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The inclusion of certain individuals and organizations in the video is to acknowledge the multitude of people that are actively working for a solution to the world’s problems. At first, we thought we were only to write about the people and organizations featured in the video. Although that is what we began with, the more we researched, the more we discovered that there are a staggering amount of people actively involved in helping the world. So in order to acknowledge these individuals, we have created seven categories (click below to view each catefory ).



We started by covering the various Earth Angels in the video plus one addition, which resulted in a single entry in some of the seven categories. With your help, we hope to add many, many others to all seven categories of the list of Earth Angels over the coming months. If you know of any person that fits any of the seven categories, either famous or not, please e-mail us at either address below with the details (pictures appreciated) of how you feel they qualify: or


As for how you can become an Earth Angel? It begins with changing the way you think. Then how you reflect your thoughts to other people through your speech and actions. To overcome the energy of fear we need to generate the consciousness of Love, the opposite energy to fear. You can help by first not adding to the energy of fear, by paying attention to what you portray around you. It can start with as simple an act as paying attention to what you buy and how you are entertained. The status quo of this world is driven by profit. If people do not purchase videos, music or watch TV, which promotes violence and fear then the corporations and entertainment industry will act accordingly and no longer present us with that type of material.

The boycotting of all South African products in Europe during the 1970s and 80s demonstrated the power of the consumer. This was to protest the injustice of Apartheid. It does not matter if the boycott was the cause of the downfall of the regime, what is important is the shift in consciousness it caused. By millions of people actively opposed to the Apartheid regime, they affected a shift in the energy, which changed the overall consciousness of South Africa. This was further demonstrated with the release of Nelson Mandela who had been in prison for 27 years. As a peacemaker he was dedicated to obtaining a free South Africa by working with the South African government. This ultimately led to not only free elections in South Africa, but also both the South African leader of the Apartheid regime F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela receiving the Nobel Peace prize in1993.

What happened in South Africa can happen anywhere in the world. When enough people let go of fear and begin to see what we all have in common, rather than our differences, then the energy of fear and hatred is dissipated. Despite the overwhelming number of reports in the news of the latter, in researching the various Earth Angels, we discovered that the energy of love, tolerance and understanding is growing. You can become a part of it too, simply by becoming aware of what you are generating. This is not political activism, just a case of being aware of what we are promoting by our actions every moment of life.

The video “Because of the Fear” repeats the message that the answer is inside of you. The Kingdom of God is within you, and it is time to choose whether you want to be part of the problem or part of the Solution.
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