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Life Codes

  • Discover the meaning behind your name and birthday
  • Understand the strengths and challenges you were born with
  • Identify your contracted spiritual purpose


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Hidden Codes of Life

To determine your personal codes (using your Astrological Natal Chart), seven disciplines are used: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Colors, (Musical) Notes, Stones, and Symbols. It is only by using all seven disciplines that the individuals' entire codes are revealed.

Let us first say that your personal codes are in no way to be considered as indicators of any possible forecast of material gains or losses on the earthly plane. Rather the hidden codes reveal your spiritual purpose on Earth. They will predominantly resonate with those individuals who have incarnated at this time in order to assist in the transformation of the world. An important point to keep in mind is like all scriptural allegory; the codes are to be interpreted on many levels.

We should also state that the codes are predicated on the premise of multiple lives and the preexistence of the soul. They are not exclusive to any one religion, but incorporate the teachings of all the great teachers from the different world religions. If you will not or cannot even consider the possibility that you may have a purpose on earth other than seeking material comfort and security, the codes will be of no benefit to you. On the other hand, if you want answers to that unrelenting nagging feeling that there may be an important, even spiritual reason for you being born at this time, then the codes can assist you.

Remembering that the codes are spiritual, the Taoist philosophy on human destiny interestingly explained the purpose of the codes most eloquently centuries ago. Lonny S. Jarrett in his book Nourishing Destiny – The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine encapsulates the philosophy, when he writes, “It is not destiny that a person should die estranged from true nature. In each life, a turning point arrives when we are given a glimpse of the virtue imparted by heaven. We are then granted the opportunity either to cultivate this deep inner nature or to continue following habitual patterns on the path to worldly gain and spiritual ruin.” You do not have to be religious to benefit from the codes; rather you need to conceive of the universe or matter, including human beings as vibrating energy or consciousness. It is then that the codes are a glimpse of your personal original spiritual nature.


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