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Before we get to the next level in Stage 5 Wisdom we need to explain why we referred to Stage 3’s as Intradimensional Intuition. Due to it being part of the Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters title that we were given, it is even more relevant.

Initially, I wondered why the prefix “intra” instead of “inter” but when I researched intradimensional on Bing, apart from asking if I wanted to include results from “interdimensional”, I was asked to select between, aliens, demons, dragons, vampires, and angels to refine my search. At first this surprised me, then I remembered that in 2004 the “Shadow” was still in play, along with his cohorts, which at the time included pretty much anything our minds could conjure. Today, with the “Shadow’s” neutralization, the entire Soul Plane is filled with various levels of beings working for the “Light”, in other words, they are now all a part of the Divine Realm…

The reason we are discussing why we added Intradimensional to Stage 3 Intuition, is due to its connection to a higher form of Wisdom, which we discover through understanding the difference in the origin of “inter” and “intra.” Surprisingly, despite the former being part of the word internal, the prefix “inter” comes from the Latin and Greek words for between. On the other hand, “intra” comes from the Greek and Latin word for within or inwards, as in into or inside, and can never represent something outside of a place or an object. Consequently, the intradimensional realm is within us, and equates to the Divine “Kingdom” within.

Examining the various forces/players involved with Guy in 2004 from an intradimensional perspective, we can see that he was dealing with representatives of both the Light and the “Shadow.” When we remember that these forces’ full titles were “Light of Truth”, and “Shadow of Deception”, it is understandable why Guy was so confused as to their identities.

Unfortunately until the “Shadow” was neutralized, and the Soul Plane purified in 2010, both sides were operating intradimensionally, which is why Great Spirit-Mind gave us the pillar that “All channeled information was a mixture of truth and lies.” The fact is, before the Soul Plane’s purification, human beings’ collective thoughts and imagination, generated by their counterfeit-spirits and lower egos, produced all kinds-of thought-forms in the Formative or Astral level of the Tree of Life, which before 2010, penetrated all levels of the Soul Plane. Accordingly, since every counterfeit-spirit was connected to the “Shadow of Deception” and “his” agenda, “he” could intercept communication with spiritual guides, misleading the most gifted psychic by adding to, or muddling the message. It might help to refresh our memories of what we wrote on how the levels of the Soul Plane operated both before and after 2010. 

Tree of Life In LOVE: The Common Denominator (LCD), we reported that before 2010 there were three levels of the Soul Plane beneath the Veil that was reflected in the Tree of Life. The highest Atziluth was the Divine or Archetypal Plane of Fire and Spirit, which we equated to the esotericists Devachan. Then came Briah the Creative Plane of Mind and Air, which esoterically equated to Kama Loka. The next plane was the Yetzirah Water or Formative Plane of Emotions and Imagination, esoterically known as Avitchi or the Astral Plane.

Following the Soul Plane’s purification in 2010, the Divine or Archetypal Plane of Fire and Spirit (Devachan) merged with the Creative or Mind plane of Air (Kama Loka) blending into one Divine Realm. Alternatively, Avitchi, the Astral level where lower thought-forms still existed, was cut off from the rest of the Soul Plane.

Isolating Avitchi meant that the only forces capable of affecting the Physical or Material Plane of Earth, were and still are Divine. So, despite human being’s imagination creating all kinds of thought-forms in the Astral Plane, they could not penetrate the Divine Realm, or escape back to the Earth. Instead, these creations remained in limbo waiting for the Human Race to spiritually evolve and dissipate them.

Consequently, since 2010, the only way the Astral Plane or Avitchi could affect the Earth is with paranormal echoes manifesting as non-corporeal specters that appear as ghostly apparitions. These specters, however, are not spirits of the dead and cannot interact with people, nor can they influence the gullible to carry out their desires, as they did in the past. In addition, preventing any inadvertent contamination, in order to connect with the Soul Plane, the “Light” required a higher form of intuition, Intradimensional.

Notwithstanding the accuracy of the above, this was the situation before December 21st, 2021. In the article Ancient Divine Plan Employs Humanity & KTI in Creating a New World on KTI’s Central Page, we reported that on the 2021 Winter Solstice, the Divine Realm directed us in a ceremony for Them to correct the 40,000-year Watcher’s mistake. As we discussed the details of the ceremony and its outcome in the article, we will not repeat the information here. Suffice it to say, since then everything has changed on the spiritual level, because with the removal of the counterfeit-spirits, or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-bodies, the higher form of intuition not only raises our vibration, it facilitates a connection to Sophia or Divine Wisdom within us.

Concerning our connection to Divine Wisdom, or Sophia, we first learned of the different levels of Wisdom in studying the 22 cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Below are selections from the second volume of our anthology on the subject, BEYOND DIVINATION: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, concerning the role of Wisdom in our lives:

The Fool Card“Lifting the Tarot out of a mere tool for divining the future, the RT group pointed out that used correctly, the cards assist us in realizing our aspirations. At the lower level, wisdom “concerns itself entirely with the sensory level—with things.” Quoting from a proverb they wrote, “Unless Wisdom gets beyond this level, it is not Wisdom at all.” Most people have also heard the axiom, “The Wisdom of men is foolishness to the gods”, this is because human wisdom is based on the lower self, whereas higher wisdom arises from the Higher Self, depicted in card 0 – ALEPH א – The Fool.

“The group believed that whatever aids the individual to achieve their ultimate goal, is contained in The Fool’s vision. Only this is wisdom, anything that detracts from this goal is designated as unwise.

“Consequently, fostering the highest or divine form of wisdom requires us raising ourselves up and connecting to a different level of consciousness. Describing this level as “subjective”, the RT group reports this is what The Fool represents. While descending to the Physical Plane or existence, he nonetheless keeps his eye on the prize, namely, his preincarnate vision of achieving his, or her life’s purpose. The group informs us that we are given all the clues in how to accomplish this through the card’s symbols, which convey that we possess everything we need within us.”

The Devil Card “Wisdom takes time, and as The Fool at the start of our journey depicts, initially we are like children let loose in a candy store, at first, we greedily eat everything in sight, (indulge in all desires) and end up being sick to our stomachs. I realize that this may appear to be an oversimplification of this stage, because the imagery (card 15 The Devil) is obviously supposed to suggest sexual desire. Nonetheless, whether we are referring to gluttony, lust, or just plain greed, it takes time to realize that material or physical pleasure is only temporary, and that lasting happiness only comes from spirituality. Unfortunately, while some people are going through this stage they can hurt others through such acts as theft, rape, and murder. According to the group these individuals deserve our understanding too, as they need to learn to put aside instinctual behavior in favor of Reason.

“However, mystics are not looking to reform or convert, each person must move past this stage in their own time. Rather, mystics look for those individuals ready to learn a new way. It is like the belief that an addict can only be helped when they have hit rock bottom, as trying to force their rehabilitation often leads to failure.”

The Empress Card The Wheel of Fortune Card The Tower Card

“Around 500 B.C.E., humans became fully individualized developing an ego, just as the tribes were forming communities. With the ego we bring in the opposites Wisdom and Folly represented by card 3 The Empress, where self-interest often overrode the interest of the community. At this time, Humanity got caught on the Wheel of Necessity that was driven by materialism which led to Wealth and Poverty (10 The Wheel of Fortune). These endless cycles brought in Sin and Grace (16 The Tower), which was interpreted as Beauty (angels) and Ugliness (demons).”

We cannot discuss Wisdom/Sophia without mentioning “her” Divine Consciousness, which as we reported in the previous Stages permeates all Life. Since this “Consciousness” has interacted with 777,000 individuals’ incarnations on Earth today, either directly or indirectly, or in their past lives, understanding “her” role at this time is crucial to our spiritual development. Fortunately, this is a great deal easier now with the purification of the Soul Plane.

Accordingly, after an initiate develops Higher Reason, their natural progression will lead them to Intradimensional Intuition. Then with the purification of the Soul Plane, he or she can now access their portion of Divine Wisdom and uncover their life’s purpose in complete safety. Once contact is made, guidance can present itself in several different ways, but primarily it will be in the form of visions, and or messages either during dreams or while meditating.

Another wonderful set of additional helpers that can assist with connecting to our Divine Wisdom are the Future Human Beings, who have been visiting us for quite some time. Amazingly, it appears our future selves learn how to move intradimensionally, which is why their “spacecrafts” seem to appear and disappear at will. However, just considering the possibility of our evolved existence is enough to aid in our spiritual development, as it confirms that we not only will but in fact, already have, succeeded in evolving past the confusing, divisive, and violent state of the world.

Ultimately, contact with any of the intradimensional beings leads us to connecting to not only Divine Wisdom within, but also our inner Spirit. This connection assists us in the way we look at the world, reality, and each other, in effect changing the way we think. To demonstrate how this works, we will use that “wisdom” in reexamining Sophia and her partner What-Has-Been-Willed’s roles. . However, before we get to that, we feel it prudent to refresh our memories on not only these members of the Pleroma’s origin but also the Gnostic myth surrounding the beginning of Creation, discussed in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION:

“…everything began because desiring to be known, the First Father or Supreme Being, projected Himself into His consort, Silence, which brought forth two emanations, Mind (masculine) and Truth (feminine). This pair in turn brought forth the Logos (masculine) and Life (feminine), who brought forth the pair Humanity (masculine) and Church (feminine). These six emanations, together with Silence and the Supreme Being, made up what the Valentinians referred to as the Ogdoad (8). The pair Humanity and Church also brought forth a pair who subsequently emanated another pair. Eventually, apart from the 8 Ogdoad members there were eleven more pairs, (22) which completed the thirty members of the Divine realm. The Gnostics called this realm, the Pleroma, where each pair consisting of both masculine and feminine aspects worked together in unison.”

We must stress the importance of not getting hung up on the translation of the Gnostic terminology, although many names are everyday terms for us, 2,000 years ago they had a completely different meaning. One more point we need to reiterate is the fact that the Pleroma is always referred to as 30 members, despite as we wrote, “the Supreme Being emanated the Christ, along with His partner the Holy Spirit, to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor.” Again:

As the Supreme Being emanated the Christ and the Holy Spirit, they were superior, so to speak, in respect to the other members of the Pleroma. In fact, this is where the concept of the Trinity makes entry. However, it is not the traditional definition given by the Church. In the Gnostic trinity, we have the Father (Supreme Being), the Son (the Christ), and the daughter (the Holy Spirit.)

It was learning that “The Key to The Mysteries” is hidden in the English language, which helped us understand the difference between The Christ and Holy Spirit and the other members of the Pleroma. The fact is that the Ogdoad, and the 22 subsequent pairs of the Pleroma resulted through the Supreme Being or First Father “projecting” Himself into His Consort, Silence. As She was both passive and feminine, in effect She was like a womb of energy/consciousness, who could produce or give birth to His Projection, so to speak. Therefore, with this “birth”, Silence started the production of the 28 emanations by birthing the second pair of the Ogdoad from the First Father’s Projection. If we remember that a projector is used to “project” images onto a screen, we can see the difference between the origin of The Christ and Holy Spirit, and the Pleroma members. To emanate means to bring forth from the source. Consequently, the former rather than being a projection or “image” of the Supreme Being, As the Supreme Being emanated them, they were from His very being. So, Silence and 28 members make up the Divine realm of the Pleroma because the realm sees the First Father or Supreme Being, and His son and daughter, The Christ, and Holy Spirit as One.

Following that digression, to reiterate, we have amended our thinking on several issues. For instance, at the time of publishing the treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… in 2018, we believed in the existence of extraterrestrials, which is no longer the case. As a result, we have edited our original posting of the Epilogue in this next level of Stage 5 to reflect both our new understanding and recent events.

Even so, the biggest change is the result of the correction of the Watcher’s mistake on December 21st, 2021. As stated, with the removal of the counterfeit-spirits, or Eckhart Tolle’s pain-bodies, the higher form of intuition not only raises our vibration, it facilitates a connection to Sophia or Divine Wisdom within us. Unfortunately, removing the counterfeit-spirits or pain-bodies has also meant that the lower egos have temporarily gained dominion. We say temporarily because the mass consciousness is primed to move to the next Globe, and that entails a critical mass (777,000 teachers) integrating their lower egos to align with their spirits.

At the energetic level, the world is poised between Globe D and Globe E. This is the same situation Humanity was in a little over 2000 years ago, when we were transferring from Globe C. Consequently, it may help to review what happened then from the Gnostic perspective of Sophia and What-Has-Been-Willed’s actions in the Pistis Sophia: (Note: What-Has-Been-Willed is called Self-Will.)

The Pistis Sophiarelates that Sophia’s partner Self-Will relentlessly harassed and inflicted multiple punishments on her in the Soul Plane. But why the change? Initially he left the Pleroma and descended to assist Sophia in redeeming their lost essence immersed in the Elements. The answer to why Self-Will changed is found in the Soul Plane being a realm of duality. Unfortunately, since he was the “active” half of the partnership, he became negatively influenced (self-righteous) by the “active” World-Soul. As a result, after energetically and consciously merging with the entity, Self-Will aided “it” in tormenting his passive partner, Sophia.

It is important to remember that the World-Soul was a later form constructed from the thoughts and emotions of the primitive humans, who had been corrupted by the “Watcher’s mistake.” Nonetheless, Sophia’s constant confession and appeal for forgiveness in abandoning her partner eventually stimulated Self-Will’s Divine nature and “he” woke up, so to speak. This is where the story reaches a vital turning point, because when What-Has-Been-Willed was awakened in Self-Will, the latter became Divine Will, with “his” consciousness and energy still merged with the World-Soul.

Regardless of the statement above, the change in Sophia’s partner primarily occurred because at “his” core, Self-Will’s energy and consciousness was of the Pleroma and therefore Divine. As a result, when Self-Will embraced compassion for Sophia, he reconnected with her and his Divine self, transforming into Divine Will. More importantly, because Self-Will was merged with the World-Soul when he transformed into Divine Will, his purified energy created a desire in the entity to purify “itself.” With this new desire, Sophia’s partner was able to persuade the World-Soul to allow his former ally to assist “it” in separating from the basest thoughts and emotions of the Human Race. Then, acting as a filter, Divine Will helped the World-Soul remove its lowest and densest aspects from the two upper levels of the Soul Plane, expelling them through the Formative or Astral Plane of Water into the Material/Physical Plane of Earth. Here the expelled aspects became the “prince of this world” or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body, or as we called it the “Shadow of Deception.”

Following the separation of the basest parts of the World-Soul from the Soul Plane, Divine Will absorbed the remaining consciousness of the entity into himself. Sometime later, Sophia’s partner was tasked with temporarily separating the Life Principle from the Globe cycle, before it transferred to Globe D. When this was accomplished, “he” was ready to join her on Earth in order to help with Great Spirit-Mind’s plan and prepared for incarnation by taking on the persona of Melchizedek.

Once What-has-Been-Willed became Melchizedek, he left the Soul Plane and joined his partner on Earth. However, according to Gnostic teachings, Sophia needed to be redeemed three times, requiring The Christ’s involvement. We learned of this partly in reading Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s book, JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS: The Secret Teachings of The Original Christians. According to the authors, Sophia being rescued three times in the Gnostic myth reflects the three levels of initiation into The Mysteries. Granting that on one level they are correct, we think the information also carries a deeper mystery concerning Sophia’s redemption.

Applying Intradimensional intuition, and our inner or Divine wisdom, we understand that the first-time The Christ rescued Sophia was when He separated the negative emotions from her spiritual essence, which occurred in Atziluth, meaning the Spiritual or Archetypal level of the Soul Plane. The second rescue of Sophia was as Achamoth, requiring The Christ in the role of the Logos, which took place in Briah, the Creative or Mental Plane of Air. Finally, as Mary Magdalene, The Christ in Jesus rescues Sophia, by acknowledging her in Mary as the “inheritress of the Light” in Assiah or the Active plane of Earth.

Some may have noticed that we skipped the Astral Plane of Water and Imagination, or the Emotional plane of Avitchi. This is because at the start of the Common Era, the Astral or Emotional level of Imagination was so corrupted by black magic that Sophia and her partner were forced to bypass it when incarnating into their physical vehicles. Speaking of “her” partner, variously known as “What-has-been-Willed”, Self-Will, and Divine Will, let’s examine his role as Melchizedek, which is mentioned in the Old Testament’s Book of Genesis.

In first reading the scripture concerning a mysterious priest-king called Melchizedek, we wondered who he was. However, Robert Feather’s THE SECRET INITIATION OF JESUS AT QUMRAN – The Essene Mysteries of John the Baptist, presented us with a surprising connection. It surprised us because the author connected Melchizedek, not to Jesus, but to a mysterious figure named Metatron. Mr. Feather explains that Judaism associated the name Melchizedek with their Messiah, and when the early Christians usurped the title Melchizedek for Jesus, in the second century “rabbinic writers” replaced Melchizedek with the name Metatron “to maintain their distinctive understanding of this mystical figure.”

Notwithstanding the rabbis changing Melchizedek for Metatron, the latter is associated with not only Melchizedek, he is also associated with Thoth, Enoch, and Hermes. Craig related in his Energetic Perspective on Evolution, on the Ancient Wisdom for Now Scroll, we discovered Metatron or Melchizedek’s connection to Enoch in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. Craig also said, we should think of Melchizedek as a divine energy rather than a historical figure. Since we connected the “priest-king” with Sophia’s partner What-has-been-Willed, who became the Divine Will, Craig’s conclusion made sense, especially as Melchizedek was linked with not only the Biblical character Enoch, but also the great teachers, Thoth, and Hermes. Therefore, we felt that Enoch was the first incarnation of Sophia’s partner.

Even so, although Divine Will as Melchizedek took on a human body, “he” was not fully human. As such, after ascending without dying, “he” was able to reenter this plane as Thoth the Atlantean, in order to teach Isis and Osiris The Mysteries and oversee the incarnation of Horus. Afterwards, he returned to the Soul Plane as a semi-divine being, where he served Humanity by guiding the prophets in his various identities for several millennia. At this point, we could view Sophia’s partner as the active side of Wisdom, simply because as Divine Will his actions are in line with Great Spirit-Mind, and therefore based on Ancient Wisdom.

Connecting Thoth, Enoch, Hermes, and Metatron to the archetype Melchizedek, seemed to unravel a major mystery concerning a vision of a pearl necklace in the early days of our mission. On that day, I was asking Great Spirit-Mind for help in understanding the different Christ-like teachers, especially the role of Melchizedek, when a hazy vision of the necklace appeared in front of me. Puzzled by it, I was told to view the strand the pearls were strung on as representing the Divine energy of The Christ and Sophia, with the pearls denoting the individual people the energy/consciousness was associated with. However, what was not apparent at first in the hazy vision was that there were more than one string of pearls. In fact, as it came into focus, I saw that there were three strings.

Meditating on the vision, I understood that the first string of pearls signified the masculine or active energy, representing the various incarnations of Divine Will, as the archetype Melchizedek, while the second denoted the feminine or passive, representing Wisdom or Sophia’s incarnations. What surprised me the most, was that the third string of pearls incorporated both the active and passive consciousness; consequently, it was neutral and representative of The Christ’s avatars throughout time. However, I learned that in this case, The Christ was the active side of neutral, while His partner the Holy Spirit represented the feminine or passive side. At the time of the vision, I was writing the chapter Voice in the Wilderness,in LCD, and had identified Osiris and Hermes as two Christ-like teachers or pearls, from the metaphorical pearl necklace. With the above connection of What-Has-Been-Willed to Divine Will, I recognized Melchizedek AKA Thoth, Enoch, Hermes, and Metatron not as incarnations of Christ, but as the separate active thread of consciousness of Divine Will and Wisdom that passes The Mysteries down through various incarnations.

Nevertheless, as stated, the Gnostics believe that it was The Christ as Logos that needed to redeem Achamoth, a lower aspect of Sophia, which they understood occurred when Hermes taught Osiris and Isis The Mysteries. Yet, how can that be? The Christ had incarnated in Osiris, so how could He as the Logos teach Isis and Himself? The clue is in the part of the legend when Isis goes to Thoth, also known as Hermes, recorded in Manly P. Hall’s Magnum Opus:

“Hermes, while wandering in a rocky and desolate place, gave himself over to meditation and prayer. Following the secret instructions of the Temple, he gradually freed his higher consciousness from the bondage of his bodily senses; and thus released, his divine nature revealed to him the mysteries of the transcendental sphere. He beheld a figure, terrible and awe-inspiring. It was the Great Dragon, with wings stretching across the sky and light streaming in all directions from its body. Mr. Hall adds that (The Mysteries taught that the Universal Life was personified as a dragon.)”

The veneration of the dragon in eastern societies immediately came to mind. Mr. Hall explained that “The dragon identified itself as Poimandres, the Mind of the Universe, the Creative Intelligence and the Absolute Emperor of all.” Later, he relates that Edouard Shure “identified” Poimandres as the god Osiris. At first this made no sense, because Hermes/Thoth taught The Mysteries to Isis and Osiris, but then we remembered that before The Christ took physical form as Osiris, He was The Word or Logos. Consequently, we could deduce from the account that before Hermes became Osiris’ teacher, The Christ taught Hermes when He was the Logos.

According to Mr. Hall, Poimandres becomes radiant light before saying, “I Thy God am the Light and the Mind which were before substance was divided from spirit and darkness from light. And the Word which appeared as a pillar of flame out of the darkness is the Son of God.” A little further on Hermes hears, “That which in you sees and hears is not of the earth but is the Word of God incarnate. So, it is said that Divine Light dwells in the midst of mortal darkness, and ignorance cannot divide them. As darkness without you is divided against itself, so darkness within you is likewise divided.” Afterwards the dragon “revealed its form” and “the heavens opened.” The text goes on to relate that Hermes “beheld the spirits of the stars, the celestials controlling the universe.”
Thinking about this, I realized that we could look at the “spirits of the stars” as archetypes, because Mr. Hall relates that these spirits were “in the Supreme Mind”, ages before “the process of creation began.” Seemingly, supporting the connection between the celestials and archetypes, the author went on to describe “the Archetype” as a mold, writing “Before the visible universe was formed its mold was cast.”

We can also connect Melchizedek or Hermes to reincarnation, which Maurice Cotterell confirms in his book, THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES, when he relates that the Hermetic texts clearly refer to reincarnation. Consequently, he believes it is likely that Hermes also taught the concept to others. To support this supposition, Mr. Cotterell quotes from the texts. “Behold the great mystery of the stars, for the Milky Way is the seed ground of souls and from it they drop into the material world to return again.”

Accepting the above perspective, it seems we could also view Melchizedek as an archetype for the Logos, but that would challenge the Scripture in Hebrews 7:17, which says, “Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.” Questioning Great Spirit-Mind, I heard, “You need to replace the word ‘after,’ with the word ‘ensue,’ as that is closer to the original meaning.” Looking up ensue in the dictionary I learned it meant, “To come afterward; follow immediately” or “to happen as a consequence; result.” Whichever definition, it seems that Great Spirit-Mind was clearly saying that Jesus was not a part of the Melchizedek priesthood, but that he replaced it.

It is all a matter of perspective, because we believe that Jesus replaced the “Order of Melchizedek” when he ascended to “sit at the right hand” of the Father. In turn, the “Order of Melchizedek” as it stood, was replaced by what we understand is called the “Orders of the Quest.” Nonetheless, as the 2-volume treatise on Spiritual Evolution America’s Hijacked Destiny… reveals, this order has been operating as the teacher of Humanity preparing the way for The Christ’s return.

At this point we need to reference H.P. Blavatsky’s hypothesis suggesting Humanity is evolving through 7 sub-races within 7 Root-races, which we adopted and amended to reflect our discoveries, as in referring to the Root-races shifts as “upsteppings.” (Again, the terms have nothing to do with ancestry, ethnicity, or intellect, rather it denotes the different levels of spiritual development, where the mass consciousness adopts more spiritual traits, such as compassion, kindness, generosity, integrity, and altruism etc.)

Melchizedek’s appearance Root Race 5 aroung 3,600 B.C.E.

With Melchizedek’s appearance Humanity experienced the “upstepping” that resulted in the emergence of Root-race 5. It is approximately 3,600 B.C.E. and the Age of Taurus, which meant that the Astrological influence was Venus, which as a part of the Divine Feminine, is also connected with Sophia. By this time, the Atlanteans have reestablished themselves in Egypt and India, as well as North and South America. Root-race 4 has reached its 4th sub-race, and the 7th sub-race of Root-race 3 is merging into the 1st sub-race of Root-race 5.

For the next three and a half millennia, civilization expanded across the world, with various ruling powers jockeying for supremacy, until one arose that according to maps stretched from Hadrian’s Wall separating England from Scotland, to the Black Sea, encompassing the whole of Europe. This power also ruled North Africa down to the Nile Valley in Egypt, and at its height, its influence and rule completely encircled the Mediterranean Sea. Of course, the ruling power I am referring to is the world-changing Roman Empire. From our perspective it is under Roman rule, in the last centuries before the start of the Common Era that Divine Will completed his task of successfully separating the Life-Principle from the Globe Cycle, before it transferred to Globe D. In Spiritual Evolution vernacular, we had reached the 4th sub-race of Root-Race 5, and the 7th sub-race of Root-race 4 is merging into the 1st sub-race of Root-race 6.

Although, earlier I mentioned how Self-Will’s awakening as What-has-Been-Willed and subsequent transformation into Divine Will, enabled “him” to assist the World-Soul to divest itself of the worst parts of Humanity, I missed an important fact, the important role What-has-Been-Willed played in Jesus’ mission. In THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION we reported that it was the Creator/Demiurge adopting Compassion that changed Karma, which is why Jesus abolished the Jewish practice of retaliation or an “eye for an eye – life for a life.” However, the “Creator’s” change of heart was initiated by Sophia’s partner, the Creator/Demiurge was merely transformed by the Soul Plane’s purification.

In the end, it was Divine Will’s actions that changed everything. By filtering the consciousness and energy of the World-Soul through “his” own energy field, it removed all negative aspects from the upper levels of the Tree of Life, thereby purifying where the Creator’s energy consciousness was. If this wasn’t enough, by absorbing the remaining consciousness and energy of the World-Soul into himself, Sophia’s partner Divine Will “absorbed” and preserved all the ancient knowledge or The Mysteries for Humanity, before incarnating in the various forms of Melchizedek to aid The Christ and Sophia in seeding them into Globe D.  

On earth, before the start of the Common Era all three Archetypes incarnated into the 4th sub-race of Root-race 5 on Globe C, as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Saul of Tarsus. However, as we know the energy-consciousness of Melchizedek AKA Thoth, Enoch, Hermes, and Metatron, like The Christ is multifaceted, and often used more than one vehicle or body. Consequently, we can identify the same energy in John the Baptist, especially as he was instrumental in preparing the world for both The Christ and The Mysteries. Unfortunately, all four had to contend with the worst elements of the World-Soul, which as stated, after “its” lowest and densest aspects were expelled from the Soul Plane, the fully conscious energy became the “Shadow of Deception”, or the New Testament’s “prince of this world.

Jumping forward to after the Resurrection (around 33 C.E.), we come to the point when Jesus, who is now The Christ, leaves Sophia as Mary Magdalene, and What-has-Been-Willed as the Apostle Paul, to continue His work. After His Ascension, Jesus became the head of the Soul Plane, reconnecting it to the Pleroma, thereby fully restoring Sophia and her partner What-has-Been-Willed to their place in the Divine Realm.

Before anyone leaps to their feet to remind me that both Paul and Mary Magdalene were still alive after Jesus’ Ascension, I would repeat that there is no such thing as Linear Time in the Pleroma. In fact time operates differently on all the Planes. Subsequently, although from our perspective Sophia and What-has-Been-Willed would not be fully redeemed until after their respective deaths, at the highest Spiritual or Divine level above the Veil, both were restored to the Pleroma a fraction of a second after Sophia’s emotions were expelled. Alternatively, as the Soul Plane is beneath the Veil, for this level, Sophia and her partner’s redemption occurred when The Christ reconnected the Archetypal or Spiritual Plane of Fire (Atziluth) to the Pleroma.

If the above explanation sounds too out there, I have to admit that I, Suzzan, struggled with it at first too. What helped me, was not trying to understand it from a human perspective, because we are forced to operate in Linear Time. Instead, I tried to keep in mind that there is no past or future, only now in the Pleroma. As such, I realized that from this realm’s perspective the entire universe’s existence of 16 billion years, including the 40,000-year saga of correcting the Watcher’s mistake passed in the blink of an eye, or nanosecond for them, so to speak.

Nonetheless, if we accept the hypothesis that Life has traversed multiple worlds dozens of times then trillions of years have passed in that nano-second. Interestingly, the theory of the explosion that started our universe can help here because at the instant of the Big Bang, the entire universe is no bigger than a grain of sand, and all the components that will go to construct it are concentrated into that single “grain” or molecule, complete and whole. Then, as the universe expands, the elements begin to spread out and are diffused.

Applying the above to Spiritual Evolution, the Big Bang would coincide with the moment The Christ and Sophia left the Pleroma and descended beneath the Veil, thereby changing their energy and consciousness. Even so, there is an aspect in the previous statement that I must clarify. Since The Christ was directly emanated from the Supreme Being (First Father), His energy and consciousness always remained complete and whole because part of Him never left His Father.

Unfortunately, as Sophia was not emanated from the Supreme Being, but from His projection, when she descended into the lower planes (Earth), her consciousness became less contained and therefore diffused. Yet, it was not all bad, because Sophia’s diffusion was how the creation of the Soul Plane evolved, resulting in the emergence of The Creator/Demiurge and all the Astrological Powers and Archons. However, because these Divine powers were born, so to speak, beneath the Veil from the diffused consciousness and energy of Sophia, as well as the pure energy of The Christ, they were of a dual nature.

Apart from the limitations of Linear Time, in the Material Plane we define and separate everything by a name and or description, which limits our ability to understand the Divine realm. This is why we were told that it is impossible for the human mind to fully understand spiritual operations, as we can only grasp the concept by using knowledge and experience through our reality. Case in point, in trying to understand the 30 members of the Pleroma, because we knew they were active-masculine, and passive-feminine initially we thought of them as dualistic pairs, but although everything beneath the veil is dualistic in nature, this is not the case above it. Instead, we needed to see them as sub-atomic particles of the same atom, with the Supreme Being or Great Spirit-Mind being the nucleus. Individually, the pairs operate as one above the veil but become separated below it, but of course this can never be permanent, as the parts will never be greater than the whole.

The Gospel of Thomasrecords Jesus saying: “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away; and those who are dead are not alive, and those who are living will not die. In the days when you ate of what is dead, you made of it what is living. When you come to be light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you have become two, what will you do?”

Then in verse 22, Jesus says: “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below and the below like the above, and when you make the male like the female and the female like the male, then you will enter the Kingdom…

We believe that these quotes from the Gospel of Thomas were intended to help his disciples realize that our world of separation is an illusion. Keeping this in mind helps us to think a little differently or begin to change the way we think.


In Cycles of Evolution we attempted to align the development of Life on Earth from the perspective of Globes, as well as the Mayan Nine Waves of Creation in a bullet list. In order to refresh our memories, we reproduce the list below:

Globe A = Mineral Kingdom from 4.568 billion to 470 MYA = {2nd Wave 820 MYA}

Globe B = Plant and Animal Kingdoms emerging 66 MYA = {2nd Wave 820 MYA}
Globe B = Animal Kingdom emerging 41 MYA (mammals) = {3rd Wave 41 MYA}
Globe B = Animal Kingdom emerging 2 MYA (primates) = {4th Wave 2 MYA}

Globe C = Human Kingdom emerged 1,000,000 … (hominids) = {4th Wave 2 MYA}

Globe C = Human Kingdom …… (tribal) ……………….. = {5th Wave 102,000}
Globe C = Human Kingdom …… (civilization) ………… = {6th Wave 3115 B.C.E.}

Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {7th Wave 1755 C.E.}

Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {8th Wave 1999 C.E.}
Globe D = Human Kingdom (Fall-quarantine) …………… = {9th Wave 2011 C.E.}

Restating our premise, we incorporated H. P. Blavatsky’s hypothesis on the ancient teaching that Life is evolving through 7 Earths or Globes in 7 cycles, known esoterically as Globe Rounds. In her hypothesis, “Divine Monads” (sparks/spirits) have traversed the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms to become human. As we reported in LOVE: The Common Denominator (LCD), this hypothesis is based on ancient teaching involving the Seven Sacred Planets. Consequently, in The Secret Doctrine, Madame Blavatsky proposed that Life has evolved through seven versions of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon, and following its stint on Earth, Life will move onto seven versions of Venus and Mercury, before reuniting with Spirit by merging with our Sun:

In researching the information from The Secret Doctrine, initially we accepted Madame Blavatsky’s interpretation of the ancient teaching. Yet, something didn’t make sense. All four “kingdoms” are present on Earth today, which seemed to support the Eastern concept that we could regress in our development and return as lower life-forms. Once we started questioning reincarnating as lower lifeforms, other questions about the hypothesis began to arise. Eventually, as the earlier Stages convey, we were able to sort the gold from the dross, as it were. Still, in thinking about it I realized that even though we have tried to explain the teaching throughout our writings, it may still be unclear. For this reason, we will revisit how we resolved our quandary, which was explained in the excerpt below from the latest entry from Stage 2, Cycles of Evolution:

“Evolution is multidimensional occurring on each of the 7 Globes, where the Life-Principle experiences consciousness development through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms before reaching the human kingdom, with its 7 sub-races within 7 Root-races. Due to this part of the teaching resonating with us, we will continue with Madame Blavatsky’s model. She taught that the Life-Principle moving through each of the 7 Globes labelled from A to G, constituted a Globe Round. There are 7 Globe Rounds, which in turn forms a Planetary Chain, which we now know only concerns the Earth. When a Planetary Chain is completed, a period of rest or Nirvana takes place. …according to the Secret Doctrine, we are in the Fourth Round on the Fourth Globe or Globe D. This means that three rounds of 7 Earths have already occurred.

“Determining that the Globes are within each other, means that the three previous Globe Rounds would have taken longer to complete, since they were larger. Thus, with the caveat that the worlds are not literally within the magma of our planet, imagine a huge sphere with forty-nine circles within it representing the 7 Globes or “Earths” in the 7 Globe Rounds. Obviously, passing through these forty-nine circles or Globes takes a phenomenal amount of time…

“According to Madame Blavatsky’s model, in every Globe Round at the mid-point, or Globe D, humans begin the transformation into super-human before transferring to Globe E. Then on each subsequent Globe from E to G, the former humans evolved closer and closer to the spiritual realm. However, as we are only currently in the fourth Globe Round, Life still has a ways to go. The Bible tells us in Psalm 86:6, and again in John 10:34 that “Ye are gods”, meaning we are divine beings infused with a Divine spark or our Spirit. All Life contains this spark and therefore the purpose of Life is to “liberate” it from matter. As this process is mental, it cannot happen until we develop higher consciousness, hence the interminable phases of Evolution.”

“…As stated, “according to geologists and evolutionists the first kingdom, mineral takes the lion’s share in the history of our planet”, ruling Earth for four billion years before the “first plant made an appearance 470 million years ago.” Assigning Globe A, solely to the mineral kingdom felt right. However, …the statement that Globe B represented both the plant and animal kingdoms, “with the caveat that the animals in question were dinosaurs” needs amending, as does relegating “smaller mammals and early hominids” to Globe C…”

Although we ascertained from Great Spirit-Mind that “Consciousness NEVER regresses to a lower kingdom, and once it passes into a higher life-form, it is impossible to re-enter a lower one”, we still had questions, with the prime one being, “How do we explain the lower kingdoms on Earth today.” We also wondered, where the “lower” kingdoms were in their evolution. Using Intradimensional Intuition, we saw that taking Great Spirit-Mind’s statement as carved in stone, then obviously what we call “lower kingdoms” is a misnomer.

Watching Netflix’s Barack Obama’s documentary on wildlife in the world’s National parks, we saw clear evidence of increased intelligence among different species. Two examples were hippopotamuses using the sea current to carry them to their feeding grounds some miles up the coast, and different species helping each other. Initially we thought it might be evidence of Globe E bleeding through into our reality but realized that although this is occurring on Earth today, the animals behavior is not driven by the consciousness from the next Globe, but rather from the next Globe Round.

As we said each Globe Round consists of 7 Earths or Globes from A to G, and at this point we have traversed twenty-one Earths in three Globe Rounds and are halfway through the 4th Round. Even though Spiritual Evolution is determined by our time-line, humans as the fourth kingdom in the Life-Principle are not the first “kingdom” to evolve, minerals, plants, and animals are all ahead of humans. Once the Life Principle reached the Human kingdom, as stated, Humanity began evolving through 7 sub-races within 7 Root-races. To reiterate, in our treatise, we call each advancement in these classifications “upsteppings.” (Again, we cannot stress too strongly that the terms “sub-race” and “Root-race” have nothing to do with ethnicity, or intelligence. They simply denote the different levels of spiritual development, where the mass consciousness adopts more spiritual traits, such as compassion, kindness, generosity, integrity, and altruism etc.)

Obviously, as the dates in the bullet list above agree with the accepted evolutionary time-line, our list is correct in respect to physical evolution. However, in the list we do not include the final 3 Globes, E, F, and G., which if we follow Madame Blavatsky’s hypothesis, we have already traversed three times.

As the headline, Earth Reinstated As Center of Living Universe, on our 2020 Revision Movement website indicates, we have determined that only the Earth is involved in Life’s evolution. Consequently, we can dispense with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury as Life’s homes. Regardless of this insight, we are still left with The Secret Doctrine teaching on the “Divine monad” continuing to evolve into a superhuman, and an angel, before returning back to spirit in each Globe Round.

Reading The Secret Doctrine, and viewing Madame Blavatsky’s diagrams, it appeared she believed that Life experiences a higher level of each kingdom in each Globe Round, starting each with the mineral or crystal kingdom. However, understanding that the Globes are within each other, challenges that conclusion. In the Epilogue of America’s Hijacked Destiny…, which we reported in Stage 2 Cycles, we created a diagram speculating on the length of time needed to traverse the last three Globes as a Mayan After-Wave for the Long Count or Mayan 6th Wave:

Hypothetical After-Wave for the 6thWave/Long Count

Hypothetical After-Wave for the 6thWave/Long Count
Correlating with the final Globes of the Fourth Globe Round in the Earth Planetary Chain

“As Globe D in effect has lasted for 2011 or 2012 years, depending on your point of view, then it stands to reason that Globe E will not last as long. In this way, we could expect Globe F to have a shorter duration than Globe E, and Globe G even less. I believe that using Carl’s knowledge of the Nine Waves can help us determine when the 4th Round of this Planetary Chain will be completed. We know that the last 3 Globes will be less than 2,000 years each because they are within each other and therefore progressively smaller, which means we are speaking of less than 6,000 years.”

Realistically, the thought that the Human Race could become Spirit in under 6,000 years seemed ludicrous. Clearly, I was missing something. Turned out, I was, and it was reviewing Craig’s depiction of Madame Blavatsky’s hypothesis that provided the answer.

Examining the left-half of descent (as we look at the screen), we can see twenty-one small circles or “pearls” divided into three sections. Craig admits that he is unsure why he divided this half into 3 sections of 7 circles, but now knows he was inspired.

Spirit and Matterprogression

Using Intradimensional Intuition to connect with Divine Wisdom, I understood my mistake had been in believing Spiritual Evolution exactly follows the geological and paleontological records. Remembering that the remaining Globes exist inside of our Earth, only at a higher vibration, I realized that the 7 circles in each section of Craig’s drawing could represent the 7 Globes from A to G. As this new concept turned my understanding of Spiritual Evolution upside down, I reassessed my conclusions. Consequently, instead of including all seven stages of Spiritual Evolution in every Globe Round, I now considered each Round of all seven Globes as representing one stage or kingdom of Life. In this new understanding, Round 1 would represent the spiritual development of Minerals and Crystals, Round 2 Plants and Vegetables, and Round 3, the spiritual evolution of Animals.

Despite our bullet list above showing that plants and animals evolved pretty much at the same time, and hominids/humans from animals, from the Spiritual Evolution perspective, Life experiences consciousness differently. Therefore, regardless of physical evolution, at the consciousness level, Life experiences each kingdom separately, even though at times the kingdoms emerge at the same time. Accordingly, the Human Race will complete Globes E, F, and G in the human kingdom of Round 4, giving us time to spiritually evolve before entering the Super-human level of the next 5th Globe Round.

With my new insight I could understand why I had trouble with human beings completing the Super-human and Angel stages in less than six thousand years. The above conclusion is also confirmed by the FHBs (Future Human Beings) visiting us, when one of them said “he” was from 7,000 years in the future, making “him” a Super-human from Round 5.

Interestingly, we are seeing evidence of our Spiritual Evolution in the “real” world, with the rise in people feeling they have been born into the wrong gender. As we wrote, prior to reincarnating each soul divides into masculine and feminine principles prior to birth. Before 1945 those principles would be born as either a boy or girl, but since then, the soul’s division has not always resulted in a male and female body, quite often a soul can be reborn as two boys or two girls. However, since the turn of the new millennium, we are seeing people identifying themselves as neither male nor female, instead they refer to themselves as non-binary. Recalling that Ancient wisdom teaches, like Genesis states, we were created “male and female”, and will eventually become androgenous again, we wondered if the non-binary identification maybe an indication of this development.

In Spiritual Evolution terms, the question of gender identification has nothing to do with physical sex. Our treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny… reported that because this is the Fullness of Time, the veil between lives is very thin. As a result, men and women born attracted to their same sex are demonstrating a cellular memory for their last life as the opposite sex. However, the prohibition against same sex relationships was the “Shadow of Deception” perverting an actual warning designed to help us spiritually evolve. The fact is, the warning was all about Lust, or sex without Love, which we addressed in the treatise under the sub-heading:



“In the more than two decades of investigation, Craig and I have learned that very often scriptural prohibition has a much deeper meaning than simple morality. Sometimes it is to warn us that engaging in such acts is harmful to our spiritual development. As such, we discovered that Saint Paul was not saying that for a man to love another man was wrong. Genuine love between anyone is never frowned upon, the prohibition was the homosexual act itself and is one of the reasons the laws prohibiting sodomy remained in place for so long. However, this warning was not only issued for homosexuals, but also heterosexuals. To understand why the sex act between two men is so spiritually harmful, entails knowledge of the energy centers of the body. Throughout this treatise I have stressed that to transform requires raising the sex-force to the mental level, because in Spiritual Evolution the human being is destined to become super-human. Consequently, Humanity will ultimately evolve past using sexual intercourse to pro-create. It is difficult to explain in a few words, but in a nut-shell, engaging in this form of sex literally debases the individual. The key here is the word “debase”; because the word carries a valuable secret to the prohibition. Debase in this case concerns the location of the “base” chakra (energy center), because it lies beneath the sexual or sacral chakra. One of the synonyms for debase is “lower”, in other words the act literally “lowers” the individual spiritually and can retard his or her spiritual development for quite some time.

“Now I come to the question, “If the homosexual act is so harmful, then why are so many men born to love the same sex?” There are two answers to this question. The first is found in understanding that this is the Fullness of Time and as such the “veil” between lives is very thin. Men and women born attracted to their same sex are demonstrating a cellular memory for their last life as the opposite sex. For those this answer applies to, spiritually speaking of course, during this transition period it is best to form monogamous relationships and if possible, legally bond as a married couple… The “Shadow” encourages individuals to seek pleasure convincing them that it is their right and of course it is, but it retards spiritual development and therefore a person’s destiny. One more thing I need to add here, should an individual want to spiritually advance then he or she can do so with the slate wiped clean, so to speak. Again, I do not give out this information to judge people in any way, merely informing the members of the 777,000 who may have been misled.

“The second answer also involves one of the soul imperatives for the Baby Boomers, “To transform themselves and the world.” Upon first learning of the meaning behind the warning in Romans, I felt that it was hardly fair to saddle individuals with such a burden. Notwithstanding my feelings, what I came to understand was that many individuals born attracted to the same sex are often of the highest consciousness, because they chose to take on the burden. … For instance, a dear friend whom we love dearly, is Gay. He is one of the gentlest, kindest, and compassionate men I have ever met, and I know for a fact that he is one of the 777,000. All I offer here is that LGBTQ individuals consider that maybe their sexual proclivity has a higher purpose.”

Irrespective of the accuracy of the above information on our energy centers, we believe the original warning concerning the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was about abuse, in that men in the towns were abusing others by raping them. Something I have found strange is that murder and rape are not included in the list of Seven Deadly Sins, of Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, and Lust. Again, we addressed these controversial so-called “sins” in the Epilogue of our treatise:

chakra chart... old and new“Previously, I related that Pope Benedict (XVI) updated the Seven Deadly Sins to encompass modern situations. Nevertheless, to understand what transformation means for the world, we need to use the former definitions for the “sins” of Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, and Pride. In Part One of Volume I, I used the graphic on the right to connect the chakras to the planets and specific human traits.

Although there were differences, such as the addition of Lying, and the combining of Greed and Gluttony in the heart chakra, these “sins” still affect those chakras. Nonetheless, as I said, at this time I am concerned with transforming these human traits. Let me first clarify that all these traits are the result of the “Watcher’s mistake” and the insertion of the counterfeit spirit/pain-body. Regrettably, even though it was corrected on the Winter Solstice of 2021, and the counterfeit spirits removed, these so-called Seven Deadly Sins are still in the mass consciousness and need us to annihilate them. Let us consider what happens when all seven of these are no longer a part of human consciousness. Taking them one at a time:

  • LUST - Without sexual craving there are no rapists or pedophiles. I believe this is the reason Jesus said that if a man thinks of committing adultery, then he is already an adulterer, because imagining the act involves Lust.
  • GREED - Obviously without it, people are more generous and willing to share, which removes poverty. With a more equitable world, there is no resentment or Envy.
  • ENVY - the absence of coveting means there are no thieves. No one covets or wants more than they have, because with the removal of greed there is always enough.
  • WRATH - The removal of this strongest form of anger is probably the most impactful for the world, as it literally ends all war and violence of any kind. As I said, people still feel anger, but it quickly dissipates. No one is ever mad enough to strike out, moreover, physically harming another person is unthinkable.
  • GLUTTONY - removing this form of greed may also appear self-explanatory, but I think it will be more impactful than just affecting obesity. To be gluttonous spiritually means to consume more than we require at the expense of not only other people, but also the environment.
  • SLOTH – Usually associated with laziness, I believe it more appropriate to associate it with Apathy and or indifference. With apathy gone, people care and are more willing to do their part and help one another. Instead of being the observer, the individual actively

“Naturally, all seven so-called “sins” interconnect and affect each other. For instance, removing Wrath eliminates rape, because rapists require both Wrath and Lust, or the removal of Pride also eliminates Greed, because no one will put themselves first anymore. Throughout time,the “Shadow” has worked to engender these seven extremes in human beings, as they are unnatural to our spiritual consciousness. They are literally the result of the “Watcher’s mistake”, and it is time to wake up to our true spirits. The “Shadow’s” end game was to create so much chaos, fear, and distrust in the world that it would lead to all-out war and cause us to destroy the planet. The truth is, the “Shadow” no longer exists, so to continue supporting “his” scheme is the height of foolishness. It only takes a small number of people to begin transforming to shift the entire world. In working on this treatise, it was clear that our salvation is in our hands, we can change everything now because there is no longer the “Shadow” or counterfeit-spirit/pain-body sabotaging our progress. There is nothing to fear, Great Spirit-Mind and all the Universal and Divine forces are now at our disposal and are eager to help us find our way to the Truth.

“In 2018 I recolored the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Rider-Waite deck. A little later, I was also moved to recolor the Minor Arcana, creating a new deck entitled RWS-Arcanas Tarot. With the creation of the new deck, Craig constructed 78 virtual Gateways on our web site, which act subliminally on the sub-conscious, helping an individual remember their purpose for being here. These Gateways work with Codes hidden in a person’s name and birth chart.

“Initially when moved to create the Gateways to help people discover their purpose in life, I was skeptical as to how meditating on a “card” could have any effect. Then Craig began creating the “Gateways” and I found myself mesmerized by them. We received another endorsement for the efficacy of meditating on an image, after watching Fox’s show Superhuman (sadly no longer airing). This innovative game show had people with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. The show confirmed a known truth, in that Neuroscientists have maintained that most people are only utilizing a small percentage of the brain’s potential and with mental exercise and practice it is possible to improve memory and a whole slew of mental abilities. On Superhuman, the resident neuro-scientist/judge explains which part of the brain each contestant is utilizing in his or her specific skill. This made me curious to see if there is a specific part of the brain that interprets symbols, color, and images. I found a good candidate in the inferior temporal gyrus, which I gather from the wise geek website that it:

is located in the area of the human brain called the temporal lobe and is one of three gyri found there. It's found in the lower portion of the temporal lobe. As part of the primate visual system called the visual cortex, the inferior temporal gyrus plays a role in processing visual information. The cerebrum is the outer covering of the human brain, and it's made up of ridges called gyri and depressions called sulci. The singular for the terms is gyrus and sulcus respectively. The cerebrum is divided into two halves by the great longitudinal fissure, which is a long depression that extends from the back of the brain to the front, in the forehead region. The two halves are called hemispheres and both of them have four lobes: the frontal lobes at the front of the brain, the parietal lobes at the top of the brain, the temporal lobes at the sides, and the occipital lobes at the back. The temporal lobe begins in the temple region of the head and extends toward the back of the skull and is primarily associated with auditory perception. It has two sulci and three gyri, which are stacked on top of one another. The topmost is called the superior temporal gyrus. Below is the first of the two sulci, called the superior temporal sulcus, which separates the superior temporal gyrus from the middle temporal gyrus just beneath it.

“Notwithstanding the above explanation, I must point out that the Human Race’s evolution is dependent on spiritual transformation, as human beings cannot become fully superhuman while the false self still exists. I believe the mass consciousness is reminding us of this, in inspiring the creation of Fox’s Sci-fi drama Gifted (again no longer airing), where a portion of human beings have developed a mutant gene as a consequence of experiments carried out by one of the main characters grandparents. Predictably, many of them have become dangerous, using their powers in destructive ways, which has led to “normal” humans seeing them as a threat and locking them up. Nonetheless, regardless of this cautionary tale, I found the most relevant information on the inferior temporal gyrus (IT for short) in its entry on Wikipedia. In the entry, the author cites two books, Whishaw B. Kolb’s 2014 An Introduction to Brain and Behavior (Fourth ed.) and C.G. Gross’s 2008 Inferior Temporal Cortex. The author of the entry relates that the two authors explain:

The IT cortex in humans is also known as the Inferior Temporal Gyrus since it has been located to a specific region of the human temporal lobe. The IT processes visual stimuli of objects in our field of vision and is involved with memory and memory recall to identify that object; it is involved with the processing and perception created by visual stimuli amplified in the V1, V2, V3, and V4 regions of the occipital lobe. This region processes the color and form of the object in the visual field and is responsible for producing the “what” from this visual stimuli, or in other words identifying the object based on the color and form of the object and comparing that processed information to stored memories of objects to identify that object.

I interpreted identifying something by “using” our observations in comparison with “stored memories of objects”, as accessing pre-incarnate information. With the development of the IT cortex, color, shape, and or symbol, such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, or even Tarot cards can reveal The Mysteries. We could see the inspiration of the show Superhuman as evidence of the “Light’s” objective to help us correct the “Watcher’s mistake” and put us back on track in our evolution. Now, without the presence of the “Shadow” working with our false self, we can utilize the 9th Wave and the knowledge in The Mysteriesto transform and integrate the ego. One more piece of Good News is found in Carl’s new book, where he writes:

“On the ninth level finally, there is no dark filter separating us from the Divine, and for this reason it is not meaningful to say that our lives are self-authored. Instead, if we reach this level of development, which has only been fully possible after the Ninth Wave was activated in 2011, our will and how we create our lives is essentially a product of our unity with the Divine, and not of our ego. Life then…becomes ‘self-transforming,’ or in other words, our selves are automatically being transformed by our unity with the Divine to the detriment of the ego. At this level, the ego is not running a separate agenda, or maybe better said, an agenda of separation, and our actions become expressions of the All That is Divine with which we are unified.”

Carl’s words thrilled me, as I viewed the removal of the “dark filter” as the neutralization of the “Shadow. More importantly, I felt Carl’s reference to our will aligning with the Divine could be another way of describing the integration of the ego. The only point we seemed to disagree on was his assertion of the 9th Wave making transformation essentially automatic. Meditating on this, I was reminded that we have repeatedly said that only a small portion of Humanity is needed to affect change. Just a mere 777,000 people changing the way they think creates a critical mass affecting the entire mass consciousness. I think an excerpt from the Hidden Codes for the 777,000 on our web site will help clarify this statement:

“…the Hidden Codes are to help 777,000 people create a critical mass to transform the world through meditating on their personal Gateways. First, let us state that despite our connecting the number to the term “Body of Christ”, there are no specific religious connotations to this number. We are talking about a Universal consciousness or energy here, which includes teachers and founders from all the world’s religions. In our book The Good News Reverberation, we state that everyone born between 1945 and 1983 are potential members of the 777,000 people. More than two billion people were born during this time (2,213,012,000) Even if we halve the number, (1,106,506,000) allowing for early deaths, there are still more than one billion potential members living today. 777,000 is less than one percent (0.7030%). When first given the number, it seemed such a very small percentage of the population…could be a critical mass to transform the world. Seeking answers, we discovered that is because of the power of selfless love. Gregg Braden helped us see this with his information that each cell of the body carries 1.17 volts of electricity and considering that there are some quadrillion cells in a human body we could see how anyone can affect another person. However, Mr. Braden’s book The Divine Matrix, which he released six years after we were given the number 777,000 revealed that it takes an even smaller percentage to “jumpstart a change in the world’s consciousness…” He says the “square root of one percent of the population” is sufficient and gives an example of a population of six billion only requiring 8,000 people to make up a quorum for change. With this, our next question was then why do we need to find 777,000. The answer that came back was we don’t because these souls have been reincarnating for two millennia. In other words, most of them have already fulfilled their life’s purpose in a previous life.

“Getting back to the purpose of the Gateways. Something we were given early on in our mission was that the key to the Mysteries is hidden in the English language. In applying this to understanding how meditating on the Gateways could help in transforming a person’s consciousness, we were reminded of the axiom “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Generally, this axiom is taken to mean that a person’s eyes can often reveal their true nature, but in this case, we believe it goes both ways. What we see can and does affect the human soul. For instance, think about how seeing the plane hit the second tower on 9-11 affected each of us.

“With the information above, some might ask does this mean that the Codes are only for people born between 1945 and 1985. The answer is an emphatic no. Everyone on the planet has a pre-incarnate directive to fulfill in this life, and two these Codes contain the means to access the Ancient Mysteries on spiritual transformation. On the opening page of our website, we say that there is a virus in the software of our consciousness sabotaging our progress. We back up this claim by stating that Saint Paul’s rant about the “sin” in him causes him to do wrong is referring to the ego. However, we are speaking of more than one aspect here. Those familiar with our writings will know that there is a conscious and subconscious aspect of the false self. We call the subconscious aspect, the counterfeit-spirit. Eckhart Tolle called it the pain-body. The conscious aspect of the false self is the human ego, which only came into being 5,000 years ago. Here, the key word is human, because there is a divine part within that the ancients called the Spiritual Ego or I, we know it as our individual spirit. This is eternal and unchanging. Our goal is to reintegrate the human ego putting it under our spirit’s control, in other words making our will in line with Divine Will. Once this is achieved, the reintegrated ego will annihilate the counterfeit-spirit/pain-body, resulting in spiritual transformation, not only for the individual, but also for the world. To assist in the process, the ancient teachers hid the answers in symbols that we would recognize when the time was right to trigger a remembering of our pre-incarnate directive in this life. With the advent of the internet, everything is in place for the Mysteries to come forth again. That time is now, and the Codes and Gateways are designed to act as a trigger. Each Gateway with one of 77 Tarot cards resonates with 100,000 individuals. Card 0 – The Fool oversees all 77 gateways and cards representing the Universal non-denominational Christ-consciousness, which we all contain within.

“A brief note about Tarot, which has been shrouded in mystery throughout history. There is no definitive theory as to its origin. Some investigators have speculated that its origins predate history, deriving from the lost civilization of Atlantis, whereas some “experts” categorically state that the ancient Egyptians invented the Tarot deck. They deduce this because the “Gypsies” that promulgate the use of Tarot as a predictive tool originated from Egypt. As many researchers believe that the Atlanteans founded Egypt, they could both be right. Whatever the origin, the Tarot has endured. Even through the Church’s condemnation of it as a tool for the “Devil”, it survived. For centuries, it lay hidden in plain sight, waiting.

It wasn’t until Arthur Edward Waite commissioned Pamela Coleman Smith to create a new deck in 1910 that the Mysteries within the imagery surfaced. We know this because of the inspired writing, The Rabbi’s Tarot brought forth by the dedication and sacrifice of Daphna Moore. Our connection with this incredible woman began in 2007, when she asked to use parts of the letter, we sent her on the back cover. This connection coincided with a vision I had involving the 22 Major Arcana (Mystery) cards or Trumps and the Tree of Life and led to my commentary in the latest version of the book, Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s RABBI’S TAROT. Along with my commentary I recolored and enhanced the original Rider-Waite deck to correlate with Daphna’s Symbology. Eventually, I did the same with the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Through inspiration, I unknowingly added energy to the cards by using bit maps of water, plants, wood, stone, etc. The final step was to create a new deck, entitled RWS-Arcanas Tarot. It is these cards that form the 78 Gateways.

Above we explained that Sophia and her partner, What-has-been-Willed were instantly restored to the Pleroma, and that the entire past and future existence of the universe of trillions of years is but a nanosecond in the Divine realm. Nevertheless, we still have to experience the passing of time in our reality and make our choices accordingly. Even though we do not remember our preincarnate existence, our spirits know there is a Divine Plan. Therefore, from that perspective, if we look at the mission of The Christ, Mary Magdalene, and the Apostle Paul as the start of the final phase in correcting the “Watcher’s mistake”, we can see the brilliance of the plan. Mary and Paul were historical figures, as well as archetypes for Sophia and her partner, What-has-been-Willed. With Jesus’ sacrifice speeding up reincarnation, by ending the retaliatory part of Karma, with each incarnation Sophia and What-has-Been-Willed would be able to understand a little bit more, as well as share it with other members of the so-called Body of Christ. As stated, this body has never been restricted to Christians, as it is about consciousness.

Using Intradimensional intuition to access our portion of Divine Wisdom and Spirit within, it is time to reexamine the Epilogue from our 2-volume treatise on Spiritual Evolution, America’s Hijacked Destiny… (available to read on Amazon Prime.) As we have covered sections of it, both above and in earlier Stages, we will not reprint those sections again. Instead, we will start with the discussion on the mysterious Palladium.

One more thing, although the Epilogue encapsulates the treatise, we felt we should explain the basic layout for anyone unfamiliar with our writings. So, before reviewing this next level of Stage 5, we provide key points from our Introduction to the treatise.



“Irrespective of the title “America’s Hijacked Destiny…”, (shown below) 6ultimately, this book is a message of Hope. Still, before moving on to discuss the content, we want to address the use of an ellipsis (…) at the end of the title. We chose an ellipsis because the subject-matter of this two-volume treatise is multi-leveled, and a single question mark could not convey this concept. Regarding the title, several questions arise, namely: Who or what hijacked America’s destiny? How was it hijacked, and is it reversible? In other words can we somehow “retrieve” the country’s destiny? Of course, the answer to the last question is an emphatic yes. Yet before we can answer any more questions on the subject we first need to ask, “What is America’s Destiny?”

“With America being a superpower and one of the most influential forces in world politics, many might say that the U.S. has not only fulfilled its destiny, it has exceeded it. Even so, let us emphasize that when we speak of “destiny”, we are not referring to America’s position as a world power but rather, America’s role in Spiritual Evolution. Perhaps a more appropriate title for the treatise would be “What Hijacked America’s Destiny?”, as the answer to this question depended on us identifying what thwarted the intention the Divine Realm and Universe had for this beautiful country.

“Regarding our plan for the treatise, we divided it into three parts between two volumes. Volume I contains the first two parts, A Different Perspective on Evolution, and Globe D-A New Earth, with the first part laying out the evolutionary plan for the Life-Principle, from the beginning of existence to its purpose being temporarily disrupted. Following the development of consciousness through ever shortening cycles, we see how the Life-Principle becomes individualized with a fully developed self-conscious awareness. Nevertheless, as the ultimate goal for existence is re-unification with our Divine origins, Part One reveals how our Spiritual Evolution was temporarily blown off course through a well-intentioned mistake. Due to the consequences of this “mistake”, a force called the World-Soul was created that worked against the Divine Realm. (Please note: that this term has nothing to do with the human or animal soul.) Because this entity was constructed from the basest thoughts and emotions of Humanity, eventually drastic action was required, and a kind-of quarantine was temporarily put in place. Tragically, apart from creating the World Soul, the “mistake” resulted in the insertion of a false self that has two components, active or masculine, and passive or feminine. These are known as what we call the lower human ego (active) and counterfeit-spirit (passive) and Eckhart Tolle designates as the ego and pain-body. Scripture allegorically refers to this tragic event as the “Fall” of Adam and Eve. Part One also lays out the key events in Humanity’s downfall and introduces the players acting on behalf of either the Divine Realm, or the World-Soul before the quarantine.

“Part Two titled Globe D-A New Earth starts in the year 0 C.E. immediately after the quarantine was set in place, and follows the Human Race’s development amidst an escalating competition between the two above mentioned forces. At this time, (0 C.E.) the Divine Realm has become what we came to call: the “Light of Truth”, or “Light” for short. These forces were/are dedicated in empowering us to overcome the handicap Humanity was saddled with because of the “Fall”, namely, the lower human ego and counterfeit-spirit. The Divine’s opponent was not only the counterfeit-spirit and human ego, it was also the worst of the World-Soul expelled from the Soul Plane, which resulted in an even more Malevolent force, which we refer to as the “Shadow of Deception” or “Shadow” for short. Literally constructed from the basest thoughts and emotions of human beings, the “Shadow” had one agenda, manipulating people into sabotaging not only the planet but also our Spiritual Evolution.

“Part Three entitled New Jerusalem is the only part in Volume II and focuses solely on preparing for the final contest between the “Light” and the “Shadow. Beginning in 1750, it demonstrates how both sides used people and events from various countries in preparation for the creation of the New World. It also demonstrates how the “Orders of the Quest”, the mysterious representatives of the “Light”, vied with the machinations of the “Shadow’s” agents. As the title for Part Three denotes, the final arena for the mystical battle takes place in America. We know this because New Jerusalem is a term for the New World, and indicates it is the location for Humanity to fulfill its destiny in our evolution. The bulk of Volume II or Part Three centers on America’s development in the 20th Century and the role of the Baby Boomer generation…

“Each Volume consists of sections we called “upsteppings”, tied to specific dates. These “upsteppings” follow the premise that Spiritual and consciousness Evolution occurs through seven sub-races of seven Root-races. Throughout existence, our Earth has experienced multiple versions, with today’s being Globe D that came into existence in 0 C.E., hence the title for Part Two Globe D-A New Earth. As we explained the process in Stage Cycles and on the Scroll Page, we will continue with the Epilogue.”

Since 1994, world events have been perplexing to say the least because of our knowledge that The Universal Christ was back in the world helping us to spiritually evolve. Apart from the increasing violence, the level of fear seemed to multiply each day. Initially, we did not understand the importance of respecting the sanctity of freewill. Still that might sound trite, so let us share how we learned what was going on. Although The Universal Christ and “Light” forces were dedicated to helping us, until Humanity collectively chose to change, they could only watch and wait. Needless to say, this was a distinct advantage for the “Shadow”, as “he” continued putting his agenda in place. In the meantime, the “Shadow” gained strength through heinous acts still being carried out by unaware human beings. Consequently, in spite of the phenomenal shift that occurred between 2008 and September 22nd, 2010, the “Shadow” was able to continue cementing “his” scheme to stop America fulfilling its destiny.

(Note: although the “Light” corrected the “Watcher’s mistake” on the Winter Solstice of 2021, we need to examine how the individual false-self affected our Spiritual Evolution. Consequently, we leave this saboteur in place when describing the Divine Plan.)

STAGE — WISDOM — Epilogue

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