Ancient Greek mantel inscription
Apollo Temple

THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION related that only those individuals 21 years old, on or before December 2012 were eligible to be instrumental in transforming the world. However, we are now in the Age of Aquarius, and everything has changed. What we said before still applies, namely that before birth many individuals chose to be the teachers of those that weren’t ready to evolve. Even so, since the transmutation of the “Shadow of Deception,” AKA “prince of this world”, or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain-Body and the subsequent purification of the Soul Plane, everyone is ready to evolve. Consequently, the role of these individuals has changed. Yes, they are still here to help but now it as an example to show the way. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the change and are still trapped in the illusion of the “Shadow’s” plan, instead of following the Divine Plan.

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Humility
  • Altruism
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Objectivity
  • Discernment
  • Impartiality
  • Honesty
  • Curiosity
  • Awareness
  • Wisdom
  • Sephirot - Tarot
  • Colors - Sacred Shapes
  • Sounds - Numbers
  • Chakras - Rounds
  • Planets - Globes
  • Consciousness - Principles
  • Continents - Empires








TAOISM gliff

The Dalai Lama’s message on the Seeds of Compassion when he came to America is still applicable, as is the rest of the information below. So, we reiterate what Craig wrote in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION that the 777,000 could be viewed as a “Body” of music:

"The symphony is the plan of God (NO THING) moving Humanity in concert to perform the evolutionary jump occurring within the lifetime of most of us living. The Conductor is the Demiurge (Creator of the universe) working from the plan in unison with the mechanics of the universe defining the nature and structure of the jump.

"We are the rhythm of notes forming the melodious body of music to the harmony of God’s plan. This melodious body of music referred to is the body of Christ, not just Christians per say, but anyone who wants to be an instrument.  The energy and harmony of this body of humanity must be perfect and moving as one for the defining moment of synchronization (last trump) with the transformation and jump to a new plane of evolutionary existence. Most of us have incarnated at this time to actively participate in the process…"

Apolo-Delphi CC Leonidtsvetkov
The Graphic from the previous page (link to this page) was taken by: Leonidtsvetkov 27 May 2007- I have taken the images while in Delphi last summer. This is a composite of several images.

WHO ARE THE 777,000

Should any of the above resonate with any reader then they may be awakening as one of the 777,000 or the Critical Mass number. If so, then we invite them to become a point of light by joining the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity. As a point of light, their name will be added to a map of the world showing the location of individuals as lights that are part of the solution.

Many may have trouble seeing themselves as an instrument of God, or as we have come to call Him or if you prefer Her Great Spirit-Mind, and find it a daunting proposition, as a result they may be unsure whether they are a member of the 777,000. In the “Know Thyself” page we asked: “Are You 1 of the 777,000?” This is because only the individual knows if they are or not. The best way of being absolutely certain is to ask Great Spirit-Mind.

For anyone who has read metaphysical material, they may prefer to think of Great Spirit-Mind as Spirit or the Higher Self. Whatever name is used, it doesn’t matter because of course, the 777,000 are all asking for and following spiritual guidance.


ID1The answer is an unqualified YES! As we said, anyone can be a point of light on the map of the world and become or may already be one of the “Earth Angels.” These individuals are already working to be a part of the solution. On our Web Site we acknowledge many of them in 7 categories and also link to Videos that honor their contributions to Humanity.


ID2 Earth Angels are diverse and live their lives in accordance with being part of the solution. As in any organization there are many positions to fill. Some people may be content to do their part through volunteering and or supporting organizations that are working to make this world a better place. If anyone is one of these individuals, then Thank Great Spirit-Mind for you; the contribution you are making to the solution is definitely helping make a difference. You are the embodiment of an Earth Angel.


There are just 4 questions answered in the affirmative that will help identify you as possibly one of the 777,000.

  • Do I wonder why we are ALL here
  • Do I reject religious explanations of Divinity and yet still feel that there is something magical to life that hasn’t been explained by either Religion or Science?
  • Am I open to the concept that we live more than one life, and my body is not all there is to my consciousness or existence?
  • Do I believe in the innate goodness of Humanity and that most people want peace and harmony for everyone?

If anyone answered all four questions in the affirmative, they are most likely one of the 777,000. Gautama Buddha would describe them as traveling the “Middle Way.” This person is not so dogmatically religious that they refuse to consider anything that appears to disagree with their Religion. Alternatively, they are not so steeped in the material world that if it doesn’t involve any of the five senses then it is mere superstition.


That depends if the individual is open to the possibility of a Supreme Being. If they categorically refuse to consider anything Divine, then the answer would be: “No they are not ready.” However, if they are willing to consider that there is something more than just this earth then the answer is “Yes.” We must emphasize that no one needs to be sure of anything; in fact, it will be easier for those who have not experienced indoctrination of any kind. All that is required is an open and inquiring mind that will examine everything with new eyes.

As for the individuals that we have said aren’t ready; we must add emphatically NOT READY NOW. That does not mean they won’t be ready very soon, just not now. There is no judgment involved, everyone can still contribute by remaining a part of the solution.


NO! The Initiative uses Divine Consciousness and Inspiration that is imparted to all that choose to involve themselves with it. We find that the Spiritually led people that get to this point in their journey are compelled to seek the truth with an open mind and heart, which has nothing to do with education or intelligence. The Initiative content material was designed for the "layman", so to speak, and spiritual guidance will assist everyone with the desire to participate.

We should warn participants the next step involves being able to put all previous conclusions aside. It will necessitate a completely new way of looking at Consciousness-Evolution and “reality.” If after answering the above questions anyone feels they may be one of the 777,000 and are still open and feel moved to investigate further, then the Know Thyself Initiative could be for them. This Initiative involves The Mysteries and is based on the information gathered over nearly three decades, incorporated into the Treatise on Spiritual Evolution (America’s Hijacked Destiny), and the Anthology on the Tarot (Beyond Divination:) books, as well as in articles on Ancient Wisdom for Now Page on our Site. The articles are free to download, and our books are available to read on KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing application). Some people may be content with just reading the information for themselves, however, in reviewing the material with our study group we found that some still had questions about how to apply the information. Consequently, below is a little background on the Initiative.



In 1994 we embarked on an in-depth study of why there was so much religious conflict. It seemed to us that the major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all believed in the same “God” and so we investigated the origin of religion. This took us into the investigation of the origin of everything. Briefly, the most impacting information we discovered was that beneath ALL the world’s religions there was a common teaching, which was known as the Wisdom Religion. It was in the endeavor to uncover the content and substance of the Wisdom Religion that led to The Mysteries referred to in the Bible and many ancient writings. As we have repeatedly said, The Mysteries were teachings that were concealed throughout all the world’s religions and philosophies. Today modern science has recovered many of the teachings of The Mysteries, (although most don’t realize it) especially in quantum mechanics and the physics of sub-atomic particles.

The Mysteries were teachings that often took a lifetime to learn. These teachings literally changed a person’s consciousness or the way the participants thought; hence Jesus’ directive to change the way you think. It was from this perspective that the Know Thyself Initiative was developed since 2008.


(Link to KNOW THYSELF INITIATIVE Page though the picture below the Scroll)