Individuals have played pivotal roles in our mission as was the case with Moises. His energy and consciousness was generously given to hold a place on the Tree of Living Knowledge and we honor his contribution. Because of the dynamic nature of our mission it is time for him to step aside and for someone else to fulfill the final stage. Judith Rohlfer fulfills that role as she steps forward as a Director for the I.D.E.A. Foundation. Her contribution in energy healing takes this medium to the next level as it incorporates the computer.

Dolphin Carving   Solar System   Dolphin Carving

"As a Lightworker, I have used many modalities over the years such as Massage, Reiki, Crystals and many kinds of Spiritual Healing; now computer software lets me reach others through energy and frequency. As everything is energy just on different frequencies or levels, this software now allows me to work in many planes and with many entities. I am just beginning to know the potential of these tools to heal. The high vibration of the Know Thyself Initiative has helped me to better understand these wonderful gifts I have to work with."  —JUDITH—

Solar System

Codes Icon

  • Yellow = Divine Will
  • Yellow-Green = Spirit
  • Orange = Super -
  • Orange-Yellow = Christ
  • Red-Orange = Higher Self
    & Intuition
  • Red = Reason
  • Green = Balance
  • Violet = Cycles
  • Red Violet = This Reality
  • Indigo = World
  • Planet - Mercury
  • Color - Yellow
  • Number - 1
  • Card - Magician
  • Symbol - House
  • Stone - Citrine
  • Note - E Natural



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Sun Energy Waves

I have always known during this lifetime of working with healing modalities in the service of others, I was preparing to be a very important part of something; that there was something else going on.  I was finally led to KTI, and discovered what that something was. As I said, I had begun working with healing software that lets me reach others through energy and frequency.  I was just beginning to understand the potential of these tools to heal with energy, but through the information on the purpose of KTI and the I.D.E.A. Foundation I received the surge of high energetic information which raised my vibration and brought to light the understanding of my purpose; or at least one of them.  These higher vibrations are now merging and flowing into other insights for me on my path.  This could not have happened for me in this moment in time any other way.  What a gift this website is as it raises the vibration of those who read it and helps to awaken us.  

Dolshin Graphic

The beautiful picture above and left demonstrates a powerful representation of my understanding of how we connect and communicate with one another. Dolphins have always resonated with me because of their obvious intelligence to work with human beings. They seemed to have an ethereal beauty to them, which transcends their physical characteristics; I think it involves how dolphins used sound in the form of sonar.  As I said before, everything is energy, and sound and thoughts are energy/frequencies too.


Another powerful influence in my healing work has been the Solfeggio notes, which brings me to my re-discovery of Hildegard von Bingen.

First a little background: In 1098, Hildegard von Bingen, pictured in the inset, was born the 10th child of a noble family in the verdant Rhineland area between the towns of Trier and Mainz, Germany.  At the age of eight she was given by her parents to the care of a nun named Jutta attached to the Church of Saint Disibrod, as a tithe to God and the Church.  In other words as was the custom then, she became devoutly religious and dedicated her life to this path.

From an early age, she had visions but told no one for fear of their meaning and the consequences of her elders.  When Jutta died in 1136, Hildegard was unanimously elected the new abbess of what was to become the first Benedictine order of nuns in Germany.  At 42 she started to write down her visions into what would become three volumes of visions and prophecies.  She would also write two books of scientific studies on nature and medicines using herbs, foods and stones.  But her music was the most vital part of her creations for her nuns, 77 liturgical songs and Gregorian-type chants.  At a time when women, much less religious women, had no power, she had the ear of popes, religious, and lay people of importance as she shared, preached and traveled the Rhine area four times preaching of her visions, healing and introducing her music. She was truly an amazing woman for her time. 

I became re-acquainted with Hildegard in April, 2011 while attending a wood carver’s show in a small town with a Benedictine convent perched high on a hill and nicknamed the "Dome".  I hadn't found anything I liked at the show, but had the strongest urge to have someone carve me a feather.  After finding Chainsaw Willy among 20 or so carvers there who agreed to make my feather, my friend and I left to go visit the Benedictine church at the top of the hill.  As soon as I walked in there was a hallway with alcoves in the walls. In each alcove there was a statue and in the first one I saw a nun holding a feather.  On checking the bottom of the statue, I saw her name was St. Hildegard.  After visiting the church, we went looking for someone to explain who St. Hildegard was and was informed she was the German founder of their order, a mystic, healer and writer of exquisite music.  I was told that according to Hildegard, she holds a feather in her hand because, "I feel I am the Feather on the Breath of God".  Less than an hour later my friend noticed a CD in my van called "Feather on the Breath of God".  They weren't Hildegard's chants but beautiful music just the same.  After this amazing day, I definitely felt Hildegard was trying to get my attention.

I spent the next several weeks researching Hildegard's life and music which I found contains the healing sounds of the original six Solfeggio Tones/Frequencies. (As I use these tones in my healing work I was quite excited to learn this.)   They were originally part of Church music but over the centuries the tones were changed or the music totally eliminated from religious services, much to the detriment of humankind.  You can now get St. Hildegard's music on CD and during some recent sacred ceremonies with Craig and Suzzan; we added this beautiful healing music to the proceedings.  It was definitely an enhancement to a powerful experience.

Over the past few weeks through meditation, speaking with Suzzan and with God, I honestly feel I carry the consciousness of Hildegard in this incarnation and feel her power and creativity working through me.  When you feel you have found a part of yourself it helps to complete your wholeness.  What a gift she is and what a healing gift she has given us with her music! 

—Lovelight, Judith—