I.D.E.A.’s associate Paul Stoury’s special gift is in the revival of the Ancient sculpting of Beautiful forms, which he often accompanies with soulful poetry. He takes special care to hand-make his creations as the Ancients made them. Paul says, “We are connected in Spirit” and that he sculpted his predominantly feminine creations as a reminder that “…our sacred beginnings are seeded deep within our spiritual essence. However, we found that many of Paul’s creations and poems reflect the androgynous Spirit within all creation. This is epitomized in his beautiful structure The Embrace and it’s accompanying poem, The Union, which appears on the back of My Lost Love.

Paul Stoury        Paul Stoury Art Work
"The discoveries of anthropological and archaeological treasures have inspired me to create with admired reverence these symbolic sculpted shapes. Symbolic of the “Life Force” that is the very fabric of our existence; these earthen clay creations revive the mystery and hope shared by our ancient relatives. Just as our parents endure their journey, and as their parents before them, we too now strive to fulfill the eternal quest of returning home to our spiritual and celestial Oneness. These creations are not idols to adore…All are symbolic of Love, Hope, Faith, Strength, Health, Abundance, Understanding, Compassion, Dreams and Wonder. With renewed faith (they) can help enhance our physical and spiritual Well-Being"...   

-Blessings of Health and Happiness, PAUL


  • Orange = Discrimination
  • Orange-Yellow =
    Christ Consciousness
  • Jade Green =
    Mother Nature
  • Red-Orange = Intuition
  • Yellow = Will
  • Red = Reason
  • Light Blue =
    Universal Sub-Conscious
  • Dark Blue = Eternity
  • Violet = Transcendental
  • Blue-Green =
  • Green-Yellow =
    Transformed Heart
  • Planet - Moon
  • Color - Orange
  • Number - 2
  • Card - Lovers
  • Symbol -
    Ox-Goad & Scales
  • Stone - Jade
  • Note - F Sharp



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EARTH ANGELS Inspired Creations


Sweet whispered rapture
enters thy ears.
A feast for hunger
thy eyes do endear.
Two hearts beat in passion
to a song that is sung.
As thy Spirit makes Union
these two into one.

Count not, nor measure
these days that doth pass.
Cherish all moments
as though each is thy last.
For the Union is music,
a dance without rest.
Come, dance to thy music
and make it thy best.

Before slumber calls
as thy dance nears an end,
Experience with passion
thy Life, Love and Friend.
Behold thy Beloved
with hearts so embraced.
And comfort each other
In thy Love and thy grace.

KYPHI-ATAR passages

Back Cover MML
Back cover- MY LOST LOVE -1st Book-


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