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Although we refer to the last Hebrew letter of the Sacred Flame Alphabet as Tau, this is the Greek spelling. In general Tau is ת written as Tav and spelled out as ThV or in Hebrew תו meaning Tav or Tau, and includes the letter Vav ו or Vau. This is particularly interesting as according to the RT group that produced The Rabbi’s Tarot, Vau is also the conjunction “and”, meaning that despite being the final letter, Tau is not the end. As the group relates, Saint Theresa taught that there was no limit to the level of human consciousness in its strive for perfection; consequently, even though we have reached the final seventh Temple Transformation in the Know Thyself Initiative, we have only gone through one level of advancement.

Everything starts with Reason. Animals possess Attention and Memory, otherwise they would not survive. When they begin to Reason out problems, such as chimpanzees using a stick to get to ants, they are ready to evolve into human beings. As humans, we cannot develop our Creative Imagination without Reason, which is why these two faculties are represented by cards 3 and 4 The Empress and Emperor, as well as the Hebrew letters Daleth, spelled DLTh ד and Heh ה spelled HH respectively. Interestingly, as The Empress precedes her consort The Emperor, it suggests that the higher mammals may develop imagination at the same time as they acquire Reason. Regardless, Reason is our gateway to all levels of higher consciousness, because without it we cannot develop Intuition, Wisdom, or Understanding, let alone hope to Transform. Reason underpins everything, which is why we saw such chaos in the world in 2020 and 2021. Due to certain energies, which will be discussed later, a substantial number of people lost the ability to use either Inductive or Deductive reason. However, the tide is turning and more and more are reviewing their responsibility to redress the ills of racism, bigotry, and injustice. In this way, the Sacred Flame Alphabet, created thousands of years ago can point the way. Hebrew scholars tell us that the Hebrew word for Truth, Emet, is spelled אמת Aleph, Mem, and Tau, which takes letters from all three rows of the Tarot Tableau, or as the scholars put it the beginning, middle, and end of the alphabet. We take this to mean that we need to include all Seven Temples in this update, consequently, we will review Stage Reason from that perspective. We will also be using our revised GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION, rather than the original The Good News: An Alternate Theory.

One more important point, we consider participants in this next level of the Know Thyself Initiative initiates, as well as members of the 777,000 unique teachers, predestined to assist the Divine Plan. Something we feel critical to engaging a higher form of Reason is reviewing previously considered information, from an open expanded mind. Consequently, we recommend initiates revisit the various Stages as if they are doing so for the first time.



The following eight paragraphs of THE GOOD NEWS REVERBERATION concern the structure and function of the Soul Plane, with a special focus on the makeup and nature of the Angelic Realm. This part also discusses the differences between angels and watchers.

Speaking of the fall of certain angels, recently it surprised me to learn that some investigators say there are religious writings that report two separate angelic rebellions. As this involves our investigation, we will pause to investigate. Throughout history, artists have depicted Angels in various forms, from cutesy cherubs to awe-inspiring huge beings of light, but always in human form. Evidently, some of these beings were once corporeal or human beings, and through enlightenment raised their vibration to become light beings. If we return to the beginning of the universe, we can recall that Sophia and the Christ as well as transforming Sophia’s emotions into the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, they caused the creation of the Creator/Demiurge, who instigated the angelic realm. Consequently, angels were made of the same elements as human beings, only in a more refined, therefore lighter manner. They are also of the Soul Plane and as a result, endowed with souls.

Since we wrote this in 2004 we have continued to investigate and we realized that the part about Creator/Demiurge instigating the angelic realm could be misleading. Consequently we need to clarify our statement with the Astral Plane being created as a part of the Soul Plane, in order to teach the Life Principle’s souls in between incarnations how to access the Divine Spark. When the Lemurians genetically altered the Cro-Magnons, The Creator only divided what was already there. So after the Human Race was genetically manipulated, initially to correct the problem, The Creator reduced the life span and created three separate levels in the Astral Plane, Kama Loka, Devachan and Avichi, which acted as barriers to separate the purer souls and forces from the less evolved.

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STAGE REASON – 8A – THE TRIAL – Soul Plane/Angelic Realm

The angelic realm has enthralled us for millennia. Its various divisions have generated numerous writings. The Old Testament is full of angels interacting with Humanity, Jacob’s Ladder (Genesis 28:12) and the two angels sent to warn Lot (Genesis 19:1) are just two examples. As I mentioned, artists depicted angels from cutesy cherubs to awe-inspiring light beings. Why such a huge disparity? The reason is that not all angels are equal. We stated that the Demiurge/Creator created the angelic realm; however, he did not create all levels of angels. Before the creation or if you prefer the evolution of Humanity, the lower layers of the angelic realm did not exist. When the Demiurge/Creator was forming the Soul Plane, he brought forth creative (archons) and administrative (astrological) powers. We identify these beings with the suffix “im”, such as Elohim, Seraphim and Cherubim. The archangels were formed from early Humanity, before the “fall.” As Humanity evolved Christ-like teachers taught them how to raise their vibration. This is how humans became angels. Angels were needed to interact with Humanity on a physical level. Because angels consist of the same elements, when the Creator wanted a message given to a person, a messenger (angel) was sent to the person. All the angel had to do was temporarily lower or slow down his or her vibration to the same as the person to be seen and heard. (Note: despite the angelic realm being androgynous, however, when an angel interacts with a human being the angel will appear as either male or female.)

The above is self-explanatory and the only thing we would add is to ask participants to consider the statement, “human beings can become angels.” If anyone has a problem with that just think of the Catholic Church’s beatification of individuals for saintly behavior in their lives. Whether we agree with Catholicism or not, is it not possible that the doctrine of beatification is a reflection of a human being becoming an angel?

Another astonishing piece of information Craig and I found is that all spiritual beings, along with the Human Race, have free will. As they are beneath the Veil between the Pleroma and the Soul Plane, they are of a dual nature. There is a Jewish legend to the effect that the angels were jealous when Yahweh (the Creator/Demiurge or the God of the Old Testament) asked Adam to name the animals. I can remember commenting on the fact that “angels” could be capable of jealousy. Nonetheless, if we can believe the Bible, then the angels are capable of more than one “human” emotion. As I said, Genesis reports that some beings of the angelic realm exhibited the emotions of pride and lust.

The axiom, “As above so below, and as below so above” was given to us to help us understand how every ensouled being is linked through the Soul Plane. So we need to always remember that when the Human Race, with its divine sparks was altered genetically, it affected the entire consciousness of the Soul Plane. To reiterate, just as the consciousness of every human being is affected by the mass consciousness, every entity beneath the Veil is also affected. Consequently, when Humanity became infused with the shadow side of the universe through the World-Soul, because of the axiom, “As above so below, as below so above,” the Soul Plane also became afflicted. Because every being beneath the Veil has free will, the angels also have to choose urges to which to adhere, self or selflessness. Obviously some of the beings chose self, on record as the angelic rebellion.

Not believing that a Divine being is capable of a punishment like hell, Craig and I wondered what happened to the rebellious angels. Again, only recently we discovered that there are several writings, which state the rebellious angels, were given corporeal bodies. Remember we said earlier that God told us to think of spiritual forces in terms of energy. This is what we understand occurred. Just as the Christ, with the Holy Spirit, raised or speeded up the cells of Jesus’ body, the “fallen angels” affected the opposite by lowering or slowing down their vibrations.

With the three paragraphs above describing the structure and various levels of the Angelic Realm, Higher Reason screams that at every level in the Soul Plane its inhabitants have free will, which explains so many angel’s actions recorded in the Bible. Let us examine what we know about the angels and the Soul Plane through Inductive Reasoning:

  • The “sons of God” (angels) lusted after the “daughters of men.”
  • The angels were jealous of Adam for naming the animals.
  • The Archangel Lucifer was guilty of pride.
  • Every being of the Soul Plane is of dual nature.
  • Every ensouled being is linked through the Astral Plane.
  • After the Human Race was genetically altered, the entire Soul Plane was affected.
  • The “fall” was a euphemism for the genetic manipulation of Cro-Magnons.
  • The angels and beings of the Soul Plane had to choose between selfishness and selflessness.
  • Angels are former human beings and have free will.
  • Not all angels are equal.
  • There is more than one level of angels.
  • The Elohim, Seraphim, and Cherubim are also Astrological powers, or Archons.
  • Archangels were formed from Humanity before the “fall”.

The discussion of the structure and function of the Soul Plane again brings up the question of the nature of The Creator/Demiurge, as to whether He punishes Humanity or not. Scholars maintain that the Gnostics taught The Christ descended into Jesus without the Demiurge’s knowledge. Nevertheless, as we have said there were many different Gnostic sects in existence during the 2nd Century of the Common Era, and the sect we were led to were known as the Valentinians. However it wasn’t from Valentinus that we understood the Valentinian position on The Creator but one of his famous successors Ptolemaeus. We related Ptolemaeus’ writing in the chapter Gnosis Versus Orthodoxy in LOVE The Common Denominator LCD. As this is critical to understanding the Gnostic position on The Creator we will reprint the entire excerpt below:

“The successor to Valentinus was Ptolemaeus, and he wrote a famous letter to a Christian woman called Flora, entitled not surprisingly Ptolemaeus’ Letter to Flora, which is recorded in The Other Bible: Jewish Psuedipigrapha, Christian Apocrypha, Gnostic Scriptures, Kabbalah and Dead Sea Scrolls explaining the Valentinian position. An extract from it reads:

“The Law ordained through Moses, my dear sister Flora has not been understood by many persons, who have accurate knowledge neither of him who ordained it nor of its commandments. — Some say that it is legislation given by God the Father; others, — maintain stubbornly that it was ordained by the opposite, the Devil. — As they (also) attribute the fashioning of the world to him. — Both are completely in error. — For it is evident that the Law was not ordained by the perfect God the Father, for it is secondary, being imperfect and in need of completion by another, containing commandments alien to the nature and thought of such a God.

“Ptolemaeus explains this by the doctrine of ‘an eye for an eye.’ Reminding Flora and us that Jesus addressed the Law, he continues:

“It is obvious that the whole Law is divided into three parts; we find in it legislations of Moses, of the Elders, and of God Himself. The Law of God Himself, is in turn divided into three parts; The pure legislation not mixed with evil, — which the Savior came not to destroy but to complete; — next the legislation interwoven with inferiority and injustice, which the Savior destroyed because it was alien to His nature; and finally, the legislation which is exemplary and symbolic. — The Law of God, pure and not mixed with inferiority, is the Decalogue, (The ten commandments). — These contain pure but imperfect legislation and required completion by the Savior.

“There is also the Law interwoven with injustice, laid down for vengeance and the requital of previous injuries. Ordaining that an eye should be cut out for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and that a murder should be avenged by a murder. The person who is the second one to be unjust is no less unjust than the first; he simply changes the order of events while performing the same action. — This is why, when His son came, He destroyed this part of the Law while admitting that it came from God.

“Finally there is the exemplary part, ordained in the image of spiritual and transcendent matters. I mean the part dealing with offerings, circumcision, the Sabbath, fasting, Passover, unleavened bread, and other similar matters. Since all these things are images and symbols, when the truth was made manifest they were translated to another meaning. — He (The Savior) wanted us to be circumcised, not in regard to our physical foreskin but in regard to our spiritual heart; to keep the Sabbath, for He wishes us to be idle in regard to evil works; to fast, not in physical fasting but in spiritual, in which there is abstinence from everything evil. Among us external fasting is also observed since it can be advantageous to the soul. — Similarly Paul the apostle shows that the Passover and the unleavened bread are images when he says, ‘Christ our Passover has been sacrificed, in order that you may be unleavened bread, not containing leaven.’ (By leaven he here means evil) ‘But may be a new lump’ (I Corinthians 5:7).

“Thus the Law of God itself is obviously divided into three parts. The first was completed by the Savior, for the commandments, ‘You shall not kill, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not swear falsely’, are included in the forbidding of anger, desire, and swearing. The second part was entirely destroyed. For ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’, interwoven with injustice and itself a work of injustice, was destroyed by the Savior through its opposite. — ‘For I say to you, do not resist the evil man, but if anyone strikes you, turn the other cheek to him.’ Finally, there is the part translated and changed from the literal to the spiritual. — Paul showed that this theory is true. — He says, ‘The Law of commandments in ordinances was destroyed.’ (Ephesians 2:15); and of that not mixed with anything inferior when he says that ‘The Law is holy, and the commandment is holy and just and good’ (Romans 7:12).

“It remains for us to say who this god is who ordained the Law. — For if the Law was not ordained by the perfect God Himself. — Nor by the Devil, a statement one cannot possibly make, the Legislator must be someone other than these two. In fact, he is the Demiurge and maker of this Universe and everything in it. — If the perfect God is good by nature, — and if the one who is of the opposite nature evil and wicked, characterized by injustice; then the one situated between the two, neither good nor evil and unjust, can properly be called just. Since he is the arbitrator of the justice, which depends on him. On the one hand, this god will be inferior to God and lower than His justice, since he is generated and not ungenerated — there is only one ungenerated Father, from whom are all things (I Corinthians 8:6). On the other hand, he will be greater and more powerful than the adversary, by nature since he has a substance and nature different from either of them. The substance of the adversary is corruption and darkness, for he is material and complex, while the substance of the ungenerated Father of all is incorruption and self-existent light...”

We believe that the above quote from Ptolemaeus clearly shows that the Valentinians did not see either The Creator or His Creation as evil, which was the position of many of the Gnostic sects; such as the Manicheans. This is an important distinction to make as it helps to view the Gnostic teachings from an Archetypal and allegorical perspective. As we said this part of Section 8 concerns the inhabitants and structure of the Soul Plane. Consequently, we will leave our conclusions on angels until later.

To understand the fate of the “fallen angels” we have to consider that although they are of a finer substance, the angels consist of the same substance as human beings. Furthermore, it is important to remember that everything beneath the Veil is essentially vibrating energy or operating at specific frequency ranges.

Most religious minded individuals think of Heaven as being above us and they would be partly right. The Astral Plane, of which heaven is a part, vibrates at just a little higher rate than the Earth Plane. Nonetheless, we should view this as within rather than without.

Three subjective levels divide the Astral Plane, which the ancient esoteric teachers named Kama Loka, Avitchi, and Devachan. These three levels, for ease of explanation, are often depicted one above another within this plane. Nonetheless, all three levels are still the Astral Plane. The Church taught that there was heaven, purgatory, and hell. Devachan represented the highest level and would equate to the Greek concept of Elysian Fields or the Church’s Heaven. No surprise, the reverse side of Devachan, Avitchi equates to the Greek concept of Hades or the Church’s Hell. We could view Kama Loka as equal to the concept of Purgatory.

When a spiritual entity through free-will choice begins to slow down or lower their vibration, they sink lower in the Astral Plane. Eventually they slow their vibration to such an extent that they can no longer remain in the subjective Astral Plane and have to take on corporeal bodies in the objective Earth Plane. However, we must assert that as the levels within the Astral Plane are subjective, an individual’s mental conception determines his or her experience in that plane. We should never see the various levels as locations for Divine reward or punishment. Your judgment of your life determines whether you reward or punish yourself.

The next two paragraphs address the structure of the Soul Plane; however, we think it may help to first examine what was written in the chapter Whence the Origin of Evil? in LCD concerning the structure, function, and inhabitants of the Astral Plane:

“It appears that the spiritual realm is not stagnant. On the contrary, according to De Laurence ‘…All are destined to attain perfection by passing through the different degrees of the spirit-hierarchy.’ This is achieved by their incarnation in a physical body, which is imposed on some of them as a kind of penance and for others as a ‘mission.’ It is through living that the spirits, like us, achieve ‘absolute perfection,’ which Mr. de Laurence describes as ‘a sort of filter,’ the goal being to purify the spirit to enable it to return to God.

“According to De Laurence, all kinds of spirits are constantly ‘in relation’ with us. The ‘good’ ones are always trying to guide us on the right path. Nevertheless, he warned ‘…the bad ones tempt us to evil; it is a pleasure for them to see us fall, and to make us like themselves. The communications of spirits with men are either occult or ostensible. Their occult communications are made through the good or bad influence they exert on us without our being aware of it; it is our duty to distinguish, by exercise of our judgment, between the good and the bad inspirations that are thus brought to bear upon us.’

“H. P. Blavatsky also believed there were two entities living in each of us. From her Essays in the section entitled ‘The Fall of Ideals,’ she wrote ‘Man was, and still is, the vehicle of a dual spirit in him—good and evil. Like the twin sisters of Victor Hugo’s grand posthumous poem Satan—the progeny issued respectively from Light and Darkness—the angel ‘Liberty’ and the angel ‘Isis-Lilith’ have chosen man as their dwelling on earth, and these are at eternal strife in him…’

“In considering Kama Loka, I wondered, what if the individual hadn’t fostered any good in their lives? Sadly, the answer was that the full consciousness of the individual sentences himself or herself to an undetermined time in the Avitchi section of Kama Loka or Hell of their making. Just as the soul of the person who has lived a good life experiences all their heart desires; the depraved soul will equally give themselves their just desserts, in whatever Hell they deem appropriate.

“Note I said, ‘What they deemed appropriate.’ It is their judgment, no one else’s! James Redfield vividly portrays this in his inspired novel The Tenth Insight. The book is the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy. In the chapter called ‘An Inner Hell,’ Redfield shows how souls after death create an environment where they repeat the same destructive behavior patterns over and over again.

As stated, the above two paragraphs of The Good News Reverberation addressed the structure of “the main three levels of the Astral Plane.” The statement “When a spiritual entity through free-will choice begins to slow down or lower their vibration, they sink lower in the astral plane”, brings up the question of predestination.

Whenever tragedies or catastrophes occur people are confronted with the apparent randomness of the event. Take for instance the attacks on 9-11. Many survivors and victim-families wonder where Great Spirit-Mind or “God” was on that dreadful morning and ask why “He” did not stop it? Such questions were also asked by the Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust, who in interviews relate the Reason the Jewish people did not fight the Germans and appeared to go quietly, was because they had faith and fully believed The Supreme Being they called Yahweh or The Creator would save them.

Church doctrine teaches that every event, whether good or bad is “God’s Will”, because “He” is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (everywhere), and Omniscient (all knowing). Another popular saying is “Everything that happens in life happens for a reason”, which is connected to the belief of every event being “God’s Will”, only it allows for the possibility that other forces can be involved. Either way, this makes us helpless pawns in the game of life and death. We do not think there is a person who believes in a Supreme Power that has not asked “Why does He or She allow suffering?” This was the first question we asked when we began our journey, and our investigation led us to some amazing answers. We touched on one aspect of the answer in Section 3-B when we discussed the different callings and the Dark Night of the Soul. Then we determined that Great Spirit-Mind or God never forces anyone to accept a calling because Free Will is sacrosanct. Here we wish to discuss Great Sprit-Mind’s role in human suffering. The first thing we learned in connection to our question was the pillar “Anything that creates fear, hatred, and or division is Never of Divine origin.” This pillar immediately removed the concept of everything that happens being by Divine decree. So if The Supreme Being is not responsible for everything that happens, then who is? Many religious minded individuals would answer “Satan” or the “devil”, which implies that Great Spirit-Mind is indifferent to the plight of His/Her children, which brings us back to the question “Why does The Supreme Being allow suffering?” The answer is hinted at in the allegorical story of Job in the Bible.

For participants unfamiliar with the Book of Job, let us give a brief synopsis. The book opens with an introduction to Job as a faithful servant of the “Lord” living a good and prosperous life as a farmer with his family. Then the text switches to “heaven” with the “Lord” talking with Satan about Job. In the story the “Lord” almost appears to be “crowing” to Satan about how faithful Job is. On the face of it Satan agrees, when he admits that in “going to and fro” on the Earth he has seen the man’s faithfulness, but observes that Job is only faithful because the “Lord” blesses him. Satan, meaning Adversary then challenges the “Lord”, declaring that if the “Lord” were to remove His protection and allow Satan to test Job, then Job would turn around and curse the “Lord.” Although accepting Satan’s bet, the “Lord” makes one stipulation, Satan can attack all of Job’s possessions, including his family but he cannot touch Job’s body. Predictably Satan then kills Job’s family all his livestock, and destroys his home. Although Job cries out to the “Lord” in bewilderment Job remains faithful.

Satan & Job_boils
Satan afflicting Job with boils by William Blake

Seeing that Job is not broken, Satan ups the ante (so to speak) and says to the “Lord” that Job will not remain faithful if the “Lord” allows him to attack Job physically. Once again the “Lord” accepts the bet and allows Satan to afflict Job with painful boils. The text then shifts to the story from Job’s perspective. To cut a very long story short, as Job suffers horribly, his friends encourage Job to curse the “Lord.” Although Job struggles with his misfortunes and questions the “Lord” on his circumstances, Job accepts the “Lord’s” explanation and remains faithful. Eventually the “Lord” blesses him again with health, a new family, and possessions. If we remember the pillar that “Anything that creates fear, hatred, and or division is Never of Divine origin”, then the “Lord’s” action in the story negates the pillar. This is because of the “Lord’s bet” with Satan Job experiences great fear and despair. So the pillar removes any literal interpretation of the story.

There are so many aspects to the story of Job screaming it should not be taken literally. To suggest that any Divine figure would wager the faithfulness of His servant, by killing innocent children is unthinkable. Forget that the Bible says “God is Love”; in the Book of Job, the “Lord” displays many traits that the Bible warns us against, such as boastfulness. Then there is the aforementioned pillar that “Anything that creates fear, hatred, and or division is Never of Divine origin”, Job’s “testing” most definitely generated all of them. Consequently, we concluded that the Book of Job is an allegory hiding a deeper meaning, with the main characters in the allegory representing Archetypes. To find the deeper meaning we will need to use the 7 Keys of Interpretation. In this case, the relevant Key is that there are seven interpretations to all Scriptural allegory. This was first addressed in the chapter The Wisdom Religion & The 7 Keys of Interpretation in LCD:

“All through my journey, apart from the consistent parallels in the religions of the world, I had also come across the repetitive references to scripture having more than one meaning. I have already discussed the astrological and numerical codes found in Scripture. However, according to ancient teaching there were seven keys to all scriptural allegory. These are described in the Secret Doctrine—Volume I as the key to all mysteries. Blavatsky cites Ragon as saying, that the wise sages had ingeniously mixed the symbols and creeds of their ‘religious philosophies,’ so affectively, that the true meaning could only be discerned by combining the information of all 7 keys.

“Blavatsky explains, they are so cleverly hidden that, only an approximation of the meaning could be determined. It seems, that even if we are able to discover five of the categories, i.e., anthropological, psychic, astronomical, and the ‘highest and lowest,’ we would still be in the dark as to the secret meaning of the message, because it was held in the utmost mystery. According to Blavatsky, the secret of the lowest key, the physiological, lost its sublime purity, when the sacrilegious discovered the key. Apparently the two remaining categories were even more mysterious; they were the key concerned with the creative gods (theogony), and the key that referred to man as a creator or the principle and physical mysteries. She warns, us these 2 keys were so ingeniously disguised and united, that when someone was able to decode other keys, these 2 remained elusive enough to keep their use from those who would attempt such recklessness. Blavatsky also says, the knowledge of the key ‘theogony’ connected to the key of ‘anthropogony’ was almost unattainable.

“Webster’s New World College Dictionary describes ‘theogony’ as ‘the origin or genealogy, as told in myths,’ whereas the word ‘anthropogony’ isn’t even mentioned. The closest I could come to it was ‘anthropogenesis, anthropogeny’ which is the ‘study of man’s origin…’”

As most participants have probably already gathered, at the time of writing the above we were far from clear as to the Seven Keys of Interpretation. However, by the time we wrote Our Story 1995-2002: True Philosophers’ Stone, we were a little clearer on how the Seven Keys were used. In the chapter A New Direction we wrote:

“In a very obscure way, Blavatsky names six of the keys in the second volume of her masterpiece of esoteric teaching, the Secret Doctrine. These six are physiological, anthropological, psychic, astronomical, theogony and anthropogony. The first four categories Craig and I knew well. However, the last two completely foxed us. Webster’s New World College Dictionary describes “theogony” as “the origin or genealogy, as told in myths.” In other words, we could also understand this key’s category as mythological, as well as the key revealing information of the lower gods or creators.…”

To simplify it further, the Seven Keys can be condensed into two Keys, giving us the interpretation from both the universal or Macrocosmic and the individual or Microcosmic perspective. To demonstrate how this works, we will apply the two perspectives to the allegory of Job. However, before we discuss the deeper messages in the text of Job, it is important to note that the Book of Job was written before the incarnation of The Christ, and so the Old Law of “Justice”, as in an “eye for an eye” was in effect. Moreover, the situation in the Book of Job is due to the Lemurian genetic manipulation of the Human Race. As a result we need to interpret its message from that context. The Mystical Art of Archetypal images in the Major Arcana of the Tarot can greatly assist us in the interpretation.

In order to interpret the allegory we first need to identify which Archetypes are being represented. Satan in the allegory should be seen as Macrocosmically representing several elements. These are: (1) all inhabitants of the Soul Plane, (2) The Law of “an eye for an eye”, (3) Linear Time, (4) the Gnostic Limit, and (5) the Wheel of Necessity. These elements can be encapsulated into The Law or the Wheel of Necessity. In respect to the Book of Job reflecting the situation due to the genetic manipulation of the Human Race, these elements depict Satan not as a personal “adversary” but as the Archetype representing the Universe’s reaction to the event. In the Tarot the Archetypal elements that Satan Macrocosmically represents are symbolized by card 10 – The Wheel of Fortune.

Alternatively, the Archetype of the “Lord” needs to be seen collectively as representing: (1) The Creator/Demiurge, (2) Astrological forces, (3) Archons, and (4) Archangels, which are typified by card 4 – The Emperor. Job represents (1) the Life Principle, (2) the Spiritual Soul, and (3) collectively the Human Race, signified by card 0 – The Fool. Finally, Jobs friends represent the collective counterfeit-spirit (pain body discussed in Section 2A) in individuals, which is represented by two cards, 1 – The Magician as the lower ego, and card 15 – The Devil as the counterfeit-spirit or false self.

Wheel CardEmperor Card     FoolCard  Magician CardDevil Card
      Satan (Law-Wheel)    Lord (Soul Plane)   Job (Spiritual Soul)  Job’s friends (ego)  Job’s friends (false self)

If participants are having difficulty seeing the cards above as representative of the characters in the Book of Job, try not thinking of them as personalities but different forces. We will start with the allegory of Job from a Macrocosmic perspective. In this way the allegory represents the condition of the Soul Plane because of the genetic manipulation. To explain, before the “fall” of the Human Race the purpose for Creation was to redeem the lost essence or emotions of Sophia. To reiterate, our Solar System was isolated and chosen as the arena for the Life Principle and Mind (Nous) to transmute the elements (Sophia’s emotions). Due to the Lemurians actions, the inhabitants of the Soul Plane were contaminated by Sophia's lower emotions, and because of free will became corrupted and part of the problem. In this respect, the allegory of Job is reflecting the contamination of the Soul Plane with Satan (The Law or the Wheel of Necessity) challenging the Lord (The forces of the Soul Plane) to a “Spiritual duel.”

After the “fall” all the inhabitants of the Soul Plane became vulnerable and needed redeeming. As their situation was caused by the genetic manipulation of the Human Race, many of the forces resented human beings and rebelled against The Creator. This is reflected in the allegory by Satan’s disdain for Job’s faithfulness. In modern vernacular this could be seen as the populace’s skepticism over a politician promoting an apparent beneficial idea, benefitting the special interests group which donated large amounts to his or her campaign for election. The forces of the Soul Plane are suspicious and skeptical of Humanity’s faithfulness, and wish to constantly try humans.

The deeper message of the Archetype represented by the “Lord” in the allegory of Job is found in the “Lord’s” apparent abandonment of Job. Remember Satan represents the Law or the Wheel of Necessity and the “Lord” represents not only The Creator/Demiurge but also the Archons, Astrological forces, and Archangels. In the allegory the “Lord” tells Satan that He believes Job will remain faithful, no matter what Satan does. The question is “Why would The Creator/Demiurge perpetrate such an injustice on His faithful servant?” The answer is Compassion, which we will address next, when we turn to the Microcosmic interpretation of the allegory.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 8-a

STAGE REASON – 8B –Interpreting Job’s Allegory Microcosmically -
Astral Plane’s role

In 8A we looked at the allegory of Job from the universal or Macrocosmic perspective. Nonetheless, as we said the allegory also has an individual or Microcosmic interpretation. So if we take the allegory of the Book of Job as representing the individual or Human Soul, what does the allegory reveal at that level?

First let us pick up where we left off in the discussion of why The Creator/Demiurge would perpetrate such an injustice on His faithful servant Job? As stated, the answer is Compassion. When we first considered this, we wondered how Compassion could possibly be involved in such an injustice. Our logical minds rebelled at such a suggestion, still, this journey has been about “changing the way we think” and it is by looking at the allegory in a different light that we understood the role of Compassion. So let us share the different point of view we were shown.

If taken literally The Creator/Demiurge appears to be “showing off”, almost bragging about his “servant” Job. However, the key to understanding that “the Lord’s” action in the allegory symbolized The Creator/Demiurge’s Compassion is in the effect Job’s faithfulness has on Job’s friends. We should remind participants that although in the allegory Job’s friends represent Microcosmically the counterfeit-spirit and lower ego in individuals; Macrocosmically Job’s friends also represent the figure of Satan or Adversary.  To explain, although the text does not mention Satan after he inflicts Job with boils, Satan’s Archetypal role is taken up by Job’s friends who encourage Job to curse the Lord.

To understand the allegory from the Microcosmic level we need to recast the characters as representing the different elements of a human being. The roles of Satan and Job are fairly obvious, with Satan representing the counterfeit-spirit or false self, and Job representing the Human Soul. However, in the Macrocosmic interpretation Job represented the collective Spiritual Soul, so which level of soul does he represent at the Microcosmic level. The answer is again the Spiritual Soul because the development of the Human Race has reached the Spiritual Soul level. Of course Archetypally Job is again represented by card 0 – The Fool. Microcosmically because Satan represents the individual counterfeit-spirit, he is Archetypally characterized by card 15 – The Devil.

Initially we thought the “Lord” Microcosmically represented the individual’s Spirit or Divine Spark but the reference to the “Lord’s wrath” precluded that interpretation, because the individual Spirit knows only Love, Joy, and Compassion. Consequently at the Microcosmic level the “Lord” characterizes the first stage of the Higher Self, represented by card 5 – The Hierophant. The reason, no pun intended, we say the first stage of the Higher Self is because of the presence of the emotion of anger (wrath), meaning that anger has not yet been transformed by the Christ-consciousness.

Fool Card                       Devil Card                    Hierophant Card       
Job – Spiritual Soul            Satan – counterfeit-spirit        Lord – First stage-Higher Self

As for Job’s friends, Microcosmically they represent the different aspects of consciousness, which acts almost like prosecutors of the human being’s failings. As a result, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar could be seen as embodying the individual intellect, (card 1 – The Magician) memory (card 2 – The High Priestess), and imagination (card 3 – The Empress). In chapter 32 in the Book of Job we meet another “friend”, who also accuses Job. This man who is called “Elihu the son Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram” is younger than the other three friends, and had waited to hear from them first. The passage relates that Elihu’s wrath was kindled against Job because Job “justified himself” rather than the Creator/Demiurge. Elihu is also angry with the three friends because although the friends had “found no answer”, they still “condemned Job.”

At the Macrocosmic level, like Job’s other three friends Elihu represents the Adversary (Satan) but at the Microcosmic or individual level, as the Adversary the four friends takes on a new role. The Microcosmic level of Elihu’s role is discovered in the fact that although he plays a prominent part in accusing Job, he completely vanishes from the text before the end.

We find the key to Elihu’s role in him being a “kinsman of the Ram”, which alludes to Aries and the Planet Mars. Aries the Ram is assigned to card 4 The Emperor, which represents both aspects of Reason and Macrocosmically the “Lord” or Creator. Our question was how can the “Adversary” be associated with the same Archetype? The answer is found in the two versions of Reason. Deductive Reasoning as we said arises from within, i.e., the Spirit; whereas Inductive Reasoning comes through observation of the external, the world.

Therefore, at the Microcosmic level Elihu becomes the embodiment of the human aspect of Inductive Reason, represented by card 4 The Emperor. Nonetheless, there is an even more important message the character Elihu carries, concealed in his statement that he was younger than Job’s other friends. In consciousness evolution, the last aspect of consciousness to be developed in human beings is Reason; hence Elihu (Reason) being younger than Eliphaz (Intellect), Bildad (Memory) and Zophar (Imagination).

Magician Card   High Priestess CardEmpress Card    Emperor Card
             Eliphaz – intellect               Bildad – Memory          Zophar – Imagination          Elihu – Inductive Reason

For us, the main message of the Microcosmic interpretation of the Book of Job is found in Job’s “submission to God” representing the Spiritual transformation of the Spiritual Soul through the Higher Self. In other words, the transformation of the Spiritual Soul is achieved by the personality surrendering to the Higher Self, which results in the individual changing their consciousness.

There appears to be only one unanswered question left in interpreting the allegory of Job from the Microcosmic perspective and that is: “What does the “bet” between Satan and the “Lord” signify in the individual?” We find the key in the exchange between Satan and the “Lord” taking place in “heaven.” In this case “heaven” represents the realm between life and death, commonly referred to as the after-life. Of course this realm on the four planes of existence corresponds to the Kama Loka or the Astral Plane. It is in the Astral Plane or Kama Loka that we face our life on earth in all its shades of good and bad, which was addressed in The Good News:

Belief in places of punishment does more to keep people from God than any other doctrine. So many individuals examine his or her past actions and judge them as unforgivable. Consequently, they decide that as they are already “damned,” they may as well enjoy the remainder of their time on Earth. Craig and I would remind these individuals of Jesus’ words “Judge not.” This injunction is not only to not judge others but also yourself. It does not matter how bad you think your past actions are you can still help change the world. All of us without exception have regrets over things we have done and said in the past. It is important that we all wake up and realize that we are a spirit inhabiting a body and that because the illusion of this world is very seductive; many of us have fallen short of the mark (sinned).

The concept of a place of eternal punishment has retarded Spiritual Evolution for nearly two millennia, because it casts Divinity as our judge. Remembering Jesus’ own words in verse 12 of chapter 47 of John: “And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world”, should in itself negate any such notion. So why did the Church portray Jesus as “unrepentant sinners” judge, jury, and executioner? We should say that by executioner, we mean the doctrine of eternal damnation. As stated the belief in an afterlife was widely spread throughout the world, as in the Greek Elysian Fields or Hades. Yet the truth is that in the Astral Plane it is we who are the “judges” of our lives, rewarding or punishing ourselves in the afterlife as we think appropriate. This is the reason for Jesus’ injunction to “judge not, lest ye be judged”, because no one can create a worse hell, because we know better than any judge exactly what the most horrific punishment would be.

In the chapter Whence the Origin of Evil in LCD, we discussed our initial concept of Hell, and Satan as an enemy to Great Spirit-Mind or as we called Him or Her then, “God.” Below are some relevant excerpts:

“…As already discussed, the ancient teachers maintained the astral plane was divided into ‘two grand divisions—Kama-Loka and Devachan.’ Kama-Loka, translates principally as ‘the world of compensation.’ The church equated this realm, according to Hall, to their purgatory, which is made up of ‘the three coarsest planes of the astral world.’ Evidently, Kama Loka and Devachan’s ‘atomic principles’ are a good deal ‘finer’ than our material world, and, as such, these particles ‘interpenetrate physical matter.’ In fact, although we can’t see it ‘the eternal flames of hell are now in our very midst.’ The reason we can’t see this realm is because we are on another vibratory frequency. It is in the lower Kama Loka, or ‘lower division of the astral plane,’ we find the ‘elementals…’

“…every single thought, emotion, and action had consequences on some plane of existence. I had also learned that it was in the lower levels of the astral plane or Kama Loka that the lowest and basest of man’s creations exist. In addition, in my investigation of reincarnation, I had discovered that after death our 7 principles are literally pulled apart with only the higher principles going on to Devachan. All lower or negative aspects of the human being get sloughed off in Kama Loka, leaving the living consciousness to go to the higher planes...

“With reference to ‘God’s enemy,’ nowhere does Genesis mention Satan or the Devil. It is just a lowly serpent, which God condemns to eat dirt as a punishment and be humanity’s enemy. Elaine Pagels, in The Origin of Satan, explains that Satan was not an individual; rather it was anyone who was sent by God ‘for the specific purpose of blocking or obstructing human activity.’ Dr. Pagels continues, ‘The root stn means ‘one who opposes, obstructs, or acts as adversary.’ (The Greek term diabolus, later translated ‘Devil,’ literally means ‘one who throws something across one’s path.’)’
“Apparently ‘the Satan’ often had humanity oppose God. For instance, he had King David ‘number the people,’ in 1st Chronicles 21:1. This action so incensed, ‘The Lord’ that he killed 70,000 Israelites with a plague.

“My question was if the ‘Lord’ sent his angel, ‘the Satan’ to ‘incite’ David, why would He be so angry? Dr. Pagels believes that the chronicler ‘unable to deny that the offending order came from the king himself, but intent on condemning David’s action without condemning the king directly...suggests that a supernatural adversary within the divine court had managed to infiltrate the royal house and lead the king himself into sin:’

“Dr. Pagels points out in her book the consistent demonizing of perceived enemies. For instance she informs us that ‘Martin Luther, founder of Protestant Christianity, denounced as ‘agents of Satan’ all Christians who remained loyal to the Roman Catholic church, all Jews who refused to acknowledge Jesus as Messiah, all who challenged the power of landowning aristocrats by participating in the peasant’s war, and all ‘Protestant’ Christians who were not Lutheran.”

With the mention of the Church’s Reformation, we arrive at the Renaissance, a time of struggle for Reason where religious fanaticism often over-rode Scientific discoveries, such as Galileo’s discovery that the Earth was not at the center of the Universe. The treatment of Galileo is probably the most obvious representation of the imposing of injustice by religious authorities, which leads us to how the individual Spiritual Soul deals with injustice.

Religion is only the start of the path to spirituality. All of the world’s major religions support justice. Where religion and spirituality differ is how we deal with injustice. Even the most radical fundamentalist is opposed to injustice. Like children throwing tantrums by destroying things, they are screaming to be heard. They are looking to their deity (parents) to cure all their ills. Enlightened people must show them that we hear them. Instead of sending soldiers to a country to restore peace, we need to send thousands of unarmed brothers and sisters to work alongside the inhabitants in assisting them to rebuild. Perhaps we could alleviate the problem of overcrowding in the prisons by offering selected individuals the chance to become part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. The only way to silence the rhetoric of the hate mongers is to prove them wrong. What may surprise some people is that the atheistic communists are also struggling on the path to spirituality. Yes, they reject religion, seeing it as the cause of injustice, but they believe in the sovereignty of all people. (Is this not the same as seeing the divine spark in every soul?) They see organized religion as hypocritical. If we look at religious history, we can hardly blame them; consider the Crusades and the Inquisition, to name but two examples. Unfortunately, the ideal of equality has been usurped by some individuals seeking power and as the saying goes “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Nevertheless, what most individuals have in common is a sincere wish for equality. Affluent countries need to show the rest of the world, we are aware of their plight and we want to help.

The above paragraph starts the conversation on the Human Race’s response to injustice. Nevertheless, we have not yet addressed what the injustice Satan perpetrated on Job in the allegory in the Book of Job means Microcosmically, because this aspect of the allegory Microcosmically represents Predestination.

Many people debate the accuracy of the term Predestination because they believe it denies Free Will. As we have repeatedly said, Free Will is sacrosanct, so how do we reconcile the existence of both Free Will and Predestination? The answer is in understanding that both Free Will and Predestination apply in the Astral Plane, the realm between Life and Death, and not all Souls are at the same level in Spiritual Evolution. We will be dissecting this aspect in Spiritual Evolution in later stages but for now let us provide a brief explanation of the souls that choose to reincarnate for a higher purpose. Hopefully through Deductive Reasoning it may show a different way to consider life and death. First though we need to put any concept of souls floating around in whimsical bodies completely out of our minds.

In order to get closer to understanding what happens in the After-Life we need to visualize every soul and Spiritual being as a point of light, as in a satellite view of the world taken at night. Another way to see the After-Life is in streaming data, as in computer code. Remembering the Soul Plane is pure consciousness, once we have that picture in mind, we can then visualize ourselves as a point of light, or packet of data looking at the world. We say looking for ease of explanation but remember in the After-Life we do not have a physical body, which means no eyes. Instead we “see” in terms of energy, frequency, and consciousness. This is key because instead of “seeing” a physical world in the After-Life all we see are multiple colors of vibrating energy “reflecting” the thoughts and emotions of the world. This is because the world as we know it only exists on the physical plane, which we collectively create moment by moment, a concept easier to grasp today because of the inspired trilogy of The Matrix. We mentioned The Matrix earlier in Section 2C. To recap:

“…The Matrix is a sci-fi adventure set in a future where the Human Race has been enslaved by a technologically advanced race, which has hooked everybody to a vast machine. However, the majority of people are totally unaware of their predicament as they are all dreaming they are living a normal life. The plot centers on a small select group of people who have somehow awakened to their true situation and have learned how to interact with the dream world through a kind of lucid dreaming. Every situation in the dream world is created by the “masters” who manipulate people to do whatever they want. This is demonstrated in the plot when one of the “awakened” ones decides that he doesn’t want to live in reality and wants to join the rest of Humanity in the dream-world. Negotiating with his “masters” he lays out a list of demands as to how his dream-world will function. Naturally he wants to be successful, rich, and healthy.”

In Section 7D we associated the election of President Barack Obama to a “spike” in Hope in the consciousness, unfortunately as stated more often than not these “spikes” create the opposite emotion Fear. We demonstrated this earlier with the visual aid of the diagram of the spike in consciousness on 9-11 reproduced on Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution’s page from David Wilcox’s web site. As this is so important we will repeat it again below. Take a moment to look at the diagram and then consider that in the After-Life a Soul “sees…” in terms of energy, frequency, and consciousness.”

spike in consciousness on 9-11 graph

There is one more vital element of the Astral Plane that we should reiterate, Linear Time does not exist in any level of the Soul Plane, so there is no past or future, only now. Consequently, when the Souls “look” at the world they “see” only one moment. So how do the Souls “choose to reincarnate for a higher purpose” if they cannot “see’ anything but “energy, frequency, and consciousness”? The answer is found in the purpose for the Creation of the Physical Plane, namely, to transmute the lost essence or emotions of Sophia. Unfortunately, these emotions cannot be transmuted until they are experienced. We addressed this earlier in Section 5. To recap:

Gautama Buddha taught that suffering releases the soul from samsara, or the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation. Many interpret this statement, as meaning life on Earth is painful on purpose. It was only when a soul learned all the lessons and become detached from all desire that the individual could cease experiencing physical life and therefore experience the bliss and happiness of Nirvana or whatever term we use to describe paradise. As the majority of people’s lives were a constant struggle, this gave them hope that their suffering would eventually end. Even so, when we remember that the universe consists of Sophia’s emotions we reveal a deeper meaning of Gautama’s teachings. The Life principle of the Solar system’s purpose is to redeem the lost essence of Sophia or divine sparks. Individuals achieve redemption through the Life principle in the form of Humanity transmuting their emotions. In other words, suffering does not release the Spirit or divine sparks, but rather the emotions generated by the suffering. Whenever a person transmutes their emotions, they help change the world and bring paradise to Earth.

Before incarnation the Souls seek out the “spikes” in frequency through color and intensity, choosing to be present at that point in time in order to help transmute the consciousness. A perfect example would be the “spike” of the emotions of fear and grief on 9-11. We realize that this will be of little comfort to the families of those that lost their lives on that awful day. Nevertheless, the Universal Law in general is that no one leaves this Earth (dies) unless at the Soul level they are ready to go. Without getting into this aspect of the discussion on Predestination here, let us just say that according to this law everyone who lost their lives on 9-11 on a Spiritual level did so willingly. This is where the discussion gets a little more complicated, because despite these advanced Souls freely choosing (Free will) to fulfill their chosen path (Predestination) once they were born, the individuals have absolutely no memory of their decision prior to incarnation. This is a very difficult concept to grasp, so let us encapsulate the relevant information we have gathered through Inductive Reasoning to allow the Deductive Reasoning to mull over.

  • In the After-life there is no past or future.
  • Free Will is Sacrosanct.
  • All members of the Soul Plane, including angels have Free Will.
  • No being in the After-life has a physical body.
  • Souls in the After-life see in terms of energy, frequency, and consciousness.
  • The purpose of the physical Creation is to transmute Sophia’s essence (emotions), remembering that Sophia’s emotions are Fear, Grief, Ignorance, and Confusion.
  • The Human Race collectively creates this reality.
  • Powerful events like 9-11 cause “spikes” in energy, frequency, and consciousness.
  • Advanced Souls choose to be present at the time of “spikes.”
  • Emotions can only be transmuted when experienced.
  • Whenever a person transmutes their emotions, they help change the world.
  • Suffering generates emotions that release the Spirit or Divine sparks.
  • After incarnation no one has any memory of their chosen path.
  • No Soul leaves the Earth (dies) until they are Spiritually ready.

Obviously there is a lot more to the discussion on Predestination, especially the roles of villains in Free Will in respect to pre-incarnation. However, we will leave that discussion for another time. For now try to visualize the world as multiple colors of spikes in frequency and consciousness. A good example would be to visualize the huge Hitler rallies, and then consider the emotions those rallies generated. Naturally for many it would be fear and grief, yet Higher Reason indicates that they also generated spikes in ignorance and confusion, making them represent all four of Sophia’s emotions needing transmutation.

If we could examine not only Hitler but also the recent political rallies, such as on January 6th 2021, from an energetic and frequency perspective we would see spikes in black, and red. Scientists tell us that color and sound are frequencies, and that is the real power of these mass rallies. Literally thousands of people were generating the same thought and emotions. Moreover, because Adolph Hitler and to a lesser degree Donald Trump was using the frequency of sound (in vitriolic speeches), in the Soul Plane or After-life this would cause multiple “spikes” in consciousness and thousands of Souls would choose to be present to assist in the transmutation of such energy. Unfortunately, the emotion Hitler generated at his rallies was hatred, the most destructive of all because hatred is the exact opposite of human love, and this emotion is a direct result of the Lemurian genetic manipulation. The presence of hatred in the world is the cause for most of the atrocities and can only be overcome with altruism or selflessness. During WWII there were many instances recorded of selfless acts by individuals, which of course affected many people. The cause and effect of hatred in the world is tied up to the discussion on “evil” and so will have to wait until a later Stage. For now we will examine how language can conceal hidden information.

As I said, God told us the key to the mysteries, spoken of by Jesus, Paul, and many others, is in the English language. For instance, the words “attention” and “at ease” used by members of the military forces carry a wealth of hidden teaching. When an officer directs his squad to attention, he is requiring them to be alert and observant, they are about to receive vital information. Yet, when the senior officer arrives he often begins by telling the soldiers “at ease,” meaning relax. Frequently, when a person dies we say that they are at peace, meaning they are no longer suffering. With the instructions “at ease,” despite the modern interpretation of telling the soldiers to relax, originally the military commander was trying to alleviate any fear the soldiers may be feeling. This is the key to discovering the hidden message. If we replace the word ease with peace, it takes on a completely new relevance. If a person is at peace/ease, he or she is no longer dis-eased. The scripture in 1 Corinthians that asks, “O death, where is thy sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55) is giving us a vital clue. We can alleviate all dis-ease with the eradication of fear. Chinese medicine teaches that all diseases hold a vibration. To become healthy the Chinese believe that we must raise our vibration to vibrate above the dis-ease and leave the dis-ease behind. This applies to all forms of disease including what Western medicine terms as incurable or terminal. When we are at peace, we are no longer in the grip of fear; therefore, we are no longer dis-eased. This is what Jesus meant by “the peace that passeth all understanding.”

One of the most important things we discovered concerned the meaning of Peace. We had often wondered why the greeting in most Arabian countries is “Peace be unto you.”(Salaam Aly Kum) It was reading Gregg Braden’s The Isaiah Effect that gave us a different perspective. Mr. Braden reports in his book that while visiting Tibet, a Buddhist Abbot told him that everything was possible in the “presence of peace”, which supports the goal of this Initiative, namely, transform the hearts and minds of individuals to transform the world. We believe the Buddhist Abbot was relating the same thought in saying everything is possible in the “presence of peace.” This is because when an individual transforms their heart they become compassion and experience the Divine “peace” that “passeth all understanding.”

As co-creators, the Human Race has been corrupting the Astral Plane with the consciousness of depravity. Understand all thoughts are pure energy and therefore move from the Earth Plane to the higher frequency Astral Plane. Every angry, vengeful, envious, or murderous thought permeates this plane, affecting not only the world’s consciousness, but also the entire Soul Plane. What is worse, if any of these thoughts are voiced they then become endowed with even more force. This is the direct consequence of the power of speech.

The designation, “enlightened,” has traditionally meant those endued or endowed with Divine knowledge. Still, God told us there is another meaning. Using the key to the mysteries, namely the English language, let us examine the word, “light.” Light has two distinct meanings; one to illuminate and the other the opposite of heavy. Most often, we take “enlightened” to mean the taking on of secret, divine knowledge, but we think it is more appropriate to consider the meaning as becoming lighter or less heavy. If everything beneath the Veil is essentially vibrating energy, including spiritual entities, then lightness equates to faster or higher vibration. When the “fallen angels” indulged in human emotions, they lowered or slowed their vibration, becoming heavier until they became of matter, with corporeal bodies. The same applies to human beings. Whenever a person is filled with love and compassion (in other words, experiencing “the peace that passeth all understanding”), their vibration is raised, which is often experienced as a feeling of light-headedness and described as being “in ecstasy.” On the other hand, anger, hatred, or fear slows or lowers the vibration, which will result in becoming heavier. It is important to reiterate that an angel taking on corporeal form is not the result of Divine punishment meted out by the Creator/Demiurge. Instead, it is simply the consequence of the angel’s conscious choice.

The above two paragraphs encapsulate the question of judgment and a human being’s part in the suffering in the world, and addresses the fate of the “fallen angels.” Yet if we consider Predestination, doesn’t that mean they “fell” deliberately? As we said, Predestination is a very complicated subject and cannot be discussed in a few pages, which is why it will be dealt with in depth later. Nonetheless, we do need to return to Jesus warning us to “judge not.” We addressed this in two of the sub-sections of the chapter “Whence the Origin of Evil?”, in LCD, and as this is crucial to understanding why Jesus warned us against judgment, we will reprint the relevant sections below:

“…I had always wondered about the words “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or Ghost.” Mark 3: 28-29 has Jesus say, ‘All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme. But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of the eternal damnation.’

To understand this statement I first needed to examine, who or what would condemn us…Earlier, I said that the individual’s soul created the reality it felt it deserved. This is the clue. As I’ve already stated, within the septenary man there are 7 principles. The highest is the same substance as God. So consequently, it is our higher principles that judge us.

“Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or Ghost is when, due to a person’s actions in this life, he or she forces the higher principles to separate before death. Accordingly, at the time of death the individual cannot pass any higher than Kama Loka…

“What’s left of the soul; i.e., the lower principles, which include the personality, with all its thoughts and memories, often remains bitter and angry at the human race and spends an eternity searching for weak-minded individuals to continue their depraved lives vicariously.

“James Van Praagh, in his Talking to Heaven, cautions, ‘When a spirit of an individual is forced out of the body by capital punishment, the person of the criminal remains exactly the same as it was prior to execution. When it reaches the other side, it is usually scared and angry because more than likely it is not highly evolved and is ignorant of spiritual laws. In most cases, such a soul roams endlessly throughout the lower astral world with other like‑minded souls.

“Because the tormented souls carry a mind‑set of anger and hatred, they often seek revenge for their untimely deaths. They search the earth for weak‑minded humans whom they can mentally influence to kill or hurt others....’

“I can imagine some of you saying, ‘But what about the victim? Don’t they deserve some justice?’ And of course the answer is yes, but not revenge. St. Paul said in Romans 12: 19‑21, ‘Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.’

“The first part of this Scripture would seem to contradict the statement that we give ourselves our just desserts. But it doesn’t. In the last two decades or so, the buzzword of the day, among spiritual people has been karma. I have already said that karma was associated with the Cycle of necessity. However, I have also said, that Jesus paid the ultimate price when he became the ‘sacrificial lamb’ for us. So where does justice come in?

“The key to my understanding this was remembering that the “Lord” is the Demiurge, known under several aliases such as Brahma, Yahweh, Jupiter and Zeus, to name but a few. I’d also learned, according to the ancient wisdom, his body made up all the planes of existence, including the astral, with Kama Loka and Devachan. So where is the justice? I believe it is in Kama Loka or the astral plane. As I’ve said, the teaching emphatically states that every thought act or feeling is replayed out on the astral plane. The length of time spent in either Kama Loka or Devachan is determined by the strength of the impulse.

Regarding the part fate plays in our lives, most of us have heard of the horoscope that we discussed earlier in the Supplement to Section 1. Still, this was a while ago so let’s refresh our memories on how a horoscope works, in which we provided an example in the Supplement.

“…To understand how Astrology works, it will help to think of space as a sheet or plane of energy, with the spheres or planets of the solar system as balls creating depressions in that sheet. As the planets or balls move around each other, their respective positions affect the sheet or plane of energy. When a baby is born into this plane, as he or she crowns at birth the soft spot at the top of the head is exposed. Because a new born baby’s skull is not fully formed, exposing the soft spot in effect exposes the brain to the energies of the planets on the sheet. This is the most powerful event in a human beings life because this imprints the brain with the propensities for this incarnation. Numerology, set the external vibrations by choosing the child’s name, Astrology imprints the inner consciousness by the positions of the planets in respect to each other. These very specific energies affect everything in the baby’s life, from personality to what career he or she will choose. Think of this as a baseline for everyday operation which is recorded in the natal chart.

It may also help to visualize an imaginary circle with a newborn baby at the center. Positioned around the baby in this imaginary circle, are all the planets and constellations, with the position of the Sun determining what sun sign the baby is born under. This is what astrologers call a natal chart. They divide the chart or imaginary circle into twelve segments, or houses. Each house is assigned a sun-sign or zodiacal sign, and rules or influences various elements of our lives, such as finances and health. For example, astrologers would see the sun positioned in the second house, the house of finances as the child having a propensity for generosity. Let’s take a look at Mr. Everyman’s chart wheel.

Mr. Everyman’s Natal chart

To determine which sun-sign he falls under, we look for the Sun Symbol on the wheel - Sun glyph and look for the glyph which determines the sign - as you can see Mr. Everyman’s sun is designated as Aries glyph which is the Symbol for the sun-sign Aries. From the list above we observe that Aries falls under the number 4 which is assigned to The Emperor, the Color Red, the planet Mars, and the faculty of Reason. As stated, The Emperor is also the Archetype of Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh or Jehovah.”

We also addressed the validity of whether or not our lives are mapped out for us, as in our horoscope in the subsection Fate versus Free Will in the chapter Whence the Origin of Evil?, in LCD. Again we will reprint the relevant parts below:

“Of course the law of “Cause and Effect” applies on Earth. When a child is abused, the tragic result is often that the child becomes an abuser himself. However, again, I must stress every individual has free will. So why do some people seem to have such charmed lives and others have such a struggle? There often seems to be a striking inequality in our world, and many believe that this is determined by astrology.

“My feeling is that the astrological influences can be random. Yes, we do try to determine our life path before we incarnate, but once we are born then free will takes over. A gifted astrologer Lee Nielsen shared an interesting concept with me. She likened the soul to the ball in a kind of pinball machine. The fixed pillars that the ball bounces off, as it adds up the points in the game of life, represent those aspects of our lives that were predetermined; such as illnesses, and people we are destined to interact with. However, we can bounce around all the other areas experiencing life and making our own choices. Lee believes our goal is for the “ball” or soul to break out of the “machine” and escape. This would be like escaping the Wheel of Necessity taught by Buddha.

“The Life & Prophecies of Paracelsus, by Franz Hartmann, reported that Paracelsus believed “Whatever the stars can do we can do ourselves, because the wisdom which we obtain from God overpowers the heaven and rules the stars…” Evidently, Paracelsus warned, “Whatever comes from the ‘spirits’ is sorcery. Such spirits are false, and we do not believe in them; but we believe in the power of that wisdom which rules heaven, and by which all the mysteries of nature may be known. Sorcery has been called magic; but magic is wisdom, and there is no wisdom in sorcery.”

In the next two paragraphs The Good News Reverberation addresses the question of “spiritual wickedness in high places.” In addition, the paragraphs also raise the subject of “one all-powerful evil.”

If the fallen angels took on human form could the formation of the World-Soul explain St Paul’s’ injunction in (Ephesians 6:12). In the passage, Paul wrote that we do not fight against flesh and blood, “but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Could the spiritual wickedness in high places be relating to the powers of the universe testing Humanity? Although we have come to know the adversary as the one all-powerful evil, the Devil or Satan, as we have said the name originally meant “adversary” or that which is placed in the way. Interestingly, in astrology, the planet Saturn plays that very role. Is this a coincidence? Moreover, is it a coincidence that the Jewish Sabbath is Saturday – Saturn’s Day?

Like the discussion on Predestination and the fate of the “fallen angels”, the discussion as to an all-powerful enemy of the Supreme Being is also a very complicated subject and cannot be dealt with in a few pages. However, we will be addressing the World-Soul later. So, let’s end on a lighter note with participants representing the hope of the world.

Several years ago, God told us that the members of the Body of Christ have incarnated at this time to demonstrate the power of Love. (I should again stress that the Body of Christ is not restricted to only Christians. Members come from all religions and faiths.) We are to demonstrate Love not only to human beings, but also to all spiritual powers beneath the Veil, including angels and astrological forces. The only tool the Body of Christ has is altruistic or selfless love (agape); the adversaries or opposition has everything else.

In Our Story 1995 – 2002: True Philosophers’ Stone, we summed up the impact that 777,000 Souls adopting compassion can make:

So the only question left unanswered is how do we determine whom the members of the 777,000 are? The Bible said of the elect, “you shall know them by their fruits,” but what are the fruits? Conventional thinking would say, a good church-going Christian. Accepting that a follower of Christ is a requirement, are the members of the body of Christ limited to only Christians? Once again, the Bible gives Humanity the answer. Saint Paul wished everyone the peace of God, which passes all understanding. Gregg Braden’s Tibetan Abbot said that with peace all things are possible. In our journey of discovering the Truth Craig and came across the Buddhist concept of going beyond wisdom. In the book, The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects by Alexandra David‑Neel and Lama Yongden, one of the most profound teachings is this doctrine. The authors explain that it is not enough to possess the ten ‘excellent virtues’ of (gift, morality, patience, energy, effort, meditation, concentration of mind, transcendent wisdom, method, skillfulness of means; aspirations, good wishes, strength, vigor, knowledge, learning.); a person must ‘go beyond charity’ (gift), ‘to go beyond wisdom‑knowledge.’ The authors clarify this with a question. ‘Is it a good thing to possess these virtues and to practice them? Obviously yes but none of them taken by itself nor all of them together are able to produce liberation. The righteous man, the saint, as much as the wicked man and the criminal remain prisoners in the round of birth and death…’ In other words, when an individual is moved to compassion for another’s suffering without volition, then they have gone beyond virtue.

After Job passed the “test” the text has the “Lord” tell Job’s friends that they can only avoid the “Lord’s wrath” by Job praying for them, and this is the most important message of the allegory. It is important to remember that Macrocosmically the “Lord” represents the Creative forces of the Soul Plane, while Satan and Job’s friends symbolize the Law or Wheel of Necessity. As stated, Job, apart from Macrocosmically symbolizing the Life Principle and the collective Spiritual Soul, he also represents the entire Human Race. So the message of the allegory is that The Creator/Demiurge (the Lord) redeems all the inhabitants of the Soul Plane, including Satan and Job’s friends, by the example Job (Human Race) shows in maintaining faith through life’s testing. In other words, Humanity (Job) redeems the Soul Plane (Satan and Job’s friends) through the example of each individuals’ lives. This is the epitome of the axiom of “As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above”, more especially it describes how the 777,000 individuals transformation create a critical mass effect in the Soul Plane.

We believe this interpretation of the Book of Job goes a long way to answering the question, “Why does an All-powerful Supreme Being allow suffering?” Remembering the “pillar and that Free Will is sacrosanct, we would like to propose that Great Spirit-Mind or “God” does His/Her best to guide and inspire us into experiencing the Peace that passeth all understanding. Even so when we fall short, He/She takes the opportunity to help us grow with Wisdom. In other words we believe Great Spirit-Mind is the Supreme Opportunist, taking every opportunity to find the Silver Lining in every cloud, which He/She shines brightly through multiple means such as myths and allegories.

Allegories as in the Book of Job are immensely helpful to our understanding and can be applied to everyday occurrences but their correlations can be most obvious in historical events, consequently, the axiom As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above also falls into this category. A perfect example of this is in Mahatma Gandhi’s ability to cause the powerful British Empire (Above”) to grant India independence through his example of non-violent resistance (Below). Seen from another perspective, we could view Gandhi as the Microcosm being able to influence the Macrocosm as the British Empire into changing their treatment of the Indian people. The story of Job is universal but if we apply the 7 Keys of Interpretation we see that the allegory also has an individual or Microcosmic interpretation, represented by the “As Below, So Above” portion of the axiom, revealing the role the individual plays in the redemption of the Soul Plane. The next paragraphs of the Good News Reverberation introduce a new adversary into the mix:

With the disincarnation and ascension of Christ Jesus, the scripture in Revelation 12:12 comes into play. “Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

Jesus’ sacrifice had two primary outcomes. First the cleansing of the upper levels of the Soul Plane, which was good. Sadly, as the scripture warns, this meant expelling the densest and worst elements of the World-Soul and his minions to the lowest levels of the Astral Plane. At this point, the World-Soul becomes the Shadow of Deception AKA the “prince of this world,” or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body in a fight for existence with the Light of Truth. Still connected to every human being through their subconscious, for nearly two thousand years it fed off the depravity of Humanity, by inciting as much atrocity and selfishness as possible.

Before moving on, we should state that up until the end of chapter 5 The Trial the Sections of Stage Reason have generally followed the same sequence as the Good News Reverberation, however, from this point on, the updated version no longer follows the sequence of the chapters in the original Good News: An Alternate Theory. Nevertheless, we have chosen to leave the Sections primarily intact, providing the information’s new location. Consequently, the following paragraph that originally started chapter 6 The Gathering now appears at the end of chapter 5 The Trial, before the final paragraph, which did not change:

Jesus’ statement that “No one goes to the Father, but by me” was not informing the Human Race that only Christians would go to heaven. Rather, he was saying that only by adopting his words and believing that the kingdom of God is within each individual would it be possible to change the world into a paradise. It is also important to remember that the Solar System was chosen through evolution to transmute the elements containing the divine sparks back to spirit. As all Christs have taught, we achieve this by becoming selfless.

The above paragraph brings in what we consider one of the most misunderstood statements of Jesus. Usually taken to mean that unless a person accepts Jesus as their Savior they will be “eternally damned”, it is hardly a ringing endorsement for recruiting individuals to the Prince of Peace. To reiterate what was said above: “Jesus’ statement that “No one goes to the Father, but by me” was informing the human race that only by adopting his words and believing that the kingdom of God is within each individual would it be possible to change the world into a paradise.” However, determining the statement “No one goes to the Father, but by me” related to people adopting Jesus’ teaching was not the only or most important message Jesus was giving us in this statement. Earlier in Section 2C we said that there were several Divine aspects in a human being. To recap:

“…because the vast dynamic consciousness of the Kingdom is within our heart, we have an unlimited source of Spirituality to access. As we progress we will discover that there are multiple levels within us; starting with our Divine Spark of Great Spirit-Mind “God” or Spirit, there are also the Holy Spirit, Christ-Consciousness, three levels of the Higher Self, and the Divine Will.”

Jesus’ statement that “No one goes to the Father, but by me”, was telling us that to reach the individual Spirit or Divine Spark of Great Spirit-Mind (Father) requires the incorporation of the Christ Consciousness (“me”) within. Another term that may be more familiar is the conscience. Turning to the Adversary again.

As I previously stated, every human being has an Achilles heel or weakness. When a person identifies their weakness and initiates direct two-way communication with God, whatever the Divine is to you, he or she changes his or her vibration. Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ greatly assisted in the process. Literally millions of people were moved to tears of compassion for Jesus’ suffering, and this is the reason we can change the world. By experiencing compassion, we touch the more painful emotions inside. Then we transmute those feelings by the act of helping and caring for others.

Since the subject of redemption again brings in the question of predestination, we will be addressing it in part C. Also as stated, the updated version no longer follows the original printing of The Good News: as a result, chapter 6 in the new version is now called The Reunion. Considering that we also rewrote a lot of the text, some of our more important discussions would have been lost, such as the investigation of 8C on the three levels of hatred. Therefore, we have chosen to include the original text in Higher Reason’s reexamination, breaking from the Good News Reverberation book momentarily. Consequently, apart from investigating the structure and origin of the destructive emotion of hatred, we will be addressing a change in the Adversary, as “The World-Soul” became the far more dangerous Shadow of Deception in Globe D. We will also look at why the New Testament appears to tell Christians to hate their families.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 8-b

STAGE REASON – 8C – Three Levels of Hatred

For almost two thousand years the human race has been fighting the battle against evil, which incidentally is “live” spelled backwards. What this says to us is that anything that is opposed to life can be designated as evil, meaning anything that diminishes the life span. If so, then should we see not respecting the body as the temple of the Divine self as evil?

Earlier, we mentioned how the allegory of Adam becoming a “living soul” might be referring to the insertion of the spiritual soul. Even so, it could also be considered as the birth of the conscience or Higher self, which although originally meant to assist Humanity in redeeming the Divine sparks, also turned out to be the greatest “weapon” in combating the negative side of the universe. Nevertheless, from the microcosmically or individual perspective, the foe or adversary is the lower ego. Consequently, the real battle is to resist those subtle and sometimes not so subtle urges from the lower ego or counterfeit-spirit to be selfish, thinking only of ourselves and not others.

Despite acknowledging the presence of “evil” in the world, we do not think the “battle between the “lower ego” and the “Higher self” explains the atrocities perpetrated today. Yes, the Human Race has made some advances because less than two hundred years ago it was generally considered acceptable to enslave others. Although slavery still takes place in some parts of the world, on the whole most people abhor the practice. Even so, within the last fifty years we have witnessed the most barbaric behavior by so-called civilized people. We ask; how if Spiritual Evolution is advancing is it possible for thousands of people to fall back to barbaric and inhuman acts? The Church would answer that these atrocities occur because of the presence of the Devil or Satan. However, the purpose of life is to take responsibility for one’s actions and learn from them. Therefore, to understand we need to go deeper and apply Deductive Reasoning to the problem.

Earlier we said that this world could be seen as vibrating energy, frequency, and consciousness. We gave the example of seeing the Hitler rallies as “spikes” of the colors black and red. Gary Zukav wrote in his The Seat of the Soul,“white and black are not colors, like blue, green, and red. White is a combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum of light, and black is the absence of that spectrum and, therefore, of white as well. In other words, white is an integration of all the visible forms of radiance, and black is an absence of radiance...Black represents despair, anger, and rage, which are absences of love, compassion and forgiveness….”

Previously we said that the goal of Spiritual Evolution is to transmute Sophia’s lost essence or emotions. With that said we left a vital point out. Noting that we are talking of effects on the Physical Plane; the point we left out concerns the emotion of hatred. Mr. Zukav said that the color “black represents despair, anger and rage” but we feel duty bound to amend this, by reminding participants that the color red represents anger and rage. This means that black represents despair. Originally we had thought that hatred was one of the negative “emotions” of Sophia’s essence that we needed to transmute. However, we learned that “hatred” was a result of the insertion of the counterfeit-spirit, and was the exact opposite to the Spirit or Love. With the additional information we realized this is what constituted the emergence of evil on the Physical Plane.

In the sub-section of Conscience as Our Guide in Whence the Origin of Evil in LOVE: The Common Denominator (LCD), we wrote that “all emotions including hatred could be transmuted.” However, we have since been led to a much deeper understanding. Experiencing a dilemma over how often Jesus uses the word hate in the New Testament, we questioned that if the word hatred is connected to evil, then how could we explain Jesus saying in Luke 14:26 “If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”? Obviously Jesus did not mean “hate” in the way we understand it today. A clue to the context Jesus meant by the word “hate” is found in a few verses on in verse 33, which reads “…whosever he be of you forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” Webster’s Dictionary says of the word forsake, (1) “To give up (something held dear) renounce. (2) To leave altogether; abandon.” So in this context Jesus meant “hate” as in “abandon or give up.”

Greater clarity came when we remembered the Greek language has three different words for Love: Eros, Philo, and Agape. Deductive Reasoning suggests as there are three different words for love, there is probably more than one Greek word for the antithesis of love, hate. As we cannot speak Greek we are unable to verify this or not. (If anyone knows Greek and can confirm or deny our hypothesis, we would appreciate an Email.) Even so, whether or not there is more than one actual word in Greek for hate or hatred is not relevant to our theory, because we are dealing with the energy or frequency of the emotion. So let us work on the premise that our hypothesis is correct and there is more than one level or meaning for the English word hate. We will use hatred rather than hate because hatred represents a consciousness or atmosphere.

In our hypothesis the first level of hatred would be divided into two parts, with the first part being used in the same context as used in the Bible; “renounce, or abandon.” The second part could also come from the Bible. Only hatred in this context is more akin to intense dislike or abhorrence, as in the beatitudes in Matthew 5:44 where Jesus admonishes his followers to love their enemies and “bless them that curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you…” This second level of hatred comes from Sophia’s emotion of Fear, which became the element Water. As we have seen some of the most hateful acts are perpetrated by individuals who hate a person for the color of their skin or religion. A common term for this behavior is Xenophobia. Webster’s defines a xenophobe (a person suffering from xenophobia) as “a person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, esp. of strangers or foreign peoples.” Also an excerpt from the article for Xenophobia on Wikipedia gives the definition in terms of its origin:

Xenophobia is an intense dislike and/or fear of people from other countries. It comes from the Greek words (xenos), meaning "foreigner," "stranger," and (phobos), meaning "fear." The term is typically used to describe a fear or dislike of foreigners or of people significantly different from oneself.”

In other words fear for the unknown can turn into hatred, which unfortunately often results in violence. Perpetuating xenophobia is the lack of communication between individuals. We are all influenced by stereotypes we constantly see on TV and in films. Who among us can say that if we see a group of young men dressed the same with tattoos or similar paraphernalia, our hearts do not beat a little faster? To combat this we need to think carefully before we stereotype young men: just something to think about. As this level of hatred derives from a Spiritual emotion, it can be transmuted. People can overcome the second level of hatred with knowledge and understanding.

Although the second level of hatred can result in some atrocious acts, it is not as devastating Spiritually as the third level of hatred. This is because the third level interpretation of hatred is connected to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Hatred at this level, unlike the emotions of Sophia’s essence that is transmuted by working through the emotions of fear, ignorance, grief, and confusion with knowledge and understanding, is wholly foreign to Spirituality.

Unfortunately, the third level of hatred is the most devastating result of the insertion of the counterfeit-spirit, because it involves revenge. This kind of hatred is best described by the adjective hateful, which is associated to the synonyms malicious, cruel, spiteful, and wicked or evil. Nonetheless, this level of hatred is most odious because of its subtlety. Although hatred is not named as one of Sophia’s emotions that needs transmuting, hatred is associated with the emotion of Grief, which became the Element Air. This association of the third level of hatred with Sophia’s emotion of Grief reveals the insidious nature of hatred. We said that one of the colors of the “spikes” produced from a Hitler rally was black, and the color people wear when they are in mourning (grief) is black.

At this point we will take a paragraph from the last chapter of The Good News Reverberation. Although chapter 8 The Fullness of Time will not be covered until the last Section of Reason, because the contents of the paragraph are vital to explaining why the third level of hatred is connected to Grief, we address it now:

The Gnostics believed that salvation came through gnosis. As we wrote in Our Story 1995 - 2002: True Philosophers’ Stone, experts most often translate gnosis into knowledge, but we feel a more appropriate translation is, knowing. With knowing our true origins, ignorance and confusion disappear. In addition, the grief of separation from God also disappears. Furthermore, if Irenaeus, the great Church father and heresiologist, is right when he wrote the Gnostics believe all evil originates from grief, then “evil” will also be transmuted. The key is releasing fear, which is at the base of all the emotions we need to transmute. Remembering that the main constituent of all living beings is water and that Sophia’s fear became water, not to mention the photographic evidence of the late Masaru Emoto, we can see why releasing fear will change the world.

Although the Element Air and the emotion of Grief can be transmuted, the hatred that can be engendered by grief cannot. This is because as we said the third level of hatred is associated to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. When we first read that the Gnostics believed “Grief” was the source of evil we were surprised, because it seemed so passive. People who are experiencing “grief” are usually barely functioning, so how could they perpetrate “evil”? The answer is that the loss often leads to the desire for revenge. This is the primary purpose for Jesus abolishing the law of “an eye for an eye.” We reported earlier how in the Gnostic Letter to Flora, Ptolemaeus explained why Jesus abolished this law. To recap:

“The Law ordained through Moses…was not ordained by the perfect God the Father, for it is secondary, being imperfect and in need of completion by another, containing commandments alien to the nature and thought of such a God.

“Ptolemaeus explains this by the doctrine of ‘an eye for an eye.’ Reminding Flora and us that Jesus addressed the Law, he continues:

“It is obvious that the whole Law is divided into three parts; we find in it legislations of Moses, of the Elders, and of God Himself. The Law of God Himself, is in turn divided into three parts; The pure legislation not mixed with evil, — which the Savior came not to destroy but to complete; — next the legislation interwoven with inferiority and injustice, which the Savior destroyed because it was alien to His nature; and finally, the legislation which is exemplary and symbolic. — The Law of God, pure and not mixed with inferiority, is the Decalogue, (The ten commandments). — These contain pure but imperfect legislation and required completion by the Savior.

“There is also the Law interwoven with injustice, laid down for vengeance and the requital of previous injuries. Ordaining that an eye should be cut out for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and that a murder should be avenged by a murder. The person who is the second one to be unjust is no less unjust than the first; he simply changes the order of events while performing the same action. — This is why, when His son came, He destroyed this part of the Law while admitting that it came from God.

When Ptolemaeus said that the law of an eye for an eye “came from God”, he was referring to the Law of Karma or the Wheel of Necessity set up by The Creator/Demiurge to address the “Watchers mistake.” Unfortunately the law of revenge or an “eye for an eye” is still practiced in a few parts of the world perpetuating the energy, consciousness, and frequency of hatred. Nonetheless, as stated the real danger of the third level of hatred is it’s subtlety, because; the third level hatred isn’t always obvious but can simmer under the surface for centuries. A perfect example is what happened in Germany in the middle of the 20th Century with the rise of Nazism and Fascism.

The tragedy is that when hatred rises to the surface it multiplies and if an individual is not careful they can find themselves consumed by it. Historians have debated for decades how so many millions of Germans could have been convinced to turn a blind eye to the mass abuse of human rights in the 20th Century. The answer is that the hatred (xenophobia) of the Jews, which was nurtured by the Church had gone unaddressed for centuries. We say “nurtured” by the Church because we were amazed to discover that until fairly recently, the Catholic Church held the Jewish nation collectively responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion. In fact it was not until the Second Vatican Council held from 1962 to 1965 that this belief was repudiated. We found the excerpt below from the website http://www.religioustolerance.org/vat_hol13.htm:

Two Church teachings became the foundation stones for centuries of oppression of Jews by the Church:

Transfer of sin: This is the belief that all Jews, from the first century onwards, are responsible for Jesus' execution circa 30 CE. This includes Jews who lived in the Roman Empire in the first century CE but had never heard of Jesus or of his teachings. It includes Jews who were born in the 19 centuries following Jesus' death

Current teachings of the Roman Catholic Church: As stated above, there were two beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church which formed the foundation for centuries of crimes against humanity, directed against the Jewish people. Both foundations have been abandoned:

Supercessionism: This is the concept that, in the first century CE, God had rejected the Jews and revoked his covenants with them. The Church taught that God did this in response to the rejection of the Gospel by most Jews during Jesus' life and after his execution. Although many Jews formed the Jewish Christian movement centered in Jerusalem, most continued to favor the Torah and the religion of their ancestors, that God had called them to honor

Under the topic "The Church and non-Christians," the Roman Catholic Catechism now acknowledges the special and irrevocable relationship between God and the Jewish people. Section 839 states that Jews were "the first to hear the Word of God." The Jewish faith "is already a response to God's revelation...To the Jews 'belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises; to them belong the patriarchs, and of their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ...for the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable." [Emphasis ours]

However, the Catholic Church does not accept Judaism and Roman Catholicism as equal paths to salvation. They teach that only Catholics can be assured of salvation. A church document Dominus Iesus, states that members of other religions, including Judaism, are "gravely deficient" relative to members of the Church of Christ who already have direct access to "the fullness of the means of salvation."

Translated responsibility: This was the principle that all Jews, from the first century onwards, share responsible for Jesus' execution. This concept was rejected by the church's Second Vatican Council during the 1960s. The Council's "Declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions: Nostra Aetate," states: "True, the Jewish authorities and those who followed their lead pressed for the death of Christ;...still, what happened in His passion cannot be charged against all the Jews, without distinction, then alive, nor against the Jews of today."

Let us clearly assert that we do not believe for one minute that the Catholic church was complicit in the Holocaust. Nonetheless, its rigid stance on the Jews served to breed resentment and hatred for them for centuries among believers in Christian countries. The important thing to consider is that this is the Catholic Church, which many believe is the Supreme Being’s representative on Earth. Indoctrination is a powerful influence and can often over-ride Reason.

Hitler troop prosessionOkay, accepting that the Catholic Doctrines of Supercessionism, Transfer of sin, and Translated responsibility affected how Catholics viewed Jews in Christian countries; as in Mussolini’s Italy, can this explain what happened in Germany? We ask this because Germany was not Catholic, it was Protestant. So the question is “How the German people could be affected by a Catholic doctrine?” The answer is that although Germany was not Catholic, the main denomination of the Protestants was Lutheran, which still maintained many doctrines of the Catholic Church. For instance, despite the rejection of Mariolatry, the Lutheran church has a Calendar of Saints. Anyway the point we are making is that because the Church held the Jews responsible for Jesus’ death, the Church’s disdain translated to the populace, and simmered under the surface of Europe.

Having set the scene so to speak, we can now examine how the third level of “hatred” rose to the surface and grew to overwhelm all human decency, tolerance, and restraint in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. We discussed earlier how the Hitler rallies caused “spikes” in the colors red and black and in all four of Sophia’s emotions. Remembering that Grief is connected to the third level of hatred, we understand that it is the “spike” in the color black, which reveals the presence of this third level. Moreover, the additional presence of the color red, representing rage and anger, which is associated to the active/masculine energy fueled the hatred.

Eckhart Tolle explains the phenomena in terms of the “pain body”, which we referred to in respect to the Book of Job but we believe it is even more relevant here. Consequently we will repeat the except from Section 2A in respect to a child’s development:

“There is also another aspect of the ego that a young person deals with during the time between age fourteen and twenty-one. Eckhart Tolle refers to this aspect as the “pain body” and is far more destructive to the Spiritual development of a young person than the ego. The “pain body” is not about physical pain but emotional, which in many cases is far worse than actual physical pain. Moreover, the “pain body” operates within the subconscious and has only one aim; to feed. It is sustained by the painful emotions an individual experiences. However, it isn’t content to wait for life to naturally create emotional events; it works with the ego to provoke the situations. Young people between fourteen and twenty-one are the most vulnerable to their “pain bodies” because of all the other factors involved; such as hormones.

“We constantly hear adults bemoaning the youth of today as being incorrigible. On the face of it they would appear to have a case but from a Spiritual perspective young people of today have far more to deal with than earlier generations. Think back to when we were children, did we ever hear of Global Warming and such dire predictions of the future, or were we absorbed in just having fun? Because of the media and internet today young people are constantly bombarded with negative news. Unable to do anything about it they often become angry and act out, which of course feeds the “pain body.” The consequence of their acting out again creates even more circumstances for the “pain body” to feed on, becoming a self-perpetuating loop.”

In his groundbreaking first book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle relates the “pain body” to two levels of unconsciousness “Ordinary and Deep.” As this is another way to help understand the hidden forces operating within the individual, and Mr. Tolle is so eloquent in his explanation, we will let his words speak for themselves; without comment. At this time, we want participants to use Deductive Reasoning to determine what value the information holds.

“In ordinary unconsciousness, habitual resistance to or denial of what creates the unease and discontent that most people accept as normal living. When this resistance becomes intensified through some challenge or threat to the ego, it brings up intense negativity such as anger, acute fear, aggression, depression, and so on. Deep unconsciousness often means the pain-body has been triggered and that you have become identified with it. Physical violence would be impossible without deep unconsciousness. It can also occur easily whenever a crowd of people or even an entire nation generates a negative collective energy field.”

Pay particular attention to the last sentence, “It can also occur easily whenever a crowd of people or even an entire nation generates a negative collective energy field”, could this be another term for the “spikes” in emotion at the Hitler rallies?

Amazingly the world has seen the third level of unresolved hatred surface again and again. For example consider the conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians in Israel , and Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iraq. One of the worst modern examples of the third level of hatred surfacing is the genocide against the Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda. Then there is the simmering “hatred” in Northern Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants. Recently, although not as widespread, we have seen this level of hatred being engendered by White Supremists in America.

Our question was “Does everyone that takes part in genocide commit Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?” We are happy to say that the answer is no. This is because so many individuals simply get swept up in the atmosphere of hatred, as in the patriots that truly believed Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that the election was stolen. Nevertheless, people who commit “war crimes” or great acts of cruelty are not completely exonerated.

We said earlier that before incarnation advanced Souls chose to incarnate to be a part of the “spikes” in the emotions of Fear, Ignorance, Grief, and Confusion. Does this mean that the individuals responsible for the Holocaust and other incidents of genocide are advanced Souls. The answer in this case is an unequivocal No. We know this because of prophets like Nostradamus, who foresaw the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.

The instigators of hatred, cruelty, and terror such as members of the Gestapo and SS, rather than being advanced Souls are the exact opposite. No, the advanced Souls that chose to incarnate into the energy, consciousness, and frequency were the selfless individuals like Oskar Schindler whose humanity was an example to all. However, it is important to remember in the 1940’s there was no television and any journalism in Germany was strictly controlled, consequently the majority of the German population were unaware of the atrocities being carried out in the death camps. Still there were a few advanced souls within the Third Reich, which actively tried to stop Hitler. Unfortunately, as the energy and frequency of Nazi Germany was so negative, the overall consciousness was extremely dense and resistant to transmutation. This is the main Reason the German Resistance was unsuccessful.

Oskar Schindler Despite the German Resistance, because the general population of Germany supported Hitler, the only recourse for any advanced Souls alive during this dreadful time was to demonstrate the opposite energy and consciousness. They did this through extraordinary acts of courage and selflessness, which resulted in the advanced Souls completing their Spiritual mission and leaving a legacy of light within the darkest of times.

Regrettably, everyone living in the atmosphere of the third level of hatred was affected one way or another. Consequently, even advanced Souls could be caught up in the energy, and consciousness of hatred. Now we come to the real insidiousness of this level of hatred. The German people were in dire straits, especially in East Berlin after the war. In fact, after the Soviet occupation of East Germany many people lived a life of fear and struggle. This led to many Germans feeling resentment and despair. Despair is akin to Grief and as we said can lead to the third level of hatred. So, whether the individual was an advanced Soul or not, if he or she nurtured hatred for anyone because of the atmosphere of hate, they were in danger of being taken over by the emotion. This includes children that survived the war only to find themselves under the iron hand of Stalin.

In truth, the most dangerous aspect of the third level of hatred is the preponderance of burying the emotion. Eventually, the hatred will rise to the surface at the most devastating time unless addressed. Then even an advanced Soul can be overcome and that hatred can escalate into the individual committing Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

So how do we combat this insidious third level of hatred? As we have connected this level to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, at first we thought there was no solution, because Scripture tells us that “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.” Still this statement is directed at the individual and does not necessarily apply to everyone that gets caught up in the atmosphere of hatred, otherwise every German who joined the Nazi Party would be lost.

Remembering that all judgment is from the individual, let us recap exactly what happens when an individual commits Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or Ghost is when, due to a person’s actions in this life, he or she forces the higher principles to separate before death. Accordingly, at the time of death the individual cannot pass any higher than Kama Loka… In other words “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” is when an individual betrays his or her Spiritual mission on Earth with full knowledge. The reason it cannot be forgiven is the Spirit is overwhelmed by the counterfeit-spirit and cannot remain in the body and must separate from the individual Soul and return to the Supreme Being, Great Spirit-Mind or “God.” Consequently, when the individual dies there is nothing of the Spirit Life for the Soul to carry with him or her and everything that made the person an individual will be lost.

We said that Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit applies to the individual Soul, and that groups of people that get caught up in the energy and atmosphere are not necessarily lost. Nonetheless, these groups can be caught in a kind of perpetual loop where they repeat the behavior of hatred life after life. This can be understood through reincarnation. We discussed the nuts and bolts of this teaching in respect to John the Baptist being the reincarnation of Elijah. At this point we want participants to consider reincarnation from a regional perspective, such as the Israelis and Palestinians.

Even allowing for personal choice it did not seem fair that individuals born and exposed to an atmosphere of hatred, could be lost because of choosing to react negatively to the stimulus of hatred. It seemed particularly tragic for two groups, the Germans, and the Hutus. After all many of these Souls had incarnated into the area to assist in the transmutation of the consciousness. Knowing that Great Spirit-Mind or “God” was All Merciful we felt there had to be something that we were missing. There was.

We said earlier that the Divine Realm was helping Humanity through inspiration. They do this through our Deductive Reasoning. As we said, Deductive Reasoning is the mind’s way of finding deeper levels of information by sifting and sorting out the information gathered through Inductive Reasoning. However, as Deductive Reasoning becomes connected to Higher Reason, which is even more linked to Intuition, it can also act as a stimulus to discovering information that we may not be cognitively aware of. This is achieved by the Divine Realm through inspiring authors, screen writers and TV producers, to name but a few. For example, as we said, we felt that we were missing something about the victims that became overcome by the third level of hatred. Considering the doctrine of the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; it had seemed hopeless. We spent many hours seeking a solution to the problem and that was the key. Whenever we seek an answer to a Spiritual problem, as Jesus said “Ye shall find.”

At the point of almost giving up, a week or so after outlining this section in 2008, we were watching a documentary on CNN called Scream Bloody Murder. To be honest we really hadn’t wanted to watch it because we knew that it was about genocide. Nonetheless, feeling compelled we watched scene after scene of examples of inhumanity, all the time wondering why we were compelled to watch. Then in the last five minutes, Christiane Armanpour mentioned that the Tootsies and Hutus had reconciled and were once again living side by side. Ms. Armanpour interviewed a Tootsie woman who was serving dinner to one of the Hutu men that had butchered her husband and five of her children. She said she had forgiven him. Ms. Armanpour then related that the Tootsies held a kind of tribunal in which the Hutus admitted all the actions and asked for forgiveness. It was the Tootsies ability to forgive which nullified the hatred. So at the end of such a distressing documentary that our Deductive Reasoning led us to watch, we received the answer to our question on how to overcome the third level hatred; Forgiveness. This is because one of the 7 Keys to Love is Forgiveness and Love is the opposite to hate; as such even the third level of hatred is dissipated by forgiveness. From a consciousness and energy perspective forgiveness brings light to the black darkness of hate/Grief. It is probably why Jesus admonished us to forgive seventy times seven in Matthew. (18:15-20)

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 8-c

STAGE REASON – 8D – Rise of the Adversary and its development
into the “Shadow”

As stated, in the Good News Reverberation we changed a lot. Therefore, before picking up the book again, we need to address these changes. Without rehashing what is no longer relevant, we will encapsulate the change reported in the Great News Update that nullified the “Watcher’s mistake.” Still, as Humanity has to contend with the individual aspect of the “Shadow”, we think it may help to shine the light of Higher Reason on how our spirit’s Adversary developed. Having addressed the three levels of hatred, we need to discuss this consciousness opposed to Spirit arose. In this we also need to address how the World-Soul became the Shadow of Deception. We begin with excerpts from the final chapter, Great News Update that sets the scene to our update:

In our original book THE GOOD NEWS: An Alternate Theory, I wrote that between 2004 and 2005 the start of a five-year window would begin. To recap: “What that means is during this time, the human race will fight the metaphorical battle of Armageddon within their mind, using their heart for spiritual discernment.

During these five years, known as the Fullness of Time, changes took place in the Astral Plane. It began dissipating and the three levels condensed into one. At this time all spiritual forces were asked to release all contact with their charges in order to let us do the work ourselves. However, spiritually speaking humans were still hamstrung with the individual aspect of the “Shadow” or what Eckhart Tolle calls the individual pain-body of the Collective Pain Body. Even so, Humanity’s “handicap” began long before the “Shadow of Deception”, as we originally related, at some point Humanity’s negative thoughts and emotions gained consciousness:

“…all lower spiritual forms merged into one all-consuming power, which we will call the World-Soul, although Animal Soul would be more appropriate. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, translated by Doreal, relate that there are mythical beasts, which the tablets call the “Hounds of the Barrier,” guarding the exit out of this cycle. According to the tablets, only those of the brightest light are able to pass by the hounds. We believe that this is an analogy of the World/Animal Soul. If we remember that in both cases the barrier used is of an animal nature, we can begin to see the role these figures play. Animals are territorial. As such, all animals will defend their territory with their lives. Human beings reflect this behavior by dividing the Earth into different countries, which they feel obligated through patriotic fervor to defend.”

“…Both the World/Animal Soul and the Hounds of the Barrier are of the same vibration as the aggressive masculine energy that we see in the Human Race through the lower ego’s passions. Despite the designation masculine, this energy is not exclusive to men. Women who demonstrate anger, jealousy, and ambition or any of the passions connected to the lower ego are exhibiting the same “masculine” energy. Because the World/Animal Soul and Hounds are of the same vibration, they can recognize those individuals that have not transmuted the masculine energy. In addition, this vibrational energy relates to the third or solar plexus chakra.”

Explaining the key historical points in our adversary’s development, in the Great News Update we show how Jesus’ sacrifice affected this entity.

“Earlier, I wrote: ‘Jesus’ sacrifice had two primary outcomes. First the cleansing of the upper levels of the Soul Plane, which was good. Sadly, as the scripture in Revelation warns, this meant expelling the densest and worst elements of the World-Soul and his minions to the lowest levels of the Astral Plane. At this point, the World-Soul becomes the Shadow of Deception AKA “prince of this world”, or Eckhart Tolle’s Collective Pain Body in a fight for existence with the Light of Truth. Still connected to every human being through their subconscious, for nearly two thousand years this entity fed off the depravity of Humanity, by inciting as much atrocity and selfishness as possible. …However, the future is never locked in stone. As a result, our actions can change the course of history at any time. Therefore, the really Good News that should Reverberate throughout the world is that …the Divine forces neutralized the Shadow of Deception in 2010. We explain this in our recent book FOR THE CHILDREN in the subsection END TO WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES.”

Notwithstanding the really Great News that the Shadow was neutralized on September 10th, 2010, human beings still had to contend with the counterfeit-spirit sabotaging their spiritual progress at every opportunity. Therefore, we must understand its origin, which began with the mysterious figure of the World-Soul

Before we proceed with our investigation of the World-Soul and the Hounds of the Barrier, we need to clarify something. When we use the term World-Soul we do not mean a type of evil Over Soul that rules the world, on the contrary this consciousness is associated with the development of the Human Race. Throughout history, philosophers have tried to define the various levels in the Divine Realm, struggling with the incontrovertible statement of the Supreme Being’s omniscient, (all knowing) omnipotent, (all powerful) and omnipresent (present everywhere) juxta positioned to the “presence” of evil in the world. Overtime the philosophers came to understand the solution lay in the terms of levels as in the four Planes in the Tree of Life describing the descent from the spark of an Idea, through the thought and visualization to its manifestation on the Physical Plane. This was further developed into an interesting supposition that was put forth by the Neoplatonist Plotinus. The chapter Constantine, Augustine, and Plotinus in LOVE The Common Denominator (LCD), related Plotinus’s concept of three emanations or levels of Divinity. In Plotinus’s view the term “World-Soul” was for the second emanation:

“The second emanation is the “World-Soul.” This is an emanation from the Intellect or World Mind. Plotinus refers to the three levels as ‘God,’ ‘Second God,’ and ‘Third God.’ This is not synonymous with the Church’s Trinity, and they are not equal. As the emanations proceed, they are ‘subordinate’ as Luce says, to ‘The substance from which it is derived.’ He explains that the lower level, although ‘inferior’ to those above it, of which it is a reflection, can transform itself by acknowledging and equating itself with the level above it. Like Plato, Plotinus believed that the ‘World-Soul’ was the source of all souls. Luce explains the ‘World-Soul’ can exist ‘in the world of Intellect,’ and can ascend together ‘with intellect to transcend itself and merge with the One.’ The Soul also exists in the world of senses, and is ‘responsible for perception, and for the formation and ordering of material bodies.’ Irrespective of what function the World-Soul is performing, it is always connected to the ‘One’ and “Intellect,” with the latter’s goal to enlighten ‘individual souls,’ which elevates them ‘towards its own level.’ Adhering to the law of free will, their choice to react to that stimulus, determines whether or not the individual is united with the ‘One or Good.’

“Evidently Plotinus believed ‘World-Soul’ was responsible for the physical world. Sounding very much like the Valentinians, he described the cause of the material universe as the separation of ‘World-Soul’ from its cause. Explaining further, Luce said Plotinus believed as the ‘World-Soul’ sees things in a linear fashion, it ‘in effect creates time.’ It does not stop there; the things in turn perceived by the ‘World-Soul’ also see themselves as distinct from one another, creating what Luce refers to as ‘a spatial as well as a temporal framework,’ the result being our universe of space and time.”

As stated earlier it is important not to get hung up on the terms. For Plotinus the World-Soul was a kind of Over-Soul from which all Souls derived. In The Know Thyself Initiative the World-Soul is the by-product of the “Watcher’s mistake” and the Lemurian genetic manipulation of the Cro-Magnons or 3rd Root-Race. Having said that let us return to the connection between the World-Soul and the Hounds of the Barrier.

Although we posit that the Hounds of the Barrier’s purpose; to “…guard the exit out of this cycle” is connected to the World-Soul, the “Hounds” and the World-Soul do not have the same function. Yes, the World-Soul was constituted from the thoughts and emotions of the Human Race, at the start of the Common Era the World-Soul’s role changed. Because this involves the investigation into the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-races we will not discuss what changed with the World-Soul at this time; suffice to say after The Christ ascended to “sit at the right hand” the World-Soul separated from his baser or lower aspects. These lower aspects became the New Testament’s “prince of this world” operating on the Physical Plane influencing the less evolved’ actions, while the purer aspects of the World-Soul remained in the Soul Plane.

Despite not addressing the World-Soul’s role after the Common Era here, we do think it may help to discuss how the World-Soul was created. We mentioned earlier in Section 5E that The Christ and Sophia could not take physical form until the World-Soul gained consciousness. This was because “for the sake of balance, both sides or active and passive duality have to be represented. When The Christ and Sophia incarnated as Osiris and Isis, the World-Soul fully conscious was ready to incarnate as Osiris’ twin brother Set. We reported how the World-Soul came to be created after the Lemurians genetically separated the masculine and feminine principles in the Treatise America’s Hijacked Destiny:

“…This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Nonetheless, as the ages past, it became infused with more and more of the developing Human Race’s thoughts and emotions. Until at last, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane.”

Continuing to evolve as the ages past, the World-Soul became infused with more and more of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, the genetic manipulation not only caused the creation of the World-Soul but it also exposed the inhabitants within the Soul Plane to the lower human emotions. We have continually said that Great Spirit-Mind is the Supreme opportunist and although the creation of the World-Soul was catastrophic in one way, in another it presented an opportunity to jump start Spiritual Evolution. Earlier in Section 5G we related that Gautama Buddha taught that suffering releases us from the Wheel of Samsara. To recap:

It was only when a soul learned all the lessons and become detached from all desire that the individual could cease experiencing physical life and therefore experience the bliss and happiness of Nirvana or whatever term we use to describe paradise. As the majority of people’s lives were a constant struggle, this gave them hope that their suffering would eventually end. Even so, when we remember that the universe consists of Sophia’s emotions we reveal a deeper meaning of Gautama’s teachings. The Life principle of the Solar system’s purpose is to redeem the lost essence of Sophia or divine sparks. Individuals achieve redemption through the Life principle in the form of Humanity transmuting their emotions. In other words, suffering does not release the Spirit or divine sparks, but rather the emotions generated by the suffering. Whenever a person transmutes their emotions, they help change the world and bring paradise to Earth.

If we think of the development of the World-Soul as an opportunity to jump-start Spiritual Evolution, we can understand Gautama Buddha’s teaching. However, The Buddha was not the only teacher to inform of us that an individual could not leave this Plane of existence until they had transmuted or purified themselves. In nearly all civilizations there were myths of Archetypes in the shape of beasts or creatures, such as the Dwellers on the Threshold” and the “Great Sphinx.” These two are quite obvious as in the legend of the Sphinx requiring an answer to a riddle in order for travelers to the city of Thebes to pass; signifying that only enlightened individuals passed. However, we were surprised by another Archetype that apparently guarded passage out of this reality. This is because it was Cerberus the famous 3-headed dog that traditionally guarded the entrance to Hades or hell. Evidently Cerberus “prevents” an individual rising, “progressing” or sinking, “regressing” to a different level (threshold) before their time. Our first question was how a person entering hell could be termed as “an individual rising or progressing”? The key to the answer is in understanding that although Hades is associated with hell, it was not just a place of punishment.

Hades was merely the underworld where good Souls went to the Elysian Fields (heaven) and bad Souls remained in Hades (hell) to be tormented by the god of the underworld. Consequently Cerberus could be seen as guarding the entrance to the Astral Plane. This brings us to the connection with these guards of the barriers to animals. Why if a human being’s progress signifies purification and enlightenment or the development of a higher consciousness, would the “exit” be guarded by a lower one? The obvious answer was addressed in the above paragraph “Animals are territorial and will defend their territory with their lives.” Nonetheless, we wanted to dig a little deeper so let us briefly examine what is known about the mythological “beasts” that guard the entrance to different levels (thresholds) including what is referred to as the “Dwellers on the Threshold.” First we will address the meaning of the term “threshold.” Interestingly, another term for the “threshold” is Liminality. According to Wikipedia:

Liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold") is a psychological, neurological, or metaphysical subjective, conscious state of being on the "threshold" of or between two different existential planes…

We mentioned in Section 8C how using Deductive Reasoning had led us to discover that Forgiveness can dissipate hatred. As stated, this was through Deductive Reasoning’s connection to Intuition, in that we contemplated on the information our Inductive Reasoning had gathered. However, Deductive Reasoning as Intuition can also act as a stimulus to help us discover information that we may not be cognitively aware of. To demonstrate what we mean, the same week as we watched the documentary on genocide we were watching a program on TV. (It seems that the first week of December 2008 was obviously conducive to tapping into the universal knowledge. Remember we all know this information; we have simply forgotten it.) The program mentioned the Limbic System controlling fear and anger. Immediately we were reminded of the Latin term for threshold limen. Feeling that we were being shown a link between the Limbic System and the Dwellers on the Threshold, the next day we followed our Intuition and investigated the Limbic System. What we discovered was very thought provoking.

Diagram of human brainThe origin of the term Limbic System according to Wikipedia comes from the Latin limbus, meaning “border” or “belt”. Our Intuition urged us to look up the synonyms for border and belt. A common synonym for both border and belt is limit, which in turn is a synonym for threshold. This told us that there was something very important to find in the connection between the Dweller on the Threshold and the Limbic System of the human brain.

In following our Intuition, we were led to the website - The Limbic System: The Center of Emotions by Júlio Rocha do Amaral, MD & Jorge Martins de Oliveira, MD, PhD (http://www.healing-arts.org/n-r-limbic.htm). The web site gives a comprehensive explanation on the development of the human brain. Below are the relevant excerpts pertaining to our investigation:

Throughout its evolution, the human brain has acquired three components that progressively appeared and became superimposed, just like in an archeological site: the oldest, located underneath and to the back; the next one, resting on an intermediate position and the most recent, situated on top and to the front. They are, respectively:

1 - The archipallium or primitive (reptilian) brain, comprising the structures of the brain stem - medulla, pons, cerebellum, mesencephalon, the oldest basal nuclei - the globus pallidus and the olfactory bulbs. It corresponds to the reptile brain, also called "R-complex", by the famous neuroscientist Paul MacLean.

2 - The paleopallium or intermediate (old mammalian) brain, comprising the structures of the limbic system. It corresponds to the brain of the inferior mammals.

3 - The neopallium, also known as the superior or rational (new mammalian) brain, comprises almost the whole of the hemispheres (made up of a more recent type of cortex, called neocortex) and some subcortical neuronal groups. It corresponds to the brain of the superior mammals, thus including the primates and, consequently, the human species.

These three cerebral layers appeared, one after the other, during the development of the embryo and the fetus (ontogenesis), recapitulating, chronologically, the evolution of animal species (phylogenesis), from the lizards up to the homo sapiens. According to Maclean, they are three biological computers which, although interconnected, retained, each one, "their peculiar types of intelligence, subjectivity, sense of time and space, memory, mobility and other less specific functions"…

In 1878, the French neurologist Paul Broca called attention to the fact that, on the medial surface of the mammalian brain, right underneath the cortex, there exits an area containing several nuclei of gray matter (neurons) which he denominated limbic lobe (from the Latin word "limbus" that implies the idea of circle, ring, surrounding, etc) since it forms a kind of border around the brain stem ( in another part of this text we shall write more about these nuclei).

The entirety of these structures, that, years later would receive the name of "limbic system", developed with the emergence of the inferior (primitive) mammals. This system commands certain behaviors that are necessary for the survival of all mammals. It gives rise and modulates specific functions that allow the animal to distinguish between the agreeable and the disagreeable. Here specific affective functions are developed, such as the one that induces the females to nurse and protect their toddlers, or the one which induces these animals to develop ludic behaviors (playful moods). Emotions and feelings, like wrath, fright, passion, love, hate, joy and sadness, are mammalian inventions, originated in the limbic system. This system is also responsible for some aspects of personal identity and for important functions related to memory. And, when the superior mammals arrived on the Earth, the third cerebral unit was finally developed : the neopallium or rational brain, a highly complex net of neural cells capable of producing a symbolic language, thus enabling man to exercise skillful intellectual tasks such as reading, writing and performing mathematical calculations. The neopallium is the great generator of ideas or, as expressed by Paul MacLean, "it is the mother of invention and the father of abstractive thought"…

Emotions (from Latin emovere meaning moving, displacing) are, as its etymology suggests, manifest reactions to those affective conditions that, due to their intensity, move us to some kind of action. Confronting the opinion of several authors, we can say that emotions are characterized by a sudden disruption of the affective balance.

Almost always, they are short episodes, with slight or intense, concomitant or subsequent, repercussions upon several organs, that can set up partial or total blocking of logical reasoning. This can provoke, in the affected subject, a high degree of psychic and behavioral loss of control. Conversely, feelings are seen as affective states with a longer duration, causing less intensive experiences, with much fewer repercussions upon organic functions and lesser interference on reasoning and behavior…

During centuries, philosophers, physicians and psychologists studied the phenomena of affectivity, questioning their origin, their role upon psychic life, their action favoring or hindering adaptation, their neurophysiological concomitants and their neuroendocrine substratum. Affective manifestations would have as their ultimate cause, the capacity of living matter to answer to stimuli acting upon it. There are two classical and antagonistic theories upon the subject. The first one, supported by Darwin and his followers, state that affective reactions are innate patterns designed to orient behaviour in order to promote the adaptation of a being to its environment, thus guaranteeing its survival and that of its species.

The organic disturbances, that may go together with the process, would only be a consequence of physiological nature. On the contrary, others, like William James, state that, facing a given real or imaginary stimulus, the organism would react with a series of muscular and visceral neurovegetative changes.

The perception of such changes would give origin to the corresponding affective states. More recently, Lehmann proposed a third theory that suggests a compromise between the two classical ones. According to him, affect is a complex phenomenon, initiated by a central process, as result of internal or external causes. It manifests itself as a change in the "I", releasing reflex facial movements and producing manifold organic alterations.

The more the bodily symptoms increase, the more mobilizing becomes the affect, until it evolves into an emotion. This statement finds clinical support in the treatment of patients with performance phobias. When facing situations they fear (speaking before audiences, for instance) these patients present palpitations, sweating, difficult breathing, etc.. Beta blocking agents, that do not cross blood brain barrier (therefore devoid of influence upon brain centers) act only peripherally, blocking the neurovegetative symptoms and, by "emptying" anxiety, facilitate the control of the phobic process.

Divergent are also the opinions about the relationship between affective states and reason. Some philosophical and religious schools consider the affective aspects of personality as inferior, negative or sinful, in need of control and domination by reason…

With this article we were able to see what our Deductive Reasoning wanted us to see. That is, from a Spiritual Evolution perspective the Limbic System is the physical representation of the “Dweller on the Threshold.” In other words, as the purpose of Spiritual Evolution is to transmute the elements or Sophia’s emotions, our brains at first developed the capacity to express emotions, and then acts as a barrier “border/threshold” to prevent us evolving until we are ready. Next we will investigate our question of “Why if a human being’s progress signifies purification and enlightenment or the development of a higher consciousness, would the “exit” be guarded by a lower consciousness?” Finding the answer necessitates an examination of the different examples of “Dwellers on the Threshold”, such as Cerberus and the Great Sphinx.

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STAGE REASON – 8E – Dwellers on the Threshold

In 8D we mentioned the Hounds of the Barrier, however, before we get to the “Hounds” let us take a brief look at the two other mythological “beasts” guarding entrances. First is the Great Sphinx which as we said guarded the entrance to Thebes, with no one passing unless they answered a riddle. As always Wikipedia provided an example of the riddle of the Sphinx:

Oedipus picture It was said in late lore that Hera or Ares sent the Sphinx from her Ethiopian homeland (the Greeks always remembered the foreign origin of the Sphinx) to Thebes in Greece where she asks all passersby history's most famous riddle:” Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?” She strangled and devoured anyone unable to answer. Oedipus solved the riddle: answering, Man—who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age. By some accounts (but much more rarely), there was a second riddle: "There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first." (answer: day and night—both words are feminine in Greek).

Bested at last, the tale continues, the Sphinx then threw herself from her high rock and died. An alternative version tells that she devoured herself. Thus Oedipus can be recognized as a liminal or "threshold" figure, helping effect the transition between the old religious practices, represented by the death of the Sphinx, and the rise of the new, Olympian deities.

Hades Cerberus      Great Sphinx of Giza
3-headed dog guardian of Hades Cerberus               Great Sphinx of Giza (GNU) Usuario Barcex

Another “liminal” mythological beast guarding an entrance was the 3-headed hound barring the entrance to Hades. For Harry Potter fans, a representation of Cerberus was “fluffy” the Keeper of the Keys, Hagrid’s dog. Nevertheless, traditionally we learn from Wikipedia that in Greek and Roman mythology this hound of hell known as Cerberus “is a multi-headed dog” preventing “those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.”

To be honest we had not considered Cerberus in the same light as the Hounds of the Barrier, because of his reputation as a hound of hell. Nonetheless, as a “liminal figure” Cerberus is most definitely an Archetype for the guardians from one realm of existence to another.

Having discussed the “Dweller on the Threshold” from the perspective of an Archetype that is part of the structure of Spiritual Evolution, we now turn to a different description of these creatures. To find these “Dwellers” interpretation we need to investigate them in Theosophy. Fortunately, we found a very succinct interpretation addressed in an article on Wikipedia that stated Madame Blavatsky reported that in theosophical literature the Dweller is not a fictitious entity. Rather it is the “discarded astral double of an individual in a previous life that may not have fully disintegrated.” As a result, when it is reborn, the “dweller will be drawn to the new incarnated personality” because of “their affinity.” She added that “sometimes this entity is also called Guardian of the Threshold.”

In Hindu-Brahmanism the “Dweller on the Threshold” is called “S’is’u-mâra”, which translates as “Infant Killer.” Still, this designation should not be taken literally as the Hindu “S’is’u-mâra” is also known as “the hub of the Universe.” Therefore, like the Hounds of the Barrier, the Hindu-Brahmanic “Dweller” could also be seen as an Archetype for the process of Spiritual Evolution. Chapter 31, On the Highest Knowledge of Brahma in Book 7 of The Devî Gita (Song of the Goddess)found on sacred-texts.com, we find the term Jnani. This term apparently refers to an individual who has overcome the ego. In this respect, according to Wikipedia when a jnani has reached jnana, meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom” he or she is “constantly aware of the Self.” In order to become a Jnani a person has to destroy five bonds; only then can they proceed on the Path to the Light. However, before proceeding on the Path, the Jnani must “salute” the “Dweller on the Threshold.”

Participants may find the above terms confusing but if they relax the meaning will come through. It isn’t necessary to fully understand the terms, it is more important to grasp the general concept that in Hindu-Brahmanic Scriptures there is the same theme of an entity that needs to be passed in order to evolve. Try focusing on the understandable English words:

The bonds are five:—The lowest is the Avidyâ bond, then the Lingadeha bond, then the Pramâchchâdaka Prakriti bond, the Kama bond, and the Karma bond. When all these bonds are destroyed, then the Jñânî goes by the Path of Light to the Sântâmka Loka. Before proceeding further all have to salute the S'is'u-mâra--the Dweller on the threshhold--the hub of the Universe.

…meaning porpoise “S’is’u-mâra” is the name of a constellation, in the north, near the Pole. It corresponds perhaps with the Draco or the Ursâ Minor. For a fuller description of it, see Bhagam Purâna Book 5, Chapter 23. Here it is a mystical reference to a Being of an exalted order, which every Jñânî passes by, in his way beyond this Universe. It may correspond with the ring-pass-not of the 'Secret Doctrine'! It is the name of Hari, also, as we find the following verse "The Supreme Hari, the Support of infinity of worlds and who is called Sis’umAra, is saluted by all knowers of Brahma, on their way to the Supreme God.

The Brahman (called Sis’umâram) free from all passions and parts (manifesto in the external world) in the highest Golden Sheath (the Cosmic Egg). That is pure, that is the highest of Lights, it is that which the knowers of Âtmân know. [Note.--"He is in the Centre of the Cosmic (as Sis’umâra, the Light of all Cosmic Suns). He is even in the centre of our Sun and illumining all planets.”

What particularly caught our eye was the reference to “S’is’u-mâra” as the “Dweller on the Threshold”, being connected to “a constellation” in the north “near the Pole.” The author’s speculation that the constellation could correspond to “Draco or the Ursa Minor”, brought us back to the “Hounds of the Barrier” which guard the exit out of this cycle, and we wondered if the “hounds” could be an allegory for the Astrological powers? Let’s review the relevant excerpt from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. Tablet eight has:

"Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye and heed my wisdom, the voice of LIGHT is clear. Seek not the valley
of shadow, and LIGHT will only appear.

"List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from man. Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME, even to the end of space of this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

"Strange and terrible are the HOUNDS of the Barrier. Follow they consciousness to the limits of space. Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul through angles. Only the circle will give ye protection, save from the claws of the DWELLERS IN ANGLES.

"Once, in a time past, I approached the great Barrier, and saw on the shores where time exists not, the formless forms of the HOUNDS of the barrier. Aye, hiding in the midst beyond time I found them; and THEY, scenting me afar off, raised themselves and gave the great bell cry that could be heard from cycle to cycle and moved through space toward my soul.

"Fled I then fast before them, back from time's unthinkable end. But ever after me pursued they, moving in strange angles not known to man. Aye, on the gray shores of TIME-SPACE'S end found I the HOUNDS of the Barrier, ravening for the Soul who attempts the beyond.

"Fled I through circles back to my body. Fled, and fast after me they followed. Aye, after me the devourers followed, seeking through angles to devour my Soul.

"Aye, know ye man, that the Soul who dares the Barrier may be held in bondage by the HOUNDS from beyond time, held till this cycle is completed and left behind when the consciousness leaves.

"Entered I my body. Created the circles that know not angles, created the form that from my form was formed. Made my body into a circle and lost the pursuers in the circles of time. But, even yet, when free from my body, cautious ever must I be not to move through angles, else my soul may never be free.

"Know ye, the HOUNDS of the Barrier move only through angles and never through curves of space. Only by moving through curves can ye escape them, for in angles they will pursue thee. O man, heed ye my warning; Seek not to break open the gate to beyond. Few there are who have succeeded in passing the Barrier to the greater LIGHT that shines beyond.

"For know ye, ever the dwellers, seek such Souls to hold in their thrall."

Regarding the reference to the Animal Souls, we believe this alludes to a human being overcoming their lower selves to develop their Spiritual Soul and pass by the “animal” Hounds of the Barrier out of this cycle. This is related allegorically with the “Hounds” only being able to track a Soul “through angles.” We have a saying, “smooth out the rough edges”, meaning perfect something. Deductive Reasoning would understand “smoothing the rough edges” from a Spiritual perspective as meaning “rounding out” or perfecting. As a circle is considered perfect, we wondered if this could be what is meant in the Tablet when it says, “Only the circle will give ye protection, save from the claws of the DWELLERS IN ANGLES”?

If the answer to the above conclusion is yes, then the “Hounds of the Barrier” are also an Archetype for “a filter” to make sure “only those of the brightest light” move on or Spiritually Evolve to the next level. As stated the other Archetypes of this function are Cerberus, “S’is’u-mâra”, and the “Great Sphinx.”

Previously we asked, “Why if a human being’s progress signifies purification and enlightenment or the development of a higher consciousness, would the “exit” be guarded by a lower one?” In The Rabbi’s Tarot, the RT group relates that unevolved individuals “return to the animal state.” As was reported in Beyond Divination: Spiritual Transformation through the Major Arcana:

“According to the RT group, West-Below is the obvious direction for card 15 The Devil because West or card 10 The Wheel of Fortune represents the Solar Plexus, which is the center that controls instinctual behavior. Reminding us of the need to get the Self-conscious to control this volatile chakra or center, they warn that if we do not, then we are in danger of falling prey to temptation and regressing to our animal instincts. As stated, we gain control through our Intellect, a purely human faculty, which humanizes the instincts. If we are successful then, as Temperance and its direction conveyed, we rise to West-Above where our Intellect acts as an intermediary of the Higher Self in preparation for ceding control to the Angel Above.”

Society often refers to someone who perpetrates atrocities as a brute because we judge the actions as inhuman. Nonetheless, in point of fact human beings are capable of far worse an action than any member of the Animal Kingdom. Animals do not kill for pleasure or fun. They do not judge other animals by their appearance but only by their behavior. So although in terms of intelligence animals are of a lower consciousness, from the perspective of cruelty they do not hold a candle to unevolved members of the Human Race. This section has focused on the discussion on the energy, frequency, and consciousness and how the mass consciousness affects all levels. We believe the reason the “guardians” are of an animal nature is because they can recognize the frequency and vibration of those individuals that are not ready to evolve. How the “guardians” can recognize the frequency is explained in the following paragraphs from the original book under discussion, referenced in the final chapter Great News Update of The Good News Reverberation:

“It is interesting that although the goal of evolution is to drive the Life principle to individualization and self-awareness, the objective of involution, or the redemption of the Divine sparks is the reverse. Consequently, only those individuals who no longer see themselves as separate from every other soul will pass by the guard through the door. In other words, it is necessary to view ourselves as above all differences, citizens of the planet Earth.

Both the World/Animal Soul and the Hounds of the Barrier are of the same vibration as the aggressive masculine energy that we see in the Human Race through the lower ego’s passions. Despite the designation masculine, this energy is not exclusive to men. Women who demonstrate anger, jealousy, and ambition or any of the passions connected to the lower ego are exhibiting the same “masculine” energy. Because the World/Animal Soul and Hounds are of the same vibration, they can recognize those individuals that have not transmuted the masculine energy. In addition, this vibrational energy relates to the third or solar plexus chakra.”

To understand the above two paragraphs we need to return to our earlier discussion on hatred and Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. The key is understanding that hatred is the culmination of an apparently innocuous mental process, known as judgment, which begins the concept of separation. This is why Jesus warned us against judgment, saying, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Judgmentalism of others can lead to hatred and, as we said, in turn can lead to atrocious acts under the cloak of righteousness. Remembering that unresolved hatred can rise to the surface how do we resolve the dilemma? If we accept Jesus’ injunction and do not judge, then what do we do with murderers and child molesters? Jesus said that “all sins shall be forgiven” even murder but what is society to do with the criminal in the meantime?

Today the law lacks wisdom because it is rarely unbiased and often creates resentment. There are two specific practices standing out as creating an air of resentment. The first example of the inane structure of the law is the practice of throwing out the evidence that proves a person guilty of the crime. Without getting caught up in the politics of the issue, may we suggest that rather than throwing out the evidence because of police misconduct, perhaps the courts should penalize the officers concerned, and keep the evidence. This would help deter the police abusing their authority and ensure that criminals are off the streets. The second is the practice of offering “immunity” of prosecution to an accomplice to a crime in order for he or she to give “evidence” against their partner. Both of these actions lead to the perpetuation of crime, rather than “fighting” it. The purpose for mentioning this is because of the result at the Spiritual level. As stated, injustice drives an individual to seek justice, which although part of  Spiritual progress, if not tempered with Compassion can lead to the emergence of hatred. Again, why Jesus warned us not to judge because from a Spiritual perspective we cannot possibly know the consciousness behind any action.

There is just one more point we would like to make before we leave this subject for now, and that is the question of capital punishment. We addressed the unforeseen aspects of capital punishment in Whence the Origin of Evil in LOVE: The Common Denominator (LCD). In this instance the “condemned” is consumed with hatred, so much so that the individual has caused his higher principles to leave him:

“In my journey, I learned that, contrary to popular belief, it is predominantly in between incarnations that the law of Karma or justice is played out, not always in our next incarnation. So the families of the victims of violent crimes can know that no one can escape their ‘just desserts.’ However, I also want to stress that the hatred that is directed to the murderer has two very detrimental effects. First, the hatred takes on a life of its own in the astral plane. Second, the individual who is the hater lowers their vibration to such an extent that the love of God cannot penetrate their heart to heal and comfort them.

“To return to James Van Praagh, concerning executed criminals: last year, I was watching a documentary on TV. The program was discussing the random shooting of innocent people in a rural area. Ironically, it was the wife of a victim who led to his capture of the gunman. It was her letter published in the newspaper urging the killer to turn himself in to the police, which resulted in his surrender. When he did surrender, he confessed to being goaded into killing by the voice of a dead murderer. Van Praagh reminds us, ‘It only takes an instant for someone to see the light of God and be transformed. Such a rehabilitated individual may one day help to prevent someone else from destroying another life.’

“The church teaches that the ‘unsaved’ executed convicted killers (those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior) will eventually experience ‘the outer darkness.’ That will depend on whether or not the condemned has made peace with himself. I say ‘himself,’ not God, deliberately, as it is not God that determines where we go. Having said that, what exactly is the ‘outer darkness’ that Jesus warned of. Only recently did I realize that it is existence without Love…”

It is important to not take the reference to “outer darkness” literally, simply because Higher Reason tells us that the goal of Spiritual Evolution is to progress Spiritually. Moreover, taken from an energy perspective, the suffering can become a means to transmute Sophia’s emotions. However, it is important to reiterate that the presence of hatred is wholly opposed to anything Divine as it is the opposite to Love.

With all the references to what is wrong with the world, we would like to end this Section on a positive note. This was exemplified in the last paragraph of the original Good News chapter 6 The Gathering; however, we have combined it with the updated version to reflect the changes since 2010:

As we previously stated, every human being has an Achilles heel or weakness. That weakness is of the same vibration as the World/Animal Soul that became the Shadow of Deception. This adversary could be considered as an envelope of selfishness. It grows stronger by people giving into their lower ego or counterfeit-spirit, in other words, anything that is not for the greater good. We have continuously said everything beneath the Veil is vibrating energy. The frequency at which the “Adversary” vibrated was connected to this round or cycle, so until 2010 only those individuals that had raised their vibration could pass the guards to the door to the next cycle…

To put this into terms that are relevant today, we need to reiterate what was written in the introduction to the Initiative in respect to the 777,000.


“The Know Thyself Initiative is one of the means the Divine forces are using to help Humanity. Of course many, many individuals are working in other ways to help. Having said that the particular 777,000 individuals we are looking for contain the exact frequency of consciousness that will act as a vehicle for the catalyst of compassion. The individuals involved have chosen to incarnate at this time for this specific reason. We said that everyone born between 1945 and 1983 are potential  members. The key word is “potential.” Most members of the two generations concerned, will fulfill their purpose in other ways. Still a very small percentage will become the catalyst for compassion through the Know Thyself Initiative.

A fairly recent film by M. Night Shyamalan called Lady in the Water reflects what we are trying to say. If anyone saw it we are sure he or she knows what we mean. For those who haven’t let us try to give a brief synopsis of how the film illustrates our point. Basically the movie centers around a mysterious “lady” appearing out of the blue in the swimming pool of an apartment complex. This “lady” is a messenger sent by “good” forces to deliver a message, which will help Humanity. Of course there are also “not-so-good” forces present that are determined to stop her. It is left up to a small number of residents in the complex to thwart these forces and protect the “lady.” The surprising thing is that it takes the combined effort of them all. Each of them has been born with a particular skill, which is needed at specific times. The individuals involved are completely unaware of the skill, until they are almost automatically compelled to use it at the most opportune moment to save the day. …Through the Know Thyself Initiative, The Mysteries, which the participants are subliminally conscious of will affect their awakening to their purpose at this time…

We feel it is important to remember that the purpose of the Initiative is to change the way we think. The Divine forces know that for most people to change the way they think is near impossible. That is why so small a number of individuals are required to act as a catalyst. Essentially, the Initiative is an energy and consciousness phenomena, which will be discussed in many ways; including Tortion Fields, expansion of human consciousness, particularly as it pertains to Root-races, Sacred Geometry and Archetypes. One of the goals of the Initiative is to help participants create new pathways in their brains. As stated this is not brainwashing; on the contrary, it is brain expansion, which helps to access Universal information that we have forgotten. The books by Eckhart Tolle and our associate Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor are invaluable in demonstrating how this process is possible.

Mr. Tolle approaches it from the perspective of disciplining the mind to stay in the present. He also makes us aware that our thoughts are not always our own. Dr. Jill’s gift is in her sharing her experience of the Universal Collective Mind, where perfect clarity and peace is achieved. In Dr. Jill’s words Nirvana. Fortunately, we do not need to experience a stroke to achieve Nirvana. Ultimately, it begins with recognizing the “way” we think as well as “what” we think.

Ancient Wisdom taught in The Mysteries how to achieve a heightened state of awareness and re-route the pathways in the brain by changing the way the candidates thought. Alas, only a very few exceptional individuals were able to successfully reroute the pathways in their brain. This was chiefly because the consciousness had not expanded sufficiently. Today that is no longer the case. As Greg Braden and many others have discovered, the consciousness of both Humanity and the planet has expanded and is moving into sync with each other. So now the Human Race can be affected on many levels through sound and color. Moreover, because of the harmonizing of both the planet and human consciousness, there is an opportunity or “portal” to facilitate the transmutation of matter, which includes the Earth as well as our physical bodies. With 777,000 collectively doing this, it creates a critical mass shift, which causes the rebalancing of the active or masculine and passive or feminine energies.

Another frequently asked question is are there only 777,000 places in the Know Thyself Initiative? The answer is an emphatic NO. We see it like the multiple rings radiating outwards from a target. If we consider the Bull’s Eye as representative of the 777,000, then the outer rings represent a larger number of individuals that were born for this time. Just considering the two generations born between 1945 and 1983 as a sixth of the Earth’s population, then we are talking about over a Billion people. Consequently, as the rings radiate from the center, the numbers will grow. What may surprise participants is that some individuals may not need to complete all the stages to awaken to their calling. In other words, it isn’t necessary for everyone who joins the Initiative to complete it. We realize that this is hardly a ringing endorsement for the Initiative but the truth is we are merely the facilitators. Only participants know their role. The film Field of Dreams, perfectly reflects our thinking on this. In the film, the character played by Kevin Costner is told “If you build it he will come.” We are simply amending “he” to “they”, as in whomever is moved or inspired to come…

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 8-e


In the next Section we will take a look at the years following the departure of Jesus. However, before we move on, it is time for the Sixth Review but first here are the answers for the Fifth Review questions, taken from Section 7:

1) What is the name of “the only surviving Gnostic religion living in southern Iraq and southwestern Iran?
Answer - Mandean
2) Which cousin of John the Baptist was associated with the Qumran Essenes?
Answer – Jesus
3) Which Human emotion of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane is described in the 3 Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke?
Answer – Anguish
4) Which Gnostic group said that the Apostle Paul discovered ‘secret teachings’ and ‘the deeper mysteries’ or ‘secret wisdom,’ which he shared only with those Christians he considered ‘mature’ but not with everyone?
Answer – The Valentinians
5) What is the name of the Gnostic Doctrine that the 3 Synoptic Gospels represent through the three different levels of consciousness?
Answer – Tripartition of the Human Race
6) Do all four Gospels state the disciples were sure as to who was going to betray Jesus?
Answer - No
7) When did the “Scriptures” become available to the masses?
Answer – After the Renaissance
8) Which Archbishop saw the Waldensians as poaching upon the preserve of the clergy?
Answer – Archbishop of Lyons
9) Who do some scholars think the author of the gospel of John, and the “beloved disciple” could be?
Answer – Mary Magdalene
10) What is the name of the gospel which Professor Pagels says is impossible to date?
Answer – Gospel of Judas
11) What kind of Reasoning should we use whenever the Scriptures raise questions that force us to dig deeper?
Answer – Deductive Reasoning
12) What follower of Jesus do all four Gospels name as being present at the foot of the cross?
Answer – Mary Magdalene
13) Whose myth was associated with Jesus being known as  the “pierced one”?
Answer – Chiron the Centaur
14) Where can we learn the deeper message of Jesus being referred to as the “pierced one”  through the Mystical Arts of Astrology and Archetypal images?
Answer – the Tarot
15) Who was the author of the forty-two books, whose loss of nearly all of them was one of the greatest tragedies of the philosophic world?
Answer – Hermes
16) What is the difference between sound and light waves?
Answer – Frequency
17) What Element is the snake of?
Answer – Earth
18) What is the only thing that separates water molecules?
Answer – Electricity
19) What is the name of the two currents running through an individual?
Answer – Water and Fire
20) Which food has the highest vibration?
Answer - Fruit

The encapsulation of the material from Section 8 is available as a bullet-list to download/view in PDF. If anyone does not have “Adobe Reader”, they can use this link to download it. Now for Section 8’s twenty questions for the Sixth Review:

1) Who formed the Soul Plane?
2) When were the Archangels formed?
3) Who was the successor to Valentinus?
4) Who is the Legislator?
5) What are the 3 levels of the Astral Plane?
6) What does Kama Loka equate with in Christianity?
7) What is the lowest Key in the Secret Doctrine?
8) What does Biblical Job represent Macrocosmically?
9) What does Kama Loka translate to?
10) Who founded Protestant Christianity?
11) What emotions did the Hitler rallies generate?
12) What color represents Equilibrium?
13) What orb in Astrology determines which Sun-sign a baby is born under?
14) What color represents anger and rage?
15) Which level of hatred is connected to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
16) Who was John the Baptist a reincarnation of?
17) Who solved the Riddle of the Sphinx?
18) What does the law lack?
19) What represents an existence without Love?
20) What is the presence of hatred opposed to?

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End of STAGE – REASON  –SIXTH REVIEW – Section 8



In the film Pay it Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, we saw what Humanity needs to do at this time. Instead of repaying a kindness, which stops there, the story directs us to help another three people, who in turn help three more. As this would result in nine people being assisted in some way, it signifies progression, which is the goal of spiritual evolution.

We have come full circle. Did anyone see the significance of the Olympic Games returning to their birthplace of Athens, Greece in 2004?

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STAGE REASON – 9A - THE REUNION – Full Circle – Nostradamus

The mention of the Olympic Games returning to its birthplace in Greece brings up the cyclic nature of Time and Space. We wrote some of what we had learned on the subject in the sub-section Cycles to the chapter Visions of the New Millennium in Our Story 1995-2002: True Philosophers’ Stone. Of course, it refers to what we had learned about the end of the second millennium:

“From our research, Craig and I discovered that there were seven major cycles ending and beginning in 2012. In his book, Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation Gregg Braden writes about the ending of a two hundred thousand year cycle. He explains that this indicates the “shift” in vibration that will signal the start of Humanity’s most important experience to date.

“With reference to the date 2012, according to the Maya, a Great Cycle consisting of 5,125 years ends on December 23rd 2012. The Mayans believe the fifth sun will end on this date. Interestingly, Kenneth Johnson in his Jaguar Wisdom: Mayan Calendar Magi relates that there is astrological evidence for the date of December 21, 2012, (just 2 days earlier) being the date. Citing an astrologer, Joan Jenkins, as his source, he informs us “December 21, 2012, is one of those rare days, occurring only once in thousands of years, when the sun stands at the actual (as opposed to apparent) conjunction of the Zodiac with the center of the Milky Way ‑‑ the celestial equivalent of the Mayan World Tree. Therefore, it is fair to say that the sun is at the very center of all things on the final day of this great cycle.”

Lost Manuscript of Nostradamus graphicWe did not truly understand the relevance of the Sun standing at the “actual (as opposed to apparent) conjunction of the Zodiac with the center of the Milky Way” until we watched a documentary on the recent discovery of the Lost Manuscript of Nostradamus that we mentioned in Section 7. As we said, although the Manuscript consists of 72 esoteric drawings, what interested us the most were the last 7 drawings, concerning the end of this cycle. Of particular noteworthiness was the reference to the constellation Ophiuchus, or Serpent holder, because it lies between Scorpio and Sagittarius, in direct line with the center of our galaxy.

The image above right is an example of the drawings found in the manuscript. As we can see Nostradamus used different images to convey his message. At this point, we would like participants to spend a few minutes examining the image, allowing the mind to explore its message.

Obviously, as it contains a man holding a serpent it could be referring to the constellation known as the “serpent-holder” or Ophiuchus. However, Ophiuchus has been identified with the Greek god of medicine Asclepius in a Greek myth. We found a version of the myth on Ian Ridpath’s website http://www.ianridpath.com/startales/ophiuchus.htm Below is an excerpt from Mr. Ridpath’s Star Tales:

…Asclepius was the son of Apollo and Coronis…The story goes that Coronis two-timed Apollo by sleeping with a mortal, Ischys, while she was pregnant by Apollo… In a rage of jealousy, Apollo shot Coronis with an arrow. Rather than see his child perish with her, Apollo snatched the unborn baby from its mother’s womb…and took the infant to Chiron…

Chiron raised Asclepius as his own son, teaching him the arts of healing and hunting. Asclepius became so skilled in medicine that not only could he save lives, he could also raise the dead. On one occasion in Crete, Glaucus, the young son of King Minos, fell into jar of honey and drowned while at play. As Asclepius contemplated the body of Glaucus, a snake slithered towards it. He killed the snake with his staff; then another snake came along with a herb in its mouth and placed it on the body of the dead snake, which magically returned to life. Asclepius took the same herb and laid it on the body of Glaucus, who too was magically resurrected…

Someone else supposedly resurrected by Asclepius was Hippolytus, son of Theseus, who died when he was thrown from his chariot…Reaching for his healing herbs, Asclepius touched the youth’s chest three times, uttering healing words, and Hippolytus raised his head.

Constellation of Ophiuchus Hades, god of the Underworld, began to realize that the flow of dead souls into his domain would soon dry up if this technique became widely known. He complained to his brother god Zeus who struck down Asclepius with a thunderbolt. Apollo was outraged at this harsh treatment of his son and retaliated by killing the three Cyclopes who forged Zeus’ thunderbolts. To mollify Apollo, Zeus made Asclepius immortal (in the circumstances he could hardly bring him back to life again) and set him among the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus.

Constellation of Ophiuchus

In the documentary on Nostradamus’s Lost Manuscript of esoteric drawings, the narrator related that on December 21st 2012 our Sun was in direct alignment with the constellation Ophiuchus and the center of the galaxy. As the last seven drawings contain hidden codes to the future of the Human Race, we will deal with them later. For now consider the cyclic nature of Time and writing down as many examples as possible, participants may be surprised just how many examples they come up with.

Returning to a reexamination of our hypothesis on Jesus’ life and mission in The Good News Reverberation, we read:

It is time for us to follow Jesus’ example. His resurrection showed us the way. When Jesus told Mary Magdalene not to touch him, he was only just starting the process of transformation. This statement tells us that after the resurrection, although Jesus was energy, his energy was unstable. Nonetheless, eight days later the energy had stabilized so that Jesus could tell Thomas to place his fingers in the nail-prints of Jesus’ hands. Moreover, Jesus urged Thomas to put his hand into the wound in his side (John 20: 27). This appears to signify that after eight days it was okay for Jesus to interact with others.

While Jesus appeared to the disciples in the form they knew in the “Upper Room,” he often appeared in a guise that they did not know. For instance, at first, Mary Magdalene did not recognize him. (John 20:15) Another example is that two of his disciples walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus without recognizing their teacher. (Luke 24:15-16) Finally, Jesus appears on the shore and the disciples only recognize him by his words. (John 21:1-12) What did this mean? It seems to me that Jesus did not have the same physical appearance. With these events, Jesus was demonstrating that the soul and spirit are not the physical body.

According to the book of Acts, Jesus remained teaching the disciples for forty days, (Acts 1:3) yet the New Testament only records a handful of sentences of this time. Still, as I said, there were writings that recorded the teachings of Jesus after the resurrection. The Church fathers eventually called these writings heretical and attempted to destroy them. Then again, “the Truth will out” and as we said, in 1945 a local discovered several of these “heretical” writings in Nag Hammadi, Upper Egypt. Many of the writings depict Mary Magdalene as taking a leadership role. In fact, we learned that the early Church fathers knew her as the Apostle to the Apostles.

An obscure writing called the Pistis Sophia, which means Faith-Wisdom, known as a Gnostic miscellany, contradicts the general opinion of Mary Magdalene. Containing a discourse between Jesus and his disciples after the resurrection, the participants in the book include Mary Magdalene and other women. The discourse centers on Jesus asking the disciples questions on the repentance and redemption of Sophia. Several times, Mary Magdalene answers Jesus. On one such occasion, he addresses her in an extraordinary way. “Mary, thou blessed one, whom I will perfect in all mysteries of those of the height, discourse in openness, thou, whose heart is raised to the kingdom of heaven more than thy brethren.” Another time, Jesus refers to Mary Magdalene as “inheritress of the light.”

All four paragraphs above concern what happened after the Resurrection, which as Acts relates has Jesus teaching the disciples for forty days. So why does the Gospel’s account essentially stop a few days after the Resurrection? Many believe that the author of Acts is the same author of Luke, yet Luke seems to imply that Jesus’ Ascension occurred within a few days of the Resurrection. Although the Gospel of John alludes to Jesus’ teaching after the Resurrection, it is silent on those teachings; mysteriously saying “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written, Amen.” John 21:25 Moreover, although Acts reports Jesus “speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God” for forty days, the book does not elaborate on them. To understand the reason why the New Testament is silent on the events after the Resurrection we first have to examine what was happening with Jesus’ followers after he ascended.

Leaving the appearance and conversion of Saint Paul until later, let us take a brief look at the events in Jerusalem during the second half of the First century C.E. From a historical standpoint the Romans were very much in charge so we need to start with them. Generally speaking they did not care which god their subjects chose to worship, because the Romans, like the Greeks were a pantheistic (many gods), as opposed to monotheistic (one God) civilization. They did however require their subjects to sacrifice to the Roman Emperor. Only the Jews were exempted.

Initially in the first few years after the Resurrection the Romans did not distinguish between Jews and Christians, because the first converts to Christianity were from the Jewish population. However, after the Jewish authority’s attacks on Christians grew in intensity, the Romans began to see the Christians as separate from the Jews; therefore not exempt from sacrificing to the Emperor. This became a serious distinction after Nero became the Emperor in 54 C.E., as we explained in the sub-section Nero of the chapter Persecution and the Early Church in Love The Common Denominator LCD:

“I felt that it was very important for me to remember that the first 300 years of Christianity, were far from settled times. In order to do this I needed to examine the world that the ‘new’ faith was maturing in. The Romans were known for their tolerance of the customs that the nations they occupied practiced. As a rule, they tended not to become involved in religious matters concerning their conquered lands unless, of course, it affected national or imperial security.

“The Romans considered Judaism a legal religion. Consequently, the Jews were exempted from sacrificing to the Emperor. In the early years of Christianity, the Christians enjoyed the same privilege, as shown by the Jews hauling Paul before the Roman Proconsul at Corinth. To the Jews accusation that Paul was ‘Persuading men to worship God contrary to the Law,’ Gallio (The Proconsul) replied. ‘If it were a matter of wrong-doing or vicious crime, I should have reason to bear with you, O Jews; but since it is a matter of questions about words and names and your own Law, see to it yourselves. I refuse to be a judge of these things.’

“This all changed when Nero came to power. As Christianity spread, more gentiles became Christians. However, the gentile nations were not exempt from sacrificing to the emperor. Because the Church forbade this practice, the Romans began to see the Christians as different from the Jews. Of course the San-Hedrin helped this opinion by continually complaining of the Nazarenes to the Romans. Elaine Pagels, in The Gnostic Gospels, tells us the Roman historian, Tacitus (55 - 115 C.E.), reported on Nero’s activities.

“Accused of starting major fires in Rome, - substituted as culprits and punished with the utmost refinements of cruelty, a class of persons hated for their vices, whom the crowd called Christians. Christus, the founder of the name, had undergone the death penalty in the reign of Tiberius, by sentence of the procurator Pontius Pilate, and the pernicious superstition was checked for a moment, only to break out once more, not only in Judea, the home of the disease, but in the capital itself, where everything horrible or shameful in the world gathers and becomes fashionable.’

“It was under orders from Nero, that Titus sacked Jerusalem, which resulted in the destruction of the second temple. However, as history has recorded, he wasn’t the only emperor to persecute the Christians. Having said that, I was surprised to learn that persecution was not as widespread as I first thought.  Mr. Boer’s A Short History of the Early Church relates a letter between Pliny a governor and the Emperor Trajan, in 112 C.E.  It reads: ‘In investigation of Christians I have never taken part... So I have no little uncertainty whether punishment attaches to the mere name apart from secret crimes, or to the secret crimes connected with the name. Meantime, this is the course I have taken...I asked them whether they were Christians...If they kept to it, I ordered them for execution.’ The Emperor concurs with Pliny’s course of action, with the stipulation that he does not seek out Christians.

“Basically, what this says to me is that during the reign of Trajan 98-117 C.E., so long as the Christians were discreet, they were left alone. However, there were many times, when using the name Christian, was tantamount to a death sentence. Apparently the severity of persecution varied from region to region, with Christians from some areas suffering terrible persecution, while others were living in peaceful coexistence with their non-Christian neighbors.

“As already stated, under the Emperor Trajan, the official standing was that Christians were not to be sought out and if they were arrested, so long as they sacrificed to the Emperor, they were released. Mr. Boer explains that, although the Christians who wouldn’t sacrifice were sentenced to death, many ‘local authorities’ did not enforce the orders of the Emperor. This resulted in areas where the Christians remained unharmed for several years. Consequently, for the majority of the time between Emperor Nero 66 C.E. to the Emperor Diocletian 323 C.E., persecution was generally considered to be localized and spasmodic. Which meant that, although during these periods thousands of Christians were put to death, there were several decades that passed without incident? Having said that, there were times, under some emperors, such as Decius, 249 to251 C.E., and Valerian, 257 to 259 C.E., when persecution became the practice throughout the Roman Empire. Sometimes, despite an Emperor making the practice of Christianity illegal, such as in 202 C.E., with the Emperor Septimus Severus, or in 235 to 238 C.E., when under the Emperor Maximus Thrax, all members of the church were sentenced to death, many church members still survived. The reason for this was the local governors did not carry out the sentence. It would also appear that several Roman Emperors were not concerned by the growing church at all and left them unmolested. During these times thousands of people converted to Christianity. Such a time was during the reigns of the Emperors Gallienus, Claudius II, Aurelian, Tacitus, Probus, Carus, and Carinus, which covered more than 2 decades, from 260 C.E., to 285 C.E. Although, the mass conversions in this time probably had more to do with the reins of power changing so frequently rather than any benevolent feeling towards the new religion.”

So much for the Romans, what was happening in the emerging Church? As stated, from the very beginning there was a struggle between the Gnostics represented by Mary Magdalene, and the Orthodox represented by Peter. Earlier we reported that Mary Magdalene could well be the author of the Gospel of John and the Beloved Disciple. If this is true then the tradition of “John” taking Mary the mother of Jesus to Ephesus could explain the apparent absence of Mary Magdalene from the early Church. Even so, from the Spiritual Evolution perspective the Ascension of Jesus started a period that would forever change the nature of time.

Before continuing, a salient point needs clarifying here. Previously, I stated that there was no past, present or future in the Divine realms. The First Father had the Limit instantly restore Sophia to her place within the Pleroma after her folly. As we said earlier, life began when Sophia separated from her partner What-has-been-willed. Beneath the Veil, everything exists in linear time, as such, the time Sophia was experiencing fear, grief, ignorance, and confusion encompasses the entire existence of the material and Soul planes. In other words while in the Pleroma, the episode was a mere blink of the eye so to speak; whereas, beneath the Veil, the entire existence of the universe had elapsed.

It is almost impossible for a person, whose life span extends to, at the most a little over a century, to conceive of the vast eons of time involved here. To put this in perspective: in esoteric terms or manvantaric, (the Hindu term for a cycle of time) a “life of Brahmâ” or the life of the universe consists of four billion, three hundred and twenty million, (4,320,000,000) multiplied by seventy-two thousand, (72,000) years. The human genus Homo, of which our species Homo Sapiens, sapiens is the result, has only existed for five million years.

If we remember that Linear Time was constructed by the Gnostic Limit, we can see the role Time plays. The Planet Saturn as the Archetype of Old Father Time represents the administrator who maintains order for this reality. Applying Deductive Reasoning, a good analogy for the purpose of cycles of Time could be the time allotted for a sports match. If there was no “Time Limit” to the game/match, the contest would continue until one of the players collapses from exhaustion. Of course this would be the physically weaker of the two sides, which would indicate the endorsement of the law of “survival of the fittest.” In Evolution this law applies in the plant and animal kingdom, in that the strongest of the species survives to procreate. Nonetheless, once the Life Principle enters the human kingdom that law no longer applies. In Spiritual Evolution physical strength is not a sign of Spiritual strength. The Time Limits on Evolutionary cycles are there to “level the playing field”, so to speak. In other words, the cyclic nature of Linear Time is designed for the individual Soul to advance Spiritually to its maximum potential in each life.

To the modern world it seems that Time is speeding up, but is it? Most of us can remember how slow Time passed as a child, especially when we were waiting for something. Now as adults the reverse seems to be the case, as the years seem to fly by. This is a perfect example of how the passing of Time is a matter of perspective.In the Soul Plane where there is no past, present, or future, Time does not exist, which means millions of years passing on Earth will seem like the blink of an eye in the Soul Plane. As to whether Time is speeding up, we think the spiral diagram that depicts Spiritual Evolution moving inwards can explain the feeling of Time speeding up. As we move towards the end of this cycle we move inwards, which means the spiral tightens. Consequently, as we advance Spiritually and become less dense, our lifespan will decrease. This does not mean that we will live fewer years, it means the expanse of Time will shorten.

Reviewing the original text we posted in the Spring of 2009, we were struck by the feeling of re-living the same time. Therefore, to demonstrate just how much we repeat old destructive patterns over and over, we have chosen to leave the text, inserting the appropriate “new” events, names, and concerns as they come up . In 2009, people were dealing with an “economic crisis” that we examined from a consciousness and energetic perspective. Spiritual Evolution is dynamic, and energetically we are experiencing a polarization of the world’s consciousness. The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the office of President and Vice President of the United States indicates that balance of the world’s consciousness has shifted. As we acknowledged, many may wonder how America’s election can be an indicator of the world’s consciousness, which we answered is in America’s role in the world.

America is a relatively young country from a world history viewpoint and yet in less than a century it has grown to become one of the most powerful nations in the world. Although recent events have challenged the world’s trust, on the whole America still commands a leading role, and in many ways is more influential than the entire European Union, including the UK, which incorporates all of the former world Empires. President Biden is the epitome of change, which means that consciously the world’s consciousness is also ready for change. However, it will have to be a drastic one in order to change direction for Humanity. This change requires a totally different perspective of our individual roles in the world. The President is truly leading the way, by encouraging individual participation but as we have seen since his inauguration, he is up against some very stiff opposition. The operative word here is stiff, because the opposition is the rigid consciousness that wants to maintain the status quo.

Although the opposition is normally associated with the Republican Party, the energy behind this attitude isn’t political. It is a matter of consciousness, which is apolitical, because there are members of the Democratic Party that are just as resistant to change as some Republicans. This is explained by the different levels of consciousness. Change can be frightening. There is a saying “Better the Devil you know, than the one you don’t” meaning it is safer to maintain the status quo, even if it is not working,  rather than risk changing, and making it worse. Nonetheless, we have reached a point, where as a race we have no alternative but to change the way we treat each other and the planet. President Biden has the foresight to see that for the world to change, America needs to lead the way by example. This is why he is pushing so hard for changes in the fundamentals of energy, education, healthcare, and fiscal responsibility. He has continually warned that this will not be easy and that we will all need to sacrifice, but he has also maintained that we will come through this, which brings us to the consciousness and energetic solution.

All of the changes President Biden has proposed will only work if the consciousness of the American people is behind him. Again this is not political, as a person can still be a Republican while supporting a Democratic president. It is all a matter of consciousness. In 2009 as in 2021 we watched the stock market go up and down, continually hearing the term “confidence in the market”, as in people have no confidence. The situation can change in an instant with a statement from some leader one way or the other. The important thing is that it isn’t just the investors that affect “the market”, it is every individual.

We have continually said that our thoughts and emotions affect reality. A good example, is the hoopla over the turning of the new millennium in 2000, when there were so many reports of possible terrorist attacks and yet the world celebrated without incident. The only threat was thwarted in Washington State, when a customs inspector found explosives in a car on its way to bomb the LA airport. On the face of it the lack of incidents during the millennium festivities could be put down to the vigilance of the security forces, however from a consciousness perspective the reason nothing succeeded was because of the general feeling (consciousness) in the majority. Most people were optimistic and happy and from a consciousness and energetic perspective that was the overwhelming impulse to create our reality. This can be applied at any time of crisis. Individuals need to believe that the crisis will end. In fact, the best thing is to visualize ourselves and the country in a different reality. We can do this in many ways including prayer and affirmations. It does not matter what method we use; the main thing is to not dwell on the fear. Even if someone has lost their job, they need to see themselves working. We could think of it as an opportunity to change our life and as President Biden’s predecessor, Barack Obama continues to say, volunteer, and get involved. If we volunteer for a charity, we will quickly see that our circumstances are not so bad. Plus, the act of giving of ourselves opens us up to receive Spiritual guidance. We will return to this discussion later as the concept is a major part of Spiritual transformation. Next, we will discuss the proponents of the Wisdom Religion and the “signposts” reflecting the axiom “As above so below, as below so above.”

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 9-a

STAGE REASON – 9B – Wisdom Religion and Synchronicities

Previously I stated that the Divine powers could not help until the Life principle developed intellect and self-awareness, and the Creator/Demiurge adopted mercy or compassion. It was then that the Christ and Sophia could begin to wake up the dormant sparks. They did this by teaching human beings of their spiritual origins through the Wisdom Religion, the esoteric base beneath all the world’s main religions. Despite the confusion with Jesus’ teachings, he was the culmination of this process.

The Gnostics reported that Jesus taught his disciples of the fall of Sophia. If we remember the legend of Sophia incarnating in Mary Magdalene, we can see why he would use the epithet “inheritress of the light” with respect to her, related in Pistis Sophia. Jesus the Christ teaching Mary Magdalene was symbolic of Sophia’s redemption. This is another instance of the axiom “As above, so below, as below, so above,” which is demonstrated through Mary Magdalene’s being the earthly counterpart to Sophia.

In considering the similarity between the world’s religions Deductive Reasoning points to there being a common source. In Section 2B we related in the video “Gongs of Change” that there were ten versions of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Because this is such a symbol of unification we will again post those ten sayings below.

Golden Rule Iranian Golden Rule Mohammedan-Islam Golden Rule Jewish

Golden Rule Buddhist

Golden Rule Hiddu Golden Rule Christian Golden Rule Roman

Golden Rule Egyptian Golden Rule Chinese Golden Rule Greek


Take a moment to let the fact that there are ten versions of the Golden Rule throughout the world. If we ever thought that the world’s religions are so different and could never find common ground, the above ten quotes show that is not correct.

As for a common source, we discussed the evidence for supporting a common origin in The Wisdom Religion & the 7 Keys of Interpretation in LOVE: The Common Denominator LCD:

“During my journey of discovery, I noticed that there appeared to be a common theme or thread running through all the world’s religions. I learned that thread was known as the ancient Wisdom religion. Ponder on This: A Compilation from the writings of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, describes wisdom as ‘The science of the spirit.’ It is also ‘the enlightened application of knowledge, through love, to the affairs of men.’ Bailey thinks that knowledge in itself is divisive whereas ‘Wisdom unites.’ So where did this Wisdom religion come from?

“Many people believe that wisdom was imparted to ancient humanity by mysterious beings that they refer to as the serpents or ‘Dragons of wisdom.’ One such proponent of this theory is Mark Amaru Pinkham. In The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, he writes, these ‘serpents’ originate from the ‘very dawn of time when all that existed was an unlimited ocean of consciousness. This infinite ‘ocean’ of awareness was the androgenous, unmanifest spirit or God, which has also been referred to as Shiva or Brahman among the Hindus, the Tao among the Chinese, Ra among the Egyptians, Yod He Vah He among the Hebrews.’

“Pinkham explains, this ‘spiritual sea’ brought forth ‘a resplendent dragon, which was the serpent of Wisdom…’ Because this ‘serpent’ was the origin of material form, it contained all of the Creators ‘powers,’ most especially, ‘the triune powers of creation, preservation and destruction.’ It was by this serpent that the Creator brought forth our universe. In addition, the serpent, held all the knowledge and wisdom of the Creator. Pinkham believes this is why the serpent has played such an important role in the world’s religions.

“It appears that the teachings were to remain a mystery for the majority of humanity, as we were not evolved enough to receive it. H. P. Blavatsky stated in The Secret Doctrine, the synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy Volume 3, Occultism, ‘The initiates will never give out the whole secret, until the bulk of mankind has changed its actual nature and is better prepared for truth.’

“Citing New Platonism and Alchemy, Blavatsky related the Wisdom religion was known throughout the ‘civilized’ world. All the records and traditions of ancient civilizations that have come down to us, speak of secret teachings known everywhere as ‘WISDOM.’

“Evidently the proponents of this wisdom were called ‘sages,’ or ‘wise men.’ Blavatsky informed us ‘...Pythagoras termed this system...the gnosis or knowledge of all things that are under the noble designation of Wisdom.’ She went on to emphasize the importance of this ancient doctrine, by all ‘teachers,’ ‘sages,’ ‘seers,’ and ‘prophets’ from India in the East to Greece in the West, because it ‘included all knowledge which they considered as essentially divine; classifying a part as esoteric and the remainder as exterior.’ She continued, ‘The Rabbis called the exterior and secular series the Mercavah, as being the body or vehicle, which contained the higher knowledge.’ According to Blavatsky, ‘Wisdom... relates to all the primeval truths delivered to the first races, ‘the mind‑born’, by the ‘builders’ of the universe themselves.’

“The above reference to two kinds of teaching reminded me of Jesus’ teachings on parables. When the disciples questioned him on the reason he spoke in parables to the masses, he answered ‘Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.’

“Allowing for the fact that wisdom had existed since the ‘dawn of time,’ I wondered how we could determine who the earliest proponents of the Wisdom religion were here on earth? Its proponents were reputedly found throughout the world. At many ancient sites, such as Nineveh, Tiahuanaco, Lake Titicaca and Nasca, ancient stele and stone engravings report of humanity’s interaction with extraterrestrials. Often, as I wrote before, these ‘visitors’ were reported to be great ‘sages’ and ‘wise ones.’ As the ‘serpents’ of wisdom were also known as ‘sages,’ I wondered if extraterrestrials were the first proponents of the wisdom religion.”

Using Higher Wisdom, we now know that these “extraterrestrials” are in fact future human beings visiting their past throughout history. Notwithstanding this conclusion, identifying the proponents of the Wisdom Religion entails the role Thoth the Atlantean played to Osiris and Isis. As stated, Thoth or Hermes is referred to in Genesis as the prophet Enoch, identifying him not as a future human being but rather as a supernatural or spiritual being. In Genesis Enoch does not die but like the prophet Elijah disappears into the heavens, which the Old Testament refers to as “walking with God.” Because of the connection between Elijah and Enoch, many Christians believe that these two prophets are the two Witnesses referred to in Revelations. However, we see their unique “deaths” as indicative of their Divine status. We discussed this in the treatise’s America’s Hijacked Destiny Volume I. To recap what was written, Enoch was called as a teacher or guide for Christ and Sophia as Osiris and Isis to teach them how to overcome the "Watcher's mistake". However, identifying Enoch with Thoth the Atlantean shows how after Enoch ascended to The Creator he remained in the Astral Plane until after Atlantis’ destruction. At that time there were two Root-races present on the Earth, Root-races 3 and 4, which were destined to Spiritually Evolve into modern Humanity. To refresh our memory we repeat the diagram below.

Diagram of Root-races 2,3.4. emergences

As we concluded after Atlantis is destroyed, The Christ, Sophia, and Enoch returned to the Earth to teach the remnants of Root-races 3 and 4 about their true origin. They did this in many guises throughout the world, as teachers of the Wisdom Religion or the Serpents of Wisdom. After Atlantis sunk around 10,500 B.C.E., the survivors fled to Egypt and other centers of civilization, such as the North and South American continents and India. It is important to remember that all three areas report a Christ-like teacher of antiquity. We believe this is evidence of where the Wisdom teacher Osiris went after 4,200 B.C.E.; appearing in the form of the Viracochas, Quetzalcoatl, and Krishna.

“As above, so below, as below, so above,” was thought to mean that everything that happens on the material plane occurs on the Spiritual Plane and vice versa. Nevertheless, there is another way to think of it, and that is balance. Earlier we mentioned that we could consider the Gnostic emanations as partners of opposites working in unison together.

Sophia’s separating from her partner, What-has-been-willed, caused the creation of the material universe. As Craig relates, “The pairs in the Gnostic Pleroma set up a situation much like dissimilar voltage potentials cause current to flow in an electrical device. So we could see the axiom, ‘As above, so below, as below, so above,’ as the pattern for the flow of all energy, including matter in search of balance or peaceful equilibrium.”

To us there is no greater example of the axiom “As above, so below, as below so above” than the reflection of the stars (above) in certain sites on the Earth (below). This was exemplified in the Temple of the Stars in the Aude Valley of the Languedoc region of Southern France that we visited in 2002. We discussed our discovery during our visit to Rennes-le-Château in the chapter Sacred Geometry, Astrological Sign Posts & Secret Codes in Our Story 1995-2002: True Philosophers’ Stone. We reprint the relevant passages below.

“One of the books Craig purchased in Rennes-le-Château was Elizabeth van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway Into Other Dimensions -- Rennes-le-Château, the Key. Although citing the book several times, Ms. Van Buren’s insight into the deeper mysteries surrounding the area was nothing short of astounding. We learned of the author in the Secrets of Rennes-le-Château, although her brief mention by the authors did not spark a memory for either of us. The Fanthorpes related that Van Buren believed the Rennes area contained a picture of the stars over forty square miles…

In Van Buren’s book, she has two diagrams showing both the “Rennes Zodiac” and “The Temple of the Stars.” The Great Bear constellation falls smack in the middle of the area between the two Rennes, whereas the Little Bear lies slightly north. Coincidentally, another name for Ursa-Major or the Great Bear is the Plough… On our return to America, I suggested to David that it might be curious to mark the different places we visited in the Languedoc region. Agreeing with me, he marked our route from Montsegur to Rennes-le-Château, through Rennes-les-Bains, then Cassaignes and Coustaussa, and Alet-le-Bains. I was not sure the last should be on the list, because if we removed Alet-le-Bains, then joining the spots produced an outline very similar to the Little Bear or Great Bear or Ursa Major/Minor constellations, especially if you closed the link between Coustaussa and Rennes-le-Château. Examining Van Buren’s diagrams, if she was right then we had been at the center of her Temple of Stars.

“Another coincidence concerned the area Van Buren designates to the sign of Libra in her “Rennes Zodiac.” Calling it “The Phoenix,” she makes a very interesting remark about a Greek myth relating that a grandson of the god of the sea, Poseidon, lost his sight after his father suspected him of “violating” his concubine. Chiron, the centaur, restored the grandson’s sight. Later on, Van Buren writes that the village of Granés’ “stream” demarcates the bottom half of “the body of the Phoenix.” She informs us that the French word “Granes” means both “grain” and “seed,” which reminded Craig and I of Palenque and the fact that the original name of the site meant “seed.” Van Buren describes the egg of the mythical phoenix as “the seed corn, of gold, which is the light awaiting rebirth at Rennes.”

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

There are numerous other examples of structures or sites on the Earth reflecting the star constellations above. A good example is Angkor Wat, which was built to mirror the constellation Draco. Curiously though, the structure reflects the Draco constellation upside down. What is more, according to Graham Hancock in his Fingerprints of the Gods, the shaft in the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid point to the Draco constellation:

David Pratt’s web site, The Great Pyramid relates “…Robert Bauval…shows that the relative positions of the three main Giza pyramids match those of the three stars of Orion’s Belt, and that the match would have been most precise around 10,500 BC, when Orion last reached its lowest point in the sky as part of its periodic ascent and descent resulting from precession.” As I reported according to Robert Bauval this was when the Sphinx was “carved out.” Mr. Pratt goes on to relate that Robert Bauval “…contends that the Great Pyramid was not built until around 2500 BC, about 100 years after the accepted dates for Khufu, because at about that time the northern shafts in the King’s and Queen’s Chambers pointed at Thuban (in Draco) and Kochab (in Ursa Minor) respectively…the southern shafts pointed at Alnitak (in Orion’s Belt) and Sirius (in Canis Major). In Egyptian mythology, Orion and Sirius stand for Osiris and Isis respectively…” He adds, “…According to the theosophic tradition…H.P. Blavatsky says that it (The Great Pyramid) ‘was built ages before [Khufu] and he only desecrated it by giving it another use. In his day no more initiations took place in it and he consecrated it to Tet, or Seth-Typhon [the opposite pole to Thoth].’

The constellation Draco was also prominent in the region of Rennes-le-Château in Southern France. Only as well as the Temple of the Stars, Draco involves a mysterious code that was found by Bérenger Saunière in the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Rennes-le-Château. We reported this in the already cited chapter Sacred Geometry, Astrological Sign Posts & Secret Codes:

“Evidently, Poussin’s Secret in Wood and Campbell’s book is a code discovered purportedly by Bérenger Saunière. Hinting of a great secret concealed by the artists Nicolas Poussin and either the father or son, David Teniers, this code is the reason treasure seekers flock to the Rennes area. The authors of Secrets of Rennes-le-Château site the code as, -- SHEPHERDESS NO TEMPTATION TO WHICH POUSSIN AND TENIERS KEEP THE KEY PEACE 681 WITH THE CROSS AND THIS HORSE OF GOD I REACH THIS DEMON GUARDIAN AT MIDDAY BLUE APPLES.

“Craig and I agreed with Van Buren in that this was not pointing to some earthly treasure; rather it held a far more valuable spiritual truth. The reference to SHEPHERDESS and POUSSIN led the code breakers to the Shepherds of Arcadia painting. Wood and Campbell lay out the five-pointed star over the map of the Rennes area, only they place it in a circle with fifteen points on the perimeter. It was interesting to see Rennes-le-Château, Coustaussa, and Cassaignes included. The three villages were in a line in the upper right-hand quadrant following the perimeter. If you drew a line from the three villages towards the center of the pentagon, where the lines meet is the village of Rennes-les-Bains.

“One of the most baffling aspects of the code is the reference to the numbers 681. Many researchers point out the correlation with the numerals 681 and the Golden Mean, but are they right? Accepting the belief that manipulating numbers was the hallmark of esoteric teachings, i.e., Gematria, is there evidence that the numbers in the code are hiding additional information?

“My grasp of mathematics was less than ideal and to be honest I found all these numbers confusing. However, the numerals 6-8-1 “cropping up” in so many measurements was thought provoking, not to mention the number 618 connection to Rennes-Le-Château

“Another author sees the importance of 618. Gregg Braden, in his Awakening to Zero Point-The Collective Initiation, relates the number to the close of the cycle. Braden asks, “Where will the base resonant frequency of Earth be at the close of the cycle?” He states that it is through the Golden Mean or “Golden Ratio; the fractional value of .618” that we can determine the “target” frequency.” He explains that .618 has been the constant since “ancient Greece.” It is “fundamental to ‘life’ on Earth,” and is what rules the basic “vibration of the planet.” Using the golden mean, Braden states we can determine the “target” vibration of Earth. He explains, “The target frequency of Earth resonance is the next member in the sequence of values that govern this parameter; 13 cycles per second. It is thirteen cycles per second that will become the new base resonant frequency with all harmonics based upon integer multiples of this fundamental vibration. This is the frequency that will trigger resonance with the new grid/matrix complex, signaling the close of the present cycle of evolution and the beginning of the ‘New Age’.”

There were so many questions unanswered from our visit to Rennes-le-Château that we will address it in more detail in a later Stage. In part 9C we will return to the investigation of Mary Magdalene. We will also examine the meaning of Hieros Gamos.

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STAGE REASON – 9C – Mary Magdalene and Hieros Gamos

Due to writings such as the Pistis Sophia, many have speculated on the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, with some deducing that they were married. True, the Jewish custom was for a man to marry between 16 and 24; nonetheless, if Jesus entered the ascetic Essene sect then no one would expect him to wed. Could the connection between Sophia and the Christ have led to the supposition that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married? If Sophia was incarnate as Mary Magdalene and the Christ was Jesus, could this be why some of the legends claiming they were married have persisted?

Most advocates for Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married point to a telling statement in the Gnostic Gospel of Philip (One of the Nag Hammadi Library texts). Concerning Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ relationship, it reads; “But Christ loved her (Mary Magdalene) more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on the —.” There is a hole in the manuscript and so we must speculate as to where Jesus used to kiss her. Most people think that the missing word is “mouth.” This is logical, but nonetheless if we read on, the manuscript has an amazing statement. “The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him, ‘Why do you love her more than all of us?’ The Saviour answered and said to them, ‘Why do I not love you like (I love) her’?”

Obviously, a man would not feel the same for his companions as he did for his wife, or even girlfriend. Therefore, for writers to suggest the disciples “were offended” when Jesus kissed his wife, was specious. However, The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) may shed some light on the reason for the disciples’ animosity towards her. “Peter said to Mary, ‘Sister, we know that the saviour loved you more than the rest of women. Tell us the words of the saviour which you remember – which you know (but) we do not, nor have we heard them.’ Mary answered and said, ‘What is hidden from you I will proclaim to you’.”

After Mary recounts a vision in which the risen Christ appeared to her, teaching of secret mysteries, Andrew and Peter immediately challenge her veracity. The text continues; “When Mary had said this, she fell silent... But Andrew answered and said to the brethren, ‘Say what you (wish to) say about what she has said. I at least do not believe that the Savior said this. For certainly these teachings are strange ideas.’ Peter answered... ‘Did he really speak with a woman without our knowledge (and) not openly? Are we to turn about and listen to her? Did he prefer her to us’?”

Obviously, this is very distressing to Mary and she replies, “My brother Peter, what do you think that I thought this up myself in my heart or that I am lying about the Savior? Levi (Matthew) answered and said to Peter, ‘Peter, you have always been hot-tempered. Now see you contending against the woman like the adversaries. But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well. That is why he loved her more than us’.”

To understand why the disciples were “offended” when Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene, we need to understand the Middle-Eastern culture. In the West, heterosexual males do not kiss each other in private let alone in public. However, in the Middle East men regularly greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. Remember, Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek to identify him to his enemies in the garden of Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:48-49) For Middle Easterners, to kiss someone on the mouth in public is a sign of extreme respect. Therefore, if Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth in front of the other disciples, he would have been demonstrating the highest honor and acknowledgment of her as his pupil. Accordingly, some of the disciples were jealous of her.

The previous six paragraphs all concern the nature of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s relationship, as we have already covered this we would like to add just one more point. The additional point is that like Jesus, the Gnostics taught in allegories and parables. A good example is in the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl, which we related in the chapter Reminiscing in Our Story 1995-2002: True Philosophers’ Stone. To recap:

“Hans Jonas in his The Gnostic Religion, relates one such allegory called The Hymn of the Pearl. The story is of a royal “prince,” who is sent by his father the “King” to retrieve a pearl that is being held by a dragon or serpent, which resides in “Egypt.” Interestingly, the writer describes the dragon as having its tail in its mouth. When the “prince” arrives in “Egypt,” he dons the same garments as the “Egyptians” to hide his identity. On dressing himself in the clothes, the prince immediately forgets why he is there. The “King” on seeing this state of affairs sends him a “letter,” reminding his son of his mission. The “letter” achieves its purpose, awakening the “prince” to the reason he went to “Egypt” and he retrieves the pearl and returns home.

Jonas interprets the pearl as the “supranatural soul,” which has been immersed in the “body” of materiality, Egypt. However, we would also interpret the pearl as the Truth held by the dragon of illusion. It is the prince’s “mission” to bring the “pearl” home, but the question is, who or what does the prince represent? The key is in the “King” sending His Son to retrieve the pearl. Like many Gnostic teachings, there is more than one interpretation. The most obvious would be the prince represents Christ who is our Savior. On the other hand, another interpretation of the prince would be the higher or spiritual self, or that spark of Great Spirit-Mind within everyone receiving the letter or calling to remember who he or she is.

Ultimately, the Gnostics believed that we are spiritual beings encased in matter, who have forgotten our true home. However, the Valentinians did not see matter/creation or the Creator as evil, rather they saw everything concerned with the material plane as a mixture.”

As Hymn of the Pearl is a genuine example of a Gnostic allegory, we think the Gnostics, particularly the Valentinians carried on Jesus’ teaching. The remaining paragraphs of The Reunion concern the controversial practice of Hieros Gamos.

Another reason the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene has been thought to be carnal, is that the mystery schools practiced a mystical sexual union called (Hieros Gamos) between the high priest and priestess. This ritual symbolically represents the union between the masculine and feminine deities. Engaging in this sexual union, was the way for the high priest and priestess to connect to the Divine. However, like many ceremonies throughout the world, there is a physical and a spiritual component. Craig and I would like to present the spiritual and the higher, non-physical meaning for the Hieros Gamos ritual.

Before we address our theory let us first use Inductive Reason to gather the information on the conventional interpretation. As expected, Wikipedia presents a snapshot of the conventional interpretation:

Hieros Gamos or Hierogamy (Greek "holy wedding") refers to sexual intercourse or marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities. Such rituals from a secular viewpoint are also known as religious prostitution or temple prostitution… In some cases, such as the "Sacred Marriage" of the king of a Sumerian city-state and the High Priestess of Inanna, it served a more practical purpose: since commoners frequently took this opportunity to have sex with their own spouses, it coordinated the births of children so that they would be born in the winter, when there was more time to take care of them.

The “Sacred Marriage” of the Sumerian king and the High Priestess of Inanna have led to the term “religious sex”, which leads us to the web site “A Brief History of Religious Sex.” The article below defends the divinity of Hieros Gamos by relating that “Religious Sex rituals” were considered “sacred worship” for thousands of years. We feel we need to warn participants that some of the contents of the article are pretty explicit. Nonetheless, it does provide a valuable snapshot into the conventional view of how the term “Sacred Marriage” or Hieros Gamos became associated with sexual intercourse.

The religion of the Goddess, wherever it was practiced throughout history, has always been sex positive. The most famous of the ancient rituals is the Hieros Gamos, or Sacred marriage ritual.

Records of this ceremony have been dated as far back as early Sumerian, about 5500 years ago. In this ritual the high priestess acting as avatar of The Goddess had sex with the ruler of the country to show the Goddess's acceptance of him as ruler and caretaker of her people…

The people watched the entire ritual including the sexual part.

At the climax of the ceremony…the populous would cheer and shout their approval and appreciation. This ritual brought prosperity to the people and to the land, so they were very happy to witness its successful completion.

In the Goddess religion sex brings one to civilization and the goddess, in the Judaeo-Christian religion sex drives one into the wilderness away from their god.

In Judaism, the sins of the individual are put on some animal which is ritualistically killed by the a priest, or sent as a scapegoat into the wilderness…In the religion of the Goddess, the priestess takes upon herself the sins and transgressions of the man in the ritual of negation. In the Egyptian language the word, Negation, pronounced negation but obviously spelled differently in hieroglyphics, meant Semen or the essence of man. The word modernly means to cancel or wipe out; to make negative…The term negation came to be applied to the whole ritual or wiping out ceremony. Gradually through the centuries, the semen, and religious connection got lost and only the wiping out part remained. The priestess literally takes upon herself the transgressions of the man; she intercedes on man's behalf with the Goddess, so that he can be purified. She is his guide in this life to bring him to the hereafter…

Accepting the validity of the historicity of “Religious Sex” rituals, we would like to propose that the association of “physical sexual intercourse” with Hieros Gamos or the Sacred Marriage was a misunderstanding of an allegorical teaching. As we have repeatedly said, the Ancient Spiritual teachers taught in allegories and parables, only revealing the meaning to their adepts and initiates. The key to comprehending how such a misunderstanding could have taken place is in the expression that the god, goddess, or priestess took on the “transgressions of Humanity” through the “Sacred marriage” or Hieros Gamos.

Ultimately, the teaching on the Sacred Marriage or Hieros Gamos essentially concerned Divine intercession on behalf of the Human Race. As stated, the Old Testament prophets knew of the concept of the transfer of responsibility for “transgressions.” They were waiting for the Messiah who would act as a sacrificial lamb, (scapegoat) to renew the Israelites relationship with Yahweh. As the article related, “In Judaism, the sins of the individual are put on some animal which is ritualistically killed by a priest, or sent as a scapegoat into the wilderness…”

Putting ourself in an Ancient Spiritual teacher’s place, how could we explain a Divine being taking on the “transgressions” of the individual? Ancient Spiritual teachers used the allegory of “physical sex” to relate the Saviour acting as a “scapegoat.’ Over time this became associated with a priestess representing the Goddess taking “…upon herself the sins and transgressions of the man” in a sexual ritual, which manifested in the act of salvation on the Physical Plane.

If we apply Deductive Reasoning, we will realize that Divine Beings are pure energy, with no form. Moreover, as there is no such thing as Linear Time in the Soul Plane, “physical” relations, sexual or otherwise could not take place between Divine Beings there. This leads us to our interpretation of the higher or spiritual teaching behind the term Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage. It concerns the three Greek terms for Love.

Due to the popularity of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code the term Hieros Gamos has become connected with Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus. Consequently, before we get to the discussion on the three Greek terms for Love, let us take a brief look at Mary Magdalene’s role in Jesus’ mission:

Accepting that both Jesus and Mary Magdalene were initiates of the Isis mystery religion, this means it is possible, if not likely that Jesus was aware of the practice of sex magic. Could the reference to his exorcizing seven devils from Mary be referring to this? After all, the purpose of the ritual of Hieros Gamos between an initiated priest and priestess was to raise the Kundalini, otherwise known as a coiled serpent of energy at the base of the spine. The goal was to raise the energy from the first or base chakra through all “seven” chakras to the seventh or crown chakra at the top of the head. However, if this ritual was attempted and one or both of the participants were impure, then instead of raising the wise serpent, they would raise the dragon of passion, which would quickly dominate the body.

This hypothesis proposes that whether or not Mary Magdalene knew Jesus, when she learned of his ministry she hurried to his side believing that, as Isis initiates they needed to perform the ritual of Hieros Gamos. However, when she reached Jesus, he taught her that the goal of the enlightened was to connect to God through the heart, not the physical passions.

Although Mary Magdalene went to Jesus to anoint him, as with Jesus, she was unaware of the deeper spiritual implications. Instead, she was merely following a blind directive. Mirroring Jesus and John the Baptist’s experience, Mary Magdalene was as equally unaware of the spirit she carried or her divine destiny. Therefore, applying the axiom of “As above, so below, as below so above,” Jesus’ teaching Mary Magdalene was the beginning of the redemption of Sophia.

We said above that the key to comprehending how our ancestors mistakenly connected physical sex to the union of divinities is in the expression that the god, goddess, or priestess took on the “transgressions of Humanity” through the “Sacred marriage” or Hieros Gamos. However, the concept of “the priestess literally…” taking on the “transgressions of man” is also key to understanding why Mary Magdalene came to anoint Jesus.

Previously, I mentioned that early Humanity tried to emulate the Divine world by installing a king and queen or emperor and empress to rule their civilizations. Throughout the world, myths and legends of gods and goddesses retained the knowledge of the Divine union of Sophia and the Christ. At a subconscious level, the Human Race knows of the Divine union, however, they have seen that union only in physical terms. Then why did Paul write, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God,” in 1 Corinthians 15:50? Considering the risen Christ taught Paul, this is quite a statement. By this, Paul stated categorically that the mystical sexual practice of Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage was not the way to connect to the Divine. So if the Sacred Marriage or Union was not about physical union, what was it about?

The fact that Jesus spoke of the Sacred Marriage gave the advocates for Jesus and Mary Magdalen’s marriage, ammunition. Still if by the Sacred Marriage, Jesus meant the union of spirit and matter, or rather the spiritualization of matter, it changes or rather spiritualizes it. Could this be why the ancient symbol for this union is the interlaced triangles or the six-pointed star, the top triangle signifying the descent of Spirit into matter and the lower triangle signifying the ascent of matter to Spirit? Could Jesus be saying that the ancient rite of Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage) was not about physical sexual union, but rather about Divine Love and the unification of the masculine and feminine within each of us?

Mary Magdalene was drawn to Jesus because at the subconscious level she knew as Sophia she needed to be redeemed, which was achieved when Mary Magdalene became “the inheritress of the light” or the successor to Jesus’ ministry. This occurred after the Resurrection, and is related in the Pistis Sophia, as mentioned in 9A.

To recap: Pistis Sophia which means Faith-Wisdom, known as a Gnostic miscellany, contradicts the general opinion of Mary Magdalene. The book contains a discourse between Jesus and his disciples after the resurrection, including Mary Magdalene and other women. The discourse centers on Jesus asking the disciples questions on the repentance and redemption of Sophia. After Mary Magdalene answered Jesus he addressed her in a strange way. ‘Mary, thou blessed one, whom I will perfect in all mysteries of those of the height, discourse in openness, thou, whose heart is raised to the kingdom of heaven more than thy brethren.’ Jesus also refers to Mary Magdalene as ‘inheritress of the light.’ This brings us to our interpretation of what Jesus meant by the term “Sacred Marriage” or Hieros Gamos in respect to the three Greek terms for Love. As we wrote in The Good News Reverberation:

Recently, God reminded us that there are three primary Greek words for love: eros, philo or Philia and agape. Greek scholars today tell us that there is a fourth term Storge, representing a parent’s love for his or her child. However, for our purposes, my interest is in the message the three primary terms convey. We learned that eros, from which the word “erotic” derives, represents the three lowest chakras, base, sacral and solar plexus and the five senses i.e. purely physical love. Philo, from which we derive the word philosopher, on the other hand symbolizes the three highest chakras, throat, third eye and crown and the two senses of sight and hearing. Interestingly, philo signifies mental love, which means a mental choice. Unlike eros, where all five physical senses are involved, philo love involves only two senses, sight, and sound. Philo occurs with a calculated mental choice, which we could view as love for inanimate objects, or nature. So much for eros and philo, what about agape. Apparently, we do not generate agape love with either physical sensation or mental calculation, but through compassion. It is symbolized by the heart chakra. The Gospel of John records Jesus as saying, “greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” From this we understand, agape is completely selfless love. We could describe a person running into a burning building to rescue a stranger without thought for his or her own life as demonstrating agape love. Nevertheless, it is through the unification of all three forms of love that the Hieros Gamos or the Sacred Union or Marriage occurs. It seems relevant that the symbol for the heart chakra, the chakra that lies between the three lowest and the three highest chakras, and representative of Hieros Gamos is a six-pointed star.

Early on we associated the three forms of Love to a vision of three trees, white, black, and gray, representing the Tripartition of Humanity. As these three trees also represent the directions of the Seven Sacred Planets, it connects them to the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Craig created diagrams to give us a visual representation, which we present below. As we will see in the diagrams, the black Tree of Death/Darkness represents the Qliphoth, eros and the Gnostic term hylic for the material portion of Humanity. At the other end of the spectrum, the white Tree of Life/Light signifies the Holy Sephirot, agape,and the Gnostic term pneumatic for the spiritual portion. Finally, the gray Tree of Knowledge represents philo and the psychic portion of Humanity. This made sense, until we learned that the Qliphoth represented both the black and gray trees, because the color gray is a mixture of black and white. Evidently, the Qliphoth are a mixture of positive and negative energy, and could be seen as either black and white, or two sides of the same coin.

Notwithstanding the above designations, the diagrams need updating as since September 22nd 2010, the Qliphoth no longer exist. However, we will not be updating them here, as this is a complicated process involving the cyclic nature of Evolution, consequently we will be addressing it in the next Stage Cycles. Nonetheless, even though the diagrams need updating, we can still activate our Deductive Reasoning by examining them, especially with the trees connection to the Tarot.

Regarding the directions, we understood that each of the three trees represented two of the seven directions assigned to the Seven Sacred Planets, with the seventh, Center being represented by the six-pointed star. Still, before we examine Craig’s diagram of the three trees and the six-pointed star, just a brief note on the double cube. In Craig’s Energetic Perspective on Evolution he explained the symbol of the cube unfolded representing the traditional cross of the crucifixion. However, the symbol represents so much more.

We wondered about the double cube being a symbol for Malkuth, but using Deductive Reasoning we remembered that we use two dice in board games, which are two perfect cubes or a “double cube.” Moreover, the two unfolded cubes below could be viewed as a crude depiction of the outline of a human being, which explains the two or double cube, as there are two sexes. Nevertheless, despite our speculation over additional meanings for the double cube, the Sphere of Malkuth with the three trees and six-pointed star concern Evolution. Again, even though since September 22nd, 2010, things have changed, it is still informative to see how evolution worked before the change.


symbols for Malkuth...
double cube and 3-TreesOfLife
Stage 1 - Harmonizing of the three trees in Malkuth


Later reading The History of Magic by Eliphas Levi, we gained greater insight. However, we should state that Levi is writing from the perspective of supporting Catholicism. Albeit, the title is deceiving, because rather than discussing the art of conjuring or incantations and spells, Levi endeavored to discuss the difference between sorcery or black magic and The Mysteries. Like everything else we’ve been led to, we read it with an open mind. We were amazed to find that Levi believed that the “Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden had become the Tree of Death.”  He also connected the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, by saying that the two trees “incorporated together after such a manner that they formed but a single tree.”  This he explained as the two trees signifying the “harmony of science and religion in the transcendental Kabalah.”

Magician CardHigh Priestess CardIt was reading Eliphas Levi’s book that made us realize the third or gray tree emerges from the balancing point between the two extremes of white and black. Another way of looking at the three trees is as the first three aspects of consciousness. The psychic and philo tree can be seen to stand for the Self-Conscious, represented by The Magician. In this way, the pneumatic and agape tree embodies the Universal Subconscious, represented by The High Priestess and the hylic and eros tree symbolizes the Individual Subconscious, or The Empress.

At first the information above surprised us, as the lower ego is associated with The Magician. However, we came to understand that it has to do with the different levels of Sophia or Wisdom. Before her redemption, Sophia was Achamoth. At this level, Achamoth as Venus or The Empress would represent the black or hylic tree, and eros.

Empress Card Yet as the archetypes of the Tarot are multileveled, The Empress also represents the development of the entire conscious human being, or the union of the Self-Conscious (Magician) and the Universal Subconscious (High Priestess). The deeper message is as history has shown us, at first the Human Race were driven purely by the physical world i.e., desire and physical gratification. This is why The Empress (Individual Subconscious or Creative Imagination) represents both Venus and the element Earth.

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End of STAGE – REASON  Section 9-c


We will leave participants to contemplate the connection of the three Greek forms of love to the Tripartition of Humanity and ponder if the union of all three could be represented Archetypally by the “Sacred Marriage” or Hieros Gamos. Before we list this Section’s 20 questions in the Seventh Review, let’s look at the answers for Section 8’s Sixth Review.

The encapsulation of the material from Section 9 is available as a bullet-list to download/view in PDF. If anyone does not have “Adobe Reader”, they can use this link to download it. Now for Section 8’s twenty questions for the Sixth Review:

1) Who formed the Soul Plane?
Answer – Creator/Demiurge
2) When were the Archangels formed?
Answer – Before the Fall of Humanity
3) Who was the successor to Valentinus?
Answer - Ptolemaeus
4) Who is the Legislator?
Answer – Creator/Demiurge
5) What are the three levels of the Astral Plane?
Answer – Devachan, Kama Loka, and Avichi
6) What does Kama Loka equate with in Christianity?
Answer - Purgatory
7) What is the lowest Key in the Secret Doctrine?
Answer – 3 – The Physiological
8) What does Biblical Job represent Macrocosmically?
Answer – The Entire Human Race
9) What does Kama Loka translate to?
Answer – The World of Compensation
10) Who founded Protestant Christianity?
Answer – Martin Luther
11) What emotions did the Hitler rallies generate?
Answer – Fear, Grief, Ignorance, and Confusion
12) What color represents Equilibrium?
Answer – Purple
13) What orb in Astrology determines which Sun-sign a baby is born under?
Answer – The Sun
14) What color represents anger and rage?
Answer – Red
15) Which level of hatred is connected to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
Answer – The third Level
16) Who was John the Baptist a reincarnation of?
Answer – Elijah
17) Who solved the Riddle of the Sphinx?
Answer – Oedipus
18) What does the law lack?
Answer – Wisdom
19) What represents an existence without Love?
Answer – Outer Darkness
20) What is the presence of hatred opposed to?
Answer – Anything Divine

Now for the twenty questions for Section 9 in the Seventh Review:

1) Where was the first Olympic Games held?
2) How long is a Mayan Great Cycle?
3) Who was the son of Apollo and Coronis?
4) Which constellation did Zeus make Asclepius?
5) Who were Romans obligated to sacrifice to?
6) Who sacked Jerusalem destroying the Jewish 2nd temple?
7) Which Roman Emperor in 202 C.E. ordered the death of all Church members?
8) Which follower of Jesus represented the Gnostics?
9) What did Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul describe wisdom as?
10) When was Atlantis sunk?
11) Which constellation does Angkor Wat mirror?
12) Who do Egyptologists cite as the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza?
13) In Egyptian mythology, which constellations represent Osiris and Isis?
14) Which numbers allude to Venus?
15) What does the Greek term Hieros Gamos translate to in English?
16) Who was the “inheritress of the Light”?
17) What spiritual force did the White Tree  represent?
18) Which group in the Tripartition of Humanity did the Greek term philo represent?
19) What energy was the Qliphoth?
20) What does an unfolded cube represent?

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