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STAGE — WISDOM — Great Spirit-Mind’s Plan twist


Despite the above optimism that we have already won, the cold facts seem to contradict that statement. Even the knowledge that: “There is nothing to fear, Great Spirit-Mind and all the universal and divine forces are now at our disposal and are eager to help us find our way to the Truth”, seems a little hollow. Each day it gets harder to see how the world can change, especially with the constant reporting of the apparent global deterioration of civilization. Looking at the world today (2023), one could be forgiven for thinking it is getting worse not better. Old antipathies have arisen, and corruption seems rampant. It seems like a vicious cycle is constantly repeating itself. For instance, just compare the petition from the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2018 to today’s headlines:

The level of global inequality is appalling -- 8 people own as much wealth as half the planet. And the gap is growing, thanks in part to the shadowy world of tax havens which lets trillions be siphoned offshore from our economies. Right now, the rich get richer, and the rest of us pay.

Eight years ago, the G20 agreed it would shut down these practices. It's time to deliver. We call on you to act immediately to end tax havens and ensure that those that run and exploit them are held to account. Nobody should be able to evade their duty to pay tax for the public good. It is your responsibility to make that so. As citizens from around the world, we demand action. …Sincerely,

Sound familiar? We all know that extreme wealth in the hands of so few people gives them immense power, so they can literally do anything, and it appears that is exactly what they have been doing. Despite the “Shadow’s” neutralization, “his” oligarchy is still in play and unfortunately, it is their machinations that we continue to witness. In light of the inequality and injustice in the world, many are having trouble keeping the faith and holding the vision of a transformed world, because like us their logical minds keep asking, “How could “God”/Great Spirit-Mind let this happen?” Even the stalwart answer of the sanctity of freewill was losing its appeal, then the other day it suddenly dawned on me. The Supreme Being is omniscient (All Knowing). Therefore, He/She would know every move the “Shadow” would make long before “he” made it and prepare accordingly in His/Her plan. It would be like Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter’s series continually providing clues and tools required to defeat Lord Voldemort, after his (Dumbledore’s) death. Since Dumbledore knew the events before they happened, he left Harry and his friends everything they needed to use at the appropriate time. With this revelation I knew there must be another reason for the apparent failure of the Divine Plan, even with the neutralization of the “Shadow.” There was: Spiritual Evolution.

An old colloquialism says that “It is always darkest before the dawn”, meaning that things always appear the worst just before relief comes. At this point in our Spiritual Evolution, Humanity is subconsciously preparing to transfer their consciousness to Globe E. Normally at this juncture, the Earth would go through devastating changes, designed to ensure that only the two thirds of Humanity that are ready to evolve are able to transfer to the next Globe. Yet this stage in our time is different for two reasons, first, as I said, due to Humanity’s actions between 2008 and 2011, everyone has the opportunity to evolve. Second, this is the time the Divine/Universal forces have chosen to correct the “Watcher’s mistake.” Even so, the process is still the same, as Globe E begins to manifest in our reality, all energy and consciousness that is not conducive with its higher frequency is repelled, forcing it to the surface in the present Globe D. Nowadays, this is manifesting in the form of old hatreds and fears rising to the surface, because everything must be exposed in order to transmute it. Therefore, as bad as it seems, events are merely demonstrating the old colloquialism, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” In the meantime, Great Spirit-Mind’s plan is in effect.

Nevertheless, this subsection is called - GREAT SPIRIT-MIND’S PLAN TWIST, because there is more than one level to the original plan for “New Jerusalem” (America). There is the overt or open “plan” to develop a new country promoting The Universal Christ’s teachings, including all religions Sacred Writings as well as The Mysteries. Then there was the covert or hidden “Plan”, which has been running alongside the other one in secret for millennia. Interestingly we have discussed some aspects of this “Plan” throughout this treatise but to understand the higher level, I need to go back to the beginning of Globe D in Volume I, because it centered on the crystal kingdom, specifically Earth Stars. In this regard it may help to select some of the most pertinent segments from Part Two Globe D to illustrate what we mean.


The only Earth Star I was aware of was the electro-magnetic six-pointed star formed by the six mountains surrounding Machu Picchu in Peru. We visited the site in 2000 and felt tremendous energy while there. Another site in Peru that we experienced an energy pulse was Sacsayhuaman above the city of Cusco. It is an ancient ruin of huge blocks of stone placed in a zigzag pattern, which appear to emit waves of energy.

From our mission to Mexico, I knew the Mayan’s were familiar with the use of crystals and the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth. Yet it seems that half a world away an ancient civilization in the Emerald Isle of Ireland was also aware of the hidden energies of the Earth.

According to Michael Poynder monks engaged in the ancient practice of using crystal in relation to energy Earth Stars. He explains that Earth Stars represent energy centers or the planet’s “Life-Force” at certain points on the Earth. “…The Life-Force ‘grid’ can be defined in geometric patterns within concentric circles forming into what is termed an Earth Star.” Evidently, when not affected by human activity, the Earth Stars form a network that encompasses the entire “...surface of the Earth.”

As Craig and I experienced the energy on many ancient sites we were not that surprised to discover the ancient Druids/Celts used crystal to affect the energy. However, what did surprise us was that this knowledge was carried down the centuries to the new emerging Christian religion. Mr. Poynder explains how emulating the Druidic priest, the Celtic Christian priest stood at the center of an Earth Star in front of an altar. If the mention of Christian monks employing the use of crystal and energy grids was not amazing enough, evidently the “monks” may well have been cognizant of how to affect brain waves as well. Mr. Poynder explains how by activating the quartz, both the ancient priest and the crystal would “…be resonating at the Schumann brain level 8-12 Hz…” In my opinion the likelihood of the “monks” learning how to use energy stars without their application to the brain is extremely remote. If either the ancients or the Monks were aware of the Schumann Resonance, it clearly demonstrates that they were inspired by the “Light.

Mr. Poynder also explains that the altar in the church was placed, “…deliberately to encapsulate this energy…” Placing a “…piece of rock crystal or quartz” at the center “…of the Earth Star”, changed the pattern “from natural chaos to natural symmetry…” The priest would stand at the center of the Earth Star while raising his hand in blessing. Then “…a violet energy (spiritual light)” would flow “through his hand from his higher chakras.” Mr. Poynder adds that “This can be greatly enhanced if…he is wearing an amethyst and gold ring, with his purple robes.” He reminds us that the purple robe and the gold and amethyst ring is the traditional attire for a Christian bishop. Of course, he says that the energetic reason for this is “long forgotten”, or is it? Amazingly, he tells us that the underground water beneath the “altar” was literally altered or “altared” by the religious ritual.

I said earlier that Mr. Poynder’ book showed the presence of the “Light” or Melchizedek and Sophia’s energy in Ireland. Even so, how did the knowledge of using crystals and Earth stars find its way into the Christian monks of Ireland? After all, this knowledge was indicative of the highest levels of The Mysteries from Greece and Egypt. So how did humble monks in Ireland learn of it?

When the first Christian monks arrived in the Celtic Isles they had no trouble in adapting to the pagan rituals. Since their specific form of Christianity was in tune with the Druidic tradition. Mr. Poynder relates that even though these monks arrived in Northwestern Europe during the 4th (300s) century C.E., the monk’s influence was still being felt as late as the 9th (800s) century C.E. Interestingly, Mr. Poynder informs us that there is an ancient language, which philologists say is a sign language of “25 symbols” known as Ogham (pronounced Ohm). He adds, “…The early Christian monks” used it as a “secret written language between themselves.”

It seemed to me that these monks were more representative of the “Orders of the Quest” that would emerge in the next “upstepping” (Section 2) than Christian missionaries. This is evinced when we learned that the monks were opposed to the doctrine of the Church of Rome. Mr. Poynder reports that to escape the papal authority, “The monks…had traveled…through Spain, Portugal and France, perhaps England…” They sought refuge in western Ireland and Scotland. He tells us, “Here they built their tiny oratories…”  and adds that “They positioned their oratories to enable them to calculate the phases of the Sun, Moon and the stars…”

…Using Sacred Geometry, certain areas and buildings can retain the knowledge. I knew that all information on The Mysteries exists in the consciousness and all it takes is for someone to have an enquiring mind and be open and courageous enough for him or her to be able to access the knowledge. The access is strengthened in the presence of strong electro-magnetic centers of energy, such as Earth Stars. Hence the monks, who were courageous enough to leave Rome were already open and questioning when they became exposed to the energy and the knowledge in Celtic Ireland…

According to Michael Poynder the Irish monks built mysterious round towers, which “replaced the standing stones…” These towers had conical roofs and appear to have reflected star patterns, predominantly the constellation Draco. Detecting the Schumann resonances above the ground at the round towers, Mr. Poynder concludes the round towers are “powerful amplifiers…”  Further on he relates, “It is fascinating that just above the ground to about 2-4 feet up there is a null of atmosphere frequencies and they get stronger until at 9 to 15 feet above the surface they are extremely strong. The Irish monks were well-aware of this for that is where they built their doors!”

By the close of the 6th (500s) century, “There were three great Christian centers…” in Ireland, according to Mr. Poynder… As the Druids were not only native to Ireland the mainland of the British Isles was also affected…

…knowledge of their Earth Star energy patterns was not lost. It was passed on to the Cistercians. The Cistercians were an order in Catholicism, which was largely responsible for the construction of Europe’s most magnificent cathedrals.

Before the Cistercians built the cathedrals, they started with abbeys and churches. Mr. Poynder describes how the Cistercians built the abbeys and churches. “…These structures were built to conform to the underground water lines and the Earth Star patterns. The chambers are of the two-to-one rectangular shape… of the Golden Mean proportion, and it is significant that the cairn topping contains a lot of white quartz blocks.” He explains “…The Cistercians held and practiced the ancient secrets of sacred geometry, which they incorporated in the construction of their churches.” This was how the “Light” succeeded in shifting the energy of Christianity.

Introducing Sacred Geometry into such a powerful order of the Catholic Church, Sophia and Melchizedek seeded The Mysteries into solid structures. Forever grounding The Mysteries into the consciousness. Every time a believer enters a church or cathedral built with Sacred Geometry they are exposed to the higher vibrations, which would work with their Spirit… Mr. Poynder explains that St. David’s is built at the exact location of the “original monastery…”, which was founded by Saint David in the 6th (500s) century. He continues, “This puts it in line historically with the little oratories off the west coast of Ireland…” Saint David died March 1, 589 C.E. Amazingly, the Saint is connected to one of the most famous royal families in Britain, because St. David’s last name “…in Welsh is Tyddeisi,” which would later be changed to “Tudor.” We will meet the famous members of the House of Tudor who will rule England a little later. As we will see, several members play a pivotal role in Spiritual Evolution…

Mention of the Cistercians reminded me of the Knights Templars funding the building of the Gothic cathedrals. Another interesting point Mr. Poynder makes concerns the eight-pointed star symbol used by the Knights Templars. He says it represents an unknown 8th chakra and the “…Tibetan wheel of the year and seasons…”

…the Kingdom of Asturias or León in Spain. From the entry concerning the history of the kingdom we know that the Celts were present in the area. The Celts or Druids were familiar with the energetic properties (Earth Stars) of certain areas and in general would site their settlements using the energy to their best advantage. Later civilizations often built over these sites oblivious to the energetic properties beneath them. Nevertheless, both the “Light” and the “Shadow” always knew where the strongest electro-magnetic energies were. It is important to always remember that electro-magnetic energy is always neutral and can be used by either side. As I said, Pricillian’s execution was the antithesis of The Christ’s teachings of Peace, Love and Compassion. Burying a martyr whose blood was spilled in the “name of God” over electro-magnetic energies allowed these energies to be used by the “Shadow.” Altering the consciousness of the area in a negative way to promote conflict…

Interestingly “Irish monks” introduced Britain to the Christian religion. This was how the Cistercians came to use the knowledge of the Earth Stars in building the abbeys, churches, and cathedrals in Britain. Before the Cistercians could create their magnificent buildings, Anglo-Saxon Britain fell to the Normans in 1066. At this time, the “Light” withdrew from Britain for several centuries. Still it had made its mark, so to speak in bringing the knowledge of the Earth Stars to Britain. To be incorporated in building the churches, abbeys, and cathedrals in the following centuries… before their demise the Templars were involved in the building of the massive Gothic cathedrals with the Cistercians, which also involved the mysterious Freemasons. This meant that although the Crusades led to a deluge of negative emotions, the “Light” was able to infuse their consciousness into areas through the use of Earth Stars…

Although the Knights Templar financed the building of the great Gothic cathedrals, it was the influence of the Benedictine order of Cistercians, involved in their design that held special significance. We know from ancient records that most of the great cathedrals were built over ancient “pagan” temples or sacred sites. Furthermore, the Cistercians learned the practice of using Earth Stars from the Irish monks. This almost implies the Cistercians were members of the “Orders of the Quest.” Even so, although the Cistercians were involved with the “Orders of the Quest, they were not cognizant of the relevance of using Earth Stars in the location of cathedrals in employing The Mysteries. As a Catholic order, the Cistercians were primarily interested in utilizing the Earth Stars to stir up religious fervor, in order to “inspire” the worshipers to donate as much as possible to the Church.

All the same, unwittingly or not the Cistercians were instrumental in facilitating The Mysteries being grounded in stone in the Gothic Cathedrals they built…

It seems then that somewhere between 476 and 1500 C.E. a Catholic pope instigated the building of churches throughout Europe. Indicating that the “Light” was able to influence at least one pope. The Gothic cathedrals that were financed by the Knights Templar were built during the Middle-Ages after 1100. I mentioned earlier that the Cistercians utilized the use of Earth Stars; consequently, I think it is safe to assume that many if not all the Gothic cathedrals were built over “Earth Stars.” …

The relevance of our experience in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe escaped us until I was writing this treatise. Mexico City was built over the capital of the Aztecs, which was the site of multiple blood sacrifices. So, I could understand the “Light” acting to inspire building a church elsewhere. In the above excerpt, we reported that in the original church Craig and I were struck with “a sense of spiritual wonder.” This suggests that there was an energy connected to the church that surpassed the religious icon of the “apron.” When we remember the practice of building sacred buildings over Earth Stars we can begin to see the reason for the apparition. Although in the book we related our conclusion was that the church retained the energy of the prayers of praise, there is another aspect to consider. During the 16th (1500s) century, because the “Shadow” overwhelmed the “Light” in the Americas, Sophia was forced to withdraw. Still because of the shift in 1525 The Divine Feminine was able to produce the apparition in 1531. The apparition caused a magnificent church to be built over an Earth Star to hold the “Light” in a dormant state until such time as it could be reactivated.

…Interestingly, both King Henry (VII’s) father and grandfather died in relative obscurity; however, I believe their contribution was invaluable. Despite the “Shadow’s” attempt to remove the spiritual connection to Saint David and the sacred oratories, “he” did not succeed. Demonstrated in Michael Poynder’s inspired book. From the information preserved in its pages, we can see that through their name, energetically the Earth Stars followed the Tudors through life. Regardless of some of the less than spiritual actions of some members, the Tudor family were tools to fulfill Great Spirit-Mind’s hidden plan.

From the excerpts above, we know that the knowledge of Earth Stars was carried through to at least the 15th (1600s) Century, since the last Tudor monarch, Queen Elizabeth I lived until 1603 C.E. To reiterate, as she was responsible for promoting great members of the “Orders of the Quest,” such as Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, and William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth (I) was a champion for the “Light” in England. Nonetheless, in respect to Great Spirit-Mind’s secret plan, I think her role involved the North American Continent.

(Note that I added “Continent” to North America, this is because Great Spirit-Mind’s plan does not just apply to the United States of America, it involves the entire continent.)

Along with the Earth Stars, which we should state are not the same as magnetic ley lines, Great Spirit-Mind utilized The Buddha’s Plan B mentioned earlier. Again, it may help to refresh our memories on this. Therefore, below are the most relevant excerpts previously discussed in this treatise:


Although Europe was pretty much the domain of the “Shadow” throughout the 14th (1300s) century, the “Light” was not defeated completely. This was because when the world was flooded with suffering, forces of the “Light” possessed a contingency plan prepared in Globe C. They were merely waiting to activate it in the right place…

The main purpose for The Buddha’s incarnation was to seed the world with Compassion, which is the essence of Spirit. Consequently, while The Universal Christ was grounding The Mysteries into the Earth in the Middle-East, the disciples of His Brother (metaphorically speaking), The Buddha were spreading Compassion throughout the East. Accomplished through building monasteries and giant statues of The Buddha throughout the region.

The spread of Buddha’s teaching on the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path was only part of the reason for The Buddha’s incarnation. His enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree was not just for Gautama’s enlightenment. Or merely to teach His followers how to overcome suffering. It was also to affect Globe C and later Globe D both energetically and consciously. I did not really understand this until guided to watch a documentary on The Buddha narrated by Richard Gere and Blair Brown. The documentary covered the usual elements of The Buddha’s life, from His indulgent life as a royal prince to His near fatal stint as an ascetic. Nothing jumped out at me until they run an animated sequence of The Buddha’s experience under the Bodhi tree.

I knew that the legend related that as The Buddha sat meditating he was attacked by Maya and “his” demons trying to tempt The Buddha to give into His desires. The attack was depicted as quite brutal with Maya raining down arrows on Gautama. However, the “arrows” struck The Buddha as harmless flowers. While watching this it suddenly dawned on me that the entire scene was taking place within The Buddha’s head. In other words, Maya represented The Buddha confronting his false self or counterfeit-spirit to reach His Spirit. The Buddha’s enlightenment came when he understood the illusion of self. Yet this only explains The Buddha’s enlightenment from His perspective and does not explain how His experience affected the world’s consciousness. That part of the answer was revealed through the Buddhist monk’s interviews.

Following the animated sequence of The Buddha’s experience under the Bodhi tree, the documentary aired an interview with a young Buddhist monk. The monk related the message that The Buddha’s enlightenment through meditation is replicated in Buddhist monasteries everywhere. He explained that the meditator allows the emotions to surface without denying them and then dissipates them. This told me that part of the reason for The Buddha’s incarnation was to teach Humanity how to transmute emotion, not just individually, but also for the Earth. Consequently, the thousands of Buddhist monasteries with their hundreds of thousands meditating monks are consistently transmuting the world’s emotions with their daily meditations.

Nonetheless, while teaching His followers how to transmute emotion while He was alive was extremely beneficial, it was not the full extent of The Buddha’s plan for Globe D. That part of the plan was put into action after His death by the way The Buddha’s disciples disposed of His remains. I knew that the giant Buddha statues throughout Asia were relevant, but I was not sure how. I found the answer from the entry on Wikipedia for Stupa, which I learned was the name for The Buddha’s memorials…

Initially because India was where The Buddha was enlightened and first promulgated His teachings, I wondered why the head of the Buddhist religion settled in Tibet. Upon learning that India was invaded by Moslems in the early 13th (1200s) century, I thought I understood why. However, it seems the invasion was not the main reason for choosing Tibet as the center of The Buddha’s teaching. It concerned Tibet being physically the highest occupied country in the world. Still as Buddhism reached Tibet in the 8th (900s) century, I wondered why it was not until the 15th (1400s) century that Tibet was established as the center of Buddhism. It took some investigation, but I found the answer in the founding of the Yellow Hat sect by Tsongkhapa…

The excerpt above brings me back to the Buddha’s plan for Globe D. Tsongkhapa’s teaching that “…compassion and insight into wisdom, must be rooted in a wholehearted wish for liberation impelled by a genuine sense of renunciation”, demonstrated the spiritual influence behind him. This was the “Light’s” way of preparing the ground for the implementation of The Buddha’s plan. In a nutshell, Melchizedek laid the foundation for the “Light” in Tibet by inspiring Tsongkhapa to establish a new school.

After establishing a new school, the next step was to bring the consciousness of The Buddha into the region, which is explained by the parameters for the Dalai Lamas…

Knowing that The Buddha was an incarnation of The Universal Christ, identifying who the Buddha of Compassion was that reincarnated in the Dalai Lamas presented me with a problem… initially I thought the Buddha of Compassion was Melchizedek and Sophia. Still as the designation for the reincarnations was the Buddha of Compassion, I knew that it must be an aspect of The Christ. Beginning to type in the title Buddha of compassion in the search on Wikipedia immediately brought up the Buddha of Mercy, not Compassion. Because mercy is a synonym for compassion I decided to click on the link, it took me to the entry for Guan Yin. The entry for Guan Yin gave me this fact: Guanyin is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World".

From the above female designation, I realized the identity of the Buddha of Compassion was neither The Universal Christ nor Melchizedek… the Buddha of Compassion is a combination of The Buddha and The Christ. To explain, He/She is the soul of Prince Siddhartha who became The Buddha and the inspiration and guidance of the Divine Feminine aspect of The Universal Christ, The Holy Spirit. By choosing Tibet to be the center for the “Light”, the Dalai Lamas were in effect used as conduits to transmute the world’s lower emotions through the energy generated by the thousands of stupas throughout the East. Consequently, while the West was degenerating in an orgy of violence and suffering, the teachings of The Buddha to overcome suffering were literally being used to mitigate the emotions by transmuting them.

An interesting snippet concerning the energy of the “Light” in Tibet came while visiting Machu Picchu in 2000 to do energetic work. Informing us of the Dalai Lama’s visit the year before, our guide related His Holiness came to confirm that the energy had transferred from the Eastern hemisphere to the West; in particular Machu Picchu. In His Holiness’ usual humble manner, He simply kicked the ground and said, “Yes. It’s here.” At the time neither Craig nor I, or for that matter our guide had any idea what the Dalai Lama meant, but considering the discovery in this treatise, I do now…

…in the 15th (1400s) century, Tibet was the one bright spot that mitigated the torrent of hatred and suffering released in the world. Because of the country’s physical elevation as the highest point for human consciousness, the Tibetan monks were able to affect the entire mass consciousness by raising the vibrational level. As stated, it was the instigation of the first Dalai Lama in Tibet that activated this final part of The Buddha’s plan for Globe D.

What I failed to realize until recently, was that the Buddhist monks chanting amidst the physical remains of The Buddha had two purposes, and transmuting the emotions was only the outward reason. The secret and more subtle purpose was the sound’s effect on the ground (Earth), specifically the mineral kingdom beneath the temples. Mention of the mineral kingdom brings in the Elemental forces, which was discussed in LOVE: The Common Denominator. So, to assist in understanding I have selected the most relevant facts below:

“…I always thought that elemental spirits were the mythical beings of the writers of fairytales. However, as I continued on my journey of gathering the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, I saw that this was a very real phenomenon. One of my guides on this strange subject was Manly P. Hall and his book Unseen Forces.

Mr. Hall divided the elemental spirits into three groups, (1) Nature spirits of the four known elements. (2) Those spirits created by humanity that occupy the mental and astral planes. (3) “The dweller on the threshold,” or “The individual elemental.”

It seems that the first group answers to the name “Cherubim.” These were celestial beings placed at the “gates” of the Garden of Eden, according to Hall. He explained that the four‑headed Cherubim are also known as the beings that “knelt upon the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant,” and “The four beasts of the apocalypse.”

It seems “The four aspects of the great Assyrian Sphinx” also symbolizes the “four primal elements.” Hall wrote that the nature spirits or elementals are “The basis of, as well as the life behind, the four physical material elements—earth, fire, air, and water. The power from the unseen causal worlds works through the four material elements in order to express itself in bodies, cells, and molecular combinations.”

Apparently, the four groups of elementals are made from the same “substance—the ether or element in which they exist.” Surprisingly they are mere mortals like us. However, they live a great deal longer than we do, varying from several centuries to millenniums for a few. According to Hall, these nature spirits also vary in “shape and sizes, according to their work and duties.”

Little did we know that when we placed the garden gnome in our gardens, that we are paying homage to the kingdom of the Earth spirits. Talking of king—the Gnomes king goes by the name “Gob,” which surprise, surprise, our word goblin comes from. Evidently ancient teachings held that the Gnomes ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth.” They are also greedy and do not like sharing, according to Hall. However, he also pointed out that they work hard and “play a great part in the development of man.” Although they are intelligent, they are nowhere in our league. Nevertheless, they do have intuition. Trapped in the grossest of all the ether’s essences, the Gnomes are incapable of operating outside their element. Ruling the Northern Corner of creation, they also are doomed to live in the dark. Due to this state of affairs, they affect “human disposition” by governing “saturnine melancholia, gloom and despondency.”

The next group Hall referred to as “Undines.” He wrote they are also known as “nymphs, naiads, mermaids, sirens, harpies, sea-daughters and sea-goddesses of the ancients.” Their element is water and, consequently, all seas, rivers, lakes and pools are the Undines’ domain.

“Necksa” is the supreme ruler of these elementals and their connection to us is through our “liquids or vital forces.” West is the Corner the Undines rule and they generally deal kindly with us and are similar in size to us. Although also mortal, being less dense, they live longer than the Gnomes do. Hall wrote that they possess a “cheerful disposition.” In addition, he adds, “They exercise considerable influence upon the vital temperaments of human beings.”

Following the Undines, in ascending order are the Salamanders. According to Hall, they “have charge of the emotional essences of man, and live in the third ether, which reflects the qualities of the astral plane or the world of fire. Due to the importance of fire to humanity, the ancients considered Salamanders as gods because no fire could exist without one of these elementals. The king of the Salamanders name is “Ojin.” Apparently, they love incenses “which enable them to assume certain forms of bodies.” Hall added, “The salamanders are the strongest and most dynamic of all the elementals. A great similarity exists between them and Lucifer’s Angels, and also the great fire devas of India.”

Although fire can be harmful to us, Hall explained, when the Salamanders are “properly understood” they can be “great benefactors” to the human race. Their effect on us is dependent mainly on our temperament. He wrote that they are “sanguineous” by nature and as such will incite “tempestuous natures, fiery temperaments and uncontrollable passions” in all who promote sanguinity in their lives. I did not know what the word “sanguineous” meant, so I looked it up in Webster’s Dictionary. The No. 1 definition is, “of or containing blood.” However, it was the second definition that finally showed me why Hall used the word, as Webster’s has, “In medieval philosophy, having the warm, passionate, cheerful temperament and the healthy, ruddy complexion of one in whom the blood is the predominant humor of the four.” Evidently the Salamanders’ influence can be felt in the equatorial winds, because not surprisingly, their corner of creation is south. Interestingly, some believe that some Salamanders could assume any size, from a tiny imp to a colossal giant. Again, as they are not solid, they can live for many millenniums.

The last, but by no means least group is called “Sylphs” or “air spirits” a.k.a. “Riders of the night,” “wind-born,” “storm angels,” “air-devas,” and “mind-born.” They are also the fairies of folklore and children’s fairytales. No wonder, these beings live in the tops of mountains, building castles in and “out” of air.

Sylphs, according to Hall, are “mirthful, eccentric, capricious and inconstant, darting hither and thither. They are always busy and work especially with the thoughts of living creatures. They assist in the airy elements of man’s body, such as the gases and ethers, which are generated within his own being, while the salamanders work through the blood and the fire elements of the body….”

The Sylph king (Hall did not name him) resides on Mount Everest, the eastern portion of creation. Therefore, these beings are in every atom and molecule in the universe. Hall also stated, “all these beings have a knowledge of God, revere Him, and seek to obey Him in every way.”

Another interesting point Hall made was to link the elementals to the Zodiac’s fixed signs. Apparently, there are three crosses in the Zodiac, “The cross of the four cardinal signs,” “The cross of the four fixed signs” and “The cross of the common (mutable) signs.” The elementals are subject to the rules of Taurus for the Gnomes, Scorpio for the Undines, Leo for the Salamanders, and Aquarius for the Sylphs.

I wondered why only four Zodiac signs “ruled” all elementals. Maybe it is because they are fixed, meaning unchangeable. Did this mean that the subatomic universe also operates on rules? I do not think there is a single person in the West who has not heard of the Zodiac, but what powers do the twelve signs have over us, and how much are they linked to the elemental forces?

It should come as no surprise that The Buddha’s Plan B, part of Great Spirit-Mind’s secret Plan, involves the kingdom of the Gnomes. Like Manly P. Hall informs us, ancient teachings held that the Gnomes ruled “secret treasures and hidden things of the earth.” Crystals have come to play a large part in our lives, and as we have incorporated them in dozens of spiritual ceremonies, we suspect thousands of others have over the millennia. For example, in every ceremony in South America we had crystals with us.

Our ceremony on Machu Picchu took place in 2000, however, an extremely gifted medium, who for her privacy we called Hermione, confided that two years earlier her spiritual guides instructed her to take 12 sacred stones there for a ceremony to help the world. Over several months she collected the stones, predominantly from Native Americans, yet, when it came time to leave, she was five stones short. Feeling she still needed to go, she flew to Peru believing that she would perform her ceremony with only 7 stones. Nevertheless, on Machu Picchu as Hermione laid out her stones, five people stepped forward to offer a stone of their own. Each person informed her that they had felt compelled to bring their stone to the site on that day. Even more amazingly, they were from different places and did not know one another. Due to this ceremony being held the year before the Dalai Lama confirmed that the energy had shifted from the Eastern Hemisphere to South America, it indicates that Hermione and the five strangers were involved in the shift. They were, and this is also a component of Great Spirit-Mind’sPlan.

Yet, in terms of energy transformation the most powerful act, or should we say acts carried out in recent times, occurred on November 11th, 2011, when thousands of people performed various peace ceremonies throughout the world. These ceremonies were the most powerful in terms of energy transformation because they were vital components of the Divine Plan. We wrote about this 11 11 11 event on our website, on the Deeper Purpose for Peace Page, below are key excerpts from how we understood and interpreted the event at that time:

The Peace Page was born from the tireless efforts to promote Peace and Unity on 11:11:11. However, it began with reading our associate Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s brilliant book The Purposeful Universe, and his theory that at the center of the Universe is an energetic Tree of Life called the Hunab-Ku that drives evolution. Also following the principle of As Above; So Below, Dr. Calleman relates that each atom is surrounded by an energetic tree of life connecting it to this center. This triggered a remembrance of the Super String Theory that proposes at the very core of creation are tiny strings vibrating in harmony to create matter. As a synonym for harmony is peace, this led to the realization that Peace has multiple levels from the most mundane, non-conflict to the most subtle at the sub-atomic level and therefore sub-conscious level.

A couple of weeks after 11:11:11 we made contact with our new associate, Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and learned of her work in keeping space free from weapons with a Treaty that proposes utilizing space for programs dedicated to solving Earth and Humanity’s problems. All of this was just too coincidental for us to ignore and we realized that something had happened in how we viewed Peace that was associated with the multiple sacred ceremonies performed during 11:11:11. Putting this into simple terms, because of the selfless work of all those involved in the event, the consciousness was operating at a higher level and our understanding of Peace had shifted. …the fact is if the Human Race can commit to creating an umbrella of Peace around the planet, it will enhance and multiply the intent of the 95% who want World Peace …represented by …144,000 people…Consequently, to put this into practice, so to speak, we have created the Peace Page to apply this process to see if the carefully chosen colors and symbols we were guided to use have an effect on the viewer’s consciousness.

For us, just opening the page to gaze at what is in front of us for a few minutes, creates a feeling of wellbeing. As we understand it this is because the colors, title design and graphics hold specific frequencies designed to help us access the evolutionary imperative to seek peace. …Let me emphatically state no-one involved in this is to be considered special in any way, we have all just played out our respective parts in this preordained play. The simple fact is that we are being guided to do this and it is completely given with no strings attached. It does not matter what you believe, it only matters that you want to live in a peaceful world. As we said, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just think how you would feel if this works and we commit to Peace in Space.

Through the efforts of an I.D.E.A. Foundation director and good friend Curtis Madrid, more than 155,000 people worldwide added their energy to the Bridge to Peace Project’s map. As the map was also connected to the November 11th or 11 11 11 event, not to mention that many of these ceremonies were carried out on ancient sacred sites (Earth Stars), they affected the Earth in Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan” twist, but we are jumping ahead. There were huge components of this secret “Plan” put in place long before the Dalai Lama’s visit to Peru in 1999, or the multiple 2011 Peace ceremonies, so, let us examine a few earlier components.

It began with the Tudors, in particular Queen Elizabeth I, supporting her father Henry VIII’s decision to form the Church of England. As we know this decision arose when the Pope refused the king a divorce from his catholic wife, Katherine of Aragon, so that he could marry the unfortunate Anne Boleyn, who became Elizabeth’s mother. However, this was a case of the “Light” taking advantage of the king’s desire in order to separate Great Britain from Rome. On the face of it this concerned religion, in that the “Shadow” had corrupted Rome and with it the Catholic Church. Although religion was an important factor in separating Britain from Rome, it was not the primary one. The main reason was to keep the “Shadow’s” influence away from the development of “New Jerusalem” or America, as long as possible. Queen Elizabeth or as she came to be known, Good Queen Bess, allowed Catholics to live in peace, as well as creating the titular role Supreme governor of the Church of England for the ruling monarch, still in place today. In essence, her role for the “Light” was bringing Catholic and Protestant England together, before granting Sir Walter Raleigh the right to colonize America, long before the Puritans, who wanted all traces of Catholicism removed from the Church of England, formed the Plymouth colony.

Great Spirit-Mind knew that the “Shadow’s” interference was inevitable, He/She just needed enough time for the “Light’s” forces to prepare for it. A large part of that preparation involved the “Orders of the Quest”, not just the Founding Fathers, especially important were the Master Renaissance painters, as they promulgated The Mysteries throughout Europe and America through their art. Considering that these masterpieces were painted using color pigment, which included ground crystals, they have a powerful effect on people gazing at them. Many of these paintings were hung in the magnificent Gothic cathedrals, who were not only constructed using Sacred Geometry, they were built over Earth Stars adding to the energetic effect.

Architects who were members of the “Orders of the Quest”, as David Ovason pointed out were critical in leaving clues, which the “Shadow” attempted to undermine by persuading people to dismiss all symbology, astrology, and Sacred Geometry as pseudo-science and not worth their time. However, Great Spirit-Mind’s“Plan” did not depend on people accepting these subtle influences, rather, it involved the development of consciousness. Therefore, while the “Shadow” was engaged in sabotaging the spiritual development of America, Great Spirit-Mind’s focus was on the development of Great Britain, which during the 1770s became the British Empire. After energetically connecting the country to Heidelberg through the Hanoverian dynasty, the “Light” quickly ended slavery throughout the Empire. This meant that the territory north of America as a part of the British Empire was also slave-free.

According to Wikipedia, on “July 1, 1867 the colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia were federated to form the semi-autonomous federal Dominion named Canada.” Until recently, I had not considered Canada as any part of Great Spirit-Mind’s plan, but then I watched an episode of MasterChef Canada. During this particular episode, the country was celebrating its 150th anniversary and the contestants were cooking for 105 people, who were just inducted as Canadian citizens. Looking at this incredibly diverse group, I was reminded of immigrants through Ellis Island in America. Then I remembered that Canada is not only a part of the North American Continent, it is also a part of the British Commonwealth. Something told me this was important and in researching Canada’s demographics on the web on multiple sites, including Wikipedia, I found these telling facts:

Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II being the head of state. The country is officially bilingual at the federal level. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations… Its advanced economy is the tenth largest in the world, relying chiefly upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks…

Canada is a developed country and has the fifteenth-highest nominal per capita income globally as well as the tenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.

According to the 2016 census, the country's largest self-reported ethnic origin is Canadian (accounting for 32% of the population), followed by English (21%), French (15.8%), Scottish (15.1%), Irish (13.9%), German (10.2%), Italian (4.6%), Chinese (4.3%), First Nations (4.0%), Ukrainian (3.9%), and Dutch (3.3%). There are 600 recognized First Nations governments or bands, encompassing a total of 1,172,790 people. Canada's indigenous population is growing at almost twice the national rate, and four percent of Canada's population claimed an indigenous identity in 2006. Another 16.2 percent of the population belonged to a non-indigenous visible minority… By 2007, almost one in five (19.8%) were foreign-born…

Canada is religiously diverse, encompassing a wide range of beliefs and customs. Canada has no official church, and the government is officially committed to religious pluralism. Freedom of religion in Canada is a constitutionally protected right, allowing individuals to assemble and worship without limitation or interference… According to the 2011 census, 67.3% of Canadians identify as Christian; of these, Roman Catholics make up the largest group, accounting for 38.7% of the population. Much of the remainder is made up of Protestants, who accounted for approximately 27% in a 2011 survey… In 2011, 23.9% declared no religious affiliation, compared to 16.5% in 2001. The remaining 8.8% are affiliated with non-Christian religions, the largest of which are Islam (3.2%) and Hinduism (1.5%).

Canada's culture draws influences from its broad range of constituent nationalities, and policies that promote a "just society" are constitutionally protected. Canada has placed emphasis on equality and inclusiveness for all its people…

Canada's approach to governance emphasizing multiculturalism, which is based on selective immigration, social integration, and suppression of far-right politics, has wide public support. Government policies such as publicly funded health care, higher taxation to redistribute wealth, the outlawing of capital punishment, strong efforts to eliminate poverty, strict gun control, and the legalization of same-sex marriage are further social indicators of Canada's political and cultural values. Canadians also identify with the country's health care institutions, peacekeeping, the National park system and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Clearly Canada’s “cultural values” are much closer to Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan” for the US, so much so that I wondered why the “Light” did not switch the site of “New Jerusalem” from America to Canada. Then I realized that although men had divided the continent into the three countries, Canada, United States, and Mexico, all three are a part of the same landmass, the North American continent. Once again, the “light” went on, so to speak, and I realized what Great Spirit-Mind was showing me, namely, The Buddha’s plan B meant that the mineral kingdom was being transformed.

To explain what I mean, as stated, the Life-Principle or consciousness evolved through the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, (Globes A and B), before reaching the human kingdom on Globe C, and later transferring to our present earth, Globe D. With this, it stands to reason that in each Globe, the first kingdom to transform would be the mineral kingdom, after all, as we said, minerals make up 90% of the Earth’s Crust. With Buddha’s plan B affecting the crystals through sound (chanting), not to mention the thousands of ceremonies incorporating crystals over Earth Stars, these minerals have been preparing for the Life-Principle to transfer to Globe E for millennia.

Another component of Great Spirit-Mind’s plan also arises from Canada’s diversity, the reunification of the Christian religion. Please note I am not speaking of uniting doctrine here, I am referring to the true Spirit of Christianity in the community of brothers and sisters caring for one another. While the “Shadow” was in the mass consciousness, the “Light” could do almost nothing, but once “he” was neutralized in 2010 they put Great Spirit-Mind’s plan into action. The first thing required was to change the energy in the Vatican.

We can remember a feeling of foreboding when Pope Benedict (XVI) appeared on his balcony in 2005 wearing a black sweater under his robes, it was a clear sign for me. Our apprehension proved correct, as Pope Benedict’s policies were not encouraging. Rather than moving the Catholic Church forward, the new pope appeared to be taking it back, which is seemingly supported by his entry on Wikipedia:

Pope Benedict, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger’s path to the Vatican began with his 1951 ordination in his home land Bavaria. Within a decade he was recognized as an accomplished theologian, which is proven by his appointment as “a full professor in 1958.” Following years of success in academia as a “professor of theology” employed by several universities in Germany, he rose to the position of “Archbishop of Munich and Freising.” Then in 1977, Pope Paul VI promoted him to Cardinal, which the author of the entry notes is “an unusual promotion for someone with little pastoral experience.” Four years later, in 1981 he was favored again, this time by Pope John Paul II by being promoted to the position of Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, “one of the most important dicasteries of the Roman Curia.” Apart from this role, after 2002 Ratzinger added the title “Dean of the College of Cardinals.” Obviously, with such a resume, Cardinal Ratzinger was very influential in the Vatican. The author confirms this when he writes that before he was elected Pope, Ratzinger as “one” of the Pope’s most trusted advisers was “a major figure on the Vatican stage” for 25 years, so much so that his “influence” was “second to none when it came to setting church priorities and directions.”

So much for Pope Benedict’s career, we were interested in whose influence he was under, the “Light”, or the “Shadow.” Interestingly, the author tells us that initially the future pope was a “liberal theologian” but changed while teaching as a professor, taking on more “conservative views after 1968. His prolific writings defend traditional Catholic doctrine and values.”

After his election as Pope Benedict XVI, he pushed for “a return to fundamental Christian values to counter the increased secularization of many Western countries.” He was utterly opposed to relativism, which we gather from Encyclopedia Britannica’s dictionary is “a theory that knowledge is relative to the limited nature of the mind and the conditions of knowing.” Alternatively, he considered the “view that ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups holding them”, as a “denial of objective truth, and the denial of moral truths in particular, as the central problem of the 21st century.” One of Pope Benedict’s fundamental tenets was “the importance of both the Catholic Church and an understanding of God’s redemptive love.” The author goes on to say that “Pope Benedict also revived a number of traditions, including elevating the Tridentine Mass to a more prominent position. He strengthened the relationship between the Catholic Church and art, promoted the use of Latin, and reintroduced traditional papal garments, for which reason he was called ‘the pope of aesthetics.’ He has been described as ‘the main intellectual force in the Church’ since the mid-1980s.”

Considering Pope Benedict’s conviction, his abdication in 2013 is all the more surprising. Officially, the reason given was “lack of strength of mind and body”, obviously attributed to “his advanced age.” Even so, he still has the title of Pope, with the name “emeritus” added. Regarding this, the author notes that “Benedict retains the style of His Holiness and continues to dress in the papal color of white.”

So why did Pope Benedict abdicate, his opinions certainly favored the “Shadow’s” agenda. As his abdication was a little over a year after the “Shadow” was neutralized, initially I thought the “Light” had inspired it. Afterall the sudden abdication on February 28, 2013, caused the Vatican’s energy to change with the election of Pope Francis. Yet with hindsight, I realized that the “Shadow’s” embodiment, the “prince of this world” had used Cardinal Ratzinger to gain access to the Vatican, which was achieved through no fault of his own. The “Shadow” merely used the then Cardinal Ratzinger’s connection to “his” embodiment, because as a child Joseph Ratzinger was forced to serve in Hitler’s youth. While Pope Benedict sat on the Vatican throne, Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan” to unite Christianity was thwarted. Even so, it speaks volumes to man’s true nature, when he abdicated only two and a half years after the “Shadow” was neutralized.

Pope Francis’ election brought the “Light” back to Rome, which was prepared by the work of Bernini and the “Orders of the Quest” centuries earlier. Still, purifying the Vatican was only the first step in Great Spirit-Mind’s plan, as the primary plan was the unification of the North American continent, the real “New Jerusalem.”

In a brilliant strategy while the “Shadow” and his oligarchy concentrated on sabotaging the spiritual destiny of America, the “Light” focused on developing a different consciousness in “New Troy” or Great Britain, which would then transfer to its Commonwealth. Ensuring the energy was set in Britain through its Earth Star ceremonies, the “Light” protected the country from invasion. Great Spirit-Mind obviously knew that the “Shadow” would attack the “Light’s” representatives in the UK through Hitler, yet the “Light” prepared for the onslaught. With Great Spirit-Mind’s foreknowledge of the “Shadow’s” actions, He/She used the attack to transform the British consciousness.

Collectively, enduring the Blitz during WWII cemented a bond between the British people, so much so that when the “Light’s” representative William Beveridge presented his universal care proposal, the people were primed to accept it. Since Canada was a part of the British Commonwealth it was also affected, which brought this consciousness to the North American Continent to quietly simmer until Great Spirit-Mind was ready to put the plan into action. That time is now partly because of two significant discoveries involving the Mineral Kingdom, specifically crystals, one in Canada and one in the Himalayas. According to the web, the Canadian crystal known as Auralite 23 was discovered in 2008 and introduced to the world in 2011 by Mr. Klemens of KLMCO Distribution. These crystalsare located in northern Ontario, near the border and cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Apparently, the specific location for Auralite 23 is Thunder Bay, which I found fascinating as Ontario borders Wisconsin, Craig’s home state. In purchasing a beautiful pillar of Auralite 23 from eBay, we learned about the crystal’s uses, when the seller sent a detailed description of it to us. I have selected some of its most relevant attributes to Great Spirit-Mind’s plan concerning Globe E :

Auralite 23 Crystals are about 1.2 BILLION Years old. The stone itself works with the upper chakras, but more specifically it has a healing role all over the body, and on all levels. It is calming, and it acts as a bridge between the worlds. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration... Auralite’s healing power is a unique mixture of energetic vibrations. Taken together, Auralite’s principle energy is to teach us that “all is one.” Auralite crystals help us see how we can evolve and heal from past pain and guides us to sources that can benefit us.

It is a stone that opens the mind and spirit, recognizing connections between our inner self and our outer life. Auralite offers strength and wisdom as we align ourselves with our true path.

Auralite-23 is one of the only Crystals in the world that connects to its keeper like a twin spirit… reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences. This is a stone that reads into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance.This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life that are worthy of exploration and strengthening. Auralite-23 crystal teaches of the many benefits of recognizing places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into daily life.

Auralite-23 Crystal resonates well with the body's energy centers, especially from the Heart center, up to the Crown center. This stone will work positively with what is associated with these particular energy centers.

Metaphysically, Auralite has many of the characteristics of Amethyst but is much stronger in the area of shamanic journeys, past life work, enhancing metaphysical abilities, spiritual transformation, and physical healing. This is also one of the best stones to use in connecting grids, creating harmony, clarity and protection.

Before addressing how Auralite 23 works with Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan”, we will review its corresponding crystal from the Eastern Hemisphere that is involved in Globe E. This crystal is from the Himalayas and one of its names is not surprisingly Himalayan Ice Quartz, but its more common name Nirvana, reveals that this crystal’s importance is in its connection to The Buddha, because these crystals have been absorbing the monks chanting for two millennia. As with its Canadian counterpart, Auralite 23, when we purchased a Himalayan Ice Quartz we learned a lot more about the crystal. Again, I have selected its most relevant excerpts to Great Spirit-Mind’s plan concerning Globe E:

Himalayan Ice Quartz Crystal - India. Also called Nirvana Quartz. These crystals are found at high altitude in the Himalayas as the Glaciers are retreating. Light pinkish color with many growth interference cavities and etchings… A beautiful and powerful variety of Quartz.

Clear Quartz helps to heal mental, physical and spiritual ailments. This Quartz is very powerful and can amplify energy because of its structure. According to Judy Hall in her Crystal Bible 2 "It works beyond the physical level of being to open the enlightened mind" for healing. In my experience of this Quartz, it is difficult to ignore. It keeps reminding us of and pushing us toward the true direction of our soul path.

These extremely high vibrational ancient Nirvana Quartz crystals were first discovered in 2006 due to glacial melt. They were found in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, in a region known as “Valley of the Gods.” Nirvana Quartz is an extreme example of growth interference crystal meaning that it is created when calcite and other minerals adhere to the quartz matrix and then fall away over time and they incorporate the healing vibrations of all the other minerals that helped shape their form.

They are Trigonic record keepers and are thought to connect with time, both past and future. They aid in finding a path to enlightenment, connecting with your spiritual destiny, connecting with spiritual guides, stimulating psychic gifts, and acceptance and trust of your soul self. They are also thought to help clear the mind and Chakra, release self-imposed limitations, attunes oneself to your potential, letting go of negative patterns, and helps decipher imagination from reality…

In both cases, the two crystals above emerged in the new millennium within two years of each other, and both are healing stones on all levels. The most relevant information for Auralite 23 is that it is “one of the only Crystals in the world that connects to its keeper like a twin spirit”, which reminds us of how connected and “alike we are to each other despite outer differences.” This stone “opens the mind and spirit of the being enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life that are worthy of exploration and strengthening.” Regarding the Himalayan Ice Quartz or Nirvana crystal, its most relevant information as Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible 2 says, “It works beyond the physical level of being to open the enlightened mind for healing. In my experience of this Quartz, it is difficult to ignore. It keeps reminding us of and pushing us toward the true direction of our soul path.”

Combining each element of Great Spirit-Mind’s “twist” in His/Her "Plan" that has been running on a different level beneath the original plan, we see how it will work. In the West, Auralite 23 has absorbed the consciousness of Great Britain’s magnanimous undercurrent held in its adherence to caring for one another, despite recent actions by certain citizens. This undercurrent was carefully composed through the teaching of The Mysteries regarding Earth Stars and Sacred Geometry, which was protected in Great Britain’s many sacred sites and buildings, such as Rosslyn Chapel, Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, and Salisbury Cathedral.

Alternatively, in the East the Himalayan Ice Quartz or the Nirvana crystal carefully nurtured the compassion of Guan Yin and The Buddha. Even after the Dalai Lama helped transfer the energy from the East to the West it still applied, as the transfer facilitated an open current flowing from the East to the West. Bringing these crystals together in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, by making them available worldwide, unites their intent throughout the mineral kingdom, which covers 90% of the Earth’s crust. This changes the energy on the North American Continent, allowing us to apply the spiritual principals of the crystals. From the crystal connection of the two hemispheres, North America becomes a catalyst for the whole world, as America and Canada contain a cross-section of the world with every country represented. Canada has the added advantage of holding the Indigenous culture intact, because of their 600 First nations participation in the country.

Even so, the “Orders of the Quest” have done their work, studiously seeding The Mysteries into Washington DC. Originally, I thought that the three mountains in Washington State mirroring the Federal Triangle was a contingency plan, then I realized that the mountains had stood there for a considerably lot longer than the man-made buildings of the Federal Triangle. Consequently, obviously the buildings were created to energetically reflect the mountains.

Another factor to consider was the religious question. America “New Jerusalem” was specifically created as a means for protection against religious persecution. However, the “Shadow” effectively nullified this role with “his” corruption of Freemasonry. Nonetheless, Great Spirit-Mind’s plan was to unite all religions, starting with Christianity. If we look at “New Jerusalem” as the continent of North America and not just the United States, the religious demographic portrait changes. In the U.S. 70.6% of people consider themselves as Christians, 46.5% Protestant, and 20.8% Catholics. Mexico unsurprisingly is 83% Catholic with only 7.3% identifying themselves as Protestant. Naturally the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Seventh Day Adventists are also represented. Still, we are only concerned with the sects that directly arose from the Reformation. As cited, Canada’s Christian population leans more towards the Catholic, where 38.7% declare themselves aligned with the Vatican, whereas the Protestants only make up 27% of the population. With the shift in Rome, both sides can come together. Interestingly, Great Britain has made the first move demonstrated by the new bill allowing Royals to marry Roman Catholics.

Uniting “New Jerusalem’s” Christians will shift the impetus of union around the world, encouraging the union of other religions. This attitude of tolerance is the energy and consciousness behind the Statue of Liberty, which redeemed the Freemasons through their connection to the Palladium or Divine Feminine in the cornerstone ceremony. However, the statue/Palladium represents not only the United States, it represents the continent of North America, which is a part of one land mass. Even more important, removing all the water from the Earth reveals that all seven continents are connected. After all, the Earth’s crust is undivided, and this is how Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan” will work.

As stated, since the first is the mineral kingdom, it will be the first to change. This is what we are seeing with the emergence of the Nirvana/Ice and the Auralite 23 crystals, from the Himalayas and Canada respectively. I knew of human beings’ connection to minerals, as in a form of Calcium being in the crystal Calcite, still I never considered that our bodies may also be crystalline. That is until I came across the website The Human Crystal, which proposes that our bodies are both solid and liquid crystal structures. Below is a relevant excerpt from an article on the site entitled Crystalline Properties of the Body taken from Dr. Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition Book:

The key to understanding the assimilation of energy into our physical structure is through the awareness of our bodies as a series of synchronous, interacting, crystal structures. The human body on this level is a linkage of oscillating solid and liquid crystals that form an overall energy pattern for the total body. Each organ, gland, nerve system, cell, and protein structure, even the tissue salts in the body, shows a level of organization with some degree of crystalline function. Marcel Vogel, the world-renowned crystal expert, has pointed out that the human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry, and that these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form.

Our bone structure has long been recognized as a solid crystal structure with piezoelectric properties. A piezoelectric effect is the creation of an electromagnetic field (EMF) pulse when a crystalline structure is physically stressed or pushed out of its normal shape. Although various esoteric traditions have implied that the pineal and pituitary glands have solid crystal structures, our skeletal bone structure is the only proven solid crystal structure in the body. As a solid crystal, it has the ability to convert vibrational energy, such as sound or light, into electromagnetic and electric energy. Crystals can absorb, store, amplify, transduce, and transmit these vibrational energies. Advanced vibrational researchers such as Glen Rein, M.D., have also shown that electromagnetic, subtle, psychic healing energies and crystal energies have similar biological effects on the body. Additional research by Dr. Rein indicates that psychic healing energies alter the measurable electromagnetic pattern of a crystal, suggesting that subtle energies can alter the physical structure of a crystal. His research suggests that subtle energies and electromagnetic energies can be converted, amplified, transduced, and transmitted by a crystal in a form of energy that has biological effects...

If Dr. Cousen’s supposition that we can affect crystals is correct, then this is further confirmation of Great Spirit-Mind’s plan. Notwithstanding that the Earth’s Crust is 90% crystalline, there is another factor to consider here, an important archetype for the Divine Feminine is Mother Earth, of which several goddesses are associated. Considering that Demeter, Ceres, and Isis are among these, we can see how the spiritual comes in here. As stated, the Statue of Liberty is an archetype for Libera and Demeter/Ceres, which means she is also an archetype for Mother Nature as well as the Palladium, as such, it brings in both Isis and Sophia. Although the “statue” ostensibly stands in America, it also stands on the North American continent, which means it includes both Mexico and Canada in its influence. As all seven continents are connected, we knew it concerned the return of the Palladium to correct the “Watcher’s mistake.

On April 4th, 2020, we launched another phase in our Bridge to Peace Project, by setting up the KTI Institute for Spiritual Transformation. In thinking about the choice of April 4th, 2020, I realized that in Numerology, the date reads as 4 4 4, which reduces to 3 through 4 + 4 + 4 = 12, then 1+2 = 3. These numbers and their associations seemed just too important for us to ignore them. Working backwards, the number 3 of course connects it to the Tarot’s Major Arcana card 3 – The Empress, which in turn connects to Venus/Sophia and the Divine Feminine, represented by the Statue of Liberty/Palladium. If this was not enough, the number 12 associates to the 12 months and 12 sun-signs, as well as card 12 – the Hanged Man, representing The Christ. All in all, the numbers seemed to point to something.

Earlier I said that I think the Palladium will return during the Autumnal Equinox of 2018, however, I must add that I am not saying that “She” will wave some kind-of magical wand and everything will be perfect. Her return will archetypally add the energy people need to overcome their counterfeit-spirit/pain-body and give their true self, their Spirit a chance. As for the timing of the Palladium’s return in 2018, I believe a clue comes from the words “…sunset gates shall stand, a mighty woman with a torch…” in Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus.” There is no way we can prove this, but neither Craig or I had any idea of the content of Emma’s sonnet, when Craig designed his icon for the Gateways.

Irrespective of the Palladium’s failure to return in 2018, we were moved to start another phase in our Bridge to Peace Project, by setting up the KTI Institute for Spiritual Transformation, to be launched April 4th, 2020. Talking our plans over with our friends Guy and Dan, the latter remarked that 20 20 was also the designation for perfect vision. Then Guy proposed we create a movement for the 2020 launch. Bouncing ideas around we came up with the 2020 Revision campaign, to which Craig suggested we add the year of the Institute’s launch. Nonetheless, we understood that the designation 2020 Revision Movement was designed to get us to look at what happened in 2020, with new eyes. We had intended to launch it in 2020 but due to the Pandemic, we postponed it until 2022. Consequently, on November 1st, 2022, the 2020 Revision Movement website was activated.

Returning to Emma Lazarus’ sonnet, we saw it reflected in the icon comes Craig create for our Bridge to Peace Project Facebook Page in 2011. Today, the same sunset heads our opening Page for our web site, which includes the Triple 7 Center. Regarding the Tarot cards in the Gateways, as stated, I recolored the Rider-Waite Tarot and created a new deck called RSW – Arcanas Tarot. I titled them “Arcanas”, because arcana is Latin for mystery and this deck was specifically created to reveal The Mysteries.

In closing this treatise, I want to share some interesting correlations concerning the two volumes covers’ design. It is probably clear by now that we believe the Statue of Liberty is an archetype for the Palladium, patiently holding the energy waiting for the time “she” can return. As I wrote, we need to see the Divine interaction with this Plane in terms of the Microcosm (individual) and Macrocosm (universal). Sophia in her role as the microcosmic Palladium is carrying the torch of Wisdom to enlighten the world, (statue of Liberty) silently watching and waiting. At the same time, her (macrocosmic) counterpart Sophia or Divine Wisdom, is preparing to re-unite with the Universal Christ, Melchizedek/her partner What-has-been-willed.

Volume I’s cover reflects Sophia leaving her position for most of history, between the Earth Plane and the Higher Planes, descending through the Milky Way to Earth. Or as David Ovason says of another archetype for the Divine Feminine (Clio or the Muse of History representing Virgo), she, together with several “associated zodiacal signs, has wrenched herself free, and has emerged from the Archetypal world into the material realm.” Whichever name we use, Sophia, Virgo, Venus, Libera, or Clio, she started her journey a while ago and has been using the ancient sites of the world (represented by the pillars), which have been activated over the millennia through ceremonies promoting peace in preparation. One other interesting “coincidence” is that there are nine muses, which makes us wonder if this is not a nod to the Nine Waves of Creation.

On the other hand, Volume II’s cover depicts where the Palladium/Divine Feminine is now, i.e., entering the Earth Plane and waiting at the door to our hearts for us to awaken. She is doing this every day through images and symbols to stir our emotions, which helps us access the truth of who we are.

Ultimately, America’s Hijacked Destiny... reveals that it is all in our hands. Great Spirit-Mind’s “Plan” has always intended to empower us, and the stage is set. The question we all need to ask ourselves is: “Do we want to continue as we have been doing, which creates untold suffering, or do we want to try something new and change the way we think?”