Individuals have played pivotal roles in our mission as was the case with Johanna. Her energy and consciousness was generously given to hold a place on the Tree of Living Knowledge and we honor her contribution. Because of the dynamic nature of our mission it is time for her to step aside and for someone else to fulfill the final stage. Curtis Madrid fulfills that role as a Close Associate to the I.D.E.A. Foundation. His involvement gives the Know Thyself Initiative a valued young person’s perspective.

Johanna Bocian

“Like many young adults, I have been searching for some foundation in my life. I had begun to realize most of what I had thought I had understood was blurred. A few months ago I found Triple 7 Center web site and the I.D.E.A. Foundation and discovered the Know Thyself Initiative and the material needed to understand our true past, ourselves, and what is currently happening in the world. KTI delves far deeper than any of my research had and I learned our reality is a product of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Through KTI my purpose has been made clear: to help others know the truth and catalyze change for the greater good of Humanity. I believe the KTI is the key to self transformation, which is why I am actively supporting it as a director.”   —Namaste — Curtis—


  • Green = Balance
  • Yellow-Green = Spirit
  • Indigo = World
  • Red-Orange =
    Higher Self & Intuition
  • Green-Yellow =
    Transformed Heart
  • Violet = Evolution &
  • Red = Reason
  • Blue = Sacrifice
  • Blue-Green =
  • Planet - Venus
  • Color - Green
  • Number - 9
  • Card - The Hermit
  • Symbol - Hand - Virgin
  • Stone - Labradorite
  • Note - F Natural



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What the Know Thyself Initiative and I.D.E.A. foundation means to me:

magnified dewdropsI have found hope for our future with the Know Thyself Initiative and its sponsor the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity’s mission. But let me share with you the basics of my journey to become a Close Associate.

It all started when a friend introduced me to theories about light, frequency, vibration, and the correlation between each aspect and their functions in physical reality. I feel the picture to the right is a perfect example of unseen energy.

After realizing the importance of energy in our lives I wondered if its effects could be detected in everyday life experience; such a religion and politics.

At first I began with researching all kinds of conspiracies, because I suspected that its affect on the psyche played a role in our society. However, I realized that what was being seen in the psyche was only a reflection of the underlying cause from consciousness, which was physically identifiable through quantum physics.

About a year after my new understanding of energy and consciousness I found the Triple 7 Center web site and the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI). In this fountain of information I found a source that had delved far deeper than any of my research had. I discovered that primarily KTI facilitates the Divine Plan to provide the tools to change not only yourself, but the world at large. It caused such a change in me that I came to really believe that once we begin to view the larger picture of global unity and love, then we begin to transform. I have always loved helping people, because I always found a greater sense of connectedness through altruism than I did through selfish means, but KTI took it to the next level beyond the personal to the universal.

To me what Craig and Suzzan have accomplished over seventeen years helped me to remember my true self; my spark of God or spirit within. Put simply the Know Thyself Initiative on the Triple 7 Center web site is an online school for esoteric learning, but it is unlike any earthly “school”, because it deals in energy and consciousness. The site is designed in such a way that every color, symbol and picture is intended to affect you on a deeper, energetic level. It literally reflects the type of energy the 777,000 put out into the world. KTI’s and now (since I’ve become a part as a Close Associate of I.D.E.A.) my ultimate goal is to transmute lower vibratory emotions. In this way emotions like fear, anguish, resentment, despair, and revenge are transmuted into higher energy of altruistic love or compassion.

The ideas presented on the web site represent a way of life for me. Through our intent the lower frequency emotions undergo a transmutation into spirit through the higher frequency emotion of compassion. I have only just begun my journey and I realize that it will take courage, guts, and a lot of heart for me to succeed, but I take comfort in the absolute certainty that I will.

I now know my true spirit has only been suppressed through the manifestation of my ego, poor diet, and high amounts of stress. The Triple 7 Center web site provided a breath of fresh air for me and all those who have been suffocated by the “Bog of deceit.”

Let me just add that I believe it is imperative for all who seek truth to seek it within themselves. And in my opinion, I have found no higher truth than the information on the Triple 7 Center web site as it was constructed through the word of God. That said, everyone connected with the KTI mission urges everyone to always question and look within themselves for the answers. It is essential to always keep an open mind and try to view situations from an outsider’s perspective. Follow your intuition and never give up on your dreams. May the light of love always shine down upon those who lead with their hearts.


— Curtis Santonino Madrid —