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Due to the major shift in mass consciousness, which necessitates finding the 777,000 ASAP, our focus has changed. Consequently, this stage needs to realign with the dynamic nature of spiritual operation. Since learning of the Nine Waves of Creation from  an I.D.E.A. Director Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, it became obvious that his understanding of cycles held great value to our work. We are happy to announce the posting of his articles in Stage Cycles, which includes helpful information on the 36-day cycle in the Days and Nights of the Ninth Wave.

The Ancient Wisdom For Now Scroll page was revised. Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked Globe D, & Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked are now incorporated into Suzzan's new 2-volume treatise: AMERICA’S HIJACKED DESTINY...Vol.1 & Vol.2. Posting Carl’s insights help us navigate the Ninth wave and give new insight to STAGE CYCLES.

11 June 2022

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In his new book, THE LIVING UNIVERSE: The New Theory of Origins, Explaining Consciousness, the Big Bang, Fine-tuning, “Dark Matter”, the Evolution of Life and Human History, our friend and one of our I.D.E.A. Foundation’s directors, Dr. Carl Calleman expands Quantum Theory to the Macrocosm. This inspired book presents a coherent theory of Life’s purpose, demonstrating that rather than our existence being the product of a random happy accident, our Evolution was orchestrated and driven by a fully conscious structure.

For thousands of years people believed the Earth was at the center of everything, proven by the many drawings depicting such belief. However, since Galileo discovered the Earth was among nine planets orbiting our sun, astronomers continued to “correct” that belief with high-powered telescopes, which eventually placed our planet and solar system on an outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. From that moment on, our existence became about living in a disinterested expanding universe, while facilitating Life’s arbitrary evolution.

However, with the development of quantum theory we learned that at the subatomic level, matter is anything but passive, because the components of atoms indicate consciousness. Then in the early 1980s Arthur C. Clarke introduced us to wondrous world of the Mandelbrot Set and Fractal geometry, in essence providing a visual expression of the “kingdom of God” within. At the time, most thought that science and spirituality was finally moving closer together, but alas consciousness remained confined to the Microscopic world for the next four decades. Carl’s theory takes quantum theory to the next level, endowing the universe with consciousness. Moreover, this consciousness has been driving the evolution of Life, with Earth as the end point, or center.

Interestingly, Carl also provides a new way to view astrology, when he says that stars and galaxies are conscious. Emphasizing this he presents two identical looking photographs, comparing “the structure of brain tissue and the filamentous”, or threadlike “organization of galaxies.” From this comparison, Carl concludes that there are roughly the same number of galaxies as brain cells in what he calls the “observable universe.” To my mind, this means that these systems are not merely a collection of solar systems, stars, and planets that affect us by their angles and positions. The stars and galaxies affect us consciously.

Full disclosure, as with needing Craig to describe our work electronically, scientific and mathematical equations also tend to go over my head. However, since having the privilege of helping Carl edit his book, The Global Mind: I am more acquainted with his precepts. Still, as with all his books, accommodating us scientifically and mathematically challenged readers, while systematically providing scientific data and equations for the academic community, he also explains his findings in layman’s terms. Consequently, the non-academic reader is able to grasp the book’s concept fairly easily. That concept is so sublime it makes one wonder why it took so long.

For instance, relating that established cosmologist Dr. Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University, thought it “crazy” that there was a relationship between the CMB “Cosmic Microwave Background radiation” originating 13.8 billion years ago, and the current position and alignments of our solar system formed approximately 5 billion years ago. Puzzling over this, Professor Krauss asked:

Is this Copernicus coming back to haunt us? That's crazy. We're looking out at the whole universe. There's no way there should be a correlation of structure with our motion of the earth around the sun - the plane of the earth around the sun - the ecliptic. That would say we are truly the center of the universe.”

Carl answers “It would be ‘crazy’ because it is inconsistent with the view of official science that the Big Bang was a random and completely unguided event. And indeed, these alignments would put not only the Cosmological Principle and the spacetime of the General Theory of Relativity in question, but also the whole idea that matter was randomly distributed in the Big-Bang.”

We cannot recommend the Living Universe: too highly, as it explains our origins, not only giving purpose to our lives, but also providing solutions to the world’s problems.

Why might Putin’s Russia want to invade Ukraine? February 13, 2022
Posted February 13, 2022 | By: Calleman |  Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

Making predictions based on the Mayan calendar always holds some uncertainty since after all the evolution of the world in this perspective is not deterministic, but based on the potentialities of different states of consciousness. Nonetheless, this calendar system does exhibit a large number of patterns when it comes to how the course of history has played out and sometimes those have proved to be useful for making predictions. For instance, the geopolitics that at the current time dominates the attention of the world is a potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with the purpose of either annexing it or making it into a vassal state. In addition to seeking to expand Russia to include a large territory that it has more or less controlled in the past, it may aim for such a subordination also because a relatively democratic Ukraine presents a threat to the authoritarian rule of Russia. Presumably to uphold this Russia has in recent years significantly modernized its military. 

Moreover, in addition to the pandemic by which it has been especially hit, the current weakness of the United States based on its recent pulling out of Cenrtral Asia, as well as domestic division and tiredness of wars, makes this a good time for Russia to act based on its ambition to claim a role as a superpower in the world. Adding to this risk for war, there does not seem to be much room for negotiations at this point. The current government of Ukraine and the majority of its population want it to be a sovereign nation with the full right to sign treaties with other nations, whereas Russia considers it as a part of its security zone. While an invasion now seems likely, the same result of a subordination could however also be accomplished by a long-term isolation of Ukraine by military means. At least for now time is on the side of Putin. The purpose of this article is however not to report on such details that the press is already discussing. It is instead to discuss the deeper reasons existing in the underlying quantum field that may lead Russia to de facto incorporate Ukraine whether through an invasion or not. 

In fact, the historical pattern of the Sixth Wave (so-called Long Count) of the Mayan calendar system clearly tells us that the energies this wave produces make a Russian incorporation of Ukraine in some form highly likely. To demonstrate this, Fig 1 shows maps of some of the historical movements in relation to the planetary midline at the beginning of the past 7 baktuns (a baktun is a Mayan time period of 394.7 years. The planetary midline that goes through Malmö, Berlin and Rome down to Cape Town is the 12th longitude East, which separates the Eastern and Western Hemipheres of our planet and is established on the level of the inner core of the Earth). Recently, in 2011, the fourteenth baktun in the Long Count began, but no map has as yet been added for this. The pictures show major military movements during the katun (19.7-year period) following a baktun shift in the Long Count. 

The study shows a clear pattern where in the beginning of baktuns that are days (shown in the left column of Fig 1) expansions have taken place from the planetary midline, whereas in time periods that are nights (right column of Fig 1) Europe is attacked from the East. The pattern includes some of the most important movements in European and world history such as the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the rise and fall of the British empire, as well as the beginning of the dark ages and the Mongol Storm. which created the largest empire in human history. 


Fig 1, Major movements from and towards the planetary midline at the beginning of the later baktuns of the Sixth Wave.

It should be noted that this pattern of military movements from and towards the midline only becomes apparent in light of the shift points in time between the different baktuns in the Long Count. Other calendars than the Mayan Sixth Wave would thus not reveal a pattern of alternating energies generating movements in different directions of this kind. It does provide an explanation to the fact that not only the Maya, but other ancient peoples as well recognized different powers in the four geographical directions and that these do play a role for the course of human history. The line through the twelfth longitude East thus serves as a kind of wave generator for the evolutionary process of the Sixth Wave which ultimately has produced the different mentalities of the East and the West. That Europe has had a disproportionately important role in world history is explained by this energy line in its midst.

The very fact that this pattern of alternating movements exists also shows that history indeed is driven by an underlying wave movement (called the Plumed Serpent by the ancient peoples of Mexico and cosmic serpents or dragons in many other ancient cultures). The results of this wave movement on the emergence of major empires in the Mediterranean/European context is shown in Fig 2, which highlights the dominating empires in periods that are days (peaks in the wave). While much of world history can be explained by this wave movement events outside of the European context will be left out here because it is not relevant to the current discussion of Russia and Ukraine. Yet, it should be pointed out that not only does this wave explain the rise of civilization at its very beginning, but also the commonly noticed phenomenon that the pendulum swings in history and produces cylical phenomena on a large scale. Those that want a deeper understanding of the evolution of consciousness (the waves), and how the various structures of the mind are downloaded from the hemispheres of the Earth to the brains of humans and how this in turn shapes human political and military behavior (and much else) may be referred to my books and courses, which also discuss where these waves come from. In short however, the waves provide human beings with states of consciousness (structures of the mind) and as these states are altered the human perception of the world will undergo change. As the human perception changes, the kind of world humans create will also change and this is why a wave movement of consciousness underlies the rise and fall of civilizations. The human brain then is looked upon more as a receiver of cosmic waves than as an isolated generator of thoughts and actions.

6th-Empires match

Fig 2. The rise of major empires in the Mediterranean European context resulting from the peaks in the Sixth Wave.

Fig 3. The Rise and fall of the British Empire and the US in the seventh day of the Long Count.

Fig 3 (which is a detail of Fig 2) adds another perspective on the current conflict, which is that the 7th day (thirteenth baktun) which fostered Western power and dominance in the world now (since 2011) is over. Hence, as we have now entered the fourteenth baktun, the power of the West has been in constant decline. In case of the United States its military reach into Asia, to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and more broadly to Central Asia, has, regardless of who has been president, been in decline and there is little to indicate that this trend will be turned around. In a sense, the current Ukraine-Russia conflict is thus also a reflection of the altered US-Russia relationship resulting from the shift from the seventh day (ending in 2011) to the seventh night. Putin now senses that Western power is now on its way down and that this may be the time to assert itself and settle a score. What score? Personally, I think Russia does have a reason to be bitter at the West, because it failed to come to its aid as the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990’s, when death rates increased, birth rates collapsed and poverty and crime went rampant in a very disorganized economy. Putin has become seen as the person who created stability and ended the extreme hardships of critical situation in the 1990’s and why he often repeats that the West cannot be trusted. The US actually failed to do so at the time and this is something that is now coming back almost like a karmic reaction as its power is weakened in the seventh night.

If we go back further in time to Hitler’s so-called Operation Barbarossa, which was the name for the military campaign aimed to destroy the Soviet Union, we may also understand why Russia is especially sensitive to losing its ties to Ukraine. One of the primary objectives of this operation was to turn Ukraine into a bread basket for a growing German population and at the same time cut off its food production from Russia with the intended result of causing death by starvation to tens of millions of its inhabitants. In a country which never forgets that it played the decisive role for the defeat of Nazi-Germany such things still carry emotional weight and add to the suspicion of the West.

Returning then to the particular topic of this article: As mentioned, what has not been included in Fig 1 is a map of the time period 2011-2031 CE that we are currently in, which should be map 1h. This is because the beginning of the 14th baktun that we are currently in has not yet manifested in a military movement of a major strength to qualify. Yet, it should be clear that in this way of presenting the beginning of the most significant shifts in the Mayan calendar over the past three thousand years, a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the beginning of the 14th baktun would fit perfectly into the pattern and mean such a significant change to fill the gap in Fig 1h. Such an invasion (or incorporation of Ukraine otherwise) would follow upon the storms of Huns (Fig 1 d) and Mongols (Fig 1 f) emanating from the East towards the planetary midline that took place at the beginning of the previous nights. To add to these parallels, it should be noticed that it was the Mongol storm (in Fig 1 f) that set an end to the Kievan Rus, the original slavic civilization in Ukraine and incorporated it into the empire it created. This collapse of the Kievan Rus makes the parallel to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine even more direct. To further highlight the parallel of the Mongol storm from East Asia at the beginning of night 6 to the current situation you may consider the recent strengthening of the friendship between Russia and China, with the potential of creating a Eurasian block.

The Kievan Rus civilization was founded by Vikings that moved into the Russian river system in the 9th century (see Fig 1 e), but grew into what is considered as the original East slavic civilization. It is however generally thought that the subsequent conquest by the Mongols (Fig 1f) for several centuries blocked the development of Slavic nations based in either Kiev or Moscow. In a sense current day Russia and Ukriane thus share a common trauma, but also an origin in the Kievan Rus, which adds strong emotional fuel to the situation. In accordance with the wave movement shown in Figs 1 and 2 (this is actually the same wave movement looked upon through different angles) it would thus seem highly likely that Russia at the current time would seek to incorporate Ukraine. In this conflict, my personal sympathies go essentially to Ukraine (which I have visited) because even if its democracy is far from perfect it at least in contrast to Putin and the Russian oligarchs has such ambitions. I am however not very optimistic about the possibilities of Ukraine to be able to effectively resist being reincorporated by Russia, as it for centuries has been part of the Russian Empire, whether this has been Tzarist or Soviet. 

Given the power of the wave that has created the pattern in in Fig 1, it does not seem very likely that the sanctions that may be set in by the West would have much of an effect on Russian politics, even if they could turn out to be painful for its oligarchs and people. To this should be added that also in the West (because of the shift to a night in the Sixth Wave), support for democracy has dramatically eroded in the past few years resulting in a decreased ability to support Ukraine. The importance of the conflict, and the authoritarianism versus democracy aspect, to the rest of the world is evidenced by the fact that several key members of the Trump administration were actively playing a role in it. President Trump never criticized Putin and even directly expressed his admiration for him and certainly threatened to withhold US funds to Ukraine unless it investigated Joe Biden’s son. Several key persons in the previous administration such as Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani have also played roles in the conflict usually to the detriment of Ukraine and hence of democracy. It thus seems that the current threats from Russia against Ukraine is part of a global assault on democracy and its repercussions may also have a direct bearing on the future of democracy in the United States and elsewhere. 

An expansion of Russia towards the West through the capture of Ukraine would almost certainly amount to a significant shift in military power favoring Russia at the expense of the West. Its weight would increase not only in Eastern Europe, but also further West, where it has already started to throw its weight around so that West European countries may in the time ahead see themselves forced to rearm. Based on this there seem to be reasons to expect a geopolitical restructuring of the Eurasian continent favoring the powers of the East, Russia and China in a sense creating a new kind of Silk Road. What we are talking about is thus not only a small change in the geopolitics, but something whose consequences may fundamentally come to alter the world.

The reason all of this may come to happen would thus be the power of a wave movement described by the Mayan calendar system and a significant baktun shift in this in 2011 that most people today are oblivious to. For those that expected some kind of immediate change on December 21, 2012 the take home lesson is that the Mayan calendar describes longer term processes, in this case a wave with a periodicity of about 800 years, which modern people usually do not take into consideration. Since the Mayan calendar is based on the invisible quantum field (in contrast to other calendars or astrology) it is not cyclical in the sense of identically repeating events, but wave-like, so that similar kinds of movements or events recur with a clear periodicity and this is what Fig 1 shows. This in turn means that even if many people may unconsciously sense the changes in energy and power that go on in the world, to get a complete picture it is necessary to analyze history in light of such energy transformations where the relatsionships between East and West play a very significant role.

Regardless, it is because of this underlying wave pattern that time is on the side of Putin whether there will be an actual invasion or not. The risks for the rest of the world are that a subordination of Ukraine could come to mean a boost to dictators, political strongmen and authoritarian forces everywhere, not only in Europe, but maybe even more so in the United States. Whether such a situation of dominance will last for long will depend on to what extent people everywhere, including in Russia and Ukraine will be able to make the quantum leaps to the higher Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves and come to see reality through such higher filters. As I pointed out earlier, these waves are quantized and their effects are hence not deterministic, but potentialities. The higher waves still have a potential for creating democracy and prosperity the many and even spiritual renewal, but it would take a conscious intention and effort to manifest such phenomena in the world. 

What is Macrocosmic Quantum Theory?
| By: Calleman |  Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

In order to explain what Macrocosmic Quantum Theory is, it may be best to give a short overview. The latter theory was developed in the beginning of the 20th century in order to explain the nature of matter and some of its interactions with light. The German physicist Max Planck was the first to suggest that radiation from black bodies could be expressed as energy packages or what he would call quanta or a quantum in singular. Especially at a time when many physicists believed that all major problems in their science had been solved, Planck hesitated to publish his proposal, but since this was the solution that made sense mathematically, he went ahead with this. Einstein however in 1905 used the idea of quantization successfully to explain the photoelectric effect in after this it got increased momentum. Theorists then increasingly became aware that the microcosmic world functioned according to different principles than our everyday world. The most important step in the direction of a quantum theory that was then taken by Niels Bohr through the atomic model he published in 1913. The success of this model led scientists such as Heisenberg, De Broglie and others to further expand on the concept of quantization and especially with Schrödinger’s wave equation quantum mechanics a model of the atom essentially what it is today was developed.

Schrödinger’s wave equation describes how electron orbitals are defined by specific geometries, which we can identify as quantum states. Hence, quantum mechanics defines how geometries organize energy, and the properties of all matter (all elements) is created by the build-up of such quantum states to higher levels. A shift from one such state to another is called a quantum leap and the energy needed to bring about such a leap is called a quantum. A quantum leap is instantaneous and in contrast to in Newtonian physics shifts in potential energy do not take place gradually or continuously. To further highlight the differences between Newtonian and quantum physics it might be added that the different electrons in different quantum states are entangled and that their effects are non-local implying that everything in the universe is connected through an underlying quantum field.

Schrödinger equation

Fig 1. According to the Schrödinger equation quantum states are energy distributions organized
in accordance with specific geometries (in this case for the hydrogen atom.

Periodic  Elements

Fig 2. The Periodic System of the Elements is created by the build-up of quantum states
adding to the most basic ones in the Hydrogen atom.

The above was a short summary of microcosmic quantum theory, which is really the only form of quantum theory that is accepted by established science. For a long time modern physics has however tried to unify the quantum theory that describes the microcosmic realm well with Einstein’s theory of general relativity which describes the macrocosmic space-time and gravitational phenomena. Attempts at such a unification, sometimes talked about as a Theory of Everything, have however not been successful and according to the official world of science the microcosmos is described by one theory with one set of basic premises – quantum mechanics – while the macrocosmos is best described by another theory – general relativity – with another set of basic premises.

This state of affairs is obviously not very satisfactory. If we take as a starting point the common intuition that

everything is connected to everything else, then we would expect the macrocosmos and the microcosmos to function in accordance with some common principles because how could you argue that the two classes of phenomena were connected otherwise. In order to create a unified theory about the workings of the universe what I have then done is to develop a macrocosmic quantum theory, which is not identical with the microcosmic theory but shares many basic principles with this that may help us understand how the universe works. Macrocosmic Quantum Theory in fact provides a complete explanation to the evolution of life in all of its aspects ranging from the first appearance of bacteria to the current development of artificial intelligence. It shows that the universe is designed to create life and how this happens through macrocosmic quantum shifts in the center of the universe. As it turns out such a theory is not just about the properties of dead matter (such as mass), but about the evolution of life, which ultimately finds its origin in quantum shifts.

At the time, when I started to think about how the universe evolves there would be a consensus in the scientific community that this would happen through events of a physical nature that were randomly dispersed in time and Darwinism would purportedly explain this when it comes to biological evolution. Similarly, when it came to the historical evolution of mankind with its technological, social, religious and other mental aspects, the changes that have taken place have always been explained by phenomena of a material nature. An explanation as to why there is an evolution in the first place was however clearly missing, but as I started to study the ancient Mayan calendar system this made evident patterns in the evolutionary process that pointed to common principles for this regardless of what form of evolution was considered. Certain sources were important for me to come to this realization. José Argüelles book The Mayan Factor in very broad terms demonstrated that historic evolution was related to the various baktun shifts in the so-called Long Count, the Long Term chronology of the Maya. Moreover, Freidel, Schele and Parker’s book Maya Cosmos showed that there were a number of other such calendar counts that provide a framework for evolution at several different levels including the Big Bang, the primordial quantum shift in the history of our universe. These observations compelled me to study how the various events in the history of the universe matched up with the various shift points in the Mayan calendar system, which I spent a few years studying in the time period 1993-1996. The results were stunning in their consistency and it became clear to me that evolution in all of its aspects follow wave patterns. These patterns could be summarized in the Periodic System of Evolution, which while it is different from the Periodic System of the Elements in Fig 1 shares some very important commonalities. The first is that both systems are periodic and the second is that they are based on the build-up of quantum states. Similarly to how there initially (1800’s) were gaps in the system of the elements, there remain gaps in the periodic systems of evolution (notably in the 3rd Wave), which hopefully continued research will be able to fill in. It may be obvious from the Periodic System in Fig 3 that events in the history of the universe do not occur at random point in time, but seems to fit intoou what ymight call a cosmic plan.


Fig 3. The Periodic System of Evolution (up until 2011) is created by the wave movement of seven peaks and valleys (column 1) in Nine different waves. Hence, while each wave develops a specific and different kind of phenomena and has a unique frequency, the process from “seed” to “mature fruit” in seven plus six steps is identical and this is why there is a periodicity.
(Note: the 8th and the 9th waves are not included in this Table. They have so high frequencies
that it becomes difficult to identify peak by peak their specific manifestations)

While this pattern might have been looked upon as a novelty to modern people it is quite consistent with the calendar system of the ancient Maya, who cut its essence in stone in the pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen-Itza. Nine levels (quantum states of consciousness) developed by Serpents (waves) of seven peaks and six valleys each (see the shadows on the staircase of the pyramid in Fig 4.


Fig 4.
The nine-storied Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen-Itza with the seven triangles of light and six of darkness
(picture taken at the spring equinox).


Fig 5.
The 1st Wave creating the first monocellular organisms on our planet. The peaks mean that steps forward in the creation of life are taken and their beginnings fit very well with what we know about the timing of the appearance of the first cells. Even if we do not know what the simpler life forms (preceding the formation of our earth 4.5 billion years ago) would look like the wave took its beginning before the Big Bang and we can thus conclude that the potential of creating life in the universe goes back to its birth.

This multitude of correlations was of course on a collision course with many of the fundamental assumptions that modern scholarship and science. Depending on a person’s preferences it may be looked upon as an advantage or disadvantage that the Macrocosmic Quantum Theory is consistent with an ancient world view of Serpent creator gods. As an example of such a wave I show the 1st Wave (the lowest level of pyramid), which created the earliest life forms on our planet, but really originates already at the Big Bang. This implies that this universe exists in order to create life and that we are not here by accident but as part of a much larger cosmic scenario.

The purpose here is just to convey some essential features of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, and for details I refer the interested reader to my books, which respond to possible objections etc. What should be pointed out also here however is that in this theory all forms of evolution (whether galactic, biological, spiritual, mental or technological, etc) are explained within the same conceptual framework. The various waves then convey different quantum states form the cosmic center that human beings develop resonance with and absorb. This explains essentially all aspects of human history and Fig 6 shows how the human relationship to the divine has been altered depending on what quantum state has shaped the human mind.

A few of the quantum states in Fig 6 were described by the ancient Maya in terms of their geometries, who also provided a cosmic source for these in what they would call the “Place of Creation”, the “Raised-u p-Sky-Place” or the Tree of Life. The dark fields in them create what shamans would call veils limiting the ability of humans to see the full reality. The point to realize is that as human beings develop resonance with these states they will also start to see reality through the types of filters these provide. So for instance when people primarily resonated with the 6th Wave, they saw the world through duality favoring the left brain half. As a result, a patriarchal mentality dominated the world for approximately 5000 years and only as the higher waves have later been activated this particular mentality has been transcended. The steps between these different quantum states are however quantum leaps and humanity has not yet completed the last such leap, that to the 9th Wave, which only became accessible in 2011 BCE.

Fig 6. The basic Macrocosmic Quantum States of the higher waves, their times of activation and
the resulting influence in the Human relationship to the Divine.

The “Great Reset” of 2021, November 21, 2020
Posted November 21, 2020| By: Calleman |  Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

The spiritual community of the world has for some time now heralded the idea of living in the present moment and to “Be Here Now.” This ideal, of not mulling over the past or constantly focusing on what is to come makes perfect sense as long as you and the world has the wind on the back and is evolving forward. But what about when this no longer is the case and it feels like in some profound sense the world and you are no longer moving forward? Then it may be necessary to get a grasp of exactly what drives the evolution of humanity in order to find a successful way out of an established time-line. This is typically what happens when you are entering a dark age, where the light is not as easily accessible as in a light age. One of the most typical characteristics of a dark age is that people are not automatically moving forward. In Dark Age things come to a halt and I think many can relate to this at the current time.

So what is a “Dark Age”? What is its origin and how does it differ from an age of light? These are questions that cannot be dealt with adequately from the ideal of living in the present moment, but to have answers requires studying the time-lines of evolution going from the past to the future sometimes in a long perspective. Such a study is necessary if we come to a dead end and want to find a time-line that allow us and the world at large to move forward. In my own view the only time-lines that allow us to get a full understanding of the evolution of consciousness and how this manifests in the present world are those that go back to the calendar of the ancient Maya. In contrast to for instance common astrology, these evolutionary time-lines are not just repeated cycles, but actually have directions and are going somewhere actually towards infinity. Moreover, these time-lines are not based on man-made phenomena, but are inherent in Creation. They go back to the origin of this creation, when neither stars, nor planets or human beings existed and through this we can have some guarantee that they are related to its very purpose. Naturally, at the present time human beings are needed to interpret this purpose, but the time-lines themselves are not human creations and so they have a deep significance, which goes beyond whatever particular interests human individuals may have.

The critical point that I feel so many modern people have failed to understand is that these time-lines are not straight lines. The consciousness that creates the evolution of the universe, including that expressed through the human beings, is instead a wave form. Time, or if you like the illusion of time is created by such wave forms and so we will not be able to understand how the world evolves without taking these into account. These wave forms alternate between peaks and valleys, or if you like periods of light and darkness (which may be referred to as days or nights even if they cover much longer time periods than common days and nights). Only to the extent that there is a widespread understanding of these cosmic wave forms (which are not physical in the traditional sense) will there be a great awakening. As long as there is not an understanding of their nature, people will attempt to live their lives based on the premise that everything will or should stay the same or develop in a linear way. If it does not, many will presume that there is something wrong, while in fact the wave-like evolution of the universe is part of its design.

As a consequence of this wave-like nature, to live in the present moment only makes sense in a universe that does not undergo cosmic quantum shifts and does not evolve in a wave-like manner. In a series of books I have then also argued that the dragons, cosmic serpents, (including the Mayan/Aztec Plumed Serpent) are actually cosmic quantum waves that drive evolution and that such a world view is more true than the current one based on the idea of a linear uninterrupted progress. There is a reason that the most prominent pyramids in the Western hemisphere was dedicated to such a wave, the Plumed Serpent seen as the bringer of civilization and that Chinese parents to this day especially treasure children born in the year of the dragon. I believe the worldview based on linear progress also in today’s world is now coming to an end. In reality the periods of ups and downs (or forward movement and rest) are inherent in the way the universe is designed and not of human making. These waves are the consciousness of the universe and go back to a time when nothing physical existed.


Fig 1, The rise and fall of major empires/civilizations originating in the Mediterranean/European context as matched to the time-line of the  Sixth Wave.

One such wave is shown in Figure 1, the Sixth Wave, which is mostly referred to as the Mayan Long Count. This describes the rise and fall of major empires/civilizations, and it has a lot to tell us about what is going on in the world today. This seems clear enough but the reason that the evolution of consciousness sometimes may seem more complex than what is given by such a single wave is that it is created by an interference pattern of nine different waves (or time-lines). Hence, we can never gain a complete picture of changes in this world unless we take all of these waves into account. Yet, we can analyze them one by one and then reconstruct what is happening on the level of human consciousness.

Fig 1 allows us to get a clear definition of what a dark age is. Dark Ages are the valleys between major civilizations that I have previously called nights. It should from this diagram then be clear that the dark ages are inherent features of the evolution of the universe. Despite superficial appearances they are not human creations as their timing have a cosmic origin mediated by the wave. The darkness in a dark age then does not necessarily mean a time of evil (even if there are times when humans turn them into that). Rather it is part of a pattern of death and rebirth. From Fig 1 we can then see that the most well-known example of a dark age, the time period AD 434-829 following the collapse of the West Roman empire, is just one example of a dark age. Another not so well-known, but still by historians recognized such time period is the Greek Dark ages, 1149-749 BC after the fall of Mycenaean and the Minoan cultures in the so-called Bronze Age Collapse. So maybe this tells us that if we want to understand things and have some power to influence the course of events it is a good idea to look at things in a larger perspective and that living in the present may not guide us fully to this.

Looking at the larger perspective becomes even more relevant if we notice that as of AD 2011 we ourselves are living in a dark age following the period of dominance of Western empires, notably those of Great Britain and the United States in the preceding era of light, 1617-2011. As I have argued in a couple of articles the current situation in those particular countries, and to some extent in the rest of the world is a reflection of a shift in the above time-line, and if we want to understand what is happening we will have to recognize that this time-line is a wave and not a straight line.

As I have argued earlier, part of the effect of this night in the Sixth Wave is the Covid19 pandemic, which has hit the Western hemisphere much harder than the East. Some very recent events are also fully consistent with with the decline of the West in the time-line in Fig 1. One is that the questioning of the presidential election results (not the result by itself but the questioning of it) has meant that the United States have lost much of its role as a beacon of democracy. The United States is now also abdicating much of the dominating role in the world that it held in the previous era. The Transpacific Partnership (of which the US was part), which was annulled by Trump has thus for instance now been replaced by a huge trade organization where the United States is not taking part essentially meaning that China will gain the leading role in trade in this part of the world. Similarly, the further withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan means that the US is abdicating the role it has had in the Middle East and inviting, Russia, Turkey and/or Iran to take over. I leave aside here whether these steps were good or bad for the world and am just pointing out that things are developing in accordance with Fig 1. I think it is reasonable to expect further such abdications of the role of the United States in the immediate time to come.

Ironically then, despite the fact that Trump campaigned in 2016 under the slogan of Make America Great Again, his reign by any objective standards seems to have accomplished the very opposite. While he and his followers are mostly seeking someone other than themselves to blame for this, whether it is the democrats, China, the WHO, a global cabal or something else, I suggest that there are larger forces in play here, forces that are inherent in how the universe was designed, namely the shifts between days and nights and the ensuing evolution of consciousness.

Certainly, the ancient peoples of our planet recognized that evolution was not linear, but subject to death and rebirth and that no individual, or nation for that matter, would escape this. However, if people are not aware of the wave-like nature of evolution they will just continue to push agendas that are dead ends indefinitely expecting things to stay the same (in this case meaning that the Western dominance of the world would continue). I think the lesson from this is that the evolution of consciousness is a much more powerful force than the thoughts or desires of the human beings, and this goes for all of us. The wave-like evolution of consciousness takes it course regardless of what anybody thinks. It has a stronger power than human thoughts and this is even more so if people are unaware of how its course is designed.

However, there are as I said earlier nine different waves, or if you like time-lines, and we as humans may be in resonance with any or all of them by means of which an individual interference pattern that crafts our path in life is created. It is possible for us to make quantum jumps between such time-lines and to the extent that we do we will also make quantum jumps between different states of consciousness. This in turn influences, or even shapes the kind of thoughts that we have. I will however not here talk about all the nine waves, but only add the influence of the Seventh Wave to that of the Sixth Wave that was shown in Fig 1. The result is an interference pattern of the two waves, which is directly relevant to how things will evolve in the near future.

While the Sixth Wave above describes the ups and downs of the overall long-term evolution especially of Western civilizations, the Seventh Wave, which was activated in AD 1755 describes the evolution of several special aspects of these after this point in time. What I will focus on here are only the systems of governance and the phases of economic growth. The activation of the state of consciousness of the seventh wave has for instance led to the birth of democracy (Fig 2) and industrialism (Fig 3), phenomena which are some of its hallmarks.


Fig 2. The evolution of democracy as a function of the peaks in the Seventh Wave.


Fig 3. The evolution of the industrial economy as a function of the peaks in the Seventh Wave.

In Figures 2 and 3 there is an enormous amount of information and I will here limit the discussion to what is relevant for our current time. Hence, before the consciousness shift brought by the Seventh Wave in 1755 there were essentially no democracies in the world and for most of the timeline in Figure 1 the empires that it created were based on dominance, brutality and subjugation of the poor peasants and the slaves.  Only with the activation of the Seventh Wave does a process begin when – notably in its peaks – steps are taken in the direction of increased equality, democracy and respect for the dignity of the human individual. As we can see, this is not a result of a straight line, and even if the process is complex its overall direction is quite clear so that by the end of seventh peak in 2011 only a few monarchies remain, which with the possible exception of the British and Thai are completely powerless. Inherited privileges of the nobility that used to be the norm has disappeared and republics where in principle all individuals have equal rights have replaced them. This is a result of the peaks or what you may call the periods of light in the Seventh Wave and the influence those had on human consciousness. In parallel with this development towards democracy there has also been a development towards increased globality. What in the Sixth Wave was a world of strictly separated nations has in the Seventh become a world that is integrated and where what happens in one corner of the world affects it all. This was not the case before the activation of the state of consciousness of the latter.

Similarly, before the activation of the Seventh Wave in 1755, there was no industrialism anywhere in the world based on the use of anything but muscle power. Step by step in the peaks of this wave fossil fuels and later electric and nuclear power have however come into use together with their many industrial applications. Mass production of goods, say for instance of cars, were unheard of before the shift in consciousness to the Seventh Wave had taken place. What humans may create in terms of technology is hence a direct consequence of this particular state of consciousness, but since this is something I have dealt with in books I will not detail it here. Naturally, the results of these steps forward in technological development has also been times of economic growth in contrast to the depressions that especially towards the end of the wave have been associated with the nights.

An important thing that we can see from Figures 2 and 3 is that there is a parallel between the Sixth Wave (Fig 1) and the Seventh Wave (Fig 2) in that the movement forward happens during the days. Moreover, not only the Sixth Wave, but also the Seventh Wave has its nights or dark ages, where the one that most clearly stands out in the Seventh is the one between 1932 and 1952. Hence, the rise of nationalism including fascism is something that happens especially during the nights as democracy then tends to be suppressed. Nights also tend to cause economic depressions.

I suggest that the world can now (2020) to a large extent be understood as a result of the interference pattern of these two waves and the state of consciousness this creates in the human beings. Since in both waves we are now in dark ages it is not surprising that the world at least partially now has come to a halt. On the surface this halt is of course caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, but I would at the same time argue that this would not have had the effects that it has had unless it fitted into the consciousness field that these two waves combined have created.

So what does all of this mean for us now? Well, we can understand why Western dominance of the world now seems to be coming to an end. We can also understand why especially after 2016 there has been a rise in nationalism and distrust in democracy among large groups especially in those countries, which has led to a concomitant rise of political strongmen acting nearly as dictators. This is in marked contrast to the time-period 1992-2011 when democracy seemed to spread everywhere. Again, the time-line of the seventh state of consciousness is not a straight line but a wave.

Diagram  Description automatically generated

Fig 4. The current wave period in the Seventh Wave.

But what can be said about the economic situation? To address this I think it pays to look at where we are now in the Seventh Wave more in detail (Fig 4). One thing I want the reader to notice is that midnight in the current wave period 2011-2031 is not in 2020, but the year 2021. Thus, if there will be a Great Reset this will rather take place towards the end of 2021 than in 2020, although many have thought of 2020 as the critical year. When it comes to how the world economy has developed, this, as I mentioned has been in depression during the nights. This then should be true also for our current wave period even if this only came about in 2020 and may be even more troubling in 2021.
Something that I believe may set the current depression apart from depressions in earlier nights is that the current crisis with all clarity has demonstrated the fictitiousness of the value of money. Even if money in the present world is power it really has no substance and just amounts to digits in bank amounts or elsewhere. In the current situation the United States has for instance simply printed up trillions of dollars in support of its population during the Covid19 pandemic and similar actions have been taken in Europe. Rightly so I think as also fictitious money may have power. It may however also have begun to dawn on many that money can be generated out of thin air if the political will is there. What determines for what and how much money shall be printed is simply power.
Yet, the ability to print money on a large scale will only be possible in a country that maintains global power that as I pointed out above is now highly questionable regarding the US, which holds the world’s primary currency. For this reason, and the convergence of the processes I discussed above in the Sixth and Seventh Waves, I think we have very strong reasons to expect a collapse of the US dollar in 2021 and its replacement with something else. This among other things is what I refer to as the Great Reset of 2021. A change in administration will hardly alter this perspective. Exactly how the Great Reset 2021 will play out is unclear, at least to me, but I think I have outlined the evolution of consciousness leading up to it. I admit that I may not be using the Great Reset in the same sense as its originator Klaus Schwab. Yet, regardless of political views it seems clear that after this pandemic the world will need to be reset in order to adapt to an entirely different interference pattern created by the waves. Hopefully, this reset will happen in accordance with the interest of the large masses of people and not those of IT tycoons, but this still remains to be seen. It may thus be time for everyone to think about what such a reset should mean. I feel this should be done in the light of the fact that from September 6, 2021 (midnight) and onward there will be a climb to July 16, 2031 (dawn), which holds the potential to generate a world where democracy is again cherished and there is global collaboration to tackle the world’s problems.

Will the Covid19 pandemic come to an end if Trump loses the election?
October 26, 2020 | By: Calleman |   Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

"In a couple of articles earlier this year I pointed out that psychological and existential factors are almost completely ignored when it comes to understanding how pandemics, such as that of Covid19 has affected the global population. Yet, it is well-known that adverse medical conditions, so-called co-morbidities other than the virus itself have contributed to the severity of the disease and why should existential factors be excluded from these? For many other types of diseases stress factors of a more psychological nature is known to strongly influence their onset. Cancers for instance, which is generally thought of as a disease with a physiological etiology is more common in singles than people living in stable marriages, which implies psychological or at least life style factors for the risks. How severely or often a disease manifests thus is not independent of the general life situation or outlook on life of an individual. There is no particular reason to believe that the Covid19pandemic should be different in this regard.

Since for the most part pandemics hit in dark ages it is relevant to look at the broader cosmic context and relationship to the evolution of consciousness of this one. Most importantly in this, as of October 28, 2011 the quantum state (of the Sixth Wave) that created the Western dominance of the world came to an end and will not come back in the next four hundred years (Figs 1 and 2). Because of this very long period, the effects of the quantum shift are in significant regards irreversible but also slow in coming. This downturn of the West (affecting primarily the US and the UK, but also other western European powers and less markedly the Western hemisphere in its entirety) does not come about because of some actions that these parts of the world have taken, but is a direct consequence of the wave-like evolution of the macrocosmic quantum states. Ancient peoples were aware of this wave movement and would let its ups and downs be symbolized by the Plumed Serpent or the Phoenix Bird, symbols of death and rebirth. Yet, today the shifts in the quantum field are almost completely unknown to the population at large who think of history as a linear process where the West would forever maintain its role gained in the 7th day of the Sixth Wave (see the Mayan Long Count in Fig 1)."

7th day of the Sixth Wave

Fig 1. The rise and fall of civilizations in the Long Count.

This lack of knowledge and the absence in our educational system of how the evolution of the universe on several levels takes place makes it difficult for many to see what is now happening in the world as the results of macrocosmic quantum shifts. Yet, the end of Western dominance was predictable and I wrote about it in my book The Nine Waves of Creation before any visible signs of it had really appeared. Regardless, since this downturn is not explicable through a linear understanding of history many have now chosen to explain it by conspiracy theories, while we are in fact witnessing the effects of a consciousness shift originating on a cosmic scale as the 7th day has turned into a night."

In Fig 2 we can in more detail see how the quantum shift in 2011 has parallel effects on both the global and individual levels. The wave movement in Fig 1 was for instance expressed not only in terms of western dominance in relation to the rest of the world, militarily and economically in the time period 1617-2011, but also in terms of left brain thinking (the scientific revolution took place in Europe at its beginning). At the same time as the light went out in the Western Hemisphere in 2011 similarly by resonance the light also went out in the minds of the human individuals resulting in much anger as we could see in 2016. Hence, as Western dominance began to go out on the global level the duality (see Fig 2) that has created the ego also began to go out so that a mentality of equality and balance is over time poised to take over (but presumably not without resistance).  While the period that began in 2011 definitely has a Dark Age character this is thus not necessarily only negative but it has a purpose. It serves to rebalance the world after a long period of left brain/Western dominance. The task then becomes to keep what was beneficial and discard what was not from the preceding time period. In Fig 2 we can see more clearly how the last wave period in Fig 1 is associated with different quantum states and also how this affects the global and human minds in synchrony."

Fig 2. The consciousness shift in 2011. (a) day state and (b) night state.

As mentioned earlier, since the night we are entering on the level of the Sixth Wave is so long it was slow in coming and its effects became notable only with the Brexit/Trump vote in 2016 (five years after the shift). Yet, to see the power of the shift we can note that neither the US nor the UK has had a peaceful political moment since. Its respective populations have been sharply divided as to whether to try to live in accordance with the good old days of world dominance provided by the dualist quantum state (a) or adapting to the new state (b), which will increasingly shape the human mind. The Brexit/Trump votes in 2016 essentially reflected a desire by parts of the respective populations to maintain the world dominance (or at least the mentalities that went with it) that had been developed during the past 400 years. These elections meant reactions against, rather than an adaptation to the quantum state (b). Hence, rather than adapting to the new quantum state that called for global equality those supporting Brexit/Trump wanted to go back to, or maintain some ego-boosting dominance on the part of their nations. Such reactions to a cosmic quantum state (opposite to what the new quantum state calls for) have happened before in history. It is a quite natural reaction since especially people of high age for a long time have had their mentalities shaped by the previously ruling quantum state and it will reasonably take some time to adapt to the change that has taken place at a cosmic level. Yet, such attempts to block the course of history in accordance with the 6th Wave can not be long-lasting."

In addition to this constant state of political distress in recent years, the West has been further weakened not only by the global pandemic especially affecting the Western hemisphere (see Fig 3), but especially in the US also by very serious consequences of global warming such as forest fires and strong hurricanes. All of this is connected to the cosmic consciousness shift I just mentioned as the duality of the quantum state (a) also created a mentality of dominance versus nature in the human beings and the new quantum state (b) no longer supports this. Overall this has created what seems like a negative spiral for the West that can hardly be broken by the mind set of (a). What might have seemed right before 2011 no longer applies in the same way. Hence, unless we want the negative spiral to continue downwards we will have to adapt to the cosmic quantum state (b), which mandates a mentality of non-dominance."

In this perspective the Covid19 pandemic with which I started the article may be placed in another context, that of the shifting states of consciousness. The map in Fig 3, showing the total number of deaths associated with Covid19, for instance clearly shows how the Western hemisphere has been much harder hit by the pandemic, something which would be consistent with the turning off the light of this hemisphere shown in the quantum shift in Fig 2. I have then suggested that many of the Covid19 cases are strongly conditioned by the shift in consciousness that began in the cosmos in 2011, and especially in the extraordinary amount of stress that this has resulted in on the political level in the West. (PTSD, the President Trump Stress Disorder, caused by incessant tweeting has obviously added to this stress by creating much widely spread discord).  The fact that for most people the quantum shift and its nature is unknown I believe has added to the state of confusion and hopelessness. Yet, here the reader may have to decide if he or she agrees with me that psychological or existential factors may have contributed to the Covid19 disease."

Covid19 deaths world 2020

Fig 3. Total accumulated deaths (October 23, 2020) attributed to Covid19.

As an alternative explanation to the East-West discrepancy many have suggested that China created the virus and is to blame for the pandemic and the harm this has done to the West. On my own part I am open to the possibility that the virus was manipulated and had leaked from one of their labs (such events are not uncommon anywhere in the world), but the suggestion that it could have been designed only to infect the genetically diverse population of the Western Hemisphere and essentially save the East seems absurd to me. It is not conceivable that anyone could create a virus with an address label. What seems like a better explanation to the enormous difference between how the Western and Eastern Hemispheres have been affected is that the East has not experienced the turning off of the light that the West went through in 2011 (Fig 2) and so have not suffered the same existential shake-up."

Let me now return to the question whether the pandemic will disappear if Trump loses the election. I am not here trying to make the case that Trump has mishandled the pandemic. Overall, he probably has and at the very least he has quite consistently downplayed it. Thus, if he loses and the pandemic goes away it would seem as the incoming president handles it better. Obviously Trump’s political enemies will create such a narrative and with some right. Yet, I should emphasize that this is not the case that I am making here. What I am saying is instead that if Trump loses it would reflect a significant mentality change among the American electorate reflecting an adaptation to the new quantum state (and the new world that will go with it) and it is such a mentality change, and its consequences for human health that I suggest may cause the pandemic to go away." 

It could very well be that the current (October 2020) surge of Covid19 cases in the US and Europe (and the Western Hemisphere in general) is linked to the stress especially of the US elections, which by themselves may have consequences for the spread of the pandemic. Few could deny that these elections will be critical for the future of the world. What I am suggesting is that if Americans surrender to the shift in quantum shift and accepts a role of non-dominance in the world it may also have consequences for the spread and severity of the virus even to the point that it would relatively soon go away in the event of such an outcome. This would be linked to Trump losing the election as Trump in fact explicitly idealizes the idea of domination. The Spanish Flu in 1918-1920 seems to have suddenly miraculously come to an end. Possibly this happened because herd immunity was attained (nobody knows for sure), but possibly it was because the malaise associated with the end of World War I had come to pass. Maybe now a malaise will similarly come to pass."

When we look at Fig 1 and the Western dominance in the 7th day (1617-2011) we may primarily think of dominance in the form of colonialism and other expressions on a global scale. Yet, as we can understand from Fig. 2 this mentality of dominance has also been expressed in domestic politics and individual relationships. What this means is that the very same mentality of dominance in the time period 1617-2011 also manifested for instance in slavery, the near-extinction of Native Americans and the suppression of women and emergence of huge economic inequality in the then victorious Western powers. (I should say here that the reason that I am here bringing up only negative aspects of US history is not because it reflects my overall assessment of the country, but because it is the very purpose of a night to deal with what was not accomplished in the preceding day and so these aspects need to be highlighted)."

As expected from an adaption to the new quantum state (b), we now after 2011 can also see how such abuses of power and their current-day expressions begin to be reversed. Since 2011 when the shift into a new quantum shift took place the United States has in fact begun to export a new mentality consistent with a non-dualist quantum state. Examples of this are the #metoo movement, Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders campaigns against economic inequality. That this happens at this particular time is not an accident. These are movements that are consistent with the new quantum state (b) and are thus examples of phenomena that will become prominent over the next 400 years. Yet, the old quantum state (a) still retains an appeal much because there is a light in it that creates its duality and this is partly why many will still want to go back to it. This is the reason that both Brexit and Trump among certain groups of people have gained an almost religious status. Paradoxically, however trying to resist the new quantum state and recreate a world of one that has gone out just makes the situation worse and it is in such resistance to the cosmic plan that the greatest risk currently lies." 

Most of the above are just rational consequences of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, but the proposal that the pandemic will go away if Trump loses the election is a hypothesis, which obviously is wildly outside of the confines of established epidemiology. Yet, it seems to me that no one has any better explanation to how the pandemic has spread the way it has both in space and over time and the reader will now what it is based on. For this reason, and increasing evidence that there is a very direct relationship between psychological factors and the health of the immune system I think such an outcome is possible if Trump (and other proponents of maintaining dominance both domestically and in the world) loses this election. If the pandemic relatively soon miraculously disappears I think this would be the explanation."

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United Nations World Oneness day of October 24, 2017

Dear Friends,
"This year, the World Oneness day, which is celebrated every year at the United Nations day of October 24, has the distinction of falling on the very maximum of the peak in the Ninth Wave.

9th-calc_10-10-17 day 10

While there are many ways of honoring this intention of Oneness, to tune into the Ninth Wave is the most powerful. Most importantly this makes it part of an ongoing practice consistent with the long-term destiny of humanity."


Disasters and Non-duality –The Consequences of the Eighth Wave
going into a NIGHT on September 27, 2017
*** It is important to read all of this article to get Carl’s message of hope. ***

September 26, 2017 | By: Calleman |   Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

"The recent time has seen an unusual amassment of natural disasters, especially in the Western Hemisphere, which seems to coincide with a political leadership crisis in the United States that is expressed on a daily basis. Is this timewise correlation of dramatic and sometimes catastrophic events really a coincidence or is there, as I have discussed in an earlier article ( an underlying reason in that the Plumed Serpent (that is to say the Sixth Wave) now again has left this Hemisphere? According to the ancient Maya the wave movement of the “Plumed Serpent” was behind the changes in consciousness that may express themselves in many different ways.

Hence, when the 'plumed serpent' also known as Quetzalcoatl, arrived it brought prosperity. On the other hand, when the Plumed Serpent left a civilization this could result in the downfall of a dynasty, warfare, natural disasters or religious change, which could all lead to its downfall. To them it was like the Plumed Serpent, which we can now only understand meaningfully as a creation wave, carried the spirit of civilization and so to the ancients this was an important entity to honor. Most people today would probably think of this as just a story, but what if it is true and the ups and downs of civilizations follow such a wave movement? Regardless, it seems we are no at a time where different forms of disasters are conspiring against us, whether those are political, military or natural."

Another explanation to the current state of the world that has been proposed is that an alignment in the constellation of Virgo on September 23 would be a manifestation of Revelation 12, which would connect our momentous times to the Christian scenario of the Apocalypse, or according to some, to Sitchin’s purported Nibiru planet. Yet, of course, the world did not come to an end on this date and no Nibiru planet has appeared or will ever do so. The reason the world will not come to an end on a specific date is that the divine creation process – as we may understand it from the Nine Waves of Creation – does not have any built-in end date. Instead it is designed to continue endlessly in accordance with these waves. This however does not mean that I think the prediction of the September 23 advocates – that we as a species has now really come to a critical point in our evolution – was completely unfounded or that we would somehow be immune to the effects of dark ages defined by the waves of creation. There is much historical evidence that nights in the Mayan calendar carry different kinds of hardships depending on what waves we are looking at. The valleys in the Sixth Wave shown in Fig 1 coincide with such dark ages that have brought major civilizations down and I think it is an illusion to think that the current global civilization dominated by the West would be immune against this."

6th wave of Creation

Fig 1. The rise and fall of major human civilizations as a function of the peaks and valleys of the Sixth Wave
(wavelength – 788 years).

Given our position in the wave movement in Fig. 1 after 2011 (when this turned into a valley or night) I thus think that we have very serious reasons to consider that the Plumed Serpent (the Sixth Wave) is now abandoning the Western Hemisphere as it has done may times before. Without sensationalizing or looking blindly at any singular date, I think we should consider the upcoming turn into a night also of the Eighth Wave on September 27, 2017 (Fig 2), as a point in time when the interference pattern of the waves create a critical shift. The reason is that the approach to this shift has been so relatively dire because it has taken place on the top of waves, the Sixth and Seventh, that have already turned into night phases."

2011 shift waves 6,7,8,9

Fig 2. The Interference pattern of the higher waves of creation after the shift in 2011. Note that the Sixth Wave at the bottom is also going downwards, but because the downturn of this wave is so slow it is not easily visible in the scale of this diagram.

At first sight this shift in the Eighth Wave may not seem to be such an important event considering that this Wave (with a much higher frequency than the Sixth and a wave-length of only 720 days) has turned into a night several times before including more recently in 2013 and 2015. Yet, the context of the current shift is now different coming after the Brexit/Trump votes in 2016 that marked the beginning of the tangible downturn of the Western powers. This shift into a night of the Sixth Wave in 2011 (See fig 3), which because of its low frequency (wavelength 788 years) took until 2016 to clearly manifest, is affecting not only East-West relationships, but also through resonance the relationship between the two brain halves."

6th wave turns to night

Fig. 3. The effects on a global and a personal level of the Sixth Wave turning into a night. The dominance of the Western hemisphere as well as of the left brain half (for better or for worse) is coming to an end with the new mind frame of the night that was activated in 2011.

Since the human mind then is directly influenced by the global mind and what happens on the geophysical level (as was clearly evidenced in my book The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization) we should not be surprised if also political mindsets are influenced by this powerful shift on the level of the global mind. Depending on with what waves people have created resonance (which determines the filter through which they perceive reality) they will come to different conclusions as to what is happening and what should be done."

As we can see in Fig 2, where all the waves are shown at the current time running in parallel, the turn into a night of the Eighth Wave means that for the next 360 days following September 26, 2017 (up until September 22, 2018) all the creation waves except the Ninth Wave will remain in dark “valley” states. I, for one, think that we have strong reasons to believe that destruction, both politically and naturally caused, will even now intensify and many will find it hard to see a meaning with life. There is a real risk of a compounding of effects of the nights in several coinciding waves may even further add to the series of real or potential political and natural disasters that recently we have seen accelerating."

To me, the interference pattern created on September 27 has an apocalyptic ring to it where only those that have developed resonance with the Ninth Wave and unity consciousness will have wind on their back and be guided forward into the future. It, in fact seems as if people now are going in different directions. One group that take active steps towards unity and another that stays with nationalism, racism and sexism or other ideologies of separation. What determines what group you will belong to is what wave you resonate with. The idea that humanity has come to a decisive crossroads has been proposed many times before, but I think it is only now that this is happening."

I do not think that there will be much relief for humanity until 2031, when the Seventh Wave turns into a day. In this time period the Western Hemisphere is likely to be primarily hit as the light that supported its dominance up until 2011 has now gone out (Fig 3). We do not know exactly how this downturn will play out. Yet, history (or if you like the Plumed Serpent) makes its way in one way or another in accordance with the shifting phases of the divine waves, but one thing we know is that the more people are stuck in mindsets of duality the harder it will be."

How then can such a potentially destructive era, which I consider likely to come, be understood in any kind of positive way? Many will of course think of such a destructive era as a punishment by God or as a karmic response to earlier actions, but would this really be the purpose of the intelligence that created this universe? Could it instead be the only way of creating a world of equality? If we look at it more objectively – as the direct result of an interference pattern of waves influencing the human mind – then we may have an alternative way of seeing this era as an interference pattern supporting a development towards equality (or even a golden age), which is meant to manifest as humanity enters a new day in the Seventh Wave in 2031. Why would this be? Essentially because as the Eighth Wave now goes into a night there will be no wave favoring the duality of the mind or a dualist perception of reality. Moreover, the only non-dualist wave that will be oscillating into a day mode is the Ninth Wave, which brings enlightenment and a unity frame of mind. So even if at the visible level there may seem to be many disasters (both political and natural and possibly military) because of the compounded nights the interference pattern causing these disasters will paradoxically at the same time be the very interference pattern that creates a path towards unity for those that develop resonance with the Ninth Wave."

This would explain not only that many spiritual traditions of ancient origin have foreseen a return to unity, but also why the path there, such as for instance in the Christian Apocalyptic scenario would go through a series of catastrophes. The unity consciousness of the golden age (or the New Jerusalem if you prefer biblical language) in fact presupposes equality between all nations and individuals on a planetary scale. For this reason the path to this will require that humanity goes through a period of mental non-duality, which is what the upcoming interference pattern provides. History has shown that human beings for the most part do not voluntarily give up a state of dominance they have had over others and it is exactly the dualist mind of the Sixth Wave days (See Fig 3a) that in the past has legitimized dominance. Then in order to prepare for equality and the manifestation of unity consciousness an interference pattern of non-duality will have to dominate the minds of the human beings for a relatively long time and this is what I am proposing that we now about to face."

The duality of the Sixth Wave mind in its days (fig. 3a), is not only what led to the Western dominance of the world (fig 1). This duality also led to all forms of dominance that some individuals have had over others based on race, bloodline, gender, or religion, a dominance that has manifested itself in the economic and political arenas. If it for instance seems that at the current time there is a revival of racism in the United States this is because the new mind (3b) clashes with the racism that was inherited from the duality of the previous day (3a). Hence, if racial or gender inequality, and especially economic inequality, has been caused by the duality of the Sixth Wave mind, then the latter will be a constant impediment to the path towards a golden age of non-duality. However, also nationalism has come out of a mindset of dominance fostered by the duality of the Sixth Wave and is by itself a reat impediment to peace. Hence, the manifestation of a golden age will require that the majority of people transcend not only racism and sexism, but also transcend the subordination to a national perspective and become able to embrace one – humanity first! – that is global."

"Many of the effects of the creation waves and their interference pattern were discussed in my book The Nine Waves of Creation. The shift on September 27, 2017 means that the shift into a night of the Eighth Wave, (which albeit it has a feminine streak is also a dualist Wave), will add to the non-duality of the global mind. This is why, paradoxically maybe, darkness and non-duality will go hand in hand on many very different levels. The conclusion is that while I expect the following thirteen years to become very destructive (especially to the Western Hemisphere and institutions based on the dominance of the left brain half) this era will at the same time prepare for a world of global solidarity based on equality that after 2031 truly will become a possibility. For those that want to be part of such a world, awareness of and development of resonance with the Ninth Wave and uncompromisingly following the guidance and visions provided by this are pre-requisites. From the perspective of the unity consciousness that will be developed in the meantime many problems that seem intractable from a dualist mind-frame will naturally come to find new and enlightened solutions."

The Mayan Calendar did not End in 2012
August 14, 2017 | By: Calleman |   Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

I have found that a large number of people still believe that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, not only those that took a casual interest in this calendar, but also some of those that were quite engaged. Possibly partly because of disappointment everyone in the latter group did not fully assimilate the discussions that did follow upon 2012 in order to understand what had happened. I should already here recognize, as I did in an article written on my blog on December 31, 2012 and later in my book The Nine Waves of Creation that I have also myself contributed to the confusion regarding the so-called “ending” of the Mayan calendar. At least I have however corrected myself and taken responsibility for my part in this. Yet, that a whole field of researchers gets it wrong is nothing unusual in scholarly endeavors. Moving through such errors is what the scientific process is all about. What is important is however that the errors are corrected so as to create a new opening for understanding and this is what I am going to discuss in this article. For some, this may seem like a somewhat technical article, but on the other hand the topic remains of critical importance for our understanding not only of the past but also of the future of humanity. Thus, I think it is worth diving into the matter. The Mayan calendar itself was not wrong. A large number of researchers and students of this were however wrong on a critical point and I am not talking about silly Hollywood disaster moviemakers, but of the serious people. Because of this error in our understanding of the Mayan calendar we have to make the appropriate corrections if we are to arrive at a new and expanded understanding of this.

To begin with we may wonder from where the idea came that the so-called Long Count would come to an end. When people used to talk about the “end” of the Mayan calendar they were actually referring to this particular calendar, the Long Count, which is a wave form that have been developing in phases called baktuns of 144,000 days each starting in 3115 BCE. (We will here leave aside the question of when this began exactly and in what context the Long Count existed to other waves). This was the highest frequency creation wave followed by the Ancient Maya, which is not surprising since at the time no wave with a higher frequency had been activated. Hence, to them the Long Count was their main chronology to which they related especially their own dynastic histories. A critical question regarding the purported end of the Long Count is then how many baktuns this was supposed to consist of. Is the Long Count constituted by thirteen baktuns, of twenty baktuns or is it in fact endless going into the future never to end? If it would have been thirteen baktuns long then it would have ended in 2011 (or 2012) and the world would have experienced a profound discontinuity as the Long Count conceivably would have been followed by a new cycle. If it would be twenty baktuns long then its end would generate a discontinuity in 4772 CE, but if it was in fact endless there would never be any discontinuity or end of time generated by the Long Count. There would only be an ongoing wave movement going up and down with its shifting phases (baktuns). Hence, there are three different possible solutions to the problem.

Although the contemporary Maya hardly argued that their calendar would come to an end, they had long since (about 1000 years ago) ceased to follow the Long Count or any of the other higher waves of the calendar system. Hence, modern scholars had to rely on what they could gather from the archeological findings about the calendar system of the ancient Maya. Quite a few archeologists would argue that the Long Count would be limited to thirteen baktuns and this included in the very influential book The Maya written by Michael Coe. He originally placed the end of the Long Count after thirteen baktuns to 2011, but later changed it to 2012. This shift date was then picked up as being of significance by some early pioneers giving the Mayan calendar meaning, such as Peter Balin and Frank Waters. What had a much greater impact was however when Jose Argüelles wrote The Mayan Factor and said about December 21, 2012: Then it shall be ready. The unique moment. The moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive – the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evolutionary interim called Homo sapiens. Amidst festive preparations and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, the Earth will be ready for the emergence into the inter-planetary civilization.

To Argüelles there was obviously no doubtthat the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns and that the date this would come to a close would generate a profound discontinuity as described above. Yet, few people would probably agree today that the above was a good description of what happened on December 21, 2012, which by all standards was a very uneventful day. Something must have been wrong here. Argüelles himself however had passed away about a year earlier and we do not know what he would have now said about it. As far as I know none of his followers has taken up the mantle and addressed the issue. This again raises the questions as to whether the Long Count was truly thirteen baktuns and if it was not, could this explain why there was no such discontinuity on December 21, 2012 as Argüelles had envisioned. Could it then be that the idea that most archeologists had been promoting, namely that the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns was in error? Certainly, it was on their information that Argüelles had based himself.

I should here say that Argüelles was not alone among more visionary researchers to hold the idea that the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns. He just came out first and was the most influential proponent of this. I myself also essentially believed the archeologists to have been right and so did the late John Major Jenkins, who gave one of his books the subtitle The true meaning of the Maya calendar end date. To our defense, and to the defense of the archeologists, there were in fact some very good reasons to believe that the Long Count should have been limited to thirteen baktuns. One is the prominence of the number 13 in the sacred tzolkin calendar of the Maya, which is a microcosmic matrix for all the waves including the Long Count. Another the fact that there are many inscriptions from the ancient Maya describing a pre-Long Count lasting from 8240 BCE to 3115 BCE, which was then in fact thirteen baktuns. If so, why would not the Long Count similarly be limited to thirteen baktuns. Indeed, if the Long Count would not be thirteen baktuns similarly to its preceding creation wave, this would be truly very mysterious. It would imply that the Long Count would not be a cyclically repeated phenomenon of identical duration as astronomical phenomena are. If the pre-Long Count and the Long Count did not have the same durations then they would have to emanate in the activation of waves in the quantum field and at the time for many this seemed unthinkable.

From my own perspective I had always known that there were ancient Mayan inscription dates deep into the future, but had chosen to ignore them (I take it both Argüelles and Jenkins did the same). After all, most disciplines of study display some anomalies, outliers that cannot be understood from the established context and I thought those dates were examples of such. I thus only started to realize that there must have been something seriously wrong with the established idea about the Long Count when I heard from Dr Mark van Stone that there was in fact no evidence from the ancient Maya saying that this would be limited to thirteen baktuns. On the contrary, there was evidence from ancient times that they believed this to go beyond thirteen baktuns. I quote from van Stone’s book 2012 – Science and Prophecy of the ancient Maya: There are bits of evidence suggesting that although the Maya reset the Long Count at the last they don’t plan to do it in 2012. At least some of them expected no more recreations after this one. After would come and, and on up. (We are in other words now in the fourteenth baktun of the Long Count and not in the first baktun of a new cycle). The evidence for this comes from Yaxchilan, Palenque and Tikal, places that were at the leading edge regarding calendars in the ancient Mayan world.

For example, at the Temple of the Inscription in Palenque there is a relief describing different (presumptive) celebrations of the anniversaries of the coronation of Pacal. One of them points to a date (1 Pictun, 0 Baktuns, 0 Katuns, 0 Tuns, 0 winals and 8 kin) in the future, which would point to the year 4772 CE. The point is not here only that this date shows that the Mayan Calendar in the view of the Palenqueans continued well beyond our own time. This notation also shows that the Long Count was not expected to reset in 2012, in which case it would have been described as (deducting 13 baktuns from 1 Pictun, which corresponds to twenty baktuns). In the ancient view the Long Count would thus not reset with a discontinuity on December 21, 2012, but would go on to at least twenty baktuns and maybe the added 8 days was a message that it would go on endlessly, which is what I believe.

This was profound knowledge and meant that the whole idea of a discontinuity at the end of the Long count lacked a foundation in ancient sources. The Mayan calendar did not end and there was no indication that a new cycle would begin in 2012. Starting with my article Some New Reflections on the Mayan Calendar “end” date from December 31, 2012 I began to correct my earlier view and develop one where there was no end to the wave movement of the Long Count (or any of the other eight waves of creation). The consequences of these discoveries by van Stone were profound as they meant that logically speaking all the waves of the Mayan calendar system, not only the Long Count, should continue into the future. In principle we can then still understand what is happening in the world from the interference patterns of these different waves of the Mayan calendar, although they may not always be easy to interpret.

While obviously John Jenkins must also have been surprised at the uneventful nature of December 21, 2012 date, it was his long time supporter Geoff Stray who addressed the issue of the duration of the Long Count in an article of July of 2013 called Mysteries of the Long Count which he sells on his web site. This is a good article and describes in much detail what views different Mayanist researchers in the past had held regarding the duration of the Long Count. His conclusion is essentially the same as mine, except that while I clearly say that the idea of a thirteen baktun Long Count was wrong, he merely entertains this as a possibility. While he criticizes the archeologists for not having gotten it right, he does not take a clear stand for twenty baktuns or more himself. Since John Jenkins endorsed Stray’s article we have reasons to assume that it reflected also the view of John and in fact may have been what ultimately defined his legacy regarding the Long Count.

But why, we may ask, did Stray not take a clear stand regarding the duration of the Long Count to say that it was actually twenty baktuns (or more). I think he had strong reasons to avoid this, We should then remember that Stray before the shift would say that on the very day of December 21, 2012 there would, because of the “galactic alignment” of the midwinter sun, be a burst of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) affecting many people, which would generate a widespread transformation. Again, this did not happen on this date and so for him there was little reason to claim that the Long Count would have been limited to thirteen baktuns. Why then did he sit on the fence about it and did not clearly recognize that the Long Count is at least twenty baktuns? This is explained by the fact that this would make irrelevant all what he had been saying for so many years about a galactic alignment and the precessional cycle’s role for this. All of this would go out the window because if indeed the Long Count was not limited to thirteen baktuns the shift on December 21, 2012 would not have had the meaning as an end date as Jenkins had proposed and so the whole idea of a galactic alignment would be exposed. There was in fact no ancient Mayan text mentioning anything like a galactic alignment or a 26,000 year precessional cycle that this was linked to. These were ideas made up and believed by modern people.

It should here be mentioned that, based on the idea of a thirteen baktun duration of the Long Count, many of Jenkins’ followers had come to believe in a precessional cycle of 26,000 years. They thought this was the basis of the Mayan calendar because it seemed that the duration of five Long Counts, 5 x 5,125 = 25,500 years was so close to the duration of this astrological cycle. Consider then what would happen to this correspondence if the Long Count (which after all Stray implies) would be twenty baktuns. Then five presumed Long Count cycles would have a total duration of 4 x 5,125 + 7,900 = 28,400 years, which would not jive very well with the precessional cycle. The whole theory that the Mayan Long Count would be based on the precessional cycle would then also be exposed at least among critically thinking people. This is presumably the reason that Stray does not take a stand regarding the duration of the Long Count as either way – whether the Long Count is thirteen or twenty baktuns – the idea of a precession-based galactic alignment in 2012– would be seen to lack any foundation. Despite Stray having written this article and Jenkins endorsed it you however still find people who believe that the Mayan calendar was based on the 26,000 year precessional cycle and that this ended on December 21, 2012. Based on Stray’s own arguments this can however not possibly have been the case. Regardless of the fact that Stray does not draw the full consequences of his article it is however well worth reading.

Someone may then wonder why the ancient Maya wrote the Tortuguero Monument No 6 inscription about the recent shift if this was not indeed an end to the Long Count. And yes, it is actually quite astonishing that the Maya some 1500 years ago wrote an inscription pointing to a very profound shift in our own time. They must then have seen that this indeed was a very significant shift. And here comes what may be the most difficult for many to understand: The October 28, 2011 date (or as some believe December 21, 2012) was not an important date because it was an end date, but because it was a synchronization date. The meaning of Bolon Yokte Kuh (The nine step divinity – Bolon means nine in Mayan language) appearing in his full regalia (as the inscription reads) is important because for the first time in the history of the universe all nine waves (the full regalia of the nine level god) had been activated by March 9. 2011. They were actually for a moment in time in October of 2011 also synchronized and in the same thirteenth phase at this particular shift date. This was indeed a highly significant shift opening up for a new era determined by a new interference pattern between different waves that we are living in now. Yet, in this may be the main point of this article: this had nothing to do with the Long Count coming to an end.

9 wave synchronized phase shift

Fig 1. The Long Count did not come to an end on October 28, 2011 (or December 21, 2012). What happened on this date was that all the nine waves for the first time in the history of the universe were all synchronized and went into a phase shift together. Bolon Yokte Kuh the nine level “god” now appeared in his full regalia.

So over all, all of the major players (including myself) who were involved in the Mayan calendar before 2012 were in error when it came to the idea that the Long Count would then come to an end. We were right however in that there was a very significant shift as heralded by the Tortuguero monument. This shift was however not based on an ending of any wave, but on the activation of all the nine waves of creation and their synchronization, which are now (including the Long Count) continuing to run in parallel shaping the destiny of humanity. The new interference pattern between these waves creates both challenges and opportunities. The opportunity essentially lies in creating resonance with and following the guidance of the Ninth Wave, which is the one that is manifesting the unity consciousness that will shape the future of humanity. Despite what many seem to believe the Mayan calendar did not end in 2012 (or 2011).

The Ninth Wave of Creation and the Solar Eclipse
April 17, 2017  | Archives for Calleman |  Article by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

Today on August 4 begins another wave period of the Ninth Wave giving guidance and direction for all those who are committed to the destiny of humanity as one of unity consciousness. Each such wave period is a total of 36 days long that is divided into a DAY of 18 common days followed by a NIGHT of 18 common days ( The beginning of such a wave period is an important time for everyone to light a candle as it marks a shift in human creativity. This is just as true for August 4 as it was for May 24th and June 30th or will be for the upcoming September 9, 2017. The peaks (also called DAYS) of the Ninth Wave are times when the light in the movement towards unity consciousness shines through. This is true especially for those individuals that are committed to bringing humanity in this direction, but also on a collective scale it will over time become increasingly visible with consequences on a national or global scale. Yet, we are early in the development of this wave that was activated in 2011 and it is not visible to everyone. Since August 4 is the beginning of a DAY of 18 days and this wave is supportive of a movement towards peace and unity it is an important opportunity for those seeking such a direction to listen attentively to any guidance that now may come forth regarding our individual courses in life.

8-8-15 9th Wave shift to night

The shift to a NIGHT in this wave period may however be what is interesting to most as it happens on August 22, and hence follows directly upon the full solar eclipse that is visible in parts of US on August 21. The solar eclipse in other words initiates a NIGHT of the Ninth Wave. This full solar eclipse is according to most sources the first to happen in 99 years in the United States and since it is exclusively visible in this country, it has mostly been interpreted to be linked to the fate of this nation. To indigenous peoples solar eclipses are overall considered as negative omen and by medieval astrologers they were typically believed to herald the downfall of a king or dynasty. It is then natural that many current day astrologers have suggested that the event somehow pertains to Donald Trump. After all this solar eclipse is limited to the United States and the political crisis in the Trump administration has become a constant. By the standards of political normality any period so far this year could be a qualified as a downturn, but at the current time the political chaos is also intensifying. To predict a further downturn for the Trump administration can hardly be said to be a very original idea. Whether there is a solar eclipse or no solar eclipse this is still happening.

I have however argued that Donald Trump ultimately does not cause this erosion of the political system, but that rather he may be the person who is best suited to manifest the downturn that is inherent in the shift into a NIGHT in the Sixth Wave. This energetic downturn primarily hits the Western powers and so in particular the US and the UK and for this reason an erosion of the powers of those two nations are running in parallel. The way it manifests in the UK is that now after the activation of Article 50 (calling for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union) it has become quite clear that most foreign banks will move their European headquarters away from the city of London. Given that its financial centre has been what has remained of the British Empire this is not a small thing, and is a marked part of the downturn of the West. Similarly, in many regards, such as climate politics, many other nations are starting to count the US out, leaving the US increasingly isolated at least from its traditional allies in Europe. In this perspective the impaired standing of the US and UK in the eyes of the rest of the world is not really caused by Trump and Brexit. Rather Trump and Brexit are serving to manifest what in one way or another was going to happen anyway because of the fact that the Sixth Wave has turned into a NIGHT. Fig 2. shows how in the ancient view of the Mesoamerican peoples the Plumed Serpent (the sine wave) would bring civilizations as peaks began and abandon them as the valleys began.

6th Wave Creation

Fig 2. The rise and fall of significant civilizations as a result of the movement of the Sixth Wave.
Note that the seventh of its peaks for the first time in human history generated a global civilization.

It should here be pointed out that overall the Sixth Wave (with a wave period of about 800 years) provides a much larger perspective than the Ninth Wave (wave period of 36 days) and even more so compared to a solar eclipse on a singular day. The Sixth Wave actually among many other things describes the chief development of civilization going back to its early beginnings in Sumer and Egypt about five thousand years ago (See fig 2). So while the downturn of Western dominance is a phenomenon that will manifest over the next four hundred years, the higher waves such as the Ninth Wave will still play an important role for what is happening in our most immediate future. The high frequency of the Ninth Wave gives it a high power even if it has not yet been active for a time comparable to that of the Sixth Wave. Hence, while it can be considered a certainty that the Western powers will not continue to dominate over the rest of the world for the coming 400 years, it is not certain how and exactly when the global balancing process setting an end to this will occur. The solar eclipse may herald an event along such lines, but my own guess is rather that it will temporarily strengthen the old order of dominance of corporations and billionaires symbolized by Trump. After all, the solar eclipse marks the beginning of a NIGHT in the Ninth Wave and those are not the periods that are the most conducive to unity consciousness.

shift of individual minds shift with 6th Wave day to night

Fig 3. The shift in the global and individual minds as a result of the shift from a DAY to a NIGHT in the Sixth Wave.

Regardless of what scenario will play out in the United States and elsewhere in the couple of upcoming wave periods in the Ninth Wave, its fate is primarily determined by the Sixth Wave (Fig 2) and a balancing in power between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres is now taking place (paralleled on the individual level by a balancing of the left and right brain halves. See Fig 3) that will tend to weaken it. What is not so clear is how disruptive the transition to balance on a global scale will be. This depends largely on to what extent people develop resonance especially with the Eighth and Ninth Waves of creation, which are the waves that are now leading humanity to manifest its destiny on a global scale. Naturally, this in turns depends on how many people actually intend to establish a balance that ultimately can lead to peace,

So even if the upcoming 66th period of the Ninth Wave (beginning August 4 and including the solar eclipse) is likely to play a crucial role for defining the future fate of the United States, I believe the 67th is the one that will be decisive for this. The latter Ninth Wave period begins with a DAY on September 9 and turns into a NIGHT on September 27, 2017. The reason the latter is likely to be an ominous day is that the Eighth Wave then simultaneously turns into a NIGHT and will remain in this state for all of the following 360 days. For this whole time period until September 22, 2018 it will only be the Ninth Wave that provides any spiritual LIGHT to humanity. And so, even if this is an energetic scenario that would be ideal for creating balance and equality on a global scale (and hence prepare for a more balanced and peaceful world) it is likely to become a very difficult process to accomplish this. While the light of the Eighth wave will come back on September 22, 2018 it will go out again in another 360 days and the stabilization of a world in balance may not be apparent until 2031 (when the Seventh Wave turns into a DAY). Reasonably then the upcoming thirteen years will be a challenge to us all, since the waves influence the mind of all levels of the universe, galactic, heliospheric and planetary as well as our own human. The foundation for lasting peace after 2031 will be built during this time ahead, but this balancing will largely be effected by turning out the light from the dualist waves (See Fig 2) so that the transformation may come to take place because of a potentially destructive darkness. Following September 27, I believe we will then have to adapt to an interference pattern of the creation waves that more than ever before shakes up our ingrained beliefs as to what we are here for. We will have to learn how to follow the only wave that will provide light, which is the Ninth Wave.

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D is the author of several books based on the ancient Mayan calendar system including the most recent The Nine Waves of Creation (Inner Traditions, 2016).

The 36 Day Period of the Ninth Wave –
The Purpose of Celebrating April 18, May 24, etc
April 17, 2017  | Archives for Calleman |   Article by Dr. Carl Calleman

The Ninth Wave is the creation wave that was activated on March 9, 2011 and has continued to run ever since. By all accounts it will continue to oscillate as a sine wave without end. It is the highest frequency wave of the Mayan calendar system and has a complete wave period of 36 regular days. A new such wave period, which was the 63rd wave period since its inception began April 18.

9th Wave 64th-period on May 24 2017

Next, the 64th period will start on May 24, a day that for instance will be marked by San Bushmen in Cape Town . Then, June 29 begins the 65th wave period that will be marked by international ceremonies. In this article I will attempt to explain and describe why such global events are being created and why it is part of our evolutionary purpose to follow the Ninth Wave. Internet resources that describe this may be found at , or

I may begin by pointing out that there are different kinds of shift points in the Mayan calendar system. One type is when a significant change in the mentality of a segment of humanity (usually not all people, but a small energy sensitive minority) decisively changes once and for all. Examples may be the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which marked the beginning of the pre-Wave to the 8th Wave or the Conscious Convergence in 2010, which marked the beginning of the pre-Wave to the 9th Wave. Most important of such shifts may be the concurrent shift in several different waves on October 28, 2011, which has provided the background to the world we are living in today. Such events may be said to have the purpose of celebrating a shift created by the new energies of the Waves and are truly to be regarded as one-time events as the world afterwards will be forever changed,

In contrast, the marking and empowering of the beginning of new days (or peaks) of the Ninth Wave, for instance on April 18, May 24, June 29, and August 4, 2017 etc are not one-time events. They, as well as any other starting point of such a wave period are about creating awareness in yourself and others of the existence of a wave generating unity consciousness and to help you tune in to the frequency of this. This wave is the positive forward-moving wave that was created in the shift of 2011 that leads to the manifestation of the destiny of humanity as a unified species and no one talking about being part of the shift should ignore it.

What this means is that it is especially in the peak periods of the Ninth Waves that projects towards unity consciousness will have wind on their backs and this is true also if your project is simply yourself and your way of being in the world. This also means that you will have to gain and spread awareness of this wave so that you as an individual can gain the necessary guidance for how to be and act in this world even under very chaotic conditions created by lower frequency waves. This guidance is given to you especially during the peak periods of the wave whereas the valley periods are essentially periods of reaction when you have to deal with whatever in yourself is inconsistent with the manifestation of unity consciousness. This insight can only be gained from your own experience and the fact that I or someone else may be advocating creating the awareness of the Ninth Wave has little import if this is not consistent with how you experience the ups and downs of the 36-day wave form. It is only to the extent that you are able to experience your awareness that this wave form fundamentally is what conditions your process towards unity consciousness (or ascension as some would prefer to say) that you will successfully be able to tune in to the frequency defining the destiny of humanity and allow you to be part of manifesting this.

What this means is that the crucial thing is to be able to observe yourself in relation to the wave form and this will come out of learning how to tune in to it. This does not by itself require that you participate in large scale ceremonies or meditations although such events will help alert you to what is happening in the energy field that underlies the material aspects of our existence. It is perfectly sufficient that you light a candle or a sacred fire or face the sun on the first day of a day to mark that for the next 18 days you – as a being committed to the creation of a Golden Age – will have wind on your back. You may also pray for guidance for this time period regarding what steps you should take in your individual projects (and these may be very diverse) to have this come true.

The development of resonance with the Ninth Wave is thus not a one-time event. It is something that will occur over time as you fine-tune your experience of it. This requires marking several of its beginning points and this is not really a process that has an end. Over time you will increasingly become an expression of the Ninth Wave, and if you believe in the return of Quetzalcoatl, or the Plumed Serpent, you will be it. Naturally, it may be argued that there are people that are manifesting unity consciousness without consciously having developed resonance with the Ninth Wave. Nonetheless, such resonance can still be a remarkable aid also to such individuals as it makes them fully aware of the existence of such a creation wave, which is directed towards the future of humanity in unity. To also actually follow this wave with its ups and downs may in addition provide a self-correcting instrument of great importance for those who try to navigate the many large waves that exist in the ocean of creation.

To make an analogy we may look at tuning in to the Ninth Wave somewhat like tuning into a newly established radio station. First of all you and other people need to be informed that this station exists and for this purpose it is useful to stage public events informing about it. Secondly, you have to know at what frequency the station is broadcasting since otherwise you will not be able to hear it. Third, the listener may need to work to optimally tune in to the frequency so that he or she gets a clear signal. The latter is all the more important if there are several other stations that are powerfully broadcasting at competing frequencies that may make it difficult to hear the desired station. This is very much the case regarding the Ninth Wave since there are lower waves that prevent the listener from getting a clear signal. This is the real crux of the matter. Hence even if there are many groups and movements that are talking about Oneness, Ascension and fourth-dimensionality, but unless their work is connected to the Ninth Wave they will not be able to gain the guidance to get there.

So will the world change on days such as April 18, May 24 or June 29? What absolutely will be enhanced during the 18 days following such dates is the potential for manifesting unity consciousness. Already now we may see some steps in the direction towards unity also on a global scale occurring on such dates. You may for instance make note of if certain ideas or persons in power are supported by the days or the nights. This will tell you much more about the future of a phenomenon than political opinions. Yet, nothing changes in the time periods that are days unless people tune into the energy shifts and change, who you are in the world as a result of your resonance with the Ninth Wave. Over time we will then see a strengthening of the process toward unity consciousness in such a way that actions and projects expressing unity are increasingly synchronized also on a visible global scale. Resonance with the Ninth Wave will in other words increasingly become a synchronizing factor for positive projects for the world. Personally, I believe that unless a large part of humanity develops such a resonance we have very little reason to expect that our species will survive. To counteract a potentially disastrous future we must then now urgently develop a collective calling to manifest our Golden Age destiny of unity through resonance with the Ninth Wave. And it can only happen day by day.