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The images in the Devil evoke strong feelings, usually negative; nonetheless, esoterically the archetype has a valuable lesson to teach. As it heads the third row in the Tarot Tableau, at the highest level the Devil symbolizes the process of Spiritual Evolution. Curiously, Paul Foster Case agreed with the RT group when he stated that in addition to representing the first card in the consequence of using the Chief Laws of the Universe, the Devil also represents the 1ST STAGE OF SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT. This is intriguing because although card 15 - the Devil represents West in the first Face of the Cube of Space, while card 16 - the Tower, and card 17 - the Star represents North and South in the 2nd and 3rd Faces respectively, as we will see, the remaining four stages’ cards do not follow the path of the Cube.

However, in my Spiritual Evolution and Snakes & Ladders’ visions, this archetype held a lot more secrets. Apart from the obvious connection between the Devil and the Lovers cards already covered by the RT group, as stated, in my vision there was a horizontal ladder running between card 15 - the Devil and card 21 - the World. As we know, the planet Saturn is assigned to both cards, but the horizontal ladder “anomaly” demonstrated a spiritual short cut for those who are ready to unite all opposites and transmute their emotions.

Saturn appears to be connected to two Sephirot’s in the Tree of Life, as the planet can represent both Binah and Malkuth, which translates as I said to Understanding and Kingdom, respectively. In both the traditional perspective and my Spiritual Evolution vision, Malkuth is seen as symbolizing the Earth. Even so, although card 21 - the World or Saturn card appears in the Malkuth Sephirot on the Tree of Truth, as we saw, card 15 - the Devil is in Yesod in the Tree of Reason. Seeing this placement for the Devil was a little confusing, but as card 2 - the High Priestess is the partner to the Devil in Yesod on the Tree of Truth, I realized the placement was about Sophia.

To understand this statement we first need to compare the details of both cards. Starting with the Devil who represents 15, Saturn, sun sign Capricorn, color indigo, direction West Below, note A-natural, symbol eye, and element Earth. On the other hand, the High Priestess represents the number 2, the Moon, color light blue, direction Below, note G-sharp, symbol camel, and element Water. On the face of it, the only connection is the direction in that the Devil’s direction is West Below in the Cube of Space and the High Priestess represents the final sixth Face, Below.

I had already seen the connection between the two Solstices in the sun-sign Capricorn and Cancer, and the directions West Below for card 15 - the Devil and East Below for card 7 - the Chariot. However, what really astounded me was learning that the archetype of the Devil might be the key to our Spiritual Evolution. Before anyone throws up their hands in horror, hear me out. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that the Tree of Life, like the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot contains multiple levels of information. One of those levels concerned color and the chakras.

During my study of the Tarot, I can remember being surprised that card 2 - the High Priestess is assigned both the color light blue and the Moon. Traditionally light blue represents the 5th chakra of communication, whereas the Moon represented the 6th or 3rd eye chakra, which is indigo. The planet Saturn, the ruler of the Devil usually represents the base not the 3rd eye chakra. Understanding came for me when I learned that Ayin, the Hebrew letter assigned to card 15 - the Devil translates as “eye.” What is more, the color of the Devil is indigo, which is the accepted color for the 6th or 3rd eye chakra. Still, because the Devil represents the sun-sign Capricorn, the planet that rules the sign is Saturn, not the Moon. Remembering that the Tarot Tableau has various combinations of the three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, plus white, and black can explain this quandary. First the High Priestess’ or universal subconscious/Cosmic Memory’s color light blue, means blue is combined with white. The color white as the RT group says represents Spirit. Spirit is represented by the Archetypal Plane, and as I had determined, the High Priestess represents Sophia before the creation of the universe. Therefore, because light blue is a mixture of blue and white and indigo is essentially a violet-blue, the cards connect through the color blue.

BaphometIndigo has many variations with one being blue-black, in the case of my Spiritual Evolution vision, I was given to understand that blue-black was predominantly card 15 - the Devil’s vibration, with just a smattering of violet. In this way, we could look at the High Priestess and the Devil as representing two sides of the same vibration. I learned this through investigating the mysterious Baphomet.

Have you ever wondered why the devil has been depicted in such a ridiculous way? I know I have, but the truth is every time we think of the devil, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we conjure up this image. At first I was very reluctant to pursue the path I was being led down, but once I stopped resisting, my eyes were opened to a very deep secret. This is because, the figure in card 15 - the Devil is almost identical to what Eliphas Levi drew of the “idol” Baphomet worshiped by the Knights Templars. The Templars affirmation that Baphomet was a divine being was confirmed when I learned of the theory that Baphomet was code for Sophia.

To reiterate, according to the RT group the Universal Subconscious helps us to get what we want, whether it aids us spiritually or not. In remembering this, I discovered that the archetype depicted in the Tarot’s Devil and Éliphas Lévi’s figure of Baphomet are concealing a valuable secret that concerns the color black. Despite card 15 being assigned to the color indigo, the predominant color of the card, like the image of Baphomet, is black. As the RT group relates “the color black in the Tarot has two distinct meanings, Ignorance and Mystical Knowledge, which reminded me that Daath, represents knowledge. To me, this confirmed that the Knights Templar worshiped Divine Wisdom or Sophia as Baphomet.

Throughout my study, I have constantly been warned about reversing anything spiritual. For instance, Divine Wisdom as Baphomet has an upright five-pointed star on its forehead, i.e., standing balanced on two points. Alternatively, card 15 - the Devil’s character has a reversed five-pointed star, with only one point touching its forehead. As the RT group relates, the former signifies the Spirit ruling matter or the body, whereas the latter means that matter or the body is ruling the Spirit.

If we remember the Gnostics taught that Sophia was the root cause of the fall then could card 15 - the Devil be saying it is the hidden side of Baphomet, Divine Wisdom that shows us the way? In other words when we discipline ourselves, not giving in to either the physical or mental gratification of the senses, then we cross the bridge of evolution to the next level of consciousness. So it seems the cards, through the colors light blue and blue-black or indigo are telling us that the Devil/Baphomet is another aspect of Sophia or the universal subconscious in us. Ultimately, the change in color from indigo, or blue-black to light blue or white-blue signifies macrocosmically or on a cosmic level the purification of the astral or emotional plane.

Card 15 - the Devil has more to reveal through its Hebrew letter Ayin. This is because in two depictions of the Tree of Life in Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah there are three broken lines in an arc over Kether. I was amazed to see that Ms. Fortune had entitled the highest line Ayin. She explains this by adding that “The Qabalists recognize four planes of manifestation and three planes of unmanifestation, or Negative Existence. The first of these is called AYIN, Negativity;” This brings me to the primary archetype the Devil card represents, Eckhart Tolle’s pain body. The RT group refers to it as the Venus that can drag an individual down. The point is this inner consciousness is the main reason most of Humanity has been trapped in the cycle of card 10 – the Wheel of Fortune, card 15 - the Devil, and card 13 - Death in the Western Face of the Cube of Space.

One of the most affective pitfalls, the pain-body uses is the get us to focus on the physical. I addressed this insidious enemy in the sub-section Body Image and the Pain Body of our latest book, In search of Peace: FOR THE CHILDREN-:

Feeling unworthy or unable to compete is a way the pain-body inflicts damage that often follows a child into adulthood. If we think of the ego as building you up then the pain-body does the opposite. Our purpose on Earth is to develop selflessness and both aspects of the false self, work to keep the young person’s focus solely on him or herself. Along with self-worth, the pain-body uses body image. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. One of the biggest issues for young adolescences and teenagers is physical development.
I can remember stuffing my training bra with Kleenex tissues when I was 13 because my friends were developing breasts and I was a slow developer. As a result, I felt inadequate. In the early ‘70s, most teenage girls strived to look like Raquel Welch, or some other actor of her ilk. Of course, this was impossible for 90 percent of us simply because of our body structures, which unfortunately meant struggling with our weight.

For some time society has been unwittingly in collusion with the pain-body by constantly inferring that if young girls and boys do not have a certain body type they will never find love. Emphasis on this becomes a real problem for young people struggling with being overweight. Although lack of exercise and unhealthy eating are contributing factors to obesity, another factor often overlooked is metabolism. I once worked with a very slim woman who could eat anything and regularly did without gaining a pound. I, on the other hand, only had to look at a French fry to gain five pounds, metaphorically speaking of course. Obviously, I am exaggerating here, but the point is my slower metabolism meant that had I eaten the same way, I would have been grossly overweight.

The struggle with body image is one of the gifts that keep on giving for the pain-body with its supreme success being the development of devastating eating disorders. Anorexia is devastating to a young person, as it often leads to their death. An example that comes to mind is the tragic loss of Karen Carpenter, whose death hi lighted the seriousness of what we knew as the innocuous sounding slimming disease. Yet for the pain-body, bulimia is even more destructive because of its effect on spiritual development. Bulimia not only gets young people to focus on themselves, it also devastates their families. First, the afflicted young person will literally eat their family out of house and home unless the parents lock up the food. This of course puts a financial strain on the family budget. Couple this with other children and the family can and often does disintegrate with the siblings resenting their sister’s (because it is usually a girl) actions.
Bulimia develops into a vicious cycle with food becoming both an enemy and a friend. The disorder starts with the pain-body persuading the individual to hate the way they look. Food, especially sugar-based foods, comforts them by releasing feel-good chemicals into the brain for a time but quickly wears off. When this happens, the pain-body consumes them with guilt putting thoughts in their head like “See how weak you are; you are worthless.” Consequently, desperate to stop the self-recrimination and undo the mistake, they make themselves vomit.

So what is the solution? How do we combat such a formidable enemy as the pain-body in such a case? The answer is with the Truth. Explain to a child at an early age that real beauty is within and if they are kind and generous then that beauty will shine out of them. If this seems too la-la, think about someone you know who has generosity of spirit. Chances are they are not particularly beautiful, but their smile and presence warms your heart.
Children learn their attitude towards food from their parents. It is important to pay attention to how food effects children, i.e., do they have a slow or fast metabolism. This has to start in infancy. If a toddler does not immediately shed their baby fat once they start running around, then there is a good chance that the child will need to watch what they eat. To keep our children from becoming obese, we need to teach them how to eat when they are in school and help them understand that we all have different metabolisms. More importantly, we need to tell our children the truth. Namely, overindulging in candy and sugar not only results in them gaining weight, which they will not like, it could well shorten their life. Truth is the one thing neither the pain-body nor the ego can deal with.
Since children learn from their parents, another way to help them eat less is for parents to tell them about the millions of starving children in the world. Taking a child to donate to the local food bank will help them appreciate that if we all eat less then there is more to go around. We realize that this probably sounds ridiculous. “How can a child eating less in America have any effect on hunger thousands of miles away?” The answer has to do with our intent. Remembering that everything is vibrating energy that we mold into our reality, we can change that reality for starving people simply from our intent to share. Of course, this is delving into the field of quantum physics, which interestingly is in alignment with the teachings of the Mysteries, but it starts with our choices. We will return to this later.

Apart from our weight causing problems with our body image, the pain-body causes most young people to strive for beauty and envy anyone they perceive to be more beautiful than they are. In school, children create categories for their classmates with the popular, normally good-looking girls and boys set aside. The rest of the children then try to find their niche. Alas, because the pain-body and ego usually drive selection this causes varying degrees of feeling separated and inadequate in some way. Earlier we saw how some children deal with this by victimizing someone weaker than them. Something most children are unaware of is that all bullies are born out of feelings of inadequacy. A situation or someone in their lives, perhaps a parent or an older sibling putting them down, or poor performance in class, allows their pain-body and ego to attempt to make them feel better by putting someone else down.
Competing with others is something children learn very early on. For some it starts with competing with a sibling, but for others the competition starts with comparing themselves in looks to their classmates. As an average-looking girl at school, I can remember thinking the good-looking girls were lucky because they could have any boyfriend they wanted. However, it seems I may have been mistaken. Recently I was surprised to hear some stunningly beautiful women confess in an interview to having difficulty in finding boyfriends. Apparently, young men were intimidated by their beauty and afraid to approach them. They also admitted to being lonely, because other girls would avoid them for fear of losing their boyfriends.

All of this is evidence of how the pain-body works to cause distress. Average people feel inadequate and try to compensate by trying to change their looks. Alternatively, good-looking people often find themselves excluded because potential friends feel threatened by them. See the pattern? In all cases, it comes down to wrong thinking, which separates and perpetuates the distress. To subvert the pain-body and stop this constant measuring and weighing of each other’s value takes acceptance. We see this demonstrated by Carol’s election to the Queen of Hearts. It was the special needs children feeling accepted by her that led them to vote for Carol.
Outward appearance through attraction is usually the way we choose our mates. Nevertheless, in respect to connecting with someone who will complement our spiritual path, our spirits through intuition will try to influence us. This may cause us to feel a kinship with someone for whom we may not feel a physical attraction. Unfortunately, the ego and pain-body who want to keep us as far away from our true path as possible, will try to undermine this by getting us to overlook the nagging feeling we are making a mistake when we choose the wrong mate. Naturally, this often leads to heartache and retarding our spiritual growth.

Our sub-conscious (false self) uses the self-conscious to manifest imaginary problems. This is because the subconscious is passive, and it needs the active masculine energy. Although Saturn is relatively sedentary as an earth element, the active fiery planet of Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which brings us to the next card.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot TOWER 16gateway

In the commentary on card 4 - the Emperor, I mentioned how Paul Foster Case related that the card’s Constituting Intelligence unites imagination and creative thought with the obliteration of error. He saw this “obliteration” as being represented by the lightning strike in the Tower card.

Mr. Foster Case’s assessment was confirmed for me with the placement of the Tower on the Tree of Reason in Geburah, alongside the Emperor in Chesed. As stated, this was supported further in remembering that the Vedic scriptures of the Hindus divided the Creator into three, Shiva (destroyer), Vishnu (preserver), and Brahma (creator). To reiterate, the Tower would represent Shiva, the destructive side of the Universe.

If we recall from the commentary on card 15 - the Devil, I said that in respect to my metaphorical game of Snakes & Ladders, the ladder running between card 15 and card 21 - the World was a shortcut for those ready to spiritually evolve. The question is then, what if we do not learn enough to take the short cut from the Devil to the World? Looking at my board of Snakes & Ladders superimposed onto the Tarot Tableau, I was struck by the apparent multiple paths available. Through Meditation and another vision, I learned that Spiritual Evolution is like my converted “board game,” with multiple doors and booby traps. Remembering that Jesus said that “the path to the kingdom of God is very narrow,” I saw a labyrinth begin to appear over the tableau, with a very narrow path meandering backwards and forwards and up and down, twisting, and turning with multiple dead ends. I was given to understand that this symbolized our Spiritual Evolution journey. During the course of many incarnations we learn to navigate the narrow path, avoiding the pitfalls, symbolized by the snakes, and taking advantage of Divine help symbolized by the ladders. Throughout the journey, our freewill choices determine whether we are guided by the ego/pain-body or by the Higher Self.

The casual observer cannot fail to see that card 15 - the Devil and card 16 - the Tower’s background are black, which can have two meanings depending on the individual’s spiritual progress. As such these two cards have a lot in common in their message, namely removing falsehood. Taken at the highest level, but still failing to take advantage of the short cut, when that person has had enough of self-gratification, he or she can move onto the next square on the board, the Tower. This is where he or she has the opportunity to begin to transform the ego and annihilate the pain body by destroying the tower of false pride. The Islamic Sufi teaching of self-annihilation is the best way to understand this.

For the Sufi, whenever an individual sees themselves as acting alone and not needing Divine help, then they experience a jolt to help them remember why they are here. This teaching is symbolized by the lightning bolt striking the tower and dislodging the occupants, which as the RT group tells us are the Magician or self-conscious and the Empress or individual subconscious.

In essence then, the Sufi’s teaching on self-annihilation is encapsulated in the message of the Tower, namely that whenever self-pride or egotism tries to set itself up as lord and master of its castle, the castle of false pride will be destroyed with the light of truth.

William F Mann in his book The Labyrinth Of The Grail, relates the Tower is a representation of the overwhelming illumination of “truth.” Mr. Mann reports, the Buddhist’s taught that the lightning flash is “a symbol of the overpowering light of truth in which all falsehood and ultimately all duality is destroyed.” Evidently, the lightning was “the flash of inner illumination that brings the freedom of enlightenment.”

Following the path of the Cube of Space, Paul Foster Case like the RT group designated card 16 - the Tower as the 2nd STAGE OF SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT. In addition he had some valuable insights to the deeper messages of the card. For instance, he did not see the energy from the planet Mars representing the Tower as either desire or passion. Rather he viewed the impulse as “scientific.”

Another interesting point was that Paul Foster Case connected card 7 - the Chariot and card 16 - the Tower through “speech.” Considering the association with the Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues, connecting the card representing speech made sense to me. He also posits a theory that rather than sharp zigzagging angles for the lightning, the strike was “spiral.” To support his position, he cited Zoroaster, believed to be a Persian spiritual teacher of the 2nd millennium B.C.E. who taught of the constant struggle between truth and falsehood. In this respect, Zoroaster’s teachings contained in the Chaldean Oracles “speak of the Supreme Spirit as ‘the god who energizes a spiral force’.” From this, Mr. Foster Case saw the origin of the lightning strike as coming from the spiritual realm. This “force” could be understood as the force drawn down in card 1 - the Magician. However, as well as being represented in the Magician, Mr. Foster Case saw this force depicted in different guises in card 7 - the Chariot, card 4 - the Emperor, card 10 - the Wheel of Fortune, card 13 - Death, and card 9 - the Hermit. Acting like Shiva he says the force dismantles original forms in order to “make room for new ones.”

Curiously, with respect to the Cube of Space, once the Higher Self has woken the traveler up in the West, allowing them to pass into the Second phase, the Northern Face, he, or she has to travel all four sides or paths before entering the Tower. This seemed a little strange, so I decided to see what David Allen Hulse has to say. He relates that traversing the outer paths is necessary due to the power of the light coming from the Tower. Surprisingly, instead of the Magician or self-conscious and the Empress or individual subconscious as representing the two figures falling from the Tower, he views the Devil and the Wheel of Fortune as the archetypes representing the man and woman respectively. Ultimately, for Mr. Allen Hulse when approached correctly, the Tower denotes that the “darkness of the West is finally dispelled.”

After the lessons are learned in the Tower, except for that one in ten million, who moves directly to the Eastern Face, the traveler is guided to move to Judgement and the path to the South. However, Judgement is the 6th Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment and in the traditional Tarot Tableau we have to move through three more cards before we get to that. The first of those three is the next card, the Star.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot EMPRESS 17gateway

The Star plays a prominent part in my Spiritual Evolution vision, because of its position between the two trees. As such, before explaining its relevance, I will recap my vision from the appearance of 11 Major Arcana appearing as the ten Sephirot and Daath in the Tree of Reason. (In case I did not make this clear, the traditional Tree of Life has 32 paths, 10 for each Sephirot and 22 paths running between the Sephirot represented by the 22 Major Arcana.) Amazingly, in my vision a single card materialized in the center of each Sephirot. To continue:

As this included the non-Sephirot, Daath there were 11 of the 22 Major Arcana represented on the Tree of Reason. Then I felt myself descend from Chesed (4), through Geburah (5), Tiphareth (6), Netzach (7), Hod (8), Yesod (9), and finally into Malkuth (10). Thinking that I, or the force representing the Life Principle would ascend again, up the “Path of the Arrow”, I was a little disconcerted when I continued on below the tree (along what I have termed the 33rd path), through a gate and down a pathway to a large door.

On the other side of the door, I saw yet another Tree of Life materialize, but instead of a bright red “Descent of Power Line” there was a bright blue line running through the tree, which I gathered represented the passive/feminine line of power. I also learned that the blue line on the Tree of Truth was not a “Descent of Power line”, but rather the exact opposite a “Power of Ascent line.” As if to confirm this, I began to rapidly ascend the Tree of Truth, but although I started in Malkuth (10) and rose to Yesod (9), I did not exactly follow the reverse order of the “Descent of Power line.” Instead, from Yesod I moved to Netzach (7) and then Hod (8), Tiphareth (6), Chesed (4), Geburah (5), Chokmah (2), Binah (3) and finally into Kether (1). Like the Tree of Reason, a Tarot card materialized in the center of each Sephirot on this tree too.

As I related, the most striking difference between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth was the placement of Daath. On the Tree of Reason, Daath was in the traditional placement, immediately below Kether (1), and straddling the Atziluth or Archetypal and Briah or Creative planes/worlds. However, in the Tree of Truth Daath was not even on the tree. It was the doorway between the two trees. The question is why? Why place card 17 - the Star and Daath between the two trees? Remembering that as the RT group says, the woman in the Star is a form of the Empress helps answer this question. Card 3 - the Empress’ symbol is a door, not to mention, the archetype represents Daath on the Tree of Reason. Nonetheless, card 17’s placement is not about Venus, it is about our time. By placing the Star as Daath, my vision was conveying that the consciousness involved at this stage in evolution takes place under this card’s influence. Because the Star is assigned to the sun-sign Aquarius, it is saying it will take place under the influence of the Age of Aquarius. As for the connection to Daath, this detail means that once Life or Humanity travels along the 33rd path, we pass through the doorway or Stargate into the next stage of Spiritual Evolution.

Designating card 17 - the Star as the 3rd STAGE OF SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT, as I said, agrees with its position in the Cube of Space, as South Above is the fourth path around the South, or 3rd Face of the Cube. Although there are distinct differences in Paul Foster Case’s Star, I was interested to hear David Allen Hulse informing us that this phase of the journey around the Cube concerns the number 32, which agreeing with the RT group, he says it is the number for “heart” in both Hebrew and Latin. Still, his connection to the heart comes from the rays of the 8-sided Star being divided into 32. Even so, it seemed extremely coincidental that in my vision, card 17 - the Star appears on what could be considered as a continuation of the 32nd path that I have designated as the 33rd path representing the door through our hearts to the next stage in evolution.

For me, everything about this card screams of referring to our evolution at this time. Paul Foster Case related that the water denotes “reflected personal existence”, which he sees connected to card 12 - the Hanged Man. In addition, he views card 17’s symbol of a fishhook as representing our desire to experiment and search for answers. Like the RT group, both David Allen Hulse and Mr. Foster Case believed this is achieved through meditation. The Star’s position on the Cube of Space also connects it to Mercury, through the Magician’s Above Face, which in itself is interesting as before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled Aquarius. Considering that Saturn represents the element Earth and the body, and Uranus the element Air and the mind, I see it as another reason for understanding that card 17 - the Star is pointing to our time. Although this was very interesting and enlightening it was connecting the Major Arcana cards to musical notes that I found most fascinating, especially when associated to color.

An important way the secret truth of Spiritual Evolution was handed down was subliminally through language. Case in point, children are taught to memorize the musical scale by a simple phrase. The crotchets (lines) and quavers (spaces) in a musical scale could be remembered by memorizing the first letter of the phrase Every Good Boy Does Fine for crotchets and the letters in the word F A C E for quavers. Of course the quavers were to be placed between the lines, making the scale, E F G A B C D E F.

Although, as the RT group relates, the Kabbalists assigned several cards the same note, placing the Tarot trumps in order according to musical notes reveals a surprising symmetry in the color scale. At first, I only involved the first seven notes, E, F, G, A, B, C, D, leaving out the high E and F. However, when I checked the RT group's original colors designated for card 8 - Strength and card 9 - the Hermit, what was shown indicated all nine notes should be included.

Both card 8 - Strength and card 9 - the Hermit were originally a combination of yellow and green, with the former listed as greenish-yellow, while the latter, as we know is still yellow-green. Card 0 - the Fool and card 1 - the Magician are designated only the color yellow and card 3 - the Empress and card 11 - Justice only the color green. Moving Strength to high E and The Hermit to high F makes the last card the Hermit, which is represented by the Hebrew letter Yod, meaning Spirit.

I decided to see how the cards looked on the musical scale. As we can see from the depiction below, they produce amazing symmetry.

Throughout the deck there are combined colors, such as yellow-green, blue-green, red-orange, orange-yellow, blue-violet, and red-violet. Curiously, we can determine which color dominates the combined colors through the notes assigned to the card. In this way, both the natural and sharp notes fall thus: E = Yellow; F = Green; G = Blue; C = Red; and D = Orange. Some may have observed that I did not include the colors Violet and Indigo, or the musical tone of A. This is because; both Violet and Indigo are represented by the note (A), A-Sharp for Violet and A-Natural for Indigo. When a note is sharp it signifies the feminine or passive and when it is natural it represents the active or masculine.

I was curious to see how the chakra colors, which represent the Seven Sacred Planets, align with this formula. However, although the colors coincide with the Seven Sacred Planets, they do not match up with the accepted colors for the chakras. To me this meant there had been a change. Meditating on the problem I had a vision of how to arrange them incorporating the musical note, chakra, color and planet, but instead of moving from the base to the crown in a vertical movement, my new layout reflected Anodea Judith’s diagram in her book Wheels of Life. Therefore, the new chart arrayed thus: Note C base-chakra – color red - planet Mars; Note D – sacral chakra – color orange - planet the Sun; Note E - solar plexus chakra – color yellow - planet Mercury; Note F-heart chakra – color green - planet Venus; Note G- throat chakra – color blue - planet the Moon; Note A-natural - 3rd eye chakra – color indigo - planet Saturn, and Note A-sharp - crown chakra – color violet - planet Jupiter

The only note and color combination I did not cover is B and violet-red. I deliberately left them out because this combination is wholly unique and they concern the next card.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot MOON 18gateway

Card 18 appears to stand alone on so many levels, consequently, this commentary contains many facets. Starting with my Spiritual Evolution vision, the card’s placement on the Tree of Truth in Binah raised a lot of questions, because as stated, card 12 - the Hanged Man occupied this position in the Tree of Reason. Recapping the cards details: the Hanged Man represents 12, Neptune, color blue, Hebrew letter Mem, note G-sharp, direction East to West, symbol seas, and element Water. On the other hand, the Moon represents 18, Neptune, sun-sign Pisces, color violet-red, Hebrew letter Qoph, note B-natural, direction South Below, symbol back of head, and element Water. The cards only agree on planet and element, so why place the Moon in Binah? As I said there are several reasons, but we will start with its unique color and musical note.

In my commentary on card 17 – the Star, I related how I was moved to amend the traditional view of moving through the chakras. As stated, my new layout reflected Anodea Judith’s spiral diagram in her book Wheels of Life. To help keep track let us review what I wrote concerning the new layout: Note C base-chakra – color red - planet Mars; Note D – sacral chakra – color orange - planet the Sun; Note E - solar plexus chakra – color yellow - planet Mercury; Note F-heart chakra – color green - planet Venus; Note G- throat chakra – color blue - planet the Moon; Note A-natural - 3rd eye chakra – color indigo - planet Saturn and Note A-sharp - crown chakra – color violet - planet Jupiter. Looking at the new chart, I observed several anomalies. For example, the tone of (A) appeared twice, once as a natural note representing the 3rd Eye chakra, and once as a sharp note representing the crown chakra. Moreover, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, and the Moon were not placed in their traditional positions. I was given to understand that as this is the Fullness of Time we have spiritually evolved, so our energy makeup has also changed.

What also fascinated me was the correlation between the colors, planets, musical notes, and elements. As we know the Kabbalistic Tarot only counted three elements, Air, Water and Fire, which represented the three Mother Letters; Air - Aleph – 0 - the Fool; Water - Mem – 12 - the Hanged Man, and Fire – Shin – 20 - Judgment. Even more so, when I considered another spiritual teaching on the elements, Taoism, I saw yet another layer.

Taoism incorporates not three or even four elements, instead their system consists of five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. As we can see, Taoists drop the element Air altogether and replace it with two completely different elements, Wood, and Metal. Only one of these two additions, Wood, could be viewed as natural, the other, Metal, is clearly created. According to Gail Reichstein, the author of Wood becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life, “…the cycle of the Five Elements integrates human activity with the natural rhythms of the universe. The cycle has been used to map time like a calendar, space like a compass, the movements of the heavens…” She also says, “From its beginnings, the Five Element cycle connected various aspects of experience to its individual elements, Seasons, body organs, emotions, sounds, colors, directions…”

While studying the Tarot, I came to understand that I needed to see Fire, Air, Water, and Earth as other than the physical elements, in other words, expand my conception of them. With this new realization I was guided to think of the four Elements in terms of the designation for the four suits in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, as in wands representing fire, cups water, swords air, and pentacles earth.

As we have discussed, the elements also apply to the four levels or planes/worlds in the Tree of Life. Only here, we examine the Kabbalists focus on the Element in each level. Starting from the top or first Plane designated Atziluth or the Archetypal World, which many view as representing Spirit, I cannot think of a more appropriate synonym for Fire, which is described as being the unmanifested dynamic active principal of the soul. Briah or the Creative world or Mental Plane is the second level assigned to the element Air, only here we need to see Air as the Breath of Life that is manifested through the mind. Yetzirah, the Formative World or Emotional Plane representing Water, is where the individual manifests through their emotions. Finally, the lowest and densest level is not surprisingly represented by the element Earth, as Assiah or the Active World denoting the Physical Plane or material Earth, operates at the objective level. This system is also reflected in the colors of the elements, red for fire, yellow for air, blue for water, and green for earth.

Interestingly, the Taoist five elements have a few differences. Taoist colors for the elements are green (Wood), red (Fire), yellow/brown (Earth), white (Metal), and blue/black (Water). To unite these with either the traditional four or Kabbalistic three elements, I first needed to remove the non-primary colors of brown, white, and black. This left me with green, red, yellow, and blue, which coincided with the traditional four elements. In removing white, we remove the element of Metal. Taking the three Kabbalistic colors and elements leaves us with yellow, red, and blue. These three colors equate to earth, fire, and water, which brings me to the color assigned to card 18 - the Moon, violet-red. As we know, violet is produced by mixing red and blue, therefore red-violet is produced by two parts red, to one part blue. So what is the color telling us? In both the Kabbalistic and Taoist, red is Fire, but in Taoism Water is either blue or black depending on what form it takes. However, in this case I believe we should see water as blue. On the face of it, from an energetic perspective the color red-violet seems to portray an imbalance of the masculine/active and the feminine/passive energy, with two parts red to one part blue, but as we shall see, this could be a necessary development for a very specific time. For instance, if we take red to represent Spirit then the color red-violet would denote that our spirits dominate this card.

In examining the Taoist Five Elements, I was surprised to discover that each element is assigned a direction, Wood = East, Metal = West, Fire = South, Water = North, and Earth = Center. I found it interesting that card 18 - the Moon’s color red-violet involved both the directions of North and South. The mention of direction naturally brings up the Cube of Space, only there we hit another anomaly; Paul Foster Case agreeing with designating the Moon as the 4th Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment. This is because card 18’s direction South Below does not align it with the 4th or Eastern Face on the Cube. However, both the card’s number 18, which reduces to 9 - 1+8=9, and direction South Below connect it to card 9 - the Hermit and its direction North Below. As we shall see shortly, this is the real secret of the card, but I first want to address the most obvious anomaly that makes card 18 - the Moon stand out, its note B-natural.

Until reading Paul Foster Case’s The TAROT A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, I believed that no other card carried the same vibration of the tone B-natural, but in his book, he relates that several of the cards have alternative musical notes. Obviously, there has to be a reason, so I decided to create the musical scale I used in card 17 - the Star using the alternative musical notes to see if it showed anything. As we can see below it did.

Overall, my impression of the alternative chart is one of raising the vibration. Nonetheless, the greatest difference is that card 17 - the Star and card 10 - the Wheel of Fortune joins card 18 -the Moon in the B musical tone. Nonetheless, unlike the Moon’s note B-natural, Mr. Foster Case assigned both card 17 and card 10 the alternative note B-flat. It seemed to me that there had to be a reason for his assigning alternative notes to certain cards but unfortunately investigating the differences is beyond the scope here. Still, as I had already been flagged by the uniqueness of card 18, obviously there was more to the message in the card than meets the eye. There was, and like card 17 - the Star, card 18 - the Moon’s message concerned our time.

Despite the designation of the 4th Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment not fitting for card 18 in the Cube of Space, it does fit with my investigation of the cycles of time. Earlier, I related how our Earth, or our Globe was seen as Globe D in Helena Blavatsky’s doctrine recorded in her masterpiece the Secret Doctrine. To recap: we are on the Fourth Globe of the seven Globes, and in the Fourth Round of the Earth Planetary Chain. Is it possible that by designating card 18 - the Moon as the 4th Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment, the number of Globe D, Mr. Foster Case was drawing attention to the card’s connection with this time? Even if he may not have been consciously aware of it, archetypally, the color and musical note of card 18 - the Moon could have been a way to subliminally point to a unique time when things would change.

So many people have been writing of the recent Shift. One of them is our dear friend Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Previously I related that his work was invaluable to putting all the pieces together. As stated, Carl determined that the Mayan Ninth Wave was completed in 2011. Nevertheless, although this completed the Mayan Long Count, as we know it was not the end of the world, but there was a shift. Since its activation, Carl has been tracking the effects of the Ninth Wave through its 36-Day cycle of 18 Days and 18 Nights, which we discussed when he visited us. His conclusions were that we are all being exposed to this wave that is designed to help us evolve, as a result we can no longer straddle the fence because each of us has to choose. Carl believes that this is one of the reasons many have observed a great awakening taking place. I will come back to this a little later, but for now we are addressing why card 18 - the Moon points to this time.

Above I mentioned that the Moon’s number 18 and direction connect it to card 9 - the Hermit. Again, this is because the number 18 reduces to 9, and both cards are on the 6th Face of Below in the Cube of Space. The RT group says the Hermit represents the Spirit, however, they also introduce card 12 - the Hanged Man as an archetype for the Christ, when relating that the Hanged Man represents the potential Christ consciousness within us. We see this with the “hanged man” in the card’s association with sacrifice. Considering the Hanged Man as an archetype for Christ was easy, because as I said Neptune could be seen as an archetype for the god of Emotion, but the Moon?

At first, as I said, I was at a loss to the placement in my vision until I remembered that card 18 - the Moon represents the sun-sign Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune. However, it was not the god Neptune that solved my dilemma; it was the sun-sign, which apparently acts as an archetype for Christ in its own right. I found this association with Pisces and the Christ in William F Mann’s book The Labyrinth Of The Grail. He writes “Christ the King is represented by the symbol of the fish, vesica pisces. In alchemy, Pisces is associated with the image of reflection: one fish stands for death, or the end, the other for primal birth, or the beginning.” According to Mr. Mann, Pisces stretches through the final winter section, “…in which the old cycle comes to an end at the same time as the new cycle is prepared. It is natural, therefore, that the intertwining of two circles or rings represents Christ.”

Something that has always puzzled me is why so many people were expecting a change in ages in 2012. Normally a precessional age is 2160 years. If the Age of Pisces began in the year 0 of the Common Era, then 2012 is 148 years earlier. Yet all the prophecies pointed to 2012 as being the end of the Age of Pisces; how can that be?

Mulling this problem over, I was reminded that February only has 28 days and the sun-sign Pisces falls between February 21st and March 21st meaning that Pisces is shorter than all the other sun-signs. Recalling the rhyme to help children remember how many days in the months, it seemed odd. As we know the months of September, April, June, and November are assigned 30 days, with “all the rest” January, March, May, July, August, October, and December having 31. Quite frankly it seemed ridiculous that one month of the year would be given less than a lunar month. In fact, the entry for February on Wikipedia says that “it is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon.” Obviously there was some important reason for assigning only 28 days to February, so I did a little digging.

First I ascertained from the entry that February got its name from the Latin “februum, which means purification.” It is derived from a “purification ritual” called “Februa” that was conducted annually on “February 15.” Not surprisingly the month of February was associated with a Roman god. His name was Februus and according to his entry Februus was “the god of the dead and purification. He was also worshipped by the Etruscans…”

As we are officially still in the Age of Pisces, which is also about purification through transformation, I suspected that the “Light” had a hand in the subliminal message passed through history by the length of days for February. I was also reminded of the Car of History statue mentioned earlier:

Mr. Ovason explains that Clio’s “feet” are positioned on the segment of the zodiac in which Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces is located. Interestingly, Clio’s association with Pisces shows that she engages in a polarity shift in order “to emerge into time from eternity …and along with a number of associated zodiacal signs, has wrenched herself free, and has emerged from the Archetypal world into the material realm.” Ultimately then Mr. Ovason relates that Franzoni’s Clio lives between the two worlds of spirit and matter. She is compelled to observe as objectively as possible all that happens on the earth plane...”

Intriguingly, there is another zodiac that shows the connection of time to Pisces, known as the Dendera Zodiac, which I learned of in a documentary concerning 2012. Gregg Braden mentioned it in reference to Fractal Time from his book Fractal time: the Secret of 2012 and a New World Age… However, the most important information came from Mr. Braden’s observations on the Dendera Zodiac because they led me to discover a deeper message hidden within it. He related that: “There is an inordinate amount of space between the Piscean fishes and the Aquarian water-bearer that is sometimes called the anomaly or discontinuity between the two signs…”

Greg Braden’s information that the distance between Pisces and Aquarius is disproportionate to the rest of the sun-signs is puzzling, because if the prophecies are correct, then the Age of Pisces is 148 years less than a normal precessional age. Wondering if there was a direct correlation between the difference in the number of days in February and the number of years in the Age of Pisces, I asked Craig to help me out with the math. He calculated that February is approximately 7 percent shorter than the average length of a month and if we take off 7 % from the normal 2,160 years of a precessional age we arrive at 2008.80. This is just three years short of the completion of the Ninth Wave in 2011. To me, if we couple the number of days for February with the shorter length for the Age of Pisces, clearly someone wanted to send the message that this Piscean Age would be shorter.

The RT group informs us the type of intelligence card 18 - the Moon represents is corporeal. Paul Foster Case related that as a verb in Hebrew, corporeal means “to rain upon.” Some may have noticed that in my version of the Moon card, I inserted the Hermit at the end of the path. I did this because both the RT group and Mr. Foster Case saw the number 18 revealing that our destination on the path of life is always card 9 - the Hermit, who symbolizes that at the end of the path of evolution, we connect with our divine spirit. Another interesting point Mr. Foster Case related was that in Hebrew, “ChI or Chai, signifying Life”, is also valued at 18. As for him designating this card as the 4th stage of the seven stages of Spiritual Unfoldment, he viewed the card as portraying that through meditation, we gain “knowledge” that we can incorporate into our physical being.

At first Binah’s connection to the Christ was a little confusing until I remembered that each Sephirot must be considered with its partner, which in the case of Binah is Chokmah. I took this to mean that as the Moon is a reflection of the Sun, Binah is a reflection or aspect of Chokmah. The Kabbalists believed Binah and Chokmah are united in Kether, which spiritually speaking in Gnostic terms, could be seen as depicting that after the Christ and Sophia separated, the two Sephirot Chokmah and Binah represented them. Speaking of Chokmah, it is time to move to Binah partner’s card.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot SUN 19gateway

I mentioned earlier how I was moved to connect the Higher Self with three other factors. Due to the importance of this in my Spiritual Evolution vision, I will once again refresh our memories. First, I determined that card 5 - the Hierophant was the first level, representing eros and hylics, whereas card 7 - the Chariot was the third representing the highest form of love, agape andthe purest of the three Gnostic divisions, pneumatics. As I said, the second level of the Higher Self was a little different as it involved two cards, card 6 - the Lovers, and card 19 - the Sun. This initially presented me with a problem because the astrological body, the Sun, has always archetypally been seen to signify The Christ. Viewing card 6 - the Lovers’ angel as an Archetype for the Higher Self, made sense, but the lone boy-child riding the horse in card 19 under a giant Sun seemed odd. My solution came from Paul Foster Case’s deck or the Builders Of The Adytum deck’s version.

In the BOTA version of card 19, two children, a boy and a girl stand in front of a wall, instead of just a young boy riding a horse. Like I said, I came to understand that card 6 - the Lovers, together with card 19 - the Sun, and card 7 the Chariot are relaying the message of Osiris and Horus. The message was that the disincarnate “angel” and the man “charioteer” as Osiris are uniting with Horus the “child.”

I found another reference to the Sun being represented by both a child and a man in THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES by Maurice Cotterell. In the book, Mr. Cotterell reports, “The pyramid texts say that ‘Ra the aged is said to be like Horus, and Ra, the babe, to be like Seker’.”(Note: Seker is also known as the triple god Ptah-Seker-Osiris.) Curiously, this appears to reverse the archetypes, with Horus being the man and Osiris taking on the role of the child. However, as in both cases Ra is associated with the Sun, the primary message is that Horus has become united with Osiris. Nonetheless, it is through the Sun, both the namesake of the solar body and the representation of the Sun-Christ that we discover why this is so important.

Traditionally in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Sun represents the 6th Sephirot, Tiphareth meaning Beauty. Is it a coincidence that the Greek sun god, Apollo, was known for his beauty? Regardless, this is probably why I was shown that Tiphareth represents the Sun-Christ, because as the ruler of the Soul Plane, it makes sense to place the Christ in the center of the Tree of Life. Nonetheless, in my Spiritual Evolution vision, the Sun Sephirot is not represented by the card that portrays the Sun. Instead as I have shown it is card 6 - the Lovers on the Tree of Reason and card 7 - the Chariot on the Tree of Truth. The reason for the placement concerned astrology and color.
The RT group relates that the color orange represents the super-consciousness, and as we know an alternative term for super-consciousness is Christ consciousness. Card 6 - the Lovers represents the sun sign Gemini and the planet Mercury, which also connects it to card 1 - the Magician. Remembering Paul Foster Case’s version of two children standing before the Sun, I do not think there could be a more fitting image for Gemini’s twins. Moreover, the planet Uranus assigned to card 0 - the Fool was also associated with the Christ and Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury, again represented by card 1 - the Magician.

In respect to my vision, color energy appears to completely resonate for Tiphareth in the Tree of Reason. However, in the Tree of Truth it seems to resonate with color only partially. This is because card 6 - the Lovers, like card 19 - the Sun is assigned the color orange, whereas, card 7 - the Chariot is assigned the color orange-yellow. Still, I said it only “appears to completely resonate” in the Tree of Reason, because if we incorporate the three levels of the Higher Self then the common denominator for all three levels is the color orange – card 5, red-orange, card 6 and card 19 orange, and card 7, orange-yellow. Therefore, placing the Sun as Chokmah on the Tree of Truth instead of in Tiphareth connects all four cards with both the Christ consciousness within us and the universal force of Light assisting in our enlightenment. Let me explain why I say that. Through the color orange we can view the Angel in card 6 - the Lovers as representing the pre-incarnate Christ consciousness and the child in card 19 - the Sun signifying the infant Christ consciousness in us. Furthermore, through the color orange we can learn how the Christ consciousness grows and matures. Card 7 - the Chariot is orange-yellow, which means that after the Angel awakens as the Christ consciousness or the inner child in us, through Spiritual Evolution it grows into the charioteer of the Chariot.


Passion is a valuable key to unlocking Spiritual Evolution; so I feel that the color orange may be showing us the way. I feel this because the Sun also conjures up images of a creative God like Zeus, and orange is a combination of red and yellow. Another way of looking at the message from the Sun is that the first stirring of the divine spark is felt in the heart. The RT group stressing the importance of color says to me that the way to achieve spiritual growth can be found by using the colors of the Major Arcana. One would think it would be by merging the traditional two colors representing masculine and feminine, red, and blue, but this is not the case, because we do not grow through the color violet. If we remember that card 11 - Justice or balance, which is green, is at the center of the Tarot Tableau, we can see the deeper message of color. Spiritual progress is about uniting the emotions (blue) with the mind (yellow), which brings forth our creative imagination (green). We do this by using both aspects of our reason (red), which transforms into the super or Christ consciousness (orange).

With the color orange seeming to play such an important part, I wondered how it would fit in to the Five Taoist Elements, after all, Taoism is several thousand years old. I also felt that this ancient practice could help with the anomaly of Paul Foster Case’s apparent agreement with the RT group’s designation of the final five cards in the Tarot Tableau as the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th stages of Spiritual Unfoldment. Obviously, as the Five Elements do not have the color orange, we need to break it down into red and yellow. As I have related the Taoist system does not include the element Air, moreover, the color yellow is assigned to Earth not green. Nevertheless, red represents the same element as the Kabbalists designation for the color, namely Fire.

Interestingly, as stated, the Taoist system assigns directions to the Elements. In this case, South is for Fire and Center is for Earth. As the last card in the Tarot Tableau, card 21 – the World is assigned Center and represents Saturn it seemed to be connected. However, the color of the last card is blue-violet, not yellow, which would represent Fire and Water in Taoism. I knew that I was being shown this for a reason, so what is it saying? If we take the two directions that make up the color orange in the Taoist Five Elements, South and Center, then the first corresponds with card 19 - the Sun on the Cube of Space and the 3rd Face/stage the traveler encounters. Nonetheless, both the RT group and Paul Foster Case clearly designated the Sun as the 5th Stage of Spiritual Unfoldment and card 21 - the World as the 7th, and this is the clue. By the ancients assigning the color orange to the Sun, they were placing it at the center of everything. It helps to remember that both the Kabbalistic and Taoist systems were created long before the Human Race acknowledged the Sun was at the center of the Solar System.

Still, the Tarot Tableau has many levels of knowledge, and I believe it is only by combining all the information that we unravel its deepest secrets. In the Cube of Space, the color of the South Face is also orange. With the RT group identifying the color as representing the super-consciousness or Christ-consciousness within, we know the spiritual significance of the color orange. Incorporating the Taoist Five Elements system reveals that the Christ and the Earth are at the center of everything.

In my commentary on the Magician, I related that discovering the Earth orbits the sun might not have benefited Humanity in the spiritual sense. To reiterate, while people believed the Earth was at the center or heart of the universe, hence the same letters for both earth and heart, they connected to the fact of being a part of the spiritual realm. Removing this thought and reducing a human being to a blip in an unfathomably large universe removes the individual’s belief in their ability to affect our reality.

All of the above deductions require using judgement, but without being judgmental. This is not always easy as the pain body and ego often get in the way. Nonetheless, as we shall see in the next card, controlling our emotions in the face of the Fire Element is a requirement for us to spiritually evolve.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot JUDGEMENT 20gateway

Traditionally, the Line of Descent in the Tree of Life begins in the first Sephirot, Kether. Despite the red line starting in the fourth Sephirot, Chesed, on the Tree of Reason in my Spiritual Evolution vision, the energy still flowed throughout that tree. As I said, the red line represented the descent of the masculine, while the blue line in the Tree of Truth represented the ascent of the feminine. This was extremely relevant for me in understanding the vision, because by reversing the line in the ascent, the order of the Sephirot is also changed. Consequently, in the masculine descent on the Tree of Reason the third Sephirot is Binah, which is represented by card 20 - Judgement. On the other hand, in the feminine ascent on the Tree of Truth, the 3rd Sephirot is Chokmah and is represented by card 19 - the Sun.

On one level, as the Sun is the highest manifestation of Fire in the physical plane, connecting its card to Judgment made sense. Shin is the mother letter for Fire and the Sun is at the center of the Solar System or the heart of the physical plane. Still, although the Sun is the supreme symbol of the active or masculine force, I wondered if there was a concealed reason for placing the two cards of Judgement and the Sun together. To determine this, I needed to compare the two cards' details. Judgement represents 20, Vulcan/Pluto, color red, Hebrew letter Shin, direction North to South, note C-natural, the symbol tooth or fang, and the element Fire. On the other hand, the Sun represents 19, obviously the Sun, color orange, Hebrew letter Resh, direction South, note D-natural, the symbol face, and the element Fire. On the face of it (no pun intended) the only connection is the element Fire, but card 20 - Judgment’s direction North to South is also the direction of the masculine force. The connection lies in that on an evolutionary level red or the passions need to be tempered with yellow or intellect and logic, which blends into orange or the first emergence of the Christ consciousness. I take this to mean that it is the active or masculine force, represented by the passions that move towards manifestation or rather away from Spirit at first, but through the Sun-Christ hidden within us, the Life Principle can rise to radiant light.

Earlier, in my commentary for card 12 - the Hanged Man, I mentioned that I discovered that the three Supernals (Kabbalistic term for the first 3 Sephirot in the Archetypal Plane) represented the three Hebrew Mother Letters and the three Kabbalistic elements of Fire, Air, and Water. These in turn are represented by the three higher octaves of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, or Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto respectively. Both the discipline of numerology and the Elements confirm assigning card 20 - Judgement to the Supernals. Judgement’s number is 20 and 20 reduces to two 2+0=2, which is appropriately the number of the second Supernal, Chokmah. In addition, the second Sephirot represents the element Fire.

Nonetheless, the real value for card 20 - Judgment is in the Gnostic teachings on the Elements representing emotion, which I discussed in the commentary on card 12 - the Hanged Man. Due to its importance, to refresh our memories, I will repeat the points that are pertinent to this commentary from the previous Supernal’s card. As stated, the Gnostic teacher Valentinus believed the purpose of life was to transmute the four Elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth back into Spirit… Fire represents Ignorance or as we can interpret it today rage or intense anger, hatred, and resentment. Envy and jealousy also falls into this category. Air predominantly represents Grief, but it can also include despair. We assign Water to any degree of Fear. As for the element Earth, the Gnostics considered it a condensation of the other three, so we could view Earth as representing confusion or being overwhelmed with emotion rather than just one.

To reiterate, we believe as humans evolved, the natural fear of predators developed into not only fear of death or being hurt, but also fear of losing loved ones. This fear would also bring the natural emotions of Grief and Ignorance/Anger. Although Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s book, On Death and Dying, concerns grief from the terminally ill perspective, it still identifies five stages to overcoming this debilitating emotion: Denial – Anger - Bargaining - Depression, and Acceptance.

We were surprised to learn that the early Church Fathers believed Grief was the source of evil, because it seemed so inactive. People who are experiencing grief are usually barely functioning, so how could they perpetrate evil? Ms. Kubler Ross provides a clue when she says that in the second stage of grief, Anger, “feelings of rage and envy” consume the dying person. Not to mention that people around them are often “…subject to projected resentment and jealousy.”

As stated, Ms. Kubler Ross’ 5 stages concern an individual facing their mortality. However, Grief takes on a completely different meaning, when grieving for the death of a loved one. This is because the loss of a loved one can, and often does, lead to the desire for revenge. We generate this kind-of grief through believing someone is responsible for our loved one’s death. In these cases, the by-product of Grief is the more active element of Ignorance, which in this situation the emotion it represents is Hatred. This was the primary reason Jesus abolished the law of “an eye for an eye,” which was addressed earlier in Ptolemaeus’ Letter to Flora. In Stage Reason of the Know Thyself Initiative on our web-site, we delved into this subject a lot deeper:

“Unfortunately, parts of the world still practice the law of revenge or an eye for an eye, namely Saudi Arabia, perpetuating the energy, consciousness, and frequency of hatred. So accepting that the goal of Spiritual Evolution is to transmute the Elements through our emotions what role does hatred play. Is hatred one of the emotions that we need to transmute? Not exactly, because hatred is the direct result of the insertion of the pain-body and is the exact opposite of the Spirit or Love.

“On the subject of hatred, we had a dilemma. Jesus uses the word hate in the New Testament multiple times. If the word hatred connects to evil, then how could we explain Jesus saying in Luke 14:26 “If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple?”

“Obviously, Jesus did not mean hate in the way we understand it today. A clue to the context meant by the word hate that Jesus used is found a few verses on in verse 33, which reads “…whosoever... forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” Webster’s Dictionary says of the word forsake, “To give up (something held dear) renounce. To leave altogether; abandon.” Therefore, in this context Jesus meant hate as in “abandon or give up.”

“The 2nd part could also come from the Bible. Only Hatred in this context is more akin to intense dislike or abhorrence, as in the beatitudes in Matthew 5:44 where Jesus admonishes his followers to love their enemies and “bless them that curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you...”

The second level of Hatred originates from the emotion of Fear, which equates to the element Water. As we have seen, individuals who hate a person for the color of their skin or religion, perpetrate some of the most hateful acts…

“Although the 2nd level of Hatred can result in some atrocious acts, it is not as devastating spiritually as the 3rd level of Hatred. This is because the 3rd level interpretation of hatred is wholly alien to spirituality, because it involves revenge. Therefore, we best describe this kind of hatred with the adjective Hateful, which is associated to the synonyms malicious, cruel, spiteful, and wicked or evil. However the real danger in this level of Hatred is found within its subtly.

“Despite Hatred predominantly being associated with the spiritual emotion of Ignorance, the 3rd level connects to the emotion of Grief, which equates to the element Air. Associating the 3rd level of Hatred with Grief reveals the insidious nature of this level of Hatred, namely, its ability to simmer under the surface for centuries. A perfect example is what happened in Germany in the middle of the 20th Century with the rise of Nazism and Fascism. This is because when Hatred rises to the surface, the tragedy is it multiplies. Moreover, if an individual is not careful, they can find themselves consumed by it…”

Since card 20 - Judgement is the axis dissecting the Cube of Space from North to South, its influence is extensive. Some may have noticed that in the details for the card, I included Pluto with Vulcan; this is because both astrological bodies have been associated with this card. Recently, I was interested to discover that some astronomers believe the planetoid Pluto was originally one of Neptune’s moons, which energetically creates ambiguity as to its Element. For instance, Benebell Wen relates that the Element assigned to card 20 - Judgment depends on whether you assign it to Vulcan or Pluto. Vulcan was the Roman god of Fire, the Greek Hephaestus, which would make Judgement’s element Fire. However, if we take the modern feeling of replacing Vulcan with Pluto, which rules Scorpio then Water would be the Element.

However, we have other clues through the color and the musical note assigned to the Judgment card. Three cards in the Tarot Tableau hold the color red vibration, card 4 - the Emperor, card 16 - the Tower, and card 20 - Judgement. Enforcing this connection is the fact all three cards have the note C-natural as their sound vibration. Something else I noticed in looking at the tableau, we see these three Fire cards form a perfect triangle between them. Another interesting connection is that the three cards representing Venus, card 3 - the Empress, card 5 - the Hierophant, and card 11 -Justice intersect the upward Fire triangle with a downward Water one. Moreover, the Emperor and upper point of the triangle, is Venus or the Empress’ consort, coincidence? Perhaps like my Spiritual Evolution vision blending the masculine red Line of Descent with the feminine blue Line of Ascent, this is also a case of blending or merging the energies of masculine and feminine.

According to Paul foster Case Perpetual Intelligence is “conscious immortality.” Although Judgement is the penultimate card in the Tarot Tableau he believes it is a culmination of mental activities originating in cosmic memory. Listing the cards as 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20, Mr. Foster Case designates Judgement as the “final state of personal consciousness.” Agreeing with Daphna, he too sees the angel in the card as Gabriel. Designating Gabriel as “Divine Breath, or cosmic fire,” he says that the action of heat upon water creates air, the substance of breath.

I found Paul foster Case’s take on the effect of sound interesting, because like The RT group he believed that sound is based on the number 7. In addition, he explained that it is through sound that we find freedom, because the seven musical notes representing the seven chakras experience “sympathetic vibration.” Speaking of liberation, there is no greater visual expression of being liberated than the dancing figure in our next card.

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The RWS-ARCANAs Tarot WORLD 21gateway

In spite of card 9 - the Hermit being the destination in my Spiritual Evolution vision, as card 21 - the World ends the Tarot Tableau and represents the final stage in the Cube of Space, it also represents this time. Starting with my vision, after reaching the bottom of the Tree of Reason, and the 10th Sephirot Malkuth or Kingdom represented by card 10 - the Wheel of Fortune, instead of following the traditional route of ascending back up the Tree of Reason, along the Path of the Arrow, “we” moved down the 33rd path to another Daath, represented by card 17 - the Star. At first I found placing Daath before Malkuth on the Tree of Truth confusing, but when I realized that Malkuth on this tree is assigned to the World I understood.

For further clarity, I need to comment on how I determined the energetic difference between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth. Initially, I had wondered at the designation decent of the masculine and ascent of the feminine, although, rather than the designation “feminine” for the ascent, as we will see, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it neutral. To ascertain the predominant energy, I was guided to assign the colors red, yellow and orange to masculine or active energy and the color blue to feminine or passive. Naturally green, violet, and indigo, which are all combinations of masculine and feminine colors, are neutral. Surprisingly, the Tree of Reason or masculine/active force arrayed thus: 7 masculine, 1 feminine and 3 neutral: whereas the Tree of Truth or feminine/passive had 2 masculine, 2 feminine and 7 neutral. This is why I said, perhaps I should rename the ascent line neutral, because the “balance” clearly shows that the goal is for neither the masculine/active nor feminine/passive to predominate, but both to find harmony or perfect balance. So why designate the Tree of Truth feminine? The answer lies in the color of the ascent line being blue, and therefore representing the feminine or passive energy. I must reiterate that when I say masculine and feminine, I am not referring to gender.

Returning to my vision, to reiterate, when “we” reached Kether or card 9 - the Hermit on the Tree of Truth after a brief pause, both trees rose up at a ninety-degree angle and completely merged with each other. At this time, neither the red nor blue lines were on the now completely combined trees. I was given to understand that the two trees had become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. As I watched, I saw/felt something emerge from the 6th Sephirot Tiphareth on the newly formed tree. I intuited that the energy or consciousness that I was a part of and yet separate from, represented the Life-Principle driving evolution, which of course at this stage is led by the Human Race. Again, I watched as the bulk turned left and rose up to Geburah, while a small remnant turned right to move up to Chesed, before following a thin silver thread to disappear into Daath. Afterwards, I felt myself pull back from the tree to witness a transparent serpent appear in Malkuth and begin winding its way upwards, its coils embracing the six lowest Sephiroth. Then in the Air and Mental Creative Plane of Briah, the serpent disappeared through Daath, to emerge on the back side of Kether, where it left the tree and after connecting with a small Tree of Life in the distance, turned back to swallow its tail.

Due to Daath being the interface between the macrocosm and the microcosm, when the two trees merge, Daath is in the position between Chokmah and Binah, which appropriately in English translate to Wisdom and Understanding. As the RT group conveys in connecting the Four Planes to the Word in card 7 - the Chariot, the Kabbalists believed Yod Heh Vav Heh represented the four elements. Accepting Yod or Kether as Air, the two Heh’s can be seen as representing Shin or Chokmah as Fire, and Mem or Binah as Water. This would make Vav, a representative of Venus or the Empress as Daath denoting the element Earth.

By merging card 17 - the Star with card 3 - the Empress in my vision, it connected both the Empress and the sun-sign Aquarius to Daath. As Daath represents the door to the next stage of Spiritual Evolution, the message of my vision was that the major shift in Spiritual Evolution takes place under the influence of the Age of Aquarius, which of course is now.

Dion Fortune informed us that eventually Daath “conjoins” with Chokmah and Binah, as it seems Daath’s role is to “upset” the status quo. Surprisingly though, the upset comes through “balancing” and not disruption. I saw this as Daath in her role as the Holy Spirit driving humanity to spiritually evolve, which Ms. Fortune appears to confirm, when she revealed that there is a “Magical Circuit” between Yesod or the moon and Daath. Recalling that Yesod and card 2 - the High Priestess represent the moon reminded me of the Kabbalistic mysterious AGLA. As we know, the High Priestess or Gimel unites with the Empress or Daleth in Justice or Lamed. AGLA as stated is a combination of card 0 - the Fool, card 2 - the High Priestess, and card 11 - Justice. Spiritually speaking, we could see this as identifying The Holy Ghost as the union of Sophia, or the High Priestess and The Holy Spirit, or the Empress. This once again emphasizes the importance of Daath and brings me back to the connection of card 9 - the Hermit to AGLA. Like so many other times, this connection is confirmed through color. If we apply the colors associated to AGLA we have Light-yellow for Aleph or the Fool, which occurs twice, Light-blue for Gimel or the High Priestess, and green for Lamed or Justice. This combination of colors creates a yellowish green, which as we know represents card 9 - the Hermit.

Nonetheless, in my Spiritual Evolution vision, the Tarot Tableau, and the Cube of Space, we started with card 0 - the Fool. Therefore, there has to be more to this archetype than meets the eye. There is, because apart from representing the pre-incarnate spiritual soul, the real value of the Fool concerns it being the representative for the element Air. In Gnosticism, as I said, the element Air represents Grief, which the early Church fathers believed was the source of evil. I explained that Ms. Kubler Ross provides a clue when she says that in the second stage, Anger, “feelings of rage and envy” consume the dying person. However, from a spiritual perspective there is a more serious consequence of Grief being the source of evil, because of the way we create. Yet, as with all spiritual affects there is always a silver lining, and in this case, it concerns using Grief to transform the world.

If we recall, the Tree of Life is divided into four levels, worlds, or planes: Archetypal, Creative, Formative, and Active. Each level is assigned an element, Fire for Archetypal, Air for Creative, Water for Formative, and Earth for the Active. From this we see that Air is associated with both Creation and Grief. Gautama Buddha stated that suffering was how a person is released from the cycle of necessity, but the suffering serves a far greater purpose than that. When understood from a universal perspective suffering or rather Grief can literally change the world.

Remembering that the Five elements of Taoism exclude the element Air reveals even more. In the Taoist system, the element of Air is replaced with Wood and Metal, in effect dividing the element of Air in two, why? Could the message be that the mind or mental plane has become divided? Wood is natural; whereas Metal is extracted or created. Applying the secret of the color-scale in the Kabbalistic Tarot to this enigma, we can learn a great secret. Employing the traditional wheel for the Five Elements, the Elements are arrayed in the form of a pentagram or five-pointed star, with Wood as the top point. From the colors of the elements on either side of Wood and Metal, we can learn how to transform. First, the colors on either side of Wood are blue/black, or indigo and red. As I have already shown the connection between indigo and the High Priestess/Sophia, we will drop the color black and just use the primary color of blue, leaving us with blue and red, which at the macrocosmic level equates to card 2 - the High Priestess and card 4 - the Emperor. In the Tarot, at the macrocosmic level, the Empress represents Nature, which is epitomized by the color green. In this way, card 3 - the Empress or Nature would represent Wood.

As for Metal, which is situated as one of the bottom points of the pentagram, the colors on either side of it are blue/black and yellow. If we again drop the non-primary color of black, we are left with blue and yellow, which in this case equates to card 2 - the High Priestess and card 1 - the Magician. As the RT group says, the High Priestess and the Magician united becomes the Empress, and as the Emperor is the Empress’ consort, it seems that like the Tarot, the Taoist Five Elements are also pointing to the Empress or Nature as a focal point. In other words the color green or Wood is the key element.

Transformation brings in the mysterious Philosophers’ Stone, traditionally thought to be used by the alchemists to turn lead into gold, but a much deeper and meaningful purpose has been uncovered, namely the spiritualization of matter. To unlock the secret we need to examine astrology in respect to the Major Arcana and the traditional chakra system. Traditionally, lead represents Saturn and the base chakra, whereas gold signifies the Sun and the heart. To reiterate, Card 21 – the World is the Saturn card, and the Sun is assigned to its namesake card 19, but the latter’s color is orange, which correlates to the second chakra and the color yellow. In this way, gold/yellow would represent the third chakra or solar plexus, not the heart. How do we resolve this? The answer is in the note assigned to the Magician. As we know E-natural represents three cards, card 0 -the Fool, card 1 - the Magician, and card 8 – Strength. The key to revealing the Philosophers’ Stone is in the Sacred Marriage or Union, epitomized by the dancing figure in card 21 - the World.

The open or exoteric meaning of the Sacred Marriage is the sex union between a man and woman, but there is a far more spiritual meaning. Like the Philosopher’s Stone was not about turning lead into gold, the Sacred Marriage also had a deeper purpose. Spiritually, it concerned the instructions to spiritualize matter by transforming the heart through raising the sex force to the head. Many have seen the physical ritual of the Sacred Marriage known as Hieros Gamos portrayed in card 6 - the Lovers. However, the ancient Kabbalists hid esoteric information, and as the RT group tells us, one way was assigning a secret value to certain cards. Recapping what they said, the Lovers secret number of sixteen represents the choice between the physical and the spiritual, symbolized by the woman listening to the Angel in the card.

In the commentary on card 19 - the Sun, I related how the Cube of Space, and the stages of Spiritual Unfoldment connects the earth to the sun through card 21 - the World. This is the final stage in both the Cube of Space and the Tarot Tableau and once again correlates with the stage of spiritual unfoldment, as both are the seventh stage. According to David Allen Hulse, the traveler encounters the World three times in physical existence. As the World is at the exact center of the Cube, all three axes, represented by the three Mother Letters, dissect it. The first time we encounter the World is preparing for incarnation. Interestingly, the Builders Of The Adytum deck’s World card portrays this perfectly, with the scarf around the dancing figure taking the form of the Hebrew letter Kaph. Kaph, as stated, represents card 10 - the Wheel of Fortune, which is the first Stage on the Western Face of the Cube. By having this detail in the card, Paul Foster Case’s deck is depicting the World as directing the incarnating soul to the Wheel of Fortune.

Paul Foster Case had some interesting things to say about card 21 - the World. He apparently agreed with the RT group in associating this card to the fifth dimension. Accepting that this center point is beyond all concept of past, present, and future, he believed it is also “the culmination of concentration.” For Mr. Foster Case the most important message of the World comes from the makeup of the ellipse encircling the dancing figure. He stated that the 22 clusters of three leaves, symbolize 22 forces representing the 22 Hebrew letters, which of course correspond to the 22 Major Arcana. Evidently, the leaves are in groups of three to denote that the 22 forces have “three modes of expression…”, which according to Paul Foster Case are “integration, disintegration or equilibrium”, however, which one dominates our lives depends on us, simply how we apply it.

The RT group speaks of card 4 - the Emperor representing both inductive and deductive reasoning, which correlates with the two Hebrew letter Heh’s in Yod Heh Vau Heh. Obviously, in associating the two kinds of reasoning to such a sacred name, it must be important. It is because; our deductive reasoning is what helps us access the universal memory to remember who we are. Recently, while watching a light-hearted TV show, we heard one of the characters say that the trouble with deductive reasoning is that unless you have gathered all the information you cannot reach an accurate deduction. Such a statement is the main reason the Mysteries teach the transformation or integration of the ego. As the false self will often persuade a seeker to discard much of the relevant information, because it does not fit in with the individuals’ present belief system. This is why the RT group stresses we need to unite all the principles of consciousness.

The process of transforming the human will controlled by the ego, into the Divine Will directed by Spirit, takes place at the microcosmic level, i.e., within the individual human being. After the self-conscious or human will has transformed into the Divine Will, it then, as the RT group says, transforms the heart depicted by the sign of infinity over both the figures’ heads in card 1 - the Magician and card 8 - Strength. What occurs on a microcosmic level when the human will is transformed into the Divine Will, is the complete integration of all parts of the consciousness in the human being. Gnostically speaking we could see this as the reuniting of Sophia and her partner What has been Willed.

Knowledge of a path directly to Spirit has been handed down through the generations, in the guise of symbols, such as the Hebrew language, Kabbalah and Tarot. Maurice Cotterell said the ancients left messages to teach us to turn 666 into 999. Interestingly, he believes the number 666 represents the makeup of the element carbon, as in 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons. So once again we see the message of transforming or spiritualizing matter.

My vision of a metaphorical Snakes & Ladders board game superimposed over the Tarot Tableau depicted two paths to advance from the start in card 15, the Devil. One was a direct path to card 21 - the World, which means when we understand the higher aspects of the Devil’s lessons, we can move on to the World and unite the opposites. Following this, we have the opportunity to move diagonally across the board to the highest aspect of card 1 - the Magician, or Divine Will, which in turn leads to card 8 - Strength and the spiritualization of matter or turning lead (the body) into gold (spirit), through the transformed heart.

The other path concerns astrology. In astrology, card 15 - the Devil is assigned to Capricorn and the symbol for the sun sign is the goat, which is also a key symbol for the Devil. Most of us are aware that the pagan festival of the Winter Solstice or birth of the Sun was adapted into Christmas in order to accommodate the “pagans,” but what if this was inspired for another reason as well. Could the connection between Capricorn and the archetype portrayed in card 15, be determined through the Tarot Tableau. Diagonally opposite the Devil’s card is card 7 - the Chariot, which is assigned to the sun sign Cancer, and the time of the Summer Solstice. If we remember that it is during the Summer and Winter solstices that the sun reaches its zenith (highest) and nadir (lowest) points, respectively, could the Tableau again be advocating the need to forgo extremes. Absolutely, but more than that the positioning is saying the way to avoid the temptation of the Devil (false self) is through Receptivity.

Ultimately, as the RT group says, we need to transmute the sex-force from physical gratification into a mental vibration, which transforms the heart, represented by card 8 - Strength. As stated, this is the Philosophers’ Stone, and we attain it through the Sacred Marriage or Union.

Our heritage is to transform first ourselves and then the world and this is the time for us to do that. While writing my commentaries our dear friend Carl came to visit us. As I related, Dr. Calleman is working with several groups to track the effects of the Ninth Wave’s 36-day cycle. Like so many other times, our meeting generated a lot of insights, one of them being that the information we need to evolve is riding the Ninth Wave. When we consider that 2011 was the completion of all Nine Waves that began 16.4 billion years ago then perhaps, we can see why this time is different than any other time. We believe that the archetypes in the Tarot, together with their interpretation are a part of the information embedded in the Ninth Wave.

Carl Jung believed archetypes resided in the collective unconscious; this would be the same as the RT group’s Cosmic Mind or Universal Subconscious. Archetypes roles are to remind us of our mission in life. They act as a kind-of trigger to those memories our deepest subconscious carries.

If anyone doubts the ability of an archetype to trigger latent memories, consider what advertisers use in there commercials. For instance, we immediately connect the green Gecko, Michelin Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Ronald McDonald to their products. Advertisers use the archetype of a warm grandmother to imply their product is both like grandma made and take us back to our childhoods when we were more trusting. These are just a few examples of the modern use of archetypes. However, in the Mysteries, the archetypes are designed to reconnect us to our true spirits, by reminding us of our spiritual makeup, not to mention the divine consciousnesses we carry within us, so let us review what I believe the archetypes and the Mysteries are giving us.

The Mysteries encapsulated in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Cube of Space, and if I may be so bold to say my Spiritual Evolution vision are literally our heritage and when we realize this, the information takes on new significance. To start the transformation of the world only requires 777,000 to metaphorically reach card 9 - the Hermit. If we see the Hermit or spirit as representing the heart chakra, into which we are spiraling, then when 777,000 or the critical mass of people reach the Hermit, the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth becomes the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. This means that everyone else is also pulled up, because the Life Principle is driven by consciousness and the highest forms of consciousness on the planet are human beings.

If anyone is reading this, there is a very good chance that he or she has been awakened to the truth of their full spiritual potential. Even if they are still unsure, the fact that they are searching is evidence of the spirit stirring within them. In either case, it is also likely that they are one of the 777,000 specifically born to affect a critical mass and utilize the Ninth Wave to transform our world. Each of us has a role to play. I am sure that the RT group would agree with me, when I say that like A.E. Waite, Pamela Coleman Smith, Paul Foster Case, and the many authors cited in this book, our part was simply surrendering ourselves to act as tools to bring this information forward. Each person’s role is up to them.



One more point I would like to share, before moving on to the sample chapters, concerns our mission. Throughout my writing, from LOVE: The Common Denominator, and The Good News Reverberation, to the two volume Treatise, America’s Hijacked Destiny… and the BEYOND DIVINATION: anthology of the Tarot, I am convinced that the knowledge is not mine. Using pure logic, having left school at 14 to enter a thirty-four-year career as a Hair Stylist, negated the knowledge originating from any kind-of education. True, after our calling in Saudi Arabia, and subsequent experience in Jerusalem, at the age of 38 I began an intensive guided study of several hundred books, nonetheless, my work wasn’t channeled or generated through automatic writing. On the contrary, I have always been fully conscious while I was typing. So, where did my new understanding of Jesus’ mission come from?

Over the years, through hours of writing and discussions with both my partner and husband Craig, as well as Great Spirit-Mind, I realize that as I have repeatedly said, the answer to the question above is that it comes from within. However, it has only been since working on the Know Thyself Initiative that I understand exactly how it works. It started with absorbing thousands of pages of information, then plotting a general outline of what I’m moved to write.

While I’m writing, questions arise on the information, such as how it fits with the established data. The only help my guidance gives is pointing me to the information in question. I then have to sit with it meditating and using Higher Reason, which together with my imagination creates images that stimulate my Intradimensional Intuition. Since this aspect of my consciousness is connected to my Higher Self, it likewise connects me to the Christ-consciousness, and the kingdom within, as well as Divine Wisdom. Considering Jesus’ promise to us that “Ask and you shall receive”, I believe it is my sincere wish to understand that leads me to the answer. The point is that this information is available to anyone because it is Ancient Wisdom that we all know. All that is required is for a person to be open to it.