swallowing its tail signifies the “Alpha & Omega.” She relates that this particular symbol represents time coming full circle. Linking time with truth, Ms. Van Buren says of the painting, “For this is the meaning of Truth, borne in the arms of time. When the elements are in balance another time exists, and not its false mirror-image.” Apparently Poussin used geometry to depict the infinity of Truth, because according to Ms. Van Buren, within the painting are four interlocking circles.

                              Time & Truth by Nicholas Poussin

Entering another large hall, we came face-to-face with perhaps Poussin’s most famous work Les Bergers D’Arcadie (The Shepherds of Arcadia). Compared to his other paintings this was probably half the size. In fact, it seemed a little anticlimactic after viewing the giant masterpieces on the way to our goal. So why did Poussin deviate so much from his usual work with the Shepherds of Arcadia? After all this painting was what first caught our attention in Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe’s Secrets of Rennes-le-Château. Consequently, standing in front of the famous masterpiece, I wondered what was so special about it.

 Les Bergers D’Arcadie (The Shepherds of Arcadia) by Nicholas Poussin

Les Bergers D’Arcadie (The Shepherds of Arcadia) by Nicholas Poussin

Henry Lincoln the tenacious writer and researcher of the whole Rennes-le-Château mystery, claims to have found the location of the landscape in the picture within the sight of the village. Although he maintains that the area overlooks Valdieu, The Valley of God, it is Mr. Lincoln’s discovery of the hidden geometry in Poussin’s work and the Valley’s vicinity that is his claim to fame.

Apparently five peaks form a pentacle around Rennes-le-Château, and some believe there is a huge pentagonal temple hidden over a vast area. Moreover, connecting the painting to Montsegur, Henry Lincoln notes that not only was Montsegur built in the shape of a pentagon, it seems that The Shepherds of Arcadia also uses the pentagonal shape. In his book, Mr. Lincoln relates that Professor Cornford (1874-1943) was able to determine that a pentagon centered on the forehead of the shepherdess, dominates the painting. Since according to Wikipedia, he was an English classical scholar and translator known for his influential work on ancient philosophy, and ancient Greek religion, this is very telling. However, there is more than one version of this painting. It appears that in 1630, approximately ten years earlier than the time of The Shepherds of Arcadia in the Louvre, Poussin painted a similar canvas; with a shepherdess and three shepherds examining a mysterious tomb, only the shepherdess in this version is less demurely dressed. Furthermore, the picture is a reverse image, with a different background. Additionally, the Louvre also houses an exact mirror image of the Shepherds of Arcadia, which made us question why Poussin would paint more than one version.

Ms. Van Buren observes in her book that the reverse image of Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia has the shadow of a heart to which two of the shepherds appear to be pointing. She believes that the reverse image has an inherent “message of love” in it and that the “energy of love is the quintessence.”

Back in the States, reading of the earlier less modest version Craig remarked, “He (Poussin) didn’t realize the truth then. That’s why he painted her (the shepherdess) in a more seductive way.” Some art historians have posited the theory that the shepherdess represented Mary Magdalene. If so, then Craig felt that perhaps Poussin originally believed Mary Magdalene to be a prostitute, and subsequently painted the shepherdess robed more provocatively. However, in painting the same subject ten years later, he seemed to have understood that Mary was not a prostitute, and painted her with attire that was more respectful.

Having found Poussin’s The Shepherds of Arcadia, we set about finding The Temptation of Anthony , though this proved easier said than done. As the Teniers, both father and son, were contemporaries of Poussin we thought we would find the artists’ work in the general vicinity. Alas, this was not the case. Locating an extremely helpful assistant who understood English, David showed her his quest in the book he was carrying. She confidently told him that she knew where it was, and asked us to excuse her for a moment. Returning a few minutes later, she told us that the Teniers were in a different section, which unfortunately was not open. Apologizing profusely, she suggested that we return the next day. After David explained that we were leaving France the following afternoon, she walked away.

 The Temptation of Saint Anthony by David Teniers the younger

The Temptation of Saint Anthony by David Teniers the younger

Later back home, searching the web we found the version above by David Teniers the younger, and although there are many versions of this theme both by Teniers himself and different artists, the version above seems the most authentic depiction of the legend. Evidently Saint Anthony was a hermit of the second century (100-199 C.E.), who rarely left his cave in the Egyptian desert. According to the legend, his faith in God was attacked by the devil who sent demons to beat him, while seductive women attempted to distract him from his prayers. Regardless, the saint remained steadfast.

A possible explanation for the multiple versions is that due to the popularity of the “story”, in particular the inclusion of demons and wanton women, David Teniers painted a template. This template would then be partly replicated by his assistants, after which he would complete the finishing touches by painting the details, such as books, vessels, and crucifix.

 Greek, Etruscan, and Roman section of the Louvre Art Gallery and Museum in Paris

Greek, Etruscan, and Roman section of the Louvre Art Gallery and Museum in Paris

Although we were all disappointed at not seeing Teniers paintings, once the assistant left, Craig suggested we check out the statues we’d seen on the way to the galleries. Finding the ancient sculptures in the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman section, our eyes feasted on the classical art. Exquisitely carved, the figures were mostly marble constructions giving a warm majesty to the cold surface.

The Louvre is impressive with no detail missing. Its designer even went as far as to reflect the specific works of art, by ensuring that the floors of the halls, and vaulted ceilings housing the classical works were beautifully tiled with the most magnificent carvings and bas-reliefs. Strolling around examining the beautiful statues, Craig noticed that I was growing tired. Insisting that I rest for a while on a stone slab passing for a bench, we marveled at the artistry. Following a brief rest, we were ready to go as more than aware of our constraints on time, I felt I could rest over lunch.

Lamenting that we barely scratched the surface of the Louvre, I left promising myself that we would return one day and explore the entire gallery. Allowing Craig and David to lead me into a spacious square, we had lunch. Sitting in the warm afternoon sunshine revived all three of us, and after a couple of hours, we were ready to head for our final destination in this magical city, Notre Dame Cathedral.


Vaguely remembering seeing Notre Dame when visiting Paris on a day trip with my school, I was looking forward to exploring it again. As the taxi neared the cathedral, we saw the magnificent view of the North side, nonetheless, on foot we approached the Western façade. In front of three massive doors, the three of us stood drinking in the superb splendor of the building. Apart from two towers, dominating the Western entrance is a huge Rose Window supported by a row of saints towering above three archways, overlooking the three entrances.

 Western entrance to Notre Dame Cathedral – June 2002

Western entrance to Notre Dame Cathedral – June 2002

Rose window over Western entrance to Notre Dame, Paris 2002

Rose window over Western entrance to Notre Dame, Paris 2002

Gazing up at the tremendous feat of engineering, at the time, I wondered about the gifted craftsmen who built such a magnificent building. Later we were surprised to learn that the Knights Templar oversaw the building of all Gothic cathedrals of Europe, of which Notre Dame in Paris is a perfect example. We mentioned the order earlier in connection with a secret code in the Dead Sea Scrolls, but multiple documentaries and books on them reflect how mystery upon mystery surrounds this order of religious knights. Clarifying what we now know of the order, the designation Knights Templar first appears after nine Knights live over the site of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem for nine years.

Officially, the Templars function in Jerusalem was to protect pilgrims visiting the Holy Lands. Yet many legends claim that their real purpose was to locate the Ark of the Covenant. Apparently, there is an association between the Templars and Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, reportedly responsible for designing Notre Dame. Elizabeth van Buren points out that it was Saint Bernard, the founder of the Cistercian order who “invented the name Notre Dame.” Naturally, it was his order, the Knights Templar who oversaw the construction of the Gothic cathedrals, dedicated to Notre Dame, “Our Lady.” Interestingly, construction of the majority of the cathedrals occurred during a four-hundred-year span between the tenth and the thirteenth centuries (100 – 1400 C.E.).

 Portal of the Coronation – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

Portal of the Coronation – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

On that glorious June afternoon, David, Craig, and I gazed up at the magnificent building in awe. According to the guidebook the construction of Notre-Dame in Paris began in 1163, and was not completed until 1351. On our left as we faced the Western entrance, is the archway known as the Portal of the Coronation. This arch (above) depicts Jesus and Mother Mary seated above a bas-relief of Jesus’ disciples surrounding his body. Beneath this are kings and prophets sitting on earthly thrones with an empty throne in the middle of them, purportedly for Jesus to reign as the last earthly king.

To our extreme right is the Portal of Saint Anne. I found it odd that the name of the archway (below) was “Saint Anne,” because the portal portrays, in the words of the official guidebook, “The King, the Bishop and his clergy offering the new cathedral to Mary and her son.” An aside note by the book intrigued me, because it related that “An earlier church had been given by King Childebert to the Bishop Saint Germain”, which made me wonder if it was the famous alchemist Count Saint Germaine.

 Portal of Saint Anne – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

Portal of Saint Anne – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

 Portal of The Last Judgment – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

Portal of The Last Judgment – Western Entrance Notre Dame, Paris June 2002

Directly overhead is the central archway, the piece de resistance. This portal (above) is titled The Last Judgment. Interestingly “Christ” sits on a throne above an angel and the devil holding a balance scales between them. These figures appear to be deciding the fate of the souls brought before them. Due to this being extremely reminiscent of the Egyptian Book of the Dead: which has Osiris the god of the dead, weighing the deceased’s heart against a feather, I wondered at the similarity. What were the angel and devil weighing in this case?

True Philosophers StoneEntering the huge church, we were expecting a dimly lit interior like most churches but to our surprise, just inside was a pillar illuminated with a brilliant violet ray. It was so bright that at first we wondered if there was an artificial light of some kind causing the effect. Investigating, we discovered the light was coming through one of the stained-glass windows but could not tell which one.

Ms. Van Buren writes that “amethyst” or purple was the color of the “seventh ray,” and the “vibration” of the Aquarian Age. Citing Fulcanelli, an alchemist, Ms. Van Buren relates, the two cathedral’s pillars “supporting the lintel” that we encountered at the entrance, depict the twelve astrological signs, only the signs are not sequential. Instead, on one pillar Leo follows Gemini rather than Cancer. We find the Summer Solstice sign of Cancer signaling the shift of the Sun, heading up the remaining sun-signs on the other pillar.


Jean and Sébastian Touret's bronze altarStrolling through the nave, we were a little perplexed to find a modern altar (left) in the middle of the cathedral. Evidently, Jean and Sébastian Touret were the creators. This bronze altar has twelve abstract figures that supposedly represents the twelve disciples, (the guidebook does not say). It was consecrated as the new altar in 1989. Taking a seat to the right of the altar, I again contemplated time. Where we were, in the nave, was arguably the oldest part of the church, yet here was a bronze altar, which spoke of today. While sitting there, all three of us also admired the magnificent South Rose window (below). Spanning ten meters, it dominates the south wall of the nave.



South Rose windowInterestingly, a Celtic tribe called the Parisii occupied the original site of the Notre Dame cathedral, which was a Celtic temple. By the time Christianity arrived in the region, the occupants had erected an altar consecrated to Jupiter. What was most surprising was the feeling that this church was not just a Catholic cathedral. It was reminiscent of being in the older church of “Our Lady, (Notre Dame) of Guadeloupe,” while we were visiting Mexico City. It was not the building so much as the location. Until our mission to France, we did not know that many churches were built over “pagan” temples. Now we suspected that “Our Lady of Guadeloupe” might have been too.

South Rose window



Sitting in my seat on the flight home, I wondered why we were compelled to visit certain French villages, after all many of our intended sites, such as the ruins of Coustaussa, were closed. A week later we found the answer to that question. As stated, one of the books Craig purchased in Rennes-le-Château was Elizabeth van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway Into Other Dimensions -- Rennes-le-Château, the Key. Although we have cited the book several times, the author’s insight into the deeper mysteries surrounding the area was nothing short of astounding.

In reading Ms. Van Buren’s book, the part we found most intriguing was her belief that the fourteen stages of the cross, depicted in Saint Mary Magdalene’s church at Rennes-le-Château, contain the signs of the Zodiac. As stated, Ms. Van Buren associated the cave the disciples are carrying Jesus into in station fourteen, to the cave that Mary Magdalene kneels in front of on the altar’s bas-relief. She also observes that the “little golden buds”, emerging from the “lower part of the cross” in the scene, “represent the golden apples.” In essence, Ms. Van Buren feels that Mary Magdalene is the guide to the “spiritual treasure” of Rennes-le-Château.

 West rose window in Notre Dame, Paris titled “la lachete” cowardice in English

West rose window in Notre Dame, Paris titled “la lachete” cowardice in English

Designating the fourteenth station bas-relief as Omega, not surprisingly, Ms. Van Buren sees the first stage as representing not only the first sun-sign Aries but also the Alpha. Moreover, she points out that the stations bas-reliefs one through thirteen have astrological symbols hidden within them. Evidently, several of the reliefs conceal a hare, which according to Ms. Van Buren, also shows up in the Western Rose window of Notre Dame in Paris (above). Although difficult to make out because the window is partially hidden behind the organ pipes, evidently, the rose window depicts a young man fleeing the scene of his crime of cutting a hare in half with a sword. Interestingly, its title “la lachete” translates to cowardice in English.

Notwithstanding the secular meaning of cowardice in the West Rose Window of Notre Dame in Paris, it seems that the symbol of a hare carries a deeper more spiritual meaning, because Mary Magdalene may also have a connection with the hare. William Henry, another investigator of the Rennes-le-Château mystery believes the hare is a sacred symbol for both Osiris and Isis. In his book, Blue Apples: A Search for the Lost Stargate Technology and Spiritual Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, he relates that according to E. Wallis Budge, an Egyptologist, Osiris was known as “Un Nefer,” which translates to “beautiful hare” or “good being.” William Henry also tells us that Isis was referred to as, “The Great Goddess Har, the patroness of temple prostitutes or harines.” Moreover, the area of the temple the “harines” occupied was known, not surprisingly, as the “Harem,” where the pharaoh would “prove” his “virility by impregnating the harines.” Mr. Henry feels this may be the reason for the reference to Mary Magdalene as a harlot. In addition, he answered a question of why Jesus’ resurrection celebration, Easter Sunday’s symbol is a “bunny.”

Growing up in the United Kingdom, apart from chocolate Easter eggs, there were always chocolate bunny rabbits. In our research, we learned that the practice of giving Easter eggs was a relic of a pagan fertility festival, because this festival was celebrated at the Spring Equinox, occurring around the time Easter falls. However, the reason for the bunny remained elusive, unless of course you count the rabbit’s proclivity to procreate as also evidence of fertility.

Another interesting snippet in relation to the hare symbology concerns the Basque language, because linguists cannot find the origin of it. Today it is officially spoken in Northwestern Spain, but originally it was the language of the Kingdom of Navarre, straddling the western Pyrenees Mountain region between France and Spain.

Irrespective the mystery of the Basque language’s origin, it seems that in Basque the word Erearoa stands for both the month of June, and a hare. According to Ms. Van Buren, while looking at the structure and connotation of the word Erearoa, Boudet (Saunière’s friend and the priest of Rennes-les-Bains) “alludes to the secret sign of the hare.” Apparently, he found that it stemmed from “the plough going over the fields to harrow or here (hare)” the soil. This brings us to two diagrams in Ms. Van Buren’s book showing both the “Rennes Zodiac” and “The Temple of the Stars.”


Interestingly before going to France we learned of Elizabeth van Buren in Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpes’ Secrets of Rennes-le-Château. However, the former’s name did not spark a memory for either of us when purchasing her book in the village. This is even more amazing, when we reread their book, and were reminded the Fanthorpes wrote of Ms. Van Buren’s belief that the Rennes area contained a picture of the stars over forty square miles.

In examining the diagrams in Ms. Van Buren’s book, we learned that the Great Bear constellation falls smack in the middle of the area between Rennes-le-Château, and Rennes-les-Bains, whereas the Little Bear lies slightly to the north. Coincidentally, another name for Ursa-Major or the Great Bear is the Plough.

On our return to America, we thought it might be interesting to mark the different places we visited in the Languedoc region on a map. David marked our route from Montsegur to Rennes-le-Château, then Rennes-les-Bains, Cassaignes, and Coustaussa, and finally Alet-le-Bains. We were not sure the last should be on the list because removing it, if Ms. Van Buren’s diagrams were right, then we had been in the center of her Temple of Stars.

Another coincidence concerned the area Ms. Van Buren designates to the sign of Libra in her “Rennes Zodiac.” Calling it “The Phoenix,” she writes that the “stream” in the village of Granés, which is 2.29 miles Northeast of Rennes-le-Château, demarcates the bottom half of “the body of the Phoenix.” She informs us that the French word “Granés” means both “grain” and “seed,” which reminded us of Palenque and the fact that its original name meant “seed.” Ms. Van Buren describes the egg of the mythical phoenix as “the seed corn, of gold, which is the light awaiting rebirth at Rennes.”

In addition, Ms. Van Buren connects Chiron to Nostradamus’ century XI quatrain. “From old Charon one will see the Phoenix (rise).” Interpreting Charon to mean Chiron, she notes that Chiron resided in a “cave.” Chiron played a large part in enabling me to go to France, and to read that Ms. Van Buren connected the Phoenix with Chiron, more than interested us. Moreover, William Henry writes, “One of the most powerful symbols of Christ is the phoenix”, which confirms what we had learned of Chiron. This comet/asteroid lying between Saturn and Uranus, interestingly the last visible and first invisible planets of the solar system, was discovered on November 1, 1977. According to Cate Whelan’s website, Celtic tribes held November 1st, as a “time between two worlds”, meaning that it intersects both the “physical and spiritual” planes. Evidently, Chiron represents in astrology the “wounded healer” who sacrifices himself for the benefit of Humanity.

According to Zane B. Stein’s web site, Chiron & Friends, there are several names assigned to Chiron. Two designations really interested us, Time or Chiros and Doorway. Mr. Stein says of Chiros or Time, Saturn represents chronological or linear time whereas Chiros signifies the time that is outside of chronology. Since this time obeys an entirely different set of laws, it is “timeless” time. With relation to the designation Doorway, Mr. Stein states that the doorway does not belong to either world; it is neutral. He says that if we consider Saturn as the walls of a house, the interior rooms as the inner planets, then the outside of the house would be the outer planets, accepting of course the demotion of Pluto. Chiron would then be the door between the inner and outer planets, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus.

After watching the in-flight movie, I pulled out one of the books we bought in Rennes-le-Château called Poussin’s Secret, by David Wood and Ian Campbell. As it only contained 33 pages, I was confident I could finish reading it before landing in Dulles. Evidently, Poussin’s Secret in Messiers Wood and Campbell’s book is a code discovered purportedly by Bérenger Saunière. Hinting of a great secret concealed by the artists Nicolas Poussin and either the father or son, David Teniers, this code is apparently the reason treasure seekers flock to the Rennes area.

It was reading the authors of Secrets of Rennes-le-Château reference to the code as, -- SHEPHERDESS NO TEMPTATION TO WHICH POUSSIN AND TENIERS KEEP THE KEY PEACE 681 WITH THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD I REACH THIS DEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY BLUE APPLES, which led us to this area of France. However, like Ms. Van Buren, we do not think the “code” is pointing to some earthly treasure. On the contrary, we agree with the author in that the code concerns a far more valuable spiritual truth.

Naturally, the reference to SHEPHERDESS and POUSSIN, led the code breakers to the Shepherds of Arcadia painting. However, Mr. Wood and Mr. Campbell’s focus is on a five-pointed star over the map of the Rennes area. In their book, the map is a superimposed star within a circle marked with fifteen points on the perimeter. It was interesting to see Rennes-le-Château, Coustaussa, and Cassaignes lined up as points, in the upper right-hand quadrant of the circle along the perimeter. The authors note that if we draw a line from the three villages towards the center of the pentagon, we find the lines meeting in the village of Rennes-les-Bains.

Regarding the Code, one of the most baffling aspects is the reference to the numbers 681, which we mentioned in Section 9 of Stage Reason. Many researchers point out the correlation with the numerals 681 and the Golden Mean but are they right? Accepting the belief that manipulating numbers was the hallmark of esoteric teachings, i.e., Gematria, is there evidence that the numbers in the code are hiding additional information? The authors of Rennes-le-Château: A Visitor’s Guide, seem to think so because they tell us that the epitaph on the tomb of one of the main characters in the mystery, reveals the year Bérenger Saunière would discover the parchments containing the code.

Henry Lincoln also saw the connection between the numbers 6 8 1 and Rennes-le-Château. In his book Key to The Sacred Pattern - The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Château he relates that in his research into the mystery, he discovered that on a scale map of the area surrounding the site of Poussin’s painting, the five-pointed star, already mentioned, seemed to have a “key” measure, which connected the points. Mr. Lincoln explains that the “distance - from one point of the star to the opposite intersection of the pentagonal design - is the origin of the basic measure used by the ancient creators of a structured landscape...” Apparently, a rough estimate the builders used to “measure” was based on “two miles” which was “1618 yards.”

Later in his book, Mr. Lincoln informs us how using the measure “2 miles, 1618 yards” he discovered an astounding similarity to the actual “landscape” of the Rennes area. In addition, the author noticed another “extraordinary coincidence”, stating that “The ‘holiness’ of Rennes-le-Château landscape stems from its pentagonal” or “Golden Section” pattern “of mountains.” Evidently, this pattern reflects the “movements of Venus…”

In Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE, we delve more deeply into Mr. Lincoln and other authors comments on the numbers 6 1 8, but here, we will end with Gregg Braden’s observations on this mysterious number. In his Awakening to Zero Point-The Collective Initiation, he relates the number to the close of the cycle, and asks, “Where will the base resonant frequency of Earth be at the close of the cycle?” He believes that through the Golden Mean or “Golden Ratio; the fractional value of .618” we can ascertain the “target” frequency”, because 6 1 8 has been the constant since “ancient Greece.” Moreover, since it is “fundamental to ‘life’ on Earth,” it is what rules the basic “vibration of the planet.” Mr. Braden believes “The target frequency of Earth resonance is the next member in the sequence of values that govern this parameter; 13 cycles per second.” He states that “thirteen cycles per second” is destined to “become the new base resonant frequency with all harmonics based upon integer multiples of this fundamental vibration.” In addition, he feels that this is connected with the New Age in evolution. Stating that “This is the frequency that will trigger resonance with the new grid/matrix complex, signaling the close of the present cycle of evolution…”

Considering the dissention between experts over the base frequency of the Earth, otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance, which most consider being an average of 7.83 hertz or cycles per second, we wondered why. Our answer came through working with our friend Dr. Carl Calleman on his book, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness second edition. In this brilliant work, Carl reveals why he disagrees with those who say the Schumann Resonance is rising, by explaining how human consciousness connects through a Global Mind. Consequently, he shows that although the chasm between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere averages 7.83 hertz, moving inwards the Earth’s frequency rises. In fact, a diagram in his book of the inner layers of the Earth has the outer core at 13 hertz.

 Elijah and Elisha Being Fed By Ravens, by Anne Margaret Coke, Shuborough Hall

Elijah and Elisha Being Fed By Ravens, by Anne Margaret Coke, Shuborough Hall

Returning to Henry Lincoln, while on a visit to Shuborough Hall in England, the author reported seeing a stone bas-relief called The Shepherds Monument by Peter Sheemakers (1691–1791), and noted it is a mirror image of Nicholas Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia. He writes that he also saw David Teniers’ painting entitled Elijah and Elisha Being Fed By Ravens, evidently a copy of the original painting by Anne Margaret Coke. Studying the painting, Mr. Lincoln was amazed to see a crucifix in the center. Shocked, he asserts to the museum curator “It can’t possibly be an Old Testament subject” because of the “crucifix” in the middle of the painting. Later, almost as an aside, Mr. Lincoln comments, “Further research revealed the subject to be St Anthony and St Paul in the Desert. Moreover, it is the only St. Anthony work by either of the Teniers in which the saint is not being tempted.”

In researching the Old Testament prophets Elisha and Elijah, we found an obscure reference in The Golden Legend – Readings on the Saints. According to the author Saint Jerome, Saint Anthony, and Saint Paul (not the Apostle), were fed by a crow in the desert.



Arriving at Sea Tac, on the drive home I mused over our mission to France. Obviously, the mission was important, but we were unsure as to its true significance for several weeks. A month later, David shared with us the reason he was so drawn to Anthony the Hermit was because he felt he was the reincarnation of the saint. Extremely uncomfortable with the revelation David tried to dismiss it. However, neither Craig nor I was surprised with his revelation as I heard the same information shortly after we got back from France.

Once we were home we focused on determining why we went to France. The answer appeared to center around understanding the mystery of the area in and around Rennes-le-Château, in particular, the mysterious code: SHEPHERDESS NO TEMPTATION TO WHICH POUSSIN AND TENIERS KEEP THE KEY PEACE 681 WITH THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD I REACH THIS DEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY BLUE APPLES

 Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicholas PoussinClose up of writing of Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicholas Poussin

  Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicholas Poussin                              Close up of writing

Our primary question concerning the code was, “Is the Shuborough Hall painting of St Anthony and St Paul in the Desert referring to the code words ‘NO TEMPTATION?’” As stated Craig and I thought the code was not referring to earthly treasure, so after returning home we set about putting the pieces together. Naturally, the first two lines led us to the famous paintings, Shepherds of Arcadia and St. Anthony and St. Paul in the Desert, aka Elijah and Elisha Being Fed By Ravens. However, what else do the paintings say? In the Shepherds, the figures are around a tomb, with the words Et in Arcadia Ego. Although we accepted this on faith, initially we could not see any inscription on the tomb, in either photos of it in books, or the actual painting in the Louvre. However, as is shown above, there are “inserts” of close ups of the painting which does show an inscription. We found the example above on the website mysterious writings.

Again, it was impossible to ascertain the exact inscription but as we could clearly see writing, we gave the claim the benefit of the doubt. So with this caveat, let us examine the strange words, Et in Arcadia Ego, translated as meaning “And I am in Arcadia.” Even so, Henry Lincoln relates that a Latin teacher offered another possibility, proposing that the Latin words could be an anagram of “I tego Arcana Dei” which translates to “Begone! I conceal the secrets of God.” Mr. Lincoln dismisses this as “chance” but should he? The tomb overlooks Valdieu – “God’s” Valley, or Valley of “God.” As already stated, the author himself describes the “holiness” of the area. Is it possible that there is a sacred message or warning here? As for Anne Margaret Coke’s painting of the saints “being fed by birds”, off in the distance from St. Anthony and St. Paul is a “shepherdess” with her flock of sheep.

The numerals 6 8 1 as stated seem to be pointing to the planet Venus but what of the elements of the code “CROSS, and the HORSE OF GOD,” not to mention, the equally mysterious “I REACH THE DEMON GUARDIAN?” In contemplating this, the star constellations Pegasus and Draco came to mind. Looking at Ms. Van Buren’s “Rennes Zodiac” and “Temple of Stars”, we were amazed to learn that the constellation Pegasus fell in the region of Cassaignes, and Draco almost encircles the Little Bear constellation, “slightly to the north” of Rennes-le-Bains. Could Draco be the Demon guardian?

What was even more interesting is that Ms. Van Buren describes Rennes-le-Château as immersed in “Scorpio, the Dragon.” She also points out that astronomically speaking Draco is “coiled about” Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the Great and Little Bear. In addition, the author relates that according to Fulcanelli, Pegasus was also a symbol for the “spiritual vehicle.”

Interestingly, the “cross” could be a reference to Rennes-les-Bains as apparently it was named “The Valley-of-Crosses” in 1709. Yet, if we are to understand that the first two lines of the code refer to the paintings by Poussin and Teniers, then what did “PEACE” have to do with it? We had virtually given up on ever understanding it until reading William Henry’s Blue Apples: In his book he printed the code; only instead of spelling it “peace” he replaces the (a) with an (i) changing the word to “piece.” Consequently, if we remember that Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia seemed to be concealing the Golden Mean in the pentagonal geometry, which in turn linked to the planet Venus, then could the “Key Piece” be the “Golden Mean,” which when combined with the other clues point to a time of great significance?

The other two symbols that we could also link to astrology were the “Horse of God,” and the “Demon Guardian,” with the former representing the constellation Pegasus, and the latter the constellation Draco. “The Cross,” appeared to be directing us to Rennes-les-Bains, but why? Moreover, what of “The Blue Apples”?

As stated, according to the author of the Visitor’s Guide, a stained glass window in the Church at Rennes-le-Château, casts an image of a tree covered with apple-like fruit onto the opposite wall. Again, most of the fruit turn red, but three turn blue. We wondered if this was why Poussin painted his Autumn or the Grapes of the Promised Land with “grapes” the size of “apples.” His other painting Time and Truth seemed to be signifying cycles, as well as the infinity of Truth, with the four circles intersecting one another. Craig and I began to wonder if like the painting Time and Truth, the “code” was referring to a “time,” rather than a place, as in the Fullness of Time, i.e., the end of this cycle.

Whether the code was referring to astronomical or astrological information, or the end of this cycle, we were still no nearer to understanding why Great Spirit-Mind moved the four of us to go to France. What had been the purpose? Great Spirit-Mind told us two specific things concerning the mission, find the White Stone at Montsegur, and that the mission represented the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Philosophers’ Stone.

In Graham Hancock’s The Sign & The Seal, as previously mentioned, we found a connection between the Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy Grail. We also found a reference to the Ark and Philosopher’s Stone in Elizabeth van Buren’s book, because she links the “Ark” several times with the Rennes mystery. Informing us that Noah knew alchemy, Ms. Van Buren explains that the word “ark is given to all the matter which has been prepared and united under the name rebis or amalgam.” This “matter” she explains “constitutes the base of the Philosophical Stone.” Furthermore, it seems that the ark is representative of the “vessel of their work”, presumably the alchemists. In addition, Ms. Van Buren relates that “Hark” or listen also represents “the Ark” and that “Ark is the same as the Hebrew word rasit, meaning wisdom.”

Even though we believed the White Stone was the stone memorial to the Cathars burned at the base of Montsegur, once again, Elisabeth van Buren gave us further insight into it. Associating the White Stone with quartz crystal, she reminds us that the stone pillars erected by the ancient Druids were granite, meaning they were quartz. Consequently, she believed this made the White Stone the “Macrocosm” to tap into the cosmic network that spans the universe. She adds that where these lines intersect are the “nodal or power points,” which the Druids were aware existed and is the reason they placed “menhirs” to balance the energy. This made perfect sense to us, as we were told to travel to different “power points” on the Earth, ostensibly to rebalance the energy.

Intriguingly, Ms. Van Buren has another explanation for the “White Stone,” stating that the “pure White Stone is the awakened pituitary.” Evidently then, the White Stone is also linked to the power of Love, as she adds that Love is the key to open “the door of spirit.”

Another coincidence with Ms. Van Buren’s book and our mission concerned the author’s reference to the “door of spirit.” The Hebrew letter Daleth ד , representing card 3 The Empress, means door and we were told that my body’s energy-field acted as a door to Jesus in 1994. It appears according to the author that the name “David” also stands for door, together with, according to Zane B Stein the name Chiron that also means doorway.

With all the above “coincidences,” we considered our other missions to Mexico and South America. On both occasions, it concerned the ending of one age and the beginning of another. The mission to France differed from the other two in the fact Great Spirit-Mind did not tell any of us to “do” or “say” anything. It took a while, but we eventually understood our roles in France were purely as vehicles of energy. In that our “mission” was to take our respective “vehicles” to certain sites, where our combined energy being present was the only thing necessary to complete the mission.

Numbers have always played an important role in our missions, even when we were unaware of it. In Mexico, the mission centered on the number five, as in the fifth day of the fifth month. Then excepting the Sun and Moon there were five planets in alignment. Craig had also divided his necklace with the twenty Mayan gods into four sections of five hematite stones.

Alternatively, on our mission to Peru and Bolivia the hexagon or six-pointed star had held sway, with the symbol painted on the ground of Sacsayhuaman, and the six mountains surrounding Machu Picchu forming an electromagnetic grid in the shape of a hexagon. In France, despite the prevalence of pentagonal influences, Craig’s “star” contained a six-sided Moldavite Merkavah within it, and I was wearing my six-pointed star necklace.



In South America, several of the ceremonies involved us turning in all four directions. Up until that mission, we had not been concerned with what direction we faced during ceremonies, but afterwards, it became a key component of them. Interestingly in 2000, we were unclear why the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot were assigned a direction. That is, until we learned of the Cube of Space proposed by Paul Foster Case.

 Paul Foster Case’s Cube of Space for the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana

Paul Foster Case’s Cube of Space for the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana

In reading Henry Lincoln’s The Key to The Sacred Pattern, he points out that there is a grid “lying evenly spaced and forming right angles” over the Rennes area. As stated, Elisabeth van Buren believes the Druids understood “grids” were in the heavens as well as on Earth, hence their placing of “menhirs” or pillars with their quartz crystal content to bring balance and equilibrium.

The author of Rennes-Le-Chateau: A Visitor’s Guide mentioned a “zero meridian” running from north to south through France. Known as the “Paris Meridian” it was drawn by renowned astronomers and topographers for King Louis XIV. Starting in Dunkirk in the north, it reaches its namesake Paris passing through the Louvre. Although the “meridian” does not go through the Rennes area, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe have a way to connect it to the Aude Valley. In their book, Secrets of Rennes le Château, they say that taking the French town of Lussat as a central point, “It is possible to draw a huge circle”, with a “circumference” that passes through” both Rennes-le-Château and Montsegur. We found this intriguing, because the last “village” the Paris Meridian encounters before crossing into Spain is the village of Pi, which as we all know is the formula to determine the diameter of a circle.

 Guy's Solomun painting

Irrespective of the above conclusions, the reason for our trip to France, other than to help me see myself there, was a mystery. Apart from saying a prayer at the Cathar memorial in Montsegur, we had not performed any ceremonies. Nonetheless, all was revealed in 2021, when we were instructed to ask Guy to bring over a painting (right) he found in the woods. Afterwards Craig was moved to purchase two obelisks of Amazonite, and five wedges of Labradorite, giving one of each to Guy.

Laying out the remaining five crystals in a specific pattern in relationship to the four directions, we realized that not only did it concern the Cube of Space, more importantly it linked the crystals to our missions, specifically in South America. Using the four gates connected to the Cube of Space, instead of aligning the four Labradorite wedges to North, South, East, and West, we aligned them to the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.



For the longest time we just had to accept what we were being told on faith, fortunately over the years we came to understand what was happening from an energetic perspective. We feel it may help if we share that understanding, however, in order to do so, we need to start with our calling in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Christmas night of 1993. Back then I was a thirty-seven year old married hairstylist running a successful beauty salon in partnership with a Saudi national, and Craig was a divorced forty-two-year-old, senior field/training engineer working as a manager for an American company.

Without going into all the details, as it is covered extensively in Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE, our meeting late September of 1993 was unremarkable. In fact, afterwards I attempted to play matchmaker, introducing Craig to a very good friend. That all changed on Christmas night when something made me experience a deep recognition igniting a long forgotten love, and from that moment on my life was never the same.

I first heard Great Spirit-Mind’s voice a few weeks later, in late January. After a particularly distressing episode, I foolishly went for a fifteen-mile walk alone at night. As I walked I was crying, which turned out to be extremely relevant, although at the time I had no idea why. Anyway, the next day I began having visions of Jerusalem, and after meeting with Craig the following afternoon, I realized that something was happening. Later that night I was praying to Great Spirit-Mind, who I referred to as “God” at the time, about what was going on when I realized that I was answering my own questions. Even so, at some point during that conversation with myself I became aware that I wasn’t initiating the answers, because the dialogue changed, and I found myself listening, as Great Spirit-Mind instructed me to give Craig a message. Since the message was about a future with this man, which at that time I had no wish to pursue, I knew without a shadow of a doubt the message was not my imagination.

Not surprisingly, Craig did not receive my message very well, which upset and confused me. I was also dealing with my husband (who we call Tony), who although accepting our marriage was over and on board with our mutual plan to separate in a couple of years, became very combative and angry in learning I was hearing Great Spirit-Mind’s or “God’s” voice.

Despite Tony’s opposition Craig and I began meeting on a regular basis trying to make sense of what was going on, which was becoming more bizarre by the day. For instance, the time Great Spirit-Mind told me to act as a channel for Craig, so that he could hear from “God” himself. On this occasion I was angry with him, however, we will not go into the whys and wherefores here, suffice to say Craig had caused quite a problem with Tony for me.

Before leaving for my “appointment” with Craig, and following a particularly nasty confrontation with my now estranged husband, retreating to my bedroom to pray I had a powerful vision. In the vision, I was in Jerusalem kneeling in front of the cross with Craig standing by my side. Asking Great Spirit-Mind what the vision meant, I heard, “You have to go to Israel at Easter and Craig will be with you.” As Craig had not been that receptive to my first message, I was reluctant to share the new information with him. Nonetheless, as I’d already agreed to act as a channel for Craig to hear Great Spirit-Mind, I went to his apartment.

Arriving at the apartment earlier than we planned, Craig was not ready. Sitting there waiting for him, I began second-guessing my decision to act as a channel. Before going to shower, he had put on a James Taylor CD, and on the verge of leaving, a particular haunting track started to play. Listening intently to the lyrics, the words seemed to be speaking to me in an encouraging and soothing way, so I reminded myself why I was there.

When Craig eventually joined me I was still very angry with him. After a heated discussion on his actions, reaching an impasse, we were quiet for several minutes. Breaking the awkward silence I asked him if he still wanted me to be a channel for him. When he nodded, I asked him to get the candle I’d told him I would need. Then Craig demanded, “Just what Lord is it that we’ll be worshiping?” Not initially comprehending what he was getting at, I innocently replied that he could take his pick with either the Lord God or the Lord Jesus Christ, and inquired why he asked. (Note: as we said, at that time we were mostly traditional Christians, using the traditional designations, such as Lord and God.)

Hitting me like a ton of bricks, Craig replied “There are other lords you know.” Shocked to the core I wondered why I was there, then an overwhelming need to get away from the man seized me and I ran into his kitchen. Standing there too stunned to cry, I struggled to regain my composure. When Craig came into the kitchen after me, I was asking Great Spirit-Mind what to do.

Looking up at Craig’s face, he was not masking his feelings of annoyance that his question had upset me. Summarily telling me to come back to the lounge, completely disarmed by his attitude, I left the kitchen and followed him. Back in the lounge, defending his right to protect himself, he almost accusingly said, “It was a valid question. I just had to be sure who we were worshiping.” Emotionally I told him that he could not have insulted me more, and that he was completely out of order.

Angrily Craig retorted, “I’m going to take you home”, to which summoning up what was left of my self-respect, I politely declined telling him that I would find my own way. Sitting down I put my shoes on, but attempting to stand up an invisible force gripped me, and I could not move. Suddenly, I clasped the book on the coffee table in front of me to my chest. Unbeknownst to me it was Craig’s Bible. Holding the book tightly against me, I felt unseen arms wrap around my body. What I was unaware of at the time, Craig sitting on the adjacent sofa, was also struck by a paralyzing force removing his ability to speak or move. Evidently, he had deliberately placed the Bible in front of me to see what I would do with it, and observing me clasping it to my chest relieved him, and he began to pray.

Both of us were silently praying for about fifteen minutes, when something stirred me to ask Craig what he was thinking. Startled by my question he replied, “I was praying, why do you ask?” Explaining that something roused me, and feeling helpless, I murmured that I was not in control of the situation, and that I had intuited using a candle because it represents the light of the Lord, and thought it would help me to be a more effective channel, as I needed to totally clear my mind.

Glancing across at Craig I asked him if he still wanted to try. Replying that he did, he quickly added that he didn’t want to use a candle. Nodding my ascent I slipped off the couch onto the floor, telling Craig to join me there. Before he could question me I snapped, “Don’t ask me why I don’t know, I’m just doing what God tells me. It will only work if you trust me.” This seemed to satisfy Craig, and so taking his hands in mine with no idea what I was doing or what would take place, I felt my mind relax and go blank.

Not knowing what to expect, Craig asked God to speak to him and then cleared his mind for the response. It seems he heard a voice, but it was not clear and resounding as he wanted. Still, although he did not confide this at the time, he later told me he heard a voice tell him, “Take care of my child.” Afterwards, Craig surprised me by reaching out and pulling me into his arms. He was a total enigma to me. Almost everything about him repelled me and yet even then, he could surprise me with such demonstrations of tenderness.

Several weeks later, out of the blue Craig asked if I was Mary Magdalene. Taken aback by the question, I laughingly countered with, “Where on earth did you get that from?” Craig’s reply that he didn’t know but thought that I looked like her, and had the same kind of figure, elicited my querying if he thought I looked like a prostitute. This conversation demonstrates that we were trying to interpret what was happening between us from what we knew then, namely, the traditional Judeo-Christian perspective. Nonetheless, Craig’s question had sparked something in me, and so later I turned to Great Spirit-Mind.

While praying I had an extremely disturbing vision of my kneeling and paying homage to Craig. As we were both wearing robes of ancient times I knew it was in the past. Nonetheless, since I did not feel women were subservient to men, the thought of kneeling to any man was abhorrent to me.

Deeply disconcerted, I asked Great Spirit-Mind what the vision meant, adding the query as to whether I was Mary Magdalene. He simply said “Yes.” Reeling from the answer, a thought occurred to me, and I enquired if Craig was one of the Disciples. Unfortunately, Great Spirit-Mind’s answer only served to confuse me more when I heard. “Not exactly but he is someone very special. You are a gift of love to Craig, and you are to teach him how to love.” Thinking this would be a tall order, Great Spirit-Mind’s words did not fill me with confidence, because I knew Craig did not trust me.

Amazingly, when Craig and I next met, he informed me that after praying the night before, he awoke with the name Paul on his lips. Confidently, I shot him down with Great Spirit-Mind’s denial of him being one of Jesus’ disciples. Foolish me, I’d forgotten that Paul was an Apostle not a disciple. Informing him of the vision and Great Spirit-Mind’s affirmation that I was Mary Magdalene, did not satisfy Craig, as the feeling that he was Paul was so strong. Later, praying together he asked for a sign, and after a while we both felt a surge of energy flow through us. Fortunately, my mistake was rectified soon after when I awoke to hear “Craig is the Apostle Paul.” It was a relief to tell Craig that he was right, which confirmed his belief in his connection to the Apostle. Praying together, suddenly I was moved to say, “You have to dig deep down and release the love I know is within you.”

Unclear to what I was asking, Craig had frustratingly retorted “No man can see inside another man’s heart.” To which I informed him that I was not a man. Even though I knew I was not referring to gender, I had no idea why I said that. A few days later, I heard Great Spirit-Mind’s response to Craig asking for a sign, “How many more signs do you want? I have given you one of my angels. What more do you want?” Although I later learned that Craig did not hear this, I realized that Great Spirit-Mind was giving Craig what he wanted, by having me later inquire if he was asking for a sign at the time and then telling him what I heard.

Being referred to as an “angel” was not a problem for me, as I understood that the term simply meant messenger, and as I was given several messages for Craig it made sense. However, another conversation with Great Spirit-Mind was a lot more difficult.

For many weeks Craig asserted that he was not going to Jerusalem, even after he had a vision of standing by a window in an ancient bedroom with me. Lamenting that he wished he knew what “God” wanted from him, and concluding that maybe what he sought was in Jerusalem, he still refused to go. Two days later without any explanation, he announced he was going to accompany me. Stunned into silence, I didn’t question his change of heart. Leaving shortly afterwards Craig arranged to pick me up the next day to talk.

Both of us loved going to the beach but that day we felt awkward with each other. Breaking the uncomfortable silence between us, I asked Craig what changed his mind. This seemed to break the tension and Craig explained, “In reading the Bible, I realized I was resisting God’s calling. I’m going to Jerusalem to find out what it is God wants from me.”

Sitting next to Craig and watching the sea, I heard Great Spirit-Mind say, “Take care of my child. She’s infinitely precious to you and to me.” Unable to keep it to myself, breathlessly I told Craig what I heard.

Overwhelmed by the moment, Craig murmured, “I seem to remember hearing those words when you were a channel for me.” Falling silent, deep in thought we became aware of a powerful force in the car. It was difficult to breathe, and we both felt very light-headed. The strange feeling lasted for ten minutes and then disappeared. During the experience, Great Spirit-Mind told me I needed to go into the sea. Informing Craig of the direction, after staring at me for a long time he unceremoniously announced, “I need to baptize you.” For some strange reason, I didn’t question the statement and getting out of the car walked into the sea by Craig’s side.

The beach Craig chose that day was a long way from the reef, therefore the water was quite shallow for several hundred meters. Consequently, Craig felt we needed to wade out and go past the reef to get to deep water. Relaying his plan to me I was horrified, remembering several experiences of nearly drowning as a child. In view of this, the thought of jumping off a reef into one hundred feet of water terrified me. Nevertheless reaching the reef, although the sea was very rough we both jumped in and swam against the current away from the jagged coral. As the stronger swimmer Craig was clear of the reef first and treading water he waited for me to swim over to him. When I reached his side, he grabbed my hand and pulled me underwater, while baptizing us both in the name of Jesus Christ.

Getting back was even more difficult as the sea was crashing onto the exposed coral. Eventually making it back to the calm water on the other side we stopped to rest. After a minute or two, Craig began wading back to the beach. However, my feet seemed rooted to the spot, and I called out to him. Hearing my call, returning to my side he queried, “What’s wrong?”

My head was pounding, and lightly touching Craig’s arm I said, “I don’t know why, but I have to baptize you here.”

From the look on Craig’s face, I could tell that he was reluctant to participate in the ceremony, and obviously as confused as I was by the request. Nonetheless, he asked “What do you want me to do?”

Controlled by a stronger force than I could resist, I told Craig to kneel with me and pray. Unclear of what to say but trusting that Great Spirit-Mind would speak through me, I took hold of him. Then the words, “I baptize you in the name of Love, Humanity, and the Holy Spirit,” fell from my lips, as I bent him backwards under the water. Raising him up, Craig pushed his water-soaked hair back from his face. Observing that I was as confused by the episode as he was, he gently pulled me into his arms. Resting my head on his shoulder I whispered, “I love you Craig.”

Holding me tightly against him, and obviously moved by powerful emotions Craig seemed compelled to say, “I love you, but I still have a lot to learn.” He later admitted that he almost never used the word “love,” simply because he found most women misunderstood his reason or intention for using it. Reaching the beach, Craig poured fresh water over us both. While drying off absorbed in our own thoughts we sat in the car quietly watching the sunset.

One would think that once Craig agreed to go to Jerusalem with me, my struggle with him was over but alas that was not the case. Within a week of Craig agreeing to go, after work I was praying in my bedroom, and becoming drowsy was instructed to go to sleep. Waking two hours later I heard, “You must tell Craig that Naomi is trapped within a lie. He does not love her, and the truth is the love he is feeling is for you. I know that he will hurt you with his answer, but you must allow him to do so.”

Without going into the details of this strange episode, in brief, although since Christmas my connection and love for Craig grew stronger, he had decided he fell in love with a mutual married friend. Knowing Craig’s abhorrence of being told anything, I was appalled at the thought of giving him Great Spirit-Mind’s message, so I begged to be let off the hook. Then Great Spirit-Mind said gently, “You are very precious to me, and I want you to look up that word in your dictionary to understand what I mean.” Although reluctant, I could never go against Great Spirit-Mind’s wishes and so finding the word “precious” in “my” dictionary, to my amazement I read that a secondary reference to “precious” was “the blood of Christ.”

Confused by the definition, I had another vision. This time I was sitting at the foot of the cross looking up into Jesus’ face as he looked down at me. There was agony in his eyes but there was also beautiful gentleness. As the scene grew dark, he smiled, and I experienced an intense pain flow through me. Even more remarkable, I somehow realized that I remembered sitting at Jesus’ feet. Then Great Spirit-Mind told me that we were going to Jerusalem at Easter, for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Instructed to be at Golgotha at three o’clock on April 4th, emphasizing this Great Spirit-Mind gave me a vision of Craig and I on a green hill. Again, I was kneeling, and Craig was standing by my side. Then Jesus appeared and telling Craig to kneel said, “Be together in My Name, and in the name of love.”

After the vision faded, in a comforting and gentle voice, Great Spirit-Mind said, “You are very strong, and you received many tests throughout your life. I know I can count on you to always do what I ask.”

Needless to say Craig did not receive the message about our friend very well, and after he dropped me off, I went straight to my bedroom and fell to my knees asking for the strength to get me through it. I was baffled and confused, although Great Spirit-Mind kept maintaining that Craig loved me, every ounce of logic, not to mention the man’s own words told me he did not.

Later that week Craig rang me at work to say that he was ready to speak to our friend, and wanted me there. When I asked what changed his mind, Craig confided, “I have been reading the Bible and praying to God for help. In my spiritual revival, I realized that a receiving soul must take a leap of faith. First, the person must believe, and then make the choice to initiate the cry for help to the Heavenly Father. One must exercise free will in the decision, and then the person feels the power of the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, belief is still the catalyst in the whole chain reaction.”

Even though I was told to expect Craig’s call, I was still surprised when he phoned. Having no idea of Craig’s message for our friend, as those words were between him and Great Spirit-Mind, I tentatively asked, “Did God give you the words to say?”

Craig was not sure himself when he answered, “I think so, but I want your opinion before I talk to her. I’ve written it down; let me read it to you.” He began, “This is an angel of love that I have come to trust and love. Please trust Suzzan and let her help you.” A little surprised at Craig’s words, I replied, “Only God knows whether they are the right words or not.” Obviously, as the encounter was engineered by Great Spirit-Mind, Craig’s words were the right ones. Still, there were several more confusing instances between us before we left Saudi Arabia.

Skipping ahead, after flying to Cyprus on the night of Monday March 28, we explored the island before boarding a cruise ship to Israel the following Sunday. Arriving in the Holy Lands on Monday April 4th, 1994, later that day, I found myself kneeling in Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Church with Craig standing by my side. My problem was that it wasn’t like the vision, in front of an upright cross on a green hill. Instead I was kneeling in front of an altar, above which spanning its length hung a huge mural of Jesus being nailed to the cross on the ground with Mary Magdalene prostrate at his feet. At this point, things had changed and so we think it may help to use an excerpt from Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE. (Note: the excerpt below starts with third person dialogue, before shifting to first person.)

Setting the scene, we are on board the ship to Israel, and it is the night before we are due to dock in Haifa:

“Craig took the top bunk, leaving the lower one for Suzzan. Bunked beneath him, she found it impossible to sleep. The waves of energy that had been running through her ever since arriving in Cyprus were growing in intensity. She eventually fell asleep in the early hours.

“Craig.” Did someone call my name, Craig wondered. Awakened from a sound sleep, he listened to the quiet sounds of the ship and Suzzan breathing in the bunk below. “Craig!” This time, the voice sounded loud and clear, and he was sure that it was not coming from outside.

“God, is that you?”

“Yes Craig, it is,” was the reply.

“Is it really you speaking to me?” Craig cried. “I’ve waited so long to hear your voice! Thank you Heavenly Father for speaking to me.”

“You’re welcome Craig, or would you like me to call you Paul?” God teased.

“Craig,” he answered. Then he questioned, “Do you speak to Suzzan? Has she told me the truth about everything?”

“Yes Craig, I speak to her, and she has spoken the truth to you. Now go down to your sister and become one,” God commanded. A tremendous surge of energy shot through his body, doubling him up from the sheer force of it. There was no mistaking the feeling for pain, or anything else. It was God’s confirmation.

“Up until now, we have written the narrative in third person, primarily because we both felt like observers in our lives, watching some kind of weird drama. However, from this point, as both Craig and I begin having spiritual experiences in our own unique ways, we feel it will help to separate those experiences, with each of us relating it in our own words in the first person. To help identify which one of us is relating a specific thought or experience, Craig’s contribution will appear in italics.

“I awoke to hear the ship docking in Haifa, and staring at the bunk above my head, I realized that the ship docking was not what woke me, it was the man above me. Craig was tossing and turning in a great deal of distress. My concern increased when he suddenly cried out, so I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t talk at the moment; give me a little time and I will tell you.” Apparently the conversation was over. All I could think was, “Oh man, I finally have God speak to me, and now he tells me to become one with my sister. What is this “sister” business? Things really never turn out like I want them.”

“Perplexed by Craig’s answer, I lay quietly listening to him. Then I heard him climbing out of his bunk, before getting into mine. The bunk was very small, so the only way we could lie in bed together was in each other’s arms.

“I was trying to come to terms with what happened. Feeling the warmth of Suzzan’s arms, I smiled and said, “God just spoke to me and told me to go down to my sister.” I added, “Everything you told me was the truth and we will marry on June the fifteenth, just as God told you.”

“Speechless, I could not believe it! It was a miracle! I had begun to think I would have to go through the whole journey alone. Having battled with Craig for such a long time, I could not believe he was telling me he was going to marry me! We lay there silent for a moment. Then unexpectedly, Craig started crying and then doubled up.

“As suddenly as it came on it was over. Gathering Suzzan closer to me, an incredible sense of peace washed over both of us, and all the pain and doubt of the past months disappeared. While lying there I had a powerful vision. It was very dark in the cabin, yet I saw a pool of blue water with rocks, green stalks, and small fish swimming through gentle bubbles. Simultaneously, I felt unaware of my body and became part of the vision. I became aware of my body just in time to feel myself melt into Suzzan’s body. I could no longer tell where my body stopped and hers began. The next thing I knew was the experience of knowing we were now the water vision. I never experienced more soothing peaceful beauty.

“For me, my focus was considering the impact of God speaking to Craig. This changed everything. Now he would be able to ask God himself. My first thought was, “What a relief.” Although not experiencing the vision with Craig, however, when he described it to me, a light went on. Therefore, I told him, “Now I know what God meant when He said we had to become one before we went to Jerusalem!”

“Still amazed at the early morning events, I saw what seemed like a movie start to play. Staring at what used to be darkness, I could see the vision of a barren hill with graves in the distance. Suddenly, I was on all fours above a central grave looking down into the dirt. The wind began to blow the dirt away, slowly at first. Quickly the wind mounted force blowing away more dirt. A skeleton’s outline emerged from the shallow grave beneath me. In a moment, the whole figure lay exposed, and I experienced the smell of familiar soil.”

“There was a pause in action, then the motion was reversed, and dirt started to cover the skeletal figure until only the head lay exposed. I found myself poised eyeball-to-eye-socket, as muscle and flesh formed on the skull. Again, slowly at first and then faster than before, in a flash, the figure was whole, and stood at the far end of the now open grave. Lying on my back in bed, I looked down towards my feet where the ‘movie’ was still playing and the figure and I in the vision stood positioned on opposite ends of the rectangular hole. Off to the left, another grave repeated the exact process as just described, with my vision-self being transported to that site, then returning to the original site. This process continued four more times, moving in a clockwise horseshoe-pattern around the original grave, each time increasing in speed, until the whole process became a swirling blur. For just a moment action stopped, and I could see the first body across the grave from me, with five other sites in similar fashion around my position. With swirling force, the wind howled to the backdrop of the moonlit scene, and each body lined up behind the first. These bodies one at a time merged into the one across the grave from my vision self.”

“Suddenly, my consciousness moved back to my prone body, as the figure seemed to move out of the picture and position itself in the cabin at the foot of the bed. At this point, God informed me that Paul must physically come into me. The figure now attached at my feet, perpendicular to my reclining body folded down into me. A familiar smell of earth and a tightness of the chest made me cough. After recovering from the coughing spell, I relayed the unimaginable experience to Suzzan.

“Overwhelmed by all that was happening I lay silent for a moment. Hearing him cough, concerns for his health took over and placing my head on his chest I confirmed his labored breathing. For days I saw how he could not shake this cold, which was now in his chest, developing into a dreadful cough that was getting steadily worse. Now he sounded completely congested. Taking me by surprise Craig informed me, ‘God has told me to ask you to heal me.’

“Immediately praying I asked God to confirm Craig’s words. His reply held a quality of urgency as I heard, ‘It is imperative that you do.’

“Placing my hand on Craig’s chest, I prayed to God in the only way I knew how, saying, “Father, if it is your Will let Craig be healed.”

“I knew that healing depended on the faith of each. Suzzan’s faith was never in question and, after all that took place that morning; my faith was at its strongest point ever. I felt her pulling the congestion from my lungs, as the tightness of my chest left me, and my breathing became easier. Suddenly, my nose clogged, and my head pounded. When she moved her hand to my head, I felt the nasal pressure clear. The pounding was also gone, but the congestion seemed to have moved back into my lungs. We discussed what might be happening and, after about ten more minutes and several switches between head and chest, everything remained clear. I asked her what she felt during the ordeal. Suzzan’s answer was, ‘A strange tingle in the center of my palm.’

It was Craig’s experience on board ship that morning, which gave him the courage to endure the extremely confusing and conflicting circumstances of that day. As stated, just before 3pm April 4th, 1994, we were in front of an altar below a mural of Jesus being nailed to the cross on the ground, with Mary Magdalene prostrate at his feet. What we didn’t learn until later, was that it was the First Stage of the Crucifixion. Picking up from this point in the book:

“Walking over to the altar, I knelt to pray. Even though it was completely different to my vision, I still somehow knew that it was where God wanted me to be. Kneeling there, a need to make a declaration aloud overcame me, so I declared passionately, “Father I submit to thee, take me to do thy Will.”

“I knelt down by Suzzan’s side to pray with her. Despite wanting to experience the moment with all due reverence, my practical side kept me aware of time. Confused as to why she was kneeling in front of the first stage for so long, I tried to move her. Standing, I held her shoulders and tried to raise her saying, “Shouldn’t you be at the next stage praying?” The second stage was the actual crucifixion.

“I could not answer Craig or move, because an incredible energy held me rooted to the spot. It started in my fingers and was now spreading through my entire body. As the strength of the energy increased, I found it very difficult to breathe.

“Appointed to take care of Suzzan, I noticed her breathing was rapid and deep. Still on her knees, I gently but firmly pushed her down until she was sitting on her heels. Struggling with thoughts that nothing was happening, at least not as I believed it should and suspecting she might hyperventilate, I got to my knees beside her. Suddenly, it was as if something pulled Suzzan forward onto the marble floor, with her arms thrust straight out from her body. In spite of reacting immediately, I was only able to lessen the force of the blow, as her head struck the hard surface. While she lay face down, in the form of a cross, I tenderly lifted her head with my right hand and took her outstretched left hand in mine. A small group of people passed by, and some took pictures. Throughout the ordeal, my thoughts focused on Suzzan and the fact the cool stone floor would aid in her recovery.

“In closing my eyes, I saw Jesus Christ standing in front of me, His hands outstretched toward me. Then, I felt a very strong pulling sensation concentrate in my chest. So powerful was the force that it pulled me forward headlong onto the floor. There was no chance to protect myself as I hit the marble tiles. Although conscious the entire time, during the experience I was unable to speak or move. Aware that Craig was holding me, I felt deep sadness. To me, it literally felt like I had the sorrow of the World within me, so I started sobbing, my body convulsing with emotion.

“After a while, a beautiful feeling of perfect love replaced the deep feeling of sadness. Observing I had stopped crying, Craig gently helped me to my knees; however, he was unsuccessful when he tried to get me on my feet.

“While lying on the floor, I saw flashes of light from the corner of my eye. Sitting up, I realized the lights were flashbulbs going off as people took photographs. The entire incident did not last more than ten minutes but to Craig and I it seemed like a lifetime.

“There were only a few people left in the church, as I knelt there, trying to understand the experience. Looking over to my left, to my astonishment, kneeling at the next station was the Italian man I had touched in Bethlehem. (Note: we had met him while visiting the Church of the Nativity, purportedly built to commemorate Jesus’ birth.) Still on my knees, the energy left my chest and concentrated in my hands again.

“I was looking anxiously at the clock. It was now ten past three, as the church bells rang out and, again I attempted to raise Suzzan to her feet. Looking up into my concerned face, she said, “Bring the man over to me.” Following the direction of her glance, much to my surprise, I recognized the man. He seemed quite comfortable for me to lead him back to Suzzan.

“Unsure of what I was doing or why, I waited for the man to join me. When he knelt by my side, I placed one hand on the top of his head. Taking hold of my other hand, the man held it to his chest. To any onlooker, it would appear that both of us knew exactly what we were doing. This, however, was not so, at least for me. Nonetheless, moved by forces more powerful than I can describe, I had an overwhelming need to recite Psalm twenty-three.

“To me, the few people left in the church did not seem at all perturbed by what they witnessed. Watching the minutes tick by, I did not interfere with what Suzzan was doing. Yet after five more minutes passed, I could no longer control my impatience. Gently pulling the man to his feet I embraced him again. Then, the man simply turned and went to kneel in front of the cross again. I then literally yanked Suzzan to her feet…”

“Back on board ship, Craig and I went straight to our cabin to shower and change for dinner. Going over the day’s events, both of us marveled at how the curious sequence played out. I was not sure what had happened, although I knew that it was nothing short of miraculous. Craig’s confession that in the role of protector, he did not experience the overpowering forces I did, amazed me.

“…It was while lying in each other’s arms, that God fully explained just what took place. ‘The Bible speaks of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming in several ways. In Matthew 24:27 we have: For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. In 1 Thessalonians 5:2, we have: For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.”

“God revealed that what the Bible does not explain is that there will be more than one event. Craig and I were sent to Jerusalem on April 4, 1994, for the first stage of Jesus Christ’s return as a spiritual teacher. A gathering of the faithful, or an awakening of the prophets and saints who have returned to the earth follows this. On the other hand, the second stage that we know of as the “Day of the Lord” will be where Christ, the Son of God will drench the world with love and light, removing darkness and hate.

“Lying there in the darkness, God told Craig and me that Jesus Christ returned to the World at three o’clock that afternoon, entering through me. “The energy that you felt was Christ.”

It took a long time to understand what the words “The energy that you felt was Christ” meant. In fact it wasn’t until 1999 during one of Hermione’s shamanic classes that we had the faintest idea but that’s jumping ahead. Back in 1994 we were struggling with Great Spirit-Mind’s revelations, for one, we were instructed to get married that June on the 15th. I first heard this four months earlier in January but had put it out of my mind. However, Great Spirit-Mind had persisted insisting that I belonged to Craig. After Jerusalem we both heard the same directive but as it was the beginning of April at the time, we had no idea how. Even though Tony and I had filed for divorce before I left, I was pretty certain that it would not be finalized by June 15th.

Back to the timeline. Before going to Israel I had reconnected with a Greek Cypriot named Yannis. As the longtime manager of a popular outdoor restaurant in Limassol, I met him the previous September while vacationing in Cyprus with a friend. Unlike most western managers, Yannis made it a point to get to know his customers, stopping to talk at our table every time we dined there. Consequently, we became friends.

Unbeknownst to me ten years earlier Yannis’ restaurant had been Craig’s favorite place to eat when he vacationed in Limassol, and he had also befriended Yannis. As my acquaintance with this area of Cyprus was the most recent, we stayed in the same apartment I had six months earlier. Being a stone’s throw from Yannis’ restaurant, I had dined there most days.

Having rekindled our friendship with Yannis, Craig and I, either dined there, or stopped in for a nightcap with him most evenings. In fact, we were in the restaurant a few days before we boarded the ship to Israel. On this occasion, as usual during a quiet part of the evening, he joined us for a drink. This time however, getting up to leave as he passed behind my chair, gently placing his hand on my shoulder he said solemnly, “In a few days you will find your destiny.” The surprising thing was although Yannis’ parting words amazed me, I did not comment, or ask what he meant.

Returning to Limassol from Israel, we stopped in at Yannis’ restaurant to share our experience in Jerusalem with him. As he was busy with the lunch crowd, we arranged to meet him at his home later that afternoon. Taking us both by surprise, after we shared our experience our friend asked us to accompany him to his church.

Driving through the pretty countryside, Yannis pulled up in front of a small plain structure. Entering the building, we were unprepared for what greeted us inside, as the outside did not reflect the splendor and simplistic beauty of the Greek Orthodox Church. Deeply moved, we stared at the paintings of saints hanging on the walls that seemed to come alive under our gaze. After a while, lining up at the altar we all began to pray. Yannis was still praying when Craig and I looked up, so we respectfully waited for him to finish. When he did, our devout friend quietly turned to us, and with a confirming nod signaled his acceptance of our testimony.

While praying at the church altar, Craig and I simultaneously recognized it was where we needed to exchange vows on June 15th. Telling Yannis later, he informed us that it would be a difficult proposition, explaining, “You will need permission from the Bishop of Limassol to marry in a Greek Orthodox Church.”

Smiling at our friend, I said with more confidence than I was feeling, “Yannis, if Craig and I are supposed to marry in that church, then we will.” Not convinced by my words, Yannis said he would try to find out the details while we were back in Jeddah.

Intending to fly back to Jeddah on Thursday April 7th, at Larnaca’s airport that night something happened just before we checked in, necessitating we delay our return. Without going into the whys and wherefores, unforeseen circumstances resulted in postponing our flight for 10 days.

Angered by our delay, my estranged husband acted unconscionably, costing Craig his job and making it impossible for either of us to return to Saudi Arabia. As a result, after exchanging vows in the little Greek Orthodox church on June 15th, sixteen days later on July 1st Craig flew us to his home in Washington State.

Settled in Craig’s home, for the next two years we spent every day studying the books Great Spirit-Mind guided us to read. At first the books followed our traditional Christian teaching. Primarily because we were anxious to find written confirmation of what happened in Jerusalem. Being told that Christ re-entered the world in spirit form through my heart was quite a revelation and quite frankly, we both needed some convincing. True, I experienced incredible energy in the Holy Sepulchre Church that day; yet I felt like a simple woman and could not fathom why Great Spirit-Mind selected me for such a purpose. Now I understand I was merely a vessel and that it was not by any virtue of my own, other than my vibration and energy make-up that I was requested. Yes I did say requested. Apparently, Jesus requested to return through someone carrying the energy of Mary Magdalene for two reasons. First, Mary announced his resurrection and as it was now the “Fullness of Time” and the completion of this cycle, using Mary’s energy to return reflected the cyclic nature of time. Secondly, as the feminine side of Humanity has taken a back seat, (so to speak) in spiritual matters for so long, it was to show the spiritual equality between the sexes. Apart from the one clear memory of sitting at the base of the cross, I have no conscious memory of Mary Magdalene’s life. Even so, there are specific aspects of her relationship with Jesus that I am certain of, the main one being the nature of that relationship. Despite speculation throughout the centuries, I am positive that their association was strictly spiritual.

Due to being fairly traditional Christians who believed in reincarnation at the time, our research concerned the prophecy of End Times, particularly in the New Testament’s Revelations. Early on we were led to H. P. Blavatsky’s writings, which due to our conventional understanding went over our heads. Then we discovered the Gnostic expert, Professor Elaine Pagels’ books, which made us rethink the role of Mary Magdalene and Saint Paul, especially in light of what Great Spirit-Mind told us.

Initially we thought of reincarnation as being confined to one person. However, after being shown that two or more could experience the same life, we realized that we needed to rethink the subject. We came to understand that when a soul reincarnates, the masculine and feminine principles divide, meaning that the new soul will be reborn as two people of either sex. As a person could have experienced dozens if not hundreds of lives, this means many people living today could carry the energy of Mary Magdalene and Saint Paul, which explains why more than one person often identifies with a historical character.

In 1996 Craig found a job and went back to work, as a result I began studying on my own. We still read together every weekend but on the whole, the bulk of researching our mission fell to me. As stated, it wasn’t until 1999 that we had the faintest idea of what happened on the floor of the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem. To reiterate, Great Spirit-Mind led us to Hermione, who invited us to join her shamanic class that summer.

During the classes Hermione had taught us how to journey in our minds while meditating, which had involved both the lower, and higher worlds. On the last night, since it was our last journey, by unanimous decision the class chose to visit the higher worlds, which we had explored previously by climbing a tree we each selected. After telling us to climb our tree, Hermione surprised us all when she said, “I will be visiting each of you while you are journeying.” We reported Craig’s and my experience in our third book, Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE. However, as it was mine and Hermione’s experience that led to the revelation about Jerusalem, for the sake of space we will only cite excerpts from my last journey:

Puzzling over how Hermione would be able to visit my journey, I closed my eyes and listened to the steady beat of the drum. Immediately, I was by the cottonwood tree again. Then all of a sudden, my totem (A Great-horned Owl) swooped down and picked me up. It seemed as though we were traveling faster than before. Again, we went through the wormhole, only this time we emerged into a myriad of colors. It was as if we were inside a rainbow. Looking around I saw dozens of children surrounded by thousands of golden butterflies. Then I heard the Great Spirit-Mind say, “I want you to see what happened in Jerusalem.”

Almost at once, I saw the first station in the Holy Sepulchre Church appear on a screen, with the giant mural of Mary Magdalene lying at Jesus’ feet as the centurions nail him to the cross. In front of the mural, Craig was holding me as I lay on the floor. Then I saw a brilliant golden light begin to emerge from the middle of my back and quickly expand to surround my prostrate body. Suddenly the golden light reformed into a kind of sphere in the middle of my back, before exploding into numberless particles and whizzing off in all directions.

…The “owl” deposited me on the ground outside our house. Then he flew back to the top of the tree. As I watched, the owl suddenly exploded into the same particles of golden light I had seen in my vision of Jerusalem.

After the “owl” disappeared, I saw a hummingbird hovering in front of my face. Looking at the bird, I heard, “It is time for your third eye to be opened.” No sooner did I hear the words than the hummingbird darted forward and plunged its beak into the middle of my forehead. Although I felt no pain, I did become aware of a change in my vision. Looking around, I could see life everywhere. It is difficult to explain but it was as if I could see the forces of nature in everything.

Hearing Hermione call us back, I opened my eyes. Then Hermione went around the circle to each one of the class in turn telling each person what she saw when visiting him or her in their journeys. When she came to me, she related, “I saw you standing outside, and a hummingbird was hovering near your face. As it buzzed around you, I saw your face turn into a flower. Then the hummingbird dived into the heart of the flower as if drinking the nectar.”

It was during the meditative journey above in 1999 that I first began to see my body as energy. Nonetheless, it seemed like daydreaming compared to my later experiences, which began after September 11, 2001. As we reported our mission to France was complicated by my physical condition. What we didn’t say was that it was caused by an energy form masquerading as a brain tumor. It began a week after that fateful day with a problem in my right eye that got progressively worse. After seeing an optometrist’s test of my vision, which showed a serious deficit in my right eye, Great Spirit-Mind told me that I had a brain tumor but that it would go. What He/She didn’t tell me was that I would deteriorate to the point of being nearly paralyzed, and needing a neck support to hold my head up. Luckily before this, Judy, an Acutonics® practitioner came to see me. Again, we recorded this in our third book:

Opening the door, I could tell that Judy was shocked at my condition. Later, she confided that her first instinct at the sight of me was to call an ambulance. However, Judy knew that there was something else going on and so decided to hold my feet. After fifteen minutes Judy said, “Your spirit and energy are so strong. You are very serene; you’re not struggling at all.”

Smiling, I said, “Why would I?” Nodding absentmindedly, Judy explained that at the end of March she would return to help my spirit leave. Although at the time, I did not fully understand how this could happen, I knew that Judy spoke the truth…

Later I learned that Judy was told by her spiritual guides to use a procedure called opening the “window to the sky points” to enable me to separate my life force from my body. Sometime afterwards, she was to perform the “13 Ghost Points” to drive out the entity posing as a tumor in my head. Telling me that the “13 Ghost Points” is an ancient Chinese acupuncture treatment that places needles at 13 points on the body, Judy explained that she was going to do the procedure with tuning forks instead of needles.

Crystals played an important part in Judy’s treatment as well. As mentioned before the mission to South America, Tom and Renée West brought a geometric brass sculpture by the center, which Tom considered represented the energy fields I would be dealing with at Machu Picchu. A few weeks after our return he showed Craig another sculpture he created. After buying it Craig kept it in the center, however, in the spring of 2001 he transferred it to our home. Tom admitted that the piece was unfinished and that he intended to make a base for it. Until then the design rested upside down on a circle under a triangle.

Three weeks before reaching, what I like to call my crisis, Craig asked Tom and Renée to visit me, and bring the base to the structure because Craig felt it was time to turn the design the right way up. As Tom positioned the base, he explained, “Up till now, it has been emitting. This way, it is pulling in.” Understanding Tom’s explanation, Craig eagerly agreed, and then went on to explain how he saw the structure would work:

“That makes sense,” stated Craig. “I see Suzzan’s spirit as having to pull in and pass through Zero point.” Nodding in agreement, Tom politely yielded the floor as Craig explained how he saw it. “I know that the journey will be centripetal or inward in nature as opposed to centrifugal just because this event will not be witnessed by the illusion of our eyes.” Craig was certain that in separating my spirit from my body, I would not lose my life on this earth, which made his mind race with ideas. As he says, “These are things that I know, yet can only have a relative understanding of, because words are merely one of the poorer medias of expressing understanding.” Haltingly continuing his train of thought, Craig confessed, “I ah, can’t really say for certain, and well, I’ll just tell it to you as it comes to me, and I understand it. Suzzan has no soul or buffer for this life, and so her spirit will leave her body without any delay or rise time to change states. It is like the difference between digital and analog circuits state change time. A square-wave represents digital, and a sign-wave represents analog. To go from a zero voltage state to a plus-five voltage state, takes longer time for an analog circuit than it does for a digital circuit. Suzzan is digital and the rest of us are analog. The entity has been programmed for analog parameters. It does not know that Suzzan is digital. The change will happen too quickly for the entity to be able to attach to her spirit leaving, and it will be trapped in Suzzan’s physical body. Even if the entity realizes too late, it will not be able to find or track her spirit. You see, in Doppler radar tracking there is a term called zero-Doppler and it occurs when the object being tracked is moving at a radial distance from the tracking radar, meaning that it is neither coming towards nor moving away from the tracking radar. This phenomenon is almost impossible to maintain by the tracked object for more than seconds, but in the old days, it could cause tracking radar to break tracking lock on an object. The zero-Doppler affect that I suspect Great Spirit-Mind will maintain through an orbital path of Suzzan’s spirit, will render it undetectable to the entity until transferred to the crystals that will be placed on your wonderful creation Tom.”

Before continuing, we have to clarify Craig’s statement that I don’t have a “soul or buffer for this life.” When Great Spirit-Mind told us this after Jerusalem, I had the hardest time with it, because everything I have understood about spirituality connects being soulless to being evil. Great Spirit-Mind also told me that “Astrology has no effect” on me, consequently I had rather dismissed the science. Regardless, later we understood that it was on a personal level, i.e., I did not have a natal horoscope, which meant that I was not subject to the forces beneath the Veil, something that I needed to accept on faith. It troubled me immensely until learning Paracelsus taught that a human being received its body from the Earth, its soul from the Stars, and its spirit from Great Spirit-Mind. Moreover, I must always keep in mind that I was forever linked with Craig, which as he has a soul allows us both to fulfil our mission involving the powers and forces both above and below the Veil. That said, although I don’t have an individual soul, I do have what Craig calls, a “resonant chamber” that connects my spiritual energy to the Soul Plane. We will come back to this a little later, as it is critical to understanding our mission.

Returning to 2002, over the next week Craig slowly added different crystal spheres to Tom’s design, until he placed 21 at various points. In a simplistic way, to Craig the design was built off the six-pointed three-dimensional star or Merkavah design. As he told me, it represents the “As above, so below” concept and clearly divided itself into distinct levels to him. He used that concept when moved by not only his spirit but also the energy of the individual crystals, to place them at their designated positions. Intrigued with his process, I asked him to explain:

Tom West’s Geometric Art-Form used with Acutonics® in 2002“The above and below concept not only represents heaven and earth but the future and the present, overlaid with how best to facilitate temporary storage of your spirit considering physical body chakra interface.” Craig understood the role of the geometrical structure so well, therefore, I think it is best for him to explain what he did:

“The base consisted of heavier brass rods than the Merkavah design and supported the original piece by inserting the lower tip of the six-pointed star into it. The different spheres rested within the design in specific groupings and levels. Starting at the bottom of the structure was the beautiful rainbow obsidian sphere (purchased at the base of the pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán) placed at the lowest point of the Merkavah [tip of descending heaven triangle (future) and base chakra of the body (present)]. The next three groupings of five crystals were physically located at the upper level corners of the triangular-shaped base [of the earthly triangle (future) and second and third chakras of the body (present)] and visually appear to be at three levels. Each grouping consists of an amethyst (seventh chakra) smallest and at the bottom, three orange calcite (second chakra) spheres at the next level and slightly larger, and the largest sphere of the group at the same level (giving the visual illusion of being on another level or definitely separate from). These largest spheres as described starting from the front grouping and moving clockwise were salmon calcite (second chakra), sodalite (third through sixth chakras), and lime serpentine with pyrite inclusions (fourth chakra), which interestingly we bought in Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu.

Tom West’s Geometric Art-Form used with Acutonics® in 2002

“At the center of the design was a clear quartz sphere [center of Merkavah (future) and heart chakra (fourth) of the body (present), which I placed there when I first acquired the form. It is interesting to note that clear quartz by itself is a seventh chakra crystal and is different from all other crystals (except tourmaline) in that it lacks central symmetry in its crystal structure. It is used in Merkavah structure as the heart, so Suzzan’ own heart will have room to dwell unaffected by the crystal’s crystalline make up. On the upper level [base of the heavenly triangle (future) and fifth chakra of the body (present)] rested three separate baseball-sized crystals. Starting from the front of the triangle and moving clockwise was a chrysocolla sphere (fourth and fifth chakras), another crystal that Craig acquired from Peru, a light blue calcite sphere (fifth and seventh chakras) and a Rose quartz sphere (fourth chakra). Just below the top of the design [just above the point of the earthly triangle (future) and sixth chakra of the body (present)], I positioned a large labradorite sphere (sixth chakra) that I found out later would act as a transceiver.”

Merkavah energy form 2002Curious as to why he felt compelled to position the various spheres where he had, Craig checked his copy of Crystalline Communion. He learnt that each crystal sphere operated different aspects of the physical body. On Easter Sunday Craig moved the design into the bedroom, placing it in front of a large mirror on top of a chest of drawers at the end of our bed.

Underneath the design, Craig positioned a beautiful amethyst plate with polarized inclusions, producing the effect of displaying either black or gold within the individual points depending on which side was facing the viewer. Then he stepped back to admire the structure. Lying on the bed, I told him that I could see double in the mirror. Later, Judy told us that Craig had magnified the effect of the crystals and the structure by placing it in front of the mirror.

Craig placed another geometrical design of Tom’s on a chest of drawers next to me, which he called an Energy Form. Tom related that it represented the Merkavah, the Kabbalistic symbol for the human being’s spiritual vehicle. Craig also placed four orange calcite spheres along with the existing central clear quartz sphere (with dark substance inclusions) within the energy form.

Merkavah energy form 2002

Easter Sunday Judy arrived at 3 pm, and unsure of what to do she checked my pulse. Understanding she was to raise my vibration, and feeling that she needed to support my body, Judy began with hi-frequency Earth tones including the full and new moon tuning forks, and a Tibetan sun bowl. In order to help my spirit to separate from my body, it was necessary for Judy to perform the procedure “opening the window to the sky points.” To achieve this Judy used a bell chime tuned to a perfect sixth and the full moon. Before Judy started, Craig’s daughter LaNoah who was visiting us, surprised me by taking hold of my left hand in a firm grip. In fact, she did not relax her grip during the entire procedure:

While I was resting on top of the bed, Judy worked with the different tones, until reaching the “sky points” at my throat. Then holding the bell chime over the area, it resonated with a high-pitched tone. Although, experiencing the feeling of floating over my body, at the same time, I was aware of LaNoah holding tightly onto my hand. Seated in his armchair in the bedroom, Craig later told us he had a vision of me rising out of my body, as if I was shedding some kind of leotard.

What neither Craig nor I knew at the time was that we were both witnessing the separating of my life force from my body. The mistake I made was in thinking my life force was the same as my physical life.

Even though in Peru and Bolivia our mission in 2000 was about balancing the male and feminine energies, it seems that the process of my ordeal in 2002 was decidedly tipped towards the feminine side. The majority of the crystal spheres in Tom’s sacred geometrical design represented the even chakras, and therefore were energetically feminine. Only females, as in LaNoah and Judy had physical contact with me. Shortly afterwards, Great Spirit-Mind explained as the entity was constructed of fear, hatred, and rage from male energy, it could only be counteracted with feminine love.

Monday night, Judy arrived as promised. “I think that I’m supposed to raise your vibration and agitate the entity some more, but I don’t think I’m meant to do the Ghost Points tonight. What do you think?” Craig concurred with Judy’s assessment. By this time, Judy was well aware of how to agitate the entity. It hated the tones of her Chiron tuning forks, as we observed when it recoiled from the sound, forcing my head deeper into the pillows. She explained the purpose of agitating the entity was to keep it on its guard, making it release its hold ready for defense. Earlier Craig had a vision of the entity, with its tendrils spreading throughout my brain, and both he and Judy agreed on the necessity not to let it relax.

Pondering over how I would deal with the entity; I lay listening to the different tones Judy was using. Once again the fluidity of time entered my mind. Only on this occasion, the concept was connected to a vision of the Bible’s reference to Jesus Christs’ so-called descent into hell, following the crucifixion. Enquiring what the vision meant, Great Spirit-Mind explained that I would need to connect with this “in-between time”, in order to receive Christs’ help. When that would occur, I could only guess.

Tuesday April 2nd I waited for both Craig and Judy. As she arrived first, I chatted with my friend about her healing work. Listening quietly to her, my admiration for the woman’s dedication grew by the minute. Craig’s arrival ten minutes later interrupted our “chat”, and after giving me a glass of fresh pineapple juice, he unpacked his and Judy’s meal. After supper, Judy told us of her plan. “I think I should agitate him a bit and then do the Ghost Points.” Asking Craig hesitantly “What do you think?” he nodded in agreement. As we wrote:

After the “agitation,” Judy announced that it was time to do the Ghost Points. I asked tentatively, “Do you think you should help me to leave first?” At that time, I still felt I would physically die.

“No. You have already separated,” Judy answered confidently. Then after arranging my position on the bed, she placed the Pluto tuning fork on the second Ghost point to tempt the entity to move, as curiously it loved Pluto’s tone. Then returning to the first ghost point, Judy gave it energy with the tone of Mars. Finally, forcing it to move to the next point, she used the Chiron tone. Judy repeated this procedure through all thirteen Ghost Points, until, after luring it to the thirteenth point and placing the Chiron tone on that point; the entity repulsed by it had no other choice but to leave my physical body.

Finishing with the last ghost point, Judy sat on the floor to process the whole strange episode. Sighing deeply she began, “While I was using the tones around your head, I was thinking, ‘this is a liability waiting to happen. I’m banging around a woman’s head with a brain tumor.’ This was strange as that thought would never occur to me. Then he (the entity) tried to trick me, by having me misread one of the points going out of sequence.” Evidently, the point the entity made Judy initially miss was in the center of my forehead, exactly where the tumor/he was situated.

Craig witnessed Judy’s struggle with the entity, when she approached my forehead with the Chiron tuning fork and it began to violently shake, so much so that she almost dropped the fork. It was only by moving away from me, and reactivating it that she was able to continue in sequence. Confiding her surprise at the process of the Ghost Points, Judy said, “I had thought that I was going to chase him out but instead I found myself enticing and pulling him out. He liked the Pluto energy but didn’t like Chiron. So I would entice him with Pluto and prevent him returning with Chiron.”

“It’s like a night crawler, you have to grab the head and pull slowly otherwise it will break in two,” offered Craig. For my part, I only felt a tingling sensation at the different points until Judy placed the tuning fork on the inside of my right arm, then it was decidedly uncomfortable. Later, Judy explained the point directly connected to my heart. Nonetheless, I knew that the entity was no longer in my body. Almost at the moment that I understood this Craig declared, “It’s with Jesus Christ now.”

After a couple of minutes, I told Craig I needed to use the bathroom. As usual he stood up moving to my side to support me. However, this time I had the strength to not only stand on my own, more importantly I could walk with barely any assistance. It was obvious that Craig was almost beside himself with joy. A few minutes later he watched me walk unaided to the bed. True, I looked like a toddler taking her first steps, nonetheless I was walking. Cradling my head against him as I sat on the bed to catch my breath, with emotion straining his voice Craig declared, “It’s a miracle!” For my part, I was in a kind of daze, and not sure if I was there or not. There are no words to describe how indebted to Judy Craig and I feel. Thank you seems wholly inadequate.

Lying in bed next to Craig later, shortly after he turned out the light I heard, “It’s time.” Back then, Jesus had only spoken to me on a few occasions, yet I recognized his voice immediately. Feeling myself pulled into what I later thought of as a no-time void, I found myself holding Jesus’ hand. Directing my gaze downwards, I saw a huge black mass writhing and squirming beneath us. It was so enormous and took up such a vast area that I said, “It’s huge.” My logical mind questioned how such a relatively small tumor could become this huge mass. It was enormous and black did not begin to describe the color of it, it was like looking into a black hole as there was no light within the mass.

Thinking “Oh my God, how are we going to deal with that?”, as the question formed in my mind, I became aware that Jesus was changing. No longer a human-like body, he was expanding into an immense white-gold mass of pulsating energy. Watching in awe, I felt my “companion” squeeze my hand and then noticed that I was also changing, becoming energy too. Soon both of our bodies became this massive white-gold cloud. Almost simultaneously upon realizing that I was no longer a physical being, “the cloud” we became began descending towards the black mass. Moving to embrace it, I became aware of a kind of vortex opening all around us. White-golden light was streaming out of this vortex to unite with “our cloud.” In my heart, I knew the energy was the pure untainted love of Great Spirit-Mind, which was causing us to expand more and more until we completely enveloped the black entity with love.

Later Great Spirit-Mind told me the tumor in my brain was only the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak, of the mass of spiritual wickedness in high places. It originated through Humanity reversing creation to take life by using an atomic bomb in August 1945. Before this, the lower thoughts, and emotional forms generated from Humanity could not escape the lower planes of reality. However, when the bomb exploded, it created fissures within the planes, allowing the baser emotions and thoughts to seep into the higher levels. The entity masquerading as a tumor was made of Humanity’s hatred, rage, and fear, which unfortunately since 1945 had grown to span the three levels of the mental, emotional, and physical planes.

Embracing the mass, I saw it slowly begin to change into the brilliant white-golden light of love. The light filled every square inch (if there was such a thing) of the void. Almost immediately, as I recognized this, I became aware of lying in bed next to Craig. I understand now that this is why I was born without an individual soul. As we understand it, the individual soul acts like a vehicle encasing the spirit. On the other hand my energy make up facilitates the Spiritual forces in using the “resonant chamber” in my heart to act as a door to spirit, as well as absorbing and transmuting negative energy. Obviously, a primary reason was to use the former as an energetic door for Jesus to enter the mass consciousness. However, the latter purpose, although being used on the Sacred Rock of the Island of the Sun in Bolivia, as well as the “entity” masquerading as a brain tumor, I learned that neither were the primary reason for this aspect of my energy makeup.

Clearly, as we went to France just under three months later in June of 2002, the 13 Ghost Points procedure was successful, and the transmutation of the energy released from September 11th was safely neutralized without costing me my life. After this trip my mind expanded exponentially, and two years later between 2004 and 2005 we wrote the original version of THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, relating the Gnostic connection. As impactful as this Missive was in revealing our missions link to Sophia, it paled in comparison to what happened in 2010.


Over the years, we have learned it is impossible for the human brain to comprehend how spiritual forces operate, because we can only relate to concepts we know. What occurred in 2010 was a perfect example of this. To understand it we needed to stop interpreting the event from our conventional beliefs. Instead, it was essential to see everything as conscious energy. More importantly, we needed to recognize that as with my experience in Jerusalem, Mexico, and South America, not to mention the tumor/entity in 2002, the forces of Light could use my body without my knowledge or volition. Again, we must emphasize this has absolutely nothing to do with me being anything special, it is purely an energy signature within me that can apparently be utilized. With that said, we will explain how the Light revealed the 2010 event to us.

Not surprisingly, hearing of the neutralization of the “Shadow of Deception” in 2010 was initially impossible to believe. However, later that night I noticed something had changed. Since childhood, pitch darkness frightened me, because although I never saw anything, I always sensed something ominous was somehow hiding in it. That September night in 2010, it was gone and there was nothing but soft darkness. We fully expect that many will be skeptical at the following account, and of course with no evidence, most people will dismiss it as delusional. Be that as it may, the reason we are sticking our necks out, so to speak, is what 2010 meant to the Human Race’s spiritual development. As we covered this extensively in our books, FOR THE CHILDREN and the two volume treatise on Spiritual Evolution, America’s Hijacked Destiny, we will use excerpts from these books.

(Note: America’s Hijacked Destiny is an expanded and updated version of our website’s Fullness of Time’s articles on the Ancient Wisdom For Now Scroll Page.)

Before we start however, we cannot stress too strongly how important it is to not envision the Shadow, AKA, Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain-Body the same as the archetypes of the devil or Satan, even if at times, it appeared to operate the same way. Rather we should see the Shadow as literally a construct of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions that had become fully conscious, operating independently within the Soul Plane. It affected the Mass Consciousness, through its connection to individuals’ counterfeit-spirits, or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-bodies. With its neutralization in 2010, the Human Race could begin the process of not only transforming themselves, but also the world. If this sounds too pie in the sky, let us share with you why we can make such a statement.

Understanding how the “Shadow of Deception” was neutralized on September 22nd, 2010, came from investigating the meaning of the sequence of events leading up to it, as well as the event itself. The whole thing was instigated from reading David Ovason’s book The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital: the Mason’s and the Building of Washington D.C. It literally acted as a trigger to launch us into a new level in thinking. Most of what we discovered is in the aforementioned treatise. Yet as it is critical to understanding the future of the world, we will encapsulate the relevant parts to explain the process. Essentially, Mr. Ovason’s book led us to discover a connection between the original Federal Triangle (below left), consisting of the Capitol, White House, and Washington Monument in Washington D.C., mirroring three mountains in Washington State (below right). However, as we wrote, the former was constructed to align with certain constellations:

 Federal Triangle Washington D.C.3 Mountains in Washington State

Federal Triangle Washington D.C.                                      3 Mountains in Washington State

“In his book, David Ovason demonstrates how the Founding Fathers told L’Enfant, (the architect of Washington D.C.) of their plan to mirror three major stars Spica, (Virgo) Regulus (Leo) and Arcturus (Bootes) on the earth plane. They achieved this by positioning the Capitol, White House, and Washington Monument to mirror the pattern of the stars in the sky. The Founding Fathers believed if these three edifices, known as the Federal Triangle, were in line of sight with one another they would reflect the astral energies, thereby assisting in building a democracy. Primarily the three buildings were to provide a balance between the seat of power (White House) and the legislation (the Capitol). The Washington Monument was a neutral point holding this energetic representation of as above so below in place. Mr. Ovason explains that L’Enfant’s map made certain that the legislative branch of government (Congress) could “keep an eye” on the executive branch (president) and vice a versa. Spiritually this would mean that Spica and Arcturus could watch over the “little king” Regulus in residence at the White House. There is one more point we need to address. Although the Federal Triangle involves three constellations, Mr. Ovason’s book stresses the Founding Fathers focused predominantly on the constellation Virgo. This fact had special relevance 200 years later in the discovery of Chiron in our Solar System…

“…My investigation into how the Light and the Shadow influenced humans en masse in the past revealed the primary way was through structure. For instance, the Light used beautiful architecture in the Gothic cathedrals to conceal The Mysteries. Perhaps not surprisingly the Shadow’s preferences were more masculine i.e., the phallus in the form of obelisks. With this clear distinction, my question was “If obelisks represented the Shadow then why use one in the Federal Triangle?” Contemplating the perplexing problem, I remembered writing in the treatise of how Gian Bernini transmuted the energy of obelisks in Rome through manipulating the elements, or emotions. Suddenly the light went on and I understood the Founders reasoning. By aligning the obelisk of the Washington Monument with the powerful star Spica, representing the Divine Feminine and the Universal Christ, they created the perfect union of balance and harmony. In other words, the Founders usurped a tool of the Shadow to benefit Humanity.

“Another connection of Washington D.C. to Washington State is uncovered through the sign of Cancer. David Ovason relates Hermeticists viewed Cancer as representing “a sort of gateway between higher and lower worlds.” This point reveals the Founders and the Light always intended Washington State’s connection to the nation’s capital. Mirroring the skies on the ground by placing 3 key buildings in exact alignment with 3 stars to form the Federal Triangle, America’s Founders symbolized the axiom As, above, so Below, or the Microcosm (ground) mirroring the Macrocosm (sky). Add to this the 3 mountains of Washington State exactly reflecting the Federal Triangle, and a third component is brought in; only this one is natural not man-made. This third component involved uncovering the secret of an ancient relic, which revealed an early plan to bring the Macrocosm and Microcosm together at a specific site…

“…Logically it makes sense that the Founders would want America to reflect strength. There is no doubt that as the Romans conquered Greece and took over the Hellenistic Era they were a very strong empire. Nevertheless, the Romans spirituality was not as strong as their Greek counterparts. We see this in the fact that the Ancient Mysteries originated from Greece, not Rome. So why would the Founders, who were also members of the Orders of the Quest infuse the country with a less spiritual connection? The answer is they did not. It was necessary for the Founders of America to include the Roman influence because of a sacred Greek relic that the Romans inherited known as the Palladium. Considered to be the supreme treasure of the ancient world, according to Mr. Ovason it was the “image of Minerva” and believed to be connected to “one of the greatest esoteric Mysteries of the ancient world.” Such a powerful proclamation indicated to me that the Palladium warranted further investigation.

Although we covered the information on the Palladium previously in the Know Thyself Initiative KTI, due to its relevance we are repeating it here:

“Researching the Palladium, the first thing that struck me was its Greek origin. This made me wonder why the Founding Fathers did not use images of Athena instead of Minerva in their imagery. I discovered the answer lay in the history of this sacred relic. Historians believe it was a wooden image of Pallas (whom the Greeks identified with Pallas-Athena and the Romans with Minerva). Purportedly the image fell to Earth in answer to the prayer of the founder of the ancient city of Troy.

“…It seems the legend reports that after the Greeks discovered the Palladium was protecting the city of Troy; Odysseus Diomedes stole it with the help of Helen (of Troy) before using the famous Trojan Horse ploy to enter and conquer the city. Afterwards, the exact whereabouts of the Palladium is unknown because there are two possible destinations. The most logical is that the victorious Greeks took their prize back to Athens the city of Athena. However, there are several legends that say the Palladium ended up in Italy. One legend says it was “kept there in the temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.” This in itself would be surprising, as at the time of the Fall of Troy, Rome had not emerged as a republic. Although no one can be certain, legend has it that Rome would not become a reality until nearly 500 years after the sacking of Troy. Regardless of this, as the Romans conquered the entire region and took over from the Greeks, they could well have acquired the Palladium from them. Furthermore, as it was such a priceless relic of one of their prime goddesses, it made sense that they would take it back to Rome with them, especially because of the belief the relic protected the city that housed it.

“With the fall of Rome, either the efficacy of the Palladium would be in doubt, or it was no longer there. This brings us to another legend that suggested Constantine took the relic to Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. After occupation by the Ottomans, the Palladium vanished from both the city and history. Bearing in mind that it was wooden it is no surprise that the Palladium disappeared. After all, wood is organic and will eventually rot. Nonetheless, Mr. Ovason relates that “some esoteric scholars” assert that it was “not lost, but hidden away in another country.” Interestingly, this country would be “where the civilization of the future was to develop.”

“The above statement is the key because as Mr. Ovason informs us, the Palladium would be needed, not to protect a city but for its primary function; namely, to “act as a spiritual center for the dissemination of that esoteric lore,” in other words—The Mysteries.

“It is important to keep in mind that both goddesses Minerva and Pallas-Athena were goddesses of wisdom, and that they were associated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. In this respect, the most important information Mr. Ovason provided about the Palladium’s purpose, was his association with it as a “torch” that was “passed” from a “dying civilization” to an “embryonic” one by the “Secret Schools.”

“With the three mountains of Washington State reflecting the Federal Triangle, we can see how the relic’s influence could be present in America. With the location of the Know Thyself Initiative falling on the line between Mount Rainier and Mount Olympus, it is even more possible that the Founders specifically transferred the Mystery of D.C. to the City of Destiny, otherwise known as Tacoma.

“As the Palladium was originally Greek, obviously the natural connection was the oldest and therefore the purest. Accepting that the Federal Triangle in Washington D.C. represents the Microcosm, and the three stars represent the Macrocosm, then the three mountains would be the bridge between the two. Could the location for the site of the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI) within this powerful nexus indicate that the image of the sacred relic of the Palladium has become the energy and consciousness of Wisdom acting as the third component, a bridge between the Macrocosm and Microcosm? If so, we believe the Founding Fathers always intended Washington State to connect to Washington D.C., to reveal The Mysteries. Moreover, by having the obelisk, or the Monument in D.C. reflect Mount Rainier, the closest mountain to the site of the Know Thyself Initiative, the energy connection is even greater. KTI representing the bridge between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm is epitomized by its existence in the mass consciousness (web) or Mind-Stuff between spirit and matter. Naturally, the growing number of esoteric schools on the web connecting to the energy, strengthens this.

Learning that the connection between Washington D.C. and Washington State could involve an ancient relic, made it a distinct possibility that our whole experience was preordained centuries, if not millennia ago and that everything had a purpose. Even so, I still struggled with my role in neutralizing the “Shadow of Deception”, asking “How could an ordinary person facilitate something so huge?” As with Jerusalem in 1994, where we came to understand the Light used my body as a kind-of doorway, we learned it was a similar situation that September afternoon in 2010 with the Shadow’s neutralization, only it began in Judy’s office at the end of May.

In the spring of 2010, we were moved to contact Judy. As I was experiencing considerable discomfort, I thought it was to get Judy to shed some light on it, perhaps even heal me. Still, we learned that there was an even more important reason. At that time, Judy and I were estranged. Without going into the whys and wherefores, our friendship broke during a particularly confusing time for both of us, when following an especially distressing instance in 2008, Judy stopped visiting us. The inspiration to contact her made me hopeful of the possibility of rekindling our special relationship, because in spite of being apart, I always felt connected to her. After all, this woman had saved my life.

Demonstrating her magnanimous spirit, upon hearing of my discomfort Judy graciously agreed to give me a treatment. So, Guy arranged an appointment for me at the end of May. Believing that the motivation for seeing Judy was to reconcile as well as have her help me, I nervously walked into her office with Craig and Guy.

Unfortunately, once in her office we quickly discovered reconciliation was the furthest thing from Judy’s mind. Making sure that we knew her intentions, our friend informed us she wanted nothing more to do with the Foundation, or us. Her statement devastated me and distressed I began to cry. Looking to both Craig and Guy for support, I met stunned confused faces. Nevertheless, Judy is the consummate professional, and attempting to ease the tension she asked me if I still wanted a treatment. Unsure why as I was extremely upset and all I wanted to do was get out of there, bewildered I mumbled “yes” and stood up.

Directing me to the table in the middle of the room, as I climbed onto it Judy instructed me to lie on my stomach. Exceedingly grateful, as lying face down meant I could bury my head in the pillow, I laid down. While lying on that table, the only thing I remember is feeling my heart breaking apart.

Although I was sobbing, I could hear Judy moving around and felt her place a Tibetan bowl on the middle of my back. She worked diligently for more than half an hour while I quietly sobbed into the soft pillow. When she finished, tapping me on the shoulder, she smiled at me as I rolled over and sat up. Thanking her, Judy was standing behind me massaging my shoulders, and surprisingly replied, “It is the world who should thank you”, with no further explanation.

Still unsure as to why Great Spirit-Mind wanted me to endure such sorrow, I tried to process what happened. However, although I did not experience anything but severe emotional distress, this was not the case for Craig. Like we said, throughout our journey Craig has been the one to have the most detailed, explicit, and sometimes multidimensional visions during ceremonies or as he likes to call them, “Event Gatherings.” Yet for some unknown reason after starting the Know Thyself Initiative, the visions subsided. Admitting that even though this was not disturbing it was unusual, Craig’s experience in Judy’s office was all the more powerful.

Evidently, while I lay face down on the table, Craig was trying to wrap his head around the situation. Closing his eyes immediately he felt swept up in a wondrous vision. Later when we got home from Judy’s office and Guy came over; Craig shared that experience with us:

“The whole idea of incorporating Judy into the energy mix of relieving, or at least lessening Suzzan’s physical discomfort was a puzzle to me. So clasping my hands around my knees in a sustainable and comfortable position, I put my head down and closed my eyes.

“Everything appeared in shades of grey (greyscale) and it seemed as though I was in the eye and at the top of a huge swirling energy funnel. At first, this was odd to me because all previous visions were in vivid color. Clearing my mind, I opened to the flow. Not moving physically, my vantage point moved, and the vision took place to the right of me where Suzzan lay on the table.

“Observing the energetic movement of an endless greyscale plane, I noticed that sometimes it presented itself in a vertical cross sectional view. Managing to skew horizontally, it showed me another side of its movement. The whole thing was alive to me, as if the vision was a combination of Suzzan mixed with the universe in an energetic way. I observed the energetic mass for some time. Then abruptly there was separation, and I could see two vertical cross sectional views formed one above another. Appearing calmer, the lower plane was also lighter than the one above it. Once again, horizontally skewing the view I saw that the plane above was finite in size above the infinite lighter plane below. Yet neither plane was connected as I witnessed by my changing view perspectives. Following this pattern for a while, suddenly the vision shifted to a visual perspective above the lower, lighter plane just inside some hazy translucent mass. This view only lasted long enough to see a finite dark mass extend a thread down into the energy plane below it and reduce in size as if to empty itself in the lighter plane below. Even so, the mingling of these planes did not cause the lower lighter plane to combine with it and darken in color at first. Nevertheless as I watched, a distinctive black network of lines did eventually permeate the lower plane.

“From my perspective above the lower plane, I observed the former calm plane appear to become agitated with sporadic bursts of dark and light energy balls of various shades of grey. The distinctive networked lines were no longer visible to me. Watching the darkening plane below for a good while, it seemed to get more unsettled and distant from me the longer I watched. Even though it was all I could see below me, I could tell I was moving away from it. I saw and felt the lack of calm below me. All of a sudden, at a great distance away a burst of yellow-orange lightning shot through the plane, before shattering into many smaller lightning bolts creating a large area of light, and revealing the great depth of that below me. I was quickly transported to my original energy funnel as I watched what appeared to be thick black lines or beams fall down the sides of the vortex funnel.”

It would be many months before we understood what the vision in Judy’s office meant. First, there was to be another bizarre ceremony of sorts, orchestrated by Craig himself. A month after my “treatment”, Craig said he was going to create a visual expression of the Federal Triangle and the three Washington Mountains. To that end, he explained his plan to unite both triangles over a representative of the Tree of Life on our web site, over seven days. As the triangles represented both Washington D.C. and Washington State, it all made a weird kind-of sense. Unlike the other web pages on our site, this page was essentially a tree, only it was no ordinary one. Instead, this “tree” consisted of different levels put together to create the illusion of a real tree, overlaid with the 10 Sephirot representing the Tree of Life. Completing the page by the Summer solstice, he posted it on our website. Then operating from a pure sense of direction, without understanding why, Craig prepared 7 stages to appear over the tree on 7 consecutive days, starting on July 28th.

To assist in the explanation, below is the tree and a basic breakdown of the different stages:

 Tree of Life Tree of Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge                         

Tree of Knowledge

  • Day 1:- Triangles from two Washingtons appear above tree.
  • Day 2:- Triangles move together and unite.
  • Day 3:- Rectangle becomes feed horn.
  • Day 4:- Spiral or vortex forms in center of feed horn.
  • Day 5:- Sun appears within vortex.
  • Day 6:- Dove appears in front of Sun.
  • Day 7:- Vortex expands and Dove alights on tree.

Eventually, the visual expression of the 7 phases became a video using Adobe Flash software, which unfortunately is no longer available. In the video, Craig created the illusion of moving through our Solar System as well as time to this event. After bringing us to our modern time, the video depicted the two triangles with their respective partners, i.e., the Washington Monument with Mount Rainier. Then it linked the two Washingtons with each other, through the glyph for Cancer with the circles of the 6 and 9 encircling both Washingtons perfectly over the map of the US. It was through understanding how all this connected that we learned what happened, but we are jumping ahead. First, let us recount the events by reprinting the triangles.

 Federal Triangle Washington D.C.3 Mountains in Washington State

Federal Triangle Washington D.C.     3 Mountains in Washington State

All was well until Day 2 when Craig brought the two triangles together. At that time I developed a severe headache, which lasted all through Day 3 as the feed horn materialized within the enlarged rectangle. On Day 4 as the spiral or vortex formed in the center of the feed horn, my headache subsided. If like me, you have no idea what a feed horn is, Craig described it as being like a dish of a satellite that feeds signals to the world. As he explains:

“We see what kind-of signals the feed horn is feeding the world in Days 5 and 6, when a graphic of the Sun representing the Light of Truth emerges from the spiral, or vortex (5), and then a White Dove of Peace materializes (6) in front of the Sun. Finally, on Day 7, the vortex expanded encompassing the top of the tree, which now symbolizes the Earth Plane, and Peace entering our world signified by the Dove alighting on the tree.”

The last Day was the most challenging for me, as my headache, which had subsided for two days returned in force. For twenty-four hours I felt as though my head was about to explode. To be honest, neither of us had any idea as to why Craig was moved to put this on our web site and as I recovered quickly, we basically put it out of our minds; that is until about a week before the Autumnal Equinox. It was during this time that an interesting phenomenon we discovered about our home would come into play. As we explained in our writings:

“Throughout the 5 years we owned our spiritual center/bookstore, we would conduct meditations for Peace on the spiritual nexuses of the year. These points of the year have been marked since ancient times; we know them as the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes and the Summer and Winter Solstices. In 2005 with the center no longer available, we switched the venue to our home. Initially we thought this was from expediency; however, we soon discovered it was because there was some type of energy vortex in our living room.

“Due to both the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes being auspicious times to focus on peace and harmony, we always set time aside to meditate and pray for peace and healing in the world. Seeking guidance on what kind-of ceremony to perform for 2010’s Autumnal Equinox, I was given that I alone needed to perform a ceremony on September 22nd, starting at 3:00 pm for 33 minutes. As by this time we were used to strange requests, neither Craig nor I were concerned.

“Thinking I was going to meditate/pray for peace by standing, sitting, or kneeling in the vortex, I was a little disconcerted when Craig hauled a large granite rock up to our house. My level of confusion rose even higher when he matter-of-factly informed me we were to use it in the Equinox ceremony. Looking like an egg cut in half, it was not exactly what I envisioned sitting on. Still, after meditating/praying I learned that this was exactly what was required of me. The instructions were very detailed. I was to sit on the rock with only a folded thin scarf for a cushion. More importantly, I was to divide the 33 minutes into three segments of 11 minutes each, changing positions each time.”

During my life I have sat on some uncomfortable seats, but the time spent sitting on that granite rock was the longest 33 minutes of my life. Desperately trying to take my mind off the discomfort, which was considerable, I begged Craig to talk to me. This was the strangest aspect of the whole thing. To me it was necessary for me to focus on peace and harmony to be effective but instead all I could think about was concentrating on holding each painful position.

At last, the clock reached 3:33 pm and I was able to get off the rock. Barely able to stand, I was at a loss as to the purpose of such a ridiculous “ceremony” and did not gain any clarity until later that night. Yet even then, the reason sounded so preposterous that neither of us could believe it.

Amazingly, Great Spirit-Mind told us the “ceremony” that September afternoon was the third and last of three phases, which began earlier that May in Judy’s office. Obviously, Craig connecting the two Washingtons above a representation of the Tree of Life, over 7 days in late July and early August, was the second. However, even more incredible, it seems that ridiculous “ceremony” facilitated the Light using my body to end spiritual evil, even as I squirmed on the rock. What is more, both of the previous adjustments were to prepare my body energetically to act as a vessel of purification. In asking what it was I was purifying, I heard, “The Shadow.” Forget that we are talking about a spiritual consciousness connected to every human being through the pain-body. not only did Great Spirit-Mind ask us to believe that the “ceremony” severed the link between the individual and the “Shadow, but we were supposed to believe it also purified the entire Soul Plane. How could this be? The answer turned out to have several levels concerning a Divine Plan straddling many millennia.

Craig’s vision while I lay face down on Judy’s table was of two swirling energy vortexes over the table. As he alludes, one of them seemed to represent my body. We already knew that according to teachings on the chakra system, spiritual energy always enters from the back of the heart. In this way his vision was a depiction of the energy/consciousness of the Shadow entering my energy field. Again, this would have been near impossible to believe if I had not experienced the tumor/entity in 2002.

Back then, even as I grew weaker, I knew that what was in my head masquerading as a tumor, was not organic matter. On the contrary, it was a consciousness I took on (unconsciously of course), to be transmuted. Remembering the vision of my body becoming a vast energy cloud in the void with Jesus after Judy did the Ghost Points treatment, helped immensely in understanding what happened in September 2010. It was the reason I could wrap my mind around how the Light could condense something impossibly big into something a lot smaller, in order for them to transmute it.

Regardless of the above understanding, accepting Great Spirit-Mind’s explanation for 2010 was still a struggle for me, because it is very subjective, and not exactly what could be called empirical evidence. For instance, in 2002 with the entity there were actual changes in my body, and it was obvious to everyone who saw me that I was close to death. However, in 2010 during the neutralization of the Shadow, apart from enduring a splitting headache for the second phase, (uniting the two triangles), and severe discomfort in the final one, (33 minutes sitting on a rough granite rock), there were no outward signs. As a result, we had no choice but to accept the explanation from Great Spirit-Mind on faith. Yet, as we have seen dozens of times over nearly three decades, if we are patient more information seems to always come to light to help with our understanding.

Once I felt my body become energy and light in the 2002 experience with the entity/tumor, recognizing that an energy mass of consciousness, and emotions could transform to resemble a tumor was not that much of a stretch for me. Nonetheless, this concerned my head/brain, which in itself is pure consciousness and electromagnetic energy. My problem in 2010 was the location for the transformation or neutralization of the Shadow being my heart. Granted, we understood that the energetic return of the Christ in Jerusalem was through the back of my heart, as is shown in the re-creation of the vision on our website but this was different. Christ’s energy was of the highest vibration and therefore passed through me without any adverse effect. Yet knowing the Shadow was composed of the lowest vibrations, as its creation was from the basest thoughts and emotions of the Human Race, how was it possible the Light could use my heart for two such different purposes?

Despite the knowledge that I was merely a door facilitating the entrance and nothing more, I still questioned, “How could a door transmute actual consciousness?” Surely this needs a person to be fully aware and consciously participating, which I was not. Then Great Spirit-Mind led us to the scientific discovery that the heart has an independent mind.

In the article ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY OF THE HEART by James T. Fulton, on the web site neuroresearch.net we learned some interesting facts. For instance, the article states that mammals hearts, which include human beings, “consists of cells unique to the physiology of animals.” Evidently, these cells also “incorporate all of the capabilities of a neuron”, a phenomenon that has led to classifying the “neural aspects of the heart” as a “mini-brain.” The article tells us the human heart “represents a mini-neural system”, because it encompasses every function of “both the central and peripheral nervous systems.” Therefore, this heart-mini-brain integrates all the abilities of these systems.

Amazingly, it seems that our hearts function “independently” or at least with minimal “control through the autonomous neural system.” So essentially, the scientists are telling us that the heart can operate without signals from the brain. Moreover, they add that this can be “for an indefinite period.” Consequently, perhaps when we say to someone “trust your heart,” instead of mouthing a platitude, we are giving sage advice.

Understanding that the heart appears independent of the brain, revealed how the Light could use mine to isolate the Shadow in 2010, while it worked on transmuting the Shadow’s energy. Notice I said the Light worked on me, not that I transmuted the Shadow. I have never been under any delusion that I am anything more than a vessel or in this case an opening between planes. True, I have to agree to follow instructions, often deciphering them as they are extremely vague but that is where Craig and multiple other people come in. No one operates spiritually in isolation.

Since Jerusalem, hundreds of people’s contribution has led us to the Truth, even if sometimes the contribution was a serious detour at first. Nonetheless, each piece of knowledge gathered added to our overall understanding. Case in point, it was recognizing that in both Jerusalem (1994), and Judy’s office (2010), I was under extreme emotional distress while being used as a door that we gained a new level of understanding. The reason I was overwhelmed with emotion on both occasions, is simply because to open the door between planes, and connect with the spiritual realm, requires the energy of extreme emotion.

With all the levels involved in the above explanation, some readers may be thinking that we are completely off our heads. Believe me, we do not blame anyone for thinking this, as it is something I have struggled with for 29 years. Consequently, before continuing we are going to take a moment to explain how we resolved our dilemma.

One of the most important lessons for Craig and I was the need to apply logic and objectivity when using Deductive Reasoning and Intuition. As a result, we learned to employ all four to every investigation, including spiritual phenomena. Unfortunately, with the presence of the “Shadow” supporting the lower ego and pain-body/counterfeit-spirit, until 2010 people were influenced to classify anything not experienced with the five senses, and proven empirically, as illogical. This is why there was the great divide between Science and Mysticism. The fact is, we need both to get to the Truth about The Mysteries, but without logic and objectivity it is impossible to reveal either.

Over the years we examined each incident, vision, or “coincidence” using our four tools. The first clear fact we ascertained was, as we said, no one operates spiritually in isolation. Our experience with my healing was invaluable in this investigation. With Judy out of the picture, my general health was deteriorating, and Craig and I wondered what it meant. Seeking answers, Great Spirit-Mind reminded us of the channeling sessions with Hermione. On those occasions we had observed how her physical condition took a beating, leading to her exhaustion after each session. She had explained that it was the consequence of her connecting to other planes. As a result, we knew this was a similar case with me, even though I have never channeled. (Note: that although we described it as my being a “channel”, what I did for Craig in Jeddah was not channeling, rather I was merely a conduit for him to connect with Great Spirit-Mind).

Until 2008, Judy regularly gave me treatments with sound, which kept me operating at the optimum level. After our estrangement there were no more treatments. Then the Light brought another truly gifted and selfless individual into our lives, with the way she entered being as much a gift as her contribution.

One day we received a letter from a woman in Indiana about our work. In the letter, the woman whose name was Judith, explained that she got our Post Office Box address for the Foundation from the back of the original version of Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE. Since Judith included her telephone number asking we call her, intrigued we rang her that same day. Delighted to hear from us, Judith explained how moved she was by the book, which she had purchased in a second-hand bookstore in Indiana. We found this remarkable, because we could not fathom how one of our books found its way to Indiana. Like our first two books we had self-published the third, and although we had 200 printed, we only sold a few in our center. Although they are available on Amazon, all told we sold less than 10.

Even more astounding and serendipitous was Judith’s focus at that time, energetic electronic healing. Using a special computer program, she regularly healed people over long distances. To our delight when Judith learned of my physical condition, she immediately offered to help. Long story short, her guided adjustments to my energetic body has helped immensely to keep me strong enough to finish my work.

Although open-minded in understanding energy, Judith was anything but gullible. She questioned everything and wanted to understand exactly how I operated. This remarkable woman not only improved my physical condition, she also helped us understand our mission through her insightful questions. Ancient Wisdom teaches us that the last thing the ego and pain body wants anyone to use is logic, or for that matter, any one of the four tools. Logic is a key component in Judith’s work. She looks at the body in terms of energy areas and advises on every aspect of how to treat it, including food and supplements. Consequently, our association with her has increased our knowledge of how my energy-field operates in leaps and bounds.

Notwithstanding all the revelatory knowledge and understanding we accumulated throughout the years, as we said, it all paled in comparison to the revelation that we no longer have to deal with the Shadow of Deception.

The fact is that up until 3:33 pm September 22nd, 2010, Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body or Shadow of Deception sabotaged all spiritual progress, primarily by manipulating the world into following its agenda. As a result, we have hurtled through the 20th and into the 21st century with little regard for protecting the planet, or each other. Self-interest has been the order of the day, and individuals lower egos have reigned supreme. After 2010, although we still had the individual pain-body and lower ego working against us, without the incredible power generated by the Collective Pain Body or Shadow network, we had a greater chance to hear our higher selves.

We will return to how we align with the Divine Plan later, first we need to address an important question arising from the above report. “Why was the Shadow neutralized in 2010, why not April 4th, 1994?” The simple answer is that not all the players were in place in 1994.

After completing Stage Reason and writing part 2 of the thesis for Ancient Wisdom For Now web page, we initially thought we would move onto Stage 2 Cycles in the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI). Yet although we posted all 777 pages in Stage Cycles on the web site, this was all we were moved to do. Throughout Stage Reason, I regularly posted articles, resulting in several hundred pages during the 18 months it ran. However, apart from posting the 777 pages of Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked – Globe D, I only posted a couple of articles in the second Stage Cycles. At the writing of our original treatise, summer 2014, we were preparing to move onto the third Stage, Intuition, using the teachings from Eckhart Tolle’s books, and our discoveries from writing FOR THE CHILDREN.

Following the events of September 2010, unclear as to what to do next we waited for our guidance to direct us. Anticipating our course to remain the same, the next change in direction was completely unexpected, as it was practical and not subjective. More importantly, it explained the reason for connecting Washington D.C. to Washington State, when within a year we used that connection in promoting World Peace. Even so, we are jumping ahead of ourselves again. First, we need to explain how we learned why the Light did not neutralize the Shadow until 2010.


Regarding the Shadow of Deception’s neutralization, one would think that the energetic return of the Universal Christ would be the catalyst for its demise, but no. Amazingly as we said, the Light did not neutralize it until 2010, more than 16 years later. “Why?” This question has plagued us ever since we left Jerusalem in 1994. Today we understand the reason for the delay concerned the sanctity of freewill. Initially, The Christ’s return was to awaken Humanity. To do that it was necessary to awaken and teach not only Craig and I but also the many individuals who incarnated to assist in the process, each with their own unique piece of the puzzle.

That afternoon in Jerusalem, Craig and I were mere babies in understanding The Mysteries. It has only been in the new millennium that our studying and investigating has borne fruit and we can make sense of the teachings. A large part of that process has been connecting with different teachers. Most of these people have been unaware of their role, nonetheless, their faith and wonderful hearts have resulted in bringing the information forward. One of the most influential teachers for us was Daphna Moore and her book, The Rabbi’s Tarot, which spawned our anthology on the Tarot, Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, and Beyond Divination: The Minor Arcana ‘s role in Spiritual Transformation. Nevertheless, she was not the last. Our next teacher, who became a very good friend, was Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, because his writings provided us with a new understanding on evolution. In addition, we gained clarification as to why the Light did not neutralize the Shadow until 2010.

Reading Carl’s books essentially caused a change in the direction of the mission, from passive studying to active participation. Our work entered a new phase in the summer of 2011, moving from the virtual to the physical world. This occurred when we learned through our dear friend Leyland of the Lothlorien Peace Festival in Foulain, France. He was coordinating the participation of the Indigenous Elders and Dr. Calleman at the festival.

From our excursions to Mexico and South America in 2000, we became interested in the Mayan teachings. Guided to Carl’s books, his work introduced us to spirituality in science from the Mayan perspective, essentially because he is not only an Evolutionary Biologist, he is also an expert on the Mayan Calendar, or the Mayan Mysteries. Reading, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, was just the beginning, as it were. Due to our finding this book so enlightening, we were eager to read Carl’s next book in the series, released in 2009. Its provocative title, The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life lived up to its name. Quite frankly we found it mind-blowing, largely because the book provided a scientific interpretation of the Maya’s description of the Tree of Life, an image that came to be a key component of the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny... A notation on the back cover of The Purposeful Universe: encapsulates Carl’s brilliant book as:

“Using recent findings within cosmology, coupled with his broad understanding of the Mayan calendar, biologist Carl Johan Calleman offers a revolutionary and fully developed alternative to Darwin’s theory of biological evolution—and the theory of randomness that holds sway over modern science. He shows how the recently discovered central axis of the universe correlates with the Tree of Life of the ancients. This provides an entirely new context for physics in general and especially for the origin and evolution of life and suggests that we look upon ourselves as part of a hierarchy of systems that are all interrelated and evolve in a synchronized way.”

“Calleman’s research demonstrates that life did not just ‘pop up’ on our planet, but that Earth was a place specifically tagged for this. He demonstrates how the Mayan calendar describes quantum states of the Tree of Life and presents a new explanation for the origin and evolution of consciousness. Calleman uses his scientific background in biology and cosmology to show that the idea of the Purposeful Universe is real. He explains not only how DNA, but also entire organisms have emerged in the image of the Tree of Life, a theory that has wide-ranging consequences not only for medicine but also for the origin of sacred geometry and the human soul. With this new theory of biological evolution the divide between science and religion disappears.”

In reading the inspirational The Purposeful Universe : we knew it was possible to apply Dr. Calleman’s theory to generating Peace. We confirmed our intuition when we learned of his leading the global meditation at the Lothlorien Peace Festival. Seeing this as no coincidence, we asked Leyland, who knew the Mayan expert personally, to put us in touch with the gifted author. We were able to speak with Carl within a week and we found the Mayan expert very knowledgeable and amenable.

Around a week before we spoke with Carl we began hearing of an upcoming alignment of the comet Elenin to Earth. This closest alignment to date was due to occur September 26th, 2011. As previous alignments coincided with large earthquakes, Elenin generated a great deal of fear. Looking at the comet as energetically neutral, we realized that we had a unique opportunity to harness its energy to affect the consciousness.

Determining the necessity to quiet the fear, we co-sponsored a worldwide press release, with the headline: World Peacemakers Call for 3 DAY Moratorium on All News 9 22 - 24 During Peace Festival to Stop the World for Elenin’s Approach. Our goal was to encourage people to stop listening, reading, or watching the news for 3 days and instead think of being at peace. We saw this as employing the principle of the new science Noetics, which posits the theory when enough people focus on a single thought they affect the world.

The objective for the press release was to get at least 144,000 people to focus on peace for 3 Days. One of our Partners in Peace, Tony Burroughs and his Intenders of the Highest Good helped us achieve our goal by co-sponsoring the press release. His inspired organization of well over a million people uses the power of intent to generate a better world. Tony included a letter inviting his group of intenders to take part in the 3-Day Moratorium, in a mass e-mail newsletter. At the time, though unbeknownst to us, this was only the first stage in the project to promote peace energetically, so to speak because we were about to employ Carl’s theory in a far more practical way.

While translating the Mayan Ancient teachings, Carl discovered something remarkable in the texts. Reflecting the Jungian theory, the texts reported the existence of the consummate Archetypal symbol at the center of the universe: the Tree of Life. Of course, the Tree of Life as an archetype is deeply rooted in the human psyche. How much, is reflected in the fact that the Tree or some variation of it appears in almost every culture of the world. It also permeates our language (not just English). For instance, we use branch to describe sections of organizations. Then there is the trunk being a term for the torso of the body. Another colloquialism is to take a leaf, another term for page, out of someone’s book meaning to copy or emulate them. Finally, we also speak of root or roots to describe both our origins and the origin of something.

Providing a possible reason for the Tree’s influence the ancient Maya assert this Tree is emitting “creation waves” that are driving our Evolution. This became even more relevant when as an Evolutionary Biologist; Carl was able to ascertain that the same energetic signature reflecting the Tree of Life surrounds every cell in the human body. Therefore, it would seem that even if we are not consciously aware of this Tree of Life driving evolution, we are aware of it at the subconscious level; hence the “tree’s” presence in so much of our lives.

From the above amazing discovery, Carl was able to formulate his theory proposed in his Purposeful Universe: specifically if we can find a way to align with this Universal or Divine Tree of Life, we can become co-creators of our world and bring about its transformation. Inspired by Carl’s discovery, and with his blessing, we developed a way to harness the overwhelming intent for Peace through a map of world peacemakers and the archetypal imagery of the Tree of Life in the Bridge to Peace Project — BTPP. The project’s focus is a world map on our web site with lights of hope representing people’s intent to generate Peace throughout the Earth. In addition, we featured our Partners in Peace in three Trees of Life on our website.

We chose the mystical Kabbalistic Tree of Life to represent the Mayan Tree because the former clearly defines the four different Planes that delineate the process of creation. The Kabbalists refer to these Planes as Archetypal, Creative, Formative, and Active. To put these terms into modern vernacular, think of the Archetypal plane as representing the spark of an idea, and the Creative as bringing that idea into consciousness. Then the Formative brings forth the image and finally, the Active brings that idea to fruition. However, as these four planes also represent the Gnostic Four Elements/Emotions we designate them as Fire/Ignorance or Spiritual, Air/Grief or Mental, Water/Fear or Imagination, and Earth/Confusion or Physical. Either way, the planes signify how we create. Another way of describing the process could be thus: Starting with the Fire or Spiritual Plane of Inspiration, we move down to the Air or Mental Plane of Thought-Idea. Then we visualize this thought, creating a clear image of it in our minds in the Water Plane of Imagination. The final step of the inspired creation is the Earth or Physical Plane where we manifest the image into a material reality.

Using the principle of Jung’s concept of imagery, we created a guided meditation with color images of three Trees of Life with our Partners in Peace representing the past, present, and future. In the meditation, we are moving inwards towards the inner kingdom. We also incorporated the use of sound and specific frequencies into the meditation through the human voice, Tibetan gongs, tones, and music. Guy primarily facilitated this, by not only acting as narrator and recording each sound component to coincide with each section. He also composed the most hauntingly beautiful music for the meditation, which became available on our web site from the 2012 Spring Equinox.


From 2011 my time was focused on writing while Craig continued to develop our website. Immersed in the treatise it soon became apparent that it was tracking the influence of the “Shadow of Deception”, and the Divine Light of Truth’s effect throughout history. Determining that America was the destined point where both “sides” met in the final struggle, we realized that we needed to change the title from Fullness of Time: to America’s Hijacked Destiny… In tracking the different influences we recognized the role reincarnation played, especially in respect to the archetypes, in particular Sophia, The Christ, and What-has-been-Willed. It was not surprising to identify these archetypes in Isis, Osiris/Tutankhamun, and Thoth/Hermes or Melchizedek. However, it was surprising to identify them in Saint Paul, and Mary Magdalene, especially with what we were told.

At first, our perception of spirituality and reincarnation was an impediment to uncovering how to reconcile our new understanding with what we believed. Nonetheless, once we understood that Sophia, and her partner What-has-been-Willed were conscious energy, not individuals per say, then it became a little clearer. As such we now understand that Craig and I were chosen as vessels for their energy, in different ways. Again, by no virtue or status of our own. It seems that my role was to contain a connection between Sophia and the material or Earth plane, which acted like Daath, the non-Sephirot in the Tree of Life, i.e., a door, accessed through intense emotion. Due to this connection, my energy field (body) could be used to transmute conscious energy, as in the “Shadow.” This connection also allowed access to the information that everyone knows but has forgotten, which culminated in the treatise and the Know Thyself Initiative. Even so, we were still unclear of the reason for the ceremonies in Mexico and South America. It was time to reexamine our missions in relationship to the Divine Plan, with the benefit of hindsight.

In May 2000, as discussed we went to Palenque and Teotihuacán in Mexico, which we understood was to mark the end of the time of the Rulers or Powers of the universe, hence the hematite necklace with the twenty Mayan Sun-Day gods representing those powers. Later in September that same year, continuing with the ending of an age, we went to Peru and Bolivia. Nonetheless, this was not only an ending of an age, Great Spirit-Mind told us that it was also the beginning of The Christ Age. We realize that many will say the age of Christ began 2000 years ago with Jesus’ resurrection. Using the tools of Logic, Deductive Reasoning, and Intuition, Humanity’s intellectual evolution was just beginning 2000 years ago, as only a very small percentage of the population could even read or write. However, Humanity has grown both spiritually and intellectually over the intervening two millennia.

If as we believe, reincarnation is the way the Human Race purifies itself from life to life, then it seems only logical that Humanity in general has evolved. After all, only a few hundred years ago it was acceptable to burn people at the stake, and public executions where the victim was hung, drawn, and quartered was considered justice. In our time, despite torture and other atrocities occurring in parts of the world from time to time, such barbaric behavior appalls most people. Even with the increase of senseless violence during the first quarter of the 21st century, most people are good, generous, and compassionate human beings, so perhaps we can acknowledge that the Human Race is more spiritually evolved now.

In Peru and Bolivia, Great Spirit-Mind instructed me to “activate The Holy Spirit in the hearts of the children of the true Father.” Until recently, we did not realize that all of our missions were interconnected and that in fact, were one “assignment” to balance the male and feminine energies, and spirit with matter. On recounting this to a friend later, she asked, “Did you lower the masculine or raise the feminine?” Initially a little disconcerted by the question I was unsure how to answer. Nevertheless in contemplating her question, I realized the answer was neither. Our acknowledgment of the feminine on the Island to the Moon was sufficient to remove the barriers to equilibrium, as the site was being utilized merely by the “participants energy-fields” being there. For instance above Sacsayhuaman, anonymous “participants” had painted a huge six-pointed star on the grassy plain, and as we reported, looking down the zigzag walls we sensed and almost saw the waves of energy flowing between them.

To reiterate, throughout the ceremonies I wore a necklace that we acquired in 1994 while in Cyprus. As we reported in Our Story 1994: MY LOST LOVE, our friend Yannis instigated its creation when he declared that I needed a special necklace. He designed it by drawing a six-pointed star with a diamond in the center, which Craig then adapted by elongating two of the points.


I learned the relevance of the heart chakra and my necklace in 2000 when we got back from Machu Picchu. In fact, as the years passed the relevance of the chakra system became more and more evident for us, because Humanity’s progress in life is intimately linked to it. Moreover, the esoteric meaning is much more than the symbol of the Israelites. We found the ancient secret meaning in Franz Hartmann’s Magic White and Black. According to the author, “Six points are seen in the star, but the seventh point must exist unmanifested...because without a center there could be no six-pointed star, nor any other figure existing.” Like Dr. Judith, he also believed the symbol represents the journey of the spirit into and out of matter. Nonetheless, he added that we can also view this as “…the process of evolution and involution of matter and spirit…”

 Temple for opening the heart chakra

In a way Dr. Hartmann helped explain an aspect of our mission in South America. At the ruins in the Sacred Valley of Ollantaytambo, we stood in front of the Temple for opening the heart chakra. We found this particularly interesting, as we visited this site before performing any ceremonies.

Recapping what Mark Amaru Pinkham wrote: “In the construction of this glorious temple of light”, the ancient builders “...left their signature…” still visible as an engraving on “the only surviving wall of the ancient temple”, consisting of six adjoining “megalithic stone panels.” Interestingly, Mr. Pinkham reminds us that six is the “symbol of polarity union.” He continues, “The six panels points to the temple’s function as an initiation temple.” However, the temple has more than one purpose, because the author relates, apart from “polarity union”, it was designed to initiate the “awakening of the androgynous consciousness existing within the human heart chakra.”

Knowing what we know now, we understand that we were there to have my energy field “heart chakra” prepared or “opened” for our mission. All of this took place on a higher plane, with my only contribution being to take my “energy field” there, and say the required words.

Speaking of a higher plane brings in the title of our third book, Our Story 1995-2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE. At first, Craig and I thought the “Philosophers’ Stone” was the secret method of alchemists to transmute base metals such as lead into gold. Even so, during our studies we learned that this was only the exoteric or (open) meaning for it. In esoteric or (secret) terms, it represents something far more precious, the knowledge of how to transform humans into spiritual beings.

As stated, Great Spirit-Mind told me that our mission to France represented the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Philosophers’ Stone. Amazing yes, yet we had no choice other than accepting the statement on faith. Nevertheless, Great Spirit-Mind told me to find the White Stone that Ms. Van Buren links to the “Philosophical Stone”, which we identified with the Cathar memorial. At first, we questioned how a memorial to the more than two hundred Cathars burnt alive could have anything to do with the Philosophers’ Stone. But then we remembered that the “stone’s” esoteric meaning was the spiritualization of a human being, therefore Craig and I think there is no finer example of this than the Cathars. Irrespective of whether anyone agrees with the Cathars philosophy, they most certainly did not fail their faith under the severest test and lived up to Jesus’ words in Mark “...Whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the Gospel’s the same shall save it.” By this, Craig and I understand that the Cathars “knew” their “life” was more than just their physical existence and that their spirits were eternal.

In 2001 Great Spirit-Mind told me to take off my necklace and give it to Tom to hold. This was a little disconcerting, as at that time I had not taken it off since Craig placed it around my neck in Cyprus, almost seven years earlier. Therefore, with a little trepidation, yet trusting Great Spirit-Mind, we went into one of the center’s rooms where Craig removed the necklace.

six-pointed star with diamond in centerAlmost immediately, I felt lightheaded and somehow adrift. Holding the star in his hands, Tom began, “The first thing I see is that it is very hard for you to be in the body.” He was silent for a long time before he continued, “I see a family connected to you. They are all wearing the same necklace around their necks. They are working with you and helping you.” He ended with “This necklace enables you to tap into great power.”

Afterwards Great Spirit-Mind explained what Tom was seeing. “The family he was shown was a representation of the Pleroma or family above the Veil.” As we said, Pleroma is a Gnostic term used to describe the thirty divine beings in the highest Plane. This is usually thought to consist of eight individuals known as the Ogdoad, which incorporates the Supreme Being, along with His Consort Silence, and three more pairs of masculine and feminine consciousnesses. The rest of the Pleroma consists of eleven more pairs of the same duality. (Note: it is important to remember that everything is conscious energy, and these beings are not a literal family of gods and goddesses.)

HeartMath Institute dipiction of heart energyGreat Spirit-Mind explained further, “Your presence in South America was a reflection of the philosophers’ stone in that you set into motion the union of all opposites. The six-pointed star that you wore over your heart identified your mission and purpose. The two triangles moving through one another passed through the diamond in the center at exactly the same moment, uniting spirit and matter in divine love.” Until reading of the HeartMath institute’s discovery that the heart puts out a stronger electromagnetic field than the brain, this was another thing I had to accept purely on faith.

Speaking of two triangles “moving through one another” is exactly what happened in the summer of 2010, when Craig created a movie in seven stages. At the time, we only connected it to the two identical right-sided triangles we had linked together, the original Federal Triangle, consisting of the Capitol, White House, and Washington Monument, together with the three mountains in Washington State. However, on reflection we realized that it also concerned our trip to South America. Starting with Bolivia, we had visited three sites, and although we only performed ceremonies on two of them, they still formed a right-sided triangle.

Something that puzzled us in 2000 was what the Dali Lama meant the year before, when he unceremoniously announced while visiting Machu Picchu “Yes its here.” Our guide Alan had explained that it concerned the energy in the East shifting to the West. At the time, we had no idea what he meant but after 2002 we began researching The Mysteries and Spiritual Evolution, which again, culminated in our treatise, America’s Hijacked Destiny

During our research for the treatise we discovered that the Buddha had developed what we titled “Plan B” to counteract the “Shadow’s” agenda. In light of our discussion, we think it will help to reprint the most relevant excerpts from it:

…Although Europe was pretty much the domain of the “Shadow” throughout the 14th (1300s) century, the “Light” was not defeated completely. This was because when the world was flooded with suffering, forces of the “Light” possessed a contingency plan prepared in Globe C. They were merely waiting to activate it in the right place…

The main purpose for The Buddha’s incarnation was to seed the world with Compassion, which is the essence of Spirit. Consequently, while The Universal Christ was grounding The Mysteries into the Earth in the Middle-East, the disciples of His Brother (metaphorically speaking), The Buddha were spreading Compassion throughout the East, which culminated in building monasteries and giant statues of The Buddha throughout the region.

The spread of Buddha’s teaching on the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path was only part of the reason for The Buddha’s incarnation. His enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree was not just for Gautama’s enlightenment, or merely to teach His followers how to overcome suffering. It was also to affect Globe C and later Globe D both energetically and consciously. I did not really understand this until guided to watch a documentary on The Buddha narrated by Richard Gere and Blair Brown. The documentary covered the usual elements of The Buddha’s life, from His indulgent life as a royal prince to His near fatal stint as an ascetic. Nothing jumped out at me until they run an animated sequence of The Buddha’s experience under the Bodhi tree.

I knew that the legend related that as The Buddha sat meditating he was attacked by Maya and “his” demons trying to tempt The Buddha to give into His desires. The attack was depicted as quite brutal with Maya raining down arrows on Gautama. However, the “arrows” struck The Buddha as harmless flowers. While watching this it suddenly dawned on me that the entire scene was taking place within The Buddha’s head. In other words, Maya represented The Buddha confronting his false self or counterfeit-spirit to reach His Spirit. The Buddha’s enlightenment came when he understood the illusion of self. Yet this only explains The Buddha’s enlightenment from His perspective and does not explain how His experience affected the world’s consciousness. That part of the answer was revealed through the Buddhist monk’s interviews.

Following the animated sequence of The Buddha’s experience under the Bodhi tree, the documentary aired an interview with a young Buddhist monk. The monk related the message that The Buddha’s enlightenment through meditation is replicated in Buddhist monasteries everywhere. He explained that the meditator allows the emotions to surface without denying them and then dissipates them. This told me that part of the reason for The Buddha’s incarnation was to teach Humanity how to transmute emotion, not just individually but also for the Earth. Consequently, the thousands of Buddhist monasteries with their hundreds of thousands meditating monks are consistently transmuting the world’s emotions with their daily meditations.

Nonetheless, while teaching His followers how to transmute emotion while He was alive was extremely beneficial, it was not the full extent of The Buddha’s plan B for Globe D. That part of the plan was put into action after His death by the way The Buddha’s disciples disposed of His remains. I knew that the giant Buddha statues throughout Asia were relevant but was not sure how. I found the answer from the entry on Wikipedia for Stupa, which I learned was the name for The Buddha’s memorials…

Initially because India was where The Buddha was enlightened and first promulgated His teachings, I wondered why the head of the Buddhist religion settled in Tibet. Upon learning that India was invaded by Moslems in the early 13th (1200s) century, I thought I understood why. However, it seems the invasion was not the main reason for choosing Tibet as the center of The Buddha’s teaching. It concerned Tibet being physically the highest occupied country in the world. Still as Buddhism reached Tibet in the 8th (900s) century, I wondered why it was not until the 15th (1400s) century that Tibet was established as the center of Buddhism. It took some investigation, but I found the answer in the founding of the Yellow Hat sect by Tsongkhapa…

Tsongkhapa’s teaching that “…compassion and insight into wisdom, must be rooted in a wholehearted wish for liberation impelled by a genuine sense of renunciation”, demonstrated the spiritual influence behind him. This was the “Light’s” way of preparing the ground for the implementation of The Buddha’s plan B. In a nutshell, Melchizedek laid the foundation for the “Light” in Tibet by inspiring Tsongkhapa to establish a new school. After establishing a new school, the next step was to bring the consciousness of The Buddha into the region, which is explained by the parameters for the Dalai Lamas…

Knowing that The Buddha was an incarnation of The Universal Christ, identifying who the Buddha of Compassion was that reincarnated in the Dalai Lamas presented me with a problem… initially I thought the Buddha of Compassion was Melchizedek and Sophia. Still as the designation for the reincarnations was the Buddha of Compassion, I knew that it must be an aspect of The Christ. Beginning to type in the title Buddha of compassion in the search on Wikipedia immediately brought up the Buddha of Mercy, not Compassion. Because mercy is a synonym for compassion I decided to click on the link, it took me to the entry for Guan Yin. The entry for Guan Yin gave me this fact: Guanyin is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World".

From the above female designation, I realized the identity of the Buddha of Compassion was neither The Universal Christ nor Melchizedek… the Buddha of Compassion is a combination of The Buddha and The Christ. To explain, He/She is the soul of Prince Siddhartha who became The Buddha and the inspiration and guidance of the Divine Feminine aspect of The Universal Christ, The Holy Spirit. By choosing Tibet to be the center for the “Light”, the Dalai Lamas were in effect used as conduits to transmute the world’s lower emotions through the energy generated by the thousands of stupas throughout the East. Consequently, while the West was degenerating in an orgy of violence and suffering, the teachings of The Buddha to overcome suffering were literally being used to mitigate the emotions by transmuting them.

…in the 15th (1400s) century, Tibet was the one bright spot that mitigated the torrent of hatred and suffering released in the world. Because of the country’s physical elevation as the highest point for human consciousness, the Tibetan monks were able to affect the entire mass consciousness by raising the vibrational level. As stated, it was the instigation of the first Dalai Lama in Tibet that activated this final part of The Buddha’s plan B for Globe D

What I did not realize until recently, was that the Buddhist monks chanting amidst the physical remains of The Buddha had two purposes, and transmuting the emotions was only the outward reason. The secret and more subtle purpose was the sound’s effect on the ground (Earth), specifically the mineral kingdom beneath the temples.

Mention of the mineral kingdom brings in the Elemental forces, which I discussed in LOVE: The Common Denominator. So, to assist in understanding I have chosen the most relevant facts below:

“…Apparently, the four groups of elementals are made from the same “substance—the ether or element in which they exist.” Surprisingly they are mere mortals like us. However, they live a great deal longer than we do, varying from several centuries to millenniums for a few. According to Manly P. Hall, these nature spirits also vary in “shape and sizes, according to their work and duties.”

Little did we know that when we placed the garden gnome in our gardens, that we are paying homage to the kingdom of the Earth spirits. Talking of king—the Gnomes king goes by the name “Gob,” which surprise, surprise, our word goblin comes from. Evidently ancient teachings held that the Gnomes ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth…”

Another interesting point Manly P. Hall made was to link the elementals to the Zodiac’s fixed signs. In astrology, there are three crosses in the Zodiac, which are the cross of the four cardinal signs, the cross of the four fixed signs, and the cross of the common (mutable) signs. The elementals are subject to the rules of the fixed signs, as in Taurus for the Gnomes, Scorpio for the Undines, Leo for the Salamanders, and Aquarius for the Sylphs.

It should come as no surprise that The Buddha’s Plan B, part of Great Spirit-Mind’s secret Plan, involves the kingdom of the Gnomes. Like we wrote, “…ancient teachings held that the Gnomes ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth.” By now, it is probably clear that crystals and stones played a large part in both our mission, and lives. Due to Craig and I incorporating them in dozens of spiritual ceremonies, we suspect thousands of others have over the millennia. For example, in the ceremony on Machu Picchu both Craig and I were holding crystals. In addition, Hermione told us that two years before in 1998, her spiritual guides instructed her to take 12 sacred stones to Machu Picchu to use in a ceremony to help the world.

Over several months Hermione collected the stones, predominantly from Native Americans, yet when it came time to leave she was five stones short. Feeling she still needed to go, she flew to Peru believing that she would perform her ceremony with only 7 stones. Nevertheless, on Machu Picchu as Hermione laid out her stones, five people stepped forward each with their own stone, informing her that they had felt compelled to bring their stones to the site on that day. These people were from different places and did not know each other. Since this was the year before the Dalai Lama confirmed that the energy had shifted from the Eastern Hemisphere to South America, it indicates to us that Hermione plus the five strangers were involved. They were, and this is also a component of Great Spirit-Mind’s Plan.

Some may ask what effect shifting energy from the East to the West had on the world? We think the clearest evidence is in the Taliban’s 2001 destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Interestingly they were listed as the Eastern Buddha, built the same year of Mohammed’s birth 570 C.E., and the Western Buddha, built in 618 C.E. I can remember the shock and horror at such wanton destruction. These Buddhas stood unmolested since the time of Mohammed in Afghanistan, which adopted Islam shortly after the Prophet’s death.

Energetically, the Buddhist monks have held the East in balance for two thousand years through Guan Yin’s compassion promulgated by the Dali Lamas. If we are right in associating the sudden destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan to the energetic shift from East to West, one could ask then what was the benefit. As strange as it seems, we’ve been told that the energy was needed in America, in order for it to fulfill its destiny. We understand this is because it was needed for not only the “Shadow’s” neutralization in 2010, but also the implementation of the final phase of correcting the “Watcher’s mistake.”

In terms of energy transformation, the most powerful act, or should we say acts carried out in recent times, occurred on November 11th, 2011. Known as the 11 11 11 event, the thousands of people who performed their various ceremonies throughout the world were vital components of the Divine Plan.

Recognizing that every aspect of our mission is connected, strangely explains some of the more weird episodes. Consequently, we want to share how we see it now. Having linked the mission to Mexico, South America, and France’s energy sites, we connected it back to April 4th, 1994, in Jerusalem, where my body was used as a door to facilitate the re-entrance of The Universal Christ into this plane of existence. As stated, the reason I could be used in this way was because I carried the energy of Mary Magdalene, who was an incarnation of Sophia. Of course remembering that we are not speaking of a finite energy here, let me explain that statement. Divine Forces are universal and therefore beyond measure, so to speak. On the other hand, the “Shadow” as the “prince of this world”, created from the consciousness of Humanity, was contained to our Solar System and therefore finite.

Although the “Shadow” is no longer an issue, unfortunately because “he” had the advantage for so long, “his” agenda is alive and well. As “he” was “free” to contact and manipulate people into furthering “his wishes”, individuals’ counterfeit-spirits unwittingly perpetuated the problem. Until a little over a decade ago, due to the sanctity of free-will, the “Light” only empowered Humanity and most of the time “they” would not interfere. In 2010 the energy and conditions aligned, allowing for the implementation of “Their” plan. However, because this plan involved reincarnation, it concerned many lifetimes long before 2010.

Our research led to the discovery of a change in 1525 concerning Sophia and her partner What-has-been-Willed. From this time, they were able to incarnate as a human man and woman and begin their reconnection through multiple lives. Most of the incarnations were inauspicious, however, there was one distinct difference between their multiple reincarnations and other human souls. Sophia and her partner never switched gender. As we said, for a soul to reincarnate normally the masculine and feminine principles divide, meaning the soul will be born as both a man and a woman. Since the purpose for Sophia and What-has-been-Willed incarnations were to reconnect as partners, they remained in their own spiritual principles, incarnating together in every relationship a male and female can have with each other. (mother-son, father-daughter, husband-wife etc.) Interestingly, we were brother and sister in our last life, which is why Great Spirit-Mind told Craig to “go down to your sister” on the ship.

To reiterate, my role is unconsciously containing a connection between Sophia and the material or Earth plane, acting like Daath, the non-Sephirot in the Tree of Life, i.e., a door. This connection is accessed through my experiencing intense emotion, again, by no virtue or status of my own. We say, “intense emotion”, because acting as a door to Jesus, and having the “Shadow” downloaded into my energy field, as we said, required extreme emotional energy. To be honest, these instances were the hardest to understand, until we learned the translation of a Latin inscription, below the bas-relief of Mary Magdalene in the church at Rennes-le-Château. Like we said, it translates as “Jesus, remedy against all our pains, The only hope for the penitent, Through the tears of Magdalen Thou washest away our sins.”

Obviously, my emotions have nothing to do with “washing” away anyone’s “sin” in the traditional sense, because we identified “sin” as the ego. On the contrary, we think it concerns my subconscious energy’s connection to Sophia and the Pleroma being accessed by my emotion, in order for my energy field (body) to be used to transmute conscious energy, as in the “Shadow.” Another way we came to see it, is as an energy field within my body containing the pattern of Sophia, and like a jig-saw piece, this energy field can be plugged into the energy matrix of the Pleroma. This connection, as we said, also allowed access to the Ancient Knowledge that everyone knows but has forgotten, all of which culminated in the treatise on Spiritual Evolution, America’s Hijacked Destiny…; the anthology on the Tarot, BEYOND DIVINATION: and the Seven Stage - Know Thyself Initiative.

Craig’s role was to take on, as Jesus did, the ego and counterfeit-spirit. In bringing us together, our eternal connection and love facilitated his acceptance of me as his partner, in removing this life’s conditioning. Unbeknownst to us, our goal was to unite energetically, and spiritually to provide an arena for the Divine Realm to correct the “Watcher’s mistake.” Nevertheless, as we have said we were not alone.


Irrespective of our roles, connections, or energy make up, we believe that we are a part of a much larger group of 777,000 individuals, who as teachers each have their own role to play. For instance, in Hermione attempting to take 12 sacred stones to Machu Picchu to use in a ceremony to help the world. As stated, Hermione was five stones short but on Machu Picchu five people stepped forward with stones they felt compelled to bring that day. Since this was the year before the Dalai Lama confirmed the energy had shifted from the Eastern Hemisphere to South America, it indicates Hermione and the five strangers with the twelve stones were used to facilitate the transfer, by tapping into the six-pointed star energy grid of Machu Picchu. Consequently, we are sure that the six participants and their crystals were a crucial component of Great Spirit-Mind’s Plan.

Initially we thought there wasn’t a connection between South America and France, until we remembered that according to the official guidebook, there is a “resemblance” linking Montsegur with Machu Picchu. The author says this is not by chance, presumably because the Cathars and Mayans were sun worshipers. Having connected Montsegur to Machu Picchu, we remembered that Mark Amaru Pinkham has quite a lot to say about the latter site in his The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom. Within its pages, the author says that on occasion the local shamans refer to Machu Picchu as, “the ‘Crystal City’ because of the high concentration of resonating quartz crystal within its granite blocks.”

In Part One, we recounted the guidebook to the site reports the Cathars selected Montsegur, because of its “terrestrial and cosmically generated power.” It also mentioned a connection between the Cathars, Tibetans, and the Knights Templar, although the author does not divulge what that connection was. Despite this oversight, he or she does tell us that the “original building” was “a temple to the sun.” Apparently, this fact is proven by the “angles” of sunlight filtering through the “arrow-slits” of the castle, aligning with the twelve signs of the zodiac on the Summer Solstice. Obviously, with the spiritual and astrological connection, the original “tenants” of Montsegur tapped into energy being generated in the mountain.

Elisabeth van Buren identified the White Stone memorial as quartz crystal, reminding us that granite or quartz was used in the erection of stone pillars by the ancient Druids. As stated, she saw the “White Stone of Montsegur as the “Macrocosm” to tap into the cosmic network that spans the universe. All of this reveals a bigger picture spanning both time and space, and makes my experience on Montsegur all the more powerful. However, we didn’t see the relevance of any of this until the discovery of a new Quartz crystal in 2006. Found in the Himalayas, it was not surprisingly designated as Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal. Since we have recorded the crystal’s details in our Divine Plan article, as well as the Epilogue to our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… available in KTI’s Central Page, and the next Stage Wisdom respectively, we will not repeat them here.

Speaking of crystal power, many practitioners use crystals for healing and energy transformation, both for the benefit of the individual and Humanity in general, as well as the planet. Over the millennia using crystals has become more common, as in paint and architecture. Today crystals are incorporated into most homes, either as jewelry, paint/art, decorative/spiritual pieces, or as counters, tiles, and floors.

When we think of the amount of crystals in the Earth’s crust, for instance, the surface consists of between 70 and 80% Granite, it should come as no surprise that crystals are a part of the Divine Plan. As with the Buddha’s Plan B being a part of Great Spirit-Mind’s secret strategy in the past, likewise, involving the Elemental kingdom of the Gnomes, which ancient teachings recorded ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth”, means that crystals have come to play a large part in our lives. Having incorporated them in dozens of our spiritual ceremonies, we imagine that thousands more have done the same over the millennia.

Crystals reached a new level of importance for us during the Summer of 2021, when Craig was moved to start buying them again. Initially, he bought small turquoise pieces, which he used in making personal jewelry for us, but then as we said, he was drawn to large pieces of Amazonite, and Labradorite. To reiterate, settling on two obelisks of the former, and five large wedges of the latter, after giving one of each to Guy, Craig arranged the remaining five in our living room. Long story short, as we said, these crystals led us to creating an energetic altar for a final ceremony on December 21st, 2021. After the ceremony, this altar went through several changes, and we added additional crystals both to the altar, and locations adjacent to it. Again, since the process of this is detailed in our article, ANCIENT DIVINE PLAN EMPLOYS HUMANITY AND KTI IN CREATING A NEW WORLD, off of KTI Central Page, we will forgo a description here.

In essence, we could summarize our altar’s crystals primary effect as bringing balance, clarity, peace, and harmony. It facilitated, and continues to facilitate the connection to the Higher Self, allowing for the true destiny to surface. Ultimately this “altar” is tapping into universal energies, because apart from bringing clarity, peace, and harmony, the crystals create a bridge between the material and divine worlds, which of course calls to mind the Bridge to Peace Project. As we know, this “project” collected the intent and commitment to Peace of 155,227 individuals, placing their names in PDFs from every country attached to the map. Even though the map is no longer interactive, it is still as potent because of its connection to the 11 11 11 Peace event.

 Reduced map containing the names of 155,227  people representing Lights of Hope

Reduced map containing the names of 155,227 people representing Lights of Hope

Reverently displaying the crystals on our living room energetic altar revived our love for collecting them, and reminded us of the dozens of ceremonies we performed in the same spot during the nexuses of the year. Ever since we learned of crystals from John on our cruise to Mexico in 1998, we began collecting them. An important specimen for Craig was a 40lb Smokey Quartz crystal from the Ural mountains in Russia. Bearing in mind that it rested within the vortex in our living room until 2012, when it was replaced by an even larger Obsidian piece, we wondered at its properties.

 Smokey Quartz (43 pounds) from the Ural Mountains, Russia

Smokey Quartz (43 pounds) from the Ural Mountains, Russia

Intriguingly, Melody in her book LOVE IS IN THE EARTH connects Smokey Quartz to star people, stating that it “provides a connection” to not only “star people” of Earth but also prospective “star people” from “other realms.” She believes that the “link” Smokey Quartz creates “can produce physical awareness induced from the other realms, and can help to bring those like-minded others of this plane into ones physical reality.” We should state that we have identified her “star people” as what we call FHBs (Future Human Beings.)

Regarding the Obsidian replacement, apparently it is a strongly protective stone that acts as a shield against negativity, supplying a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth. Obsidian conducts clarity to the mind, clearing confusion. Nonetheless, what caught our attention was Obsidian’s connection to past lives trauma that has been carried forward into the present, bringing back the clarity to emotions. One thing we should make clear is that this “altar” has nothing to do with religion, we see it merely as a way to tap into the electro-magnetic fields of the ancient sites we visited.

So what is this all about? What does a crystal altar and map on our website have to do with helping the world transform? Amazingly, we believe the crystal altar and map are tools for the Divine Plan to correct the “Watcher’s mistake” that saddled Humanity with the counterfeit-spirit or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-body. Lest we forget, until September 2010, these individual false selves were in collusion with Mr. Tolle’s Collective Pain Body, or as we called it the “Shadow of Deception”, and the Bible’s “prince of this world.” Irrespective of what we call it, this consciousness made from Humanity’s basest thoughts and emotions directed its individual part, working with the lower human ego to sabotage all spiritual progress.

As reported above, our world is full of Energy Stars or nodes intersecting ley-lines that can affect the mass consciousness. Ancient Wisdom utilized this in respect to Spiritual Evolution, marking the known areas with pyramids and temples to focus the energy. Unfortunately, the ancients had to contend with the natural Globe cycle that sifted those who had evolved from those who hadn’t. Using natural global disasters, evolution determined those ready to move to the next Globe, and those who needed to remain. Consequently, roughly every 2,000 years, all Life had to basically reset after a cataclysmic disaster of some kind destroyed both lives and civilizations. This was how spiritual evolution worked for 40,000 years, after the “Watcher’s mistake” created the “enemy” to our progress. Just before the start of the Common Era the Divine realm decided humans were ready to assist in their salvation, and energetically and consciously separated our Earth, Globe D from the Globe cycle and the universal aspect of our adversary, known then as the World-Soul.

From its inception our home has been the arena to address the “Watcher’s mistake”, both universally and individually. We explained this in our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny

…if we consider that this is the Fullness of Time, the Mental Sphere is no longer above the head, but within the heart. Remembering of course that the Mental Sphere is the same as Briah or the Air/Creative Plane in the Tree of Life, the relevance of this will become abundantly apparent in discussing the next “upstepping.” For now, I would like to discuss what was happening in the region just before the birth of the three positive archetypes of The Christ, Melchizedek, and Sophia.

As stated, the World Soul succeeded in infiltrating the Greco-Roman world. The amount of effort exerted by the World Soul at this time struck me. My question was “why did ‘he’ not wait until the time of Jesus?” I learned the reason lay in the shift in the next “upstepping” and a change in the Soul Plane. A factor in this was that apart from the emergence of Root-race 6, the next Age of Pisces heralded a new era connected to the development of human consciousness.

To recap then, in the final third Age of Aries the Archetypes of Osiris and Horus reunited after the death of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, which brought in compassion. Practiced and taught by The Buddha, The Buddha, another incarnation of The Christ and Sophia or Wisdom, was guiding Humanity as Guan Yin. When the resonance of compassion was in enough people, The Creator was moved to send the Messiah into the world. In this incarnation, The Christ and Sophia would separate so that The Christ would be completely human, as opposed to being semi-divine as in His incarnation as Akhenaten and Tutankhamun.

Because one of the most important symbols for The Christ is the six-pointed star, His incarnation as a human being in approximately 4 B.C.E. began the movement of the Life-Principle through the door or stargate out of Globe C and into Globe D. So, despite the corruption of The Mysteries, the Life-Principle as the Human Race, still progressed enough to facilitate the incarnation of The Christ again. Mirroring previous major “upsteppings”, The Christ was not alone. The Archetypes Melchizedek and Sophia incarnated as John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene respectively. I was surprised to learn that one of the main causes that instigated the incarnation of the three archetypes again was the development of reason in Humanity. This was because the spiritual powers deemed Humanity could begin correcting the “Watcher’s mistake” and the genetic manipulation, which led to the development of the counterfeit-spirit or pain-body, and the lower or human ego within human beings. When Humanity developed reason, it facilitated the activation of the first level of the Higher Self, which is also the first aspect of The Christ Consciousness in the human being. That is why the World Soul worked so hard to muddy the waters of the identity of The Christ, Sophia, and Melchizedek, by mixing up the gods and goddesses in The Mysteries. “His” other goal was to keep people connected to the Astral Plane through sorcery (black magic) and relying on “hunches” or gut feelings.

The Christ’s goal was to teach Humanity about the plane of Absolute “Good” or LOVE, which is above the Soul Plane. (As stated the Gnostics call this “plane” the Pleroma.) To teach this truth, it was necessary to lead the consciousness to a different plane. It is the development of both reason and compassion, just before the Common Era within a critical mass of the consciousness of Humanity, which results in the move to a completely new realm. The move to a different plane was part of a Divine plan to reset the entire Soul Plane. This occurred when the three archetypes of The Christ, Melchizedek, and Sophia incarnated to lead the consciousness or Life-Principle through the door to Globe D. The transition from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces heralded the change from Globe C to Globe D.

Further clarifying the above statement, because of the genetic manipulation by the “Lemurians”, when the time was right the Life-Principle as the human consciousness needed to change its energetic nature. Which became available with Root-race 5 reaching the mid-point or 4th sub-race and the last of the Atlantean Race, or Root-race 4 evolving into Root-race 6. Earlier, I mentioned that something Great Spirit-Mind revealed to me was that all Globes do not necessarily have to contain seven Root-races. The transition from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces is indicative of this, because it was also the change from Globe C to Globe D. See below:

Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-races

Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-races
(R-R 4 emerges)      (R-R 5 emerges)         (R-R 6 emerges)
15,120 – 10,500    3,600 – 2,500 B.C.E.    0 C.E. – 100 - C.E.


Although the diagram above is accurate it does not convey how important this transition is. As I said, the shift in time changed between the Root-races. Consequently, we felt that we needed to show the shift in consciousness as well as time. Therefore, Craig created the diagram below for me:

 Globe C and Globe D split

As the diagram depicts, there is a distinct break in the continuity between Globe C and Globe D. The break literally splits Root-race 5 in two.

With the separation of Globe D from the Globe cycle, something happened to the World-Soul. Again, as we addressed this in our treatise we will use the appropriate excerpts from it:

At the start of the Common Era the Life-Principle’s goal, through Humanity on Globe D, was to raise each person’s individual vibration sufficiently through the dissipation of the counterfeit-spirit or pain-body. This became possible through the unique incarnation of The Christ in one human being, later joined by His Partner, The Holy Spirit. To restate, The Christ is Positive Neutral. So what of His partner, The Holy Spirit. Although “She” was the passive side of the partnership because she was from above the Soul Plane, she was also neutral, but Passive Neutral. After becoming one at the Baptism, Jesus Christ taught Humanity about how the “kingdom of God” was within our hearts. This information is the key to overcoming “the Watcher’s mistake.” Unfortunately, this is not a quick fix. Rather, it takes multiple incarnations for human beings to gradually overcome selfishness and learn to work together for a common goal in Globe D, to facilitate transformation and ultimately evolve to Globe E.

One more point before we move on to Part Two. The Vesica Pisces signifies something other than a change to another Globe. It was drawing attention to the importance of the Age of Pisces. Obviously, the primary importance was the incarnation of The Christ as Jesus and His sacrifice for our salvation. However, part of that sacrifice involved the purification of the Soul Plane. It began with the forces of the “Light” assisting the World- Soul to cast out his basest elements into the Physical Plane. The New Testament reports this, when Jesus tells the disciples that the “prince of this world” is coming and that He (Jesus) has nothing in common with this entity. This is the Shadow of Deception, or Shadow for short that plagued Humanity throughout the Age of Pisces. Nevertheless, as we shall see, the “Light” succeeded in freeing us of this spiritual wickedness. Unfortunately for Humanity, “he” succeeded in putting “his” dastardly plan into action, which regrettably we are still dealing with. However, the “Light” was prepared for this and had a counter-plan to defeat it.

The Divine Realm’s counter-plan is now in full swing. Still, when we learned of the “Shadow’s” neutralization that September night in 2010, we thought that the world would change immediately. Alas as events have proven the opposite has occurred, with the world becoming less civilized and more violent. We understand that this is because of the “Shadow’s” agenda being supported by the counterfeit-spirit. Initially we hoped as every child conceived after September 22nd, 2010, was born without a counterfeit-spirit it would be enough. Unfortunately due to the “Shadow’s” manipulation, those adults at the helm, so to speak, were at the mercy of this saboteur to Spiritual Evolution. Thankfully this is recognized by the powers that be, and the final part of the “correction”, to remove everyone’s counterfeit-spirit or pain-body began on December 21, 2021. What this is doing is allowing people to hear their conscience, otherwise known as their higher selves. Of course, we can all ignore that “still small voice” within, but since December 2021 everyone has to make a conscious choice to do so.

With the removal of the counterfeit-spirit, like the prophecy of the Gnostic Cathar Guillaume Belibaste predicted, the Cathars and other spiritual teachers are beginning to awaken and remember why they are here. Considering that the prophecy was that “the Church of Love” would return, we are hopeful that the 777,000 teachers, which includes the reincarnated Cathars, and every person martyred for their faith, will soon reveal themselves.

At first, the above seemed impossible but then Great Spirit-Mind reminded us of the many investigators and authors belief in the effect of energy. Therefore, below we reexamine some of the comments addressed, starting with Elisabeth van Buren:

…Associating the White Stone with quartz crystal, she (Elisabeth van Buren) reminds us that the stone pillars erected by the ancient Druids were granite, meaning they were quartz, making the White Stone (of Montsegur) the “Macrocosm” to tap into the cosmic network that spans the universe. She adds that where these lines intersect are the “nodal or power points,” which the Druids were aware existed and is the reason they placed “menhirs” to balance the energy.

One of the most powerful comments came from Richard Gerber MD’s book Vibrational Medicine:

Dr. Gerber wrote, “All life on Earth is dependent upon background magnetic energy. In a sense, it is the energy of Mother Earth that cradles living cells in a nurturing and orienting energy environment.” Linking the Earth’s magnetic field to energy healers, he hypothesized that “as healers go into a state of love and compassion and tap into the magnetic energy of Mother Earth, they also send out energy. As this healing energy is sent out by healers, both consciously and unconsciously, the energy begins to resonate with the earth field, creating rippling, coherence-producing, subtle-energy effects in the planetary field.”

Like many enlightened individuals, Dr. Gerber believes that if enough people adopt the powerful energy of love and compassion, the whole world will change. However, what really amazed us were his comments on the HeartMath Institute’s experiments. Citing researcher Dan Winter, he related, “Winter found that during the moment of love’s presence, a coherent series of spectral-frequency harmonics appeared in both the loving individual and in the local earth’s magnetic field as measured at the nearby tree… Winter noted that the local earth’s magnetic-field power spectra appeared coupled to the heart-rhythm spectra of the loving meditator. The implications of a resonant energy connection between the loving emotions of an individual and the local planetary magnetic field are profound.” When Dr. Gerber notes, “sacred structures were built along so-called ley lines, lines of magnetic force that run through the Earth,” we understood the reason for sending us to specific ancient sites.

Then there is Djwal Kul’s words concerning the threefold flame within the heart:

Djwal Kul believed the heart chakra, “with its twelve petals surrounding the threefold flame of power, wisdom and love” holds us in balance through the Christ consciousness within… Through the heart the “energies of life” are distributed …to every “cell” in our body. Djwal Kul taught that “anchoring of the threefold flame within the heart”, makes our hearts “a replica of the heart of God and of the heart of Christ.” …if we can maintain “the heart frequency of the Christ out of compassion for all life”, we find ourselves one with every living thing. This is because “the threefold flame” is at the center of Life. …the heart holds “a pulsation of life becoming life.” …this pulsation “is the established rhythm of the cosmos reflected from the heart of God… the “heart is the connecting point” of not only “all being”, but also “all self-consciousness”, making each heart the uniting point for all Humanity.

Despite being conveyed through channeling, Djwal Kul was a renowned Tibetan master, as such what we learned about the Buddhist monks has more relevance. As stated, these monks chanting amidst the physical remains of The Buddha had two purposes, and transmuting the emotions was only the outward reason. The secret and more subtle purpose was the sound’s effect on the ground (Earth), specifically the mineral kingdom beneath the temples.

Finally, there is the channeled work of J.J. Hurtak on the wisdom of Enoch:

When Humanity unlocks the “pyramid-Sphinx” enabling them to utilize “the consciousness meridians connecting the twelve energy vortices of the world to the pyramid-Sphinx,” they will arrive at the brink in which “energy vehicles” are able to transport Humanity to the next stage of evolution. Interestingly, “Enoch” also states that the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau is built on a site “where the magnetic fields under the earth, those on the surface of the earth, and those on the celestial fields all cross so that fields of alignment are direct.”

To reiterate, in our opinion the most powerful act, or should we say acts carried out using crystals occurred on November 11th, 2011. Known as the 11 11 11 event, the various crystal ceremonies throughout the world were vital components of the Divine Plan, and is another perfect example of multiple people being drawn to conduct spiritual rites at sacred sites.

Incorporating the energy of crystals and Earth Stars, with the multiple ceremonies performed over nearly three decades has shown us how the Divine Plan is working. As stated, we believe that Hermione and the five strangers ceremony on Machu Picchu in 1998, may have helped facilitate the transfer of the Eastern spiritual energy to the West. Even so, we feel that the global ceremonies for Peace on November 11th, 2011, was the catalyst that activated this final phase in correcting the Watcher’s mistake. The primary reason for believing this was the bizarre connection between our 2000 ceremony on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca Bolivia, and the one our friend Leyland was involved in eleven years later, with seven stones containing glyphs. As we explained on our article “The Deeper Purpose for Peace” on our website.

In September 2011 we connected to the Lothlorien Peace Festival in Foulain France through our dear friends Leyland Carney, and Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, who led a global meditation on the 23rd. Although unable to attend, we put out a worldwide press release calling for a “3 Day Moratorium on All News” to focus on peace, with the specific request for at least 144,000 people’s participation, which we would mark on our Bridge to Peace Project Map. The September festival had a profound effect, not only on generating peace worldwide but also on everyone present in France. We see this demonstrated, in Leyland feeling compelled to travel to South America to take part in the ceremony planned by the elders for the November 11th, 2011, Peace & Unity ceremonies.

On the aforementioned article Deeper Purpose for Peace, are 7 glyphs on 7 stones (below), which Leyland brought with him to our house before he left for South America. He had carried these glyph-stones for 20 years and felt it appropriate to use them in the November 11th peace and unity ceremony. Like us he believed the ceremony was to facilitate the entrance of higher energies and consciousness through opening portals to the higher planes. At our house when Leyland showed us the glyph-stones, we felt they needed to be left in the vortex of our living room overnight. To reiterate, our house lies on the direct line from Mount Rainier and Mount Olympus in the natural replica to the original Federal Triangle, discussed above. As openhearted as ever, Leyland graciously agreed and left the 7 stones with us. That evening sitting across from one another, Craig and I placed the glyph-stones face up, arranging them in a six-pointed star (see below) with one in the center. However, after an hour of being unable to stop looking at the stones, I was moved to turn them all face down and then go to bed.

 Stone Glyphs

Next day, our dear friends Guy, Dan, and Curtis came over to meet with Leyland. While catching up, Guy pulled out three fragments of a broken mirror, tentatively declaring that he was moved to place the 7 stones on the mirror fragments, and later take the fragments to three points in the mountains above the tree-line, and leave them there. (Note: The mirror had played a large part in his amazing experience in 2004, related in The Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters). Of course, everything was being inspired to affect the energy and we were all following Divine guidance, even if we weren’t consciously aware of it. However, it wasn’t until Leyland returned from South America that we realized it was all connected to our mission there 11 years earlier. Before we get to that connection, let us relate excerpts from what Leyland experienced on the Island of the Sun in his own words. Interestingly, he tells us that the island is also the location of the “Buried Crystal City and the Sun Disc.”

“…I was carrying seven glyphs that had been drawn and gifted to me some twenty years ago by a dear friend, Julai Moore. They were given to me with the indication they were keys to be used at the time of our planets transition to the new dimension. I had an artist meditate on the glyphs, select colors and stones to paint with the glyphs. I had no idea as to how the keys were to be used, what they meant or when they would come into activation to perform their designated function.

“…The night before I arranged to have a room by myself and had determined (felt guided) that I was going to “sleep” with the Glyphs. After I got in bed and pulled the blankets up over me and the glyphs, it wasn't very long till I started feeling a lot of anger and then the anger started coming in torrents. It was a rage way beyond personal...it was like a raging voice on behalf of the men on the planet that had felt betrayed by the feminine abandonment...the female energy that had held out the promise of being there for others (M-others) but wasn’t really available. I experienced deep sobs and streaming tears. Then came the anguished questions of “Why? Why? Why were you not there as promised?” It went on in a very demonstrable manner for quite some time. I finally cried myself to sleep with the feeling of a broken heart.


 Glyph Stone

Glyph StonesGlyph Stones“At 4 a.m. I awoke with a start! Immediately I was wide awake and was receiving information about the glyphs. It was like a zipped program on a computer had been unzipped and was streaming information to me at a rate I couldn't consciously handle. I immediately started taking the Glyphs and arranging them in different orders. I knew whether if felt right or not. In just a few moments I found the combination that felt right, and the information came into me as to the meaning of the positions.

“The (bottom) two stones that were the most intricate and that I thought were the real power stones were in fact just that. As you look at the picture, the one on the right represented Lilith...the first creation of woman where she was created as an equal to Adam. Adam insisted that she remain ‘under him’ and she refused and abandoned Adam who in turn became very sad and lonely. Adam shared his sorrow with the Lord who then took a rib from Adam’s side and created ‘miss Eve for to be his bride’: (A second creation of a subservient female who would ‘be Under Adam’). Eve is represented by the intricate stone on the left side.

“Both paths lead to that beautiful red and yellow stone that has a very open access into the creative womb from which love is radiated outwards as a result of the divine union and balance that we are now achieving. The Path of Lilith was different from that of Eve. Lilith maintained her connection with spirit through the ‘Prana’ represented by the second stone up on the right leg. The third stone up represents the galactic family, the galactic being that naturally progresses to this higher dimension...symbolized by the powerful red and yellow glyph (top).

“Eve’s path went the route of the four directions of physicality/3D... (This is symbolized in the 2nd glyph up on the left side). This is the path of toil, work and all the manipulation. What came through to me is that there is always a balance of power in the universe. When Adam insisted on being ‘on top’ and Eve was created to be under him, the energetic dynamic moved from the co-equals that Adam and Lilith had to co-dependency that was inherent in the Adam and Eve relationship. Adam might have arranged to be ‘on top’ but Eve balanced his power with the passive aggressive dynamic that has been our historical model ever since. We moved from ‘love’ to ‘need and dependency’ and we’ve been playing out co-dependency on this planet ever since. It was that anguish that was being released/transmuted earlier in the evening before the epiphany. The third stone up on the Eve side is symbolic of our passage through the galactic plane and the re-establishment once again of our rightful heritage as co-equals as originally intended with Lilith. It is a crossing of the threshold that enables us to come back into balance....it is the coming together of the Condor and the Eagle.

“Now we come to the events on 11/11. At 11:11 on 11/11 we were still on the boat making our way to the Island of the Sun. We paused on our journey and intentionally connected with the many we know were focusing their attention at that precise moment. We each individually did our energetic thing that seemed appropriate at that moment...

“Initially at the Isle de Sol Sun gate there was some confusion as to who was going to do what first....the traditional elders or those of us in our own group that came with some specific intentions. It finally worked out that Shelle proceeded with leading the group. In that process she invited me to place the stones on the table altar, which I did in the exact pattern I'd received earlier that day. Then, totally by surprise, she asked if I would lie on the alter/table beside the stones...I agreed.

“...As I laid there my body started to vibrate....first just a little and then more and finally it came in great waves. While that was happening Shelle was doing some energetic work to move the energy. I knew she was doing something but had no idea what. My mind was totally blank. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I was just feeling these great waves of energy taking over my body, crying great tears and feeling a deep sense of relief, peace, and tranquility. My heart was so totally open I just kind of blended into the rock, but not really. It was a state of bliss, total love, no separation from anything or anyone.

“After quite some time I gradually raised my head and reconnected with those around by sight through very tear filled eyes. They too were in tears, and I could feel their open hearts. I gradually moved off the table and with the help of some assistants regained my position around the table with the others while Shelle continued the ceremony designed to open the portal and fire the multi-dimensional grid with our intentions for Oneness with the Creator.

“At the conclusion of this very powerful ceremony everyone embraced each other, and the tears and sobs were profuse, heartfelt and life changing. We all knew we had accomplished what had been our intent. Roger Cogue, an Aymara elder who has lived on the Isle de Sol all his life said it was the most powerful ceremony he'd ever experienced at that site.

“Later Adolfo, another Aymara elder indicated he saw a black energy, like a black cloud, leave my body and then saw an infusion of light move into the space it had occupied. This was also seen by another elder, but I don't remember which one.

“…I gifted the glyphs to Roger. It was a heart opening moment and seemed so right for him to have them for future ceremonies. Two days later while at the Temple of the Priestesses on the Island of the Moon, I gifted the Poncho to the Mayan Elder, Christobal. I returned home with just the staff.”

Something we ascertained fairly early on was that different symbols can have multiple meanings. Consequently, although Leyland connected his ceremony with the creation of the first woman Lilith being undermined by the later creation of Eve from Adam’s rib, we also see it in terms of the imbalance between the masculine and feminine principles within the human being. That said, when Leyland returned from South America, he showed us pictures of the layout of the 7 glyph-stones on the altar, and we realized that the stone he had placed at the top of the two paths (above) was the same stone we had placed in the center of the six-pointed star, before he left. However, it was the photo of the alter/table on the Island of the Sun, where he arranged and lay with the stones that struck us the most. This was because it explained the reason for the entire bizarre experience we had 11 years earlier. To recap what was written in our third book Our Story 1995-2002: TRUE PHILOSOPERS’ STONE:

A little way from the rock was a kind of altar, consisting of an altar table surrounded by twelve stone slabs. Further out, positioned at the four compass points were four slabs. When passing the site on the way to the rock, Alan commented, “That’s been placed there fairly recently. Probably in the last ten years or so.” Now, I felt compelled to go to it.

Climbing on top of the central altar stone, a childhood hymn popped into my head. I heard the lyrics, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all,” as they rang in my ears. My heart sang too and I knew that people held ceremonies celebrating the wonder and beauty of nature on this spot.

While sitting there, Craig joined me. Holding out my hand to him, I said, “Come and sit with me here. I think you should say a prayer.” Moving to sit with his back against mine, he began to pray aloud. Lost in our reverence of Great Spirit-Mind and this beautiful world, neither of us notices Alan approach and sit on the ground, leaning against a stone to watch us.

 Altar on Island of the Sun – 2000 and 2011
Altar on Island of the Sun – 2000 and 2011

The first thing that really struck me was Leyland laid on the same altar Craig and I had sat back to back on. Even so, it was when he shared his experience the night before in transmuting rage and anguish that sealed it for me, as the parallels were too strong to ignore. Listening carefully to his interpretation of his incredible and powerful experience, I realized that like so many other times there were multiple messages in spiritual experiences. As related in the above mentioned book, we ascertained that my visions and transmuting the feelings of rage on the Sacred Rock on the Island of the Sun were connected to the blood sacrifices carried out there. Nonetheless, until writing this our experience and Craig’s vision while sitting back to back on the altar/table had been a mystery. Accepting the validity of Leyland’s interpretation of the link to the archetypes, Lilith, Adam and Eve and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies, we saw a connection to the reason why Craig and I had sat back to back.

Leyland’s layout of the 7 glyphs can be interpreted as confirmation of the change that occurred in 2010, with the neutralization of the “Shadow.” Eleven years earlier Craig and I had sat back-to-back on that altar/table reflecting the separation of the masculine and feminine. When Leyland was given the stone-glyphs they could not be used until the Human Race was ready to shift their consciousness. With the Peace Festival in France and the commitment of thousands of people to peace then, and later in November, (even the “Occupy” movement was promoting peace) Humanity was demonstrating the intent to change.

Without getting into a discussion on the archetypes involved, we see the layout of Leyland’s glyph-stones and the ceremony on the Island of the Sun as representing the journey and destination we are all experiencing. First the layout of the stones archetypally signify two paths, with the two bottom glyphs reflecting the start: the one on the right being the true path of balance, and the one on the left reflecting our actual path. On both glyphs is the number 2, which for those following KTI or familiar with the true teachings of the Tarot will know, archetypally represents our individual connection to the Universal Cosmic Mind through card 2 The High Priestess. Obviously, this consciousness is feminine but as the two glyphs portray, the one on the right (Lilith) is in perfect balance with the masculine and the other one on the left (Eve) reflects their separation.

We agree wholeheartedly with Leyland’s assessment that after November 11th, 2011, we reached the point just below the central glyph-stone that re-unites the masculine and feminine. However, it wasn’t until we were preparing the Peace Page that we realized the deeper implications and discovered why we had worked with the glyphs before he left. Our enlightenment came when we understood that when Leyland left the glyphs with us to place in the vortex, Craig and I had represented the shift by sitting face to face when we placed them in the vortex. In other words the masculine and feminine had turned around to start the reunification, which Leyland completed when he lay face down on the same altar/table with the glyph-stones.

To comprehend how Leyland, a man, lying face down on the same altar/table 11 years later could complete what Craig and I started in 2000, involves an understanding of what happened on April 4th, 1994, in the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem. As we explained, on that day my body was used to bring through the energies of the Universal Christ into this plane, of course by absolutely no virtue of my own. It was only possible because I am one of the people carrying the consciousness and energy of Mary Magdalene, an incarnation of Sophia or Wisdom. However, it was not only the Universal Christ’s and Sophia’s energies that were involved that day, it was also Melchizedek’s. Consequently, when the energy exploded out of my back into the ether or Mass-Consciousness, it connected with 777,000 men and women who apart from being connected to The Universal Christ through their individual Christ-consciousnesses, also contained the consciousness of Sophia and Melchizedek from their various incarnations that these Divine consciousnesses had either incarnated or infused into. Each member of the body of 777,000 individuals carries these Divine consciousnesses in varying degrees. In general, the energy of Sophia is predominantly in the women and the energy of Melchizedek is in the men. However, there are exceptions to the rule as with Leyland who carries both.

So with this in mind, let us re-examine the spiritual, energetic connection of the ceremony on the Island of the Sun at 3:00 pm on November 11th, 2011. Regardless of my carrying the consciousness and energy of Sophia through many incarnations, which include Mary Magdalene, more important is the fact that Craig carries the consciousness of Melchizedek from his incarnation as the Apostle Paul. Especially since Craig as my partner is also connected to Sophia’s partner What-Has-Been-Willed. As stated, Leyland carries the energy of both consciousnesses, from among others, his incarnation as Saint John. As we wrote in The Good News Reverberation, Mary most definitely knew Paul and obviously John, which means that at least in one previous incarnation, the three of us were together.

Fast forward to this life, with Craig and I meeting Leyland just before we went on our mission to South America in 2000, which included our ceremony on the Island of the Sun, and we get a glimpse of our connection. As stated, Leyland put us in touch with our guide Alan, who led us to every site we wanted to visit; including some we hadn’t realized we needed to. Ever since that time, despite not living near one another, we have remained close and consider Leyland as family, which brings me to yet another level to the affair, the intradimensional.

Earlier we mentioned that our friend Guy was inspired to place the 7 glyph-stones on 3 fragments of a broken mirror from his experience in 2004, and then accompanied by Dan, take them to three points in the mountains leaving them above the tree-line. This was one of the more bizarre episodes that we all just trusted had a higher purpose, yet none of us had a clue why we were doing it. However, several pieces of information have come to light since the 11 11 11 ceremony that brings clarity to the purpose. First, Lake Titicaca lies at 12,500 feet above sea level, meaning the ceremony on the Island of the Sun was taking place well above most of the world’s population. Furthermore, with Mount Rainier being the highest mountain at 14,411 feet, our friends Guy and Dan had taken each fragment of the mirror to at least a mile above sea level, leaving them at the three points mirroring the Federal Triangle.

Another important fact that surfaced was the association with the second or Sacral Chakra with the area surrounding Lake Titicaca. It was Dan that brought this information to our attention, which he had learned from Robert Coon’s web site on the Chakra System of the world. Coincidentally, although Mr. Coon assigns Mount Shasta to the Base Chakra, he points out that its influence extends into Oregon and Washington, ending at Mount Rainier.

The first thing that leapt out was that the first two Chakras were energetically connected on November 11th, 2011, with Leyland being on the Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca, and Mount Rainier being one of the mountains that Guy and Dan left the three mirror fragments above the tree line. Then I was reminded that before he left Leyland shared with us a dream he had about being a priest and taking part in a ceremony with a priestess. At the time I had been immediately reminded of the ancient rite of Hieros Gamos or the Sacred Marriage, and believed it had something to do with his trip to South America.

The most relevant fact to me is that the rite of Hieros Gamos is the raising or transmutation of the sex force/Life-force from the physical to the mental. This is exactly what Leyland was doing, both the night before in transmuting the rage and anguish, but more especially what was occurring as he lay down on the altar/table with the glyph-stones. In this way, Leyland’s companion Shelle was energetically playing the part of the priestess, while Leyland played the part of the priest in the sacred rite of Hieros Gamos.

I see the purpose for performing the spiritual rite of Hieros Gamos on such a sacred site, as uniting the energies of both Sophia and Melchizedek, not only locally, (in Leyland) but also universally, which brings in the connection with the intradimensional beings, or as we have identified them Future Human Beings. As we understand it when Leyland’s group opened the portal, it not only allowed a higher consciousness in, it also facilitated a shift in the energy and frequency of Peace in the world, which we discussed in the article on the Peace Page, entitled The Multiple Levels of Peace. In a nut-shell, because the mirror fragments, as stated, were placed in a position between the ceremony on the Island of the Sun (12,500 feet) and the mass consciousness (sea level), the energy from the vortex that connects the Soul Plane, and the point in the Sacral Chakra center or Naval of the Earth was linked to every group working throughout the world on November 11th, 2011.

Notwithstanding the above conclusion, we did not see the Intradimensional connection until a few weeks after the 11 11 11 event, when Guy made contact with Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, and we learned about her work with promoting the treaty banning space-based weapons. Some may wonder what a treaty banning space-based weapons could possibly have to do with the sacred ceremony on Lake Titicaca. The simple fact is that energetically the ceremony shifted this important work from gaining support on the earthly or material level, to gaining support at the level of the Universal and Divine. In other words, the treaty is no longer just about stopping the expansion of war, it is also about activating a new era in our evolution.

The bottom line then is that Leyland’s and the thousands of people connected on the 11 11 11 work, brought in a new level of Peace by opening a portal to the higher planes through their pure intent. Moreover, they facilitated a connection to the Intradimensionals because not only spiritual or divine consciousnesses operate on the higher planes; it is where the future human beings also operate.

Nonetheless, ultimately it was Leyland’s ceremony energetically connecting back to the Jerusalem event that has made this possible. His ceremony on the Island of the Sun was performed at 3:00 pm, which amazingly was not only when I lay on the floor in Jerusalem in 1994, and the exact time we started the ceremony to neutralize the “Shadow” on September 22nd, 2010, consisting of three segments of 11 minutes, or 11 11 11. Now we think that Craig’s vision on the Island of the Sun may not just have been about what was occurring then, but what would occur 11 years later with Leyland. Let us refresh our memories by reviewing what he wrote in Our Story 1995-2002: TRUE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE:

On the Island of the Sun I remember fixating on a bubbling fountain of some sort of yellow substance. The consistency of this substance was like that of melted plastic, but it seemed to have control over itself. I couldn’t take my eyes of this undulating yellow mass that managed to strike out occasional appendage-like portions in some sort of rhythmic dance. It maintained its mass within the confines of a designated cylindrical diameter marked by the circumference of the circular stone that it lifted up. This circular flat stone was the very rock that the altar stone and all the other stones rested on, but they were out of sight now. The wheel-shaped rock, moved upward by this fifteen foot column of yellow substance, was emitting a fine ring of yellow light from around the perimeter of its circumference down onto the rock pedestal that had just emerged from the ground. The whole creation was beautiful as if donning the featured exhibition of some great museum. It was ancient and modern all at once, possessing a distinct elegance in movement and form. I didn’t need to understand it, just accept its existence, and experience its presence; that was all.

Of course all of this could be a coincidence. However, we don’t think so. Consider the 5 “coincidences” below:

  1. Leyland was instrumental in our mission to South America 11 years earlier.
  2. He brought the 7 stones with the glyphs to our house before he went to Lake Titicaca.
  3. We placed the same central stone he used in his ceremony in the center of a six-pointed star in the vortex.
  4. We sat on the same altar/table on the Island of the Sun 11 years earlier.
  5. I experienced the same transmutation of rage Leyland did 11 years later.


One more point, we found it particularly interesting that his dear friend, Julai Moore, told Leyland The glyphs “were keys to be used at the time of our planets transition to the new dimension.” We found it interesting not only because of the connection to Melchizedek, but its possible connection to Globe E.

Above I related the remarkable synchronicities with our experience on the Island of the Sun 11 years earlier in September of 2000, and Leyland’s in November of 2011. However, I had not seen a connection with Craig’s vision of a “bubbling fountain of some sort of yellow substance…” That is until Leyland’s partner in the ceremony on the Island of the Sun contacted us about our work. Relating our focus was on finding 144,000 world peacemakers at the time, we sent Shelle an advanced copy of our article. To our amazement, in her reply she related a similar vision to Craig’s, in the 11 11 11 event. As she explained, “During our ceremony there, I was shown liquid gold that was then flowing from the ‘shell’ on the other side of the mesa where I was standing...the opposite side from where I was facing. I wonder if it was the same ‘liquid’ that Craig saw?”

Craig and I were stunned that Shelle’s vision during the ceremony appeared to be a continuation of his vision 11 years earlier. However, there was more because Shelle added that “We were ‘told’ that once the work was done there… liquid gold would flow from its holding place. Sounds like Craig saw where it was being held.” Even more amazing was that Shelle was not the only one to see this vision. As she explains, “Two of us saw the gold flowing from the altar after we finished. I had forgotten about the liquid gold until we saw it flowing. Not sure what it is/was for…but must have an extra ordinary purpose.”

Interestingly, Craig feels that his interpretation of the “yellow substance” as “plastic” was referring to our time. He thinks that seeing it as gold would have confused him. Even so, whether it was plastic or gold, the yellow substance represented spiritual energy that was being utilized.

We would have to agree with Shelle, because as stated hers and Leyland’s work together with the thousands of dedicated people throughout the world, facilitated a new level of Peace for the Human Race. Now, regardless of appearances, the intent of the more than 144,000 world peacemakers, are helping the mass consciousness in seeking the Peace that passeth all understanding at the molecular level, discussed in the article the Multiple Levels of Peace.

Finally, Leyland would be the first in agreeing with our assertion that none of us are special because we were involved in the two separate ceremonies; we were all merely tools or vessels. Our participation simply involved taking our respective vessels to the points they were needed and being totally open and compliant with the Divine guidance we each received. Now it is important for each of us to further the work the multiple groups whose collective intent facilitated the shift we were seeing then, and activate the transformative energy to change this world.

Reading the above more than a decade later, one could be forgiven for thinking we all wasted our time back then, because rather than the vibration of Peace breaking out, the opposite vibration appears to have been released. Fortunately, this is illusionary and therefore temporary because spiritual energy work is always cumulative, and is never wasted. At our core, we are all Spirit with an innate goodness. Energy generated by the intent and dedication of thousands throughout the years is merely stored, waiting for the right time and conditions, when we realize the Truth of our connection.

At this point, we think it will help to remind ourselves some key points that we wrote earlier, in encapsulating the causes and remedy for the plight of Humanity and our world:

…our world is full of Energy Stars, or nodes intersecting ley-lines that can affect the mass consciousness. Ancient Wisdom utilized this in respect to Spiritual Evolution, marking the known areas with pyramids and temples to focus the energy… Just before the start of the Common Era the Divine realm decided humans were ready to assist in their salvation…

The Divine Realm’s counter-plan is now in full swing. …the final part of the “correction”, to remove everyone’s counterfeit-spirit or pain-body began on December 21st, 2021. What this is doing is allowing people to hear their conscience, otherwise known as their higher selves. Of course, we can all ignore that “still small voice” within, but now everyone has to make a conscious choice to do so.


Change is the one constant in Life, as everything grows and evolves. Transformation only requires us to give the reins to our spirits. We believe that as the crystal kingdom is now integrated into our lives, crystals act as amplifiers of spiritual energy, tapping into every sacred site, temple, pyramid, and Earth Star, as well as all the intent and dedication throughout the millennia. Everyone who took part in spiritual ceremonies for Peace can add their energy to this effort, facilitating the Divine Realm in fulfilling their plan... Therefore, although clearly something stopped the momentum of 2011… the work was completed, and the energy has just been waiting for the right time. That time arrived in 2021.