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Inspired Authors/Teachers

The Authors/Teachers below have been inspired and in turn use this energy to share this inspiration with all others through written and/or oral modes of communication. These individuals' works are significant as part of the solution. We started with the Earth Angels featured in the video, but we will be adding a great deal more in the coming months (click below to view each entry).

Authors & Teachers





President Bill Clinton - GIVING: How each of us can change the world

President Bill Clinton is in this category for his groundbreaking book on how each of us can help. As none of us had read the book yet, we felt that it would help to relate a review of someone who had. We found this informative book review by Joe Conason, Special to The Times on the web site of the Los Angeles Times. We have decided to use the entire review as it gives a balanced view.

‘Giving’ by Bill Clinton

The former president says that by donating time and money, each of us can change the world.

By Joe Conason, Special to The Times.

MORE than a decade ago, when Bill Clinton was struggling to preserve his presidency against an ascendant and aggressive conservative movement, he famously conceded that the “era of big government is over.” The implications of that phrase were vast, especially for Clinton, who had entered politics as an idealistic young man to confront and ameliorate social problems. If government action is not the solution to society’s ills, then the only alternative must be the private sector. That is the same approach preferred by conservatives dating to Andrew Carnegie, who believed that the libraries he built and the charities he endowed could outweigh his depredations against the industrial working class and that private giving not only demonstrated religious virtue but also staved off higher taxes and stricter regulations.

But is private charity or the “nongovernmental sector,” as it is known in wonk-speak, sufficient to the needs of the modern world? What can volunteers and visionaries realistically hope to accomplish, what must governments do and how can they most effectively work together to address poverty, climate change, health care, ethnic and religious conflict, along with the rest of humanity’s long list of troubles?

Few current thinkers are able to address those urgent questions with as much experience and authority as Clinton, the acknowledged master of policy and politics. After a creative career in government that spanned three decades at the state, federal and international levels -- followed by a second life as a highly successful foundation chief and convener of the Clinton Global Initiative, now the world’s largest gathering of nongovernmental organization executives and funders -- his perspective on these matters is broad and deep.

Yet in his new book, “Giving,” Clinton doesn’t quite come to grips with the hard questions. He prefers cheerleading to analysis, lavishing indiscriminate praise on everyone from the plucky little girl who picks up litter on the beach to the friendly billionaires who finance scholarships and microcredit loans in poor countries. Although the book is nominally divided into chapters highlighting different kinds of giving, the dozens of philanthropic stories that Clinton recounts in these pages swiftly blend into a fuzzy, feel-good blur. Most conclude with the same homily: If only everybody gave their money or time, we’d be living in a different world.

Unfortunately they don’t, or at least most of us don’t most of the time. With this book and with the assistance of such celebrity friends as Bono and Oprah, Clinton plainly hopes to motivate a wave of volunteer activism and charitable tithing. Setting forth a wide variety of organizations and activities that address every conceivable issue, from hairpieces for children with cancer to peace in the Mideast, he seeks to convince readers that there is a niche for them and that their happiness and fulfillment will depend more on what they give than what they take. Time after time, he quotes a serene donor -- often a retired hedge-fund manager -- who explains how good it feels to give away his money now that he and his family possess far more than they could ever spend.

Middle-class people who struggle with the exploding costs of mortgages, health insurance and college tuition may wonder how such stories are relevant to their lives. Yet it is true, as Clinton explains, that Americans at all income levels have proved capable of giving generously and volunteering avidly -- and that Internet technology has amplified those altruistic impulses. He learned how powerful the effect of the World Wide Web could be when he set out to raise money for Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina victims and donations quickly overwhelmed the immediate capacity to use them.

What Clinton elides here, however, are the most salient lessons of Katrina, especially for a nation now realizing how badly we have been governed by antigovernment ideologues. There is no substitute for competent government, which might have prevented the disaster and certainly could have mitigated its aftermath. Private charity cannot adequately compensate devastated families and businesses or rebuild ruined communities without massive government action. We know this because while charities and individuals have stepped forth valiantly, the federal government has so far failed to fulfill its promises.

Clinton devotes a chapter to the idea that “government matters,” but this mostly hinges on municipal government policies to cut energy use and go green. In a year when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is running for president, perhaps he feels obliged to leave questions of federal policy to her and her campaign. (But he doesn’t fail to highlight his wife’s history of giving, including her work for the Children’s Defense Fund, before she was a political celebrity.)

Still, his reluctance to examine the vexing question of public and private responsibilities (and capabilities) is disappointing because he can elucidate these issues so well when he chooses to do so. One of the best chapters in “Giving” describes his own foundation’s remarkable achievement in providing HIV/AIDS medication and equipment to impoverished communities in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. At a time when governments and charities had abandoned infected populations abroad to an early death, Clinton took on that challenge at the behest of Nelson Mandela. Using a brilliant strategy of financial leverage and negotiation, Clinton’s team brought down the cost of HIV/AIDS drugs to a manageable level and established a pilot program.

With major commitments of funding from foreign governments and Clinton’s diplomatic skills, that program is being scaled up to save millions of people. It would not have happened without the creative NGO intervention, and it could not have happened without government action at many levels.

Despite lapses into sentimentality and analytical gaps, “Giving” is on to something important. If Clinton is right, we are leaving behind an era of moral stagnation, political viciousness and grasping narcissism for a renewal of idealism, altruism, bipartisanship and global consciousness. He offers valuable guidance to everyone who, like him, is seeking that newer world.
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Daphna Moore - The Rabbi’s Tarot

Daphna Moore’s book The Rabbi’s Tarot is one of the most insightful books, on the spiritual secrets of the Tarot. Ms. Moore’s contribution to helping everyone understand the spiritual secrets hidden within the Tarot that guide us to discover our real selves is beyond measure. The Rabbi’s Tarot is fundamental to the Hidden Codes of Life. Nonetheless, we feel that the people that endorsed her book, best describe her work, and so we will let these individuals speak for Daphna.

“One of the most intense studies of the Major Arcana ever published. This book will lead you to profound levels of self-development and spirituality.”
Llewellyn Publications

“The Rabbi’s Tarot is an outstanding work on the esoteric mysteries hidden in the symbolism of the Tarot-a classic in the field. Use it to deepen your studies of the ancient wisdom tradition. Moore clearly explains the Tarot’s teachings regarding the occult centers of the body and how to merge the Superconscious, Self-conscious and Subconscious into a dynamically aligned being. If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of the Major Arcana, this is the book for you. Highly recommended.”
Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

“Absolutely Brilliant!!…from the wonderment of its very first paragraph through to its final revelation, THE RABBI’S TAROT intoxicates and excites the soul with the Wisdom and Light of previously unknown Cosmic Archetypes and Metaphysical Truths. The Divine Concepts Daphna reveals rise like towering beacons of Light and Truth that will totally inspire and illuminate the landscapes of your mind. She unveils hidden secrets that finally offer the true seeker a validated path to personal enlightenment through total cellular recreation of the body physical.
Joe Ivory, Numerologist, Tarot columnist, Conscious Life Tarot Series

“Daphna’s book reveals how you can develop the pineal and pituitary glands by energized currents coming through the body’s power centers. This book will actually cause changes in your life.”
Donald Michael Kraig

“The Rabbi’s Tarot is a tool to be used for broadening the perceptions of your personality. With this tool you are able, by following the suggestions given, to reach out and not only improve and develop yourself but to go far beyond yourself-beyond time and space. Daphna Moore’s presentation is straightforward and well presented, making this book an excellent toll for both the beginner and the advanced student alike.”
Raymond Buckland, Buckland’s Witchcraft

“The Rabbi’s Tarot contains fragments of the secret doctrine’ as Madam Blavatsky called it. Not the same fragments as hers, but directed toward the same end of human understanding and spiritual development…It explains meanings and significance’s of the symbols and colors in the Waite/Coleman deck, almost everything you wanted to know that Waite wouldn’t or couldn’t tell you. I wish I’d had it when I was trying to dig this material out of many obscure and diverse sources.”
Jack Hurley, The New Tarot Deck

“Too few books on Tarot reach beyond its use for divination. Tarot is an invaluable aid to meditation, understanding of Self, and spiritual growth. The Rabbi’s Tarot addresses these areas admirable. Students of the Tarot and/or Qabala should include this in their reading. Whatever your path, The Rabbi’s Tarot will add to your understanding of both subjects.”
Ellen Cannon Reed, The Witches Tarot

“One of the most insightful books, on the spiritual secrets of the Tarot is The Rabbi's Tarot by Daphna Moore. This extremely enlightening book used the Rider Waite Tarot deck, which for the purpose of the codes is the deck used in reference to your trumps. It is the Rider-Waite deck that best describes the seven disciplines. The 22 cards of the major arcana are divided into three levels of seven cards with The Fool as Spiritual Soul unmanifested presiding over the entire tableau. As Daphna explains, the first row represents the Chief Principles of Consciousness; the second row represents the Chief Laws of Consciousness of the Universe, and the third row represents The Consequence of Your Using Those Laws, and What You Have Accomplished. We cannot tell you how pleased we were to hear that you are releasing an updated revision of The Rabbi's Tarot. Your book has been a great inspiration to both of us for several years. In fact it is the basis of The Hidden Codes of Life, recorded on our web site.“
Craig and Suzzan Babcock, The I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity

We feel that what all of these people are saying is that Daphna Moore, through The Rabbi’s Tarot has taken the mysterious Tarot from a tool of the “occult,” which is to be feared; to a tool for spiritual enlightenment and progression, which can be embraced.
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ECKHART TOLLE - A NEW EARTH Awakening To Your Life's Purpose

Eckhart Tolle - A NEW EARTH Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Eckhart Tolle is included in the Inspired Authors for his two books. His spiritual insights to what is occurring at this time are invaluable. However, we feel it will be best to let this wise and insightful man speak for himself. He wrote the essay below to explain The One Thing….

"The One Thing”
By Eckhart Tolle

In the Gospel story of Mary and Martha, Jesus says to Martha, “You are anxious and troubled about many things, but only one thing is needful.” (Luke 10:41)

As I was writing A New Earth, people would sometimes ask me, “What is the new book about?” And invariably, my answer would be, “I only ever write or speak about one thing.”

What is that one thing?

Spiritual awakening.

Can a person be awakened spiritually by a book?

Yes, if three conditions are met:

Firstly, there must be a readiness on the part of the reader, an openness, a receptivity to spiritual truth, which is to say, a readiness to awaken. For the first time in history of humanity, large numbers of people have reached that point of readiness, which explains why millions have responded so deeply to The Power of Now.

Secondly, the text must have transformative power. This means the words must have come out of the awakened consciousness rather than the accumulated knowledge of a person’s mind. Only then will a text be charged with that power, a power that goes far beyond the informational value of the words. That is why such a book can be read again and again and lose none of its aliveness.

Thirdly, the terminology used needs to be as neutral as possible so that it transcends the confines of any one culture, religion, or spiritual tradition. Only then will it be accessible to a broad range of readers world-wide, regardless of cultural background.

All these conditions were met in The Power of Now, which is why the book has had such an impact on the collective consciousness.

Why write another book?

Since the publication of The Power of Now, I have given hundreds of talks and teaching sessions all over the world, and in the course of those seven years, the teaching evolved. While the essence remained the same (The Truth is timeless.), new perspectives arose, new signposts, alternative approaches to the Truth, as well as an added sense of urgency. A New Earth reflects this evolution and this urgency.
If The Power of Now worked for you and changed your life – as it did for countless people all over the world – there is no need for you to read A New Earth (although you may enjoy reading it and may find some of it helpful in recognizing the ego and thus sustaining the state of Presence).


   The Power of Now

My feeling is that A New Earth will make the teaching (the one thing) accessible to an even wider audience, including people who perhaps would not have dreamt of reading a “spiritual” book but have within them a hitherto unrecognized longing for spiritual awakening.

A New Earth will also be extremely helpful for those who read The Power of Now, found it interesting, but somehow missed the essence of it. It presents them with new perspectives on the same truth, new signposts, pointers towards Presence. Different pointers work for different people.

Millions are now ready to awaken because spiritual awakening is not an option anymore, but a necessity if humanity and the planet are to survive. Everything is speeding up – the madness, the collective egoic dysfunction, as well as the arising of the new consciousness, the awakening.

We are running out of time. From the perspective of the ego, that’s bad news and will give rise to fear. From a higher perspective, the running out of time is exactly what is needed for the new consciousness to come into this world.
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Gregg Braden - The Isaiah Effect Decoding the Lost Science Of Prayer and Prophecy

Like Daphna Moore, the Inspired author Gregg Braden’s books had a profound impact on our understanding of spirituality. Mr. Braden’s contribution was in making the connection between spiritual evolution and science. One of the most important messages is from a quote in The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science Of Prayer and Prophecy, which says, “Everything is possible in the presence of Peace.” On his web site, we found this synopsis of the book:
Only one document was discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll. Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament’s Book of Isaiah, the twenty-two-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946. The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power on an ancient mystery – a lost mode of prayer – that modern science is just beginning to understand. Displayed today in Jerusalem’s Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it’s withdrawn into a vault beneath the building’s floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

In The Isaiah Effect, the dazzling new work from the author of Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds, scientist and visionary, Gregg Braden, offers a radical departure from traditional interpretations of Isaiah’s text. Weaving state-of-the-art research with his extensive knowledge of the ancient Essenes, (the creators of the scroll texts), Braden invites us on a journey where science and miracles are merged into a new wisdom – and lead to a startling conclusion. He suggests that Isaiah, the first Old Testament prophet, left precise instructions to the people of the future describing an unconventional mode of prayer.

Using principles recognized only recently in quantum physics, Braden demonstrates how Isaiah’s nonreligious, nondenominational form of prayer transcends time and distance to bring healing to our bodies and peace to the nations of our modern world.
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Gregg Braden - The God Code: The Secret Of Our Past, The Promise Of Our Future

Although we have gained a great deal from all of Gregg Braden’s books, we have chosen the two, which best demonstrate just how beneficial his insightful understanding is to happenings of this time. The Isaiah Effect’s most powerful message is that the future isn’t locked in stone; the Human Race can choose to change direction from one of War, despair and ultimately destruction to one of Peace and happiness. The second book The God Code relates the amazing information that there is an energy or consciousness that is written into our DNA, which means we have help in rescuing the earth. Once again the synopsis below is taken from Gregg Braden’s web site.

What would it mean to discover an ancient language—a literal message—coded into the DNA of life itself? What we once believed of our past is about to change…

A message has been found within the molecules of life; deep within the DNA in each cell of our bodies. Through a remarkable discovery linking ancient alphabets to the elements of life, our genetic code now reads as a text message of healing and peace! The code in our cells includes the ancient name of God, and offers concrete evidence that we are an intentional species, related to one another and life itself, in the most intimate way imaginable.

In this compelling work, Gregg Braden will share the life-changing discovery that led him from a successful career in Aerospace and Defense, to an extensive12-year study of the most honored traditions of humankind.
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In the application and benefits of the Crystal Kingdom, two books were of immense help. LOVE IS IN THE EARTH - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals By A. Melody and Crystalline Communion 2000 by Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl. These Inspired Earth Angels have been guided to share the knowledge of how crystals can help. In fact their books were the main source for understanding how the crystal kingdom interconnects with our Spiritual Evolution. We cannot recommend both of these books too highly. The information on the authors was taken from the web sites www.crystal-world.com and www.taomichi.com for Melody. Unfortunately we could only find information about Collen Marquist from www.earthsanctuary.org, but obviously the review for Crystalline Communion 2000 is valid for both. Talking of which, the reviews for both books are from Amazon. We will begin with Melody



…Melody was born in Cumberland, Maryland and is a scientist residing in the Pacific Northwest and holding a Masters degree in mathematics. She has traveled extensively throughout the world conducting comprehensive crystal workshops, private consultations, and awareness seminars.



   A. Melody

MbookMelody is the author and world-renowned crystologist who in 1991 published a book called Love Is In The Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals Update, winning international acclaim for her solid research into the metaphysical properties of more than 700 members of the mineral kingdom. Today, the Love Is In The Earth© series comprises six volumes, describing the properties of hundreds of stones, along with many specific techniques for advancing the work of healing through crystals…For a number of years, Melody taught the techniques described in her books and based on her research in Level I and Level II certification workshops around the U.S., Canada and the world. Since 1997, U.S. and Canadian workshops have been taught by a special group of instructors certified, accredited and endorsed by Melody to teach the Melody Crystal Workshops, as Melody no longer teaches in the U.S. or Canada. Many of these instructors are members of TAOMCHI today, along with other instructor and practitioner members worldwide.


As a Crystals expert Collen provided recommendations for which minerals to be placed beneath each of Earth Sanctuary's sacred sites, and assisted with their installation in several cases.



   Collen Marquist

As a professional environmentalist, Collen has worked with land use planning, electromagnetic fields, hazardous chemicals, salmon fisheries and air pollution studies. For seven years, Collen wrote the monthly column “Messages in Stone” for The New Times and co-authored the book Crystalline Communion 2000. As a psychic, Collen works with astrology, tarot, geopathology, and earth healing. Collen teaches Reiki, meditation, and the healing properties of minerals.

The introduction of Crystalline Communion 2000 states that the book is “about” the healing and consciousness integration properties of minerals. The authors have their own unique voices and details about rocks, crystals and minerals…The authors say what each listing is mineralogically…then “talk” about it with interesting insights. They point out they tried to keep “self” out of what they say, but the writing has a pleasant personality! The book has 163 pages of varieties with “meanings” listed (just like Melody) and then 30 more pages of chakra, “apothecary” and simplified Index-of-properties…

This is the best book I’ve seen for correspondences between the vibrations of specific crystals and everyday physical-mental-emotional phenomena. Melody covers more obscure stones, Dorothy Roeder (Crystal Co-Creators) covers spiritual aspects better, and Michael Gienger (Crystal Power, Crystal Healing) provides more background detail than anybody, but this book is the one I use for choosing crystals for specific issues…Another nice feature - the index includes stone names, not just page numbers.
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James Redfield’s trilogy of books and video Celestine Prophecy has made the biggest spiritual impact on the world. For this reason we are honoring him as an Inspired Author.



Celestine Prophecy video   


On his web site we found a comprehensive commentary on James Redfield and how the Celestine Prophecy came to be the best seller, which spawned a new way of thinking about our world. The commentary includes Mr. Redfield’s explanation of how the Insights became an integral part of his mission. In addition, on his web site Mr. Redfield shares the message of the video and his vision for the future. We will start with the commentary.

jr3“James Redfield was 43 when he published The Celestine Prophecy, which chronicles Nine Insights into a greater spirituality. He has been keenly interested in human spirituality all of his life. Born on March 19, 1950, he grew up in a rural area near Birmingham, Alabama. From an early age, he was motivated by a need for clarity about spiritual matters. Brought up in a Methodist Church that was loving and community-oriented, he was nevertheless frustrated by a lack of answers to his questions about the true nature of spiritual experience. As a young man, he studied Eastern philosophies, including Taoism and Zen, while majoring in sociology at Auburn University.

He later received a Master's degree in counseling and spent more than 15 years as a therapist to abused adolescents. During this time, he was drawn into the human potential movement and turned to it for theories about intuitions and psychic phenomena that would help his troubled clients. All along, Redfield was forming ideas that would eventually find their way into The Celestine Prophecy. In 1989, he quit his job as a therapist to write full-time, synthesizing his interest in interactive psychology, Eastern and Western philosophies, science, futurism, ecology, history, and mysticism.

Using an adventure parable approach that has been called “part Indiana Jones, part Scott Peck,” The Celestine Prophecy created a model for spiritual perception and actualization that resonated with millions of people and focused on the mysterious coincidences that occur in each of our lives. Disdaining the spotlight himself, Redfield proclaimed in The Celestine Prophecy that each of us must intuit his own spiritual destiny.

As he writes in The Celestine Vision, his non-fiction title published in 1997, “The actual writing of The Celestine Prophecy occurred from January 1989 through April 1991 and was characterized by a sort of trial-and-error process. Quite amazingly, as I remembered earlier experiences and wrote about them, lacing them into an adventure tale, striking coincidences would occur to emphasize the particular points I wanted to make. Books would show up mysteriously, or I would have timely encounters with the exact sort of individuals I was attempting to describe. Sometimes strangers would open up to me for no apparent reason and tell me about their spiritual experiences.

“Feeling ‘kind of stuck’ at one point, Redfield went to the high-energy vortexes of Sedona, Arizona-an area that he and many others regard as a sacred place. As he recounts in an interview in Body, Mind, Spirit magazine: “I was sitting on a ridge near the Chapel Vortex and trying to work with the notes for the book. It was not coming easily. All of a sudden, a crow flew out of the canyon and right over my head and then flew back into the canyon. I continued to make notes. I was having some trouble getting the story to flow out. The crow came out of the canyon again and flew over me, then back into the canyon, so I went into the canyon, and when I sat down the book just came pouring out.” The flow halted, however, when Redfield began sending The Celestine Prophecy to publishers in 1992. He did receive a few offers, but they did not seem right. “The companies all wanted to take between a year and 18 months to get the book out. I felt the book was timely and that we should get it out right away.

“All the coincidences stopped, and I felt dead in the water. I was interpreting the complete lack of publishing opportunity as a failure, a negative event, and that was the interpretation that had stopped the coincidences that I felt had been leading me forward. When I realized what was happening, I snapped to attention and made more revisions to the book, emphasizing this point.”

Within days, Redfield heard about a publishing consultant from New York who had just moved into the area. Driven by intuition to seek him out, the two met, and the coincidences began again. Redfield quickly decided to self-publish the book. Just as he went to print, he met Salle Merrill, who brought with her a timely emphasis on the importance of giving.

Now husband and wife, James and Salle filled the trunk of their car with copies of The Celestine Prophecy and drove to bookstores, meeting readers and talking about the book. "Of the first 3,000 copies we printed, we mailed or personally gave away 1,500 to small book shops and individuals in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia." James recalls in The Celestine Vision, "Word of mouth recommendations took care of everything else." In six months, the book had over 100,000 copies in print, was in all 50 states, and was appearing in countries around the world. "It sold not because of any publicity I did, but because others began to give it to their friends everywhere."

jr5After the self-published book was brought to the attention of Warner Books through a perceptive sales rep, Warner Books bought the rights and published the hard cover edition in March 1994. The book quickly climbed to the #1 position on the New York Times bestsellers list. It remained on that list for more than three years, joined by The Tenth Insight, which built upon the Nine Insights revealed in the first novel. In October 1997, James Redfield was awarded the highly prestigious Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Senate at the XXIII Pio Manzu International Conference in Rimini, Italy. Pio Manzu is a nongovernmental arm of the United Nations headed up by Mikhail Gorbachev.

James has been widely involved in saving America's last wilderness areas. He has lobbied officially and met socially with Senators and Representatives to promote the Act to Save America’s Forests, legislation written by the Washington-based environmental group, Save America's Forests…

jr6In the spring of 2000, James joined Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat For Humanity, as the only two recipients of Humanitarian of the Year honors from their alma mater, Auburn University. Two months later, he was honored by the International New Thought Alliance with another Humanitarian of the Year award.

The Celestine series of adventure parables continued in 1999 with the publication of The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight (Warner Books). Set in modern day Tibet, Redfield continued the inspiring journey of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight -- carrying readers to a new adventure in a sacred place where truths that can affect all of humanity await…
In March 2004, James Redfield was honored by the Wisdom Media Group with the World View Award for engaging the discussion on the nature of human existence and for his ongoing efforts and contributions to the bettering of humanity. 
James Redfield shares his “Message of the movie” with us:

“I believe that most everyone who came of age in the last few decades is a movie fan. Why? Because in those decades the art of movie making reached its peak. Certainly lovers of vintage films might argue with me on this, believing that older films are better and that the recent age of blockbusters and visual effects have ruined the art, accounting for what is undeniably a downturn in movie attendance. But I would retort that in spite of this downturn, film has reached an incredible effectiveness for what movies do best -- sweep an audience into an alternative reality for several hours.

What has been dished out in the last twenty-five years have been poignant explorations, realistic enough to be believed, of different ways of looking at the world. From the stark world of Blade Runner to the expanded cosmos of Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the way Jaws ruined the beaches for us, movies have had a lasting effect. And its not just mental, it's our very ethos that's affected.

Everyone knows that going to a film, being exposed to a different reality leaves us, as we walk out the door afterward, still somehow in that reality. If the film was scary or violent, we warily check the crowd for danger automatically until we shake it off and return to our normal sense of things. On the other hand, if the movie was inspiring or imparts a new way of looking at life that is positive in its effect, then we want to savor the moment.
Have visual effects become bad replacements for good stories here in the 21st century? Certainly. But it isn't the fault of the medium itself, because we now have all the ingredients to serve up a platter of alternative reality that can stretch us in the ways that we want.

I believe that the downturn in movie attendance is happening chiefly because just excitement or alternative realities are not what we want any longer. What we desire, at this moment of history, is to explore subjects that touch our own deeper consciousness -- meaning we want stories that give us true- to-experience demonstrations of what it feels like to perceive the world in a fuller way -- a way that smacks true to our own intimations of where the human world can best evolve.

Such attitudes, I believe, are responsible for the upsurge in spiritual films, some large, some small, and is certainly what The Celestine Prophecy Movie is all about. The plot, the conversation, the hidden connections to the past, are all part of a whole that points to an expanded awareness of life's deeper meaning. It speaks to why evolution has carried us this far, the creation behind this evolution, and how we might become part of this magic flow as we make a contribution with our own lives.

The Celestine Prophecy Movie does indeed penetrate the viewer's consciousness, leaving us with a shift in how the world feels and looks . . . something lights up, a memory, that we can carry with us into the future.
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