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Spiritual Evolution Or From The Fool To The Hermit Part 2

In part three of this thesis I correlated the mystery side of the world’s religions with the Tarot Tableau. Still in order to complete this thesis I needed to go deeper into the connection between the Tarot and the Sephirotic Tree of Life. The title of the thesis is From The Fool To The Hermit, and it is imperative to remember that we have identified the first, i.e., card 0 – The Fool as the pre-incarnate Spiritual Soul, and the latter or card 9 – The Hermit as the representation of the Spirit or Spark of God. The Fool’s journey through the Tarot Tableau to unite all aspects of the various cards is allegorically portraying the human being’s gradual development or rather awakening from an instinctual animal soul, which is driven by the senses to a consciously aware Spiritual Soul that has learned to be a co-creator of his or her environment.
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(Thesis-4th Quarter) SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION Or From The Fool to The Hermit Part Two

In this part of the thesis, I will endeavor to show how when the consciousness of Humanity had evolved enough, the Ancient Wisdom, which was encoded Archetypally in both The Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life would be united. The key to this is hidden in the Tree of Life. Jesus said to the Pharisees that although they held the keys, they had neither entered nor permitted others to enter. The keys Jesus were referring to were the keys to the mysteries.

I can remember when I first started investigating The Mysteries; the question that arose was why the secrecy, surely God wants us to know how to spiritually evolve. The answer is that like most knowledge, it can be both beneficial and detrimental. As a result, I learned that the Truth had to be veiled from the profane, which would use the knowledge for nefarious purposes. Until enough of the Human Race evolved to want to change the world for everyone, the Divine Forces had to hide the information. Today, at the Fullness of Time enough of Humanity has evolved sufficiently that it is now safe to remove all the veils and blinds that hid the spiritual knowledge. So let me share with you the deeper understandings I was led to.

Learning that on one level the Sephirotic Tree of Life represented the Gnostic Ogdoad, plus the Christ, Holy Spirit, Sophia and “What has been Willed” completely flummoxed me. That is until I discovered from Dion Fortune’s book The Mystical Qabalah that the Kabbalists believed that there was a Tree of Life in each of the four-Kabbalistic worlds.1 The four Kabbalistic worlds are the four planes on the Tree of Life. This meant that from one perspective, the highest tree, which is in the Atziluth plane or the Archetypal plane, could be seen to represent the Gnostic emanations above the Soul Plane. Moreover, because of this, apart from equating Kether to the union of Christ and Sophia, at this level, in the Tree of Life for the Atziluth Plane, Kether could represent The First Father and Silence. The next six members of the Ogdoad could array in the tree thus; Chokmah to Mind; Binah to Truth; Chesed to Life; Geburah to Humanity; Hod to Logos and Netzach to Church. Yesod would represent Sophia; whereas, her partner, “What has been Willed” would represent Malkuth. The only Divine being I haven’t placed is the Holy Spirit and I learned that at this level, she could be placed as Daath.

Dion Fortune said that the Malkuth of Atziluth (fire) became the Kether of Briah (air); The Malkuth of Briah became the Kether of Yetzirah (water) and the Malkuth of Yetzirah became the Kether of Assiah (earth). She added that it was in the Malkuth’s Tree of Life in the Malkuth of Assiah that the shadow side of the Sephirot appears, which she refers to as the Qliphoth.2  As this is very important to the thesis, I feel it would help to reproduce the traditional Tree of Life. Moreover, I will repeat the relevant aspects of the tree often.




The mention of the Qliphoth sparked my interest, because it reminded me of my investigation into human origin. I postulated the theory that the Garden of Eden story was relating that the Human Race was genetically altered around 40,000 B.C.E. in the chapter The Origin of Evil in LOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR My Journey to the Truth hereafter referred to as (LCD); consequently I found a shadow side of the Sephirot more than interesting. Moreover, we also wrote in The Good News

When the Human Race, with its Divine sparks was altered by an alien race, the entire consciousness of the Soul Plane was affected. Just as the consciousness of every human being is affected by the mass consciousness, every entity beneath the Veil is also affected. Consequently, when humanity became infused with the shadow side of the universe, because of the axiom, “As above so below, as below so above,” the Soul Plane also became afflicted.3

It was reading Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah that gave me the insight to how we spiritually evolve through the Tree of Life and onto the next step. Interestingly, it concerns the mysterious non-Sephirot, Daath. Ms. Fortune related that Daath is the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Apart from the four planes each having a Tree of Life, each individual Sephirot has its own separate tree. This means there are four trees for the planes of Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah. You may have noticed that I didn’t include the 4th plane, Assiah that is because there is only one Sephirot, Malkuth in this plane. I will deal with this apparent discrepancy later, for now; I want to deal with the “Descent of Power” on the Tree of Life.

Daphna Moore in her The Rabbi’s Tarot describes the soul moving from card to card, acquiring greater and greater levels of consciousness, until the soul arrives at card 21 - The World. Curiously though, she says that this isn’t the end. My Snakes and Ladders board game had showed me that we traverse the Tarot Tableau multiple times. In looking at the descent of power on the traditional Tree of Life, depicted in Ms. Fortune’s book, I was struck by the overwhelming feeling that the Human Race had reached the bottom or end of the descent of power.

Descent of Power             

Upon reading about the 22 paths associated with both the twenty-two Hebrew Letters and the twenty-two Major Arcana in Ms. Fortune’s book, I noticed that 7 of the paths went in the opposite direction.4 They are 32nd path from Malkuth to Yesod, 31st from Malkuth to Hod, 30th from Yesod to Hod, 27th from Hod to Netzach, 22nd from Tiphareth to Geburah, 14th from Binah to Chokmah and 13th from Tiphareth to Kether. Immediately I was reminded that Spiritual Evolution moves forward. I came to understand this through a vision, which I will get to momentarily.

Leaving the reverse paths aside for the moment, I will try to explain how I came to comprehend the different trees within the Sephirot and planes. When I was first shown this, I wondered how the Life Principle moved from one tree to the next. As stated, I discovered it concerned Daath.

Tree of Life with the reverse paths

To explain, I learned that it concerned the fact that Daath, the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm is at a ninety-degree angle to each Tree of Life. Keeping this in mind, I was shown that the flow of the Life Principle went from the tree in Kether, down to its Malkuth. Dion Fortune related how the adepts looked from Yesod to Tiphareth. In fact she described the “Path of the Arrow” as once he or she had traveled the 32nd path, between Malkuth and Yesod the initiate or adept moved up the central column to Divine union with Kether. 4 Nonetheless, my research had revealed that although the ultimate goal of Spiritual Evolution is to reunite with Kether, this doesn’t occur until the end of a Universal Age, or Age of Brahma and we were no where near that.

Understanding that there are four trees in each plane on the Tree of Life, allowed me to discover the seemingly ageless process that occurs in Spiritual Evolution. Once the Descent of Power to Malkuth was achieved in Kether’s tree in the plane of Atziluth, the Life Principle then followed the “Path of the Arrow” up the central column through Daath into the Kether of Chokmah’s tree. Then when the Life Principle had run down again to Malkuth in the tree in Chokmah, again through Daath it moved onto the Kether of the tree in Binah and traveled down Binah’s tree to Binah’s Malkuth. As this completed the three Supernals, (Note: Supernal means celestial or above and reflects the thought at the time that the Divine realm was above the Earth.) the Life Principle then moved through the Daath of Binah to the overall Tree of Life for Atziluth, until it reached Malkuth in that tree. Then again through Daath it moved down to the Kether in Chesed’s tree in the plane of Briah.

Path of the Arrow                 

Diagram 1 showing that each Sephirot and Plane,
apart from Assiah and Malkuth has an individual tree


WFN6-6 Like the plane of Atziluth, the Life Principle moved through each of the three trees of the plane of Briah, Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth, before moving to the Tree of Life for the plane of Briah. This was repeated in the plane of Yetzirah, through the trees of Netzach, Hod and Yesod and the tree for the plane for Yetzirah. Finally moving down to the plane of Assiah where the Life Principle entered the tree in Malkuth in the Assiah or active plane. This is where I became confused. As I said, in each of the previous planes or levels there had been four trees; one tree in each Sephirot and one tree for the plane, but in Assiah there is only one Sephirot, Malkuth.

WFN6-7To understand the apparent difference in the plane of Assiah involves Spiritual Evolution. But first let me remind you of the traditional concept. To recap: to evolve, the Life Principle had to traverse or evolve through each successive tree, until it reached the Material or Active plane or Assiah. Malkuth in Assiah is the lowest point on the overall tree of Spiritual Evolution, which incorporates the twelve trees on the three planes of Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah. If Spiritual Evolution, as I’ve repeatedly said always moves forward, then when we reach the lowest point on the tree, it didn’t seem right that the Life Principle would travel back up the Path of the Arrow. If that conclusion is correct, then where did the Life Principle go? Diagram 6 of Part One showed that we are no longer moving up to the crown chakra but inwards to the heart chakra.

The combined Descent of Power and Path of the Arrow

The last Sephirot on the traditional Tree of Life, Malkuth means Kingdom. In the Hidden Codes of Life I had been shown that it represents Omega or the end of time. However, this time is not linear, it is eternal. It was then that I was reminded of the Gnostic concept of the Tripartition of Humanity, which I covered in the chapter Gnosis versus Orthodoxy in (LCD). Furthermore, I understood I needed to incorporate the three aspects of the Higher Self and the three Greek terms for love, eros, philo and agape.

Contemplating on this, a few days later I had a vision in which I saw three trees appearing within the Malkuth Sephirot on the traditional Tree of Life, one black, one white and one gray. As I watched, the three trees merged and then dissolved into a six-pointed star. Then I zoomed into the star and emerged as the Life Principle through Daath and into the Chesed of another Tree of Life. I learned this was the Tree of Reason or the tree for the plane of Assiah, or active plane. This tree had a bright red line running through the tree. I understood this red line represented the active/masculine “Descent of Power line.” Instead of starting the line in Kether, the “Descent of Power line” began in Chesed. Pulling back from the Tree of Reason, I expected to see the 22 Major Arcana appearing as the 22 paths that connected the ten Sephirot. Instead I was surprised to see a single card materialize in the center of each Sephirot. As this included the non-Sephirot, Daath there were 11 of the 22 Major Arcana represented on the Tree of Reason. Then the Life Principle began to descend from Chesed, through Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod to Malkuth.

Thinking that the Life Principle would ascend again, up the “Path of the Arrow”, I was a little disconcerted when instead of moving back up the tree, it continued on below the tree through a gate and down a pathway to a large doorway. The other side of the door, I saw yet another Tree of Life materialize, but instead of a bright red “Descent of Power Line” there was a bright blue line running through the tree, which I gathered represented the passive/feminine line of power. I was also told that the blue line on this tree, which I learned was the Tree of Truth, was not a “Descent of Power line” Instead it was the exact opposite a “Power of Ascent line.” As if to confirm this, the Life Principle began to rapidly ascend the Tree of Truth, but although it started in Malkuth and rose to Yesod, it didn’t exactly follow the reverse order of the “Descent of Power line.” Rather, from Yesod the Life Principle moved to Netzach and then Hod, Tiphareth, Chesed, Geburah, Chokmah, Binah and finally into Kether. I observed that like the Tree of Reason, a Tarot card materialized in the center of each Sephirot.

The most striking difference between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth was the placement of Daath. On the Tree of Reason, Daath was in the traditional placement, immediately below Kether, and straddling the planes of Atziluth and Briah, but in the Tree of Truth, Daath wasn’t even on the tree. Instead it was the doorway between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth. Still my vision didn’t stop when the Life Principle reached Kether on the Tree of Truth. After a brief pause, both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth rose up at a ninety-degree angle to the plane of Assiah completely merging with each other. Neither the masculine nor feminine line of power was on the now completely combined trees, which I was told had become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. As I watched, the Life Principle emerged from Tiphareth and divided with the bulk moving to Geburah, whereas a small number moved to Chesed, then disappeared into Daath. Then I saw a transparent serpent winding its way back up the tree, its coils encompassing six of the Sephirot. The serpent then disappeared through Daath, to emerge out of Kether to leave the tree and unite and swallow its tail, which was connected to a small Tree of Life in the distance.

After the two trees had risen up and merged, the rest of the vision appeared in such rapid succession that it became a blur of images. It was then I was reminded that linear time is only relevant to this reality. Nonetheless, I will endeavor to slow it down to explain the vision in seven stages. Starting with stage one the three trees in Malkuth. I learned that my hypothetical game of Snakes and Ladders, which I mentioned in Part One of this thesis, takes place in Malkuth. (Note: to help me keep all the different trees in the right place and order, I was given a specific title for each tree. For instance, I was told that the three trees in Malkuth are white=Tree of Life/Light; black=Tree of Death/Darkness and gray=Tree of Knowledge.)

I learned that the black Tree of Death/Darkness represented the Qliphoth, eros and the Gnostic term hylic for the material portion of humanity. The white Tree of Life/Light represented the Holy Sephirot, agape and the Gnostic term pneumatic for the spiritual portion of humanity. Finally, the gray Tree of Knowledge represented philo and for the Gnostic term for the psychic portion of humanity. This made sense, and I thought I understood until I was told that the Qliphoth represented both the black and gray trees, because the color gray is a mixture of black and white. I was told that the Qliphoth are a mixture of positive and negative energy, and could be seen as either black and white, or two sides of the same coin. I will leave my questions about this until later, for now I will continue with unraveling the meaning of the different stages of my vision.

I understood that each of the three trees represented two of the seven directions assigned to the Seven Sacred Planets; black North & West; white South & East and gray Above & Below, the seventh, Center being represented by the six-pointed star. Again my appreciation goes to Craig for making visual sense of my confused vision. In my vision, I appeared to travel inwards through the star, emerging into another Tree of Life, which as I said was the Assiah plane’s Tree of Life, or the Tree of Reason. I should clarify something, it is important to remember that we are moving inwards and so it is through Malkuth that we reach the Tree of Reason.

Before we examine Craig’s diagram of the three trees and the six-pointed star, in his thesis Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution he explained the symbol of the double cube. As was shown, the cube unfolded represents the traditional cross of the crucifixion, but the symbol represents so much more. In thinking about this, I wondered about the symbol of the double cube for Malkuth and then it dawned on me; the two dice we use in board games are two perfect cubes or a “double cube.” Moreover, Craig’s diagram of a cube unfolded made me think of that the symbol of a double cube. could also represent the male and female human beings as two unfolded cubes.

But as I said, a deeper understanding began when I learned that my hypothetical board game of Snakes & Ladders took place within Malkuth. To recap: Stage one was the three trees in Malkuth, which merged together and dissolved into a six-pointed star. It wasn’t until Craig drew the diagram below of stage one that I understood the purpose for the cube.


Stage 1 - Harmonizing of the three trees in Malkuth

Amazingly, barely a week after the vision, Craig and I read The History of Magic5 by Eliphas Levi. I should state that Levi is writing from the perspective of supporting Catholicism. Albeit, the title is deceiving, because rather than discussing the art of conjuring or incantations and spells, Levi endeavored to discuss the difference between sorcery or black magic and The Mysteries. Like everything else we’ve been led to, we read it with an open mind. Both Craig and I were amazed to find that Levi related that the “Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden had become the Tree of Death.”6 He also connected the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, by saying that the two trees “incorporated together after such a manner that they formed but a single tree.”7 This he explained as the two trees signifying the “harmony of science and religion in the transcendental Kabalah.”8

It was reading Eliphas Levi’s History of Magic that made me realize the third or gray tree emerges from the balancing point between the two extremes of white and black. Another way of looking at the three trees is as the first three aspects of consciousness. The psychic and philo tree can be seen to stand for the Self-Conscious, represented by The Magician.

In this way, the pneumatic and agape tree embodies the Universal Subconscious, represented by The High Priestess and the hylic and eros tree symbolizes the Individual Subconscious, or The Empress. At first this information surprised me, as the lower ego is associated with The Magician. However, I came to understand that it has to do with the different levels of Sophia or Wisdom. Before her redemption, Sophia was Achamoth. At this level, Achamoth as Venus or The Empress would represent the black or hylic tree, and eros.
Still as the archetypes of the Tarot are multileveled, The Empress also represents the development of the entire conscious human being, or the union of the Self-Conscious (Magician) and the Universal Subconscious (High Priestess).

The deeper message is as history has shown, at first human beings were driven purely by the physical world i.e., desire and physical gratification. That is why The Empress (Individual Subconscious or Creative Imagination) represents Venus and the element earth.

As I said, the Qliphoth are not only associated with the hylics and eros, but are also connected to the psychics and philo. To reiterate, the Qliphoth represent the reverse side of the Holy Sephirot; consequently, they incorporate both black and white and are therefore also gray. From an evolutionary perspective, this integrates both The Magician or Self Conscious and The Empress or Individual Subconscious or the Tarot’s Lovers. This answered part of my earlier question, concerning the Qliphoth representing both the black and gray trees.

According to Dion Fortune, the Qliphoth are “not independent principles, but are the unbalanced and destructive stations of the Sephirot.”9 She said they should be seen as the reverse side of a coin. The Qliphoth are created from the overflow from one Sephirot to another. For example, the overflow from Tiphareth to Netzach before the Life Principle or the descent of Power could move onto Hod would result in unbalanced love, which can become fanaticism. Nonetheless, it is only in the Active or material plane in Malkuth that the Qliphoth actually become manifest. Essentially, all the world’s myths about fighting a battle between good and evil are reflecting the two aspects of the Sephirot. A perfect example is the New Testament’s St John’s Revelation battle of Armageddon between the armies of Gog and Magog.10

At the beginning of Part One, I said that a title for the Tarot was the “Devil’s tool.” Now I think I can understand why it became taboo. When we consider that Dion Fortune’s organization was set up before the Second World War it is very thought provoking to read her words on the danger of uninitiated magic. She wrote, “Whenever we make ourselves the channel of any pure force, that is to say any force which is single and undiluted by ulterior motives and secondary considerations, we find that there is a river in spate behind us-the stream of corresponding Sephirotic or Qliphothic forces that is finding a channel through us. It is this that gives the single-minded zealot his abnormal power.”11

In the final chapter of Volume II The Crusades to World War I in (LCD) I asked the question what happened to the age of enlightenment? I feel the answer may be that because so many people were dabbling in the occult, before they had overcome their ego or counterfeit spirit, the result was chaos as seen in the events of the 20th Century. Due to this, subconsciously the mass consciousness of civilization created a taboo against anything occult until humanity had evolved enough to use The Mysteries for unselfish motives.

In regard to evil, Ms. Fortune had an interesting take on the subject. First she divided evil into positive and negative.12 My immediate response was can there be such a thing as positive evil? I learned that it all came down to replacing positive and negative with active and passive. Ms. Fortune defined positive evil as actively opposed to progress, whereas negative evil could be described as passively permitting anarchy. With respect to the Qliphoth both of these forces are involved. In other words, as I said, the Qliphoth represent the mixture of positive and negative.

Throughout my investigation, I had consistently found a kind of dualistic struggle between two opposites. Because of this, I wondered why there are three trees connected in my vision. For example, as I said, Revelation is the epitome of dualism depicting the “battle” between light and darkness. I discussed earlier how there was a kind of battle going on inside the heart of the human being, between the Spirit and the counterfeit spirit, which was dualistic. When we read Dion Fortune’s book, I had seen another interpretation for the armies of Gog and Magog in Revelation in that as well as representing the Spirit and the counterfeit spirit, Gog and Magog could be seen as a metaphor for the two sides of the Sephirot. However, all of this was dualistic, which again raised the question of why three trees?

The answer I received was that the three trees in my vision were relating a change in humanity’s consciousness. As the “battle” between opposites has been fought metaphorically since the emergence of Homo Sapien sapiens. The Human Race on mass has reached the juncture in Spiritual Evolution to find conciliation between opposites. Also, although the gray tree or Tree of Knowledge represented the union of the black and white trees, I learned that the color gray had a far more esoteric meaning.

Daphna Moore says that the stone (gray) color, like black has two distinct meanings.13 At its lower level it represents the physical body and at its higher level, the union of spirit and matter. As the Hermit is mainly gray or stone-colored, I take it that humanity is striving for the latter. This is further emphasized by the six-pointed star in the Hermit’s lantern representing the union of opposites as in the Sacred marriage and the heart chakra.


Within the “Cube of Space,” or the sphere of Malkuth a person must find balance and equilibrium in order to become “centered” and move inwards to the next stage, the Tree of Reason in Assiah. To do that he or she must first unite all three trees, or integrate all three aspects of the consciousness to bring forth the star or the 1st aspect of the Higher Self. To how this is done, Dion Fortune left us the answer. She said, “Evil cannot be destroyed, it must be harmonized.”14 Was this what Jesus meant when he told us to “Resist not evil?” I see it as analogous to the separate countries of Wales, Scotland and England, before they became the United Kingdom. If for arguments sake we make Wales white, Scotland black and England gray, the three countries coming together to form the United Kingdom, would represent the merging of the three trees.

Diagram 4 – Cube of Space showing the positions of the 22 Tarot Cards


WFN6-16WFN6-17 Before we move onto the next stage, I have to warn you of the dangers in trying to contact the Sephirot. Dion Fortune warned that when a person attempted to contact a Sephirot if they weren’t sufficiently purified he or she could contact its reverse side or Qliphoth instead.


This brings me back to the 7 reverse paths I mentioned earlier. Throughout my study over the past thirteen years, I have constantly been warned about reversing anything spiritual.


WFN6-18 For instance, Divine Wisdom as Baphomet had an upright (one point up) five-pointed star on its forehead, whereas The Devil in card 15 has a reversed (two points up) five-pointed star on its forehead. The former signifies the Spirit ruling matter or the body; whereas the latter signifies matter or the body ruling the Spirit.

Tree of Life with the reverse paths

Once the three “trees” are harmonized, the Life Principle moves onto the next stage, The Tree of Reason in Assiah, which is stage two of my vision. Remembering that in the spiritual plane there is no such thing as linear time, this tree is already formed. It has become accessible because throughout the last two thousand years, despite the many wars, a large number of people have paved the way, by working on ways to avoid conflict.

Although the entire Human Race has entered stage one in the three trees in Malkuth, only two thirds progress through the star onto stage two and the Tree of Reason. This is because not everyone believes in an afterlife. Plus there are certain individuals that are so immersed in self and the material world that they cannot even conceive of anything spiritual; therefore there isn’t any spiritual life for them. Revelations is allegorically reflecting this when it talks of a third of the stars being thrown down to earth.

Returning to stage two of my vision, with the emergence of the Tree of Reason in Assiah Card 3 - The Empress (Individual Subconscious or Creative Imagination) card appeared in the position of Daath. I said in part one that I’d come to understand that as Daath represents Supreme Justice, it was the planet that card 11 – Justice represented that determined placing The Empress, which represents Venus in Daath.

Nevertheless, The Empress on a macrocosmic level represents Daath because on the highest spiritual level, The Empress represented the Holy Spirit. It is important to remember what Ms. Fortune said about this non-Sephirot. “Daath embraces the Sphere of Justice… at the supreme level, the absolute balancing point of the smallest atom in relationship with furthest and largest sun…”14 In other words, the Holy Spirit is within every heart, and acts as a kind of doorway or stargate to God. Likewise, Daath as the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm acts as a doorway or stargate on a higher level. For you technically minded individuals, Daath could be seen as representing the internet, connecting each web site (heart) to the web (the kingdom within).

From the beginning, while I was working on this thesis, I kept seeing various Major Arcana cards assigned to the Sephirot. Earlier, I said that traditionally Binah was equated to The High Priestess (Universal Subconscious or Cosmic Memory) and I equated The Emperor (Reason) with both Geburah and Chesed. Interestingly, after my vision, I learned that the only one I got right was associating The Emperor with Chesed. Nevertheless, when I studied the correspondences between the cards, their placement in my vision made sense. The first thing I noticed was that card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune seemed to be connected to several other cards. Reducing 10 to 1 i.e., 1+0=1 showed me where we are destined to move. Card 10 – the Wheel of Fortune in the position of Malkuth in the Tree of Reason is relating that it is in the material world that we discover the bridge to the next level. Before we get to that, first let me share with you my understanding of the association of the Sephirot with the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana cards. The Rabbi’s Tarot assigns The Wheel of Fortune to the planet Jupiter, the color violet and the note A#. As stated, all of these equate to the crown chakra, which link back to Kether. However, The Wheel of Fortune isn’t in the top row of the Tarot Tableau it’s in the middle row.

In Thinking about this, I was reminded of the meaning for the three rows of the Tarot Tableau. To recap, according to Daphna Moore, they are:

In every book on the Tarot I’d read, the Tableau indicated the journey of the human soul, represented by The Fool, (Spiritual Soul) through incarnation from 1 - The Magician (Self-conscious, Will, Intellect and ego) to 21 - The World (Union of Opposites). Quite frankly I had wondered why the third row seemed the destination, because The Chief Laws of Consciousness, not to mention of the Universe were in the second row. It was through my vision of the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth that I understood the 22 Tarot Major Arcana cards needed to be incorporated into the two Trees of Life. I think it will help to see a visual depiction of the Tarot Tableau again.


Tarot Tableau representing the levels of consciousness in the cards of the
Major Arcana - Rider-Waite © US Games



Stage 2 - The Tree of Reason in Assiah
This tree is formed through the perfect equilibrium or union of the three trees in Malkuth.
The descent of Power beginning in Chesed is the masculine or Active force.

AWFN6-32As the diagram above shows, the Tree of Reason in Assiah differs completely from the traditional Tree of Life, because instead of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards appearing as paths in between each Sephirot, eleven cards are assigned to the ten Sephirot and Daath. Moreover, the Life Principle bypasses the Archetypal plane completely, emerging through Daath into Chesed, which is assigned to card 4 – The Emperor.

Remembering that the color red, which epitomizes action and passion is a valuable key to unlocking Spiritual Evolution, can explain card 4 - The Emperor’s placement in the Tree of Reason. As stated The Emperor (Reason) is the consort of The Empress (Creative Imagination). So this is symbolizing their union. Moreover, as The Emperor represents reason, it seems appropriate that the Life Principle would begin its journey on the Tree of Reason with the card that represents reason.

I said that the color red, which epitomized action and passion, is a valuable key. Revelation reporting that the “savior” said to the congregation of believers that were “lukewarm”16 “I will spew thee out,”17 is allegorically saying that we progress at first through the passions. At first a person is passionately moved by injustice, but through understanding universal justice, Daath, they gradually learn tolerance and compassion in the Tree of Reason. I must stress that this is not to be confused with apathy or being “lukewarm,” just that a person would seek to redress injustice peacefully and not violently.

When I was given the name Tree of Reason, I hadn’t thought much about it, but God wanted me to understand a deeper message behind the title. However, it wasn’t until watching The Day After Tomorrow on TV, while I was writing this thesis that I was led to discover the deeper meaning. In the movie, the characters are gathering books in a library to burn to keep warm. When a librarian sits down clasping a large book to his chest, he is asked why he was holding on to the book. He replies that it is the Guttenberg Bible and that it represents the Age of Reason. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue when the Age of Reason was, so I researched it on the web and learned that although it is mostly associated from 1600 to 1699, it is also associated with the Renaissance – or from 1400 to 1599 and the Age of Enlightenment, which was from 1700 to 1799. Thinking about the Renaissance, I saw a six-pointed star and was reminded of the Astrological phenomenon called a Grand Sextile, which is the technical term for when six planets align to form a six-pointed star or a Star of David. Although this happens fairly regularly, and can be a visual confirmation of the existence of Divine forces, there are times when a Grand Sextile demarks a shift in consciousness. Such a time occurred during the Renaissance, which as well as a Grand Sextile observed an extremely rare conjunction of seven planets. I will be covering the relevance of this conjunction in another place, but here I am interested in the Grand Sextile occurring in the Age of Reason.

Viewing the diagram of the Tree of Reason above, I observed that the Life Principle has emerged through Daath, which was assigned to The Empress. As I said, on the highest level, The Empress represents the Holy Spirit. Earlier I reported that Venus was associated with the Star of David, the Stargate or the six-pointed star. It was then I realized what God was showing me. Associating the Tree of Reason to the Renaissance, and the Stargate was saying that Venus, The Empress or Daath represents the Stargate demarking the various levels of the spiritual development of the Human Race.

AWFN6-34Although the descent of the Life Principle begins in Chesed, we should examine the four upper Sephirot first, starting with The Fool (Spiritual Soul). I have often wondered at The Fool seeming to be apart from the other 21 cards. It wasn’t until I read Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah and learned that the Kabbalists thought of Malkuth as Kether unmanifested18 that I understood. In the designation, the Kabbalists were reflecting the axiom: As above, so below, as below, so above. This is understood as the material plane mirroring the spiritual and vice versa.

Although Ms Fortune was equating the statement to there being spiritual forces above Kether, I felt I could apply it to Spiritual Evolution. Remember how I related that God told me I needed to think multidimensionally. Well if we apply that mode of thinking we can learn a great secret of Spiritual Evolution.

I learned that to understand the placement of all 22 cards on the two trees necessitated applying the disciplines of Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Hebrew Letters, Colors, Elements, Notes, Directions and Symbols. The first thing I discovered was on the Assiah Tree of Reason, or stage two in my vision, the three Supernals represented the three Hebrew Mother Letters, which represent the three Kabbalistic elements.

Consequently, the three Supernals embody the three higher octaves of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Uranus, which represents card 0 – The Fool has the mother letter Aleph for “Air” and therefore represents Kether. Pluto, which represents card 20 – Judgment has the mother letter Shin for “Fire” and represents Chokmah. Last but by no means least, Neptune, which represents card 12 - The Hanged Man has the mother letter Mem for “Water” and represents Binah.

Using the disciplines of Numerology, Hebrew letters, Elements and Symbols, also confirmed assigning the three cards which represent the Mother letters to the Supernals. First, although The Fool is card 0, the Hebrew letter Aleph is designated as the number One. Kether is assigned number one on the Tree of Life. Judgment is card 20 and 20 reduces to two 2+0=2, which is appropriately the number of the second Sephirot - Chokmah.

Moreover, The Hanged Man is card 12, which reduces to three 1+2=3, the number of the third Sephirot - Binah. In addition, one of the designations for Binah is the Great Sea and The Hanged Man’s symbol is seas or water. As for Chokmah, as I said, the second Sephirot represents the element Fire, which is exactly what is portrayed by card 20 - Judgment.

I’ve already mentioned that, The Empress as the Holy Spirit in the human heart represents Daath in the Tree of Reason or stage two of The Fullness of Time, but I would like to address another reason for the appropriateness of the placement. As I said, The Empress is the union of The Magician (Self-conscious) and The High Priestess (Universal Subconscious). The Hebrew Letter for The Empress, Daleth means door and Daath is the doorway or interface between the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

Moreover, Dion Fortune said that Daath is “A reflection of the four Holy Living Creatures and…the four Archangels of the Cardinal Points.”19 This designation connects The Empress with card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune (Cycles of Evolution & Involution – Wheel of Necessity) and card 21 - The World (Union of Opposites). Both of these cards incorporate the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.


AWFN6-33 Moving onto Chesed, although card 4 - The Emperor (Reason) was placed here, at first I wondered why. After all, Chesed represents Jupiter in the traditional Tree of Life. Apart from its association with reason, it was again Ms. Fortune’s book that provided a deeper answer, when she related that Chesed was linked to Geburah as both the 4th and 5th Sephirot represented two aspects of the Creator.

She described Chesed as representing the “metabolism of the abstract elements into complex forms;” Whereas, Geburah is the destruction (a more appropriate term would be transmutation) or breakdown of forms to release the energy for a new creation.20 I realized that this was the reason why card 16 - The Tower, which represents the Sacred planet Mars was assigned to Geburah.

AWFN6-42 Furthermore, the symbol for Jupiter in Astrology is Jupiter. Plus, The Emperor’s secret number is fourteen. Card fourteen is Temperance that represents the sun-sign Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. Remembering that the Vedic scriptures of the Hindus divided the Creator into three, Shiva (destroyer), Vishnu (preserver) and Brahma (creator) can also help explain the placement of The Emperor and The Tower on the Tree of Reason.

Although these are rudimentary terms, from a Hindu perspective, The Emperor would represent Vishnu, the constructive force of the Universe and The Tower would represent Shiva, the destructive side of the Universe. Brahma would of course represent the overall Creator.

AWFN6-43At first placing The Lovers in Tiphareth didn’t make sense. I felt that following traditional thought; the sixth Sephirot should be allocated to the sixth Hebrew letter - Vav, which is assigned to The Hierophant, the 1st level of the Higher Self. Nonetheless, as I said, it was card 6 - The Lovers.

It wasn’t until I examined the disciplines of Astrology, Color and Note that I saw the reason for placing The Lovers in Tiphareth. As I said, The Lovers (2nd level of Higher Self) is strongly connected to card 19 - The Sun (Christ Consciousness) through it’s color, orange and Note D-natural and the Sun is the traditional planet assigned to Tiphareth. Another curious coincidence is that we get vitamin D from the Sun.

Card 1 - The Magician, which represents the planet Mercury was placed in Hod on the Tree of Reason. As this was also the Sephirot that represents the planet Mercury, this was a completely rational placement. However, color-wise, the placement of card 5 - The Hierophant in Netzach was awkward. This was because traditionally Netzach is of the green ray, and The Hierophant is red-orange.

Although, The Hierophant is assigned to the sun-sign Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, I still wondered why a card that represents the color red-orange was assigned to a Sephirot of the green ray. It was then I was reminded that not all love is holy. Love unbalanced is fanaticism. As I said earlier the Greeks had three words for love, which are eros, philo and agape.

Thinking about this, I remembered the three trees in stage one and began to consider the figures in The Hierophant (1st level of Higher Self). They are, a higher aspect of The Magician (Self-conscious), The Empress (Individual subconscious) and The High Priestess (Universal subconscious). Once again it was Dion Fortune’s book that uncovered the reason for me. In talking of Netzach, which is associated with Aphrodite/Venus the goddess of Love she mentions that Aphrodite was only one aspect of the goddess. Apparently, the Egyptian goddess Hathor was associated with Aphrodite by the Greeks. But it was Ms. Fortune making Isis a Luna goddess21 that finally showed me why The Hierophant was placed in Netzach. I learned that apart from Isis or Aphrodite’s connection to Hathor, the goddess Hathor had a husband, a moon god called Thoth. Thoth is also known as Hermes or Mercury, which of course is assigned to The Magician. So the three figures in The Hierophant can be seen as Mercury/Thoth/Hermes; The Magician, The Moon Hathor/Aphrodite; The High Priestess and Venus Aphrodite/Isis; The Empress.

Taking all the above information, I concluded that The Empress (Individual Subconscious) at the physical or lowest level represented eros or selfish physical desire; The Magician (Self-conscious) at the lower middle level represented philo or calculated or conditional affection determined by worthiness and The High Priestess (Universal Subconscious) at the highest middle level represents agape or unrestrained love, which can often devolve into sentimentality, where a person wants to rescue everyone. As I said, it is only through the union of all three that love becomes truly selfless. So by placing The Hierophant in Netzach, the deeper message is revealed. That message is that desire or drive has to be tempered with the intellect. This is shown by the connection between Hod and Netzach, which if I added the color of The Magician, yellow to the color of The Hierophant, red-orange we get Orange, the color of both The Sun and The Lovers. Consequently, as The Hierophant is only the 1st level of the Higher Self, it represents the Sephirot assigned to Venus.

Having been shown the connection between card 15 – The Devil and card 2 – The High Priestess, I wasn’t surprised at the placement of card 15 - The Devil (Temptation or Occult Knowledge) in Yesod on the Tree of Reason. In Part One I mentioned the connection between the cards The Devil and The Chariot, the cards that represent the Summer and Winter Solstices, which are in the sun-signs Capricorn and Cancer respectively.

This was also reflected in the directions of the cards. The direction for The Devil – Winter Solstice and Capricorn is West-below. Diagonally positioned opposite the direction for The Chariot – Summer Solstice and Cancer is East below. However, what really astounded me was learning that The Devil might be the key to the door to both the third and fourth stages of Spiritual Evolution.

Before you throw up your hands in horror, hear me out. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that The Tree of Life, like the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot contains multiple levels of information. This was never so evident as in card 15 - The Devil. Have you ever-wondered why the devil has been depicted in such a ridiculous way? I know I have, but the truth is every time we think of the devil, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we conjure up this image. At first I was very reluctant to pursue the path I was being led down, but once I stopped resisting, my eyes were opened to a very deep secret

First, in two depictions of The Tree of Life in The Mystical Qabalah there are three broken lines in an arc over Kether. I was amazed to see that Ms. Fortune had entitled the highest line Ayin, because Ayin is the Hebrew letter Daphna Moore assigns to The Devil. Ms. Fortune related, “The Qabalists recognize four planes of manifestation and three planes of unmanifestation, or Negative Existence. The first of these is called AYIN, Negativity;”22

Daphna. Moore relates that the Hebrew letter Ayin holds a valuable secret, “This letter has the formation of two Yods and a Vau. This gives you the secret value of the letter as 26, the number of IHVH, or Jehovah.”23 Further on she explains, “The Secret Wisdom of the Bible says that what caused man’s fall (Lucifer or the light-bringer) will also cause his rise…it is Lucifer who supplies us with the means of our Spiritual Evolution. The occult teaching is: Man brings about his Spiritual Evolution by his own efforts.”24 Earlier I related that the figure in The Devil is the same as Baphomet worshiped as Divine Wisdom by the Knights Templar. So remembering that the Gnostics taught that Sophia was the root cause of the fall then could The Devil card be saying it is the hidden side of Baphomet, Divine Wisdom that shows us the way? In other words when we discipline ourselves, not giving in to the either physical or mental gratification of the senses, or fight the battle of Armageddon within, between the armies of spirit (Gog) and counterfeit spirit (Magog) we cross the bridge of evolution to the next level of consciousness.

Before I move onto card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune representing Malkuth on the Tree of Reason, I need to address the term Battle of Armageddon. First as I’ve already said it is metaphorical not literal, but the term “battle” still implies fighting against something. As was shown in the first stage with the union of the three trees, progress is achieved with balance and harmony. So the battle of Armageddon could be seen as the disciplining of the ego and senses.

Back to Malkuth in the Tree of Reason, I wondered how I could show why The Wheel of Fortune was placed here. Astrologically it didn’t fit as it represented the planet Jupiter, whereas Malkuth represented either Saturn or Earth. Its element or color didn’t fit with Malkuth either as card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune represents the element fire and the color violet. Nonetheless, using Numerology, Hebrew letter, Direction, Note and Symbols, it did match.


Beginning with the obvious fact that both the Sephirot and the card are numbered 10 and the Hebrew letter Kaph assigned to the card is included in Malkuth. The direction of the card, West associates Malkuth with card 15 – The Devil, whose direction is West below. The Direction Below is assigned to The High Priestess, which represents the Moon. This connects to Yesod, which according to Dion Fortune all the energy of the other Sephirot is channeled through Yesod to Malkuth.25 Moreover, as stated she connected both Yesod and Malkuth with Isis, calling Isis both a Luna goddess of Yesod and “the bright fertile mother”26 of Malkuth.

The title Kingdom of the tenth Sephirot tells us that this Sephirot symbolizes all of creation and incorporates all four elements. As the Omega it is connected to Kether as in the cycle of evolution, which epitomizes card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune The Note assigned to the planet Saturn is A-Natural; whereas the planet Jupiter, which is allocated to The Wheel of Fortune is A#. This information will be the key to evolving to the third stage, or the Tree of Truth, but first the only other discipline I haven’t included is Symbols. The symbols on The Wheel of Fortune represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, which in turn represent the four elements. The Kabbalists believed that earth was a combination of the three Kabbalistic elements, and traditionally the Earth represented Malkuth. Once we reach Malkuth in the Assiah Tree of Reason, or the Omega of stage two, it is time to take the next step in evolution and move onto the next stage.

As stated previously, in my vision I was disturbed at first when the Life Principle did not ascend the tree again, but continued on below the tree through a gate and down a pathway to a large doorway. I now understand that it was the bridge, or stage three of my vision between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth and the way was along the 33rd path.

Unfortunately, only a third of humanity progresses to stage three. A large number of individuals will be caught up in the illusion of the Astral plane and fail to wake up. Those who Spiritually evolve to the next stage, which leads to appropriately the Tree of Truth, have begun to realize the illusion of separation. This is where the Sufi doctrine of Self-Annihilation, The Philosophers’ Stone and The Sacred Marriage or Union comes in. Remember how I said The Hierophant (1st level of Higher Self) that was assigned to Netzach represented the three Greek aspects of love out of balance. I had wondered why my King James Bible had replaced the word love with the word charity in Saint Paul’s chapter 13 1st Corinthians. That is before I learned that charity means God’s Love for us. In other words the union of all three forms of love begins to transmute the ego or counterfeit spirit bringing balance and equilibrium.

I said that the symbols for the four fixed signs finalized the placing of The Wheel of Fortune as the Tarot card representing the tenth Sephirot on the Tree of Reason. However, remember that card 21 - The World also depicts the symbols for the four fixed signs and is therefore strongly linked with card 10.

Although the discipline of Symbol clinches The Wheel of Fortune’s place in the stage two, it is two of the symbols for the Kabbalistic titles of Malkuth, gate and apron, which tell us how the Life Principle moves from the Tree of Reason to the Tree of Truth. The gate represents the gate that opens onto the path that leads to the door to stage four the Tree of Truth. The apron directs us to the mysterious Masons and their 33rd degree.

As the Masonic order is based in the Judaic religion and the traditional Hebrew Tree of Life only records 32 paths to wisdom, I had wondered why their highest level in the organization was 33. As stated, my vision had shown a path below the Tree of Reason. In contemplating this I saw the number 33 appear over the pathway between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth. In asking about this I was told that the 33rd path was the pathway from the gate to the door of the Tree of Truth. How do we open the gate onto the 33rd path? This is where the apparent non-compatible disciplines of The Wheel of Fortune come in. There is only one other card that is assigned both the color violet and the note A# and that is card 17 - The Star.

AWFN6-49 AWFN6-50 As I said, in my vision Daath does not appear in the traditional placement on the Tree of Truth. Instead Daath appears between the two trees, and acts as the door into the Tree of Truth. It is card 17 - The Star that represents Daath in this respect. The Star is assigned to the sun-sign Aquarius, which is confirming that this takes place under the influence of the Age of Aquarius. After traveling along the 33rd path, the doorway is through Daath, which as I said is the doorway or Stargate into the next stage of Spiritual Evolution.

The placement of card 17 - The Star is perfect for this. Moreover, it also shows why Malkuth on this tree is assigned to card 21 - The World. As I said earlier, the four symbols on The Wheel of Fortune and The World represent the four fixed signs, which connect it to Daath. Furthermore, its direction is center; in other words inwards.

Stage 3 - showing 33rd Path from
Tree of Reason to Tree of Truth through Daath


Before I discuss the door to the Tree of Truth and the respective card placements, I need to remind you that linear time is only applicable to this reality. On the Spiritual Planes, there is no such thing as past, present and future, there is only now. We recorded this in, The Good News:

Beneath the Veil everything exists in linear time…It is almost impossible for a person, whose life span extends to, at the most a little over a century, to conceive of the vast eons of time involved here…To put this in perspective: in esoteric terms or manvantaric, (the Hindu term for a cycle of time) a “life of Brahmâ” or the life of the universe consists of four billion, three hundred and twenty million, (4,320,000,000) multiplied by seventy-two thousand, (72,000) years.27

So we enter the Tree of Truth along the 33rd path through card 17 - The Star to Malkuth, which is assigned to card 21 - The World. The most striking aspect of the Tree of Truth was that it was a mirror image of the Tree of Reason. Consequently, the pillars are reversed, with the pillar of Severity now appearing on the right side, and the pillar of Mercy switched to the left side. This is the epitome of the axiom “As above, so below; as below so above.”


Nonetheless there is one anomaly the Ascent of Power isn’t an exact mirror image of the Descent of Power. On the Tree of Reason, the Descent of Power flows downwards from left to right, but on the Tree of Truth, the Ascent of Power flows upwards from right to left.

As I said the Life Principle rapidly ascended up the Tree of Truth before becoming one with the Tree of Reason in Assiah. Both trees combined then to become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. I learned that this occurs when 777,000 or the critical mass number of people reaches The Hermit on the Tree of Truth. It is only then that the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. But first lets examine the placement of the remaining 9 Tarot cards on the Tree of Truth.

The Tree of Truth is a mirror image of the Tree of Reason consequently the pillars are reversed. As you look at the page now the Pillar of Severity appears on the Left side and the Pillar of Mercy on the Right side. This is the epitome of the axiom “As Above, So Below; As Below So Above”. It also means that the Ascent of Power is reversed. On the traditional Tree of Life the Descent of Power flows downwards from left to right; whereas the Ascent of Power flows upwards from right to left.

At first I found placing Daath before Malkuth on the Tree of Truth confusing, but when I realized that this was the door to stage four of Spiritual Evolution in my vision, I began to understand. Before I move on to the next stage of my vision, I need to comment on the difference between the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth. Initially, I had wondered at the designation decent of the masculine and ascent of the feminine, but when I examined the Tarot cards assigned, I could see why. In order to determine which is which, I simply assigned the colors red, yellow and orange to masculine or active, the color blue to feminine or passive, and the colors green, violet and indigo to neutral. Surprisingly, the Tree of Reason or masculine/active force arrayed thus: 7 masculine, 1 feminine and 3 neutral: whereas the Tree of Truth or feminine/passive is 2 masculine, 2 feminine and 7 neutral. Once again this showed me the goal is for neither the masculine/active nor feminine/passive to predominate, but both to find harmony or perfect balance.



Stage 4 - showing Tree of Truth in Spiritual Evolution with entrance through Daath
and the ascent of the feminine or Passive force

Stage five, or the rising up of both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth to merge 90 degrees from the plane of Assiah began immediately after a critical mass number of individuals of the Life Principle arrived at The Hermit.

In 2000 in Palenque, I was told that part of our mission was to unite all opposites. At the time, I wasn’t exactly clear on what that meant, but after my vision I realize that it ultimately means the end of separation. In other words, the two trees merging unite the masculine and feminine within each person. Nonetheless, it is the symmetry in the placement of the cards on both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth that shows how the union of opposites is achieved.

As I’ve already covered the connection to The Wheel of Fortune, The World and the Star, I will move onto the next Sephirot on the Tree of Truth, Yesod. Here on the Tree of Truth, Yesod is assigned The High Priestess (Cosmic Memory or Universal Subconscious). As both the card and the Sephirot represent the Moon, this made sense. However, as I used all the disciplines mentioned above, I discovered a much deeper connection.
We’ve already covered the association of card 15 – The Devil and card 2 – The High Priestess was through the color indigo, direction West-below and the symbol of Baphomet. In the Tree of Truth, the Sephirot that represents the Moon - Yesod is assigned appropriately the card that also represents the Moon – card 2 – The High Priestess. The change in color from indigo, or black blue to light blue or white blue signifies macrocosmically or on a cosmic level the purification of the astral or emotional plane.


Nonetheless, it is associating Daath with both The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost that reveals an even deeper meaning. In Spiritual Evolution, The Holy Spirit becomes The Holy Ghost when we begin to activate the Spark of God within through the agency of the three levels of the Higher Self. We do this through Divine Wisdom or the purified High Priestess. The Tarot reflects this in its union of The High Priestess with The Empress. In other words, it is the union of the highest aspect of Sophia, The High Priestess with The Holy Spirit, Daath or the highest aspect of The Empress that becomes The Holy Ghost.

AWFN6-52Daphna Moore also equated The High Priestess to the Holy Ghost, and she gave me another way of looking at it. The different perspective I gained was The High Priestess represented an aspect of three beings, Binah, Daath and The Holy Ghost. To recap: I said earlier that I was unclear as to whether The High Priestess or The Empress represented Daath. Ms Moore helped me understand that it all depended on which level or plane of reality we are talking about, because Daath represents both aspects of the sub-conscious, Universal and Individual.

The conclusion I was led to was on the higher plane Daath represents The Empress as the Holy Spirit, which is within each heart waiting to be activated. Conversely, on the physical and ethereal plane, Daath represents The High Priestess as the Holy Ghost, which can be experienced in the physical world. Either way, Daath is connected to the Christ, Holy Spirit and Sophia, all of which lay dormant within every human being, with the potential to be activated.



Stage 5 - demonstrating progression from Tree of Reason
Merging with Tree of Truth to become Tree of Wisdom and Understanding


Justice Having compared the two cards each assigned to Malkuth and Yesod, I moved on to the next card and Sephirot on the ascent, Netzach. This Sephirot is assigned to Justice in the Tree of Truth, whereas on the Tree of Reason in Assiah it was assigned The Hierophant. On the face of it this made logical sense as both cards represent the planet Venus. However, using the same disciplines mentioned above, I set out to see if there was a deeper reason.

Apart from representing Venus, card 11 - Justice represents the number 11, the sun-sign Libra, the color green, the Hebrew letter Lamed, the note F#, the direction Southwest, the two symbols scales and ox-goad and the element Earth.

On the other hand, The Hierophant represents the number 5, the sun-sign Taurus, the color red-orange, the Hebrew letter Vav, the note C#, the direction Southeast, the symbols nail and bull and the element Earth. At first glance the only matches are the element and planet, but on deeper examination there are two other connections through the Direction and the orange half of the color assigned to the card.

Referring you back to the spiral in diagram 6 in part One, we see that the second or sacral chakra is consigned to both Venus and the Sun and the color orange. When we remember that both card 6 - The Lovers and card 19 - The Sun are orange we can begin to see a deeper connection. This is because, as I said earlier that in uniting The Lovers or choosing harmony and balance, the Higher Self becomes the Angel, (2nd level of the Higher Self) which leads to the Christ Consciousness in the Sun. There is no greater example of balance, harmony and justice than in the sun-sign Libra.

The eighth Sephirot on the Tree of Truth is assigned to card 8 – Strength, whereas it is card 1 - The Magician on the Tree of Reason in Assiah. Lets compare the differences. Strength represents the number 8 - the Sun, the sun-sign Leo, the color greenish yellow, Hebrew letter Teth, the direction North-Above, the note E-Natural and the symbols Serpent and lion and the element Fire.

Alternatively, The Magician represents the number 1, the planet Mercury, the color yellow, Hebrew letter Beth, the direction above, the note E-Natural and the symbol house and the element Air. The most obvious connections between the two cards is note, color and the direction. However, both cards have the symbol of infinity over the heads of the figures, which means these two cards represent here the Divine Will or highest aspect of The Magician and the highest aspect of The Empress as the transformed heart. This will be crucial to understanding the deeper implications of stages 6 & 7.


Once again Tiphareth presented a dilemma to my understanding. This was because its assignment to The Chariot didn’t make sense to me. But as always once I used the seven disciplines, I understood. Dealing with the Tree of Reason in Assiah first, The Lovers represent the number 6, the planet Mercury, sun-sign Gemini, color orange, Hebrew letter Zain, direction East-Above, note D-Natural, the two symbols sword and twins and element Air.

The Chariot in the Tree of Truth represents the number 7, the planet Moon, sun-sign Cancer, color orange-yellow, Hebrew letter Cheth, direction East-Below, note D#, the two symbols crab and fence and element Water.

At first the only connection I could see in the cards was they were next to each other in the Tarot Tableau. Nonetheless, when I looked deeper, I saw that the note D connected them both to the color orange; only The Chariot was orange-yellow. This was the clue, yellow represents the element air and the planet Mercury (Magician) and orange represents both Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and card 19 - The Sun. The Sun is the planet traditionally assigned to Tiphareth. On a spiritual level, placing The Chariot here on the Tree of Truth signified the balancing of the Sun and the Moon or masculine and feminine.

Next we come to Chesed, which as stated is represented by card 4 - The Emperor on the Tree of Reason. As this Sephirot represented the planet Jupiter, I wasn’t surprised by the placement of Temperance. Even so, I used the seven disciplines to dig a little deeper. Taking The Emperor (Reason) first, this card represents the number 4, the planet Mars, sun-sign Aries, color Red, Hebrew letter Heh, direction Northeast, note C-Natural and the three symbols of window, sight and ram and element Fire.


AWFN6Last-14 Temperance represents the number 14, planet Jupiter, the sun-sign Sagittarius, the color dark blue, Hebrew letter Samekh, direction West-Above, note G#, the two symbols prop and archer and element Fire. Once again both cards appear to have little in common, other than they are both Fire cards and they both have affiliations with the number 14. Still, I discovered that the reason for placing Temperance here on the Tree of Truth was because of a secret path between Chesed and Daath, but I’m jumping ahead of myself lets first examine Geburah.

AWFN6Last-19 On the Tree of Reason in Assiah Geburah was assigned to card 16 - The Tower, whereas on the Tree of Truth it is assigned to card 13 - Death. Again lets compare the disciplines. The Tower represents the number 16, the planet Mars, color red, Hebrew letter Peh, direction North, note C-Natural, symbol mouth and element Fire. Death on the other hand represents the number 13, the planet Pluto, sun-sign Scorpio, color blue-green, Hebrew letter Nun, direction Northwest, note G-Natural, the two symbols fish and scorpion and element Water.

First as I said, the planet Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, which carries a valuable secret all by itself. As shown in the spiral diagram 6 of Part One Mars and Pluto represent the base chakra. Death means transformation, which says that by transforming the sex-force, we raise it to the mental level, signified by the arc inwards to Jupiter, which on both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth is in the mental plane of Briah. There is also a connection with the direction as Death’s direction is Northwest and Jupiter represents the cardinal direction of West.


On the descent of the masculine force in the Tree of Reason, the third Sephirot is Binah, but in the feminine ascent on the Tree of Truth, the 3rd Sephirot is Chokmah. Chokmah on the masculine descent is Judgment, but on the feminine ascent it is The Sun. As the Sun is the highest manifestation of Fire in the physical plane, placing card 20 – Judgment with it made sense. Shin is the mother letter for fire and the Sun, which is represented by card 19 – The Sun is at the center of the Solar System or the heart of the physical plane.

Although the Sun is the supreme symbol of the active or masculine force, I wondered if there was a concealed reason for placing the two cards of Judgment and The Sun together. Lets compare, Judgment represents number 20, the planet Pluto, the color Red, Hebrew letter Shin, the note C-Natural, the element Fire and the symbol tooth or fang.

The Sun represents the number 19, obviously the Sun, the color orange, Hebrew letter Resh, the direction South, the note D-Natural, the element Fire and the symbol face. On the face of it (no pun intended) the only connection is the element Fire, but Judgment represents the direction from North to South.

Interestingly this is also the direction of the masculine force. However, on an evolutionary level red or the passions need to be tempered with the yellow or intellect and logic becoming orange or the first emergence of the Christ Consciousness. I take this to mean that it is the active or masculine force, which is represented by the passions that move towards manifestation or rather away from Spirit at first. But through the Sun-Christ hidden within the Life Principle can rise to radiant light.

In the Hidden Codes of Life Chokmah represents the planetoid Chiron, which is situated between the last visible planet, Saturn and the first invisible planet, Uranus. This is reflected in both the active/masculine “descent of power”, and the passive/feminine “ascent” on the Tree of Truth. This is interesting because I’d been shown that Uranus represents Kether, and although the traditional Tree of Life varies; for the most part, Binah on the traditional Tree of Life represented or was associated with the planet Saturn. Consequently, whichever “line of power” we follow, Chokmah or Chiron is between the two.

Talking of Binah, on the Tree of Reason in Assiah this Sephirot is assigned to card 12 - The Hanged man and on the Tree of Truth it has been joined with card 18 - The Moon. At first this was hard to reconcile, until I realized that The Moon represented the sun-sign Pisces and Neptune rules Pisces. But first lets compare the two cards. The Moon, which represents the number 18, as stated also, represents the planet Neptune, but apart from being assigned to the sun-sign Pisces, it has the color violet-red, Hebrew letter Qoph, the note B-Natural, the direction South Below, symbol back of head and element Water.


The Hanged Man as stated represents the number 12 and the planet Neptune. It’s color is blue, Hebrew letter Mem, note G#, Direction East to West, element Water and symbol seas.

AWFN6Last-25What surprised me was the association with Pisces and the Christ. According to William F Mann in his book The Labyrinth Of The Grail, “Christ the King is represented by the symbol of the fish, vesica pisces. In alchemy, Pisces is associated with the image of reflection: one fish stands for death, or the end, the other for primal birth, or the beginning.” He adds that Pisces stretches through the final winter section, “…in which the old cycle comes to an end at the same time as the new cycle is prepared. It is natural, therefore, that the intertwining of two circles or rings represents Christ.”28

Daphna Moore says of card 12 - The Hanged Man that it indicates that you access the energies of your spiritual potential through sacrifice. By sacrificing the lower appetites and desires of the body, you access your spiritual core.29 Dion Fortune said that the meaning of the word sacrifice has been obscured. She related, “Sacrifice is the translation of force from one form to another.”30

At first Binah’s connection to the Christ was a little confusing until I remembered that each Sephirot must be considered with its partner, which in the case of Binah is Chokmah. I took this to mean that as the Moon is a reflection of the Sun Binah is a reflection or aspect of Chokmah and both Binah and Chokmah are united in Kether. Spiritually this could be seen as depicting that after the Christ and Sophia separated the two Sephirot Chokmah and Binah represented them.

And so we come to Kether again. But before I get to The Hermit, I want to address why The Fool is assigned the note E-Natural. As the Major Arcana of the Tarot is symbolically recreating the journey of The Fool through to card 21 - The World, on one level this made sense. However, it raised a question I hadn’t found an answer to. Why if The Fool represents the first Hebrew letter Aleph is it assigned the note E-Natural? Once again it was The Mystical Qabalah that solved my dilemma.

The Mystical Qabalah
relates a strange story from the Zohar about the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet vying for the privilege of being used for the creation of the universe. Although the Creator had given that privilege to Beth, He still placed Aleph first. I had always considered Aleph as the same as the English “A,” but I learned that in Hebrew that isn’t always the case. Case in point, although six Sephirot contain the letter “A” in English, only one, Tiphareth contains an Aleph. It made more sense when I read that there are, “…two words beginning with Aleph (Elohim eth).”31 Is this why The Fool is assigned the note E-Natural?

Linking The Fool to The Hermit at first appeared challenging. First lets compare their details. Starting with The Fool whose number is 0 and Hebrew letter Aleph, its planet is Uranus, color light yellow, note E-Natural, direction Above to Below, and element Air and symbol ox. Turning to The Hermit, card number 9 - The Hermit represents Chiron, sun-sign Virgo, the color yellowish-green, Hebrew letter Yod, note F-Natural, direction North-Below, element earth and the two symbols hand and virgin.

The only connection I could see was color and direction. Clearly I needed to dig deeper. First I discovered that Eliphas Levi referred to the number nine as “the absolute number.”32 Furthermore, in the Kabbalistic system the number nine is associated to regeneration. It also indicates a new birth, going forth and voyaging. I cannot see a finer description of The Fool who becomes The Hermit. In Encoded Numbers and Symbology in (LCD) I reported that the Kabbalists equated the number nine to the planet Neptune. To be honest, at first, the association of the number nine with the planet Neptune surprised me as this clearly connects Kether to Binah. However, when I remembered the association of The Christ, or Spirit with The Hermit and Sophia or the Holy Spirit/Ghost with The High Priestess and The Empress I saw the light so to speak. Nonetheless, first I needed to connect The Hermit to both The Fool and Kether.

Evidently the Hebrew Letter Yod was the key. As stated earlier, Daphna Moore said that Yod is the nucleus of the Sacred Flame Alphabet. I found it interesting that in a note on Eliphas Levi’s The History of Magic, A.E. Waite said, “In the Sephirotic system one of the allocations makes Chokmah, or Supernal Wisdom, to correspond with the Yod of Tetragrammaton.”33 He later related, “However, the apex of Yod does in a sense intimate concerning Kether.”34 But the piece de resistance is found in the fact that at the very heart of the mysterious Isiac tablet, reproduced in our copy of Many P Hall’s Encyclopedia…. is IYNX, which represents the universal being.

Eliphas Levi related that G.R.S. Mead said that according to Proclus the root meaning of IYNX is the power of transmission. Interestingly enough Levi associated this with the Hebrew letter Yod in which he describes as, “that unique letter from which all other letters were formed.”35 I will return to this later, but first I want to return to the secret path between Chesed and Daath.

When 777,000 souls of the third that enter the Tree of Truth reach Kether; the entire tree of Truth and the Tree of Reason rise up at a ninety-degree angle to stand perpendicular to the traditional Tree of Life. Then the active/masculine and passive/feminine paths of force combine and disappear. At this point both trees merge together to become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. These are stages 4 and 5. I found it very interesting that the combining of the Descent of Power with the Ascent of Power form the figure of a child-like sketch of a tree.

As stated, at first, I had thought the Life Principle would emerge through either Kether or Daath, but my vision showed it emerged through Tiphareth. After my initial confusion, I realized that this made perfect sense, as we are spiraling into the heart; as shown in diagram 6 of Part One. In the diagram, The Hermit represents the heart chakra and so when 777,000 or the critical mass of people reach The Hermit, the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth becomes the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. This is stage 5 in my vision.

Before we proceed to the next stage, I need to clarify something concerning the Life Principle. As I said, only two thirds of the Human Race (Life Principle) had enterered the Tree of Reason, and only one third progressed to the Tree of Truth. Nonetheless, when 777,000 or the critical mass number reach card 9 – The Hermit, both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth rise up and merge into the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding, which means that the third of the Human Race that remained on the Tree of Reason are also pulled up. This is because the Life Principle is driven by consciousness and the highest forms of consciousness on the planet are human beings. Consequently, the Life principle is interchangeable from the Human Race, and I will use the term Humanity or individuals to depict the Life Principle throughout the rest of this thesis.

After the emergence of the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding, both the masculine and the feminine power line disappear. Gradually the Life Principle or Humanity emerges from within Tiphareth, however as I said instead of continuing up to Kether, it appeared to divide, with a small portion moving to Chesed, while the rest moves to Geburah. Those that move to Chesed have not only transformed their heart and overcome the ego, but lost all sense of individuality. When I started this thesis, I had only known the Gnostic concept of humanity divided into three or the Tripartition of Mankind. Nevertheless, during the process Craig and I read THE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was The Original Jesus A PAGAN GOD?36 I had first heard of the book while watching a documentary on decoding The DaVinci Code, but it wasn’t until early 2007 that we obtained a copy of it. Both Craig and I found the book well researched and very informative. The authors Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy hypothesize over the historicity of Jesus, because of the great similarities of the Pagan God/Man myth Osiris/Dionysus. As I have already been shown the similarities of all the Christ-like teachers of history, I could relate to the information, however, neither Craig nor I agreed with the authors’ conclusions, but it made me realize a great truth. That truth was how God has been guiding humanity throughout time. I will discuss their hypothesis later, but for now it was reading THE JESUS MYSTERIES: that helped me understand that there are four Gnostic levels, not three. The authors relate about the fourth level, “Those who completely ceased to identify with any level of their separate identity…transformed the initiate into a true ‘Gnostic’ or ‘Knower’.”37


Stage 5 - showing Life Principle emerging through Tiphareth and the two paths through Daath

AWFN6Last-15It is the smaller portion of the Life principle, which is manifested in a relatively small group of individuals that travel the 20th path from Tiphareth to Chesed that are the “True Gnostics or Knowers.” Again it is The Hermit that leads the way. The path between Tiphareth and Chesed is numbered twenty and remembering that the 22 paths begin at number eleven, with card 0 - The Fool, tells us that the twentieth path is card 9 - The Hermit (Spirit). On the Tree of Truth, Chesed assigned traditionally to Jupiter has card 14 - Temperance as its Tarot trump.

As Jupiter rules Sagittarius, this seems an appropriate assignment for Temperance. Nonetheless, it is the symbol of the archer or centaur for Sagittarius that reveals its connection to The Hermit.

Chiron was the name for a centaur in Greek Mythology and many believe Sagittarius’s symbol the archer or centaur, perfectly represents Chiron, the centaur. I had wondered why ancient astrologers would give the sun-sign ruled by Jupiter the king of the gods the symbol of a centaur. The reason is the ancients wanted to say that the true king of the gods was the centaur. Obviously, this did not have any validity until the discovery of Chiron in 1977.

While some astrologers want to make Chiron the ruler of Sagittarius, others want to make Chiron the ruler of Virgo. Dissenters for Virgo as the home planet of Chiron site Virgo’s symbol of the virgin or maiden. In the Greek myth Chiron is a wounded healer and has long been associated as a symbol for The Christ. It is interesting to see Centaurus, which means the despised or pierced is the second decan of Virgo. (Note: a decan is a third of a sun-sign, approximately ten days.) As far as I was concerned, it is the Tarot trump that represents Virgo that settles the argument. The Hermit not only represents the intelligence of will and the Spirit, but the Hebrew letter Yod it is assigned to means hand and the etymology of Chiron is hand.

Back to my vision; after the small number have moved through Daath; the rest of the two thirds of humanity move to Geburah to transform, before moving onto Chesed and on through Daath to Globe E.

Considering the title of this thesis is from The Fool to The Hermit, I found it more than interesting that Dion Fortune reported the adepts used to represent the letter Aleph by a serpent pierced with an arrow. Moreover, Chesed being represented by card 14 – Temperance is further evidence of the importance of card 9 – The Hermit. This is because Temperance, which is represented by the Hebrew letter ל Samekh, is the last of three cards, which are assigned Hebrew letters that are also referred to as Serpent letters. The other two cards are card 8 – Strength – ט Teth, which represents the transformed heart and card 11 – Justice –ל Lamed, which is an expression of the perfect cycle. When we remember that the ancient Christ-like teachers were known as Serpents of Wisdom, we can see that the Serpent letters of Teth, Lamed and Samekh are relating to the Serpents of Wisdom.

I’ve repeatedly said that color in the Tarot conceals secret knowledge; this is often shown in the color of a card’s background. In card 14 – Temperance, Daphna Moore tells us that the background is white. The color white in the Tarot represents purity and the Spirit of Divine powers. According to Ms. Moore there are three other cards with a white background, card 5 – The Hierophant, card 13 – Death, and card 12 – the Hanged Man.

AWFN6Last-33                           AWFN6Last-34                        AWFN6Last-36                         AWFN6Last-37
 Temperance                               Hierophant                                 Death                                 Hanged Man

The Death card represents spiritual transformation, and shows by its placement opposite Temperance on the Tree of Truth how the higher octave of Mars or the sex-force is transmuted for spiritual purposes. This placement of Death also reveals a vital part the astrological energy of the planet Pluto plays in Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution. However, I will leave that discussion for another time. (See Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked.)

Card 12 – The Hanged Man represents self-sacrifice or rather self-annihilation. Nonetheless, the Hebrew letter ם Mem assigned to the card reveals a deeper secret to Spiritual Evolution. Craig and I learned of this by reading Robert Wang’s The Qabalistic Tarot. In covering path twenty-three on the traditional Tree of Life, Mr. Wang relates the connection between the Hebrew letter ם Mem for The Hanged man and the Hebrew letter ת Tau for card 21 – The World or Universe. He relates, “Tau is Mem reversed. 12 (The Hanged Man) is 21 (Universe) reversed.” In addition, Mr. Wang cites a Greek ritual, which “hanged” an “effigy” of the Moon goddess Artemis/Diana each year.38 He says these ritual hangings do not symbolize “…a final death. These are merely reversals where the feet of the god are planted in the Anima Mundi and not the earth.”39 (Note: Anima Mundi is a term, which refers to the World Soul. This World Soul was seen as a kind of ethereal force that animated matter. To me this is the same as the Life Principle.)

The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact the Greeks “hanged” an “effigy” of a goddess and not a god. I had often wondered why the planet Neptune, “the god of the sea” was considered to be the higher octave of the planet Venus, “the goddess of love.” Still, as I said, the number of The Hanged Man – 12, clearly connects it to card 3 – The Empress or Venus. Once again it was Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot that solved my dilemma. She writes concerning the symbolism for card 12 – The Hanged Man. “The Tree takes the form of a TAU CROSS. The word tree and the word stable have the same numerical value in Hebrew…The TAU Cross has always been regarded as the symbol of Life and Salvation…This Tree is a living one. The LEAVES are not solely to indicate THE EMPRESS but to enforce the fact that the wood is alive and growing. This is also the reason that the wood is colored ORANGE, which is the color of the Superconscious. (Christ conscious) She explains that the message behind the Hanged Man, hanging by the “RIGHTFOOT” is “It is the Self-conscious that must do the thinking for him…It must not be prescribed by the appetites, emotions, and ambitions of the body…This man is really a pendulum come to rest. The thought here is that until the great reversal…we are swung to and fro…by the desires of the body…” Ms Moore sums up the message of card 12 – The Hanged Man when she states, “Suspend yourself from what you want to be and not from what you want to get. The fulfillment of desire is exactly the opposite of what most people think. Desire only breeds more desire.” Further on Ms. Moore explains The Hanged Man “resembles” two other cards, card 4 – The Emperor and card 9 – The Hermit. “This youth hanging to the Tree by one foot has WHITE HAIR. In this he resembles THE EMPEROR and THE HERMIT. His mental vibrations are the same as those of the ‘Ancient of Days.’ He now feels himself Divine because…he has gone back to his Source (Spirit) and identified himself with it.”40

The final card with a white background is card 5 – The Hierophant, but because 14 reduces to 1+4=5, the angel in card 14 – Temperance is a higher aspect of The Hierophant. Moreover, at this level, The Hierophant or Higher Self has become the Christ Consciousness. This is demonstrated according to Daphna Moore by the name Yod Heh Vau Heh being inscribed in Hebrew on the angel’s chest. Ms. Moore relates that this says the angel “represents your personal connection with the supreme Spirit which is both Father and Mother…”41


AWFN6Last-26I wasn’t sure of the relevance of the connection to reversal in card 12 – The Hanged Man, until Craig reminded me that in my vision the Tree of Truth appears to hang upside down and “reverses” the active/masculine “Descent of Power line” into the passive/feminine “Power of Ascent line.”

Later in comparing the Tree of Truth with card 12 – The Hanged Man, showed remarkable symmetry.
Anyway, the Serpent Letters are relating a very deep message concerning the Macrocosm, but it is the microcosm, or Humanity that needs to spiritually evolve in order to spiritualize matter. So I will return to my vision. In the vision, I said that the bulk of humanity passes through Daath to Globe E, but what about the rest? Understanding came when I learned that two Seraphim or fiery serpents guard Daath. I discovered that the small number of individuals that go through Daath is referred to in Revelation as the 144,000, but where do they go? To answer this, I need to refer you back to the diagrams B1, B2 & B3 in THE RELEVANCE OF THE DOCTRINE OF ROUNDS AND ROOT-RACES TODAY, shown below.



In all three diagrams, the seven planetary rounds are in alignment with each other, displaying that the goal is to return to Spirit, symbolized by the Sun. To recap: The Life Principle evolves through countless cycles of evolution. It has already passed through all seven globes, seven times of the mineral, plant and animal stage. According to esoteric teaching, the Life Principle has now evolved to the fourth globe of the fourth round. This is referred to as Globe D of the fourth Earth planetary round. Ordinarily the Life Principle would simply pass from the human stage of Globe D, to the super-human phase of Globe E when enough souls are spiritually and intellectually ready. However, at this stage there is a special shortcut available for those who have given up all concepts of separateness. This is shown in the diagrams above. Diagrams B1, B2 & B3 clearly show on each planetary round that Globe D is in direct alignment with the center, Sun or Spirit, and this is vital. The knowledge of a path directly to Spirit has been handed down through the generations, in the guise of symbols, such as the Hebrew language, Kabbalah and Tarot. It all concerns the non-Sephirot Daath.

As already stated, Daath is the interface between the macrocosm and the microcosm. When the two trees in my vision merge, the only card seen in Daath is card 3 – The Empress. At this level, The Empress represents The Holy Spirit. Recalling that the Hebrew letter assigned is Daleth, which means Door, also shows the main role of Daath in Spiritual Evolution. Daath is composed of Daleth, Ayin and Tau. D-Natural is the Note assigned to The Sun. if you examine the above diagrams, The Sun is the end-point to the Planetary Rounds, and Globe D directly connects to The Sun. Of course this is not the literal sun of our Solar System, but the Spiritual Sun behind it.

All of this was very compelling to me, but I was to discover an even more important secret to Daath in the Hebrew word Agla. This was because it showed me the connection between Daath and card 9 – The Hermit.

According to Eliphas Levi, the Kabbalists believed there were many names for God. One of the “three great” names was Agla. Evidently, Agla appeared with Jehovah and Adonai on the sides of a reversed equilateral triangle.42 This reminded me of the Tree of Truth, and I wondered if both card 12 – The Hanged Man and the Tree of Truth were also symbolically relating a reversed equilateral triangle. Levi equated Jehovah with the Father and formation, Adonai with the Son and reformation and Agla with the Holy Spirit and transformation or rather transmutation.43 As the Holy Spirit is within us, this is key and fully explains Jesus’ statement that the Kingdom of God is within us.

AWFN6Last-4In the Tarot, color is one of the most important tools to conceal the deeper meaning of the cards and is crucial in deciphering the Hidden Codes of Life. As stated, each of the 22 Major Arcana cards are designated specific colors; some to one color, such as red or green, some to two colors, such as red violet or blue green, and a few to various shades, such as light yellow or light blue. There are only two cards that do not follow the other cards, and therefore stand out in stark difference. The two cards are card 8 – Strength and card 9 – The Hermit. Both of these cards combine the colors green and yellow.

AWFN6Last-30I had always wondered why card 8 - Strength and card 9 - The Hermit were designated as greenish yellow and yellowish green respectively, but taking the colors assigned for each of the four Hebrew letters for Agla Aleph – Gimel – Lamed and Aleph reveals why. Remembering the colors of the Tarot cards Aleph or The Fool is assigned Light yellow, Gimel or The High Priestess is Light Blue, Lamed or Justice is Green and again Aleph is Light-yellow. Mixing all the colors together gives you either greenish yellow or yellowish green. Nevertheless, because The Fool’s letter - Aleph and The Hermit’s letter - Yod both represent Kether, it is yellowish green.

Essentially Eliphas Levi said that the word Agla signified unity. However, he equates the word Agla as “…comprising hieroglyphically all The Mysteries of the Kabbalah.” Because of its importance to my thesis, I will let Levi’s interpretation of Agla explain its relevance for me. Levi began by relating, “The letter Aleph, א…expressing as it does unity…represents hieroglyphically the dogma of Hermes: that which is above analogous to that which is below.” He explains this as being in the makeup of the letter Aleph with “two arms” one pointing to heaven and the other pointing to earth. Levi says the Hebrew letter Gimel, ג “…expresses the triad numerically, and hieroglyphically”, Gimel also “signifies child-birth” and “fruitfulness.” Lamed ל according to Levi “…is an expression of the perfect cycle. Considered as a hieroglyphical sign it represents the circulation of the perpetual movement and the relation of the radius to the circumference.” The second Aleph according to Levi “…represents the synthesis.” He summed up the importance of the word Agla for me by saying, “To pronounce the word AGLA Kabalistically is therefore to pass all tests of initiation and accomplish all works.”44

Associating the word Agla with both the Hebrew letters and corresponding Tarot cards explained the union of the Tree of Truth and the Tree of Reason, forming the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. Dealing with the Hebrew first; as stated Agla, is composed of an Aleph, Gimel, Lamed and another Aleph. In this word are the synthesis of all creation or the beginning and end, Alpha and Omega. On the surface it represents three cards, The Fool, The High Priestess and Justice. Nonetheless, remembering that The Fool becomes the Hermit with the merging of the Tree of Truth and the Tree of Reason into the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding reveals Spiritual Evolution.

                         AWFN6Last-40                    AWFN6Last-41                       AWFN6Last-43
                               Fool                             High Priestess                              Justice    

When the two trees merge, Daath is in the position between Chokmah and Binah, which in English translate into Wisdom and Understanding. The Kabbalists believed that Yod Heh Vav Heh represented the four elements. Accepting Yod or Kether as Air, the two Heh’s can be seen as representing Shin or Chokmah as Fire and Mem or Binah as Water. This would make Vav Daath represent Earth. Is it a coincidence that Vav, which means nail, is between the two Heh’s linking them together?

Dion Fortune informed us that eventually Daath “conjoins” again with Chokmah and Binah. It seems that Daath’s role is to “upset” the status quo. Surprisingly, it is through “balancing” and not disruption that “upsets” the status quo.43 I saw it as Daath in her role as the Holy Spirit drives humanity to spiritually evolve. Moreover, Ms. Fortune said that there is a “Magical Circuit” between Yesod and Daath. She explained, “Daath is a reflection of Kether and the main Pole of Inner Plane Consciousness runs from Yesod to Daath….”45 Recalling that Yesod and The High Priestess represent the Moon and The High Priestess or Gimel unites with The Empress or Daleth in Justice showed me even more. Agla as stated is a combination of The Fool, The High Priestess and Justice, and The Holy Ghost is the union of Sophia, (The High Priestess) and the Holy Spirit, (The Empress). This once again emphasizes the importance of Daath. This brings me back to the connection of The Hermit to Daath through Agla.

Associating Daath with card 9 – The Hermit appears strange at first, but bear with me; the reason will become apparent as we proceed. I said that Agla revealed the connection of Daath to The Hermit. However, to understand how, I need to refer you back to The Good News: To recap: “…the Supreme Being emanated the Christ, along with His partner the Holy Spirit, to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor.”

As I said, when the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth merge into the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding, it is The Empress alone that represents Daath. It is important to remember that at the highest level, The Empress equates to The Holy Spirit. Consequently, the placement of card 3 – The Empress in Daath made sense.

But what happened to card 17 – The Star? It doesn’t appear anywhere on the combined trees. An important clue is in The Star being assigned to the sun-sign Aquarius. Also Daphna Moore in The Rabbi’s Tarot relates that The Star is an aspect of The Empress.

So connecting both The Empress and the sun-sign Aquarius to Daath is saying that the major shift in Spiritual Evolution takes place under the influence of the Age of Aquarius.

Still this does not explain how both card 3 – The Empress and card 9 – The Hermit both represent Daath. As stated Agla connects to The Hermit through the color yellowish green, but The Empress is only green. How did I solve this dilemma? Once again it was understanding the different levels; i.e., the macrocosm and microcosm. In part one I said that my board game of Snakes & Ladders depicted the process of uniting all three levels of the Higher Self. This is in order to bring the Christ Consciousness to maturity to transform the human will into the Divine Will. My mistake was in thinking that the Christ and the Christ Consciousness within us are the same; they aren’t.

The process of transforming the human will into the Divine Will takes place at the microcosmic level; i.e., within the individual human being. However, after the self-conscious or human will has transformed into the Divine Will, it then transforms the heart. The sign of affinity over both the figures’ heads in card 1 – The Magician (Self-conscious) and card 8 – Strength (Transformed Heart) depict this.

The woman in Strength is the transformed Empress, and it is through the interpretation of card 8 – Strength at the macrocosmic level that reveals the connection of Daath. The key is in The Holy Spirit being within the heart. What occurs on a microcosmic level when the human will transforms into the Divine Will is the complete integration of all parts of the consciousness in the human being.

The importance of this was revealed to me while watching Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. The dialogue has a character refer to the famous words that were inscribed on the front of the Temple of Apollo. I was aware of “Know Thyself” but the character relates that the complete inscription was “Know Thyself and Thou Shall Know All The Mysteries of the Gods and the Universe” Consequently, the Ancient Wisdom was saying that when the human being becomes aware of how he thinks, The Mysteries would be revealed.

The Tarot Tableau in my board game of Snakes & Ladders puts this into the integration of the consciousness. This means the union of the Self-conscious (Magician), the Universal Sub-conscious (The High Priestess), the Individual Sub-conscious (Empress), and the Reason (Emperor). It also means incorporating all three levels of the Higher Self (1st-Hierophant), (2nd-Lovers & Sun) and (3rd-Chariot). When all eight elements of the human consciousness are integrated, the human will becomes the Divine Will, which is also represented by card 1 – The Magician. The process of transforming the human will into the Divine Will, neutralizes the counterfeit spirit, which is key to Spiritual Evolution.

AWFN6Last-45  AWFN6Last-42  AWFN6Last-46  AWFN6Last-47  AWFN6Last-35  AWFN6Last-48  AWFN6Last-49  AWFN6Last-50

It is the Magician as the Divine Will, its highest level that transforms the heart, which releases the neutral feminine/passive aspect of The Holy Spirit within the heart. However, Daphna Moore says that when the heart is transformed it becomes a volitional organ; i.e., masculine or active. What all this is revealing is when the human being fully integrates and transforms the heart, the axiom As above, so below becomes the reality. To elucidate further, it concerns The Christ being the neutral masculine/active aspect of Spirit and The Holy Spirit the neutral feminine/passive aspect of spirit. They both represent the Spirit that is referred to, as “God is Spirit.” This is the “above” or the macrocosm. The “below” or microcosm is reflected in the human being through the activation of The Holy Spirit through the transformed heart.

Earlier, I related that the process of integrating the eight aspects of the human consciousness neutralizes the counterfeit spirit. Nonetheless, it hasn’t completely transmuted it. That occurs through the transformed heart becoming masculine or active. When the heart becomes active, The Holy Spirit rejoins her partner, The Christ and the true ruler of Spiritual Evolution. I related that I was mistaken when I thought that the Christ-consciousness within us was the same as the Christ. I had also equated the highest aspect of The Magician, the Divine Will with the Christ. Although the Divine Will is connected to The Christ, it isn’t the purest and therefore the strongest representation. No I needed to find another representation in the Tarot for The Christ. If the Divine Will is connected to The Christ then it seemed to me that the Will was important. It was in remembering that Card 9 – The Hermit represents both the Will and the Spirit that gave me the answer. Returning to The Hermit being associated to Daath and The Empress as I related; Daath is the door between all the planes, and so as The Spirit is the door to the kingdom within, The Hermit or Spirit combines with Daath as The Empress and Holy Spirit. When this occurs the counterfeit spirit is transmuted and absorbed by the Spirit, which was hidden in the term Agla.
It only remains to discuss who can travel the secret path between Chesed and Daath. Throughout this thesis, I was shown that the key word to evolution is harmony or balance. As I said, only those individuals that have given up all notion of a separate self can reunite in Spirit. However, because this is the Fullness of Time should anyone succeed in this endeavor; their action will lay the way for others to follow.

Leaving the path between Chesed and Daath, as stated, the bulk of humanity instead of progressing to Chesed and then through to Daath, move from Tiphareth in the opposite direction to Geburah. Remember that on the Tree of Truth, Geburah represents the Tarot card 13 - Death and Nun נ meaning fish is the Hebrew letter attached to the Death card. Jewish mysticism saw the card as describing the means of spiritualizing matter.

The spelling of the Hebrew letter Nun reveals how we spiritualize matter. Nun is spelt NVN, which brings in Vav, the letter assigned to The Hierophant, the first part of the Higher Self…You submit to the influence of the Higher Self by changing or dissolving the old self, in other words transmuting the sex force in the heart into a nerve force.46 This is depicted in the Death card.

In the chapter Wheels Within Wheels in (LCD) I reported that there were esoteric teachings that said there were a set number of human souls. I didn’t think that number was six billion, so why so many people? In writing this thesis I discovered what the set number meant. In relating this to Craig, he told me that it reminded him of genetics and it is through that science that we can understand it. Let's take the arbitrary number of one million souls starting out in the human cycle. Over the millennia through incarnations that million becomes 10 million. This is because to reincarnate a soul has to divide into masculine and feminine. Over time, the original million souls become more and more diffused, until through a major global cataclysm, the population is greatly reduced. Scientists believe such a cataclysm occurred around 75,000 B.C.E., reducing the world’s population to a mere couple of thousand. All the prophecies and signs that warn of the coming apocalypse are relating that the world has reached the maximum diffusion of souls and its time to reset the clock again. This is one of the reasons we call this time the Fullness of Time.

When I asked if “culling” the world’s population through a global cataclysm is inevitable, I was reminded of the reference to people disappearing in the New Testament. Having read the hugely successful and popular Celestine Prophecy, I was aware of the concept of people vibrating at a different rate and existing on a different plane. Was this what God was showing me? But first, how do we get this crazy world to change its vibration? The answer I received was the majority of people needed to adopt the peace that passeth all understanding. A few days later, my good friend Judy reminded me that “Anti-War” isn’t the same as “Pro-Peace.”

I related in our third book that I’d often wondered why the greeting in most Arabian countries is “Peace be unto you.”(Salaam AlyKum) Like many individuals, I had assumed that the meaning of the word “peace” in the greeting was the absence of conflict, but that may be wrong. I was told; in ancient times peace was seen as in “concord” with your Divinity. Greeting someone with the word peace was in effect wishing that person union with the Divine. This is what is meant when Jesus referred to the “Peace that passeth all understanding.” Nevertheless, the most important message of the peace that passeth all understanding concerns transforming the heart. To explain, when an individual has transformed the heart, they become compassion and experience the “peace of God, which passeth all understanding.”47

In 2002 Craig and I traveled to the South of France to visit the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. We were sent there because of a mysterious code apparently associated with the church. That code was inextricably linked to the golden Mean or Ratio. We wrote in The True Philosophers’ Stone:

…Gregg Braden stated the golden mean or ratio is “fundamental to ‘life’ on Earth,” and is what rules the basic “vibration of the planet. Over and over again, the couple discovered that Rennes-le-Château was associated with the pentagon, which is also connected to the human being, the head, two arms and legs representing the five-pointed star. However, the five-pointed star signifies not only protection but also the fulfillment of destiny. Franz Hartmann said about the symbol, “when the time of probation and development is over, the triangles will be absorbed by the Pentagon in the centre, and form into a square within the invisible circle connecting the apices of the triangles, and our destiny will be fulfilled.”48

I mentioned earlier that a Grand Sextile, the technical term for the planets aligning to form a six-pointed star or hexagon, occurs regularly. It is how humanity knows that the divine powers are helping them. However, Craig and I had learned that the six-pointed star, which represents the heart chakra, is within the five-pointed star. According to Franz Hartmann, the invisible point within the hexagon of the six-pointed star represents “the great Spiritual Sun, the heart of the Cosmos, from which Love and Light and Life are radiating forever.”49 This means that at this Fullness of Time, humanity has reached the stage of being able to access all the divine powers located in the invisible center, which means they can cultivate the seven Keys to Love to find peace.

God requires our help. This was never so clear for Craig and I than when we discovered that according to Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia the number 777 (The Critical Mass number required to cause the merging of the two trees of Reason and Truth) in the Hebrew Gematria equates to the phrase “Achath Ruach Elohim Chayyim”, which in English translates to “One is the Spirit of the Living God.”50 Gregg Braden reports that while visiting Tibet a Buddhist Abbot had told him that everything was possible in the “presence of peace.” By promoting peace at all levels, people have a chance to change the way they think and work to find equilibrium between all things.

Moving onto the final 7th stage of my vision moves us into a new understanding of reality. This was because the seventh stage involves the Serpents of Wisdom. Whenever I considered the Serpents of Wisdom I would see three depictions, the Brazen Serpent (The serpent Moses raised on a pole to heal the Israelites bitten by fiery serpents), The Ouroborus (Universal symbol for time – a snake swallowing its tail) and the symbol for Infinity. Contemplating on the Ouroborus, I watched the symbol appear to twist and become the symbol for infinity.


   Brazen serpent                         Ouroborus                                                Infinity                 

At first I did not know what it meant until I realized that all three were symbols of the same thing, Spiritual Evolution. The clouds began to clear when I remembered what Daphna Moore said about the Serpent Letters in the Tarot. Interestingly, Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot stresses the importance of the serpent. Evidently, “The most important teaching of the Ageless Wisdom is concealed in the Snake symbol.”51 I had no idea as to the importance of this until my vision of the snake rising.

As stated, in my vision after I’d seen both the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth merge into one another and become the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding, a serpent had begun winding its way up the tree, encircling the Sephirot.

On the Tree of Truth, all three Serpent letters are represented; Teth as Strength in Hod; Lamed as Justice in Netzach and Samekh as Temperance in Chesed. In my vision, the serpent only reached the level of Chesed. At first this had perplexed me, but when a saw a shining path leading to a golden archway within Daath, I realized that I was being shown something of great importance. But before that let’s discuss the second and third stages uniting as one.


Talking of the snake, Eliphas Levi made a strange statement about the serpent in the Garden of Eden. “…beneath its shadow are the man and woman, active and passive, intelligence and love.” Levi believed that “all science is represented by this admirable scene.”52 Although conceding this as correct, in a note, A.E. Waite qualifies, “It is really the supernal knowledge which is called Daath in Kabalism, arising from the union of Chokmah and Binah, or Wisdom and Understanding.”53 I found this very interesting as a little further on Levi equates the separation of love and understanding as the first sin. In a nutshell, Levi saw the allegory of the Garden of Eden story as symbolizing the misuse of the sex-force. This leads me back to the secret path between Chesed and Daath.

The small number of individuals who travel the 20th path of The Hermit from Tiphareth to Chesed and then on through Daath each have three prerequisites in common. These three prerequisites, depicted by the three Serpent letters of Teth (Strength), Lamed (Justice) and Samekh (Temperance) were crucial to my understanding the three serpent symbols. Concerning the Brazen Serpent, I was surprised to discover that this represented the Kundalini or serpent force rising up the spine. Daphna Moore links both the Hebrew letters Teth (Strength) and Lamed (Justice) to the Kundalini. She relates that the value of the name NACHASH 358 is just only two letters off from the word for Messiah, NECHESH54, which has the same value of 358.
There are many that would say this means the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a form of the Christ. But that isn’t taking into account the allegorical teaching behind it. Remembering that The Magician (Self Conscious) has become The Hermit, (Spirit) helps to uncover the first prerequisite to returning to Spirit. The Magician (Self-conscious) has become the Divine Will and co-creator.


The second prerequisite concerns both Strength and Justice. Ms. Moore relates that the erect serpent, symbolized by the Hebrew letter Lamed represents, “…the rising of the Kundalini, the SERPENT FORCE, from her coiled position at the base of the spine…”55. This is the raising of the sex force from physical use for the body to use as mental force to transform the heart. So the second pre-requisite is a transformed heart.


The final prerequisite to return to Spirit is symbolized by the two symbols of the snake swallowing its tail and the symbol for infinity. Daphna Moore says, “…the serpent swallowing its tail has two outstanding meanings. The first is eternity-timelessness…In Samekh (Temperance) time has become timeless…The second outstanding meaning…symbolizes the end of a cycle. This card is the end of a series of Laws stated by the second row of the Tarot Tableau.”56 So the third prerequisite is to recognize the illusion of time.


In addition, as stated Ms. Moore tells us that the Angel in the card Temperance is another aspect of The Hierophant. Because The Emperor’s (Reason) secret number is 14, card No. 4 - The Emperor, like The Hierophant is also associated with Temperance.


Ms. Moore says that The Emperor and Strength represent the “solar fire.”  Whereas Temperance represents the “lunar current of this fire.”  She explains, “Alchemic Fire is divided into two specialized currents, one called Fire and the other called Water, but they are the same Force.  This is shown by the fact that both are symbolized by the equilateral triangle.  The Lunar Fire enters through the Pituitary…The Solar Fire enters through the Transformed Heart…When you complete the Fire action in your body, you are released from three-dimensional consciousness…”57

In regard to Humanity as the Life Principle emerging through Tiphareth in my vision, it was very interesting to read in The Mystical Qabalah, “Having come through into manifestation on the planes of form in the Child aspect of Tiphareth, the incarnated god grows to manhood and becomes the Redeemer.”58 Remembering the imagery of card 19 - The Sun as a child riding a horse and the connection with the Christ Consciousness is very interesting. As I said, Tiphareth traditionally was thought to represent the Sun. So I could take from this that those individuals that incorporate the three aspects mentioned above become the redeemer of humanity. How can that be? I believe I was given the answer in the seventh stage of my vision. As I said, after the emergence of the Life Principle from Tiphareth, I had seen a serpent begin to rise out of Malkuth. The serpent then wound its way up the tree through Yesod, Netzach and Hod. Then it crossed through Tiphareth to Chesed, before disappearing through Daath. So far this agreed with Dion Fortune’s rendition of the rise of the serpent. She related, “When the glyph of the Fall is represented upon the Tree it is interesting to note that the heads of the Great Serpent that rises out of Chaos only come as far as Daath and do not overpass it.”59

Nonetheless, in my vision the serpent rising had been transparent and although at first it disappeared into Daath, as I continued to watch, it re-emerged from Kether. Thinking this was the end; I was surprised when the scene appeared to pull back, just as a camera zooming out to expose the bigger picture. At first, the picture was blurred, but gradually it cleared to show the head of the serpent leaving the tree altogether and twisting in what I understood to be a kind of no time. Then a tail of a serpent just in front of the serpent’s head materialized. The tail appeared to be connected to another tree in the distance, which I was told was the Tree of Life of Globe E. Moreover, the tail crossed over to the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. It was then that I understood why I had seen three symbols in respect to the Serpent of Wisdom; all three were represented in my vision. See diagram below.

Dion Fortune had related “The Redeemer is for ever striving to redeem His Kingdom by re-uniting it to the Supernals across the gulf made by the Fall.”60 She was referring to the abyss that separated the three higher Sephirot, Kether, Chokmah and Binah from the seven lower Sephirot, but from my vision I wondered if I was being shown that the gulf created by the “fall” is between the two globes. Is it possible that what the Human Race needed to be “redeemed” from was a block to Spiritual Evolution?

Returning to my vision, it is once the small percentage, symbolized by the 144,000 has passed through Daath, that the Serpent of Wisdom emerged through Kether, how can this be? By their returning to Spirit, they restart the link between the worlds, enabling those that follow to evolve to the next level. This was evinced when in my vision; I saw the serpent open its mouth to swallow its tail. Then the entire serpent became corporeal: solidly linking both trees and creating a pathway between the worlds.


Stage 7 showing the serpent of wisdom/time connecting the Life Principle from Globe D to Globe E


It was remembering that linear time is an illusion that showed me at this time all the human souls are spread out through four of the stages in my vision. To recap: A third is in the three trees in Malkuth, a third is in the Tree of Reason and a third is in the Tree of Truth; having said that, Spiritual Evolution is dynamic and not static. At any given time, individuals are transitioning through the various stages, consequently; there is still “time” for people to change their position, which in affect is changing their vibration.

As I said, it is when a critical mass of 777,000 reaches Kether or The Hermit on the Tree of Truth that the Tree of Reason will merge with it. I found this best portrayed by Eliphas Levi in the three levels of the Philosophers’ Stone. Calling it the Great Work of which his translator A.E. Waite says, “The end of Hermetic art was to complete the design of Nature and raise what is base to perfection.”61

Levi divided it into “…three analogous degrees- religious realization, philosophical realization and physical realization.”62 The first he equated with religion, the second with doctrine and hierarchy, but it was the third that we should be concerned with, because the third is “…the discovery and application….”63 of the Philosophers’ Stone, by the Human Race.

When the individual finds balance or peace within, by finding the peace that passeth all understanding, he or she can incorporate the Philosophers’ Stone and transmute or rather spiritualize matter. Then he or she will truly know the meaning of “the kingdom of God is within you.”
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