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Click for: Associates Below all represent part of the solution. ASSOCIATIONS are links to organizations or individuals that are directly connected to either the Triple7 Center or the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity.


  • -VIDEOS- PNEUMA-YOD/GONGS OF CHANGE Videos on YouTube site presented by Guy (IDEA Director) and Judy (IDEA Close Associate)
  • Triple 7 Center Codes Page CODES connection for the Tarot GATEWAYS
  • –EARTH ANGELS– Lists of active participants as solutions in the world that are of special mention:
  • KTI CENTRAL  -or- KNOW THYSELF INITIATIVE CENTRAL PAGE for the 777,000 Individuals that Change the Way They Think, Becoming the Catalyst for Compassion To Cange the World (quick access to KTI pages)
  • LIVING KNOWLEDGE The Literal Heart of the Triple 7 Web Site and Sephirotic Knowing
  • ANCIENT WISDOM FOR NOW SCROLL Collection of Inspired Writings given to humanity for their use NOW
  • 2012 ALTERNATIVE PROPHECY NOSTRADAMUS Predicted the Jerulalem Event of April 4th 1994
  • DIRECTORS & CLOSE ASSOCIATES List of Directors & Close Associates to the I.D.E.A. Foundation and the Triple 7 Center
  • PNEUMA-YOD Web Site Guy Juarez (Director I.D.E.A. Foundation) Founder of PNEUMA-YOD Music
  • LEY-LINES Leyland Carney (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Page & Centers of Light Web Site link
  • HIGHER SENSE Dan Bogrand (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • BODY & SPIRIT Judith Rohlfer (Director I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • CONSCIOUS REASON Curtis S Madrid (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • RABBI'S TAROT Daphna Moore (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) Author. Ancient Teachings on the EGO in DAPHNA MOORE’S RABBI’S TAROT (2015-2017) inspiring Hidden Code's development and Spiritual Evolution
  • SOUNDS OF CHANGE Judy Bernard (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) Acutonics® Practitioner
  • AS ABOVE SO BELOW David Bateman (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • NEW CONSCIOUSNESS LaNoah Babcock (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • ANCIENT BEAUTY Paul Stoury (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • SACRED GEOMETRY Tom & Renee West (Associates I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page
  • IN 2 MINDS Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page

THE Know Thyself Initiative

The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity & the Triple7 Center believe that all of the Human Race is innately compassionate and caring. It takes a relatively small percentage of Humanity to create a shift in consciousness. A critical Mass number of 777,000 individuals are needed to act as a catalyst for compassion, to transform the world. KTI was created to aide that process in any way possible and we believe that we can get there again.
Here a couple of links that explain KTI and how it started: Introduction & Scroll pages.

KTI Temples
  • -KTI- REASON stage-1 There are 2 levels of Reason, Inductive and Deductive. In Inductive reasoning we take in information about an object or subject through the senses and “Reason” a conclusion about it. Deductive reasoning is taking that information and dissecting it in our minds for a deeper understanding.
  • -KTI- CYCLES stage-2 This stage realigned with the dynamic nature of spiritual operation. Since learning of the Nine Waves of Creation from an I.D.E.A. Director Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, it became obvious that his understanding of cycles held great value to our work on "Cycles"... posting his 36-Days and Nights articles.
  • -KTI- INTUITION stage-3 We associate this stage to intuition and the Higher Self, which concerns identifying our EGOs. Our book FOR THE CHILDREN , is tailor-made for this purpose and we will use it mainly for stage Intuition of KTI.
  • -KTI- KNOWLEDGE stage-4 Saturn and Knowledge represent hidden wisdom, which was taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools. These schools in Egypt and Greece taught to "Know Yourself". Understanding the root source of individual feelings and actions is the start of separating one's self from their ego.
  • -KTI- WISDOM stage-5 Mercury and Wisdom represents this stage, which introduces the Kabbalistic Sephirot in the Tree Of Life covered in Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit Part One PDF and Two PDF , available on this site @ the ANCIENT WISDOM FOR NOW SCROLL page (link above).
  • -KTI- UNDERSTANDING stage-6 Representing the Moon and Understanding, this stage puts the previous stages into a linear or historical context. The information in Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked tracks the various archetypal energies affecting the development of human consciousness expansion through the Root-Races. (Due to the dynamic nature of mass consciousness Suzzan has incorporated the information from "FULL CIRCLE" into her new 2 volume series: AMERICA’S HIJACKED DESTINY... —available soon— )
  • -KTI- TRANSFORMATION stage-7 This is the final stage and represents the Sun and Transformation. It incorporates all the previous stages, but from a scientific perspective. Primarily we will use the information in Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution; again found on this site @ the ANCIENT WISDOM FOR NOW SCROLL page (link above).


The Bridge To Peace Project:
was and is an experiment of expressed intention and focus that we hope all will join. In our rapidly changing world all can benefit from outward harmony and inner peace.
To focus intention we brought forth several videos & web-pages with graphics and words to clarify this harmonious peace process. We use graphics that when rolled-over by your pointer, provide the connection links.

  • Light of Hope MAP-PAGE The Universe is affording us an opportunity to participate in an evolutionary jump that is taking place right at this moment. This page shares some of what others are doing in the process, which is visible through the interactive map.
    • PEACE in SPACE– Dr Carol Sue Rosin's (Associate I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page that honors her selfless devotion to World Peace.
    • TRANSFORMATION Dr Carl Johan Calleman's (Director I.D.E.A. Foundation) -Personal Web Page highlighting his work with the Mayan Calendar and book THE NINE WAVES OF CREATION.
    • PNEUMA YOD PROJECT – Guy Juarez started this mucical effort years ago and together with Dan Bogrand it transformed into the SOUL ROCK group it is today.
    • 777-PEACE 1 – A view of the many Manifestations & Multiple Levels this Harmonious ENERGY assumes.
    • BRIDGE to PEACE MEDITATION– Holds the graphics that are used in the Meditation Video for those of you that may desire stillness.
    • PARTNERS in PEACE Tree 1Conscious Tree of Life if we accept that the Cosmic Tree of Life represents the Divine, Super-conscious or Macrocosm and the Cellular Tree of life the sub-conscious, unconscious or microcosm, the Partners in Peace Tree of Life represents the Conscious developing super-human level on the Objective Plane. This is why the Kabbalistic version of the Tree of Life is the most effective for imparting this message.
    • PARTNERS in PEACE Tree 2Universal or Divine Tree, this tree archetypally represents Dr. Calleman’s description of a Cosmic Tree of Life driving evolution. It also represents the Macrocosm and the Superconscious. The imagery of this tree is of Beginning or birth as it is placed in the middle of a Nebular, where suns are born.
    • PARTNERS in PEACE Tree 3Cellular Tree archetypally represents the reflection of the Cosmic Tree of Life that Dr. Calleman discovered was in in every cell of the higher mammals. This Tree represents birth in the objective sense, but interestingly from the perspective of our role in creation it plays a far more important role than just procreation. This tree as expected represents the Microcosm and the subconscious.
    • BRIDGE to PEACE PROJECT-2– Page 2 was created to explain the purpose and connection between the map of World Peacemakers, the Living Knowledge Page, and the Partners in Peace Pages.
    • wisely said:– A quote from Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below...." The goal of the Know Thyself Initiative is to fulfill this directive. Consequently, we have adopted this quote as our motto.
    • 777-PEACE 2– The Peace Page was born from the tireless efforts to promote Peace and Unity for 11:11:11 (the deeper purpose peace page).
    • TAROT GATEWAYS– Meditating on the Gateways will help in transforming a person’s consciousness if desired. As in the axiom “The eyes are the window to the soul”, a window works in both directions and what we see can and does affect the human soul.
    • The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity is our nonprofit foundation that produced the Triple7 Center as a learning center for Humanity.
    • -KTI- Books & Cards @ 777 Center -KTI- Books & Cards are vehicles devised for the Individual committed to the advancement of Humanity and all that is encompassed in helping make ONE's Spiritual hope a reality.



ASSOCIATIONS Below all represent part of the solution. ASSOCIATIONS are links to organizations or individuals that are directly connected to either the Triple 7 Center or the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity.

  • Know H2O (Sponsored by PlayPumps®Water System - Play Pumps International) World Organization for clean water around the world)
  • Dwain Briggs (Inspired Creator, Musician and Vocalist Dwain Briggs - web site)