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Before the Gateways, the Codes of Life were created to help people (using their Astrological Natal Chart) identify the energy within them and provide the clues for individuals to plot their course in life. But as they say, that was then and this is now. Today we know that the Hidden Codes (explained below) are to help 777,000 people create a critical mass to transform the world through meditating on their personal Gateways. First, let us state that despite our connecting the number to the term “Body of Christ”, there are no specific religious connotations to this number. We are talking about a Universal consciousness or energy here, which includes teachers and founders from all the world’s religions.

In our book The Good News Reverberation, we state that everyone born between 1945 and 1983 are potential members of the 777,000 people. More than two billion people were born during this time (2,213,012,000) Even if we halve the number, (1,106,506,000) allowing for early deaths, there are still more than one billion potential members living today. 777,000 is less than one percent (0.7030%). When first given the number, it seemed such a very small percentage of the population that I found it mind-boggling to think that so few could be a critical mass to transform the world. Seeking answers, we discovered that is because of the power of selfless love. Gregg Braden helped us see this with his information that each cell of the body carries a 1.17 volts of electricity and considering that there are a quadrillion cells in a human body we could see how anyone can affect another person. However, Mr. Braden’s book The Divine Matrix, which he released six years after we were given the number 777,000 revealed that it takes an even smaller percentage to “upstart a change in the world’s consciousness…” He says the “square root of one percent of the population” is sufficient and gives an example of a population of six billion only requiring 8,000 people to make up a quorum for change. With this, our next question was then why do we need to find 777,000. The answer that came back was we don’t, because these souls have been reincarnating for two millennia. In other words, most of them have already fulfilled their life’s purpose in a previous life.

Getting back to the purpose of the Gateways. Something we were given early on in our mission was that the key to the Mysteries is hidden in the English language. In applying this to understanding how meditating on the Gateways could help in transforming a person’s consciousness, we were reminded of the axiom “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Generally, this axiom is taken to mean that a person’s eyes can often reveal their true nature, but in this case, we believe it goes both ways. What we see can and does affect the human soul. For instance, think about how seeing the plane hit the second tower on 9-11 affected each of us.

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With the information above, some might ask does this mean that the Codes are only for people born between 1945 and 1985? The answer is an emphatic no. Everyone on the planet has a pre-incarnate directive to fulfill in this life, and these Codes contain the means to access the Ancient Mysteries on spiritual transformation. On a previous opening page of our website, we said that there is a virus in the software of our consciousness sabotaging our progress. We back up this claim by stating that Saint Paul’s rant about the “sin” in him causes him to do wrong is referring to the ego. However, we are speaking of more than one aspect here. Those familiar with our writings will know that there is a conscious and subconscious aspect of the false self. We call the subconscious aspect, the counterfeit-spirit. Eckhart Tolle called it the pain-body. The conscious aspect of the false self is the human ego, which only came into being 5,000 years ago. Here, the key word is human, because there is a divine part within that the ancients called the Spiritual Ego or I, we know it as our individual spirit. This is eternal and unchanging. Our goal is to reintegrate the human ego putting it under our spirit’s control, in other words making our will in line with Divine Will. Once this is achieved, the reintegrated ego will annihilate the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, resulting in spiritual transformation, not only for the individual, but also for the world. To assist in the process, the ancient teachers hid the answers in symbols that we would recognize when the time was right to trigger a remembering of our preincarnate directive in this life. With the advent of the internet, everything is in place for the Mysteries to come forth again. That time is now and the Codes and Gateways are designed to act as a trigger. Each Gateway with one of 77 Tarot cards resonates with 100,000 individuals. Card 0 – The Fool oversees all 77 gateways and cards representing the Universal non-denominational Christ-consciousness, which we all contain within.

A brief note about Tarot, which has been shrouded in mystery throughout history. There is no definitive theory as to its origin. Some investigators have speculated that its origins predate history, deriving from the lost civilization of Atlantis, whereas some “experts” categorically state that the ancient Egyptians invented the Tarot deck. They deduce this because the “Gypsies” that promulgate the use of Tarot as a predictive tool originated from Egypt. As many researchers believe that the Atlanteans founded Egypt, they could both be right. Whatever the origin, the Tarot has endured. Even through the Church’s condemnation of it as a tool for the “Devil”, it survived. For centuries, it lay hidden in plain sight, waiting.

It was not until Arthur Edward Waite commissioned Pamela Coleman Smith to create a new deck in 1910 that the Mysteries within the imagery surfaced. We know this because of the inspired writing, The Rabbi’s Tarot brought forth by the dedication and sacrifice of Daphna Moore.Our connection with this incredible woman began in 2007, when she asked to use parts of the letter we sent her on the back cover of her new book. This connection coincided with a vision I had involving the 22 Major Arcana (Mystery) cards or Trumps and the Tree of Life and led to my commentary in the latest version of the book, Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT. Along with my commentary I recolored and enhanced the original Rider-Waite deck to correlate with Daphna’s Symbology. Eventually, I did the same with the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Through inspiration, I unknowingly added energy to the cards by using bit maps of water, plants, wood, stone, etc. The final step was to create a new deck, entitled RWS-ARCANA TAROT. It is these cards that form the 78 Gateways. Below is the Tarot Tableau which is comprised of the 22 Trumps/cards of the Major Arcana.

With all the pieces in place now, it is time to locate the 777,000 individuals. Like Kevin Costner’s movie says, “If you build it they will come.” To this end, we wanted to help people identify their Hidden Codes, so, below we provide the means to do just that (using their Astrological Natal Chart). These Codes use Astrology, Numerology, and Color through your name and date of birth. Below is a sample chart of a fictitious person, to show you how the codes are determined.




We realize that the chart above may be a little intimidating, but it is merely a snapshot of the Codes and each component will be addressed separately. As you can see, the Codes (using your Astrological Chart) use the disciplines Number, Planet, and Color of the 22 Major Trumps (see the chart below). The 29 components are listed as Red for Primary, Blue for Secondary and Green for Secret or hidden. When we say secret, or hidden, we mean those aspects of the Codes, which are not obtained by traditional Astrology or Numerology.


The disciplines are determined through Daphna Moore’s inspired interpretation of the Major Arcana, available in Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s Rabbi’s Tarot. Daphna’s knowledge of not only the Tarot, but also Astrology and Numerology is second to none. It was why we asked her to provide the interpretation for the astrological and numerological aspects of the original Hidden Codes of Life. Her expertise is still available on her web site www.daphnamoore.com Below is a chart to determine the aspects for the four disciplines.

One more thing before we proceed to the first component (using your Astrological Natal Chart), as I said there are 78 cards in a Tarot deck composed of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards The Minor Arcana, or Minor Mystery consist of 4 suits, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. However, although these cards closely resemble a normal playing deck, they have one addition; as well as a king, queen and knight (jack) they add a page or princess to each suit. In the Hidden Codes, The Minor Arcana cards are linked to the Birthday, which determines the assignment of at least 4 cards. However, we will deal with the Minor Arcana elements for John Everyman a little later.


1st component (primary) Sun-sign - example - Aries


Astrology incorporates Sacred Geometry in that the 12 signs of the zodiac are arrayed in a 360-degree circle, which is displayed for everyone as a snapshot of the positions of the planets at the moment of his or her birth in a Natal Chart. Each sun-sign takes up 30 degrees of the circle, which in turn is divided into 3 segments of 10 degrees. To understand how Astrology works, it will help to think of space as a sheet or plane of energy, with the spheres or planets of the solar system as balls creating depressions in that sheet. As the planets or balls move around each other, their respective positions affect the sheet or plane of energy. When a baby is born into this plane of energy, as he or she crowns at birth the soft spot at the top of the head is exposed. Because a new born baby’s skull is not fully formed, exposing the soft spot in effect exposes the brain to the energies of the planets on the sheet. This is the most powerful event in a human being’s life, because this imprints the brain with the propensities for this incarnation.

Astrology imprints the inner consciousness by the positions of the planets in respect to each other. This is where Sacred Geometry comes in. These very specific angles create energies that affect everything in the baby’s life, from personality to what career he or she will choose. Think of this as a baseline for everyday operation which is recorded in the Natal Chart. The position of the Sun (at the time and place of birth) determines what sun sign the baby is born under. In traditional and modern astrology, the twelve zodiacal or sun-signs are divided into four elements and three modes. The elements are: Earth which is represented by the sun-signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; Air, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; Water, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and Fire, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The best way to understand the modes is by dividing the year into the four seasons, and then each season is divided into three sections, which are called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal signs are those signs that fall in the first third of the four seasons during one of the two equinoxes or the two solstices. They are Aries/spring equinox, Cancer/summer solstice, Libra/autumnal equinox and Capricorn/winter solstice. Fixed signs fall in the middle or second third of the four seasons, Taurus/spring, Leo/summer, Scorpio/fall and Aquarius/winter. Lastly the Mutable signs are those signs that are the last third of the four seasons. They are Gemini/Spring, Virgo/Summer, Sagittarius/Autumn, and Pisces/Winter. Below is our fictitious John Everyman’s Natal chart.



To determine which sun-sign John falls under, we look for the Sun Symbol Sun Symbol on the wheel – and look for the glyph associated with it, which determines the sign. As you can see Mr. Everyman’s Sun is in Aries, which has the Symbol Sun Sign Aries. Aries is assigned to The Emperor which is Trump/Card Number 4 of the Major Arcana. Its Color is Red, it represents the planet Mars and the faculty of Reason. The Emperor is also the Archetype of Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh or Jehovah.


2nd component (primary) Ascendant - example - Cancer


Because there are only 12 sun-signs, many people have the same sun-sign. Therefore, to personalize it more, astrologers look to the Ascendant, the second primary component of your Codes. The Ascendant is calculated from the exact time you were born and is known also as your rising sign. The rising sign is the sign or constellation which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. The Ascendant on the chart as you look at it, is to the far left. In Mr. Everyman’s case his rising sign is Cancer– Sun Sign Cancer, in which the Archetypal image is represented by the charioteer in the Trump/card 7– The Chariot. As such Cancer also represents the Number 7, the Moon and the Color Orange-Yellow.


3rd component (primary) Traditional Astrology Chart total Trump – example – 7 The Chariot


This component takes all 13 elements of the Traditional Chart and using the sun-signs’ assignments in the Tarot gives each element a Number. Then we add all the Numbers together and reduce the total to a single digit. For example, John Everyman’s 13 elements are:



As we can see the 13 elements add up to 124. Reducing 124 to a single digit we reach the Number 7 through 1 + 2 + 4 = 7, the same as his Ascendant (see 2nd  component just above).


4th component (secondary) – Second Traditional Astrology Chart Trump – N/A


If the Traditional Chart’s Number is reached through any number between 10 and 21, then the 4th component would come into play. However, as John’s Traditional Astrology Trump Number was not, it is N/A (non-applicable) so we can move on to the next component, which involves the Secret Chart.




However, before we examine how to determine your Secret Chart, let me give you a brief explanation as to why we use it in the Hidden Codes. As January is the first month of the year, which incorporates both the signs Capricorn and Aquarius that today run from December 20th to January 20th and January 20th to February 20th, respectively, the question that begs to be asked is why does modern astrology place Aries as the first sign of the zodiac? The answer is the astrologers of the Roman era adjusted the zodiac to fit in with their observations. The Roman Empire rose during the Age of Aries, which extended from 2,276 B.C.E. to 136 B.C.E.

Before the Romans introduced July and August in honor of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar to the calendar, the year consisted of ten months. That is why the last month of the year is named December, meaning the tenth month. The Romans placed Aries at the head of the zodiac because in ancient times the year began on the Spring Equinox and as we said, the sign of Aries rose at sunrise during the rise of the Roman Empire. That is why they venerated the god of war, Ares, which they called Mars. Conversely, the Chinese New Year begins in the sign of Aquarius and astrological Chinese writings date back at least four thousand years.

The above is the exoteric or open explanation for the Secret Chart; however, the Secret Chart posits you being born during the seventh month of pregnancy, because it is then that you first become a potential spiritual individual. In other words, placing Aquarius at the start of the zodiac makes the seventh month of pregnancy’s energies the predominant factor.

Physiologically the baby in the seventh month of pregnancy begins to prepare to separate from the mother for independent existence outside of the womb. The consensus of medical opinion is that it is during the seventh month of pregnancy that the child develops the ability to exist as an individual, gaining body fat and developing the sense of hearing, touch and taste. Despite the need for an incubator, the seventh-month baby’s nervous system is fully capable of operating the vital life functions.

On a Soul or Spiritual level, it is during the seventh month that the unborn child becomes a separate soul from its mother’s soul. Let us explain, there is natural and there is spiritual life. When the baby is first conceived, this is natural life, with the potential of becoming spiritual life. At this stage, during the first trimester, a soul waiting to be born has to decide whether or not to enter the potential vehicle for the soul. If at this time either termination of the pregnancy or spontaneous miscarriage occurs, this means the soul chose not to incarnate at this time. Should the pregnancy continue, then around the fifth month, usually when the unborn child is first felt through movement, the potential individual begins to work with the mother’s soul developing the baby. As we said, during the seventh month the unborn child becomes a potential individual human being. We say potential, because the soul has not committed to incarnation. Its decision not to incarnate will be seen in late term miscarriage or stillbirth and may even take up to three months as to result in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

It is vital to understand that any child that lives past infancy, has chosen to do so and those that don’t have also made a choice. We should state that we are in no way trivializing the loss of a child. On the contrary, our only goal is to help you see the spiritual reason for the gut-wrenching loss and hopefully bring some small comfort to this devastating occurrence.

So, what has this got to do with the Secret Chart? From the spiritual level looking at the astrological influences during the seventh month of pregnancy will reveal hidden spiritual potential and may assist in the fulfillment of destiny. The most relevant aspect to the chart is to reveal the element and Tarot Trump/card connected to you. To determine the 11 elements of the Secret Chart, we simply take the elements as they appear on the Traditional Chart and move them back 2 sun-signs. For instance, John’s sun-sign of Aries in the Traditional Chart becomes Aquarius in the Secret Chart.


5th component (secondary) – Secret Chart – example – 1 - The Magician


Like the Traditional Astrological Chart, the Secret Chart is also calculated by assigning the elements to the relevant Tarot trumps or cards and adding the values together. Remembering that Secret Chart has only 11 elements, John’s Secret chart reads:



Again, like the Traditional Astrological Chart, as we can see the 11 elements add up to 109. Reducing the total in the same way we did with the Traditional Astrology Chart we reach the Number 1 through 1+0+9=10 Then – 1+0=1 Archetypally this represents the Self-conscious, Intellect, and Will through card 1 – The Magician. It also represents the Color Yellow, the planet Mercury, and the number 1. Because the Secret Chart’s Number 1 is reached through the Number 10, the 6th component comes into play.


6th component (secondary) Secret Chart Trump additional Trump – example – 10 – The Wheel of Fortune


The 6th component of John’s Codes is generated through card 10The Wheel of Fortune. This Archetypally represents Creation and the Cycles of Evolution and Involution. It also generates the Color Violet through the planet Jupiter. The 7th and 8th components should come as no surprise, as they mirror the Traditional Astrological Chart.


7th component (secondary) Secret Sun-sign – example – Aquarius


The Secret Sun-sign is self-explanatory. As we said John’s traditional sun-sign is Aries, which generates the Number 4, The Emperor, the Color Red, and Reason. Therefore, his Secret Sun-sign is Aquarius, which generates The Star, Number 17, the Color Violet, the planet Uranus, and the Archetypal image of Revelation.


8th component (secondary) Secret Ascendant – example - Taurus


Applying the same procedure as the Secret Sun-sign to the Secret Ascendant, we get Taurus represented by The Hierophant, the Number 5, the Color Red-Orange, the planet Venus, and the Archetypal consciousness image of the 1st stage of the Higher Self and the faculty of Intuition.


Whether we are dealing with the Traditional or Secret Chart, both components require a Natal Chart, like the example for the fictitious John Everyman. If you do not have a Natal Chart and do not know how to get one done for you, for a $10 donation to children through the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity, we will provide you with a Natal Chart to determine your Hidden Codes. To order a chart, after donating $10 to our PayPal account, simply send an e-mail to bridgetopeaceproject@comcast.net with your name, date/time and place of birth and we will e-mail you your Natal Chart.


Leaving Astrology aside, it is time to determine the Numerological components of your Code Chart. Still, before we get to the specifics in our example, let us briefly examine the purpose of Numerology in the Codes.




Numerologists assign different percentages of which they call Core Energy to each person. The birth-date, which constitutes 40% of your Core Energy, is how your Life-Path is derived. The Birthday, which constitutes 10% is obviously the number of your birthday, reduced to a single digit. For instance, if your birthday is the 23rd, your Birthday would be 5, adding the two digits 2+3=5 to obtain a single digit. The Expression, which constitutes 30% of the Core Energy, is derived from your full name. For the purpose of these codes it is the name you are using today, not necessarily the name on your birth certificate. Therefore, it may or may not include the middle name. The vowels of the name, which constitute 20% of the Core Energy, are how we determine your Soul Urge.

In a nutshell, connecting your Core Energy numbers to the numbers of the 22 cards or major arcana trumps, is one of the major means we discover your Hidden Codes. However, because Numerology only uses the numbers one to nine, and the two master numbers 11 and 22, three letters represent the numbers 1 through 8. You may have noticed that we did not included the numbers 9, this is because only two letters represent the number 9.




Figure 1. Table of letter values according to Numerology


As for the numbers 11 and 22 they only come into play in the final total. In that instead of reducing 11 to 2 and 22 to 4, they remain intact. For the purpose of the Hidden Codes, the importance in Numerology is the numbers association to 11 Tarot Trumps. These Tarot trumps or cards are The Magician, 1; The High Priestess, 2; The Empress 3; The Emperor 4; The Hierophant 5; The Lovers 6; The Chariot 7; Strength 8; The Hermit 9 and Justice 11. Two trumps or cards are used for the master number 22, The Fool 0 and The World 21as both cards are thought to represent the energies of zero and twenty-two.

Once a value for each letter is established, then the values are added together, which results in a total of 47. This number is then reduced further 4+7 = 11. Making the Expression the master number 11, which equates to the card/trump number 11, Justice. This same process is used to obtain the Soul Urge, using only the vowels of the name. By means of this formula the Soul Urge will be determined to be 3, O=6 + O=6 = 12 1+2=3, which again equates to card/trump number 3, the Empress.


Ordinarily, in traditional numerology these four elements are the only important factors. Nonetheless, because of the spiritual meaning of the Hebrew letters, which are assigned to the twenty-two cards or trumps of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the consonants of the name are of vital importance in the codes. This is because the consonants of your name give you the Secret Self. John Brown’s Secret Self is determined using the same process as above, only as we said just the consonants; i.e. J=1 H=8 N=5 B=2 R=9 W=5 N=5 = 35. Again this number needs to be further reduced to a single digit 3+5=8. This equates to card/trump number 8, Strength.

The only other numbers relevant in traditional Numerology we are concerned with, is what are referred to as karmic numbers. In traditional Numerology you were connected to a karmic number, if even one of your Core Energy elements was reached through thirteen, fourteen, sixteen or nineteen. To recap, the traditional Core Energy elements are Life-Path 40%, (birth-date) Birthday 10%, Expression 30% (full everyday name) and Soul Urge 20% (vowels). However, as we said, for the purpose of the Codes, the Secret Self as a Core Energy element needs to be added. This is because although no percentage of Core Energy is assigned to the Secret Self, it is included in determining your total number. In addition, the number fifteen should be included as a karmic number.

There are multiple other numerological factors used in the codes, such as the Total Number as we said deduced by adding the Life-Path (5), Birthday (4), Expression (6), Soul-Urge (3), and Secret Self (8). Using their order of importance, these numbers will be 5+4+6+3+8 = 26. By further reducing the number, 2+6=8 we arrive at a Total Number of 8, which equates to Trump/card number 8Strength, which number is 8, its planet the Sun, and Color Greenish Yellow. Before we move onto to the next components in our fictitious chart, let us examine John Paul Everyman’s Numerological chart.




(Below is a chart to determine the aspects for the four disciplines— as seen before, above.)


9th component (primary) – Life-Path – Core Element 40% example 5


In traditional Numerology, the person’s main Numbers were obtained through 4 elements, to which Numerologists assigned different percentages. The most important was the Life-Path, then the Expression, followed by the Soul Urge and finally the Birthday. The 9th component, the Life-Path is calculated by the birth date and as stated, is the first and most essential element of the Core Numbers, constituting 40% of the Core Energy. Our fictitious Birth-date is April 4th 1950 which is reduced to – 4 (April fourth month) 4 (Fourth day) 6 (Year reduced to a single Number i.e., (1+9+5+0 = 15 – 1+5=6). Consequently, as we see, John’s Life-Path would be written out 4+4+ (1+9+5+0 = 15 – 1+5= 6) = 14 – 1+4=5 This means he has a Life-Path of 5. Checking the list above, we see that the Number 5 is assigned to The Hierophant, the planet Venus, the Color Red-Orange and the faculty of Intuition.


10th component (primary) Karmic Debt example 14


As stated, the 10th component also comes from the Life-Path, but this component can come through any of the Core Elements. A Karmic Debt occurs when a Core Number is reached through the karmic Numbers 13, 14, 15, 16 and 19. In traditional Numerology, 15 is not a karmic Number, but it is in the Hidden Codes. John as we said has a Karmic Debt of 14, which brings in the second row of the Tarot Tableau. According to Daphna Moore, the second row of the Tarot Tableau represents THE CHIEF LAWS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND OF THE UNIVERSE. In traditional Numerology, a Karmic Debt in the Core Elements used to mean that you were dealing with issues from a past life. As the Codes are predicated on this being the Fullness of Time, a Karmic Debt in the Codes indicates a strong Spiritual or humanitarian purpose.

Card 14 – Temperance represents the planet Jupiter, through Sagittarius, and the Color Blue. When this card appears in someone’s Codes we see it as an important indication of their Spiritual purpose. This is because Temperance on the highest level or Archetypal level, represents Timelessness or Eternity.


11thcomponent (primary) Birthday – Core Element - 10% example 4


The Birthday is also a Core Element but only represents 10% of the Core energy. John’s Birthday Number is 4 and is Archetypally represented by Trump/card 4– The Emperor. Therefore, his birthday also represents the Number 4, Mars, the Color Red, and the faculty Reason. Energy wise, as John’s Birthday Number is the same as his traditional sun-sign, we pay more attention to it because it holds more value. Furthermore, because the Birthday Number falls between 1 and 10, one of the Sephirot on the Tree of Life is connected to his Codes. The Sephirot connected to his chart is Chesed, which although assigned to the element Fire, instead of the planet Mars, represents the planet Jupiter. Remember, The Emperor is the Archetype of Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh or Jehovah. As Chesed represents Mercy, the Fire element is tempered and instead of an out of control destructive wildfire, is the fire of active creation, bringing impetus and growth.


The 12th component (primary) Karmic Debt in Birthday – N/A


As was stated, if the Birthday Number is reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 then a Karmic Debt comes into play. But as John’s Birthday does not involve any of these Numbers it does not apply, so we will move on to the 13th component.


13th component (Secondary) – Secret Life-path – example 3


The 13th component is a secondary element in the Codes. The Secret Life-path is created through shifting the month of birth back 2 months, i.e., instead of April 4th, the date would be February 4th. So, John’s Secret Life-path would be 2+4+(1950 = 15 – 1+5=6) = 12 – 1+2=3. Apart from the number 3, which is represented by Trump/card 3– The Empress, as this card is assigned to Venus, this component also generates, the Color Green, and the planet Venus. Archetypally, The Empress is the image of the Individual Subconscious and Creative Imagination, and as we said, also the Archetype for Mother Nature.


14th component (primary) Expression – Core Element 30% – example 6


The 14th component brings in the second most important aspect of the Core Elements, because it constitutes 30% of the Core Energy. John’s Expression is 6 and comes from all the letters in his first and last name: J=1 + O=6 + H=8 + N=5 + E=5 + V=4 + E=5 + R=9 + Y=7 + M=4 + A=1 + N=5. This adds up to 60, which when reduced: 6+0=6. Checking the list, we see the Number 6 is Archetypally represented by Trump/card 6– The Lovers, which symbolize the 2nd Stage of the Higher Self and the faculty of Discrimination. This Expression also brings in the Color Orange and the planet Mercury through the sun-sign Gemini. In the chart, you may have noticed that both Mercury and Venus are listed as representing John’s Expression. This is because the Codes involve energy and Gemini incorporates both planets.


15th component (primary) Karmic Debt in Expression - example N/A


If the Expression number is reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 then a Karmic Debt comes into play. But as John’s Expression does not involve any of these Numbers it does not apply, so we will move on to the 16th component.


16th component (primary) Soul Urge – Core Element 20% – example 3


The Soul Urge is a very important aspect in determining the energies surrounding the name. This is because it represents 20% of the Core Energy. A person’s Soul Urge is derived from the vowels in all the names, including any middle names. These are then reduced to a single digit. John Paul Everyman’s vowels are O=6+ A=1+ U=3+ E=5 + E=5 + A=1 – This adds up to 21, which reduces to 3 - 2 + 1 = 3. This is represented by the same Archetypal image as his Secret Life-path, namely, Trump/card 3– The Empress. Again, it is important to remember that The Empress is the Archetype of Mother Nature.


17th component (primary) Karmic Debt in Soul Urge – example N/A


Although John’s Soul Urge is not reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 there is another trump or card connected to this component. Because the 3 is reached through 21, Trump/card 21’s energies become relevant. Again, checking the list we observe that card or trump 21 is The World, which Archetypally represents the Union of Opposites. It also brings in the Saturn vibration and the Color Indigo.


18th component (primary) Secret Self – Core Element no value – example 8


As stated, ordinarily in traditional Numerology only 4 elements are considered important factors. Nonetheless, because of the Archetypal meaning of the Hebrew letters, which are assigned to the 22 cards or trumps of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the consonants of the name are of vital importance in the Codes. This is because, as we said, the consonants of the name give you the Secret Self. John Paul Everyman’s Secret Self is determined using the same process as above, only as we said just the consonants; i.e. J=1 H=8 N=5 P=7+ L=3+ V=4+ R=9 +Y=7+ M=4 +N=5 = 53. Again this Number needs to be further reduced to a single digit 5+3=8. This equates to trump or card Number 8, Strength, the same as the Traditional Chart.


19th component (primary) – Karmic Debt in Secret Self – example N/A


Because John’s Secret Self does not involve any of the karmic Numbers we will move on to the 20th component.


20th component (primary) – Total Number – example 8


The final primary component is calculated through all 5 Core elements added together. To recap John’s Core elements are Life-Path 5; Birthday 4; Expression 6; Soul Urge 3, and Secret Self 8. This results in 5+4+6+3+8 = 26 – 2+6=8. As you have observed this is represented by the same as his Traditional Chart and Secret Self, which is Strength, and the Transformed Heart.


21st component (Secondary) Growth Number – example 2


The name generates 3 more elements to the Codes. The first is the Growth number. The Growth number is created through the letter value of the first name. In John’s case this is J=1 + O=6 + H=8 + N=5 = 20 2+0=2. This brings in the Archetype Universal Sub-consciousness or Cosmic Mind, which is represented by Trump/card 2– The High Priestess and represents Memory and Emotions, symbolized by the Moon and the Color Light Blue.

Another aspect is brought into John’s Codes, because his Growth Number of 2 is reached through the Number 20. Due to Trump/card 20 being Judgment, this has special relevance. The reason is Judgment is the Archetype for the element of Fire. The Kabbalists only used 3 elements, Air, Water and Fire. They felt that Earth was a combination of the 3 and therefore not a separate element in its own right. As well as the number 20, Judgment also represents the planetoid Pluto and the Color Red.


22nd component (Secret)Growth Number Codes – example 11


On a deeper level the first name, first letter, and first vowel reveal more than traditional Numerology purports. In traditional Numerology, the Growth Number only uses the Numbers 1 to 9, plus the master Numbers 11 and 22, which only involves the first nine cards and Justice, The Fool, and The World in the Major Arcana. Instead if we include all 22 trumps or cards we reveal a very surprising result. John as we said in traditional Numerology produces a Growth number of 2, which equates to Trump/card 2– The High Priestess. But if we use all the cards then John’s Growth Number for the Codes is 11: As in J=10 +O=15 +H=8 +N=14, gives us a total of 47, which is further reduced 4+7=11 Archetypally, this is represented by Trump/card 11– Justice; Balance or Equilibrium, Venus, and the Color Green.


23rd component (Secondary ) Middle Name (s) – example 5


John’s middle name is Paul, which has the value 14. Numerologically this reduces thus: P=7+ A=1+ U=3+ L=3 to 5. This is represented Archetypally by the 1st Stage of the Higher Self, which is the same as John’s Life-Path. To recap: the number 5 is assigned to Trump/card 5– The Hierophant, the planet Venus, the Color Red-Orange, and the faculty of Intuition.


24th component (Secondary) First Letter – example 1


John’s first letter is J, which in traditional Numerology has the value of 1. As in the Secret Chart, this is Archetypally represented by Trump/card 1– The Magician, which represents the Self-conscious, Intellect, Will, the planet Mercury, and the Color Yellow.


25th component (Secret) First Letter Codes – example 10


Applying the same process to the first letter as the Growth Number shows as you can see that J=10. This brings in the energy of Jupiter through Trump/card number 10– The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune also represents the Color Violet, and the cycle of evolution and involution.


26th component (Secondary) – First Vowel – example 6


27th component (Secret) First Vowel Codes – example 15


The 26th and 27th components are both determined by the first vowel of the first name. But like the Growth Number and the first letter there are 2 ways they are calculated. In traditional Numerology, John’s first vowel O is valued at 6, which is archetypally represented by Trump/card 6– The Lovers, the same as his Expression.

However, on a deeper level, in the Codes, John’s first vowel O is valued at 15, which brings in the Archetypal image of The Devil. The Devil evokes strong feelings, usually negative. Nonetheless, from an archetypal perspective, the Trump/card 15– The Devil has a valuable lesson to teach. The Devil also represents the planet Saturn, and the Color Indigo.


28th component (Secret) Secret Element – example Earth


The 28th component is calculated by which element is most prevalent in the Secret Chart. To help us, let us review the chart again.



In John’s case his energies seem to be evenly distributed with 3 each of air, fire, and earth signs, with just 2 water signs. In the case of no clear element presenting itself in the Secret Chart, we look to his Secret Trump (See below). However, before that we will review John’s Minor Arcana cards, which as we said is found through his Birthday April 4th. As we said, it is the Birthday that generates the Minor Arcana elements. In traditional Astrology, each sun-sign is divided into 3 decans. That is also the case in Kabbalism. Each sun-sign is divided into 3 decans and assigned an individual minor card.



Minor Arcana elements for John Everyman

Below is a chart to determine, which four Minor Arcana cards are relevant to your birthday. Nonetheless, it is only a guideline, because when you determine your Hidden Codes you may find yourself drawn to other cards. Just remain open.

The chart above is generated from Robert Wang’s book The QABALISTIC TAROT A TEXTBOOK OF MYSTICAL PHILOSOPHY, which has a diagram consisting of 6 concentric circles. At the very center is a circle of the Symbols for the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the next circle, the 12 signs are divided by 3 and assigned the appropriate Minor Arcana card to each third. The appropriate card is determined by the next circle, which records the range of dates of each card. Circle 4 contains the 12 kings, queens and knights/princes of each suit; whereas, circle 5 consists of the 4 princesses/pages of each suit. Finally, the outermost circle is divided into the 4 suits’ aces. By this method, we can determine not only which card from 2 to 10 represents your date of birth, but also which ace, page/princess and court card you fall under. The final component, the Secret Trump is calculated through adding all the numbers of the chart and reducing it to a single digit. To do this we need to review John’s chart again.



29th component (Secret) Secret Trump – example 8Strength

Adding all the components’ numbers of John’s chart from (1) the Sun-sign to (27) the 1st Vowel C, gives us a total of 152. Reducing that through - 1+5+2 = 8, we arrive at the John’s Secret Trump, which is, as his chart shows is Trump/card 8 – Strength archetypally representing the Transformed Heart. It also brings in the number 8, planet Sun, and the color Greenish Yellow.


One more point regarding the Secret Element, as we said, the Kabbalists only counted three Elements, Fire, Air, and Water. They considered Earth to be a condensation of the three. Therefore, only three cards represent the Elements in the Major Arcana, The Fool = Air, The Hanged Man = Water, and Judgement = Fire. In the Codes, three cards represent the Element Earth, The Empress, The Hierophant, and The Hermit, which one of the three will depend on their appearance in your chart.


Having determined all 29 components, we then calculate the key elements of Number, Planet, Color, and Trump from John’s chart, by the number of times they appear. Note: As we are determining the vibration of the colors, Violet is broken into the primary colors of Red and Blue.




Looking at the totals, the choice of Key Planet Venus and Key Color Red are self-explanatory. However, the Key Number and Key Trump may not be so clear. The Key Numbers is usually taken from the number of the Key Trump, but in John’s chart, as with his elements we have a choice of two for both keys, 8 for Strength, and 5 for The Hierophant, with each appearing three times. In the end, we chose 8 as the Key Number and its Trump/card 8– Strength as the Key Trump, because 8 is the strongest in the Numerological Elements, with it being not only the Secret Self, but also the Total Number. Another factor is that card number 8 Strength represents the Fire sun-sign Leo and John’s Secret Element is Fire.




As we can see, the Hidden Codes are intuitive, because you may need to choose between two Trumps. Likewise, are the Gateways. Therefore, several Gateways may resonate with your Codes. For instance, there are 9 possible Gateways that jump out at me that John could resonate with:


The first three come from the 22 Trumps and represent John’s Key Codes Strength for his Key Number, and Key Trump, and the Trump/card representing his Key Planet card 3– The Empress. As Fire is John’s Element, I include Judgement as a possible Gateway


You may recognize the next four possible Gateways from John’s Minor Cards in his Birthday April 4, 1960 - 3 of Wands, Queen of Wands, Page of Pentacles, and Ace of Pentacles


The final 2 possible Gateways, again come from John’s Key Codes, only instead of being from the 22 Trumps of the Major Arcana or Tarot Tableau, they come, like John’s Birthday cards, from the 56 Minor Arcana cards. 8 0f Wands for his Key Number, and Key Trump, and 3 of Pentacles for his Key Planet.


As you examine your Codes you may find other Trumps or cards you resonate with. This is never arbitrary it, as we said, wholly intuitive. Once you determine your chosen Gateways, as you meditate on them, you will find one or perhaps two that you feel more of an affinity with. It is literally up to your intuition.

Alternatively, you could use your intuition from the start, by looking at the RWS-ARCANAs Tarot Cards Deck and seeing if any cards jump out at you. Then for fun, you could use the Codes to check if your choices match with your Codes.


As you examine your Codes you may find other Trumps or cards you resonate with. This is never arbitrary it, as we said, wholly intuitive. Once you determine your chosen Gateways, as you meditate on them, you will find one or perhaps two that you feel more of an affinity with. It is literally up to your intuition.


Alternatively, you could use your intuition from the start, by looking at the RWS-ARCANAs Tarot Cards Deck and seeing if any cards jump out at you. Then for fun, you could use the Codes to check if your choices match with your Codes.

It is important to state that although the color in the Tarot card through your Gateway in the Codes can help intuit your spiritual potential, as well as help in remembering your predestined purpose, the Codes should never be viewed as a forecast to anyone’s future. Nonetheless, meditating on the Gateways can help unlock your own unique intuition, and when used with the Know Thyself Initiative, will assist in understanding.