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STAGE — WISDOM — Return of the Palladium


David Ovason’s book, THE SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATION’S CAPITAL: The Mason’s and the Building of Washington DC, describes the palladium as an ancient relic of Troy but what does “Return of the Palladium” mean? Above we alluded to the fact that the “Light” used the 8th Mayan Creation Wave to further the Divine Plan, employing the Wave’s hologram, as Carl says, to influence a shift from text to images. This, coupled with the Wave inspiring technological advances, created the perfect ground for the “Light” to complete the objective. We believe Great Spirit-Mind’s final Plan began with using the inactive, or Night phase of the 6th Wave/Long Count in 1293 C.E., together with the Pre-wave of the 7th Wave, which began in 1300 C.E. As stated, because Night 6 of the 6th Wave started in 1498, the energy favored the “Light’s” objective for more than two centuries until 1617 C.E. It was during these years that the “Light” prepared for the later Waves more than 500 years in the future, which permitted the “Light” to fulfil Great Spirit-Mind’sPlan. Due to the importance of these actions in how the Palladium would return, we repeat some key points in Sections 4 and 5 from Part Two Globe D in Volume I of our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… below:


We will come across Nostradamus, who was born in 1503, in several “upsteppings” simply because his influence stretches all the way to the present era. Nostradamus’s adult life was dominated by the Black Death or its medical designation Bubonic plague. After losing his wife and children in 1534 to the plague, he dedicated his life to discovering ways to defeat the illness. His practice of burning not only the bodies of those who died but also all their belongings, proved inspired, since, as we know, burning was, and still is an effective method in preventing the spread of disease.

Although Nostradamus became respected in his home town of Salon for his knowledge of medicine, his fame came later when he began forecasting the future in a series of yearly almanacs. We will not discuss the traditional interpretations of his 1000 Quatrains in his Centuries here, because scholars have argued over their accuracy since the seer’s death in 1566. Nonetheless, we do want to briefly address Nostradamus’ connection to the Knights Templar.

An interesting documentary about the seer on the History Channel in 2008 related that behind Nostradamus’ home in Salon, was a church associated with the Templars. The church called Saint Michael of the Revelation, was apparently built by the Knights Templar. On the documentary, the narrator focused on the strange symbols on the doors of the church. These symbols appear decidedly “pagan”, as at the top of the door was an image of Ophiuchus in this treatise now, suffice it to say the Greeks identified Ophiuchus with their god of medicine Asclepius. Excerpts from his entry include:

  • Asclepius was the son of Apollo and Coronis… Coronis two-timed Apollo by sleeping with a mortal, Ischys, while she was pregnant by Apollo… In a rage of jealousy, Apollo shot Coronis with an arrow. Rather than see his child perish with her, Apollo snatched the unborn baby from its mother’s womb…and took the infant to Chiron… Chiron raised Asclepius as his own son, teaching him the arts of healing and hunting.
  • Asclepius became so skilled in medicine that not only could he save lives; he could also raise the dead… Hippolytus, son of Theseus, who died when he was thrown from his chariot…Reaching for his healing herbs, Asclepius touched the youth’s chest three times, uttering healing words, and Hippolytus raised his head. Hades… began to realize that the flow of dead souls into his domain would soon dry up if this technique became widely known. He complained to his brother god Zeus who struck down Asclepius with a thunderbolt. Apollo was outraged at this harsh treatment of his son… To mollify Apollo, Zeus made Asclepius immortal …and set him among the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus.

Leaving Ophiuchus/Asclepius aside for now, as Nostradamus was a member of the “Orders of the Quest”, We were not surprised to find a connection between him and the Knights Templar. We were however, surprised to discover that the French seer may also have known both Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci, which we discovered in the highly controversial book NOSTRADAMUS: The Lost Manuscript - The Code That Unlocks the Secrets of the Master Prophet 41 by Ottavio Cesare Ramotti. Before we discuss this amazing book, we need to state that one of the foremost Nostradamus scholars, John Hogue, disputes the authenticity of the book. As we believe Mr. Hogue carries the consciousness of Nostradamus, this presented me with quite a dilemma. Why would a reincarnation of Nostradamus dispute his own work? Having objectively read Mr. Ramotti’s book and studied the images, we saw a strong connection between Plate 66 and our experience on April 4, 1994 in Jerusalem. After many hours of contemplation on my quandary, we came back to the fact that before incarnation the soul has a complete memory wipe and is born with a clean slate. Nostradamus chose to return at this time to help with Spiritual Evolution. As with all of us alive at this time, he fell under the influence of both the “Shadow” and the “Light” and had to choose which inspiration to follow. Obviously, as I wrote in LCD, when John Hogue recognized the name Nostradamus as a child, he was being influenced by the “Light” to study and bring credibility to the quatrains. Unfortunately, because of his importance to Great Spirit-Mind’s plan, the “Shadow” was relentless in “his” attacks to make him quit. The constant challenge to his integrity, has made Mr. Hogue determined to defend his position and extensive knowledge of Nostradamus at all costs. Regardless, as we have repeatedly said, over the years Craig and I were required to completely review our beliefs, to the extent that a substantial amount of what we thought to be true was either an outright lie or a serious misinterpretation. Our experience was kind-of like the character Neo in The Matrix suddenly waking up to realize that his entire world is an illusion.

As for Mr. Ramotti’s book, like everything else we read, we read it with an open mind with absolutely no preconceived ideas. What struck us most about the writer’s theory is that he used a stone to decode the quatrains. Surprisingly this stone was not in France, it was in Turin, Northwest Italy, which Nostradamus regularly visited. The naysayers of the book state that in using the stone, Mr. Ramotti creates his own interpretation with his code. That may indeed be true. Yet consider this; he uses the same method on each quatrain, which yields legible and coherent text. If the code was purely fictitious, it would be impossible to obtain a coherent explanation of each quatrain from legible text every time. There is something else to consider when reading NOSTRADAMUS: The Lost Manuscript and that is the relevance of the prophecies to the present day.

Anyhow it is up to each individual to make up their own mind. For my part, Craig and I found too many coincidences between Mr. Ramotti’s book and our mission, for us to dismiss it out of hand. This is the crux of the matter. It is of no consequence whether the interpretation is from a genuine code created by Nostradamus. What is of consequence is the value of the information obtained by the code. To illustrate this, Mr. Ramotti explains the “Technical Limits of Reading Hidden Text” by associating it with the subconscious. Conceding that the “processing of the quatrains can be accomplished in a completely technical way”, he suggests that “these calculations may derive from the subconscious without being transcendental precognitions.” Further on Mr. Ramotti insightfully connects the interpretation of the quatrains through the computer code to accessing a type of “universal Information”, offering that “I imagine an interchange of universal information with Jungian-type archetypes, intelligent, collective, and impersonal.” This method of obtaining information, he equates to a computer being “perfectly intelligent”, but without a conscience. Moreover, Mr. Ramotti thinks the “universal archetype of the Nostradamus-wave can be used literally to obtain atemporal knowledge…”

Another interesting point that Mr. Ramotti makes, concerns the validity of information obtained from the subconscious. He relates:

“According to the Cabalists, all languages are valid because they all derive from the original sacred language: in the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was with God. There has always been a long controversy between psychology and spiritualism as to whether so-called paranormal phenomena are psychological by nature or attributable to external entities that possess a separate existence.” 

Mr. Ramotti likens the “controversy” over his code, to the “dispute that took place in the world of physics, concerning whether light was made up of particles or waves.” This “controversy” as we know, was reconciled when physicists discovered that light can appear as both particles and waves. He believes “The same may be true of extrasensory phenomena: the psychological and spiritual manifestations are interconnected.” Quoting a spiritual “guide” or “entity”, he relates “If there were, on the part of the human creature, the liberty to act in full consciousness that creature would become consciousness itself, and therefore truth’.”

The reason we have related Mr. Ramotti’s conception of how the code for the interpretation of the quatrains came about, is because it correlates to the information in this treatise. As to these “Jungian-type archetypes”, we gained a clue earlier when Mr. Ramotti describes the “Cabalistic Nature of the Stone of Turin.” Reminiscent of the Bible Code, he relates that the code could not be used until the invention of the computer. In support of this, he cites Nostradamus’ “occult euphemism” that the “computer still lay in the concavity of the Moon.” Despite his proposition above, Mr. Ramotti believed that spiritual intelligences assisted in the code. He wrote:

“With the aid of the ‘Zephirot’ (Sephirot) the stone can be read in Italian by the following algorithm of the date 1-5-5-6 four times and 6-5-5-1 four times, for three turns. The blanks count as letters…A second message appears in the Seal of Solomon (the hexagram) by combining the same letters differently and reading them counterclockwise.”

Forgoing the deciphering of this great prophet’s quatrains for now, we mentioned earlier that we learned from Mr. Ramotti’s book that Nostradamus knew Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci. The author also made the association with these great men and Melchizedek:

“It is said that Nostradamus visited the Sistine Chapel while Michelangelo worked there—and it is possible that he provided some inspiration for the artist’s fantastic fresco of the Last Judgment. It seems Nostradamus also had some contact with Leonardo DaVinci. This contemporaneity of universal geniuses can be no accident. It came about at the first unfurling of the epoch of modern man, laboriously emerging from the darkness of the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, an occult literature flourished that derived from ancient hermetic texts dating back, according to tradition, to Melchizedek, the priest of God, eternally living, who initiated Abraham in the esoteric teachings that gave rise to the Cabala.”

One of my biggest questions was, “If Nostradamus was a famous prophet/seer (fortune-teller) in the 16th (1500s) century, then how did he avoid the clutches of the Inquisition?” We learned the answer is that he was protected by a powerful benefactress, Catherine de Medici. Upon first investigating Nostradamus, it surprised me to find a member of the prominent Florentine Medici family in France, but we would soon learn that the Medici’s were not only in France, they were also in Spain and England…

…Another of the “Light’s” greatest success was through a member of the “Orders of the Quest” we mentioned in the previous “upstepping.” This individual was responsible for inventing what most consider the primary invention of the millennium. His name was Johannes Gutenberg, and together with the mass production of paper, his invention, the printing press facilitated the dissemination of knowledge throughout Christendom.


Rightfully speaking, if We were to follow the timeline, Johannes Gutenberg would have appeared in the previous “upstepping”, because he died in 1468. Nevertheless, he is discussed here, because it is in the 17th (1600s) century that his invention would have the most relevance to the “Light’s” agenda. Ultimately, Gutenberg’s legacy transcends the passing of time. We see this in the “ranking” of Gutenberg in the “A&E Network” of Gutenberg as the “#1 on their ‘People of the Millennium’ countdown...” Moreover, “Time–Life magazine picked Gutenberg’s invention as the most important of the second millennium.” Gutenberg’s entry on Wikipedia reports that he was “a German goldsmith” as well as a “printer.” Forgetting the debate of who invented movable type first, he “is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing, in around 1439, and the global inventor of the mechanical printing press.” As stated, his most famous accomplishment was the printing of the Bible, which was named the Gutenberg Bible. The entry says his Bible “has been acclaimed for its high aesthetic and technical quality.” In my original treatise, the entry mentioned Guttenberg’s connection to an artist, known as the Master of the Playing Cards. As we said at the time, we were familiar with Gutenberg’s reputation as the inventor of the printing press, but we were however unfamiliar with his connection to this mysterious “artist.”

In reading about the mysterious “Master of the Playing Cards”, we were reminded of Manly P Hall’s “unknown philosophers.” Furthermore, although it is disputed which came first, our modern playing deck is a version of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana. Subsequently, we were intrigued as to who this “Master of the Playing Cards” was? Another name the “unknown philosophers” are known by is the members of the “Orders of the Quest.” Was the Master of the Playing Cards one of the “unknown philosophers” who appears to secretly guide Humanity throughout time? As stated, these individuals appear at opportune moments to ensure certain events occur and then mysteriously fade from history. Was Gutenberg’s connection to the “Master of the Playing Cards” such a case? Wikipedia’s entry on “Master of the Playing Cards” only served to add to the mystery:

The Master of the Playing Cards was the first major master in the history of printmaking. He was a German (or conceivably Swiss) engraver… painter, active in South-Western Germany from the 1430s to the 1450s… called “the first personality in the history of engraving.” Various attempts to identify him have not been generally accepted… remains known only through his 106 engravings, which include the set of playing cards in five suits from which he takes his name…

According to Francis Yates, the printers of the 16th (1500s) and 17th (1600s) centuries were associated to the Rosicrucians and Hermeticists of Europe. One of the printers she singles out is Johann Theodore De Bry who published several Rosicrucian authors. Another famous author published by De Bry was Robert Fludd, the English “Paracelsist physician.” Ms. Yates relates that Robert Fludd’s “philosophy” descended from the Renaissance era “Magia and Cabala”, together with “Paracelsist alchemy.” Moreover, Fludd showed that he was inspired by John Dee.


Interestingly, Ms. Yates states that King James I was terrified of the magical arts, relating that it was the king’s “most deep-seated neurosis.” The king demonstrated this in the way he treated Dr. Dee. Unlike his mother Mary, Queen of Scot’s, Queen Elizabeth I cousin, King James distrusted Dr. Dee, refusing to see him, and submitting the famous esotericist to “a kind of banishment.”

Robert Fludd was also labeled as a practitioner of the magical arts by King James and viewed with suspicion. It seems that hoping to bring his majesty around to the Hermetic philosophy, Fludd “dedicated” the first volume of his “Oppenheim volumes” the History of the Macrocosm to the king, and according to Ms. Yates strategically “saluted” King James with “the epithet sacred to Hermes Trismegistus.” According to Fludd’s entry on Wikipedia, “Between 1598 and 1604”, Robert Fludd studied medicine, chemistry, and mysticism on the “European mainland.” However, he is most famous for his research in mystical philosophy. Evidently, “He had a celebrated exchange of views with Johannes Kepler concerning the scientific and hermetic approaches to knowledge.” Nevertheless, Fludd’s relationship with King James cannot have been all that bad, because the entry reports that “Fludd was allegedly a member of the committee which drafted the ‘King James’ translation of the bible in 1611.”

Informing us that another Rosicrucian author, also published by De Bry was Michael Maier, Ms. Yates tells us that Maier’s extraordinary writings can be tracked by a precise “time graph.” Interestingly, the “time graph” appears to concern the Heidelberg experience of the Winter King and Queen, because it begins one year following the marriage of Frederick and Elizabeth in 1614 and ends in 1620 when the couple leave Heidelberg. Maier’s work according to Ms. Yates portrays the signature of “Hermetic mysticism”, which takes the form “of Hermetic or ‘Egyptian’ interpretation of fable and myth, as containing hidden alchemic and ‘Egyptian’ meanings, combined with an idiosyncratic use of alchemical symbolism.”

Ms. Yates explains that her “study of Fludd and Maier has attempted to show that both these ‘Rosicrucian’ philosophers belonged to the orbit of the Frederickian movement in the Palatinate.” She sums up the importance of the printers, authors and philosophers connected to the Palatinate movement thus:

“The importance of printers and publishers in the movement…Hermetic philosophies from England, represented by Fludd…together with the alchemical symbolist movement, propagated by Maier…A culture was forming in the Palatinate which came straight out of the Renaissance…a culture which may be defined by the adjective ‘Rosicrucian’…The movement tried to unite many hidden rivers in one stream; the Dee philosophy and the mystical chivalry from England were to join with German mystical currents. The new alchemy was to unite religious differences…it had created a culture, a ‘Rosicrucian’ state with its court centered on Heidelberg, its philosophic literature published within the state, having artistic manifestations in the alchemical emblem movement around Maier, and in the work of Salomon De Caus.”

Returning to my earlier mention of playing cards representing the Minor Arcana of the Tarot brings me back to the invention of the Tarot Cards. In the previous “upstepping” we discussed the Tarot regarding Guglielma of Bohemia, but here we want to address one of the most famous members of the “Orders of the Quest” contribution to the Tarot. That member was the renowned Kabbalist and seer, Nostradamus. We first realized that Nostradamus used pictures to pass messages through history in reading about his Lost Manuscript containing 72 graphic plates in Ottavio Cesare Ramotti’s Nostradamus The Lost Manuscript, which we discussed in the previous “upstepping.” we addressed how Mr. Ramotti claimed to have uncovered a code to find a deeper meaning for Nostradamus’ quatrains, which we concluded had relevance, not because it proved Nostradamus created it, but because it produced comprehensible alternative interpretations for the quatrains.


In this “upstepping” we want to address the purpose of the 72 plates and the possible connection to the first printing of the Tarot in the 15th (1400s) century. Not surprisingly, the entry for the Tarot on Wikipedia is one of the contested articles. However, as we believe a lot of its information has relevance, we include excerpts from it here. According to the entry, “The oldest surviving tarot cards” are “three” sets believed to be painted by the artist “Bonifacio Bembo.” It seems the “decks” were commissioned by “Francesco Sforza.” Earlier in the entry, the author relates that “It seems apparent that the special motifs on the trump cards… were ideologically determined. They are thought to show a specific system of transporting messages.” Transporting messages between individuals appears to have become an art in the 15th and 16th (1500s) centuries. Because of the institution of the Inquisition, to openly share thoughts that disagreed with the Church was a decidedly dangerous enterprise. We mentioned earlier that Trithemius created a way to encode messages supposedly in ordinary letters. The esotericists of the 16th century used art to convey different thoughts. With the advent of the Tarot Trumps, they could hide their messages in plain sight, which according to the entry, “known early examples show philosophical, social, poetical, astronomical, and heraldic ideas…”

We saw Nostradamus’s connection to the Tarot with two of the 72 plates in his book containing images that appear in the Major Arcana. Although as we discussed elsewhere, the images on the two plates mirror the images on the Rider-Waite deck, which was not created until 1910, it still shows Nostradamus used art to portray esoteric knowledge. To demonstrate this, we reproduce an excerpt from our previous discussion:

“Looking at the evocative image of the imposing Sun on Plate 66, Craig and we were struck with the similarity to the Sun in card 19 The Sun of the Rider-Waite Tarot. To see what we mean it will help to examine the 2 versions side by side. If you look at the Suns you will observe that in both, the Sun’s rays consist of straight and wavy lines and both Suns have human faces.”

“Once we saw the similarity between Plate 66 and card 19, the question that arose was did Nostradamus use this distinctive version of the Sun to point us to the Tarot? We had already seen a similarity between the images of Plate 35, which we learned was, entitled “The Wheel of Destiny of Nations” and card 10 The Wheel of Fortune.”

Wheel of Fortune

“As we read Mr. Ramotti’s book and examined the Plates in respect to the Major Arcana we concluded that there is a real possibility Nostradamus deliberately used similar symbols to the symbols in the Major Arcana to conceal a deeper meaning.”

The entry for the Tarot on Wikipedia informs us that as the “earliest tarot cards were hand painted” there were only a few decks. However, “after the invention of the printing press” the Tarot decks could be “mass produced.”

According to Mr. Ramotti, a “dedication to its readers” on page 83 relates that the Lost Manuscript, which Nostradamus left “to his son Cesare” reports the 72 plates were given into the care of then Cardinal Barberini, who would become Pope Urban VIII. As the “dedication” mentions the Cardinal before he became pope, Mr. Ramotti concludes the Lost Manuscript must have been left with Barberini before 1623.

Plate67 Before we leave Nostradamus again for now, we want to mention one other anomaly that appears in the plates, which has given the naysayers the ammunition to dispute the authenticity of the manuscript. Although the anomaly cannot be seen with the naked eye, under magnification, on the page of the open book in the king’s hand in plate 67 is the word “One Male” written in English.

Disputers of Mr. Ramotti’s book, which as we said, includes John Hogue argue that as Nostradamus did not speak English; the manuscript cannot be genuine. Mr. Ramotti supports the assessment that Nostradamus did not speak English saying he spoke “Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and, of course, Provençal.” However, although we have been unable to verify it, we think there is a strong possibility that the esotericists of Europe concealed their beliefs, by communicating in English; could this have been one of the deeper reasons why King Henry (VIII) separated from the Catholic Church? After all, so many of the esoteric groups of the “Orders of the Quest” emerged after the English Reformation…

Interestingly, the above selections reveal the one positive aspect of the Baby Boomers resetting, in that these teachings were revived in the 20th Century. This is indicative of the Universe’s propensity to always find balance. The negative aspect of the resetting was bringing the religious intolerance and bigotry from the 1300s into the 20th Century, whereas, the positive was reviving the esoteric teachings of The Mysteries.

Following that review, although the “Light” succeeded in seeding The Mysteriesinto the mass consciousness through the Orders of the Quest, after 1617 the plan to return the Palladium to this realm was pretty much on hold. There were several more steps needed, and it was not until 1999 that the final stage of activating The Mysteries in the mass consciousness could take place. However, over a century earlier another subtler step was taken, incorporating an archetype of not only the Divine Feminine, but also the Palladium. This archetype has held the energy until such a time when the Divine Feminine could take Her role in the world again, depicted in the covers of this treatise.

Earlier, we said that the French’s gifting America the Statue of Liberty is what allowed the “Shadow” to corrupt the country. Nevertheless, we also said that it only seemed to give the advantage to “him” because, the “Light” used it to undermine the “Shadow’s”oligarchy’s agenda. To reiterate, the ultimate purpose for the “Shadow’s” oligarchy was revealed to me while watching the documentary Unacknowledged, where Dr. Greer related that some individuals had put our evolution “…a century behind where we should be.” Moreover, without the oligarchy’s interference, “…we would have been free from fossil fuels and people would not be killing each other over land and resources.” The deliberate actions that Dr. Greer is referring to, comes from what Eisenhower warned of in his farewell address, namely, the Industrial Military Complex. However, this problem with the oligarchy began with the corruption of Freemasonry and the Capitalistic system.


Over the years at different times, we have heard the theory that Capitalism always leads to Fascism. That sounded a little extreme to me and so we decided to investigate. Naturally, we began with Capitalism’s page in Encyclopedia Britannica, which sums it up as an “economic system, dominant in the Western world since the breakup of feudalism, in which most of the means of production are privately owned and production is guided, and income distributed largely through the operation of markets.”

I also found very little to cause alarm bells to go off in Wikipedia’s extensive entry for Capitalism, yet something kept nagging at me. Remembering how we extolled the virtue of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford for their philanthropy in the 1920s and 1930s, we was reminded that these three men were all known as captains of industry, in other words capitalists. As Rockefeller was an oil baron, we knew that he had a hand in encouraging America to rely on fossil fuels, which is why many conspiracists advocates, believe that all members of the Rockefeller family are evil incarnate. In my original treatise on-line, we included the question “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, regarding special interests preventing the development of the Electric Car because it would eventually replace the combustion engine, thereby, ending the need for oil. We knew this action was the work of the “Shadow’s” oligarchy, the question is, was it also Capitalism’s fault? After all, Capitalism is the system the US holds up to the rest of the world as the model of democracy.

Throughout this treatise, we have seen Capitalism associated to greed and suffering of the poor, but is that fair considering our philanthropist capitalists above? With the connection to the system’s advocates preventing beneficial advances in the name of profit, it did not appear beneficial to Spiritual Evolution. So, where did it come from? In asking if the Founding Fathers envisioned a Capitalistic society earlier, we concluded no, because it did not benefit everyone. Struggling with the role Capitalism played in the “Light’s” objective, we began to see the version today might not be a natural development of human society. Then we remembered seeing Michael Moore’s documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, and knew we needed to look it up. Luckily, it has an unchallenged entry on Wikipedia and the excerpt below sums up the documentary’s premise:

The film centers on the late-2000s financial crisis and the recovery stimulus, while putting forward an indictment of the current economic order in the United States and unfettered capitalism in general. Topics covered include Wall Street's ‘casino mentality’, for-profit prisons, Goldman Sachs' influence in Washington, D.C., the poverty-level wages of many workers, the large wave of home foreclosures, corporate-owned life insurance, and the consequences of ‘runaway greed’. The film also features a religious component where Moore examines whether or not capitalism is a sin and whether Jesus would be a capitalist, in order to shine light on the ideological contradictions among evangelical conservatives who support free market ideals.

Having shown that there is no way Jesus would have been a capitalist, yet we also determined He would not have been a modern-day Communist either. Bearing in mind that the UK has multimillionaires like Richard Branson, it appears Capitalism can co-exist with the principles of Socialism. This would indicate that being ambitious, aspiring to achieve wealth and success was not the problem. (Although we must add that because of the human ego and counterfeit-spirit, ambition can lend itself to being detrimental to the spiritual health of an individual.) No, the problem lies with greed, as wealthy people can use their money to help others, setting up foundations and non-profits. As these enterprises often involve Capitalism, although not exactly beneficial to Spiritual Evolution, we do not think that the “Shadow” initiated the system in the same way “he” did with Communism and Fascism/Nazism. However, we are certain the “Shadow” twisted the system to “his” advantage, because while investigating Capitalism, we kept reading of “unregulated Capitalism” as a cause for concern. Digging deeper, we were guided to an article entitled “Unregulated Capitalism is destroying the planet”, on the website Truth-out.org. It interested us because the bulk of the article has Pope Francis warning of the dangers of “unregulated capitalism.” For the sake of space, we have selected the relevant excerpts:

…One of the most important points the Pope makes in his new encyclical on the environment is that the source of our current ecological crisis is actually an ideology, the ideology of unregulated capitalism.

"The idea of infinite or unlimited growth," he writes, "which proves so attractive to economists, financiers and experts in technology... is based on the lie that there is an infinite supply of the Earth's goods, and this leads to the planet being squeezed dry at every limit."

As the Pope goes on to explain, we have now turned unregulated capitalism into the new God, and as result, we now see the Earth as something to dominate as opposed to something we hold in trust as part of the great chain of being.

This is really the story of Western civilization as a whole, but things have gotten a lot worse since the Reagan revolution and the "greed is good" era of the 1980s.

Before Reagan came to town, we were actually having a conversation about how to moderate our culture's tendency towards greed and exploitation.

The EPA was created, and so was Earth Day. And thanks to people like Rachel Carson, we actually took the time to think about how the hunger for profit was hurting our planet and our health.

But ever since the "Reagan Revolution," we've become addicted to the pursuit of "growth." Instead of thinking about how to become better stewards of the Earth, we now worry about how to make markets more "efficient" - the environment be damned.

Unregulated capitalism, also known as Reaganomics, is our new religion, and we're just as fundamentalist about it as the Taliban are about Islam.

And that's a really important point.

Going forward, we're going to have to make some important policy choices if we want to stop most life on Earth from vanishing forever - including, perhaps, us.

We're going to have to better manage natural resources, abandon fossil fuels and decentralize our energy system.

But we also need a revolution in terms of the way we think.

As the Pope said, "We need to reject a magical conception of the market, which would suggest that the problems can be solved simply by an increase in the profits of companies or individuals."

For too much of our history, but especially since the 1980s, we in the Western world have seen the planet as something to be exploited for profit.

We're now addicted to an extremist ideology that is literally killing us.

So, if we want to save the planet, the environment and probably the human race, we're going to have to let our belief in unregulated capitalism go extinct.

Following our investigation of Reganomics for the chapter, Money’s Effect on Spiritual Evolution in our book FOR THE CHILDREN, we knew that Reganomics was not the worst thing the “Shadow” initiated in the 1980s when “he” gained control. It was a form of Capitalism, called “Predatory Capitalism” and we felt it may help uncover what we were being shown:

“Many observers attribute the rise in greed to Capitalism, but we recently discovered it concerns the instigation of a specific kind of Capitalism. According to the brilliant documentary called Money & Life by Katie Teague it is “predatory capitalism.” The film traces this form of Capitalism to the era when President Ronald Reagan and the Prime Minister of the UK Maggie Thatcher adopted the policies of the economist Milton Freedman. Freedman believed in “free-market capitalism” that championed three fundamental points:

  1. The sole purpose for business is to maximize profits, regardless of the social or environmental effects.
  2. Businesses shouldn’t be regulated, or at least only minimally.
  3. Every aspect of society should be privatized.

“Because of Freedman’s advice both President Reagan and Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher deregulated industries, while at the same privatizing as many aspects of society as possible. Deregulation is what many believe has led to global warming and bringing our earth to the brink of disaster. Normally we attribute this mentality to greed, which appears supported by the axiom “the source of all evil is the love of money.” However, we have already discussed the fact the Gnostics believed Grief was the source of evil, so what does the emotion of grief have to do with greed. A key to the answer lies in a synonym for grief being despair. However, it is not the most important aspect. We discovered that aspect in an interesting comment from one of the commentators.

“In this brilliant and well thought out documentary, the focus is on the energetic effect money has on people. The axiom, “Money can’t buy happiness,” means that being rich will not necessarily make you happy. Most people struggling to make ends meet would say that this axiom is ridiculous. As, if they did not have to scrimp and scrape every day they would be happy. Freedom from the stress of trying to survive does bring a measure of happiness. Yet, according to one of the commentators in the Money & Life film, billionaires also cannot sleep, although their worry is over stock prices. This comment hits the nail on the head as to why the world is so unbalanced. Greed is not the only problem; equally problematic is fear. Today, society subconsciously conditions people to believe they have to worry about the future. Moreover, it is their duty to make sure they have enough for their children’s education and their retirement. Consequently, many people spend their lives preparing for the future instead of living for the present. Couple this with the constant reminder of imminent disaster and the stress level increases exponentially.

“The simple truth is our economic structure does not work on any level, but most of all at the spiritual and energetic level. Attaching the concept of constantly increasing profit to life’s goals is a recipe for disaster. For instance, just a cursory examination of the manufacturing industry proves this point. Viewed objectively, we think everyone can see how continually reducing costs and raising prices to increase profit is unsustainable. As the cost of living rises, the workers require higher wages. This of course leads to layoffs and redundancies, reducing the number of people being able to purchase the product.

“In respect to the ego and pain-body, both of the examples above open the door for them to create mayhem. It works for the ego because at the high end, it makes people selfish and isolated as they focus on amassing as much wealth to protect themselves and their families from disaster. On the other hand, those at the lower end of the totem pole end up suffering, which causes anger, despair, and resentment. Naturally, this brings in the pain-body.

“Today’s attitude about money provides a veritable smorgasbord for the pain-body. For greed is self-sustaining. The pain-body feeds on the very fear of not having enough that it generates, not to mention the despair, resentment, and anger at the perceived unfairness and injustice. The fact is, in the presence of greed there will never be enough, which is why the super-rich have been getting richer. Fear of losing everything drives their greed. So, what is the answer?

“…nullifying the greed and fear lies with bringing Divinity or the Great Spirit-Mind back into the equation. By this, we mean not just as a cursory acknowledgement once a week, or even at appointed times during the day. Instead, we need to recognize that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Then we can see at the higher consciousness level when one of us suffers, we all suffer. In this way, we need to recognize there is a limit to how much profit is enough. Like the adage, “you can’t get blood from a stone.” If we always keep in mind that the amount we take from the pie, so to speak determines how much we leave for everyone else, then greed will no longer be an issue.”

Clearly then, the problem with Capitalism lies with its deregulation, as this benefitted the oligarchy, which alerted me to their operations as the “Shadow’s” agents. This group of individuals has been manipulated into sabotaging Humanity’s progress in so many ways.

From the above excerpts, we know that the problem with Capitalism lies with its deregulation, as this benefitted the oligarchy. This fact alerted us to deregulation as directed by the “Shadow’s” agents; individuals manipulated into sabotaging Humanity’s progress in so many ways. Even so, we believe the “Light” is using the 8th Wave’s ability to use images to impart information through the mass consciousness and warning us of the oligarchy. It seems to be working, as we appear to be picking up on the signals reflecting it through our entertainment, such as TV shows. For instance, at least three shows; USA’s Shooter, ABC’s Designated Survivor, (transferred to Netflix) and CBS’s Salvation, all contained a storyline of a powerful shadow government bent on world domination. As it stood before the Pandemic, in two of the shows, USA’s Shooter and CBS’s Salvation, the “bad guys” had the upper hand when they ended their season. This brings us back to the French gifting America the Statue of Liberty only appearing to benefit the “Shadow”, because the whole thing was orchestrated by the “Light.”