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STAGE 3 is associated to intuition and the Higher Self, because to move forward it is necessary to go within. The next level to Reason is Intuition, which is why in the color scale it is red-orange. This stage concerns identifying the EGO, using teachings from books mentioned in the INTRODUCTION section, but mostly from our book FOR THE CHILDREN. Starting Stage Intuition on the Winter Solstice of 2014 involved another factor— the shift.

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The shift that we all experienced to a greater or lesser degree occurred at the subconscious level. Many of us woke up to a sense of purpose, although most were unsure as to which direction to take. In Stage Intuition we access an aspect of the subconscious, which presents itself as inner teaching or intuition. One of the founders of psychology, Carl Gustav Jung introduced us to the fact that more goes on under the surface or subconscious than we can imagine. His work on Archetypes is invaluable, as we shall see later.

When we started the Know Thyself Initiative, we thought it would continue from stage to stage without any significant break, but as we know that has not happened. In fact, nothing about KTI has worked out the way Craig and I envisioned it. We came to understand that it concerned learning perspectives, especially timing. At the end of Stage Reason on the Winter Solstice of 2009, the content for Stage Cycles was not available. This was because certain events needed to occur, namely the neutralization of the Shadow of Deception in September 2010, and the Peace festival around 2011’s Autumnal Equinox. As this was just before September 26th, the date Dr. Carl Calleman had calculated to start the Mayan Shift it set the tone for the world. We saw the effect with the Global Peace event of 11:1:11, barely 2 weeks later in November 2011. On a personal note, this was the time the Bridge to Peace Project was formed and cemented our collaboration with Carl’s work.

Of course, neither Craig nor I had any idea of this in 2009 and just had to wait for things to unfold. Curiously, preparation for the Shadow’s neutralization started with an inspiration to write Part Two of Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked, with the addition of Globe D added to the title. Again, like my writing for Stage Reason, I had very little control over how this article was written. To call it an article now seems ridiculous, because it resulted in a 777-page thesis tracking the influences of the Shadow of Deception and its counterpart, the Light of Truth through 2,000 years of history. I was finalizing the last section when the next step in preparation began. This time it entailed my energy vehicle, namely my body. The upshot is, as explained in the aforementioned thesis, we learned a great deal more about the purpose of the mission.

After posting all 11 sections of the thesis in Cycles, we knew it would be a little while before me posted anything else. However, we did not conceive it would be the only content in Cycles and necessitate the need to move onto Stage 3-Intuition. Moreover, we did not think KTI would essentially lie dormant for 3 years, but something else was needed, which was not available until now, our latest book, In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN Our Lives Entwined with Ego.

During the process of setting up the Know Thyself Initiative, we chose what material would be beneficial for each Stage. As we studied The Good News: An Alternate Theory in Stage Reason, we provided a free download version on our site. In Stage Cycles, as stated we made all 777 pages available. Initially, in the next Stage, Intuition we advocated using two well-known author’s books as aid in the material. The books we recommended were Eckhart Tolle’s books, particularly A NEW EARTH Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose and James Redfield’s inspirational The Celestine Prophecy series.

Energetically, KTI reflects the condition and development of the mass conscious. We started out in Stage Reason, which involved us using our Deductive Reasoning to re-examine our concepts of what we think we know. This reflected how people were beginning to re-think some things. As we related, there are two kinds of reason, inductive and deductive. Inductive Reasoning entails gathering all the information you can from outside of yourself- teachers, lessons, books, documentaries, and TV or film plots. Unfortunately, this can be tainted by biased or incorrect premises. From the ancient Mysteries perspective, the use of inductive reasoning has kept multiple conclusions in place as absolute truths that have been later proven wrong; such as, the earth must be flat because if it were not, we would fall off it. Deductive Reasoning on the other hand opens a person up to other possibilities. The investigator allows their mind to wonder, “what if?” “What if the Earth was round, and then how come we do not fall off, “What force makes us stay on the surface?” This of course led to the discovery of Gravity and the science of Physics, among other things.

In other words, we need Deductive Reasoning to break through to a higher level of understanding. Please understand I am not speaking of intelligence, or IQ. Deductive Reasoning will work for anyone who is curious enough to open his or her mind. We used this process throughout Stage Reason. Nonetheless, it was changing the way we think, because we learned how our minds and mental processes are far more complex than we thought. For Instance, in order to access the source of Deductive Reasoning, we had to use the mental processes that preceded it, Attention, Will or intellect from the self-conscious, also known as Logic. Then we needed our collective Memory held by our part of the great Cosmic Mind, our universal subconscious. Before we could hope to apply either inductive or deductive reasoning, we first had to engage our Creative Imagination from our personal sub-conscious. Once we applied these three aspects of our consciousness then we could re-examine The Good News using Deductive Reasoning.

In Stage Reason, we began to open ourselves up to the inner world, so that when we moved onto Stage Cycles, we could apply the same processes in examining the two forces of “good and evil”. They seemed to switch places on a regular basis over the past two millennia, with “evil” appearing to gain more dominance in the 20th Century. Once we have begun to question our accepted precepts, then we can move on. One of the things that surprised us was that the seconc Stage of KTI was not Intuition. It would have been the natural progression following on from Reason, as it is the next step in our spiritual development. The reason Stage Cycles came next was to reflect that the mass consciousness was coming to the end of a major cycle.

So many of the Earth’s population were aware of the end of an Age, most of us knew it as the 26,000 Mayan Cycle, which astrologically was the end of the Piscean Age. The concept of Cycles and what lay ahead was in the minds of a great number of people. Searching for answers, many looked to the past to guide them and found patterns in behavior and events. My thesis certainly opened my eyes to the ebb and flow of the forces. However, the main purpose for Stage Cycles other than hi-lighting the influence of the Shadow of Deception and its counterpart the Light of Truth through 2,000 years, was more especially to mark the demise of the former before the shift.

At the end of Stage Reason we could see the next stage’s temple, the Temple of Cycles, within the Temple of Reason. However, this was before the shift that began on October 26th 2011 and concluded December 21 2012. Now, enough of us have shifted to the point where we are ready to access the next level to our Deductive Reasoning, our Intuition. Although intuition is usually preceded by the word “women’s”, it is not restricted to only women. The term is a throwback to an ancient understanding that it was through the feminine or passive aspect of a man or woman that he or she accessed their intuition. What interests us the most here is that this level is the first level of our Spirit, or the Higher Self. The only problem is that when we access the Higher Self, we unwittingly also enhance the connection with the false self or pain-body. We can view the individual pain-body as the subconscious aspect of the false self, whereas the ego is the conscious part. Both are equally destructive to our spiritual development. Yet in many ways, the pain-body is worse than the ego, because it is more subtle. Therefore, in this Stage we have to learn how to identify the ego. To do this we have to change the way we think, or reverse our perspective; hence the delay in beginning this Stage. We were not ready.

Like everything in life, this is a case of timing. In spiritual evolution, any advance in our development is contingent on many factors. One of the most important is what kind-of energy and frequencies are we exposed to. At this particular time, the energies and frequencies we are exposed to are formidable. The Good News (no pun intended) is instead of being neutral, for the first time they are wholly positive. This is due to two factors. Primarily, because the Shadow of Deception was neutralized in 2010, but equally important is the end of the Piscean Age and start of the Aquarian Age. Therefore, we are in a unique situation where our personal choices and decisions can affect the whole world, as they never have before.

There is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is something to celebrate. Today we have the opportunity to turn this world around for everyone. I am not speaking of domination. I am referring to an ability to tap into the collective Divine/Universal Plan, which we all seek. A key factor is shown by the temples at the end of Stage Cycles. Craig shows how we have changed our perspective and now the previous two temples are behind us. This is another reason why we wrote In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN Our Lives Entwined with Ego. There is zero personal monetary gain from the book and therefore it carries the intent of selflessness, which is of the same vibration as the Higher Self. The simple truth is in order to identify the ego and pain-body’s influence; we need to rise above them. Supporting Peace and giving to children sets the tone for your study of this stage.

Something that might help those unfamiliar with any of the terms used above is to review the first Stage, Reason on our site. In Section 2 we introduced the concept of an enemy within. We have selected the most relevant excerpts below:

“…children under 5…often have unique perspectives on life because during this period the child is using Deductive Reasoning. That is why Craig could “Reason” he would need to learn to speak again. If parents or guardians pay attention to what their children say, engaging them in conversation, they may be surprised at what they hear. At this time the child’s Spirit is at its strongest and the false self or ego at its weakest. Moreover, the soul of the child vaguely remembers its imperative for the incarnation, which as it grows becomes more and more fleeting. By the age of 7, unless the memories have been fostered by an adult, most children will have no concept of any pre-existence…
 “After 7 years of age the individual child normally switches to using Inductive Reasoning by taking in information through the 5 senses. At this time the ego begins to exert control over the mind of the child. This is where an adult’s influence is critical as to whether the true or false self, emerges victorious. Today we are witnessing the result of that influence. We are not concerned with a discussion on parenting here, but the most efficacious way to help a child fulfill his or her Spiritual purpose.
“We must say that there is no absolute right or wrong way to raise a child. This is because each child is unique and has different needs. Some children will need a firm, but kind hand to keep them out of trouble; whereas other children will respond to reason and reward. Nonetheless, there are 2 absolute requirements that all children need to Spiritually evolve and that is Absolute Honesty and Consistency. As the child develops they are constantly using Inductive Reasoning through observation. They not only learn how to act and behave through observation, but also how to judge and form opinions. After 7 years of age children are learning which urge to follow; the metaphorical angel or devil. The angel or Spirit represents restraint, self-discipline, and responsibility; whereas the devil or ego represents self-indulgence, gratification, and impulsiveness. In view of this we can understand the struggle for control going on within a child. The easiest way to give an advantage to the devil/ego over the angel/Spirit is to create uncertainty.
“There is an old saying, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. Generally this is thought to advocate the use of corporal punishment, as a rod is a term for a bunch of sticks used in beating. However, as you will discover old sayings and proverbs often have multiple meanings. In fact, there are several definitions for the word rod. Deductive Reasoning from within tells us that because there is more than 1 definition for rod, the saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child” must have more than one meaning. The Ancient sages often hid Secret Wisdom in seemingly regular everyday sayings, which means there is a good chance that 1 of the meanings for the saying is Spiritual; it is.
“The deeper or Spiritual meaning can be discovered in the definition of rod as a unit of the measurement through the Mystical Art of Symbolism. The length of a rod is the same as an ox-goad, which was used to drive oxen in plowing fields. A Symbol was given to each of the 22 Hebrew letters and the ox-goad was given to Lamed. The Mystical Art of the Archetypal images of the Tarot assigns Lamed to the trump or card 11 – Justice, which represents balance. In plowing, the ox-goad is used on an ox, which is the Symbol for the Hebrew letter Aleph, assigned to the trump card 0 – The Fool, which represents the preincarnate Spiritual Soul. Subsequently, Archetypally the message of the 2 symbols is that balance (ox-goad) is needed for the Spiritual Soul (ox) of an individual to progress. So using Deductive Reasoning we can decipher the Spiritual meaning behind the saying of, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” A rod is a measurement or limit, and the Spiritual lesson is that children need limits or boundaries in order to overcome the ego and achieve balance.
“Apart from Absolute Honesty, we said that a child also needed Consistency. This means standing your ground as a parent. Remember the angel or Spirit represents restraint, self-discipline, and responsibility; the devil or ego represents, self-indulgence, gratification, and impulsiveness. There is a constant struggle for control going on within a child, which is why the child needs Consistency from the adults in his or her life. If you do not follow through with consequences for bad behavior, such as grounding or suspension of privileges, then the child’s ego goes to work on their consciousness creating doubt about your word. A young child does not need a friend as a parent. He or she needs you to create the boundaries and limits that they are incapable of creating.
“After 7 the child is looking for a role model and that role will be minutely scrutinized by the ego for any cracks. So it is absolutely imperative to maintain your “rod” or limit. Your child’s Spirit is depending on it. Furthermore, because of the scrutinizing of the Inductive Reasoning it is not enough to just tell a child how to behave; you will need to show them by your example. From a very young age, the ego of the child is learning to undermine a parent’s influence and that influence is crucial as it can help a child become their true self.”

“There is also another aspect of the ego that a young person deals with during the time between age 14 and 21. Eckhart Tolle refers to this aspect as the “pain body” and this is far more destructive to the Spiritual development of a young person than the ego. The “pain body” is not about physical pain but emotional, which in many cases is far worse than actual physical pain. Moreover, the “pain body” operates within the subconscious and has only one aim; to feed. It feeds on the painful emotions an individual experiences. However, it isn’t content to wait for life to naturally create emotional events; it works with the ego to provoke the situations. Young people between the ages of 14 and 21 are the most vulnerable to their “pain bodies” because of all the other factors involved; such as hormones.
“We constantly hear adults bemoaning the youth of today as being incorrigible. On the face of it they would appear to have a case, but from a Spiritual perspective young people of today have far more to deal with than earlier generations. Think back to when you were a child, did you ever hear of Global Warming and such dire predictions of the future, or were you absorbed in just having fun? Because of the media and internet young people are constantly bombarded with negative news. Unable to do anything about it they become angry and act out, which of course feeds the “pain body”. The consequence of their acting out again creates even more circumstances for the “pain body” to feed on, becoming a self-perpetuating loop.
If you have or know of a young person that is exhibiting anger, confusion, and or despair and want to help them, you may want to try remembering how you felt at that age and then multiply it a thousand fold. Most teenagers go through a phase of feeling unheard by adults, which makes them angry and rebellious. These emotions are often accompanied with a feeling of not belonging. Adults can be of immense help by just listening and reassuring them that they experienced similar overwhelming emotions when they were teenagers and that these feelings will eventually subside.
“From a Spiritual or consciousness perspective, adolescents and teenager’s egos and “pain bodies” will attempt to direct them into acting out the anger. This will not necessarily be achieved physically, but possibly through indulging in seemingly harmless escapism; such as violent video games. In many ways, this is Spiritually more harmful because it involves the senses of sight and sound. These 2 senses as will be discussed later are how a human being creates. So indulging in violent video games actually “creates” the environment to perpetuate the situation.
“Before we leave this age group, there is one other thing we wish to address. We said earlier that Ancient Wisdom maintained that the age of Spiritual Decision wasn’t reached until 21. We find it interesting that young people under the age of 21 are not able to drink alcohol, yet are permitted to purchase a gun and fight in the armed forces. Moreover, when a young person commits a crime society often punishes them as an adult, locking them up with adults. Ancient Wisdom held that anyone under 21 was not held fully responsible for their actions and or decisions. That did not mean that bad behavior was excused; just not judged the same way as adult behavior.

(Note: We must emphasize that this is not a social commentary on the condition of the youth of today, or the legal system, but information on the consciousness development from a Spiritual perspective. You must always keep in mind that the goal of the Initiative is to change the way you think and in order to do that you first have to determine how you think.)

“So by the age of 21 all aspects of the human consciousness have developed and the individual is considered an adult. Until now in the Fullness of Time, between the age of 21 and 38 everyone was left to make the most of life for good or bad. Individuals spent this period of time learning by experience what works and what doesn’t. During these 17 years, beliefs and opinions of life are questioned and changed or reinforced. An individual also sharpens his or her intellect developing the will or self-consciousness. This in turn develops the ego since it is an integral part of the self-consciousness. Unfortunately this is also the time the “pain body” becomes the strongest, because it has the benefit of actual memories of experiences, which it can slant or skew to elicit the strongest emotional reaction.
“The above was the state of affairs until the Fullness of Time, which began December 21st 2004. Now although natural development is still taking place, anyone over the age of Spiritual Decision or 21, is capable of changing the way they think. This is because what was only available to individuals after the age of 38 is now available to anyone over 21.
To explain: there are 3 major astrological alignments that happen at special times in an individual’s life. The first is the Saturn return, which occurs when Saturn returns to the position it was in when you were born. This happens when a person reaches the age of 29. The second is the Uranus opposition that is: Uranus is in the exact opposite position to where it was when you were born. This event happens between the ages of 38 and 44. The final one occurs around the age of 50, when the planetoid Chiron returns to the position it was in at your birth. The Saturn Return traditionally meant a sometimes drastic change in your life, but it is what happens at the Uranus Opposition that is most relevant now. Barbara Hand Clow states in her book Chiron: Transforming Bridge between the Inner and Outer Planets that until a person reaches this point (the Uranus opposition) he or she has ‘no comprehension’ of their life’s purpose. Because this is the Fullness of Time however, Spiritually guided individuals do not have to wait until they are 38 to access the information as to their purpose for incarnating.
“What with the ego and the “pain body” it would seem that the deck is stacked against the individual Spirit. However, the "ace up the sleeve" is found in the statement, “The Kingdom of God is Within You”, which is the fundamental Truth to Spiritual Evolution. The 2 videos Pneuma-Yod and Pneuma-Yod Gongs of Change, with the song Because of the Fear is a visual depiction of what the individual has within them. Still, the title of the song Because of the Fear relates how the Human Race is handicapped with the paralyzing emotion of fear. This has prevented our acceptance that we have the ability to end suffering.
“If you have watched the videos you may have wondered why we produced 2 videos to the same song. The answer reveals another way to employ Deductive Reasoning. Because this is so central to the Initiative, we will take the time to explain the videos from a consciousness perspective in the next part of Section 2. You may like to view the videos again, only instead of just watching the pictures also concentrate on seeing the patterns of conscious energy.
Dismissing the naysayers who think all crop circles are hoaxes perpetrated by bored human beings, we want you to consider another theory. An article on the web in respect to the location of the crop circle relates that Benoit Mandelbrot, the discoverer of the Mandelbrot Set “…had taught at Cambridge. Even more coincidental was that this crop circle had appeared one year to the day when a lead article in New Scientist Magazine had admitted that it was impossible to draw this diagram without a computer.”
“So much for the scientific explanation, how does the Mandelbrot Set and the statement The Kingdom of God is Within help us to overcome the ego and “pain body”? Throughout the last 2 millennia Humanity has seen “evil” as something outside of themselves; mainly because religious and political leaders have labeled everything or person that did not agree with their position as evil. In the Middle-Ages it was considered heresy to say that the Earth went round the Sun, and yet today it is common knowledge that the Sun is at the center of the Solar System. As we have shown, there are 2 aspects of the human consciousness within a person that are most definitely not beneficial to Spiritual Evolution. The key word here is “within”; the ego and “pain body” are “within” a human being until they are transformed, which is the purpose of the Initiative. Nonetheless, the “Good News” is that a human being also has an “ace up the sleeve” namely, The Kingdom of God within them. The “ace” is that at any time a person can “choose” to seek their Spirit within. As the Spirit is a Spark of God, it directly connects the individual to God. Seeking instigates the access and communication and that is why we were told to “ask”, “seek”, and “knock.” We were promised that if we asked, it would be “given”, if we sought, then we would “find”, and if we knocked it would be “opened” to us. In other words, an individual has to initiate the connection.
Returning to the Mandelbrot Set and the statement The Kingdom of God is Within You as a means to overcoming the ego and “pain body”, the message is the power is in your hands, or rather heart. Yes there are the 2 aspects of the false self within a human being, but because the vast dynamic consciousness of the Kingdom of God is within your heart, you have an unlimited source of Spirituality to access. As you will discover, there are multiple levels within you; starting with your Spark of God or Spirit, Holy Spirit, Christ-Consciousness, 3 levels of the Higher Self and the Divine Will. Each level needs to be accessed as you learn to know yourself, and becomes easier as you progress. But first you need to begin to change the way you think…”

As a guide, we will use the instances of the false self from In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN, expanding the Higher Self and Intuition’s teaching in each incident. In participating by purchasing the book, sends a powerful message to the universe as to your intent. You are taking an opportunity to help not only yourself, but also the world. In other words, this Stage will help you be identified as one of the 777,000 born with a specific purpose to fulfil. Your Higher Self is the key to unlocking that pre-incarnate purpose.

In Stage Intuition, we will post once a month, because we want to engage you more in this Stage. Our first section will begin around mid-January. During the interim, we recommend getting a paperback or e-book copy of In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN to read. As we said every penny is going to help Children and get Carol Rosin’s Treaty signed, which is why Carol graciously and openly shared her life. In the book, Carol candidly relates her extraordinary experiences with Dr. Wernher von Braun, Dr. Timothy Leary, John Denver, and reveals how she found her husband of 27 years, the celebrated actor Jon Cypher. Her recounting of an extraordinary encounter with an intelligent being and the message she was tasked to give the world explains why despite intolerable attacks on her character, she has not missed a step in her determination to keep space free of weapons.
Although one of her goals was to vindicate von Braun, it was not the primary goal. We see that goal in the book’s dedication to children, especially the world’s orphans. Having the privilege and honor of working with Carol in writing her Biography, as well as putting the record straight on all the speculation, it is our sincere wish that messages of hope are what this book leaves you with. More especially that we are not up against an impossible task and that each of us has a part to play.

As you read the anecdotes of our three life-journeys in the book, when it brings up memories of similar occasions, which it often will, write them down. This is because during Stage Intuition we encourage you to share your observations and experiences with the ego. This can be with either yours, or someone else’s. We would also like you to offer examples of behavior and actions that you think might have circumvented the need to deal with the ego. We will post the most helpful and address any questions and or suggestions. As we move deeper into this stage, you will find it easier.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan
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STAGE — INTUITION — Our Lives Entwined with EGO

A statement at the top of our website’s previous opening page was: “Wondrously, the universal and divine forces gave us the solution thousands of years ago.” However, what was not apparent from the statement was (posted further down the page) the solution is for “a virus in our consciousness software creating misconceptions of our life’s purpose.” In respect to this, FOR THE CHILDREN takes the highly symbolic data of the seminal work of the RT group in THE RABBI'S TAROT, which we introduced in Stage Reason and is addressed in the next Stage Knowledge. Here in this Stage Intuition, using three individuals’ life stories, FOR THE CHILDREN  interprets the teachings in a modern way by matching the teachings to real life experiences. Participants following the Know Thyself Initiative will recognize that the ‘virus in our consciousness software’ is the false self, or the ego and pain-body.

Craig and I began our mission from a traditional Judeo/Christian perspective, but gradually we saw a flaw in our understanding. Rather than putting our focus just on the Bible, we had to open our minds to all religious writings and teachings to find the core of truth within them all. Our book, LOVE: The Common Denominator reports the results of that quest. For me, a large part of discovering the truth within all the religions came with understanding the nature of evil and its origin. In the previous Stage – Cycles, I discuss the contest between the Shadow of Deception, (Shadow for short, or what Eckhart Tolle terms the Collective Pain Body - CPB) and the Light of Truth, since 0.C.E. To recap: the Shadow or CPB connects to each person through his or her individual pain-body, the subconscious aspect of the ego. Investigating the development of consciousness, I learned that the self-conscious is a relatively recent development. It was born from our individuation around 5,000 years ago. Sadly, due to the presence of the Shadow the conscious aspect of the pain-body, the false ego also came into being. I say false ego, because we have a true Ego, which is our divine self. Our life’s purpose is to integrate the false ego into becoming who we really are. Put another way, we bring our human will into alignment with the Divine Will. Still that was then and as I said in Stage Cycles, Eckhart Tolle’s CPB, or the Shadow is no more, because it was neutralized in 2010. Regrettably, as very few people know this, or what it means, the Shadow’s agenda is still in play. One word describes that agenda, division, in that before its neutralization, the Shadow sought to promote division throughout the world, both through war and conflict between countries, as well as rancor as discord in friends and families. (To avoid confusion, I will use the term ego for the false ego and pain-body in this discussion.)

As you know, Craig and I view everything in terms of consciousness and energy and today we have an opportunity to see how the ego is still carrying out the Shadow’s agenda though the election process. Contentious debates and violent outbreaks in some rallies reveal how the ego operates, but in truth, in the rancor and vitriolic rantings from supposedly intelligent people, we are witnessing the death-throws of the ego desperately trying to maintain control of its charges, human beings. The problem is that this is manifesting in good people’s egos inciting them to support statements they do not believe. To give you an example, watching scenes from some televised rallies, I do not need to be physically there to see that the level of anger amongst the crowd is palpable, because it radiates through the TV screen. From the energetic perspective, we are seeing genuinely good people caught up in the mob mentality consciousness.

Using good intentions to achieve its goal, (to divide us and create chaos) is a perfect example of how the ego operates. Obviously, most of the candidates’ supporters desperately want a better world for everyone. Unfortunately, his or her ego uses that desperation to manipulate them into compromising the integrity of their beliefs. In these individuals, I include the candidates, because at their core, they are all good, caring people, who went into politics with the goal of helping to change the world. Alas, sometimes their egos manipulate them into behaving in a way contrary to their true nature. The truth is if we forget our true purpose, or the truth of our connectedness, our egos will cause us to devolve into prejudice, bigotry and intolerance, which is exactly following the Shadow’s agenda.

Unfortunately, we need to address this, as some egos are creating an energetic backlash that affects the mass consciousness. Candidates’ statements condemning all Muslims are irresponsible at best and at worst could be downright dangerous in today’s climate. Having lived in the Middle East for 10 years, I know Islam is not the problem, as 99% of them only want to live in peace, which is a fundamental teaching of the religion. Arabian mystics will tell you that the term jihad, translating to holy war, refers to the inner struggle with evil within a person, not literal war with an outside enemy. This would be an example of Islam teaching of the ego. An important fact that most westerners do not realize is that the impetus behind the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS does not come from conventional Islamic teachings. These groups’ ideology originates from what scholars describe as an ultra-conservative doctrine known as Wahhabism. This particular doctrine received its name from an eighteenth-century preacher and scholar, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792). I am sure, if more people knew this, they would see that holding Islam and all Muslims responsible for Wahhabists actions, is tantamount to holding Christianity and all Christians responsible for the actions of Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs. Deep down, most people crave for the world to be at peace, which the egos work tirelessly to sabotage. Isolationism through fear is a primary function the ego uses.

Something that took me a while to understand is that the members of these groups are even more victims to the Shadow’s agenda than the rest of us. Let me explain why I say this. To do this, I need to take you back to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Living in the UK at the time, I was aware of the Mujahedeen freedom fighters, but as I moved overseas in early 1984, I did not follow the progress, or understand the toll it took on the Afghan people. That is until a friend told us about the movie Charlie Wilson’s War starring Tom Hanks.

The movie shocked me. First, I had no idea that the Soviets were massacring civilians, including children with impunity, or that an American Senator was behind the US supporting the Mujahedeen. Tom Hank’s character, Charlie Wilson makes an interesting observation at the end of the film. I am paraphrasing, but he says that the Soviet withdrawal did not end America’s need to help the Afghan people. Over a million men, women and children lost their lives during the occupation and they left the country in ruins. Still, as the character observes, the problem was there were thousands of children under the age of fourteen without any real help. These children were traumatized from the occupation and abandoning them proved a colossal mistake, because it left them vulnerable to the influence of the Shadow’s agenda, promulgated by Wahhabism. We all know what effect turning our back on the Afghan people had on the children, most became radical, forgetting that America was their ally in fighting the Soviet invaders. Without schools and education, the children only heard the rhetoric from the radical Wahhabists. Of course, this was how the infidels (non-Muslims) exploited them to further the West’s greed for power. A primary tool of the Shadow is fear and traumatized children rarely move past a feeling of insecurity, so they literally become reactive driven by the ego completely, seeing anyone different as the enemy. Experts term this as xenophobia.

I think it is important to remember the axiom if we forget history then we are doomed to repeat it. At this very moment, we stand on the brink and need to make a choice. Thousands of children in Syria are being traumatized and need the adults of the world to speak up for them and protect them. Children are malleable and if the wealthy step forward to help and protect them the children’s egos will not be able to twist their young minds. This is why; I mention the danger of condemning Islam and all Muslims. For people in the Middle East, worship is a way of life, so for Muslim children to hear anyone condemning them for their faith immediately alienates them and leaves them vulnerable to adults ruled by their egos and still following the Shadow’s agenda. Each of us has to ask ourselves “Do I really think Muslim children deserve my hatred?” Didn’t Jesus say, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”…? As adults we must protect all children at all costs, which means not retaliating by bombing them when former traumatized children’s egos lash out. We have to stop the cycle and we do this through Love and compassion, but most of all through revealing the true enemy within, the ego.

In spite of the discussion above, there is good news. As I said, due to its neutralization the Shadow is no longer an issue. With its removal, the universal forces or Cosmic Cultures are teaming up with the Spiritual or Divine forces to help us evolve. Moreover, the Divine or Universal Plan is now in action, replacing the Shadow’s agenda completely. We can see evidence of this everywhere, with the multiple groups, organizations, and projects endeavoring to help those less fortunate.

A development particularly relevant to this discussion is Dr. Steven Greer’s new project, because it focuses on the individual. In his video, he calls on all of us to step up and get involved. His primary message is that the Cosmic Cultures are not “overtly” hostile. However, I need to state that the Cosmic Cultures are not only not “overtly” hostile; they are incapable of violence in any form. Consequently, for people to believe ETs capable of secretly helping the US to create weapons, is ludicrous. The absolute truth is the Cosmic Cultures are so evolved that they have moved into a much higher frequency, the Love Frequency. True, they contact some people from time to time, in an attempt to try to help us move beyond war. Nonetheless, they would never usurp our free will in any way and therefore until we show them that we will not attack them, they are powerless to help us with our problems.

Moving past the mentality of war and conflict is critical to our survival, which reminds me of the statement on the front of our book FOR THE CHILDREN – “There is no guarantee due to the human ego.” Originally, this meant that if we did not integrate the ego, bringing our individual will into alignment with the Divine Will, then the Shadow’s agenda would prevail. However, as I said, this is about good news and the statement was made before the Shadow’s neutralization. Now the ball is completely in our court, so to speak. Moreover, as the Shadow’s agenda has gone, replaced by the Divine or Universal Plan, we all have help. All we need to do is ask. The change came about through our actions demonstrating that we were beginning to change the way we think, through our collective support of global events such as the 11-11-11 peace gatherings around the world. As such, in a way we have already won, to cement the victory we only need to remember the light of the hope we felt during the 11-11-11 events.

It starts with understanding how the ego sabotages our lives. This is why we wrote the book FOR THE CHILDREN, which was expressly written to not only raise funds for the treaty banning Space-based weapons and to help children, but also to raise awareness of the real enemy within us, the ego. The Divine and Universal forces know how insidious the ego is and recognize that for many of us it is a task beyond our capabilities. So many are simply trying to get by in this world and are consumed with the worldly problems, such as putting food on the table, or keeping a roof over his or her head. Dealing with an enemy that he or she cannot see, or deal with in a tangible way, is just too much. Fortunately, the Divine/Universal plan allowed for this and each of us has their own role to play. Some may simply support organizations helping the less fortunate, not necessarily financially, sometimes just sharing their work in e-mails and Facebook is enough. An important point we must all do though is ensure that we do not support the defunct Shadow’s agenda energy by guarding against any speech that causes division.

For those who feel moved to go a step further, he or she can become one of the 777,000 who change the way they think. These individuals make up the small percentage needed to be a critical mass and shift the collective consciousness as a part of the Divine/Universal plan. Their tools are the ancient teachings, often referred to as the Mysteries, which as I said Daphna Moore collected in her The Rabbi’s Tarot. This incredible book will be covered in the next Stage of KTI – Knowledge.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get a copy of FOR THE CHILDREN as all the royalties are being divided between promoting the Peace Treaty banning all space-based weapons, and children’s projects.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Until then, Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan
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STAGE — INTUITION Sect-1 Forbidden Fruit

In the Mysteries, related by Daphna Moore in The Rabbi’s Tarot, Intuition is the fifth step in our spiritual development. The first is Attention and Will through our Intellect, solely of the Self-conscious. Second comes Memory, both personal and universal, the latter accessed by our part of the Cosmic Consciousness, solely of the subconscious. In the third step of our spiritual development, the Self-conscious and Universal subconscious, unite to form Individual Sub-conscious and our Creative Imagination. Fourth, both Inductive and Deductive Reason are applied to determine a conclusion from the input of the other three. When the four aspects of, Intellect, Memory, Imagination, and Reason are working in balance, the individual is able to go to the next level in their mental development. That next level is Intuition, which comes from within.
The inner teaching concerns identifying our purpose, which brings up the question “How and why did Life start?” From the spiritual perspective there have been many theories put forward. One of the most prevalent is the Supreme Being wanted to experience existence and therefore created life-forms to do that. Another proposal is that we are divine beings simply having a human experience. In both cases, the issue for me was the intolerable suffering experienced by so many in the world. It seemed to me that a benevolent loving deity would not capriciously expose helpless individuals to pain and anguish merely to vicariously experience the suffering. Something did not add up. It was not until I learned of the Gnostics that a more logical reason for Life and why there is suffering in the world emerged.
In The Good News an Alternate Theory and Stage Reason, it says that it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend the complexities of the Divine Realm. This is because we can only have vague glimpses through myths and visions. First, we must stop anthropomorphizing the Divine, and remove it from our concept of time and space. To help us understand a little, philosophers and teachers invented myths. In general, like the famous Greek myths, these stories concerned the actions of the gods and goddesses. Unfortunately, as these stories portrayed the characters as entirely human-like with all the emotions, ancient people tended to view the Divine Realm as akin to life on Earth and the gods and goddesses as volatile human-like figures with super powers. The Gnostics were a little different. Through a very complex and archetypal myth, the Gnostics conveyed that creation happened out of a necessity to rescue divine sparks separated from the Divine Realm. There are many versions and myths relating the events leading to the amazing statement that the Great Spirit-Mind needs our help. The easiest to understand for me, is the Gnostic teacher Valentinus’s myth of Sophia. In The Good News an Alternate Theory, which was the basis for Stage Reason, we summarized the myth. (You can download the book by clicking on the above link.)

“The Gospels of Mark and John begin with the Holy Spirit’s entering Jesus at his baptism. Likewise we feel that it is appropriate to start at the beginning, but is that the real beginning of the story? Gnostic teachers would answer with an emphatic No! They would tell us the beginning of Christ’s entry into this realm began with the fall of Sophia/Wisdom (herein after referred to as Sophia), the feminine side of the last pair of the Pleroma emanated.”

Reiterating that it isimpossible for the human brain to comprehend how spiritual forces operate and that we can only identify with spiritual operation by relating to concepts we do comprehend. If we remember it was only with the discovery of quantum physics that we began to understand energy, atoms, and chemical forces. Even more importantly, was when the Gnostic teacher Valentinus wrote The Gospel of Truth, there was no concept of electricity, let alone atomic and sub-atomic particles. As with all the spiritual teachers, including Jesus, the Gnostics conveyed their teachings allegorically using terms the populace could relate to. We found Professor Elaine Pagel’s interpretation of the Gnostic writings to hold the greatest value. Below are excerpts from The Good News an Alternate Theory with Professor Pagel’s explanation on the Valentinians.

“Apparently the followers of Valentinus, who according to one report nearly became pope before his separation from orthodoxy told a mythical story to explain the beginning of everything. The myth said that the First Father or Supreme Being desired to be known, and so projected Himself into His consort, Silence, which brought forth two emanations, Mind (masculine) and Truth (feminine). This pair in turn brought forth the Logos (masculine) and Life (feminine), who brought forth the pair Humanity (masculine) and Church (feminine). (It is important to keep in mind these are ancient terms that have been translated into English and should not be confused with the definitions of the words church and humanity used today.) These six emanations, together with Silence and the Supreme Being, made up what the Valentinians referred to as the Ogdoad (8). The pair Humanity and Church also brought forth a pair who subsequently emanated another pair. Eventually, apart from the Ogdoad there were eleven more pairs, (22) which completed the thirty members of the Divine realm, which the Gnostics called the Pleroma. Each pair consisted of both masculine and feminine aspects working together in unison…”

Remembering to not anthropomorphize the situation and removing all concepts of time and space, what on earth (no pun intended) are the Gnostics talking about. Let us consider the First Father and Silence. The Gospel of Truth text states that he “desired to be known”. This implies that he was anonymous before. Using the pronoun “He” is very problematic to our understanding, as we tend to decode this to mean a masculine figure. However, we have removed all concepts of form and time and space; therefore, we need to review this in a different way. Neither the First Father nor His consort, Silence is associated to our universe of time in any way, so we are looking at something that is not corporeal.
The Old Testament begins with the words “Let there be Light” to denote the beginning of everything. Then could the First Father be Light and could the Silence be the Darkness? Yet this passage is in reference to the formation of the Earth. What we tend to forget as modern readers, when nearly every religious writing is available to us, is that thousands of years ago, spiritual teachings were often veiled in allegory and parable to protect them from the profane. Remember the injunction to “not cast pearls before swine”? For our purposes, we feel the relevant passage is when it reports “God” separated the Light from the Darkness. As this was before “He” had created the sun and the moon, this passage cannot possibly be talking about literal light and darkness. Rather it is referring to the advent of something. We believe it is referring to consciousness. Interestingly, we saw an interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra discussing his new book The Future of God, where he said that God and our universe is consciousness. We found the synchronicity of this amazing, as we had been given the term Great Spirit-Mind, when we meditated on what to call God.
So if the First Father projecting himself into his consort Silence does concern the emergence of consciousness, what does the emergence of the rest of the Pleroma mean? An important clue comes from the word Pleroma, which literally means fullness. Another hint came from the repository of the Mysteries, the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. The seven Double-letter cards representing the Seven Sacred Planets denote the opposites, such as Life & Death, Wisdom & Folly, and Evolution & Involution. While in the Pleroma, each pair was in perfect harmony. As we wrote:

“…rather than seeing these pairs in terms of couples, we should regard them as pairs of opposites, such as active and passive or positive and negative. Unfortunately the word ‘negative’ has become connected to anything evil, but negative here needs to be seen as analogous to, relatively speaking the negative prong of an electrical appliance’s plug working in conjunction with the positive prong. Both the positive and negative prongs are needed for the appliance to operate. Another example of how Divine potencies work together is the flower (passive) being pollinated by the bee (active); both depends upon each other.”

In this way, we could see the projection of the Pleroma as the fullness of every aspect of consciousness. It is at this point that we come to how the universe came into existence.

“Valentinus tells us the problem began as Sophia; the feminine side of the last pair to be emanated went in search of her origin without her partner, who was referred to as (What-has-been-willed). We wondered if “he” could be seen as the Divine Will?
“Because Sophia acted without her male partner, What-has-been-willed, she went against the natural order. In seeking the Supreme Being, she turned back and, in the words of Valentinus, “Was in danger of being absorbed into the Father’s sweetness.”

It took many years before I realized that the myth is describing something we can only imagine. Initially, in The Good News, I wrote that “when she beheld the magnificence of God, she became mesmerized and moved to rejoin Him. This is akin to a moth flying too close to the flame. Like a moth gets destroyed or absorbed by the fire, Sophia was in danger of being annihilated.” My problem was I was looking at it from a linear perspective only and as I said, the Spiritual realms are not linear or even in layers as we tend to describe them. As near as I can understand it, Sophia’s actions affected her energy in some way, necessitating a kind-of quarantine. This resulted in her affected energy/consciousness being severed from her and the Pleroma. This is allegorically described by the Gnostics, which we reported in The Good News:

 “However, unlike the exposed flame, the Supreme Being is surrounded by a power, or in the modern vernacular, a force field, that is referred to as the Limit. The difference between this force field and others was the Gnostic Limit had consciousness, and had the capability of supporting and restoring Sophia to her rightful place within the Pleroma.”

“Unfortunately, the emotions Sophia experienced (fear, grief, confusion and ignorance) could not be absorbed into the Pleroma and were expelled from the Divine plane. This meant that she became separated from parts of herself. To use an analogy, this would be similar to a person’s gangrenous arm or leg being amputated. Because Sophia was a member of the Pleroma, she was entirely infused with Divine power. To avoid the rest of the Pleroma becoming contaminated, for want of a better description, a Veil was temporarily placed between the Divine realm and that portion of Sophia, which was expelled. Also to prevent it happening again, the Supreme Being emanated the Christ, along with His partner the Holy Spirit, to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor.
“Humanity has retained the memory of the union between these emanations through the myths and legends of creator gods and goddesses… Gradually the populations divided these pairs into sun/sky-gods and earth-goddesses. Civilizations that used brute force to rule and conquer their neighbors; gravitated toward the veneration of “sun/sky-gods,” which they saw demonstrated their power through manifestations of visible eclipses and thunderbolts. Tribal communities that relied on their survival by cooperation with “Mother Nature” came to venerate the feminine side of deity through the goddess. Regardless of later civilizations having given predominance to the male gods, the creative forces were always seen as dual. The concept of rulers as king and queen and emperor and empress, also reflected the union of the members of the Pleroma.”

Again, we must not think of the “birth” of Divine powers in any kind of sequential order. We live in a linear universe; however, this is only experienced beneath the Veil. There is no past, present or future above the Veil. There is only NOW. Consequently, the Supreme Being’s emanating the Christ and the Holy Spirit would have happened simultaneously with the other emanations.

“Because the Supreme Being emanated the Christ and the Holy Spirit they were superior, so to speak, to the other members of the Pleroma. In fact, this is where the concept of the Trinity makes entry; the Father (Supreme Being), the Son (the Christ) and the daughter (the Holy Spirit.) The term “only-begotten” is only applied to the Christ and has caused more confusion over the person of Jesus than any other designation. It has been interpreted as not born from God, but a part of God.”

One of the greatest help for me was the Great Spirit-Mind’s statement that the Key to the Mysteries is hidden in the English language. As we wrote, “This key can be applied to help us understand the difference between the Christ and Holy Spirit and the other members of the Pleroma. The members of the Ogdoad had resulted through the First Father/Supreme Being’s ‘projecting’ Himself into His Consort, Silence. If we remember that a projector is used to ‘project’ images onto a screen, we can see the difference. The word ‘emanates’ means to bring forth from the source. In other words, the Christ and Holy Spirit, rather than being a projection or ‘image’ of the Supreme Being, were of His substance. Despite the Church making the Holy Spirit masculine, as the partner of the Christ, she was feminine. Hence the Holy Spirit could be thought of as the ‘only begotten’ daughter of the Supreme Being.”
Regardless of the Holy Spirit being the Christ’s partner, it was Sophia that united with him to create the Four Planes of the Elements that coincided with the Four Elements. These four were, Fire - Spiritual, Air - Mental, Water – Emotional, and Earth the Physical Plane. As we reported:

“Desiring to rescue or recover her lost aspects, Sophia united with the Christ. Ptolemy, a successor to Valentinus taught that Sophia and the Christ transformed her fear into water, her grief into air, her confusion into earth and her ignorance into fire. These four elements were then used to create everything in the universe…

Although divine beings created the universe, it was not perfect. This was because it was no longer united, but had begun separating. We could view this time as the moment duality emerged. Now the pairs of opposites that were in perfect harmony in the Pleroma became separated. Sophia’s lost essence hidden within the Elements became the Life-Principle evolving in the physical universe.
An important point to keep in mind is that although “time” had become a factor, it was not like the linear time we use. It was cyclic. Moreover, it was multidimensional. Knowledge of this fact was carried to us with the teaching of cycles of time. Without going into it, scientists and astronomers tell us that our universe is around 14 billion years old. We can see how this can only apply to our reality, when we learn that according to Sanskrit scholars:

Mahamanvantara (Sanskrit) [from maha great + manvantara period of manifestation]. A great cycle of cosmic manifestation and activity, whether of a universe, solar system, or planet. The mahamanvantara of a solar system or Life of Brahma is a period of 311,040,000,000,000 terrestrial years.

Obviously this far exceeds the 14,000,000,000 allotted to our universe. My research had led me to the Doctrine of Rounds and Root Races. We touched on this in The Good News and how a hierarchy was set up to administer the evolution of the Life Principle:

“Due to the elements containing Sophia’s essence, they were of a dual nature, spiritual and material. They also contained both intelligence from Nous or Mind and the energy of life from Life. And so to redeem her residue, the Demiurge, was brought forth by Sophia and the Christ… Because the Creator/Demiurge was beneath the Veil a new realm was created known as the Soul realm, which encompassed multiple layers including the astral plane. Every being beneath the Veil became ensouled…
“The Demiurge/Creator’s role was as the Architect of the universe to administer evolution. He was unaware of the Divine sparks lying dormant in the elements, and so with the statement “Let there be Light” he unwittingly began the awakening of the sparks. This instant can also be considered as the beginning of the objective plane and linear time.
“Because the sparks immersed in the elements came from above the Veil, they had the capacity to co-create. All they waited for was the development of the intellect, which occurred with the development of Homo sapiens, which enabled the Life Principle to access Mind/Nous to make this a reality…

“Our Solar system was chosen as the arena for the recovery of the Divine sparks through evolution of the Life principle, which the sparks are immersed within. The sparks became the spirit within all life, both incarnate and disincarnate. As stated in order for the sparks to gain understanding the Life principle had to develop intellect. Esoteric teaching said that the Life principle moves through the mineral, vegetable, animal, before becoming human… Nevertheless, the goal of evolution is to drive the Life Principle to individuality... The ultimate individualism came when the Life principle evolved into the Human Race. This is when evolution took a huge leap. The allegory of Adam and Eve becoming aware that they were naked symbolized this. Also, the imbibing of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, apart from relating to the Life principle gaining intellect, as well as the ability to discern right from wrong, also demonstrated the ability of self or individual awareness. What we were surprised to learn recently was that the Divine forces above the Veil were waiting, so to speak, for the development of the Life Principle into human beings.
“Like every other living being beneath the Veil, the Life Principle slowly developed souls as vehicles for the Divine sparks. Each soul was the instrument the Life Principle used to evolve; however, it was only with the advent of the individual human being that the soul could come into play. When the Life Principle developed intellect by becoming human, it could then begin the process of spiritualizing the elements, to return the sparks or residue of Sophia to Spirit."

Although life would not be easy, there was no opposition to the Divine Plan. The Human Race reached the highest level in the human realm, from a spiritual perspective in the 3rd Root Race in the 3rd Globe, or Globe C of the 4th Round in the Earth Planetary chain. Amazingly, we have already passed through the planetary chains of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. To recap: the esoteric teaching that each planetary chain entails evolving through 7 Rounds on 7 globes, or 49 globes. Not forgetting of course that each globe of the planet has 7 Root-Races. With the caveat shown in the chart on Root-Races, our Earth Chain is a turning point and therefore there are some deviations from the teaching. Nevertheless, according to the teaching, we are in the Fourth Globe of the Fourth Round in the Earth Planetary Chain. Therefore, when people speculate that there was life on Mars in the past, they are absolutely right. It is all relative. Disconnected from our concept of reality, even the sky is not the limit. I cannot remember who said this, but recently I heard someone say that “reality is no more than the narrative we have all agreed on.”

As history has recorded, human beings have advanced several times and then through major disasters, and or outbreaks of sickness, regressed to a very primitive stage again. We only need to compare the Greek and Roman, not to mention the Mayan civilizations that preceded the Dark Ages to see this. Because life-spans were a lot shorter and when people are in survival mode they are not thinking of recording their history, most of the knowledge prior was lost. No one can say for sure what our ancestors were capable of. They may have had everything we have today, who knows?
Returning to our “accepted” past reality, around 41,000 B.C.E. human beings were ready to begin preparing to evolve into the super-human stage. This was still a very long way off, but they were beginning to expand their minds. When we say superhuman, I do not mean possessing super-powers, but raising their consciousness to a much higher level. That higher level involved developing the capacity to communicate with their Higher Self. This inner teaching would assist them in remembering their true natures and their purpose on Earth. That is to become co-creators with the Divine Realm and transmute the elements back to spirit. At least that was the plan. SO WHAT WENT WRONG?

It took a while to decipher all the clues and unmask all the allegories hidden in the Mysteries, but eventually we were able to discover the problem. Simply put, a mistake was made that had totally unforeseen consequences; namely it complicated our spiritual evolution, introducing another component to the human consciousness. Yet, the Supreme Being that we have re-named the Great Spirit-Mind is supposed to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, meaning “all knowing-seeing, existing everywhere, and all-powerful”, so how could such a Being allow this. The answer is Free-will. In order to fulfill the Divine Plan, each of us has to freely choose to strive for the greater good and renounce selfishness.
In chapter 7 Altered States of In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN, we discussed what we had learned and how we had been mistaken previously. This is a very important aspect of spiritual evolution. We must be willing to toss out previous assumptions and conclusions. Knowledge is dynamic. Consequently, let us review our process in the section Forbidden Fruit:


For quite some time we interpreted the Watcher’s Mistake as being responsible for the proverbial Fall, but knowledge is dynamic. Therefore, as we evolve and are able to assimilate deeper understandings our interpretation often changes. In Craig’s and my case, there were two main reasons for reevaluating our conclusions, our discussions with Carol and working with our friend and associate, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Having come to know, respect, and work closely with Carol, we discussed our views on the role extraterrestrials have played in history in particular the theory of their role in the Fall. With her absolute conviction that the cosmic cultures did not cause the Fall, we began to wonder about our conclusions.
Throughout our journey, we have found it is essential to pay attention to everything. Often through a new friend like Carol’s perspective, or new information emerging we have made the greatest breakthroughs. Our recent questioning of our interpretation of the Watcher’s Mistake is a perfect example of the need to remain not only open, but also attentive.
Especially evident in Dr. Calleman’s latest book Volume 1 of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy: THE GLOBAL MIND AND THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION: A Novel Theory of Our Origins is his conviction that the cosmic cultures did not affect our evolution. Consequently, he may come across as a little rigid in his conclusions on the role of extraterrestrials. In discussing this question with Carl, although acknowledging the existence of intelligent life in the universe, he believes we first need to evolve past separateness before thinking about connecting with the cosmic cultures. In fact, he told us that helping us to evolve is his goal in the book. As a scientist, he is more than aware how difficult it is to present a theory to the academic community. Egyptologists and archeologists require empirical evidence before even considering an alternative theory on our origins. In his view, focusing on who built the Giza Pyramids gets in the way of examining the theory.
Amazingly, the book provides evidence of our connectivity through a unified field that Carl calls the Global Mind. The book also reveals evidence of our connection to the divine power within. Accordingly, it offers new solutions to the world’s problems. Even though, we feel there is evidence of possible extraterrestrial visitation in the past. Carl’s approach to that issue opens up an innovative discussion on human development that does not necessitate alien interference. As a result, it presents a different view on our origins for consideration. The book’s value is that it scientifically explains so much about our likely history and reality. We will be discussing the importance of this brilliant book later, but for now let us move on to the other people who caused us to take another look on our conclusions of who caused the Fall.
Along with the aforementioned opinions on the role of the cosmic cultures, there was the book by Andrew Collins, From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race, which traces the legends of the Watchers to Kurdistan-Iraq. Finally, there was a recent presentation from Graham Hancock. Without doubt, all four sources appeared to be guiding us in a different direction. Obviously, it was time to take another look, which naturally meant going back to the beginning.

There were certain pillars we felt we could rely on. For instance, we knew that the purpose of Life was to individualize and become co-creators to transmute the elements back to spirit. In this Dr. Calleman’s work with the Mayan Calendar was invaluable as he showed us how the calendar reveals that evolution has progressed in a sequence of Nine Waves up until the present. Another pillar was that Spiritual Evolution mirrored physical evolution through consciousness development in the form of root-races (term for different levels of human consciousness) developing into their roles as co-creators. We also knew that it was shortly after the 3rd Root-race’s emergence in 41,040 B.C.E. that the Watcher’s Mistake took place.

One of the strongest pillars we felt sure of was the ancient astronaut theory. Even with the recent documentary debunking a lot of evidence presented on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, to us there was still a great deal of evidence of the presence of advanced technology, a lot we cannot even repeat ourselves today. Moreover, there are so many myths and legends of gods giving the native inhabitants gifts of civilization, agriculture, and the like. All of this adds up to the high probability that ancient astronauts visited the earth long ago. With the sudden inexplicable leap recorded around 40,000 B.C.E., this date would appear to mark one such visit. Purely from a logical perspective, we felt scientists visiting from another world would naturally conduct experiments on the native species of earth, perhaps in an effort to eradicate disease. The reason I say this is that recently we found information on tablets indicating the ancient Sumerian gods were doctors trying to eradicate disease. Of course, the tablets are referring to the period in Sumer around 5,000 B.C.E, 35,000 years after the great leap of approximately 40,000 B.C.E. As this new information is so important, I will return to it later.

Obviously, visitors to Earth in 5, 000 B.C.E. would find a completely different species of human being. To a highly advanced culture, archaic humans (40,000 B.C.E.) would have appeared as little more than animals to them. After all, books even depict them as cave dwellers. Perhaps they saw them in a similar way to how we view chimpanzees and gorillas. Nonetheless, something happened in 40,000 B.C.E. to cause these cave dwellers to become artists.

As the date 40,000 B.C.E. for the Fall seemed likely, we felt it was time to rethink our previous conclusions on its cause. So if possible interference of our ancestors, in whatever form was not the cause of the Fall, what could it be? A crucial point was that those responsible for the Fall were the so-called Watchers. We knew the cosmic cultures were Watchers, but so were the angelic realms of spiritual beings. If we removed the former from the equation, this only left the spiritual beings. This is where Andrew Collins’ book From the Ashes of Angels... came in. The author believes he has found evidence of a lost ancient race of giants who evolved on earth. He posits these giants, known as the Nephilim were the offspring of the Watchers.
At first, we did not consider Collins’ theory valid because we understood that the Watchers were not native to the earth. However, when we remembered how the Neanderthals emerged and completely disappeared within less than 200,000 years, a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms we reconsidered his theory. Collins suggests that perhaps myths and legends was the way the ancients preserved the existence of a race of giants now lost to history. We have to admit his evidence is compelling.
Using ancient scriptures along with tribal traditions, Collins systematically lays out his theory of this lost race of giants. Interestingly, he also refers to them as birdmen and even serpents. Having already traced references of the proponents of the Wisdom Religion to men known as the Serpents of Wisdom, we could go along with his suggestion that when the legends refer to serpents, they may be speaking of wise men. Using local angel myths and legends, Collins shows the persistent thread of a race of giant birdmen (they were believed to be over 7-feet tall) living in the remote areas of Kurdistan-Iraq.

Nevertheless, Collins’ main thrust in his book is that these birdmen and or serpents were responsible for ancient underground cities. Some of the most amazing evidence he puts forth are the underground cities in modern Anatolia, Turkey formerly known as Cappadocia in Asia Minor. The most startling is the underground city of Derinkuyu. Before relating what Collins has to say about this amazing city, let us review what the web has to say:

Derinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city of the Median Empire (The Medes were an ancient Iranian people who lived in an area known as Media) in the Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir Province, Turkey. With its five floors extending to a depth of approximately 60m, it was large enough to shelter approximately 20,000 people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Turkey and is one of several underground complexes found across Cappadocia. The underground city at Derinkuyu could be closed from the inside with large stone doors. The complex has a total of 13 floors. Each floor could be closed off separately...
While the idea of a prehistoric people seeking shelter in caves is not a foreign one, it's startling to have discovered a system of underground cities as sophisticated as those found in Cappadocia. It remains a mystery as to who first started the digging, although Hittite artifacts found around the caves -- and the fact that many of the towns' names go back to the Hittite or Sumerian language -- suggest they were inhabited as far back as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago...The crude carving of the surface levels of rock give way to a smoother, more refined face, which indicates that the levels were carved by different people at different times.
Every crucial entry point into the city was either camouflaged or blocked by a keystone, a large stone wheel that, once fixed in place, was immovable. Keystones were fixed at every level of the city as well. The labyrinth of tunnels and blind passageways hundreds of feet below the ground give shocking testimony to the tenaciousness of a civilization to survive and prosper by sentencing itself to months of existence deep within the earth.

Asking why people would go to such great lengths to build cities underground, Andrew Collins relates that a local historian and archeologist by the name of Omer Demir had spent several years with archeological teams investigating Derinkuyu. He gives some extraordinary tidbits to cause us to scratch our heads from Demir’s book: Cappadocia – Cradle of History. For instance, an underground city covering an area of “two and a half square miles” was undiscovered by locals until 1963. Furthermore, although eight levels have been explored this “eighth wonder of the world” according to Demir is known to have “between eighteen and twenty” levels.

Because there is no way to date stone, we cannot accurately determine when or who built the lowest and largest tunnels. Regardless, Collins is more interested in the reason for the colossal undertaking of creating a city underground. As he believes the lowest levels were built by the birdmen-serpents and or race of giants. His reasoning is logical, because evidently these levels have the highest ceilings. In addition, he posits that these lower level builders survived into historical times. Citing the fact, the Bible records the antediluvian patriarchs lived a good deal longer than the three-score-and-ten (70) years later ascribed.
Supporting his argument Collins quotes multiple local legends and stories of supernatural events surrounding these birdmen. Could he be right? Are there ancient writings about this lost race living for hundreds of years? This question reminded us that the Bible is not the only ancient writing that speaks of huge life spans. In the chapter, Rumors of gods in LCD we related how the historian Herodotus recorded such life spans:

Herodotus, 484 to 425 B.C.E., related that Egyptian priests at Thebes told him of the history of Egypt. Showing him 341 statues, they informed him each statue represented a generation covering, 11,340 years. “They (the priests of Zeus) brought me into a great hall and showed me the huge wooden figures—they say, before these men there were gods who were rulers of Egypt, who lived not at the same time as these men; and, of these gods, one was always supreme ruler. The last of these divine beings to rule Egypt was Horus, the son of Osiris, whom the Greeks call Apollo. They say, Apollo/Horus deposed Typhon and became the last god to rule Egypt. Osiris, in the Greek language, is Dionysus.”

In his book, Andrew Collins provides evidence for the origin of the Watchers or birdmen as Egypt. However, it is the Bible’s greatest patriarch, Enoch that provides the real breakthrough, because it leads us to the greatest source we have for the mysterious Watcher’s Mistake, The Book of Enoch. We originally addressed it in the same chapter as above in LCD:

The Book of Enoch relates that angels taught the women sorcery and incantations, and that the results of the angels’ unions with the women were giants. Apparently, the angels taught many things, including; “astrology,” “astronomy,” and “dividing of roots and trees...” The giants become the evil spirits because of the union of spiritual beings (angels) and earthly beings (women). Enoch then brings in a different term, watchers. These “watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil. Amazingly, he says that the “Tree of knowledge”, contrary to the Bible, does not bestow death. Instead, it bestows “great wisdom,” to anyone who eats of it.
…According to Enoch, humankind was destroyed because they knew every secret of the angels. He tells of prophecies that include the information that, the righteous in the seventh week will be given the sevenfold doctrine… An interesting fact is that many scholars believe Enoch could be Hermes. The name Enoch is generic and means initiator, or teacher. Esoterically, Enochian means, “The seer of the open eye...”

There are four very important points that jumped out from the above extract that were not so obvious when I originally wrote it:

  • 1) There seems to be more than one type of being interacting with the humans: angels and watchers.
  • 2) It is the angels that “taught…dividing of roots and trees...”
  • 3) These “watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil
  • 4) The “Tree of knowledge… bestows “great wisdom” to anyone who eats of it”


Through our investigations, we determined the Watchers tasked with observing the development of Life on this planet were both spiritual and cosmic beings. Consequently, if the Watchers who “reveal the mysteries” to humanity are not the cosmic beings, it has to be the spiritual beings, or angels who are responsible for the Fall. This would appear to be a correct assumption as Enoch equates the reason for the destruction to humanity knowing “every secret of the angels.”

We kept coming back to the teaching of “dividing of roots and trees” as being a problem. Obviously, we needed to return to the relevant passage in the Book of Enoch. Looking it up on the web and finding a site that published the entire book, we found the passage below:

And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants.

Moved to dig deeper, we searched the Book of Enoch to see if it could shed more light on the matter. It did as it recorded which angel taught what:

Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl, taught astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon."

What we found most interesting was that “enchantments” connects to “root-cuttings,” because it brings in the emergence of magic. In a 4-part thesis on the Ancient Wisdom For Now Page of our website, we examine evolution from an energy/consciousness perspective and how the Human Race was corrupted by among other things, magic.
Without getting into the subject too deeply, the thesis concerns the esoteric teachings of the Human Race going through several stages of consciousness as well as different phases of the Earth. Essentially the teachings were that the Life Principle of our Solar System has been spiritually evolving through Seven Globes on each of the Seven Sacred Planets; first as minerals, then plants, animals, and after developing individuality, humans. However, in these teachings it does not stop at the human level, as there is the super-human and angel level before we become gods and goddesses. In these teachings, there is an end, because after an unfathomable amount of time, we, or the Life-Principle finally completes both spiritual and physical evolution, transmuting the elements back to spirit.
Remembering these teachings are from the energy and consciousness perspective, we could look at such teachings in terms of our solar system as selected specifically. Addressing only the human level, each Globe has seven levels of consciousness known as Root-Races.
Put another way, we could view the teaching as describing how our spirit or divine spark becomes co-creators transmuting the elements through multiple cycles. The concept of cycles of time is very old and is present in every civilization on Earth. Nonetheless, the aspect of these teachings that concern our discussion is how the ego and pain-body thwarts our individual spirits. Also beneficial to our spiritual development is how this scenario came about, and how we rectify it. Part one of the thesis, The Fullness of Time describes how our earth (Globe D) needed separating from Globe C because of the presence of magic. We first see its presence with the emergence of the 5th Root-race in the myth of Osiris and Isis:

Because of the emergence of the 5th Root-race and the conscious connection with the Astral Plane, magical practices became the order of the day. Frances A Yates in her THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT relates that there are four kinds of magic. Quoting from Gabriel Naudé’s work “Apology for Great Men Suspected of Magic”, she explains, “…there are four kinds of magic…” Gabriel Naudé related that the four were “divine magic”, “theurgy or religious magic” “goetia” and “natural magic.” Divine Magic is self-explanatory, but I wasn’t sure about the rest. Evidently, theurgy or religious magic, is “freeing the soul from the contamination of the body”, Goetia magic is another name for “witchcraft.” The final kind Natural magic, according to Naudé “…is natural science.”
What our ancestors didn’t realize is that the only form that was completely safe is divine. Two of the three other kinds “theurgy or religious” and “natural magic” are neutral, wholly dependent on the intent of the practitioner, i.e., when it is used for selfish motives, it is black magic and when it is selfless, it is white magic. Goetic magic is the most dangerous as Ms. Yates recounts Naudé’s warning, “Goetic magic is witchcraft.” In other words this kind of magic is only used for nefarious means...

By the time of the Roman Empire, magical practices were common among the general population. Consequently, it required drastic measures to protect humanity from itself. That the leader of the angel watcher’s was responsible for the corruption or Fall of Humanity is obvious by Enoch reporting of his punishment. Curiously, the leader Azâzêl did not appear associated to any specific teaching:

"The Lord said to Raphael: 'Bind Azâzêl hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl (God's Kettle/Crucible/Cauldron), and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire. And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin."

Genesis appears to ascribe the Fall to Adam and Eve imbibing of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the Book of Enoch mentions nothing about the “tree.” So what was the “forbidden fruit” that so corrupted the human race?
As we were finishing Andrew Collins book on his theory of the Watchers responsible for the Fall, our good friend Leyland sent us the latest presentation by Graham Hancock. As the author is famous for his interpretation of ancient buildings, we were intrigued to find this presentation concerned his discovery that the ancient Egyptians used psychotropic plants in sacred ceremonies.
Citing the evidence of certain mushrooms appearing within the hieroglyphs and ancient paintings, Hancock wondered why the Egyptians used them. As there are legends that the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid was for initiations, he developed his theory. Namely that an initiate would take a hallucinogenic concoction before spending time (probably 3 days) lying in the empty king’s chamber in an altered mind state. However, it was Hancock’s connecting cave painting and the use of psychotropic mushrooms that we found most interesting. It captured our attention because in his new book, THE GLOBAL MIND AND THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION... Dr. Calleman observes the relevance of cave art in the development of human consciousness. The latter, also points out that the Mayan Calendar records this development in evolution with Day 5 coinciding with 40,000 B.C.E., and the first appearance of cave art.

For Graham Hancock, the presence not only of therianthropes (a combination of animals and humans), but also mushrooms on cave walls indicates the “cave artists” were using psychotropic mushrooms to alter their consciousness. This statement caused us to remember that the Fifth Wave, which Dr. Calleman equates with the development of consciousness started during Day 4 of the Fourth Wave developing the size of the brain. To us this implies that the development of consciousness and the physical development of the brain occurred simultaneously. If so then this could be a clue to the cause of the Fall.
Removing ancient astronauts visiting our ancestors from the equation of causing the Fall, we have only beings from the spiritual realm as possible candidates. From the above sections of the Book of Enoch, this would appear to be a fair assumption. As such then, we can deduce that something they did triggered the Fall. Still, the Fall although referred to as the Watcher’s mistake was no small thing. It resulted in the creation of the false self, not to mention expulsion from the Garden of Eden. As Genesis records, after Adam and Eve imbibe from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, “...the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked...”

If we remember that the purpose for Life was to become individuals and transmute the elements back to spirit, we can see why this was such a serious infraction. However, it had nothing to do with eating an apple. Putting all the pieces together, we believe the forbidden fruit was the introduction of psychotropic plants to our early ancestors. Let us consider what affect mind-expanding drugs would have in a developing consciousness. As they were destined to be co-creators of our world, we can get a glimpse of the outcome. In meditating on this, we understood that it was akin to putting 5-year-olds (with new souls) in charge of the world. Even more problematic, in this scenario every adult is compelled to obey every child’s whim. The truth was that the knowledge of “dividing roots” and “plants” became accessible before our ancestors had evolved enough. This caused a fracturing of the psyche, resulting in the imbalance and separation of the masculine or active self-conscious and the feminine or passive subconscious. We see this reflected in the reference to Eve’s creation facilitated by a rib taken from Adam. This imbalance has manifested in very harmful ways from that moment on.

Another consideration that has only recently come to light is that the angel-watchers’ actions altered the brain waves of the native species. Without going into this too deeply here, before the Fall humans operated at the Theta-wave level, or 4-7 cycles per second. We recorded how this level equates to consciousness in The True Philosophers’ Stone. It concerns an excerpt fromRichard Alan and Iona Miller, in their article “Schumann’s Resonances and Human Psychobiology” on the web site —


“Schumann’s resonance forms a natural feedback loop with the human mind/body…” The authors state that the “pulse” performs as a “driver of our brains” and has the possibility of transmitting data too.  It seems that the natural development of the Human Race could be changed and “new patterns of behavior facilitated through the brain's web of inhibitory and excitatory feedback networks.”

For those more familiar with the term Schumann Resonance as a scientific principle, Wikipedia describes it as “a standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83Hz.”

Theta level occurs most often in sleep, but these waves are also dominant in the deepest state of meditation (body asleep/mind awake). The optimum level for deep thought is this realm of Theta. In Theta, the senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on the mindscape, internally originating signals. Theta waves are associated with mystery, an elusive and extraordinary realm a person can explore. It is that twilight state which is normally only experienced fleetingly as an individual rises from the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. In theta a person is in a waking dream, vivid imagery flashes before the mind’s eye and they are receptive to information beyond their normal conscious awareness. Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.

After the Fall, the humans operated at the Alpha-wave level or 7-13 cycles per second. These waves are present during dreaming and light meditation:

As the majority of “neurons” adapt to the Alpha wavelength, alpha waves rotate over the entire brain. The Miller’s believe that it is during the Alpha wavelength that people tap into their “creativity,” which resides immediately beneath the waking consciousness. They state that the alpha wavelength is the “gateway” or “entry point” to “deeper states of consciousness.” The authors also believe that this wavelength is “the home of the window frequency known as the Schumann Resonance.

There are two obvious questions concerning the forbidden fruit— “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then why did the angel-watchers give them to our ancestors?” Moreover, “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then does that mean we should never take mind-altering drugs?” First, the fact that we call it a mistake tells us that it was not malicious. Instead, we think it is a case of the spiritual beings wanting to help speed up our evolution. Until we developed consciousness and emotions, we were unable to transmute them.
An important point is that angels and for that matter all-spiritual beings have a similar consciousness to ours today. We know this because ancient writings, including the Bible, refer to the angels being angry and jealous. Nonetheless, we only see this mentioned after the creation of Adam and Eve. Before that, all references to the angelic realm were as administers of the Divine Realm. Is it possible that seeing the development of archaic humans the angels just wanted to share their knowledge to “help things along” so to speak, never dreaming of the spiritual ramifications?
Turning to the second question, “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then does that mean we should never take mind-altering drugs? Again, the obvious answer is if the universe did not intend us to use them, they would not be available. The fact they exist, strongly implies that the plants were there for use at some time in our development, but when?
Shamans have used Psychotropic drugs for thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians and as stated above the cave artists to name a few. Nevertheless, from a consciousness perspective, it was during the 1960s that a major shift occurred in the concept of expanding the mind using psychotropic drugs. Recently, some have used meditation to see UFOs. Yet there are many who have had “encounters of the third kind” without the use of meditation or mind-altering drugs. Considering all of the above leads us to conclude the use of psychotropic plants and or chemically enhanced drugs like LSD was leading to our ability to alter our state of consciousness without drugs. In other words, instead of using drugs to reach a heightened consciousness we will use the meditative practices taught in the Ancient Mysteries.
Legends and myths of the world, not to mention the Bible carry much of the information above. Using the “sevenfold doctrine” or the 7 Keys of interpretation mentioned in the Book of Enoch, we find the deeper meaning behind the spiritual allegory of the Garden of Eden. If we view the garden as representing, the human heart from a spiritual perspective. Then, the expulsion would be the division of the heart resulting in the creation of the counterfeit spirit or pain-body, necessitating the division of it (Adam and Eve clothed and expelled) from the True Spirit (Adam and Eve naked in the garden). Could this be the reason the Hopi say we are “two-hearted”?
Unfortunately, over time our baser emotions escaped into the higher planes and took form as the Shadow of Deception. On the other hand, fortunately for us the Divine Realm had a plan and we are now living through that plan. Revealing the false self is crucial in the plan, but the ego and pain-body will constantly try to stop the individual in every way it can by steering us away from the Truth.

As this excerpt from the book brings up a lot of topics, I will leave discussing them until the next posting. In the meantime, try letting your mind consider that you are so much more than perhaps you thought. Just considering the possibility that you have a much greater role to play, can start the process of accessing your Higher Self, which is what I hope to share with you in this Stage.

Until then, Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan
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STAGE — INTUITION Sect-2 Frequency Of Love


Ever since we launched the Know Thyself Initiative we have stressed the need to change the way we think, but why? Why is changing the way we think important in today’s world, where so many people are just struggling to survive?
Stage Intuition is all about accessing the Higher Self and a key factor in the process is changing the way you think. The problem is many people are not sure how to change the way they think. Due to this dilemma in our latest book, In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN, we made it a priority to discuss some of the ways we can change the way we think.

“Previously we reported discovering that repent meant to change the way we think, but what does that mean exactly? As Carol says: ‘There is a different frequency that some of us are communicating in that has made it clear that the sinister old paradigm system is being run by humans. What a relief, if humans are causing this then “humans” can fix it. In other words it is up to us to change the atmosphere of fear and despair by changing the way we think...’
“So how do we change the way we think? Do we change what we think? Many people would say that Humanity has changed what it thought multiple times. For instance, we used to think the Earth was at the center of the universe, but now we know our true place, or do we?
“It surprised us to discover that understanding the “reality” of where we are in the universe is part of the problem. Astronomers tell us we are on a planet in a minor Solar System orbiting a small yellow star (Sun) on the outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, which in turn is among billions of galaxies.”

The last statement is a key to helping us change the way we think because it puts our belief and acceptance of human history front and center. In the book, we related how the Mysteries, particularly through the Tarot reveal a different way of viewing reality. For instance, from a spiritual perspective, discovering “our place” in the universe had a serious downside:

“While people believed the Earth was at the center or heart of the universe, hence the same letters for both words, they connected to the fact of being a part of the spiritual realm. Removing this thought and reducing a human being to a blip in an unfathomably large universe removes the individual’s ability to affect our reality. Understanding this important truth is applying objectivity in a subjective way. In other words, we objectively observe that our reality is subjective.”

This is not as out there as it may appear. Nowadays, we are constantly given examples of seeing through the veil of illusion. As we said in the same chapter:

“…Think of the characters in the Matrix. Every time they entered the Matrix, they knew they were in a computer-generated program, but were still able to move through the illusion to fulfill their mission. Another example would be to use our knowledge of quantum mechanics in that although our physical world appears solid, we know that it is essentially many individual atoms held together by electromagnetism.”

Both examples involve a different way of looking at the world, or changing the way we think. In the last posting, I discussed the teaching of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races, and how our concept of historical time is wholly inadequate. Being open to revisiting how we view life in general and the nature of time is another very effective way of changing the way we think. Just considering that our understanding of existence may be flawed opens us up to new pathways in the brain, expanding our thinking. To put this into perspective, in view of the doctrine, our universe’s existence of around 14 billion years constitutes the 4th Round in the Earth Planetary Chain, remembering that Life has already experienced 7 Rounds of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. It is not necessary to fully buy into the doctrine, or even dwell on it, just try considering that our understanding of reality may be incomplete.
There is a reason the great teachers spoke of Life in terms of eternity. All physical bodies, or should I say, energy fields of a small number of microscopic elements within vast areas of empty space, held together by an electromagnetic force, are merely vehicles for the Life-Principle to temporarily use under our individual spirits guidance. Something else that profoundly struck me recently is hearing that our brains contain more cells than there are stars in the universe.

Nevertheless, the examples above do not explain why it is essential to change the way we think. That answer involves how we create reality. There are very few people who honestly believe the Human Race have been good stewards of the Earth and it has become near impossible to ignore Global Warming, or should I say the politically correct term “Climate Change.”
Amazingly, we were surprised to discover that we are all complicit in the overall destruction of the environment and the mass extinction of so many species, irrespective of how environmentally responsible any of us are. If this shocks you, let me reiterate, I am speaking of spiritual evolution. From that perspective, many of us add fuel to the fire, so to speak by believing the Earth is doomed unless the Human Race is rescued by either the divine or universe depending on their belief system. Yet the truly amazing thing is that we are already “rescued”, as it were.
Not only the Bridge to Peace Project, but also the thousands of people, organizations, and projects focused on Peace between 2011 and 2012 literally caused the shift. The problem is we have not fully accepted it and in the meantime, the ego/pain-body is doing everything it can to convince individuals that things are getting worse.

Helplessness was something the Shadow of Deception nurtured for thousands of years, because it basically nullifies good people from becoming involved. Of course, this way of thinking is also disempowering to the individual, not to mention ramping up the level of fear and despair. Later we will get to what steps we can take, but first I want to discuss the feeling that without help from outside, the Earth is doomed. From a purely material perspective, due to the reality we are creating, our planet is in trouble. While we give credence to the warnings without making moves to commit to change, we will continue to create the scenario of devastating storms and environmental disasters.
Nonetheless, it is well within our power to rectify the situation, a point we cover extensively in the book In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN. Simply said, when we change the way we think we will automatically change our reality too. Let me remind you here that it only takes 777,000 people changing the way they think to create a critical mass and shift our reality. Looking around, we can see why many see the problem as insurmountable. How do we believe in a bright future when our logic and reason, not to mention our ears and eyes tells us the opposite? We believe a possible answer lies in a message Carol received in 2001. We will forgo the details of how the encounter came about, as this is amply covered in the book. Instead, we will focus on the message. Suffice to say, Carol was not a lone witness to the encounter. A respected therapist, who we call Charles, was in the room with her:

Around midnight Carol’s world started spinning. She states, “I felt really sick. Although there was no light on I was suddenly able to see into the room.” Carol knew she had to wake her roommate up. She thought “Oh God. This guy, as a famous therapist is going to think I need to be committed.” Nonetheless, she knew he needed to see whatever it was she was seeing. “I’m really sorry to wake you up Charles, but I think there is somebody in the room. In fact I think there is more than one person.”
Carol continues, “It was as if there was a light on, but there was no light turned on.” Feeling that she needed to shed some real light on the matter, she sat up and reached for the lamp by her bed. However, she could not reach the light because she found that she was frozen in place. As her eyes adjusted further to the pitch-darkness, she could see several beings that came through the wall. Next to her, Charles was unnerved. Hearing her roommate stirring Carol asked, “Can you see anybody in the room?”
…The urgency to get the treaty signed stems from the most definitive message the being gave Carol. She recounts, “They told me that when the treaty gets signed there will be many landings. Although, they are flying around now showing us that they are here, when we demonstrate that we are ready then we will be given so many solutions to the problems we face today.”
In anticipation of the reaction to large numbers of space ships landing throughout the world Carol explains, “When they land many people will be so scared that they will want to jump out of windows. After all people jump out of windows over the economy, what do you think they will do when ETs land and challenge everything they thought? The old paradigm will go away and we will learn the Truth about who we really are in the universes and how we can live healthily and happily together on a loving planet. There is a control that’s happening all over the universes and that is how we know that none of them are hostile. Everything is in control in the universes.”
…It seems that emphasizing the need to tell the world the UFOs are not a threat was the ETs main reason for visiting Charles and Carol that night. Like a seasoned journalist, Carol reports word for word what the ET said. “You must get this message out to every different audience that you can. There will be people who will never believe it and will go to their graves in ignorance, because they have been taught the enemy way of thinking, the warrior way. They think that this is the way to peace. The peaceful warrior way, but it’s not true it’s a lie. This is the way that kills the animals and all sacred life, the environment, plants, animals, and children.”
…Carol continues saying, “We are killing off our planet right now, so one of the other messages that came in was that we have a very short amount of time to survive.” Reminding me that this was 2001, she adds, “Although 2001 to now, 2014 sounds like a long time to us, it’s a blip in their lives because they live for hundreds of thousands of years.

Carol and I feel that we connected on a specific spiritual frequency. The amazing thing is that this frequency is the same one the ETs use. She explains, “We connected on a frequency that is very close to the ET frequency and that is the frequency we can all get into if we make the decision to do it. This is an energy that they carry, which allows them to come from different universes to here.”

Expounding on the “being’s” message, Carol adds they told her “Our engineering and physics have very little to do with earth’s thought of reality. It is comparable to eating with your fingers. The way physicists present physics does not evolve consciousness. Timing on Earth is calculated, but this has nothing to do with real timing. In fact, timing doesn’t actually exist in the way humans think of it. Nevertheless, from our perspective we are just about out of time. Another thing they said was that humans are consumed in the details that we miss the point or the message that allows us to rise into the other frequency. Frequency was a big thing for them. They emphasized that the whole thing is about raising the consciousness into a higher frequency and explained it several ways because it is such a primary factor. They are frequency materializing and dematerializing in different physical forms. We still have so much to learn and are still piddling around in petri dishes with no idea what life is and how could we? Another thing they talked about was this higher frequency of consciousness in universes; they used the word ‘universes’.”

The ETs told Carol, “It’s time to wake up and see who we really are in these bodies, in these families and communities; in the geographical boundaries that we call countries on land, sea, water, and air and in space.” She asks, “Who are we really? Or what are we? The answers to these questions are something the ETs can help us with. Because we are very fantasy oriented and playful-fun people, they can come in and tell us all of our choices to experience. They also talked a lot about the garden-water planet, which is what they call the Earth. They still do.”

…Towards the end of 2012, Carol began receiving messages that she needed to refer to the earth as this garden-water planet. Concerning the phenomenon of using water as a medium of communication, the ETs told Carol “Some people conduct telepathic messages better through water, especially if they have other noise in their heads, because water clears this.”
Despite their shared experience, Carol relates that it was a long time before she and her fellow contactee, Charles could talk about their experience. That night all they could do was just stare at each other, both struggling with the reality and having difficulty believing it happened. The fact that as Carol says, “It wasn’t as if he was someone I knew,” played a significant part. Nonetheless, afterwards Carol and Charles became close. She explains, “This knowledge was not in the way we normally know a person as in their life details, but inside and out from our experience together.”

The most important message for me that Carol shared was that we are all in grave danger and are almost out of time, from our perspective of course. However, we still have a chance, albeit a slim chance to change the world from war to peace. Carol affirms, “It’s about consciousness. Signing the treaty isn’t so much about the physical act. It’s what it represents at the consciousness level. The signing is a declaration to the universes that we are ready as a species to evolve or if you prefer ascend to the next level.”
Carol says the latest messages have been telling her they will be visiting her again physically and she is preparing for it. Evidently, they need the darkness to materialize. They told her to get blackout curtains for her home. The other requirement is that she has no animals in the room, because they would distract Carol from staying in the grid with them. As an aside, they mentioned that cats are more in the grid than dogs.

Reassuring Carol, the ETs told her that she would always have everything she needs. They also insisted on our need to respect the common territory of space. To emphasize this, they pointed out that we have not respected the common territory of the waters or the air, because we spray poison into the air and dump toxic chemicals into the waters. Carol did not feel it was a condemnation of Humanity, rather an objective observation of how these actions are contaminating both realms. It is important that we share all realms with other life forms. Providing hope, Carol says, “We can change if we choose to. Only the ETs did tell me there is no guarantee due to the human ego.”

Appropriately enough considering that we are posting this in February, the month containing the holiday that celebrates Love, the frequency Carol refers to is the Frequency of Love. It is through this frequency that we approach our Higher Selves.

Writing of Carol’s experience in 2001 created a feeling of urgency to adopt this frequency. Once again, we addressed this in our book In Search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN.

In the Forbidden Fruit section of Chapter 7, we mentioned that part of the problem of the Fall was altering the consciousness of the humans from the Theta level to the Alpha level. We utilized the article Schumann’s Resonances and Human Psychobiology written by Richard Allan and Iona Miller. To recap: In Theta (4-7 Hz), the senses are withdrawn from the external world. Instead, they are focused on the mindscape, internally originating signals. Theta waves are associated with mystery, an elusive and extraordinary realm a person can explore... they are receptive to information beyond their normal conscious awareness. In addition, investigators have also identified Theta as the gateway to learning and memory. In that, Theta waves awaken intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.
On the other hand, as stated the Millers viewed Alpha waves (7.8-13 Hz) as present during dreaming and light meditation. As the majority of “neurons” adapt to the Alpha wavelength, alpha waves rotate over the entire brain. Again, the Miller’s believe that it is during the Alpha wavelength that people tap into their “creativity,” which resides immediately beneath the waking consciousness. They state that the alpha wavelength is the “gateway” or “entry point” to “deeper states of consciousness.”
Amazingly, it is the Millers belief that the Alpha wavelength is “the home of the window frequency known as the Schumann Resonance” that provides the key to why the ETs encourage us to adopt the Love Frequency. In respect to this, even more relevant is our growing connection to the inner earth, which I was unaware of until working with Dr. Calleman on his new book. For us the importance of his book is revealing that the inner Earth layers may very well be at higher frequencies than that of the Schumann Resonance.

There has been a lot of talk about the shift in frequency, particularly the belief that the Schumann Resonance is rising to 13 Hz. Originally the theory of the rise in the Schumann Resonance rang true for us, as is demonstrated in our writings, and we were in accordance with it. However, after reviewing the actual reason conventional science dismisses the theory, we were not so sure. As none of us are scientists we are unqualified to judge, but like so many, we felt like the vibration of the earth was rising. Considering that everything is essentially vibrating conscious energy we could not ignore the overwhelming feeling of the Earth’s vibration rising. Yet after working with Dr. Calleman, who also dismisses the theory of the Schumann Resonance rising to 13 Hz, we discovered the possibility that both sides may be correct. How can this be?
As we mentioned earlier, the title for Dr. Calleman’s book is THE GLOBAL MIND AND THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION: A Novel Theory of Our Origins, and is the first volume in the trilogy The Paradigm Shift. In this book, Dr. Calleman not only shows why he disputes the claim that the Schumann Resonance is changing. We think it could also provide the reason why so many feel the base frequency of the world is rising. Although we must say this is our interpretation, not his. To us the book strongly indicates that we are shifting our focus from outside to inside. Of course, as is evident in our writings, we already believed this. Still, it is interesting to see this confirmed through a graphic showing the inner layers of the Earth. This graphic reveals that the closer to the core we get, the higher the frequency. What really jumped out at us was the outer core is at 13Hz!

Remembering the Schumann Resonance is the cavity between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere, the inner earth layers would not be a part of this cavity. Remarkably, this is how we can consider both sides of the argument correct. The scientists stating that the cavity making up the Schumann Resonance is not changing are correct. However, as so many awakened individuals feel drawn to the inner kingdom, their sense that the Earth’s frequency is rising is also valid. Only it is not the frequency in the cavity they are feeling/sensing, but rather the vibration from inside the earth deep below the surface. Revealing this new understanding uncovers the importance of adopting the Love Frequency.

The Love Frequency is at 13 Hz, which is why Gregg Braden and others have advocated that Humanity is moving towards it. Only as we said it has nothing to do with the Schumann Resonance. We realize that this flies in the face of Braden’s teachings, but bear with us a moment because we hold the greatest respect for his contribution to our understanding. If we remember, the angels exposed the early humans to the Astral Plane before they were ready. At that time, they were operating at the Theta (4-7 Hz) level, which made them much more spiritual. Afterwards they switched to the Alpha (7.8-13 Hz) level. Since this level connected to the Astral Plane, it resulted in their unfettered thoughts and emotions escaping into that plane. As we said, this had several adverse consequences; most obvious was creating an imbalance between the masculine and feminine principles. However, what we did not know until recently was that the Shadow of Deception operated within the Schumann Resonance cavity, which affected the mass consciousness.

In our writings, we speculated that the ETs traveled through the Astral Plane, which is why they can appear and disappear at will. This was the main reason we made the error of deducing that as they moved through the Astral Plane it corrupted some of them, causing them to align with the Shadow. However, having determined their nature is unchanged, we realized that they must have a unique makeup that allowed them to move through the domain of the Shadow and remain untainted. They did. Moving through the Astral Plane did not taint the ETs because of their attunement to the Love Frequency.
By operating, or if you prefer vibrating, at a higher frequency outside, or rather inside the Schumann Resonance cavity they were able to remain wholly unaffected by our thoughts and emotions permeating the Astral Plane. They are advising us to adopt the higher Love Frequency, because the ego and pain-body use the lower frequency of 7.8 Hz. Consequently, by rising to the Love Frequency the ego and pain-body lose control over us.

One of the main reasons the ETs have not landed on the White House lawn is because of their frequency; the Love Frequency makes them powerless to defend themselves. This is not because of an inability to. There is ample evidence of the ETs ability to disarm weapons. It is because their frequency makes them incapable of physical violence. Therefore should they be physically confronted by military personnel attempting to detain them, they would be helpless. We realize that this is in direct contradiction to the consensus of opinion. Most people tend to think that such an extremely advanced species would be able to swat us like a fly. However, because they have evolved past the animalistic nature that the Human Race still struggles with, violence of any kind, even in defense, is an anathema to them.

Evolved beings are pacifists, which is why the ETs offer advice to a select few. Even then, when the Shadow was in play, some of the contactees became a problem. Muddying the waters of the ET agenda, some contactees’ pain-bodies created memories of a truly terrifying experience. Nonetheless, enough people like Carol were able to receive their message of Peace and it has entered the mass consciousness. Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us.
For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers. Nevertheless, because the Fall was not the fault of the Human Race, from time to time they have tried to help us. The truth is they care deeply for us and hope when enough people hear the wisdom of their message; the Human Race will adopt the Frequency of Love. Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.

In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealously, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected.
In short, when we correct the Fall by integrating the ego and dissolving the pain-body, we align with the Divine Will. Then as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?

Adopting the Frequency of Love is a game changer and is the reason the Cosmic Cultures is urging us to do so. It is also why we need to change the way we think. While there is ambiguity over the ETs agenda, with some advocating they are hostile, we remain locked in the same dense vibration of thinking nothing has changed. However, if we use our logic and recognize that beings as advanced as these have most probably evolved past the need to dominate. Opening yourself up to this possibility starts the process that will access your Higher Self. This is a process, which takes practice. Consequently, we will not be posting for a while to give you time to read the book. Even though the book’s sale is dedicated to charitable purposes, if any of you cannot afford to buy the book, please contact us by e-mail through the Triple 7 Center (777center) at triple7center@comcast.net address.

It is not easy to discard the old way of thinking, but as Carol said, we are in a new paradigm, so there is nothing to fear.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan