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Transition to Truth

At the beginning of March Daniel received an e-mail from Beth while writing his weekly column. Having sent her Sophia’s treatise a few days after their phone call in January, two months later he’d resigned himself to not hearing from her again. Beth’s e-mail was short, just enquiring if they could talk. Arranging to Skype with her later that day when he got home, he continued working on his column.

Not sure what to expect, Daniel realized that he was a little nervous at seeing Beth again. Hearing the familiar tones of Skype’s notification of someone calling him, answering the call he waited for Beth’s face to come into focus. Once again Daniel noted how much the woman’s smile lit up her face. Studying Beth with a reporter’s eye, he observed a particular lightening to her overall appearance, so much so that she seemed to be a different person to the woman he spent ten days with. Deciding to take the initiative Daniel inquired, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“I wanted to ask about Sophia’s treatise.” Then, obviously realizing that she hadn’t thanked him for sending her the books, quickly added, “By the way, thank you for sending them to me, I’ve just finished reading them.” When Daniel asked what she thought of the treatise Beth related, “Although at first I was a little overwhelmed, I loved it. History has never been my forte but her treatise was different, as it made me realize why humans need to record our history. The subject bored me to death in school but seeing history presented energetically, it makes sense. In fact, reading of the resetting of the Baby-Boomers in the 1970s, explained so much about my parents attitude and the crazy events since then.” Going quiet, Daniel could see that Beth was not finished and was gathering her thoughts. Proving him right, she tentatively broached, “I do have a couple of questions though.” After he silently acknowledged her with an encouraging smile, Beth continued inquiring, “I was wondering about the effect of the false self, without the presence of the Shadow of Deception now. How can it still be instigating the Shadow’s agenda. Also, I’m not precisely clear on what exactly the false self is.”

Smiling Daniel explained, “Sophia told me to think of the false self as hatred, which is alien to Life and Spirit. It is this that connects the counterfeit-spirits together, and is how people are being manipulated to continue the status quo. Remember how I said that demagoguery was the reason why good people like your parents could get caught up in the insurrection.” When Beth confirmed she did remember, Daniel explained. “If we think of the false self as hatred, which is fed by fear, grief, and anger, then anything that promotes these emotions, effectively promotes hatred, strengthening the false self. The reason Sophia refers to what Eckhart Tolle called the pain-body as the counterfeit-spirit, is because we could look at it as the exact antithesis of our spirit, which is divine. Even though Donald Trump and other demagogues in the world may not be consciously complicit with the Shadow’s agenda, they are being used to generate the energy of hate and division. With the development of QAnon we have a growing situation of the population’s false selves being focused on one individual, Donald Trump. Also it is why there are so many hate crimes being carried out, because his actions and rhetoric, championed by his supporters on Fox News and the like, is increasing the prevalence of the 3rd level of hatred.”

“Oh yes” agreed Beth. “Sophia spoke of the danger of the 3rd level of hatred in her treatise. Is hatred the reason that no one can agree or work together?”

Happy that Beth was obviously thinking about things energetically, Daniel replied “Partly. But as I summed up in my article, it’s more about the loss of reason, because this level of hatred replaces reason. However, as I saw when my article came out, I received letters and e-mails both for and against my summation, which demonstrated that the general public is perhaps regaining their reason.”


In 2030, Daniel explained, “I’ve always believed that when given the correct information, most people can be reasonable.”

Michael and his friends then asked Daniel what people were being unreasonable about, and the reporter realized that although they experienced THAT God-awful time, their young age caused them to not pay that much attention to it. Confirming his assessment, Julie offered. “I was only 9 at the time and of course I knew what was going on but it all seemed so angry to me.”

Nodding in agreement Daniel stated. “It was anger but the problem was that so many really good people were caught in something they didn’t understand, which was being fed energetically.”

“Are you talking about the Shadow’s Agenda Grand pa that you mentioned before?

Smiling indulgently at his grandson Daniel explained, “Yes. As I said, even though the Shadow of Deception was neutralized in 2010,” making air quotes Daniel adds ‘its agenda’ was still in play at that time.” Asking Daniel to refresh their memories on the agenda, he obliged reiterating that it concerned the Law of Reincarnation, which decreed that every negative thought and emotion must be addressed, otherwise it will continue to rise in subsequent incarnations. In 2020 and early 2021 the world was dealing with unresolved racism, in particular White supremacy.

“Throughout human history, the Shadow succeeded in convincing people that they fitted into separate categories of gender, color, ethnicity, religion, education, status (wealth), and sexual orientation. Consequently, we learned to see each other as different, which caused us to develop unconscious bias. This bias grew stronger over time until less evolved individuals, or younger souls began to feel superior, and entitled to a bigger and better share of resources. Of course, this resulted in gross injustice. Combatting this was the Law of Reincarnation, which gave each soul the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes, as it were. Plus as America was specifically designed to be the world’s melting pot, everyone in the U.S. has lived every category I mentioned. So as Robert and Sophia stated in their 2020-Revision Movement, ‘Racism is Ludicrous’, because for a person to hate someone for being different in this life, when in a past-life they could have been a friend or even family, is self-destructive.”

“Self-destructive? Asked Steve “How did it harm them?”

“Spiritually”, stated Daniel matter-of-factly. “Each of us are here to evolve, and racism and bigotry retards that. When the subject of reparation came up in 2021, I called Sophia. Reminding her of what she told me about the Law of Reincarnation, I asked if it meant that reparations for slavery was unnecessary. Her answer surprised me, as she emphatically stated, ‘Not at all. On the contrary, it’s extremely important that we do all we can to help.’ Pausing a moment to gather her thoughts, Sophia explained. ‘What is important to remember is that although we are all spiritually the same, to evolve, we have to advance in Linear Time. So, even though we switch sexes, and ethnicities, our DNA carries our present incarnations ancestry. Therefore, many African Americans living today, are descendants of slaves with all the pain of injustice that contains’.”

Daniel confessed, “It seemed so impossible to fix that I snapped ‘Then what do we do!’ Ever patient Sophia explained, ‘We all have to address injustice everywhere in every instance. Today, the problem isn’t so much about out and out racism, it’s about white supremacy and that runs very deep for several reasons. The first is fear but far more dangerous is the unconscious bias behind this mentality’s connection to the demagoguery rampant in the world, which of course aligns with the Shadow’s agenda. Still that is only temporary because President Biden is moving forward with programs geared to address its influence. As this is in alignment with the Divine Plan for spiritual evolution, eventually everyone will recognize the wisdom of doing everything we can to eradicate poverty, and level the playing field in respect to opportunities. The simple fact is that when people feel heard, they will respond. As for the fear aspect of white supremacy, well that involves xenophobia, which is often where the unconscious bias comes from. Amazingly, I heard the most effective way in dealing with this while watching an episode of Star Trek Discovery, where the main character says:

“The only way to defeat fear is to tell it ‘No’. ‘No, we will not take shortcuts on the path to righteousness. No we will not break the rules that protect us from our basic instincts. No, we will not allow desperation to destroy moral authority… We can only look forward. We have to be torch bearers, casting the light so we may see our path to lasting peace…”’

“The quote left me speechless, and all I could say to Sophia was ‘Thank you’ I was so moved”, admitted Daniel. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I was telling you what happened after we got home that January. As I said, Covid-19 was everywhere and the day after we got home, the death toll hit 400,000. If this was not bad enough just 34 days later, on February 22nd we passed half a million. Even so, once Biden was sworn in, he took over the vaccination rollout and within a month doubled the number of vaccinations.”

Hesitantly Julie offered, “I remember how worried my Mom was at the speed the vaccines were created, although when it was her turn she got the shots.” Daniel related that he was well aware of how nervous people were about the vaccines at first, however, he quickly learned how such effective vaccines could be brought to market within a year.

“I know. Many people did not trust them because Trump had seemingly initiated the program, designating it ‘Warp Speed.’ I myself was skeptical and investigated its creation. When I did, I was surprised to learn that the NIH had been developing a coronavirus vaccine for years. The thing to remember is that although this was what they called a” Daniel makes air quotes ‘a novel virus’, what a mistake it was in calling it that instead of just new or unknown, it was still one of the SARS corona viruses that had been around for years. It’s probably best if we get it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, on the NIH website itself. Let me see, apparently long before the onset of the pandemic ‘experts at the NIH Vaccine Research Center (VRC) were studying coronaviruses’ in order to develop a way deal with an outbreak. According to the site:

“The researchers focused on ‘one prototype’ that was ‘customized to fight different coronaviruses…’ Researchers then studied the spike protein of their selected prototype ‘on the surface of coronaviruses.’ It is these ‘spikes’ that allow the ‘coronavirus’ to ‘latch onto cells in our body because when it detects the spike protein, our immune system makes antibodies in an effort to protect the body from infection.”

“Normally, scientists would attempt to insert the spike protein into a vaccine in order to stimulate the immune system to protect them from a particular coronavirus. Unfortunately, during a pandemic the researchers knew that it would take ‘too long’ to manufacture substantial quantities of a specific spike protein. Researching a more efficient and faster way to get it into the body, they discovered a new method, injecting ‘mRNA instructions for the spike protein into a person’s muscle’, causing our immune system to create the requisite antibodies needed to protect us. Using this new method, which was shared in ‘coronavirus research from labs around the world’, facilitated ‘scientists to spring into action when the pandemic hit’, resulting in a vaccine process that can take up to 15 years to be available, being safely fast-tracked in under a year.”

Summing up Daniel concluded, “So you see Julie, the Pharmaceutical companies were not starting from scratch, as the groundwork for their mRNA vaccines was laid many years ago.”

Expressing her astonishment Julie declared, “Wow! I had no idea.”

“Very few people did, mainly because Donald Trump took all the credit”, observed Daniel wryly.

Interrupting Daniel’s train of thought, David said, “Talking of Trump, my parents were disgusted with his behavior on Inauguration day.”

“Yes”, agreed Daniel. “Considering what Joe and Kamala were ushering in, January 20th was a bit anticlimactic. Although that is probably because there were no crowds in front of them, and they were surrounded by armed National Guards and a razor-wire topped fence. As for Trump, he tried to steal Joe’s limelight but the pathetic crowd that turned out showed just how unprofessional, not to mention unsportsmanlike he was. It was frankly embarrassing for everyone who had supported him. Alas it only got worse after he was acquitted in his second impeachment trial, even though seven Republican Senators found him guilty. The problem was that even though Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, the former president was still exerting influence in America, both literally and more troubling energetically. However, this began long ago when the Republican party was hijacked by the Shadow.” Seeing his young audience’s look of confusion, Daniel said, “I think I should tell you how Sophia explained it in her treatise New Jerusalem’s Stolen Fate, because it is so relevant to what was happening in 2020/2021.


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Reclaiming America’s Destiny

After showing his audience the photo of the Statue of Liberty’s twin in Paris Daniel qualified, “Obviously today we can also apply the energy of division to Republicans and Democrats, which I should note that both have members in Freemasonry. The problem with Republicans is that they also fell under the influence of demagoguery, which is strengthened by other energetic influences. Again, I will let my friend Sophia explain this by what she writes in her latest book.” Leaving the room, Daniel returns a few minutes later with a large book in his hands.

Triangles on Tarot tableauFlipping through the pages of the book Daniel explains, “Talking with her in 2020 about how the Tarot reveals the energy at that time, prompted me to order a copy of her Anthology of the Tarot. As she said, in studying the Tarot she discovered a strange anomaly concerning the Tarot Tableau”, holding out the book to his audience Daniel said, “See here, she created this graphic for the book. Asking her about it back then, she explained that certain cards in the Tarot Tableau form triangles of energy. Interestingly, there are three cards representing Venus and three Mars but the Red energy of Mars is dominant, which points to 2020. This intrigued Deanna and me, especially when we got her email.”

“I’ve just emailed you a diagram that points the energy out. Take a look and I’ll explain how we think it applies.” Opening his e-mail Daniel confirmed he got the e-mail, showing it to Deanna. Studying the diagram he realized that it was an outline of the Tarot Tableau, overlaid by two triangles. Neither able to remember which cards the triangles intersected, they waited for Sophia’s explanation. “Although the smaller is blue it represents three Venus cards that are not blue.”

“We made it blue because the three cards are of the feminine energy. Of course, I am not referring to gender here but the passive energy. Where the anomaly comes in is the three cards anchoring the larger red triangle. These are card 4 The Emperor representing the fire-sign of Aries ruled by Mars. Card 16 The Tower representing the planet Mars and obviously the element Fire, and card 20 Judgement representing Fire itself as well as the planetoid Pluto, which is the higher octave of Mars. When I was shown the triangles overlaying the Tableau, I understood that if we add the value of the two lesser fire cards 4 and 16 they total 20, which complements the primary Fire card 20, which we could view as pointing to the year 2020 as a pivotal year, as the end of the Age of Pisces. If we just look at the incredible number of wild-fires alone, forgetting that Fire represents the emotion of anger and passion, then I find this amazingly coincidental, don’t you?”

X on Tarot tableauAlthough skeptical the reporter’s interest was piqued, so Daniel asked, “I can see the connection but what does it have to do with the Age of Pisces?” Telling him that she had sent him another diagram to help explain how it connects to Pisces, he picked up his phone to check his e-mail. Viewing a diagram of cards 3, 4, 5, 11, 17, 18, and 19 confused the reporter, so he showed it to Deanna, who pointed out the double triangle connecting the cards. Feeling a little foolish, Daniel observes, “It doesn’t include cards 16 and 20 why?”

“That’s the miracle of the Tarot, the ancients ingeniously hid the information for the most appropriate time. If you look, the center card is the master number 11 Justice. Throughout this year, we have seen a growing need to address the injustice. “Fortunately, card 18 The Moon shows how we can come together, as I reported our evolution was speeded up with the adoption of farming, not only in agriculture but also the domestication of wild animals.

Spiritually, this points to how regardless of whether we evolve naturally or spiritually, we need to strive to balance our self and subconscious… meaning that the perfect body is acquired by balancing both natural and refined. Civilization grew from the Natural world. Our love for dogs is proof of that. With the wolf’s transformation from an animal we fear to a family pet, we witness the power of Love… just as the wolf became a different species, humans need to also transform to the true Divine species (superhuman) that we are.”


In the future when showing the two diagrams that Sophia sent him to the three boys, like him in 2020, they did not get it, so Daniel confessed, “It wasn’t until I got a copy of her Anthology of the Tarot that I truly understood what she was talking about. Let me share what helped me.” Opening Sophia’s latest book and turning to a specific page, he began reading:

Triangles on Tarot tableau“Something that has always puzzled me is that Conservatives in America adopted the color Red instead of Blue, which is the color of the Conservative Party in the UK. This is because Red has always been associated with Communism. Nonetheless, understanding how important color is explains the decision. As stated, the “Shadow’s” agenda was set in motion long before the US had the two party-system of Democrats and Republicans, their creation was a part of that agenda, because “his” main motivation was to sow division. Unfortunately, as I said, President Trump along with other leaders were groomed to use the energy of demagoguery, which I believe the Tarot predicted.

“If we examine the graphic of the triangles over the Tarot Tableau, we will see that the Fire triangle is possibly pointing to this year 2020, because I was alerted to the triangle running from card 4 to card 16, which adds up to 20, then crossing to card 20 Judgement.”  


“Yet, the graphic also contains a smaller Blue triangle intersecting the Red one, which would imply that the Republicans were the stronger influence. In a way, this is correct, however, it has nothing to do with politics it is about influence.

“The Red Fire triangle represents Mars, while the Blue triangle represents Venus, remember the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray PhD. Obviously, we are talking about masculine/active, and feminine/passive energies here, not men and women.

“I believe the Tableau is saying that in 2020, the energies will be out of balance, which explains why from the energetic perspective, people supporting the Red/Mars energy are all acting out of character, they are literally being overwhelmed with the “Shadow’s” energy through the color Red. That said, we still have the Blue/feminine energy permeating this world. If these triangles in the Tableau were deliberate, and I am inclined to think that they were, then perhaps the ancients wanted us to see 2020 as a turning point, especially as the number 20 literally means the Fourth Dimension.

“Notwithstanding the evidence of the influence of Fire in a negative way, especially when using the principle of reincarnation bringing unresolved issues to the surface, as stated, Fire is destined to become Water. If this is still preposterous, consider Fire as heat, as in when we boil water. Nevertheless, the process of Fire becoming Water is demonstrated in how the Sun heating the Oceans, evaporating the oxygen from H2o, provides us with our atmosphere. In other words, the opposites of Fire and Water work together in Creation. Astrologically, I believe this is why Pluto, which represents the water sign of Scorpio became the higher octave of Mars and came to represent Shin ש , the Mother letter for Fire. Regardless, we are still confronted with an oversized Fire triangle representing the state of our world in 2020. Or are we?”

X on Tarot tableau“Earlier, we were told of the connection between the 3 Lights of cards 17 The Star, 18 The Moon, and 19 The Sun, which led to my recent discovery of the connection between cards 3 The Empress, 4 The Emperor, 5 The Hierophant, 17 The Star, 18 The Moon, 19 The Sun, and 11 Justice. In both diagrams, Reason, card 4 The Emperor plays a prominent role, not least because its companion card in the 3rd Row, is 18 The Moon representing the Age of Pisces. As stated. Splitting the 7 cards into 2 triangles, we see the center card is 11 Justice, being the 3rd point of both triangles.”

“Interestingly, we also see Fire becoming Water, so to speak through reducing the cards numbers’ of both triangle’s totals. In this way, the top triangle’s 3 cards and Justice reduce to 5 The Hierophant representing Taurus ruled by Venus, through adding 3, 4, 5, and 11, then reducing the total 23 of 2 + 3 to 5.

“Moreover, the lower triangle’s three cards reduce to 11 through adding 17, 18, 19, and 11, then reducing the total 65 of 6 + 5 to 11. If we then add the totals of 5 and 11 together we arrive at 16 or The Tower representing fiery Mars, which then reduces through 1+6=7 to 7 or The Chariot representing watery Cancer.”

“Not only does the above arithmetic tell me that the goal is to transform by destroying the “Shadow of Deception’s” agenda, by unmasking “his” web of lies that divide us. The sum also shows me that we have help, in our Higher Self (5) and Christ-consciousness (7) within us, as the means to do so, through finding equilibrium or Justice (11).”


Looking pensive Julie asked, “During your study with Beth Sophia seemed to connect the Statue of Liberty with the Palladium, I’ve never heard of this. What is it?”

“What Robert and Sophia refer to as the Return of the Palladium is perhaps the most hopeful aspect of their message. To explain this, we need to go back to ancient Greece. As she addresses it in her treatise, I think its best if I let her words speak for themselves.”


“Logically it made sense that the Founding Fathers would model the New World on the strongest Empire. After all, the Romans did conquer Greece, replacing the Hellenistic Era with the Roman Era. Still, the Romans were nowhere near the strongest spiritually, as The Mysteries originated from Greece. So, why would the members of the “Orders of the Quest” infuse the country with a less spiritual connection? The answer is that the Founding Fathers did not, they needed to include the Roman influence because of the sacred Greek relic that was passed to them. As stated in Part Two of Volume one this sacred relic, known as the Palladium, was considered the supreme treasure of the ancient world. According to David Ovason, the relic was believed to be connected to “one of the greatest esoteric Mysteries of the ancient world.” Such a powerful proclamation indicated to me that the “Palladium” warranted further investigation. Previously in Volume one, I mentioned the Palladium in respect to its possible connection to England, but at this point I want to focus on its connection to America, therefore, I will share my process of ascertaining the value of this sacred relic.”

“My enlightenment began when I was moved to type the word Palladium into the Wikipedia search, and learned that it is described as “an image of great antiquity on which the safety of a city was said to depend.” A palladium is most often a statue made from wood, which the author of the entry relates “especially signified the wooden statue (xoanon) of Pallas Athena that Odysseus and Diomedes stole from the citadel of Troy and which was later taken to the future site of Rome by Aeneas.”

“Understanding the Palladium was of Greek origin, made me wonder why the Founding Fathers did not use Athena instead of Minerva in their imagery. Discovering the answer lay in the history of this sacred relic, which I uncovered when Great Spirit-Mind alerted me to the Greek word xoanon in the entry. As I had no idea what xoanon meant and was clueless to its connection to the Palladium, I looked up its entry on Wikipedia, and found that the term comes from the “verb to carve or scrape wood.” It seems to have been “an Archaic wooden cult image of Ancient Greece.” Although quite a few “such cult images were preserved into historical times,” unfortunately, not one is “known to have survived to the modern day, except where their image was copied in stone or marble.”

“The entry for Palladium relates that it “was said to be a wooden image of Pallas (whom the Greeks identified with Athena and the Romans with Minerva) and to have fallen from heaven in answer to the prayer of Ilus, the founder of Troy.” This legend evidently was widely believed throughout the Hellenistic Age, as the entry explains that the goddess Athena “fashioned” the Palladium “in remorse for the death of Pallas.” Its arrival in Troy is evidently “part of the city’s founding myth”, which had been known by the Greeks since the 7th (600s) century BCE…

“When the Greeks discovered the Palladium was protecting the city of Troy, Odysseus Diomedes stole it before using the famous “Trojan Horse” ploy to enter Troy. Afterwards the exact whereabouts of the Palladium is unknown because there are two possible destinations. The most logical is that the victorious Greeks took their prize back to Athens, the city of Athena. Regardless, there are several legends that say the Palladium was taken to Italy, and “kept there in the temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.” As the Romans conquered the entire region and took over from the Greeks, I think this question is moot. Nonetheless, it makes sense that the Romans, having inherited (stolen) the Palladium from the Greeks, would take the priceless relic of one of their prime goddesses back to Rome with them, especially since it was said to protect the city that it was kept in. With the fall of Rome, either the efficacy of the Palladium would be in doubt or it was no longer there. This brings me to another legend that suggested Constantine took the relic to Constantinople. David Ovason thinks that “Such a move would have undermined the primacy of Rome and was naturally seen as a move by Constantine to legitimize his reign.”

“After the Ottomans occupied Constantinople, the Palladium vanished from history. Considering that it was “wooden”, I am not surprised that the Palladium disappeared, because wood is organic and eventually rots. However, as the entry for xoanon implies, the ancients often copied a wooden image in stone or marble, meaning they believed the efficacy was in the image or archetype rather than the actual figure or statue. Even so, Mr. Ovason relates that “some esoteric scholars” assert that it was “not lost but hidden away in another country.” This country would be “where the civilization of the future was to develop.” Seemingly, the Palladium would be needed there for its second and primary function, namely to “act as a spiritual center for the dissemination of that esoteric lore”, in other words The Mysteries. It is important to keep in mind that both Minerva and Athena were goddesses of wisdom and associated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. Regarding this, the most important information Mr. Ovason imbued about the Palladium’s purpose for me, was his association with it as a “torch” that was “passed on” by a “dying civilization”, to a new “embryonic civilization.”

“…Like I said, as the Palladium was last officially associated with the Romans or rather the Byzantines, the Founding Fathers would have wanted to maintain the continuity. Nonetheless, I am sure that as members of the “Orders of the Quest”, they understood every goddess, be they Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or any other civilization were all archetypes for the Divine Feminine, Sophia or Wisdom. Consequently, the “members” could use the true wisdom and knowledge to mitigate some of the damage done by President Jackson’s unconscious decision to interfere with the astrological connection to the Divine Feminine in Washington DC.”


Tentatively raising a hand David asked, “Excuse me for interrupting again but what damage did President Jackson cause?” Regrouping and realizing that none of them had read Sophia’s treatise, Daniel apologized.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting that you haven’t read the treatise yet. Remember that Robert and Sophia discussed how President Jackson nullified the effect of the original Federal Triangle with me in our last interview.” After receiving blank stares from his audience, Daniel said “Let me refresh your memory. Originally the Founding Fathers connected the Whitehouse, the US Capitol, and the Washington Monument together energetically in a right-angle triangle, which aligned with three mountains in Washington State. What I didn’t tell you is that later they told me these three points astrologically anchored America to the constellation Virgo.”

“Why Virgo?” Asked Steve.

Smiling indulgently Daniel elaborated, “Although when America was founded Virgo was ruled by Mercury, which also ruled Gemini, Robert and Sophia told me that the Founders knew Virgo was destined to be ruled by the planetoid Chiron, discovered in 1977. Archetypally, Chiron represents the Universal Christ. So, if the “Shadow” hadn’t influenced Andrew Jackson to mess up the plan, then the Light’s energetic plan for Washington D.C of replacing the duality of Gemini with the unity of the Universal Christ, would have worked.”

Repeating his question David asked, “How did the ‘Shadow’ get Andrew Jackson to mess it up?”

Returning to the book’s contents, Daniel scanned the page. “Oh Yes, here it is.” Quickly flipping the pages, he stops, reading. Sophia explains that the “Shadow” used Andrew Jackson’s inattention in 1836 by making the president forget that Pennsylvania Avenue’s wide expanse was to provide a two-way observation between the White House and US Capitol, when a site was being determined for the US Treasury Building. As Sophia states:

“One would naturally ask how any successor of the Founding Fathers could foil such an important aspect of the plan for Washington D.C. Conceding that L’Enfant’s original maps were ‘mislaid and almost forgotten,’ Mr. Ovason still thinks that every president knew the plan. He states categorically that Andrew Jackson must have been aware ‘the wide avenue connecting the Capitol with the White House served a symbolic purpose.’ So how did it happen?

“It seems that the location of the Treasury Building occurred through the then President Andrew Jackson losing his patience with the “bureaucrats and designers.” Typical of many artists’ egos colliding with the egos of the civil authorities, neither ego would agree on where to build the Treasury. President Jackson solved the argument by simply issuing an executive decision to build the Treasury building “to the east of the White House.” Of course, this was on Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. Ovason laments that today if one stands on the steps of the Treasury Building they can get an unobstructed view of the Capitol, but the White House is only visible from the rear of the building. He believes that Jackson was unaware of his faux pas. Nonetheless, the President’s decision resulted in the nullification of “the Mystery of Washington, D.C.”

“Nullification of the carefully constructed plan of the Founding Fathers to illicit the beneficial astral energies of three major stars to guide the democracy, is a clear example of how the ego sabotages our spiritual plans. The key here is that President Jackson “lost his patience” which meant he was purely in the grip of his ego. This is a perfect example for the saying “patience is a virtue.” Obviously, disrupting the energy connection between the Whitehouse and the Capitol had serious ramifications. Even more importantly was the fact the building’s (the Treasury) focus was money. Inserting a building focused on money into the energy vortex designed to guide the country has resulted in corruption and money ruling nearly every decision in government.”


Looking up from reading Daniel lamented, “Andrew Jackson’s mistake was devastating to the Divine Plan, as it opened the door to the ‘Shadow’ exerting influence on organizations using astrology and or symbology, which is why ‘he’ was able to corrupt Freemasonry. Anyway where were we? Oh yes I was reading Sophia’s explanation of the Palladium. Opening the book to where his finger held his place, Daniel resumed reading:


“Following my investigation, I saw the possibility of the Statue of Liberty representing the Palladium, but to definitively answer this question, I needed to compare what I learned and answer two more questions. First, is it possible that Liberty or Libera is an image of the original Pallas Athena. Second, could Bartholdi’s original title – Liberty Enlightening the World be referring to either Minerva and Athena, both goddesses of wisdom and therefore Sophia and the Divine Feminine? Since I knew that the ancients merged the goddesses together, I felt the answer to my first question was an unqualified yes, which meant that my second question concerning Bartholdi’s title is also yes. Nevertheless, the point that settled it for me was Mr. Ovason’s reference to the Palladium’s additional purpose. That is apart from protecting the city, it represented a “torch” that was “passed on from a dying civilization to an embryonic civilization by the Secret Schools.” There is no question that Liberty is holding a torch.

“With the Statue of Liberty, AKA Sophia or Divine Wisdom holding the Palladium’s place, the “Light” worked with the “Orders of the Quest” to prepare for its return. As we know, while they were waiting for the right time the “Shadow” steamed ahead with “his” agenda, creating an oligarchy, and sabotaging the Baby Boomers, their children and in some cases their grandchildren, who were born to witness the return. Surprisingly, when the “Shadow” was at “his” strongest and looking like “he” would win the war, the “Light” was able to implement Great Spirit-Mind’s plan.”


Observant as ever, Michael reminded his grand pa that in 2020/2021, the world was dealing with autocracies and autocrats, not oligarchies and oligarchs. Acknowledging the accuracy of Michael’s observation Daniel qualified, “True but in America we were dealing with both. If we look at what was happening in the Republican party, it was the very definition of an oligarchy, which lest we forget is ‘…the rule of the few, when it was exercised not by the best but by bad men unjustly… a debased form of aristocracy… Most classic oligarchies have resulted when governing elites were recruited exclusively from a ruling caste… set apart from the rest of society by religion, kinship, economic status, prestige, or even language. Such elites tend to exercise power in the interests of their own class… As for autocrats, even though Donald Trump has been identified as displaying demagogic tendencies, his overall plan was to rule as an autocrat, like his hero Vladimir Putin.”

“Regardless, as Robert and Sophia continually reminded me, viewed from an energetic and spiritual perspective, it comes down to the question of what is best to promote selfishness, or altruism. In 2021 at the start of Joe Biden’s presidency, Republicanism seemed to favor the former, which was the “Shadow’s” agenda to create resentment and division. On the other hand, Democrats in line with the Divine Plan were dedicated to lift up and help everyone. Thank God the Democrats succeeded. That said, I have to admit that in 2021, the outcome was far from certain, especially as these autocrats were using the energy of demagoguery to control people.” Holding up his hand, Daniel asserts, “Yes I know I sound like the conspiracists but I’m not. Robert and Sophia made this a key part of their 2020-Revision Movement, as it helped people understand what happened to them.”

Michael jumps in with, “Was that about guilt? You mentioned that Sophia believed people’s continual denial of Covid-19, despite over six hundred thousand deaths, was connected to guilt.”

“Yes it was, and it revealed an important way the false-self can keep us acting in a certain way, even when we have evidence to contradict it. Let me see, how did she explain it? Oh yes, she said that when someone supports something that leads to tragedy, they are filled with remorse and guilt. However, the counterfeit-spirit or pain-body works to convince him or her that the evidence is wrong, causing them to resist their conscience. Giving me examples, Sophia said:

“It’s like gun advocates who fight tooth and nail to stop a ban on assault weapons after a mass shooting. The Sandy Hook massacre of first graders between 6 and 7-years old is a prime example. If we just use reason, we will acknowledge that after it was shown the gunman used an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle and had multiple rounds of ammunition, all obtained legally by his mother, it might be a good idea to revisit the gun laws. However, as we know, although some states enacted a ban on assault weapons and stronger background checks, the Republican Senate blocked all efforts to reform the gun laws nationally. Most of these Republican senators are parents, and in many cases grandparents. Not to mention, many have served in Congress through several iterations of attempted gun control. For instance, Mitch McConnel was elected to the Senate under President Ronald Reagan in 1984, and like many senators would have been involved in the 1986, Firearm Owners Protection Act, to benefit gun owners. This act banned a national registry of gun-dealer records, restricted ATF inspections, and the most dangerous, permitted licensed dealers to sell firearms at ‘gun shows’ in their state, as well as easing regulations on the sale and transfer of ammunition. When we remember that the Columbine killers in 1999 were able to get a friend to buy their weapons at a gun show, this act is a disaster waiting to happen. McConnel was also around for the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, under President Bill Clinton, which effectively prohibited the manufacturing, selling, and possession of specific military-style assault weapons such as AR-15 style rifles, together with high-capacity ammunition magazines. Unfortunately, this wise law was allowed to expire in September 2004. Since then, even before the 2021 massacres, we have had 16 mass shootings. The thing to remember that deep down we all know the truth and are opposed to guns, as their sole purpose is to kill. Every time a mass shooting occurs, especially one that uses an assault weapon, anyone who voted against any form of gun control, is subconsciously plagued with the guilt of their possible complicity in the tragedy.”

“I remarked that ‘you would think that would change their minds, wouldn’t you?’”

Sophia’s response was ‘That would be the logical conclusion, especially when allowing assault weapons resulted in the deaths of 20 children. However, we are not taking into account the false self, which tirelessly works to eradicate guilt by coming up with such arguments that ‘guns don’t kill people, people do.’ If gun advocates could only understand that they are being tricked into fooling themselves, then their spirit or conscience would have a chance. The Second Amendment was not about personal gun ownership. If you read it carefully, it was intended for providing each state to have autonomy in defending itself by allowing its citizens to form armed militias, much like the role the National guard plays when a governor calls it out. The founders intended the US Constitution to evolve, as civilization and people evolved. Consider how much we have changed already, in 1776 women could not vote, child labor was allowed, and people owned other people. Laws have to adapt to changing situations, so we need to apply it to gun laws. In 1776, guns were rudimentary and far less lethal, today assault weapons can kill dozens in seconds. The resistance to banning these weapons is utterly illogical because reason dictates that making them available to everyone is a recipe for mass murder. Regrettably, while we are dealing with the present energy, until a consciousness shift occurs, we will likely continue to have mass shootings.”

“Thankfully”, remarked Daniel “as you know shortly after future selves or the FHBs arrived, Congress permanently banned assault weapons, and soon after the police began patrolling the streets without guns.

“As for people denying the seriousness of the pandemic”, Sophia told me ‘we can see the same guilt mentality to the virus as to guns. Once it became clear that tens of thousands were dying, those denying the virus were confronted with their part in the deaths, especially if they went around without masks, then reversing their position became near impossible. The tragedy is that truly spiritual people got caught up in this.”

Admitting that “Initially, I was confused and asked Sophia who she was referring to?” Daniel confided that when she mentioned the QAnon he nearly lost it snapping, ‘Explain to me how so-called spiritual people could be so cavalier about so much suffering, not to mention support the violent insurrection at the Capitol.’”

“Again, the thing to keep in mind is that at our deepest core we all know the Truth. At this time, many people are not satisfied with our reality, or religion’s and science’s explanation of it. Consequently, many are angry and or frustrated, and are looking anywhere and everywhere for the answers. As I explained, in our research we found that ‘Q’ is most probably a foreign invention geared to sow division between the races and political ideologies. I’m not saying that every supporter of QAnon is a spiritual seeker, obviously there are some who have been tricked into being white supremists and racists. They of course fall under the category of xenophobes and people terrified of losing their status. I’m just saying that not every QAnon advocate is a xenophobe or racist. Like I told you, a very dear friend of ours got caught up in this thinking, being suspicious of any authority and seeing all pandemic restrictions as a nefarious plot to infringe on people’s freedoms.”

Forestalling the logical question of how anyone familiar with Sophia’s hypothesis could be tricked, Daniel admitted. “I had to ask Sophia, how could someone working with her and Robert be caught up with QAnon? ‘Surely they knew the Truth?’”

Sighing deeply Sophia responded, “At first Robert and I were flummoxed by it, until we looked at it from an energetic perspective. Viewing his decisions energetically, it was clear what had happened. He had struggled with anger for many years, and I was working with him when Covid struck, forcing us to isolate. Considering the energy of demagoguery throughout the world, not to mention Donald Trump and the Republican’s unwitting promotion of conflict, all have contributed to maintaining the status quo. As President Biden is able to raise the energy through his policies, which are in alignment with the divine plan, this energy will dissipate. Unfortunately, people like our friend are going to go through terrible recriminations over their stance on the virus, and this is why a big part of our 2020-Revision Movement, will be to help people understand that they were caught in an energy, which effectively removed their ability to reason. Knowing our friend’s heart, if he were able to reason, he would be mortified at his denial of a virus that has taken over half a million Americans, with the result that in early April 2021 alone, it was estimated that 40,000 children had lost one or both of their parents.”

Appearing excited Michael interjects, “So that’s what Sophia meant about guilt causing people to continue denying the seriousness of Covid-19 despite so many deaths. I never knew that guilt could be such a driving force.”

“Actually it’s the need to assuage guilt that is the driving force here”, corrects Daniel. “But yes, guilt played a powerful role in so many continuing to reinforce poor decisions. Then we were also dealing with personal pride. Even though saving face is usually an oriental attitude, the ego hates being made to look foolish or gullible, so to avoid embarrassment, it encouraged individuals to just deny everything. Of course, this is exactly what Donald Trump used to keep control, however, it extremely difficult to overcome the conscious false ego.

“Anyway, it was putting the situation into energetic terms, which allowed the nation to heal. Robert and Sophia’s 2020-Revision Movement was a game changer in so many ways. Once people realized that those denying the seriousness of Covid had fallen under a kind-of spell, they were able to forgive them, and the conspiracists tricked into believing it was a conspiracy to curtail their rights learned how to forgive themselves. Even so in 2021, we were being confronted by out and out racism that came to a head after the George Floyd trial.”

From March eighth 2021, Daniel’s time became consumed with the trial over the death of George Floyd. Listening intently for more than a month, the reporter tried to put himself in the members of the jury’s position, in only adjudicating the evidence presented to them. One key expert witness’ comment that even a healthy person would have died under such circumstances, sealed Derek Chauvin’s guilt for Daniel. Consequently, when the verdict came in on April 20th, like so many, he and Deanna held their breaths as the Judge read that the jury found Chauvin guilty on all three counts.

A week after the verdict was announced, Beth called confused at how many of her Republican friends considered the jury wrong. “I was prepared to give Derek Chauvin the benefit of the doubt but come on, nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds, with three of them being after he was unconscious and without a pulse, how can anyone say that it was justified. And what happens immediately after, another unarmed black man is killed by police in North Carolina. What is going on? Are all police becoming racists?”

Hearing the desperation in Beth’s voice, Daniel asserted. “No. Unfortunately though there are some who are. Watching the trial and investigating police practices, it was difficult to see how things got so bad. But then we watched CNN’s documentary on how Beula Mae Donald was instrumental in bringing down the Ku Klux Klan.” Asking Beth if she had seen the documentary, when she said she hadn’t, Daniel explained. “Briefly, her son Michael was lynched in 1981 and after two members of the Klan were found guilty, with one sentenced to death, despite publicly forgiving the killers, in 1984 she sued nine hundred members of the Alabama KKK for ten million dollars. After she was awarded seven million, the Klan declared bankruptcy.” When Beth asked what the documentary had to do with police racism, Daniel sighed deeply before saying, “It was how the KKK responded to the bankruptcy, as one of the commentators said, Klan members were told to go into Law enforcement. Obviously, now thirty-six years later we are seeing that infiltration played out.”

Frustratingly, Beth remarked, “You know reading Sophia’s treatise gave me such hope, yet even though you said she believes Biden’s election is a part of the Divine plan, I don’t see it. If God’s agent is in charge, then why is racism getting worse? Surely, God can intervene?”

Commiserating with Beth, Daniel remembered a recent conversation on Skype with Sophia when he asked her pretty much the same thing. Deciding to share her answer with his new friend, Daniel explained. “I asked Sophia that very question a few days ago, and she said that of course God could intervene but that it would subvert freewill, which as you know is sacrosanct.” Admitting that she was also struggling with recent events since Biden’s inauguration, Sophia shared what she learned in meditation with me, which blew my mind.

“It blew my mind, because she connected it to Scripture, explaining that as this is the end of the Piscean Age we are going through the birth-pangs of transferring to a new Globe. Normally, as the New Testament seems to imply, only two thirds who are ready to evolve would be involved, with the remaining third being left behind on this earth. However, as you have probably gathered there is nothing normal about this time, and the Divine realm has deemed that this is the time to put Life back on track in Spiritual Evolution. Did you read The Missive?” When Beth said she had Daniel continued, “Good. Then you know about the Watcher’s Mistake.” Beth again affirmed that she did. “Well now instead of separating, as the Bible says, the ‘wheat from the chaff’, everyone is going to transfer to the new Globe. Unfortunately, a small percentage are going to need a lot of help in their spiritual transformation, consequently, as the overall level of consciousness is rising these individuals are fighting it tooth and nail. Since they are also dealing with their counterfeit-spirits, or if you prefer pain-bodies, then the presence of unwitting agents of the ‘Shadow’ are also energizing their false selves. Nonetheless, as Biden implements the Divine plan and the consciousness rises, the enemy within will lose strength, we just have to have faith and trust that we have already won.”


Julie asked, “I’m not clear on why Sophia said that ‘we have already won’, was it the 2020-Revision Movement? I thought it wasn’t launched until 2022, did it start earlier?”

“No. To reiterate, in early 2021 Donald Trump was still exerting an influence and Republicans were still supporting the lie of the election being stolen, which they cemented by draconian attempts at voter suppression. That was until after Joe Biden’s 100-day speech to Congress. What very few people knew was that he was laying out the Divine Plan, which of course everyone subconsciously knew. It took a little while, and at first there was resistance but as people began to hear their consciences, decency and reason finally kicked in. Consequently, the vast majority wanted to redress the gross injustice perpetrated on the disenfranchised and minorities for decades, and lifting everyone out of poverty through passing the legislation proposed by the president.”

“So the Divine Plan was to eradicate poverty and racism,” observed Rebecca. “Where did Robert and Sophia come in? Wasn’t that what the 2020-Revision Movement was about?”

“Yes” agreed Daniel. “Nonetheless, it began long before that when Robert and Sophia started explaining the situation energetically. Although many rejected it initially, as people saw the real effect of Biden’s legislation they became less resistant and more willing to listen, especially over racism.”

Attempting to nail his grand pa down Michael insisted, “So would you say that Robert and Sophia were instrumental in getting Joe Biden’s agenda passed?”

“It depends on whether your speaking literally or energetically. If the latter then I would say an emphatic Yes but as I’ve shown, in our reality things change when minds change. For me, Robert and Sophia’s main contribution was in revealing the fallacy, or should I say, as they put it, the ‘ludicrousness’ of racism. It also made people rethink inequity, and a groundswell of support helped President Biden pass legislation reforming the tax laws, and raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, leading to everyone earning at least $31200 annually.”

“How did they change the tax laws?” asked Rebecca, “I remember how thrilled my parents were, even more so than when they raised the minimum wage because the new tax laws meant not living from paycheck to paycheck.”

Daniel smiled as he remembered what happened, “They doubled the non-taxable amount from $9,875 to $20,000. Afterwards there was a collective consensus of understanding that all Americans prosper when everyone prospers, and so across the country States enacted laws to help the disenfranchised by passing Biden’s massive Jobs and Family Plan. Moreover, the world came together, not only to deal with the Pandemic but also to address the Climate Crisis.”

Pausing for a moment, Daniel scanned his audience trying to gauge if he should share an understanding that might cause distress. Deciding that it was important he began, “We also grew through understanding the danger in not processing grief.” When the expected reaction of ‘What do you mean’ came, Daniel explained. “My understanding began on February 22nd, 2021 when we passed 500,000 dead. That night, various religious representatives tried to offer comfort.

Amazingly, it was a female Rabbi, who had the most impact on me, when she insightfully advices us to not rush through grief like we have in the past. Giving examples she cited, how after the Great War and the devastating Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 50 million people, we went mad in the roaring twenties, which ended in the Great Depression. Then following WWII and the Holocaust, we became obsessed with consumerism and materialism that resulted in the Climate Crisis of the early 3rd millennium. Working through grief is an important part of the purpose for Life, as in transmuting it we help dissipate despair by manifesting actions and decisions that relieve suffering. Any other questions?”

Daniel could see that his grandson obviously had something on his mind but was reluctant to say anything. Making it easier for him Daniel encouragingly asked, “Michael what’s up, you clearly have something on your mind. Speak up boy.”

Squirming in his seat, Michael sheepishly glanced at David with an apologetic smile before saying, “I haven’t read much of Sophia’s treatise but I did read about the shift in the 1970s. What struck me was her comments on homosexuality, in particular why the Bible seems to prohibit it. I remember my mom and dad going out on the LGBTQ protests when Republican states started passing draconian laws against the transgender community in 2021. Today, everyone is excepted and there is no judgment. I was wondering how Sophia could have gotten it so wrong?”

“Do you remember how Robert and Sophia said that spirituality is dynamic?” When Michael said that he only vaguely remembered, Daniel continued. “Well this is a perfect example. Over the years, Sophia admitted that she had struggled with her explanation of Romans apparent prohibition, convinced that there was something she was missing. Interestingly, it was those very laws against transgenders in 2021 that led to her discovery, which they published before their 2020-Revision movement. It’s on their website, let me find it for you.” Scrolling through his phone he brought up the post on Robert and Sophia’s website, and handing Michael his phone, said “Here. Read it out loud for everyone:”

“Something we learned very early on is that Spiritual Evolution is dynamic. That goes for our understanding of it too. Consequently, we need to update our understanding over what Sophia wrote in her treatise concerning Romans prohibition on homosexuality. Our enlightenment began in understanding that evolution follows strict rules in Life’s development to become co-creators. First, Life needed to evolve physically, developing a physical vehicle, which could then evolve mentally initially using intellect and memory, before developing imagination.

However, we didn’t really move past the animal stage in our development until we acquired higher reason, which allowed us to discriminate between what was good and bad for us. The first stage in human development occurred on Globe C through all seven subraces of the 3rd and 4th Root-races. As stated, around 3,600 B.C.E. humans individualized with the development of the self-consciousness, unfortunately it also meant the addition of the false self in the form of the ego. It was during this time that Scripture recorded the dangers of reverting to animalistic behavior, as with the counterfeit-spirit being joined by a conscious enemy of our Spirit, being tricked into counterintuitive behavior that could delay or even stop our spiritual evolution was far easier.

“All prohibitions were about anything that retards spiritual evolution. Romans was never about making love to the same sex, it was about sex purely for pleasure, or as ancient murals portray, orgies and bestiality. Evolution is all about developing consciousness, and being consumed in the physical retards that development. Therefore, just as we should have left slavery behind long before the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the dissolution of Root-race 6, which began in 1750 and was completed in 1837, sex without love is destined to go the way of the Dodo (extinct bird). Not surprisingly, it turns out that Jesus’ primary teaching of “Judge not”, completely addresses this. As we evolve, our consciousness will expand and we will know our origins and connectivity, and all differences and judgment will disappear.

Watching his audience process Robert and Sophia’s new information, Daniel brought the subject back to the world’s transformation. “Anyway, amazingly by the next general election there was a significant drop in violent crimes and drug overdoses. Experts studying the phenomena concluded that lifting people out of poverty meant they were less stressed and desperate, so less inclined to resort to crime. Of course, there was still some criminal and gang crimes but rather than armed police having to address it, social workers, psychologists, and community leaders worked to bring initiatives that helped young people take a different path. Voting rights were also reasserted across the board, with over 75% of American citizens participating in the elections. Instead of vilifying one another, politicians began working together to solve the climate crisis, injustice, and the health and wellbeing of the country. In short, every American aligned with the Divine Plan, being an example for democracy and facilitating the consciousness transfer to the peaceful and happy world we live in today.”

“How did people deal with the Climate crisis?”, asked Julie. “Was it the Future Human Beings or as you call them the FHBs?”

“Not initially. It began slowly with people supporting the innovations already active, such as cleaning up the oceans through the sale of bracelets, and schools and businesses operating with a zero carbon footprint. Of course, people still drove SUVs but even that began to change as more people moved to electric cars, and public transport became more efficient. There was also a rise in vegan and vegetarianism, with new innovations that reproduced plant-based meat so well that it was difficult to tell the difference. The movement accelerated this trend and as a result, all fast-food restaurants began offering a meatless alternative, and a slew of vegetarian/vegan restaurants opened to rave reviews. The biggest change I saw initially was the number of people installing solar panels on their roofs. Obviously, this was partly because of the price of oil and gas. However, I think the movement awoke the silent majority to their responsibility to preserve the planet for their children.”

When Julie observed that it seemed people were selfishly motivated, Daniel said, “Maybe at first but the 2020-Revision movement was pivotal in other ways, because it led to us making history by electing a female president, who because she had the people’s support, was able to implement bipartisanship in both houses. One of the first things she did was to put a halt to expanding war into space, by signing the treaty with Russia and China banning all space-based weapons, which was quickly ratified by the United Nations, resulting with the FHBs coming in.”

Rebecca interjects, “I remember my parents talking about their arrival. There was a moment of concern that earth was being invaded but as the FHBs appeared in all the leaders and CEOs offices simultaneously, unarmed and communicating telepathically that they were human beings from our future, all the leaders told their militaries to stand down. My parents were in awe of these human beings because they quickly showed they were here to help, bringing in giant ships to deal with the planet’s pollution and atmosphere. My mom told me the FHBs were so loving that just having them on earth was pure joy. She said that although they didn’t stay long, they taught us how to deal with nuclear waste and healing techniques, saving multiple lives. I wish we could have seen them. Did you Mr. Bruin?”

“Yes. One of the first things the FHBs did was identify Robert and Sophia as divine messengers, and Manuel as their Interface. Asking Robert if I could meet these future human beings, he arranged for Manuel to be at their home. It was amazing to watch the FHBs appear in the middle of Robert and Sophia’s living room, greeting me telepathically through Manuel. Although if I’m honest, Manuel’s participation was not necessary, because just being in their presence was like being immersed in Love, and I could feel their message. I understood that this was being exposed to the frequency of God’s, or to use Robert and Sophia’s designation Great Spirit-Mind’s Love, which began building throughout the world, helping people transform. Especially after they heard the FHBs message.”

Daniel wasn’t surprised when all five teenagers asked in unison “What was the message?”

“They asked me to write an article from them, calling for 777,000 teachers to work with Robert and Sophia in formulating a curriculum to help the Human Race spiritually transform. I was blown away at the response of my article, as thousands of people wrote to the Minnesota Advocate, requesting a way to identify themselves as possible teachers. These people were from every country, ethnicity, religion, and culture My article also sparked an interest in Sophia’s hypothesis, and within hours of the release of the article, Amazon received thousands of orders for her book on spiritual evolution, and in less than a month millions of people had read her treatise. As Sophia had completely recovered, she and Robert began giving lectures on her hypothesis, which was fast becoming fact.”

A little perplexed Julie asked Daniel why the FHBs only stayed for a year, and he replied, “Their work was completed in that time. The FHBs’ job was to empower humanity with the truth, without compromising freewill. Once they removed the pollution, fixed the ozone layer, imparted their knowledge on healing and technology there was nothing else for them to do.

Their primary purpose was to identify Robert and Sophia’s writings as essential for the 777,000 teachers, the rest was to help the planet get back on track. During that year, through Manuel the FHBs helped us understand what happened and how we were all victims, even the worst of us. For me, the most impacting statement they made was that we are all guardians of every child born, irrespective of who the parents are. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of couples choosing to adopt rather than have children of their own, which of course began slowing the population growth.”

Rebecca tentatively inquired, “How did the FHBs handle the violence in the world, in particular the Middle East and Africa? Daniel knew that this was the hardest thing for anyone not involved to understand. These young people were just entering puberty during the Year of the FHBs. Although through history and television they knew of humans capacity for violence, by 2030, the prisons were emptying and there was no more need for security measures, as terrorism was a thing of the past.

Adjusting for his audience’s age Daniel continued, “Once it became common knowledge that at heart we are all the same, having experienced every race, religion, and culture as well as both genders, prejudice and hate quickly melted away. You probably know this as the Great Awakening.” Seeing his audience’s agreement Daniel continued, “The most amazing thing is that we addressed violence and war before the FHBs arrival. It began shortly after Robert and Sophia launched the 2020-Revision movement, when they suggested a new approach to the Middle East’s conflict. Reminding us that every Arab and Jew were descendants of the Patriarch Abraham, they suggested that instead of separating Palestine and Israel, the inhabitants unite them by for instance, updating their land’s name to a common ancestor of Isaac and Ishmael. Their suggestion made ordinary Israelis and Palestinians remember their common heritage and realize that they could share the land of their ancestors. Hence the lasting peace we see today.

As for the FHBs role, emphasizing Robert and Sophia’s that to bring harmony back, we needed to focus on bringing the light of Great Sprit-Mind’s Love to these regions. To emphasize this message, the FHBs began appearing amidst violent battles. Then forming a circle, and holding hands they called on the universal Love of Great Spirit-Mind. Moments later the FHBs emanated an intensifying and beautiful light. As the light expanded, the fighters around them laid down their arms, falling to their knees. Within six months every former terrorist and militant abandoned their guns and went home.”

“Since the movement began in the US, this country changed first, with the gangs abandoning their guns. Eventually it spread South and the Cartel and drug lords also handed in their weapons and drugs. Robert and Sophia explained it as the power of Love. Everyone born before March 2011, without exception was under the influence of their counterfeit-spirit and once people came to accept that, owning guns and profiting from the suffering of others became an anathema. This is why the pharmaceutical, insurance, and financial industry changed the way they did business and everyone was taken care of. Not to mention, the rich sharing a large portion of their wealth ended hunger and homelessness. It’s amazing how fast we turned things around.” Daniel knew his statement shocked his young audience, as they all displayed it on their faces. Only Julie had the gumption to say, ‘Don’t you mean how fast the FHBs turned things around?’

“No I don’t. The FHBs would be the first to tell you that they only fixed what the Shadow tricked us into doing, and what we couldn’t fix with our present technology. Transforming civilization and ourselves from selfishness to altruism was purely down to us. Remember the absolute rule of not usurping freewill?” When his audience nodded, Daniel continued. “Well, evolution has always been in our hands. Remember it’s the purpose for Life. Afterall we are here to transmute the elements back to spirit, aren’t we.” Everyone unanimously agreed…

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