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Although we refer to the last Hebrew letter of the Sacred Flame Alphabet as Tau, this is the Greek spelling. In general Tau is ת written as Tav and spelled out as ThV or in Hebrew תו meaning Tav or Tau, and includes the letter Vav ו or Vau. This is particularly interesting as according to the RT group that produced The Rabbi’s Tarot, Vau is also the conjunction “and”, meaning that despite being the final letter, Tau is not the end. As the group relates, Saint Theresa taught that there was no limit to the level of human consciousness in its strive for perfection; consequently, even though we have reached the final seventh Temple Transformation in the Know Thyself Initiative, we have only gone through one level of advancement.

Everything starts with Reason. Animals possess Attention and Memory, otherwise they would not survive. When they begin to Reason out problems, such as chimpanzees using a stick to get to ants, they are ready to evolve into human beings. As humans, we cannot develop our Creative Imagination without Reason, which is why these two faculties are represented by cards 3 and 4 The Empress and Emperor, as well as the Hebrew letters Daleth, spelled DLTh ד and Heh ה spelled HH respectively. Interestingly, as The Empress precedes her consort The Emperor, it suggests that the higher mammals may develop imagination at the same time as they acquire Reason. Regardless, Reason is our gateway to all levels of higher consciousness, because without it we cannot develop Intuition, Wisdom, or Understanding, let alone hope to Transform. Reason underpins everything, which is why we saw such chaos in the world in 2020 and 2021. Due to certain energies, which will be discussed later, a substantial number of people lost the ability to use either Inductive or Deductive reason. However, the tide is turning and more and more are reviewing their responsibility to redress the ills of racism, bigotry, and injustice. In this way, the Sacred Flame Alphabet, created thousands of years ago can point the way. Hebrew scholars tell us that the Hebrew word for Truth, Emet, is spelled אמת Aleph, Mem, and Tau, which takes letters from all three rows of the Tarot Tableau, or as the scholars put it the beginning, middle, and end of the alphabet. We take this to mean that we need to include all Seven Temples in this update, consequently, we will review Stage Reason from that perspective. We will also be using our revised GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, rather than the original The Good News: An Alternate Theory.

One more important point, we consider participants in this next level of the Know Thyself Initiative initiates, as well as members of the 777,000 unique teachers, predestined to assist the Divine Plan. Something we feel critical to engaging a higher form of Reason is reviewing previously considered information, from an open expanded mind. Consequently, we recommend initiates revisit the various Stages as if they are doing so for the first time.


Earlier we said that we intend to employ Deductive Reasoning in a re-examination of the “greatest story ever told”, however before we can dissect it from within, we need to use Inductive Reasoning by taking in the information (reading) through our sense of sight. Subsequently we will start by taking one paragraph at a time; first using Inductive Reasoning, and then dissecting it from within through Deductive Reasoning to discover a deeper level of understanding.

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STAGE REASON –3A – FOREWORD – Synthesis, Truth, and the Demiurge


Craig’s Foreword in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION begins with:

Act On Your Innate Goodness
Live Real Hope
Activate Internal Access to Truth


A noble thought but what does it mean to us personally? We found it helped to read the words over a few times before asking, “Do I really Believe and Trust in God?” Of course, we now use Great Spirit-Mind because as we said it is closer to our understanding of the Supreme Being. As many are not comfortable with names and terms for the Supreme Being, we suggest using whatever name fits participants/initiates concept of the Divine. However, as we believe He/She does not care what name we use, we will use our preferred designation wherever possible.

Regardless, in respect to the question, we are not talking about whether we believe in the Supreme Being or not but whether we believe and trust enough to risk everything? That was the message Jesus was giving us when he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” He wasn’t speaking literally but figuratively. Our “cross” is whatever we incarnated at this time to accomplish, and if we “Really Believe and Trust” then we are living with “Real Hope.” The last injunction “Activate Internal Access to Truth” concerns Deductive Reason but in order to achieve the last injunction, we must engage all three principles of Trust, Belief and Hope. So we need to honestly ask ourselves “Do we really Believe, Trust, and have Hope?

The Know Thyself Initiative requires absolute honesty. We are literally going to create new pathways in the brain, and so it is necessary to examine every thought and feeling. We realize that this is far from easy, which is why we warned participants that this is not a feel good program. We will help as much as we can, sharing our experience of going through the process every step of the way. For anyone who wants to proceed let us examine the first two paragraphs of Craig’s Foreword:

The plan for the synthesis of humanity is in full play and all of us must follow our Spiritual guidance for integration into this universal movement.

(Synthesis is the combining of different substances or ideas that form a new unified whole.) We are in the fullness of time and each of us has an obligation to our evolving existence to come together with all matter for the good of the whole. There is no one coming to save us; all the messengers came here to teach us, and now we must use what we have learned for the impending events of our time.

Again we suggest re-reading the paragraph above and letting the words permeate the mind. Think of the words “plan for the synthesis of humanity” and then re-read the definition for the word “synthesis”, “combining of separate elements or substances to form a unified whole.” Replacing the words “separate elements” with “different beliefs”, and “unified whole” with “The Truth”, reveals that the synthesis of Humanity is to unite them in Truth. Nonetheless, so many people have different opinions as to what the Truth is but the Bible says that the truth is written on our hearts. In other words the Truth is within us, which comes from the Kingdom Within.

The paragraph also says that we are all responsible for Evolution and that it doesn’t just concern our wellbeing but also the wellbeing of the entire planet. The paragraph continues by relating that there is no outside help, because we have all been taught and it is time for graduation.

In the symphony of the Cosmos, we are to follow the Conductor’s lead, as harmony and rhythm are crucial elements to the discerning ear of time. We must become the instrument our higher self uses, which will sound the notes... We know the melody yet never played it before. Not to worry, we have inherent sheet music. All that remains is our physical transmutation through undying devotion to the Maestro and the music. The universal oneness of all things, NO THING, composed the inherent sheet music and inspired that which steps forward to lead the orchestra… INTERESTED IN PERFORMING?


With the help of the Maestro, Suzzan and I have devoted the past twenty-two years to quieting the discord in our song of life on this plane of existence. In order to hear that still small voice within, it is important to have harmony in one’s life, which extends to the inner peace of living. It is through such living that everyone finds his or her place in the orchestra if he or she so desires. Not taught only sought in truth and experienced through living by the guided direction of inner knowing, with confirmations from NO THING. Similarity of experiences communicated while in communion with others, are cherished gifts also found.

We combined the next two paragraphs because they both incorporate allegories that relate Spiritual Truth. Interestingly, the human consciousness is able to remember stories far more easily than just plain facts. This was why the ancient teachers; including Jesus and Buddha used parables, myths, and legends to impress their Spiritual lessons.

Referring to the Divine in terms of music relays the sense of harmony and flow. This paragraph also states that “we know the melody” even though we’ve never played it before. This is because we have the “inherent sheet music” within us. If we think about this, we could view it in terms of déjà vu, as in feeling that we are experiencing something again. Many people theorize that the feeling of déjà vu comes from a past life experience, meaning it may have occurred before in a previous life.

The melody that we have the sheet music to play is the Truth that is written on our hearts. The Conductor represents both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Microcosmically the Conductor is our individual Spirit, and Macrocosmically, it is the Creator. The Maestro, who “composed the inherent sheet music” and inspires the individual Spirit is Great Spirit-Mind “God.”

Moving on to the next paragraph, we read how “to hear that still small voice within” requires “harmony” and “inner peace.” Yet this is not referring to peace and quiet as in what is obtained in a Spiritual retreat but being at peace within ourselves. We can have the most hectic and full life and still be at peace. Disharmony only occurs when we are not following our path.

The Hidden Codes of Life act as a trigger for the memories of our inner purpose, mainly through the Mystical Art of Archetypal images in the Major Arcana of the Tarot that appear the most in the Codes. Still it is up to each of us to discover if we are following our true path or not. The answer is there inside for us to discover. The key is in the injunctions “Believe and Trust.” If we can “Really Believe and Trust”, and then ask with sincere Hope, everything is opened to us. Then we “will find (our) place in the orchestra” that is if we should “so desire.” Remember, “This cannot be taught, only sought in truth and experienced through living by the guided direction of inner knowing…”

Metaphors are wonderful aids when describing what we sense and hope for, and not clearly understand or prove. Metamorphosing NO THING “God” into a being having human characteristics and emotions is a serious error, yet we do it without even thinking or through force of speech in the form of a pronoun, such as ‘he’ or ‘she’. Along with such a process comes the probability of false certainty in understanding the association with a thing and not a dynamic experience. Furthermore, in giving it a name we tend to imagine that thing outside ourselves as separate from us. Without a name or verbal identifier, it is most difficult to refer to anything in speech, as was exemplified when the late entertainer Prince changed from his name to using a symbol. The point is we are rather stuck with the process, maybe we can appreciate: “What’s in a name?”

In the above paragraph we are warned not to take metaphors literally. The use of metaphors for The Divine has resulted in many people thinking of the Supreme Being as some kind of grandfatherly figure sitting on a throne “conducting” life on Earth. Earlier the Creator was referred to as the “Conductor”, with Great Spirit-Mind, “God” or The Supreme Being as the Maestro; so why use the terms? What do the designations mean? Throughout our writings we have said that we learned that the Key to The Mysteries is hidden in the English language, implying that we find a deeper meaning or message in the definition of the word or term. We have already demonstrated this in uncovering the Spiritual meaning of the saying “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, so let us apply the same process to the words Conductor and Maestro.

Webster’s Dictionary has three definitions for conductor. The first has two parts (a) “one who conducts especially one who is in charge of a railroad train, bus, or streetcar,” and (b) “one who directs an orchestra…” The second definition concerns physics, and says a conductor is a “substance or medium that conducts heat, light, sound esp. an electrical charge.” Lastly the third definition is a “lightning rod…”

Maestro appropriately has only one main definition, “a master in an art, esp. a composer.” Interestingly according to Webster’s Dictionary a maestro also means conductor but although a conductor is skilled in reproducing the “composer’s” music, he or she did not create it. To unearth the deeper meaning will require the use of both Inductive and Deductive Reasoning. Remember the Key to The Mysteries is hidden in the English language. If we re-read the paragraph about the Conductor and Maestro, and think of the difference between them, we will see that a Conductor is “in charge” but he or she doesn’t produce, own, or create; whereas the Maestro does all three. Then why did we use the metaphor of Conductor for the Creator? The answer is that in order for participants to even begin to grasp the material in the following pages it is necessary to soften all preconceptions. Thinking of the Creator as part of a Divine structure of consciousness rather than as a King-like ruler that controls everything that happens, opens us to other possibilities and allows us to examine the way we think. Consequently we advise trying to think of the Creator as a guide or director that “leads” (conducts) us into “physical transmutation” through conduction. This was particularly helpful because Webster’s Dictionary says conduction means “the transmutation or conveying of something through a medium or passage, esp. for the transmission of an electric charge.”

One more thing about the definition “lightning rod” for Conductor/Creator is revealed through the use of Deductive Reasoning. Of course, the “rod” in this case represents a metal bar attached to a building to “conduct” a bolt of lightning safely to the ground. On the other hand, letting our minds wander to the other definitions for the word rod esp. concerning the saying, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, by repeating the word “rod” over and over in our head often has a surprising outcome. This is because it involves us using our Deductive Reasoning, which allows the mind to open to deeper levels of understanding.

We said that there is a tendency to “metamorphose” “NO THING/Great Spirit-Mind or “God” into a “grandfatherly” being with “human characteristics and emotions.” It is easy to see how this is done, we only have to read the Bible to see that we have been conditioned to think of the Supreme Being like a human father that we needed to obey to avoid being punished. And yet Jesus said that everything except “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” can be forgiven; even murder.

Having said that many of Jesus’ words have only added to the concept we have of Great Spirit-Mind, or the Supreme Being. For instance, at his trial Jesus told Pilate that he was going to “sit at the right hand” of “God.” Obviously, he did not mean a literal hand, so what did he mean? Again we need to remember that the Key to The Mysteries is hidden in the English language. The term “right hand” has come to mean a trusted worker or assistant, as in the term “right-hand-man.” Therefore, when Jesus told Pilate he was going to sit at the right hand of “God”, he was referring to a Spiritual Being but obviously not the “boss” (Great Spirit-Mind/Supreme Being) so to speak.

Another concern raised in the paragraph is how the use of the pronoun “He” can add to seeing The Supreme Being in human terms. Moreover the paragraph is concerned that this can lead to seeing Divinity as outside of ourselves, instead of part of us. Nonetheless, it is necessary for us to use letters or words to refer to NO THING/Great Spirit-Mind (God) in order to communicate.
For some the title/names God and Christ can “invoke a mental gag”, which is why we chose to use the term Great Spirit-Mind. There is just one thing we would like to add to this, 1 John 4:8 has the words “God is Love.” Through the Mystical Art of Numerology we discover that G=7 + O=6 + D=4 adds up to 17. Reducing this further i.e., 1+7=8 gives us a value for the word God as eight. As we will discover through the Initiative that like there are multiple levels in the human consciousness, there are multiple levels in the Mystical Arts. Without going into this too deeply, one of the deeper levels to Numerology is Gematria. Gematria is a Kabbalistic method of concealing secret information by assigning additional meanings to Numbers. Appropriately the Number 8 represents among other things the Hebrew word Ahab, which translates into Love. So using the letters G-O-D is literally spelling out the message that the Supreme Being, whatever we wish to call Him or Her, is Love.

The symphony is the plan of God (NO THING) moving humanity in concert to perform the evolutionary jump occurring within the lifetime of most of us living. The Conductor is the Demiurge (Creator of the universe) working from the plan in unison with the mechanics of the universe defining the nature and structure of the jump. We are the rhythm of notes forming the melodious body of music to the harmony of God’s plan. This melodious body of music referred to is the body of Christ, not just Christians per say, but anyone who wants to be an instrument. The energy and harmony of this body of humanity must be perfect and moving as one for the defining moment of synchronization with the transformation and jump to a new plane of evolutionary existence. Most of us have incarnated at this time to participate in the process. Please, take a serious moment to decide whether you will honor or fear your commitment to just such an endeavor.

The above paragraph is all about the 777,000, and explains that just like an orchestra playing in tune together can produce the most beautiful, stirring, and moving sound, when the 777,000 “perform in concert” the “symphony” or “plan of God” is actualized, and the Human Race Spiritually Evolves. At this point the Conductor is identified as the Demiurge, which we will discover is an ancient term for the Creator. If we consider the role of the Conductor, the ancients were relating that the Creator wasn’t the Supreme Being but rather His/Her son. An article on Wikipedia describes the term Demiurge thus:

demiourgos, lit. “public or skilled worker” (from demos “common people” + ergos “work”) and hence a “maker”, “artisan” or “craftsman”. In later philosophical and religious language it became a term for a creator deity, responsible for the creation of the physical universe.

In the sense of a divine creative principle as expressed in ergon or en-erg-y, the word was first introduced by Plato in Timaeus, (ca. 360 BC). It subsequently appears in a Number of different religious and philosophical systems of Late Antiquity besides Platonic realism, most notably in Neoplatonism. In Neoplatonism Plotinus identified the demiurge as nous (divine mind), the first emanation of "the One" (see monad). Neoplatonists personified the demiurge as Zeus, the high god of the Greeks.

At this stage it is best for first time participants to not get too hung up on the different terms, just remain open and don’t lock into any particular conclusion. If we trust the process, as we proceed our own Deductive Reasoning will open our mind to deeper levels of understanding. In this first Stage the goal is to introduce a different way of seeing things. This does not mean discarding all previous knowledge and beliefs, just that we re-examine them and maybe add to, or adapt them a little.

To return to the role of the Demiurge/Creator in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, the words “working from the plan in unison with the mechanics of the universe defining the nature and structure of the jump”, defines the Creator’s role. He/She (The Divine is always genderless) acts like an architect directing the construction in building something, like for instance the Universe. Talking of an orchestra in relationship to the 777,000 would appear to be saying that the individuals were either the musicians, or the instruments the musicians played. Yet the sentence, “We are the rhythm of notes forming the melodious body of music to the harmony of God’s plan” would seem to imply something different. These beautiful words were inspired by the dialogue from Battlestar Galactica. The “notes” that form the “melodious body of music” is likened to the Body of Christ, which includes “…anyone who wants to be an instrument.

Even so, can a note be an instrument? To answer this question just think of an orchestra about to play a symphony. Without a conductor to direct the musicians they will not be able to keep time or know when to begin playing their part. Without the musicians, the instruments remain silent, and without the notes that make up the “body of music” the musicians have nothing to play on their instruments. In other words, without the notes (human beings) the musicians, instruments and the Conductor cannot make music. This is emphasized in the next sentence, which bears repeating, “The energy and harmony of this body of humanity must be perfect and moving as one for the defining moment of synchronization, with the transformation and jump to a new plane of evolutionary existence.

In taking the Know Thyself Initiative, it is accepted that each participant “incarnated at this time to actively participate in the process.” The realization of this can be overwhelming and sometimes the “fear of commitment” can become extremely intense. We sincerely hope the next paragraph assists in dissipating the fear.

The Good News Reverberation is a missive that activates a remembering and initiates break down of embodied walls of misunderstanding about Divinity and each person in respect to life on this planet. The reader need only let the words wash over them in a manner that points the way to truth in the most personal of instances, the way to the internal depths of NO THING.

The message here is that we can use the fear to “breakdown” our old mental constructs. Remember we already know the Truth; it is written in our heart. All we need to do is deconstruct the walls “our ego” and “pain body” has built up to keep us in the dark. Naturally, this is achieved with the use of our Deductive Reasoning.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 3-a

STAGE REASON –3B – Free will, Dark night of the Soul, Gnosticism emerges


Returning to Craig’s Foreword, in the Higher Reason level of The Good News Reverberation, we now have a brief encapsulation of the books purpose, and an explanation from Craig on how we came to write the original book, and his thoughts on its update. Then follows an “Important Note” from me (Suzzan) on the Reason behind the update.

“There is good news in that there is a Divine Plan in place, which any and all of us may tap into if we so desire. This plan works hand-in-hand with the mechanics of the universe and evolution. The story of Jesus serves as a preview of coming events and a reference point for understanding this plane of existence and Spiritual Workings. The concept is simple if we accept that we are nothing more or less than Divinity’s interface with this material plane. As a spiritual being in symbiotic relationship with a human body, our primary function is to choose whether to follow the plan.”

“Divinely inspired writings and teachings are gifts given to humanity that help us identify and participate in the chain of evolutionary events constantly taking place. Since this book’s original release in 2006, mass consciousness has surged forward in awareness. Numbers of individuals with such understanding grows exponentially. Concepts that seemed ‘out there’ are readily accepted and practiced now. The future holds that we must go forward in practice from familiar places and reside in those spaces of inner knowing that move us past our mistakenly accepted reality. This movement to the seemingly unknown, yet strangely recognizable, is the loving guidance of spirit for transition to our next level of existence.”

Craig Babcock – August, 2016


Important Note from Suzzan:

Some who have read THE GOOD NEWS: An Alternate Theory released in 2006 might be wondering why we changed the title to THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION. Our reason for doing so is multifaceted. Upon first receiving the information through inspiration between 2003 and 2004, my understanding of the teachings was very new, consequently, my ability to fully explain what I was receiving was also limited. In 2016, with my work on the Know Thyself Initiative on our website, my inspiration was much clearer, therefore, I wanted to try to make my reasoning easier to follow.

Another reason was to incorporate new inspiration to help clarify the information and to correct a serious misunderstanding regarding the role of extraterrestrials in our history. I explain the specifics for my change in understanding, in an update. However, the primary reason was to share the really “Good News” that everything has changed.


Returning to the examination of the new book, the first paragraph relates that the “Story of Jesus” was to help us understand “Spiritual Workings.” This in no way is saying that we think there is no history to the story. Jesus’ life was very real and even if some of the more colorful events can be attributed to later writer’s embellishments, the core events recorded in all four gospels are the “gift” we were given to help us Spiritually Evolve.

Without going into the story of Jesus, as we will be covering this in depth in the next Section, the fact that the recounting of Jesus’ life mirrors many other Spiritual leaders only serves to add credence to Jesus’ legitimacy. Very early on we were told that “Even the errors” in the Bible would lead us to the Truth. Jesus’ life demonstrated that we are all “…a Spiritual being in symbiotic relationship with a human body…” Therefore, it is up to each of us as to whether we follow our calling or not. Talking of calling, we include the next two paragraphs that was taken from the original version, as it describes two very common types of calling.

In the early 80’s on a lonely German back-road, Craig, like so many people who find themselves in a vulnerable position, made a deal with God. As the subcompact car rolled over, his head struck the roof and, while sustaining his full body weight, the metal buckled into his scalp resounding with the sickening sound of vertebrae compressing in his neck. Upright again Craig trapped and unable to feel his legs, realized he was really hurt. It was then he petitioned God, “If you get me out of this, I will dedicate my life to you.” More than a decade later he made good his part of the supplication, manifesting the real power in those words.

In November 1993, Suzzan stood in a psychiatrist’s office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and murmured the words: “Something momentous is going to happen to me I have something important to do.” It was the first inkling that she may have a manifest destiny. For Suzzan’s part, she did not have a clue what her statement in that office meant, or where it would lead. Now, over ten years later, after many “adventures” and endless hours of study Craig and Suzzan both have a clearer understanding of their mission.

Many people have found themselves in a precarious position where they have bargained with Divinity, with most promising to reform and become a better man or woman. For a few, their Spirit will use the opportunity to compel the individual to “dedicate” themselves to a higher purpose. Nonetheless, many believe that nothing happens without the Supreme Beings instigation, while others struggle with the concept of a powerful deity controlling everything. Concerning the former belief, if they are correct, then Great Spirit-Mind or “God” would appear to have manipulated the situation; causing the car to crash to gain a “willing servant.” However, using Deductive Reasoning causes us to see that conclusion does not make sense. Think of it, what would be the evolutionary benefit to have an individual through no fault of their own be put in a position, where through fear he or she “dedicates” their lives to serving a Supreme Being? In the first place we all have to learn through mistakes, like a child does. If we accept the premise that He or She caused the car accident, it would be akin to a parent having a child promise to give them their life’s income in return for the parent catching the child as he or she falls from a tree.

We realize that this is a poor analogy but we are sure that both initiates and first-time participants will get the picture. Free will is sacrosanct and can never be usurped. We are reminded of this universal law through several episodes in the inspired series Stargate SG1. In these episodes, the team (SG1) comes into contact with a race of ascended beings (individuals that transformed into light beings while still alive). In one of the plots the entire galaxy is under threat from a fictitious race of aliens. When “SG1” appeals to these ascended beings to help they refuse point blank, asserting that it is a universal law that higher beings never interfere with events on the lower planes no matter how heinous the act. No, Craig’s calling is a perfect example of Great Spirit-Mind or “God” being the supreme opportunist.

Our Spirit or Divine Spark within is always looking for the opportunity to awaken us Spiritually. Consequently, when we put ourselves in danger through reckless behavior; such as driving too fast, it will use our fear to have us reach out to the Divine. This is why we said that our fear can be used to break down the “walls of misunderstanding.” Once an individual makes the bargain, he or she will eventually have to address it, which leads to the next question; did the Supreme being affect the outcome? Or to put it more plainly, did Great Spirit-Mind save the individual? The answer to this question is more complicated because it involves the nature of reality. Suffice to say for now, if the individual has work to do then he or she will survive the crash.

The next calling although being less dramatic is just as powerful because it also involves emotions. Earlier we said that from the age of fourteen to twenty-one our Spirit is trying to awaken us, which can lead to deep depression. However, sometimes what may appear as depression isn’t; it might be what is referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. Once again, we are grateful to Wikipedia for providing a brief explanation of the traditional interpretation:

The phrase "dark night of the soul" emerged from the writings of Saint John of the Cross, a Carmelite priest in the 16th century… The texts tell of the saint's mystical development and the stages he is subjected to on his journey towards union with God.

The Dark Night of the Soul is divided into two books that reflect the two phases of the dark night. The first is a purification of the senses. The second and more intense of the two stages is that of the spirit, which is the less common of the two. Dark Night of the Soul further describes the ten steps on the ladder of mystical love, previously described by Saint Thomas Aquinas and in part by Aristotle… The text was written while John of the Cross was imprisoned by his Carmelite brothers, who opposed his reformations to the Order. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, a 19th-century French Carmelite, underwent similar experience. Centering on doubts about the afterlife, she reportedly told her fellow nuns, “If you only knew what darkness I am plunged into.”

…The "dark night" might clinically or secularly be described as the letting go of one's ego as it holds back the psyche, thus making room for some form of transformation, perhaps in one's way of defining oneself or one's relationship to God. This interim period can be frightening, hence the perceived "darkness."

In the Christian tradition, one who has developed a strong prayer life and consistent devotion to God suddenly finds traditional prayer extremely difficult and unrewarding for an extended period of time during this "dark night." The individual may feel as though God has suddenly abandoned them or that his or her prayer life has collapsed. In the most pronounced cases, belief is lost in the very existence of God and/or validity of religion, rendering the individual an atheist, even if they bravely continue with the outward expressions of faith. Rather than resulting in devastation, however, the dark night is perceived by mystics and others to be a blessing in disguise, whereby the individual is stripped (in the dark night of the senses) of the Spiritual ecstasy associated with acts of virtue. Although the individual may for a time seem to outwardly decline in their practices of virtue, they in reality become more virtuous, as they are being virtuous less for the Spiritual rewards (ecstasies in the cases of the first night) obtained and more out of a true love for God. It is this purgatory, a purgation of the soul, that brings purity and union with God.

Nonetheless, as this is the Fullness of Time, the information on the Dark Night of the Soul needs to be adapted for the 777,000. It is absolutely true that the phenomenon was concerned with someone who had already begun his or her Spiritual journey. When we begin searching for the Truth, the ego and “pain body” fights tooth and nail to regain control. However, because we are now in the Fullness of Time the “symptoms” of apparent depression that accompany the phenomenon, can equally occur to a seemingly non-Spiritual individual as well as a Spiritual seeker. As we said, at this time the overwhelming emotions can reflect our Spiritual calling. In addition, because we are in the last few years before the transition, most Dark Nights of the Soul are a temporary condition and will start to subside the moment the individual begins a two-way communication with the Divine.

The question that arises is how do we know whether our depression is the Dark Night of the Soul or that we are really suffering from clinical depression? As a rule of thumb, clinical depression is generally accompanied with an inability to function; i.e. unable to work and in some extreme cases unable to get out of bed. In our experience if someone is going through the Dark Night of the Soul, although they are experiencing overwhelming and almost debilitating emotions, they should still be able to function.

Apart from the Dark Night of the Soul, a Spiritual calling can often follow a difficult and or emotional event in our lives; such as a near death experience, severe illness, substance abuse rehabilitation, or the loss of a loved one. These are examples of the kind of emotional experience that can lead to a person hearing the call. Once we feel called then our senses become more acute and we begin to see patterns and synchronicities in our lives. This is epitomized in the inspired works of James Redfield’s trilogy of the Celestine Prophecy. Moreover, because this is the Fullness of Time, a Dark Night of the Soul can occur with no apparent outside triggers; it can appear to come out of the blue, so to speak. Still, whether the phenomenon is caused from “real” experiences or just happens “out of the blue” the purpose is the same; a Spiritual calling to awaken us to our true Self. Consequently, if we remain open to the subtle clues, as the paragraph above related, we will be led to discover our mission.

After being called from Saudi Arabia to go to Jerusalem in 1994, we spent three months in Cyprus coming to terms with our calling. That July we came to America and after a 10,000-mile trip around the States, settled in the Pacific Northwest and began studying in earnest in the Fall of ‘94. We understood that our mission was primarily to discover the similarities in the world’s religions and uncover The Mysteries that Jesus spoke of.

(Note: Even though we do not discuss the emergence of Gnosticism until the first chapter, The Beginning in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, we have chosen to start the discussion on Gnosticism in Section 3 B, and continue it in Section 4.)

A crucial moment in our studies for Craig and I came when we read the Gnostic teachings and embraced the existence of multiple layers within the Spirit and Soul planes. Historians report the early Church called the Gnostics heretics. However, it surprised Craig and me to learn that many scholars believe that some Gnostic sects predate the official Catholic/Orthodox Church. This would make the formation of these sects closest to the time Jesus walked the earth.

(Note: the official Church was Catholic, meaning universal. It was also known as Orthodox, meaning straight thinking. At this time, there was no distinction between the two designations.)

Until fairly recently, the only source for information on the Gnostics was the Catholic church fathers, known as heresiologists writing to contest the Gnostic teachers of the second century. I say until recently, because in 1945, near Nag Hammadi, Upper Egypt, a local villager stumbled over a collection of Gnostic texts. As many of these texts contained teachings that the second century heresiologists contested, the investigators knew they were genuine Gnostic writings from the second century sect led by Valentinus. In reading the interpretation of experts on ancient texts, Craig and I uncovered a very different understanding of the New Testament characters.

Following our guidance, by a two-way communication we were led to investigate the Gnostic writings. We need to pause for a moment to address Spiritual guidance. As we said, Great Spirit-Mind or “God” never usurps freewill, instead, He/She guides us gently by inspiration. For instance, we would be inspired to visit a bookstore where a certain book would stand out on the bookshelf. It was then we would ask if we should purchase the book. If told yes, when we read it we would invariably find the information was exactly what we needed at the time. As the paragraph says, “A crucial moment…”was when we were led to the Gnostic writings in the “Nag Hammadi Library.” An article on Wikipedia describes the discovery, and reception of the Gnostic Gospels:

The story of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library in 1945 has been described as ‘exciting as the contents of the find itself’ (Markschies, Gnosis: An Introduction, 48). In December of that year, two Egyptian brothers found several papyri in a large earthenware vessel while digging for fertilizer around limestone caves near present-day Hamra Dom in Upper Egypt. The find was not initially reported by either of the brothers, who sought to make money from the manuscripts by selling them individually at intervals. It is also reported that the brothers' mother burned several of the manuscripts, worried, apparently, that the papers might have 'dangerous effects' (Markschies, Gnosis, 48). As a result, what came to be known as the Nag Hammadi library (owing to the proximity of the find to Nag Hammadi, the nearest major settlement) appeared only gradually, and its significance went unacknowledged until some time after its initial uncovering.

R3-1In 1946, the brothers became involved in a feud, and left the manuscripts with a Coptic priest, whose brother-in-law in October that year sold a codex to the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo (this tract is today numbered Codex III in the collection). The resident Coptologist and religious historian Jean Dorese, realizing the significance of the artifact, published the first reference to it in 1948. Over the years, most of the tracts were passed by the priest to a Cypriot antiques dealer in Cairo, thereafter being retained by the Department of Antiquities, for fear that they would be sold out of the country. After the revolution in 1956, these texts were handed to the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and declared national property.

Meanwhile, a single codex had been sold in Cairo to a Belgian antique dealer. After an attempt was made to sell the codex in both New York and Paris, it was acquired by the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Zurich in 1951, through the mediation of Gilles Quispel. There it was intended as a birthday present to the famous psychologist; for this reason, this codex is typically known as the Jung Codex, being Codex I in the collection.

Jung's death in 1961 caused a quarrel over the ownership of the Jung Codex, with the result that the pages were not given to the Coptic Museum in Cairo until 1975, after a first edition of the text had been published. Thus the papyri were finally brought together in Cairo: of the 1945 find, eleven complete books and fragments of two others, 'amounting to well over 1000 written pages' (Markschies, Gnosis: An Introduction, 49) are preserved there.

The first edition of a text found at Nag Hammadi was from the Jung Codex, a partial translation of which appeared in Cairo in 1956, and a single extensive facsimile edition was planned. Due to the difficult political circumstances in Egypt, individual tracts followed from the Cairo and Zurich collections only slowly.

R3-2This state of affairs changed only in 1966, with the holding of the Messina Congress in Italy. At this conference, intended to allow scholars to arrive at a group consensus concerning the definition of gnosticism, James M. Robinson, an expert on religion, assembled a group of editors and translators whose express task was to publish a bilingual edition of the Nag Hammadi codices in English, in collaboration with the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity at the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. Robinson had been elected secretary of the International Committee for the Nag Hammadi Codices, which had been formed in 1970 by UNESCO and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture; it was in this capacity that he oversaw the project. In the meantime, a facsimile edition in twelve volumes did appear between 1972 and 1977, with subsequent additions in 1979 and 1984 from publisher E.J. Brill in Leiden, called The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices, making the whole find available for all interested parties to study in some form.

At the same time, in the former German Democratic Republic a group of scholars - including Alexander Bohlig, Martin Krause and New Testament scholars Gesine Schenke, Hans-Martin Schenke and Hans-Gebhard Bethge - were preparing the first German translation of the find. The last three scholars prepared a complete scholarly translation under the auspices of the Berlin Humboldt University, which was published in 2001.

The James M. Robinson translation was first published in 1977, with the name The Nag Hammadi Library in English, in collaboration between E.J. Brill and Harper & Row. The single-volume publication, according to Robinson, 'marked the end of one stage of Nag Hammadi scholarship and the beginning of another' (from the Preface to the third revised edition). Paperback editions followed in 1981 and 1984, from E.J. Brill and Harper respectively. A third, completely revised edition was published in 1988. This marks the final stage in the gradual dispersal of gnostic texts into the wider public arena - the full complement of codices was finally available in unadulterated form to people around the world, in a variety of languages.

A further English edition was published in 1987, by Yale scholar Bentley Layton, called The Gnostic Scriptures: A New Translation with Annotations (Garden City: Doubleday & Co., 1987). The volume unified new translations from the Nag Hammadi Library with extracts from the heresiological writers, and other gnostic material. It remains, along with The Nag Hammadi Library in English one of the more accessible volumes translating the Nag Hammadi find, with extensive historical introductions to individual gnostic groups, notes on translation, annotations to the text and the organization of tracts into clearly defined movements.

For us the most profound affect was the connection of Jesus and Paul’s teachings to “multiple layers within the Spirit and Soul planes.” While we were studying we wrote of the events surrounding our calling. These were recorded in our first book My Lost Love. Looking back now we realized that as we wrote the book within a year of our calling, it is written from a fairly traditional Judeo-Christian perspective. At that time we knew very little about the Gnostics. Over the next decade or so we gathered more and more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle until we had all the material for our second book: LOVE The Common Denominator My Journey to the Truth. The third book The True Philosophers’ Stone follows on from My Lost Love and relates the events from 1998 to 2002.

***NOTE: The 3 BOOKS mentioned above can all be found on -KTI- Books & Cards Page under their NEW Titles.***

Before we get to the first chapter of THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION we will take a moment to address the answers to the questions for the 1st review. As stated, the answers to the 20 questions are all found in Sections 1 and 2 of the Initiative:

1) Which has a stronger Electromagnetic field, the brain, or the heart?
Answer - Heart
2) Name the institute that discovered the answer.
Answer – HeartMath Institute
3) How many houses in a Natal chart?
Answer - 12
4) Who was known as the Father of Sacred Geometry?
Answer - Pythagoras
5) Which planet according to the Kabbalists represents the Number 5?
Answer – Jupiter
6) How many Tarot cards make up the Major Arcana?
Answer - 22
7) Which Tarot Card Archetypally represents Mother Nature?
Answer – 3 – The Empress
8) What did the Alchemists want to turn lead into?
Answer - Gold
9) Archetypally, which consciousness is represented by The High Priestess?
Answer – Universal or Cosmic Subconscious
10) What Archetypally does an old man with a scythe represent?
Answer – Father Time
11) Which Color represents the Moon?
Answer – Blue (light)
12) Which Tarot card represents the Second Level of the Higher Self?
Answer – 6 – The Lovers
13) What are the Seven Sacred Planets?
Answer – Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
14) What are the higher octaves of Mercury, Venus, and Mars?
Answer – Uranus (Mercury) – Neptune (Venus) – Pluto (Mars)
15) In the Spiral diagram, which chakra is the 7th?
Answer - Heart
16) How many letters in the Hebrew Alphabet are designated Mother letters?
Answer – 3 – Aleph, Mem, and Shin
17) How many times does the Color Red appear on its own in the Major Arcana?
Answer – 3 times – 4 – The Emperor, 16 – the Tower, and 20 - Judgment
18) At what age does a child usually forget its past life?
Answer – 7 years of age
19) What is the age of Spiritual Decision?
Answer – 21 years of age
20) Which University in England did Benoit Mandelbrot teach?
Answer – Cambridge University

Participants and initiates probably noticed that many of the questions concerned the Mystical Art of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This is because the 22 cards encapsulate so much of The Mysteries. Moreover, the ability to recall the relevant information of the Tarot Tableau is extremely beneficial to developing Deductive Reasoning. Also the pictures of each card can be used to visually imprint the information into the mind. All the information on the Major Arcana is examined in our recently published book Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, which incorporates every type of interpretation of the Tarot from multiple sources, including the late Paul Foster Case, Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, and Eliphas Levi, as well as the I-Ching.

Because the Mystical Arts are so important to deciphering The Mysteries, we have added the 20 questions below on Astrology and the Tarot, as the questions are designed to help participants use Deductive Reasoning, so try answering the questions without referring to the document, then if after several attempts nothing happens, locate the relevant information in the document.

(1) What 2 Colors together result in the Color for Creative Imagination?
(2) Which Mother Letter represents the element Fire.
(3) What Color represents the Super or Christ-Consciousness?
(4) What Planet is the higher octave of Mercury?
(5) How many Tarot cards are allocated the Color Violet?
(6) Which Planet is represented by the Color Indigo?
(7) What Number card represents the 3rd Level of the Higher Self?
(8) What Sun-Sign represents card 11?
(9) What is the last card in the Second Row of the Tarot Tableau?
(10) What card represents Reason?
(11) Which Hebrew Letter represents the Color Light Blue?
(12) Which Tarot card represents the 2nd Level of the Higher Self?
(13) What card represents the Sacred Planet Mars?
(14) What Sun-Sign is assigned to card 17 - The Star?
(15) Which Sun-Sign represents Illusion?
(16) Which card represents the Planet Chiron?
(17) Which Sacred Planet represents the Transformed Heart?
(18) Which Planet rules Sagittarius?
(19) What Number card begins the 3rd Row of the Tarot Tableau?
(20) What Tarot card is Numbered 10?

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 3-b

STAGE – REASON – Section 4

In Section 3 we related that after settling in the Pacific Northwest we were led to the Gnostic Gospels in the Nag Hammadi Library. At first we were surprised that the whole of Christendom hadn’t rejoiced at the discovery; after all these were some of the earliest Christian writings found validating the existence of the New Testament characters. Still, as we dug deeper we began to see why; the writings gave the power and responsibility of salvation to the individual, and not an organized church. We must emphatically state that none of the information presented THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION is channeled, merely accessed through Deductive Reasoning. In order to get the most benefit from the contents, we suggest considering it as a hypothesis of an alternative interpretation of the characters and events in the New Testament.

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Picking up from where we left of in Section 3 B, we start three paragraphs in from the first chapter, The Beginning in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION:

Returning to the main message of this book, another meaning for Good News is the Gospel or New Testament. Therefore, with this premise what Craig and I wish to do is offer an alternate hypothesis for interpreting and understanding the New Testament and the part some main characters played in Humanity’s evolution. The Gospels of Mark and John begin with the Holy Spirit entering Jesus at his baptism. Likewise we feel that it is appropriate to start at the beginning, but is that the real beginning of the story? Gnostic teachers would answer with an emphatic No! They would tell us the beginning of Christ’s entry into this realm began with the fall of Sophia/Wisdom (herein after referred to as Sophia), the feminine side of the last pair of the Pleroma emanated…

To reiterate, as in Section 3 we will reprint the paragraph under discussion first. In some cases when there is more than one important thought in the paragraph, as in the one above, we will break it up. One further point, as we will be investigating why only the Gospels of Matthew and Luke contain an infancy narrative in the next Section, we will not get into a discussion about it here. Suffice to say, the Gnostics believed that Christ entered the lower planes long before Jesus’ birth or baptism. Instead, as the extract from THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION conveys, their focus concerned the “fall” of a Spiritual being they called Wisdom or Sophia. However, Great Spirit-Mind informed us: …It is impossible for the human brain to comprehend how Spiritual forces operate. We can only identify with Spiritual operation by relating to concepts we do comprehend.” Which we understood as, we wrote:

In point of fact, it wasn’t until the recent discovery of quantum physics that we began to understand energy, atoms and chemical forces. When the Gnostic teacher Valentinus wrote The Gospel of Truth, about nineteen hundred years ago, humanity didn’t even understand electricity, let alone atomic and sub-atomic particles. Consequently, the Gnostics tried to use terms that their contemporaries could understand. These analogies in no way meant that they saw the Divine realm in the same way as the mythical demigods whom the Greeks thought resided on Mount Olympus. Additionally we need to state that although we refer to God in “masculine” terms, this does not mean that we think of the Supreme Being as masculine. With this said, let us share what we came to understand about Gnostic emanations.

A good analogy to understanding the statement, “We can only identify with Spiritual operation by relating to concepts we do comprehend”, is how an aboriginal tribesman would understand the images on a TV for the first time. In his mind the only “rational” explanation could be that the objects and people have somehow been shrunk to fit in the box. Another analogy would be a parent soothing a frightened child in a thunderstorm by saying the noise is caused by God moving His furniture. To reiterate: “…it wasn’t until the recent discovery of quantum physics that we began to understand energy, atoms and chemical forces.” Before then our material world was considered to be solid. For instance, how could we explain the operations of a TV to someone who has absolutely no concept of electricity? This was the dilemma faced by Jesus and his followers 2 millennia ago.

In our opinion the most relevant information the Gnostics left us was the concept of different pairs of consciousness. In the Second Century around 150 C.E., the Christian Church was struggling to survive under the Roman Empire. A primary problem was that less than 150 years after Jesus left the Earth, his followers were anything but united. There was one main distinction between the Gnostics and Orthodox (literally straight thinking) or Catholic (literally universal) Church, which in a nut shell was that the Gnostics position was “salvation” came through Knowledge, as in The Mysteries, whereas the Orthodox/Catholic Church maintained it only came through Grace. The strange thing is that both sides were/are partly right and partly wrong.

Within the Gnostics were several sub-groups which greatly varied in what they believed. The Gnostic teacher we were led to was Valentinus, the author of the Gospel of Truth found in the Nag Hammadi Library. Valentinus was a highly respected member of the Orthodox/Catholic Church as he had been taught by Theudas a disciple of the Apostle Paul, demonstrated by him being considered a candidate to be elected Pope. That of course, was before he had a vision that caused him to break from the Orthodox/Catholic Church to form the Gnostic Valentinians.

There are many Church historians who maintain Gnosticism was a later offshoot from the Orthodox/Catholic church. However, there are equally as many scholars that dispute the claim, asserting Gnosticism predated the official Church. As we will be discussing this later, we will return to the teacher Valentinus explaining Spiritual forces in terms his “contemporaries could understand.” So like the Greeks and Romans related different attributes to their gods, Valentinus related different levels of Spiritual Consciousness by assigning them different names, which we reported in the first chapter Beginning, of THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION.

Words are insufficient to express how grateful Craig and I are to Professor Elaine Pagels. Her translation and explanation of the teachings of the Gnostic Valentinians brought them into a cohesive understanding. Apparently, the followers of Valentinus, who according to one report nearly became pope before his separation from Catholicism or orthodoxy, told a mythical story to explain the beginning of everything. Before relating the “myth”, I must share what God told me concerning why the teaching was in the form of a myth. Evidently, “A myth is a way to describe an absolute truth in an abstract way.”

The Gnostic myth concerned the formation of the highest Spiritual Plane before anything else existed. Valentinus taught that everything began because desiring to be known, the First Father or Supreme Being, projected Himself into His consort, Silence, which brought forth two emanations, Mind (masculine) and Truth (feminine). This pair in turn brought forth the Logos (masculine) and Life (feminine), who brought forth the pair Humanity (masculine) and Church (feminine). (It is important to keep in mind these are ancient terms translated into English and we should not confuse them with the definitions of the words church and humanity used today.) These six emanations, together with Silence and the Supreme Being, made up what the Valentinians referred to as the Ogdoad (8). The pair Humanity and Church also brought forth a pair who subsequently emanated another pair.

Eventually, apart from the 8 Ogdoad members there were eleven more pairs, (22) which completed the thirty members of the Divine realm. The Gnostics called this realm, the Pleroma, where each pair consisting of both masculine and feminine aspects worked together in unison.

Remember this is not a literal explanation but rather a general concept told as a mythical story. As we said, the human consciousness retains a lot more information in story form than bare facts. Therefore, Wikipedia’s definition of the Pleroma is worth relating:

Pleroma …generally refers to the totality of divine powers. The word means fullness …("fills") comparable to…which means "full", and is used in Christian theological contexts: both in Gnosticism generally, and by Paul of Tarsus in Colossians 2.9.

Gnosticism holds that the world is controlled by archons, among whom some versions of Gnosticism claim is the deity of the Old Testament, who held aspects of the human captive, either knowingly or accidentally. The heavenly Pleroma is the totality of all that is regarded in our understanding of "divine". The Pleroma is often referred to as the light existing "above" (the term is not to be understood spatially) our world, occupied by Spiritual beings who self-emanated from the Pleroma. These beings are described as Aeons (eternal beings) and sometimes as archons. Jesus is interpreted as an intermediary Aeon who was sent, along with his counterpart Sophia, from the Pleroma, with whose aid humanity can recover the lost knowledge of the divine origins of humanity and in so doing be brought back into unity with the Pleroma. The term is thus a central element of Gnostic religious cosmology.

Gnostic texts envision the Pleroma as aspects of God, the eternal Divine Principle, who can only be partially understood through the Pleroma. Each "Aeon" (i.e. aspect of God) is given a name (sometimes several) and a female counterpart (Gnostic viewed divinity and completeness in terms of male/female unification)…

The Kabbalists also represented the Divine as different aspects, only they referred to the emanations as the ten Sephirot on the Tree of Life. Nonetheless, as we will discover the ten Sephirot are not the same as either the Gnostic twenty-two emanations of the Pleroma, or the eight members of the Ogdoad. This is because, the Kabbalists believed that above the Sephirot was the Ain Soph (NO-THING), which they saw as representing the Supreme Non-reality. The Tao of Taoism can also be seen to represent NO-THING. Where the Gnostics differed from the Kabbalists was although there was nothing above the Pleroma, it wasn’t the same as NO-THING, because the emanations had consciousness. However, there was and is a very good Reason the Kabbalists referred to the Supreme Being as Ain Soph, because it is impossible to define it, which brings us to the next paragraph.

As stated, the human mind can only conceptualize Divine powers in the vaguest terms. This is why Jesus taught in parables and allegories; our vocabulary is wholly inadequate. Consequently, to attempt to put the pairs of emanations into our frame of reference is extremely difficult. Even so, God explained to us that rather than seeing these pairs in terms of couples, we should regard them as pairs of opposites, such as active and passive or positive and negative.

Since we retain more information in story form than bare facts, it is vital to keep in mind that the objective universe is above all else dual. This is necessary for without opposites there is no reality. If we use Deductive Reasoning, we could liken it to how could we know that something is hot if we didn’t have its opposite cold, or be able to understand that we could not know there is a difference between day and night, without the concept of light and dark. In order for this universe to exist, we must have duality. And yet we are told that the darkness is evil. How can something necessary to existence be evil? As Craig noted:

“Regrettably, Today we connect the word ‘negative’ to anything evil but here we need to see negative as analogous to, relatively speaking, the negative prong of an electrical appliance’s plug working in conjunction with the positive prong. For an appliance to operate, we need both the positive and negative prongs. Another example of how Divine potencies work together is the bee (active) pollinating the flower (passive); both depends upon each other.”

Remembering that the Key to The Mysteries is hidden in the English language, something that seems odd is the word evil being the reverse of live. Sit with this for a while, we think that if participants remain open to their Deductive Reasoning, some may find thoughts and questions arising from within. An ideal way of engaging this valuable faculty, take a moment to write those thoughts and questions down, and contemplating what is written. If participants then read the next paragraph of the Gnostic explanation of what went wrong, euphemistically called the “fall” in Christianity, some may be surprised at the result. Consequently, because of this exercise, and the next two paragraphs being connected, we will deal with them together.

Valentinus told his followers the reason for creation, began with Sophia, the feminine side of the last pair of emanations. It seems, she went in search of her origin without her partner, (What-has-been-willed). Learning Sophia or Wisdom’s partner’s designation, Craig and I wondered if we could view him as the Divine Will. As he was from the “Divine” realm, we understand that it is an appropriate “alias.”

Due to Sophia acting without her masculine/active partner, What-has-been-willed, she went against the natural order. In seeking the Supreme Being, she turned back and, in the words of Valentinus, “Was in danger of being absorbed into the Father’s sweetness.” We understood this to mean that when Sophia beheld the magnificence of the Supreme Being, she became mesmerized and moved to rejoin Him. This is akin to a moth flying too close to the flame. As fire absorbs or destroys a moth, Sophia was in danger of annihilation. However, unlike the exposed flame, a power or in the modern vernacular a force field, which the Gnostics refer to as the Limit, surrounds the Supreme Being. The difference between this force field and others was the Gnostic Limit had consciousness, and was capable of supporting and restoring Sophia to her rightful place within the Pleroma.

The statement that Sophia “…went in search of her origin without her partner…” is key to understanding the myth. This is because “the pairs of emanations” should be seen as “pairs of opposites” which as Craig related, like the negative and positive prongs of an electrical appliance are needed for the appliance to operate.” Working in unison together, the pairs acted as a neutral or grounding that kept each of them in perfect balance. In other words, the thirty members of the Pleroma represented sublime duality, and when Sophia left her “partner” What-has-been-Willed she became unstable, and in a sense “no longer grounded.”

As Valentinus said, “Sophia was in danger of being annihilated” and needed rescuing by the Limit, but who or what was this Limit? Valentinus said that the Gnostic Limit had consciousness, so could we think of it like “a force field?” For the longest time we were unsure as to the identity of this Limit, but applying Deductive Reasoning to the problem, the answer surfaced. Let us examine the process. Deductive Reasoning lays out all the data gathered and then focuses down to dissect and refine it. First we asked ourselves what we knew.

  • 1 - The Limit has consciousness,
  • 2 - The Limit acts like a protective force field,
  • 3 - The Limit surrounds the Supreme Being

What do these three facts tell us? They tell us that the Limit is different to the other Gnostic emanations, because unlike them, the Limit can be in close proximity to the Supreme Being without being “in danger of being annihilated.” This was key to our understanding.


As we contemplated this information, a picture of the Ouroboros (Serpent swallowing its tail) surfaced. The Ouroboros represents eternity or timelessness, so if this “force field” “surrounded” the Supreme Being as timelessness or eternity, what happened when it “moved” to help Sophia? Timelessness is depicted as a closed loop, could the opening of that loop be the advent of Linear time? Before we move on, we will leave participants  and initiates with these thoughts to ponder and to employ Deductive Reasoning to.

  • The planet Saturn is often referred to as the Limit.
  • The planet Saturn represents the highest Sephirot Binah on the Severity pillar on the Tree of Life, above the Creative plane.
  • Saturn represents the Color Black and the element lead.
  • According to Greek Mythology Saturn or Chronos (time) was the father of Zeus
  • The ancient inhabitants of the Middle East were said to worship the planet Saturn.
  • Saturn is the 7th planet in the Seven Sacred Planets.
  • Is it a coincidence that the Jewish Sabbath is held on Saturday or Saturn’s Day?

Also consider how we have already used the term Limit in this Stage. We will be returning to the subject of who the Gnostic Limit was later.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 4-a

STAGE REASON – 4B – Sophia’s emotions became Elements – Life’s purpose and Time

Unfortunately, the emotions Sophia experienced in her encounter could not be absorbed into the Pleroma. Accordingly, the Limit expelled them from the Divine plane, causing Sophia to become separated from parts of herself. To use an analogy, this would be similar to the amputation of a person’s gangrenous arm or leg.

This paragraph encapsulates the Gnostic interpretation of the reason for Creation. When Sophia separated from What-has-been-Willed and became unbalanced she metaphorically experienced a short circuit, which burnt out some of her wires. Just like an electrical appliance cannot operate with burnt out wires, neither could Sophia. It is best understood by recognizing that anything other than Love cannot survive in the Divine plane. Sophia’s burnt out “wires/emotions” had to be removed from the Divine plane, and so Sophia was temporarily put in “quarantine” in order to be separated from them.

Since Sophia was a member of the Pleroma, she was entirely infused with Divine power from the Supreme Being, or First Father. Therefore, her rejected emotions were also divine. In fact, we could see them as divine sparks. As a result, to avoid Sophia’s contamination spreading to the rest of the Pleroma, for want of a better description, the Limit temporarily placed a Veil between the Divine realm and that portion of Sophia, which was expelled, in effect, starting a new realm of existence that we know as the Ether, Astral, or Soul Plane. In addition, to prevent it happening again, the Supreme Being emanated the Christ, along with His partner the Holy Spirit, to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor.

Repeating that “Since Sophia was a member of the Pleroma, she was entirely infused with Divine power” is key to uncovering the Reason for Creation. Although we must remember not to take the myth literally, often the names and components can hide the deeper meaning. Again this deeper meaning can be found through the use of Deductive Reasoning. First and foremost as Great Spirit-Mind or “God” is Love, the Divine realm and All its occupants are made from the nature of Love. Nonetheless, rather than seeing it as an emotion, Love here needs to be seen akin to the spark of Life. If we remember Life was one of the eight members of the Ogdoad in the Pleroma. Another way of looking at the Gnostic Pleroma is allegorically, as the genes that make up the DNA of an organism. Irrespective of how small of a sample we take, the DNA is always the same.
Although, in the myth Sophia’s emotions (DNA) were separated from the Pleroma, because she was part of the Pleroma, she was connected to “everyone” in the Pleroma. Consequently, although the parts of Sophia that were contaminated were separated, they were still connected through the divine spark of Great Spirit-Mind infused within their essence (DNA). Initially The Supreme Being emanated The Christ and The Holy Spirit “… to teach the members of the Pleroma of their progenitor”, and to prevent anyone else from making the same mistake as Sophia. Then as we said a Veil was set up to isolate the parts of Sophia that became contaminated.

Humanity has retained the memory of the union between the emanations in the Pleroma through the myths and legends of creator gods and goddesses. We know these deities by different names throughout the world, such as, Shakti and Shiva, El and Astarte or Ashteroth, Baal and Baalti, and Zeus and Hera. Gradually the populations divided these pairs into sun/sky-gods and earth-goddesses. Civilizations using brute force to rule and conquer their neighbors, gravitated toward the veneration of “sun/sky-gods,” whose power they saw reflected in eclipses and thunderbolts. Tribal communities relying on their survival by cooperating with “Mother Nature” came to venerate the feminine side of deity through the goddess. Regardless of later civilizations giving predominance to the male gods, the ancients always saw creative forces as dual. The concept of rulers as king and queen and emperor and empress, also reflected the union of the members of the Pleroma.

At this point the text pauses to equate the parallel of the worship of various gods and goddesses as reflecting the unconscious memory of the pairs in the Gnostic Pleroma.

Writing of the “birth” of Divine powers puts the process in some kind of sequential order. We live in a linear universe; however, the experience of linear time is only possible on the Physical Plane. Within or above, there is no past, present or future. There is only NOW. Consequently, the Supreme Being emanating the Christ and the Holy Spirit would have happened simultaneously with the other emanations, not to mention, Sophia’s mistake.

The above paragraph explains that the “events” of the Gnostic myth of the fall of Sophia did not happen in linear time, which calls to mind the role of the Gnostic Limit. Was Time the Limit the “Veil” the Supreme Being “… temporarily placed between the Divine realm and that portion of Sophia, which was expelled”, could the Limit be the unfurled Ouroboros?

Death Tarot Card
We mentioned earlier that the Archetype of Old Father Time was represented by card 13 – Death. Nonetheless, as Death represents the sun-sign Scorpio, which is ruled by the planet Pluto, this would appear to be an error. Even if Death represents Father Time that isn’t the end of the story, because if we examine the various myths of Father Time, and his connection to other “deities” we uncover another connection. Wikipedia as always provides the nuts and bolts of the issue:

Father Time (known as Pakiž in some countries) is a personification of time. He is usually depicted as an elderly bearded man, dressed in a robe, carrying an hourglass or other timekeeping device (representing time's constant movement). This image derives from many sources, including the Grim Reaper and Chronos, the Greek god of time.

In English, death is often given the name the "Grim Reaper" and shown as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe, and wearing a midnight black gown, robe, or cloak with a hood, or sometimes a white burial shroud. Usually when portrayed in the black-hooded gown, his face is not to be seen, but is a mere shadow beneath the hood.

To demonstrate how Father Time or Chronos can also be the Grim Reaper, compare the three depictions below:

4b-4        4b-2   4b-3
    Chronos                      Death or Mort               Father Time  

As the Supreme Being emanated the Christ and the Holy Spirit, they were superior, so to speak, in respect to the other members of the Pleroma. In fact, this is where the concept of the Trinity makes entry. However, it is not the traditional definition given by the Church. In the Gnostic trinity, we have the Father (Supreme Being), the Son (the Christ), and the daughter (the Holy Spirit). For most people, “Only-begotten” as a designation is unique to the Christ, which causes great confusion over the person of Jesus. Many interpret this designation as not born from God, but a part of God. God told us the key to the mysteries is hidden in our language (English). We can apply this key to help us understand the difference between the Christ and Holy Spirit and the other members of the Pleroma. To recap:, the members of the Ogdoad resulted through the First Father/Supreme Being’s “projecting” Himself into His Consort, Silence. If we remember that a projector is used to “project” images onto a screen, we can see the difference. The word “emanates” means to bring forth from the source. In other words, the Christ, and Holy Spirit, rather than being a projection or “image” of the Supreme Being, were of His substance. Despite the Church making the Holy Spirit masculine, as the partner of the Christ, she was feminine. Hence, we could think of the Holy Spirit as the “only begotten” daughter of the Supreme Being.

To us this information explained the concept of the Trinity, only it doesn’t portray all three as male, instead it assigns The Holy Spirit to the feminine vibration. As the above paragraph covers the deeper lesson found in the English language, we will move on.

All of the above is very difficult to understand from a contemporary frame of reference. However, God communicated to us if instead of names such as Mind, Life, Humanity, and Limit, we think in terms of frequencies as in light, sound, vibration, and molecular bonds, then it takes on new meaning, even becoming closer to today’s scientific view. Later, I will return to this concept.

Again, as this paragraph is self-explanatory, not to mention that the contents will be discussed later we will again move on.

Desiring to rescue or recover her lost aspects, Sophia united with the Christ. Leaving his partner the Holy Spirit in the Pleroma, He left to help Sophia rescue the divine sparks. Ptolemy, a successor to Valentinus taught that Sophia and the Christ transformed her fear into water, her grief into air, and her ignorance into fire (we should see ignorance here as anger or frustration and not uneducated). You may have noticed that I only list three elements. This is because at the time, people only knew of three elements. However, God told me that Sophia also experienced confusion, which became the element earth, completing the four main elements.

The above paragraph explains why there is so much suffering on Earth. When we consider that all matter in the universe was made from Sophia’s emotions, then the Buddhist concept of life is suffering makes a little more sense. However, if we apply the Mystical Art of Archetypes through the Major Arcana of the Tarot, we can learn even more.

First we need to remember the three cards that represent the three Kabbalistic elements?

  • Water is represented by card 12 The Hanged Man,
  • Air is represented by card 0 The Fool
  • Fire is represented by card 20 Judgment.

Hanged                Fool              Judgement
       The Hanged Man              The Fool                     Judgment             

Now let us look at the emotions the elements represent.

  • Water represents Fear
  • Air represents Grief
  • Fire represents Ignorance (Anger)

When we consider that a human being consists of at least 70% Water, it is a little more understandable why the emotion of fear is so dominant in the world. With that said, all is not hopeless, because this is where Humanity’s purpose comes in.

The primary goal of the Initiative is to help a critical mass Number of the Human Race to change the way they think, so that they can transform their heart. When this is achieved, these individuals literally transmute all negative emotions, which means that fear becomes courage. We are not referring to bravado or fearlessness but as the saying goes, “the courage of your convictions.” To understand the importance of this again involves the deeper levels hidden within the English language. So let’s examine the saying. Webster’s not surprisingly has the definition of conviction associated with a person breaking the law and being “convicted.” However, almost as an afterthought, it adds the definition “The act or process of convincing – The state of being convinced.” Finally it directs us to: see the synonym of “certainty.” Turning to “certainty” we find: (1) “The fact, quality, or state of being certain: certainty of death. (2) Something that is clearly established or assured.”

So conviction in the saying (“the courage of your convictions”) is referencing something we have clearly established and are “certain” of. We said that courage in the saying isn’t referring to bravado or fearlessness. Interestingly, it was one of our initiates, Gwendalyn who provided the deeper level of understanding by informing us of the work of David Hawkins. Gwendalyn holds the distinction of being the first person to register for the Know Thyself Initiative and as the one who provided the connection, we will let her introduce his work.

“AFT has been heavily influenced by the work of David Hawkins MD., PhD. In his book Power Vs Force Dr. Hawkins describes how consciousness is organized into different levels. The problematic “levels of consciousness” are Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride. In the AFT model all emotional and physical disturbances arise out of thought and emotional patterns from these levels.

“Dr. Hawkins’ work also describes “higher” levels of consciousness above the pride level. These levels include courage, willingness, neutrality, reason, love, joy peace and enlightenment. For those interested in consciousness and spiritual development, Dr. Hawkins books: Power Vs Force, The Eye of the I, and I: Reality and Subjectivity are highly recommended.

“The bottom line is that there is a change point at the level of courage. Below the level of courage are states of consciousness that lead to suffering. At the level of courage, we have the courage to look at ourselves and recognize that we are at the source of our own suffering and we also have the potential to be at the source of creating our own joy and peace.

“AFT is dedicated to a) helping people eliminate their own suffering and b) helping people reach higher states of consciousness where people have access to experiences of increasing resourcefulness, happiness, peacefulness and eventually enlightenment.”

Below we reproduce an excerpt from the website Mars and Venus Counseling and Wellness Center on Attractor Field Techniques (AFT):

Attractor Field Techniques

Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) is an energetic and spiritual approach that can be used to work with:

  • Physical Illness
  • Pain Disorders
  • Emotional Problems
  • Spiritual Development and Self-Actualization


What are Attractor Field Meridian Approaches?

What we understand to be “reality” is only one aspect of the universe that is far greater and more awesome than our science can currently explain. Several hundred years ago science said the sun and stars revolved around the earth. The data seemed to prove this. It required a new perspective to discover a more accurate understanding of the universe. Within the last 60 years we have gone from thinking that matter and energy were different. We now understand that they are the same thing in two different forms. The understanding that the scientific world is beginning to realize is that the universe can be understood at many different levels. Each level has its own rules and truths…

Understanding and Energetic Approach to Human Problems.

Our physical bodies are only an aspect of what we truly are. In reality we are beings of light and energy. The concept of “the Force” described in the Stars Wars movies is surprisingly accurate. Our minds and bodies are shaped by our consciousness and our thoughts and intentions. Our bodies are the conduits of life energy that flows through the universe. When we run low on life energy we become “dis-eased” and eventually diseased. Just as matter and energy are interchangeable, thought and energy are interchangeable. Just like energy can be thought of as having a specific frequency (like tuning into a radio station at a certain frequency), thoughts have different frequencies as well. Not unlike radio waves or microwaves or light waves, they are broadcast beyond our specific brains.

Light waves are electromagnetic radiation that comes to us from the sun. Their frequencies are such that they have a positive impact on our bodies. Gamma radiation is also a type of electromagnetic energy at a different frequency that has a very destructive effect on our bodies. Thoughts and intentions also generate energetic fields that have either positive or negative effects upon our lives. The thoughts and intentions that have negative energetic effects on our spirit and our body include shame, guilt, anger, fear and false pride. These include activities such as criticizing, blaming, judging, withdrawing, hiding, punishing, attacking and so on. The thoughts and intentions that have positive energetic effects on our souls and bodies include acceptance, openness, love, joy, peacefulness curiosity, compassion, and reverence. They include activities such as acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, love, understanding connection, and empathy.

There are certain people whom everyone likes to be around. We often say, “I like their energy”. We are absolutely correct about this. These people do broadcast good energy. There are other people we do not want to be around for just the opposite reason. We are all aware of this. But it goes much deeper than this.

When we walk around criticizing, judging and blaming others or ourselves we weaken our life energy. When we go through our life being angry and negative towards others or ourselves we generate negative energy that makes us feel bad and makes us suffer immediately. The effect also continues to affect us over time. Eventually the energy fields of these negative thought patterns create negative energy fields that disrupt the body’s physical functioning and create disease. It also does not matter if we are conscious of these thoughts. In fact most of the time we are unconscious of these thoughts.

For the most part we have not said anything new here. These ideas have been stated by sages and saints throughout time. They have been stated by Jesus and by Buddha. They are in the Talmud and the Kabbalah. They are in Hindu texts, a course in miracles and countless other texts.

This is a perfect example of the use of Deductive Reasoning. Remembering that we all already know this information and have simply forgotten how to access it, the above conveys how Deductive Reasoning accesses those subliminal memories. Thank you Gwendalyn for directing us to another source that demonstrates how the Ancient Wisdom is resurfacing. As we said, this Initiative is interactive and we welcome any and all input from participants.

To return to our discussion on the saying of having “the courage of your convictions”, we have determined that conviction in this case means the establishment of a fact or rather Truth. However, it is Dr. Hawkins interpretation of courage being a higher level of consciousness, which reveals the deeper meaning of the saying. Let’s recap what Gwendalyn said Dr. Hawkins teaches on courage: “Below the level of courage are states of consciousness that lead to suffering. At the level of courage, we have the courage to look at ourselves and recognize that we are at the source of our own suffering and we also have the potential to be at the source of creating our own joy and peace.”

Hanged Man
If we accept that courage is the opposite of fear and yet is not fearlessness we can begin to understand the role courage plays in our Spiritual development. The key is in the Archetypal image of the Tarot card The Hanged Man that represents the element Water. If we remember that the Gnostics assigned Sophia’s emotion of fear to the element Water, we see how the ancient sages hid the means to transmute the emotion of fear in the card that represents Water.

Many people think that to overcome fear means fighting it but one of the most important messages Jesus gave us was to, “resist not evil”, meaning don’t fight it. Nonetheless, Jesus did not mean that we should stand by and do nothing in the presence of “evil”, so what did he mean? The answer can be found in the analogy of the fact when matter and antimatter connect they annihilate each other. However, at this point we want participants to ponder the question and come up with the answer through the use of Deductive Reasoning. Look closely at the image of The Hanged Man. What does it convey? We will return to this question later.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 4-b

STAGE REASON – 4C – Demiurge’s role and New Understanding on
Cause of Biblical Fall

Even though I have been speaking of Sophia in feminine terms, we should not see “her” as a goddess. Craig and I understand from God that Humanity is destined to unite the opposites: darkness and light, male and female, and spirit and matter. Therefore, to think of the Gnostic emanations in terms of male and female gods and goddesses could be an error. Rather, it would be more appropriate to think of them as androgynous. Interestingly, the Greek term for spirit is pneuma, which is neuter, neither masculine nor feminine but both.

The above paragraph is self-explanatory but it is thought-provoking to think that the goal of Evolution is to unite all opposites. This isn’t as daunting a task as it would seem. Consider how much the lines of gender and “good” and “bad” are being blurred today. Nowadays, the differences have become a matter of perspective.

The elements of the universe made from Sophia’s Divine residue (emotions) became the divine sparks or spirit within the Life Principle. These sparks, lying dormant were awaiting an awakening. Of course, to awake the sparks required the interminable cycles of evolution, with the goal being to transmute the four elements made from the rejected emotions of Sophia back into Spirit and release the divine sparks.

At this point we move to the Gnostics’ explanation for the purpose of the creation of the Universe. In order to redeem Sophia’s lost parts/emotions; because they were conscious the parts/emotions had to be transmuted both mentally through Nous/Mind and emotionally through Life/Senses or Feelings. As stated Sophia’s contaminated essence became the four universal elements of fire/ignorance, air/grief, water/fear, and earth/confusion.

Due to the elements containing Sophia’s essence, they were of a dual nature, spiritual and material. They also contained both intelligence from Nous or Mind and the spark of life from Life. Gnostic teachings report that to redeem her residue, Sophia and Christ brought forth the Demiurge, or as we know Him, the Creator and God of the Old Testament, worshiped throughout the world under various names. Because the Creator/Demiurge was beneath the Veil, the creation of a new realm, known as the Soul realm, came into being. This realm encompassing multiple layers including the Astral Plane caused every being beneath the Veil to become ensouled.

After Sophia became separated from parts of herself, the Universal Christ joined with her on the other side of the Veil to put into action a rescue plan, so to speak. The first thing they did was create an intermediary layer called the Soul Plane, and “peopled” it with Divine forces to administer the plan. It is important to always keep in mind that The Christ epitomized Compassion and Sophia represented Wisdom, consequently although the elements were produced from the lower emotions, the Universe was constructed from Love, Compassion and Wisdom.

Again we cannot stress enough that it is impossible for the human mind to understand Spiritual operations, so it is important not to get caught up in literal translation. Instead we need to use Deductive Reasoning in considering that the Gnostic myth might just explain the apparent suffering of All life in general. We realize that traditional religion says that suffering comes from Adam and Eve disobeying “God”; we are just asking that participants consider an alternative explanation. The Valentinians believed that rather than the Creator punishing the whole of Creation, as the Architect of the Universe, the Creator or as they called him, Ialdaboath was a key part to its redemption. Even so, let’s return to the discussion on Sophia’s emotions becoming the four elements in order to “transmute” them “back into Spirit.”

In Section 1 we related the seven chakra system, which correlated to the Seven Sacred Planets. However, there is another esoteric way to describe the seven chakras or energy centers as varying stages of vehicles for the energy consciousness of a human being. These terms derive from Eastern teachings and are known as:

  • 1 or 7 — The Body (Rupa)
  • 2 or 6— Vitality (Prana, or Jiva)
  • 3 or 5— Astral Body (Linga Sharira)
  • 4       — Animal Soul (Kama Rupa)
  • 5 or 3— Human Soul (Manas)
  • 6 or 2— Spiritual Soul (Buddhi)
  • 7 or 1— Spirit (Atma).


As is observed, the principles can either follow an ascending or descending order. For the purposes of this discussion, we will follow the descending order. Eastern teachings associate the four lowest aspects of the soul to the “principles of physical nature.” Along with equating the seven principles/chakras to various vehicles for our consciousness, the Eastern teachings also connected them with actual physical elements from the Periodic Table. Interestingly, the most prevalent element in the Universe, Hydrogen equates to the fourth principle or Animal Soul. This is very telling as we shall see but first let’s examine what esotericism taught of the four lower principles. Our source is Katherine Hillard, in her book An Abridgement of H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. (below are excerpts from LCD)

Ms. Hillard tells us, Madame Blavatsky pointed out that Hydrogen, is “the most stable of compounds,” because as “the lightest of all gases,” when it is combined with Oxygen it transforms into Water. Also, another reason Hydrogen is linked with our 4th principle is because the gas burns so hot. Consequently, she believed Hydrogen represented “Desire; the principle of animal desire, which burns fiercely during life in matter….”

According to Ms. Hillard, Madame Blavatsky, assigned the astral body our (5th or 3rd principle), to Nitrogen. The reason being the 5th principle is described as “the inert vehicle or form on which the physical body is molded.” Nitrogen emulates the astral body, by being “an inert gas; the vehicle with which oxygen is mixed…”

The versatile and “compatible” gas “Oxygen” is assigned to the 6th (or 2nd) principle. Not surprisingly, according to Ms. Hillard, as all life depends on Oxygen it is referred to as “Life, the active power producing all vital phenomena.” This makes perfect sense as the 6th, or in some cases, the 2nd principle, is called in Sanskrit “Prana,” which translates to Life.

Finally, Carbon “the basis of all organic substances…” corresponds to the lowest 7th (or 1st) principle, the body or “gross matter.” Ms. Hillard explains that Carbon is “the substance,” which is “formed and molded over the astral by the action of Life.”

Some way wonder why only the lowest four principles were assigned to elements from the Periodic Table. It is because the three highest principles were considered by esotericism to be beyond this plane of existence; consequently, they did not assign any elements to them. Still there is a wealth of information we can glean by using Deductive Reasoning.

Earlier we mentioned that the Kabbalists hid secret information by assigning various meanings to Numbers. Case in point, in Gematria the Numbers 1 to 103 are assigned to an element in the Periodic Table. Number 1 is Hydrogen, which agrees with modern scientific discovery as Hydrogen is the most prolific element in the universe. Also another appropriate assignment was allocating the element Carbon to the Number 6. Considering that the material universe was created in “6 days,” this is not surprising. We said that one of the meanings Gematria assigned the Number 8 was to Ahab or Love; however, Number 8 is also the atomic Number for Oxygen.

According to Wikipedia, Gematria originated between approximately 0 C.E. and 70 C.E., which begs the question, “Does this mean Kabbalistic sages were aware of the Periodic Table of Elements?” History records that the Russian scientist Dmitri Ivanovic Mendeleev in 1865 is the “father of the periodic table.” Nevertheless, if Gematria can be dated to the First century, then maybe we should say that Dmitri Mendeleev “rediscovered” the periodic table.

Like the other “signs” of ancient knowledge, academia has tended to ignore nontraditional evidence. Yet, we cannot ignore anything if we want to change the way we think, nor should we discard anything out of hand. Our Deductive Reasoning helps us to sort out the gold from the dross because it lays all facts, memories, and or hunches out for examination. For those participants who doubt this, may we suggest try writing down everything learned about the subject so far. To demonstrate this we will give an example of how this can be done.

    Chakra Spiral
  • Since the Fullness of Time the spiral system for the chakra system has been in effect.
  • The Eastern Seven principles correspond to the seven chakras.
  • Sophia’s emotions became the four elements – Ignorance/Fire, Grief/Air, Fear/Water, and Confusion/Earth.
  • Hydrogen represents the Number 1 and the 4th principle/heart chakra.
  • Oxygen represents the Number 8 and Ahab, which translates to Love.
  • Hydrogen is the most prolific element in the Universe.
  • Hydrogen represents desire because it burns so hot - Fire?
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen combine to create Water.
  • The lowest principle corresponds to the element Carbon.
  • Carbon is assigned to the Number 6.
  • According to Genesis the Universe was created in 6 days.
  • The Kingdom of God is Within the Heart.

Taking a look at the list and considering the 4th principle or chakra’s position in the updated spiral diagram of the chakras, we see a shift in energy. Then recalling what religion teaches on Creation, and pondering that science may support the Ancient Wisdom, if we are open to that possibility, then Deductive Reasoning will do the rest.


Gnostics believe the Creator remained ignorant of his true origins, namely, originating from the Christ and Sophia. Proof of this for the Gnostics is in His statement in the Old Testament, “I am a jealous God…” Alternatively, Valentinus points out how Jesus taught that the Supreme Being or Heavenly Father was LOVE. One of our first directives was that our mission involved vindicating “Jehovah.” In my childhood, I knew Jehovah was the Creator, but I now understand the name is the English translation of the Hebrew Yahweh. Wondering, how we could take on such a task, we now understand that we were to remove all violent acts from the Creator’s responsibility: more on this later.

The above paragraph introduces the various schools of thought concerning the Creator of the Universe. At this point it is enough to say that there were Gnostic sects that held the Demiurge and Creation as evil. However, this was not the position held by Valentinus and the Valentinians. For them:

The Demiurge/Creator’s role was as the Architect of the universe to administer evolution. He was unaware of the divine sparks lying dormant in the elements, and so with the statement “Let there be Light” he unwittingly began the awakening of those sparks.

Obviously, the “Light” referred to in Genesis is not daylight or sunlight as this statement occurs before the creation of the sun and moon or stars. Craig and I think we should see the “Light” in Genesis in terms of Electricity. For instance, when we switch on the light in a darkened room, we see the contents. In other words through the senses we become aware of the contents of the room. Even a blind person uses his or her senses of touch, smell, and hearing to determine their surroundings. Consequently, if we connect Light with the enlivening of the Life Principle encased within the elements, then we can also associate the Big Bang with this event. One could also consider this instant as the beginning of the objective plane and linear time.

In the next paragraph we have more analogies to seeing the events in Genesis from a scientific perspective. Earlier we said that there appeared a connection between the Gnostic Limit and the Veil that separated the Soul Plane from the Pleroma. If as we speculated Saturn is involved, then in his aspect as Father Time he could well have been involved in the advent of Linear time. Again take a little time to think about this. Could it be possible that Linear time was created? In the next paragraphs we offered a different perspective in understanding:

It may also help to think of the divine sparks, dormant within the elements in terms of the sparks that fly off from a bonfire. They have no volition of their own and are completely at the “mercy” of the wind. Here, the bonfire represents the Supreme Being and the sparks that fly off into the night are the divine sparks in the elements.

Since the sparks immersed in the elements came from above the Veil in the Pleroma, not only were they alive, but they also had the capacity to co-create. All they waited for was the development of the intellect, which occurred with the development of Homo Sapiens, sapiens, our species. Our development enabled the Life Principle’s access to Mind/Nous and therefore an intellect.

The last two paragraphs are self-explanatory because the first refers back to the need for unity, as in the Orchestra or Body of Christ, and emphasizes the need for cooperation with the Divine. While the second relates that the expansion of the Life Principle into the human consciousness resulted in the ability to co-create.

Earlier I discussed how the Human Race retained the knowledge of the masculine and feminine powers by the worshipping of male and female “gods and goddesses.” In the list of deities, I did not include Osiris and Isis because they were actual historical figures and the first incarnations of the Christ and Sophia, respectively.

In the book LOVE The Common Denominator, I included Osiris in the Christ-like teachers. I also demonstrated that according to historical scholars, the rituals and rites of Isis were adapted into Mariolatry, or the worship of Mary the mother of Jesus. Furthermore, through our studying Craig and I discovered the ancients saw Isis as not only Osiris’ wife, but also his sister. Abraham and Sarah’s relationship reflects this, which is probably why in many ancient civilizations the rulers were often brother and sister.

There was a legend that Isis with her consort; Osiris corrected the “watchers mistake” with Humanity. (The ancient Book of Enoch, translated by Richard Laurence, relates that these “watchers” reveal the mysteries to humankind, which results in the multiplying of evil.) The watcher’s mistake has two components. However, our interest is that it was the reason the Christ and Sophia took on corporeal form.

At this point we are concerned with the role that Osiris and Isis played in the Spiritual development of Humanity. The text points out the parallels between the worship of the mother of Jesus and the worship of Isis. We will be discussing the subject of the origins of Mariolatry in the next Section but for now let’s consider the statement in the paragraph about Osiris and Isis being brother and sister. If we remember that according to the Gnostics, The Christ and The Holy Spirit were both emanated together as apparent “siblings” by The Supreme Father, which would seem to imply that Osiris and Isis were reflecting “siblings.” However, although Osiris was an incarnation of The Christ, Isis wasn’t an incarnation of The Holy Spirit, which is a very important distinction to make. Even so, The Christ and Sophia were from the same family (Pleroma) and as such could also be seen in the light of brother and sister. As Egyptologists know, the Egyptian pharaohs imitated this by often marrying their sister, and so it appears did the Israelites.

As for the “Watcher’s mistake”, this event will be discussed in Section 5 but first it is time for the questions and answers for the 2nd Review.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 4-c & CHAPTER ONE


Once again, the encapsulation of the main points for Sections 3 and 4 are available in a bullet-listed downloadable PDF. If anyone does not have “Adobe Reader”, they can use this link to download it. Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of these questions about the Mystical Arts because they will help build on information incorporated into all subsequent Stages of the Initiative. As we move through KTI, the importance of questions on the Mystical Arts will become apparent because as we said they help build on information incorporated into all subsequent Stages. So before we get to the 20 questions for Sections 3 and 4, we will address the answers to the questions we posed at the end of Section 3 found in the mini breakdown on the Tarot.

1) What two Colors together result in the Color for Creative Imagination?
Answer – Yellow and Blue
2) Which Mother Letter represents the element Fire.
Answer - Shin
3) What Color represents the Super or Christ-Consciousness?
Answer – Orange
4) What Planet is the higher octave of Mercury?
Answer - Uranus
5) How many Tarot cards are allocated the Color Violet?
Answer - 2
6) Which Planet is represented by the Color Indigo?
Answer - Saturn
7) What Number card represents the third Level of the Higher Self?
Answer - 7
8) What Sun-Sign represents card 11?
Answer - 11
9) What is the last card in the Second Row of the Tarot Tableau?
Answer – Card 14 - Temperance
10) What card represents Reason?
Answer – Card 4 - The Emperor
11) Which Hebrew Letter represents the Color Light Blue?
Answer - Gimel
12) Which Tarot card represents the second Level of the Higher Self?
Answer – Card 6 - The Lovers
13) What card represents the Sacred Planet Mars?
Answer – Card 16 - The Tower
14) What Sun-Sign is assigned to card 17 - The Star?
Answer - Aquarius
15) Which Sun-Sign represents Illusion?
Answer - Pisces
16) Which card represents the Planet Chiron?
Answer – Card 9 - The Hermit
17) Which Sacred Orb represents the Transformed Heart?
Answer – The Sun
18) Which Planet rules Sagittarius?
Answer - Jupiter
19) What Number card begins the 3rd Row of the Tarot Tableau?
Answer – Card 15 – The Devil
20) What Tarot card is Numbered 10?
Answer – The Wheel of Fortune


Turning to the 20 questions for Sections 3 & 4, they are designed to help use Deductive Reasoning in answering the questions without referring to the Review PDF. However, if after several attempts nothing happens, don’t be discouraged it can take a while to fully engage our Deductive Reasoning, especially if we are not readers. Practice makes perfect, because changing the way we think often requires retraining our brains. The more we refresh our memories, the easier it will be to recover the information through Deductive Reasoning. Consequently, initiates going through the Stages again, may find it easier the second time around. As we have said, if participants have difficulty recalling the information, simply locate the relevant information in the review. Now for the twenty questions:

(1) Which language is key to The Mysteries?
(2) What is the name of the deeper level of Numerology?
(3) What is a Gnostic term for The Creator?
(4) What is sacrosanct to Great Spirit-Mind “God”?
(5) What is the Dark Night of the Soul?
(6) How many members represent the “orchestra”?
(7) What Year was the Nag Hammadi Library found?
(8) What emotion can be used to “breakdown” our old mental construct?
(9) Who was Valentinus taught by?
(10) What did the Kabbalists believe was above the Sephirot?
(11) What was the name of Sophia’s partner in the Pleroma?
(12) Who emanated The Christ and The Holy Spirit?
(13) Which element represents Grief?
(14) Which Tarot card represents Ignorance or Anger?
(15) Which element is represented by The Hanged Man?
(16) Which Root-Race were the principles of masculine and feminine divided?
(17) What principle does Carbon correspond to?
(18) Which element represents Ahab that translates to Love?
(19) Which two elements combine to represent Water?
(20) What number represents Carbon?

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End of STAGE – REASON  – SECOND REVIEW – Sections 3&4

STAGE – REASON – Section 5


Returning to THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, we said that to redeem the Sparks of Spirit from Sophia or Wisdom’s lost essence (emotions), The Christ and Sophia brought about the creation of the Soul Plane. They also brought forth the creative or Astrological forces, which were administered by the Demiurge/Creator, the “Conductor” of the “Orchestra” of existence. In this Section, we examine the first four paragraphs of the Awakening in The Good News Reverberation together, as they explain the role our Solar System plays in the development of Life, as well as redeeming Sophia’s essence:

Our Solar system became the chosen arena for the recovery of the divine sparks. This was because although life developed throughout the universe, only the elements of our Solar System contained the sparks, or residue of Sophia. In thinking about this statement, I wondered how this could be. If all Life on Earth contains the sparks, then how can it be that non-earthly “living” beings do not. God’s answer was that the rest of the Cosmic Cultures are not of the same elements.

I knew from science class all life on earth is carbon-based, so was I to take it that extraterrestrials are not carbon-based? Some investigators of the UFO issue speculate that they are silicon life forms and represent the next stage in our evolution. This made sense to me, but God told me that it involved our position in evolution. However, I will leave the discussion on our role in evolution until later. For now, I want to discuss the Christ and Sophia’s plan to redeem her lost parts, which through evolution immersed within the physical vehicles, the divine sparks became the spirit within all life, both incarnate and disincarnate.

As stated, in order for the sparks to gain understanding, the Life principle needed to develop intellect. Esoteric teaching reports that the Life principle moves through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, before becoming human.

All Life is conscious, but not all living/conscious beings are capable of rational thought. Let us briefly examine each category. Most people think of the mineral kingdom as inert matter, but minerals such as crystals grow and do not remain stagnant. Then there is the fact that healers use crystal energy in their healing practices. Does this mean that minerals are alive? The first category that many scientists acknowledge as sentient or living is the plant kingdom. Plants are conscious and some people believe that plants can feel pain. Included in the next category are insects. Colonies of ants and bees do not live individual lives but rather instinctually act for the good of the hive/hill/nest. Initially, we see the animal kingdom, such as packs of wolves, hyenas and wild dogs, and herds of antelopes, zebra, and wildebeests instinctually repeating this behavior. Nevertheless, the goal of evolution is to drive the Life Principle to individuality. The first sign of this is the appearance of family/blood groups and continues to develop in the animal kingdom through species like the big cats, such as tigers and leopards. We see the highest example of sentient individualism in animals with the domesticated dogs and cats. As our pets, the consciousness of these animals is the closest to exhibiting human behavior.

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5A – Using Higher Reason to Review Evolution and Humanity’s Fall


The statement that Great Spirit-Mind or God told me that “the rest of the Cosmic Cultures are not of the same elements” needs to be qualified. As will become obvious, since we began our investigation we have learned a lot that contradicted our first conclusions. The question of whether or not we are alone in our universe was one such conclusion. When I was told about the Cosmic Cultures, I was thinking in terms of Star Trek or Star-Gate SG1, i.e., “aliens” but as we will show, new information caused us to rethink everything. However, our understanding of the development of Life on Earth was correct, so we will start there.

“Nevertheless” as the text relates, “the ultimate individualism came when the Life principle evolved into the Human Race.” So accepting the esoteric perspective on the development of the human being’s consciousness through the mineral, vegetable, and animal realms, let’s move onto our species human beings. This brings up what was said earlier about the Seven Eastern principles or bodies that correspond to the seven chakras, making up a human being. To recap:

  • 1 or 7—The Body (Rupa)
  • 2 or 6—Vitality (Prana, or Jiva)
  • 3 or 5—Astral Body (Linga Sharira)
  • 4 or 4—Animal Soul (Kama Rupa)
  • 5 or 3—Human Soul (Manas)
  • 6 or 2—Spiritual Soul (Buddhi)
  • 7 or 1—Spirit (Atma)

After entering the hominid stage, which became the Human Race, the Life Principle was evolving slowly through several hominid genus’s, such as Homo erectus and Homo Habilus. By 50,000 B.C.E. there were only two hominid species living in the Fertile Crescent, (Middle/Near East) Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals. Then, as we wrote:

This is when evolution took a huge leap. The allegory of Adam and Eve becoming aware that they were naked symbolized this. Moreover, the imbibing of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, apart from relating to the Life principle gaining intellect, as well as the ability to discern right from wrong, also demonstrates the ability of self or individual awareness. What Craig and I were surprised to learn recently was that the Divine forces above the Veil were waiting, so to speak, for the development of the Life principle into human beings.

Moving forward we arrive at 41,040 B.C.E., 1,040 years before the gigantic “leap” of 40,000 B.C.E., which is credited with the start of the Human Race. Interestingly this is born out from both an esoteric and scientific perspective. At this point the Life Principle or human consciousness is bringing forth Root-race 3. As reported the Life Principle has evolved into the highest material and intellectual form it can. However, before we continue examining the development of the Human Race from the Higher Reason perspective, we feel it might be beneficial if we pause to address the term Root-race but in order to do so, we need to revisit our understanding of Evolution, and our hypothesis presented in the thesis America’s Hijacked Destiny.

Our hypothesis posited that there are seven Globes of Earth, in which seven Root-races and seven sub-races of humans evolve on, which essentially means that Evolution is multidimensional occurring on seven Globes. Following on from the previous statements of the Life-principle evolving over vast amounts of time. We see the Life-Principle experiencing the consciousness of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms on the first two Globes of A and B, before reaching the human kingdom, with its seven sub-races within 7 Root-races on Globe C. In this scenario, humans transitioned to our Earth, mystically called Globe D, at the start of the Common Era. Fascinatingly, we discovered that we are at a turning point because Globe D is the mid-point in what is esoterically known as a Globe Round of Seven Globes. It is at this point in each round where humans transform into super-human before transferring to the next Globe E. Then on each subsequent Globe from E to G, the former humans evolve closer and closer to the spiritual realm. The Bible tells us “Ye are gods”, meaning we are divine beings infused with a divine spark or our Spirit. All Life contains this spark and therefore the purpose of Life is to “liberate” it from matter. As this process is mental, it cannot happen until we develop higher consciousness, hence the interminable phases of Evolution.

According to Helena Petrova Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, each round of seven Globes is part of a longer Planetary Chain consisting of Seven Globe Rounds, meaning the Life-principle experiences various stages of development on 49 Globes before returning to Spirit. Today, the Secret Doctrine reports that we are in the fourth Globe Round on the fourth Globe or Globe D. This means that three rounds of seven Earths have already occurred where the Life-principle, divine spark or Spirit has evolved through mineral, vegetable, animal, human, superhuman-etc. in its goal to develop consciousness.

One important point, is the Globes are within each other, meaning that we are evolving inwardly, which because of Fractals and the Mandelbrot Set, we know is not empty. So with the caveat that the worlds are not literally within the magma of our planet, imagine a huge sphere with forty-nine circles within it representing the Seven Globes or ‘Earths’ in the Seven Globe Rounds. Obviously the three previous Globe Rounds would have taken longer to complete, since they were larger. Clearly then, passing through these forty-nine circles takes a phenomenal amount of time. True, as we moved inward from larger to smaller, the duration that each circle represents gets shorter but it is still an eternity compared to the way we mark time. Consequently, as our universe is between fourteen and sixteen billion years old, depending on the expert, we cannot be referring to just the life of our present universe.


   (Root-race 2 emerges)    (Root-race 3 emerges)   (Root-race 4 emerges)
   7,000,000 – 6,500,000      41,040 – 35,000 B.C.E    15,120 – 10,500 B.C.E

Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-Races and approximate dates of emergence


Having covered the evolution of our home, what of its inhabitants. As we wrote in our recently published novel, Daniel’s Lion: Living in 2 Worlds (posted on Stage Transformation), it helped to look at the Root-Races as covering major benchmarks in human development. In this way, we could equate the first sub-race of Root-race 1 to primitive humans, who first appeared in what paleontologists call the Lower Paleolithic, roughly three million years ago. These primitive humans, designated as Homo Habilus for their ability to make tools, spiritually speaking, were the first step from animal to human consciousness. The subsequent six sub-races would cover their consciousness development, from simple cave dwellers to herdsman and shepherds forming the first communal living. Root-race 2 would cover the development of modern humans or Homo Sapiens through the Pleistocene era or Ice Age from approximately 300,000 years B.C.E. to our modern Holocene era, which began around eleven and a half thousand years ago. During that time, the other major humanoid species Neanderthals became extinct, leaving the world to be populated by modern humans, or in spiritual evolution terms Root-race 3.

It is during the third Root-race’s seven sub-races that we see the development of the various races and ethnicities around the world as tribal communities, which each soul experiences. This is also when the concept of religion develops. I should state that each soul experiences these tribal communities as male and female, as well as hierarchical positions, such as chief, matriarch, and lowly member. As human consciousness moved into Root-race 4 we see the development of cities and civilizations for the soul to experience. During the previous three Root-races and their seven  sub-races, including Root-race 4, which is also known as the Atlantean Race, humans are operating from their subconscious. We don’t see the development of the self-conscious until around 3,000 B.C.E., which coincides with the development of Root-race 5. It is in the 4th sub-race of Root-race 5 that human consciousness transfers to Globe D. Then over the next 2,000 years humans complete the fifth, sixth and seventh Root-races, experiencing every ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, and circumstance possible to fully develop a cognizant understanding of our connection. Therefore, despite the wars, conflict, and racial prejudices plaguing the world for thousands of years, at our core we are all the same.”

Interestingly, Root-races were first discussed in the chapter Wheels Within Wheels in LOVE The Common Denominator (LCD), in particular how the Major Arcana of the Tarot connects to the various groups. Moreover, Madame Helena Blavatsky’s believed we should think of each Root-race’s development in respect to their physical nature, as spiritual evolution is the process of an energetic consciousness entity going from an ethereal being, to a solid individual contained in a physical body, before through Knowledge and Understanding transforming back into a more purified ethereal being. This “upward swing” begins at the human level when the soul has evolved enough to leave all separation behind and transform into a conscious super-human.

Another consideration was the Root-races association to the Elements and senses, which was linked to specific Tarot cards. As we can see, this is listed as MadameBlavatsky informed us, with Root-race 1 only attaining the sense of sound, which corresponded to ether, because this Root-Race was of an ethereal nature. Then as was reported in LCD:

“…Like race number one, two also is equated to an element and sense; air and touch respectively. Only as the Second-Race was made up from the elements of Race One, they incorporated race ones’ sense too, therefore they had both sound and touch. Blavatsky informs us that the Second-Race was destroyed when the axis shifted and the seas left their beds…


“According to Mme. Blavatsky it was during the Third Root-Race that we separated into male and female, having been androgynous up till then. Like the Second Race the Third Root-Race blended the senses of their previous races, joining sound and touch with the sense of sight. The element that is associated with the Third Root-Race is fire or light….


“…The Fourth Root-Race is also referred to as the Atlantean-Race and the element assigned to it is water. For this “Race,” taste is added to the earlier developed senses of sound, touch and sight. They were reported to be the race of giants; Blavatsky explains that there were ‘giants’ or gods present on the Earth at that time. However, the biblical flood reports the destruction of the majority of this Fourth or Atlantean race…”

Picking up from where we left chapter two Awakening in THE GOOD NEWS REVEBERATION, the text goes on to explain how the Soul within Life developed. We have chosen to address the next seven paragraphs together, as they lead up to an important revision:

Beneath the Veil, the Life principle slowly developed souls as vehicles for the divine sparks. Each soul was the instrument the Life principle used to evolve; however, it was only with the advent of the individual human being that the soul came into play. When the Life principle developed intellect, it could then begin the process of spiritualizing the elements through transmuting human emotions, to return the sparks or residue of Sophia to Spirit.

Genesis chapter one reports the creation of the Human Race. Verse 27 has, “…male and female created he them.” This would appear to mean that not only the creation of human beings occurred before Adam and Eve, but also like the Divine emanations, they were androgynous. So what does the story of Adam and Eve mean? Craig and I believe one of the multiple meanings is relating the separation of the sexes. The allegory of Eve’s creation from a rib of Adam is a metaphor for this.

Interestingly the name Eve in Hebrew means Life. Remembering that Life’s partner was the Logos and that they were members of the Ogdoad, was the writer of Genesis trying to impart yet more secret information by calling “the first woman” Eve? Some people have interpreted the name of Adam to mean the element earth. Tradition has that Eve came from a rib of Adam, but curiously, Craig and I learned recently that one school of thought replaces the rib with the heart.

Life is in a manner of speaking the ancestor of Sophia. Therefore, as Sophia’s emotions became the elements of the universe, could one of the meanings of the allegory of Eve coming from Adam be that the Spirit of Wisdom, Life is within matter. Since the Life principle developed a soul, the divine sparks became connected to the Soul Plane, with the Spirit encased within the vehicle of the soul. While in this temporary vehicle, the divine spark or Spirit’s role was through intellect, to understand the Truth that the individual Spirit’s destiny is to reunite with the All, the Supreme Being.

Although, many see the makeup of humankind in modern terms as variously, Mind, Body, and Soul, Mind, Body, and Spirit, or Spirit, Soul, and Body, the ancients saw the human being consisting of seven separate bodies. Esoteric teaching tells us that three of these seven bodies are souls, namely, animal, human, and spiritual. Is Genesis relating the insertion of the spiritual soul, when it records that after the Lord breathed Life into Adam he became a living soul? Again, obviously Life here cannot mean literal life, as it already existed. However, if we remember that Life was the partner of the Logos and these two were members of the first eight or Ogdoad, then we can see the possibility that the higher spiritual forces were acting through the Creator/Demiurge’s “breath” to infuse humankind with the spiritual soul. In addition, is it a coincidence that Humanity is the only species on the planet to possess fully articulate speech? Considering that Life’s partner is the Logos, which is also known as the Word, is it surprising that humankind developed the ability to converse with one another? It is by the secret oral teachings handed down through the generations that the Truth has survived. Nonetheless, like many gifts, they are double-edged swords. The ability to speak allows for the communication of the Truth throughout the ages. Conversely, because we are co-creators, humanity’s words have power and depending on the intent can be either benevolent as in prayers and blessings or malevolent as in curses and condemnations.

With evolution, everything was progressing according to plan until the unforeseen event occurred, universally known as the “Watchers mistake.” However, as I said, this was a two-part event, but more importantly, it involves a serious misconception on my part.

In the Book of Enoch, the “Watcher’s mistake” is attributed to the “Watchers” revealing the mysteries to human beings. Even so, what I did not realize is that there were two categories of watchers, angels, and extraterrestrials. Initially, understanding that it leads to Humanity’s “Fall”, using logic I attributed it to the latter. Nonetheless, as I wrote in FOR THE CHILDREN, Craig and I have since reconsidered our position. In the book, I present all the evidence that led us to a new understanding.

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For quite some time we interpreted the Watcher’s Mistake as being responsible for the proverbial Fall, however, knowledge is dynamic. Therefore, as we evolve and are able to assimilate deeper understandings our interpretation often changes. In Craig’s and my case, there were two main reasons for reevaluating our conclusions, our discussions with our friend Dr. Carol Sue Rosin and working with our friend Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. Having come to know, respect, and work closely with Carol, we discussed our views on the role extraterrestrials have played in history in particular the theory of their role in the Fall. With her absolute conviction that the cosmic cultures did not cause the Fall, we began to wonder about our conclusions.

Throughout our journey, we have found it is essential to pay attention to everything. Often through a new friend like Carol’s perspective, or new information emerging we have made the greatest breakthroughs. Our recent questioning of our interpretation of the Watcher’s Mistake is a perfect example of the need to remain not only open but also attentive.

Especially evident in Dr. Calleman’s latest book THE GLOBAL MIND AND THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION: THE QUANTUM EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS second edition, is his conviction that the cosmic cultures did not affect our evolution. Consequently, he may come across as a little rigid in his conclusions on the role of extraterrestrials. In discussing this question with Carl, although acknowledging the existence of intelligent life in the universe, he believes we first need to evolve past separateness before thinking about connecting with the cosmic cultures. In fact, he told us that helping us to evolve is his goal in the book. As a scientist, he is more than aware how difficult it is to present a theory to the academic community. Egyptologists and archeologists require empirical evidence before even considering an alternative theory on our origins. In his view, focusing on who built the Giza Pyramids gets in the way of examining the theory.

Amazingly, the book provides evidence of our connectivity through a unified field that Carl calls the Global Mind. The book also reveals evidence of our connection to the divine power within. Accordingly, it offers new solutions to the world’s problems. Even though, we feel there is evidence of possible extraterrestrial visitation in the past. Carl’s approach to that issue opens up an innovative discussion on human development that does not necessitate alien interference. As a result, it presents a different view on our origins for consideration. The book’s value is that it scientifically explains so much about our likely history and reality. A recent presentation from Graham Hancock also appeared to be guiding us in a different direction. Obviously, it was time to take another look, which naturally meant going back to the beginning.

There were certain pillars we felt we could rely on. For instance, we knew that the purpose of Life was to individualize and become co-creators to transmute the elements back to spirit. In this Dr. Calleman’s work with the Mayan Calendar was invaluable, as he showed us how the calendar reveals that evolution has progressed in a sequence of Nine Waves up until the present. Another pillar was that Spiritual Evolution mirrored physical evolution through consciousness development in the form of Root-Races, which could also be seen as a term for different levels of human consciousness, developing into their roles as co-creators. We also knew that it was shortly after the emergence of Root-race 3 in 41,040 B.C.E. that the Watcher’s Mistake took place.

One of the strongest pillars we felt sure of was the ancient astronaut theory. Even with the recent documentary debunking a lot of evidence presented on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, to us there was still a great deal of evidence of the presence of advanced technology, a lot we cannot even repeat ourselves today. Moreover, there are so many myths and legends of gods giving the native inhabitants gifts of civilization, agriculture, and the like. All of this adds up to the high probability that ancient astronauts visited the earth long ago. With the sudden inexplicable leap recorded around 40,000 B.C.E., this date would appear to mark one such visit. Purely from a logical perspective, we felt scientists visiting from another world would naturally conduct experiments on the native species of earth, perhaps in an effort to eradicate disease. The reason we say this is that recently we found information on tablets indicating the ancient Sumerian gods were doctors trying to eradicate disease. Of course, the tablets are referring to the period in Sumer around 5,000 B.C.E, 35,000 years after the great leap of approximately 40,000 B.C.E. As this new information is so important, we will return to it later.

Obviously, visitors to Earth in 5,000 B.C.E. would find a completely different species of human being. To a highly advanced culture, archaic humans (40,000 B.C.E.) would have appeared as little more than animals to them. After all, books even depict them as cave dwellers. Perhaps they saw them in a similar way to how we view chimpanzees and gorillas. Nonetheless, something happened in 40,000 B.C.E. to cause these cave dwellers to become artists.

As the date 40,000 B.C.E. for the Fall seemed likely, we felt it was time to rethink our previous conclusions on its cause. So if possible interference of our ancestors, in whatever form was not the cause of the Fall, what could it be? A crucial point was that those responsible for the Fall were the so-called Watchers. We knew the cosmic cultures were Watchers, but so were the angelic realms of spiritual beings. If we removed the former from the equation, this only left the spiritual beings.

The Bible is not the only ancient writing that speaks of huge life spans. The chapter, Rumors of gods in LCD reported how the historian Herodotus recorded such life spans:

Herodotus, 484 to 425 B.C.E., related that Egyptian priests at Thebes told him of the history of Egypt. Showing him 341 statues, they informed him each statue represented a generation covering, 11,340 years. “They (the priests of Zeus) brought me into a great hall and showed me the huge wooden figures—they say, before these men there were gods who were rulers of Egypt, who lived not at the same time as these men; and, of these gods, one was always supreme ruler. The last of these divine beings to rule Egypt was Horus, the son of Osiris, whom the Greeks call Apollo. They say, Apollo/Horus deposed Typhon and became the last god to rule Egypt. Osiris, in the Greek language, is Dionysus.”

Even so, it was moving to the Bible’s greatest patriarch that provided the real breakthrough, because it led us to the greatest source we have for the mysterious Watcher’s Mistake, The Book of Enoch. Initially, this is addressed it in the same chapter as above in LCD:

The Book of Enoch relates that angels taught the women sorcery and incantations, and that the results of the angels’ unions with the women were giants. Apparently, the angels taught many things, including: “astrology,” “astronomy,” and “dividing of roots and trees...” The giants become the evil spirits because of the union of spiritual beings (angels) and earthly beings (women). Enoch then brings in a different term, Watchers. These “Watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil. Amazingly, he says that the “Tree of knowledge”, contrary to the Bible, does not bestow death. Instead, it bestows “great wisdom,” to anyone who eats of it.

…According to Enoch, humankind was destroyed because they knew every secret of the angels. He tells of prophecies that include the information that the righteous in the seventh week will be given the sevenfold doctrine… An interesting fact is that many scholars believe Enoch could be Hermes, because the name Enoch is generic and means initiator, or teacher. Esoterically, Enochian means, “The seer of the open eye...”

There are four very important points that jumped out from the above extract that were not so obvious when I originally wrote it:

  • There seems to be more than one type of being interacting with the humans: angels and watchers.
  • It is the angels that “taught…dividing of roots and trees...”
  • These “watchers” reveal the mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil
  • The “Tree of knowledge bestows “great wisdom” to anyone who eats of it”

Through our investigations, we determined the Watchers tasked with observing the development of Life on this planet were both spiritual and cosmic beings. Consequently, if the Watchers who “reveal the mysteries” to humanity are not the cosmic beings, it has to be the spiritual beings, or angels who are responsible for the Fall. This would appear to be a correct assumption as Enoch equates the reason for the destruction to humanity, to knowing “every secret of the angels.”

We kept coming back to the teaching of “dividing of roots and trees” as being a problem. Obviously, we needed to return to the relevant passage in the Book of Enoch. Looking it up on the web and finding a site that published the entire book, we found the passage below:

And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants.

Moved to dig deeper, we searched the Book of Enoch to see if it could shed more light on the matter. It did as it recorded which angel taught what:

Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl, taught astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon."

What we found most interesting was that “enchantments” connects to “root-cuttings,” because it brings in the emergence of magic. As we wrote:

…Frances A Yates in her THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT relates that there are four kinds of magic. Quoting from Gabriel Naudé’s work “Apology for Great Men Suspected of Magic”, she explains, “…there are four kinds of magic… divine magic, theurgy or religious magic, goetia, and natural magic.” Divine Magic is self-explanatory but I wasn’t sure about the rest. Evidently, theurgy or religious magic, is “freeing the soul from the contamination of the body”, Goetia magic is another name for “witchcraft.” The final kind Natural magic, according to Naudé “…is natural science.”

What our ancestors didn’t realize is that the only form that was completely safe is divine magic. Two of the three other kinds “theurgy or religious” and “natural magic” are neutral, wholly dependent on the intent of the practitioner, i.e., when it is used for selfish motives, it is black magic and when it is selfless, it is white magic. Goetic magic is the most dangerous as Ms. Yates recounts Naudé’s warning, “Goetic magic is witchcraft.” In other words, this kind of magic is only used for nefarious means...

By the time of the Roman Empire, magical practices were common among the general population. Consequently, it required drastic measures to protect humanity from itself. We know that the leader of the angel or Watchers was responsible for the corruption or Fall of Humanity, by the Book of Enoch reporting of the angel’s punishment. Curiously, the leader Azâzêl did not appear associated to any specific teaching:

"The Lord said to Raphael: 'Bind Azâzêl hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl (God's Kettle/Crucible/Cauldron), and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire. And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin."

Genesis appears to ascribe the Fall to Adam and Eve imbibing of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, however, the Book of Enoch mentions nothing about the “tree,” so what was the “forbidden fruit” that so corrupted the human race? Our answer came from our good friend Leyland sending us the latest presentation by Graham Hancock. As the author is famous for his interpretation of ancient buildings, we were intrigued to find this presentation concerned his discovery that the ancient Egyptians used psychotropic plants in sacred ceremonies.

Citing the evidence of certain mushrooms appearing within the hieroglyphs and ancient paintings, Graham Hancock wondered why the Egyptians used them. As there are legends that the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid was for initiations, he developed his theory. Namely that an initiate would take a hallucinogenic concoction before spending time (probably 3 days) lying in the empty king’s chamber in an altered mind state. However, it was Mr. Hancock’s connecting cave painting and the use of psychotropic mushrooms that we found most interesting. It captured our attention because in his new book, THE GLOBAL MIND AND THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION... Dr. Calleman observes the relevance of cave art in the development of human consciousness. The latter, also points out that the Mayan Calendar records this development in evolution with Day 5 coinciding with 40,000 B.C.E., and the first appearance of cave art.

For Graham Hancock, the presence not only of therianthropes (a combination of animals and humans), as well as mushrooms on cave walls indicates the “cave artists” were using psychotropic mushrooms to alter their consciousness. This statement caused us to remember that the Fifth Wave, which Dr. Calleman equates with the development of consciousness, started during Day 4 of the Fourth Wave with the increased size of the brain. To us this implies that the development of consciousness and the physical development of the brain occurred simultaneously. If so then this could be a clue to the cause of the Fall.

Removing ancient astronauts visiting our ancestors from the equation of causing the Fall, we have only beings from the spiritual realm as possible candidates. From the above sections of the Book of Enoch, this would appear to be a fair assumption. As such then, we can deduce that something they did triggered the Fall. Still, the Fall although referred to as the Watcher’s mistake was no small thing, because it resulted in the creation of the false self, not to mention expulsion from the Garden of Eden. As Genesis records, after Adam and Eve imbibe from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, “...the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked...”

If we remember that the purpose for Life was to become individuals and transmute the elements back to spirit, we can see why this was such a serious infraction. However, it had nothing to do with eating an apple. Putting all the pieces together, we believe the forbidden fruit was the introduction of psychotropic plants to our early ancestors. Let us consider what affect mind-expanding drugs would have in a developing consciousness. As they were destined to be co-creators of our world, we can get a glimpse of the outcome. In meditating on this, we understood that it was akin to putting 5-year-olds (with new souls) in charge of the world. Even more problematic, in this scenario every adult is compelled to obey every child’s whim. The truth was that the knowledge of “dividing roots” and “plants” became accessible before our ancestors evolved enough. This caused a fracturing of the psyche, resulting in the imbalance and separation of the masculine or active self-conscious and the feminine or passive subconscious. We see this reflected in the reference to Eve’s creation facilitated by a rib taken from Adam. This imbalance has manifested in very harmful ways from that moment on.

There are two obvious questions concerning the forbidden fruit — “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then why did the angel-watchers give them to our ancestors?” Moreover, “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then does that mean we should never take mind-altering drugs?” First, the fact that we call it a mistake tells us that it was not malicious. Instead, we think it is a case of the spiritual beings wanting to help speed up our evolution, because until we developed consciousness and emotions, we were unable to transmute them.

An important point is that angels and for that matter all-spiritual beings have a similar consciousness to ours today. We know this because ancient writings, including the Bible, refer to the angels being angry and jealous. Nonetheless, we only see this mentioned after the creation of Adam and Eve. Before then, all references to the angelic realm were as administers of the Divine Realm. Is it possible that seeing the development of archaic humans the angels just wanted to share their knowledge to “help things along”, so to speak, never dreaming of the spiritual ramifications?

Turning to the second question, “If psychotropic plants were so harmful then does that mean we should never take mind-altering drugs? Again, the obvious answer is if the universe did not intend us to use them, they would not be available. The fact they exist, strongly implies that the plants were there for use at some time in our development, but when?

Shamans have used Psychotropic drugs for thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians and as stated above the cave artists to name a few. Nevertheless, from a consciousness perspective, it was during the 1960s that a major shift occurred in the concept of expanding the mind using psychotropic drugs. Recently, some have used meditation to see UFOs. Yet there are many who have “encounters of the third kind” without the use of meditation or mind-altering drugs. Considering all of the above leads us to conclude the use of psychotropic plants, and or chemically enhanced drugs like LSD, was leading to our ability to alter our state of consciousness without drugs. In other words, instead of using drugs to reach a heightened consciousness we will use the meditative practices taught in the Ancient Mysteries. As is explained in THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION:

From the excerpts above, we can see that when the Book of Enoch, attributes the “watchers mistake” to revealing the mysteries to human beings, it is referring to affecting the sub-conscious of the pre-humans or Cro-Magnons. The “mistake” was revealing the properties of certain psychotropic plants before the Cro-Magnon brain was ready. It was disastrous to our spiritual evolution, as the use of these plants led to mayhem in the underdeveloped pre-human mind, taking the level of fear to extremes. Due to the subconscious connection to the Soul (Astral) Plane, these enhanced thoughts and emotions were able to permeate and affect the Astral Plane and its inhabitants. Genesis records the consequences, when it reports that certain angels “lusted” after the women, with the result being their offspring, the Nephilim. The Creator/Demiurge took care of the outward effect of this with Noah’s Flood. Unfortunately, the inward or unseen affect was far more serious, as the thoughts and emotions in the Soul Plane took form. Calling this entity the World-Soul, the ancients warn that it connects to the subconscious of every human being. As bad as this was, it was not the most serious effect of the “mistake.” The most serious affect was the second part, which led to the infamous “Fall” of the whole of Creation. Occurring within a thousand years of the “watchers mistake”, the second part was the disruption of the balance between the masculine and feminine through genetic manipulation.

It was in making assumptions based on present knowledge that we made our mistake. This was because, as the mechanics of genetics was extremely advanced for that time, we assumed the perpetrators could not be human. Sadly, we forgot to take into consideration how the World-Soul could affect the mental development of these pre-humans. Curiously, as we wrote in the new version of THE GOOD NEWS: “It was finding new evidence that showed how wrong the conclusions were: only it was not from a new book, it was one over 100 years old.

In 1905, Julian Morgenstern published The Doctrine of Sin in the Babylonian Religion, in Germany. As the title implies it is a study on the ancient Babylonian religion. The author believes that ancient writings that referred to the gods were recounting actual historical events. He believed that since the word worship originates from the word work, it is a fair assumption that the Babylonians did not just worship the gods they literally worked for them. Yet, in these tablets, there is no mention of the gods requiring people to mine gold. On the contrary, the only worship/work Morgenstern refers to is the individual’s duty to feed the gods, bread, and wine.

A key point in the tablets pointed out by Morgenstern was the need for purity. The gods required not only the food to be pure but also the provider. Through this Law, the need for purity came to be associated with performing rituals of purification. Morgenstern observes, “It was first of all his duty to keep himself ritually pure. Any neglect of these duties was sufficient for the food to miss the mark and to cause the anger of the gods.”

The Babylonians interpreted impurity as sin, or more accurately ‘missing the mark.’ Nonetheless, this teaching was far more practical because impurity became associated with sickness. It was akin to the Jewish reaction to lepers. Nevertheless, in these writings we find another level of understanding. Anyone who was impure (sick) was forbidden to participate in any religious rite or service. Instead, their “sin” put them in a kind-of quarantine.

Many of the tablets refer to a person suffering from a sickness as being afflicted with evil spirits. We see this practice in some of the prayers and supplications reported in the book concerning how the populace viewed sickness:

  • Mayest thou be freed from transgression, wickedness, curse, sickness, sighing, witchcraft, spell, charm, evil machinations of men.
  • Uncleanliness has come against me to judge my cause, to decide my decision
  • Tear out the evil sickness of my body
  • Destroy all evil of my flesh and my sinews
  • May the evil in my body, my flesh, and my sinews on this day come forth, and may I see the Light.

Neighbors also viewed sickness and disease as a person being possessed of the evil spirits; sound familiar? We have only to read the New Testament to read how the ancients attributed Jesus’ healing to casting out evil spirits:

  • They put a woeful fever in his body
  • A bane of evil hath settled in his body
  • An evil disease they have put in his body
  • An evil plague hath settled in his body
  • An evil venom they have put in his body
  • An evil curse hath settled in his body
  • Which have been put in the body of the sick man

Compare the above with Luke 13:11 ‘There was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.” In this case, the passage goes on to relate how the Jews castigated Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. His response clearly shows that her infirmity is attributed to evil, although it was not from any fault of her own. Verse 16 has, “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath day?”

Ancient civilizations had no concept of bacteria or viruses and could only interpret unexplained experiences from their point of reference. So keeping this in mind, we can perhaps see what they were relating to from our frame of reference. Obviously, anything out of the ordinary to them was supernatural and attributed to the power of the gods. Sickness came on suddenly. As a result, superstitious, uneducated people saw this mysterious evil that afflicted people as the god’s punishment. In this way, ancient people saw sickness not only caused by evil spirits, they also attributed it to the gods inflicting individuals with sickness for disobeying them. Morgenstern asserts that for the Babylonians the terms, sin, uncleanliness, sickness, possession by evil spirits, are pure synonyms referring to the condition of the body resulting from “divine anger.”

To be honest, like most rational people we never considered sickness and disease as caused by evil spirits. However, working with an author on his investigation into the teachings of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, introduced information that made me rethink this assessment. It concerned the teaching on what happens when we sleep.

Anyone studying metaphysics will know that we have more than one body in our energy field. For those unfamiliar with metaphysical teachings, think of the colored human aura reflecting an individual’s mood. Nonetheless, the human aura is multi-layered, with these different layers representing our individual and unique energy field. The two most relevant to our discussion here are the Astral and Etheric bodies. As the author explains:

“...when a person sleeps his or her “I” and Astral body detach from the Physical body that remains with the Etheric body in bed. During this time when the two higher entities of a human being have exited the body, higher beings radiate their energies into the sleeping Physical body, regenerating it. As stated, the Astral body records all that has happened during the day, taking the information into the Astral World at night. Regrettably, this means the influence of the higher beings on the Physical body is often hampered because the individual was not true to his or her spiritual self.”

“We discussed how harmful lying was in terms of spiritual progress in the previous day; perhaps this is why Shakespeare was inspired to write “Above all, to thine own self be true.” Along with lying, a more obvious infraction would be violence of any kind, in particular murder. In both cases parts of the perpetrator’s Etheric body separate completely from the body. Floating independently through space, these parts of Etheric bodies are of such a fine substance that they cannot be seen. In reality our world is full of such subtle objects acting as a hindrance to our development. All of this may explain why people see ghosts where severe crimes have been committed.”

“When our actions are so removed from spirituality, such as in war, parts of the Etheric body forced to separate are so dense that they become the smallest molecules; i.e., viruses and bacteria that generate illness, and epidemics. At such times, pre-incarnate souls determine to take on the illness to transmute and dissipate its effect. An example of this could be seen after WWI with the outbreak of Spanish Flu that claimed 50 million lives, predominantly healthy young adults. This was a supreme sacrifice, even if it was unconscious at the human level.”

Nonetheless, lying and murder are not the only cause for energetic parts of a human being to become germs and viruses. Far more dangerous than either of these is the practice of magic. As stated, the Fall caused magic to enter the world. With the presence of the World-Soul, some people were incited to use magic against their neighbors. The direct result was releasing epidemics into the populace, which threatened the survival of our race. It was for this express reason that the ETs came to the Earth 7,000 years ago.

The Babylonian tablets describe how the gods or rather ETs approached the problem. They used holy water. For the gods water was the giver of life, particularly the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates. In fact, the text according to Morgenstern says, “Marduk is directed by EA to take the water from the mouth of the two streams and with it sprinkle the sick man.” He believes, “This was but natural. The waters of the Euphrates and Tigris were sacred; therefore efficacious in driving out evil spirits.”

Further on Morgenstern relates that the tablets refer to the use of prayers in conjunction with the water. Over time, people sanctified natural springs using them to exorcise evil spirits. Although, Morgenstern believes the first and therefore purest form of treatment was sprinkling water, the use of sound (prayer) makes sense. When we remember the work of Masuru Emoto, then using sound to purify, or alter water is logical.

The Watchers task was to observe the Life-Principle as it evolved on Earth. Consequently, when the “Doctors” saw the consequence of the populace altering their consciousness, they came to try to help. First, they came as kind-of doctors helping the population deal with the epidemic. Could this be why, the tablets report the gods giving the doomed man evil spirits? Obviously, if they were inoculating people and or injecting medicine, to the common person, it might appear that the Doctors/ETs were causing the illness, especially if the patient died. One of the side effects of magic, so to speak was the destroyer of rational thinking—superstition.

Apart from helping the Human Race survive the epidemics, the ETs goal was also to help the people understand their purpose. Therefore, rather than exploiting Humanity, after the spiritual beings caused the Fall by introducing magic to the world, the ETs began visiting Earth in an attempt to try to mitigate the damage… Originally we reasoned that only an advanced civilization from another planet could perform such acts. Nonetheless, merely considering how far modern humans came in a little over a century should have alerted us to the error of our thinking. As was explained:

As I said in my original writing, initially I reasoned that only an advanced civilization could perform such acts. When, merely considering how far modern humans came in a little over a century should have alerted me to the error of my thinking.

Another consideration adding to my wrong conclusion was the multiple reports of people’s contact with extraterrestrials through meditation and channeling. Again, I did not take into account the effect of the growing World-Soul on certain people. We know from archeology and ancient texts that there were several advanced ancient civilizations, such as the Lemurians and Atlanteans, destroyed through natural disasters. In addition, we know that the latter at least dabbled in black magic, involving non-corporeal forces. As the timing for the “Fall” is shortly before the huge leap around 40,000 B.C.E., we know that the culprits could not be the Atlanteans. Therefore, as we do not know the identity, I have chosen to call them Lemurians.

Originally, I deduced that the “aliens” interest in Humanity involves the power of human emotions. Sadly, as I thought they were not human, I did not take into account that the Lemurians could pretend to be extraterrestrials, in not only the real world, but also beyond as agents of the World-Soul. Still, I believe, by changing alien to Lemurian we can still use my original reasoning in identifying the cause of the “Fall.”

To recap: As stated, only the Life principle within our Solar system contains the divine sparks and until they developed intellect through human beings, the Divine power was unavailable. The power became accessible through human emotions. In reading the numerous channeled books purporting that some outside force was going to save Humanity, one aspect kept repeating itself. What these “benevolent” beings want from Humanity is their emotions. It is through Humanity’s emotions that we discover the real Divine power.

Gautama Buddha taught that suffering releases the soul from samsara, or the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation. Many interpret this statement, as meaning life on Earth is painful on purpose. It was only when a soul learned all the lessons and become detached from all desire that the individual could cease experiencing physical life, and therefore experience the bliss and happiness of Nirvana, or whatever term we use to describe paradise. As the majority of people’s lives were a constant struggle, this gave them hope that their suffering would eventually end. Even so, when we remember that the universe consists of Sophia’s emotions we reveal a deeper meaning of Gautama’s teachings. The Life principle of the Solar system’s purpose is to redeem the lost essence of Sophia or divine sparks. Individuals achieve redemption through the Life principle in the form of Humanity transmuting their emotions. In other words, suffering does not release the Spirit or divine sparks, but rather the emotions generated by the suffering. Whenever a person transmutes their emotions, they help change the world and bring paradise to Earth.

With this Higher Reason of understanding, we can set the record straight by identifying the Lemurians and misguided Angels as responsible for the Fall, when the latter introduced Cro-Magnons to psychotropic plants. As we now know, the latter’s mistake ultimately led to the more technically advanced but less spiritual Lemurians effecting the division of the masculine and feminine energies, by separating the active self-conscious, from the feminine or passive subconscious. Although we know this occurred sometime after 41,040 B.C.E., to nail down the time we need to consider not only the huge ‘leap’ in advancement in 40,000 B.C.E. but also the disappearance of the Neanderthals five years later. This is because both of these events indicate the separation occurred between 40,000 and 35,000 B.C.E. Even more telling is that 40,000 B.C.E. is only 1,040 years after the date for the emergence of Root-race 3, in evolutionary terms a mere blink of the eye. Even so, as we know the Divine realm did not ignore this travesty, and put their plan into effect. However, we first need to address the spiritual consequences of the “Watcher's Mistake” in part B.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5-a

STAGE REASON – 5B – Consequences of the “Watcher’s mistake"

One of the consequences of the “Watcher’s Mistake” resulted because of the emotions or DNA of Sophia’s contaminated essence being in the four Elements of the universe. Due to the Earth being the chosen site for the emotions/DNA to be transmuted, every individual on Earth contained the Divine Spark or the Spirit within them. As they developed consciousness they began to co-create through their thoughts and emotions. Nonetheless, this was not the only problem. An equally serious problem was caused by the separation of the masculine and feminine principles within the Human Race, as we explained:

At the time of the genetic manipulation of the Cro-Magnons, the Creator/Demiurge had an infrastructure governing the evolution of the soul. In this system, the divine sparks through evolution, were slowly re-accessing their spiritual origins. This infrastructure included archons and astrological powers. The Creator/Demiurge became the impartial judge of the universe, where free will was sacrosanct. With the pre-humans genetic manipulation it meant human beings would no longer gradually incorporate and transmute the emotions of Sophia. On the contrary, individuals were suddenly thrust forward in an unbalanced existence. Sadly, this resulted in the infusion of the counterfeit spirit, or as we know it today from Eckhart Tolle, the pain-body. This is the subconscious component of the lower ego and both are collectively known as the false self.

Initially, the imbalance between the masculine and feminine only affected the subconscious, but with the development of the self-conscious, the human ego took control.

Although the separation and imbalance within human beings was disastrous for Christ and Sophia’s plan, until the Creator/Demiurge adopted mercy no other Divine forces could become involved. Another word for mercy is compassion, which is the epitome of the Christ. Therefore, by adopting mercy, the Creator/Demiurge facilitated the entry of the Christ into our plane. Because the Christ had united with Sophia, with our “Fall” they entered this realm together. Their goal was to teach the Human Race of their spiritual origins, in addition, how to overcome the false self. They accomplished this through the instigation of the Wisdom Religion. Using the energy combination of Christ and Sophia, the Wisdom Religion, through teachers such as Krishna, Pythagoras, Socrates, Confucius, and Gautama Buddha, taught how we spiritually evolve. Surprisingly, the divine pair was most successful when they inspired an individual. Whenever either the Christ or Sophia actually incarnated as a teacher, it took more time. First, they would have to overcome their human ego/pain body and animal instincts before bringing their chosen vessel to enlightenment. The long path Siddhartha took to become Gautama Buddha is evidence of this.

The human conscience did not emerge until the development of a spiritual soul. It is probable that the allegory of Adam becoming a living soul alludes to this progress. The spiritual soul’s development was to assist the Human Race as the redeemers of the divine sparks. It is also important to keep in mind that Humanity has the capacity to create. It should come as no surprise that we do through our imagination, meaning (image made active) which in conjunction with our emotions and intent, co-creates this reality.

Nevertheless, the most disastrous result of the Lemurian interference was that the genetic manipulation affected the entire Soul Plane. This was because the altered species of Cro-Magnon’s thoughts and emotions took form, as we said, and became the World-Soul. This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Unfortunately, as the ages past, it became infused with more and more of the developing Human Race’s thoughts and emotions. Until at last, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane.

When the Lemurians interfered with the Human Race, the Creator/Demiurge reduced the life span and created the Wheel of Necessity or the Law of Karma. In addition, to shield the upper levels from Humanity’s depraved thoughts and to facilitate the purification of the Divine sparks, He divided the Astral Plane. He also decided to send a chosen soul, a messiah to help the Human Race. This precious soul that was to sacrifice his life was born as the man Jesus. The sacrifice was required because in the role of the creator of the Law, the Creator/Demiurge could not absolve the Law of Karma. Although the law was there to assist Humanity, because of the aspect of an eye for an eye or retaliation, it became a vicious cycle. By this time, people saw vengeance as justice, which is why a “sacrificial lamb” was required to absolve the retaliatory part of the law. The Creator tried to teach his children that they should leave the business of vengeance up to him, through Paul’s statement “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” (Romans 12:19)

Previously I said that we were to vindicate Jehovah and this scripture provides the perfect example. Although St Paul wrote this in his letter to the Romans, what Craig and I did not realize was that he was referring to the Old Testament. (Leviticus 19:18 and Deuteronomy 32:35) Although the latter scripture in Deuteronomy concerns how “Yahweh” will “avenge” Moses, the former in Leviticus is an injunction for constraint. “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge…” This sounded a great deal more just than vengeful, not to mention, more indicative of a Divine being. Unfortunately, Humanity wanted injustice eradicated and until they developed mercy could not conceive of the concept that kindness and compassion could “heap fiery coals” (Proverbs 25:22) on their antagonist’s head.

Having addressed the Spiritual ramifications of the genetic manipulation, we will now address whether the separation of the sexes during Root-race 3 was a natural phenomenon or the result of the “Watcher’s mistake.” In other words, did the separation of the sexes cause the “Fall”? The answer is both yes and no. No because the separation of the androgynous hominids on Earth into male and female was a natural part of the Life Principle’s Spiritual Evolution. And yes because the Lemurians genetic manipulation of the Cro-Magnons caused the separation of the masculine and feminine consciousness within the Life Principle. This is the deepest and most important message in the allegory of Eve being taken from Adam. We wrote of how we gained a clearer understanding in discovering a deeper meaning for the caduceus, as was related in The Doctrine of Globes, Rounds, and Root-races:



“The caduceus is one of the most recognizable symbols, because as well as being the ancient universal symbol for medicine, it is also the accepted modern symbol for healing today. I had always thought of the caduceus as depicting two serpents entwined around a central pole, so imagine my surprise to come across the caduceus depicted as one serpent instead of the usual two. Apart from a symbol of healing or medicine, the (two serpents) caduceus represented the double helix of the human being, which is associated with Root-race 3. The key was in remembering that this was after the ‘Watchers’ had interfered with us. So why is the caduceus with two serpents the symbol most associated with Hermes?”



The answer came when we remembered the figures 1 & 2 in the Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-races Today again to be found on the Ancient Wisdom For Now web page. This in turn led to our understanding of why the original Cro-Magnons that were genetically altered could not procreate. However, we must reiterate that we have identified the culprits as a more advanced “human” civilization, not extraterrestrials from another planet. So with this caveat, our summations of the consequences are equally valid in respect to the Lemurians manipulating the Cro-Magnons with their DNA, as our mistaken identification of ETs.

“Quite often the process of revelation we experience can take several years. Case in point, how we came to understand why the first genetically altered human beings were sterile. Essentially the revelation began while writing about the caduceus.

“One day Craig said, ‘The caduceus with two serpents is showing the third strand of alien, (which we now know as Lemurian manipulated DNA), depicting the 1st and 2nd Root-races, and showing us that we had both the male and female or active and passive in us. In order to implant their DNA in us, they (Lemurians) first had to separate the male from the female.’

“All at once I understood what happened and exclaimed, ‘Yes and in order to do that, they needed to clone the human being, before genetically grafting their DNA onto the human being, which became a hybrid. Hybrids cannot reproduce and that is how the population of their selected specimens was controlled...’

“Craig smiled and said, ‘Yes, it was how God intervened.’

“I learned even more while reading a draft of this appendix. In contemplating the insertion of the counterfeit spirit, I was reminded of the doctrine of original sin. Suddenly I realized that the doctrine was how the prophets and early church tried to explain, there was something opposed to God that all human beings inherited. Think about it, how else could they explain an inherited trait to people who had absolutely no concept of genetics? I will return to this discussion later…”

By cloning and then separating the Human Race’s ancestors, the Lemurians created not only an imbalance in the human soul but an unstable condition in the conscious development of the human being. This has resulted in countless incidents of gender confusion with masculine/active consciousnesses being born into feminine bodies and vice versa. Unfortunately misunderstanding, intolerance, and judgmentalism towards anything that challenges conventional thinking has led to many of these individuals experiencing misery and despair.

With the previous update, and some might say reversal of our theory, does the information below still have validity? We believe it does because it describes how humanity became corrupted. Naturally, as we are referring to events occurring long before historians wrote anything down, we have little choice, but to speculate over this. However, as we said, when we consider how far the Human Race has advanced in a little over 100 years, and then bring in the evidence of advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis, we believe it is possible to allow for the possibility that they were human. We know from ancient tradition that the world experiences periodic resetting at the end of a precessional Age. Moreover, these resettings would sometimes occur during the presence of advanced civilizations. The spiritual separation of the masculine and feminine principle was so serious, creating such a rift that it indelibly seared it into the subconscious, surviving to today in the myth of the Garden of Eden and the Fall. Therefore, let us review the information on Atlantis in this section from the perspective that our protagonists were not ETs but rather advanced human scientists driven by their false self, with the support of the forerunner to the Shadow of Deception, namely, the World-Soul.


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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5-b

STAGE REASON – 5C – Who were the Atlanteans and where was Atlantis?


Some initiates may remember that we started Section 5 with a set of seventeen questions but obviously, as Higher Reason revealed our conclusions were wrong, many of the questions have either been answered, or are no longer relevant, so we now address a revised list of questions (below). Nonetheless, multiple questions concerned the mysterious, and some would say mythical Atlantis. Consequently, as we still believe Atlantis existed, we need to address the questions surrounding this mysterious land and people.

  • “Is the Garden of Eden account in Genesis an allegory for the genetic manipulation of the Human Race?”
  • “What were the Spiritual Ramifications of the genetic manipulation?”
  • “What caused the “Fall” of Humanity?”
  • “Who were the Atlanteans and where was Atlantis?”
  • “What caused the Destruction of Atlantis?”
  • “Are Crop Circles created by UFOs?”


The question of the mystical “lost” continent of Atlantis has enthralled us for centuries. Moreover, the fact that researchers are still looking for it, is testimony that the legends cannot be dismissed out of hand. We first began a serious investigation into the origin of Atlantis and the Atlanteans in LCD, where in the chapter Wheels Within Wheels I discussed the famous Greek philosopher Plato’s reference to Atlantis.

“…we first hear of Atlantis from Plato’s reference to its sinking in his Republic, which I found in Terence Irwin’s Plato’s Ethics. The philosopher, reporting what Socrates had told him, related how a philosopher named Solon had visited Egypt around 590 B.C.E. inquiring of the past. An old priest told him that the planet had experienced numerous devastations, from different agencies throughout existence, and the world will experience many more. The priest told Socrates, that the most destructive ‘agencies’ have been floods and conflagrations. Like many others, the priest believed that humanity was suffering from amnesia, as we think there has been only one great flood, whereas, the Earth has experienced several inundations.”

There are several theories as to the origin and location of Atlantis, with some researchers proposing an extraterrestrial origin. Considering our mistaken hypothesis that Cro-Magnons were genetically manipulated by an “alien race”, we can understand the assessment. Nonetheless, our research has led to the conclusion that the Atlanteans were not extraterrestrial. Using Deductive Reasoning from all the data gathered so far, we Reason that the Atlanteans were the hybrid offspring from the genes of both the Cro-Magnons and the Lemurians. Therefore, we propose that the Reason the Atlanteans were so advanced technically was because their progenitors were still “guiding”, and giving them advanced technology. Nonetheless, the result of that “guidance” had repercussions, which has been reported hundreds of times. We found one of the most relevant comments on the Atlanteans in an article on the website Exploring Theosophy:

“The Atlanteans produced some of the most brilliant civilizations of a purely material character that this globe has seen. On the whole, however, they were unspiritual, with strong material instincts. Many of them worshipped the dark and evil powers of nature, and misused their innate psychic powers for selfish ends -- practices that were opposed by the wiser among them…”

The Theosophical Society is not alone in their assessment of Atlantis, it seems that many people have reached the same conclusion we did; namely that the Atlanteans were probably more technologically advanced than the Human Race is today. However, the Atlanteans although being technically advanced, as the article above says, they were definitely not advanced Spiritually.

Before we move on we feel it is important to address our identification of Cro-Magnons as the hominid species genetically altered by the Lemurians. Around 40,000 B.C.E. there were two species of hominids on the Earth, Cro-Magnons, and Neanderthals. What is most interesting is the Neanderthals emerged first around 150,000 B.C.E., whereas Cro-Magnons did not appear until 45,000 B.C.E. Our identification of the Cro-Magnons as the species that was genetically altered is predicated on what happened to the Neanderthals. Paleontologists assert that the Neanderthals disappeared from the fossil record approximately 35,000 B.C.E. They also maintain that Homo Sapien sapiens evolved solely from the Cro-Magnons. This is supported by geneticists that state the Human Race today has NO Neanderthal genes in our DNA. Excavations of Neanderthal grave sites have uncovered care of the dead with remains buried with flowers and keepsakes, which indicates to the paleontologists that there was a Spiritual component in the Neanderthal communities. Interestingly, there are Sumerian tablets reporting that their “gods” complained the people were “sabotaging” their ability to hunt animals.

As stated “the separation of the androgynous hominids on Earth into male and female was a natural part of the Life Principle’s Spiritual Evolution.” However, as we concluded the Lemurian “genetic manipulation of the Cro-Magnons caused the separation of the masculine and feminine consciousness within the Life Principle” too early.

Having refreshed our memories, we can now uncover the identity of the Atlanteans. The answer lies in the knowledge that every Root-race emerges from the one before the previous Root-race’s seventh sub-race. In this way, at the time of the genetic manipulation, Root-race 3 was emerging from the seventh sub-race of the Root-race 1 (see below). However, the primary sub-races involved with Root-race 4 or the Atlanteans were the seven sub-races of Root-race 2.


Around 40,000 B.C.E. Root-race 2 had reached their fourth sub-race. We think it is best explained in the diagrams of what we refer to as an “upstepping.” The period of time we are concerned with here is the emergence of Root-race 4 from Root-race 2. In this time around 25,000 years have passed since the genetic manipulation of the Cro-Magnons, which evolved into Homo Sapiens. In 15,120 B.C.E., Root-race 3 reached the mid-point or the fourth sub-race. Like Root-race 3 emerged from the seventh sub-race of Root-race 1, at this point the seventh sub-race of Root-race 2 becomes the first sub-race of Root-race 4.” (see below)


   (Root-race 2 emerges)    (Root-race 3 emerges)   (Root-race 4 emerges)
   7,000,000 – 6,500,000      41,040 – 35,000 B.C.E    15,120 – 10,500 B.C.E

Diagram of the overlapping of the Root-Races and approximate dates of emergence


Sometime before the next “upstepping” takes place, the destruction of Atlantis transpires. However, following the passage of 6,480 years, after the dust settles so to speak, in 8,640 B.C.E., the second sub-race of Root-race 4, with the fifth sub-race of Root-race 3 emerges to repopulate the Earth. In the Bible, this would be when The Creator vows never to destroy the Earth with a flood again in Genesis.

Applying Higher Reason to bring in more information, we are reminded of how the first four Root-races incorporated the Elements as well as the Senses. Refreshing our memories, these are:

  • Root-race 1 represents Ether and Sound/Hearing
  • Root-race 2 represents Air and Touch together with Hearing
  • Root-race 3 represents Fire and Sight together with Hearing, and Touch
  • Root-race 4 represents Water and Taste together with Hearing, Touch, and Sight

From the above information, we now know that Root-race 4 only lacked the sense of Smell. However, we found the most relevant fact by equating the Elements to Emotions. When we did, we saw that the Atlanteans possessed all three Kabbalistic Elements of Air, Fire, and Water representing Grief, Anger, and Fear. Perhaps this is why we realized that they were not very Spiritual. However, it wasn’t until we read a strange book that we understood the Reason for Atlantis’ destruction. In Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE Philosophers’ Stone, we wrote that in the Summer of 1999, we read:

“…The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, translated and interpreted by Doreal. Again, the material found within its pages is highly subjective. The translator and interpreter says in the preface, that “The history of the tablets…is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists.” Doreal believes they are extremely old, deriving from some 36,000 years ago. Evidently, the tablets’ author was Thoth, sometimes known as Hermes. Within it pages, Doreal proposes that Thoth built the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau. Moreover, “In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis.” In addition, he states, “Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death. His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South America and Central America. ”

Much of the content in the Emerald Tablets Craig and I could agree with because it made sense to us. Nevertheless, we did not agree with everything. Doreal’s dating for building the Great Pyramid did not add up for us, because Great Spirit-Mind led us to Graham Hancock’s theory that the three pyramids on the Giza plateau line up with the three stars in Orion’s belt as they were positioned in 10,500 B. C. E. Even so, we found the actual tablets intriguing.

The only word to describe these tablets is “esoteric,” meaning “hidden.” For instance, tablet VIII has information on the mode “evil” uses to infiltrate our plane of existence. It reads “Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark Magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earthmen. Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world.”

Evidently, “Masters” vanquished these “beings” to the underworld from where they came from. Unfortunately, a number still lingered between the layers, hiding in invisible realms, unseen and “unknown to man.” During the Atlantean era, these “beings” existed mostly as specters. Nonetheless, there were times when these “specters” could appear as human beings. The tablet warns Humanity that these “human” appearances were merely an illusion as the “beings” were in reality “Serpent-headed.” They succeeded in gaining power by using sorcery to kill the rulers of the “kingdoms” and take their place as human-looking kings.

The tablet’s warning rang true for Craig and I, because in our studies, we learned that the life consciousness is carried in the blood. It is important to remember that Jesus ended all form of blood sacrifice…

For us, the strangest remark in the book was, “Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark Magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us.” This appears to be saying that before the emergence of Root-race 4, which we identified as the Atlanteans, the people of Earth were engaging in dark magic. Many believe that Atlantis was destroyed by water around 10,500 B.C.E., which has been associated with the flood of Noah. Yet if the inhabitants of Earth were “delving into black magic” what happened to them? It is time to use Deductive Reasoning, first we need to gather all the relevant facts we have amassed so far:

  • The Lemurian genetic manipulation separated the masculine and feminine principles in the Life Principle, creating an imbalance.
  • Root-race 3 incorporated the elements Ether, Air, and Fire, plus the senses of sound, touch, and sight.
  • According to the Gnostics, Air = Grief and Fire = Ignorance
  • Genesis Chapter 6, verses 1 to 8 says that wickedness had multiplied just before Noah.
  • The Book of Enoch reports “angels” (sons of God?) teaching the women sorcery.
  • With Noah’s flood the genetic failures were removed.

First and foremost is the genetic manipulation causing an imbalance of masculine and feminine consciousness in Root-race 3 or the Cro-Magnons. Since Root-race 3 were primarily of the element Fire, which the Gnostics assigned to Ignorance it provides an insight into their nature. This is because, in this case we should not view ignorance as anger or lack of knowledge, instead we should see it as the synonym for rude or bad mannered, leading to offensive, crude, or vulgar behavior.

As stated, because Root-race 3 incorporated the element Air, they also had Grief. The most relevant aspect of this however, is that Air represents the Mental Plane. Consequently, we believe the information in Genesis and The Book of Enoch are relating the instigation of the use of sorcery, which in both cases places women at the fore front. Dismissing the authors sexist tendencies; could there be a deeper message here? Remembering that Genesis speaks of “…the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair”, were their offspring extra tall, and or big? If so were they threatening to the Lemurians? Also did the flood of Noah “remove these “giants?” Moreover, what happened to the remnants? Reviewing the diagrams of the “Upstepping” of the Root-races above, we see at the accepted time for the existence of Atlantis, Root-race 2 is evolving into Root-race 4. If we remember that according to tradition, the “gods/Lemurians” were “guiding” their “offspring”, then it is reasonable to consider the “offspring” would gravitate together to advance the “gods” agenda. We believe that Cain finding a wife after being banished from Eden is suggesting this. Also Genesis seems to imply that Cain is different from Abel. We ask, was Abel (the shepherd) a metaphor for the non-genetically altered members of Root-race 3, whereas Cain “the tiller of the ground” that killed his brother a metaphor for Root-race 4, which replaced the Root-race 3? The passage of Cain and Abel is even more relevant when we remember that agriculture “tilling of the ground” did not emerge until around 10,000 B.C.E. Using Deductive Reasoning we would have to conclude that Root-race 4 became the Atlanteans, or the descendants of Cain, which was destroyed in a global flood.

Notwithstanding the global flood of Noah, historians believe that before the Common Era global flooding was a regular occurrence, due to the raising of the sea levels at the end of the Ice Ages. In pard D we will be examining the question of world-wide destructions but for now let’s return to our investigation of the Atlanteans/Root-race 4.

We know from the Old Testament that all was not peaches and cream, so to speak, after the “waters receded” making it abundantly clear that the survivors of the global flood were not rehabilitated. So who were the Atlanteans and how did they become such an advanced civilization? Another clue is found in an amazing artifact called the Mitchell-hedges crystal skull. We reported in The Wisdom Religion & the 7 Keys of Interpretation in LCD an interesting excerpt:

“…However, an incredible book entitled The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas does have some very compelling information about humanity’s origins. The authors had dedicated themselves to discovering the origin of mysterious crystal skulls, which had been found in various areas of the Americas. One of the skulls had wound up in the hands of a channeler/psychic…

“Morton and Thomas sought out the possessor of the skull. Her name is Carole Wilson and before the researchers could ask a question, the ‘entity’ began speaking, through her. ‘You seek to know the origins of this receptacle...it was made many, many thousands of years ago by beings of a higher intelligence...It was formed by a civilization before those you call ‘The Maya’...This receptacle contains the minds of many and the minds of one... it was not made using what you call the ‘physical.’ It was molded into its present form by thought…’

“The voice speaking through Carole goes on to say that these ‘beings of higher intelligence’ have created our world with ‘mind.’ It continues ‘Mind creates matter... crystal is a living substance and you can infuse mind with matter.’  Telling the authors that when we have found all the crystal skulls, ‘we will be keepers of wondrous knowledge,’ the voice explains that ‘Light and sound will be the key, when the right vibration is produced you will have the information you require.’

“Apparently our linear way of thinking was introduced to protect humanity. As the being speaking through Carole explains, that the concept of number and time has been ‘programmed into the current mind as safeguards.’ The reason for this was to ‘keep’ our minds ‘in time and space.’

“Interestingly, one of the skulls was covered with clay in order to reconstruct the facial features and determine what ethnicity or race the model for the skull was. Accordingly, Richard Neave, the top British facial re-constructor set to work. On completion of the work, the authors relate that he determined it was ‘in keeping with the facial characteristics of the indigenous population of the Americas, the American Indian peoples.’

“So, not surprisingly, the beautiful skull had the features of the indigenous people of the western hemisphere. However, another forensic expert was able to shed even more light on the model for the skull. His name, according to Morton and Thomas was ‘Dr. Clyde C. Snow of the state coroner’s office in Oklahoma City, one of the foremost forensic scientists in the whole of North America.’ After examining a plaster cast made of the skull, Dr. Snow, and his colleague Betty Gatliff, noticed something strange. He explained to our authors, ‘Although it was indeed incredibly anatomically accurate, it seemed to have been modeled on no ordinary Native American woman. In particular the teeth, though rendered to an incredible degree of accuracy and detail, were ‘not of any human variety.’

Although the existence of the crystal skull does not definitively settle the question of “Who were the Atlanteans?”, the research we did after our trip to Palenque, Mexico in May 2000 provided additional information. This was because we found a connection between Palenque, the crystal skull, and the lost continent of Atlantis. We addressed the connection in the chapter South of the Border in our 3rd book, Our Story 1995 – 2002: TRUE Philosophers’ Stone:

“Experts” on the Mayan civilization believe the Maya built Palenque around 600 to 800 C.E. However, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas relates events of 1691 C.E., which gave me pause to ponder that theory. The authors tell us “Friar Ordonez” questioned the assumption in the building of Palenque falling between the fifth and seventh centuries. Evidently, he was “inspired by a book written by the Quiche Maya, an important Mayan group, themselves.”

It seems the Bishop of Chiapas; Nunez de la Vega burnt the book. However, Ordonez succeeded in copying a portion of the book that the bishop curiously copied himself before burning the remainder. The friar claimed that the Quiche Maya’s book asserted that Palenque’s builders arrived from the “Atlantic.” Their chief was, “Pacal Votan,” who allegedly wrote the book and the authors tell us, has the “symbol” of “the serpent.” Apparently, this symbol is a sacred symbol “throughout Mesoamerica, particularly amongst the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula.” Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas explain, “Votan and his followers had apparently come from a land called Vauum Chivim. They came in peace and the locals accepted their leadership, allowing them to marry their daughters.” In addition, “Votan made four trips back to his homelands across the Atlantic.”

Okay accepting that the “lost” continent of Atlantis did exist, it is time to answer the second part of the question of this segment, “Where was Atlantis?”. We found a clue in some ancient maps of Antarctica. We first discussed the location of Atlantis in the chapter Rumors of Gods in LCD:

R5c-3“(Graham Hancock and his book Fingerprints of the Gods) …Hancock sees the significance of ancient maps of the Earth taken from an above perspective. He relates the puzzling enigma of Antarctica, where a map was discovered that shows the exact coastline of the continent.
The map is called the Piri Reis, and has been dated to 1513 C.E. Therein lies the problem; Antarctica was not ‘discovered’ until 1818 C.E., nearly three hundred years later. However, the real problem the scientists have is the accurate dimensions of the Antarctica coastline, under the ice. It had been believed that it was in this century, in 1949, that Antarctica had been mapped accurately for the first time by seismic profile. Yet, there exists a map 400 years old that proves that assessment wrong.”

There are several ancient maps which depict how the Human Race saw the world, but as Graham Hancock relates there are anomalies that have not been satisfactorily explained. Mr. Hancock asks how could have early cartographers accurately drawn Antarctica devoid of ice, when according to conventional thought, Antarctica has been covered with ice for several million years. It wasn’t until 1949 through seismic profile that the features of Antarctica beneath the ice were seen. A plausible explanation was put forward by Professor Charles Hapgood:

R5c-4 “The Zeno dated 1380 C.E. has caused a similar stir. Its accurate placing of longitude and latitude of lands has baffled modern scientists. This map has shown the great mathematical skills of the ancient cartographers (mapmakers). Modern man would not achieve that kind of precision until the late eighteenth century. Professor Charles Hapgood discovered another interesting map. Hancock informs us that Professor Hapgood believes it is a Chinese map that originated earlier than 1137 C.E…

“Professor Hapgood has a theory to explain the strange accuracy of ancient maps, particularly those depicting the coastline of Antarctica. He believes that Antarctica was once a thriving civilization with highly advanced technical knowledge that would have enabled them to accurately map the world. The reason he believes there is barely a trace of this is because the Earth has suffered from periodic catastrophes. Consequently, he is an advocate for the Earth’s crust displacement theory.

“In brief, the theory is that, ice builds up at the poles until it becomes so heavy, that the Earth’s crust slips on its sea of molten magma. This causes global catastrophes and changes in the climate of the continents.”

In searching the web we found several depictions of Antarctica, which Mr. Hancock focuses on. So to help participants decide for themselves we are reproducing the selection below. We will begin with a modern satellite-view of the Southern continent. Compare Philippe Buache’s map, which he published in 1737 and Oronteus Finaeus of 1569.

Satellite-view of Antarctica

R5c-6                     R5c-7
               Philippe Buache map 1737                          – Oronteus Finaeus 1569


The above is also from Oronteus Finaeus and clearly shows that long before 1818 the general dimensions of Antarctica were known. Nonetheless, it was what the authors of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas call a “Fanciful seventeenth-century map of Atlantis” which had the strongest impact on us.

Even though the “map” (left) is not an accurate geographical rendition; the Reason it had such an impact was because it stimulated our Deductive Reasoning. It was looking at this “map”, which fostered the concept of Antarctica having moved from near the equator to the South Pole, , reinforcing Charles Hapgood’s theory of Earth-crust displacement.


We ask participants to consider that if all the references in history to Atlantis have substance, then isn’t it possible that the “lost continent” isn’t lost at all, rather it is hiding in plain sight under a mountain of ice as the continent of Antarctica? Like Graham Hancock and professor Hapgood,Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas also believe Antarctica is a probable location of the Atlantis. In their book they commented on the famous Piri Reis Map and observed that although the map places the frozen continent “thousands of miles north of the current location”, the map is an accurate rendition of the “sub-glacial topography” of Antarctica. The authors saw great relevance that the map showed the continent “completely free of ice”, so do we. In part 5D we will address the question of Atlantis’ destruction.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5-c

STAGE REASON – 5D – What caused the Destruction of Atlantis?

To answer the question, “What caused the Destruction of Atlantis?” necessitates an investigation of the nature of Root-race 4. The Good News Reverberation: related that the “development of the intellect, which occurred with the emergence of Homo Sapien Sapiens,” resulted in the “Life Principle” gaining “access”to “Mind/Nous…” With this, the Life Principle became capable of co-creation. Had the Lemurian genetic manipulation not taken place this would have been seen as a good thing. Unfortunately, after the “Watcher’s mistake” although the Human Race’s mental capacity increased, they had knowledge without the benefit of wisdom, which was like giving a five-year old the codes to a nuclear arsenal.

As bad as this was, the development of emotions was even more disastrous for the Atlanteans. To understand why emotions would be dangerous to the Atlanteans we need to understand that it is emotions that connect an individual to the Astral or psychic realm. Consequently, a reason Atlantis was destroyed, may be found in reference to the Atlanteans learning to use psychic power. As we know the Atlanteans absorbed the mystical element water and the higher sense of taste. They could engage in black magic because they discovered psychic powers, only these were what we call the lower psychic powers… generated by the solar plexus and therefore instinctive rather than intuitive. At this time, Root-race 4 was in danger of destroying themselves because they had discovered the secret power of sound.

Moreover, as I reported in Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, the information from the RT group of The Rabbi’s Tarot is invaluable to understanding the hazards of using psychic powers through the Solar Plexus. This is because they warned that meditating on the Solar Plexus was dangerous for novices who had not awakened their Heart chakra, or Sun center, because:

Solar Plexus is purely instinctual, and until our hearts control our emotions, to focus/meditate on our Solar Plexus can empower our instincts, making us behave rashly and act impulsively. Putting it even more plainly, the group states that the Solar Plexusinvolves us using what they call the “lower psychic” energy, devoid of any spirituality. This they say is what occurred in Atlantis. At that time, too many people were focused on psychic power driven by their instincts, which led to their destroying themselves…


   (Root-race 2 emerges)    (Root-race 3 emerges)   (Root-race 4 emerges)
   7,000,000 – 6,500,000      41,040 – 35,000 B.C.E    15,120 – 10,500 B.C.E

Plato wrote that Atlantis sank beneath the waves around 9,000 years before his time, which was around 400 B.C.E. This meant Atlantis was destroyed approximately between 11,000 and 10,500 B.C.E. The question that arises is, as Root-race 4 represented the Water element, how could they be destroyed by it? Let’s apply Deductive Reasoning to the question. The answer lies in the Atlanteans using the “lower psychic powers.” Evidently there are several legends that refer to “gods” teaching the inhabitants of Earth supernatural powers. According to some traditions, the Atlanteans were ruled by “god-kings” that were technologically advanced. Moreover there are several Sumerian tablets found at Nineveh that seem to be reporting there were “god’s” ruling Sumer. The dilemma is how do we verify or negate this supposition? Once again we need to apply a higher form of Deductive Reasoning to all and any evidence that gathered through Inductive Reasoning. First though we need to replace any reference to “alien” or “extraterrestrial” with the advanced civilization that we have designated as Lemurians.

Previously we said that today the Divine powers were helping us through inspiration. A perfect example is how writers of screenplays are inspired to write a screenplay with a deeper message within the plot. We experienced this while watching the inspired film Ba’al The Storm god” that was recently aired on the Sci-fi channel. In researching the nature of Ba’al as a “storm god” we learned that the name Ba’al is a kind of generic name for several Semitic gods. Apparently, Ba’al in the aspect as a storm god was worshipped under the name Hadad.

In the film’s plot Ba’al is reported on Sumerian tablets to have controlled the population of Sumeria by unleashing destructive storms if they didn’t comply with his wishes. Coincidently, in the movie it was stated this occurred around 10,000 B.C.E. Although we recognized that the film was fictional, as we said Deductive Reasoning comes from within and can be stimulated in many ways; such as an inspired fictional film plot. The mention of “destructive storms” in the film had us wondering about the destruction of Atlantis through water, because in the film deadly storms are unleashed by four amulets of the four elements during their excavation.

According to Plato Atlantis sunk in just one night, which meant it must have been a catastrophic incident. No normal weather occurrence could achieve such devastation. That kind of destruction would have needed to be accompanied with a seismic event. For example, as described in the earth-crust displacement theory of Charles Hapgood, where large land masses disappear beneath the waves. Nonetheless, because of the film we felt that we were being shown something else. So we think that what happened to Atlantis was the result of more than one incident. If we apply Deductive Reasoning and instead of looking for a single cause then perhaps we will be able to combine several causes to explain the catastrophic event. Consequently let’s look at all the relevant evidence.

In 5C we related that we thought the global flood event of Noah concerned Root-race 3. Therefore it could not have been the “flood” that destroyed” Atlantis in one night. So if we dismiss the flood of Noah as the cause of the destruction of Atlantis then what caused the destruction? It is important to remember that although we have come to connect a “global flood” with the name Noah, there are other writings throughout the world with floods and Noah-like characters. One such story is that of Gilgamesh, which appears on the Sumerian tablets found at Nineveh. As we propose, one of the meanings for the allegory of Cain and Abel is the genetically altered Root-race 3 (Cain) replaced the unaltered members of Root-race 3 (Abel), when the former killed the latter. Moreover, the descendants of Cain (giants) were destroyed in the Noah flood.

To reiterate, before the Common Era global flooding was a regular occurrence at the end of Ice Ages. Today we are in what is referred to as an “interglacial period”, which began according to Paleontologists around 13,300 years ago when the last Ice Age ended. Just like our climate began slowly changing since the Industrial Revolution, before speeding up in modern times, Ice Ages didn’t begin and end in a few years. Consequently, if the last Ice Age ended 13,000 years ago, the earth would have been experiencing the affect for several hundred years. At this time, the sea level could have quickly risen by as much as 150 feet, completely swamping low-lying lands. As we know a small change in the temperature can cause an increase in storm intensity leading to major flooding, not to mention the result of seismic changes causing tsunamis. There is just one other fact to consider and that is the Precession of the Equinoxes, which involves Astrology. We have discussed the many world legends concerning the Precession of the Equinoxes in LCD, and we will cover this in depth later, for now let’s just say that at the end of an age legends report major upheavals.

Returning to the destruction of Atlantis in approximately 10,500 B.C.E., we find another Noah-like character involved in a global flood in a Greek myth. This character’s name was Deucalion and he was the son of Prometheus, the Titan, which angered Zeus by giving fire to the Human Race. Nevertheless, as Greece is relatively young, the Greek or Deucalion flood fits the time-line better for the sinking of Atlantis around 10,500 B.C.E., than the destruction of Root-Race 3.

One more snippet that interested us was that the father of the “gods” in the Sumerian tablets is El, who was known as the father of Baal, and known by the Greeks as Chronos and the Romans as Saturn. Remember we hypothesize that Saturn represented the Gnostic Limit and the onset of Linear Time.

It is time to examine what information we have gathered together for our hypothesis and apply Deductive Reasoning to our conclusions.

  • Abel represented the unaltered Root-race 3, while Cain symbolized the genetically altered members of the Race.
  • Noah’s flood represented the destruction of the genetically altered Root-race 3.
  • The Descendants of Cain became Root-race 4, the Atlanteans, who were ruled by god-kings (Lemurians)
  • The Atlanteans used dark magic.
  • Sea levels rise at the end of Ice Ages.
  • The last Ice Age ended around 10,000 B.C.E.
  • Atlantis disappeared around 10,500 B.C.E.
  • Atlanteans represented Water.
  • Root-race 4 was connected to the Lemurians through the Astral Plane.
  • The Atlanteans used “lower psychic powers”.
  • Deucalion was a Greek myth about a Noah-like character.

From the above we would like to present participants with a hypothesis as to how Atlantis sank. Let’s consider that 10,500 B.C.E. was a turbulent time with rising sea levels and violent storms. Imagine dealing with category 5 hurricanes all the time, plus tsunamis caused by massive earthquakes, the population would have been desperate. Then consider the Atlanteans were being “guided” and taught by their genetic manipulators, the Lemurians pretending to be gods. One of the “skills” their progenitors were teaching them was how to manipulate the natural forces (Ba’al the storm god) through sound and magic. What if the Atlanteans were trying to harness the power of storms through the lower psychic powers? As they could tap into the Astral or Emotional Plane they had access to immense power. What if the “power” got away from them and the Atlanteans literally opened the heavens on themselves? Could this scenario explain Atlantis disappearing in one night?

At this point we need to address the role of The Creator in the “global floods”. We covered this earlier in respect to the Spiritual ramifications of the genetic manipulation. However, it is necessary to redress the misconceptions of The Creator/Demiurge’s role in correcting the “Watcher’s mistake.” First let us recap some of what was written in The Good News Reverberation:

When the Lemurians interfered with the Human Race, the Creator/Demiurge reduced the life span and created the Wheel of Necessity or the Law of Karma. In addition, to shield the upper levels from Humanity’s depraved thoughts and to facilitate the purification of the Divine sparks, He divided the Astral Plane. He also decided to send a chosen soul, a messiah to help the Human Race. This precious soul that was to sacrifice his life was born as the man Jesus. The sacrifice was required because in the role of the creator of the Law, the Creator/Demiurge could not absolve the Law of Karma. Although the law was there to assist Humanity, because of the aspect of an eye for an eye or retaliation, it became a vicious cycle. By this time, people saw vengeance as justice, which is why a “sacrificial lamb” was required to absolve the retaliatory part of the law. The Creator tried to teach his children that they should leave the business of vengeance up to him, through Paul’s statement “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” (Romans 12:19)

Despite The Creator/Demiurge having to abide by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, as was written He “determined to send a chosen soul, a messiah to help the human race.” The Creator/Demiurge’s benevolence was demonstrated earlier in the paragraph below from The GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION; however, as it relates how he attempted to teach the Human Race, we will repeat it:

Previously, I said that we were to vindicate Jehovah and this scripture provides the perfect example. Although St Paul wrote this in his letter to the Romans, what Craig and I did not realize was that he was referring to the Old Testament. (Leviticus 19:18 and Deuteronomy 32:35) Although the latter scripture in Deuteronomy concerns how “Yahweh” will “avenge” Moses, the former in Leviticus is an injunction for constraint. “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge…” This sounded a great deal more just than vengeful, not to mention more indicative of a Divine being. Unfortunately, Humanity wanted injustice eradicated and until they developed mercy could not conceive of the concept that kindness and compassion could “heap fiery coals” (Proverbs 25:22) on their antagonist’s head.

Even though Jesus The Christ was chosen by The Creator/Demiurge as The Messiah, he willingly submitted to the role. In fact, long before The Christ incarnated as Jesus, as The Universal Christ and co-Creator of The Soul Plane, he and Sophia began their journey into manifestation into the lower planes. Despite the genetic manipulation occurring around 40,000 B.C.E., The Christ and Sophia did not reach a level where they could assist Humanity until 10,500 B.C.E.

R5d-1So “Why had The Christ and Sophia waited until 10,500 B.C.E. to assist Humanity?” The answer came through understanding the nature of Evolution and the interconnection with the Spiritual Planes. We said before that emotions link us to the Astral/ Emotional or psychic plane. As we wrote in the Section 5b, it wasn’t until Root-race 4 that the element of Water developed in the Human Race. It is important to point out that we are not referring to the literal element of water, but the consciousness or Spiritual element. Nonetheless it is identifying Neptune and card 12 The Hanged Man as the Archetype for The Christ in the Mystical Arts of Astrology and Archetypal images of the Tarot, which reveal the Reason for why The Christ and Sophia had to wait until 10,500 B.C.E., to enter the lower planes, AKA the Tree of Life.

In brief, the Tree of Life is divided into four planes, with the first level being called Atziluth, representing the Archetypal or Spiritual world and the Element Fire. The Kabbalists assigned three Sephirot to this level, Kether or Crown, Chokmah or Wisdom, and Binah or Understanding.

With the next level, which they designated as Briah, representing the Creative world or Mental Plane and the Element Air, the Kabbalists assigned three Sephirot, Chesed or Mercy, Geburah, Severity, or Strength, and Tiphareth or Beauty. On level three, called Yetzirah representing the Formative world, and the Element Water, the three Sephirot assigned were Netzach or Victory, Hod or Splendor, and Yesod or Foundation. The lowest level known as Assiah, meaning the Active world, and representing the Element Earth has only one Sephirot Malkuth or Kingdom.

Looking at the diagram of the Tree of Life (above), we can observe that the third level called Yetzirah is assigned to the Water Element, as well as the Astral and Emotional Plane. This is crucial in terms of Spiritual Evolution because the Astral Plane operates at the subconscious level, which means the Spiritual forces can connect with consciousness operating on that level.

Therefore, when the Life Principle as Humans evolved into Root-race 4 and absorbed the element Water, they became connected to the Astral Plane. As stated, connecting Yetzirah and the Water Element to Archetype for The Christ as the Archetypal image of The Hanged Man, reveals why The Christ and Sophia didn’t enter the lower planes until 10,500 B.C.E. They were waiting for the Life Principle as the Human Race to fully develop emotions.


Earlier we suggested looking at card 12 The Hanged Man in respect to Jesus’ injunction to “resist not evil” because in the card the “hanged man” appears completely at ease. As reported, this card represents Self Sacrifice, and there is no greater example of this than Jesus’ Self Sacrifice on the cross. We see the importance of the card, in The Hanged Man being assigned the Hebrew Mother letter Mem, as the representation of the element Water. Moreover, with Higher Reason, as the card’s Planet Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, we see that it connects both to Sophia.

Beneath the Veil Sophia was identified with Venus. This means that by assigning Neptune as the higher octave of Venus The Mystical Art of Astrology was associating card 12 The Hanged Man to both Neptune and Venus. This is confirmed by another Mystical Art, Numerology, because 12 reduces to 3 – 1+2=3 As you know card 3 is The Empress, which represents the Sacred Planet Venus.

The Mystical Art of Archetypal images in the Tarot also provide additional information through the Directions the cards are assigned in relationship to the Cube of Space. We addressed this in Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution on the Ancient Wisdom For Now page. The Direction designated to The Hanged Man is East to West. If you examine the Cube of Space below you can observe that the Direction East to West appears in the center of the Cube.

Hanged Man Cube of Space

Like all the Mother letter directions, the lines pass through the center of the Cube of Space. As we can see, in the smaller Full Cube behind the larger Cube depicting the East West direction, the line passes through Venus or The Empress on its way to the Center, represented by card 21 The World, before uniting with card 10 The Wheel of Fortune in the West. This gives us a clue about the next Incarnation of The Christ and Sophia. However, before getting to that we need to address our misunderstanding on the existence of life on other Planets. It began while I was helping our friend Guy Juarez with his book, Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters . Initially, the title was Chronicles of Guy’s Alien Encounters because like us, he thought that he was interacting with extraterrestrials.

Guy's Book

With our new understanding, primarily through our friend Dr. Carol Sue Rosin, we all felt we needed to rethink our identification. As this involved using Higher Reason, we think it will help to recount excerpts from how we identified the different entities in Guy’s book, using excerpts from his updated version. Setting the scene, in writing the book, we were addressing his encounters with a group he called Clickers that he initially viewed as “time manipulators”:

The apparent lessening of contact with the Intradimensional Clickers had puzzled me, so I turned to Great Spirit-Mind for answers. In my contemplative meditation, I remembered that when the “Shadow” was neutralized the entire Soul Plane was purified. As I related, both sides used the Astral Plane to help in the case of the “Light” or manipulate in the case of the “Shadow.” Therefore, once the Spiritual world was in line with the Divine/Universal Plan then their vibration would make interaction with the Physical Plane near impossible. So, who are these Clickers?

Initially, Guy referring to them as some kind-of time travelers, or as he called them time manipulators didn’t sit well with me. This was because I was led to believe through Steven King’s inspired Langoliers that time travel was impossible. Nonetheless, as I wrote although we cannot return to the past because the past is absorbed shortly after the Human Race passes into the future. The only remnants of the past that exist in the material plane are those moments that people will not forget, such as the Holocaust, JFK’s assassination, and 9-11 because so many people witnessed the planes hitting the towers and their subsequent collapse. However, linear time is subject to the Human Race and on one level, the future exists. In discussing this, we thought that the Clickers were advanced extraterrestrials from a distant galaxy manipulating time to witness events on earth. Yet astronomers have determined that when we look out in space, we look back in time.

Thinking about the Clickers being from the future, and considering that when we look out in space we look back in time, the thought that they were not extraterrestrials. Once I let that thought germinate, evolved future human beings came to mind. Mentioning this to Guy, he remembered reading about Dan Burisck interviewing one of the beings from Roswell reporting the being said he was a human being from 7,000 years in the future. Seeking answers about this astounding revelation, I came to understand that they were from the next round in our Planetary Chain, meaning that we are destined to change our bodies and become energetic beings. I believe this is why I wrote “Evolved beings are pacifists.” Although the following was written identifying the beings visiting us as ETs, we believe it applies to evolved human beings from the future as well:

“Carol told us that like the Star Trek Prime Directive, the cosmic cultures would never interfere with the Human Race’s development. This fact did not surprise us, as there is a universal directive never to usurp free will. Then of course, there is the point that the cosmic cultures were tasked with watching us. For that reason, until we show them we will not respond with violence, they will remain observers. Nevertheless, because the Fall was not the fault of the Human Race, from time to time they have tried to help us. The truth is they care deeply for us and hope when enough people hear the wisdom of their message; the Human Race will adopt the Frequency of Love. Ironically, the cosmic cultures represent our evolution into the Frequency of Love, where we too will be incapable of violence of any kind.

In the Frequency of Love, everyone has evolved past all concept of separateness. Hate, prejudice, envy, jealousy, and cruelty are concepts of the past. Compassion and Understanding dominates our consciousness. There is no such thing as selfishness or self-interest because although we understand we are individuals, we also know we are each a part of a whole that is interconnected. In short, when we correct the Fall by integrating the ego and dissolving the pain-body, we align with the Divine Will. Then as stewards of the Earth, we recognize our role in working together to ensure that we preserve our planet for our children. Joining our brothers and sisters of the universe again, we gain access to all the cosmic culture’s technology amassed over several millennia. As a result, we will restore our beautiful Garden-Water planet to its full glory. For instance, I was recently given that our cosmic brothers and sisters could return our atmosphere to the condition it was before the Industrial Revolution, at the push of a button so to speak. They can also remove all toxic waste and pollution, which would open up many acres of land for cultivation. Is this not what everyone wants?

All we have to do is know the Spirit or spirit-mind within us, and stop looking outside for answers. When we do this, we understand our connectedness and no longer focusing on the self, we rise to the Love Frequency of 13 Hz. Every decision and action will then reflect this new understanding in that we will consider what is best for everybody.

In the excerpt from FOR THE CHILDREN we related that I struggled with some abductees experiences. That is until I understood they were interfered with by agents of the “Shadow” before “he” was neutralized in 2010. As I reported, initially I thought it was a case of false memories, but when I asked, I was told:

“Not exactly false memories, but this was a part of the misunderstanding.” Naturally, the next question was what this meant. “The answer lies in Guy’s story” was equally unclear, but I knew I needed to find the answer for myself.

R5d-5 I found the answer by identifying the “Clickers” as evolved humans from the next round in the Earth’s Planetary Chain. Even so, we discovered these were no ordinary human beings, because we believe they are connected to the beings mentioned in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. The clue came when we realized that Solomon was from the previous Solar System, i.e., Globe C. Meditating/praying about this, explained so many of Guy’s experiences. One of the most terrifying events was seeing himself as a “blue man” vibrating in and out of phase at the gas station. Recollecting that he was able to “breathe” the atmosphere created by the Clickers, then obviously he is not a normal human being. Clearly, Guy had a difficult time accepting this, as he explains:

“…My visitations occurred during the day, while I was wide awake. This was the most difficult part, as I couldn’t pass them off as lucid dreams, or even visions from a dream. No, these experiences could happen anytime day or night. For instance, I was just filling my car at a gas station when I saw myself as a Blue man in the back seat of a car! No one knows how he or she would react to such a sight until it happens to them. Sure, some might joke about it, saying they would go talk to his or herself, or make light of the situation. For me, the scene did not warrant such behavior. Quite the opposite, it was life changing, so much so that I tried to let the people around me know. Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak until after the car sped out of the station. As stated, I went to a pay phone to call Linda, and she immediately knew something was wrong, asking if I was OK. It took all of my concentration to utter any words. Even I did not realize the effect it had on me, until I was recounting the story to Suzzan, and found myself breaking down and balling like a baby. I don’t know who was more surprised, Suzzan or me, as it was seven years after the incident, and it was still as difficult for me to process…”

Consequently, with the above revisions, we will attempt to use Higher Reason to incorporate the remaining information in this Section, which was skewed to identifying the “culprits” as “evil aliens.”

Returning to The Good News Reverberation, it wasn’t the sinking of Atlantis that “facilitated the entry” of The Christ and Sophia into this plane. It was what The Creator/Demiurge declared after the flood in Genesis, “…neither shall there anymore be a flood to destroy the earth.” This was because it showed mercy, allowing The Christ and Sophia to enter this plane.

When The Creator/Demiurge developed mercy he aligned with the consciousness of The Christ. Nonetheless, The Christ and Sophia were not the only Divine figures involved with the rescue of Root-race 4. The Creator/Demiurge also had a hand in saving a remnant of the Atlanteans from themselves. He accomplished this through the mysterious figure of Thoth the Atlantean.

R5d-5 Resuming our discussion on the Directions of the 22 Tarot cards providing a clue to The Christ and Sophia’s next incarnation. It is the very center point in the Cube of Space that provides the clue. If we examine the Cube (above), the very center is assigned to the Planet Saturn and the Element Earth. Only the Seven Sacred Planets are designated as representing the 7 Directions of Above, Below, East, West, North, South, and Center. Saturn represents card 21 The World, and this card holds a wealth of information hidden within the seven Disciplines of the Codes. Nonetheless, first let’s look at how the Mystical Art of Numerology strongly associates card 21 The World to card 12 The Hanged Man, as 21 is the reverse of 12 or vice versa.

The above information is saying that the next step for The Christ was physical Earth incarnation.

R5d-6Even so, card 21 The World has features very similar to another card - 10, The Wheel of Fortune. It will help to re-examine both cards to see what we mean.

As we can see both cards have what is known as the four Holy Living Creatures in the corners, representing the 4 Fixed signs of the Zodiac. Moreover, The Wheel of Fortune represents Cycles of Evolution & Involution or the Wheel of Necessity; whereas card 21 - The World represents the Union of Opposites. Therefore, both of these cards incorporate the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, or the Universe represented by the Cube of Space.

Nonetheless, the most valuable information is found in card 21 The World’s dancing figure in the “center” of the circle being androgynous. In Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana, as we reported, the RT group compares the dancing figure in card 21 to the devil in card 15 The Devil and its connection to card 16 The Tower:

Reminding us that we were instructed to interpret card 15 at a lower or material level, as well as a higher or spiritual level, they observe that applying the opposites of Dominion and Slavery, we could interpret the lower level of card 15 as representing Slavery, as in a slave to our instinctual desires, while The Devil and Ayin ע at the higher level signifies gaining dominion over those desires. In this way, understanding card 15 becomes the way we transform the ordinary natural body into the advanced or spiritual body that is capable of co-creating, which we see portrayed in card 21 The World. Interestingly, the group tells us that we also saw the spiritual body in card 16 The Tower, after we reversed the card, which turned the Tower from symbolizing a “stumbling” block, into a “stepping stone” to transformation. Tarot’s fundamental message is the imperative that we master our desires and instincts before they consume us. Yet, although we saw the spiritual body in the reversed Tower (16), in card 21 it takes on a whole new level, because the group identifies the dancing figure as representing our ultimate spiritual body. A surprising addition regarding Dominion is revealed when the group reports that according to the Bible, our “real” name is angelic, which will identify us when we have attained Dominion, rising above everything.

If we look at the dancing figure as a combination of The Magician and The Empress, we will see that the higher aspect of The Magician is The Divine Will, which is also known as The Logos or Word. Of course we do not need reminding that The Empress represents the Sacred Planet Venus, and as we said, Venus has been identified with Sophia. Just one more piece of information before we move on; in the Discipline of Symbology, one of the symbols for card 21 The World is the cross. If we check the Cube of Space, The Hanged Man or Neptune forms an arm of a cross with Judgment at the very center of the Cube.

We will return to the Cube of Space in later Stages but for now we suggest considering that the Cube is the 3rd Platonic Solid. In case anyone has forgotten what the 5 Platonic Solids are let us recap what David Wilcox said on his website:

The deepest, most revered forms of sacred geometry are three-dimensional, and are known as the Platonic solids. There are only five formations in existence that follow all the needed rules to qualify, and these are the eight-sided octahedron, four-sided tetrahedron, six-sided cube, twelve-sided dodecahedron and twenty-sided icosahedron. Here, the tetrahedron is shown as a “star tetrahedron” or interlaced tetrahedron, meaning that you have two tetrahedra that are joined together in perfect symmetry:


Figure 3.1 – The five Platonic Solids.

With our new understanding we have obviously had to revise the final three parts of Section 5, which were centered on “alien” visitations. Examining Osiris and Isis as incarnations of the Universal Christ and Sophia, we look at their interaction with Thoth. We will also address the evidence of UFOs, Crop Circles and Future Human Beings (FHBs).

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5d

STAGE REASON – 5E – OSIRIS, ISIS, THOTH, and the Atlanteans

R5e-1  R5e-2  R5e-3

Clearly, the question of what happened to the Atlanteans involves Egypt, in particular the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. For centuries, investigators have speculated over how a civilization, which didn’t even have the wheel could have built the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau. Not least, “What did they build them for?” Forgetting the conventional belief that three Egyptian pharaohs had them built as burial chambers around 4,000 years ago; let’s use Deductive Reasoning on the question. First though, we need to use a little of the Inductive form in gathering additional information.

Notwithstanding our mistaken assumption that the Egyptians had help from extraterrestrials, obviously someone helped them, as the Egyptian civilization did not just pop up a little over 5,000 years ago. Many have speculated that the Egyptian first dynasty was founded by Atlanteans who escaped the deluge. This brings us back to Thoth the Atlantean.

As we said, The Christ and Sophia entered the lower planes around 10,500 B.C.E., just before the sinking of Atlantis. They did this in order to save a remnant of the Human Race, which they accomplished through another Divine figure. We introduced this figure when we cited the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean translated by Doreal. In tablet one, Thoth relates how he rescues many of his countrymen by taking them to “Khem,” an ancient name for Egypt. Many scholars have observed similarities between the legends of Egypt and those of South and Mesoamerica. Could this be because as Thoth the Atlantean states, “I sent from me the sons of Atlantis, sent them in many directions…”

We reported on writings that state the Atlanteans relocated to Egypt, founding the first Egyptian Dynasty in the chapter Wheels Within Wheels in LCD:

“According to The Celestial ship of the North, the Egyptians were also aware of cycles. They were also aware of Atlantis according to its author E. Valentia Straiton. Concerning their knowledge of cycles he states ‘Nine or 10,000 years ago the Sothic cycle, suggestive of the Typhonian worship, was still used by the Egyptians, who were most learned astrologers and builders of pyramids. They had profound knowledge of cycles, both great and small….’ This ‘knowledge’ Straiton informs us comes from ‘...Two very ancient astrologers Narada and Asuraya, the Atlanteans…’.

“These ‘Atlanteans’ were alleged to have had amazing gifts. For instance Straiton goes on to relate that Narada was known in occult terms as Pesh‑Hun. Apparently, Narada taught of a ‘mysterious guiding intelligence’ that provided the ‘impulse’ and ‘regulates the impetus of the cycles.’ The ‘symbol’ of these cycles is in the ‘serpent Sesha,’ which according to Straiton, ‘carries within itself infinite time.’ Narada reputedly gave ‘dates for cycles in cyclic figures with records of all the astronomical and cosmic ones to come. He taught his science to those who were known as the first people...The first observers of the fixed stars.

“Asuraya, on the other hand, according to Straiton, ‘Founded his astronomy on those records, together with the length of the coming cycles, until the final Great Cycle was reached. It is said of him that he was One to whom God imparted knowledge of the stars.’ He was known as a most powerful magician and a wonderful astronomer, as well as the greatest astrologer of Atlantis.’

In addition, we discussed how Maurice Cotterell also connects Atlantis to Egypt in his book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES.

“…In around 10,000 BC three groups of migrants moved into the Nile Valley: Africans from central Africa, an unknown people from the heart of Asia, and a group from Libya thought to have journeyed from the legendary Atlantis.” Mr. Cotterell goes on to say, these three groups formed two separate ‘centers of civilization…one in the north around the Nile Delta, leading to the first urban center of Merimda, and the other at Tasa in the south.’ I wondered if these three groups were the people that divided Egypt in forty-two Nomes…

“The above information connecting the date 10,000 B.C.E. to ‘immigrants’ from Atlantis arriving in the Nile Delta is very thought provoking. Thoth/Enoch is often referred to as the Atlantean. However, Mr. Cotterell relates ‘The pyramid texts’ say that it was the god Osiris, as the king of Thebes that first united the two parts in around 4200 BC, but only for a short period.’ As I’d been given the date of 4,200 B.C.E. for the first time The Christ and Sophia took physical form, I wondered if this was tangible evidence of the event?”

Okay, it seems that we can safely say there is considerable evidence that suggests Egypt may have been settled by survivors of Atlantis. Still, the above paragraph states that “The pyramid texts’ say that it was the god Osiris, as the king of Thebes that first united the two parts in around 4200 BC…”

So, dismissing our mistake of linking the first “intervention of The Christ and Sophia” with extraterrestrials, The Christ and Sophia’s interaction with Humanity in 4,200 B.C.E. was as the incarnate beings, Osiris, and Isis. Even so, they were not exactly what they appeared to be. To understand what we mean we need to bring in Thoth again. This is because, he turned out to be a key player in the Myth of Osiris and Isis. The most important thing we learned was that Thoth is recognized by several names, including Enoch and Hermes. The mention of Enoch immediately reminded us of Genesis’ Enoch walking with “God” or Great Spirit-Mind and not dying, indicating that Enoch or Thoth is more than human. Nevertheless it is Thoth’s connection with The Christ and Sophia as Osiris and Isis that is most interesting. First though, let’s take a look at the incarnation from the perspective of the Mystical Art of Archetypal images in the Tarot.

Around 4,200 B.C.E., the scene was set to begin the long process of correcting the “Watcher’s mistake.” It began with the incarnation of The Christ and Sophia as the god-king and goddess Osiris and Isis. Archetypally this is reflected in the androgynous figure in card 21 - The World, being a combination of The Magician (1) and The Empress (3). Moreover, as we said The World is also connected to both The Hanged Man (12), and The Wheel of Fortune (10).

R5e-4 R5e-7  R5e-5 R5e-10 R5e-9

Remembering that 21 is the reverse of 12, this Archetypally reflects the next incarnation of The Christ and Sophia. As stated, card 12 - The Hanged Man represents the Planet Neptune which signifies on the Tree of Life, the Astral Plane, or the Plane of Yetzirah. As this is difficult to visualize we will reprint the diagram of the Tree of Life (below). The secret hidden within the reversing of 12 to 21 reveals that The Christ and Sophia has moved into the lowest, Material, physical plane, or the Plane of Assiah. Assigning the Sacred Planet Saturn to card 21 – The World is advocating that The Divine pair entered the realm of Linear Time and the Limit of densest matter.

R5e-8The androgynous figure dancing in The World reflecting the union of The Magician and Venus is decoded through two other Mystical Arts; Astrology and Numerology. Although the figure is the combination of active/masculine and passive/feminine, which represents balance, Numerology shows the consciousness that is prominent through the sum of 1+2 = 3, which is The Empress (3) representing the Individual Subconscious or Creative Imagination.

The connection of Sophia to the Sacred Planet Venus, represented by The Empress also provides information on the next incarnation of Sophia. This is because the Egyptian goddess Isis is associated with Venus, and Isis’ brother/husband the god Osiris, is represented by card 9 -The Hermit. If so, then how can The Magician represent The Christ? The answer lays in The Christ redeeming the lower aspect of Sophia, Achamoth, as The Logos, which happened when Hermes taught Osiris and Isis the mysteries. Yet how can that be? Christ had incarnated in Osiris, so how could he as The Logos teach Isis and himself? We get a crucial clue from the part of the legend when Isis goes to Thoth.

At this point, we think it may help to relate the nuts and bolts of the Myth of Osiris. We found the best example of the traditional myth on an article on the website by David C. Scott. Below is an excerpt from the article, which relates how Thoth helps Isis:

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The Legend of Osiris

The Legend of Osiris is one of the most ancient myths in Egypt, and it was central to the ancient Egyptian state religion…Yet oddly enough, we have yet to find a complete version of the story. What we have has been cobbled together over many years from many different documents and sources. What I have presented here is my own attempt at restructuring one of the oldest stories in the world.

…Proud Set…the brother of Osiris…coveted the throne of Osiris. He coveted Isis. He coveted the power over the living world and he desired to take it from his brother. In his dark mind he conceived of a plot to kill Osiris and take all from him. He built a box and inscribed it with wicked magic that would chain anyone who entered it from escaping.

Set took the box to the great feast of the gods. He waited until Osiris had made himself drunk on much beer, then challenged Osiris to a contest of strength… Osiris, sure in his power yet feeble in mind because of his drink, entered the box. Set quickly poured molten lead into the box. Osiris tried to escape, but the wicked magic held him bound and he died. Set then picked up the box and hurled it into the Nile where it floated away…

Only Isis…was unafraid of Set. She searched all of the Nile for the box containing her beloved husband. Finally she found it, lodged in a tamarisk bush that had turned into a mighty tree, for the power of Osiris still was in him, though he lay dead… She carried the box back to Egypt and placed it in the house of the gods. She changed herself into a bird and flew about his body, singing a song of mourning. Then she perched upon him and cast a spell. The spirit of dead Osiris entered her and she did conceive and bear a son whose destiny it would be to avenge his father. She called the child Horus, and hid him on an island far away from the gaze of his uncle Set.

She then went to Thoth, wise Thoth, who knows all secrets, and implored his help. She asked him for magic that could bring Osiris back to life. Thoth, lord of knowledge, who brought himself into being by speaking his name, searched through his magic. He knew that Osiris’ spirit had departed his body and was lost. To restore Osiris, Thoth had to remake him so that his spirit would recognize him and rejoin. Thoth and Isis together created the Ritual of Life, that which allows us to live forever when we die. But before Thoth could work the magic, cruel Set discovered them. He stole the body of Osiris and tore it into many pieces, scattering them throughout Egypt. He was sure that Osiris would never be reborn…

Website by David C. Scott of InterCity Oz. Inc.
All Contents Copyright @ 2000-2004 David C.Scott and InterCity Oz, Inc.

Our key to understanding how both The Magician and The Hermit, or Osiris and Thoth can represent The Christ is in Thoth being the “…lord of knowledge, who brought himself into being by speaking his name”, because it identifies Thoth as the Logos or Word. One point we need to clarify is that although as we stated in Section 2 “…Osiris and Isis….were actual historical figures”, Thoth was not. This is demonstrated in another legend, which has Thoth teaching Osiris and Isis how to overcome the “Watcher’s mistake.” Of course, we need to remember that the “Watcher’s mistake” is a euphemism for the angels revealing information on psychotropic plants that led to the Lemurian genetic manipulation of the Human Race.

Since the relationship of Thoth and Osiris to The Christ is a very complicated subject, we will not be covering it here. Nevertheless, the Myth of Osiris like all myths provides us with more than one piece of information. This is because myth also provides the main Reason for why, although The Christ and Sophia entered the Astral or Emotional Plane in 10,500 B.C.E., it took more than 6,000 years for them to begin teaching Humanity. The Reason was rules. There is clearly a duality in the myth of Osiris. This shows the rules dictate that for the sake of balance, both sides or active and passive duality have to be represented, and this didn’t happen until the World-Soul gained consciousness and could incarnate as Set, the twin brother of Osiris. Putting aside an “ alien interference”, the Lemurian genetic manipulation nonetheless affected the entire Soul Plane, because the altered species of Cro-Magnon’s thoughts and emotions took form and became the World-Soul. This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Even so, as the ages past and it became infused with more and more of the developing Human Race’s thoughts and emotions, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane.

Wheel-O-Fortune card  World card  Hangedman card

There has been a lot of speculation as to the origin of Osiris and Isis, with some individuals speculating that they were extraterrestrials. As stated, the myth also involves the redemption of Sophia as Achamoth. From a different perspective, the myth of Osiris and Isis is another version of the Gnostic ‘myth’ of Sophia and Christ’s entry into this plane as Osiris and Isis. It was important for us to remember that the Christ and Sophia incarnating as Osiris and Isis concerns the first level of Sophia’s redemption. We found this perfectly explained by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy in their book JESUS AND THE LOST GODDESS: The Secret Teachings of The Original Christians, where they maintain that Sophia had to be rescued three times. They say that first The Christ rescued Sophia by separating her passions and ignorance from her spiritual essence. Then on a lower level, The Christ as The Logos rescued her as Achamoth. Finally, as Mary Magdalene she is rescued by Christ Jesus. So remembering that Sophia’s emotions of Ignorance, Fear, Grief, and Confusion became the physical Elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth of the Universe, respectively, shows how The Christ as The Logos needed to redeem Achamoth, the lower aspect of Sophia.

As Sophia moved through the lower planes, she became associated with the Planet Venus, which is dual; representing both the Mother and the maiden. The Christ joining with her and “separating her passions and ignorance from her spiritual essence” is represented by Neptune being the higher octave of Venus. Those parts that were separated from Sophia became Achamoth, which as authors Freke & Gandy said, The Christ as The Logos needed to redeem. We see this reflected in Venus being both the morning and evening star.

It is difficult to put a sequence of events in respect to Linear time with Sophia’s redemptions, because as we’ve repeatedly said there is no such thing as Linear time in the Spiritual realms. Still for purposes of explaining the interaction of The Christ and Sophia with Humanity in historical times, we will relate the interpretation we came to understand.

We believe Sophia’s first redemption occurred at the creation of the Universe when The Christ separated Sophia’s “…passions and ignorance from her spiritual essence.” Sophia’s second redemption came with The Christ and Sophia’s incarnation as Osiris and Isis around 4,200 B.C.E. This was when The Christ as The Logos taught them how to overcome the “Watcher’s mistake.” However, before The Christ and Sophia incarnated, they assisted Thoth in rescuing a remnant of Root-race 4 or the Atlanteans.

When we first learned of the connection of Thoth to Osiris and Isis we had wondered how could Thoth the Atlantean of around 10,500 B.C.E. teach Osiris and Isis more than 6,000 years later. What happened? Our answer came in remembering that one of Thoth’s names was Enoch. As such, we see Enoch as being a teacher or guide for the incarnated Christ and Sophia (Osiris and Isis) to teach them how to overcome the “Watchers’ mistake.” Identifying Enoch with Thoth the Atlantean, shows how after Enoch ascended to The Creator; he remained in the Astral Plane until after the flood. Why after the flood? We think it was because afterwards The Christ and Sophia went into the world as the teachers of the Wisdom Religion or the Serpents of Wisdom, mainly to members of Root-race 4. Of course as following the law of evolution that the next Root-race emerges from the previous one, there were still remnants of Root-race 3, in the form of its sixth sub-race.

As stated, although predominantly Root-race 4, there were remnants of Root-race 3 among the Atlanteans and after Atlantis was sunk around 10,500 B.C.E., the survivors fled to Egypt and other centers of civilization, such as the North and South American continents and India. It is important to remember that all three areas report a Christ-like teacher of antiquity. We believe this is evidence of where the Wisdom teacher Osiris went after 4,200 B.C.E.; appearing in the form of the Viracochas, Quetzalcoatl, and Krishna.

The origin of the teachers of the Wisdom Religion as stated was related in The Good News Reverberation:

Because the Christ had united with Sophia, with our “Fall” they entered this realm together. Their goal was to teach the Human Race of their spiritual origins, in addition, how to overcome the false self. They accomplished this through the instigation of the Wisdom Religion. Using the energy combination of Christ and Sophia, the Wisdom Religion, through teachers such as Krishna, Pythagoras, Socrates, Confucius, and Gautama Buddha, taught how we spiritually evolve. Surprisingly, the divine pair was most successful when they inspired an individual. Whenever either the Christ or Sophia actually incarnated as a teacher, it took more time. This is because they would first have to overcome their human ego/pain body and animal instincts before bringing their chosen vessel to enlightenment. The long path Siddhartha took to become Gautama Buddha is evidence of this.

In the chapter Voice in the Wilderness, in LCD we observed that the Christ-like teachers had all been men and almost despaired of being able to trace Sophia or Isis reincarnating into a female teacher. We said almost, because once again Maurice Cotterell’s book THE TUTANKHAMUN PROPHECIES provided the answer. In the book he says of Quetzalcoatl, “They say that when he died he became the morning star, Venus... He walked in turn among the Olmec, the Teotihuacanos, the Maya, Toltec and Aztec.” Suddenly, we realized why we had found no reference to a “female” Christ-like teacher was because The Christ and Sophia had reunited to teach the Wisdom Religion through the world re-incarnating into the teachers.

Our primary problem was how to marry the “myth” of Osiris and Isis up with the Gnostic “myth” of Christ and Sophia. First and foremost, it was important to understand that the first time Sophia and The Christ took physical form it wasn’t as mortal humans. They had come from a higher plane, so esoterically speaking they were from the Supernals of the Atziluth or Archetypal Plane.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5e

STAGE REASON – 5F – Questions around UFOs and Abductions

Turning to the subject of UFOs, whenever they come up one is immediately reminded of the most famous and still hotly debated incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Still, along with the thousands of sightings of unexplained flying objects, is the phenomenon of so-called “alien abductions”; not to mention the varied descriptions of the aliens by abductees. Consequently, with the caveat that none of this phenomena is generated by other planets, let’s use our Higher Reason to reexamine the evidence.

Notwithstanding our new understanding, our enquiry into the subject of UFOs was still relevant. For instance, the fact that when we first considered the question of “aliens” and UFOs it was important for us to remove the more fantastic elements. Consequently, with the caveat that no being from another planet was or is visiting us, let’s apply Higher Reason to the information gathered through Inductive Reasoning to uncover the Truth. Our first question was why the interest? Although after some investigation we began to see why, it was only by incorporating the Spiritual aspect that we were finally able to put all the pieces together and discover why the pilots of UFOs were interested in the Human Race.

First, we need to remember that when the US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it “rocked the Spiritual planes” but what has this got to do with UFOs? We have repeatedly said that the Divine forces are inspiring us to find the Truth and one of the most effective ways is through television and movies. This is because we retain more information through stories than bare facts, which is greatly enhanced when it incorporates both the senses of sight and hearing. Consequently, many TV shows are Spiritually inspired to help us remember by stimulating our Deductive Reasoning. An effective way our inner or Deductive Reasoning is stimulated is through curiosity, which causes us to question and investigate the unexplained. This is why one of the longest and most inspiring TV shows was Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series.

Although completely fictitious, the show stimulated the question “Are we really alone in the Universe?” Mr. Roddenberry’s Star Trek also instigated our curiosity as to whether other species have ever contacted the Earth. As more and more people were exposed to the question of life on other planets through documentaries, TV and films, the mass consciousness became more open to the possibility of UFOs visiting the Earth, making the incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 as the crash of an UFO more plausible. We observed that skeptics constantly raise the argument that if UFOs are real why haven’t they landed in a public place or tried to contact our leaders? Interestingly we can find the answer in the fundamental plot/theme of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

First though for those who have never seen any of the Star Trek series, or it’s spinoffs let us provide a brief synopsis of the show. Set in the future, the main plot centers on the Earth being a part of “Galactic” community, consisting of planets that has discovered the means to travel at “warp speed”, (faster than light) through space. Because of the capacity to travel so fast the Human Race has made alliances with several other alien civilizations. In Gene Roddenberry’s future people on Earth are united and the only “enemies” are rogue aliens that are bent on conquering and ruling entire solar systems. Nonetheless, the relevant information in the in respect to why the UFOs visiting Earth have not openly or publicly contacted the Human Race, is in what the writers of the Star Trek series call the “Prime Directive.” In the plot, this is a universal law which all the “advanced” species hold sacrosanct, which in effect decrees that under no circumstances can any planet that is primitive, in the sense its inhabitants are not technologically advanced, be contacted by a more technologically “advanced” species. For instance, in the show until the inhabitants of a planet develop the ability to travel at “warp speed” between solar systems that planet would not be contacted by a civilization that could. This is because in the show the “Galactic Government” believes that all species should develop naturally on their own without interference. We mentioned earlier that The Book of Enoch relates that it is the “Watchers mistake” of revealing “the Mysteries to mankind, which results in the multiplying of evil.” This could be seen in today’s terminology as disobeying the “Prime Directive” and teaching a primitive or technically undeveloped society the means to travel at “warp speed.”

Remembering our new understanding, although we believe the fictitious Prime Directive can explain why the pilots of the UFOs have not landed in public, we are certain they are not of an advanced civilization from another planet. So who are they? And why did the sightings of UFOs increase after WWII? First though, we need to reexamine the question we posed “Does history record any sightings of UFOs?” As we said originally, we learned that there is multiple evidence indicating that we have been visited by UFOs throughout history.

A recent documentary on UFOs pointed out that cave paintings contain strange round objects floating in the sky that appear out of place. The documentary also claimed that many paintings of the Renaissance contain not only pictures of UFOs but also depict individuals gazing up at them in the background of the paintings. We found one particular painting that was offered for evidence very compelling, so much so that we searched the web for copies of the painting. Still, as always we want participants to decide for themselves whether there is anything to the claim that there is evidence UFOs had visited the Earth before WWII.
The selections below are taken from http://www.geocities.com/jilaens/renai.htm site.

KTI-R5f-1     KTI-R5f-2
  Left - The Annunciation                      Right Blow-up of UFO?
       of St Emidus by Carlos Crivelli — 1486

KTI-R5f-3      KTI-R5f-4
1st   Left – Ta Tebaide                             Right –The Madonna with St Giovannino
      by Paolo Uccello 1460-1465                     By Domenico Ghirlandaio 15th Century     
      (2nd Left Blow-up of UFO)                          (Inset Blow-up of person gazing at UFO)

Of course skeptics dismiss the anomalies in the paintings as the artist fantasy. Nonetheless, our question was where did the artists conjure up the images from? The concept of flying in the Renaissance was committed to “demons” and witches. Yet in the paintings above are depictions of Spiritual individuals or Sacred events, which begs the question, why would Renaissance artists connect the event with something “evil”? Deductive Reasoning suggests that the artists painted what they saw, just like the “cavemen and cavewomen.” Therefore if the Renaissance artists were painting UFOs in ancient depictions, as well as recent to their time, it implies that someone has been keeping an “eye” on the Human Race for some time.

Returning to the incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, through Higher Reason we can see why someone watching us after WWII, might be concerned. Accepting that the increase in recorded UFO sightings has a lot to do with the ability to film the images and transmit them through mass media, the location of the increased sightings makes sense. This is because after WWII the spike in sightings seemed to be concentrated around Roswell, New Mexico. Despite decades of the policy of “deny, debunk and ridicule”, much to successive governments chagrin the controversy just won’t go away. Putting all the hype aside, let us employ a Higher form of Deductive Reasoning on the phenomena.

First let’s review our original conclusions, namely that after Noah’s flood and the subsequent destruction of Atlantis, the remnant of humans were ruled by god-kings, who we initially thought were extraterrestrials. However, with new insight let’s use Deductive Reasoning to discover why anyone would want to keep an “eye” on the Human Race. Dismissing our flawed original theory of “aliens” being mad scientists like Dr. Frankenstein creating life, who want to observe their “experiment’s” progress, there is still the question of the pilots identity. Originally, we cited the Universal Law (Prime Directive) decreeing that advanced civilizations could only observe, not interfere, as a consequence of the Creator/Demiurge moving to protect Humanity from any further corruption. Nevertheless, we now know that the Creator/Demiurge’s decision to reduce the life-span had nothing to do with preventing interference, it was about Spiritual Evolution.

As to the question of why the sightings of UFOs increased after WWII?” We stand by our answer that it was due to Humanity’s actions. As we said, it is important to remember that dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki “rocked the Spiritual planes.” This is because the Human Race reversed Creation while taking Life. Again, to reiterate, The Big Bang theory says that the Universe began in a massive explosion from a singularity. This meant that energy became matter creating the material universe, resulting in Life, which is reflected in the allegory of Eve (Life) coming from Adam (dust/earth) or Matter. The atom bomb is the exact reverse; taking uranium or plutonium (matter) and creating energy. By taking Life, Humanity in effect reversed Creation and broke the structure of reality. Consequently, the entire Universe on every level was affected, so the sightings being concentrated around New Mexico is perfectly understandable. Robert Oppenheimer and his team oversaw the first testing of an atom bomb in New Mexico, and the plane (Enola Gay) that dropped the bomb was stationed at Roswell, New Mexico. Even more telling is the fact that most of the early UFO sightings were around Air Force bases that had B52 bombers, and that B52 pilots reported UFOs shadowing their planes.

KTI-R5f-5     KTI-R5f-6
    Left – Enola Gay – that dropped bomb    Right – Hiroshima after atomic blast

Having addressed the reason for UFOs observing Humanity, an aspect of the phenomenon was much harder to explain, the question of “alien” abduction? Notwithstanding, our connecting some abductions to spiritual entities using the “abductees” fear, the answer to this question perplexed us for some time. Even so, we will first review our suggestion of it being connected to Succubi.

We have spent a great deal of time investigating the phenomenon of abduction, initially, we wondered why a large percentage of the several thousand people who report they have been abducted all have the same experience. One of the most enlightening pieces of information we learned was that the Lemurians who genetically altered our Cro-Magnon ancestors are able to interact with humans psychically. So even when they died out, they remained connected to Humanity psychically through the Astral Plane, influencing the Human Race through dreams and visions.

Nevertheless, all abductions do not appear to be equal. One of the most puzzling aspects of the abductions are the reports of “painful” physical examinations and experiments. A recent documentary on UFOs on ABC discussed the validity of abductees’ claims. Interestingly, the two individuals interviewed reported that their experience involved reproductive experiments. The man recounted that his abduction had involved the collection of his sperm; whereas the woman related that after a “gynecological” examination she is shown a “baby” that she understood was her offspring. In determining the validity of the claims, the producers contacted psychologists who hypothesized individuals that report “alien” abduction may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Evidently the symptoms of the sleep disorder are paralyzing fear that results in an inability to move. However, it was the psychologists analysis behind their conclusions that interested us. They sighted that in the Middle Ages people reported being visited by a succubus. For those unfamiliar with the term succubus, we will take the time to add the article for succubus from Wikipedia:

A succubus (plural succubi) is a demon who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks, in dreams to have sexual intercourse, according (to) the medieval European legend. Their male counterpart is the incubus… According to the Malleus Maleficarum, or "Witches' Hammer", written by Heinrich Kramer (Insitoris) in 1486, Succubi would collect semen from the men they slept with, which incubi would then use to impregnate women, thus explaining how demons could apparently sire children in spite of the traditional belief that demons were incapable of reproduction through generative or gestative means. Children so begotten were supposed to be those that were born deformed, or more susceptible to supernatural influences.

According to folklore the Succubi or Incubi were able to completely immobilize their victims, so that they were helpless to wake up. Abductees often report an inability to move or speak. Alternatively, some abductees awaken on board a space ship strapped to an examination table. In our book, FOR THE CHILDREN we recounted how we uncovered a possible answer. Explaining that wondering about why “abductions” seemed so terrifying, we considered whether they were false memories but was immediately confronted with the certainty that ETs would not implant false memories of being violated. At a loss to where these memories came from, we did the only thing available to us; sought answers from Great Spirit-Mind. Unfortunately, the problem with seeking answers from the ultimate source is asking the right question. For instance, in the past we asked if the gods mentioned in the Sumerian tablets were the ET watchers. Of course they were, so this originally led to my (Suzzan) interpretation reported in the original LCD. However, with the new data on the ET involvement in assisting with disease, our assumptions were corrected. So this time meditating on what question to ask, we realized we needed to ask if the ETs were ever hostile. Asking that question, we were not that surprised when the answer was a resounding “No.”

  • Our next question was, “Then why did some people have such terrifying experiences?”

This time, the answer did surprise us, “They don’t. They only think they do.” Obviously, we needed to use our Higher Reason, which brought us back to our hypothesis concerning telepathy. Interpreting abductees experiences required understanding the seven different bodies or chakras of the human being, particularly the 6th chakra or buddhi/Spiritual Soul. Despite another name for the buddhi or sixth chakra being the 3rd Eye and psychic body, the most important point is that this aspect of the human being is where dreams and visions come from. So, with this in mind let’s reexamine what we know objectively, using Deductive Reasoning to lay out all the relevant information to our investigation of so-called “alien abduction.”

  • Abductees report lost time.
  • Abductees often wake up in bed unable to move.
  • Abductees report invasive medical procedures, particularly up the nose and into the brain.
  • Abductees report being given information telepathically.
  • Abductees are returned to Earth.

We believe the key to understanding the abduction phenomenon is in the abductees receiving information. This is because of the method their “abductors” use, telepathy. Telepathy is defined by Wikipedia as:

Telepathy …describes the purported transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classical senses. The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Fredric W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research, specifically to replace the earlier expression thought-transference. A person who is able to make use of telepathy is said to be able to read the minds of others.

Putting the reproductive invasive examinations aside for now, we wish to focus on the aspect of “abductees” receiving information. This information often concerns warnings of impending disaster for the Human Race, and advice as to how to avoid it. As stated, many “abductees” report the experience of their abductors implanting devices through the nasal passages into their brains. Some researchers interpret this as the implantation of tracking devices to keep tabs on the abductees. However, we think that Higher Reason reveals another explanation that agrees with our original theory, which centered on the fact the human mind interprets visions and dreams only in ways it can make sense of. As a result, if a person is being telepathically contacted, he or she may interpret it in terms of having something implanted in their brain physically. Psychologists tell us that dreams are symbolic and need to be interpreted symbolically. We think it is important to understand that dreams and visions come from the Astral Plane, and we are all connected to this Plane through our subconscious minds. To sum up then, we think “abduction” experiences could possibly be explained by the individuals being telepathically contacted psychically, which they interpret through the subconscious as experiencing an invasive procedure.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5-f

STAGE REASON – 5G – Crop Circles and their Creatorss

Asking the question “Are Crop Circles created by UFOs?”, the answer brings in the difference between outer and inner space. In Section 2C in respect to The Kingdom of God is Within, we discussed the Mandelbrot Set appearing as a Crop Circle outside Cambridge, England, which in turn connected Crop Circles to Fractals. Many people associate the phenomenon of Crop Circles with the sightings of UFOs. However, although UFO sightings often coincide with the appearance of a Crop Circle, there is no documentation of a UFO creating one. Even so it is the connection to Fractals that offers a solution. First we will demonstrate that this is a far from a novel concept. It seems that Fractal Geometry was used in everything from architecture to tapestries.

We found this extremely informative article on the similarity between Crop Circles and Fractals at the link: http://www.santarosa.edu/~jwatrous/art18.2/alban/. The article is by Lisa Alban She entitles her article “Art 18.2 Project 1 -- fractals and crop circles

Since I first laid eyes on a fractal in 1994 I thought "how magnificent." I never quite understood their complexity but I was intrigued by their intricate beauty. This project has allowed me to get to know fractals in a way I never thought I could. I originally was going to only report on these extraordinary miniature particles, but somehow the mysterious crop circles and their resemblance to fractals entered into my mind. I realize it seems like an odd combination and in no way related, but to me the mystery and beauty of both are directly connected. There have been eerie connections between the discoveries of fractals and simultaneous appearance of crop circles that resemble those fractals. I have no explanation, but I feel my intrigue into this subject and their strange connection will lead me into a lifetime of research.

The Beautiful Mandelbrot Fractal

KTI5f-3 A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided into parts, each of which is a reduced size copy of the whole. Fractals are an important part of the chaos theory. Benoit Mandelbrot coined the word "fractal" from the Latin adjective "fractus" and corresponding verb "frangere" meaning to break or to create irregular fragments. The Koch Snowflake, Julia Set, Mandelbrot Set, as well as clouds, mountains, coast lines, and all other shapes that do not correspond to geometric shapes are related to the chaos theory. I am awed by the intricate beauty of these fractals and their magnificent patterns. They are mathematical in nature, but artistic in presence and have captured my imagination.

The Magnificent Mandelbrot Crop Circle

Crop Circles have mysteriously been appearing in Fields throughout the world for as little as 15 years or as many as a hundred. There is really very little known about this incredible phenomenon. This Mandelbrot circle seems to be a replica of the Mandelbrot fractal above. Is this merely a coincidence? It has been said that it is "impossible to draw this diagram without the use of a computer." This crop circle appeared in 1991. In 1996 we saw the Julia Set spiral formation appear near Stonehenge and then a triple Julia Set appeared. Then in 1997 three Koch (snowflake) fractals appeared. They are magnificent and mind boggling. Some seem so simple and others are infinitely complex. They are quite large yet seem to appear in a very short expanse of time. It may look as if the crops are damaged from these beautiful formations but actually the contrary is true and none of the stalks are damaged and all continue to grow. Let me know if anyone has any answers to where and how these awesome formations came into being.

KTI5f-4     KTI5f-5     KTI5f-6     KTI5f-7
KTI5f-8   KTI5f-9   KTI5f-10   KTI5f-11


There are many types of Crop Circles. Below is a small sample of Crop Circles we found on the web. The selection is reproduced from http://www.crystalinks.com/cropcircles2003.html

KTI5f-13     KTI5f-14     KTI5f-15

KTI5f-16     KTI5f-17

The above Crop Circles are truly beautiful, and as Ms. Alban relates there is evidence of Fractals in several Crop Circles. However, there is still no consensus on how or who is creating them, so we want to return to the question “Are Crop Circles created by UFOs?” One of the most plausible theories we have come across is found in Michael Poynder’s PI in the Sky A Revelation of the Ancient Celtic Wisdom Tradition. Mr. Poynder writes: “One hypothesis is that crop circles are the imprints of the consciousness of our ancestors, priests of the ancient wisdom tradition who are possibly visiting us again now to teach and help those people of good intent who are prepared to raise their consciousness towards the reality of the New Age to come. Interestingly, the author adds, “These beings are not necessarily from galaxies millions of light years away, but are from our own inner space and our friends.”

We were alerted to another candidate for the creator of Crop Circles in the recent Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film. In the film the heroes discover that the “aliens” the crystal skulls are modeled on are from another dimension. The question that arises, is the access to this dimension through inner or outer space? Pondering this for a while, will lead us to consider the possibility of inter-dimensional travel.


For us, the most important question was Are the visitors in line with the Divine Plan?” However, before we address this question, let us take a moment to explain how none physical or Spiritual beings can communicate with individuals. We wrote about this in the chapter Visions of the Millennium in Our Story 1995 – 2002: True Philosophers’ Stone:

“To understand how the forces, both benevolent and malevolent interacted with Humanity, Great Spirit-Mind used the analogy of one of my favorite TV shows at the time, Quantum Leap… the plot centers on a brilliant scientist, Dr. Sam Beckett played by Scott Bakula finding a way to time travel within his own lifetime.

After making the initial “leap”, Dr. Beckett finds he cannot get back to his own time, because a mysterious power has “hijacked” him to change the personal history of countless individuals for the better. The sidekick of the show comes in the form of Admiral Al Fabrizi, played by Dean Stockwell. He can only help Sam by locking onto Dr. Beckett’s brain waves and appearing to Sam as a hologram, which only Sam can see and hear.

“A supercomputer, named Ziggy assists Sam and Al advising them on what Sam needs to change in order for him to leap to the next situation. On the last episode of the series, Al is unable to lock onto Sam’s brain waves, and has no choice but to try to find him by standing in a whirlwind of images of possible times where Sam might be. This is what it is like for the spiritual forces. They are not watching human beings perform every detail of their lives; they see us in a sequence of snapshots. For malevolent forces to tempt the spiritual workers of Great Spirit-Mind, they needed to expend tremendous energy to interact with them. The forces could recuperate a little if they could succeed in causing a worker to give into any of the lower emotions, which keeps Humanity reincarnating into this plane of existence. To defeat them all a worker had to do was recognize the illusion and dismiss them with faith. However, a person giving their body over to a spirit, such as in channeling was tantamount to allowing a solid connection into our plane of existence. In this case, as with Al locking onto Sam’s brain waves in order to communicate with him, all spiritual forces, both good and bad, could ride the frequency into this plane. Great Spirit-Mind of course connects through the heart with Humanity all the time, except when they fill their hearts with fear, hatred, or rage, which is of a different vibration to love.

As for our question “Are the visitors in line with the Divine Plan?”, we think that our friend Guy’s book Chronicles of Guy’s Intradimensional Divine Encounters answers that with our identification of the Clickers. From the start Guy sensed there was something different to these visitors. As he related to me, “For one thing” before interacting with him, the Clickers would knock as if asking permission to come into the room. It may help to share a few excerpts from Guy’s book on these incredible encounters.

From the first night when Guy began sleeping in Mindy’s garage, in late August of 2004, the Clickers visited him every night. Unlike the time in the third Linda’s house when Guy had physically felt the Clickers touch him, in the garage he would sense them operating ten to twelve feet above his head. At first, this puzzled him because the ceiling was not that high, but once he allowed his mind to consider different possibilities, he sensed that the Clickers were operating in another dimension, intersecting with ours over his head.

Guy’s encounter with the Clickers in the garage, also differed in another way from his first encounter with them in Seattle. When the Clickers first arrived, he did not smell the same pungent odor he had in Linda’s house. He speculates that they were testing him with different energies for compatibility. Adding that over time he understood, “they were preparing my body for something, and would run energy through me to determine which energy I was compatible with.”

Each night, after running energy through him “testing for compatibility”, the Clickers began physically interacting with Guy. Again he says, “They were never visible to me, but I would feel their energy as they moved my head back and forth. For some reason, they wanted to look in my mouth, because I would find myself compelled to open it and move my head as if a doctor or dentist was looking inside.” Amazingly, during this “exam”, a clicking sound the same as the Clickers started emanating from the back of Guy’s throat. Despite this my friend calmly states, “The strange thing was that by this time, I was okay with their ‘medical’ examination, although it was somewhat disturbing, I was at the same time fascinated by what was happening.”

A few days later, while he was painting Mindy’s walls in the main house, Guy received a much greater insight into the Clickers allegiance. Absorbed in his work with the door closed, outside through the open window he hears the unmistakable sound signaling the arrival of these mysterious beings. “I know they are there, because I could hear them talking, or should I say clicking, and the room was filling up with a strange aroma, which was not the paint. Stopping to listen and feeling relieved, I realized I am no longer afraid. Even so, I am still a little uncertain, so displaying a confidence that I’m not really feeling, I jokingly said, “Wow! Don’t they have any showers in space? You guys really smell.”

While confronting the mysterious Clickers, Guy became aware that the radio playing music in the background had changed. Hearing a man’s voice accompanied by very different music from what he was listening to, astonishingly Guy says the voice stated, “We believe in God. We are time travelers that have come to witness the events about to unfold. We have come to make sure that these events happen accordingly without interference.” Watching my friend as he adds that “stunned and in shock all I can do is just stare at the radio”, I observe that this was a defining moment for Guy. It also explained why he was not so afraid of the Clickers.

Later, Guy told me that he may have initiated the Clickers declaration, because when they arrived, he laid out the ground rules. Stating “At the time, my bible was literally my shield, and I told them that unless they believed in God, I did not want to have anything to do with them.”

While he was staring at the radio in disbelief, Guy smelt a strange unpleasant odor and he looked around the room for the source. Discovering the smell was un-mistakenly coming from the newly painted walls, he reports that “The paint had turned moldy with a disgusting putrid smell.” Standing there trying to figure out how freshly painted walls could become moldy in just a few seconds; he notices the room filling with tiny gnats. Evidently, “they just appeared out of nowhere.” Amazing me, he adds that “these tiny insects then flew into the wall and instantly disintegrated before my eyes.”

Although knowing that the designation “time-travelers” was a stretch, Guy believes that the Clickers could manipulate time on the Earth Plane. Therefore, he felt a more appropriate designation for them would be time-manipulators. As he explains, “I understood that they were showing me the moldy paint and the disintegrating gnats, to prove the point that they could manipulate space time in a localized area. The main message I took from this, was that the Clickers were in alignment with God and were telling me the truth.”

Eventually we identified the Clickers as evolved human beings from the future that we have designated FHBs. Since we will be addressing them in a later Stage, we will move on to the revised Third Review.

Finishing up chapter Two Awakening, we move onto the crux of what THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION is about:

This is where the main characters enter history. In our studies, Craig and I learned that the early church searched the scriptures to find all references to the messiah to apply them to Jesus. Regrettably, this led to the Church making him larger than life, with the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. With this doctrine, the church distanced Jesus from us as an example of how we would evolve. By making him God, many people cannot accept his statement that everything he did we could do and more.

A key element of the infancy narratives was to incorporate the fulfillment of the prophecy in Hosea 11:1, which said the father’s son, would be called out of Egypt. Let us suppose for the sake of argument that the prophecy is relating to the messiah. If we accept this, is the Gospel of Matthew narrative correct? We would have to say NO, because our studies have revealed that the writers concocted the infancy stories in order to link Jesus to Moses.

Many scholars have hypothesized that Jesus underwent initiation in the Egyptian mystery schools. If he were born in Egypt rather than Nazareth or Bethlehem, it would certainly explain some of the mysterious events in the gospels. Historians record that many Jews settled in Alexandria, Egypt, after returning from exile. In Alexandria were several mystery schools, such as Isis, Dionysus, and Hermes. Is it possible that some of those Jews were members of these mystery or esoteric schools? Several writings point to Jesus and John the Baptist as being members of an Essene sect. It surprised Craig and me to learn that the sect of Essenes was not restricted to only an ascetic enclave that archeologists found remnants of in Qumran, near the Dead Sea. Apparently, the Essenes also had a following within the general Jewish population and counted entire families as members.

There has been much speculation as to where Jesus was before his baptism by John. Some propose that he was in India, while others favor his originating from Egypt. If we dismiss the infancy narratives (found in Matthew and Luke) along with the story in Luke of Jesus in the temple at the age of twelve, then two of the Gospels (Mark and John) have Jesus suddenly appearing at the river Jordan around the age of thirty, with no explanation. However, fortunately the Gospels are not the only records of Jesus’ mission. if we take into consideration other writings, then maybe we can discover why and even explain other contradictions within the gospels, so with this premise in mind, I would like to present a different hypothesis for your consideration.

Reaching the halfway point in Stage Reason we will be introducing a lot more information; consequently instead of covering two Sections in the Reviews we will only deal with one. To reiterate, the hi-lights for each Section are in a bullet-listed downloadable PDF. If anyone does not have “Adobe Reader”, they can use this link to download it. Before getting to the questions for Section 5, let’s review the answers to the questions in the Second Review for Sections 3 and 4, centering around the Gnostics:

(1) Which language is key to The Mysteries?
Answer - English
(2) What is the name of the deeper level of Numerology?
Answer - Gematria
(3) What is a Gnostic term for The Creator?
Answer – Ialdaboath
(4) What is sacrosanct to Great Spirit-Mind “God”?
Answer – Free Will
(5) What is the Dark Night of the Soul?
Answer – Spiritual calling to awaken our true selves
(6) How many members represent the “orchestra”?
Answer – 777,000
(7) What Year was the Nag Hammadi Library found?
Answer - 1945
(8) What emotion can be used to “breakdown” our old mental construct?
Answer - Fear
(9) Who was Valentinus taught by?
Answer – Theudas a disciple of Saint Paul
(10) What did the Kabbalists believe was above the Sephirot?
Answer – Ain Soph
(11) What was the name of Sophia’s partner in the Pleroma?
Answer – What has been Willed
(12) Who emanated The Christ and The Holy Spirit?
Answer – The First Father or Supreme Being
(13) Which element represents Grief?
Answer - Air
(14) Which Tarot card represents Ignorance or Anger?
Answer – Card 20 - Judgement
(15) Which element is represented by The Hanged Man?
Answer – Water
(16) Which Root-Race were the principles of masculine and feminine divided?
Answer –Root-Race 3
(17) What principle does Carbon correspond to?
Answer – Lowest or 1st principle, Body or Rupa
(18) Which element represents Ahab that translates to Love?
Answer – Oxygen
(19) Which two elements combine to represent Water?
Answer – Hydrogen and Oxygen
(20) What number represents Carbon?
Answer – 6

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 5-g & CHAPTER TWO


In this amended Third review for Section 5 we include questions on our revisions using Higher Reason. Again, the summary for Section 5 is in a bullet-listed downloadable PDF:   (If anyone does not have “Adobe Reader”, they can use this link to download it.)

(1) What are the names of the two species living in the Fertile Crescent in 50,000 B.C.E.?
(2) Who mistakenly revealed the mysteries to Humanity?
(3) What was the name of the advanced civilization who genetically altered the Cro-Magnons?
(4) What is Eve being taken from Adam an allegory for?
(5) Which Root-Race represents the descendants of Cain?
(6) How many planes are on the Tree of Life?
(7) Which direction represents the Hebrew letter Mem?
(8) How many groups migrated into the Nile Valley in 10,000 B.C.E.?
(9) Which myth is another version of the Gnostic myth?
(10) Which aspect of The Christ redeemed Achamoth?
(11) When did Sophia’s first redemption take place?
(12) Which Root-Race did Root-Race 4 emerge from?
(13) Which stars align with the three pyramids at Giza?
(14) Where was the first UFO sightings concentrated after WWII?
(15) What is the reverse of creation?
(16) What are the names of the three Souls in a human being?
(17) What Root-Race equated to the Linga Sharira or Astral body.
(18) Which civilization brought in the principle Kama Rupa or Animal Soul.
(19) Which Root-Race could interact with the Astral Plane?
(20) When did the Manas or the Human Soul develop?

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End of STAGE – REASON  – THIRD REVIEW – Section 5