Les Carney is one of the I.D.E.A. Foundation's Close Associates, and we know him as Leyland. We use the name "Ley-Lines" for this page because it perfectly reflects Leyland's mission; to act as Ley-Lines connecting spiritually awake individuals to each other. We believe this was the reason he was gifted with the name Leyland by a shaman. His web site Centers of Light Directory is that fulfillment and gift.


"While in South America with the filming crew for The Shift of the Ages I met Monica Medina, former mayor of LaPaz. She gifted me the poncho worn by her deceased husband Carlos Palenque. Carlos was loved by the people of Bolivia and well on his way to becoming the President when he experienced a fatal heart attack. I wear this poncho with deep respect for it’s’ origin. To me it represents the sweet feminine energy of South America….the energy of inclusiveness….the energy calling us to remember our oneness and reminding us that our separation is but an illusion"…


  • Green = Creative -
    Imagination - Balance
  • Yellow -Green = Spirit
  • Yellow = Divine Will
  • Green-Yellow =
    Transformed Heart
  • Red = Reason
  • Blue-Green =
  • Red-Orange = Higher-Self
    - Intuition
  • Orange-Yellow = Christ -
  • Orange = Superconscious
  • Violet = Shaman
  • Blue = Sacrifice
  • Lt.-Yellow = Beginnings
  • Red-Violet = Globe D
  • Planet - Venus
  • Color - Green
  • Number - 9
  • Card - Empress
  • Symbol - Door
  • Stone - Bloodstone
  • Note - E-Natural



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"Today I've spent a couple hours going over the web site in depth....well, at least I scratched the surface!! You have been beautiful instruments through which inspiration has flowed making this site a most meaningful manifestation of the oneness that has inspired your soul. You are marvelous weavers and integrators bringing bits and pieces from all over the cosmos igniting meaning for the masses out of morass and chaos. Cheers!! Quodos!!
My heart is filled with blessings for you and all those who have contributed to your work. Guy's song and the tone of the Gongs on the 2 Videos are wonderful!

I.D.E.A. in itself is an expression of the Fire, Air, Water, Earth, the manifestation from:
  • I = Inspiration - Fire
  • D = Description -Word /Thought - Air
  • E = Envisioning - Water
  • A = Actualization/Manifestation - Earth
Love & Hugs to you"      —Leyland—


The intent of Centers of Light Directory is to report on events, activities, achievements, projects and people who represent the highest and best of human endeavor and what we can achieve, both individually and collectively. We believe that this represents the true nature of who we are.  Our purpose is not only to inform and inspire, but to provide cross cultural models from around the world as to what people are doing to solve world problems and create new options. We see a "Community Without Borders" as those throughout the world who have seen a vision of a new era and are dedicated to bringing it into reality.

Retired minister, educator and counseling psychologist, Les now resides in West Hills, California with his wife Nahid. Through the years Les's professional life included serving as a minister in the state of Washington. His professional career included teaching Family Life Education courses at the local Community College while serving as Parent Education Instructor in a Cooperative Preschool program and working as a Social Service Consultant to the Head Start program. He also served as a Marriage and Family Therapist with the Family Counseling Service prior to establishing a private counseling practice. As a Therapist Les contracted with the Court of Domestic Relations, consulted with the Superior Court in Custody disputes, contracted with a Faith Based Juvenile Detention Facility as a Consulting Psychologist, conducted training in Domestic Violence and worked in conjunction with the local Police Department in the establishment of a Police Chaplains Bureau. Les has always worked with divergent groups and been a facilitator in bridging understanding, finding the common denominator and maximizing the possibilities. This seems to be a theme that weaves through the years and continues to have expression in his retirement.

At age 57 Les simplified life and stepped outside the "work paradigm".  In effect he went on a "Vision Quest" of sorts. For several years he journeyed through Arizona spending considerable time in the Sedona area and becoming connected with the Native American traditions. Les experienced a life filled with magical happenings. A trip to Peru continued the magic resulting in considerable awakenings and  intensification of some "Inner work".

The theme of bridging understanding continues to manifest itself in the creation of his distribution list (CONTACT LEYLAND). This is Leyland's way of connecting people in a mutually supportive way as we manifest a world of Love where Oneness is Celebrated and Diversity is honored.

  • Consultant to developing "2012" T. V. series
  • Line Producer (Past) for "The Shift of Ages" Production Web Site: The SHIFT Of The AGES
  • Director on I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity Board
  • Citizen Award by Everett Police Department for Service with the Chaplains Bureau
  • Founding Member of the Everett Police Department Chaplains Bureau
  • Communication Skill Seminars for a variety of churches and other NPO’s
  • Domestic Conflict Resolution trainer for Snohomish County Sheriff’s Dept
  • Group Trainer for Camp Fire Girls Leadership Conference
  • Inspirational speaker for Rotary Clubs’ Boy and Girl of the Month awards, local Service Clubs, Camp Fire Girls, High School Commencement Ceremonies...
  • Directed community based group in funding and building the N0rth End Multi-Service
    Community Service building in Everett, Washington Candidate for Edmonds School Board
  • Taught Early Childhood Education and Communication Skills courses at Everett  Community College
  • Parent Education Instructor for Head Start Cooperative Pre School program
  • Past member Mental Health and Retardation BOD
  • Past President Snohomish County Family Counseling Service BOD
  • Past President of Edmonds & Everett Ministerial Associations
  • Past Vice President of Administration of Washington State Youth Soccer Assoc
  • Past President of North County Youth Soccer Association
  • Past President of the Council of Presidents for the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Past President of Washington State Association for Marriage & Family Therapy