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In this next iteration of Stage 2 Cycles, we are including our update for the Ancient Wisdom For Now Scroll’s original article entitled, The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today (now: CYCLES OF EVOLUTION REEXAMINED). As stated, originally we cited H.P. Blavatsky’s doctrine of multiple cycles in her seminal work, The Secret Doctrine, modifying and updating her theory as best we could with our understanding at the time. However, since then our comprehension has grown in leaps and bounds, especially after incorporating another source. That source was our friend Dr. Carl Calleman’s work on the nine Mayan Waves.

One change occurred after realizing that Creation and Evolution work hand in hand, bringing in spiritual teachings, as well as a scientific perspective. Consequently, we are reexamining our findings, and reviewing our original diagrams. Although we are reprinting certain relevant paragraph/s and accompanying diagram/s, we have excluded text addressed in Section 5 of Stage Reason.
(Note: to help clarify the complex subject of the Root-races we are using numbers to identify each Root-race, as well as, italicizing the original article’s text.)

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Fascinatingly, G. D., Purucker in his Occult Glossary states, “When half of the cycle of any one of the seven Root-races is run, then the racial cataclysm ensues…” This is the way “Nature operates.” Like others, Purucker also believes that humanity is halfway through the fourth sub-race of the fifth Root-race. He explains that “…at the middle point…a new Root-race” starts its evolution alongside the existing Root-race. Interestingly, according to ancient wisdom, this new Root-race “is born out of the preceding Root-race."

Diagram A

Diagram A shows how the ancient teaching was that the Life Principle evolved from spirit through mineral, plant, animal, human, superhuman, angel and back to spirit. The reference to 3rd and 4th worlds represents the 3rd and 4th dimension.

(Although the updated explanation from the Gnostic teachings below is taken from THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, which is analyzed paragraph by paragraph in Stage Reason, due to its importance in connection with Evolution, we are repeating it here.)

Essentially Diagram A is an overview representing Spiritual Evolution. However, we realized that it could be a little confusing and we needed to break it down. Nonetheless, before we do so in discussing the evolution of Life, we need to incorporate Life’s purpose in the first place, which brings in spirituality in the teachings of Gnosticism, the earliest form of Christianity. Despite the later Catholic and Orthodox Church’s attempt to destroy these teachings, declaring them heretical, providence has preserved them to ensure that Jesus’ more mystical concepts survived. The most famous Gnostic teacher Valentinus, who almost became Pope before his separation from Catholicism or orthodoxy, claimed to have been taught by a disciple of Saint Paul named Theudas. That teaching centered around a Gnostic Creation myth, concerning the formation of the highest Spiritual Plane before anything else existed.

Valentinus’ myth proposed that the reason for existence began with the First Father or Supreme Being, desiring to be known. Consequently, He projected Himself into His consort Silence, which produced two emanations, Mind and Truth, with the former being masculine, and the latter feminine. This pair created the Logos and Life, who in turn created the pair Humanity and Church. Like the previous four creations/emanations, they were also masculine and feminine.

[Note: It is important to keep in mind that these are ancient terms translated into English, and we should not confuse their meanings with the definitions of the words today. More importantly, the designation masculine and feminine is not the same as gender, as in men and women, rather the term is more a case of masculine representing an active energy, while feminine represents a receptive and passive one.]

The above 6 emanations, together with Silence and the Supreme Being, made up what the Valentinians referred to as the Ogdoad. Continuing with the process Humanity and Church created/emanated two more, who subsequently produced another pair, and on and on. Eventually, apart from the 8 Ogdoad members there were 11 more pairs. These additional 22 emanations completed the thirty members of the Divine realm, which the Gnostics called the Pleroma. Each pair worked together in unison, until one of the last pair, Sophia or Wisdom upset that balance, by searching for the First Father/Supreme Being, without “her” active partner, What-has-been-willed. As the passive member Sophia’s “active” act caused an imbalance, requiring the Creation of another realm.

Learning Sophia or Wisdom’s partner’s designation, we wondered if we could view What-has-been-willed as the Divine Will. Meditating on the question, we came to understand that as he was from the “Divine” realm it is an appropriate “alias.” Due to Sophia acting without her masculine/active partner, she went against the Divine order. In seeking the First Father or Supreme Being, she turned back and in the words of Valentinus, “Was in danger of being absorbed into the Father’s sweetness.” We understood this to mean that when Sophia beheld the magnificence of the Supreme Being, she became mesmerized and moved to rejoin Him. Consequently, like a moth flying too close to a flame, she was in danger of annihilation. Fortunately unlike the exposed flame, a power or in the modern vernacular a force field that the Gnostics referred to as the Limit, surrounds the Supreme Being. The difference between this force field and others was that the Gnostic Limit had consciousness, and was able to support and restore Sophia to her rightful place within the Pleroma. Alas, the emotions Sophia felt during her experience could not be reabsorbed, and needed to be expelled by the Limit, which meant Sophia became separated from parts of herself. Moreover, as Sophia was a member of the Divine realm, she was entirely infused with Divine power from the Supreme Being or First Father. Accordingly, her rejected emotions were also Divine.

To avoid Sophia’s contamination spreading to the rest of the Pleroma, for want of a better description, the Limit placed a Veil between the Divine realm and Sophia’s expelled parts. This effectively started a new plane of existence that we know as the Ether, Astral, or Soul Plane. In addition, to prevent it happening again the Supreme Being emanated The Christ together with His feminine/passive partner The Holy Spirit, in order to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor.

As the Supreme Being emanated The Christ and The Holy Spirit they were superior, so to speak, in respect to the other members of the Pleroma. In fact, this is where the concept of the Trinity makes entry, but it is not the traditional definition given by the Church. The Gnostic trinity was the Father (Supreme Being), the Son (The Christ), and the daughter (The Holy Spirit).

For most Christians, the designation “Only-begotten” is unique to The Christ, which causes great confusion over the person of Jesus. Many interpret this designation as being a part of Great Spirit-Mind or God. As we’ve said an important pillar we were given, was that the key to The Mysteries spoken of by Jesus, is hidden in the English language. We can apply this key to help us understand the difference between The Christ and The Holy Spirit and the other members of the Pleroma. To reiterate: the 8 members of the Ogdoad resulted through the First Father/Supreme Being, “projecting” Himself into His Consort, Silence. If we remember that a projector is used to “project” images onto a screen, we can see the difference. The word “emanates” means to bring forth from the source. In other words, The Christ, and The Holy Spirit, rather than being a projection or “image” of the Supreme Being, were of His substance. Despite the Church making The Holy Spirit masculine, as the partner of The Christ she was feminine. Hence, we could think of The Holy Spirit as the “only begotten” daughter of the Supreme Being.

Thinking about the Gnostic myth of Sophia or Wisdom, we racked our brains of how to explain it in today’s vernacular. The closest we could come to was the plot in the 2009 film, Angels and Demons based on the book by Dan Brown. In the film, the villain, the Camerlengo played by Ewan McGregor has stolen a cannister of antimatter, which is suspended by electromagnetism so that it does not make contact with the cannister. An article by CERN, explains what antimatter is and where it comes from, revealing how the book/film Angels and Demons ’ plot was based on scientific principles:

Our world is made of matter, which consists of three types of particles called electrons, protons and neutrons. Each particle has a specific mass and electric charge. For example, the electron has a negative charge, and the proton a positive charge.

Antimatter particles have the same mass as the particles that make up our world, but carry the opposite charge. For example, the electron, which has a negative charge, has an antimatter 'twin' with the same mass but the opposite charge; we call the 'anti-electron' a positron.

Particles and antiparticles go together. Imagine sitting on a sandy beach. When you dig a hole, you also create a pile of sand. One cannot be made without making the other: they are complementary - just like particles and antiparticles.

Antimatter and matter were created in equal amounts in the Big Bang, but we don't see antimatter around us today.

In the story, the Camerlengo is secretly a member of an ancient order known as the Illuminati, who were bent on discrediting the Catholic Church’s condemnation of Science. As a result, the villain is planning to destroy the Vatican, along with the College of Cardinals who are in Conclave selecting a new Pope. He plans to do this by allowing the antimatter to make contact with its material container. CERN explains:

In order to study antimatter it has to be kept separate from matter, to prevent it from annihilating. Electrically-charged antimatter can be trapped in a device called a Penning trap.

The Penning trap requires an ultrahigh vacuum. Inside the trap, magnetic fields force the charged antiparticles to spiral around the magnetic field lines, and electric fields confine them along the magnetic axis.

Having provided the analogy of the plot in Angels and Demons, how can we fit this into the Gnostic myth of Sophia being “in danger of being absorbed into the Father’s sweetness.” Great Spirit-Mind told us to think of the flow of the different pairs of the Pleroma, as matter and antimatter being united in perfect balance before the Big Bang. In this way, the Gnostic Limit would be the electromagnetic field keeping the status quo. Therefore, Sophia “turning back” and moving to rejoin the First Father, would be like separating the matter (Sophia) from the antimatter (Supreme Being), and then trying to recombine it. The only difference is, only the matter or Sophia would be “in danger” of annihilation.

Before we continue, we need to stress that even though we speak of Sophia in feminine terms, we should not see “her” as a goddess, as we are destined to unite all opposites, such as darkness and light, male and female, and spirit and matter. Therefore, to think of the Gnostic emanations in terms of male and female gods and goddesses could be an error. Rather, it would be more appropriate to think of them as androgynous. Interestingly, the Greek term for spirit is pneuma, which is considered neuter, neither masculine nor feminine but both.

After reading Valentinus’ myth about Sophia, we realized it was accepted because of the multiple Greek and Roman myths circulating the region. Putting ourselves in the teacher’s position at the time, we realized that when Valentinus wrote The Gospel of Truth, about nineteen hundred years ago, the general population didn’t comprehend the concept of consciousness and energy. Consequently, he tried to use terms the populace could understand, such as myths and allegories.

Amazingly, Humanity has retained the memory of the pairs of emanations in the Pleroma through the myths and legends of creator gods and goddesses. We know these deities by different names throughout the world, such as, Shakti and Shiva, El and Astarte or Ashteroth, Baal and Baalti, and Zeus and Hera etc. Gradually the populations divided these pairs into sun/sky-gods and earth-goddesses. Civilizations using brute force to rule and conquer their neighbors, gravitated toward the veneration of “sun/sky-gods,” whose power they saw reflected in eclipses and thunderbolts. On the other hand, tribal communities relying on their survival by cooperating with “Mother Nature”, came to venerate the feminine side of deity through the goddess. Regardless of later civilizations giving predominance to the male gods, the ancients always saw creative forces as dual. The concept of rulers as king and queen and emperor and empress, also reflected the union of the members of the Pleroma.

Returning to the Gnostic myth, desiring to rescue or recover her lost aspects Sophia united with The Christ, who after leaving His partner the Holy Spirit in the Pleroma, joined Sophia to rescue her ejected essence. They did this by creating the Physical Universe with Sophia’s expelled emotions, turning them into the 4 Elements. As the emotions were Divine, they became Divine sparks trapped within them.

Tree of Life diagramPtolemy, a successor to Valentinus taught that Sophia and The Christ transformed her fear into Water, her grief into Air, and her ignorance into Fire. (Note: here we should see ignorance as anger or frustration and not uneducated.) We only list three Elements, because even today Jewish mysticism only recognize three, seeing Earth as a condensing of the other Elements. However, we learned that Sophia also experienced confusion, which became the element Earth, completing the four components of the physical Universe.

Nevertheless, it was difficult to assign the Element of Fire to Sophia’s “ignorance” or anger, it did not seem right. How could “she” be angered? It is possible that Sophia may have felt frustrated at not being able to get close to the First Father, but angry? Our treatise concluded that the Element Fire did not originate from Sophia, it came from her active partner “What-has-been-Willed. Remembering that the 30 pairs in the Pleroma are like two halves of a whole, as Fire is active it has to have come from Sophia’s active partner.

Assigning ignorance or anger to Sophia’s active partner made sense, because Gnostic writings speak of What-has-been-Willed relentlessly pursuing his partner in order to punish her for deserting him. Even so, we understood that initially “he” followed “her” in order to help, meaning that he was not angry

Beneath the veil, Sophia together with The Christ brought forth The Creator/Demiurge to create and administer a realm for the Elements to be transmuted, resulting in the creation of the Soul Plane, encompassing the Four levels of the Tree of Life. These levels were known by the Kabbalists as the Atziluth or Archetypal Plane, representing fire/ignorance, the Briah or Mental/Creative Plane representing air/grief. Below these two is Yetzirah or the Astral Formative Plane, representing water/fear. Finally, at the very bottom there is the Assiah or Active Plane, our physical universe representing earth/confusion.

All 4 levels were created to rescue the divine sparks from the 4 Elements through transmutation. As with all consciousness outside of the Pleroma, The Creator was evolving. The Valentinian Gnostics tried to relate this through depicting The Creator as a father, shepherd, and lawgiver through the Patriarchs Jacob, Isaac, and Moses. Moreover, Jesus relating that Great Spirit-Mind or “God”, was the “God of the living”, by referring to the three Patriarchs, was also conveying this concept.

Ultimately the Elements of the universe made from Sophia’s Divine residue (emotions) became the Divine sparks or spirit within the Life-Principle. These sparks, lying dormant were awaiting an awakening. Of course, to awake the sparks required the interminable cycles of Evolution, with the goal being to transmute the 4 Elements made from Sophia’s rejected emotions back into Spirit, thereby releasing the Divine sparks.

Our Solar system became the chosen arena for the recovery of the “sparks”, through evolution of the Life principle immersed within the physical vehicles. The sparks became the spirit within all life, both incarnate and disincarnate, which moves through the mineral, vegetable, animal, before becoming human. This of course brings us back to the Evolution of the Universe, galaxies, and solar systems where as stated, our solar system was transmuting the 4 Elements representing the emotions, of Fear, Grief, Ignorance/Anger, and Confusion. Continuing with the article The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today:

B1                                     B2    

Diagram B (1) is a representation of the traditional view of the doctrine of planetary rounds. Instead of just one Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Earth, Venus and Mercury, the ancients taught that the visible planets of the Solar System were accompanied with six globes that we cannot see. Therefore there were 7 Saturns, 7 Jupiters, 7 Mars, 7 Moons, 7 Earths, 7 Venuses, and 7 Mercurys. As for the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as they weren’t discovered until 1781, (Uranus) 1846 (Neptune) and 1930 (Pluto) and the ancients didn’t mention them, it was believed they were unaware of them. Even so, there appears to be evidence to the contrary. At Teotihuacan, Mexico the pyramids and temple buildings seem to be accurately laid out to represent the celestial orbs of the Solar System. Mounds unexcavated north of the site are placed at the correct distance to represent the outer planets. Also according to Llewellyn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the higher octaves of the inner planets Mars, Venus, and Mercury

Before we discuss diagrams B1 and B2, in the original article we initially connected the two diagrams to two more: Writing that Madame Blavatsky wrote:

…the ancients begin evolution with the 7 planets of Saturn. However, while I was recovering from a life threatening condition in 2002, I was shown a vision. To assist in explaining this understanding I enlisted the help of the gifted Johanna to create a visual description of my conception. Johanna has depicted my vision in diagram B (3). This vision showed me that instead of placing the rounds side by side; the rounds should be seen as a spiral as in diagram B (2). Also the vision suggested that the rounds get progressively smaller.


Diagram B4 is a much closer representation of the forty-nine globes within the 7 Globe rounds. It helped me to realize that although, according to the doctrine we are now living in the fourth globe or Globe D of the Earth’s Globe round, Globe D developed out of, or rather within Globe C, also that the Earth that is reported to have begun four and a half billion years ago was not Globe D, but Globe A. In other words we are evolving inwards.

Today, although we can agree with B3 and B4 diagrams, B1 and B2 is no longer representative of our understanding. Working on the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… which tracks Spiritual Evolution, caused us to rethink our conclusions. Initially, we had accepted Madame Blavatsky’s claim without question, namely that the Life-Principle has evolved through Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon before transferring to the Earth, and will continue through Venus and Mercury before merging with the Sun. Obviously, because these “spheres” were also known as the Seven Sacred Planets connected to the 7 chakras or energy centers of the body, we knew they were important. Our problem was if we have been evolving inwardly from Saturn to the Earth, then how do we explain the discovery of the planets Uranus and Neptune outside of Saturn? Meditating on the question, the ancient belief that the Earth was at the center of the universe came to mind.

Clearly, the Earth could not possibly be at the center of the literal physical universe, because of astronomers identifying its position on an outer arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Even so, we somehow felt Earth centrism had validity. It did, and it was the truth behind this preposterous belief that helped uncover an important part of the teaching on Globes and Rounds. Having established that the 7 Globes from A to G were within one another, we knew Madame Blavatsky’s claim must have something to do with esoteric teaching, which is always multileveled having more than one meaning. Consequently, we reasoned the Secret Doctrine concerns existence at the energetic, conscious, or ethereal level, and the outrageous belief of Earth being at the center of everything, was based on an inner knowledge that on some level it was.

Astronomers tell us the Hubble telescope looks back in time, because the light from the stars takes thousands, and in many cases millions of “light-years” to reach us. For instance, the light from the closest star Alpha Centauri takes nearly four and a half years to light the night sky on Earth, whereas, Hubble has determined the furthest star Icarus’ light was emitted only 4.8 billion years after the Big Bang, which is longer than our Solar system has existed. Therefore, spiritually speaking, as everywhere on the globe the starlight we see is from our past, from that perspective our Solar System and Earth is at the center, which is supported by the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry demonstrating the infinite inner universe.

When we remember our planet was the chosen arena for rescuing Sophia’s essence (Divine sparks) through transmuting the Elements, then Earth’s importance takes on a whole new perspective. Gradually we came to understand that the ancient belief of the Earth being at the center of the universe, concerned our Solar System being the arena for The Christ and Sophia to redeem her essence, or more correctly, the Divine sparks within the Elements. However, the role of the Seven Sacred Planets was not to be a home for the Life-Principle to evolve on, it was to act as archetypes for the Divine and astrological powers of the “Light.” This realization led to several new conclusions that demonstrated the diagrams B1 and B2 above were misleading.

We were certain that the Secret Doctrine was spot on in stating that the Earth has seven versions known as Globes, which are within each other, and that the Life-Principle evolves through all 7 Globes, seven times, constituting a Globe Round. Our problem was Madame Blavatsky’s claim that there were seven versions of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon as previous homes, each of which the Life-Principle had evolved through forty-nine times (7x7=49).

Notwithstanding our Solar System’s role, we wondered why it wasn’t at least in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, instead of being on an outer arm. To us, Humanity’s role would have been much clearer then, but we realized that it was necessary for our spiritual development. A key part of Spiritual Evolution is learning to lose a sense of self-importance in our standing in the world, which involves integrating the lower ego. The reason why the lower ego needs to be integrated is because when it is, then it becomes the real EGO our Spirit, fulfilling its role as a full partner in transmuting the Elements and co-creating our reality.

Dispensing with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon as former homes for the Life-Principle, we are left with the Earth as the only home in our Solar System for the Divine sparks to evolve. Consequently, we come to the 7 Globes of Earth and the real message behind the philosophy of the Root-races and sub-races.

Evolution is multidimensional occurring on each of the 7 Globes, where the Life-Principle experiences consciousness development through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms before reaching the human kingdom, with its 7 sub-races within 7 Root-races. Due to this part of the teaching resonating with us, we will continue with Madame Blavatsky’s model. She taught that the Life-Principle moving through each of the 7 Globes labelled from A to G, constituted a Globe Round. There are 7 Globe Rounds, which in turn forms a Planetary Chain, which we now know only concerns the Earth. When a Planetary Chain is completed, a period of rest or Nirvana takes place. Remembering our Earth is estimated to be 4 and a half billion years old, clearly we are speaking of vast amounts of time. For instance, as stated, according to the Secret Doctrine, we are in the Fourth Round on the Fourth Globe or Globe D. This means that three rounds of 7 Earths have already occurred.

Determining that the Globes are within each other, means that the three previous Globe Rounds would have taken longer to complete, since they were larger. Thus, with the caveat that the worlds are not literally within the magma of our planet, imagine a huge sphere with forty-nine circles within it representing the 7 Globes or “Earths” in the 7 Globe Rounds. Obviously, passing through these forty-nine circles or Globes takes a phenomenal amount of time. True, as we moved inward from larger to smaller, the duration that each circle or Globe represents gets shorter, but it is still an eternity compared to the way we mark time. Consequently, as our universe is between 14 and 16 billion years old, depending on who we speak to, we cannot be referring to just the life of our universe.

According to Madame Blavatsky’s model, in every Globe Round at the mid-point, or Globe D, humans begin the transformation into super-human before transferring to Globe E. Then on each subsequent Globe from E to G, the former humans evolved closer and closer to the spiritual realm. However, as we are only currently in the fourth Globe Round, Life still has a ways to go. The Bible tells us in Psalm 86:6, and again in John 10:34 that “Ye are gods”, meaning we are divine beings infused with a Divine spark or our Spirit. All Life contains this spark and therefore the purpose of Life is to “liberate” it from matter. As this process is mental, it cannot happen until we develop higher consciousness, hence the interminable phases of Evolution.”

If this sounds complicated, it is, but we do not need to know or even understand each term. Our mission in Life is to remain present and not concern ourselves with the specifics of which Globe, or Round is in play. For our purposes at this time, it serves us better to understand our spiritual development from the perspective of the 7 Root-races and 7 sub-races evolving in the 4th Globe Round. As the original article The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today asked:

So much for the Life Principle’s homes, what about humanity? In order to answer this, it is necessary to return to the beginning. Most scientists agree that the universe began with the Big Bang. In spiritual terms this is described as Brahma exhaling or the Creator of Genesis saying, “Let there be Light.” The snake swallowing its tail is a perfect symbol for preexistence, whereas the snake unfurled perfectly signifies the advent of Time and Space or the universe coming into existence.

The first chapter of Genesis covers a vast period of time, in fact several billion years. Figures 1 & 2,(below) apart from representing the first two Root-races, depict the beginning of duality, i.e., night and day, dark and light and male and female. At this point, I need to state that duality is not limited to humanity, but all carbon-based life forms. Also, although the doctrine speaks of evolution of spirit entering matter, nearly everything that exists or has life beneath the Veil is of the soul realm. Spirit is not outside, but inside. To put this into today’s vernacular, think of a star (spirit) enshrouded by a cloud (soul).

Moving on to the spiritual development of human beings, we will discuss the next five paragraphs in the article together, as the figures 1 and 2 depict a crucial point in our spiritual development.

Figures 1 & 2
Figures representing 2nd Root Race -duality- active & passive - male & female

So in the beginning the soul essence having prepared a physical receptacle, descended through the crown chakra down the spine to the base-chakra, situated at the base of the spine. Because of this Root-race 1 was of an etheric substance, with only the sense of sound. I should state that Blavatsky said that Root-race 1 only contained three Elements earth, water, and air, as fire did not exist. Clearly, Blavatsky could not have meant the literal physical Elements of the universe as astrophysicists and other learned experts, inform us that after the Big Bang, the universe was unimaginably hot with multiple suns being born. So what Elements were the early Root-races made of? I believe the Elements the doctrine speaks of are the elemental forces, such as sylphs, nymphs, and salamanders.

To return to the traditional doctrine, Root-race 2, apart from absorbing the faculty and element of Root-race 1, Root-race 2 added the sense of sight to sound and the element air. Before I move onto the next Root-race, it may be beneficial to see the traditional view of the correlation between the 7 Sacred Planets and the 7 main Chakras.

To recap, according to the doctrine the soul descends through the Crown chakra, passing through the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and coming to rest in the 1st or base chakra. Then the soul begins its long journey of discovery of self; at least that was the original plan.

There is no information as to exactly when the human cycle began; however, taking into consideration that anthropologists state that the first hominids began to appear five million years ago, I feel that it is a safe bet to say that the human cycle began around then. Although we are not told exactly when the cycle began the ancients did leave us with two interesting snippets of information. The first is that the Earth became its densest eighteen million years ago and the second that there are a set number of human souls in the cycle.

When Root-race 2 evolved into Root-race 3, the human race not only absorbed the mystical element of air and the senses of sight and sound but also added the mystical element of fire and the sense of touch. Again I must reiterate that the Elements and senses referred to are not the physical Elements and senses, but the senses and Elements of the soul. At this point the soul is slowly rising through the lower chakras and has only reached the third chakra or Solar Plexus.

Accepting that Spiritual Evolution entails transmuting emotions, then it stands to reason that until the Life-Principle developed not only emotions but also the ability to process them, it could not happen. The science of Anthropology dictates that this occurred when the higher mammals, as primates evolved into the first Homo genus around 2.5 million years ago during the Pleistocene Era. Then over the next one and a half million years, the species continued to evolve until in approximately 35,000 B.C.E., our species Homo Sapiens replaced the Neanderthals to emerge as the only hominid in existence. Nonetheless, although our species emerged around 100,000 B.C.E., from the spiritual evolutionary perspective, humans did not develop a self-conscious until a little over 3,000 years ago.

In respect to the Root-races, we need to look at them as covering major benchmarks in human development. Therefore, we could equate the first sub-race of Root-race 1 to primitive humans, who first appeared in what paleontologists call the Lower Paleolithic, roughly 3 million years ago. These primitive humans, designated as Homo Habilus for their ability to make tools, spiritually speaking, were the first step from animal to human consciousness. The subsequent six sub-races would cover their consciousness development, from simple cave dwellers to herdsman and shepherds forming the first communal living. Root-race 2 would then span the development of modern humans, or Homo Sapiens through the Pleistocene era or Ice Age, from approximately 300,000 B.C.E. to our modern Holocene era, which began around eleven and a half thousand years ago. During that time, as stated, the other major hominid species Neanderthals became extinct, leaving the world to be populated by modern humans, or in Spiritual Evolution terms Root-race 3.

It is during the 7 sub-races of Root-race 3 that we see the development of the various races and ethnicities around the world as tribal communities, which each soul experiences. This is also when the concept of religion develops. We should state that each soul experienced these tribal communities as male and female, as well as hierarchical positions, such as chief, matriarch, and lowly member. As human consciousness moved into Root-race 4 we see the development of cities and civilizations for the soul to experience. During these early Root-races and their 7 sub-races that includes Root-race 4, also known as the Atlantean Race, humans are operating purely from their subconscious. We don’t see the development of the self-conscious until 3,115 B.C.E., which coincides with the development of Root-race 5. It is in the 4th sub-race of Root-race 5 that human consciousness transfers to Globe D. Then over the next 2,000 years humans complete the 5th, 6th, and 7th Root-races, experiencing every ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, and circumstance possible to fully develop a cognizant understanding of our connection. So, despite the wars, conflict, and racial prejudices plaguing the world for thousands of years, at our core we are all the same. Continuing with The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today:

One of the most puzzling questions arising from Genesis is the creation of Humanity. Chapter 1 verses 26 to 28 seem to be reporting the creation of man and woman, only they appear to be androgynous. This agrees with the esoteric teaching, so what was the difference between this creation and the creation of Adam and Eve? The clue is in the scripture that reported the couple as knowing they were naked… the scripture is talking about Adam and Eve becoming self-aware, which meant the couple had developed individuality. If this was the goal of evolution then why was this a problem? Figures 3 and 4 below show a double line passing through all 7 chakras.

Figures 3 & 4
Depicting the duality that started with the double helix or insertion of the counterfeit spirit in the 3rd Root Race

Root-races 1 & 2 had facilitated the descent of the soul into the human body. we should state that according to Madame Blavatsky, Root-race 2 was destroyed when the axis of the earth shifted causing the oceans to swamp the land. Evidently some of the humans survived to evolve into the third Root-race, which Blavatsky associated with the element of fire and the sense of touch. As discussed earlier, the element fire mentioned in connection with the Root-races are referring to the elemental forces of the universe. The fire of the third Root-race was alluding to the passions of the third chakra or Solar Plexus. Looking at the figures (left), I was struck by the similarity between the double helix of DNA and the medical symbol caduceus

Observing the figures above from a scientific perspective, as stated, it seemed to reflect geneticists illustration of DNA. Still, spiritually speaking, we interpreted it as depicting when Root-race 3, or Homo sapiens as modern humans came into existence, and in a way that would be correct. Interestingly, it could also signify how the soul divides into masculine/active, and feminine/passive before each incarnation, explaining the term Soul Mate. Regardless, this has nothing to do with gender, although the soul-mate can be of the opposite sex. From the Spiritual Evolution perspective, this is purely about energy, in that if someone was overly aggressive or assertive in their former life, he or she would be reborn with the passive/feminine energy of the soul, irrespective of being in a male or female vehicle. Unfortunately, the illustration also represents the insertion of the counterfeit-spirit, or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-body, which as we said was detrimental to Spiritual Evolution. As stated, in The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today:

Instead of the gradual ascent through the chakra centers, the human race was forced to become aware of all seven at once and develop psychic powers before they were intellectually ready. They were now exposed to the full duality of the universe. That meant dealing with the shadow side of the 7 Sacred Planets. Now Saturn’s positive traits of patience and self-discipline were countered with Sloth, apathy, and laziness. Jupiter’s generosity and dignity became obscured with pride. While Mars’ vigor and courage was tainted with Wrath, cruelty, and vengeance. The beneficent rays of the Sun were dimmed by Greed and Gluttony and fertile Venus became synonymous with Lust. Sensitive Moon began to exhibit the vile trait of Envy, and quick-witted Mercury became associated with fraud, lying and Falsehood.

Traditional & Updated planetary positions for the 7 Chakras

Earlier I said that the traditional teaching assigned the Crown chakra to Mercury, but that didn’t ring true for me. Jesus called the devil the father of lies, referring to him speaking a lie. To me this made Mercury more appropriate to the 5th chakra of communication, not Venus. I believe Venus fits with the 2nd or Sacral, sexual center chakra, which unseats Mars. However, what better place for the god of war than the fiery seat of emotions or should I say passion, than the 3rd , or Solar Plexus chakra. This would move Jupiter in my opinion to its rightful place at the Crown chakra in place of Mercury.

Conventional belief has the fall occurring at the beginning of creation; nonetheless, the advances in science may have adjusted that assessment. Previously, I mentioned the seemingly inexplicable “leap” humanity appears to have made around 40,000 B.C.E. No less than five scientific disciplines place this as the time humanity made great advances: archeology, anthropology, paleontology, genetics, and linguistics.

With the corruption of humanity the Creator and judges of the universe had to act. First they reduced the life span and then they created the Wheel of Necessity or Karma. In the Old Testament, this was the Law of an eye for an eye or a life for a life. Although the Israelites and others took this literally and promptly meted out “justice”, that was not what the Law was created for. Karma meant that if you murdered someone in one life, then you would in turn be murdered seven incarnations later. Hence the term vicious cycle. Another thing designed to assist the human souls was the creation of Devachan and Kama Loka. This meant that in between incarnations, the soul could be shown its life on Earth and helped to make the needed corrections for its next incarnation. Unfortunately, one of the rules was that the souls have absolutely no memory of its previous incarnation or the lessons learned on the other side. As a result very few souls progressed this way.

By the time Root-race 3 was barely halfway through things were so bad that the Creator felt He had no other recourse than to start again. This is recorded as the many legends of the destruction of giants, floods, and arks throughout the world. Then the human race evolved into Root-race 4 and absorbed the mystical element water and the occult sense of taste. Root-race 4 was also known as the Atlanteans, and they were engaged in black magic. This was because they had discovered the psychic powers. Only these were what we call the lower psychic powers. This means that the Atlanteans or Root-race 4 engaged in magic without the benefit of real spiritual power. These lower psychic powers are generated by the solar plexus and therefore instinctive rather than intuitive. At this time Root-race 4 was in danger of destroying themselves because they had discovered the power of sound, as seen in the construction of pyramids, where they raised huge blocks of stone into the air by chanting. Also they were experimenting with gene manipulation. In order to save humanity from itself, the Powers and Rulers decided to cull the population, by destroying the seat of corruption, Atlantis.

3-8The sinking of Atlantis occurred around 10,500 B.C.E. Despite the destruction, enough souls survived to produce Root-race 5. It was then that the Creator took pity on his creation and showed mercy. During the early stages of Root-race 5, he tried to educate his creation with fear of reprisals. This was the advent of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments. The commandments were designed to curb the effects of the counterfeit-spirit by nullifying the negative aspects of the 7 Sacred Planets. Seeing that fear was not helping, the Creator felt compassion for humanity and as Jeremiah reports wrote the Law in his creation’s hearts. Amazingly this was what the Heavenly Father was waiting for.

While the Creator had judgment without mercy, the spiritual powers could only watch and wait, but when room was made for compassion in the soul realm, this allowed the Christ to enter through the Veil, without either the Creator’s or the Rulers knowledge. Figure 5 shows the result of this. Christ teachers such as Krishna, Buddha, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Confucius, and Socrates throughout the world taught the human race of the soul’s connection to the unseen forces of the universe. And the axiom of “As above so below and as below so above. They showed humanity that with meditation and prayer, they could connect to guides from the astral plane that would assist them in their spiritual development. 

Figure 5     

To free humanity from the vicious cycle of Karma, it was decided to send a Messiah in the form of a chosen soul, who would become the sacrificial lamb, taking on all the karma accumulated by humankind onto himself. What the Creator or Demiurge didn’t know was that the Christ entered the Messiah at his baptism by John the Baptist. He did this in order to teach both the human race and all the powers beneath the Veil of the Heavenly Father and how to combat the counterfeit-spirit.

Assigning the designation of Omnipotent, and Omniscient to The Creator or Demiurge caused a conflict for us. This is because like we suspect many others, we questioned if The Creator was All-powerful and All-knowing then why did He/She not simply destroy the counterfeit-spirits? As we explained in the article:

The answer is rules. For the Demiurge to use his power to correct the problem would be usurping free will. The judges and rulers had decreed that only an innocent soul willingly sacrificing himself could break the iron bands of Karma. After Jesus was crucified the bonds of karma were severed. No longer are retaliation and vengeance the rule, but forgiveness and compassion. I had also been shown that the renting of the Veil during the crucifixion facilitated the activation of the spirit or spark of God within the hearts of humanity. True, humanity is still subject to the rules; even so the human race had begun to access their spiritual selves.

As stated according to the ancient teaching, we are still only halfway through Root-race 5, with the 7 sub races of both Root-races 6 and 7 to go to the end of the globe round. However, according to Purucker the devastation that ended Atlantis will in turn destroy at least half of Root-race 5, and Root-race 6 will be born from the molecules and atoms of Root-race 5, but there is a discrepancy within the teaching. Purucker stated that there is a minimum of 16,000 years before what he referred to as “the racial cataclysm” that will result in the creation of Root-race 6. The discrepancy occurs with the teaching that at the halfway stage of a Root-race, the next Root-race starts to appear. This is akin to a new species existing alongside the species it has evolved to replace. As my studies had clearly shown that 2012 is the end of the Globe D or the fourth round; I wondered how we could possibly be only halfway through Root-race 5? I felt that we must be in at least Root-race 6 and more than halfway through it.

In any given Root-race the planetary consciousness did not pass into the next Root-race until a certain number of individuals of the more advanced Root-race had incarnated. What the teachings did not reveal was that Root-races 5, 6, and 7 are within each other. Leonardo DaVinci showed this with his drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

3-9 3-10

Throughout history, symbolism has been the primary way information was preserved and passed on. In this way, Ancient wisdom passed down the knowledge of symbols and numbers through architecture, such as the four-sided pyramids in Egypt, Mesoamerica and South America and the swastika in India. Our article related:

Interestingly Webster’s also describes the pagoda of the Far East as a pyramidal temple. Could all of these buildings be representative of the Root-race 4, which disappeared around 10,500 B.C.E. Could this mean the number five as in the pentagon and pentacle symbolizes Root-race 5? I also found it curious that five is connected with the Kabbalistic symbol of the micro and macrocosm.

In seeking answers to these questions, I turned to God. He told me that the era of Root-race 5 ended 2000 years ago with the Christ whose symbol is the six-pointed star. God also informed me that the six-pointed star with a point in the center represented Root-race 7 and that Root-races 6 and 7 are running concurrently; that is side-by-side, and both will be completed in 2012. Before that, between 2004 and 2005 the start of a five-year window will begin. After 2010 the point of no return will be reached. That is, whether we are alive or dead, our vibratory level or speed will be locked in. Our vibration will determine if we progress to Globe E or have to repeat the 7 sub races in each of the 7 Root-races on Globe D.

Now for an important correction. Although between 2004 and 2005 Divinity opened a “five-year window”, when all spiritual guides left us to find our own destiny, it is no longer relevant. We say this because even though the window “opened”, the events that followed made it a moot point. As we have repeatedly said, nothing is locked in stone, everything is subject to our choices. At the start of the 3rd millennium, the normal process of “sifting the wheat from the chaff”, to separate the third of Humanity not ready to evolve to Globe E was still in place. However, after the “Shadow of Deception” was neutralized in 2010, together with the global Peace ceremonies a year later on November 11, 2011, everything changed. The change transpired, because the Peace ceremonies showed the Human Race was ready for the Divine Realm to activate a plan began over 2000 years ago. But first let us review the normal procedure in the remaining paragraphs of The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today:

Although Root-race 6 began around two millennia ago, it didn’t gain prominence within the consciousness until what history refers to as the Renaissance (rebirth). If Root-race 5 absorbed the Elements and senses of the previous four races and added the element of earth and the sense of taste, what element and sense did Root-race 6 bring to bear? The answer I received was astral or psychic and the higher faculties of sight and sound i.e., clairvoyance and clairaudience. Is it a coincidence that after 1400 C.E., alchemy and metaphysical societies gained prominence?

As stated the doctrine teaches that we are halfway through Root-race 5 with at least sixteen thousand years to complete the Root-race. However, this teaching presupposes that everything remains static and operates as it always has. This was not what God had shown me. First, Jesus had stressed that the Fullness of Time would be when he returned, and God had told us that it was now the Fullness of Time.

If we believe that science and the ancient teachings go hand-in-hand then it could be a mistake in thinking that our globe or Globe D came into existence at the same time as the scientists state the earth did, i.e. approximately four and a half billion years ago…

Figure 7  

One of the most puzzling statements Jesus made concerned his warning of outer darkness. Knowing with absolute certainty that God or any divine being never banishes anyone to a place of punishment, what could Jesus be warning of? The answer I discovered has to do with the dissolution of the past globes.

If we examine Diagram B4, we observe that the globes are within each other. What I hadn’t realized was that as we progress the outer globes, like a hard candy dissolving in the mouth, each globe disintegrates into non-existence, so why the urgency? Scientists tell us that the Earth will be destroyed by the sun’s expansion. Nostradamus predicted the same would occur in the third millennium… Examining diagram B2, we see that the rounds start with a wide spiral, which narrows and tightens as it progresses. Another sign to consider is our solar system. Saturn takes over twenty-nine years to orbit the sun; whereas Mercury circuits the sun in only eighty-eight days. Revelation speaks of the Christ ruling the earth for a thousand years, before the final battle. What all these signs have in common is there is a limited amount of time left to complete the earth globe rounds. Root-race 7 will emerge from Root-race 6; only the 7 sub-races run concurrently not consecutively. We are moving inwards and as we do the outer levels are being dissolved…

Originally, we followed Madame Blavatsky’s belief that when the Earth Globe round ends, everything left, including the souls of this round that is not of the next round’s vibration, will be trapped in the dissolving space. They will then have to stay in outer darkness until such time as the universe resets and the souls have another opportunity to progress. Notwithstanding that until our time this was the way we evolved; this is no longer the case.

The fact is, since time immemorial at the end of each Globe, natural catastrophes served as a means to separate those not ready to evolve to the next level of evolution, from those who were. A perfect example is the catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs, making way for smaller, smarter wildlife that of course set the scene for mammals to evolve into humans. This is how Evolution determines which species progresses and which becomes extinct. It is also what was later applied to supposedly advanced civilizations. For instance, although historians attribute the defeat of the Roman Empire to infighting amongst the rulers, the Dark Ages of the Western Hemisphere were aptly named because the European climate in the past has had profound implications. An article in the on-line Smithsonian reported: “Human history shows that we don’t deal well with times of climate upheaval. If things are good or bad, we can adapt if given enough time. But a small change in climate can have deadly consequences…” It seems that starting around 1300, the West experienced “wetter summers and colder temperatures.” This period coincided with a famine and plague outbreak, of such proportions that it resulted in the death of 60% of the population of Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. Historians relate that the population levels did not recover until the 1500s

Fortunately, apart from the neutralization of the “Shadow of Deception” or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body in 2010, our last ceremony in 2021 reinforced the nullification of the usual consequences in “missing the mark” when it came time to evolve, by correcting the Watcher’s-Mistake. Still as this is addressed in the article, Ancient Divine Plan Employs Humanity and KTI in Creating a New World, we will not go over the details again here. Instead we will return to the activities of Sophia and her partner What-has-Been-Willed, which in the Gnostic Pistis Sophia was referred to as Self-Will.

The Pistis Sophiarelates that Sophia’s partner Self-Will relentlessly harassed and inflicted multiple punishments on her in the Soul Plane. But why the change? As stated, her partner initially left the Pleroma and descended into the Soul Plane to assist Sophia in redeeming their lost essence immersed in the Elements. The answer lies in the Soul Plane being a realm of duality. Unfortunately, since Self-Will was the “active” half of the partnership, he became influenced by the “active” World Soul and began aiding the entity in tormenting Sophia.

Nevertheless, there is another factor that we need to consider here, the factor of Time, or rather No-Time in the Pleroma. As we have written, in the Divine Realm there is no past or future, there is only Now. However, this description is difficult for us to grasp because it means that to the members of the Pleroma everything has, is, and will happen instantaneously. Therefore, Sophia’s error, her restoration, separation, and union with The Christ happened in the same instant. This means that for the Divine Realm the trillions of years of Evolution is also instantaneous. Our concept of Linear Time is merely a construct for us to use to progress spiritually in returning to Spirit. Craig was given an idea of this during a vision in France. Below is the relevant section from our book Our Story 1995 – 2002: True Philosophers’ Stone:

“…There was a void and suddenly I could see a floating object off in the distance, in my rapid approach this object soon turned into a matrix. I could feel its presence inside this huge geometric arena with a cubical grid as the viewing area. The viewing area kept changing from gridded lines to gridded dots, to both lines and dots and sometimes just a single plane. The viewing area switched to gridded lines and held as though some performance was about to begin.

“I felt as if poised at the top row of seats in some gigantic non-physical stadium and something was telepathically reciting the program’s agenda as different events took place. Somehow I was linked to a red field of energy within the matrix that was taking different shapes in the viewing area—the shape it took was directly tied to my thoughts. I was being shown by some unseen presence how to control this energy movement and be in more than one place at a time. Move straight up was the thought, and the red energy spiked up surrounding a single vertical line, spread out throughout all the levels now occupied in a cylindrical shape, and it did so. Occupy one level and spread out; the shape of a large circular disc was produced. The stage was about to change, and I found myself on it, in a manner of speaking.

“An object appeared in the middle of the cubical viewing area that was the bust of a man. Moving into my own field of vision I could see the red energy ball and yet it was my energy and it moved inside the pedestal or neck of the bust. I was now seeing as the energy itself, as well as the onlooker. What a strange sensation this was, it was like viewing an object from two different perspectives at the same time and it wasn’t even confusing; clarity of perception was there. The bust was transparent now except for orange lines that sketched the prominent features’ outline. I was seeing it from the inside and the outside all at once. This went on for quite some time and from all different perspectives. Sometimes the grid lines were apparent, sometimes just dots, and sometimes nothing but the feeling of the grid guided me as I moved in the energy ball around the bust and also watched myself from the top seats of the stadium.

“Coming into consciousness I immediately felt my finger on Suzzan’s shoulder, and the thought lodged in my mind; it was as if that contact allowed me to come back to this dimension from visiting another..”

Spiritually speaking it is only beneath the veil that Time and Space exists. In the Soul Plane Time and Space is viewed as a series of points of emotional energy, which spiritual beings monitor. After the Watcher’s-Mistake caused the manifestation of the World-Soul and its individual partner the counterfeit-spirit, Sophia and The Christ entered Linear Time, and began preparing to incarnate to set the future correction in place. As stated, The Christ left his partner The Holy Spirit above the veil in the Pleroma. Unfortunately, What-Has-Been-Willed did not stay put, but instead followed “his” partner Sophia beneath the veil, and as we said, was influenced by the Soul Plane’s duality, aiding the World-Soul in tormenting his partner. Nonetheless, Sophia’s constant confession and appeal for forgiveness eventually reached him and he woke up, so to speak. This is where the story reaches a vital turning point.

When Sophia’s partner What-has-Been-Willed “woke up”, his consciousness and energy was still attached to the World-Soul, facilitating a change in the entity. This occurred because although as Self-Will “he” was overcome in the Soul Plane by the duality, at his core as What-has-Been-Willed, he was of the Pleroma and therefore Divine. Consequently when he embraced compassion, he reconnected with his Divine self. As a result, as What-has-Been-Willed he was able to assist the World-Soul in separating from the basest thoughts and emotions of the Human Race, by creating a filter where the lowest and densest aspects of the entity could be removed from the Soul Plane. These lower aspects were then expelled into the lowest level, the Material/Physical Plane, Earth, to become the “prince of this world” or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body, or as we called it the Shadow of Deception. Following the separation of the basest parts from the World-Soul in the Soul Plane, What-has-Been-Willed absorbed the remaining consciousness of the entity into himself. Sophia’s partner did this by becoming Hermes or Melchizedek in order to facilitate his future role in helping with Great Spirit-Mind’s plan. That role entailed temporarily separating the Life Principle from the Globe cycle on the next Globe D. Below is a diagram depicting that separation, with the consciousness transfer from Globe C to Globe D at the start of the Common Era, 0 C.E.

0 Common Era globe-D
Diagram of Globe C to Globe D

Today, the Earth still has eleven levels of consciousness, which includes all seven sub-races of Root-race 7 and sub-races 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Root-race 6. This is depicted in the graphic below. (Note: the graphic demonstrates Root-races 5, 6, & 7, as if they had continued from Globe C.) In the diagram, we see the 7th sub-race of Root-race 5 being absorbed by the 1st sub-race of Root-race 7.

1300 C.E. Root-Race overlap
Diagram of how Root-races 5, 6, and 7 would have merged into one another on Globe C if above
seperation had not happened (Diagram of Globe C to Globe D above)

The problem arises because both Root-race 6 and 7 are still connected to the unevolved consciousness of Globe C through the 7th sub-race of Root-race 5. This is because of the resetting of the Baby-Boomer generation in the late 1970s. With the resetting, Root-race 7 consciously reverted to the level when it first emerged in 1300 C.E. As the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… reported:

Resetting the Baby Boomer generation was not without consequences. Souls that incarnated after 1945 had worked through multiple lives of religious conflict and were ready to reevaluate their beliefs. Unfortunately, the actions of the “Shadow” diverted large numbers of them from being ready for the final upstepping in 1977. Yet, in uncovering this information my logical mind asked how was it possible for the “Shadow” to succeed in derailing the “Light’s” objective? Surely, the Divine Forces knew what was going on. I learned that it concerns how time is perceived, because in the Astral Plane or the Soul Plane, linear time is a factor. Originally, I believed that there was “no time” in the Soul Plane, but I came to understand that “No Time” only applied to the higher or upper realms. Apparently, linear time is a construct of the Soul Plane to facilitate the transmutation of the Elements, and as the “Shadow” was connected to the lower levels “he” operated linearly. Therefore, the only arena where “linear time” does not exist is in the Pleroma, which is why only Great Spirit-Mind knows everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. Since the resetting of the Baby-Boomers involved the Evangelical movement, which was Protestant, it required the consciousness of the generation to regress to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Alas, this resulted in regressing the mass consciousness at the subconscious level to 1514 when Martin Luther nailed the 33 theses on the door, which occurred during the 4th “upstepping” from 1300 to 1558. Obviously, the billion or so individuals involved did not go back in time, unfortunately what happened was much worse. The consciousness and energy vibration of the entire “upstepping” including the 14th (1300s) and 15th (1400s) centuries was brought forward into the 20th century. This in effect brought in all the religious conflict and judgmentalism that the Baby Boomer’s generation souls had worked through. Fortunately, all was not lost because in November 1977 an astrological event occurred, which would ultimately give the advantage back to the “Light…”

7th Root-Race & sub-race dates

Before the resetting of the Baby-Boomer generation, the emergence of the 3rd sub-race of Root-race 7 in 1750 should have resulted in the total absorption of Root-race 5 in 1994. Unfortunately, although evolution was further strengthened from 1837 by the consciousness of the 7th sub-race of Root-race 6, and the subsequent 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th sub-races of Root-race 7, after the resetting in 1977 the consciousness deteriorated. Due to the vestiges of Root-race 5 still in the human consciousness, rather than being weakened, the less evolved consciousness gradually gained in strength. Until, as we are witnessing, the mentality of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries (1300s and 1400s) reasserted itself well into the 21st century, despite the “Shadow’s” neutralization in 2010.

Nonetheless, other cycles reveal that there is hope. For instance, our friend I.D.E.A. Director, and contributor to KTI Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, investigated the Mayan belief that Nine Waves influence Evolution. Still, before addressing this we want to share how our connection with Carl revealed a correlation between cycles, which we discussed in the aforementioned treatise:

8Great-Pyramid Nearly every civilization carries some reference to the concept of cycles. As in the Maya Days and Nights of the Nine Waves of Creation and the Hindu Yugas or Ages, to name just two. Until Dr. Carl Calleman interpreted the real message behind the Mayan Calendar, scholars tended to interpret these cycles as referring to civilizations repeating destructive behavior. Although ruins and remnants of ancient civilizations do indicate such outcomes, Dr. Calleman points out that each Wave builds on the previous Wave. Due to this process involving the development of consciousness, he believes the Waves eventually advance civilization in general. Therefore, instead of cycles, we could view these periods (cycles) of time as spirals leading upwards to a higher level in evolution, such as the unicelled amoeba developing into the multi-celled mammals.

Aerial view of Great Pyramid,
(from: Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness)

To be honest, Craig and I approached the subject from a completely different viewpoint than Carl. Being unaware of his work when we began our investigation, our approach was from the spiritual level…

It was through Carl Calleman’s work that we realized the creation of the self-conscious was a later development of the Human Race. Which involves the active conscious aspect of the false self, or the human ego. This momentous bench-mark in evolution is a fairly recent change in terms of existence.

Carl addresses the development of the Self-conscious brilliantly in two of his books, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness, together with The Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity. In both He relates the Maya assigned the 7 Days and 6 Nights of the Seven Waves of Creation to specific gods. We found it particularly interesting to hear that Quetzalcoatl was the “Lord of Light” overseeing the 5th Day.


Chart listing the gods and goddesses representing the Days and Nights of the 7th Wave


Returning to Globe C, with the development of the Self-conscious the consequence of the Fall, or Watcher’s mistake took full effect. From the start of the Sixth Wave or the Long Count, instead of transforming the Elements, the ego in league with the pain-body or counterfeit-spirit, caused individuals to give into their baser natures and “feed” the World-Soul. (Note: again the World-Soul is the consciousness of the “Shadow of Deception” on Globe C, before “his” worst parts were expelled to Globe D in 0 C.E.)

Carl’s research demonstrates that life did not just, as he says “‘pop up” on our planet, but that Earth was a place specifically tagged for this. He demonstrates how the Mayan calendar describes quantum states of the Tree of Life and presents a new explanation for the origin and evolution of consciousness. Using his scientific background in biology and cosmology to show that the idea of the Purposeful Universe is real, Carl explains not only how DNA, but also “entire organisms have emerged in the image of the Tree of Life, a theory that has wide-ranging consequences not only for medicine but also for the origin of sacred geometry and the human soul. With this insightful theory of biological evolution, the divide between science and religion disappears. We related our meeting with Carl and his effect on our work in FOR THE CHILDREN:

In reading the inspirational The Purposeful Universe, we knew it was possible to apply Dr. Calleman’s theory to generating Peace. We confirmed our intuition when we learned of his leading the global meditation at the Lothlorien Peace Festival. Seeing this as no coincidence, we asked Leyland, who knew Carl, to put us in touch with the gifted author. We were able to speak with Dr. Calleman within a week and we found the Mayan expert very knowledgeable and amenable.

Around a week, before we spoke with Dr. Calleman we began hearing of an upcoming alignment of the comet Elenin to Earth. This closest alignment to date was due to occur September 26. As previous alignments coincided with large earthquakes, Elenin generated a great deal of fear. Looking at the comet as energetically neutral, we realized that we had a unique opportunity to harness its energy to affect the consciousness…

While translating the Mayan Ancient teachings, Dr. Calleman, discovered something remarkable in the texts. Reflecting the Jungian theory, the texts reported the existence of the consummate Archetypal symbol at the center of the universe: the Tree of Life. Of course, the Tree of Life as an archetype is deeply rooted in the human psyche. How much, is reflected in the fact the Tree or some variation of it appears in almost every culture of the world. It also permeates our language (not just English). For instance, we use branch to describe sections of organizations. Then there is the trunk being a term for the torso of the body. Another colloquialism is to take a leaf, another term for page, out of someone’s book meaning to copy or emulate them. Finally, we also speak of root or roots to describe both our origins and the origin of something.

Providing a possible reason for the Tree’s influence the ancient Maya assert this Tree is emitting “creation waves” that are driving our Evolution. This became even more relevant when as an Evolutionary Biologist; Dr. Calleman was able to ascertain that the same energetic signature reflecting the Tree of Life surrounds every cell in the human body. Therefore, it would seem that even if we are not consciously aware of this Tree of Life driving evolution, we are at the subconscious level; hence the “tree’s” presence in so much of our lives. From this amazing discovery, Dr. Calleman was able to formulate his theory proposed in his Purposeful Universe. Specifically, if we can find a way to align with this Universal or Divine Tree of Life, we can become co-creators of our world and bring about its transformation. Inspired by Dr. Calleman’s discovery, and with his blessing, we developed a way to harness the overwhelming intent for Peace through a map of world peacemakers and the archetypal imagery of the Tree of Life in the Bridge to Peace Project — BTPP. The project’s focus is a world map on our web site with lights of hope representing people’s intent to generate Peace throughout the Earth. In addition, we featured our Partners in Peace in three Trees of Life on our website.

We chose the mystical Kabbalistic Tree of Life to represent the Mayan Tree because the former clearly defines the four different Planes that delineate the process of creation. The Kabbalists refer to these Planes as Archetypal, Creative, Formative, and Active. Think of the Archetypal plane as representing the spark of an idea, and the Creative as bringing that idea into consciousness. Then the Formative brings forth the image and finally, the Active brings that idea to fruition…

In Carl’s theory, the Nine Waves continue on after the completion of the Mayan Great Age in 2011. Amazingly, we saw how it fits in with our hypothesis on the Globes, and Root-races. We address how in the Epilogue of the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… reproduced in Stage 5 Wisdom. Below are some relevant excerpts:

I reported in Volume I my vision of Evolution through multiple trees throughout the Tree of Life. Initially, tying this vision and the concept of multiple Globes and Root-races to the Nine Waves of Creation, seemed insurmountable. The light went on (pun intended) for me, when I realized that Dr. Calleman saw Evolution the same way that Craig and I did, my vision was just another aspect of it. At this point, all the pieces fell into place, my vision was just another way of describing that the way we see time in the West is wholly inadequate. That said, recent scientific discoveries as in the age of the universe estimated to be nearly 14 billion years old and our sun and solar system a mere 4 and a half billion years young, seemed pertinent. Consequently, as this appeared to contradict Madame Blavatsky’s conclusions on time, I knew I needed to revisit this aspect of her theory. For instance, she says a Day of Brahma, which she equates to a Planetary Chain, is only 4.32 billion years long. This does not make sense, since we are only halfway through the 4th Globe Round of 7 Rounds, in the Earth Planetary Chain

The only way the Earth’s Planetary Chain could be completed in 4,320,000,000 is for a billion to equate to the original British billion, which today equates to a trillion. To explain, originally in Britain a million-million represented a billion, but since 1975 it has matched the American value for a billion of a thousand million. This would mean adding another 3 zeros to the number above, making it 4,320,000,000,000, which is 4 trillion, 320 billion. In view of Madame Blavatsky writing at the end of the 19th (1800s) century, it is highly probable that she did see a billion as being a million-million. Even so, it would still be hard to see the 7 Rounds of 7 Globes, or the Planetary Chain, (remembering our earth, which includes Globes, A, B, C, and D is already four and a half billion years old) being completed in 4 trillion, 320 billion years, but this is complicated and so I will come back to this.

Leaving the argument of the duration of a Planetary Chain for now, I wondered what the Hindus would have called the Mayan Nine Waves. Before working with Carl, like many people, I thought the Nine Waves would come to an end in 2011. Yet as his diagrams … denote, the Waves continue, but for how long, he does not say. One more thing, Dr. Calleman does not agree with the official time of the start of the universe, as he lists the 1st Wave starting with the Big Bang 16.4 billion years ago. Incorporating the treatise, this would coincide with Globe A in the present Fourth Earth Round. Coincidentally, in chapter 4 of his latest book, Carl has a sub-section called The Planetary Round of Light, which he interestingly ties to the shifts in polarities between the Western and Eastern hemispheres creating a resonance in people:

Planetary Round of Light graph

“The consequence of undergoing this Planetary Round of Light is…not only that human beings will develop different technologies but also that they become increasingly aware…

The idea of a return to unity, prevalent in many religions and spiritual traditions seems to result from the same resonance. The global mind creates a common resonance among people from different parts of the world who then receive information filtered by the same hologram. From this they draw similar conclusions about the world and its destiny. The fact that our individual minds have been created through resonance with on and the same global hologram has, in fact, been a very powerful cohesive factor for social life on Earth. Without resonance with a common hologram, our minds would presumably have been so variable that we would not have been able to understand anybody else, and social structures might not have emerged on our planet.

The common resonance with Earth has affected not only human ways of thinking but also the external worlds humans have created…”

Following that digression, as neither a period of nearly 4 and a half billion years, or 4 and a half trillion years fits the time-frame for the Earth’s Planetary Chain, I see the Nine Waves as representing a Globe Round. In other words, the Mayan Nine Waves of Creation equate to what I knew as the 4th Globe Round in the 7 Rounds of the Earth Planetary Chain. Therefore, Globe A and Globe B would encompass Waves 1, 2, and 3. Globe C would incorporate Waves 4, 5 and 6. With Wave 6’s influence crossing the gulf of the separation between Globe C and Globe D, or our world. Then as we know Wave 6, together with Waves 7, 8, and 9 would cover Globe D. Not having discussed this with Carl, I wondered at my conclusion, which to recap is: our earth is Globe (D) or the 4th Globe in the 4th Globe Round for Earth’s Planetary Chain…

An important point that Craig pointed out I should mention, is that these Globes are subjective with respect to our reality, meaning that whichever stage in Spiritual Evolution we are in at any given time, the appropriate Globe will be our experience. One more thing before I move on, when I say the Globes are within each other, I am not referring to an actual globe within this earth, as some have proposed. Rather, like we cannot see infrared or ultraviolet without the proper glasses, we cannot see any Globe other than the one we are experiencing. However, currently we are in transition and therefore both Globes are in our range of experience. As we raise our vibration through changing the way we think, we will gradually shift to Globe E, which we are already witnessing through the phenomena of feeling that time is speeding up.

As Globe D in effect has lasted for 2011 or 2012 years, depending on your point of view, then it stands to reason that Globe E will not last as long. In this way, we could expect Globe F to have a shorter duration than Globe E, and Globe G even less. I believe that using Carl’s knowledge of the Nine Waves can help us determine when the 4th Round of this Planetary Chain will be completed. We know that the last 3 Globes will be less than 2,000 years each because they are within each other and therefore progressively smaller, which means we are speaking of less than 6,000 years. Then I remembered that the Mayan Long Count/6th Wave was 5,125 years in duration and that its Pre-wave’s influence began 5,125 years before its actual Wave was activated in 3115 B.C.E.

Recalling that “God” or Great Spirit-Mind is “pure geometry”, which is why The Mysteries were carried through architecture, it would make sense that as the 6th Wave/Long Count had a Pre-wave before its official start, it should have an after-wave, as it were, of the same duration. In this way, the 4th Globe Round in the Earth Planetary Chain would be completed in 5,125 years from 2011 to 7136 C.E. Because there were three Globes and three Waves, I thought that all three waves might be involved, but upon checking the length of the 7th, 8th, and 9th Waves to represent the duration of the three Globes, which are 256 years, 12 years, and 7 months-17 days respectively, I realized my supposition would not work. Although the 7th Wave could be a candidate, especially if we include its Pre-wave, making it 512 years in duration, obviously, the last two Waves are too short. Even if we double the duration by including their Pre-waves, we still only have 24 years for the 8th Wave and 14 months and 34 days for the 9th. Therefore, the answer must lay with the 6th Wave/Long Count. As stated, Carl tells us the 6th Wave/Long Count shifts from Day to Night every 394 years, which means it has a cycle, or wavelength of 788 years. Accepting this is only a rough estimate, I would guess that Globe E would have a duration of 1,970 years and be completed around the year 3981 C.E. Then Globe F having a duration of 1,773 years would be ready to transfer to Globe G in the year 5754. Globe G running for 1,382 years would then complete the 4th Round in the year 7136. Although I cannot equate the Days and Nights of my hypothetical 6th Wave/Long Count’s After-Wave of 5,125 years exactly to the three Globes, they will roughly run thus:

6th-wave LongCount

Hypothetical After-Wave for the 6thWave/Long Count
Correlating with the final Globes of the Fourth Globe Round in the Earth Planetary Chain

Regarding the length of the Earth Planetary Chain, I am inclined to think that rather than a Day of Brahmâ, lasting only 4,320,000,000 years, or even 4,320,000,000,000 years, as symmetry has played such a huge part in The Mysteries, a Year of Brahmâ makes more sense. This is because a Year of Brahmâ represents 360 Days and Nights of Brahmâ alluding to a circle, or cycle, not to mention the Days and Nights of the Nine Waves. Therefore, I believe the Planetary Chain, whichis clearly a cycle, constitutes a Year of Brahmâ with the stipulation that 3,110,400,000,000 years is calculated with a billion years being a trillion years in duration. As math is not my forte, I would not even attempt to say what this colossal number would be.

Returning to our discussion on how the Nine Waves of Creation works with this treatise, Volume I reported that the “Watcher’s mistake” occurred during Root-race 3 around 40,000 B.C.E. in the 5th Wave. Before this event the Life-Principle had been evolving on schedule, developing consciousness at the human level. Interestingly, Carl tells us that the 5th Wave began 102,500 B.C.E. and Day 5 coincided with a change in the historical record around 40,000 B.C.E., when cave paintings began appearing. Coincidentally, he designates the 5th Wave as representing tribal communities and unity consciousness. From Carl’s dedicated work, I deduce it is during the final years of Night 4 in the 5th Wave that the “Watcher’s mistake” occurred, with the subsequent event of the separation of the feminine principle from the masculine principle, or the “Fall”, allegorically portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As I wrote, this was when an advanced civilization, which I speculated might have been the “Lemurians”, attempted to clone a slave race.

According to Carl, as well as representing unity consciousness and equality, like the 9th Wave, the 5th Wave also had no dark filter. From this, we know the 5th Wave could not have caused the “Fall” or influenced it in any way. This important fact confirmed the Waves were/are neutral in respect to either the “Shadow’s” agenda or the “Light’s” objective. Considering that the “Light” chose a Night of the 6th Wave to initiate Great Spirit-Mind’s plan, made me rethink how the Orders of the Quest worked with the Waves regarding The Mysteries. If the Waves were neutral, then why enact their important moves during the inactive phase, or a Night of the 6th Wave/Long Count? In his new book, Carl describes the shift in polarity at the onset of the 6th Wave/Long Count as supporting the left brain and Western Hemisphere, which made sense to me. However, he also says that the ego did not emerge until 550 B.C.E. He explains:

“The ego did not exist in the Fifth Wave for the simple reason that there was then no dark field in the hologram creating an experience of individual as being separate from the Source …human individuality in any sense close to the modern did not emerge until the mid-point of the Sixth Wave (ca. 550 BCE), and it was only then that an ego emerged…”

Globe-C to Globe-D transition

This treatise’s premise is that human beings did not develop a self-conscious until the emergence of Root-race 5 on Globe C in 3600 B.C.E, which was also when the false or human ego developed. So, on the face of it, Carl’s statement was a problem for me, yet I somehow felt that he was also correct, but how could that be? I solved my dilemma when I realized that it took time for the ego to develop. Obviously, some individuals developed an ego quicker than others, but as a race, Root-race 5 did not fully develop individuality and an ego until the last sub-races of Root-races 3 and 4 fully transformed into Root-race 5, due to the transfer and need for isolating Globe D, which is demonstrated perfectly, with Craig’s diagram above.

I had not even considered exactly when the ego developed until I read Carl’s statement that the ego developed in 550 B.C.E. However, when I went back to check Volume I, I found that I had put the date 500 B.C.E., just 50 years later (see diagram below) as defining when the remainder of the consciousnesses from Root-races 3 and 4 fully integrated into Root-race 5 and subsequently Root-race 6.

RR5 500BCE
Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-races

Returning to my questioning whether the Mayan Waves are neutral, I knew the answer lay in why the “Light” waited for the Night phase in the 6th Wave/Long Count to implement certain stages of Great Spirit-Mind’s plan. It was remembering Carl’s statement that “ALL the Waves” were completed in 2011, which answered my question. (I include the diagram below, because although the activation of “100,700 BC” for the 5th Wave differs from Carl’s new book date of “102, 500 BC”, it not only shows that all Nine Waves are running simultaneously, it provides the polarities of the holograms.)

Planetary Round of Light graph

If ALL the Waves kept running once they were activated, it stands to reason when two Waves promoting a consciousness that was beneficial to the “Light’s” objective was active, the effect would be cumulative. Carl writes that: “The holograms of the Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Waves tend to create egalitarian societies, whereas those of the Sixth and Eighth Waves, where reality is perceived through a left-right polarity, tend to create unequal social realities. More broadly, all of human history can be understood from shifts between the different polarities of the holograms… the shifting polarities of the human mind determine history. Thus, the most fundamental shifts in the human mind take place as a result of the activation of new waves… in the course of the climb to higher waves, humanity has gone from a phase of unity in the Fifth Wave to separation created by the introduction of the dark filters of the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Waves, followed by a return to unity with the Ninth Wave.”

One would think that Spiritual Evolution benefits the most in an egalitarian society, but human beings tend to rise to the occasion most often in the face of injustice. I believe this is what the axiom “every cloud has a silver lining” is referring to. Throughout this treatise we have come across instances of Great Spirit-Mind’spropensity to be the consummate opportunist. Nonetheless, the objective for the “Light” was to reveal The Mysteries to Humanity through their “agents” the Orders of the Quest, so that we could correct the “Watcher’s mistake”, therefore, I wondered if the “members” used the Waves. As Carl’s diagram above shows, even though the 7th Wave promotes an egalitarian society, consciousness-wise it was the darkest in enlightenment. In fact… Carl describes it as being “endarkened.”

Although I addressed this earlier, due to its relevance to this treatise, I will repeat my conclusions. To reiterate, as the 6th Wave/Long Count dominated the rise and development in civilization, when this Wave’s influence weakened during its Night phase, Life would be exposed to the energy of the previous Wave, the 5th. At the time the 5th Wave was in its Day 7 and under the auspices of the “dual creator god.” Clearly, this “god” promoting unity and equality helped the “Light’s” objective rather than the “Shadow’s” agenda.

7th Wave Days & Nights

Working from the premise that as the 5th Wave would take precedence during a Night phase of the 6th Wave/Long Count, then when the 7th Wave was activated in 1755 this influence strengthened. Unfortunately, as we know the 6th Wave/Long Count entered its Day 7 in 1617, more than a century before the 7th Wave was activated, yet Carl informs us that the 7th Wave’s Pre-wave began in 1498. As the 6th Wave/Long Count entered its Night 6 in 1223 C.E., this meant for a little over 200 years the energy of equality was being promoted through both the 5th and 7th Waves. Is it a coincidence that these two centuries covered some of the most important actions and reigns for the “Light?” For example, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, Nostradamus, and the Rosicrucians carrying The Mysteries forward in symbols, colors, and Sacred Geometry, not to mention the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I, and Rudolph II, plus the Spread of Buddhism, to name but a very few.

Alas, as Carl relates, because the 7th Wave is the most unenlightened hologram, operating in this time was extremely dangerous, as in running afoul of the Inquisition. Nonetheless, I think the “Light” deemed it worth the risk since it was the energy of the 7th Wave that promoted not only equality and the end to slavery, but also beautiful works of art highlighting The Mysteries. Although Carl does not specifically say so, Barbara Hand Clow’s Foreword states that because she was born under the influence of the 7th Wave, she “…created beautiful things inspired by the Seventh Wave.”

Realizing that everyone born before the activation of the 8th Wave in 1999 was born under the influence of the 7th Wave, explained so many things for me. For instance, in the contrast of the Baby Boomers, with some being drawn to multicolored tie-dyed flowing garments, while others were straight-laced conventionalists. The dichotomy of the horrific acts of violence opposed to promoting peace and harmony could easily result from the “endarkened” 7th Wave. Still, all of this is moot after 1979, when the Baby Boomers consciousness’ reset, back to the emergence of the 1st sub-race of Root-race 7, was completed.

It is thought-provoking to compare events in the “upsteppings” with the Days and Nights in the Mayan Waves. Despite times when events appear to reflect the Waves, such as in 1972 when Night 6 of the 7th Wave coincided with the general spiritual deterioration. I am forced to conclude that the “Shadow” often operated outside of these parameters, even though at times “he” would use the energy to enact “his” agenda, as in using the 8th Wave’s influence on women in recruiting women for I.S.I.L.

Regarding the 8th Wave, having determined that overall the 8th Wave was beneficial to Humanity’s growth, the jury was out for a long time on whether it benefitted the “Light’s” objective or the “Shadow’s” agenda. Apparently, Carl predicted that Night 5 of the 8th Wave would cause a recession, writing in his previous book that the date November 19, 2007, (the official onset of a recession) coincided with the start of the 8th Wave’s Night 5. Throughout this treatise I have maintained that the “Light” did better during the inactive phase of the 6th Wave/Long Count, but what of the 8th Wave. As Carl connects both the 6th and 8th Waves together because they both represent inequality, it made me wonder about the 8th wave causing something as detrimental as a recession in its inactive or Night phase. There was a lot of ambiguity around the 8th Wave, whether it helped or hindered the “Light”, so obviously it was not as clear cut as the 6th Wave/Long Count.

8th Wave

Carl tells us that the benefits of the 8th Wave concerns a shift from text or writings imparting knowledge, to the use of pictures and images to convey it. He writes, “With the interactive Internet and the widespread use of cameras in smart phones, products of the Eighth Wave, we are seeing a shift to information being widely provided in the form of images…” Consequently, Carl sees this as evidence of “the digital revolution” being the “product of the dualist human mind created by these shifts.” However, he points out that “The digital revolution has had many consequences, not only of a technological nature but also social and economic.” Reflecting his designation of the 8th Wave being “economic inequality”, Carl continues, “An aspect of this is the great threat that rising economic inequality poses, especially in the United States, but to some extent almost everywhere in the industrialized world.”

Irrespective of the Waves fluctuating between promoting the consciousness of equality, every Wave is neutral, meaning they never actively support either side, they simply emanate the universal and Divine directive from the Tree of Life, to propel Life to evolve. Even though the “Shadow” appears to have succeeded in “his” agenda of creating a world where the strong (rich and or powerful) control the masses, throughout history, the “Light” has been taking advantage of the Waves to set/create the right set of circumstances, to fulfil Great Spirit-Mind’s “plan” during the optimum time. That time is now, and Craig and I have no doubt that Carl is a fully paid up member, metaphorically speaking of course, of the Orders of the Quest, even if he is completely unaware. We know this, because Carl has succeeded in bringing the knowledge of how we can individually use the Waves to help us in our growth. Therefore, even though so many people have fallen into severe depression, like Carl says, the only Wave fluctuations affecting us today are the 8th and 9th, both of which are helping us to transform, as his writings tell us. This time reminds me of the similar apprehension surrounding the approach of 2012, which until Carl’s work, most of us believed was the end of the Mayan Long Count. Mirroring blockbuster movies like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, many people were expecting the end of the world as we know it, but it is 2018 and the world is still turning.

Interestingly, Carl told me that the 13 gods and goddesses are also no longer a part of the equation. This did not surprise me, as I realized that it is time for the Universal Christ to take the reins through us. Simply put, the truth is that the “Light” and therefore Humanity has already won, because despite the “Shadow’s” oligarchy, “he” never had it all “his” own way. There are rules, which both sides agreed to abide to. It will probably come as no shock to anyone that the “Shadow” has repeatedly broken the rules, as in using the reversed swastika, which was counteracted by the “Light” with the upright five-pointed star.

It seemed to me that the “Light”rarely interceded on our behalf when the “Shadow” broke the rules. Amazingly, this is a correct assessment, because the “Light’s” non-intercession unless under extreme situations was a strategic decision. The rules dictated that anytime either “party” broke them, the other side would gain the advantage. Consequently, when the “Shadow”used sorcery to corrupt The Mysteries, the “Light” gave the “Shadow”enough rope to hang “himself.”

Nevertheless, there is also a human freewill component here. As I said, the “Shadow’s” neutralization was facilitated through, among other things, the election of Barack Obama. Other factors were Oprah Winfrey’s web series with Eckhart Tolle, and the worldwide preparations for the 11.11.11 events to promote world peace. The human factor is always the strongest and continues to support the Divine Plan. A key aspect are authors like Dr. Calleman and Eckhart Tolle, to mention but two of thousands who follow the inspiration to bring the truth forward. Then there is the energetic and evolutionary aspect. As my treatise shows, we reached the highest stage of Spiritual Evolution with the development and emergence of the 7th sub-race of Root-race 7 in 1977, regardless of resetting the Baby Boomers. Combine this with Dr. Calleman informing us of the activation of all Nine Waves, and we see the fulfillment of all the world’s prophecies. Contrary to popular belief everything has changed, it will just take a little time for us to see the evidence. The walls that have held us in this illusion for so long are crumbling and more people are realizing that we can change the way we think (repent) about life and literally bring heaven to earth.

Then, despite the oligarchy blindly carrying out the “Shadow’s” agenda, and the misguided individuals corrupting Mohammed’s message, there is no longer any power behind the plot. Everyone following the “Shadow’s” agenda is doing so through ignorance of their true nature, but everyone has the potential to change and may already have begun to do so, regardless of the apparent evidence of the reverse. To use one of Craig’s favorite analogies regarding a synchro-servo positioning system, which he describes perfectly. “Electronically speaking, it is impossible for the user of that system to know if the pointing device is 180-degrees out of phase (exactly opposite direction) after alignment. For the operator to know for sure of the pointing direction, they must use another system such as a compass and visual observation to confirm proper alignment with the system indication or reading.” Craig adds that “We could apply this principle to people, in that the act of simply looking and seeking an answer through another source, allows the “Light” to assist us in confirming what we may or may not be seeing. The “Light” is a gift available for use by all of us.”


Earlier, we identified Carl’s Waves as “spirals leading upwards to a higher level in evolution, such as the unicelled amoeba developing into the multi-celled mammals.” Yet despite this, we couldn’t reconcile the Mayan Nine Waves, with the 7 Rounds, 7 Globes, and 7 Root-races. The solution came when E-bay sent us notification of a very ancient artifact called an Ammonite being available to purchase. Although recognizing it’s overall appearance because of Fractals and the Fibonacci scale’s connection to the Golden Ratio, we had no idea of Ammonite’s origin.

Intrigued we researched Ammonites on Wikipedia, and learned that they are believed to be one of the oldest lifeforms on Earth, appearing between 419.2 and 358.9 million years ago (MYA):

AmmoniteAmmonoids are a group of extinct marine mollusc animals in the subclass Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopoda. These molluscs, commonly referred to as ammonites, are more closely related to living coleoids i.e., octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish, than they are to shelled nautiloids such as the living Nautilus species. The earliest ammonites appeared during the Devonian (419.2 to 358.9 MYA), and the last species either vanished in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, or shortly after, during the Danian epoch (66 to 61.6 MYA) of the Paleocene, (running from around 66 to 56 MYA).


In the treatise on Spiritual Evolution, America’s Hijacked Destiny…, I speculated that the Earth’s geological history could help determine the dates for Globes A, B, and C, in respect to the Life-Principle traversing the four kingdoms of mineral, plant, animal, and human. As stated, “according to geologists and evolutionists the first kingdom, mineral takes the lion’s share in the history of our planet”, ruling Earth for four billion years before the “first plant made an appearance 470 million years ago.” Assigning Globe A, solely to the mineral kingdom felt right. However, with the new information above, the statement that Globe B represented both the plant and animal kingdoms, “with the caveat that the animals in question were dinosaurs” needs amending, as does relegating “smaller mammals and early hominids” to Globe C.

Since according to Wikipedia, plants first appear between 470 and 390 million years ago, it means Ammonites were emerging alongside the first plants. The Ammonites that we acquired from E-bay were fossils from the Jurassic Era, which is listed as running from 201.3 to 145 million years ago. 84 million years later, around 66 million B.C.E., the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction. Amazingly, experts have determined it is this event that led to the explosion of diversity of mammals that we see today. Moreover, although an estimated 57% of the world’s plants disappeared in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction, due to their genetic makeup, flowering plants were able to adapt and recover. Ultimately then, the natural world of today owes its existence to the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction, because it resulted in the Cenozoic geological era, of which the last is our Age, the Holocene.

Nonetheless, the information and dates above do not help us in determining which Globe was involved here. Our question was, if we are on Globe D, and the human kingdom in this round (4) began on Globe C, then when did the Life-force enter the plant, and animal kingdoms, and which Globes were involved, A, B, or both? More importantly, when did the Globes start. Due to the mineral kingdom being the first category that we traverse, at first we connected Globe A to the beginning of the Universe. This of course, matched up with the Mayan’s First Wave, which Carl reports began 16.4 billion years ago. However, according to Wikipedia our Earth and Solar System is only 4.568 billion years old. As Divinity had singled out the Earth as the chosen arena in Spiritual Evolution to transmute the Elements back to Spirit, we knew that Globe A could not have existed before 4.568 billion years ago, so we had to look to the Second Wave that Carl said began 820 million years ago. Naturally, as the Earth began as molten rock it made sense that the Mineral Kingdom and Globe A began during the Second Mayan Wave. Even so, as the Third Wave did not come into play until 41 million years ago (MYA), we needed to add the Plant Kingdom to the Second Wave, because as stated, Plants enter the evolutionary stage in the middle of the Second Wave. Using this criteria we were able to access the rough evaluation below:

Globe A = Mineral Kingdom from 4.568 billion to 470 MYA = {2nd Wave 820 MYA}

Globe B = Plant and Animal Kingdoms emerging 66 MYA = {2nd Wave 820 MYA}
Globe B = Animal Kingdom emerging 41 MYA (mammals) = {3rd Wave 41 MYA}
Globe B = Animal Kingdom emerging 2 MYA (primates) = {4th Wave 2 MYA}

Globe C = Human Kingdom emerged 1,000,000 … (hominids) = {4th Wave 2 MYA}

Globe C = Human Kingdom …… (tribal) ……………….. = {5th Wave 102,000}
Globe C = Human Kingdom …… (civilization) ………… = {6th Wave 3115 B.C.E.}

Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {7th Wave 1755 C.E.}
Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {8th Wave 1999 C.E.}
Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {9th Wave 2011 C.E.}

As we know on October 28, 2011, the Long Count or Sixth Wave, which began 5,115 years ago completed its 7th Day. Moreover, at this time not only the Sixth Wave, but all Nine waves completed their 7th Day. Even so, our modern world owes its existence to the pivotal Sixth Wave, as it drove not only the creation of civilizations, and nations, but also the individuation of the human being.

Undoubtedly, much of Carl’s insights have proved correct and was/are still relevant. Moreover, the pandemic and polarization of 2021/2022 also clearly revealed that the “Shadow’s agenda” was still holding sway. Recent history seems to indicate that the Human Race is hopelessly trapped in a kind of Limbo, nevertheless, the above excerpts demonstrate just how prone Life is to repeating trends, especially when they are negative. So what can we do? We believe our novel Daniel’s Lion: Creating Reality, which is based on a vision of our future in 2030 that we were given for Stage 7 Transformation, may provide a possible answer.

Notwithstanding the vision in the novel being able to provide an answer for Humanity to escape Limbo, it was thought-provoking to read in Carl’s post that the Seventh Wave, which began in 1755, reached its lowest point in its Night, or as he put it “Midnight” on September 6th, 2021. Even more interesting, was his diagram and commentary connecting the Seventh Wave, crossing into its Day a decade later in 2031. However, Carl’s most relevant comment to the Know Thyself Initiative, was his association of the Winter Solstice to the “ascension of the Light”, because it brings up our final ceremony on December 21st, 2021, as part of an Ancient Divine Plan.

The fact that this “Ancient Divine Plan” inspired our final ceremony just 85 days after the Seventh Wave reached its “Midnight” on September 6th, Carl’s comment on the Winter Solstice carries significantly more weight. Since Great Spirit-Mind directed this ceremony in order to correct the “Watcher’s mistake” by removing the counterfeit-spirits, or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-bodies, Carl’s description of the day as the “ascension of the Light”, takes on a new relevance, simply because this form of “Light” is always associated with Divinity. Consequently, even though Carl says that the energy of “Equality” will only gain in influence when the Seventh Wave enters its Day in 2031, we believe that the impetus for promoting equality has already been unleashed with Divinity’s correction of the “Watcher’s mistake.”

In conclusion, Carl’s message that he sent out on April 30th, 2022, entitled “Are we going towards Heaven on Earth?” encapsulates what correcting the “Watcher’s mistake” can lead to:

Dear Friends,

Human beings have had a vision that sometime in the future Heaven on Earth would be created and several religious and spiritual traditions have prophesied such a vision as a goal. A typical such vision is found in the Book of Revelation, which concludes with “a new Jerusalem”, where the righteous would take part in the Tree of Life. The only calendar system that reasonably could describe the timing of the manifestation of such a vision is the Mayan. This is because unlike other calendars the Mayan is not based on physical reality but on an underlying quantum field created by the interference patterns of nine separate Creation Waves referred to by the ancients as feathered or cosmic “serpents”.

At the current time, as pandemics, warfare, environmental or climate destruction create upheavals while political strongmen or dictators seem to rule the world, such a vision of Heaven on Earth may seem farfetched, and many have lost hope regarding the future of humanity. But have we ourselves really done what is necessary to evolve to a place where we are able to live up to the task of creating Heaven on Earth (which is something that can only be brought by the Ninth Wave)? In fact, ancient prophecies did not imply that the road to Heaven on Earth would be easy. On the contrary, they emphasize much hardship so it is a critical time to seriously contemplate what we can do to enter the state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave. We then first have to understand what the cosmic plan looks like, knowledge which for a long time has been suppressed or ignored. Without an understanding of this knowledge we are only probing in the dark while blindly reacting to various disasters that mostly emanate from the fact that the Sixth Wave has gone into what might be called a Dark Age...

Without doubt, we completely agree that Spiritual Evolution is not easy, however, we also believe that deep down everyone knows how to transform, we have just forgotten. This is the purpose for the Know Thyself Initiative, which along with Carl’s work provides the knowledge to overcome the saboteur within, the false self, or lower ego that blocks the knowledge.

As stated, with the correction of the “Watcher’s mistake”, the most insidious enemy to our spirits was removed/dissolved. The fact is that without this generous gift from Great Spirit-Mind, we would have been doomed to repeat the cycle of division and destruction of the first and second millennium. So, in spite of the inauspicious start to the third millennium, we now have the opportunity to bring Heaven to Earth by unmasking the enemy within, and revealing the True Ego, our Spirit.

At their core, people are kind, compassionate, and caring, so regardless of the suffering, conflict, and division of the first two decades or so of the third millennium, we can still change course. We make this statement because the correction of the “Watcher’s mistake” strengthened the effect of the Ninth Wave. As a result, this “strengthening” presents the possibility to build as Carl says, “a basis for a world of peace and unity.” Nonetheless, this is not a decade away, because “a world of peace and unity” became available on December 21st, 2021. The possibility of a peaceful, unified world is enhanced even more, if the effect of the 2021 Winter Solstice’s ceremony leads to more people being “able to attain the state of consciousness of the Ninth wave.” Interestingly, Carl writes that more people reaching this state of consciousness, “is not merely an individual thing”, which reminded us of Humanity’s ultimate purpose to Spiritually Evolve. Accordingly, we think the reason it is not “an individual thing” is because, as the Ancient Divine Plan always intended, Humanity is using the Ninth Wave to fulfill its destiny in Creating a New World that is emerging as Globe E.

Consequently, despite being under the influence of the Sixth’s Wave Night or “Dark Age”, the truly wonderful news is that we don’t have to wait until 2031, we can choose to “move out” of the status quo of “nationalism and near-dictatorships” right now. This is because with the removal or dissolution of the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, everyone can hear their conscience or Higher Self, which of course is linked to Great Spirit-Mind through the Christ-consciousness within. At this time, individuals are having to choose to ignore the still small voice within, which as more people reach the Ninth Wave’s state of consciousness, grows stronger and louder every day. Still, it is inevitable that eventually a critical mass will be unable to resist that voice and will awaken to the Truth of our connectiveness.

We believe a vision of our future in 2030 in our novels Daniel’s Lion: Creating Reality, and Daniel’s Lion: Living in 2 Worlds, can help in accessing the forgotten Knowledge. As another source is what we learned about the lower ego in FOR THE CHILDREN, it is time to reach a higher level of Intuition in Stage 3.

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