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Surprisingly the mysterious Tarot holds the key to unlocking your true spiritual potential. Tarot has been shrouded in mystery throughout history. There is no definitive theory as to its origin. Some investigators have speculated that its origins predate history, deriving from the lost civilization of Atlantis, whereas some “experts” categorically state that the ancient Egyptians invented the Tarot deck. They deduce this because the “Gypsies” that promulgate the use of Tarot as a predictive tool originated from Egypt. As many researchers believe that the Atlanteans founded Egypt, they could both be right. Whatever the origin, the Tarot has endured. Even through the Church’s condemnation of it as a tool for the “Devil”, it survived. For centuries it lay hidden in plain sight, waiting. Recently authors have begun to reveal the connection between the Tarot and the Kabala. One of the most insightful books, on the spiritual secrets of the Tarot is The Rabbi’s Tarot by Daphna Moore. This extremely enlightening book uses the Rider Waite Tarot deck, which for the purpose of the codes is the deck used in reference to your trumps. It is the Rider-Waite deck that best describes the seven disciplines.

Daphna Moore told us The Rabbi’s Tarot book was the result of a Jewish Rabbi giving a manuscript to an ex-Jesuit priest who studied it for four decades before passing it to her to add her part and then get it published. The question that needs to be asked is why now? Kabalistic teaching has been in the open for nearly eight hundred years, so why has it taken until now to reveal the connection between Jewish mysticism and the Tarot? The answer is that this is the Fullness of Time, where enough members of the human race have evolved to receive the mysteries.

Our regular playing deck is a converted Tarot deck. The 52 cards of the accepted deck is nothing more than the minor arcana of the Tarot, minus the four pages. Instead of Tarots’ minor arcana’s suits of wands, swords, cups and pentacles; the playing card deck has adopted clubs for wands, spades for swords, hearts for cups and diamonds for pentacles. The four knights and four pages became blended into the four jacks, and the only major arcana card to cross over, The Fool became the Joker.

Of course the Tarot in its original form still existed, only it was relegated to fortunetellers. There it sat waiting for humanity to evolve enough out of fear and superstition to reveal its secrets; that time is now as there is a critical mass number of individuals who have evolved and sincerely want to help their fellow citizens of the planet. Despite the Tarot being used as a way to learn about your love life and career that was not its original purpose. The imagery, particularly in the 22 trumps of the major arcana carried subliminally the forgotten memory of why each person incarnated. It is very curious that the only card of the major arcana to cross over into the regular playing deck, even in a disguised form was The Fool that is because the first card of the major arcana, is as we said The Fool valued at zero. The Joker has no value in any card game.

The Kabbalists only considered three elements, Air, Water and Fire, which were assigned the Mother letters: Aleph, for the Fool-Air; Mem, for the Hanged Man-Water and Shin, for Judgment-Fire . As mentioned earlier, eventually the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto/Vulcan were assigned to these three cards. Likewise, in the Kabala, zero represented undifferentiated Spirit, the Ain-Soph or No-Thing. However, this can be misleading. Rather Aleph (א) the Hebrew letter assigned to the Fool should be seen as the unmanifested spiritual Soul. This is because as we said, it denotes the Fiery Breath or Ruach. In other words the Life Force, which is the Solar force or Spiritual Fire, innocent before it begins its journey into consciousness. It is only when the Spiritual Soul or Life Force reaches the human stage that it can begin to know it’s true Divine source.

The 22 cards of the major arcana are divided into three levels of seven cards with The Fool as Spiritual Soul unmanifested presiding over the entire tableau. As Daphna Moore explains the first row represents THE CHIEF PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The second row represents THE CHIEF LAWS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND OF THE UNIVERSE. Row three represents THE CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR USING THOSE LAWS, AND WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED. How the 22 Major arcana trumps align in the Tarot Tableau is shown below in figures 2. & 2a..


RW Tarot Tableau
Figures 2. & 2a.  Major Arcana


The ability to recall the relevant information of the Tarot Tableau is extremely beneficial to developing your Deductive Reasoning. Consequently to help you in this endeavor we have created 2 additional documents. The first is a quick reference chart, and the second is a mini breakdown of some of the most relevant information. Also included are pictures of each card that can be used to visually imprint the information into your mind.

An important point to keep in mind is that the trumps/cards 10,12,13,14,15,16,17 and are all derived from combinations of the first nine cards. For instance, card 12; the Hanged Man may be reached through the combination of 5+7, 6+6, 8+4 or 9+3.

In addition card 19 is connected to both the first and second row. For instance the number 1 can be reached through the number 19, which would first be reduced to 10; i.e., 1+9=10. The number ten is further reduced by adding the digits 1+0=1. We will elaborate on the importance of this factor later.

Earlier we stated there are only three elements in the kabalistic system because they believed that the element earth was a synthesis of the other three. Jewish mysticism divided the remaining 19 major arcana cards or trumps between the Seven Sacred Planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Assigning each card a Hebrew letter, the cards representing the seven planets were given double letters, while the twelve cards representing the zodiacal signs were assigned simple letters. The double letter cards that represent the Seven Sacred Planets are: Saturn, The World; Jupiter, The Wheel of Fortune; Mars, The Tower; the Moon, The High Priestess; Venus, The Empress; Mercury, The Magician and the Sun, The Sun.

The simple letter trumps denoting the twelve signs of the zodiac are Aries, The Emperor; Taurus, The Hierophant; Gemini, The Lovers; Cancer, The Chariot; Leo, Strength; Virgo, The Hermit; Libra, Justice; Scorpio, Death; Sagittarius, Temperance; Capricorn, The Devil and Pisces, The Moon.
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