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Full Circle The Mystries Uncloaked

Before starting the first part of my thesis, I was directed to read Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s book THE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was The Original Jesus A PAGAN GOD? The book’s theme caused me to surmise that this part was to be a summary of the various Christs’ influence throughout history. Boy was I wrong! As I tracked the various influences, I soon realized that the Doctrine of Globes and Root Races was inextricably connected to it. It was then that I understood why the title Full Circle The Mysteries Uncloaked. It is a culmination of everything I’d discovered in the last 13 years, which in effect had unraveled the mysteries surrounding spirituality for me.
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As I said in the Preface of LOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR: My Journey to the Truth, (hereinafter referred to as LCD), in order for you to go on a journey of discovery it is necessary to discard all preconceived ideas of the Truth. To be honest that isn’t easy to do, as undoing our well-ordered understanding of reality, can result in us becoming fearful, which immediately blocks all progress. What absolutely amazed me was most of the “truths” about the world and evolution that I held sacrosanct, weren’t truths at all, but just various people’s opinions.

The only requirement for the journey of discovery is an open mind. It isn’t necessary to believe in multiple lives and realities, just be open to the possibility that there might be. If you cannot even consider the possibility, then you are not ready. Either way, there is no judgment. When Craig and I began our journey in 1994, as I’ve repeatedly said we interpreted Spirituality from the traditional Judeo/Christian perspective. Quite frankly, I’m not at all sure whether we would have been able to digest the information in this thesis then. However, both of us did have open minds, and felt that there was more to existence than just this life. That was all that was required; God did the rest.

We began seeing a little more, when we were led to several books by one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, H.P. Blavatsky. Madame Blavatsky was one of the earliest writers to show the esoteric teachings of Krishna and Gautama Buddha were essentially the same as Jesus’ message. Her Secret Doctrine Volumes 1 & 2 were what initially introduced us to thinking outside the box. As we progressed through the years, we realized that the information rang true, because on some level we already knew it. I know that sounds crazy, but the Ancient Wisdom taught that we all know the information; we have simply forgotten it.

We have a saying of “sleeping on a problem.” That is because; in our dreams we can often get the solution from our subconscious. Understanding the esoteric information is the same. However, fear and superstition act as blocks, which is why I said some of you might not be ready. That doesn’t mean you won’t be ready later. For those of you who are ready, I would like to share with you our journey of discovery.

Essentially, this part of the thesis is on the energetic/spiritual evolution of Humanity through the last three Root Races on Globe D. The most surprising thing was that although I finished the basic timeline fairly quickly, I kept going back and forth adding additional information. At first this perplexed me. That is until I learned that it was necessary for me to let go of all my preconceived ideas as to the history of the Human Race.

When I wrote THE RELEVENCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, I believed it completely explained evolution from an esoteric perspective. Although on one level it does, it was in discovering that the different Globes are not physical planets per say, but instead levels of consciousness that showed me how Humanity spiritually and consciously evolves throughout history. Having said that I was told to focus on the historical events from 4,200 B.C.E., as this period is when The Christ and Sophia first physically interact with the Human Race.

I covered the esoteric explanation of how the Human Race spiritually evolves in the previous parts of the thesis; what I didn’t realize was that it could also be tracked historically. In other words, by incorporating the esoteric information of the Sephirotic trees of Life and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, we can unite all the teachings and bring it into human history. Then we can see how the Life Principle is spiritually evolving through the human stage to the next step in spiritual evolution. (Please note that the term Life Principle has become interchangeable with consciousness, because as I said, it has now become individualized in the Human Race.)

Before continuing, something needs to be said about the designation Root Race and sub-race. When I first heard this term, I thought of it as representing the advance in civilization, but I’ve come to understand the term as representing the collective consciousness, individuals are born into. Throughout history, at various intervals an “upstepping” has occurred, advancing the consciousness of Humanity to the next level of a sub-race in the various Root Races. (“Upstepping” is a term I’ve put together to describe the shift in consciousness.) Most of the time, individuals are re-incarnated into the new consciousness of the “upstepped” Root Race. Nevertheless, there are certain people that through knowledge and understanding advance to a higher sub-race or Root Race while still incarnate.

In an effort to make this as easy as possible, I have divided this thesis into thirteen sections; which demark the shift in consciousness, referred to as an “upstepping.” I will include all the Root Races and sub-races present in the title of each section. In addition, each section will include the approximate time of the “upstepping”, and where relevant, the Sephirotic Tree of Life and or Tarot card (s). Talking of the Tarot, there is no better pictorial example of the spiritual evolution of the human being than the 22 Major Arcana cards, and there is no finer interpretation of the cards than The Rabbi’s Tarot, by Daphna Moore. So once again, I would like to thank her on behalf of the Human Race for giving us the information in such a succinct way.
Within the sections are subheadings, which relate significant eras, events and personalities involved. Please note, for the majority of the time the Root Races overlap. This results in the previous Root Race’s sub-races being present for several sub-races after the “upstepping” to the next Root Race. In fact, there are key times when the consciousness of three Root Races is present, such as in 3,600 B.C.E., when the 5th Root Race first emerges. It is during this auspicious time that the Life Principle enters the Malkuth Tree of Life, with the three trees, which I discussed in the Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit parts one and two.

In thinking about what happens to the previous Root Race, I was reminded that the next Root Race emerges from the preceding Root Race. In other words, at the mid-point of the Root Race or the 4th sub-race, the 7th sub-race of the preceding Root Race evolves into the 1st sub-race of the next Root Race. For instance, in 3600 B.C.E. the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race evolved into the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race. It is important to remember that the consciousness of the 4th sub-race of the 4th Root Race is still present in the world. Amazingly, as the Globes, Rounds and Planetary Chains appear to be contracting within each other, the consciousness of the Life-Principle within the Root Races expands. This is critical to understanding how the Human Race can change the world. See the diagram below:



If the flow of consciousness through the various sub-races and Root Races is still unclear, don’t worry; as we track the consciousness of the Root Races through history it will become abundantly clear. Moreover, I will keep placing diagrams of the relevant Root-races in the text to help you remember. Anyway, if you have gotten this far, it means that you are open to considering a new understanding. Besides, as I said, on a certain level you already know the information; you just need reminding.

To return to my thesis, I already knew at pivotal times that there were different forces or consciousnesses sent in the forms of teachers to help. I covered this extensively in the chapter Voice in the Wilderness in (LCD). Unfortunately, I was also shown how the Human Race was affected by another force or consciousness that they had created. This consciousness drew energy from the counterfeit spirit or lower ego of Humanity. Manifesting in human atrocities carried out by individual human beings.

My goal in this thesis is to show the influence of the forces through historical periods and events. Because I am concerned with spiritual evolution, I will be mainly dealing with the 5th, 6th and 7th Root Races and the respective 7 sub-races of each Root Race. This covers the period of time from 3600 B.C.E. to 2004 C.E. Nonetheless, I will attempt to sketch an outline of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Root Races and their seven sub-races in respect to human history. In addition, as stated, I will also attempt to show where the “trees” and “cards” from Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit Part Two fits in historically.

Before I move on to the time of the first incarnation of The Christ and Sophia, I feel it may help if I start at 10,500 B.C.E., as this is when they first enter the lower planes. History tells us this is a time of upheaval. A century later, the world is beginning to settle down again. At this time the Life Principle has reached the 4th Root Race. Still the 4th Root Race is relatively new, having only reached the 1st sub-race. This is because of the overlapping of the Races; consequently, in 10,500 B.C.E. the consciousness of the 7th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race is still becoming the 1st sub-race of the 4th Root Race. Naturally, the 4th sub-race of the 3rd is also present. See diagrams below:





This had occurred before, when the 7th sub-race of the 1st Root Race became the 1st sub-race of the 3rd Root Race and occurred again, when the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race became the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race. Returning to 10, 500 B.C.E., it is at this pivotal point that the Universal Christ and Sophia first enter the lower planes.

In learning that the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race evolved into the 5th Root Race, I was curious to when the 1st sub-race of the 3rd Root Race appeared on Globe D. According to traditional teaching, we are still only half way through the 5th Root Race, however, as stated in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, I’d been shown that all 7 sub-races of the 5th, 6th and 7th Root Races would be completed in 2012 CE. Okay, I could accept this, but as I progressed, I became less certain that there were always 7 sub-races of 7 Root Races for each globe. In fact, I was far from clear as to exactly when Globe D became our Earth? This question was first addressed in our third book, The True Philosophers’ Stone:

… “Ever since I began to seriously deteriorate, I have been seeing things as multifaceted. The secret doctrine of rounds had muddled me. My mistake was thinking that Helena Blavatsky had it all. Remember how I was told that seven cycles are ending in 2012.” Without waiting for an answer, Suzzan continued, “Well, God has shown me what that means. It’s like everything else, I had to understand He had given me clues through visions and told me to trust my intuition. The diagram of the rounds was the key. As we move inwards, towards spirit, evolution or time speeds up.”

“I can remember thinking that the world the dinosaurs lived in must have been a very different planet from the earth today. For one thing, the flora must have been a lot larger. These creatures were huge and would have towered over most of our treetops, feeding on them like they were the equivalent to our shrubs. Intuitionally, I understand that the trees and everything was at least twice the size of today, because maybe the earth was twice the size. Is it a coincidence that after the destruction of the dinosaurs, that smaller mammals began to populate the earth?”

Again it was a rhetorical question, and Suzzan did not wait for an answer. She had recently read an article in the April edition of Discover magazine which said that scientists do not believe the crater in the Yucatan Peninsula, long believed to be evidence of the asteroid that collided with earth that was responsible for the dinosaurs demise, could cause such a cloud of dust to put the earth into an immediate ice age. After relating this to Craig, she continued. “No.  The extinction of the dinosaurs was the end of the second globe round, or globe B.”

…Within each globe cycle there are seven Root races and within each Root race there are seven sub-races. Blavatsky and others had believed that the Human Race was in the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root race. Fascinatingly, G. D., Purucker in his Occult Glossary states, “When half of the cycle of any one of the seven Root-races is run, then the racial cataclysm ensues…” This is the way “Nature operates.” Like others, Purucker also believes that humanity is halfway through the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root-race. He explains that “…at the middle point…a new Root-race” starts its evolution alongside the existing Root-race. Interestingly, according to ancient wisdom, this new Root-race “is born out of the preceding Root-race.”

Suzzan was given to understand that this means the next Root-race, the sixth, will be produced from the souls, atoms and molecules of our Root-race that has failed to increase its vibration sufficient to migrate to a higher plane. Purucker believes that humanity has at least “sixteen thousand” years “before the racial cataclysm…which will cut our own Fifth Root-race in two -- exactly as the same racial cataclysmic occurrence happened to the Fourth race Atlanteans who proceeded us, and to the Third-race Lemurians who preceded them; and as it will happen to the two Root-races which will follow ours...”

However, this hypothesis presupposes that everything remains static and operates as it always has. This was not what God had shown Craig and Suzzan. First, Jesus had stressed that the Fullness of Time would be when he returned, and God had told them that it was now the Fullness of Time. One of the things that had always puzzled them was the apparent leap in evolution among Homo sapiens around 40,000 B.C.E. The second book stated that the manufacture of tools had remained virtually the same for 200,000 years. Then suddenly around 40,000 B.C.E there is evidence of a much more advanced culture. Paleontologists believe that truly modern humans, the same species that walks the earth today, appeared at this time.

The genetic evidence also points to changes occurring at this time, geneticists state that 40,000 years ago Europeans split from the Asian branch forming what is referred to today as Caucasian. Craig and Suzzan ask again, is it a coincidence that by 35,000 B.C.E the Neanderthals would have disappeared from the face of the earth? If consideration of the wisdom teachings of the globe rounds and root and sub-root races is taken then the disappearance of Neanderthals can be tied to the beginning of the Fifth Root-race. Consequently, could 40,000 B.C.E correspond to the middle or 5th sub-race of the Fourth Root-race?  Could this have also coincided with the infamous “fall,” spoken of in myths and legends throughout the world?

… God has continually shown me that science and the ancient teachings go hand-in-hand. My mistake was in believing that our globe or globe D came into existence at the same time as the scientists state the earth did, i.e. approximately four and a half billion years ago. No, I understand that it was Globe A that did. Globe D began with the existence of the first hominid species between eight and five million years ago. As I understand it, the spirit did not fully connect with the intellect until the sixth-Root race. There are so many cycles within cycles,” she concluded.

…Pondering on the fact that the Neanderthals made a sudden appearance around 150,000 B.C.E. (coincidently the same time that geneticists trace the origins of the human race) mainly in Europe, Craig and Suzzan wondered if the Neanderthals were also the result of genetic manipulation of the native hominids. Could they have been the “ape men” that the “god” complained set free his animal victims? Spiritually speaking, they had learned that the disappearance of the Neanderthals was because they had spiritually evolved into the next level. Like today, when humanity is on the brink, between 40,000 and 35,000 B.C.E. so were the Neanderthals. The inexplicable disappearance of the species isn’t so inexplicable when viewed in this light. So where did they go? Ironically the victors of the survival of the fittest wars tend to be seen as the stronger. But in the spiritual evolution, those left on earth are the weaker. So where did the evolved Neanderthal go?

They couldn’t go to the next globe, Globe E, because universal laws dictate that the Life Principle must move together at the same time. No, amazingly, God told Suzzan they went to wait to reincarnate in the Sixth and Seventh Root-races as the world’s gurus, teachers, prophets and wise men of the last 5000 years.1

My journey of discovery over the past thirteen years has often meant that I needed to amend my conclusions, case in point; the conclusion above needs to be amended. So I would like to share with you, the deeper understanding that I was led to.

First, returning to my question of “when did the 1st sub-race of the 3rd Root Race appear?” Although the Human Race made an amazing “leap” around 40,000 B.C.E., I discovered the 3rd Root-race had emerged over a thousand years earlier, in 41, 040 B.C.E. Always remembering that the 7th sub-race of the 1st Root Race became the 1st sub-race of the 3rd Root Race. Moreover, the 4th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race is also still present. Linking the appearance of the 3rd Root Race to just before 40,000 B.C.E. made sense, because H.P. Blavatsky said that the separation of the sexes occurred during the 3rd Root Race.

Note: Here we need to add an important update that we have recently determined through additional evidence. This is that we need to correct the identity of the perpetrators of the unforeseen event. Originally, we thought that as only a supremely advanced people would be able to use genetic manipulation, they could not be human. However, having reconsidered our conclusions, together with additional input, we now know that the genetic manipulators could not have been extraterrestrials. We addressed this fact in our new book FOR THE CHILDREN, which we wrote for Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and so we will use the appropriate extracts to illustrate the reasoning behind this change of heart:

For quite some time we interpreted the Watcher’s Mistake as being responsible for the proverbial Fall, but knowledge is dynamic. Therefore, as we evolve and are able to assimilate deeper understandings our interpretation often changes. In Craig’s and my case, there were two main reasons for reevaluating our conclusions, our discussions with Carol and working with our friend and associate, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Having come to know, respect, and work closely with Carol, we discussed our views on the role extraterrestrials have played in history in particular the theory of their role in the Fall. With her absolute conviction that the cosmic cultures did not cause the Fall, we began to wonder about our conclusions.
Throughout our journey, we have found it is essential to pay attention to everything. Often through a new friend like Carol’s perspective, or new information emerging we have made the greatest breakthroughs. Our recent questioning of our interpretation of the Watcher’s Mistake is a perfect example of the need to remain not only open, but also attentive…

In chapter VII’s section Forbidden Fruit, we mentioned our discovery of new evidence about the so-called gods of Sumer and Babylon. Surprisingly, it was not through a new book, but instead one over 100 years old.
In 1905, Julian Morgenstern published The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion, in Germany. As the title implies it is a study on the ancient Babylonian religion. The author believes that ancient writings that referred to the gods were recounting actual historical events.
Since the word worship originates from the word work, it is a fair assumption that the Babylonians did not just worship the gods they literally worked for them. Yet, in these tablets, there is no mention of the gods requiring people to mine gold. On the contrary, the only worship/work Morgenstern refers to is the individual’s duty to feed the gods, bread, and wine.
A key point in the tablets pointed out by Morgenstern was the need for purity. The gods required not only the food to be pure, but also the provider. Through this Law, the need for purity came to be associated with performing rituals of purification. Morgenstern observes, “It was first of all his duty to keep himself ritually pure. Any neglect of these duties was sufficient for the food to miss the mark and to cause the anger of the gods.”
The Babylonians interpreted impurity as sin, or more accurately “missing the mark.” Nonetheless, this teaching was far more practical because impurity became associated with sickness. It was akin to the Jewish reaction to lepers. Nevertheless, in these writings we find another level of understanding. Anyone who was impure (sick) was forbidden to participate in any religious rite or service. Instead, their “sin” put them in a kind-of quarantine.
Many of the tablets refer to a person suffering from a sickness as being afflicted with evil spirits. We see this practice in some of the prayers and supplications reported in the book concerning how the populace viewed sickness:

  • Mayest thou be freed from transgression, wickedness, curse, sickness, sighing, witchcraft, spell, charm, evil machinations of men.
  • Uncleanliness has come against me to judge my cause, to decide my decision
  • Tear out the evil sickness of my body
  • Destroy all evil of my flesh and my sinews
  • May the evil in my body, my flesh, and my sinews on this day come forth, and may I see the Light.

Neighbors also viewed sickness and disease as a person being possessed of the evil spirits; sound familiar? You have only to read the New Testament to read how the ancients attributed Jesus’ healing to casting out evil spirits. Compare:

  • They put a woeful fever in his body
  • A bane of evil hath settled in his body
  • An evil disease they have put in his body
  • An evil plague hath settled in his body
  • An evil venom they have put in his body
  • An evil curse hath settled in his body
  • Which have been put in the body of the sick man

With Luke 13:11 “There was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.” In this case, the passage goes on to relate how the Jews castigated Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. His response clearly shows that her infirmity is attributed to evil, although it was not from any fault of her own. Verse 16 has, “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?”
Ancient civilizations had no concept of bacteria or viruses and could only interpret unexplained experiences from their point of reference. So keeping this in mind, we can perhaps see what they were relating to from our frame of reference. Obviously, anything out of the ordinary to them was supernatural and attributed to the power of the gods. Sickness came on suddenly. As a result, superstitious, uneducated people saw this mysterious evil that afflicted people as the god’s punishment. In this way, ancient people saw sickness not only caused by evil spirits, but also attributed it to the gods inflicting individuals with sickness for disobeying them. Morgenstern asserts that for the Babylonians the terms, sin, uncleanliness, sickness, possession by evil spirits, are pure synonyms referring to the condition of a the body resulting from “divine anger.”
To be honest, like most rational people we never considered sickness and disease as caused by evil spirits. However, working with Phil on his investigation into the teachings of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz introduced me to information that made me rethink this assessment. It concerned the teaching on what happens when we sleep.
Anyone studying metaphysics will know that we have more than one body in our energy field. For those unfamiliar with metaphysical teachings, think of the human aura, whose color reflects an individual’s mood. The human aura is multi-layered. These different layers represent our individual and unique energy field. The two most relevant to our discussion here are the Astral and Etheric bodies. Phil explains:

“...when a person sleeps his or her “I” and Astral body detach from the Physical body that remains with the Etheric body in bed. During this time when the two higher entities of a human being have exited the body, higher beings radiate their energies into the sleeping Physical body, regenerating it. As stated, the Astral body records all that has happened during the day, taking the information into the Astral World at night. Regrettably, this means the influence of the higher beings on the Physical body is often hampered because the individual was not true to his or her spiritual self.
We discussed how harmful lying was in terms of spiritual progress in the previous day; perhaps this is why Shakespeare was inspired to write “Above all, to thine own self be true.” Along with lying, a more obvious infraction would be violence of any kind, in particular murder. In both cases parts of the perpetrator’s Etheric body separate completely from the body. Floating independently through space, these parts of Etheric bodies are of such a fine substance that they cannot be seen. In reality our world is full of such subtle objects acting as a hindrance to our development. All of this may explain why people see ghosts where severe crimes have been committed.
When our actions are so removed from spirituality, such as in war, parts of the Etheric body forced to separate are so dense that they become the smallest molecules; i.e., viruses and bacteria that generate illness, and epidemics.
At such times, pre-incarnate souls determine to take on the illness to transmute and dissipate its effect. An example of this could be seen after WWI with the outbreak of Spanish Flu that claimed 50 million lives, predominantly healthy young adults. This was a supreme sacrifice, even if it was unconscious at the human level.”

Nonetheless, lying and murder are not the only cause for energetic parts of a human being to become germs and viruses. Far more dangerous than either of these is the practice of magic. As stated, the Fall caused magic to enter the world. With the presence of the Shadow, some people were incited to use magic against their neighbors. The direct result was releasing epidemics into the populace, which threatened the survival of our race. It was for this express reason that the ETs came to the Earth 7,000 years ago.
The Babylonian tablets describe how the gods or rather ETs approached the problem. They used holy water. For the gods water was the giver of life, particularly the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates. In fact, the text according to Morgenstern says, “Marduk is directed by EA to take the water from the mouth of the two streams and with it sprinkle the sick man.” He believes, “This was but natural. The waters of the Euphrates and Tigris were sacred; therefore efficacious in driving out evil spirits.”
Further on Morgenstern relates that the tablets refer to the use of prayers in conjunction with the water. Over time, people sanctified natural springs using them to exorcise evil spirits. Although, Morgenstern believes the first and therefore purest form of treatment was sprinkling water, the use of sound (prayer) makes sense. When we remember the work of Masuru Emoto, then using sound to purify, or alter water is logical.
The Watcher’s task was to observe the Life-Principle as it evolved on Earth. Consequently, when the ETs saw the consequence of the populace altering their consciousness, they came to try to help. First, they came as kind-of doctors helping the population deal with the epidemic. Could this be why, the tablets report the gods giving the doomed man evil spirits? Obviously, if they were inoculating people and or injecting medicine, to the common person, it might appear that the ETs were causing the illness, especially if the patient died. One of the side effects of magic, so to speak was the destroyer of rational thinking—superstition.
Apart from helping the Human Race survive the epidemics, The ETs goal was also to help the people understand their purpose. Therefore, rather than exploiting Humanity, after the spiritual beings caused the Fall by introducing magic to the world, the ETs began visiting Earth in an attempt to try to mitigate the damage…
In the Forbidden Fruit section of Chapter 7, we concluded that the angels gave human beings access to the Astral Plane before they were ready. We also observed how the angels’ actions permitted the lower thoughts and emotions of humans to permeate the higher planes, corrupting the Angelic Realm. I had always found it difficult to understand how angelic beings could be jealous of us and betray their Creator. Even allowing for angels possessing emotions, considering the belief their creation was “a little above” human beings. It is inconceivable that a being of the vibration to exist in the Divine Realm could spontaneously develop emotions of a much lower vibration and frequency. The only explanation was that something must have caused their exposure to these lower vibrations…
In our writings, we speculated that the ETs traveled through the Astral Plane, which is why they can appear and disappear at will. This was the main reason we made the error of deducing that as they moved through the Astral Plane it corrupted some of them, causing them to align with the Shadow. However, having determined their nature is unchanged, we realized that they must have a unique makeup that allowed them to move through the domain of the Shadow and remain untainted. They did. Moving through the Astral Plane did not taint the ETs because of their attunement to the Love Frequency.
By operating, or if you prefer vibrating, at a higher frequency outside, or rather inside the Schumann Resonance cavity they were able to remain wholly unaffected by our thoughts and emotions permeating the Astral Plane. They are advising us to adopt the higher Love Frequency, because the ego and pain-body use the lower frequency of 7.8 Hz. Consequently, by rising to the Love Frequency the ego and pain-body lose control over us.
One of the main reasons the ETs have not landed on the White House lawn is because of their frequency; the Love Frequency makes them powerless to defend themselves. This is not because of an inability to. There is ample evidence of the ETs ability to disarm weapons. It is because their frequency makes them incapable of physical violence. Therefore should they be physically confronted by military personnel attempting to detain them, they would be helpless. We realize that this is in direct contradiction to the consensus of opinion. Most people tend to think that such an extremely advanced species would be able to swat us like a fly. However, because they have evolved past the animalistic nature that the Human Race still struggles with, violence of any kind, even in defense, is an anathema to them.
Evolved beings are pacifists, which is why the ETs offer advice to a select few. Even then, when the Shadow was in play, some of the contactees became a problem. Muddying the waters of the ET agenda, some contactees’ pain-bodies created memories of a truly terrifying experience. Nonetheless, enough people like Carol were able to receive their message of Peace and it has entered the mass consciousness. Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us.
For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers. Nevertheless, because the Fall was not the fault of the Human Race, from time to time they have tried to help us. The truth is they care deeply for us and hope when enough people hear the wisdom of their message; the Human Race will adopt the Frequency of Love. Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.
In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealously, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected.
In short, when we correct the Fall by integrating the ego and dissolving the pain-body, we align with the Divine Will. Then as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?

With this update and some might say reversal of our theory, does the information below, still have validity? We believe it does, because it describes how humanity became corrupted. The only thing we need to do is identify who the genetic manipulators were.
Naturally, as we are referring to events occurring long before historians wrote anything down, we have little choice, but to speculate over this. However, when we consider how far the human race has advanced in a little over 100 years, and then bring in the evidence of advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis, we believe it is possible to allow for the possibility that they were human.
We know from ancient tradition that the world experiences periodic resetting at the end of a precessional Age. Moreover, these resettings would sometimes occur during the presence of advanced civilization. If we consider that causing the spiritual separation of the masculine and feminine principle was very serious. So much so that it created such a rift, it indelibly seared it into the subconscious that it has survived up to today, in the myth of the Garden of Eden and the Fall. Therefore, let us review the information below from the perspective that our protagonists were not ETs, but rather advanced human scientists driven by their false self, with the support of the Shadow.



The next sub-race of the 3rd Root Race evolved a little over 5,000 years after the “leap” in 34,560 B.C.E., coinciding with the disappearance of the Neanderthals. While the 2nd sub-race of the 3rd Root Race emerged, the 5th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race also emerged.

Almost eleven thousand years later, the 3rd sub-race of the 3rd Root Race appeared around 23,800 B.C.E. At the same time, the 5th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race evolved into its 6th sub-race.

The next “upstepping” occurs just over eight and a half thousand years later in 15,120 B.C.E. when the Human Race reached the mid-point of the 3rd Root Race, with the emergence of the 4th sub-race. Again, at this point the 7th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race becomes the 1st sub-race of the 4th Root Race.



Sometime before the next “upstepping” takes place, the destruction of Atlantis transpires. However, following the passage of 6,480 years, after the dust settles so to speak, in 8,640 B.C.E., the 2nd sub-race of the 4th Root Race, with the 5th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race emerges to repopulate the Earth. In the Bible, this would be when The Creator vows never to destroy the Earth with a flood again in Genesis.

(Please note: the “upstepping” does not occur in one day and can take several centuries if not millennia to complete. The time in the titles of the sections and diagrams is the approximate period the “upstepping” takes place. Consequently, many historical figures may be involved. Moreover, like the spiral depicted in diagrams, A, B, and C of THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, the time elapsed between each Root Race is not equal, generally speaking it speeds up as we progress, but there are times that it slows down.)

As you read, you will find that I point out certain groups or religions involved in the energy/consciousness. Please understand this is to show the movement of energy, not to pass judgment on any individual or group. In fact, as I worked on this, I was reminded of the game of chess, with each move made, amended or in some cases neutralized by a counter move. Because of space and to avoid this work being any longer than it needs to be, my main focus is on the development of the energy in the West. However, I do from time to time mention events occurring in the East, because all of the world’s populations evolve the same way, and are equally affected by the energies.

Craig’s and my journey prepared me for this part of my thesis by showing me the influence of energetic/spiritual consciousnesses through experiences; let me explain. The most profound experience of energetic/spiritual consciousness involved our being sent to perform a ceremony ending the age in Palenque, Mexico on May 5th 2000. At the time we were only vaguely aware of a five-planet alignment taking place, but little else. Recently, in thinking of the Mexican festival of Cinqo de Mayo, I wondered if the origin of the festival was because the Maya held a special sacred relevance for the date of May 5th. Using the search engine, Google I typed in May 5th. One of the results it pulled up concerned the Age of Aquarius and the previous night May 4th. (I found the excerpt below under the heading Birth of the Age of Aquarius, May 5, 2000 on the web site

The night of May 4, 2000, was the eve of one of the most exciting, powerful, and transformative celestial events of our millennium according to astronomy and Astrology experts. It began with the darkest night in living memory... no moon or planet lit up the sky as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were hidden from human eyes behind the Sun. The next morning, May 5th, at 8:08 a.m. Universal Time, the longitudinal span of these five planets, Sun and Moon collimated within a geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of the Constellation of Taurus in our Milky Way galaxy, forming a “Grand Planetary Alignment.”… Many cultures, including the Mayans and Hopi, have a prophecy predicting the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and this time, “the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment” - The Age of Aquarius.” On the Mayan Calendar, May 5th marked the end of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun.

I said that we thought there was a five-planet alignment, but according to Dr. David R. Williams of NASA there were eight planets or heavenly bodies of the Solar System involved in the alignment. “On May 5, 2000 the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be more or less positioned in a line with the Sun. Additionally, the Moon will be almost lined up between the Earth and Sun…”

Dr. Williams explains the conventional scientific perspective on the alignment to allay fears of the astronomical event causing global catastrophes. However, what struck me was his mention of all of the Sacred Seven planets of both the Tarot and the chakras. From the scientific perspective, it is true that not counting the Earth there are five planets involved in the alignment. However, if we consider what Dr. Williams has to say about the Sun and Moon, then all Seven Sacred Planets were involved. Nonetheless, it is our experience the night before that for us was most interesting. In our third book, The True Philosophers’ Stone we related our experience in Palenque on the night of May 4th:

Hermione… surprised Suzzan by saying … she was feeling a little on edge.  “It’s nothing I can put my finger on, just a feeling of unease,” she explained.  It was strange to see Hermione vulnerable.  She had always presented herself as a tower of strength to Suzzan.  Maybe it was transference or empathy, but as they walked back in the near pitch darkness, Suzzan also felt a little uneasy.  Very little ever-perturbed Craig, but even he could sense something ominous that evening.2

I also discovered that the night of May 4th (“the darkest night in living memory”) was the darkest night in 6,000 years. Again, I must reiterate, none of us had any idea, that this was anything more than a moonless night. I will examine the belief by many that the Age of Aquarius began May 5th 2000, at the appropriate time; suffice to say it is all a matter of perspective of time and consciousness.

Before I move on, I must qualify something. Throughout the following pages there are literally dozens of people who are significantly involved in the advancement or detriment of the spiritual evolution of the Human Race. There are many times when it appears that the individuals know exactly what they are doing- Case in point, the stonemasons and builders who preserve esoteric knowledge, by hiding it in plain sight. Although, these individuals acted completely autonomously, they were often inspired without their conscious awareness. I believe that just as Craig, Hermione and I had no clue as to the cosmic relevance of our ceremony on May 5th 2000, these individuals acted from inspiration without understanding their actions. That goes for those individuals influenced by the force or consciousness dedicated to maintaining the status quo. If you keep this in mind, it will help you to be objective and nonjudgmental of the individuals involved.

Throughout this part of the thesis you will hear the term Archetypes in which mythical and or historical figures embody the archetypes of the Archetypal Plane. However, as will also be seen, because of certain events, sometimes when I use the term, it is to relate a different angle. That angle is that apart from being a historical personality, the person or figure also represents from an energetic perspective an archetype of one of the Divine or Astrological forces involved in the Spiritual Evolution of the Life Principle.

As I said, my main focus is on events from 4,200 B.C.E., however, in order to understand how Humanity evolved, it is important to address the visitation of Extraterrestrials to the Earth. (Please note: I have used multiple authors, web articles and entries to help define this thesis. I have tried very hard to always make sure that it is clear from where the information is derived, because their knowledge was invaluable to my understanding and it is my sincere wish that you read the information for yourself. I have placed all book references under the “References for the Appendixes”.)
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Root Race 3: sub-race 6 — Root Race 4: sub-race 3



To start at the beginning involves discussing the origin of everything and as I’ve said, I’ve been continually told that it is impossible for the human mind to understand Spiritual workings, other than from equating it to concepts we are familiar with. Consequently, trying to explain the beginning of everything is like trying to describe scientifically what happened before the Big Bang. So for the purposes of this appendix I will give a brief outline from just before the emergence of the 3rd Root Race.

After entering the hominid stage, which became the Human Race, the Life Principle was evolving slowly through several hominid genus’, such as Homo erectus and Homo Habilus. By 50,000 B.C.E. there were only two hominid species living in the Fertile Crescent, (Middle/Near East) Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals.

Moving forward we arrive at 41,040 B.C.E., 1,040 years before the gigantic “leap” of 40,000 B.C.E., which is credited with the start of the Human Race. Interestingly this is born out from both an esoteric and scientific perspective. At this point the Life Principle or human consciousness is bringing forth the 3rd Root Race. As I reported the Life Principle has evolved into the highest material and intellectual form it can.

Before we proceed, I should point out that from an esoteric perspective, the Life Principle has just entered the Yetzirah Plane tree. To recap:

AWFN7-8AWFN7-9…The Life Principle went from the tree in Kether, down to its Malkuth…Once the descent of power to Malkuth was achieved in Kether in Atziluth, the Life Principle then followed the “Path of the Arrow” up the central column through the Kether tree’s Daath into the Kether of Chokmah. When the Life Principle had run down again to Malkuth in the tree in Chokmah, again through Daath it moved onto the Kether of the tree in Binah and traveled down Binah’s tree to Binah’s Malkuth. As this completed the three Supernals, (Note: Supernal means celestial or above and reflects the thought at the time that the Divine realm was above the Earth.) the Life Principle then moved through the Daath of Binah to the overall Tree of Life for Atziluth, until it reached Malkuth in that tree. Then again through Daath it moved down to Kether in Chesed. Like Atziluth, it moved through each of the three trees of the plane of Briah, Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth, before moving to the Tree of Life for Briah. This was repeated in the plane of Yetzirah, through the trees of Netzach, Hod and Yesod and the Tree of Yetzirah. Finally moving down to the plane of Assiah where the Life Principle entered the tree in Malkuth in the Assiah or active (Objective) plane.

Because of the need to understand how the Sephirot are connected to Spiritual Evolution, I will reprint certain diagrams. The diagram on the right is representative of the “Descent of Power”, followed by the “Path of the Arrow” displaying the flow of the energy from one tree into the next tree.

When the Life Principle or consciousness has reached Malkuth in the Yetzirah Plane’s Tree of Life, it travels up the “Path of the Arrow” and through Daath into the Tree of Life in Malkuth.

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Sometime after, 41,040 B.C.E., no one knows exactly when, a race of extraterrestrials visited the Earth, looking to mine the minerals of the planet. Although it is unclear as to exactly when the aliens visited the Earth, if we consider not only the huge “leap” in advancement in 40,000 B.C.E., but also the disappearance of the Neanderthals in 35,000 B.C.E., it is a pretty fair bet that it was between 40,000 and 35,000 B.C.E. Moreover, 40,000 B.C.E. is only 1,040 years after the date for the emergence of the 3rd Root Race. In evolutionary terms this is a mere blink of the eye. As reported, according to esoteric teaching, it was during the 3rd Root Race that the sexes first became divided.



Because, the extraterrestrials did not want to do the heavy work of mining themselves, they decided to create a workforce from one of the native hominid species. The species chosen was the Cro-Magnons, because to the aliens they were the least intellectually developed. (Earlier I speculated that the species of hominid genetically altered was Homo erectus. However, after determining the date as between 40,000 and 35,000 B.C.E. for the emergence of Homo Sapien sapiens, I realized that was an error.)

At first, the aliens were unsuccessful as they tried to “splice” the genes of animals and hominids. The result of this effort is recorded in the various myths of half-animal-half-man monsters. Eventually, they decided to “splice” their own genes onto the Cro-Magnons, resulting in the species of Homo Sapien sapiens. The question that begs to be answered is “why didn’t the aliens just enslave the Cro-Magnons?” The answer is found in the Tablets of Nineveh, which I reported in the chapter Whence the Origin of Evil? in (LCD). To recap:

Earlier, in his book, Sitchin goes into great detail about how the gods engrafted their DNA onto the native species. Something he mentioned veritably leaped off the page. It concerned a tablet or plate describing the nature of the chosen hominid species. The text reports how one of the gods complained of the behavior of the “ape-man.” “He filled the pits that I had dug, he tore up my traps which I had set; the beasts and creatures of the steppe he has made slip through my hands.”

Apparently these “savages” (the hominids) were grass eaters and lived in perfect harmony with their environment. This is a very different depiction of the brutish carnivorous cavemen that I had previously thought were the human race’s ancestor. What I had found most interesting was their determination to impede the hunters, by sabotaging the hunt. Compared to the “gods” the hominids seemed to me a lot more civilized…

If we read Genesis, we find “…Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”3 From this, as I said it would appear that the Cro-Magnons were vegetarians and therefore actively worked against the aliens, explaining why the aliens couldn’t just enslave them. The next question I had was “then why not just use the animals?” The answer was obvious when I heard it; they required “workers” with hands who could use tools and follow simple directions. As I said, the various myths of half-man-half-animal monsters are relating the aliens attempt to “splice” the genes of humans and animals. It would appear that they chose beasts of burden or cattle to mix with the Cro-Magnons, as seen in the mythical Centaur and Minotaur.

Initially, like most hybrids the new species could not interbreed and therefore their numbers could be strictly controlled. However, as I reported, some investigators believe that the various Garden of Eden’s stories could be relating that one of the alien geneticists succeeded in creating a fertile couple. Once procreation was established, the workforce of Humanity grew rapidly. Because the new species contained genes from the alien race, they soon adopted the natures of their genetic parents, becoming aggressive and combative. Eventually, this resulted in the rebellion against their “lords” and masters.

The above is what I’d been led to discover occurred from the physical perspective. Unfortunately, as I said earlier, the ramifications from the spiritual evolutionary perspective were disastrous. Before the Human Race was genetically altered, human beings were evolving without the hindrance of the counterfeit spirit. Therefore there was no need for the Divine to interfere with the natural course of life. Unfortunately, afterwards it was a very different story. The strong instead of protecting the weak, victimized them and it truly became a case of survival of the fittest. This was the opposite of the goal of spiritual evolution to work together in cooperation and unity to transform all matter back to Spirit.

Unfortunately, because of the spark of God or the Spirit being within the elements of Earth, the Human Race could co-create through their thoughts and emotions. Nonetheless, the most disastrous result was that it affected the entire Soul Plane. Now, Humanity’s thoughts and emotions took form and became the World Soul. This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Nonetheless, as the ages past, it became infused with more and more of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions. Until at last, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane.

Curiously, it wasn’t until this happened that the epic struggle could begin to overcome the actions of the aliens. Because The Creator/Demiurge was also a part of the Soul Plane, he too was affected, and became the judge, jury and executioner of anything he saw as detrimental to Spiritual Evolution. In The Good News it was written that The Creator/ Demiurge created the Astral Plane because of the genetic manipulation, but I need to amend that statement. The Astral Plane had been created with the Soul Plane as a means to teach the Life Principle’s souls in between incarnations how to access the Divine Spark. When the aliens genetically altered the Cro-Magnons, The Creator only divided what was already there. So after the Human Race was genetically manipulated, initially to correct the problem, The Creator reduced the life span and created three separate levels in the Astral Plane. These were Kama Loka, Devachan and Avichi, which acted as barriers to separate the purer souls and forces from the baser ones.

On Earth, periodic natural disasters in the forms of global floods removed the genetic failures. Plus, one of the meanings for the Bible story of the Tower of Babel is that the Human Race began to work together against their masters. The natural catastrophe that scattered the Human Race across the world also resulted in the aliens abandoning their project of mining the Earth. Only a small remnant remained on Earth to rule as god-kings, until they too died out. This period is recorded on the Sumerian Tablets of Nineveh.

Unfortunately, because the aliens were genetically linked to the Human Race, all of the aliens remained connected to Humanity psychically through the Astral Plane. It didn’t matter whether or not they were physically on the Earth, the aliens could stay connected, influencing the Human Race through dreams and visions.

In writing the above, I spent a great deal of time talking to God. The last thing I wanted to do was sound like a fanatic conspiracist. How it was explained to me, was that the information is given in order to understand why the world is the way it is and to show that there is a Divine plan to correct it. The most important thing God wants us to know, is that the aliens have absolutely NOTHING!!!, to do with the plan. They are just permitted to watch from afar, which is why although there have been multiple sightings of UFOs; as yet, no craft has landed on the White House lawn!

In the past, certain alien species did assist Humanity, but that time has past. Now any being that contacts a human being through channeling, visions or dreams is not working for God!!! In fact anyone that purports to tell you someone from outside can “save” you is actually working against your best interests. As was given in The Good News:

Because this is the Fullness of Time, the Astral Plane is dissipating and the three levels are condensing into one. Because of this, all spiritual forces within the Astral Plane that have assisted humanity, such as angels and guardian spirits, have been asked to release all contact with their charges in order to let us do the work ourselves. 4

In short, we are the only ones that can change the world, through changing ourselves. With that said, lets return to the Divine plan.
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The creation of the Wheel of Necessity or karma by The Creator/Demiurge was meant to teach the Human Race of the Law of Cause and Effect, but alas it degenerated into the rule of retaliation. The various stories, including Genesis of global floods depict a time when The Creator was only creation’s judge, although it was caused through natural causes, The Creator didn’t help. Eventually the global catastrophes ended and the descendants of the survivors were left alone to develop. Because some individuals were gaining deeper levels of consciousness and beginning to wake up to their true spiritual natures, their higher, purer thoughts and emotions affected the Soul Plane and therefore, The Creator/Demiurge. The affect on The Creator was to adopt mercy, and temper his judgment with compassion.

Until The Creator evolved from judge to shepherd, the Divine powers above the veil were powerless to help. Considering the term omnipotent for God, the previous statement may seem strange, but when we understand how the various planes of existence work, it makes sense. To use an analogy, if we think of God, The Heavenly Father as Fire, and the Earthly plane as water, we can immediately see that fire and water don’t mix. The Creator adopting mercy was tantamount to a volcano rising out of the water, metaphorically speaking of course.

Finally, The Creator became Humanity’s shepherd when he decided to help Humanity, by placing the Law within their hearts. This activated the human conscience and paved the way for the Serpents of Wisdom to teach the Human Race intuition, which in turn activated the first stage of the Higher Self. However, the benefit of this would not be apparent for several millennia. In fact it would take several incarnations of The Christ and Sophia to even start the process.
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I was amazed to learn from another of Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s books, JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS: The Secret Teachings of The Original Christians5 that the Greeks were unfamiliar with the concept of an after-life until they were introduced to the Egyptian mysteries. These mysteries concerned the goddess Isis and her consort, the god-Man Osiris, which the authors think were mythical figures. Nonetheless, in my studies I had been shown that both Osiris and Isis were historical figures. How was I to reconcile this discrepancy? First let’s examine the traditional thinking concerning Osiris and Isis. After some searching, I found this article on the website by David C. Scott. Due to space, I have condensed it to reflect as brief a summary as possible of the traditional legend:

The Legend of Osiris

The Legend of Osiris is one of the most ancient myths in Egypt, and it was central to the ancient Egyptian state religion. The myth establishes Osiris’ position as god of the dead and lord of the underworld, and Horus’ (and thus all the pharaohs) right to kingship. It also demonstrates the powers and duties of the other major gods as well as setting up the Great Adversary, Set. Yet oddly enough, we have yet to find a complete version of the story. What we have has been cobbled together over many years from many different documents and sources. What I have presented here is my own attempt at restructuring one of the oldest stories in the world.

O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of the Before-Time, of the Golden Age when the gods walked upon the earth with us… Osiris the great-grandson of Ra sat upon the throne of the gods, ruling over the living world as Ra did over the gods. He was the first Pharaoh, and his Queen, Isis, was the first Queen. They ruled for many ages together…His ways were just and upright, he made sure that Maat remained in balance that the law was kept. And so Maat smiled upon the world. All peoples praised Osiris and Isis, and peace reigned over all, for this was the Golden Age.

Yet there was trouble. Proud Set…the brother of Osiris…coveted the throne of Osiris. He coveted Isis. He coveted the power over the living world and he desired to take it from his brother. In his dark mind he conceived of a plot to kill Osiris and take all from him. He built a box and inscribed it with wicked magic that would chain anyone who entered it from escaping.
Set took the box to the great feast of the gods. He waited until Osiris had made himself drunk on much beer, then challenged Osiris to a contest of strength. Each one in turn would enter the box, and attempt, through sheer strength, to break it open. Osiris, sure in his power yet feeble in mind because of his drink, entered the box. Set quickly poured molten lead into the box. Osiris tried to escape, but the wicked magic held him bound and he died. Set then picked up the box and hurled it into the Nile where it floated away…

Only Isis…was unafraid of Set. She searched all of the Nile for the box containing her beloved husband. Finally she found it, lodged in a tamarisk bush that had turned into a mighty tree, for the power of Osiris still was in him, though he lay dead… She carried the box back to Egypt and placed it in the house of the gods. She changed herself into a bird and flew about his body, singing a song of mourning. Then she perched upon him and cast a spell. The spirit of dead Osiris entered her and she did conceive and bear a son whose destiny it would be to avenge his father. She called the child Horus, and hid him on an island far away from the gaze of his uncle Set.

She then went to Thoth, wise Thoth, who knows all secrets, and implored his help. She asked him for magic that could bring Osiris back to life. Thoth, lord of knowledge, who brought himself into being by speaking his name, searched through his magic. He knew that Osiris’ spirit had departed his body and was lost. To restore Osiris, Thoth had to remake him so that his spirit would recognize him and rejoin. Thoth and Isis together created the Ritual of Life, that which allows us to live forever when we die. But before Thoth could work the magic, cruel Set discovered them. He stole the body of Osiris and tore it into many pieces, scattering them throughout Egypt. He was sure that Osiris would never be reborn…

And so it is that Horus watches over us while we live, and gives guidance to the Pharaoh while he lives, and his father Osiris watches over us in the next life. So it is that the gods are at peace. So it is that Set, wicked Set, eternally strives for revenge, battling Horus at every turn. When Horus wins, Maat is upheld and the world is at peace. When Set wins, the world is in turmoil. But we know that dark times do not last forever, and the bright rays of Horus will shine over us again. In the last days, Horus and Set will fight one last time for the world. Horus will defeat Set forever, and Osiris will be able to return to this world. On that day, the Day of Awakening, all the tombs shall open and the just dead shall live again as we do, and all sorrow shall pass away forever…

Website by David C. Scott of InterCity Oz. Inc.
All Contents Copyright @ 2000-2004 David C.Scott and InterCity Oz, Inc.

My quest was to ascertain whether or not there was a history behind the legend, and if so unmask it. First, I needed to identify the protagonist of the story, Set as the representative of the force dedicated to maintaining the status quo, or the World Soul. As I said earlier, this force resides in the Astral Plane, and grows stronger through the more depraved thoughts and emotions of the Human Race. This is related in The Good News:

…Every thought and emotion is energy and is released into the ethereal or Astral Plane…The World/Animal Soul…are of the same vibration as the aggressive masculine energy that is connected to the human race through its ego and lower passions. Despite the designation masculine, this energy is not exclusive to men. Women who demonstrate anger, jealousy and ambition or any of the passions connected to the lower ego are exhibiting the same “masculine” energy…6

…The World/Animal Soul could be considered as an envelope of selfishness. It grows stronger by people giving into their lower ego or counterfeit spirit, in other words, anything that is not for the greater good. We have continuously said everything beneath the Veil is vibrating energy. The frequency at which the World/Animal Soul/Hounds vibrate is connected to this round or cycle, so only those individuals that have raised their vibration can pass the guards to the door to the next cycle. When a person identifies their weakness and initiates direct two-way communication with God, whatever the Divine is to you, they change their vibration. Moreover, by connecting through the heart they diffuse or dissipate the World/Animal Soul.7

…Like the physical universe, the Astral Plane operates on clearly defined laws. Nothing is ever lost. All less than loving thoughts and emotions, along with all entities that have been misleading humanity and all human souls that have no love or compassion within them, have been combined into the World/Animal Soul. This entity acts like a dividing force, tempting and trying to coerce humanity into maintaining the status quo.8

The above rendition is the state of affairs today. That was not the case during the first incarnation of The Christ and Sophia as Isis and Osiris in 4,200 B.C.E.

My primary problem was how to marry the “myth” of Osiris and Isis up with the Gnostic “myth” of Christ and Sophia. First and foremost, it was important for me to understand that the first time Sophia and The Christ took physical form it wasn’t as mortal humans. To understand this I was reminded of the tablets of Nineveh. To recap, these tablets related to a time in ancient Sumer when god-kings ruled Mesopotamia. Obviously, from the descriptions of the “gods” they were not ordinary mortal human beings. As I reported, Zecharia Sitchin believes the god-kings were highly advanced extraterrestrials. So from this, should I deduce that Osiris and Isis were also extraterrestrial? In a manner of speaking the answer is yes, because they were not of this Earth; however, they were also not what they appeared to be, because they had come from a higher plane. Esoterically speaking they were from the Supernals of the Atziluth or Archetypal Plane.

Because of the wide acceptance of the phenomenon of UFOs and extraterrestrials, I had found ample material to support not only the existence, but also the interaction of aliens and the Human Race. I dealt with this subject in some detail earlier; suffice to say, we believe that alien races not only visited Earth in ancient times, but also genetically manipulated the native species. My question was; were Osiris and Isis members of the alien race that genetically altered Humanity? The answer is “no.” From the start of my investigation into the subject of extraterrestrials, two alien races kept coming to the surface, the Pleiadians and the Orions. Dealing with the former first, I had wondered at the number of people in contact with the Pleiadians; subsequently, Craig and I had done some investigating. The subsection Pleiadians in the chapter Layers of Deception in (LCD) covers what we learned. However, in 2000 we enlisted the aid of one of the spirits Hermione channeled. (Note: this was before May 5th 2000, when we were told it was no longer safe to channel.) We reported the encounter in The True Philosophers’ Stone:

…Accepting a glass of water Hermione informed them, “Simeon may not come through today. I cannot force a particular spirit to cooperate.” Hermione then leaned back in her chair and started breathing very deeply. Within minutes she was in a deep trance. Then she opened her eyes and greeted Craig and Suzzan. The couple was familiar with Simeon’s voice and demeanor and immediately recognized the deep timber of his voice.

Getting straight to the point, Craig began to gently interrogate the spirit. Although they had an agenda, both of them were suddenly overwhelmed with compassion for this disembodied spirit. Changing tack, Craig asked, “Are the Pleiadians being deceptive?”

Simeon’s reply took both of them by surprise, “First I would tell you to remove fear from your heart.” When Craig protested that he had not told him that he was afraid, Simeon asserted, “When you play this voice box, you will hear the word fear.”

As Suzzan listened to Simeon, God told her to ask Simeon “Do you sense fear in Craig’s heart?”

Without hesitation Simeon turned to Suzzan and replied, “No.”
Returning to the subject, Craig again asked if the Pleiadians were being deceptive? “No.  They are not deceptive. Their agenda is very clear. However, if a person is completely wrapped up in themselves, they will not see it.” 9

When we checked the tape later, we found that Craig did not say the word fear anywhere on the tape. The episode taught Craig and I the validity of the pillar that “All channeled information is a mixture of truth and lies.” However, the reason for reporting the encounter now was to show the Pleiadian agenda, but what is the Pleiadian agenda? Why is such an advanced species interested in a clearly inferior race? I learned that the answer lay in identifying the Pleiadians as the extraterrestrials that genetically altered the Human Race. As I reported earlier, this resulted in the infusion of alien DNA. Spiritually, this was disastrous for Humanity, because as I said, human beings took on the counterfeit spirit. Not only did this lead to the creation of the World Soul, but also exposed the inhabitants within the Soul Plane to the lower human emotions. This started the separation, which has led to division of every kind, one of which is reported in the Bible as the “angel rebellion”.

In a nutshell, the Pleiadians are interested in Humanity because of the spiritual power inside us. Even though this was reported earlier, because of its importance it is worth repeating what was explained in The Good News:

With evolution, everything was progressing according to plan until the unforeseen event occurred. At this point we feel it is important to share with you what we were told about life in the universe. Although the development of the universe had resulted in multiple worlds, some with intelligent life, only the Life Principle of the Solar system contains the Divine sparks of Sophia, therefore the Spirit of the Supreme Being.

Ever since Roswell, people have speculated over whether or not there is intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy. With the numerous reports of alien sightings, we concluded that all the witnesses couldn’t be delusional; therefore there was something to the phenomena. Throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties, news reports centered on people being abducted by “aliens.” Recently, many authors related contact with extraterrestrials through meditation and channeling. The first thing we wondered was why an obviously advanced species would be interested in the Human Race? If the sightings and contacts are anything to go by, the alien vehicles are way beyond our current technology. So if they have nothing to learn from human beings, why the interest?

The answer as to why the aliens are interested in humanity comes with understanding the power of human emotions. Recalling that all the elements in the universe were created from Sophia’s rejected emotions, we can see the reason. As stated, only the Life Principle within our Solar system contains the Divine sparks and until they developed intellect through the Human Race, the Divine power was unavailable. The power became accessible through human emotions. In reading the numerous channeled books purporting that some outside force was going to save humanity, one aspect kept repeating itself. What these “benevolent” beings want from humanity is their emotions. It is through humanity’s emotions that the real Divine power is discovered.10

As I said, the reason the Pleiadians are interested in the Human Race is because of the spiritual power within us. Because Humanity contains Pleiadian DNA, the Pleiadians can access that spiritual power. However, they cannot forcibly take it; a person has to individually give it to them. This is why the channeled beings keep saying to give them your negative emotions and ask your higher self its name and invite it in. This is tantamount to people allowing themselves to be possessed. The myth of the vampire Dracula needing to be invited into a house was partly inspired to teach that any entity, malevolent or benevolent needs to be invited in. As for the Pleiadians asking for your negative emotions, this was dealt with earlier in reference to what was written in The Good News. Nonetheless, because of the importance, I will repeat what was said:

Gautama Buddha taught that suffering releases the soul from samsara, or the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation. This statement has generally been thought to mean that life on Earth was meant to be painful. It was only when a soul had learned all the lessons and become disincarnate that the individual could cease experiencing physical life and therefore experience the bliss and happiness of Nirvana/Heaven/Devachan or whatever term they used to describe paradise. As the majority of people’s lives were a constant struggle, this gave them hope that their suffering would eventually end. Even so, when we remember that the universe consists of Sophia’s emotions a deeper meaning of Gautama’s teachings is revealed. The Life Principle of the Solar system was chosen as the way to redeem the lost essence or Divine sparks. Redemption is achieved through the Life Principle in the form of humanity transmuting their emotions, it isn’t the suffering that releases the Spirit or Divine sparks, but the emotions the suffering generates. Whenever a person transmutes their emotions, they help change the world and bring paradise or Nirvana/Heaven/Devachan to Earth.11

While reading The Good News with a group of friends, one of them raised a valid question. She asked, “If the elements of the universe were made from Sophia’s emotions, then wouldn’t that apply to the aliens?” She went onto ask whether the aliens also contain a spark of God? To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I knew I needed to find out the answer. Later, in talking to God, I was directed to the scripture in Genesis that says the Lord God, “breathed into” man’s “nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”12

I’d thought that this was an allegory to the creation of Homo Sapien, sapiens through genetic manipulation. However, in rereading the scripture, I realized that this occurred before the “creation” of Eve, which meant that it wasn’t about the alien creation. This was because; the genetic manipulation that resulted in the creation of Homo Sapien, sapiens was hidden in the allegory of Eve being separated from Adam.

As stated, the esoteric teaching said that the separation of the sexes occurred during the 3rd Root Race. Moreover, it also taught that the Human being consists of three souls, animal, human and spiritual. The realization that the passage was alluding to the insertion of the spiritual soul is what caused the light to suddenly go on, so to speak. It is the spiritual soul that is the reason the entire Soul Plane was affected. This is because the spiritual soul is associated to the 6th or buddhi chakra. This chakra is linked to the psychic body, which is connected to the Astral Plane. This was how the Soul Plane was exposed to the thoughts and emotions of the Human Race, which resulted in the angelic realm being exposed to human emotions.

To put it briefly, the spiritual soul is unique to the hominids of Earth. It is through the union of all three souls, together with the emotions and intellect that Humanity co-creates allowing access to the spirit or spark of God. Luckily for us, because of the genetic manipulation all of these conditions didn’t come together until much later.

As for Orion, I discovered that Orion is intrinsically linked to Sirius. When I researched it, I found an extract on the website that not only connects Orion to Sirius, but Sirius to Isis, the capstone of the Great Pyramid, Venus, Quetzalcoatl and the Alpha and Omega:

August the 11th, 12th and 13th are the Isis days…

August the 13th is also the day when Quetzalcoatl was born, ruling the serpent of illumination, the fusion of bird with serpent… It is also the higher Venus cycles, the top of the pentagrams cycle of the order of Venus in our skies during one year. So August the 13th has a Venus-Sirius connection…

…The whole zodiac, from Aquarius to Aquarius…happens two times. Only at one time it happens in-between Zodiacal Alpha and Omega…

The Egyptians, like the Greeks and Vedic astrologers, had …as the …Phoenix. And the
Phoenix has the same hieroglyph as the Pyramid, and Sirius…

The same Hieroglyph is also used for the Pyramidion, the capstone …
Sirius has an “invisible twin” which is a highly compacted “white dwarf” with an unimaginable density…

The Great Pyramid (like Sirius) too has an “invisible twin”! The height of the Great Pyramid is exactly one half pi (22/7) in relationship to the sum of the sides of its base! The 1/2 pi gives “the big clue” regarding the pyramid’s “other half”.

The Great Pyramid is the bottom pyramid representing “dense earth” (the lower portion of Orion) and its “etheric twin” is the inverted pyramid on top. Together they represent Pi. This juxtaposition is also a “representation” of Orion with Orion’s Belt at the exact spot where the two pyramids meet. The place where the physical meets the spiritual is at the “capstone” of The Great Pyramid or at Orion’s Belt, which divides his upper nature and lower nature.

This more than interested me, as Osiris is strongly linked to the Orion Constellation. If Sirius does represent Isis, then were they from the constellation Orion? We may never know, indeed we may not need to. However, by recording the Astrological data in the mysteries, the Egyptians were saving the information for the relevant time – today!
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Previously, I related that Dion Fortune said Isis as well as being a triple goddess, was also considered a moon goddess. As Isis is the first incarnation of the Archetype Sophia and is extremely relevant to understanding Sophia’s influence throughout history, I want to digress for a moment and investigate Isis and her twin sister’s various forms. On the website angel fire, I found an article about the ancient civilizations concept of the goddess.

First the article reminds us how important the Moon was to ancient civilizations. “The moon glowed in the night sky. Its light helped guide hunters, warriors, and travelers safely through the dark and back to their tribes.”

Observing that all Nature was tied to the waxing and waning of the Moon, the ancient civilizations equated the “Great Goddess” with the Moon. “…in whose divine light she was reflected…” Consequently, the three phases of the Moon came to represent three aspects of the “Great Goddess.” When the Moon was full, the goddess was the mother as nurturer, when the Moon waned; the goddess became the crone, or old woman, symbolizing “wisdom,” and “personal accomplishments.” During the three days of the “transition, known as the New Moon, the ancient civilizations associated the goddess as the “Enchantress or Temptress – a time of great mystery and magic” The article adds that “As the moon waxed and waned, so did the inherent power of the Goddess…” To sum up then, the triple goddess became the virgin at the New Moon, mother at the Full Moon and crone when the Moon was waning.

The Roman goddess of the Moon was Diana. As stated, the Romans had adopted the Greek gods, changing their names. Therefore Diana was the equivalent to the Greek goddess Artemis. Both goddesses were known as the huntress and their symbols included the “bow and arrow, and magical weapons.” In Rome, Diana became associated with “Janus, a god of light and the sun.” Janus was Diana’s “…consort depicting the light of the moon.” Although Diana was associated with the Moon, she didn’t represent the mother aspect, she represented the virgin or New Moon.

In Greece, the mother aspect of the goddess was the Greek Earth Mother, Demeter. The surprising thing is that although Diana was the equivalent of Artemis, and represented the virgin or New Moon aspect of the goddess, Artemis wasn’t the daughter of Demeter. The article relates Demeter’s symbols include the spear of wheat and the cow.

On the web page the Ancient Mother there is a great deal of information about Isis. To begin with I found a list of her various titles:

In addition the article explains how Isis became associated with many other goddesses. Apparently, “At a comparatively early period in Egyptian history Isis had absorbed the attributes of all the great primitive goddesses, and of all the local goddesses such as Nekhebet, Uatchet, Net, Bast, Hathor, etc., and she was even identified as the female counterpart of the primeval abyss of water from which sprang all life…”

Evidently, Isis was also known as “…a water goddess, an earth goddess, a corn goddess, a star goddess, a queen of the Underworld, and a woman…” In short, she represented every aspect of the feminine, which makes sense when we consider that Isis was a lower aspect of Sophia.

The article on the Ancient Mother connects Isis with Sirius, and the stars of the constellation Virgo. Both of these celestial bodies were also associated with the harvest, fertility and the goddess Hathor. When Isis absorbed the attributes of Hathor, the headdresses of the statues of Isis were “replaced with that of Hathor.” This was the “horns of a cow” on her head, “with the solar disc between…” the horns. I was immediately reminded that this is the exact headdress worn by The High Priestess in card two of the Major Arcana.

Besides adopting the horns of a cow headdress, the statues of Isis also added Hathor’s sistrum rattle to Isis’ ankh and staff.  Furthermore the article relates, “Isis is often depicted with a throne on her head and with wings, meaning ascension, linked with the Phoenix the female bird of resurrection.”

Another Moon goddess in the Greco-Roman world was Hecate or Hekate. I learned from the entry for her on Wikipedia that she is associated with both Isis and Artemis/Diana. Evidently, “…in the magical papyri” of the Ptolemaic-Roman period “…several hymns…identify Hecate with Selene and the moon, extolling her as supreme Goddess, mother of the gods.”

I was surprised to discover that both the Greek and Romans worshipped Hecate as “the supreme goddess,” which relates to the mother, because later the entry for Hecate links her to Halloween. As Halloween is clearly associated to mystery and magic, to me this made Hecate seem more like the aspect of the virgin rather than the mother. This is born out in the entry, when it links Hecate with Artemis from the “Greek mythology.” One thing that puzzled me is the writer of the entry also associates the Greek goddess, Hera to Hecate.

Nonetheless, it was when I was guided to return to the Ancient Mother web site that I found the most interesting information on the goddess Hecate. The article on Hecate explains that to the Greeks, like Isis, she was worshipped as a triple goddess of the three phases of the Moon. Evidently, Hecate was thought to hold “the power over the heavens, earth, and the underworld.” This meant that she ruled over “birth, life and death.” She was also believed to be “the giver of visions, magic, and regeneration.”

Eventually, Hecate became associated with two other Greek goddesses, Demeter and Persephone. The writer of the article relates that this “…close connection…is also interesting in that the threesome is probably the earliest…example of a triple-goddess involving Hekate.” It seems that the three goddesses represented “…the usual three stages of a woman’s life…found in Greek art: Maiden (Hekate), Bride (Persephone), and Mother (Demeter).” However, as Persephone is Demeter’s daughter this is awkward. Apparently, there is another triune of goddesses, which includes Hecate. That is Artemis, Selene and Hekate. I’ve already mentioned the connection between Artemis/Diana and the virgin or New Moon aspect of the goddess. As for Selene, the entry on Wikipedia related that a “magical papyri” identified Hecate with Selene.

Obviously, it was far from clear as to what aspect of the goddess Hecate was. Leaving that aside for now, I was intrigued to learn from the article on the Ancient Mother web site on Hecate that one of her titles was “Phosophorus”, which translates into “light-bringer.” This is intriguing because “Phosphorus” is the “Greek name for the ‘morning star,’ or the planet Venus when it is in the early morning sky.” Also Hecate as “Phosphorus” was the “torchbearer.” Other deities were known as torchbearers, but Hecate bore two torches. Venus was known as “Hesperos” when seen in the evening. The article says that as both sightings of Venus are the “brightest objects in the sky other than the sun and moon,” Venus “could be said to herald the end and beginning of night.” The writer asks if the two sightings of Venus “…be Hekate’s torches?” Another interesting fact the article mentions is that “…one known genealogy had Hekate as a daughter of Nux, Goddess of Night…”

Still uncertain as to the relevance of Hecate, I moved on. It was time for me to connect the myth of Osiris and Isis to the Tarot. In doing this, I learned that the figures of Osiris, Isis, Thoth, Horus and Set, could be seen, like the Major Arcana in the Tarot to represent different aspects of consciousness. As in the previous parts of the thesis in respect to the Tarot, I use the inspired The Rabbi’s Tarot by Daphna Moore.

AWFN7-10  AWFN7-11         AWFN7-13  AWFN7-14  AWFN7-15         AWFN7-16  AWFN7-17
    Osiris                 Isis                           Horus    —      Horus      —      Horus                       Thoth                 Set      


AWFN7-18 In this way, Osiris would represent the Spirit (Hermit); Isis, the Individual subconscious (Empress); Thoth, the Will or Self-conscious (Magician); Horus, the Higher Self or Christ Consciousness (Hierophant) – (Sun) – (Charioteer) and Set, the counterfeit spirit or (Devil).

The only major aspect not represented is the Universal or Cosmic subconscious, which is represented by the (High Priestess). 
However, Isis’ twin sister in the myth is the goddess Nephthys. Considering the close association between The Empress and The High Priestess it made sense that The High Priestess represents Nephthys. Furthermore, the connection between The High Priestess and The Devil reflects Nephthys being both the wife and sister of Set. Clearly I needed to learn more about Nephthys. I discovered the conventional assessment of her in the entry for Nephthys on Wikipedia.


First, like Hecate, Nephthys is also known as a daughter of Nux, the goddess of the night. According to the entry, the goddess was known “…as a ferocious, potentially dangerous divinity, capable of incinerating the enemies of the Pharaoh with her fiery breath.” In addition she was the “nursing mother” of Isis and Osiris’ son Horus. Like Hathor and Isis one of the symbols associated with Nephthys was the sistrum rattle. This was according to the entry, “…because she was indeed the tutelary goddess of the seventh Nome of Upper Egypt…”

It seems that despite being cited as a daughter of Nux, Nephthys origin isn’t clear. However, both she and her sister, Isis “…represented the temple pylon or the great flagstaff heralding the Divine Dwelling.” According to the entry, Pyramid texts from the 5th Dynasty cite Nephthys as “…a goddess of the Heliopolis cosmic family, the female companion of the war-like deity Set…” In addition, the entry relates that “…According to the Pyramid Texts, Nephthys, along with Isis, was a force before whom demons trembled in fear, and whose magical spells were necessary for navigating the various levels of Duat, or the afterlife. In a similar vein, Nephthys was not viewed as the polar opposite of Isis, but rather as a different reflection of the same reality: eternal life in transition. Thus, Nephthys was seen as occupying the night-bark on the journey of Ra, the sun god, particularly when he entered Duatat the transitional time of dusk, or twilight. Isis was his companion at the coming of dawn.”

In the myth of Osiris and Isis it is Nephthys’ “…magical power in conjunction with that of Isis that not only reconstitutes and resurrects the body of Osiris, but serves to fiercely protect and nurture the child Horus…As part of the crucial protective dyad, Nephthys was essential to the maintenance of ma’at, or balance for the good of temple, town, kingdom, and royal household. Though Nephthys was normally depicted in myth as being estranged from Set and loyal to Osiris and Isis, she was nevertheless worshipped as Set’s companion…”

The writer of the entry thinks the most important aspect of Nephthys was “…as the stalwart companion of Isis. Because of the power shared between the two sisters, the ancient Egyptians naturally had great recourse to Nephthys. She was quite often described in temple texts as a youthful, nubile, and beautiful young goddess, which would facilitate her later identification with Hathor…Elsewhere, Nephthys is a goddess who gives the Pharaoh power to see ‘that which is hidden by moonlight.’ This fits well with textual themes that consider Nephthys to be a goddess whose unique domain was darkness, or the edge of the desert.”

Curiously, Nephthys was also believed to be “…the unique protectress of the Sacred Phoenix, or the Bennu Bird…Nephthys as the supreme goddess of the 7th Nome and of the Temple of the Sistrum in the city of Hwt. There, Nephthys was the great protectress of the resident Osirian relic, the Bennu Bird, and of the local Horus manifestation. The sistrum was offered specifically to Nephthys as goddess of the city and district…”

The entry relates that at Edfu, not only was Nephthys “one of the chief deities,” but she was also “…associated with Sekhmet and Mehyt…Seshat…” Evidently, “Many scholars agree that Seshat is indeed a derivative or subordinate form of Nephthys.”

Several things are revealed in the entry for Nephthys; primarily the association to the goddess as “…a ferocious, potentially dangerous divinity, capable of incinerating the enemies of the Pharaoh with her fiery breath.” I was also struck by the reference to Nephthys as “..the “nursing mother” of “Horus.” It reminded me of the Egyptian statues of the goddess Isis “nursing” her son Horus. I wondered if it was possible that instead of the goddess Isis, the goddess depicted as “nursing” Horus is Nephthys?

Another thing that interested me was the reference to Nephthys being “…the tutelary goddess of the seventh nome of Upper Egypt…” I’d never heard the term “nome” before so I did some research. I discovered that according to the entry for nomes on Wikipedia, in Predynastic Egypt “(before 3100 BC)” the country was divided “into 42 nomes” , twenty for Lower Egypt and twenty-two for Upper Egypt.

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue of the relevance of the information that Nephthys was associated with the 7th Nome of Upper Egypt. That is until I looked up the capital city of the 7th Nome, Hu on Wikipedia. I learned that Hu is the modern name for the capital, but in ancient “times, it was known as Seshesh, and was the centre of the cult surrounding Bast, a goddess in Egyptian mythology.”

I knew next to nothing about Bast. So once again I turned to Wikipedia. (Please note in this entry Bast is referred to as Bat. According to the entry for Bat, the goddess was associated with “…the Milky Way, which, since it was in early times considered a pool of cow’s milk, made Bat be considered a cow goddess. She was originally worshipped in Seshesh, the 7th nome of Upper Egypt, where she, as a representation of the cosmos, was thought of as the essence of the soul. Hence her name, which is the feminine form of the word ba, the spiritual element that Egyptians considered to constitute one of the major parts of the soul…”

The writer connects the bovine aspects of Bat to the goddess Hathor. However, what jumped out at me was the title “…Ba of two faces…” Although conceding that there is much debate over the title, the writer adds, “There is evidence that suggests that the faces symbolise Bat’s power, as the divine ba, to see past and future, but it is also possible that Bat’s faces represented two more earthly sides, either the two sides of Nile riverbanks, or the two constituents of a united Egypt, both the Upper and Lower.”

To return to Bat’s connection to Hathor, the writer relates “The imagery of Bat as a divine cow was remarkably similar to that of Hathor, although they diverged over time, with Hathor becoming quite distinct. Hathor’s cult centre happened to be in the 6th Nome of Upper Egypt, which lay next to the 7th, which may indicate that they were once the same goddess, whose two different titles lead to divergence of the goddess under each. Neverthetheless, ultimately, as a more dominant and centralised religion grew up, Bat’s shared characteristics with Hathor, which in many cases were so strong that there has been considerable confusion amongst egyptologists as a result, lead to them finally, during the Middle Kingdom, being identified as the same goddess, and Bat became an aspect of Hathor.”

The bringing in of the goddess Hathor again stimulated a desire to learn more about Hathor. As I reported, I’d learned that the Greek goddess Aphrodite was associated with Hathor, and that Hathor had been belived to be married to the Moon god Thoth. However, here I am focused on the connection Hathor had with the other Egyptian goddesses. Linking Bat to Hathor associated the goddess with the afterlife. One of both Bat and Hathor’s symbols was the sistrum rattle. Like Hecate, Hathor suffered from the same confusing connections, she was associated with among other titles, the wife of Ra or Thoth. The entry relates a curious tale about the god Ra as the pharaoh sending a fiercesome goddess name Sekhmet to subdue his subjects in Lower Egypt. Once the goddess has been unleashed she becomes unstoppable and Ra-pharaoh has to intervene to stop her. Over time the goddess Sekhmet blended into Sekmet-Hathor.

Like the confusion over the Mother of Jesus, there seems to have been a great deal of confusion over the role Hathor plays to Horus. The entry explains, “When Horus was identified as Ra, under the name Ra-Herakhty, Hathor’s position became unclear, since she had been the wife of Ra, but mother of Horus…”

Wasn’t Isis the mother of Horus? It seems that Hathor was also identified as the wife of Thoth and Thoth was sometimes thought to be the Creator. The writer of the entry sees this may be the reason for the confusion. “…Thoth was the father of Ra-Herakhty, thus Hathor, as the mother of Ra-Herakhty, was in this version referred to as Thoth’s wife…when considered the wife of Thoth, Hathor was often depicted as a female nursing a child. Since Thoth’s wife had earlier been considered to be Seshat, Hathor began to be attributed with many of Seshat’s features…”

It seems that the goddess Hathor may have been the deity the israelites worshipped as the golden calf. The writer relates, “…The Sinai Tablets show that the Hebrew workers in the mines of Sinai about 1500 BC worshipped Hathor, whom they identified with the goddess Astarte. Some theories state that the golden calf mentioned in the Bible was meant to be a statue of the goddess Hathor (Exodus 32:4-32:6.).”

AWFN7-19 AWFN7-12
Quite frankly, by the time I’d read about the connection between Bast/Bat and Hathor, my head was spinning. Nevertheless, once I united all the various legends, I was left with a few telling correspondences with Isis’s twin sister Nephthys. If I included Hecate, it became even more interesting.

It especially helped for me to remember the connection between The Empress (Isis) and The High Priestess (Nephthys) in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.



You are probably by now wondering what the various forms of Isis and her sister Nephthys has to do with this thesis. As I said, in this thesis I am tracking the energy of the spiritual forces, and how it affects the development of the Human Race’s consciousness. I know that it isn’t apparent now as to the relevance of the mixing of the goddesses, but I will be referring back to this, as we progress in our tracking of the energy, and later it will become very clear as to the relevance. But for now I want to return to the Egyptian myth of Osiris and Isis.

The various elements of the myth of Osiris and Isis can also be interpreted as representing the human experience. The trapping of Osiris in a casket with molten lead, and then casting it adrift, is an allegory for the spirit being encased in a body, in the physical realm of time and chance. This is because lead is associated with Saturn, A.K.A. “Old Father Time,” and the body, or physical limitation. As for the reference to Set dismembering Osiris’ body and “scattering them throughout Egypt,” I believe it is an allegory for the mysteries being widely dispersed, and the need to reassemble them to gain the whole Truth. Moreover, Isis conceiving Horus after reassembling Osiris’ body is indicative of regeneration or reincarnation.

From a different perspective, the myth of Osiris and Isis is another version of the Gnostic “myth” of Sophia and Christ’s entry into this plane as Osiris and Isis. Christ and Sophia incarnating as Osiris and Isis concerns the first level of Sophia’s redemption. Surprisingly, it was JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS: The Secret Teachings of The Original Christians by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy that gave me a different perspective.
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Mr. Freke and Mr. Gandy relate that Sophia being rescued three times is reflecting the three levels of initiation into the mysteries. Granting that on one level they are correct, the information carries a deeper mystery. They say that The Christ rescued Sophia, separating her passions and ignorance from her spiritual essence. On a lower level she became Achamoth, which needed rescuing by Christ as the Logos. Finally, as Mary Magdalene she is rescued by Christ Jesus.13 So remembering that Sophia’s emotions of ignorance, fear, grief and confusion became the physical elements of fire, water, air and earth of the universe shows how The Christ as Logos needed to redeem Achamoth, the lower aspect of Sophia. This happened when Hermes taught Osiris and Isis the mysteries. But how can that be? Christ had incarnated in Osiris, so how could he as The Logos teach Isis and himself? The clue is in the part of the legend when Isis goes to Thoth.
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I mentioned the mysterious figure, Hermes in the chapter Voice in the Wilderness in (LCD) as the teacher of the mysteries to Osiris and Isis. However, it was in reading Maurice Cotterell’s book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES THE SACRED SECRET OF THE MAYA, EGYPTIANS, AND FREEMASONS14 that re-sparked my interest in Hermes. Mr. Cotterell’s book mentioned a hermetic writing called The Divine Pymander and quotes from Manly P Hall’s comments on Hermes. As we had Manly P. Hall’s An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy – being an interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, allegories and Mysteries of All Ages, I decided to go straight to the horses mouth, so to speak. First Mr. Hall laments over the loss of most of the Hermetic writings. “One of the greatest tragedies of the philosophic world was the loss of nearly all of the forty-two books of Hermes…These books disappeared during the burning of Alexandria, for the Romans-and later The Christians-realized that until these books were eliminated they could never bring the Egyptians into subjection. The volumes which escaped the fire were buried in the desert…”15

Amazingly, Mr. Hall connects the Hermetic writings with the Tarot. “It has been asserted that the Book of Thoth is, in reality, the seventy-eight leaves which has been in possession of the gypsies since the time they were driven from their ancient temple, the Serapeum. (According to the Secret Histories the gypsies were originally Egyptian priests.)”

Mr. Hall cites a passage from the second book of The Divine Pymander, called Poimandres, or the vision as a source for Hermes instruction on Divine Wisdom. He informed us he used four sources to interpret the passage; Dr. Everland, whose translation was from 1650, Walter Scott, 1924, Edouard Shure 1925 and G.R.S. Mead 1906:

“Hermes, while wandering in a rocky and desolate place, gave himself over to meditation and prayer. Following the secret instructions of the Temple, he gradually freed his higher consciousness from the bondage of his bodily senses; and thus released, his divine nature revealed to him the mysteries of the transcendental sphere. He beheld a figure, terrible and awe-inspiring. It was the Great Dragon, with wings stretching across the sky and light streaming in all directions from its body. (The Mysteries taught that the Universal Life was personified as a dragon.)”16

I was immediately reminded of the veneration of the dragon in eastern societies. To continue; “The dragon identified itself as Poimandres, the Mind of the Universe, the Creative Intelligence and the Absolute Emperor of all.”

Mr. Hall related that Edouard Shure “identified” Poimandres as the god Osiris. At first this made no sense, because, I’d been shown that Hermes/Thoth taught the mysteries to Isis and Osiris, but then I remembered that before The Christ took physical form as Osiris, he was The Creator. Consequently, I could deduce from this account that before Hermes became Osiris’ teacher, he was taught by The Christ as the Logos.

Back to the text, Mr. Hall related that Poimandres becomes radiant light before saying, “I Thy God am the Light and the Mind which were before substance was divided from spirit and darkness from light. And the Word which appeared as a pillar of flame out of the darkness is the Son of God.”17

A little further on Hermes is told, “That which in you sees and hears is not of the earth, but is the Word of God incarnate. So it is said that Divine Light dwells in the midst of mortal darkness, and ignorance cannot divide them…As darkness without you is divided against itself, so darkness within you is likewise divided.” Afterwards the dragon “revealed its form” and “the heavens opened,” the text relays what Hermes saw. “Hermes beheld the spirits of the stars, the celestials controlling the universe.”18 I gained a far greater understanding of the term archetype, when I read, “Before the visible universe was formed its mold was cast. This mold was called the Archetype, and the Archetype was in the Supreme Mind long before the process of creation began.”19

I was left in no doubt that Hermes taught the doctrine of reincarnation, because Maurice Cotterell relates in THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES that the Hermetic texts clearly refer to it. “Behold the great mystery of the stars, for the Milky Way is the seed ground of souls and from it they drop into the material world to return again.”20

Just in case anyone is tempted to read the writing as literal, Manly P. Hall concluded his account of the Vision of Hermes by explaining it is allegorical. “The Vision of Hermes, like nearly all of the Hermetic writings, is an allegorical exposition of great philosophic and mystic truths, and its hidden meaning may be comprehended only by those who have been ‘raised’ into the presence of the True Mind.”21

The overwhelming message that rang in my ears was that there is a duality within the human being and that it was only by realizing there is a spirit within and that this world is an illusion that an individual can rise above the physical into the spiritual.

The Good News: reported that we’d been shown that it was through the human beings intellect that the highest Divine powers were able to interact with humanity. To recap:

Because the sparks immersed in the elements came from above the Veil, they had the capacity to co-create. All they waited for was the development of the intellect, which occurred with the development of Homo Sapien Sapiens, which enabled the Life Principle to access Mind/Nous to make this a reality.22

One of the most powerful messages I’ve received from God is that it is impossible for any being to know God unless in the human body. This is because it would be like trying to see through to the other side of a black hole. For any non incarnate being, it is like trying to comprehend a cloud whilst being immersed in it. Nonetheless, it isn’t as easy as it seems. People are not born fully awake, knowing exactly what their mission is. That is why in Greek Mythology, in order to incarnate the soul has to drink from the River of Lethe or forgetfulness. Because of the teaching that Jesus was God, his message on how to connect with the divine spark within has been all but lost.

Returning to Sophia as Achamoth, in reading Thrice Greatest Hermes, as I reported, I’d learned that Hermes or Mercury taught Osiris and Isis to correct the “Watchers” mistake. Nonetheless, until recently, I hadn’t realized that the term “watchers mistake” was a metaphor for the extraterrestrials genetically altering the Human Race. The “watchers mistake”, was the reason for Achamoth, a lower aspect of Sophia incarnating as Isis. As for Hermes or Thoth teaching Osiris, the lower aspect of The Christ, I was amazed to learn that even though The Christ was an emanation of The First Father, he could not comprehend on the human level until Hermes taught him as Osiris.

To recap, the legend said of Thoth: “…Thoth, wise Thoth, who knows all secrets, …Thoth, lord of knowledge, who brought himself into being by speaking his name, searched through his magic…”

As stated, when I learned that Hermes/Thoth had taught Osiris and Isis of their true origins I had wondered how Hermes could understand and comprehend the “watchers” mistake enough to teach Isis and Osiris. Even though I had investigated Hermes through his writings, I was still unclear on how Hermes fitted in to my jigsaw puzzle. Understanding came when I realized that Hermes was Enoch and as the Bible tells us, he “walked with God” and did not die. Could there be a greater example for the description of someone who isn’t quite human?
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The story of Enoch/Thoth/Hermes walking with God and not dying and the legend of Thoth teaching Osiris and Isis is relating that Hermes/Thoth/Enoch went to “heaven” to await his calling. As I said earlier, The Christ could not enter this plane until the Demiurge/Creator adopted mercy. When did that happen? Remembering that Thoth was also known as an Atlantean provided the answer. Atlantis, as I’ve said was destroyed by a flood around 10, 500 B.C.E., and the Atlanteans represented both the 3rd and 4th Root Races.



I found it more than interesting, while reading Maurice Cotterell’s book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES that “In around 10,000 BC three groups of migrants moved into the Nile Valley: Africans from central Africa, an unknown people from the heart of Asia, and a group from Libya thought to have journeyed from the legendary Atlantis.”23 Mr. Cotterell goes on to say, these three groups formed two separate “centers of civilization…one in the north around the Nile Delta, leading to the first urban center of Merimda, and the other at Tasa in the south.” I wondered if these three groups were the people that divided Egypt in forty-two nomes. Alas we will never know as he informs us that neither center “remains today.”24

The above information connecting the date 10,000 B.C.E. to “immigrants” from Atlantis arriving in the Nile Delta is very thought provoking. Thoth/Enoch is often referred to as the Atlantean. However, Mr. Cotterell relates “The pyramid texts’ say that it was the god Osiris, as the king of Thebes that first united the two parts in around 4200 BC, but only for a short period.”25 As I’d been given the date of 4,200 B.C.E. for the first time The Christ and Sophia took physical form, I wondered if this was tangible evidence of the event?

If The Christ and Sophia entered the Soul Plane in 10,500 B.C.E., then why did it take more than six thousand years for them to begin teaching Humanity? The reason was, rules. There is clearly a duality in the myth of Osiris. This shows that the rules dictate that for the sake of balance, both sides or active and passive duality have to be represented, and this didn’t happen until the World Soul gained consciousness and could incarnate as Set, the twin brother of Osiris.

Returning to Enoch, identifying him with Thoth the Atlantean, shows how after Enoch ascended to The Creator; he remained in the Astral Plane until after the flood. Why after the flood? The Bible says in Genesis “…neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.”26 It was this declaration that caused The Christ and Sophia to enter this plane. Then Enoch was called as a teacher or guide for Christ and Sophia (Osiris and Isis) to teach them how to overcome the “watchers” mistake. Afterwards they went into the world as the teachers of the Wisdom Religion or the Serpents of Wisdom, mainly to members of the 4th Root Race. Of course as following the law of evolution that the next Root Race emerges from the previous one there were still remnants of the 3rd Root Race, in the form of the 6th sub-race.

As stated, both the 3rd and 4th Root Races were the Atlanteans and after Atlantis was sunk around 10,500 B.C.E., the survivors fled to Egypt and other centers of civilization, such as the North and South American continent and India. It is important to remember that all three areas report a Christ-like teacher of antiquity. I believe this is evidence of where the Wisdom teacher Osiris went after 4,200 B.C.E., appearing in the form of the Viracochas, Quetzalcoatl and Krishna.

In the Voice in the Wilderness in (LCD) I’d observed that these Christ-like teachers had all been men and I had almost despaired of being able to trace Sophia or Isis reincarnating into a female teacher. I said almost, because once again Maurice Cotterell’s book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES provided the answer. In the book he says of Quetzalcoatl, “They say that when he died he became the morning star, Venus...He walked in turn among the Olmec, the Teotihuacanos, the Maya, Toltec and Aztec.”27 Suddenly, I realized what God wanted me to see. The reason I could find no reference to a “female” Christ-like teacher was because, The Christ and Sophia had reunited to teach the Wisdom Religion.
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AFWN7b-2Mr. Cotterell’s book also resolved a mystery I had puzzled over for years. Who were the mysterious giant heads of the Olmecs modeled on? He relates, “Olmec heads are an earlier representation of Quetzalcoatl as worshipped by the Olmec.”28 Moreover, he relates that the mummy in the temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Lord Pacal “was, in another life Quetzalcoatl (for the Olmec), as well as a bearded white man (revered throughout central America as Quetzalcoatl.”29

Realizing that Thoth or Hermes was synonymous with Enoch, helped me understand what Enoch taught Osiris and Isis. However, it was in identifying Thoth/Hermes/Enoch with card 1, The Magician of the Tarot that unraveled the mystery of him “walking with God” for me.

Remember, The Magician, which represents the planet Mercury has three main levels. Hermes is the Greek name for the planet Mercury. Forgetting the lowest level, or the lower ego for the moment, the two other levels symbolize Divine Will and Intellect. If we replace Intellect with Mind, we can gain even greater insight. The human being creates mentally, as this is what links us to the Mind or Nous of the Ogdoad. The Magician on a higher level or macrocosmic level also symbolizes The Creator. So from this, we can deduce that Thoth/Hermes/Enoch was a representation of the Logos or The Creator.

Unfortunately, The Magician’s lowest level also represents the Self-conscious, which until it is transformed, is ruled by the lower ego/counterfeit spirit, the reverse side of the Divine Will. Before the interference from the aliens, at the right time human beings were to create through the intellect to transform themselves and the elements. We would be able to do this because our intellect links us to the Mind or Nous of the Ogdoad. After human beings were genetically altered, instead of transforming the elements most of the time the ego/counterfeit spirit caused individuals to give into their baser natures and “feed” the World Soul.

As stated, when The Creator engendered compassion for humanity, it opened the door for The Christ and Sophia to enter this plane of existence. Isis and Osiris were the first physical manifestation of The Christ and Sophia and throughout the world they continued to promulgate their message through the Wisdom Religion until The Creator was ready to send his messiah.

This kind of obliterates the concept of an evil demiurge and makes him a partner with Christ & Sophia, but how can that be? I have to admit to having had great difficulty with this until I realized that I was trying to compartmentalize Divinity. Instead, when I realized that each Divine figure is multileveled, I began to understand. To explain, just as outside the Pleroma, Sophia became divided and separated, so did The Christ and The Creator. The Valentinian Gnostics tried to relate this through depicting The Creator as a father, shepherd and lawgiver, through the Patriarchs Jacob, Isaac and Moses. Moreover, Jesus saying that God was the God of the living30 by referring to the three Patriarchs was also relating that Divine beings are multileveled. We have carried this truth throughout history in the form of symbols; for instance the universal symbol for healing, the caduceus.


The caduceus is one of the most recognizable symbols, because as well as being the ancient universal symbol for medicine, it is also the accepted modern symbol for healing today. I had always thought of the caduceus as depicting two serpents (left) entwined around a central pole, so imagine my surprise to come across the caduceus depicted as one serpent (right) instead of the usual two.

At first I had thought that the symbol I’d seen in my vision, related in Appendix VI instead of being the Brazen Serpent was the traditional caduceus of two serpents entwined around a central pole. Nonetheless, I realized that apart from a symbol of healing or medicine, the (two serpents) caduceus represented the double helix of the human being, which is associated with the 3rd Root Race. The key was in remembering that this was after the “watchers” had interfered with us. So why is the caduceus with two serpents the symbol most associated with Hermes? Looking at the symbol, I began to dissect it. The first thing I noticed was there appears to be three separate elements, two serpents, a pole or pillar and two wings.

The first thing I was reminded of was the kabalistic Tree of Life, with the two serpents representing the two pillars of Severity and Mercy. The pole or middle pillar then symbolized the balance between the two or the middle pillar of Mildness, but what of the two wings. As I said, while I was working on the additional appendixes, Craig and I read Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah. Ms. Fortune’s connecting Daath to the caduceus was very thought provoking. Dion Fortune equated Daath with the caduceus, saying “…the entrance to …Daath was seen to be guarded on either side by silvery-gray Seraphim (serpents which represented the two serpents of the Caduceus)”31 She goes on to explain that these Seraphim/serpents… represent “Incandescent Knowledge.”32 Consequently, the caduceus could be seen to represent the knowledge to “heal” the separation of the real self/Spirit with the counterfeit spirit of false self/ego.

We realized Daath’s role of healer of the separation between the real self/Spirit and the counterfeit spirit or ego is key. But the most amazing revelations came when we were discussing the difference between the one serpent and the two serpents. This reminded us of figures 1 & 2 in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, which in turn led to our understanding of why the original species genetically altered could not procreate.

Quite often the process of revelation we experience can take several years. Case in point, how we came to understand why the first genetically altered human beings were sterile. Essentially the revelation began while producing the above document.

                      Figures 1 & 2
    Figures representing 2nd Root Race-
duality active & passive – male and female

When I’d been given the diagrams for THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, I had given them to Johanna to reproduce for the book without really thinking about them. She was inspired to produce figures 1 & 2 and figures 3 & 4. The difference between the two is the insertion of alien DNA in figures 3 & 4.



Figures 3 & 4
From THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, depicting the duality that started with the double helix or insertion of the counterfeit spirit. This occurred in the 3rd Root Race

As I said, just before I began work on this part of the thesis, Craig and I read Dion Fortune’s book Mystical Qabalah. The section on Daath reminded both of us of the above figures. Musing over their meanings, Craig said, “The caduceus with two serpents is showing the third strand of alien DNA. The depiction of the 1st and 2nd Root-races is showing us that we had both the male and female or active and passive in us. In order to implant their DNA in us, they first had to separate the male from the female.”

All at once I understood, what happened. “Yes and in order to do that, they needed to clone the human being, before genetically grafting their DNA onto the human being, which became a hybrid. Hybrids cannot reproduce and that is how the population of their selected race was controlled. I believe that Zecharia Sitchin was right when he interpreted the tablets of Nineveh as saying that Enki, the god of knowledge manipulated the hybrids so that they could procreate by themselves.”

Craig smiled and said, “Yes, it was how God intervened.”

I learned even more while reading a draft of the thesis. In contemplating the insertion of the counterfeit spirit, I was reminded of the doctrine of original sin. Suddenly I realized that the doctrine was how the prophets and early church tried to explain that there was something opposed to God that all human beings inherited. Think about it, how else could they explain an inherited trait to people who had absolutely no concept of genetics? I will return to this discussion later. Now it is time to move forward to the next “upstepping”, but first, lets recap what I’d learned.

So far I had discovered that Thoth/Hermes/Enoch was the archetype for both the Nous/Mind of the Ogdoad and the Logos of The Creator, represented by card 1, The Magician. As Enoch/Thoth/Hermes he had taught The Christ as Osiris and Sophia as Isis of their spiritual origins. After conceiving their son Horus the divine couple went into the world to teach the Wisdom Religion. All this had occurred before the emergence of the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race.
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SECTION 1 – 3600 – 2500 B.C.E.

Root Race 3: sub-race 7 — Root Race 4: sub-race 4 Root Race 5: sub-race 1



If Osiris and Isis became the teachers of the Wisdom Religion and Horus remained a chief deity for the Egyptian pharaohs, then what happened to Thoth/Hermes/Enoch? The answer is in the mysterious figure of the king of Salem, who blesses Abram in Genesis, Melchizedek. “And, Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine and he was the priest of the most high God.”33
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Before I move onto the next “upstepping” I want to discuss the strange anomaly concerning the Great Pyramid at Giza. Although, I was convinced that the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau were built long before the conventional dates of the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, I’ve always been puzzled about the mysterious shafts that point to the constellations, Orion, Sirius, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. However, according to Robert Bauval the shafts point to the constellations in the 3rd Millennium. This had surprised me because David Pratt’s web site, The Great Pyramid relates “…Robert Bauval…shows that the relative positions of the three main Giza pyramids match those of the three stars of Orion’s Belt, and that the match would have been most precise around 10,500 BC, when Orion last reached its lowest point in the sky as part of its periodic ascent and descent resulting from precession.” As I reported in the main text, according to Robert Bauval this was when the Sphinx was “carved out”.

David Pratt goes on to relate that Robert Bauval “…contends that the Great Pyramid was not built until around 2500 BC, about 100 years after the accepted dates for Khufu, because at about that time the northern shafts in the King’s and Queen’s Chambers pointed at Thuban (in Draco) and Kochab (in Ursa Minor) respectively…the southern shafts pointed at Alnitak (in Orion’s Belt) and Sirius (in Canis Major). In Egyptian mythology, Orion and Sirius stand for Osiris and Isis respectively…” Mr. Pratt adds, “…According to the theosophic tradition…H.P. Blavatsky says that it (The Great Pyramid) ‘was built ages before [Khufu] and he only desecrated it by giving it another use. In his day no more initiations took place in it and he consecrated it to Tet, or Seth-Typhon [the opposite pole to Thoth].’…

I found another site “Illuminating the Mysteries of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx” by Jan Wicherink that exactly places all four shafts in alignment to their relative constellations in 2500 B.C.E.

First Ms. Wicherink relates Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s finding that “The ‘air’ shafts inside the Great Pyramid aligned to the stars in the Belt of Orion and the pole star around 2500 BC.” However, she stresses the importance of the Southern shaft in the Queen’s Chamber aligning with “…the star Sirius at its culmination point on the meridian. This star was very important to the Egyptians and was associated with the mother Goddess Isis.” She also sees the relevance of the Southern shaft in the King’s chamber aligning “…with the brightest star of the Orion Belt Zeta Orionis.” This is because Orionis was seen to represent the“…resurrection and rebirth” of the god Osiris.

Like Robert Bauval, Ms. Wicherink sees the axiom of “As above, so below” in the geometry of the Giza Plateau mirroring the position of the stars in 10,500 B.C.E. However, it was the connection she made between 10,500 B.C.E. and 2,500 B.C.E. that really interested me. She explains, “Around 10,500 BC Orion appeared perfectly over the meridian and reached its lowest elevation of 9° 20’ in the 26,000 year precession cycle. After reaching its lowest point the Belt of Orion started to climb back into the skies to reach an elevation of 45 degrees by 2500 BC, the time of the alignment of the southern airshaft with the brightest star of the Orion’s Belt…”

Ms. Wicherink also informs us “At 2,500 BC the vernal equinox was in the constellation Taurus, which makes both Leo and Taurus the zodiac signs that have been engrained into the Giza plateau layout by design…”

If the Great Pyramid was built in 10,500 B.C.E., then why do the shafts within the structure align in 2,500 B.C.E., 8,000 years later? Could the builders of the pyramids have wanted to point to this period as important? I discovered when we take into account of when the 5th Root Race first appears a possible explanation surfaces. The 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race began emerging in 3,600 B.C.E., when Venus or Sophia’s energy was at its strongest. The builders of the Great Pyramid knew that the time of 2,500 B.C.E. was important because it meant the 3rd Root Race would have become by then the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race. Recalling what was said in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY. may shed extra light on the matter:

Figure 5 shows the result of The Christ teachers such as Krishna, Buddha, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Confucius, and Socrates. Throughout the world these Wisdom teachers taught the human race of the soul’s connection to the unseen forces of the universe. And the axiom of “As above so below and as below so above. They showed humanity that with meditation and prayer, they could connect to guides from the Astral Plane that would assist them in their spiritual development.

AFWN7b-11So the shafts in the Great pyramid seem to be pointing to a time when the Human Race would be able to connect volitionally with the Astral Plane. Still, I felt there was something important that I was missing. I was, and it wasn’t until I incorporated the 7 principles and chakras that I discovered what it was I was missing. Consequently, I need to amend Figure 5 to represent both the 4th Root Race and the 5th Root Race. The reason will become clearer as we progress.

When I incorporated the 7 principles and the 7 chakras, I discovered that the 3rd Root-race equated to the Linga Sharira or Astral body. I said earlier that the Pleiadians were able to connect to human beings through visions and dreams channeled through the Astral Plane. This was a one-way street until the emergence of the 4th Root-race, the Atlanteans, which brought in the next principle; the Kama Rupa or Animal Soul. Because the esoteric name for the Astral Plane is Kama Loka, through the Animal Soul, the 4th Root-race could interact with the Astral Plane. We know the result in that interaction, with the utter destruction of Atlantis. However, the shafts in the Great Pyramid weren’t placed there to warn the Atlanteans, they were there to inform the 5th Root-Race of the ability to access the higher spiritual powers. This was because of the development of the Manas or the Human Soul. If we include the teaching of the Tarot, the 5th principle is the first stage of the Higher Self.

Figure 5 depicting 4th & 5th Root Races
connecting to the guides and angels of the Astral Plane

In Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit I related that The Hierophant, which was assigned to the sun-sign Taurus, and the planet Venus, represented the first stage of the Higher Self. I’ve also repeatedly said that Isis is equated to Venus. If we remember that 2,500 B.C.E. was in the Age of Taurus, we can learn the true meaning for the shafts spot-lighting this time.

The fifth principle and chakra was traditionally assigned to Venus and Daphna Moore relates that Venus or the fifth chakra is the door to the upper and lower chakras. By aligning the shafts to the Age of Taurus, albeit the last third, the ancients were saying that at that time, the human being would begin to receive information intuitionally. The only question I still had was, why not align the shafts to 3,600 B.C.E., when the 5th Root-Race first emerged? The answer in two parts; first, as the article related the astrological energies did not come into play until 2,500 B.C.E. As Ms. Wicherink says: “Around 10,500 BC Orion appeared perfectly over the meridian and reached its lowest elevation of 9° 20’ in the 26,000 year precession cycle. After reaching its lowest point the Belt of Orion started to climb back into the skies to reach an elevation of 45 degrees by 2500 BC, the time of the alignment of the southern airshaft with the brightest star of the Orion’s Belt…” The other is that it took from 3,600 B.C.E., to 2,500 B.C.E. for the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root-Race to evolve into 1st sub-race of the 5th Root-Race.



The choice of aligning the shafts to Orion and Sirius was to remind the adepts that the Human Race was to begin taking an active part in their evolution, and to warn of the change in consciousness. Let me explain.

Because of the emergence of the 5th Root Race and the conscious connection with the Astral Plane, magical practices became the order of the day. Frances A Yates in her THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT34 relates that there are four kinds of magic. Quoting from Gabriel Naudé’s work “Apology for Great Men Suspected of Magic”, she explains, “…there are four kinds of magic…” Gabriel Naudé related that the four were “divine magic”, “theurgy or religious magic” “goetia” and “natural magic.” Divine Magic is self-explanatory, but I wasn’t sure about the rest. Evidently, theurgy or religious magic, is “freeing the soul from the contamination of the body”, Goetia magic is another name for “witchcraft”. The final kind Natural magic, according to Naudé “…is natural science.”35

What our ancestors didn’t realize is that the only form that was completely safe is divine. Two of the three other kinds “theurgy or religious” and “natural magic” are neutral, wholly dependent on the intent of the practitioner, i.e., when it is used for selfish motives, it is black magic and when it is selfless, it is white magic. Goetic magic is was the most dangerous as Ms Yates recounts Naudé’s warning, “Goetic magic is witchcraft.” In other words this kind of magic is only used for nefarious means and is tantamount to witchcraft.

 Returning to Osiris and Isis, I was reminded that, according to the myth, after Set (Seth) murders Osiris, Isis finds his body and conceives Horus. Then Horus guides all Egyptian pharaohs as they rule Egypt. I found a curious comment about Seth and Horus on the web. An entry on Wikipedia relates that a Second Dynasty pharaoh displayed the rivalry between the two deities of Horus and Seth. Evidently, “…the Second Dynasty Seth-Peribsen, used an image of the god Seth instead of Horus…” The writer hypothesizes that this may be “…signifying an internal religious division within the country.” Seth-Peribsen’s successor, Khasekhemwy “…placed the symbols of both Set and Horus above his name. Thereafter, the image of Horus always appeared alongside the name of the pharaoh.” This shows how the powers of the Soul Plane were interacting with the Human Race. However, as the above relates, at least by approximately 2,766 B.C.E., the “gods” Horus and Set/Seth became merged. Anyway, returning to the emergence of the 5th Root Race around 3,600 B.C.E., where we find the archetype for the Logos of the Creator, the mysterious King of Salem, Melchizedek.
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Before I discuss Melchizedek, I want to review what was said earlier in the chapter Layers of Deception (LCD) concerning the order of Melchizedek. To recap:

Earlier, I wrote: I have always wondered about the Scripture in Hebrews, which says, “Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.” …However, God told me to replace the word “after,” with the word “ensue,” as that is closer to the original meaning.  Looking up ensue in the dictionary, I learned it meant, “to come afterward; follow immediately” or “to happen as a consequence; result.” Whichever definition, it seemed to me that God was saying in no uncertain terms that Jesus was not a part of the Melchizedek priesthood, but that he replaced it.

Understanding that Melchizedek was an archetype for the Logos of The Creator does not negate what was said earlier. It is all a matter of perspective. Jesus did replace the order of Melchizedek when he ascended to “sit at the right hand.” The order of Melchizedek as it stood was replaced by a new order; however, as will be shown the order has been operating as the teacher of humanity, preparing the way for Christ’s return.

With the appearance of Melchizedek, the Human Race experienced the “upstepping” that resulted in the emergence of the 5th Root Race. It is approximately 3,600 B.C.E. and the Age of Taurus, which meant that the Astrological influence was Venus or Sophia. At this time the Atlanteans have reestablished themselves in Egypt, India, North and South America, and various parts of the world. The 4th Root Race has reached the 4th sub-race and the 7th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race is becoming the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race.



I can remember when I first read the scripture in Genesis that I wondered who this mysterious priest-king Melchizedek was. I found the answer in the most surprising place, Robert Feather’s THE SECRET INITIATION OF JESUS AT QUMRAN – The Essene Mysteries of John the Baptist. I was very interested to learn that “With the attribution of the title and mantle of Melchizedek to Jesus by early Christianity, rabbinic writers of the early second century C.E. adopted the substitute name Metatron to maintain their distinctive understanding of this mystical figure.”36 Mr. Feather also relates that Metatron “is associated with the Ancient of Days.” I had come to understand that was one of the titles for The Creator.

As Craig stated in his Energetic Perspective on Evolution, we had discovered that Metatron was connected to Enoch in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. Nonetheless, as Craig also said earlier, Melchizedek should be thought of as a divine energy rather than a historical figure. This is how I see it. Enoch was a semi-divine figure that ascended without dying. At the appointed time he reentered this plane to teach Isis and Osiris and bring about the incarnation of Horus. Then remaining in this plane as a semi-divine being he served humanity, by guiding the prophets.

Once we can identify Melchizedek with Thoth/Enoch/Hermes & Metatron, we can unravel a major mystery. That is the mystery of the thread in the string of pearls, referred to earlier. However, what I didn’t realize was there are not one or even two strings of pearls, but three. The first string is masculine or active, and is represented by the figure of Melchizedek. The second string is feminine or passive, and is represented by Wisdom or Sophia. The third string incorporates both the active and passive; consequently is neutral, and is represented by The Christ. But as I said in Spiritual Evolution From the Fool to the Hermit Part Two, The Christ represents the active side of neutral.

Earlier, in the chapter Voice in the Wilderness in (LCD) I identified Osiris and Hermes as two of The Christ-like teacher pearls, believing they were both from the metaphorical pearl necklace. Nonetheless, recognizing Melchizedek, AKA Thoth/Enoch/Hermes & Metatron, hereafter referred to as Melchizedek not as a Christ, but as a separate thread reveals how the Mysteries has passed down through the ages.

I said earlier that I’d been told one of the main aspects of my mission, was to vindicate Jehovah. In identifying Melchizedek (the teacher of Osiris, Isis and Horus), as an archetype for The Creator, reveals that rather than acting as some punishing deity, The Creator has been a partner with The Christ in teaching the human race of their true origins. Nonetheless, it is by following the traits of historical characters that allows us to trace the key archetypes appearances throughout history.

Lets start with discovering how the archetype Sophia/Isis, the feminine or passive thread has influenced our development. The key, if you will pardon the pun is through the meaning for the Sephirot Daath. As stated, when Osiris and Isis learn the Mysteries from Melchizedek, they travel the world teaching humanity of their true origins. Afterwards, Isis, the redeemed Achamoth becomes Venus, represented by card 3 - The Empress, waiting to redeem Nature through Gnosis or knowledge. This is why The Empress represents Daath, which translates into knowledge.
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I also identified Daath as a Stargate, through which the Life Principle progresses from stage to stage. Talking the above over with Craig, at first he was troubled with the reference to Osiris and Isis as extraterrestrials. When I explained that they only appeared to be “aliens” he reminded me of one of our favorite shows, Stargate SG1, saying, “They’re like the ancients.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, let me try and relate a brief summary of what it is about. In Egypt a Stargate is discovered, necessitating a secret section of the Air Force being set up under Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After getting the Stargate operational, a crack team, SG1 is sent through it, only to discover that the Stargate links to multiple Stargates, which are gates or doorways in a vast network to travel interdimensionally between worlds within the Milky Way Galaxy. The team also discovers that a race of alien parasites, “the Go’ould” have stolen human bodies to use. Having supernatural power the Go’ould act as “gods” to coerce the native inhabitants into submission so that they will do the parasites bidding. These “gods” have the same names as the ancient mythological “gods” of Earth. Eventually, SG1 learn that the Go’ould aren’t the original builders of the Stargate, but have stolen the technology from a mysterious race of beings that have ascended, translating their bodies into physical light. It is these advance beings SG1 call the ancients.

The ancients from an archetypal perspective would represent the white tree or the Tree of Life in Malkuth. As I said, this tree needs to assimilate the Tree of Darkness or black tree. The black tree or Qliphoth is also represented in Stargate SG1. They show up Archetypally in the negative side of the Ancients, the Aurei. Unlike the Ancients, who do not interfere with the development of the Human Race, the Aurei dupe the inhabitants of the galaxy into worshipping them, by acts of god-like power. Unbeknownst to most, the Aurei actually feed on the worship, growing stronger. (Sound familiar?) Apart from a few rebel members, the Ancients do not move to stop the Aurei or help the hapless inhabitants of the galaxy, remaining aloof and unaffected. It falls to another race of “gray” aliens called the Asgard. These aliens are a technically advanced race, and they become allies of SG1. Archetypally these beings could be seen to represent the Tree of Knowledge or appropriately the “gray” tree.

I wondered if the show, Stargate SG1 is a case of trying to awaken human beings to other realities. That is a distinct possibility, but I think, we are subliminally being reminded that it is through the Stargate that we discover the Mysteries. Remember that the heart chakra has the symbol of six-pointed star or Stargate and both The Christ and Venus/Sophia have been associated with the six-pointed star.
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In my youth, I had often wondered at the representations of Jesus as both a man and a child and later seeing the depictions of Isis with Horus on her lap, only served to confuse me more. What is more, when I first studied the Egyptian myth of Osiris and Isis, I learned that both Osiris and Horus were considered to represent The Christ. This completely confused me. How could both Osiris and Horus represent The Christ? It wasn’t until I understood the concept of archetypes that it became clearer. Surprisingly, it was the supreme example of archetypes, the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards that solved my dilemma. Once again, my source for the cards is Daphna Moore’s inspired The Rabbi’s Tarot.

The two cards, The Lovers and The Sun solve the enigma, because they depict in pictorial form the myth of Osiris. In the Myth, Horus is conceived after Osiris is killed, when his disincarnate spirit enters Isis and impregnates her. From an archetypal perspective the “disincarnate” angel in The Lovers reflects this.

The “child” riding the white horse in card 19 - The Sun, symbolizes Horus as the child. As I related before, these two cards represent the second level of the Higher Self, and both cards are assigned the color orange, and the note D-natural.

As stated previously, orange is the color of the super consciousness or rather Christ consciousness, and The Lovers and The Sun are the only cards in the Major Arcana assigned to the color orange. It is also important to remember that both of these cards represent the two aspects of the second level of the Higher Self: the angel and the child.

Nonetheless, as stated, it is card 7 - The Chariot, and the charioteer, which is the third level of the Higher Self that represents the mature Christ. All three cards are relating that Osiris, the disincarnate “angel” and man “charioteer” has united with Horus the “child.”

I found another reference to the Sun being represented by both a child and a man in THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES. Mr. Cotterell reports, “The pyramid texts say that ‘Ra the aged is said to be like Horus, and Ra, the babe, to be like Seker’.”37 As Ra is associated with the Sun, initially I felt that the text could be saying that Horus is both child and man, or in other words, Horus has become united with Osiris. However, as I’d never heard of Seker, I looked him up on Wikipedia and discovered some information that made me wonder why he is associated with Ra. However, I will discuss this later.

There is no greater example of Archetypes than the ten Sephirot. We can identify the five main characters in the myth of Osiris with not only the respective Sephirot, but Astrologically too. Starting with the protagonist of the story, Set represents the archetype for the fifth Sephirot Geburah and the planet Mars. Thoth/Hermes is the archetype for the eighth Sephirot Hod and the planet Mercury. Isis obviously represents the seventh Sephirot Netzach and the planet Venus. Her twin sister, Nephthys is the representation for the ninth Sephirot Yesod and the Moon. Finally, Osiris represents the sixth Sephirot Tiphareth and the Sun.

Although the above explanation fits, I wondered at the lack of representation for the planets Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus. Moreover, the Sephirot Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed and Malkuth are not mentioned either. Considering the importance of these Astrological and Sephirotic elements, it didn’t make sense that they were not represented in the story. Nonetheless, I discovered that they were indeed represented. This is because of the different levels The Christ, the Logos/Creator, the World Soul and Sophia/Wisdom symbolize.

You may have noticed that I did not include Daath as I had already discovered that Isis represented Daath as knowledge, however, as I said in the previous appendix, Daath also represents “supreme justice” and as such is represented by both Isis and Nephthys. Let me relate what I was shown. At the highest level, Isis and Osiris united as The Christ and Sophia symbolize Kether and the planet Uranus. As stated, Isis united with her twin sister Nephthys as supreme justice symbolizes Daath. Remember, it is the union of The High Priestess and The Empress that forms the Major Arcana card Justice. Moving on. Individually, Osiris as The Christ symbolizes Chokmah and Chiron. Set and Nephthys, the twin brother and sister of Isis and Osiris are representative of the World Soul and symbolize the third Sephirot Binah and the planet Saturn. Interestingly, it is both Thoth/Hermes and Isis that represent the tenth Sephirot Malkuth and Earth. Finally, individually, Thoth/Hermes as the Logos/Creator symbolizes the fourth Sephirot Chesed and the planet Jupiter.

The Gnostics taught that The Creator/Demiurge had seven Archons assisting him in the administration of the universe. These seven archons have been seen as the archetypes to the Seven Sacred Planets. Thinking of this, I was shown that on another level, the Greek gods, Zeus, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis and Hera, could be seen as depicting the archetypes for seven of the Sephirot and Daath. Thus Zeus would be Chesed, Athena-Daath, Ares-Geburah, Apollo-Tiphareth, Hermes-Hod, Aphrodite-Netzach, Artemis-Yesod and Hera-Malkuth. At first I wondered at including Hera, but after researching it, I discovered on an entry on Wikipedia that showed that Hera wasn’t just a Greek goddess. The writer explains that evidence of “votive offerings” that were found at Samos are “testimony to the reputation” of both the “sanctuary” and the number “of pilgrims” that worshiped there. The entry also informs us that Hera “…possessed the earliest temple at Olympia…”

Hera was most often associated “…as a Cow Goddess…” This reminded me of the Egyptian goddesses Bat, Nephthys, Hecate and Hathor, which as I said, are one and the same aspect of the twin sister of Isis. In mythology both Hera and Isis are referred to as “the Queen of Heaven.”

As I said, all the Divine figures divide in order to operate on a lower plane. Unfortunately, because of the affect the alien interference caused to the Soul Plane, this means the residents of the lower planes had to deal with the duality of the Divine figures, which results in both benevolent and malevolent forces entering the material plane. Exactly when the Divine forces enter the material plane is determined by the Human Race’s spiritual evolution, which in turn is tied to the Astrological forces. The positive side of the lower Sephirot or Astrological powers developed compassion because of the various Christ-like teachers, teaching it to humanity. In other words, compassion became possible, because it had entered the world’s consciousness. Conversely, the Qliphoth, which is the negative or reverse side of the Sephirot or Astrological powers, was affected by the growing World Soul. While the Astrological energy was favorable to The Christ and Sophia this wasn’t too much of a problem. Nevertheless, after the emergence of the 5th Root-race in 3,600 B.C.E: The Christ and Sophia’s consciousness left the Fertile Crescent and spent the next 1,500 years spreading the Wisdom Religion in other parts of the world. This left only the consciousness of Melchizedek to counteract the World Soul. To reiterate, when the Astrological influence was favorable to the positive side, as in the Ages of the positive signs of Leo, Cancer, and Gemini the World Soul’s influence was weak and therefore could be held at bay. However, at the end of fourth millennium the positive influence weakened. To understand what I mean, I need to explain the different affects of the Astrological Ages.
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Although I’ve covered the Precession of the Equinoxes in the main text, in tracking the energy of The Christ, Melchizedek, Sophia and the World Soul I discovered something about the symmetry of the Astrological ages, which quite frankly astounded me. I’d learned of the precessional numbers from Graham Hancock’s book FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS, which I discussed extensively in the chapter Encoded Numbers and Symbology in (LCD). However, in working with the Hidden Codes of Life, I’ve become a little more familiar with Astrology. For instance, I have learned that each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided into three decans of ten degrees, with the second decan containing the strongest influence of the sign. For a few days at the beginning and end of each sign, the influence of the previous and following signs respectively are felt. For those of you unfamiliar with Astrology, this is referred to as being born on the “cusp” of a sign, displaying characteristics of both the natal sun-sign, and the sign either before or after.

I’ve repeatedly said that the ancient axiom of “As above, so below; and as below, so above” refers to the heavens or celestial spheres mirroring what occurs on earth and vice versa. To be honest, I had no idea how literally true this was until I was writing this thesis. Just as each of the twelve signs of the zodiac is divided into three sections, so are the Astrological Ages. To recap: according to Graham Hancock, a complete cycle is 25,776 years, halfway is 12, 960 years, an Age is 2,160 years, and it takes 72 years to move one degree on the Spring Equinox. What astonished me was when God showed me to divide each sign equally into three, it gave me 720 years, exactly ten times 72 years. This meant that just as a third of a sun-sign is ten degrees, a third of an Astrological Age is also ten degrees! I was also shown that just as the signs on either side of the zodiac sign affect the sun-sign, the age on either side of the Astrological age affects the age.

In researching the dates for the Astrological Ages, I discovered that there is considerable debate. I determined that the reason for this is because of the nature of time and consciousness. This statement will be explained later. For now, I am interested in tracking the Astrological energy, so asking for guidance, I produced the chart below. I was amazed by the symmetry of it. I began with the Age of Virgo, which is the Autumnal Equinox or opposite sign to Pisces and divided each age equally into three sections of 720 years. To see the Age of Pisces begin at 0 C.E., and its opposite sign Virgo begin exactly 12,960 B.C.E., was absolutely incredible.


The symbols beneath the Age for the Spring Equinox sun-sign signified with an (S) sign represent the opposite or Autumnal Equinox sun-sign, which is identified with an (A). The reason for including the Autumnal Equinox sun-sign is because it plays a significant part at certain points in history. Ultimately what the information from the chart showed me was like the Root-Races overlap, so does the Astrological influence of the different ages. Interestingly, Craig showed me the symmetry works on a mathematical level. (See diagram below)


From an Astrological perspective, the reason The Christ and Sophia’s mission was so successful is because from 10,800 to 2,880 B.C.E., a little under eight thousand years, the masculine/active influence of the World Soul is barely felt in the world. That is because the World Soul is of the energy of Mars and Saturn. The signs from Leo to Taurus incorporate the planetary energies of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus.

From the above, one could deduce that the active energy of Mars and Saturn, and therefore the World Soul is absent from 10,800 to 2,880 B.C.E., but that may be too hasty a deduction. I used the term “barely felt” because the world isn’t completely free of the influence. The reason is because of the opposite signs for the Autumnal Equinox. Taking this into account, the active/masculine energy of the World Soul appeared twice between 10,800 and 2,880 B.C.E., in the Age of Cancer and in the Age of Taurus. In Cancer, the Autumnal Equinox sign opposite to Cancer is Capricorn, Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn; remembering of course that Saturn is one of the planetary energies of the World Soul.

AFWN7b-19AFWN7b-20 Previously, I showed how card 15 - The Devil and card 2 - The High Priestess are connected. Archetypally, this is reflected in Set, which is represented by The Devil, and Nephthys, which is represented by The High Priestess being both brother and sister and husband and wife.

Remember, The Devil, which symbolizes Temptation represents the sun-sign Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn; whereas, The High Priestess actually represents The Moon itself and the faculty of Memory. Astrologically this is saying that the Moon can balance or neutralize Saturn. From a consciousness point of view, it could be seen as saying; Universal Subconscious Memory can be an effective tool against Temptation. An even deeper meaning can be determined, when viewed from an energetic perspective. In this way, the message would be that the passivity of The Moon dilutes the active, masculine energy of Saturn.

Unfortunately, during the Age of Taurus, the autumnal influence was a lot stronger. This is because the opposite sign to Taurus is Scorpio Scorpio. Traditionally, Mars represented Scorpio, but since the discovery of Pluto (despite its recent demotion from the status of planet) this outer planet represents Scorpio. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and because it represents all things hidden, works deep within the subconscious. This means that the World Soul, through the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto is able to affect the world at a much deeper level. Nonetheless, as this is the opposite sign to the Spring Equinox, it isn’t as strong.

Unfortunately the positive Astrological influence was about to change as the world was going to experience the Age of Aries’ energy. The influence of Mars will be felt from 2,880 B.C.E. until 720 C.E. At this time the Life Principle is about to move to the Malkuth Tree of Life. But for now, we are still discussing the second third of the Age of Taurus.

Even though, the Life Principle had entered the Yetzirah Plane in the traditional Tree of Life, a critical mass of consciousness didn’t move up the “Path of the Arrow” until the emergence of the 5th Root Race. Consequently, it wasn’t until 3,600 B.C.E. that the next stage for the Life Principle appeared, the three trees in the Tree of Malkuth reproduced below.

Harmonizing of the three trees in Malkuth

Something that needs to be said about the above diagram, in order to show the components of Malkuth, all four components are laid out side by side. When in fact, all four components are layered one on top of the other, starting with the black tree, then the white tree, followed by the gray tree and finally the six-pointed star. See diagram opposite

Humanity in 3,600 B.C.E. entered the black tree or the Tree of Death/Darkness in Malkuth and began learning to assimilate or transmute the energy of darkness. This is possible because in 3,600 B.C.E, the Life Principle entered the second third of the Age of Taurus and as stated, Venus or Sophia’s influence is strongest during the second third. Moreover, as stated, because the 5th Root-Race brought fourth the fifth principle or the human soul, the Human Race began to access the spiritual powers through intuition.

Black Tree of Death/Darkness In Malkuth

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On one level, because The Christ and Sophia had been engaged in teaching the Wisdom Religion throughout the world for more than eight thousand years, the 7th sub-race of the 3rd root-Race were evolving quickly into the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root-Race. However in 2,880 B.C.E., because of the overlapping of the Astrological ages, this is when the Earth began to feel the influence of the Astrological Age of Aries and the passionate energy of Mars. As stated, because this was the same energy as the World Soul, his influence predominated in the world, and the immediate result was the slowing down of the rapid evolution of the 3rd Root-Race into the 5th Root-Race. From another perspective, the slowing down of the transmutation of the 3rd Root-Race into the 5th Root-Race was caused by an imbalance in the active and passive energies in the region. This was because after 3,600 B.C.E., The Christ and Sophia left the Fertile Crescent to Melchizedek. Consequently there was only active, masculine energy present in the area. This consciousness is reflected in the rise and of several empires in the region during the last third of the Age of Taurus.

Despite my earlier challenging of traditional dates, we can see the general trend for the period give or take a few centuries. With that said, looking at world history for the period of the last third of Taurus (2,880-2,160 B.C.E) is very telling of the consciousness of the Human Race. In Babylon, after the god-kings had died out, the Sumerians had ruled in relative peace for several thousand years. In 2,500 B.C.E an Akkadian king, Sargon conquered Sumeria. I was unfamiliar with either Sargon or Akkadia, so I looked them up. I found an entry for Sargon on the web site Wikipedia.

According to the entry, Sargon founded “the Dynasty of Akkad”, which he ruled for “56 years…” The writer explains that Sargon ruled a “vast empire”, which encompassed an area “…from Elam to the Mediterranean Sea, including Mesopotamia, parts of modern-day Iran and Syria, and possibly parts of Anatolia and the Arabian Peninsula…” Everything was “hunky dory” until “…towards the end of his reign” when all of his subjects rose up to overthrow him.
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From an archetypal perspective, Sargon appears to have epitomised the energy of Mars, as did his heirs. As Egypt was established several hundred years before, I was interested to see what the pharoahs were doing, but before that I need to discuss another empire of the 3rd Millennium, the Amorites. Again my source for the Amorites is a writer of an entry on Wikipedia.

The writer begins by relating that “In early Babylonian inscriptions, all western lands…were known as “the land of the Amorites…” I was surprised to learn that “the lands” incorporated Caanan (Modern Israel) and Syria. Evidently, the Ammorites had successfully invaded Babylonia not once, but twice.

Like many of the ancient civilizations the Ammorites connected the deity to the Moon, only they didn’t worship a Moon goddess, they worshipped a Moon god called Sin. The Amorites like the later Romans seem to have been willing to accept other civilizations gods, as the writer tells us. “…The Amorites worshipped the Sumerian gods and the older Sumerian myths and epic tales were piously copied, translated or adapted with generally only minor alterations…”

The most surprising thing I learned from the entry was that the Amorites may be connected to Mount Moriah. Mount Moriah is the mountain at the heart of Jerusalem, and revered by Muslims as the place where Mohammed ascended to Heaven and Jews, as the site of the Solomon’s Temple. According to the writer, the Israelites used the term Amorites in reference “…to certain highland mountaineers, or hillmen (described in Gen. 10:16 as descendants of Canaan) who inhabited that land…Historically, these Amorites seem to have been linked to the Jerusalem region, and the Jebusites may have been a subgroup of them. The southern slopes of the mountains of Judea are called the “mount of the Amorites” (Deut. 1:7, 19, 20). One possible etymology for “Mount Moriah” is “Mountain of the Amorites,” with loss of the initial syllable.”

Returning to Mesopatamia, coinciding with the “First Intermediary Period” of Egypt, the Akkadian empire collapsed. The writer associates this time with “…rapidly increasing aridity” and reports that there is a decrease in rainfall “…in the region of the Ancient Near East…” Evidently, like the end of the Old Kingdom in Egypt, “…From the fall of Akkad until around 2100 B.C.E., there is much that is still dark.” Nonetheless, the writer does give a comprehensive theory on the cause of the collapse through “Evidence from Tell Leilan in Northern Mesopotamia…” The evidence reveals that “…skeleton-thin sheep and cattle died of drought, and up to 28,000 people abandoned the site seeking wetter areas elsewhere…” He cites verses from the “Curse of Akkad” that describe the situation…

For the first time since cities were built and founded,

The great agricultural tracts produced no grain,

The inundated tracts produced no fish,

The irrigated orchards produced neither syrup nor wine,

The gathered clouds did not rain, the masgurum did not grow.

At that time, one shekel's worth of oil was only one-half quart,

One shekel's worth of grain was only one-half quart.

These sold at such prices in the markets of all the cities!

He who slept on the roof, died on the roof,

He who slept in the house, had no burial,

People were flailing at themselves from hunger.

It seems that like so many times, “experts” dismissed the legend in the “Curse of Akkad” as pure myth. But after examining the evidence from Tel Leilan, as the writer says, “…recent findings of elevated dust deposits in sea-cores collected off Oman, that date to the period of Akkad’s collapse suggest that climate change may have been the culprit.
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The mention of an apparent famine in Mesopotamia reminded me of the Biblical reference to seven years of famine in Egypt during the time of Joseph.38 As stated, the author of the above-cited entry tells us that this “climate change” coincided with the end of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Although I covered this in the chapter Confused Chronology in (LCD), it is worth repeating.

“The third period begins with the Pharaoh Zanakht who founded the third dynasty in 2649 B.C.E. It is also known as the beginning of the Old Kingdom…At the end of the sixth dynasty ruled by Pharaoh Pepy II 2150 B.C.E., we come to the fourth period, known as The First Intermediate Period. This era lasts for 164 years and covers the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and halfway through the eleventh dynasties. What I found interesting is that this more than a century and a half Rohl reports as a time where there was “a dramatic change in climate, droughts and a series of major earthquakes.”

The entry in Wikipedia on the demise of the Egyptian Old Kingdom encapsulates the conventional thinking about this period. Apparently the downfall began after the Fifth Dynasty pharaoh Userkhaf, who is thought to have reigned from 2,465 B.C.E. to 2,458 B.C.E. The writer explains, “After his reign civil wars arose as the powerful nomarchs (regional governors) no longer belonged to the royal family…But regional autonomy and civil wars were not the only causes of this decline…The final blow was a severe drought in the region that resulted in a drastic drop in precipitation between 2200 and 2150 BC, which in turn prevented the normal flooding of the Nile…An important inscription on the tomb of Ankhtifi, a nomarch during the early First Intermediate Period, describes the pitiful state of the country when famine stalked the land.”
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By the start of the last third of the Age of Taurus in 2,880 B.C.E., the energy of Egypt had greatly changed due to massive building projects. The various temples and massive statues were not the problem; it was the erection of stone obelisks. The reason is because the obelisks represented the active/masculine energy of the World Soul. Having said that, I believe most of the pharaohs were consciously unaware of this. Nonetheless, I was still interested as to who was the first pharaoh to erect an obelisk. I discovered the first pharaoh to raise an obelisk was Senusret (I), 1971-1926 B.C.E., the second pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty. The entry on Wikipedia for Senusret (I) and his dynasty explains the official history. As this is important to tracking the energy, I wanted to know more about this period in Egypt. The entry for the twelfth dynasty on Wikipedia was very informative. The writer says, “The chronology of the Twelfth Dynasty is the most stable of any period before the New Kingdom…Egyptologists consider this dynasty to be the apex of the Middle Kingdom.” It appears that Senusret I was “…one of the most powerful kings of the 12th Dynasty…”

As for Senusret (I) erecting the first obelisk, the writer relates “He dispatched several quarrying expeditions to the Sinai and Wadi Hammamat and built numerous shrines and temples throughout Egypt and Nubia in his long reign. He rebuilt the important temple of Re-Atum in Heliopolis, the centre of the sun cult – and erected 2 red granite obelisks there to celebrate his Year 30 Heb Sed Jubilee. One of the obelisks still remains and is the oldest standing obelisk in Egypt. It is 67 feet tall and weighs 120 tons or 240,000 pounds…”

Leaving Egypt for now, as was shown in the Astrological chart in 2,160 the consciousness of Humanity entered the Age of Aries. Around five hundred years later, in 1,650 B.C.E., we move forward to the time of the patriarchs Jacob and his twelve sons.
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One of the most baffling stories for me in the Old Testament is the story in Genesis of Jacob struggling with a mysterious “man”. It is reported thus: “And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day…”39 At daybreak the “man” demands that Jacob release him. However, Jacob refuses saying, “…I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.”40 The mysterious stranger then asks Jacob to tell him his name. When Jacob tells him, the “man” says, “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel…”41 Later on Genesis has Jacob associate the “man” with God, by relating that Jacob calls the place, “…Peniel: for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.”42

As a child in Sunday school, I’d learned that this episode was the founding of the nation of Israel. Also, Jacob/Israel’s twelve sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. Nevertheless, my confusion was that I didn’t understand the purpose of Jacob wrestling the spiritual being. That was until we read Luther H. Martin’s HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS AN INTRODUCTION.43 Within its informative pages I found the answer to the mystery of the story.
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The light first went on for me when Mr. Martin’s book relates a connection between Isis and Wisdom.44 it was the first time I’d seen Isis associated with the Wisdom of the Hebrews. After a quote from Sirach, which reads, “Then The Creator of all things gave me [Wisdom] a commandment, and the one who created me assigned a place for my tent. And he said, ‘Make your dwelling in Jacob, and in Israel receive your inheritance.”45 On the face of it, this would appear to support the generally accepted view, however, Mr. Martin’s comment on the quote revealed a much deeper insight. He continues, “And just as Isis might lead one to Osiris, so Wisdom leads one to Yahweh.”46

Because of the overwhelming masculine depiction of divinity in Genesis, I was surprised to learn that the Hebrews venerated Wisdom/Sophia as the consort of Yahweh. Mr. Martin connects Wisdom/Sophia as the Hellenistic cosmic feminine principle. This was so reminiscent of the cosmic role of the Gnostic Sophia that I began to wonder if the proponents of a “Pre-Christian” origin for Gnosticism were right. There are some who believe that Gnosticism originated from “pagan” sects, with a small number claiming that the Jewish religion is the source. I wasn’t familiar with the name Sirach so I looked it up on Wikipedia. I learned that Sirach was the name of a Jewish author of the 2nd century B.C.E. The entry also says Sirach was also known as “Yeshua ben Sira.” Evidently although he is believed to have lived in Jerusalem, the writer suspects Sirach might have “…established his school and written his work in Alexandria…”

Returning to the thesis, in the Second Millennium B.C.E., while the Egyptian pharaoh Senusret (I) was building his dynasty, the teachers of the Wisdom Religion were spreading their message throughout the world. Because the multiple Christ-like teachers have been covered extensively in the main text, I will move on to the next major “upstepping” in the fourteenth century B.C.E., when the Age of Aries and therefore the masculine/active influence of Mars is well established.

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SECTION 2 – 1500-1300 B.C.E

Root Race 4: sub-race 5 - Root Race 5: sub-race 2



Because this section focuses on the Astrological influence, which is difficult to keep track of, I’ve reproduced Craig’s diagram of the Symmetry of the Astrological Ages again.

By 1,500 B.C.E. two thousand one hundred years have elapsed since the Life Principle as the 1st sub-race of the 5th Root Race, first entered the Sphere of Malkuth and began assimilating the “black tree”. As I said, it is the Age of Aries, which means that the masculine/active energy of Mars or the World Soul is the Astrological predominant influence. In the diagrams of the overlapping of the Root-races, I show the time it takes for the 7th sub-race of the preceding Root-races to evolve into the 1st sub-race of the next Root-race.

Generally speaking the evolvement through the subsequent sub-races takes less time. However, as I said, an “upstepping” can sometimes take hundreds of years. This is the case during the upstepping for the 2nd sub-race of the 5h Root Race. Although, the consciousness of Humanity is exposed to the white Tree of Life in 1,500 B.C.E., the 2nd sub-race of the 5th Root Race will not fully emerge until 1,300 B.C.E., which is why the date for this section is 1,500 to 1,300 B.C.E.

Although it is the Age of Aries, just as the World Soul had a slight affect on the Age of Taurus, because of the Autumnal Equinox sign being Scorpio, this works both ways. In the Age of Aries, the Autumnal Equinox or opposite sun-sign was Libra, which like Taurus is also ruled by Venus; consequently, Venus or Sophia had a slight affect. During the first third of the Age of Aries, this was further strengthened, because of the previous Age of Taurus’ influence; therefore, from 2,160 B.C.E. to 1,440 B.C.E., the influence of Venus is strengthened even more. For this reason, in 1,500 B.C.E. the consciousness of Humanity is ready for the next “upstepping.” As a result, they are about to receive a boost that will propel them forward and bring about the emergence of the 2nd sub-race of the 5h Root Race. At this time there are still pockets of the 4th Root Race, only they have advanced to the 5th sub-race.

AFWN7b-25AFWN7b-24The first thing that occurs is the emergence of the white Tree of Life. (See below) It is important to always remember that each element of the sphere of Malkuth evolves as a result in the advance of Humanity’s consciousness. As I said, the 5th Root-Race caused the activation of intuition, which was connected to the first stage of the Higher Self. Consequently, the white tree developed quickly because the Human Race had assimilated the black tree, which represents materiality, and is ready to investigate their spirituality again.

White Tree of Life in Malkuth                                                                                                                                                          Side view of trees in Malkuth

As reported in the chapter Exodus: Miracle or History in (LCD), this is the time of the Exodus, when the Human Race experiences tremendous upheavals from a comet that comes perilously close to Earth, causing major calamities. I had wondered at 1,500 B.C.E. as the date for the “upstepping”, because I doubted if anyone could have made any spiritual advancement at this time. However, If Immanuel Velikovsky is right and it was the planet Venus that made a near approach to Earth, then Venus’ influence would have been strengthened even further.

Anyway, by the fourteenth century every soul is unconsciously awaiting the next step in evolution. This occurs when all four archetypes physically incarnate. They do this during the Egyptian eighteenth dynasty. Pharaoh Akhenaten is the physical embodiment of the archetype Osiris. Queen Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s sister/wife is the physical embodiment of the archetype Isis and the boy-king Tutankhamun is the physical embodiment of the archetype Horus.

At first, I didn’t think I would be able to connect the archetype Melchizedek to this time, until I learned from Robert Feather that Akhenaten had a high priest called Meryra. I should state that Mr. Feather’s position is that Akhenaten was a contemporary of the Patriarchs Jacob and Joseph. Even though God had shown me that Akhenaten was a contemporary of Saul and David, like all the books, I’d been led to; I read Robert Feather’s information with an open mind, trying to ascertain his part of the puzzle.
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I had learned from Gregg Braden’s Awakening to Zero Point: that he considered Akhenaten as one of The Christs, but because I hadn’t been able to make any other connection, I had forgotten it. But in reading Mr. Feather’s book I was able to

recognize all four archetypes in their new roles. But first, lets reexamine the traditional view. Once again it is the invaluable contributors to the website Wikipedia that provided the information. First Akhenaten was the son of Amenhotep III. Although his official name was Amenhotep IV, according to the writer, Akhenaten “…was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the untimely death of his older brother, Thutmose…” Evidently, Akhenaten as Amenhotep IV “..succeeded his father after Amenhotep III’s death at the end of his 38-year reign…” But before Amenhotep III’s death, the writer speculates Akhenaten may have ruled alongside his father as co-regent.

Akhenaten’s claim to fame was the introduction of monotheism to Egypt. The writer explains that he is most, “…notable for attempting to single-handedly restructure the Egyptian religion to monotheistically worship the Aten. Although there are doubts as to how successful he was at this, it was the first attempt at monotheism the world had seen.”

Akhenaten saw the Sun as representing the Supreme God, above all other gods. He called the Supreme God, Aten. Apparently, Aten was already known to the Egyptians, although the writer says The Aten was an “obscure god…” Until Akhenaten elevated the Aten to the Supreme deity, Aten was “…considered to be an aspect of the composite deity Ra-Amun-Horus…” Apparently, like the association of Isis with other goddesses, her son Horus underwent the same process.

Talking of Horus, Tutankhamun, the heir to Akhenaten’s throne was identified with Horus. The entry for him on Wikipedia says that Tutankhamun’s parentage is far from clear. The writer relates, “An inscription calls him a king’s son, but it is not clear which king was meant. Most scholars think that he was probably a son either of Amenhotep III…or more likely a son of Amenhotep III’s son Akhenaten around 1342 BC. However, if there was lengthy co-regency between Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, Amenhotep could definitely be Tutankhamun’s father.”

If Tutankhamun was Akhenaten’s son, then it would seem that his mother would have been the famous wife of Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti. However, the entry for her on Wikipedia has a very interesting supposition. The writer doesn’t think she was Tutankhamun’s mother, but rather either his stepmother or mother-in-law. This is because the writer thinks that one of Nefertiti’s daughters married Tutankhamun. Moreover, the writer thinks “…Nefertiti may have also ruled in her own right under the name Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti.” Apparently the name means “…the Aten is radiant of radiance because the Beautiful has arrived…” The writer hypothesizes that Nefertiti ascended to the throne for a short time, “…after her husband’s death and before the accession of Tutankhamun...”

From an energy perspective it made no difference if Tutankhamun was Akhenaten’s son or not. As the Archetype of Horus, he still carried the consciousness of The Christ. Having said that, although, Tutankhamun and Akhenaten represented the Archetypes Osiris and Horus, or The Christ; this was the last time The Christ would incarnate as two separate individuals. After the death of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, the two Christ Consciousnesses became united. Consequently, when The Christ incarnated into the persons I mentioned in the chapter Voice in the Wilderness (LCD), both the consciousness of Osiris/Akhenaten and Horus/Tutankhamun were in them.

As for the Archetype Melchizedek, I could find no information on Meryra, Akhenaten’s high priest, nevertheless as I’d been told Meryra was the archetype for Melchizedek, I just accepted it and moved on.
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Unfortunately, as this is the Age of Aries the presence of the consciousness of the World Soul is very strong. During the eighteenth dynasty “his” influence can be identified among the priests of Amun, who wanted to maintain the status quo and hold on to their power. Powerless while Akhenaten lived, they bided their time until the pharaoh’s death. The entry for this priesthood on Wikipedia was informative. Evidently, Akhenaten angered the priests of Amun when, “He defaced the symbols of the old gods…” The writer explains that “…when Akhenaten died, his name was striken from the Egyptian records, and all of his changes were swiftly undone. It was almost as if this monotheistic sect had never occurred. Worship of the Aten was replaced and worship of Amun-Ra was restored. The priests persuaded the new underage pharaoh Tutankhaten, whose name meant ‘the living image of Aten’, to change his name to Tutankhamun, ‘the living image of Amun’.”

I had wondered why Akhenaten had relocated to Tel el-Armarna from Thebes, modern Luxor. At this point, I was reminded that both The Christ and Sophia had not been in the region for more than two thousand years. As stated, from an energy perspective, during this time the consciousness of the region was heavily unbalanced toward the active, masculine side. Whilst the Christ and Sophia had been promulgating the Wisdom Religion throughout the Earth, the World Soul had been busy creating confusion by mixing together the different deities in the region. I touched on this earlier, in reference to Isis and her sister Nephthys being associated with several other goddesses. I also mentioned how the Egyptian pharaoh Seth-Peribsen “…used an image of the god Seth instead of Horus…”

Nonetheless, it was the corruption of the sun-god Ra, by associating him with Amun that was the main reason for The Christ and Sophia, as Akhenaten and Nefertiti taking such a drastic action as relocating from Thebes to Tel el-Armarna. But before I get to that, I think it will help if I relate how the World Soul corrupted Egypt in other ways. I will start with Horus and Ra being associated with the god Seker.
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According to an entry on Wikipedia, “In Memphis, Seker was worshipped as the patron god of the necropolis…the necropolis itself, then became known as Sakkara after his name. In Thebes he had a dedicated festival, known as the Henu Festival…”
Seker was referred to as “one who is on the sand.” However, I discovered that he came to be linked with Ptah. Apparently, “…during the Middle Kingdom when Ptah became viewed as a…god of reincarnation, Seker…became closely associated with Ptah. Eventually, Seker’s identity was subsumed into that of Ptah, becoming Ptah-Seker. By the start of the New Kingdom, Ptah-Seker, as a funerary god, had become subsumed into the now much more important god of death, Osiris, becoming Ptah-Seker-Osiris.”

At first, I wasn’t troubled by the confusion of Ptah-Seker with Osiris, until I read that “Egyptian legends say that Seker’s domain resided in the ever-shifting sands outside of Memphis.” Although both Osiris and Seker were known as gods of the underworld, the similarity ended there. Osiris’ “kingdom…was reserved for the blessed” and as such “consisted of fields and flowing water.” On the other hand “Seker’s domain was reserved for the wicked, and was shrouded in impenetrable blackness.”

Seker’s “domain” sounded an awful lot like a place of punishment, especially when I read, “It was populated with terrible serpents and other reptiles…These creatures sometimes had two, or even three heads. They were meant to keep order in Seker’s domain and keep his image. This was because Seker did not reside necessarily in his own domain, but in his hidden chambers deep into the earth…”

Sounding like minions of “hell”, the writer relates that “There is also a company of eight more minor gods in Seker’s kingdom. Their job is to consummate the final destruction of the bodies of the damned. They emitted liquid fire from their mouths (destruction by fire was only used for the blessed or important) in order to get rid of the bodies.”

I was immediately reminded of the fourforms of magic in Frances A Yate’s book THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT  relating Gabriel Naudé’s work “Apology for Great Men Suspected of Magic.” To recap: One of the forms of magic is theurgy or religious magic, which is “…freeing the soul from the contamination of the body.” The writer of the entry for Seker on Wikipedia explains that “In Egyptian mythology,” Seker presided over “…the act of separating the Ba from the Ka, roughly the separation of soul from the body, after death…”
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Although, Seker’s “domain” was outside Memphis, according to the writer, he was worshipped at Thebes. Nonetheless, when Akhenaten relocated to Akhentaten, Tel el-Armarna, the chief deity at Thebes was Amun-Ra. Ra was the Egyptian Sun god, often associated with other gods. For instance, according for the entry for Ra on Wikipedia “Ra was subsumed into the god Horus.” The question I had was if Ra was the chief sun god, then why did the archetype for The Christ replace Ra with The Aten? The answer is in the amalgamation of Ra with other gods. I’d already seen how Osiris had become confused with Seker, but apparently, Akhenaten felt that the corruption of the sun god Ra was even more serious, requiring the drastic action of severing ties with the worship of Ra all together.

The most serious amalgamation of Ra was with the god Amun. The entry for Amun on Wikipedia has that Amun “…was the name of a deity in Egyptian mythology, who gradually rose to become one of the most important deities in Ancient Egypt, before fading into obscurity.” What really interested me was the comment on the origin of the name Amun. “Amun’s name is first recorded in Egyptian records as ỉmn, meaning “The hidden (one)”. I think the “hidden one” could be an euphenism for the World Soul. Amun as the god of air, according to the writer slowly became “associated with the breath of life, which created the ba, particularly in Thebes.”

In reading the entry for Amun, there were several red flags raised and I saw how insidious the World Soul had been in connecting the worship of Ra to Amun. This would not only affect Egypt, but also Greece. The writer relates that “Greek travelers to Egypt” returned home associating Amun with the Greek “king of the gods” Zeus.

Another red flag was in the way Amun-Ra was worshipped. The writer says “…those who prayed to Amun were required first to demonstrate that they were worthy, by confessing their sins.” Bearing in mind the connection of the World Soul to Mars, I was very interested to learn from the entry that after Egypt “conquered Kush” Amun became the chief deity of the Kushites, which they, “…depicted as Ram headed, more specifically a woolly Ram with curved horns, and so Amun started becoming associated with the Ram.”

The piece de resistance or, the biggest red flag to my understanding why Akhenaten acted the way he did was the writer’s reference to Amun being “…identified with the chief God that was worshipped in other areas, Ra-Herakhty, the merged identities of Ra, and Horus. This identification led to a merger of identities, with Amun becoming Amun-Ra…Ra-Herakhty had been a sun god, and so this became true of Amun-Ra as well, Amun becoming considered the hidden aspect of the sun (e.g. during the night), in contrast to Ra-Herakhty as the visible aspect, since Amun clearly meant the one who is hidden.” Again the reference to “hidden aspect of the sun” connects Amun to Set as the reverse side of light, Osiris and Horus, which were two aspects of The Christ. Moreover, Set was seen as the twin brother of Osiris, archetypally representing the hidden side of the Sun. At this point, I will pause to equate the Archetypes of The Christ and Sophia with the historical figures of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun. To recap, The Christ and Sophia incarnated as Osiris and Isis, with their son Horus representing the Christ-child. Archetypally, in the Tarot, The Hermit, The High Priestess/The Empress and the four cards that represent the Higher Self: The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Sun and The Chariot symbolized these Archetypes. Remembering that Isis and her sister Nephthys is reflected in the union of The Empress and The High Priestess, we can see that Queen Nefertiti represents both Isis and Nephthys. Like both Osiris and Horus represented The Christ, both Akhenaten and Tutankhamun represent The Christ in the eighteenth dynasty. (See below.

      AWFN7c-1                       AWFN7c-2 AWFN7c-3        AWFN7c-4 AWFN7c-5 AWFN7c-8
 Osiris/Akhenaten                                 Isis/Nefertiti                                          Horus/Tutankhamun                

Returning to my thesis, a less obvious reason for Akhenaten abandoning Thebes for Tel el-Armarna concerned the World Soul incorporating the obelisks to propagate his active destructive energy. I discussed earlier the building projects of Senusret (I), especially the obelisks. However, it was the entry on Wikipedia for pylon and the Temple of Luxor/Thebes that first revealed this reason for Akhenaten relocating.

According to the writer “Rituals to the god Amun who became identified with the sun god Ra were often carried out on the top of temple pylons… A pair of obelisks usually stood in front of a pylon. Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the River Nile in the city today known as Luxor (ancient Thebes…Access to the temple was – and still is…a causeway lined by sphinxes once led all the way to Ipet Sut (Egyptian word for Karnak) in modern Al-Karnak…”

Pylon and Obelisk at Temple of Karnak Luxor (Ancient Thebes)

The only pylon I knew of was the English term “pylon” for the pyramidial-like towers that carry high voltage electric power, (I believe they are referred to here as Transmission towers.) so I wondered how “rituals” could be carried out on top of a pylon. However, when I saw the picture opposite, I saw that the sheer size of the Egyptian pylons were more than adequate for “rituals” to be carried out on top of them

I know this may seem like a stretch, but Craig has an extensive history and understanding of microwave energy/frequencies, and is not alone in believing that many ancient structures such as temples incorporate precise measurement and geometry for energy (frequency) propagation to the surrounding areas or land. He explains, “Physical shape and placement of objects are used to tune electronic circuitry in the microwave-energy world on a smaller scale (higher frequency range).” He believes “Many cultures understood about natural world ley-line energy sources, ritual ceremony interaction, and overall manipulation of that kind of energy and its affect on people. This type of manipulation/direction of energy fields seems to be what was taking place at Karnak during the reign of Thutmose. As the saying goes: “you don’t have to understand the internal workings of a car, to drive one.” Human interaction with cosmic energy is discussed in more detail in Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution.

At first I thought I was being led to the fact that Ramesses, the pharaoh who was in the Battle of Kadesh was involved in the energy of the World Soul. I made this assumption because of his wall at Karnak, which I discussed earlier in the chapter Confused Chronology in (LCD). However, I discovered it was a great deal more complicated. First it concerned the builder of Karnak, Thutmose (I). The writer for the entry for the pharaoh on Wikipedia informs us, “Thutmose I organized great building projects during his reign, including many temples and tombs, but his greatest projects were at the Temple of Karnak…Thutmose was the first king to drastically enlarge the temple. Thutmose had the fifth pylon built along the temple’s main road, along with a wall to run around the inner sanctuary and two flagpoles to flank the gateway. Outside of this, he built a fourth pylon and another enclosure wall…he built colossal statues, each one alternating wearing the crown of Upper Egypt and the crown of Lower Egypt. Finally, outside of the fourth pylon, he erected four more flagpoles and two obelisks…”

This is where one of the reasons for covering the association of Isis or Sophia with other goddesses is demonstrated. Isis’s twin sister was Nephthys, the sister/wife of Set. Remember Set was an archetype for the World Soul and therefore anything to do with either Set or his sister/wife Nephthys carried the masculine/active energy, which was out of balance. As I said, one of the things I listed as strongly associated with Nephthys was the “pylon.” Thutmose I caused the energies of Set, the World Soul to be prevalent at Thebes because he not only built pylons, but carried out ceremonies on top of them. Nevertheless, Ptah-Seker and Amun-Ra, AKA “the hidden one” being worshipped at Thebes was the most serious reason for Akhenaten abandoning Thebes. In conclusion then in 1500 B.C.E., Thebes was well and truly infused with the energy of the World Soul. Consequently, in order to rebalance the energy of the region, The Christ as Akhenaten had no alternativer other than to sever all ties to the World Soul, by abandoning Thebes before he could reset the energy: hence the relocation to the pristine area or Tel el-Armarna.

Many people have scratched their heads over Akhenaten’s actions. To the scholars there has been no good explanation for Akhenaten abandoning the traditional Egyptian worship of Amun-Ra. However, I think the above information, which connects the worship of Amun-Ra at Thebes to the World Soul; Akhenaten’s defection isn’t so mysterious.
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Maurice Cotterell’s book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES was an invaluable resource on Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun. In response to some scholars conclusion that Akhenaten was a “sexual deviant” because many of his pictures depict him with feminine traits, Mr. Cotterell defends the king by saying the “art style…concealed esoteric knowledge of a high order.”47

I should state that the main premise for Maurice Cotterell’s books are to show that “Supergods” throughout time have been encoding the Science of the Sun, to warn future generations that periodically the cycle of sunspots create infertility.

At first, I had just accepted this as I was unfamiliar with the study of sunspots, but then I was reminded that the Tarot is also carrying this information. Card 19 - The Sun represents sterility and fertility; consequently as the child in the card represents The Christ Consciousness, then the card may also be saying that the information about the cycles of the Sun is conveyed through The Christ.

Granting that The Christs throughout history were imparting knowledge of the cycle of sunspots, does this mean this was their primary message? I would have to say “No,” because I’d been shown that there was a much deeper secret; namely how to overcome the ramifications of the “watchers mistake.”

One thing that has always hit me was that the only Egyptian tomb to be found intact was that of Tutankhamun. The discovery of the tomb with the instantly recognizable mesmerizing golden mask, catapulted the boy-king into the world’s consciousness. Craig reported in Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution how we had run into a man called John while on a cruise to Mexico, who believed that he was not only the reincarnation of Buddha, but also the reincarnation of the boy-king Tutankhamun. As he reported, God told us that John was indeed the said reincarnation of the Egyptian pharaoh, but that he wasn’t Gautama Buddha, but rather Prince Siddartha, the Buddha before his enlightenment. Coincidentally, I found a connection between the boy-king and the Buddha in Mr. Cotterell’s book, in respect to ebony statues of Tutankhamun. “The ebony statues, showing Tutankhamun in a walking posture, confirm that the next time Tutankhamun walks on earth he will walk again as a black man (ebony).”48 Although he interprets the statues as relating to the reincarnation of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, I believe it can just as easily refer to the incarnation of the Indian Prince Siddartha.
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To be honest, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to Tutankhamun until we read THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES. In the book Mr. Cotterell systematically lays out the Science of the Sun numbers hidden in the artifacts found in his tomb. Concerning, this he says, “Tutunkhamun’s tomb…would have to wait until the science of the day could explain its mysteries.”49 However, my guided study had consistently shown me that the “mysteries” could hide more than one secret. So, conceding Mr. Cotterell’s correct decoding of the tomb with regard to the sunspot cycles, I was interested in his connecting the boy-king to the feathered snake and Osiris.

Interpreting what Mr. Cotterell refers to as the Throne of God, in which he identifies several details that carry an encoded message. There were several “details” he mentioned that set off bells in my head, as if to say, “pay attention!” These details were that Tutankhamun wore “the crown of Osiris.” Evidently when examining the crown under (computer enhanced) magnification, a “dotted disc” was discovered. Furthermore, he says there was “a plentiful supply of orange solar discs.”50

Connecting Tutankhamun to Osiris wasn’t a surprise, because I’d already associated Akhenaten to Osiris and Tutankhamun to Horus. As I said, Osiris and Horus were two aspects of The Christ. Subsequently, like Horus succeeded Osiris as ruler of Egypt during the first incarnation of The Christ, the boy-king Tutankhamun, as the archetype of Horus succeeded Akhenaten the archetype of Osiris to the throne of Egypt, in the second millennium. The second detail of the “dotted disc” was a little more startling. When we read this, both Craig and I were reminded of the Sephirot Daath depicted as a “dotted circle/disc.”

The third detail concerns the reference to the color orange, which immediately reminded me of the Tarot cards 6 - The Lovers and 19 - The Sun.

As I reported these cards depict The Christ Consciousness or (2nd level Higher Self) in two forms. First as a disincarnate angel (Osiris) and second as a child (Horus) riding a white horse. To me there can be no greater depiction of the boy-king Tutankhamun as Horus or the child Christ.

Finally, Mr. Cotterell sums up the hidden meaning of the anomalies for me, when he says, “Progression from one level of encoding to a higher level could be made only when the defects at any particular stage had been identified, repaired and overcome. This itself carried a further message: that the way to success, and purification, is through self-examination of our own defects, weaknesses and failings.”51

Before I leave the boy-king Tutankhamun, there is one more detail I want to address. This concerns the young pharaohs actual mummy. Mr. Cotterell observes that the Golden Mask has a headdress with a pigtail that runs down the back. He observes that the pigtail “resembles the tail of a bee, an insect known to be controlled by the sun’s radiation.”52 This reminded me of two things. The first was a report on the News about the disappearance of millions of honeybees. Could the disappearance of the bees be an indication of the sunspot cycle? The second was something we’d read in Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge between the Inner and Outer Planets.53 We quoted the relevant passage in our third book, The True Philosophers’ Stone:

“Bees are the sacred carrier of polarity energy from Mars to Venus; and this sacred marriage of the sky and earth was made on top of the Golden Fleece/trust symbolizing balance of polarities.”54

It seems to me that the bee symbol appearing on the “Golden” Mask of Tutankhamun is identifying him with The Christ. After the death of Tutankhamun, as stated, Osiris and Horus reunited. They did this in order to incarnate as the Christ teachers of the second millennium in other parts of the world, such as Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Krishna, Confucius and Gautama Buddha. Consequently, it was time for me to leave Egypt and the eighteenth Dynasty in order to find the next incarnation of the archetypes. I learned that once again Melchizedek did not move out of the area with The Christ, however after the death of Tutankhamun, he didn’t remain in Egypt, but moved to Palestine to carry on the work that The Christ as Akhenaten/Tutankhamun and Sophia as Nefertiti had started.

It is important to remember that divine figures emanate from the Archetypal plane and the archetypes Melchizedek, Osiris, and Isis are repeated in various myths and legends, as well as being actual historical figures. For example, My King James Study Bible observes that the term used in reference to Enoch being taken by God is the same as Elijah. Remember, Enoch is the physical form of the archetype Melchizedek. Enoch and Elijah are the only two figures in the Bible that are singled out as being taken by God and by using the same term for both, we are being told that they are connected. From this we can deduce that Elijah is the reappearance of the archetype Melchizedek, during the reign of Ahab. This takes on a greater importance, when we remember that John the Baptist was identified by Jesus as Elijah returned.
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Previously, I related that Akhenaten was a contemporary of both King Saul and David. When we read Robert Feather’s THE SECRET INITIATION OF JESUS AT QUMRAN – The Essene Mysteries of John the Baptist, we learned that although, Mr. Feather follows the accepted time-line, he thinks that Akhenaten was the source for monotheism entering Palestine. This is because; he believes Solomon’s temple was modeled on the temple Akhenaten built to Aten (the Sun) at his capital Akhentaten, known today as Tel el-Armarna.

I mentioned Robert Feather’s book earlier in connection to Melchizedek, but it was his information about the Essenes that really astounded Craig and I. This was because he appeared to provide the evidence for the theory in The Good News.

As stated, we wrote The Good News: An Alternate Theory between 2003 and 2004, when it was copyrighted. To be frank, both Craig and I had accepted the hypothesis presented in it of the New Testament characters on faith. Nonetheless, it was very gratifying to see other authors relating evidence that supported the hypothesis. As stated, Robert Feather connects pharaoh Akhenaten with the Essene community at Qumran, through as I mentioned earlier, finding the letters spelling the name Akhenaten interspersed as Greek letters in the Copper Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was fascinating, but it was his relating that there is evidence that both John the Baptist and Jesus were at Qumran that amazed Craig and I. As reported earlier, the hypothesis we were given in The Good News has Jesus joining his cousin John the Baptist in Qumran. We wrote:

Our hypothesis has Jesus growing up in Alexandria with no idea that he was destined to be the prophesied Jewish messiah. As an adolescent he entered the mystery school of Isis and was eventually initiated by The High Priestess and trained in the arts of alchemy and magic. His training explains some of the more mysterious events, such as recorded in John 8:59 where, when the Pharisees tried to stone him, he escaped by becoming invisible to them.

At the same time as Jesus was being trained in Egypt, his cousin John had entered an ascetic Essene community. While he was there, John received a vision informing him that he was to prepare the way for the messiah. At the time he did not know that the messiah was his cousin Jesus. More than likely he told his teachers about the vision, but because the Essene leaders were waiting for Elijah to return and John didn’t fit the expected profile, his revelations were not received well. He was told to forget the vision and continue his studies.55

As Akhenaten had been identified as a contemporary of King Saul and David, I had assumed that David was the next stage archetype for Melchizedek, but I learned that was wrong, it was his son, Solomon that carried the energy of the “order of Melchizedek” forward again. The reason was as Robert Feather points out Solomon’s temple was based on Akhenaten’s temple at Akhentaten, known today as Tel el-Armarna. This mysterious king has always held a fascination for me, but I wasn’t sure why. It was through the investigation of the Hermetic teaching that I realized the reason for the interest. I knew that Solomon had built the first temple and I’d discovered that it was a replica of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s temple to the Sun at Akhentaten, but the real mystery was in how the temple was built.
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In studying the Bible, both Craig and I had read (I Kings) several times, but neither of us recognized the importance of the passage about the temple being built without sound. “…there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.”56 Although previously it is explained that the stone was prepared before being brought into the temple, I found it curious that the bible scholars make no comment about this in my study bible. Didn’t they wonder why, the temple was built without sound? I know Craig and I did. Moreover, the temple was built in seven years.57

AWFN7c-11 Maurice Cotterell tells us in his THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES the temple was not built by ordinary means. He says, “Solomon’s magnificent temple…was reportedly built by magic…legend has it without a sound, without instruments…Its building was thought possible because Chiram Abiff (AKA Hiram Abiff) possessed secret knowledge, handed down from the pyramid-builders. The plan of the temple was, like the base of the Great Pyramid…”58 I was fascinated to discover that Hiram Abiff is the central character for the Freemasons.

AWFN7c-12 The mention of the Freemasons is fundamental to my quest, but I will leave them till later. For now, what interested me most was the biblical reference to Hiram Abiff erecting two specific pillars; “And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz.”59 Mr. Cotterell connects these pillars to the two pillars of Severity and Mercy60 on the Tree of Life. Moreover, I was reminded that these two pillars appear in card 2 - The High Priestess. To illustrate what I mean, I repeat the Tree of Life (right):

King Solomon was known for his wisdom, but his seal – the six-pointed star has been associated with magic. In reference to King Solomon and magic, David A. Shugarts, in his SECRETS OF THE WIDOW’S SON THE MYSTERIES SURROUNDING THE SEQUEL TO THE DA VINCI CODE61 relates that a legend concerning King Solomon said he was able to control any spirit. Mr. Shugarts explains, “A kind of amalgamated story that drifted down from Arabic writers expands the concept of Solomon the magus. It is said that he was given a special signet ring from heaven…on which was engraved ‘the Most Great Name of God…”62 He also relates that the Arabic writers relayed that Solomon was given “four jewels from four different angels…so that he could control the four classical elements: earth, air, fire, water.”63 Indeed, I was led to a book filled with incantations from Solomon. Nonetheless, I must stress that King Solomon was never connected with black magic, only white.

AWFN7c-12 When you consider, the connection of Hermes/Enoch/Thoth to magic, it makes sense that as one of the line of Melchizedek, King Solomon would be well versed in the use of magic.

During the time of King Solomon, The Christ and Sophia did not incarnate in the region. Still as the promulgators of the Wisdom Religion, they were still teaching the sub-races of the fifth race throughout the world, in the form of civilizers and sages. They also inspired other teachers and philosophers of the world whilst waiting for the energies to align for the next major “upstepping.” In the meantime, Melchizedek continued to raise the level of understanding in the region through the Biblical prophets, until it was time to move on.

   Magician (magus)

As for the World Soul’s influence in Qumran, remembering that the energy thrives on conflict, I identified it in the Qumran community through “the split.” However, the World Soul was far more effective in the next “upstepping”, because “he” had help.
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SECTION 3 – 750-500 B.C.E.

Root Race 4: sub-race 6 – Root Race 5: sub-race 3



The millennium before the Common Era was pivotal to the development of the Human Race. As I said, after the death of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamun, The Christ and Sophia’s consciousness once again left the region, and Melchizedek had relocated to Palestine, where as King Solomon he instigated the recreation of the temple of Akhentaten on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. However, this time the consciousness of The Christ and Sophia didn’t stay away from Melchizedek as long, and rejoined their partner again in the 5th century B.C.E. In the meantime, after King Solomon died, the consciousness of Melchizedek incarnated as the prophet Elijah. From an energy perspective, this was the last third of the Age of Aries and therefore, beginning to feel the influence of the next age, the Piscean. It is at this time that the gray Tree of Knowledge comes into play, always remembering that the three trees in Malkuth are layered. See below:


I knew that the line of Melchizedek went through Elijah, but Elijah was taken according to the conventional timeline around 850 B.C.E. However, as I reported in Confused Chronology in (LCD), both the Egyptian and Israelite time-line is disputed. As such, Elijah could have walked the earth anywhere from 1,152 B.C.E to 850 B.C.E. In any case, whichever dates we use there are at least eight centuries before the Messiah was expected. In thinking about this, I felt that maybe I needed to look elsewhere for the thread of Melchizedek; in doing this I was led to Greece.
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It was in Greece that I picked up the thread of The Christ, Melchizedek and Sophia again in the teachings of Greek Philosophy. Greek Philosophy defined the Greek Classical period, which is generally thought to run from 510 B.C.E. to the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E. Although I’d investigated Greek Philosophy, what I didn’t know was that during the 11th century (1200 – 1299 B.C.E.), Greece entered its Dark Ages, which it didn’t emerge from until 750 B.C.E. It was after this obscure time, in the Greek Classical period that the Archetypes of The Christ, Sophia and Melchizedek incarnated together again.

The entry on Wikipedia defines the classical period beginning with the fall of the Athenian tyranny. I’d never heard of this so I clicked on the link. The link took me to the entry for the history of Athens, and the reforms of Solon. The writer relates that Solon diminished the “economic power” of the ruling faction by “…abolishing slavery as a punishment for debt, breaking up large landed estates and freeing up trade and commerce, which allowed the emergence of a prosperous urban trading class.” Another reform Solon effected was to divide the population of Athens into “…four classes, based on their wealth and their ability to perform military service.” On the face of it, this could appear to be acting in a dictatorial way. However, the writer informs us of the result of this on the poor. “The poorest class, the Thetes, who were the majority of the population, received political rights for the first time…”

The writer also informs us that under Solon’s reforms, “…only the upper classes could hold political office…” Today this would be seen as predujiced against the poor, but in ancient times it was only the upper classes that received an education. Ultimately, Solon’s reforms led to what the writer calls “Athenian democracy…” Although it seems the Athenians didn’t appear to want democracy as the writer relates, “…it failed to quell class conflict…”

Evidently, it was Peisistratus, “…a cousin of Solon…” who “seized power” in 541 B.C.E. that is referred to as a tyrant. Nonetheless, the writer tells us, “the Greek word tyrannos does not mean a cruel and despotic ruler, merely one who took power by force. Peisistratus was in fact a very popular ruler, who made Athens wealthy, powerful, and a centre of culture, and founded the Athenian naval supremacy in the Aegean Sea and beyond. He preserved the Solonian constitution, but made sure that he and his family held all the offices of state.”

Obviously the fact that Peisistratus made sure that “his family held all the offices of state” could be seen as favoritism, even nepotism, but I didn’t seem tyrannical. To me this is a clear case in the original meaning of an ancient word “tyrannos” being corrupted into a modern meaning, “tyrant”.

Anyway, the Greek Classical period, which followed the “Athenian tyranny” in Greece was corrupted by something far more dangerous, and that was the use of magic. Although the magic practiced at this time was divine or white magic, as I said, since the emergence of the 4th Root-Race, who represent the 4th principle or Kama Rupa/Animal Soul, it allowed for direct connection with Kama Loka/Astral Plane, which meant connection to the Pleiadians. Nonetheless, the early “magicians” were considered great men. The writer for the entry for Magic in the Greco-Roman world on Wikipedia expounds on this.

Practitioners of divine or white magic during the sixth century B.C.E., include Empedocles and Homer. However, the most renowned practitioner is also the next incarnation of the Melchizedek archetype. Before I move onto the next incarnation of Melchizedek, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, I think it may help to recap on how individuals, both mythical and historical can represent an archetype. I wrote concerning the myth of Osiris that:

“There is no greater example of Archetypes than the ten Sephirot. We can identify the five main characters in the myth of Osiris with not only the respective Sephirot, but Astrologically too. Starting with the protagonist of the story, Set represents the archetype for the fifth Sephirot Geburah and the planet Mars. Thoth/Hermes is the archetype for the eighth Sephirot Hod and the planet Mercury. Isis obviously represents the seventh Sephirot Netzach and the planet Venus. Her twin sister, Nephthys is the representation for the ninth Sephirot Yesod and the Moon. Finally, Osiris represents the sixth Sephirot Tiphareth and the Sun.

Although the above explanation fits, I wondered at the lack of representation for the planets Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus. Moreover, the Sephirot Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed and Malkuth are not mentioned either. Considering the importance of these Astrological and Sephirotic elements, it didn’t make sense that they were not represented in the story. Nonetheless, I discovered that they were indeed represented. This is because of the different levels The Christ, the Logos/Creator, the World Soul and Sophia/Wisdom symbolize.

You may have noticed that I did not include Daath as I had already discovered that Isis represented Daath as knowledge, however, as I said in previously, Daath also represents “supreme justice” and as such is represented by both Isis and Nephthys. Let me relate what I was shown. At the highest level, Isis and Osiris united as The Christ and Sophia symbolize Kether and the planet Uranus. As stated, Isis united with her twin sister Nephthys as supreme justice symbolizes Daath. Remember, it is the union of The High Priestess and The Empress that forms the Major Arcana card Justice. Moving on. Individually, Osiris as The Christ symbolizes Chokmah and Chiron. Set and Nephthys, the twin brother and sister of Isis and Osiris are representative of the World Soul and symbolize the third Sephirot Binah and the planet Saturn. Interestingly, it is both Thoth/Hermes and Isis that represent the tenth Sephirot Malkuth and Earth. Finally, individually, Thoth/Hermes as the Logos/Creator symbolizes the fourth Sephirot Chesed and the planet Jupiter.

Returning to the next incarnation of Melchizedek, as I said in the sub-section Greek Philosophy of the chapter Genesis versus Evolution in (LCD), the first recognized Philosopher was Pythagoras. The writer for the entry on Wikipedia relates, “Magical powers were also attributed to the famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, as recorded in the days of Aristotle…” Miraculous occurrences, such as: “Being seen at the same hour in two cities…A white eagle permitting him to stroke it” and “…A river greeting him with the words ‘Hail, Pythagoras!’…” are some of the many accounts that “…hint at Pythagoras being (a) ‘divine man’” In addition the writer thinks “…his ability to control animals and to transcend space and time” demonstrated that Pythagoras had “…been touched by the gods.”

As stated Empedocles was also known to possess “magical powers.” Evidently, writings said of him, “…he is able to heal the sick, rejuvenate the old, to influence the weather and to summon the dead…” The writer stresses the importance that “…after Empedocles, the scale of magical gifts in exceptional individuals shrinks in the literature, becoming specialized.” Evidently, certain people could possess “…the gift of healing, or the gift of prophecy” Nonetheless, it seems that after Pythagoras and Empedocles, individuals “…are not usually credited with a wide range of supernatural powers…”

So it would appear that Pythagoras understood the means to travel astrally, as is portrayed in the story of him “Being seen at the same hour in two cities.” Nevertheless, having identified him as of the line of Melchizedek, I realised that he was so much more.



With the incarnation of Melchizedek as Pythagoras and The Christ as Socrates, the consciousness of the Life Principle was ready for the next “upstepping”, which first brought in the emergence of the 6th sub-race of the 4th Root Race. However, the “upstepping” for the the 5th Root-Race didn’t occur until Greek Philosophy spread through what is referred to as Hellenization. This was because the “upstepping” of the 5th Root-Race at this time was an especially important “upstepping” , because it was the one before the 7th  sub-race of the 4th Root Race merged into the 1st sub-race of the 6th Root Race. (See diagram above) Moreover, this time was vital to Humanity’s spiritual evolution because of the shift in time. I will discuss this later, for now lets return to Pythagoras.
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I had no trouble with being shown that Pythagoras was an incarnation of the Melchizedek line, because of his innovative teaching about Sacred Geometry, Divine Numbers and the music of the spheres. Nonetheless, I hadn’t held up much hope of finding evidence that connected him to Elijah. Still, I was leaving God out of the equation; however, the source I was led to was the last place I thought I’d find evidence of Pythagoras. It was in reading Gnostic John the Baptizer: Selections from the Mandean John-Book64 by G. R. S. Mead that I found the evidence connecting Pythagoras to Elijah. After associating Mount Carmel with Elijah, in a note Mr. Mead almost casually says, “Yamblichus in his Life of the sage says that Pythagoras visited it.”65

In addition, David A. Shugarts SECRETS OF THE WIDOW’S SON THE MYSTERIES SURROUNDING THE SEQUEL TO THE DA VINCI CODE also connected Pythagoras to the Hebrews. He relates that there is a “legend” that says, “…the Pythagoreans and the early scholars of the Kabbalah actually shared secrets.”66 He hypothesizes that the Pythagoreans might have gained the “knowledge…from Pythagoras’ travels eastward, since the major center of Kabbalah at the time was Babylonia.”67 This made sense because the Israelites had been in captivity in Babylon only a few decades earlier than Pythagoras’ time. The chart below shows the correlation between the Jewish exile, Egyptian pharaoh, Greece and Rome.


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While Greece was emerging from its “Dark Ages” a new empire was arising that would affect the entire world. That empire was Rome. I covered the historical period extensively in the chapter Constantine, Augustine and Plotinus in (LCD), so I won’t go into that again. However, although I discussed Rome rising in the Age of Aries, I didn’t investigate the Roman Empire from an energetic perspective. I said earlier that the powerful Roman Empire was born under the influence of Mars, what I didn’t realize was that Rome was actually founded by the World Soul. I discovered this when I realized that the World Soul was not only connected to Rome through Mars and the sun-sign Aries, but also Pluto and therefore the sun-sign Scorpio.

From an astrological point of view, the planets Mars, Saturn and Pluto represent the active masculine energy of the World Soul. With Saturn’s connection to The Moon, Saturn’s energy is more balanced. However, no passive/feminine energy balanced either the planet Mars or Pluto in the centuries before the Common Era. This was strongly reflected in the behavior of the Romans; especially their predilection for finding other peoples suffering and death entertaining.

As I said, Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and both the symbol for Mar’s sun-sign (Aries) and the symbol for Pluto’s sun-sign (Scorpio) are incorporated into the Roman Empire. I covered the symbol of Aries, the Ram in Exodus: Miracle or History in (LCD), but it took some investigating to see how Scorpio was connected to Rome. The light went on when I remembered that although the symbol for Scorpio today is the scorpion, in ancient times it was the eagle, and one of the most recognizable symbols for Rome is the golden eagle. According to an entry on Wikipedia, the Roman Eagle was first introduced by “…the Roman Consul Gaius Marius” when in 102 B.C.E., “…he decreed that the eagle would be the symbol of the Senate and People of Rome.” Furthermore, the influence of the World Soul was expanded into Jerusalem, when Herod the Great, after enlarging and renovating the Second Temple in 20 B.C.E. “…offended the people by mounting a Roman golden eagle over the gate.” By using the symbol of the World Soul, the eagle, “his” energy was completely infused within the Roman Empire, which included the Holy Lands.

I had wondered why the Roman Empire did not rise until the last third of the Age of Aries. That is until; I realized that Pluto or the World Soul used the energy of the planet Neptune. Although it wouldn’t be discovered for nearly two thousand years, as the higher octave of Venus it came into play because of the energy of the Age of Pisces.

According to Byzant Astrology: “Neptune is the planet of transcendence, higher faculties and psychic abilities… In addition the entry for Neptune on Llewellyn’s Encyclopedia and Glossary was very informative “Neptune is in its rulership in Pisces. All that is glamorous, mystical, metaphysical and inspirational participates in the energy reflected by Neptune…Confusion and deception are part of the Neptune picture. Vagueness and glamour can be part of fraudulent activity, or they can be the essence of entertainment. Magic shows are all about deceiving our senses in order to surprise and entertain us…”

The mention of “psychic abilities” and “magic” gives us the reason the World Soul would wait until the third part of the Age of Aries to bring forth the Roman Empire. Neptune’s domain like the World Soul is the Astral Plane, and by waiting for Neptune’s influence, the World Soul was able to influence Humanity for a very long time. I said earlier that in classical Greece, the most detrimental thing was the use of magic. This was even more relevant when the Mysteries became corrupted. However, this wouldn’t occur until one of the generals and successors to Alexander the Great’s kingdom was ruling Egypt. But first, I want to address a misconception I had about one of the most famous philosophers of the Greek classical period.
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To reiterate, what was previously said, many historians consider the impact on the world of Alexander the Great to be immeasurable. So naturally I wanted to examine the philosopher responsible for Alexander’s education, Aristotle. However, when I initially investigated Greek philosophy, I was steered away from Aristotle. As many consider him the most influential force to Western civilization, this was a little surprising to say the least. However, I’ve since learned that I needed to understand the esoteric teaching of cosmology before I could investigate Aristotle. Although, I’d been steered away from Aristotle, I’d read about his stance on re-incarnation and his geocentrism, placing earth as the center of the universe. First though, let’s look at the conventional understanding of the philosopher. The information on Wikipedia is typical of the general opinion.

According to the entry “Aristotle was born in Chalcidice…” Evidently he spent close to two decades at Plato’s Academy in Athens. It was after Plato’s death in 347 B.C.E. that Aristotle began tutoring Alexander. While Alexander was being groomed by his father Philip, Aristotle opened a school in Athens called the Lyceum, which he carefully nurtured for twelve years. History has recorded that the gifted philosopher was well schooled in a multitude of subjects, but I was astounded at the range of subjects listed on the entry. It also seems that apart from studying the subjects, Aristotle “…made significant contributions to most of them. In physical science, Aristotle studied anatomy, astronomy, economics, embryology, geography, geology, meteorology, physics, and zooology. In philosophy, Aristotle wrote on aesthetics, ethics, government, metaphysics, politics, psychology, rhetoric and theology. He also dealt with education, foreign customs, literature and poetry…”

I had been far from clear on Aristotle’s philosophy, but the writer of the entry clearly defined it for me. Moreover, the writer also explains the difference between Aristotle’s philosophy and Plato’s. Consequently, I will let the writer relate Aristotle’s philosophy for me.

“Aristotle defines his philosophy in terms of essence, saying that philosophy is ‘the science of the universal essence of that which is actual’. Plato had defined it as the “science of the idea”, meaning by idea what we should call the unconditional basis of phenomena. Both pupil and master regard philosophy as concerned with the universal; Aristotle, however, finds the universal in particular things, and called it the essence of things, while Plato finds that the universal exists apart from particular things, and is related to them as their prototype or exemplar. For Aristotle, therefore, philosophic method implies the ascent from the study of particular phenomena to the knowledge of essences, while for Plato philosophic method means the descent from a knowledge of universal ideas to a contemplation of particular imitations of those ideas. In a certain sense, Aristotle’s method is both inductive and deductive, while Plato’s is essentially deductive from a priori principles. In Aristotle’s terminology, ‘natural philosophy’ was a branch of philosophy that studied the phenomena of the natural world, and included matters that today fall under the domain of physics, biology, and other natural sciences…in Aristotle’s time and use, philosophy was taken to encompass all facets of intellectual inquiry.

“In the larger sense of the word, Aristotle makes philosophy coextensive with reasoning, which he also called ‘science’. Note, however, that his use of the term science carries a different meaning than that covered by the term ‘scientific method’. For Aristotle, ‘all science (dianoia) is either practical, poetical or theoretical’…”

As well as placing the Earth at the center of the universe, historians also reported that Aristotle believed that we reincarnate as brutes. However, another excerpt made me reconsider that Aristotle held the same opinion as the Hindus. Instead of the four kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and human, Aristotle had

“…eleven grades, arranged according “to the degree to which they are infected with potentiality”, expressed in their form at birth. The highest animals laid warm and wet creatures alive, the lowest bore theirs cold, dry, and in thick eggs.”

I was surprised to learn that Aristotle believed in different types of souls. The excerpt from the entry was very enlightening for me, and began to change how I saw Aristotle. Apparently, Aristotle believed,

“…plants possessed a vegetative soul, responsible for reproduction and growth; animals a vegetative and a sensitive soul, responsible for mobility and sensation; and humans a vegetative, a sensitive, and a rational soul, capable of thought and reflection…Aristotle, in contrast to earlier philosophers, but in accordance with the Egyptians, placed the rational soul in the heart, rather than the brain. Notable is Aristotle’s division of sensation and thought, which generally went against previous philosophers, with the exception of Alcmaeon…”

In the above, I saw the esoteric teaching of evolution. Moreover, it would seem that Aristotle believed in unseen forces. He divided the universe into five elements, which the writer of the entry on Wikipedia says,

 “…Aristotle maintained that universals exist within each thing that each universal is predicated to. So, according to Aristotle, the form of apple exists within each apple, rather than in the world of the forms.


“Each of the four earthly elements has its natural place; the earth at the centre of the universe, then water, then air, then fire. When they are out of their natural place they have natural motion, requiring no external cause, which is towards that place; so bodies sink in water, air bubbles up, rain falls, flame rises in air. The heavenly element has perpetual circular motion.”

I cannot investigate Aristotle, without discussing his most famous belief in geocentrism, where the Earth is at the center of the universe. First, the conventional belief is that Aristotle “…had some scientific blind spots, the largest being his inability to see the application of mathematics to physics…” This was demonstrated by a belief that Aristotle placed humanity “at the center of the universe…”

What surprised me was the writer included Plato in this erroneous thought. As Plato was one of the Christs, I felt that he would have known that “mankind” was not literally at the center of the universe, so why would people think that both he and his most famous pupil Aristotle were so mistaken?

The writer also reminds us that Galileo was accused of heresy because the Roman Catholic Church had adopted Geocentrism. However, I learned that the Roman Catholic Churchs’ form of Geocentrism, wasn’t Aristotelian, but Ptolemaic.

The Ptolemaic system was formulated over 500 years after Aristotle, by Claudius Ptolemaeus. He was a Hellenized astronomer who lived in Alexandria, Egypt during the second century of the Common Era. According to the writer of the entry on Wikipedia, “Ptolemy demonstrated that the Earth was in the center of the universe with the simple observation that half the stars were above the horizon and half were below the horizon at any time and the assumption that the stars were all at some modest distance from the center of the universe…”

Although, the writer relates that Claudius Ptolemaeus’s “system” “was the culmination of centuries of work by Greek astronomers…” , he quantifies the statement by adding, “Not all Greeks agreed with the geocentric model…some Pythagoreans believed the Earth to be one of several planets going around a central fire.”

Considering what we now know, if taken literally Aristotle appears woefully wrong. However, if we interpret a lot of what he said in light of the Doctrine of Rounds, Globes and Root Races, it reveals a surprising insight. Luther H. Martin and his book HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS AN INTRODUCTION gave me another perspective on Aristotle. Mr. Martin relates Aristotle’s concept on the feminine principle of the Cosmos. He writes:

“A feminine principle of cosmic rule was derived from the qualitive theory of physical reality formulated by Aristotle and was generally accepted, with modifications, throughout the Hellenistic period. Aristotle postulated that material reality is constituted by four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These four elements in turn are constituted by a combination of two of the four primary qualities: cold, dry, hot, and moist. Thus, fire is the combination of hot and dry, air is the combination of hot and moist, water is the combination of cold and moist, and earth is the combination of cold and dry. On this basis, Aristotle was able to explain material change in general by assuming the changing proportions of qualities in which each could be replaced by its opposite.

One principle of opposition that of male-female, was already grounded in pre-Socratic thought. Aristotle followed Empedocles, for example, in associating the masculine principle with the quality of heat and the feminine principle with the quality of cold.”68

In light of the above I felt that it may be worth reexamining Aristotle, from a new perspective. The writer of the entry for Aristotle on Wikipedia also says, “After the Roman period, Aristotle’s works were by and large lost to the West for a second time. They were, however, preserved in the East by various Muslim scholars and philosophers, many of whom wrote extensive commentaries on his works. Aristotle lay at the foundation of the falsafa movement in Islamic philosophy, stimulating the thought of Al-Farabi...”

I was unfamiliar with the Islamic philosopher, Al-Farabi, so I looked him up on Wikipedia. I discovered in the excerpt below Al-Farabi’s philosophy, which for me encapsulates the metaphysical meaning of Aristotle’s cosmology:

“Al-Farabi’s cosmology is essentially based upon three pillars: Aristotelian metaphysics of causation, highly developed Plotinian emanational cosmology and the Ptolemaic astronomy. In his model, the universe is viewed as a number of concentric circles; the outermost sphere or “first heaven”, the sphere of fixed stars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and finally, the Moon. At the centre of these concentric circles is the sub-lunar realm which contains the material world. Each of these circles represent the domain of the secondary intelligences (symbolized by the celestial bodies themselves), which act as causal intermediaries between the First Cause (in this case, God) and the material world…

The process of emanation begins (metaphysically, not temporally) with the First Cause, whose principal activity is self-contemplation. And it is this intellectual activity that underlies its role in the creation of the universe. The First Cause, by thinking of itself, “overflows” and the incorporeal entity of the second intellect “emanates” from it. Like its predecessor, the second intellect also thinks about itself, and thereby brings its celestial sphere (in this case, the sphere of fixed stars) into being, but in addition to this it must also contemplate upon the First Cause, and this causes the “emanation” of the next intellect. The cascade of emanation continues until it reaches the tenth intellect, beneath which is the material world.”

This sounded so reminiscent of the Sephirotic emanations that I was sure Al-Farabi completely understood that Aristotle was not speaking literally about the visible cosmos. It seems to me that Aristotle was actually relating the esoteric Gnostic and Neoplatonic teachings, not to mention the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Anyway, because of Alexander the Great, the teachings of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle became widely spread. This was never so obvious than in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria.
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Alexandria, Egypt has always held a fascination for me. I had often lamented over the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. In thinking about this, I began to realize that this Egyptian city seemed to be a center for spiritual advancements, why? First though I need to discuss, what Craig referred to from David Wilcock’s site as “Torsion fields.”

Not being a scientist, I typed in the question “What are Torsion fields?” into my search engine, and I was directed to my favorite website, Wikipedia. The entry for Torsion fields explains:

“Torsion fields are separate and distinct from classical electromagnetic and gravity fields. Generators for these fields can be shielded against electromagnetic fields and the torsion field still manifest itself through such shielding. Torsion fields can be generated, detected, switched on and off (such as for communication purposes), and are a distinct type of energy field not included in classical physics. Torsion field emanations can travel at velocities at least as high as 109 times the speed of light. Torsion fields can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; are generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affect quartz crystals; affect some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and have been noted to affect gravity. They evidence no attenuation when propagated arbitrary distances and possess a ‘memory’ ghost field which exists in the massless vacuum upon the annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs.”

I was most interested to read that Torsion fields can affect “biological processes” and “quartz crystals.” This is because most ancient sites incorporate quartz into their temples; including the Great Pyramid. It seems that using the pyramidal shape also has relevance. In Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution, Craig related discoveries that were reported on David Wilcock’s site. Apparently, there have been some surprising results with experiments on two pyramids constructed in Russia. The article sites “five major categories of experiments.” However what most interested me was the investigation of the air above the pyramid. Under the section A COLUMN OF “UNKNOWN ENERGY” APPEARS ABOVE THE PYRAMID we find:

…A column of “unknown energy” was detected at a width of 500 meters and a height of 2000 meters. Further studies confirmed that a larger circle of this energy surrounded the area above the pyramid in a 300-kilometer-wide range…”

This experiment was conducted on two pyramids, “one at a height of 22 meters and another at a height of 44 meters (144 feet,)” both pyramids had “70-degree slope angles.” According to Wikipedia, the Great Pyramid is at least fives times taller:

Today each side of the pyramid has an approximate length of about 230.4 meters (755.8 feet). The reduction in size and area of the structure into its current rough-hewn appearance is due to the absence of its original polished casing stones, some of which measured up to two and a half metres thick and weighed more than 15 tonnes

Despite the above extract making the Great Pyramid 755.8 feet high, Graham Hancock cites the Great Pyramid as being 455 feet high. All the same, even if we use the lower number, the Great Pyramid is still more than three times the height of the one in Russia. Considering this, I wondered if there is an “unknown column of energy” that extends three times the distance, i.e., 1,500 meters wide, 6,000 meters high and 900 kilometers around Giza? This in turn made me wonder how far the Great Pyramid was from Alexandria, and searching the web, I came across the concept of Geodesy. According to an entry for geodesy on Wikipedia, “Geodesy is primarily concerned with positioning and the gravity field and geometrical aspects of their temporal variations, although it can also include the study of the Earth’s magnetic field…”

Without going too deeply into the subject, I was surprised to find on the web a link a depiction of the geodesic connection of the Great Pyramid to Alexandria. Using geodesy, the site marks a three-sided pyramid with its apex at the Great pyramid in Giza and its two base points in Alexandria and Port Said in the Nile Delta. In brief, the site reports:

The Port Said-Alexandria-Giza triangle has the same angular dimensions as the Great Pyramid.

The base lengths of the Great Pyramid are 440 cubits. The height is 280 cubits and the apothem (the slant height of the faces) is 356 cubits. Converted to miles, the base length is .143 miles and the slant height is .116 miles. The distance from Giza to the Port of Alexandria is just under 116 miles and the distance from Giza to Port Said is also just under 116 miles. The distance from Port Said to Alexandria is just under 143 miles. The triangle inscribing the Delta … has the same angular dimensions and is precisely 1,000 times larger than the Great Pyramid.

The apex of the triangle is located at Giza and the two corners are a couple of miles beyond Port Said and Alexandria. As shown by the bathymetric image, the Mediterranean Sea is very shallow just beyond the delta. Prior to the final meltdown from the last Ice Age approximately 7,500 years ago, the corners of this triangle were above sea level.

Underwater ruins have recently been discovered in the immediate vicinity of the northwest corner, just outside the Port of Alexandria. All of the points along the arc … are 116 miles from Giza, 1,000 times the length of the apothem of the Great Pyramid. Textual evidence from ancient Egyptian sources refers to a predynastic capital city known as Behdet, located near the shoreline in the middle of the delta. This city has not been found in modern times and may also be located just beyond the shoreline, 116 miles from Giza.

The length of the apothem of the Great Pyramid and the length of the sides of the triangle that inscribe the delta are also precise measures of the circumference of the earth, in relation to the precession of the equinoxes.

The site also shows the connection between the Giza Plateau and Tel el-Armarna, the modern name for Akhenaten’s city. Reminding us that Akhenaten relocated from Luxor to Tel el-Armarna, the writer of the article relates, “The ruins of Amarna extend approximately eight miles NS along the Nile. Ancient Egyptian texts indicate that the northern and southern boundaries of the city were carefully marked by boundary stelae but no trace of these boundary stelae has been found in modern times.”

In thinking about the energies of geodesy, I was reminded of our trip to South America in 2000. One of the highlights of the trip was sailing on Lake Titicaca, which is known as “the lake at the roof of the world.” The reason for the designation is Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet above sea level. Having experienced the energies of water at the roof of the world, I mused over the geodesic qualities of the opposite end of the scale. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth at 1,371 feet below sea level. Could this have been why the followers of Akhenaten settled at Qumran?


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As I said it wasn’t until the spread of Hellenism that the 3rd sub-race of the 5th Root Race could emerge. As the spread of Hellenism was the result of Alexander the Great’s conquests, and I’d identified Pythagoras as of the line of Melchizedek, I thought the next incarnation of Melchizedek would prove to be Alexander the Great. I reasoned this because historians cite his influence as causing a significant change to the then “civilized” world. Nonetheless, in looking for other connections of Hermes or Thoth to Alexander the Great, they were sadly lacking. No, I needed to look deeper. Pythagoras had introduced Greek Philosophy to the world and that obviously would affect anyone of Greek Heritage. It was when God showed me that I needed to find a link to Egypt again that I picked up the thread of Melchizedek once more. Surprise, surprise, it concerned the Egyptian city of Alexandria and the Ptolemies. Unfortunately, the specter of the World Soul was also present. I said earlier that in this “upstepping” the World Soul had help. This was because of the energy of the region’s connection to the pyramid. To understand this statement, I need to return to the science of geodesy and the web site It was here that I found the next incarnation of Melchizedek in the acclaimed father of geodesic science, Eratosthenes. The site reports:

Eratosthenes was born in Cyrene (now Shahhat, Libya) around 276 B.C. and after studying in Alexandria and Athens he became the third director of the Library of Alexandria. He is presently referred to as the father of geodesic science and the first man to measure the earth…

…Eratosthenes did not stray too far from accurate conclusions because he already knew from fragmentary records in the Library of Alexandria that the boundaries of ancient Egypt had originally been set at 1/50th of the circumference of the earth and that the distance from the latitude of Alexandria to the latitude of Syene was 1,500,000 cubits or 5,000 ancient Egyptian stadia. If Eratosthenes acknowledged this, it could explain the loss of all of his works even though other Greek works from before, during and after his time have survived.

Although the city of Akhenaten at Amarna was already in ruins by the time of Eratosthenes, modern excavations indicate that the southern boundary of Amarna was close to 27° 36’ north latitude, precisely half-way between the latitude of Alexandria and the latitude of the southern border of ancient Egypt at Philae. The southern boundary of Amarna is 3.6° south of Alexandria, precisely 1/100th (one percent) of the 360° circumference of the earth. The southern boundary of Amarna is 3.6° north of Philae, also precisely 1/100th (one percent) of the 360° circumference of the earth…

Located in the middle of the Nile, Elephantine Island was a part of the ancient city of Syene. The deep well at Syene that Eratosthenes mentions is on Elephantine Island. 6120 furlongs from the sea to Thebes, plus 1800 furlongs from Thebes to Elephantine, equals 7920 furlongs from the southern border of Egypt to the sea. This is the same number as the measure of the diameter of the earth in English miles...

In the modern era, the ability to accurately measure long distances along the same longitude only became possible with the advent of accurate chronometers in the 18th century A.D...

In Manly P Hall’s The Secret Destiny of America69 I found a reference to Eratosthenes traveling “the Atlantic Ocean.”70 If this were true then it would prove that Eratosthenes understood that the Earth was not flat. It is well to remember that all the world’s accumulated knowledge as well as the Hermetic writings was gathered in the Great Library of Alexandria. This was the key to tracing the Melchizedek line through Eratosthenes back to Egypt and the Ptolemaic dynasty. Ptolemy (I) Soter, the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty was one of Alexander the Great’s generals. On the entry on Wikipedia for Ptolemy (I), I learned that he was a childhood friend of Alexander the Great, and may well have been one of “noble teenagers” taught by Aristotle. Nonetheless, he is most famous for founding the Great Library of Alexandria. I also learned that “In 285 B.C.E., Ptolemy abdicated in favour of one of his younger sons…Ptolemy II Philadelphus, who had been co-regent for three years…”

If Ptolemy (I) was a pupil of Aristotle, then he was exposed to Greek Philosophy. As co-regent, his son Ptolemy (II) would most probably also have been exposed to some form of Greek philosophy. This may have been why he was inspired to instigate the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into the Greek Septuagint. Because of the Jewish Diaspora, which occurred after their captivity in Babylon many Jews had instead of returning to Palestine had relocated to Alexandria. By the time of Ptolemy II, most of the Jewish population that lived in Alexandria could no longer read Hebrew and only spoke Greek. Consequently, a large number of Jews abandoned the Law of Moses for the mystery schools. Nonetheless, there was a large community of Essenes in Alexandria, which maintained the Jewish religion.

Before I return to the Essenes, I need to discuss the development of the Mysteries, and the mixing of the deities. In Egypt, as I said, Isis and Osiris had become merged with several other gods and goddesses, which had obscured their teachings. Nevertheless, it was the later identification of Osiris with Serapis that was the most serious. In addition, the spread of the Mystery schools in Egypt and Greece further enhanced the influence of both the World Soul and the Pleiadians.

Whenever I thought of The Mysteries I thought of Isis, but apart from the Mysteries of Isis there were others, the most famous being the Eleusian Mysteries of Demeter and Dionysus. I mentioned earlier that Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s book JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS: said that the Greeks were unfamiliar with the concept of an after-life until they were introduced to the Egyptian Mysteries. The Greeks became exposed to the Egyptian Mysteries through Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt, which resulted in the Ptolemaic period of Egypt. Nonetheless, through further researching, I discovered from Luther H. Martin and his book HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS that the Mysteries of Isis were in Macedonia before Alexander’s conquest. He explains that “The deities of the Hellenistic Mysteries…had been known from the earliest times-but were themselves transformed by and into their Hellenistic roles. Although the historical origin of each was still remembered as Greek, Egyptian, or Syrian, locale became less important; for with Hellenistic internationalism, each had become a universal deity.”71 This had the result in mixing the identities of the gods with disastrous results. This as I said was most serious in the confusion of Osiris with Serapis. Still it was also demonstrated in Isis being identified with Demeter and Hecate, and also Horus becoming associated with Dionysus and Bacchus.
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Evidently Herodotus (ca. 484 B.C.E. - ca. 425 B.C.E) was familiar with Isis and “…identified her with Demeter.” Mr. Martin explains, “By the end of the fourth century B.C.E. she was already honored in the Athenian port of Piraeus among the Egyptians who had settled there. The Hellenistic Mysteries of Isis eventually became a universal cult, recognizing no racial or geographic distinctions, and were witnessed by “practically the entire inhabited world…”72

Apparently, it was Ptolemy (I) Soter that caused Isis “…to be widely worshipped throughout the Hellenistic world…”73 What I was surprised to learn that it was Ptolemy that “…officially sanctioned the worship of Serapis as the Hellenistic consort of Isis and established the cult’s center in Alexandria.”74

I’d never really realized the god Serapis was considered as the consort of Isis. According to Mr. Martin, this came about through Ptolemy (I) Soter dreaming “…of a colossal statue of Pluto…”75 The entry for Serapis on Wikipedia has additional information:

“According to Plutarch, Ptolemy stole the statue from Sinope, having been instructed in a dream by the unknown god, to bring the statue to Alexandria, where the statue was pronounced to be Serapis by two religious experts …The statue suitably depicted a figure resembling Hades or Pluto…(The statue) also held a sceptre in his hand indicating his rulership, with Cerebus, (three-headed dog) gatekeeper of the underworld, resting at his feet, and it also had what appeared to be a serpent at its base, fitting the Egyptian symbol of rulership, the uraeus…Serapis won an important place in the Greek world, reaching Ancient Rome, with Anubis being identified as Cerberus. In Rome, Serapis was worshiped in…the sanctuary of the goddess Isis …The Roman cults of Isis and Serapis gained in popularity late in the first century thanks to the god’s role in the miracles that the imperial usurper Vespasian experienced in the city of Alexandria, where he stayed prior to his return to Rome as emperor in 70 AD…A letter…to the Emperor Hadrian (76 – 138 C.E.) refers to the worship of Serapis by residents of Egypt who described themselves as Christians, and Christian worship by those claiming to worship Serapis, suggesting a great confusion of the cults and practices.”

Associating Osiris with both Seker and Serapis answered something that had always puzzled me; why Osiris was referred to as “the god of the underworld.” However, who was Serapis? Mr. Martin associated the god with Pluto and the entry on Wikipedia links him with both Hades and Cerebus. It was the connection with the god Pluto, which identified Serapis with the World Soul.

I said earlier that the World Soul had help in this “upstepping”. What did I mean? If we consider the earlier information of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiadians, we may be able to find another extraterrestrial connection. Ptolemy (I) Soter associated Osiris with Serapis after a dream. The aliens that genetically altered Humanity were connected to the Human Race through the Astral Plane. Because of this they could interact with Humanity through dreams and visions. Considering the result of the dream, it is more than likely that the World Soul used the Pleiadians to send the dream. Anyway, by associating Osiris with Serapis, Ptolemy in effect nullified the energy of The Christ at a most critical point. This action would have repercussions that would last for more than two millennia. However, it wasn’t the only corruption of Osiris. In Greece, Osiris/Horus became associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, and Dionysus became known in Rome as Bacchus and part of the drunken Bacchanalia orgies.
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Connecting Osiris/Horus to the god of wine had always seemed wrong to me, but I didn’t realize just how wrong until I wrote this thesis. First, I will relay the conventional thinking about these two gods. Once again I turn to the entries on Wikipedia; interestingly, the author also links Dionysus to Bacchus. I will excerpt the most relevant parts:

“Dionysus or Dionysos…the Greek god of wine, represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. He was also known as Bacchus to the Romans. He is viewed as the promoter of civilization, a lawgiver, and lover of peace — as well as the patron deity of agriculture and the theatre. He was also known as the Liberator (Eleutherios), freeing one from one’s normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine. The divine mission of Dionysus was to mingle the music of the flute and to bring an end to care and worry. There is also an aspect of Dionysus on his relationship to the “cult of the souls”, and the scholar Xavier Riu writes that Dionysus presided over communication between the living and the dead.

In Greek mythology Dionysus is made to be the son of Zeus and Semele; other versions of the story contend that he is the son of Zeus and Persephone…Clearly, Dionysus had been with the Greeks and their predecessors a long time, and yet always retained the feel of something alien.

The bull, the serpent, the ivy and wine are the signs of the characteristic Dionysian atmosphere, infused with the unquenchable life of the god…He may be recognized by the thyrsus he carries…The pinecone that tipped his thyrsus linked him to Cybele, and the pomegranate linked him to Demeter…In the Greek pantheon, Dionysus (along with Zeus) absorbs the role of Sabazios, a Phrygian deity, whose name means “shatterer”… In the Roman pantheon Sabazius became an alternate name for Bacchus…”

The entry also contains multiple and outrageous myths concerning Dionysus. I haven’t included them because they are not relevant to my thesis. Still, the above excerpt does contain some telling “epithets,” which are indeed relevant. First, I was interested in his association with the Phrygian and Thracian god Sabazios. As I’d neither heard of this god, nor knew where Phrygia or Thrace was I looked them up on Wikipedia. I learned that Phrygia was an ancient kingdom of Asia Minor (Turkey). As for Thrace, I discovered that ancient Thrace extended from the Danube River in the north, the Aegean Sea in the south, the Black sea and the Sea of Marmara in the east, and a region known as the Axius in the west. (Sorry couldn’t find out where Axius was.) Nonetheless, it was the entry for the god, Sabazios that was most interesting. The entry links Sabazios with the goddess Phrygia, which was worshipped as Cybele in Rome. Reminiscent of most ancient religions, this “Mother goddess” was associated with both the Moon and the bull. The god Sabazios “…relations with the goddess may be surmised in the way that his horse places a hoof on the head of the bull…” Sabazios didn’t escape being confused with other gods. The writer relates, “Later Greek writers, like Strabo, 1st century AD, linked Sabazios with Zagreos, among Phrygian ministers and attendants of the sacred rites of Rhea and Dionysos. (Strabo, 10.3.15). Strabo’s Sicilian contemporary, Diodorus Siculus, conflates Sabazios with the secret ‘second’ Dionysus, born of Zeus and Persephone…”

However, apart from Dionysos, Sabazios became associated with Yahweh. The writer reports, “…The first Jews who settled in Rome were expelled by virtue of a law which proscribed the propagation of the cult of “Jupiter Sabazius,” according to Valerius Maximus, “…It is conjectured that the Romans identified the Jewish Yahveh Sabaoth (“of the Hosts”) as Sabazius:..The date corresponds to 139 BCE…”

Reading about Sabazios and the bull reminded me of the Tauroblium, or the Mithraic ritual of “Baptism in the blood of the bull”, but before we get to that, I want to address there being more than one Dionysus and the god’s association with the Mysteries of Demeter.

I first heard of there being more than one incarnation of Dionysus in David Godwin’s LIGHT IN EXTENSION: GREEK MAGIC FROM HOMER TO MODERN TIMES76 As this is so relevant to my thesis, I will include his explanation for all three incarnations.

“Some people seem to have gotten the impression that any mysteries that involved Dionysus must have consisted mostly of hedonistic drunken orgies and wild dancing, with the key word being ‘abandonment.’ This impression seems to be based more on the Roman Bacchus than on the Greek Dionysus…Dionysus may have been the god of wine, but he was far more than just a divine wino…”77

Mr. Godwin relates that the “Orphic Mysteries spoke of Dionysus-Phanes, the light bringer, the creator of heaven and earth…”78 In this incarnation Dionysus “…ends up being the grandfather of Zeus…”79 He continues, “Zeus devoured Phanes, however, and then begat Dionysus-Zagreus by Persephone, daughter of Demeter. Here we see the beginnings of the doctrine of transmigration: Phanes is reborn as Zagreus, but both are really Dionysus…” 80

The strangest element of the story was what happened to Dionysus-Zagreus. Mr. Godwin explains, “But Dionysus-Zagreus was torn apart and eaten by the Titans while he was still a boy. Zeus got upset over it and destroyed the Titans, creating the third and present human race in the process. Humanity therefore partakes of the evil nature of the Titans-the doctrine of Original Sin.”81

The mention of Humanity partaking of the evil of the Titans, because they were created from the destruction of them, reminded me of the Human Race containing the counterfeit spirit from the alien genetic manipulation. Previously, I mentioned that the Christian doctrine of original sin might be allegorically relaying that the counterfeit spirit is inherited. If Mr. Godwin is correct about the Greek myth, then it appears that Greek Mythology might have been also attempting to warn the Human Race that they were inheriting something that wasn’t good for them.

Interestingly, although Zeus destroys the Titans, the only part of Dionysus-Zagreus that is saved is his heart, which is rescued by Athene, and given to Zeus, “…who promptly ate it. But this divine cannibalism was for the purpose of preserving Dionysus within himself, for he now begat Dionysus III, Dionysus-Lyseus, by Semele.” Evidently, it was with this “third incarnation” that Dionysus became associated with Jesus. Mr. Godwin relates, “…this third incarnation of Dionysus who is the soul’s redeemer and healer, who has much in common with Jesus in that department…”82
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Linking Dionysus with Persephone brings in Demeter who was the Greek version of the Mother goddess. To be honest, I had always thought that Hera, “The Queen of the gods” and wife of Zeus, “the King of the gods was the mother goddess. Nonetheless, after extensive study, I came to understand that Demeter, like Isis represented the mother as in Mother Nature. The writer for the entry on Wikipedia explains that Demeter was “…the goddess of grain and fertility, the pure nourisher of the youth and the green earth, the health-giving cycle of life and death, and preserver of marriage and the sacred law.”

According to the writer, Demeter, Persephone and the Eleusian Mysteries “predated the Olympian pantheon. Like all ancient deities Demeter is known by many names. Rome adopted her under the name of Ceres, from which the writer informs us we get the English word cereal. The writer feels that “…Demeter is easily confused with Gaia or Rhea, and with Cybele.” This would mean that she was also associated with the Phrygian mother goddess Phrygia.

In discussing the mysteries, we are exposed to the Hellenistic magical practices. Having learned that magic was widely practiced in Classical Greece, I wondered how widespread it was in the Ptolemaic period. I found out the answer under an entry for magic in the Hellenistic world on Wikipedia. According to the writer of the article, 300 years before the transition into the Common Era, the practice of magic was systematized. This systemization of magic, “…in the Greco-Roman world seems to have taken place – particularly in the ‘melting pot’ of varying cultures that was Egypt under the Ptolemies and under Rome…”

The texts of the time read like some Mediaeval book on witchcraft. The most disturbing aspect was the author’s reference to a “certain spell”, which enable someone “…to send out a daemon or daemons to harm one’s enemies or even to break up someone’s marriage.” The writer continues:

“There seems to be a self-defining negativity to some of the magical rituals being expressed in the papyri. So, for example, love magic can turn into hate magic if the victim does not respond to the love magic. This self-defined negative aspect to magic…is found in various ‘curse tablets,’ (tabellae defixionum) left to us from the Greco-Roman world. The term defixio is derived from the Latin verb defigere, which means literally “to pin down,” but which was also associated with the idea of delivering someone to the powers of the underworld. Of course, it was also possible to curse an enemy through a spoken word, either in his presence or behind his back. But due to numbers of curse tablets that have been found it would seem that this type of magic was considered more effective. The process involved writing the victim’s name on a thin sheet of lead along with varying magical formulas or symbols, then burying the tablet in or near a tomb, a place of execution, or a battlefield, to give spirits of the dead power over the victim. Sometimes the curse tablets were even transfixed with various items – such as nails, which were believed to add magical potency.”

To counteract the curses, people of the Greco-Roman world turned to amulets to protect them. These were worn particularly to protect from “such fearful things as curses and the evil eye; which were seen as very real by most of its inhabitants.” The writer goes on to report, “Many thousands of carved gems were found that clearly had a magical rather than an ornamental function. Amulets were a very widespread type of magic, because of the fear of other types of magic such as curses being used against oneself. Thus amulets were actually often a mixture of various formulas from Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek elements that were probably worn by those of most affiliations so as to protect against other forms of magic…”

As I said, Herodotus related that Isis was Demeter. I also related that Hecate was often associated with Demeter, in the role of maiden. Confusing Isis with Hecate from an energetic perspective would link the World Soul to the Mysteries. To recap: Hecate/Hekate is a Greek goddess with many connections. I will relate the highlights that are most relevant to her association with Demeter:

“…in the magical papyri of Greco-Roman Egypt there survive several hymns which identify Hecate with Selene and the moon, extolling her as supreme Goddess, mother of the gods.

To the Greeks, Hecate was one of the oldest embodiments of the triple moon goddess. She held the power over the heavens, earth, and the underworld, where she was in control of birth, life, and death. Hecate was the giver of visions, magic, and regeneration. Hecate’s symbols include the key, rope, double-edged dagger, cross triangle, besom, crossroads, hound, and torch…

The close connection between Hekate, Persephone and Demeter is also interesting in that the threesome is probably the earliest (and perhaps only indigenous) example of a triple-goddess involving Hekate.

…There is no doubt that by 400 B.C.E. the image existed of female followers of Hekate working magic, alone at night in remote places…”

Earlier I covered the confusion of Isis with the Egyptian goddesses Hathor, Bat and Nephthys, but unfortunately it didn’t stop there. As Isis became known outside Egypt, she became confused with other goddesses. In his book HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS, Luther H. Martin writes that the goddesses of the Hellenistic world became “the universal goddess.” He relates that this is “illustrated not only by the Greek Demeter and the Egyptian Isis, but also by two other deities: the Syrian goddess Atargatis, and the Phrygian goddess Cybele.”83
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As Cybele had come up in my investigation of Dionysus, I felt I needed to delve deeper. The entry for the goddess on Wikipedia was very helpful. According to the writer of the entry for Cybele, the goddess was“Originally a Phrygian goddess…”, who was “…a deification of the Earth Mother…” This deity was also associated with Gaia or Rhea. In Rome she was worshiped under the name of “Magna Mater or ‘Great Mother’…” The writer informs us, “Cybele’s most ecstatic followers were males who ritually castrated themselves, after which they were given women’s clothing and assumed ‘female’ identities…”

Sounding reminscent of Bacchanalia ceremonies, the writer adds, “Her priestesses led the people in orgiastic ceremonies with wild music, drumming, dancing and drink.” Apparently, Cybele was “associated with the mystery religion” indirectly through “…her son, Attis, who was castrated and resurrected.” The writer continues, “The dactyls were part of her retinue. Other followers of Cybele, Phrygian kurbantes or Corybantes, expressed her ecstatic and orgiastic cult in music, especially drumming, clashing of shields and spears, dancing, singing and shouts, all at night.” Considering the “orgiastic ceremonies…”

I wasn’t sure who or what “the Dactyls” were so I looked them up on Wikipedia. I learned that the word “Dactyls” was “Greek for fingers.” The entry for them has, “In Greek mythology, the Dactyls…were the archaic race of small phallic male beings associated with the Great Mother, whether as Cybele or Rhea. Their numbers vary, but often they were ten spirit-men so like the three Curetes, the Cabiri or the Korybantes that they were often interchangeable. The Dactyls were both ancient smiths and healing magicians. In some myths, they are in Hephaestus’ employ, and they taught metalworking, mathematics, and the alphabet to humans.”

I was not surprised to learn Cybele’s “…cult in Greece was closely associated with, and apparently resembled, the cult of Dionysus, whom Cybele is said to have initiated, and cured him of Hera’s madness. They also identified Cybele with the Mother of the Gods Rhea…” In conclusion, the writer relates some of the epitets Cybele was known by. “In Alexandria, Cybele was worshiped by the Greek population as “The Mother of the Gods, the Savior who Hears our Prayers” and as “The Mother of the Gods, the Accessible One.”

So it would seem at this “upstepping” in the last third of the Age of Aries, when the 4th Root Race was getting ready to become the 6th Root Race, it was far from clear who the gods and goddesses were. With the prevalence of magic, the World Soul was well and truly in charge. However, “he” wasn’t done yet. “His” piece de resistance was in the male dominated cult of Mithra.
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In the chapter Voice in the Wilderness in (LCD), I included Mithra in the section on Zoroaster. However, after reading Luther H. Martin’s book HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS I’m not so sure that Mithra should have been included. But first, I did some research on the web. I found this informative essay on the website Exploring Ancient World Cultures. Alison Griffith is the author of Essays on Ancient Rome, from which the excerpt below is taken:

“The Roman cult of Mithras is known as a “mystery” cult, which is to say that its members kept the liturgy and activities of the cult secret, and more importantly, that they had to participate in an initiation ceremony to become members of the cult…Worship took place in a temple, called a mithraeum, which was made to resemble a natural cave. Sometimes temples were built specifically for the purpose, but often they were single rooms in larger buildings…There are about one hundred mithraea preserved in the empire. Mithraea were longer than they were wide…Roman dining couches…lined the long sides of the mithraeum, leaving a narrow aisle in between. At the end of this aisle, opposite the entrance, was the cult image showing Mithras sacrificing a bull…Sometimes the ceilings were pierced with holes to let shafts of light in. The cave was intended to recall an event in Mithras’ life and also to symbolize the dome of heaven, or the cosmos…

The structure of the cult was hierarchical. Members went through a series of seven grades, each of which had a special symbol and a tutelary planet. From lowest to highest these grades were Corax (raven, under Mercury), Nymphus (a made-up word meaning male bride, under Venus), Miles (the soldier, under Mars), Leo (the lion, under Jupiter), Perses (the Persian, under Luna, the moon), Heliodromus (the Sun’s courier, under Sol, the sun), and finally Pater (father, under Saturn). Those who reached the highest grade, Pater, could become the head of a congregation. Because mithraea were so small, new congregations were probably founded on a regular basis when one or more members reached the highest grade.

Two aspects of mithraic initiation offer important insight into the cult. First, it was possible for a mithraic initiate to be a member of more than one cult, and second, women were not permitted to become members. These facts are critical to understanding the cult of Mithraism in relation to other Roman cults, to official Roman state religion, and to the cult of Christianity...”

The conventional belief is that Mithraism was connected with Zoroasterism and was promulgated among the Roman legions through the Cilician pirates. However, from an energetic perspective Mithraism was extremely important, because so much of Mithraism was adopted into Christianity. Consequently, Mithraism is an important tool to understanding how Christianity formed. For me the most important aspect or the “religion” is that Mithraism was strictly male, with no females admitted. This of course completely denied any feminine principle. Nonetheless, this wasn’t the most destructive element. That was in the concept of blood and soldiers. I covered the Mithraic ritual slaying of a bull called a “Tauroctonus” or “Tauroctony” in detail in the chapter 333 B.C.E. – 1 A.D in (LCD). Although, the ritual was depicting an Astrological scene, because the actual rituals involved actual blood, through the Tauroblium or “Baptism in the blood of the bull”, energy wise, it carried the energy of the World Soul. The spilling of blood is further enforced through one of the grades of initiation. Luther H. Martin’s book HELLENISTIC RELIGIONS explains this grade as, “…an initiate might progress to the active stance of a soldier in support of and in full service to his god.”84 I was immediately reminded of The Christian hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

The final piece that reveals how Mithraism reflected the energy of the World Soul is found in its highest grade of initiation. Alison Griffith had related that the highest grade in Mithraism was Pater or father, whose “tutelary planet” was Saturn. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that Saturn is one of the planetary energies that represent the World Soul. Leaving that aside for now, I want to address the fact that the highest grade “Pater/father” became “head of a congregation.” I had always wondered why, the early church had instigated the use of the term “father” for priests. This had baffled me because; the New Testament clearly says that Jesus did not want his disciples to use the term. “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”85

Why would the early church forget this injunction; it made no sense to me? However, it was important for me to remember that the New Testament wasn’t’ finalized until after the Roman Empire adopted Christianity. Remembering that Rome was founded by the World Soul, which grows stronger through the lower emotions of human beings, we can see why the negative forces worked so hard to link Mithraism with the fledgling Christian Church. The ramifications of incorporating Mithraism into Christianity meant that the World Soul was able to influence the development of the early Church; especially after Constantine made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire. I will deal with the ramifications of linking Mithraism to Christianity later, for now I want to show how Mithraism wasn’t restricted to Rome.

Mr. Martin reports “a Syrian fresco depicts Antiochus I, one of the four heirs to Alexander’s empire, shaking hands with Mithras.”86 This would indicate that Antiochus was initiated into Mithraism. However, Mr. Martin says, “Mithraic remains, however, are notably absent from Greek soil.”87 Even so, the mention of Antiochus I in connection to Mithras/Mithra, shows that during Antiochus’ time, the Greek world was acquainted with the Mithraic cult. Antiochus I ruled from 281-261 B.C.E., and it was the actions of one of his most famous heirs and namesake, Antiochus III or the Great that caused the Maccabean revolt of 167 B.C.E. However, it wasn’t a Seleucid ruler or any kind of ruler of the Greek Empire that affected the last century of the Age of Aries, it was the Romans.
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I said earlier that the reason there was so much dissention over the Astrological Ages was because of the nature of time. As I’ve shown the previous ages had all been symmetrical, dividing equally into three sections of 720 years. Nonetheless I discovered that the nature of time Before the Common Era was far from clear. I’ve already discussed the theory that the year consisted of 360 days, until the Earth was knocked off its orbit and pushed further away from the Sun in the chapter Encoded Numbers and Symbology in (LCD). Nevertheless, it was how the Greeks and Romans marked time just before the Common Era that I am concerned with here.

To start with there were several types of calendars. Some of these were based on 10 months, some on twelve, some on the Sun, and some on the Moon. I came across an Attic calendar, and was immediately reminded that Cybele’s son/consort was the god Attis, so I wondered exactly its relevance to my thesis. I found an interesting article on the Attic calendar on Wikipedia. Because of its relevance, I recommend that you read the entire Attic Calendar article yourself. Basically, “…The Attic calendar is the calendar that was in use in ancient Attica, the ancestral territory of the Athenian polis…The Attic calendar was an exclusively local phenomenon, used to regulate the internal affairs of the Athenians and with little relevance to the outside world.” Still, the Greeks used several ways in which to calculate the year. The writer of the article relates these as:

The writer sums up the Greeks confusing calendar by saying “The seasons were not viewed by Greeks as dividing the year into four even blocks, but rather spring and autumn were shorter tail sections of the overarching seasons, Summer and Winter. These divisions could be formalised by using star risings or settings in relation to the equinoxes…” Apparently this is demonstrated by textual evidence from Hippocrates. Acoording to the writer  “one medical text” reports that winter was “the period between the setting of the Pleiades and the spring…”

After reading the above article, all I could think was “no wonder historical dates before the Common Era are muddled.” Nevertheless, the marking of time is crucial to my thesis. In The True Philosophers’ Stone, we reported on the relevance of our Gregorian calendar, and the way we mark time:

In reading the January/February issue, Suzzan learned about Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs by José Argüelles. Although Craig had purchased a copy of the author’s famous The Mayan Factor, the couple had not read it.

Reading the review on Time & The Technosphere in Nexus, Craig and Suzzan decided to carry it in their bookstore/center. When the books arrived, Craig scanned the contents. Seeing that the book referred to 9/11 as the Inevitable Event, linked to Hiroshima peaked his interest. However, Craig felt they needed to read The Mayan Factor first. It was discussed earlier what the couple learned from that book. Nevertheless, Argüelles’ Time & The Technosphere answered the big question of why 1994.

The reason concerns the prophecy of Pacal Votan, discovered in 1952 on the lid of his sarcophagus in the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque. Although it was discovered in the fifties, according to Argüelles it wasn’t decoded until 1993. The main gist of the prophecy was to convince the world to adopt a new frequency of 13:20 by changing the calendar from twelve uneven months to thirteen even months of twenty-eight days. Argüelles also links this change to the destruction of the Technosphere, something he says humanity has created through its use of technology and the Law of Time. Relating that 9-11 is the Inevitable Event spoken of in the Quran, Argüelles states, “The Technosphere defines a 56 year cycle, 1945-2001…” He sees humanity as having created the “Technosphere” primarily through the employment of the twelve-month year and sixty minute hour.

One thing needs to be said here, Argüelles is absolutely right when he links the tragedy of 9-11 to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. However, this in no way condones the terrorists’ “free-will actions.” It could just as well have happened through a devastating natural disaster or some terrible nuclear accident. The key was the worldwide feeling of shock and fear. Interestingly, Argüelles sees the 12:60 “artificial time” existing for two thousand years. Craig and Suzzan were immediately reminded that Jesus walked the Earth two millennia ago.

So why would the advocating of a 13:20 frequency necessitate Jesus’ return? Once again the answer is encoded in the number. As stated previously, Suzzan’s vibration was raised to 13:60 and the Earth’s frequency is moving to 13:00. The couple understands that changing the frequency is the key to the door to this cycle. However, there is another door, which leads back into this dimension/cycle. In the appendix, Argüelles makes a casual reference concerning the conscious affect of looking at a clock. He reports that the act of looking at a clock engages the human being’s cognitive brain and prevents any natural telepathic tendencies. How can using a clock prevent telepathy?

What Craig and Suzzan have been shown is humanity’s connection to linear time. Throughout their studies one message keeps repeating: the Human race creates their own reality. Craig and Suzzan had learned that the Life Principle has the imperative to move forward. This movement is seen as a linear movement. Despite that information, physical evolution is cyclic. So why would God want a person to continue thinking linearly? The reason is the condition of the general consciousness. Until humanity had attained the ability to control their lower instincts, it was unsafe to connect the consciousness of the planet together.88

So our way of counting time linearly protects us from outside influences. Interestingly, it was the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar that was partly responsible for our calendar. This is evidence that the World Soul didn’t have everything “his” way. Even though the Roman Empire was founded by the World Soul, its citizens could be influenced by both active and passive energies; as was witnessed by the creation of the Julian calendar. This occurred when Julius Caesar was elected Roman Emperor in 63 B.C.E. One of the responsibilities for the emperor was the calendar. At the time he was elected the calendar was woefully misaligned to the seasons. Naturally, Julius Caesar wanted to correct it. Seventeen years later, he was ready to take the drastic action of extending the year 46 B.C.E. to 445 days.

From an energetic standpoint, Julius Caesar’s action reinforced the break from the energies of the past that had begun when the orbit of the planet was changed. So despite the absolute corruption of the Mysteries and the confusion of Isis and Osiris, the positive forces were still able to prevent the Human Race becoming telepathic. This was vital because of the emergence of the 6th Root Race that was to occur in the next “upstepping.” Consciously, the entire Soul Plane is preparing for The Christ, Sophia and Melchizedek’s most important incarnations.
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Returning to Qumran and the Essenes during the last century before the Common Era. At first glance the New Testament is completely silent on this influential sect, but now I’m not so sure. Robert Feather in THE SECRET INITIATION OF JESUS AT QUMRAN states that the Essenes were known as scribes. Could this be the “scribes” Jesus addresses throughout the scriptures? However, if Jesus denounces the “scribes” as hypocrites89 doesn’t that negate our hypothesis of him being a member. Again it was Mr. Feather’s book that solved the dilemma. As stated, there was a “split” within the Essene sect at Qumran. He relates, “…Bargil Pixner, of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem” believes the Essene community at Qumran had split into the “(Ebionites, or Boerthusians) and the followers of Jesus…”90

Although, Mr. Feather adds that the other group was “led by the family of Jesus..” As I reported in the chapter Bethlehem or Nazareth? in (LCD), Josephus identified James the brother of Jesus as the head of the Ebionites. Moreover, I also mentioned that the New Testament alludes to Jesus’ family not following him in the beginning. Still it is thought provoking to see the Ebionites linked with Essenes at Qumran.

What surprised me even more was that even though Robert Feather relates professor Bargil’s assessment that the group that opposed the Ebionites, the “followers of Jesus” were “led by Jesus’ family,” he associates “the followers” with the Gnostics, which adhered to the doctrine of equality between the sexes. He adds that the founders of Qumran, who were followers of Akhenaten, disseminated this doctrine.

One of the biggest obstacles to scholars accepting that Jesus may have been connected to the community at Qumran, was because no form of the name Jesus appears anywhere in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Could the two factions within the community explain why there is no reference to any form of the name Jesus? The lack of the name Jesus appearing within the scrolls has led scholars to make the blanket statement that none of the New Testament characters were connected to the sect at Qumran. Nevertheless, Mr. Feather thinks there is physical evidence to at least support John the Baptist being a member of the Qumran Essenes. In an interview with Joseph Milik, one of the original excavators of the Qumran site, Robert Feather says, he was told, “I too excavated a corpse, without a head. It was clear from the presence of brown dust that it must have been in a wooden coffin. Yes, there were arms and the skeleton, but no skull…”91

Considering that orthodox Jews believe in a literal bodily resurrection and will not consent to any form of investigation of the remains of the dead, this is surprising to say the least. One of the greatest hindrances to finding evidence of any of the New Testament events is because the Jewish authorities will not grant permission for anyone to dig if there is the slightest chance they will disturb the dead.

Orthodox Judaism believes that for a corpse to be buried incomplete, without all of his or her relevant parts means that the individual cannot be resurrected at the Day of Judgment. The only explanation is that the skull was unavailable to them. We read of what happened after John the Baptist’s execution in Matthew: “And his head was brought in a charger, and given to the damsel: and she brought it to her mother.”92 Researching the proposed site of John the Baptist’s beheading, Machaerus, Herod Antipas hilltop fortress, I learned that it is only fifteen miles from the Dead Sea.

As stated, our hypothesis has Jesus growing up in Alexandria, Egypt, which fulfills the prophesy in Hosea that says the messiah would be called out of Egypt. Nonetheless, although Qumran had been connected to Egypt through Akhenaten, did our hypothesis about Jesus being in Alexandria hold any water? It seems that here too the answer could well be “yes.” Apparently, there were several Essene communities throughout the region, including Egypt. According to Robert Feather one of these communities, known as the Therapeutae were in “Lake Mereotis (Marioot) near Alexandria…”93 It seems that an early tradition from the Johannites may also support our hypothesis that Jesus was initiated into the Egyptian mysteries. Manly P. Hall’s book Orders Of The Quest-THE ADEPTS In the Western Tradition94 relates, “The Johannites claimed to possess ancient records to the effect that when Jesus was a small child he was adopted by a Rabbi named Joseph who carried him into Egypt where he was initiated into the occult sciences.”95 It appears that Jesus was initiated into the Osiris Mysteries because; Mr. Hall said that the “priests of Osiris” took him to be the reincarnation of Horus.96

I reported in the update to chapter 333 B.C.E. – 1 A.D in (LCD) that Robert Feather identifies the Essenes teacher of Righteousness as Onias IV, but was he an archetype of Melchizedek? Although, I agree with Mr. Feather in identifying Onias IV as the Essene Teacher of Righteousness, I don’t think he was of the order of Melchizedek.
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Whenever I thought of Alexandria, my mind went to the destruction of the Great Library. As I had never read anything in connection to Alexandria and aliens, I’d never considered a non-human influence to the destruction of the library. Nonetheless, Manly P. Hall provided the connection in his book Orders Of The Quest. He wrote, “The name Pleiad, from Pleiades was first bestowed in Alexandria.”97 Now if the Pleiadians were the aliens that genetically altered the Human Race, then maybe they did not want that information to be common knowledge. When Ptolemy and his son began gathering the world’s knowledge into a central library in Alexandria, this made all the world’s history available. Throughout history, various historical figures report a connection to otherworldly beings. Mr. Hall reported, “…there is a reference to the Pleiad of Charlemagne, King of the Franks…”98 In my research, I had learned that Charlemagne was given the spear of destiny, (The Spear used to pierce Jesus’ side, and believed to possess supernatural properties.) could this justify the Pleiadians interest in him?

I’ve continually referred to the World Soul as masculine, because it represents the active energy. Nonetheless, as stated in The Good News:

“Despite the designation masculine, this energy (World Soul) is not exclusive to men. Women who demonstrate anger, jealousy and ambition or any of the passions connected to the lower ego are exhibiting the same “masculine” energy” 99

Earlier, I reported that Nephthys, Hathor, Bat or Bast has been linked to Set, the twin brother of Osiris. Moreover, I understood that the masculine or active energy could be in women as well as men. However, what I didn’t know was that the World Soul could appear as a female deity. I learned of this in David Godwin’s LIGHT IN EXTENSION, which says, “The Chaldean Oracles also bring in the Greek goddess Hecate, who is identified with the World Soul.”100 I found this very interesting considering Hecate’s connection to magic. I was also reminded of one of her many epithets, “light-bringer. This term is also applied to Dionysus. Nevertheless, the most famous character associated with “light-bringer” is Lucifer.

Previously, I said that the Mithraic cult was the World Soul’s piece de resistance. The reason is the connection that the Roman Christians made between Mithra and Jesus; for instance adopting the December 25th (Mithra’s birthday) as Jesus’ birthday. Unfortunately, linking Christianity to Rome had an even more dire consequence. This was because of the Roman symbol of the eagle. To recap: the powerful Roman Empire was born under the influence of Mars, and was founded by the World Soul. As stated, the World Soul is connected to Pluto and the sun-sign of Scorpio.

It was Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot101 that finally showed me the consequence of associating Christianity to Rome. She writes, “The self-conscious and the subconscious have four aspects, just as your body has four aspects (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). The Higher Self and the subconscious are identified as the Intuitive. The part of you that takes instruction from your Higher Self is called Intuition and the part of your subconscious that takes instruction from the Holy Ghost is called Intuition. The next aspect is the Intellectual. The part of your subconscious that controls the Intellect is known as the Emotional or Passional. The fourth is the Physical. Your subconscious and/or self-conscious have these four aspects: INTUITIVE, INTELLECTUAL, PASSIONAL or EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL. Four animals symbolize these: The Eagle (Intuition), the Man (Intellect), the Lion (Emotion), and the Bull (Appetite).”102

These four animals represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus, and appear on two Major Arcana cards, card 10 – The Wheel of Fortune and card 21 – The World

It was important for me to remember that the symbol for Scorpio in ancient times was the eagle. At first, I felt uncomfortable with identifying Intuition with the eagle and therefore Scorpio and the World Soul. That was until I reread Ms. Moore’s explanation of how intuition works. In addressing those individuals that say intuition “comes out of the blue” she asserts, “Intuition is not and cannot be a substitute for all the previous steps.” Those “steps” are “ATTENTION” (The Magician), “MEMORY” (The High Priestess), “IMAGINATION” (The Empress), and “REASON (The Emperor).” She continues, “Great Intuition comes only after profound intellectualization in all these four stages. Some people confuse Intuition with those sudden imperative emotions we call ‘hunches.’ Now it is true, a hunch is something we cannot explain, and it is sometimes amazingly accurate, but it is not intuition. Why not? Because hunches come from a part of us that is not from the mental part of us. The experience called ‘intuition’ is from the mental part, from the Mental Sphere.”103

In thinking about the difference between intuition and hunches, I was reminded that a “hunch” is often associated with a “gut feeling”. Suddenly, I understood what I was being shown, “hunches” come from the Solar Plexus or that which connects us to the Astral Plane, whereas, intuition comes from the Higher Self, which is within the heart. This was discussed in our 3rd book The True Philosophers’ Stone:

“Through research for our second book, Suzzan had learned that the third chakra or Solar Plexus was associated with the lower emotions.  Daphna Moore, in The Rabbi’s Tarot …relates, “…It is dangerous for anyone who is not a Buddha to meditate upon his Solar Plexus until he has awakened his Heart Center, the real Sun Center…This is because the Solar Plexus is the seat of instincts.”  She goes on to explain that it is through “civilization, self development and self sacrifice” that humanity learns to control those instincts. Ms. Moore warns, “If you meditate upon the Solar Plexus before you put the heart in control of the emotions, your instinct may get too strong for it and you may not be able to handle them. The functions of the Solar Plexus are…the lower psychic powers; that is to say, psychic powers which belong to people who have no spiritual power.”
Apparently, these “powers” were commonplace with the Atlanteans and everyone knows what happened to them! Many people believe Atlantis was destroyed because the populace had turned to dark magic or sorcery. This reminded Craig and Suzzan of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, translated by Doreal.  Tablet one states, “Downward into darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans.”104

Eventhough Ms. Moore relates that the Higher Self sends the intuition from the Mental Sphere down to the mind.105 If we take into account that this is the Fullness of Time, the Mental Sphere is no longer above the head, but within the heart. The relevance of this will become abundantly apparent in discussing the next “upstepping”, but before that I would like to discuss what was happening just before the birth of the three positive archetypes of The Christ, Melchizedek and Sophia.

As stated, the World Soul had succeeded in infiltrating the Greco-Roman world. I was struck by the amount of effort exerted by the World Soul at this time. My question was “why not wait until the time of Jesus?” I learned that apart from the emergence of the 6th Root Race, the next Age of Pisces heralded a new era. It was all connected to the consciousness moving into the Star in the Sphere of Malkuth.

To recap, up until the Life Principle entered the Sphere of Malkuth with the three trees, in the previous twelve trees in the three planes, when the Life Principle had traversed the Descent of Power to Malkuth, it ascended the “Path of the Arrow” to Daath, where it goes through to the next tree.


AWFN7c-5 In the final third of the Age of Aries, the Life Principle has succeeded in uniting all three trees, and by uniting the three trees in Malkuth, you arrive at compassion.

When the resonance of compassion had reached a critical mass, The Creator was moved to send the Messiah into the world. This was possible because, as I said the Archetypes of Osiris and Horus had reunited after the death of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. As such The Christ would be completely human when he incarnated in approximately 4 B.C.E.

Because one of the most important symbols for The Christ is the six-pointed star, his incarnation as a human being began the movement of the Life Principle through the door or stargate out of the Sphere of Malkuth.

So despite the corruption of the Mysteries, the Life-Principle as the Human Race had still progressed enough to facilitate the incarnation of The Christ again.


As before in previous major “upsteppings”, The Christ wasn’t alone, the Archetypes Melchizedek and Sophia had incarnated as John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. I was surprised to learn that one of the main causes that instigated the incarnation of the three archetypes again was the development of reason in the Life-Principle as the Human Race. This was because it was deemed by the spiritual powers that Humanity could begin correcting the “watchers mistake” or the genetic manipulation by the aliens, which led to the development of the counterfeit spirit within human beings. When Humanity developed reason, it facilitated the activation of the first level of the Higher Self, which is also the first aspect of the Christ Consciousness in the human being. That is why the World Soul worked so hard to muddy the waters of the identity of The Christ, Sophia and Melchizedek, by mixing up the gods in the Mysteries. “His” other goal was to keep people connected to the Astral Plane through sorcery and listening to “hunches” or gut feelings.

The Christ’s goal was to teach humanity about the plane of Absolute Good or Love, which is above the Soul Plane. To do this, it was necessary to lead the consciousness to a different plane. It is the development of both reason and compassion just before the Common Era within a critical mass of the consciousness of the Human Race, which results in the move to a completely new realm. The move to a different plane was part of a Divine plan to reset the entire Soul Plane. This occurred when the three Archetypes of The Christ, Melchizedek and Sophia incarnated and led the consciousness or Life Principle through the door to Globe D.

I said earlier I’d realized that all Globes didn’t necessarily contain seven Root Races. The transition to the Age of Pisces is indicative of this. The transition from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces was also the change from Globe C to Globe D. See below:


To further clarify the above statement, because of the genetic manipulation by the Pleiadians, when the time was right, the Life Principle as the human consciousness needed to change its constituency. This became available with the 5th Root Race reaching the mid-point or 4th sub-race. It was also facilitated, by the last of the Atlantean Race, the 4th Root Race becoming the 6th Root Race.




Thirteen years ago, Craig and I read H.P Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, and first became exposed to the doctrine of multiple worlds. I can remember pondering over her diagram on pages 153 & 200 that depict our Earth as isolated, and below all the other globes. Reexamining the drawings, I saw the drawing as depicting Globe D acting as a kind of transition between Globe C and Globe E. As this is such a crucial part in Spiritual evolution, before we move into the Common Era, I will digress for a moment to discuss the various doors the Life-Principle traverses.
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Before I get to the door out of the Sphere of Malkuth, I want to address my amendments to the traditional view of the chakra system. To recap, I wrote in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES TODAY:

“Earlier I said that the traditional teaching assigned the Crown chakra to Mercury, but that didn’t ring true for me. Jesus called the devil the father of lies, referring to him speaking a lie. To me this made Mercury more appropriate to the 5th chakra of communication, not Venus. I believe Venus fits with the 2nd or Sacral, sexual center chakra, which unseats Mars. However, what better place for the god of war than the fiery seat of emotions or should I say passion, the 3rd or Solar Plexus chakra. This would move Jupiter in my opinion to its rightful place at the Crown chakra in place of Mercury.”



Traditional & Updated planetary positions for the 7 Chakras

Although on one level this is correct, it doesn’t explain why all modern writers use the traditional planetary positions for the chakras. As one of these was a writer I highly respected, I felt there had to be something I didn’t understand.

When I first read Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot, I had kind of ignored her reference to the chakras within the body. However, while I was working on this thesis, she released a revised version of The Rabbi’s Tarot with color photographs. In reading her new version, which incidentally, we highly recommend, I was confronted with the traditional placement for the planets within the body. What was I missing? Then I was alerted to Ms. Moore’s reference to the traditional seven planets as nerve centers or glands in the body that controlled our spiritual evolution. For instance she says that the physiological center the 5th chakra represents is the “Pharyngeal Plexus.” She explains that the Pharyngeal Plexus, “…has a special influence on the entire chemistry of your body.”106

According to Daphna Moore, the Medulla Oblongata is another physiological center that is crucial to a human beings spiritual development. I wasn’t sure what the Medulla Oblongata was, so I looked it up. I discovered that it is a nerve center at the base of the skull and according to the entry on the web site Wikipedia, “The medulla oblongata is responsible for controlling several major autonomic functions of the body.” It also apparently “relays nerve signals between the brain and spinal cord.” These “autonomic functions” include “breathing, blood pressure, (and) heart rate…”

So much for the anatomical meaning, I was interested in the role the Medulla Oblongata plays in our spiritual evolution. Ms. Moore believes that “The medulla is perhaps the most wonderful organism in our wonderful bodies. It is definitely constructed for the purpose of giving physical form to our mental images…”107 Furthermore, Ms. Moore observes, “The Hebrew letter Qoph is a picture of the Medulla…”108

It is important to remember that card 18 - The Moon has Qoph as its Hebrew letter, and that the sun-sign Pisces is assigned to the card. On one level, the message is that the sun-sign Pisces plays a significant part in the understanding of Humanity’s spiritual evolution. Nevertheless, it is realizing that the chakras represent actual physical centers that are the most relevant.


It all centers on understanding that the chakras are multileveled, and that there is an energy aspect to the chakras.

In respect to energy and the physiological centers, one of the most prolific analogies used in the Tarot is the reference to the two streams of water and fire within the human being. This is perfectly illustrated in card 12 - The Hanged Man.

In Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit Part Two I linked card 12 – The Hanged Man to the Tree of Truth, but here I want to add Daphna Moore’s perspective of the message from card 12 – The Hanged man concerning the two streams. Ms. Moore says that the alchemists used the two streams of fire and water, which they defined as two interlaced triangles: water triangle - point down, and fire triangle - point up. She explains:

“Fire and Water are one force but two currents-the one flowing up, the other flowing down. The Will is the Fire, the Substance is the Water…The material of our bodies is but Cosmic Mind-Stuff. Its most important forms in our bodies are secreted in our nerves, our veins, and in the lymphatic ducts. All these secretions are fluid. They are directly influenced, shaped, and formed by our mental imagery, through the agency of the two nervous systems, the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic. First our mental imagery modifies the nerve fluid, and thus modified, it affects the vital secretions and so changes the chemistry of the blood and the lymph. The process of alchemy takes place in and through the human body by means of the blood.109

Ms. Moore’s explanation of how it is first the animal or lower nature in the human being that starts the process of the Human Race becoming consciously aware is truly enlightening. In fact, it was the beginning to my understanding of why I’d been shown the updated version for the positions of the planets in the seven chakras.

“…The animal in us toilfully creates the mind and at last emerges and takes control. Then the mind in us toilfully creates the Transformed Heart, and in the end it must emerge and take control of the mind. At any point this long process either of the animal or the mind may lose control. Then our work is for the moment undone…When we have finished the process of perfecting ourselves and the matter composing our bodies, we then set about the task that was assigned to us from the beginning of this solar system: to help Nature perfect all the other matter in this planet…”110

In other words, the human being was evolved to be equipped with the means to transmute first themselves, then the elements of the world. To understand this it is necessary to correlate spiritual evolution with physical evolution. I think it will help if I relate what I was shown concerning the esoteric teaching.

After re-reading The Rabbi’s Tarot, I was reminded of the pictures of the chakras in Anodea Judith’s The Wheels of Life -- A User’s Guide to the Chakra System111 In each case, Ms. Judith depicts the chakras as ganglia in the body. In fact her drawings reminded me of a kind of plant, with tendrils that connect through the spinal column. It was important for me to see this connection, because it helped me to understand the two streams of consciousness, often referred to allegorically as fire and water. From an energy perspective they are the active and passive streams of consciousness, which are represented by the two serpents coiling round a pole in the caduceus. It is the goal of evolution to unite these two streams of consciousness, depicted as first the union of card 1 - The Magician - self-conscious and card 2 - The High Priestess - universal subconscious, which results in the third stream of consciousness, card 3 - The Empress - the individual subconscious or Creative Imagination.

AWFN7c-11                  AWFN7c-12                 AWFN7c-13                 AWFN7c-14

This is the perfect portrayal of a symbol having more than one meaning. Earlier, I related that the caduceus represented the insertion of the counterfeit spirit or lower ego, but because of the symbol having more than one meaning, it also represents the means to overcome the counterfeit spirit. This is because of the different aspects in the human being. By uniting the self-conscious, active/masculine, with the subconscious, passive/feminine, you reach creative imagination, which leads to reason.

AWFN7c-15 Card 17 – The Star portrays this process Archetypally. Ms. Moore says about the woman in card 17 - The Star, “The WOMAN…is the EMPRESS, but she is now at one with THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Meditation consists in restoring to THE EMPRESS the power of her Mother, the Cosmic Mind and memory…under her ministration flowers spring forth…It is she who brings Reason to flower.”112

So the reunion of The Empress with her mother, The High Priestess results in reason. As powerful as this is, it was what Ms. Moore says about the purpose of Humanity, which is represented by the woman in The Star. “THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE BODY IS MERELY A MEANS TO AN END. THE END IS TO ASSIST IN THE EVOLUTION OF ALL MATTER.”113 This is why the development of the Root Races is expanding, not contracting. I will come back to this later. Suffice to say the consciousness of the human being is as much involved in the physical evolution as well as the spiritual evolution of the Human Race. I wondered how this would gel with my other revelations.
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The True Philosophers’ Stone discussed the theory that the dinosaurs lived on Globe B, because I felt that it was a great deal larger. This correlated with the diagrams in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES TODAY. Although this rang true, I was interested as to the official explanation. Officially, it is accepted that the reign of the dinosaurs came to an end with the Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) extinction event, which occurred approximately 65 million years ago.

So far so good, as this agreed with my finding and could demonstrate that Globe C began sometime after this. Still, I’d been shown that the 1st Root Race of Globe C didn’t appear until the world settled down to the position of the continents today. According to geologists, this happened in the Oligocene Era, roughly 34 to 23.03 million years ago. This was 31 million years after the demise of the dinosaurs. Furthermore, according to the geologists the continents were still drifting as little as 15 million years ago. Is this indicating that Globe C “materialized” sometime between 34 and 15 million years ago?

In THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES TODAY, I speculated that the human cycle began around five million years ago. I reached this conclusion because anthropologists state that the first hominids began to appear then. My question was, “if the first hominid didn’t appear until around 5 million B.C.E., then was this when the self-conscious mind first appeared?” Leaving that question aside for now, I was still unclear as to when the 1st Root Race of Globe C appeared? As I said although we are not told exactly when the human cycle began the ancients did leave us with a valuable clue; the Earth became its densest eighteen million years ago.

Eighteen million years ago was the Burdigalian section of the Miocene Age, which ran from 23.03 to 5.332 million years ago. I’d never heard of the Burdigalian age, so I looked it up on the web. On the website for the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, I learned that the Burdigalian age was “the second of six stages of the Miocene Age. The information on the Burdigalian was limited to fossil finds, which for the most part went over my head. Nevertheless, the information on the Miocene Age was a great deal more understandable and interesting. It seems that the first versions of many of the modern mammals appeared during this time. Concerning the Miocene Age, the website has:

…Important Miocene deposits occur in North and South America, southern Europe, India, Mongolia, East Africa, and Pakistan. Both marine and terrestrial environments are represented in the Miocene stratigraphic record. The record of terrestrial life is extensive and varied, providing a rather complete view of the development of vertebrates, especially mammals.
During the Miocene, land-dwelling mammals were essentially modern; many archaic groups were extinct by the end of the preceding Oligocene, and fully half of the mammalian families known today are present in the Miocene record …

By the end of the Miocene Epoch almost all the modern groups of whales had appeared, as had the early seals and walruses. Birds such as herons, rails, ducks, eagles, hawks, crows, sparrows, pheasants, owls, and partridges were present in Europe, where the uplifting of the Alps continued through Miocene time.

The Miocene Epoch is also of great importance to primate evolution. The last primate to occur in the fossil record of North America, a tarsier-like creature, is known in the United States. Elsewhere, the higher primates, especially the apes, underwent a great deal of evolution. The fossil evidence seems to indicate that advanced primates, including apes, were present in southern Europe. An early gibbon, Pliopithecus, as well as the dryopithecines, a group of advanced humanlike apes that probably represent the stock from which modern apes and humans originated, are found in Miocene rocks of Europe. The dryopithecines also are present in the Miocene of Africa, the region where humanlike forms as well as modern humans probably originated…

Taking into consideration that the Earth was at its densest 18 million years ago, I was given to understand that the approximate date for the “materialization” of Globe C is 16 million B.C.E. If our species Homo Sapien sapiens were created during the 3rd Root Race, which wasn’t until 40,000 B.C.E., I wondered when Root Race 1 and 2 appeared. As stated, evolution of the Root Races and sub-races isn’t equal, and generally speeds up as the Root Races and Globes progress. From deducing that Globe C materialized around 16 million B.C.E., I learned that the 1st Root Race appeared on Globe C around 15 million B.C.E. They were not hominids, but were more than animals. The dryopithecines would best represent them in the fossil record, although, from an energetic perspective, their consciousness was only rudimentary and they were only just beginning to have a sense of individuality. I guess you might call them the “missing link” from a consciousness perspective between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom.



It wasn’t until the 1st sub-race of the 2nd Root Race emerged that the first hominids appeared on Earth. This was around 7 million years ago, towards the end of the Miocene Epoch. It is important to remember that spiritual evolution is driven by consciousness, and the sub-races of the 2nd Root Race emerged when the hominid developed more consciousness. As reported, around 40,000 B.C.E., the Life-Principle had evolved into the 1st sub-race of the 3rd Root Race, which were the Cro-Magnons, but following the law of evolution, there was also the 4th sub-race of the 2nd Root Race. These were the Neanderthals. Although from an intellectual perspective, the Cro-Magnons weren’t as consciously developed as the Neanderthals, they were more individualized.

Initially I had thought that the Neanderthals were more spiritually advanced than the Cro-Magnons, but then I realized that the goal of spiritual evolution was to drive the Life-Principle to individualization. As such although the Neanderthals were more civilized, working together in communities, the Cro-Magnons were more individualized, therefore more self-conscious.

As I wrote the above, the light went on and, suddenly I understood the reason for the updated version for the chakra system. The difference between the traditional and updated positions for the chakras concerned the genetic manipulation by the aliens. Originally, when the Life-Principle physically evolved into the hominid body of both the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons or our ancestors their bodies were the highest stage of the Life Principle.

Spiritually, both species had reached a level of consciousness, where the human soul as well as the animal soul could affect their development. Our bodies were designed by nature to be the perfect vehicles to spiritually evolve, as such; certain centers or chakras, which were governed by certain Astrological powers, were evolved to assist the Life-Principle in the process.

From an esoteric perspective, the physical centers within the body are controlled by the traditional placement of the planets, but these are different from the energy or Astrological aspect of the chakras. When the aliens genetically altered the Cro-Magnons, everything changed. As stated, the consequence involved the entire Soul Plane, which included the Astrological powers, or Seven Sacred Planets that were connected to the Life-Principle through their respective energy centers or chakras. Because of the insertion of the counterfeit spirit the entire Soul Plane was corrupted, and that included the Astrological powers. Consequently, their shadow side affected Humanity in different ways. This was what I was shown and so I repeat:

“Instead of the gradual ascent through the chakra centers, the human race was forced to become aware of all seven at once and develop psychic powers before they were intellectually ready. They were now exposed to the full duality of the universe. That meant dealing with the shadow side of the 7 Sacred Planets. Now Saturn’s positive traits of patience and self-discipline were countered with Sloth, apathy and laziness. Jupiter’s generosity and dignity became obscured with pride. While Mars’ vigor and courage was tainted with Wrath, cruelty and vengeance. The beneficent rays of the Sun were dimmed by Greed and Gluttony and fertile Venus became synonymous with Lust. Sensitive Moon began to exhibit the vile trait of Envy and quick-witted Mercury became associated with fraud, lying and Falsehood.”

I do not know whether the “masters” were aware of the above or not, but I suspect they were. Nonetheless, anyone wishing to understand could only to do so through the various mystery schools, which were strictly controlled. Before an individual learnt the “Mysteries” the candidate had to endure great trials to prepare them for initiation. After initiation, they were continually tried before the deeper levels of the “Mysteries” were revealed to them. The concept of many veils was an allusion to how the Truth was imparted to initiates. Therefore I feel it is reasonable to think that the “Mysteries” about Spiritual Evolution and how to overcome the counterfeit spirit or ego was kept secret and only revealed to the few individuals who were spiritually prepared. Even Jesus said that the “Mysteries” were not for the general population, but rather was hidden in parables and allegories.

To return to the discussion of the Root Races on Globe C; it would appear that from eighteen million years ago, evolution was on over drive, but was I also to deduce from this that from eighteen million B.C.E., the Earth began to be less dense? Perhaps, but something very different occurred at the change over to the Common Era, and that had to do with the nature of time; once again Daphna Moore provided the answer for me in card 6 – The Lovers of the Tarot. Concerning the man and the woman in The Lovers “standing on undulating ground” she expounds that in the Tarot it “…depicts cyclic action.” She continues, “All progress of the individual and of civilization comes in waves. There are times when this cannot be done. Now these times are dictated astrologically. It is not that the stars influence these times. They are influenced by these waves. Stars do not make them. They respond to them…These times are beyond the stars. Everything, all forms, everyone is, submerged in the pulsating sea of electromagnetic energy, and everything in this sea responds to the pulsations of the sea according to its gearing.”114 In other words, these pulsations are driven by something above Creation.

Talking of cyclic action, this brings me to the mysterious doctrine of Planetary Chains. In THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES TODAY I wrote that a Planetary Chain consists of 7 Rounds of 7 Globes. However, it might help if I relate the traditional teaching on this from the school that promulgated it in the West, The Theosophical Society. On the website Exploring Theosophy, I found this article on the origin of the Root Races in the Fourth Round, this present round. Alas due to space I cannot reproduce the entire article and must focus on the later developments of the Fourth Round from the 3rd Root Race. However, I strongly encourage you to read the entire article, as it is fascinating:

…From the start of the fourth round until the midpoint of the planetary life-cycle, some 4.5 million years ago, the evolutionary trend was downwards into matter, resulting in a profusion of new species, which developed the fundamental designs activated at the start of the round into a variety of increasingly specialized forms. However, the middle of the cycle marked the beginning of the ascending arc towards spirit, and henceforth more and more animal monads will tend to pass into nirvânic rest as they will not be able to evolve sufficiently along psychological and spiritual lines. The midpoint of the fourth round also marked the ‘closing of the door into the human kingdom’ -- meaning that no more animal monads can enter the human kingdom during the rest of the planetary manvantara, except for certain ape and higher simian monads…

Hermaphroditism died out in the middle period of the third race…With the separation of the sexes, the present method of reproduction ensued. It was at about the same time that the awakening of our self-conscious minds began and that human bodies became fully developed and physical…

Humanity’s self-conscious mind began to awaken once our physical forms had become sufficiently developed to express our latent mental powers…With self-conscious intelligence came the power of choice and free will, and as humans gradually sank further into matter, a struggle emerged between the spiritual and the animal in man…

The last two subraces of the Lemurians (or Lemuro-Atlanteans) built cities, cultivated the arts and sciences, and sowed far and wide the first seeds of civilization under the guidance of their divine instructors and their own awakened minds… 

The Atlanteans produced some of the most brilliant civilizations of a purely material character that this globe has seen. On the whole, however, they were unspiritual, with strong material instincts. Many of them worshipped the dark and evil powers of nature, and misused their innate psychic powers for selfish ends -- practices that were opposed by the wiser among them.

The bulk of Atlantis was submerged and destroyed in the Miocene epoch, following which the fifth race began to increase rapidly in numbers. Portions of Atlantis, however, lingered on into later times…

The evolution of the first race of the fourth round recapitulated the first round, the second race the second round, and the third race the third round. Likewise, the fifth, sixth, and seventh races will be a faint foreshadowing of evolution in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds…


AWFN7d-1 The last paragraph caused the four kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and human to be flashed into my mind. At the same time, I saw the kingdoms arranged in the four planes on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; only their arrangement was the reverse to evolutionary progress. From an evolutionary perspective, the human being is the highest or most advanced life form, however, in my vision, the human kingdom occupied the lowest Active or Physical Plane. It was the mineral kingdom that was in the highest plane, namely the Archetypal or Fire Plane. The plant kingdom represented the Creative or Air Plane, and the animal kingdom represented the Formative or Water plane.

Nevertheless, in studying it I realized that they were exactly positioned where they needed to be. For instance, a plant creates the oxygen (air) we breathe, and so positioning the plant kingdom in the Creative or Air Plane seemed appropriate. As for the animal kingdom representing the Formative/Astral or Emotional/Water Plane, if we dig deeper we can see why. The animal soul is Kama rupa, which is associated with Kama Loka. Another name for Kama Rupa is the Astral Plane. The Formative Plane is also known as the Astral Plane. This plane also represents the element Water and the emotions. As I said in the chapter Times and Times Again in (LCD) it is in Kama Loka that the animal soul works out its emotions. At first I had wondered at the placement of the mineral kingdom in the Archetypal or Fire Plane, but when I remembered that this is known as the Crystal Age and crystals are used in our electronic systems, which produce images, I could not think of a more appropriate placement for the minerals than the Archetypal plane. As for the human kingdom being assigned to the Active or Physical Plane, the Human Race’s goal is to “actively” transform first himself or herself, then the Earth or physical plane.

Thinking about the four kingdoms, I began to wonder about the number four. The fourth Hebrew letter is Daleth, which means door. It seemed to me that the number four was important. Nature is able to create the four kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal and human, but needs the co-operation of the human being to produce the fifth kingdom. According to Theosophy, we are on the fourth Globe of the Fourth Round.


As stated, it is during the 4th sub-race that the next Root Race emerges. In THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINES OF ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES TODAY, Johanna created three diagrams depicting the progress of the Globes. I think it may help to reproduce them here to illustrate my point. B1 & B2 diagrams on the left show the spiraling motion of the Planetary Chain. B3 below shows that on each chain Globe D or 4 connects to the center.                                                                                   

If the fourth Root Race is the pivotal point then why are we still in a mess? From reading FINGERPRINT OF THE GODS by Graham Hancock, it was obvious that the ancient civilizations were very advanced. In fact, there are some that believe the Atlanteans, which were the 4th Root Race were probably more technologically advanced than the Human Race is today. The above article provides the answer for why the “doorway” wasn’t opened during the 4th Root Race. To recap:

The Atlanteans produced some of the most brilliant civilizations of a purely material character that this globe has seen. On the whole, however, they were unspiritual, with strong material instincts. Many of them worshipped the dark and evil powers of nature, and misused their innate psychic powers for selfish ends – practices, which were opposed by the wiser among them.

I was curious as to how the Atlanteans could have been part of Globe D. After all, according to my reckoning they emerged on Globe C around 15,120 B.C.E., so how could they have hung around for over 15,000 years? In contemplating this, I was reminded that when the aliens corrupted the Soul Plane, by genetically altering the Cro-Magnons, the Creator/Demiurge had greatly reduced the life span. Before the “flood” reported in Genesis, the life span was over nine hundred years.115 Consequently, it would have been possible for the 4th Root Race to live long enough to transfer to Globe D. In fact according to my chart, they merged into the 6th Root Race, which didn’t emerge until the Common Era.

To return to the door into Globe D. The transition to the Common Era was made possible because of the incarnation of The Christ. This is because of the Higher Self or Christ Consciousness being activated by the development of reason within a critical mass of the Human Race. Interestingly, it is the symbols for Pisces that reveal how this was different from previous ages. I had always wondered at the symbol of two fishes “swimming” in different directions, connected together by a cord between the two fishes mouths.

The accepted authority on modern astrology is Llewellyn George. Concerning the constellation Pisces, in his The New A to Z Horoscope And Delineator116 he says, “Pisces is pictured by two fishes, one headed toward the north, the other parallel with the path of the Sun. They are some distance apart but bound together with the undulating band…”117
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I reported earlier that the simple letter assigned to Pisces is Qoph, which represents card 18 – The Moon. According to William F Mann in his book The Labyrinth Of The Grail,118 “Christ the King is represented by the symbol of the fish, vesica pisces.” Pisces is the sun sign assigned to The Moon. Mr. Mann relates “In alchemy, Pisces is associated with the image of reflection: one fish stands for death, or the end, the other for primal birth, or the beginning.” He adds that Pisces stretches through the final winter section, “…in which the old cycle comes to an end at the same time as the new cycle is prepared. It is natural, therefore, that the intertwining of two circles or rings represents Christ.”119

Once again Craig was able to draw a graphic that shows how the energy of Vesica Pisces, or two circles entwined works. See below:


The above perfectly describes how the Age of Pisces heralded a different era. In thinking about it, I was shown another vision. It began with Craig’s depiction of the symmetry of the ages. While looking at Craig’s diagram of the symmetry of the ages, I had a vision of the spheres folding up until they formed a complete circle. Then twelve trees of life appeared in each of the spheres, and the whole thing began to spin. As the spheres continued to spin, I saw one of the spheres appear to drop down from the others, which continued spinning. On the sphere that had dropped down, the glyph for Pisces Pisces formed on one side of it only the line between the two crescents was greatly extended.


In addition between the two crescents was the symbol for Pisces, two fishes swimming in opposite directions. I discussed earlier, how the early Christians had adopted the symbol of Vesica Pisces I’d been intrigued to discover that the two fishes of the Pisces constellation aren’t the same size. I found a perfect description of the Pisces constellation about half way down an article on the web site Project Astro Utah; see the article:
… Pisces… occupy a fairly large region basically in the form of a “V.” …Pisces is pictured as a pair of fish, one at each end of the “V,” connected by a string. The larger fish… lies along the east side of the Square of Pegasus, and the smaller fish… lies under the south side of the Square of Pegasus. The fish-line, running between the pair, is formed by a line of dim stars going off from the smaller fish toward the east horizon, then, at the point of the “V,” veering up toward the north where it hooks to the larger fish…Pisces marks a very important direction in space, the vernal equinox, located just southeast of the smaller fish. It is in that direction that the Sun is located at the beginning of spring, about March 21…

To return to my vision, as I said I saw one of the spheres appear to drop down from the other twelve spheres. Then I was reminded of the shift in the orbit of the Earth, which extended the year from 360 days to 365 ¼ days. Once again, Craig was able to produce a visual expression of my vision.


When I asked what the vision meant, I was told that the spinning spheres represented the multiple cycles and ages within Globe C. The sphere, which appeared to drop down, symbolized the Age of Aries, connecting to Globe D through the door between the two globes. Later, I saw that the line between the two crescents in the glyph started with a fraction in Globe C and stretched a third of the way into Globe D. Moreover, the first crescent was at least twice as large as the second, and formed the lowest portion of Globe C. While the smaller, second crescent formed the upper part of Globe D. The date 0 C.E. appeared on the second crescent, but the line continued until 500 C.E. Again Craig’s talent for artistic expression depicted the transition from an energy perspective.

AWFN7d-7 The fish symbol above the spheres is depicting how there is a shift in consciousness and time in 0 C.E. As I said, the consciousness of the Life Principle does not move all at once. This means that although the separation of the Globes began when the world adopted a year of 365 ¼ days, the separation wasn’t complete until 500 C.E. then the consciousness was fully immersed in the new timeline, which was a different dimension. In Spiritual Evolution Or From The Fool to The Hermit, Part Two this time would be the transition of the Life Principle through the Stargate.

Although the Craig’s portrayal of the vision depicts a drastic shift from Globe C to Globe D, it should be seen as refraction, like an object is slightly refracted when viewed through water.

Daphna Moore in The Rabbi’s Tarot relates “two arcs” represent “Involution and Evolution.”120 I was immediately reminded of the glyph for Pisces , two arcs connected together. Moreover, I needed to remember that the opposite sun-sign to Pisces is Virgo. Before the discovery of Chiron, Mercury ruled Virgo, and Ms. Moore informs us that Mercury is exalted (at its most beneficent) in Virgo. She adds that this was the only sign of the zodiac where the planet that rules the sign was also exalted.

AWFN7d-8 Bringing in Virgo, made me think of the Church’s exaltation of Mary the mother of Jesus. I knew that the name Mary was synonymous with the word for sea, which in French is “mare”, and that in the Tarot; card 2 - The High Priestess or the sea of Cosmic Mind Stuff symbolized Mary.

The secret message being that the Christ consciousness was born from the union of the self-conscious and sub-conscious. Archetypally this could be seen as Melchizedek and Sophia uniting. Ms. Moore explains, “The Hebrew letter that stands for sex-union with the Spirit corresponds with the Zodiacal sign Virgo, the Virgin. How can that be explained? ‘Sex,’ in Yoga, means becoming pure, identifying yourself with the Father by getting rid of gross matter.”121

One of the most surprising aspects of the vision was the apparent dropping down of the sphere that represented the Age of Aries. In contemplating it, I was reminded of Immanuel Velikovsky’s theory in Worlds in Collision.122 I recounted this in the chapter Exodus: Miracle or History? In (LCD) To recap: He hypothesizes that the Exodus and the ten plagues are the result of the Earth’s near collision with the planet Venus. In addition, in the chapter Confused Chronology in (LCD) I related that the Egyptologist David Rohl also wanted to amend the timeline of Egypt. The vision of the Age of Aries separating from the cycle in Globe C signified the change in orbit of the Earth, resulting in the year lengthening from 360 days to 365 ¼ days. This was the start of creating a pathway to Globe D. Both Immanuel Velikovsky and David Rohl place the time of the Exodus around 1500 B.C.E. If you check the chart, you will see that this falls in the second third of the Age of Aries. Energetically, the separation from Globe C, facilitated the path between the globes. Initially this began to materialize when Julius Caesar initiated the Julian calendar in 46 B.C.E., when he made the year 445 days long. But the path, which was the six-pointed stargate out of the sphere of Malkuth didn’t fully materialize until the Christ, Melchizedek and Sophia incarnated again.

Recalling that I said the symbol for Christ is the six-pointed star or two interlaced triangles, I was interested to learn that this is also the symbol for equilibrium. I learned this from The Rabbi’s Tarot. Moreover, Ms. Moore writes that there are two other symbols for equilibrium, the number 8, which she says is numerical and sword representing the letter Zain, which is the sword of Discrimination.

AWFN7d-16She also states that the color of equilibrium is violet.123 This surprised me because, I had thought the color of balance was green. I made this assumption because card 11 - Justice is green, and to me there is no greater depiction of balance and equilibrium than in the card Justice, which is assigned to the sun-sign that epitomizes balance and equilibrium, Libra.

Confused, I asked Craig what he thought. Without hesitation he said that equilibrium is dynamic i.e., moving towards a state of balance. His explanation made sense so I moved on.

I had ascertained that esotericists know the Age of Pisces as the Age of the Sword. According to Daphna Moore, there are three swords in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, “the sword of processes in card 1 - The Magician, the sword of elimination in card 11 - Justice and the sword of discrimination in card 6 - The Lovers.

AWFN7d-12Coincidentally, the number 6 plays a prominent part multiple times. I related in the updates to Whence the Origin of Evil? in (LCD) that the number 6 is the number of Carbon, and that “According to the Kabbalists, 6 is the number of co‑operation, marriage, connection...the interaction of the spiritual and material, the mental and the physical in man.”

In the Tarot as stated, card 6 is The Lovers. The master esotericists used to conceal secret meanings in the combination of numbers. For instance, assigning the number 358 to both Nahash, the serpent in the Garden of Eden and Nechesh, meaning messiah or redeemer conceals a valuable secret to spiritual evolution.

Daphna Moore relates, “Any series of numbers in which the third number is the sum of the first two is a secret formula for evolution.”124 The secret formula in the number 358 would be the Creative Imagination, card 3 - The Empress, together with the Intuition of the Higher Self, card 5 - The Hierophant leads to the Transformed Heart, card 8 - Strength.

AWFN7d-21             AWFN7d-24      =      AWFN7d-28
  3 – Empress         +      5 – Hierophant       =         8 – Strength  

When I had been formulating the Hidden Codes of Life, in determining the chief trump, I had added all 22 numbers in order to reduce the sum to a single digit. To my surprise, when I did this, the total was 231, which of course reduces to 6 - 2+3+1 = 6 - The Lovers. Although, I was later shown that card 1 - The Magician was the chief trump; I still felt that the number 231 held additional information. I was then moved to break down the sum into single digits, and apply the numbers to their respective Tarot cards. After doing this, I discovered that the message of the sum of 2+3+1 is 2 - The High Priestess (Memory), plus the 3 - The Empress, (Imagination) plus 1 - The Magician (Attention) results in the ability to discriminate, which in turn points to the Christ Consciousness, or the child in card 19 – the Sun, which is the partner to the Angel in The Lovers.

          AWFN7d-9      AWFN7d-22       AWFN7d-19              AWFN7d-13   Partner  AWFN7d-30
           2             +             3            +             1                  =                  6                                       
                        Memory              Imagination              Attention                                                      Christ-Consciousness   

The Lovers represents the choice between the physical and the spiritual. If we listen to the Higher Self, symbolized by the woman listening to the angel in the card, we will walk the spiritual path. Because the zodiacal sign this card represents is Gemini, the planets Mercury and Venus both represent this card.

The couple in the card incorporates card 3 - The Empress and card 1 - The Magician. However, because of the connection of Yod, the Hebrew letter assigned to The Hermit with Zain, the Hebrew letter assigned to The Lovers the energies of card 9 - The Hermit are also brought in. This is because, as Daphna Moore relates, the letter Zain is a combination of a Yod, 10 - The Hermit and Vav, 6 - The Hierophant, making the secret value of Zain 16.

AWFN7d-33              AWFN7d-25
Yod =10                        Vav = 6

AWFN7d-35Having a secret value of 16 connects card 6 - The Lovers to card 2 - The High Priestess, but The Lovers are also connected to two other cards. The first, card 16 – The Tower was obvious, but the second, card 15 – The Devil is less obvious. The explanation is that both cards represent the World Soul. I’ve already associated, the World Soul to The Devil, and as The Tower represents the planet Mars, which is the active/masculine energy, it too represents the World Soul.

AWFN7d-37In contemplating this, I wondered why Humanity appeared to be handicapped by being saddled with The Lovers. The answer is “rules.” As Globe D was isolated from the rest of evolution, it could act as a kind of playing field or checkerboard for both sides to vie for supremacy over the Human Race, and therefore all creation. Ms. Moore reminds us that there are 16 white and 16 black squares to each side of a checkerboard, and in the game of chess, each player has 16 pieces.

The Lovers portray the Garden of Eden allegory and is linked to so many other aspects and cards; consequently, it is depicting the start of a different type of human being. Some time ago, I was told that the Human Race had reached the conscious level of card 18 - The Moon. As this card is assigned to the sun-sign of Pisces, which is the present Age, this had made sense, however, I learned that wasn’t the main reason. It mainly concerns the representation of the Snakes & Ladders board game I discussed in Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit. In my vision, the board game depicted multiple “rounds” or “cycles.” In thinking about this, I questioned “if the conscious level of Humanity was at card 18 - The Moon, what had triggered the move of the Life Principle to Globe D, and the start of the Common Era?” I discovered that the answer is in the activation of The Fool or the Spiritual Soul.

One of my favorite Christmas carols is O Holy Night. I can’t remember the exact words, but the line, “then he appeared and the soul felt its worth” had always struck me. Throughout this thesis, I have tracked the appearance and influence of The Christ and Sophia. When they incarnated as Osiris and Isis, I’d ascertained that they were not fully human, appearing as demigods. From a spiritual evolution perspective, this equates with card 5 - The Hierophant or the first stage of the Higher Self. Their incarnations as Akhenaten and Nefertiti equated to card 6 - The Lovers and the angel. When they incarnated just before the Common Era, it was representative of the Christ child in card 19 - The Sun. Because the human being contains the Christ Consciousness within them, it was the perfect time for the Human Race to enter the field of play or the chess game to correct the “watchers mistake.”

              AWFN7d-26                               AWFN7d-14                              AWFN7d-31
                            Osiris/Isis                               Akhenaten/Nefertiti                     Jesus/Mary Magdalene    

AWFN7d-38 Considering what I’d already discovered about the symbolism of card 12 – The Hanged Man, it was amazing to learn that the card also reveals why the Age of Pisces is the Fullness of Time. To recap: Card 12 - The Hanged Man represents Neptune, and the Hebrew letter assigned to The Hanged Man is Mem, which means Seas or Water.

As I said earlier, the name Mary also symbolized sea or water. By saying the Christ Child was born of the Virgin Mary, from an esoteric perspective was relating that the Christ Consciousness would come from the Cosmic Mind-stuff or subconscious. However, there are two aspects of the subconscious, and both the number of this card, and the planet Neptune tells us which aspect of the subconscious is involved. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and the number 12 reduces to 3. Subsequently, it is the union of card 2 - The High Priestess and card 3 - The Empress that brings forth the Christ Consciousness. This is reflected in card 12 – The Hanged Man representing the Law of Reversal. Daphna Moore relates this perfectly when she says, “The Law THE HANGED MAN represents is REVERSAL, the reversal of the desires of the personal self for the desires of the Cosmic Self…”125 Again energetically, this represents the change from Globe C to Globe D. Craig put together the graphic below, to signify the different stages that results in the shift in consciousness.

AWFN7d-40You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the World Soul in the transition between Globe C and Globe D. Unfortunately, as history has shown, “he” is well and truly present in Globe D. However, the Divine plan had taken this into account, and this is how the “watchers mistake” was rectified. As stated, the traditional Astrological energy centers or chakras in the physical body, were designed to assist the human being to spiritually evolve, but after the insertion of the counterfeit spirit, acted as a contaminant to the entire Soul Plane. The Divine plan was simply brilliant; utilize the energy centers or chakras to overcome the counterfeit spirit.

It was important for me to remember that the World Soul is connected to both the Martial and Saturn energy, and that the higher octave of Mars, Pluto was affecting Humanity at a psychic or sub-conscious level.

Once again it was reading The Rabbi’s Tarot that revealed how we overcome the World Soul. In the Tarot, the Mars force is the sex force, which instead of using it physically; it is raised to the head, becoming the nerve force of transformation.

AWFN7d-41Ms. Moore informs us this is epitomized by card 13 - Death. As Death is assigned to the sun-sign Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, I wondered how this could be beneficial. Curiously, the Hebrew letter assigned to Death is Nun, which means fish. Joshua, Moses successor was the Son of Nun, and many theologians associate the symbol of the fish to Jesus.

Card 13 - Death represents regeneration or rebirth, but it also depicts the union of card 3 - The Empress and card 2 - The High Priestess. Ms. Moore relates that Greek Mythology illustrated this in the story of Persephone and Demeter. Despite the association of Venus to Isis and the Earth Mother, which is represented by Demeter, Archetypally here it is The Empress or Venus that represents Persephone and The High Priestess, Demeter. Ms. Moore says the card “…depicts the union of the Cosmic Mind-Stuff with the personal subconscious…Persephone has now returned to her mother, cleansed of all the taints which she contracted while she was the bride of Pluto, the earthly intellect, the intellect under the influence of instincts and ambitions.”126 This was confusing. How could the card that depicts the “cleansing” of The High Priestess (Persephone) from Pluto, represent the World Soul? Earlier, Ms. Moore relates that Astrologers state, “Aries is the house of Mars” during the day, and Scorpio, “the house of Mars” during the night.127

I said earlier that the eagle was the symbol of the World Soul, so what of card 13 - Death? This card is definitely associated with the scorpion for the symbol of Scorpio. Ms. Moore explains why the scorpion and not the eagle. “The same Zodiacal sign-Scorpio, express the two different manifestations of the Fish, the physical and mental. It was found to be very confusing. When man, as a race, has purified his sex desire and uses it under the direction of the Higher Self, he has become transformed. It was when man, with the advent of the mind, began to pander to his sex instinct and to employ it for sensation only that it became expedient (to avoid confusion) to designate the raised sex force by the sign Aquila, the Eagle. The constellation Aquila is not in the Zodiac, but it rises at the same time as Scorpio. The Eagle designates the same productive power of the Life Energy when transmuted.”128 However, she also writes that in card 8 - Strength, which represents the transformed heart, the lion “has a Scorpion tail”129 I was reminded that the founder of the 1st Egyptian Dynasty was the Scorpion King. Obviously, I needed to dig deeper. I was directed to research the mythology behind Aquila. I found an entry on Wikipedia, which connects Aquila with several myths:

Aquila, together with other constellations in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius (specifically, Lyra, Cygnus), may be a significant part of the origin of the myth of the Stymphalian birds, one of The Twelve Labours of Herakles. The constellation could also have originated from the eagle Ethon, the tormentor of Prometheus, and offspring of the monsters Typhon and Echidna.

In Greek mythology, Ethon or The Eagle Kaukasios was a gigantic eagle born of the monsters Typhon and Echidna. As punishment for stealing fire from Mount Olympus, Zeus had Prometheus chained to Mount Caucasus, where Ethon was sent to gnaw on his liver. The liver would regenerate each night, only to be eaten again by Ethon …

In Greek mythology, Stymphalian Birds were man-eating birds with claws of brass and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims, and also they were Ares’ pets. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic …

When the sun is in the sign of Sagittarius, the constellations Lyra, Aquila the Eagle, and Cygnus the Swan, rise…At this time of year (i.e. during Sagittarius) the evenings darken and the rain season in Greece starts, creating swampland from previously drier areas. Thus the bird constellations gained negative connotations. Sagittarius (the constellation) had various interpretations, especially as an archer but also as a rattle… (the constellation Sagitta, an arrow, is aiming towards Aquila). The noise, archery, and sinister birds associated with the constellations may reflect the origin of the myth.

The mention of Typhon alerted me to a title for the World Soul. Anyway, I couldn’t find any positive associations with either Aquila or the eagle, so I would have to dispute the statement by the “the ancients” that Aquila represented “the raised sex force.” Still that may be a too strong a statement, as the energy of Spiritual evolution is a great deal more complicated. It is important to remember that the Astrological energy is dual, for example as Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the Astrological energy of Scorpio can be used either for the Higher Self or the lower instincts. The plan is to use the passions to help Humanity transmute the emotions and lower instincts. This is using the Mars force properly, and as Daphna Moore says results in the death of the fish in the heart. She explains, “The entire force is finally raised by the supervision of the Higher Self.”130

I said previously that the first stage of the Higher Self is symbolized by eros, or physical desire, and this is how the Mars force is used to assist in spiritual evolution. This was why the Life-Principle was ready to engage in transmuting the lower ego, therefore affecting the Soul Plane.

As the consciousness of Humanity expands then it is able to utilize the “sex force” by raising it to the head and transforming their heart. Curiously, the card that represents the World Soul relates how this is done.

AWFN7d-43 First, as I related earlier, according to Daphna Moore card 15 – The Devil, has two meanings, physical or spiritual. To recap: The spiritual or occult message of The Devil is that it is through the use of the body for physical sensation that an individual learns spirituality. Ms. Moore adds that “of course this is demonstrated in the young, craving all kinds of physical sensation without restraint.

Through age and the development of reason, a person learns that continually seeking pleasure has its consequences.” Furthermore, she also relates that on one level The Devil represents The Fool, because the emphasis of the left thigh, with the mark of “the Serpent of Libra.” This is because; in the thighs is “the greatest Spiritual force.”

Still, the most amazing thing Ms Moore writes concerning The Devil is its association with Jehovah. She writes, “The number of this card 15, spells IH, the first half of the name Jehovah (IHVH) which is in itself the divine Name attributed to Wisdom, or the masculine principle of the Universe. The feminine principle of the universe is the Cosmic Mind…”131

Considering the connection I was shown between card 2 - The High Priestess (Cosmic Mind) and card 15 - The Devil (World Soul) the connection with Jehovah was understandable for me. However, Daphna Moore says The Devil has an even more important message at the occult level. “The image-making faculty of the self-conscious equips the subconscious with his own powers of selectivity and initiative. He enables her to draw in (through the Transformed Heart) the power of the Astral Light. Thus, it backs up the power of the Earth with the power of the Sun, and the union of the two is the Great Magical Secret.”132

Of course the Transformed Heart isn’t connected to the Astral Plane now, but it was when the Kabbalistic information was first put out. Nonetheless, the message of The Devil is two-fold, it can either represent a person totally emerged in their appetites, or it can show you the way to rise above the physical to the spiritual. This is the purpose of isolating the Life-Principle on Globe D, and will be shown through the various moves and countermoves in the last two thousand years.

Finally, it only remains for me to say where the door or stargate is ultimately leading. Card 6 - The Lovers note is D natural, and Daleth, the Hebrew letter for card 3 - The Empress means door. As was related earlier, The Lovers represents the second stage of the Higher Self or angel, which connects to the Christ child in card 19 - The Sun. This is very interesting, because Jesus Christ said, “I am the Door…”133

This statement has generally been taken to mean that only Christians would go to the father. However, when we remember that The Christ’s symbol is the six-pointed star, which is also the star-gate or heart-gate, then Jesus’ statement takes on a whole new meaning. For one thing, The Christ is the line between Globe C and Globe D, and as stated the third stage of the Higher Self is the mature Christ, which unites with the Divine Will or The Magician. The diagram below shows how the “door” of the six-pointed star stretches from the start of the Common Era until 500 C.E., the door leads to the time of the Renaissance.

Remembering my vision, I began thinking about the next step in evolution. Esoteric teaching says that the next destination is Globe E, and my vision clearly placed Globe E emerging from the center of Globe D. Initially, I had been at a loss as to how to discover the next step, until I was reminded that one of the disciplines of the Hidden Codes of Life is Notes. Surprisingly, I learned that it is the note that card 1 - The Magician represents that reveals Humanity’s ultimate destination. Three cards in the Tarot Major Arcana are assigned to the note E natural, card 0 - The Fool, card 1 - The Magician and card 8 - Strength.

From the very beginning, I had wondered at the notes assigned to the Tarot cards. At first, I had thought they represented the tone the planets resonated to, but after I asked my friend Judy, who deals with the sounds of the planets in her Acupuncture and Acutonics® practice, she told me there was no correlation to the notes assigned to the cards and the planets the cards represent. I’d almost given up ascertaining the answer, until I was writing this thesis. As usual, I was reviewing what I’d written with Craig and staring at a piece of paper with the Notes as they were assigned in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Suddenly, the picture of the Tarot Tableau popped into my head, along with the vision of the separation of Globes C and D. It was so simple that I said out loud “Can it really be that simple?” When Craig enquired as to what I said, I related my revelation.

In the tableau, card 4 – The Emperor, card 16 – The Tower and card 20 – Judgment had all stood out. Then I remembered that all three cards were assigned to the note C-Natural. It was then I understood the note C-Natural represented Globe C and the Mars Vibration or active principle. This is typified by the development of Reason, symbolized by card 4 - The Emperor.

Then card 5 – The Hierophant and card 14 – Temperance, which are assigned C-Sharp, became prominent. I was given to understand that C-Sharp represented the door or stargate between Globe C and Globe D and the first stage of the Higher Self.

As for Globe D, two cards represent the note D-Natural, which also represents the Superconscious. They are card 6 – The Lovers and card 19 – The Sun.

D-Sharp is assigned to card 7 – The Chariot, which represents the Door from Globe D to Globe E.

It is on Globe D that all three levels of the Higher Self emerge to bring to light the Divine Will. As I said, card 1 – The Magician is assigned to E-Natural, and is the transformed Self-conscious that transforms the heart, represented by card 8 – Strength, which as I said is also assigned E-Natural. Moreover, card 0 – The Fool is the third card that is assigned to E-Natural. As I said, The Fool symbolizes the activation of the Spiritual Soul on Globe D. But it is the message of the other two cards assigned E-Natural, which are the most important at this time to Spiritual Evolution. To recap: it is the transformed Self-conscious mind or will represented by The Magician that is the first prerequisite to Spiritual Evolution. When this is achieved, then the transformed mind can transform the heart, which is the transformed individual Sub-conscious, represented by the transformed Empress in Strength. It is the transformation of both the Self-conscious mind and the Subconscious heart, which provides the access to Globe E.

As has been shown in parts one and two of Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to The Hermit, The Fool is inextricably linked to card 9 – The Hermit, which is assigned F-Natural. Obviously F-Natural is connected to the next Globe to E, Globe F. Interestingly, only card 9 – The Hermit is assigned to F-Natural, but there are two cards that represent F-Sharp, card 3 – The Empress and card 11 – Justice.

The last Globe in the Earth round is Globe G, and is represented by three cards, one for G-Natural, which is card 13 – Death, and two for G-Sharp, card 2 – The High Priestess and card 12 – The Hanged Man.

The remaining cards are assigned to A-Natural, A-Sharp and B-Natural. As the note A is the first letter Globe in a Round, at first I wondered how either A-Natural or A-Sharp could have any relevance in reference to the Globe Rounds. In contemplating the problem, I came to understand that neither A-Natural, which is assigned to card 15 – The Devil and card 21 – The World, or A-Sharp, which is assigned to card 10 – The Wheel of Fortune and card 17 – The Star are about the Earth Planetary Chain, but instead refer to the next Planetary Chain, Venus.

There is only one card left, card 18 – The Moon, which is the only card assigned to B-Natural. Like the A Notes, B-Natural also represents the Earth Planetary Chain. This is because B-Natural represents Globe D and the Age of Pisces. If we remember the spiral diagram of the updated chakra system from Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit Part One, we see that card 18 – The Moon’s colors of red-violet are divided between violet for the crown chakra and red for the base chakra.

So B-Natural or “Be Natural” is reflecting the axiom “As Above So Below…” According to Daphna Moore card 18 – The Moon represents the “…occult extension…” of sleep, but she also says, “REFLECTION is the outstanding note of this card.” Ms. Moore explains this to mean that the Moon, as the subconscious reflects the self-conscious as the Sun. However, I was shown that it is also “reflecting” something deeper.

One of the most profound discoveries to Spiritual Evolution for me is the Schumann Resonances. As was reported in The True Philosophers’ Stone:
“The natural rhythm, designated as the Schumann Resonances, after their discoverer, was a constant 7.8 Hz, or pulses per second until 1987.  However, as this phenomenon has only been measurable since the early 1900’s, it is impossible to state with any certainty what the pulse started at.  What is interesting is that since 1987, the resonance pulse has been steadily rising and is now over 11 Hz…Interestingly, according to Richard Alan and Iona Miller, in their article “Schumann’s Resonances and Human Psychobiology.”

‘Schumann’s resonance forms a natural feedback loop with the human mind/body…” The authors state that the “pulse” performs as a “driver of our brains” and has the possibility of transmitting data too.  It seems that the natural development of the Human Race could be changed and “new patterns of behavior facilitated through the brain's web of inhibitory and excitatory feedback networks.’

Similar to ‘sound waves’ the human brain has its ‘own set of vibrations,’ which facilitate connection with the physical body.  The brainwaves can be measured by the EEG, which gauges the ‘speed with which neurons fire in cycles per second.’  Additionally, at ‘their boundaries’ the waves can extend beyond themselves to become integrated with each other…”

I had been interested to learn that according to Gregg Braden the Resonances had remained the same 7.8 cycles per second for most of the 20th century, but that in 1987 they inexplicably began rising. Mr. Braden believes they will continue to rise until they reach 13.00, which he relates to the Beta Wave. The Millers say of the Beta Wave “…Beta waves… dominate our normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks and the outside world…” Today the majority of the Human Race is operating under the influence of the Alpha Wave vibration, which the Millers say, “are present during dreaming and light meditation…” In other words not fully conscious or awake. Nonetheless, what the Millers have to add about the Alpha wave state of consciousness explained why card 18 – The Moon is assigned B-Natural.

“As the majority of “neurons” adapt to the Alpha wavelength, alpha waves rotate over the entire brain. The Miller’s believe that it is during the Alpha wavelength that people tap into their “creativity,” which resides immediately beneath the waking consciousness.  They state that the alpha wavelength is the “gateway” or “entry point” to “deeper states of consciousness.” The authors also believe that this wavelength is “the home of the window frequency known as the Schumann Resonance…”

Although the Millers state that Beta begins at 14.00 cycles per second, all the ancient prophecies point to the number 13 as being a great turning point for Humanity. For instance there are many prophecies, which point to December 21/22/23 2012 as the end of an age. This would mean that the new age would begin in 2013. Anyway, the point I want to make is that card 18 – The Moon’s note B-Natural is carrying the message that it is during the Age of Pisces on Globe D that the Human Consciousness will expand to become fully awake, by utilizing the “natural” rhythm of the Earth. Furthermore, the number of the card also holds additional information. 18 reduces to nine 1+8=9, and 9 is the number of The Hermit or Spirit.

At the start of the Common Era the Life-Principle’s goal, through the Human Race on Globe D was to raise each individual’s vibration sufficiently through the dissipation of the counterfeit spirit. This was made possible through the unique incarnation of The Christ in one human being, who is later joined by His partner The Holy Spirit. As I reported, The Christ is Positive Neutral, so what of His partner, The Holy Spirit? Although “She” was the passive side of the partnership, because she was from above the Soul Plane she was also neutral, but Passive Neutral. After the reunion, they as Jesus Christ taught the Human Race about how the kingdom of God was within our hearts. This information would be the key to overcoming “the watcher’s mistake.” Unfortunately, this was not to be a quick fix, but would take multiple incarnations, where human beings gradually overcame selfishness and learned to work together for a common goal. Nonetheless, it is time to return to my thesis and the emergence of the Life-Principle through the door or stargate to Globe D. This was depicted as the merging of the three trees in the Sphere of Malkuth and the transition through the six-pointed star into the Tree of Reason in Part Two of Spiritual Evolution Or From the Fool to the Hermit. It was at this point that the Human Race shifted consciousness and dimensions and began the real battle of Armageddon.
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